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Tucker and Ashley got married. Billy sold Restless Style to Nick. Diane offered to get evidence against Adam. Sharon made love with Sam. Tucker needed Ashley to run McCall Unlimited and keep secret that he suffered from a brain injury.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of June 27, 2011 on Y&R
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Monday, June 27, 2011

At Gloworm, Abby stared intently at a video camera while Kent recorded her confession. Abby said, "I ran over Tucker McCall. I might have tried to kill him, but my mother had nothing to do with it." Abby challenged the district attorney to seek justice. Kent stopped the camera and asked Abby if her confession was real. Abby insisted it was. Deacon quietly watched Abby and Kent from his spot behind the bar. Abby instructed Kent to upload the video to major news outlets before posting it online.

Later, Kent, sitting at the bar, became distracted as he searched through a list of contacts on his phone. Kent called a news producer and said, "I've got major news that you'll want to air as soon as possible." Kent suddenly discovered that his camera had vanished from the top of the bar, and he told the producer that he'd call back soon. Kent searched the area for his camera bag, and then he asked Deacon if he'd seen the camera. Deacon shrugged his shoulders and insisted he hadn't seen it.

As Abby strolled out of Gloworm, she fiddled with her phone. Suddenly, someone snatched her from behind. The unseen kidnapper muffled Abby's attempt to scream by placing a hand over her mouth. Abby was livid after the perpetrator, Victor, whisked her onto his private jet. Abby boldly informed Victor that her confession had already been aired. Victor told Abby that the video would never be released.

In a hospital room, Tucker struggled to speak. Katherine and Ashley listened as Tucker insisted that Abby had been driving the car that hit him. Tucker asked to speak to Ashley alone, so Katherine stepped out. Tucker questioned Ashley about the night of the accident. Ashley told Tucker that the accident had happened the day before their ceremony. Tucker was shocked to discover that he'd been in a coma for a several weeks.

Tucker asked Ashley why he'd been traveling to the Abbott cabin. Ashley explained that she and Abby had been driving to the cabin to meet Tucker when Ashley had accidentally hit him. Ashley gently stroked Tucker's forehead and apologized repeatedly for the horrible accident. Ashley stepped aside when Katherine returned with a nurse.

Spencer, the district attorney, stormed in and announced that the doctor had given him permission to question Tucker. Spencer sent Ashley and Katherine out into the hallway. Ashley paced outside the door while Spencer questioned Tucker. Spencer asked Tucker if he remembered the accident. Tucker spoke slowly and seemed groggy. Tucker said only that he remembered the car approaching.

In the hallway outside Tucker's room, Katherine asked Ashley why Tucker had claimed that Abby had been driving the car that had hit him. Ashley maintained that Tucker was confused. Katherine wondered aloud if they should tell Tucker about his son. Ashley reminded Katherine that Tucker wasn't yet aware that they knew about his son, so she suggested they wait.

After Katherine left to talk to Tucker's doctor, Ashley phoned Victor and told him that Tucker had awakened. She explained that Tucker remembered Abby being behind the wheel of the car. Victor advised Ashley not to panic when she reported that Spencer had arrived to question Tucker. Ashley overheard Abby's voice and asked why her daughter was there. Victor admitted that Abby had confessed.

Ashley was apologetic when she explained to Victor that she'd lied in order to protect Abby. Abby demanded to talk to her mom, but Victor ignored her request. Abby loudly complained that her father had kidnapped her stolen and stolen her producer's video camera. Victor told Ashley that he was maintaining control of the situation, and he instructed her to keep him updated about Tucker's encounter with Spencer before ending the call.

Katherine returned just before Spencer stepped out of Tucker's room. Spencer told Ashley and Katherine that Tucker couldn't identify the person driving the car that had struck him. Spencer added that Tucker wasn't even sure that his memories of the incident were correct. Spencer vowed to give Tucker time to recover his memories before returning to question him again.

After Spencer left, Ashley tried to rush back to Tucker's bedside, but Katherine said it was her turn to visit with Tucker. Ashley watched anxiously through the window in the door as Katherine questioned her son. Tucker told Katherine that he barely remembered what had happened the night of the accident. Katherine told Tucker that they needed to know the truth. Tucker turned his head away and said he needed to rest.

After Victor spoke to Ashley on the phone and learned that Tucker had awakened, Abby told Victor that Tucker would remember that she driving the car. Victor reminded Abby that Tucker's head injury had caused memory loss. Abby said she intended to set Tucker straight. Victor announced that Abby would be checking herself into a therapeutic retreat in Connecticut. Abby protested and insisted that she wasn't an alcoholic.

Defiant, Abby cried that she'd have no part in Victor and Ashley's cover-up. Victor calmed Abby down and explained that her mother's aim was to protect her daughter. Abby cried that she didn't want her mother to ruin her own life. Victor explained that Diane Jenkins, the key witness in Ashley's case, was unreliable. Abby maintained that Tucker had looked her in the eyes just before she ran him down. Victor insisted that Tucker would never be able to remember details about the accident.

Abby told Victor that confessing was the right thing for her to do. Victor advised Abby to step back and wait until Tucker gave his statement. Later, Ashley called again, and Victor placed the call on speakerphone. Ashley reported that Tucker couldn't remember who had been driving the car. Victor told Ashley that he would drop Abby off at a retreat. Abby objected. Ashley agreed that it would be best for Abby to stay away for a while. After Ashley hung up, Victor sighed and said, "Don't worry, Abby. I'll make it all go away, okay?" Abby, biting her lip, nodded affirmatively.

