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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of May 14, 2012 on Y&R
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Monday, May 14, 2012

At Jimmy's Bar, Daniel was kissing Eden on the lips when Daisy and Phyllis, holding baby Lucy, arrived in search of the wayward groom. Abby moved in closer and stood beside Kyle to listen when Daisy approached her husband and said, "Excuse me!" Eden replied, "What do you want?" Daisy told Eden that she didn't look like the kind of girl who would "make out" with a married man.

Eden was shocked and asked Daniel if he'd married Daisy. Abby, horrified, exclaimed, "No way!" Phyllis turned her back to the awkward scene to shield the baby. Daniel wiped Eden's lipstick off his lips when Daisy prompted him to admit the truth.

Phyllis handed Lucy over to Daisy before ordering Daniel to follow her to a corner for a private discussion. Daniel told his mom that he'd had nothing to drink when she asked if he was drunk. Phyllis conjectured that Daniel had married Daisy, left his bride on her wedding night, and decided to "make out" with Eden at the bar because he'd lost his mind. Phyllis lightly bopped Daniel on his forehead with the back of her hand and told him they needed to have a serious discussion at another location.

Daniel later apologized to Eden and admitted that he'd failed to mention something. Eden replied, "Yeah, something like, 'Eden I am married.'" Daniel stormed out. Daisy warned Eden to stay away from Daniel. After Phyllis, holding the baby, and Daisy left, Abby raced across the room and told Eden that Daisy had likely forced Daniel to marry her. Eden cried that Daniel had no excuse to treat her the way he did.

Abby and Eden seated themselves at a table and chatted with Kyle. Eden cried that she'd been humiliated, but Kyle pointed out that Daniel was an idiot. Abby concluded that Kyle and Eden were sleeping together when Kyle promised Eden that he'd always stand by her side as an added benefit of their special friendship. Abby, disgusted, exclaimed, "Noah, Daniel, and now Kyle -- is there anyone you haven't hooked up with yet?" Kyle attempted to quell the tense situation, but Eden replied, "I can handle your perfidious, self-righteous cousin. Eden suggested that her words had been too complicated for Abby and added, "Back off, bitch!" Abby seemed stunned.

Eden saw Ricky and ordered him to pack up and move out quickly, so she could return home. After Eden left the table, Abby warned Kyle to stay about from Eden. Kyle suggestively noted that Eden was "bad in a really good way." Abby seemed disgusted by Kyle's flippant response, but she warned him not to seek help if Eden ever began stalking him. Kyle later left with a young woman who'd flashed a flirtatious smile.

Eden later returned, and Abby chastised her for sleeping around with numerous young men. Eden claimed Abby was just jealous. Abby replied, "You're a stick-figured, ashram reject, who got dumped by my very smart cousin and then became a sleazy bed-hopper." Abby added that she'd warned Kyle to avoid Eden and would attempt to warn other young men, too. After Abby walked away, Eden grabbed a handful of unshelled peanuts and hurled them at her.

Kyle later approached Eden and apologized for Abby's behavior. Kyle invited Eden to spend time with him, but she opted to head home. Kyle offered to drive Eden home, but she said she'd drive herself home in her own car. Kyle seemed frustrated when Eden brushed off each of his proposals to spend time together.

Back at Daisy's apartment, Daniel took Lucy to the nursery. Phyllis asked Daisy to accompany her to the hallway to talk. Phyllis told Daisy that Daniel would never want a real relationship with her. Daisy replied, "How the hell do you know that?" Phyllis admitted that she'd used Daniel, even before he was born, to force Danny into marrying her.

Daisy seemed unmoved even when Phyllis recalled how she'd convinced herself that the man she'd trapped would eventually fall in love with her if they lived together as a family. Phyllis acknowledged that her plan had failed. Daisy claimed that her situation was different. Phyllis told Daisy that her reality would become replays of what had occurred at Jimmy's Bar because Daniel would continually seek women other than the one who'd trapped him. Daisy, sobbing, insisted that Daniel would not. Phyllis warned, "Don't do this."

After Phyllis left, Ricky approached Daisy in the hallway and told her that he'd heard about what had happened at Jimmy's Bar. Daisy replied, "Daniel will come around." Ricky told Daisy that she was either the dumbest or the most persistent person he'd ever met. Daisy noted that she'd found herself a new family, but she was dawdling in the hallway in order to avoid interaction with her dragon-lady mother-in-law. Daisy noted that Phyllis had claimed that their life situations were similar.

Ricky asked Daisy to describe the similarities between her life and Phyllis' life. Daisy explained that Phyllis had used Daniel to trap Danny Romalotti into marrying her and that Danny had later cheated on Phyllis. Daisy added that Phyllis believed Daniel, like Danny, wouldn't remain faithful. Daisy insisted that she wouldn't let her marriage be the same as Phyllis' had been.

After Daniel returned to the living room, Phyllis told him that he'd made the biggest mistake of his life and should have his marriage annulled. Phyllis warned that Daisy was too unpredictable. Daniel insisted that staying married to Daisy was in Lucy's best interest. When Daisy stepped back into the apartment, Daniel told Phyllis to leave. Phyllis warned that she'd return. Daisy glared at Phyllis.

