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Monday, February 6, 2012

On the patio at Crimson Lights, Sofia was surprised when Neil admitted he wasn't sure about accepting Katherine's offer because he wished to explore other opportunities. Sofia suggested that Neil could work for Tucker again. Neil said, "I don't know about that. You and I have been getting along so well. You really want to go back to that office and start butting heads?" Sofia, lovingly stroking Neil's hand, said she didn't want to risk it. Lily phoned and summoned her father and Sofia to meet her at the park.

At Devon's music studio, Harmony snapped her fingers and grinned broadly as she listened to a song Devon had just finished. Harmony told Devon it would be a chart-topper. Devon admitted he was nervous about his upcoming ear surgery. Harmony assured her son that Tucker had checked out the doctor and determined that the specialist was top-notch.

Devon humbly apologized to his mother for protesting when she initially suggested he consider the surgery. Tears welled in Harmony's eyes when Devon said he was grateful she had persisted and instilled faith that he could hear again. Lily phoned and asked Devon to meet her at the park. Devon told Lily that Harmony would accompany him.

At Gloworm, Jill told Tucker that she was concerned about Jack. Jill scoffed that no one had heeded her warnings about Genevieve. Tucker said that Genevieve wasn't to blame for Patty's actions. Jill maintained that Genevieve had exploited Patty to carry out Genevieve's orders during the time Colin was held captive in the wine cellar. Tucker raised his eyebrows when Jill proclaimed that Genevieve should be in the hospital instead of Jack. Cane phoned Jill and told her to meet him at the park. Tucker accompanied Jill to the park, so he could visit with Devon.

At the Chancellor estate, Katherine was stunned when Nikki announced that she would likely be prosecuted for Diane's murder. Katherine insisted that Victor would never allow Nikki to be imprisoned. Nikki admitted that she was not blind to Victor's flaws, which she said he too often flaunted. Nikki maintained that she adored Victor and claimed she'd criticized him only because she felt overwhelmed. Katherine told Nikki the devastating news about Jack.

At the hospital, Billy visited with Jack. Billy commiserated with his brother when Jack mentioned that results of an MRI indicated damage to his spinal cord. Billy offered to step in for Jack at Jabot, and he assured Jack that Phyllis could handle Restless Style. Jack replied, "No need to step away from what you love."

Billy asked about Jack's spiritual encounter with their deceased father. Jack recalled that John had said, "It's not your time because you have lots to accomplish." Jack dejectedly noted that moving even one toe in his current condition would be a major accomplishment. Billy assured Jack that he would continue to do great things. Billy advised Jack not to discount advice from their father. Billy explained that he would have never foreseen saving Delia's life or regaining Victoria's trust had their father not expressed faith in him. Billy assured his brother that Jack had make their father proud.

After Billy left, Nikki stopped by and told Jack she was surprised to find him alone. Jack explained that he'd sent everyone home. Jack asked Nikki to distract him by sharing what was going on in her life. Nikki told Jack that the district attorney would likely prosecute her for Diane's death. Jack explained that the district attorney was desperate because he'd failed to make convictions stick on his major cases. Nikki began sobbing. Jack assured her that no jury would convict her because they'd understand that she'd acted in self-defense.

Nikki shook her head in disgust and cried that she couldn't face prison. Jack, depressed, said he faced imprisonment within his own body. Nikki told Jack that he was an incredibly brave man. Jack insisted that he felt terrified. Nikki praised Jack for putting up a brave front to spare his family. Nikki took Jack's hand and made him vow to always share the unvarnished truth with her.

At the police station, Chloe stopped by to visit Ronan. Chloe was surprised to learn that Ronan was leaving town. Ronan explained that his assignment had been completed. Chloe said she'd hoped to spend some time catching up, and she recalled how she'd leaned on Ronan when Delia was hospitalized. Chloe urged Ronan to make amends with his mother after he admitted Nina didn't know he was leaving town. Chloe, fighting back her emotions, made Ronan promise to take care of himself, and she warmly embraced him before leaving.

Paul greeted Nina at the coffeehouse. Paul, saddened about what had happened to Jack, cried that Patty would be locked up for the rest of her life. Paul added that he and Ronan had been trying to convince Spencer to drop the murder charges against Nikki. Nina recalled that Spencer had also refused to believe Ronan when he insisted that Victor had falsely confessed. Chloe phoned Nina and told her that Ronan was leaving town. Nina asked Paul if Ronan had mentioned leaving town. Paul said he had not. Nina cried, "What am I supposed to do? Just let him disappear out of my life again?"

Nina stopped by the police station to visit Ronan. Nina explained that Chloe had mentioned Ronan's plan to leave town on assignment. Nina added that she didn't intend to pressure Ronan, but she told him that she would welcome him back if he ever regretted having walked away. Ronan remained silent, so Nina left. Ronan seemed affected by Nina's visit.

After visiting Ronan, Nina returned to the coffeehouse and sought advice from Paul. Nina told Paul that Ronan seemed to be afraid of her. Paul explained that Ronan had grown up with distrustful people that had kept to themselves because they'd bought a baby on the black market. Nina voiced hope that Ronan's feelings toward her might change.

Back at the police station, Ronan challenged Spencer's judgment. Ronan warned that prosecuting Nikki for defending herself would cause him to lose the vote of every woman in Genoa City. Spencer was obstinate and asked why Ronan cared about Nikki Newman. Ronan explained that it was unfair to punish Nikki for something that wasn't her fault.

At Billy and Victoria's, Chelsea admitted that she'd listened to Victoria's voicemail. Victoria was stunned when Chelsea said that the message, from Ronan, stated that charges of obstructing justice had been dropped. Chelsea added, "Sounded like kind of a big deal." Seated on the Abbotts' living room sofa, Chelsea dipped pretzel sticks into a jar of peanut butter.