At Crimson Lights, Diane tried to distract Kyle by allowing him to consume a giant slice of cake. Kyle was upset when he learned that his mother planned to leave town because her business plans hadn't worked out as expected. Kyle seemed to lose his appetite. Diane promised that things would get better, and she advised her son to move on and put the whole thing behind him.

At Jabot, Victor served Jack a summons to appear before a grand jury for committing fraudulent activities associated with the initial public offering of Newman Industries' stock. After Victor left, Diane and Kyle stopped by with a sweet treat for Jack. Kyle sat in the chair behind his father's desk and asked if he might become the company's CEO in the future. Jack boasted that the company was special to anyone with the Abbott name. Diane stepped out to get coffee.

Kyle informed Jack that his mother had told him that they'd be moving right away. Diane returned, and Jack sent Kyle to the media room to watch a movie. Diane told Jack that she was leaving town because the Securities and Exchange Commission had served her with a subpoena. Nervously, she explained that Victor had warned that she'd have to face a grand jury. Jack, unconcerned, said he'd also been served with a subpoena.

Diane reminded Jack that he'd been given inside information about the sale of Newman Industries' stock. Jack insisted that Diane had no proof of her claim. Diane cried that she had a son to care for and would leave town if she had to. Jack warned that Diane would lose if she tried to take Kyle away again. Kyle returned, and Jack explained that Kyle's mother and Jack had made some decisions while Kyle was out of the room. Jack told Kyle that Genoa City was his home, and he promised that Kyle wouldn't have to move away.

At Phyllis' penthouse, Nick stopped by with a humidifier after Phyllis claimed that Lucy had fallen ill. Nick asked what was going on after Phyllis acknowledged that Lucy, sleeping in her crib, was fine. Phyllis sobbed and admitted that she'd needed a friend. Phyllis checked on Lucy and boasted that the baby was a good sleeper. Nick reminded Phyllis that Billy and Victoria had told him the same thing. Nick's comment hurt Phyllis' feelings. Nick reminded Phyllis that he was on his sister and brother-in-law's side.

Phyllis cried that her family and friends had abandoned her. She insisted that she'd fought to get Lucy for Daniel's sake. Nick sat down and asked Phyllis why she was upset. Phyllis admitted that she'd been overcome with fear after considering the reasons she'd fought so hard to get Lucy away from Billy and Victoria. Sobbing, Phyllis admitted that she'd tenaciously persevered just for the sake of winning.

Nick asked Phyllis if she regretted fighting for Lucy. Phyllis shrugged and broke down. She said that everyone she knew thought it was wrong and had consequently abandoned her. Nick asked Phyllis what she wanted from him. She said she needed a friend. Nick promised Phyllis that he'd always be her friend. Phyllis sadly noted that she didn't like what she'd become. Nick maintained that Phyllis had crossed the line, but he said he understood why she'd fought for Lucy.

Nick agreed that Phyllis had put herself in a tough situation. He added that the people she'd hurt had justifiably turned their backs on her. Phyllis cracked a smile when Nick assured her that she would be fine. Phyllis claimed she was too strong-willed to request a hug. Nick placed his arm around Phyllis' shoulders, and she briefly pressed her head against his chest and sobbed silently. Quickly composing herself, Phyllis assured Nick that she would be all right. Nick left.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

At Gloworm, Diane ran in to Michael and said hello. Michael was surprised that Diane was so cordial with him, considering he'd been reporting her activities to the SEC. Diane told Michael that Victor's war against her had nothing to do with Michael. Michael said that he was very involved because he was Victor's attorney. Diane said that Victor was wasting his time in going after her because Diane had done nothing wrong. Michael reminded Diane that he'd cautioned her to leave town before she got into trouble. Michael reiterated that if Diane had been involved with Jack and Adam's manipulation of the Newman Enterprise's stock price, she'd been very reckless and might have made a fatal error. Michael left, and Diane looked very worried.

Victor was pleasantly surprised when Noah stopped by the ranch to visit him. Victor mentioned that Tucker was out of the coma. Noah asked Victor why he hadn't been able to get in touch with Abby. Victor explained that Abby had gone into a rehab facility because she needed to stop the partying. Noah was surprised that Abby hadn't spoken to him before she left. Noah believed that Abby had been upset about Tucker's accident. Victor assured Noah that Abby was in very good hands.

Michael saw Devon at Crimson Lights and said that he was looking forward to the day when Devon and Noah's album "dropped." Devon was impressed with Michael knowledge of the music business. Privately, Michael placed a call to Paris to speak with his sister, Eden. Michael learned from Eden's Aunt Julia that Eden had left the city and was traveling. Michael told Julia that he needed Eden to return his call as soon as possible.

Noah ran into Michael at Crimson Lights. Michael asked if Noah had kept in touch with Eden. Noah said he'd lost track of her after he left Paris. Michael mentioned that he needed to speak with Eden.

At the rehab facility where Victor had left her, Abby complained to an attendant that she did not belong there. Abby said she had no need for therapy. The attendant told Abby that she was there for a reason. As the group gathered, Abby was stunned to see that Noah's ex-girlfriend, Eden, was there. Eden was introduced to Abby, and they pretended not to know each other. When Abby had to address the group about her problems, Abby said that she would be using the rehab experience as part of her Naked Heiress celebrity. Eden teased her for being there without makeup.