Later, Daniel fell asleep on the sofa. Daisy, wearing a skimpy, black negligee, snuggled close to Daniel, but he didn't awaken. Daisy stroked Daniel's arm and said, "I know you don't love me, but I love you enough for the both of us. I know eventually you'll feel the same way. What happened tonight can never happen again!" Daisy emphasized her warning to Daniel about repeating his grave mistake. Daisy said that they had to make their marriage work for Lucy's sake, and she planted a kiss on Daniel's forehead. As Daisy left the room, Daniel opened his eyes and watched her.

While Phyllis waited for the elevator, she phoned Danny and told him to cancel his trip to Genoa City because Daniel had already married Daisy. Phyllis promised to update Danny about Daniel's situation. After the call ended, Phyllis stepped into the elevator. Ricky rushed in before the doors closed and depressed the button to stop the elevator. Phyllis glared at Ricky. He plucked his keys from his pocket and said, "Thought I'd forgotten my keys." Ricky restarted the elevator, but Phyllis remained pressed against the back wall.

Tucker banged on Abby's front door and called out to Ashley. Tucker yelled, "Ashley! I need to talk to you. Open up!" Tucker said that he'd seen Ashley's car, so he knew she was there. Ashley answered the door and told Tucker that she had nothing to say to him. Tucker professed his love to Ashley, and he begged her to let him inside. Tucker apologized and told Ashley that he regretted hurting her. Ashley wiped a tear from her cheek and recalled that Tucker had once told her he wasn't cut out for marriage.

Ashley said she should have believed Jack and Traci's claims that Tucker was no good. Ashley told Tucker that she'd defended him and had insisted to her siblings that Tucker's accident and recovery had changed him. Tucker cried, "I did change." Ashley told Tucker that he lived life the same way he conducted business. She said, "In one day you have the deal of a lifetime, and then the next day, something better comes along." Ashley noted that Tucker tossed out the old in favor of the new.

Tucker, insistent, told Ashley that she meant more to him than anyone or anything in the world. Ashley insisted that their relationship could not overcome what had happened. Tucker pleaded with Ashley to give herself time to get past the hurt and anger. Ashley said she would get past it. She further explained that she would do so on her own because their relationship was over.

Tucker begged Ashley for another chance, but Ashley told Tucker that he had single-handedly destroyed their marriage. Ashley, sobbing, told Tucker that he should walk away if he truly loved her. Abby returned home and ordered Tucker out of her house. Ashley told Tucker to leave and not return. After Tucker left, Abby said, "I hate him!" Ashley cried, "I hate him, too."

Later, Abby and Ashley donned cozy pajamas. Abby served her mother a glass of wine and treated her to a relaxing pedicure. Abby told Ashley that the most important thing in the world to Tucker was his fortune, and she reminded her mom that she and Tucker hadn't signed a pre-nuptial agreement. Ashley said she didn't need Tucker's money. Abby told her mom that she should hurt Tucker by taking his money.

Tucker went to Jimmy's Bar, ordered a drink, and instructed the bartender to leave the bottle on the bar. An attractive woman recognized Tucker and sat down beside him. She noted that it was her lucky night to find Tucker alone. Tucker told the woman that the only company he wanted was his bottle of booze. The woman said, "Your loss." After the woman left, Tucker said aloud to himself, "I lost."

At the hospital's rehabilitation clinic, Jack felt movement in one of his toes and called out to Sarge. Billy arrived, and Jack excitedly announced that his toe had moved. Billy removed Jack's shoe, but Jack was unable to move his toe again. Billy was unable to reach Sarge, so he summoned Dr. Issacs, Jack's neurologist. Jack cried, "This is the miracle I've been praying for!"

Dr. Issacs arrived and tested Jack's foot. Jack was devastated when he realized he still had no feeling in his lower limbs. Dr. Issacs explained that Jack's brain had recalled a sensory experience that occurred before his spinal cord was damaged. Jack seemed defeated by the grim news. Dr. Issacs explained that had Jack seen his toe move, the outlook might be optimistic, but he added that given Jack's particular case, recovery was unlikely.

After the doctor left, Jack sadly noted that between the time he thought his toe had moved and the doctor's later explanation about the false sensory experience, he'd truly believed he might walk again. Jack cried that he would never be able to stand on his own two feet. Billy urged Jack not to give up and prove Dr. Issacs' prognosis wrong. Billy assured Jack that with Sarge's help, he'd move his toe again. Billy told Jack that he still needed his brother's support. Billy admitted that he'd likely be dead if not for Jack. Jack promised not to give up hope. Jack phoned Sarge and instructed him to meet at the rehabilitation clinic early.

Jack thanked Billy for cheering him on. Jack asked his brother not to mention the setback to Traci or to Ashley, especially. Jack's tone prompted Billy to ask about Ashley. Jack explained that Ashley had walked in on Tucker and Harmony while they were making love. Jack and Billy vowed to help Ashley. Jack said he had a reason to get out of his wheelchair because he planned to help Billy beat up Tucker.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Lily and Devon went to Abby's, where they were going to brainstorm about new music. Abby wanted to move the talk to Crimson Lights, and Devon was curious about why. Suddenly, Ashley walked into the foyer and apologized for interrupting their meeting. Devon wondered why Ashley was staying there and not living with Tucker. Later, after Ashley had gone upstairs, Devon pressed Abby for reasons why her mother was there.

Abby was reluctant to tell Devon and Lily what had happened with Tucker and Ashley. Finally, Abby explained that Ashley had found Tucker in bed with another woman. Lily asked who the woman was, and Abby confessed that it was Harmony. Devon was devastated that his mother had done that. Abby urged them all to leave the house so Ashley wouldn't overhear any conversation about Harmony and Tucker.