Victoria admonished Chelsea for listening to a private message. Chelsea claimed that she was already uncomfortable knowing that Victor had been imprisoned for murder. Victoria quickly explained that her father's conviction had been overturned. Chelsea quipped, "Because your mother did it, right? There's no way I am letting these people near Billy's baby!"

Victoria stood defiant before Chelsea, who stroked her rotund belly in a protective manner. Victoria, dejected, said, "I am going for a walk." Chelsea continued to berate Victoria and asked why she had lost custody of her young son. Victoria insisted that her parenting skills were not to blame, but Chelsea pointed out that babies weren't taken from good mothers. Billy arrived just as Victoria angrily yelled, "You need to back off, right now!" Chelsea feigned tears and claimed she was just trying to take care of her baby.

After Chelsea left the room, Billy strongly advised Victoria not to talk to their guest in such a manner. Victoria was livid and told Billy he didn't know what Chelsea had said before he walked in. Billy explained that Chelsea's calculated mischief was intended to drive them crazy. Billy added, "There's a baby on the way, and it is going to need us to protect it from her."

Victoria agreed to behave civilly around Chelsea. A second later, Chelsea returned, feigned an apology, and added, "I should be more sensitive because I am talking to a woman who cannot have more children, and her husband got me pregnant." Victoria raced out of the room. Billy calmly assured Chelsea that he'd check on Victoria and make sure she was all right.

After Billy went upstairs to check on Victoria, Chloe and Delia arrived. Chloe was shocked to see Chelsea. Chloe and Delia stepped inside, and Chloe asked if Billy knew that Chelsea was in his house. Chelsea caressed her belly and said, "I live here. I wasn't lying. This is Billy's baby." Chloe sent Delia upstairs to find a lost toy. Angry, Chloe said, "What the hell is wrong with you, blurting that out in front of Delia?" Chelsea rolled her eyes as she continued munching pretzel sticks.

Chloe acknowledged that Billy had married her after she became pregnant with Delia. Chloe added that Chelsea ought to change her plan if it involved snagging Billy because Victoria was everything to him. Chloe insisted that Billy would never do anything to jeopardize his marriage. After Chelsea stepped out, Billy, Victoria, and Delia returned downstairs.

Delia begged to stay at her father's for a while. Chloe, apprehensive about Chelsea, told her daughter that she couldn't stay because her father and stepmother had a houseguest. Billy and Victoria insisted that Delia would be fine. Chloe agreed and left. Billy and Victoria played with Delia, and the child laughed with delight. Outside, Chelsea peered through a window and watched the happy family. Chelsea, talking on her cell phone, said, "I don't think this is going to work. Turns out, the guy has principles. How was I supposed to know?"

At the snow-covered park, Lily accepted Cane's marriage proposal, and he produced a ring from his back pocket and slid it onto his fiancée's finger. Lily assured Cane that she had faith in him and loved him more every day. After the couple phoned family members and asked them to meet at the park, they built two snowmen and fashioned them into a bride and a groom.

After family members arrived, Cane and Lily announced their special news by unveiling their wedding -themed snowmen creations. Everyone offered congratulations to the betrothed couple. Lily thanked Devon for being supportive. Neil passed baby Mattie to her mother, and Lily embraced her child.

Harmony, eager to update her son, told Devon that his surgery would take place in Dallas. Tucker offered the use of his jet and suggested he might accompany Devon to offer support. Devon said he'd be uncomfortable with an entourage. Tucker tried to disguise his disappointment.

Jill quietly suggested to Katherine that Harmony had her own agenda because she had not mentioned Devon's surgery or asked Katherine to accompany her grandson to the hospital. Katherine glanced across the way and seemed hurt as she watched Devon interact with Harmony and Tucker.

Later, Tucker, cradling Moses, took a stroll with Sofia. Tucker asked Sofia how she and Neil were getting along. Sofia happily proclaimed that things were going well, so she'd decided to let their relationship progress naturally.

Katherine approached Neil and invited him to stop by and sign his contract. Neil explained that Chancellor Industries might not be the right place for him. Devon joined Neil and Katherine, and she asked Devon about the surgery to restore his hearing. Devon explained that Tucker had arranged the surgery for the second week of March. Katherine wished Devon luck before she turned and walked away. Devon invited Neil to accompany him to Dallas. Neil agreed when Devon suggested he also invite Harmony.

Cane told Jill that he hadn't summoned Genevieve because he only wished to share his good news with close relatives. Jill seemed touched that Cane had included her. Katherine praised Tucker for helping Devon and arranging the surgery. Tucker reached out and lovingly touched Katherine's arm. He replied, "Thanks, Mom." Katherine, overjoyed, smiled contentedly.

Harmony approached Neil, and Sofia and mentioned that she'd been invited to travel with them to Dallas. Harmony directed her attention to Neil and added, "I'm guessing you had something to do with that." Sofia recoiled. Neil winced and said that the decision had been Devon's. Neil quickly explained the situation to Sofia. Harmony, addressing Sofia, said, "I'm sorry. I just thought you knew." Sofia, a bit reserved, replied, "Sounds exciting."

Cane and Lily proudly announced that they would marry on Valentine's Day. Everyone cheered. Jill said, "That's the perfect day!" Lily and Cane shared a kiss.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

At Billy and Victoria's house, Chelsea overheard Victoria speaking on the phone with Reid. Chelsea wondered why Victoria had lost custody of her son. Victoria resented Chelsea eavesdropping, and when Billy showed up, Chelsea acted like she was the injured party. Billy said it was time for the three of them to go for Chelsea's checkup. Victoria privately told Billy that Chelsea was purposely trying to irritate her. Billy understood but reiterated to Victoria that they had to establish Billy's parental rights in order to get the baby and push Chelsea out of their lives.