Abby admitted that she was mainly there to please her father. Eden spoke to the group about having had an eating disorder. During a break, Abby confronted Eden about why she was really there. Abby wondered if Michael had any idea that his sister was even in America. Eden declared that Abby was in denial about why her father had left her in rehab. Abby thought that Eden was there because it was part of her hippie background. Eden told Abby that she'd moved on from Noah and had other men after her. Abby doubted that Eden was telling her the truth.

At the hospital, Neil congratulated Kay about Tucker having come out of the coma. Kay said that many people had been rooting for Tucker. Neil said he had some documents for Kay to sign. Ashley arrived and was thrilled about Tucker's recovery. Kay said that Tucker was undergoing some tests, but he'd asked about Ashley.

Ashley thanked Kay for allowing her to see Tucker. Neil noted that Ashley looked wonderful because she was a woman in love. Ashley left them to go to Tucker's room. Neil assumed that Kay was satisfied that Ashley had not been responsible for hurting Tucker. Kay claimed that she was still baffled about what had happened to her son.

Kay confronted Victor at the ranch, demanding to know why Tucker's first memory when he awoke from the coma was Abby running him down with her car. Victor told Kay that he assumed that Tucker had been confused. Victor assured Kay that Abby had not been driving. Victor explained that Abby had checked into a rehab clinic to get over her drinking. Kay questioned the coincidence of Tucker's awakening at the same time Abby disappeared from town. Victor's assertion that Ashley had been the driver and Abby just a passenger made Kay believe that Victor had engineered a coverup. Victor said the most important thing was that Tucker was out of the coma. Kay said it mattered to her to know the truth about the accident.

Tucker opened his eyes and was glad to see Ashley by his side. A nurse asked Tucker to sign a release form. Ashley told Tucker how sexy he looked in his reading glasses, but when Tucker looked at the paper, he was unable to read the words. Tucker told Ashley he could see the words, but he couldn't understand what they meant. Ashley speculated that Tucker's brain was still readjusting. After being taken out of the room for some additional test, Tucker returned to his bed. Ashley pointed out that flowers had been delivered to Tucker. When Tucker was unable to read the card, Ashley read it for him.

Tucker took Ashley's hand and asked her to marry him. Ashley promised him that she would. Tucker said he wanted to marry her immediately. With the medical staff as witnesses, Tucker and Ashley exchanged vows. Ashley spoke from the heart and admitted that she needed Tucker. Ashley was grateful that Tucker still wanted her.

Ashley said that marrying Tucker, even in the hospital, was perfect because it meant they would be together. Ashley and Tucker committed to working together to have a good life. Tucker kissed her hand and said he thanked God for Ashley. Kay arrived at the hospital just as the chaplain declared Tucker and Ashley husband and wife.

Neil and Leslie met at Gloworm. They both apologized to each other for having been out of touch. Neil and Leslie agreed that they'd been too busy with work and life. After Neil walked away, Leslie joined Diane at a table. Leslie said that Diane was in big trouble with the SEC.

Diane stuck to her story that she'd had cramps on the day of the Newman IPO, and Victor had just happened to be there when she needed an ambulance. Leslie said that it would be difficult to clear Diane. Leslie warned Diane that she might have to go to prison. Diane was stunned, but Leslie noted that Martha Stewart had survived a prison stay.

Kay approached Diane after Leslie had gone. Kay wanted to know about what Diane had seen the night that Tucker almost died. Diane said she'd told the police everything she knew. Diane's cell phone rang, and she walked away to take the call. Kay saw Neil, and they spoke again. Neil asked if Tucker knew about the changes Kay had made to McCall Unlimited. Kay told Neil all the decisions she had made for Tucker had been for his protection.

Noah told Devon that he was upset that Victor had informed him about Abby being in rehab. Noah couldn't believe that he had been so disconnected from his family's troubles. Devon said that he felt the same way about his family. Devon told Noah not to feel guilty about Abby's rehab stint. Noah told Devon that before he'd broken up with Eden, she'd told him that he was a self-centered Newman just like the rest of his family. Noah said he was still trying to prove to himself that Eden had been wrong.

Abby was stunned to learn that Eden had been in rehab for two months. Eden suggested that she and Abby keep their distance from one another. The attendant told Eden that since Eden was the senior member of the group, Eden would be Abby's buddy. The girls protested, but the attendant insisted. Abby was haunted by the conversation she'd had with Victor about doing the right thing by confessing to running down Tucker.

Eden told Abby what to expect in the facility, but Abby refused to go by the rules. Abby said she'd checked herself in and could check out just as easily. Abby asked Eden if the facility actually worked. Eden said it had worked for her. Eden mentioned that her time in rehab was ending. Abby wondered if Eden would return to Genoa City. Abby said that Eden owed it to Michael to see him. Eden brought up Noah and said she didn't want to see him again.

Noah placed a called to the clinic to find out about how to visit Abby. Devon went to see Neil and apologized for not having been around. Neil was glad to spend more time with his son.