Later, Ashley came out of the guest room and saw that Tucker had called her. Ashley returned the call, saying that she wanted to return to the apartment to get her belongings. Ashley asked Tucker not to be there when she went, but Tucker wanted to speak with Ashley. After a pause, Ashley agreed.

At Crimson Lights, Harmony saw Tucker at a table. Instead of staying there, Tucker said that he would leave. Harmony was distraught as she stood by the counter. Neil saw Harmony and asked if she was all right, but Harmony evaded his question.

Neil confessed that he'd told Sofia that he had feelings for Harmony, which ticked Harmony off. Harmony warned Neil to keep away from her because she was no good. Neil argued that Harmony was not a home wrecker, but Harmony revealed that she'd slept with Tucker and ruined his marriage. Neil felt awful for Ashley and was stunned that Harmony had been with Tucker. Harmony told Neil to go back to his perfect world and tell Sofia that he loved her.

Victoria and Billy returned from the airport after sending Reed back to J.T.'s. Billy told Victoria that he wanted to visit with Ashley to check up on her. Victoria assumed that Ashley was in bad shape after seeing Tucker in bed with Harmony. Victoria put John into his bassinet for a nap. The doorbell rang, and Nikki arrived, complaining to Victoria about Victor and Sharon's new relationship.

Victoria was disgusted, but not surprised because she'd seen Victor and Sharon together at Gloworm. Victoria said that Sharon had denied any interest in Victor at that time. Nikki revealed that she'd walked in on Victor romancing Sharon at the ranch. Victoria wondered if something else might be going on, like the fake prison wedding. Nikki felt that Victor continually disappointed Nick and Victoria. Victoria feared that Nikki would be hurt by the latest development.

Billy went to see Ashley and said he would beat Tucker to a pulp for his sister if that were what she wanted. Ashley appreciated her brother's caring, but she was determined to get on with life. Ashley wanted to call Traci to tell her about her breakup, and then check in with Jabot. Ashley assumed that she'd have good days and bad. Billy wondered if Ashley needed to speak with a therapist so she didn't sink into the abyss.

Billy was concerned, but Ashley was sure she could handle the stress of her marriage falling apart. Ashley wondered if she had been the cause of the failure in her marriage. Billy assured Ashley that Tucker was responsible. Billy understood from personal experience that a man could love his wife and still slip up with another woman. Ashley said it wasn't the same situation, but she couldn't forgive Tucker the way Victoria had forgiven Billy. Ashley couldn't forgive and forget.

At the Athletic Club, Victor explained to Kay that he was dating Sharon. Victor assumed that Kay would criticize his decision. Kay wondered "what the hell" Victor was doing. Victor said that his actions had nothing to do with Nikki dating Jack. Victor declared that he was finished with Nikki, but Kay told him he was a fool if he believed that.

Later, Neil met with Kay for business. Kay realized that Neil was very distracted, and he admitted he was worried about Harmony. Kay told Neil she knew that Harmony and Tucker had been together. Neil assumed that Harmony had confided in Kay. Neil feared that Harmony might use again, because that was how addicts reacted to mistakes.

Neil asked Kay to watch out for Harmony, since she lived in the mansion. Kay admitted that after learning what Harmony had done with Tucker, Kay asked her to move out. Kay admitted it had been a knee-jerk reaction. Neil thought that Harmony needed her friends more than ever.

Nikki told Victoria that she believed that Victor was really lusting after Sharon. Victoria didn't believe that. The doorbell rang, and Victor was there to speak with Victoria. Nikki refused to leave them alone. Victor asked Victoria to speak her mind about his relationship with Sharon.

Victoria appreciated Victor speaking to her directly about his new relationship. Victoria pointed out to her father that she didn't like Sharon, but Victor didn't like Billy either. When Nikki went after Victor, too, Victoria accused her mother of dating Jack to get back at Victor. Victoria said that Nikki and Victor were always tearing each other apart.

John started to cry, and Victoria attended to the baby. Victor asked to hold the baby and cooed to him. Nikki said goodbye and left the house. Victor was enjoying the baby, and Victoria wondered how her father could be so sweet one minute and infuriating the next. Victor told his daughter that his love for her was enduring.

Later, Billy went home and told Victoria that Ashley was ending her marriage because of Tucker's infidelity. Billy was grateful that Victoria had forgiven Billy for his mistakes. Victoria told Billy she loved him. Billy confessed to Victoria that he didn't blame Victor for hating him so much, because Victor loved Victoria and never wanted her to be hurt.

Victor walked in from the other room, having overheard Billy's admission. Billy was surprised, and Victoria apologized to Billy for not mentioning that Victor was in the other room. As Victor left the house, he considered what Billy had said about him.

At Crimson Lights, Neil saw Lily with Abby and inquired about Ashley's mental state. Neil offered to be there for Ashley. Abby told Lily she was concerned about Ashley. Lily had worries about Devon, too, because it had taken Devon so long to get to a good place with Tucker.

Devon went to Tucker's apartment and blasted him for being a lowlife bum who had hurt Ashley. Tucker said he'd made a one-time mistake. Devon had a lot questions and accusations. Harmony showed up, and Tucker was surprised, but Devon said that he'd asked her to be there. Devon demanded answers from his parents, since they'd both claimed that they had changed.