Later at the hospital, the doctor performed the sonogram and informed Chelsea, Victoria, and Billy that the baby was a boy. Chelsea informed the doctor that Victoria was not the baby's mother and Chelsea wasn't a surrogate. Victoria was hurt and ran out. Billy promised Victoria that he would handle Chelsea. Victoria went to get the car while Billy let Chelsea know that they needed to have a big talk once they were back home.

At the mental hospital, Patty told Paul that she was excited about going home and seeing mom and Todd. Paul broke the news to Patty that because she'd hurt Jack, she could not go home. Patty became agitated when a guard came in to take her away. Patty was handcuffed, and Paul explained that she'd shot Jack and was under arrest. Patty was tearful as she begged Paul to take her home. Paul said it was out of his hands. As Patty departed, Paul cried.

In his hospital room, Jack was frustrated about his inability to move. Claire, the physical therapist, entered and introduced herself. When she explained that she'd be arranging therapy sessions for Jack to build up his upper body strength to be able to lift himself into a wheelchair, Jack became angry. Jack declared that he didn't want a wheelchair; he wanted to learn to walk again. Jack yelled at Claire, telling her to leave the room.

Emily appeared, and Jack was initially frightened. Emily assured Jack that she was not Patty and that he didn't have to be afraid. Emily understood that Jack had a lot of anger when he looked at her face because it was Patty's face. Emily validated Jack's feelings. Jack said that he'd loved Emily because she understood how he felt.

Jack wondered if Emily had visited him before the wedding at the Athletic Club. Emily said she had not been in Genoa City then. Jack realized that it had been Patty who'd asked him not to marry Genevieve. Emily offered to help Jack professionally if he wanted her counsel. Jack was grateful, but didn't think it was a good idea.

At the Genoa City Police Station, Ronan packed up his office. Ronan turned to the suspect board and wrote in pen that Nikki had killed Diane in self-defense. Walsh entered and saw what Ronan had done. Walsh declared that he planned to add to the charges against Nikki. Ronan was infuriated that Walsh wouldn't accept his advice and not prosecute Nikki. Ronan told Walsh that he'd taken the case to get justice. Ronan believed that Walsh's going after Nikki would be unjust. Ronan warned Walsh that he was screwing up Ronan's work.

At the coffeehouse, Phyllis, Nick, and Nikki discussed the Jenkins case. Nick anticipated that the charges would be dropped against Nikki, but she wasn't sure. Nikki was prepared to be arrested at any time. Phyllis mentioned that Ricky had tried to sell her on publishing Patty's story. Nick was relieved that Phyllis turned Ricky down.

Nikki was furious with Ricky. Nikki saw Ricky on the patio and went to see him, asking him not to write the story because people would be hurt. Ricky said that it was news. Ricky also pointed out that Phyllis wrote many stories in which people she knew had been hurt. Ricky had no compassion for Patty and Jack.

Alone, Nikki confided to Nick and Phyllis that Ricky's story would hurt her chances to avoid prosecution. Ronan walked into the place, and Phyllis asked if he knew what Walsh was going to do about Nikki. Ronan said that it seemed likely that Walsh was determined to press charges against Nikki. Phyllis went to speak with Ronan privately, asking about his decision to leave town. Ronan said he preferred to leave town without saying goodbye.

Phyllis advised Ronan to try to work things out with Nina before going away. Ronan said Nina wasn't the problem; he was. Phyllis compelled Ronan to say that he would miss Phyllis. When he hesitated, Phyllis said it first. Ronan finally responded that he'd miss Phyllis, too. Ronan then kissed Phyllis goodbye.

Paul saw Ricky at Crimson Lights but didn't want to speak with him. Ricky forced the issue by approaching his father. Eden overheard Ricky and Paul's conversation. Paul had nothing to say to his son. Ricky returned to his table and resumed writing the story about Patty's rampage. Ricky wrote that Patty was crazy, and Ricky knew crazy when he saw it.

Phyllis and Nick went to the hospital to visit Jack. When Phyllis saw Emily in the room, Phyllis lashed out. Phyllis told Emily that Jack didn't need to see Patty's face any longer. Emily understood and left. Jack was impressed with how Phyllis was so protective of him.

Nick mentioned that Phyllis had also tried to stop Ricky from writing an exposé on Patty. Jack was grateful to Phyllis because Jack sympathized with Patty. Phyllis was stunned and made an inappropriate crack about Jack taking Patty dancing. She felt terrible, but Jack excused Phyllis.

A short time later, Phyllis told Jack and Nick that Ricky's story had gone live on a true crime web site. Jack saw the story and felt bad for Patty. Phyllis surmised that Jack still felt responsible for Patty's mental illness. At the prison hospital, Patty was alone. Patty looked around for a kitty cat to keep her company and started to cry.

At the Chancellor mansion, Jill said good morning to Nina, but Nina didn't respond. Nina was looking at her book about finding Ronan and admitted to Jill that reuniting with Ronan had not been what she'd expected. Jill understood being rejected as a mother. Nina wasn't certain that Ronan would ever want to return to Genoa City. Nina told Jill that she had to accept that Ronan might never love her the way she loved him.

Ronan arrived to see Nina and say goodbye. Nina asked where he was going, but Ronan couldn't say because it was a top-secret mission. Nina understood that Chance and Ronan were both committed to their dangerous work. The doorbell rang, and Paul appeared. Ronan said that he had to leave anyway. Paul and Ronan said goodbye. At the door, Nina hugged Ronan goodbye, and he wept. After closing the door, Nina cried, too.

Paul told Nina that Patty had been very upset about going to the prison hospital. Nina knew that Paul had done what was necessary. Paul saw Ricky's "true crime" story about Patty on the Internet and was disappointed that his son was not the man he'd hoped Ricky would be. Eden saw Ricky at the coffeehouse and mentioned that she'd read his story. Eden assumed that he'd want to celebrate.