Michael learned from Victor that Abby had checked into a rehab facility because she'd driven the car that had hit Tucker. Michael was not surprised that Ashley had taken the blame for Abby. Victor asked Michael to make sure that Ashley's case never went to trial. Victor urged Michael to do whatever was necessary, even if it meant bending the rules. Victor was confident that Michael would find a way to protect Ashley.

Michael wondered if the answer to their problems might not be Diane Jenkins. Victor realized that was an idea. Diane arrived at the ranch and was surprised that Victor and Michael had summoned her. Victor offered to make Diane's troubles go away.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

At the Newman ranch, Diane questioned Michael and Victor about how they could make her problems with the authorities disappear. Michael said that they were able to spin things with the SEC to take the heat off of Diane. Michael asked Diane to recant her testimony against Ashley with D.A. Walsh. Diane didn't want to do that because she wanted to see Victor suffer. Victor warned Diane that she was in a lot of trouble with the SEC. Michael informed Diane that she was being investigated as the ring leader of the stock manipulation on the day of the Newman Enterprises' IPO.

Diane was stunned, but Michael pointed out that she had motive to hurt Victor. Diane also was connected to Adam because she'd been living with him, and was Jack's ex-wife. Michael said from the SEC's point of view, Diane was the linchpin. Michael warned Diane that she could be facing jail time if convicted of wrongdoing. Victor told Diane that Kyle should not have to suffer for her mistakes. Diane insisted to both men that she'd told the police the truth about Tucker's accident. Victor urged her to change her testimony while she still had a chance to save herself from the SEC.

Michael pointed out that Diane could convincingly change her testimony by saying that she had misinterpreted Ashley's intentions that night. Michael suggested that Diane might tell Walsh that she'd been hasty in her judgment Diane listened to Michael and Victor's advice and contemplated what she'd say to Walsh. Diane wondered how Victor could make sure that she was not implicated in the SEC investigation. Victor explained that he had a contact at the SEC who'd been a Newman attorney.

Victor sent Michael to call Gus at the SEC. Victor advised Diane to go to Walsh immediately and warned her not to even consider double-crossing Victor. Michael returned and said that the appointment with the SEC investigator had been arranged. After Diane left, Michael reminded Victor that the SEC might still investigate Diane despite Victor's suggestion that they focus on Adam. Victor said he didn't care what happened to Diane after she'd testified to Walsh and Abby and Ashley were in the clear.

Kay walked into Tucker's hospital room just as Tucker and Ashley kissed to conclude their wedding. Kay asked the minister to leave so she could speak with her son and his new bride. Kay questioned the wisdom of their marriage, considering Tucker's medical condition. Jack arrived at the hospital and was told that Tucker and Ashley had just gotten married. Jack looked into the room and saw Kay with Ashley and Tucker.

Kay was upset about the wedding. Ashley acknowledged that Kay had been against their wedding. Tucker insisted that he and Ashley knew what they'd been doing when they wed. Jack walked in to congratulate Tucker and Ashley. Kay declared that Ashley had taken advantage of Tucker's weakened condition. Tucker told his mother to butt out of his personal life. Ashley urged Tucker to reach an understanding with Kay. Tucker agreed to talk with Kay for Ashley's sake. Jack and Ashley left the room.

Jack sympathized with Ashley about Kay's negative reaction to the hospital wedding. Jack told Ashley that she deserved some happiness. Ashley realized that since Tucker was out of the coma, Jack might be concerned that Tucker would fire him as CEO of Jabot. Jack admitted that he was worried. Jack wondered if Ashley had rushed into the wedding, but Ashley said their marriage should have happened before Tucker's accident.

Jack brought Ashley a cup of coffee in lieu of a glass of champagne. Ashley remembered that it was Jack's birthday and congratulated him on getting Jabot as a present. Jack asked Ashley if Tucker would support him as CEO. Ashley said she would put in a good word with Tucker for Jack.

Kay told Tucker that she'd been flattered that he'd named to run his business while he was incapacitated. Tucker said it would have been Ashley if they'd been married. Tucker informed Kay that he was ready to take over McCall Unlimited. Tucker asked Kay for an update about business. Tucker wanted a top line report. Kay said that for the most part, she'd stuck with his plan. Kay had chosen not to do the Newman IPO maneuver that Tucker had proposed before his accident.

Tucker felt that Kay had monkeyed with his business while he was incapacitated. Kay explained that she'd fired Ashley from Jabot when Ashley was arrested for Tucker's accident. Kay had been tempted to sell Jabot to Newman for a vast sum of money, but she'd held off because Kay knew that Tucker would not want his competitor to own Jabot. Instead, Kay had hired Jack to run Jabot as CEO.

Kay outlined Jack's initiatives and the contract with him that put Jack on a three-month trial period. Tucker accused his mother of undermining his judgment while he was out of commission. Kay felt she'd done the right thing for Jabot. Kay said she had needed to act to save the company. Kay accused Tucker of being an ungrateful bastard.

Tucker told Kay that she was through and to get out of his room. Tucker said he would put someone else in control of McCall because he didn't want Kay handling his business anymore. Kay walked out and told Jack and Ashley that Tucker was not happy with her decisions about Jabot. Ashley left Jack to go back into Tucker's room.

Tucker told Ashley that he and his mother had talked about business. Tucker admitted to Ashley that he heard Kay's words but he was unable to understand what she was telling him. Tucker was frustrated that his brain was not operating properly. Ashley advised Tucker to be patient because he was still healing. Tucker wondered how he would be able to function if he were unable to put his thoughts together.