Tucker took responsibility for what happened and absolved Harmony. Tucker said he'd been drunk, and he had been feeling sorry for himself. Devon was turned off by both of them and felt stupid that he ever believed they might be a family.

Tucker asked Devon to forgive Harmony, but Devon said he had no respect for either one of them. After Devon left, Harmony said that their son hated them. Tucker thought in time that Devon would give them both another chance. Harmony was sure that they'd lost Devon forever. Harmony began to cry, and Tucker comforted her. Ashley walked in and saw them together.

Kay and Nikki ran into each other in the Athletic Club foyer. Nikki asked Kay about Harmony, since she'd been so upset at the last A.A. meeting. Kay explained that Harmony had slept with Tucker, and Ashley had walked in on them. Kay regretted that she'd thrown Harmony out of the mansion because Harmony might be tempted to turn to drugs. Kay asked Nikki if they could reach out to Harmony and take her to a meeting so that she wouldn't backslide.

At Crimson Lights, Devon told Neil and Lily that he was disgusted with Harmony and Tucker. Neil revealed to Lily and Devon that he'd informed Sofia that he had feelings for Harmony. Devon warned Neil not to get caught up in Harmony's drama.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

At Crimson Lights, Billy and Jack discussed Ashley's marriage falling apart. Billy said that he had mentioned to Ashley that she might need to see a therapist. When Billy related Tucker's infidelity to his own indiscretion with Chelsea, Jack claimed Billy had had been trapped. Jack thought Ashley would not forgive Tucker for his indiscretion. Billy asked if Jack had experienced any more feeling in his foot. Jack hadn't and was depressed about the doctor's prognosis. Sarge appeared and told Jack that he'd spoken to the doctor and was excited about Jack's news. Sarge offered Jack hope that the feeling in his toe might have been the real thing.

Ashley walked into the apartment and caught Tucker comforting Harmony. They tried to explain why they were together, but Ashley assumed the worst. Tucker begged for Ashley to listen to his explanation. Harmony ran out of the apartment in tears. Tucker said he had been expecting Ashley, but then Devon had arrived, and he'd invited Harmony because he'd wanted to blast them both. Tucker declared that he'd done nothing wrong, but Ashley wasn't convinced. Tucker tried to make Ashley understand, but she angrily walked out of the place without another word.

Kay and Nikki ran into Victoria at the Athletic Club. Kay inquired about baby John, and Victoria said she'd left him home with a sitter because she didn't want to risk Chelsea seeing him. When Kay stepped away, Victoria mentioned to Nikki that Victor had held the baby for the first time.

The manager gave Chelsea's hotel bill to Victoria. Victoria wished that Chelsea would leave Genoa City because Victoria still had bad memories of losing Lucy after they'd adopted her. Later, Billy joined Victoria and Nikki at the Athletic Club. As Billy looked at the hotel bill, he and Victoria agreed that it would be better for them if Chelsea moved away. Nikki pointed out that Chelsea might not have anywhere else to go.

In the Athletic Club dining room, Kay greeted Sofia. Sofia had been doing some business for Tucker. Kay revealed that she was aware that Tucker was preoccupied with his personal life because of his one-night stand with Harmony. Sofia excused herself, but then saw Harmony at the bar.

Sofia needled Harmony for lying about having had a relationship with Sarge to keep Sofia from suspecting that Harmony was after Neil. Harmony admitted that she and Sarge were only friends. Harmony claimed that she and Neil were only friends, too, but Sofia pointed out that Harmony had a reputation for destroying marriages. Sofia told Harmony to keep away from Neil.

Adam stopped at Chelsea's suite to ask her out to lunch. Chelsea passed on lunch because she was searching the want ads for a job. Chelsea told Adam that she regretted turning down Victor's ten million dollar bribe. Adam understood how Chelsea felt, but told her not to lose hope that she'd find a job. Chelsea said that she had no skills other than pouring drinks and being a con artist.

Adam advised Chelsea to find what she loved to do and pursue that. Adam recalled that when he was a boy, he had played chess with a farmhand, and it had developed his skills in making moves. Adam had become interested in learning about the stock market and finance. Chelsea told him that she'd been a dropout and had no idea what her passion might be. Adam suggested that Chelsea return to school and figure out what she wanted to do with her future.

Billy and Victoria knocked on Chelsea's door and were surprised to find that Adam was there with her. Chelsea said that whatever they wanted to tell her could be said in front of Adam. Billy wondered if Chelsea had made any plans about her future. Victoria and Billy offered to set up Chelsea in whatever business she wanted, but they'd prefer it if she left Genoa City.

Chelsea said she'd turned down ten million dollars from Victor to leave town, and she had decided not to take anyone's bribe. Chelsea recalled that Billy and Victoria had offered to let her have a place in John's life. Chelsea assured them that she wouldn't interfere with their raising John. Chelsea also told them that she didn't need their financial support any longer.

At home later, Billy told Victoria that they had no choice but to accept that Chelsea would be staying in Genoa City. Victoria and Billy were stunned that Chelsea had turned down Victor's millions, especially since Chelsea was from such a poor background. Victoria was uncomfortable that Adam seemed to have influence over Chelsea. Billy assured Victoria that John would never be confused that Victoria was his real mother even if Chelsea were living in the same town.

Adam told Chelsea that he was proud that she'd turned down Billy and Victoria's offer. Chelsea, however, was worried about how she'd get by. Adam offered to let Chelsea stay in his suite with him. Chelsea wasn't sure, but Adam said that they could be friends with benefits or just friends; it was not a condition of her moving into the suite. Chelsea said yes to Adam's invitation.