A short time later, Nina received a package from Ronan. When she opened it, Nina found a copy of a book and a note from Ronan. He wrote that he had no gift for words like Nina did, but Ronan was grateful to Nina for having found him. Ronan said that he loved her. Nina cried.

Nick and Nikki were together at Gloworm. Walsh appeared, and Nikki feared he was going to arrest her. Walsh approached Nick and Nikki to explain that the charges against Nikki were all going to be dropped. Walsh said Nikki should thank Ronan because he'd convinced Walsh to accept that justice had been done. At the police station, Ronan finished packing his office. Ronan put his copy of Nina's book in his box and walked out for the last time.

Back home, Billy told Chelsea that he realized that Chelsea was trying to hurt Victoria. Billy demanded that Chelsea treat Victoria with respect, or else Billy would be really upset. Chelsea believed that Billy spoke the truth. Chelsea claimed that she envied Billy and Victoria's relationship. Chelsea thought that they could be good parents to the baby. Chelsea offered to let Billy and Victoria raise her baby.

Billy was skeptical and Victoria dumbfounded. Jill arrived, and Victoria told her that Chelsea wanted Billy and Victoria to raise the baby. Jill asked Chelsea if she was conning them. Chelsea explained that she was not the settling-down type. Chelsea believed Victoria and Billy could give the baby everything she couldn't. Billy wanted to call an attorney to legalize the agreement immediately. The doorbell rang and rang. Jill answered it, and a strange woman announced that she was Anita, Chelsea's mother, and she was there to see her daughter.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Sharon watched as the doctor examined Adam's eyes. The doctor explained that there was no improvement. Adam was given a pair of sunglasses to wear. Sharon asked the doctor if another specialist could examine Adam. The doctor was discouraged because Adam had already had multiple examinations, and Adam's condition was permanent.

The doctor told Adam that he'd be discharged soon and would need help to get around once he was home. Sharon said Adam would not be alone. After the doctor walked out of the room, Adam told Sharon that he was depressed that he'd never see again. Sharon suggested that Adam not give up hope. Adam didn't think he was the man he once thought he'd be. Sharon reminded Adam that his mother had lived a productive life without being able to see.

Adam refused to go home to the family farm. All Adam wanted was to see again. Adam assured Sharon that he wasn't angry with her. Adam wished he might wake up and have his sight back. Sharon reiterated that Adam was not alone. Sharon asked Adam to move in with her when he was released from the hospital. A nurse appeared, and Sharon stepped out for a minute.

At Victoria and Billy's, Anita saw Chelsea and was shocked that she was pregnant. Anita asked who the father was, and Chelsea said that it was Billy's child. Anita assumed that Billy would marry her daughter. Jill told Anita that Billy was already married to Victoria. Anita was outraged and said that the setup looked like some kind of kinky arrangement.

Anita mentioned that Chelsea's father, the missionary, would be horrified by Chelsea's plight. Billy explained that he had every intention to care for the child. Anita was concerned about Chelsea's welfare. Jill informed Anita that Chelsea had entrapped Billy and had been running a con game in Myanmar. When Anita learned that Billy had wound up in prison because of Chelsea, she apologized for misunderstanding the situation.

Anita declared that she would take Chelsea home with her and care for the baby. Billy and Victoria said that was unnecessary because Chelsea was living under their roof, and they were taking care of her and the baby. Anita feared that Chelsea had fallen prey to the devil, and she wanted to be close to her daughter. Victoria understood that Chelsea would want her mother around during the pregnancy, so Billy offered to have Anita move into the garage apartment with Chelsea. Anita agreed, but Jill looked askance.

After Billy left with Chelsea and Anita, Jill told Victoria that she did not trust Anita. Billy returned, and Jill declared that Anita and Chelsea were scammers. Victoria and Billy explained that they knew that, but were determined to watch out for the baby.

In the garage apartment, Anita and Chelsea talked, and Anita accused Chelsea of going soft. Anita said a garage apartment wasn't good enough, and Chelsea had to listen to Anita about how to run a good con. Chelsea said that Billy and Victoria really wanted the baby. Anita said it would be a billion-dollar baby for them, but Chelsea wasn't thinking that grand. Meanwhile, at the house, Billy and Victoria agreed to hire Paul to investigate Anita Lawson.

At Gloworm, Victor informed Michael that he wanted the Beauty of Nature sale to be declared invalid by the SEC. Michael said that he would get to work on the case immediately. Nikki rushed in and told Victor that Walsh had dropped the charges against her. Victor commented that the bad times were behind them. Nikki embraced Victor happily.

Victor and Nikki agreed that they'd been at odds lately. Victor proposed a special dinner alone with Nikki at the ranch. Nikki said she'd enjoy dinner with him. Later, Michael reported to Victor that he had to go to the courthouse to file the documents against Genevieve.

Genevieve walked into her office at Jabot, and Ashley was waiting for her with two security guards. All of Genevieve's belongings were in boxes. The sight stunned Genevieve. Ashley announced that Genevieve was fired. Genevieve handed in her resignation and said she had intended to resign when she bought Beauty of Nature. Ashley wanted Genevieve out of the building.

Traci entered and said that Genevieve's belongings from Jack's house had been sent back to Genevieve's home because the Abbotts wanted her out of Jack's life. Genevieve said she had never intended to hurt Jack. Traci and Ashley believed that Genevieve had hurt Jack more than Patty had. Genevieve declared that Patty had shot him, not her. Genevieve felt that she'd made a business deal; that was all.

Genevieve said that she still loved Jack and regretted how badly she'd handled the situation. Traci and Ashley could not forgive Genevieve, and when Genevieve offered to do whatever she could for Jack, they said no. Traci and Ashley ordered Genevieve to leave and never bother Jack again. Ashley asked the guards to remove Genevieve from the premises.