Ashley found Jack's contract among Kay's papers. Ashley read it out loud for Tucker. Tucker tried to follow the business language, and Ashley helped him to understand the meaning of the terminology. Tucker struggled to comprehend the data, and became emotional. Tucker questioned how he could run his company if he couldn't use his mind to reason.

Jack was surprised that Tucker had fired Kay because she'd hired Jack. Kay advised Jack to prove himself in ninety days so that his three-year contract would be locked in. Jack was stunned that Tucker had treated Kay so shabbily. Kay blamed herself for not following Tucker's wishes while he was in a coma. Kay realized that there had been no emotional connection between her and Tucker. Jack sympathized with Kay.

At Gloworm, Victoria told Nick that Victor had offered her a seat on the Newman board and a chance to be chief operating officer of Newman Enterprises. Nick was surprised that Victoria was tempted to accept the offer. Victoria wanted Nick to join her back in Newman, but Nick had no illusions about working with Victor again. Nick didn't believe that anything had changed, but Victoria complained that her entire life had changed since losing Lucy. Nick told Victoria it would be a mistake to assume that work with Victor would be different than it had been in the past. Nick said that Victoria would do a great job at Newman, but Nick suspected that Victor had made the offer because Victor was aware that Victoria had separated from Billy.

Victoria conceded that Victor might be taking advantage, but Victoria felt she couldn't count on Billy. Victoria was disappointed in the way that Billy had reacted to losing Lucy. Nick told Victoria that he would never return to Newman Enterprises as long as Victor was in charge of the company. Nick suggested that Victoria reconsider her decision to sign on to work with their father again.

Victoria went to the ranch to discuss Victor's offer to hire her back at Newman Enterprises. Victoria wanted autonomy, but Victor could only offer her latitude. Victoria wanted to know how they would work through their differences. Victor understood Victoria's concerns and said that it was a matter of trust. Victoria admired that her father knew what she had been thinking before she said it.

Victor admitted that he was a very stubborn man, but he wanted his beloved daughter by his side at the company. Victor believed that Victoria had the right stuff to run Newman Enterprises. Victoria agreed to take the board seat and the COO position. Victor hugged Victoria and welcomed her back to the firm. Victor said it was time to move forward. They agreed that they could forgive but not forget. Victor and Victoria would not forget the mistakes that they'd made. Victoria said that she loved her father.

In the trailer, a slovenly Billy was listening to a horse race and drinking beer from a can. His horse lost the race, and Billy guzzled the beer. He lay on the couch and contemplated another race. Later, Nick showed up and found Billy passed out on the floor. Nick asked Billy what was wrong with him. Nick blasted Billy for wallowing in self-pity.

Billy said that Victoria wanted nothing to do with him, and Billy blamed himself for failing Victoria. Nick asked when Billy planned to return to work. Billy was interested in the magazine anymore. Billy offered to sell the publication to Nick. Nick told Billy to get his act together, then they could talk about the magazine. Nick warned Billy to shape up or else he'd lose Victoria forever.

Diane met with D.A. Walsh at Gloworm and recanted her testimony in the case of the state versus Ashley Abbott. Walsh told her that she was simply second-guessing herself. Diana was completely sincere as she told Walsh that she had been emotional and distraught because of her feelings for Tucker, and that had clouded her interpretation of what she had seen. Walsh told Diane that her revamped testimony would ruin his case. Diane said she was trying to do the right thing by setting the record straight.

Later, Walsh walked into Tucker's hospital room and told Ashley that he had dropped the charges against her. Ashley was ecstatic. She climbed into bed with Tucker. Tucker was happy for Ashley. Ashley promised to concentrate all her attention on making Tucker well again. Tucker asked Ashley to run McCall Unlimited for him, while keeping the information from the world that his brain had been damaged by the coma.

Michael met with Gus, the SEC investigator, and told him that Diane might not have been out to get Victor on the day of the IPO after all. Michael offered the man a signed document from Victor suggesting that Diane be excluded from the investigation and the focus be placed on Adam. Gus was shocked. Later, Michael met with Diane at Gloworm. She reported to Michael that Walsh had been disappointed that she changed her testimony. Michael thanked Diane.

Diane asked if Michael and Victor had convinced the SEC to leave her alone. Michael said that Gus had refused to be swayed by Victor's assertion that Adam was the main culprit. Diane was furious and accused Michael of being a viper.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Tucker asked Ashley to take over the management of McCall Unlimited because he was unable to run his company on his own. Ashley was skeptical about doing Tucker's job for him. Tucker feared that if word got out to the public that he was having mental problems because of the accident, his company would suffer. Tucker asked Ashley to take the reins and keep secret that he had cognitive brain damage. Ashley was reluctant to shift her focus to the business because she said her number one priority was Tucker's recovery. Ashley left the room to find the nurse with Tucker's medication.

In the hallway, Ashley ran into Noah. Noah greeted Ashley and asked about Tucker. Ashley said that Tucker was improving. Noah asked about Ashley's legal issues and was relieved to learn that the charges against Ashley had been dropped. Noah was happy for Ashley and asked if Abby knew. Ashley said that Abby had not been informed yet. Noah pointed out that since Ashley had been cleared, Abby could leave rehab. Ashley said that Abby was where she needed to be. Ashley told Noah that Abby should stay at the rehab facility for her own good. When Ashley walked away, Noah declared that he'd get Abby out of rehab.