Neil returned home and found that the sitter was staying with Moses. A while later, Sofia arrived and was surprised to see Neil minding Moses. Neil assumed that Sofia had heard about Tucker's marriage falling apart. Sofia said that she knew the night Ashley had walked in on Tucker and Harmony.

Sofia mentioned to Neil that she'd run into Harmony at the club. Neil claimed that he was worried about both Harmony and Sofia. Sofia told Neil that while she was worthy of his love, Harmony was not. Sofia warned Neil that he was on the verge of losing the best thing he had in his life -- Sofia!

Kay went to Tucker's and offered him her support. Tucker assumed that everyone knew what he'd done to ruin his marriage. Tucker was guilt-ridden about hurting Ashley. Tucker admitted to Kay that Devon had lashed out at both him and Harmony. Kay advised Tucker not to give up with Devon. Tucker felt that he'd made a mess.

Kay understood how Tucker felt because she'd been on both sides of adultery. Kay assumed that Tucker and Ashley had been at odds before his infidelity. Kay advised Tucker to work on those problems and give Ashley space. Kay said that if Ashley returned to him, she'd probably never forgive him.

Harmony went to see Ashley to try and explain that she and Tucker had made a bad mistake. Harmony asked Ashley to forgive Tucker. Ashley said she'd never be able to erase the image of Harmony in bed with her husband from her memory. Harmony had no excuses for herself. Ashley said that what happened with Ashley and Tucker was none of Harmony's business. Ashley informed Harmony that if she had gone to Genoa City to make amends, she'd failed miserably.

After Sarge left Jack at the coffeehouse, Nikki appeared, and Jack asked her to have coffee with him. Nikki was worried about Kyle seeing them together. Jack said he'd speak with Kyle. Kay watched Jack and Nikki together. When Jack went to the counter to buy the three of them some coffee, Kay told Nikki that Jack was in love with her.

Later, at Jimmy's, a drug dealer approached Harmony to see if she needed something. Sarge overheard Harmony speaking with the man. Harmony sat at a table with the guy, and he offered Harmony a free taste. Harmony said no thanks. Sarge approached Harmony and congratulated her for being strong. Harmony said she would head to a meeting down the street, and Sarge offered to go with her. Harmony wondered if he didn't trust her. Sarge assured her that he was just being supportive.

Tucker went to Abby's house, and when Ashley opened the door, she was not happy to see him. Tucker said that he'd packed her things from the apartment for her. Ashley let Tucker carry the suitcases into the house. Tucker admitted that he wanted Ashley back, but he wasn't going to force her to forgive him. Ashley listened but said nothing.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Ricky entered the Athletic Club and bumped into Paul. Ricky was unhappy to see his father, but Paul tried to be friendly. Paul apologized for having squabbled with Ricky on his birthday. Ricky wasn't interested in mending fences with Paul and walked away.

Avery walked over to Paul and asked if things were all right. Paul said that Ricky wanted nothing to do with him. Avery wondered if Paul had spoken to his son about Ricky's dead girlfriend, Rachel. Paul told Avery that he would be visiting a friend of Ricky's girlfriend who lived in Chicago. Paul was not going to mention to the woman that he was Ricky's father. Paul hoped to find out enough information to be able to reach out to Ricky and heal their relationship.

In Chicago, Paul met Melissa, Rachel's friend. Paul pretended that he was trying to find anyone who'd known Rachel. Melissa explained that Rachel had had no family. Melissa felt that if Paul wanted to do something for Rachel, he should find out why she had died. Melissa said that Rachel deserved justice. Paul thought Rachel had committed suicide, but Melissa wasn't convinced. Melissa said that Rachel had wanted to break up with Ricky for months and Ricky had seemed to become moody and dangerous. Before she'd died, Rachel had ended her relationship with Ricky.

Melissa claimed that because Rachel had no family, when she died, it had been accepted that it was a suicide. Melissa revealed that Rachel had had a great job lined up and would not have taken her life right before graduation. Paul wondered if Melissa had any proof. Melissa didn't, but she suspected that Ricky had been responsible for Rachel's death. At the bar, Ricky continued researching Phyllis' background. Ricky phoned Daisy, but she ignored the call.

At Crimson Lights, Nikki denied Kay's claim that Jack was obviously in love with Nikki. Kay said it was more serious than Nikki realized, but Nikki insisted that it was over with her and Jack. Later, when Nikki and Jack were alone, Nikki reminisced about her first society tea, which had ended with her jumping into the pool. Jack was tickled by her story and told Nikki how happy she made him. Jack said goodbye because he had to go to physical therapy.

In Victor's office, Kyle told Victor he'd studied all the documents about Newman Enterprises. Victor asked if Kyle was ready to get to work, but Kyle wanted a tour of the place first. Victor volunteered to personally show Kyle around the company.

At the coffeehouse, Eden informed Michael and Lauren that Ricky had moved out. She also told them that Daniel and Daisy were living across the hall from her. Eden hoped that Lauren and Michael would move back into their apartment, but Michael said they'd decided to buy a house. Michael and Lauren thanked Kay for letting them stay at the mansion. Kay said she'd miss them but understood that they wanted their own home.

Later, on the patio, Nikki told Kay she had to leave. Kay reminded Nikki that Jack was smitten with her, and Nikki's denial didn't change the truth. Nikki explained that she could not act on anything with Jack because of Kyle.