In Jack's hospital room, Phyllis asked Jack if he'd read about an experimental treatment for paralysis. Jack knew all about it, and Phyllis admired Jack's determination to walk again. A reporter from the Inquisitor burst into the room and asked Jack for his reaction to Ricky's blog, which eviscerated Patty. Phyllis tossed the reporter out of the room and told Jack she'd put a guard on the door for him. Nikki arrived later, and Jack told her that they were keeping the press out of the room because of Ricky's story. Nikki apologized to Jack for killing Diane and the effect it had on Kyle. Jack didn't blame Nikki.

Ricky was at the coffeehouse, working on a new story. Avery walked in, and Ricky told her about his true crime blog about Patty and how successful it had been. Avery was surprised that Phyllis hadn't published his story. Phyllis confronted Ricky and asked him why he had insisted on publishing the Patty story. Ricky said he didn't owe Phyllis an explanation. Paul entered, and Ricky tried to leave to avoid a confrontation with Paul.

Avery declared that Phyllis was a hypocrite for criticizing Ricky in light of all the destructive pieces that Phyllis had published. Phyllis remind Avery that Avery was just like Phyllis, doing whatever was necessary to get the job done. Avery noted that Phyllis was protecting Jack more than she'd ever protected her family. Avery received a call from their mother and learned that their father was in critical condition after having suffered a heart attack. Avery asked Phyllis to leave with her to see their father. Phyllis said no, and Avery left.

Paul caught up with Ricky before Ricky could leave. Paul wanted to know why Ricky had shown no compassion for Patty, a desperately sick woman. Ricky asked if Paul had ever cared that much for Ricky's mother, mentally ill Isabella. Paul said he'd never abandoned Isabella; it had been the doctors who'd asked him to stay away from her. Paul also accused Ricky of having put himself in danger by approaching Patty alone.

Ricky said he knew how to deal with Patty's kind of insanity because of Isabella. Paul accused Ricky of profiting from his family's misery, first with Heather and then with Patty. Ricky reminded Paul that he'd never been treated like a member of the family. Paul was floored as Ricky walked out.

Victor went to the hospital, and Sharon informed him that Adam was permanently blind. There'd been no improvement. Sharon said Adam didn't want to go to Hope's farm, but Victor insisted that Sharon make it happen. Adam overheard Sharon and Victor's conversation from his bed when the door was opened.

Later, Adam told Sharon to never beg Victor for him again. Sharon explained that Victor had a lot going on but was interested in Adam's welfare. Adam confessed that he was not the same man he had been when he first arrived in Genoa City. Adam believed that his relationship with Victor had destroyed him, just as his mother had feared when he left home. Before Sharon left, Adam told her that he'd go to the farm after all. Adam wanted to be far away from Victor.

After Nikki left Jack's room, he tried in vain to move his legs. The door opened, and Victor walked in. Jack said he'd heard Nikki's good news. Jack wondered if Victor was there to gloat. Victor said that he was happy that Jack had lost Beauty of Nature to Genevieve. Victor claimed that Genevieve would not be able to keep it, though, because Victor intended to get it back. Victor urged Jack to get better so Victor could beat him in the quest for Beauty of Nature.

Later at the ranch, Victor told Nikki that he'd sent the staff home so they could have a private, special celebration. Nikki was guilt-ridden about Kyle. Victor told Nikki to be grateful for the good things in her life. Nikki said that she was grateful for Victor. Victor told Nikki that he'd gone to see Jack. Nikki conceded that she and Victor would always have their differences, like how they felt about Jack. Victor invited Nikki to move back to the ranch, and she accepted.

Traci and Ashley went to see Jack and learned that Victor had visited him. Ashley informed Jack that she'd fired Genevieve. Traci added that she'd moved Genevieve's things out of Jack's house. Jack agreed with what his sisters had done for him.

Genevieve was at the Gloworm bar, where she ordered a stiff drink. Jill arrived and noticed. Jill said she'd also heard that Genevieve had been fired. Genevieve informed Jill that she'd resigned because she was the owner of one of the biggest cosmetic firms in the world. Michael walked over and warned Genevieve that she might not be the owner after all. Michael said that Victor had challenged the legality of the Beauty of Nature sale.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

At the ranch, Victor was doing business on the phone when Bonnie let Genevieve into the house. Genevieve told Victor that she was keeping Beauty of Nature and Victor would not take it from her. Victor realized that Genevieve had heard from Michael about his efforts to invalidate the sale. Victor was ready to fight for Beauty of Nature. Genevieve warned Victor that she could be a formidable opponent.

Victor claimed that Adam had had no right to put Beauty of Nature up for sale while Victor was in prison. Genevieve said that her bid had been perfectly legal; it had been a blind bid just like everyone else's. Victor offered to protect Genevieve by buying Beauty of Nature and making it part of Newman Enterprises. Genevieve declared that she'd be a tough opponent. Victor laughed at the idea that Genevieve could run Beauty of Nature. Genevieve walked out of the house, then after a moment's thought, she placed a call.

Neil listened to Devon's new mix of Angelina's song and felt that it could be a hit. Devon was optimistic and hoped to get it on the radio. Neil was happy about Devon's success and also mentioned that he was pleased that Cane and Lily were remarrying, too. Devon was concerned that Neil decided not to return to work for Mrs. Chancellor.

Devon didn't want Neil to turn down the opportunity with Kay because Devon still had issues with Kay. Neil said he was not influenced by Devon's relationship with Kay. Neil advised Devon to go at his own pace as far as making connections with Tucker, Harmony, and Kay. Devon said the time was not right for him and Kay.