At the rehab clinic, Abby got in trouble with the authorities failing to make her bed. Eden covered for Abby with the attendant, but when she was alone with Abby, Eden warned Abby to change her attitude and follow the rules. Abby wasn't interested in being a good patient. Abby wondered why Eden wasn't going back to Europe instead of Genoa City if Eden had gotten so much out of rehab. Eden said she had her reasons.

Abby said the reason for her stay was mental exhaustion, but Eden suspected it was more than that. The attendant returned and told Eden that she would be discharged by the end of the day and there was a ticket to Paris for her when she left the facility. Eden had thought she had a few more days in rehab to settle her affairs. Abby was surprised that Eden was reluctant to return to Paris. Abby wondered if Eden was afraid to return to the world.

Abby wondered what had gone wrong with Noah and Eden. Eden said she'd made mistakes with Noah, but Eden wouldn't say what those mistakes had been. Eden confided in Abby that she wished she could go back in time and re-do some things she'd done. Eden said she had to live with what had happened. Abby related to Eden because she'd made some bad mistakes that she couldn't undo. Abby said that she'd tried to help her mother but she'd been unable to fix things.

Noah showed up at the rehab facility. He was in the hallway, looking for Abby. The attendant found him and asked why he was there. Noah said he was trying to find someone. She said it was not allowed and told him to leave immediately. Noah pretended to leave, but returned to the clinic and continued searching. A short time later, Noah found Abby. Abby was thrilled to see him. Eden spotted Noah and stopped where she was so he wouldn't see her. Noah explained to Abby that Ashley had been cleared of all the charges against her.

Abby was overjoyed because that meant she could check out. Abby arranged to meet Noah outside the facility and return to Genoa City with him. After Noah left, Eden appeared and thanked Abby for not revealing to Noah that Eden was there. Eden assured Abby that she was over Noah, but Abby wasn't so sure. Abby invited Eden to return to Genoa City with her and Noah. Eden said she wanted to stay where she was. Abby admitted that she'd been glad to see Eden again. When Abby departed, Eden placed a call to change her ticket to Paris to one for Genoa City.

Jack was happy when Kyle showed up at his office. Kyle wished his father a happy birthday. When Kyle asked if Jack would be going to jail, Victor walked into the office and asked Jack if he had an answer for Kyle. Jack told Kyle that the authorities simply wanted to interview Jack about certain business matters. Jack explained that he'd been accused of doing something wrong. Victor offered Kyle tickets to a baseball game. Kyle asked for Jack's permission, and Jack allowed Kyle to go to the game.

Victor made the arrangements and handed Kyle the tickets. Jack gave Kyle some money for treats. After Kyle left the office, Jack warned Victor to stay away from his son. Victor asked Jack who'd care for Kyle when Diane and Jack were sent to prison. Victor said that he'd been doing Jack a favor with Kyle.

Victor resented Jack taking advantage of the Newman Enterprises IPO by gaining inside information. Jack reminded Victor that he'd overstepped his bounds by meddling in Jabot business for years. Jack declared that everything didn't always go Victor Newman's way. Jack suspected that Victor was upset that Jack had purchased a large chunk of Newman Enterprises. Victor assured Jack that the SEC would get him for playing fast and loose on the day of the IPO.

Victor predicted Jack would celebrate his next birthday behind bars. Later, when he was alone, Jack picked up a picture of John Abbott. Jack spoke to his father and admitted that he'd stooped to insider trading. Jack realized that he had to do whatever was necessary to hang onto his job and avoid going to prison.

In the hospital room, Tucker told Ashley how grateful he was that she'd married him. Tucker was concerned that he was no longer the same man that he'd been before the accident. Tucker noticed that Ashley was upset about something, and Ashley admitted that she had to tell Abby about their marriage. Tucker understood. Tucker pulled Ashley close and said that he wanted them to start wearing their wedding rings. Tucker's nurse appeared to wheel him down to therapy. Ashley promised to be there when he returned.

Victor entered the room, offering to help Ashley in any way he could. Victor congratulated Ashley when she told him that she and Tucker had gotten married. Ashley admitted that she didn't want to tell Abby about her marriage to Tucker. Ashley believed that Abby would be better off if she remained in rehab for a while. Victor agreed and told Ashley that he'd always had Ashley's best interests in mind. Victor explained to Ashley that he'd convinced Diane to recant her testimony; that was how the charges against Ashley had been dropped. Ashley offered to repay Victor's kindness. Victor said there was something Ashley could do for him.

Victor said that Tucker couldn't handle McCall Unlimited in his current condition. Victor offered to buy Jabot and remove Jack as CEO. Ashley refused to push her brother out of the company. Victor pointed out that Jack was being investigated for stock manipulation and might be heading to prison. Victor said that Jack would pull Jabot down. Victor asked Ashley to stop protecting Jack and do what was best for Tucker's business.

Tucker returned to the room and saw that Victor and Ashley had been involved in a tense discussion. Victor was happy to see Tucker doing so well. When Victor left, Tucker returned to his bed. Ashley asked about Tucker's therapy, and he said he was struggling. Tucker said he had to learn things as if he were a child again. Ashley urged Tucker to be patient with himself. Tucker asked Ashley to promise him that she'd run McCall Unlimited in his stead. When Ashley left the room to find Tucker's nurse, Victor approached her again. Victor asked Ashley to seriously consider his request to let him have Jabot.