After the tour of the building, Kyle said he was very impressed. Nikki walked into Victor's office, and Kyle excused himself. Nikki accused Victor of trying to turn Kyle against Jack. Victor said he had no interest in Jack's life. Victor explained that Kyle had asked Victor for a place to live and a job. Victor warned Nikki to stay out of his business. Nikki insisted that she was compelled to take care of the people she loved. Victor told her to leave to take care of Jack Abbott.

Kay went to Newman Enterprises and told Victor to cut the crap about his not having feelings for Nikki. Kay said that Jack wanted Nikki, and he would win her unless Victor stepped in. Victor said he didn't care what happened with Nikki. Kay said she'd seen Jack and Nikki together, and it had been an eye-opener. Kay declared that Jack was treating Nikki like a queen, and Nikki was vulnerable to Jack's romantic ways. Kay urged Victor to get his act together and go to Nikki.

At Crimson Lights, Eden and Abby got into a snarky argument about guys. Eden pointed out that Abby hadn't had a man in months. Abby claimed she had discriminating taste. Later, Abby and Kyle had a long talk. Kyle defended his reasons for working at Newman Enterprises. Abby said he was making a passive aggressive attack on Jack by aligning with Victor. Kyle told Abby that he was over his anger at Jack. Abby challenged Kyle to go with her to speak with Jack.

Daisy thanked Daniel for going to the drugstore for Lucy's supplies. Daniel said she didn't need to thank him because they were family. Daisy wanted to make the apartment feel more like a home, but Daniel suggested that they move into his garret. Daniel needed a place to do his artwork, and he felt that Lucy and Daisy should live with him there. Daisy agreed to move.

Daniel met with Lauren and Michael at the coffeehouse to inform them that he and Daisy were moving out of the apartment and back into his garret. Michael and Lauren were thrilled. Daniel said he was doing it for Lauren and Michael's sake, not because of any desire to spend time with Daisy. Later, Michael and Lauren told Avery about Daniel's way with Daisy. Daniel was glad to help the Baldwins. Lauren was very grateful to Daniel, but felt bad for him. Back at her apartment, Daisy told Eden that she and Daniel were moving out. Daisy said that Daniel wanted to be far away from Eden.

Later, Ricky appeared at Daisy's and warned her to listen to his offer -- or else. Ricky said that Daisy owed him, and he wanted her apartment. Daisy scoffed at him, but Ricky threatened to reveal to the authorities that Daisy had gotten Lucy kidnapped in order to secure custody. Ricky made a compelling case for how he could frame Daisy for kidnapping Lucy from the coffeehouse. Daisy backed down and agreed to let Ricky have the apartment. Ricky urged Daisy to remember that she needed to get along with him.

Later, Daisy showed up on Daniel's doorstep with Lucy, ready to move into the garret. Daniel was surprised when Daisy said she'd sublet her apartment. When Lucy was hungry, Daisy encouraged Daniel to hold the baby while Daisy made her a snack.

At the hospital, Sarge found Jack already at work on his physical therapy. Sarge suggested that Jack to get off the floor and climb into the wheelchair, using the strength of his arms. Jack couldn't do it and was frustrated. Sarge urged Jack to channel his anger. Kyle and Abby appeared and saw Jack drag himself into the chair. Jack introduced Sarge to his son and niece. Jack took a break and wondered why they were there. Abby walked away so Kyle could speak with Jack.

Kyle observed that Jack's physical therapy was intense. Kyle apologized for having been too busy to answer Jack's messages. Jack told Kyle that he'd stopped seeing Nikki because Kyle had been upset by their relationship. Kyle declared that he felt like an ass for doing that to his father. Kyle didn't want Jack to give up something that mattered so much to him. Kyle admitted that he would never get used to seeing Jack with Nikki, but Jack should do what made him happy.

Kyle wanted to control his life, not hurt Jack, by making his own decisions. Jack understood. Nikki showed up, and Kyle told her she was not interrupting. Jack thanked Kyle for seeing him. Kyle said goodbye, and Nikki was pleased that Kyle and Jack were getting along better. Jack told Nikki that Kyle wanted him to be happy. Jack said that he would be happy if he could be with Nikki all the time. Jack kissed her hand and admitted he was in love with her.

At the Athletic Club, Paul was at the bar, upset by his trip to Chicago. Christine showed up out of the blue, and Paul was overjoyed to see her. Paul embraced Chris, and she asked him why he was so emotional. Paul told Chris that he feared that Ricky might be like Isabella.

Ricky moved into Daisy's apartment, and brushed right past Eden. Eden asked what was going on, and Ricky announced that he was Eden's new neighbor. Eden was frightened.

Kyle told Abby that he had owned up to Jack about his negative attitude. Kyle declared that his father could see whomever he wanted to see. Abby was proud of Kyle.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Paul admitted to Christine that Ricky might be like Isabella, and she asked if Ricky had hurt someone. Paul reported that Melissa had said that Rachel had tried to break up with Ricky, but Ricky had talked her into staying together, even though Rachel had been afraid of him. Paul lamented that he couldn't ask Rachel herself, because she was dead. Christine understood that Paul had been thinking a lot about Isabella, but it didn't mean that Ricky was like his mother.