Michael went to see Kay at the mansion. Kay asked Michael if he'd had any luck tracking down Kevin. Michael admitted that he was worried about his brother. Michael thought it was not like Kevin to leave without telling anyone in the family. Kay feared that Kevin might have had another mental breakdown.

Michael said he'd hired a detective agency out of Chicago to search for Kevin. Kay revealed that she'd also hired a detective, Paul, to look for Kevin. Michael thought Kay was a great friend to Kevin. Later, Kay went to see Devon in the studio. Kay asked Devon what he knew about Angelina, and if it was possible that she was with Kevin.

Devon said Angelina had disappeared when Kevin did, but Devon believed that Kevin had never really liked Angelina. Kay was afraid for Kevin and admitted that she loved Kevin like a grandson. Kay became emotional as she confessed to Devon that she wished there was something more she could do to find Kevin. Devon had an idea. Later, after he'd helped Kay create a recording in which she offered a reward for information leading to Kevin's whereabouts, Kay thanked Devon.

Gloria was upset with the printer for not having her "Kevin" flyers ready for distribution. Gloria confronted Angelo about Kevin still being lost. Gloria was determined to find Kevin. Angelo called Dino to search the cottage for Angelina and Kevin. Dino said the cottage had been abandoned. Dino had no idea where Angelina and Kevin had gone. Angelo ordered Dino to find his daughter. Gloria told Angelo that she still could not forgive Jeffrey for leaving her. Angelo promised Gloria that she would never be alone, even if Kevin was lost forever.

At the hospital, the doctor explained to Jill that psychological issues might cause Jeffrey's amnesia. Jill spoke with Jeffrey about Gloria, but he had no memory of a woman named Gloria. Jeffrey did remember having sex with Jill. Jeff kissed Jill passionately and revealed that he had flashes of memories about Jill.

Jeffrey also remembered being in a shack and then on a boat when he hit his head. Jeffrey had a blurry recollection of two people whom he called "losers." Jill informed Jeffrey that it was time to get proactive. Jill took Jeff's hand and led him out of the hospital.

At Gloworm, Jill said she had something to show Gloria. Jill called for Jeffrey to step forward. Jeffrey didn't recognize Gloria, even after she smacked him in the face. Gloria called Angelo over to confront Jeffrey. Jill said that she'd found Jeffrey days before, and she'd taken him to the hospital to see a doctor because Jeffrey had severe memory loss. Gloria didn't believe it and demanded to know why Jeffrey had abandoned her.

Gloria assumed Jeffrey was pulling a scam, especially when he claimed to remember making love to Jill. Gloria wanted to speak with Jeffrey alone. Gloria asked Jeffrey to tell her the truth. Jeffrey didn't know what to say, but as he looked around the restaurant, he vaguely remembered reaching into the cash register and Angelo glaring at him.

At the coffeehouse, Daniel and Chloe discussed Kevin being away with Angelina. Chloe wondered if Kevin had become a mob man, since he was in league with a Mafia princess. Chloe blamed Angelo for Kevin having gone off with Angelina. Chloe thought that being left behind by Kevin was God's way of punishing her for what she'd done to Billy and Cane when Delia was born.

Daniel said that Chloe had been wrong to lie about the baby's paternity, but he didn't think God was trying to hurt Chloe. Daniel also didn't believe that Kevin was in love with Angelina because she had not been his type. Chloe thought that Kevin had grown weary of Chloe's drama. Daniel said that Kevin had never complained because he liked helping Chloe and Delia. Chloe couldn't bear the thought of never seeing Kevin again. Daniel suggested that Chloe go out with him for some fun and to get her mind off of Kevin. Chloe agreed.

In Long Island Sound, Kevin and Angelina landed on the beach. Angelina was grateful to Kevin for steering the raft away from Angelo's island. Angelina embraced Kevin happily, but he pushed her away. Angelina wondered why Kevin was still mad at her after she'd apologized for all she'd done to ruin his wedding to Chloe. Kevin tried to figure out where they were. Angelina and Kevin suddenly realized that they were back on the same island where they'd been stranded before.

Kevin and Angelina went into the shack and were sad. Angelina was cold and hungry. Kevin and Angelina imagined smelling French fries. Angelina found a bag with fast food from a burger joint. They both ate the burger and fries ravenously. Kevin realized that somebody else had been there. Kevin thought that Jeffrey might have returned.

Dino entered and drew a gun on Kevin and Angelina. Dino announced that he was there to kill Kevin. Angelina told Dino that Kevin had been her hero. Dino answered his phone, and Angelo ordered Dino to shoot Kevin. Angelina screamed into the phone that Kevin had proposed to her, and she and Kevin were getting married.

Michael went to the ranch, and Victor discussed Genevieve's visit. Victor was certain that Genevieve would give up the reins to Beauty of Nature in short order. Later, Michael heard from the court that Victor could not expect a legal remedy to stop Beauty of Nature's sale to Genevieve. Michael suggested that Victor intimidate Genevieve. Victor believed that Genevieve viewed everyone as an enemy. Victor planned to make Genevieve realize that she might prefer it if Victor were her ally instead.

At her home, Genevieve welcomed Neil into the living room. Neil thought Genevieve wanted to talk about Cane and Lily's wedding. Genevieve said she was happy that Lily and Cane had reunited, but she had another reason for asking Neil to stop by. Genevieve offered Neil a job as COO of Beauty of Nature. Neil had heard about Genevieve buying the company and knew that she'd broken up with Jack, too. Genevieve was sorry that her relationship with Jack hadn't worked out, but she wanted to focus on the company.

Genevieve revealed that Victor had tried to overturn the sale. Neil was certain that the sale was legal. Genevieve said that meeting with Victor had given her the idea to hire Neil because Genevieve did need help from someone with experience running an international corporation. Genevieve was prepared to offer Neil a fabulous deal if he would start immediately. Neil told Genevieve to have her attorney draw up a contract. Genevieve was anxious to get started.