In New Mexico, Sam took his dog, O'Keefe, to visit Sharon in the barn. Sam told Sharon that it was a special occasion; it was date night. Sharon was surprised when Sam asked her out on a date. Sharon said she couldn't go out with him. Sam told Sharon that he understood her concerns, but that everyone had baggage. Sam suggested that they could take things slowly, but Sharon was uncomfortable going out in public. Sam offered to take Sharon to a drive-through window for dinner and a drive-in movie afterward. Sam started to leave, but Sharon said that she hadn't said yes yet.

Finally, Sharon agreed to go out with Sam. Sam said he'd be back in a few hours to pick her up. Sam left with O'Keefe, and Sharon immediately had second thoughts about saying yes to him. Piper appeared with wild flowers she'd picked in the garden for Sharon. Sharon told Piper she'd said yes to Sam, and they were going out on a date.

Sharon said that she was like Cinderella because she had nothing to wear on a date. Piper offered to be Sharon's fairy godmother. A short time later, Piper watched as Sharon emerged from the bathroom, wearing a dress that Piper had taken from her mother's closet. Piper thought Sharon looked wonderful. Piper told Sharon to have a good time on her date, then she left.

A while later, Sharon was alone in the barn. Sharon called Sam, wondering why he was so late for their date. After hanging up the phone, Sharon was startled when she heard a loud noise. Sam showed up in the barn, still dressed in jeans and a work shirt, completely unprepared to go on a date. Sharon asked why he hadn't gotten ready for their date. Sam said he'd lost track of time. Sharon was disappointed in his lackadaisical attitude, but Sam offered no apology. When Sharon turned to go back to her room, Sam fell over, and Sharon went to his side. Sharon realized that Sam was drunk.

At Gloworm, Diane was on the phone with Michael, complaining about how Victor had reneged on their deal. Diane was still being investigated by the SEC. Adam sat at Diane's table and told her that he had heard her phone conversation. Adam suggested that Diane was in the perfect position to get revenge on Victor and Jack. Diane was leery about taking on Victor and Jack again.

Adam asked if Diane had lost her nerve. Adam told Diane to go along with his new plan, and she'd be out of trouble with the SEC and rolling in money. Diane asked to think about it, but Adam demanded an immediate decision. Diane realized that her options were limited. Diane was furious with Victor. Diane also was angry that Jack had turned his back on her. Diane agreed to work with Adam again. They set up a meeting to discuss the scheme.

After Diane left, Adam wondered what Diane was really plotting. Adam pulled out a digital recorder from his jacket pocket. Adam listened to the recording he'd made of his conversation with Diane. Adam fiddled with the recording and made it into one statement by Diane, in which she incriminated herself and provided motives for her to go after Jack and Victor. Adam told himself that the recording was his insurance against Diane crossing him. A little while later, Jack confronted Adam at Gloworm. Jack said that the Newman Fund had been successful, but the SEC was suspicious. Jack said that since he owned the Newman Fund, he was going to shut it down.

Back in her suite at the Athletic Club, Diane realized that she was in deep trouble. Diane declared that she couldn't trust Jack, Victor, or Adam. Diane was determined not to lose Kyle, no matter what happened. Diane placed a call, and a short time later, Walsh arrived at Diane's room. Walsh wondered if Diane had more to tell him about Tucker's accident.

Diane explained that she wanted to talk with Walsh about Adam. Diane suspected that Walsh was anxious to nail Adam for having helped Sharon escape from custody. Diane offered Walsh a way to pin criminal activities on Adam in exchange for Walsh getting Diane immunity from prosecution. Walsh said he'd discuss it with the SEC. Diane urged Walsh to move quickly because Adam had a talent for wriggling out of trouble.

Friday, July 1, 2011

At Crimson Lights, Nick greeted Phyllis, who informed him that she had been shopping for Lucy. She noted that she'd purchased a birthday gift for Jack as a peace offering, but she wasn't sure Jack would accept it. They made some awkward small talk, and she mentioned that she'd bought her own humidifier, so she could return Nick's. Phyllis asked Nick not to hold her accountable for what she'd said during a vulnerable moment, and he agreed.

At the counter, Victoria turned around and bumped into Billy, who apologized. They both began to speak at the same time about the prior evening, and she allowed him to go first. He explained that the blonde woman Victoria had found him with had insisted upon taking him home from Jimmy's after he'd had too much to drink. He insisted that it hadn't been his fault that the woman had undressed and had pecked him on the cheek, because he would never cheat on Victoria. Victoria barked that Billy had been doing a lot of things he'd said he'd never do, and she didn't know what to believe. She left to pick up Reed.

Victoria and Reed arrived home, and she advised her son that they had to head to the airport soon. He didn't want to leave, but she assured him that they'd talk on the computer every day and that he'd visit again before school started. She reminded him that it would be exciting to meet his little brother, because Reed would be a good older sibling. Reed asked if he could call Billy to say goodbye.

In his trailer, Billy started to pick up garbage that was strewn about the room. Someone knocked on the door, and Billy yelled his permission to enter. Nick appeared in the doorway and asked if Billy was sober. He showed Billy that he'd drawn up paperwork, if Billy was still interested in selling Restless Style.