Paul confided that he'd felt terrible for Ricky when he'd heard that Ricky's girlfriend had committed suicide, and he thought the tragedy might explain why Ricky showed no empathy, but Melissa had also voiced her suspicion that something was wrong with Ricky. Christine suggested that Ricky might simply be a young man with problems, but Paul pointed out that Patty was also part of Ricky's bloodline. Paul felt that the difference between Patty and Ricky was that she had no concept of reality, whereas Ricky knew exactly what he was doing and didn't seem to care. Christine asked if Ricky had committed any violent acts, and Paul conceded that he wasn't aware of anything, but Ricky could have been responsible for Rachel's death.

Christine said that she was sorry, and Paul realized that she believed that Ricky might have been involved in Rachel's death. Paul didn't know what to do next, and he hoped to track down anyone else who might be able to shed light on Ricky and Rachel's relationship. Christine advised him to be careful, because if Ricky had been at fault, they had to make sure he couldn't do it again.

Eden was stunned when Ricky suddenly entered her apartment and inquired whether she was getting ready for her new roommate. She reminded him that he no longer lived there and pointed out that the door had been locked. He turned and locked it. "Now it is again," he smugly stated.

Ricky walked toward Eden and said that he wasn't a ghost who had walked through the wall, and he handed back her key. She nervously thanked him, and he asked to meet her new roommate. Eden replied vaguely, and Ricky knowingly said he'd run into the roommate at some point. He added that he and Eden had unfinished business.

Eden reiterated that she and Ricky were done. He remarked that they had been roommates and even friends, but things had gone downhill when he'd rambled on about Phyllis. Eden insisted that she had a friend moving in, and Ricky observed that it hadn't happened yet. He noted that he and Eden were still neighbors, and he pushed her not to get Michael worked up over nothing. Eden told him to go, because she had to clean up. He agreed to leave, but he ominously said that he'd see her soon.

Paul left a message for Melissa to inquire whether she was aware of any teachers or mentors who had known Rachel. Eden entered, and Paul mentioned that he planned to stop by to see Ricky later, but Eden reported that she'd asked Ricky to move out the day before. Paul asked if there was a problem, and she stammered that Ricky had faked a birthday card from his mom. She felt that Ricky had pent-up anger toward Phyllis, and Paul thought Eden had every reason to ask Ricky to move out.

Eden stated that she had even more reason after that day's incident, and she explained Ricky's creepy behavior. She added that Ricky had returned her key and left, but he still had freaked her out. Paul wasn't sure that she was wrong to feel that way, and he advised her to stay far away from his son. Meanwhile, Ricky let himself into Eden's apartment and murmured to himself that it was handy to have a spare key.

Nick dropped off some paperwork to Victor at the ranch, and Victor asked if Nick knew where Nikki was. Nick urged Victor to call her, and Victor assumed that she was playing nursemaid to Jack. Nick pointed out that Nikki and Jack enjoyed one another's company, and Victor was romancing Sharon, so he shouldn't care who Nikki spent time with. Victor declared that he didn't "give a damn," and Nick left. Victor gazed at a photo of himself and Nikki.

Phyllis knocked on Daniel's door, and he invited her in. She voiced her disapproval of his marriage and was glad he was there alone, away from "the freak." Daisy emerged from another room with Lucy. Daisy gushed to Lucy that Phyllis had stopped by to congratulate them on moving in. Daisy gloated that Daniel had insisted that she and Lucy move in, so he could focus on art and she could focus on him.

Daisy claimed that she'd forgotten Lucy's favorite CD in the car and asked Daniel to retrieve it. Daniel offered to walk Phyllis out, but she told him to go. Daniel stepped out, and Phyllis cooed to Lucy. Daisy snarled that Lucy was happier than ever, and that Phyllis needed to stop hanging on to Lucy and just let her go. Phyllis barked that Daniel was her son and Lucy was her family, but Daisy retorted that a son was a son until he took a wife. Daisy huffed that Daniel had put her first, while Phyllis only thought about herself. Phyllis stormed out.

Daniel returned and asked Daisy what had happened between her and Phyllis, and Daisy fibbed that Phyllis had just wanted to give them space. Daniel set up Lucy's playpen and offered to take Lucy for a drive. Daisy moved to grab her purse, but Daniel said it was a father-daughter moment. Daisy asked where they were going, and Daniel stated that he was going to do something that he should have done already.

Nick arrived at Crimson Lights with flowers for Phyllis, but she was admittedly in a hormonal state and babbled that Daniel was insane for marrying Daisy. Nick noted that Daniel was a grown man who'd decided to be in his daughter's life, but Phyllis thought it was too big a sacrifice. Phyllis announced that she wanted crazy, colorful flowers and crazy, fun music at their wedding. Nick noted the crazy theme, and she questioned whether he was referring to her. She playfully blamed him and his swimmers for her state of mind, and he gladly accepted responsibility.

Phyllis had a craving for chocolate, and Nick went to the counter for a brownie. Daisy stormed in and assumed that Phyllis had pressured Daniel into a visit with Lucy, but Phyllis told her to look around, because Daniel and Lucy weren't there. Phyllis taunted that Daisy didn't know where Daniel was, even though Daisy had just bragged about their happy family. Daisy demanded to know his whereabouts, and she warned Phyllis not to lie. Phyllis condemned Daisy for threatening her, and she welcomed Daisy to her new life, because Daisy could expect many more similar nights.