Friday, February 10, 2012

At the Newman ranch, Victor welcomed Nikki home. The maid added that it was wonderful to have her back, and she hoped that Nikki would one day officially become Mrs. Newman again. Victor asked if Nikki had moved in all of her things, and Nikki replied that everything was where it belonged. Victor wholeheartedly agreed.

Victor suggested that he and Nikki sit by the fire, but Nikki commented that hospital visiting hours ended soon. He realized that she wanted to see Jack. Nikki offered not to go to the hospital if it was a problem for Victor, but Victor understood that Nikki and Jack were good friends and that Jack needed her love and support. She said that Victor amazed her, and they kissed.

Sharon prepared for Adam to leave the hospital, and he was grateful that she had arranged for them to spend time in Kansas. She left to take care of a few things, but she promised that she would be back soon. Sharon stepped into the hallway and called Nick. She inquired whether he was free to talk about a few things.

At Crimson Lights, Sharon informed Nick that she was going to Kansas with Adam, and she asked Nick to have compassion for Adam and not to punish her. Nick acknowledged that he didn't like Adam, but he felt that Adam had gotten a raw deal. Sharon wanted to discuss visitation, and she hoped that Nick would allow her to take Faith to Kansas with her. Nick flatly refused.

Sharon wasn't surprised by Nick's reaction, but she explained that she would be gone for a while, and she thought it wouldn't be fair if she didn't get to see Faith for a long time. Sharon suggested that they reach a compromise, and Nick asked if Sharon could find a way for Faith not to spend any time with Adam. Sharon thought they could work something out, and Nick asked if she wanted to say goodbye to their daughter before she left.

A nurse checked on Jack, and he requested that she send a message to Adam on his behalf. Later, Adam stopped by at Jack's request, and Jack wanted to talk about Patty. Adam lamented that if he had been able to stop Patty, he wouldn't have lost his sight, and Jack wouldn't have been paralyzed. Jack was furious, but not with Patty, who he felt was a victim, too. Adam assumed that Jack blamed himself for Patty's obsessive behavior, but Jack declared that he held Victor responsible for the chain reaction that had occurred after Victor had arranged for Patty to return to town.

Jack noted that he and Adam had managed to get along in the past, but Adam recalled that Jack had double-crossed him. Jack called Adam a survivor who usually ended up stepping on the very people who had wronged him. Jack asked for Adam's help to retaliate against Victor, and Adam quipped that he had a new pair of cleats ready to break in.

Sharon entered with Adam's discharge papers, and Adam stated that he couldn't wait to get out of town. Adam disclosed to Jack that Sharon had made it possible for them to spend time at Hope's farm. Jack suggested that Sharon make her chicken noodle soup, which had always made him feel better, but she replied that Jack had known that her soup had been canned. Jack clarified that her company had been the healing element, and she kissed his forehead. Sharon and Adam started to leave, and Jack thanked Adam for stopping by. The men wished one another luck.

Nikki arrived to see Jack, who refused to discuss his condition, because nothing had changed. Nikki reported that she'd moved back to the ranch, and he was surprised that Victor hadn't prevented her from visiting, but she said that Victor had been supportive. She wished Jack wouldn't think the worst of Victor, but Jack retorted that he could never break that habit.

Nikki understood Jack's hesitation to accept Victor's sincerity, but she pointed out that while Victor could be ruthless, he could also be kind and generous. Jack surmised that Victor blamed himself for his role in Jack's condition, and he questioned whether Nikki considered Victor blameless. Nikki implored Jack not to become obsessed with his hatred, and she advised that he focus his energy on recovering rather than scheming against Victor, because the latter would only result in misery.

Victor and Nick shared a drink at the ranch, and Nick confirmed that Sharon had taken Adam to the farm. Nick added that he wanted to make their lives less complicated by agreeing to share custody of Faith. Nick wished that Nikki would return his call, and Victor disclosed that she'd moved back in, but that she was out visiting Jack. Nick asked if Victor was okay with that, and Victor said it all depended on one's perspective. Nick revealed that he had made a decision that might affect Victor.

Nick announced that he had planned to accept a position working for Tucker, but much had changed, since Adam was no longer at Newman Enterprises and Victor was reuniting with Nikki rather than remaining married to Sharon. Nick asked if Victor could offer him another option, and Victor invited Nick to return to Newman the following day.

At the farm, Adam felt his way around the kitchen. He remarked that he loved being home, although he hated why he was there. Sharon urged him not to give up hope, because the doctors had restored his vision once before. Adam blamed Victor for his vision loss, but Sharon thought he was exaggerating. Adam asserted that Victor had pulled Patty into their lives, so Victor was therefore responsible for what Patty had done.

Sharon replied that Victor was upset, too, and Adam sarcastically stated that he was sure Victor was broken up inside. Adam pointed out that Victor hadn't even bothered to visit or offer condolences. He spat that Victor hated him, and the feeling was mutual. Sharon confided that it had been Victor's idea for them to go to the farm.

Angelina and Kevin prepared to wed, while Dino monitored them closely. The justice of the peace asked if they were ready to get married, and Kevin was determined to proceed. The ceremony began, and Kevin hesitantly said, "I do." Angelina announced that she was going to sing her vows, and she warbled a lyric from Devon's song. The justice of the peace gushed that she loved the song, and she anticipated that Angelina would be a big star.

The justice of the peace requested to have her photo taken with Angelina, but Kevin barked for her to get the wedding over with, and Angelina quickly said her vows. The justice asked for the rings, but Angelina said they didn't need them to show their love to the world. The justice pronounced them man and wife, and Angelina planted a big kiss on a reluctant Kevin.

Daniel suggested to Chloe that they see a movie, but she couldn't stop talking about Kevin and Angelina. Daniel urged her to get her mind off her troubles, so she agreed to watch something where things got blown up. Chloe put on her coat and eagerly looked forward to the movie theater popcorn, but after he checked his phone, Daniel said she needed something stronger. He informed her that a woman had just claimed to have served as the justice of the peace at Kevin and Angelina's wedding.

At Crimson Lights, Michael announced to Lauren and Eden that Kevin had supposedly married Angelina. Michael worried that Kevin's mental health issues had resurfaced, and Lauren wondered what had made him snap. A guilty Eden worried that something in particular had upset Kevin, but she didn't elaborate. Michael suspected that Kevin needed support and therapy, but that mostly, Kevin would need to get out of the marriage.

At the Winters home, Lily excitedly reported to Cane, Devon, and Katherine that she had booked both the church and the restaurant for her and Cane's wedding celebration. Cane and Lily happily kissed. Katherine received a call from Michael, who reported that Kevin was doing well and was headed home. Lily marveled about their lucky streak, between the wedding, Kevin's return, and Devon's upcoming surgery. Katherine was grateful that Devon was working with his parents to seek help, and Devon excused himself to work more on Angelina's song.

Cane and Lily told Katherine all about their wedding plans, which Katherine thought sounded charming. Lily said they didn't want a big splashy wedding this time around. Cane added that it would take too long to plan. Lily just cared that friends and family were there, and she insisted that the location didn't matter.

After Katherine had departed, Cane said that he also had to get going, but Lily pulled him into a kiss. They contemplated breaking their agreement not to make love before the wedding, and she was thankful that the event was only two days away. Meanwhile, Katherine placed a call to arrange a special Valentine's Day surprise.

At Gloworm, Gloria approached a bewildered Jeffrey. She asked why Jeffrey was still there, and he explained that he hoped to remember his life. She retorted that she'd much rather be able to forget about him. Angelo answered a call and asked to be informed when it was a done deal. He told Gloria that he had unbelievable news about their kids.

Later, outside Gloworm, Angelina asked for a moment alone with Kevin, and Dino obliged. She conceded that the past few weeks had been unexpected, and Kevin had saved them both, but it wasn't the only reason she had married him. He said he was grateful for her help, but he planned to sit down with Angelo and explain things before the situation became more out of control. Angelina and Kevin entered Gloworm, and Angelo proudly introduced them as Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Fisher. Some patrons in the restaurant clapped, while Gloria, Eden, Michael, and Lauren looked horrified.

Angelina boasted about how the justice of the peace had recognized her voice during the ceremony. When Gloria and Kevin finally had a moment alone, she expressed relief that he was home, and she assured him that she had never given up. He said that he hadn't meant to upset her, but she remarked that he didn't seem like himself. She asked what had happened, and he replied that she wouldn't want to know. Michael pulled Kevin aside, and Angelina asked Gloria if she could call her "Mom." Gloria gulped a glass of champagne.

Michael demanded to know what was going on. Kevin started to explain, but Angelina rushed to his side. Kevin ordered Michael and Angelina to talk, and he grabbed Jeffrey and reprimanded him for taking their boat. Jeffrey had no idea what Kevin was talking about, and he explained that he had total memory loss, but Kevin didn't buy it. Kevin realized that Jeffrey's scheme was brilliant, because it would keep Angelo from killing Jeffrey. Angelina overheard about Jeffrey's memory loss, and she helpfully suggested that Jeffrey try hitting himself over the head again to see if his memory returned.

Jeffrey told Michael and Lauren that he only had a few foggy memories, and Michael commented that the entire night seemed surreal. Lauren asked what Jeffrey could recall, but all Jeffrey knew was that he couldn't stand eating fish and that he was suspicious of Angelo. Jeffrey called out to Gloria, and she curtly inquired whether he'd forgotten his name again. He questioned how long she'd known Angelo, because he felt that a lady like her didn't belong with a hooligan like Angelo. She asserted that Angelo was a gentleman, unlike Jeffrey, who had taken her money and left.

Eden wondered whether Kevin had married Angelina because of the photo Eden had sent of Chloe and Daniel kissing. Kevin assured Eden that more was going on, but Angelo interrupted. Angelo apologized for flipping out when Kevin and Angelina had disappeared, because he hadn't understood that Kevin was in love with his little girl. Kevin asked about Angelo's treatment of Jeffrey, but Angelo demanded that Kevin never mention the subject again.

Devon presented Angelina with a new mix of her song, and Angelina announced to the crowd that they were going to play it. Angelo beamed at his daughter, but when Angelina heard the rap segment, she ordered that the music be turned off. An outraged Angelina told Devon that people only wanted to hear her voice, but Devon argued that everyone else had thought that the song had sounded great. Angelina declared that they had creative differences, and she intended to find another producer. She added that Devon was talented, but she needed someone who shared her vision.

Angelo supported Angelina's decision, and Kevin expressed disbelief and sympathy to Devon. Devon contended that he retained the legal rights to the song, and he wasn't about to let Angelina's short-sightedness interfere with his career, so he intended to release the song anyway. Angelo proposed a toast to Kevin and Angelina, just as Daniel and Chloe arrived in the doorway.

Daniel suggested that they leave, but Chloe didn't want to miss the toast. Angelo raved that Angelina had grown into a pop star and a married woman, and he welcomed Kevin to the family. Michael noted that Kevin's head looked like it was about to explode. Angelo asked if the couple wanted to say anything, and Kevin quickly passed. Angelina babbled about Kevin's numerous virtues, and she raised her glass to her husband. Kevin despondently turned away and locked eyes with a seething Chloe.

Chloe stormed over to Kevin, who insisted that he could explain everything. She slapped him across the face and stalked out.

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