Nick witnessed Daisy call Phyllis hateful, and Daisy spat that she would only allow people who respected her to see Lucy. Nick asked why Daisy wasn't with her family, and Phyllis jeered that Daisy didn't know where they were. Nick calmly instructed Daisy to go home and wait. Daisy left, and Nick advised Phyllis not to engage with Daisy. Phyllis tried to call Daniel but was unable to reach him. Nick volunteered to check things out at Daniel's place, and he departed.

Ricky entered the coffeehouse and stepped out of sight when he spotted Phyllis. Christine entered, and she and Phyllis exchanged snarky comments. Ricky listened with interest.

Daisy answered the door to Nick, and she suspected that Phyllis had sent him. He inquired whether Daniel had returned, but Daisy disclosed that Daniel wasn't picking up her calls. Meanwhile, Daniel tracked down Danny at a concert, where he introduced Danny to Lucy. Daniel asked how Danny had coped with being married to someone he didn't love just so he could be near Daniel.

In the hallway outside Adam's hotel room, Chelsea told Adam that she could carry her own belongings, but Adam insisted on helping. He instructed her to get his key card from his back pocket, and when she effortlessly retrieved it, he jokingly inquired whether she had been a pickpocket. She good-naturedly refused to tell all her secrets just because they were roommates. Sharon passed by and expressed surprise at the statement, and Adam confirmed that Chelsea was moving in.

Sharon was surprised that Chelsea was still in town and imagined that it was difficult to stay, but Chelsea remarked that it had gotten easier. Chelsea opened the door, and Adam said he'd follow shortly. Once alone with Sharon, he asked why she was there, and she explained that she had interviewed an applicant for Newman Enterprises. She questioned the timing of Chelsea moving in so soon after he'd seen Sharon with Victor. He said that he wasn't her concern, because they were exes, and she was wrong if she thought there was anything else between them.

Adam acknowledged that for a long time, it had seemed like everything had led him and Sharon back to one another, but he'd moved on. He declared that he liked Chelsea, because she was funny and made him smile, and she was trying to turn her life around. Sharon wondered if he was trying to find a reflection of himself, and he questioned what she was finding with Victor, though he intended to stay out of it.

Adam conceded that maybe Victor was the one person who could make everything better for Sharon, but he also expressed concern that getting involved with Victor could be a big mistake. He added that either way, his own relationship with Sharon was over. He excused himself to help Chelsea unpack, and he pointedly said goodbye. Sharon turned away in tears.

Chelsea asked if Adam had really gotten accustomed to living in a hotel suite rather than a home. She questioned whether she should have had Billy and Victoria stop paying her bills, but he commended her for asserting her independence. He pointed out that she hadn't asked about Sharon, and Chelsea said that it was none of her business. He found a DVD copy of The Outsiders among Chelsea's belongings and revealed that he loved the movie and the book, too. He showed her his own copy of the film and asked if she wanted to rumble.

Adam got popcorn from room service, and he asked if Chelsea talked incessantly during movies. She teased that he was just jealous, because she would know more of the lines than he did. They happily prepared to watch the film together.

Jack professed to Nikki that he was in love with her and wanted to marry her, so their relationship never had to end. Nikki gasped at the prospect of marriage, because they'd just decided that they shouldn't date because of Kyle. Jack stated that Kyle was a grown man who was trying to get beyond his mother's death, but Kyle had declared that he wanted Jack to be happy. Nikki doubted that Kyle had meant with her, but Jack clarified that Kyle had specifically mentioned her, and Jack had hope that he could have both his son and her in his life.

Jack recounted that he had been angry when he'd learned that he was paralyzed, but he felt that he was starting his life over and didn't want to waste any more time away from Nikki. She noted that marriage was a huge leap, but he looked forward to taking it, along with all the baby steps along the way. He vowed to get his legs back and walk side by side with her. He asked her again to marry him and declared his love, but she remained silent. He wondered if she didn't want to marry him.

Nikki couldn't give Jack an answer, because she was completely shocked. He conceded that his proposal was crazy, and he agreed to take things one step at a time. Victor hovered in the doorway, unseen. Jack asked Nikki to think about the idea of marrying him, because he wasn't going anywhere. Nikki planted a huge kiss on his lips, and she proclaimed that she loved him and always would. They kissed again, while Victor walked away.

Jack wanted to celebrate, but she became concerned that he'd misunderstood. He pointed out that her actions hadn't seemed like a "no." She said that her answer was that she didn't know. Nikki wanted to take some time to clear her head, and Jack was willing to do whatever it took. He opined that even if Victor hadn't been seeing Sharon, Victor still couldn't have made Nikki happy. After Nikki left, Jack continued to work out, and he was inspired by a flashback of Nikki kissing him in the Las Vegas elevator.

Sharon met Victor at the ranch, and they embraced without saying a word. Sharon wanted to lock out the world, and he thought it was a wonderful idea. She noticed a gift box on the table, and he said it had been delivered while he had been out. She hesitated to accept it, but he said it had made him smile when he had seen it, and he had thought of her. She mused that she liked how she felt when she was with him, and he asked her to open the gift upstairs. She revealed that she'd felt like crying when she'd arrived, but she didn't want to waste her time on tears.

Sharon descended the stairs in a beautiful red gown. A tux-clad Victor gasped in awe and took her hands in his. Nikki silently entered and spied them. Sharon gushed that he had picked out something that was perfect. Nikki flashed back to a similar romantic moment that she herself had shared with Victor. Nikki's jaw dropped as she witnessed Victor and Sharon kiss.

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