Billy signed the papers with barely a glance, and Nick was surprised that Billy didn't want to consult with an attorney. Billy stated that he was done with lawyers, and Nick handed him a copy and asked what was next for Billy. Billy joked that he'd join the circus, but Nick urged him to talk to Victoria, before Billy lost her forever. Billy wished Nick luck with the magazine, and Nick left. Billy answered the phone to Victoria, who requested that he stop by to say goodbye to Reed.

Billy arrived at his and Victoria's house and played with a giggling Reed. Billy said everyone there loved the boy, and he promised to send Reed silly jokes via email. Victoria instructed Reed to retrieve his backpack, and Billy wished Reed didn't have to leave. Victoria wished for a lot of things, especially changing the past. Billy regretted that he hadn't let her talk that morning, instead of making excuses for his behavior. He said that the trailer would never be home. Reed returned, and Billy and Victoria looked awkwardly at one another.

Victoria saw that Reed had packed his elephant bank and suggested he leave it there, but he wanted to save up for a plane ticket so she could fly with him. Reed sadly worried that she'd be all alone, but Victoria named family members who would be around, and she stated that she would also be busy working. Billy wondered what she meant, and she revealed that she'd accepted Victor's offer to be second in command. Billy clearly wasn't thrilled with her decision.

Billy returned to his trailer, where he sank to the couch and grabbed his gambling papers. He called his bookie and asked how he'd done. He looked disappointed to learn he'd lost, but he grumbled that it was only money. Meanwhile, Victoria left J.T. a voicemail to request that he send her a text message after he picked up Reed. She looked forlornly around her empty living room, and she called a Newman employee to get an update before the next board meeting.

At Jabot, Jack thanked Traci for calling him on his birthday. As he hung up, Adam entered and confronted Jack about shutting down the Newman Fund. Adam called Jack a coward, but Phyllis interrupted with birthday greetings. Jack maintained that he'd made his decision and that there was nothing Adam could do. As Phyllis took a call, Adam accused Jack of getting old and senile.

Phyllis spoke to the photographer who had helped her to restore images from stolen memory cards in an effort to prove Sharon's innocence. She informed the photographer that she no longer worked for Restless Style, so he could discard the remaining cards. Adam demanded to know why Phyllis hadn't told him that she had purchased the memory cards, and she explained that she hadn't wanted to get anyone's hopes up. Adam ordered her to call the photographer back, so Adam could continue to search for evidence that might clear Sharon's name.

Once alone, Phyllis offered to buy Jack a birthday martini, but he was hesitant to accept. Phyllis commented that Adam was devoted to Sharon, and Jack observed that Adam had turned into a different person upon the mention of Sharon's name. Phyllis noted that she could relate, as she had also fought for the people she loved. Phyllis and Jack headed to Gloworm, but he warned her that not all was forgiven.

Phyllis purported to Jack that she wasn't the bad guy and complained that she was tired of apologizing. He countered that he hadn't known she had started. As Genevieve eavesdropped from the bar, Phyllis explained that she'd acted as a mother to ensure that one day her son would know his daughter, and that the only innocent person involved in the situation was Lucy. Phyllis admonished Daniel and Billy for lying, and she argued that many people were to blame.

Jack announced that Billy and Victoria had broken up, and Phyllis hoped their estrangement was temporary. Jack reminded her that it hadn't been the first time that Phyllis had broken up a couple over the loss of a child. She contended that the situation with Billy and Victoria was different than it had been with Nick and Sharon, who had suffered a tragedy when Cassie had died. Phyllis asserted that with Lucy, she had simply righted a wrong. Jack admitted that he had delivered a low blow, but he'd never agree with her decision, even though he wasn't crazy about Billy's decisions, either.

Phyllis said it had been good to see Jack in the big chair again, and they toasted to his birthday and his success at Jabot. Genevieve approached and asked if he was celebrating another business coup. Jack introduced the women, who sized one another up before Genevieve returned to the bar. Nick arrived and asked to speak with Phyllis for a moment. Phyllis and Nick moved to another table, and after swearing her to secrecy, he informed her that he'd acquired Restless Style.

Phyllis was stunned that Billy had sold the magazine and that Nick had wanted it back. She asked Nick why he'd purchased it, and Nick said that he hadn't been doing much professionally and that he'd enjoyed owning it before. She hoped he continued to make it a success, and he declared his intention to have her work for him again. She didn't want his pity, but he pointed out that they had worked well together, and she clarified that they had been great colleagues. She wanted to think about it, but he pushed her to say yes. She explained that she'd just gotten custody of Lucy, and she didn't want to take away time from Summer and Lucy. Nick offered to let Phyllis work from home as much as she needed, as he understood what it was like to raise two little girls, and Phyllis accepted the job.

Genevieve returned to Jack's table and asked if he was lonely. "Not anymore," he said flirtatiously. She called him resourceful for figuring out her name, because she hadn't told him what it was. She commented that he'd lost his friend, but Jack explained that Phyllis was talking with her ex. Genevieve wondered why Phyllis hadn't kept the Newman name, and Jack called Phyllis the independent type. Genevieve asked if that was what he liked, and Jack admitted he'd married Phyllis once himself.

Genevieve cackled, and she suggested that Phyllis wouldn't mind if Genevieve stayed with Jack. Genevieve remarked that no one should have to drink alone on their birthday, and he noted that she was resourceful, too. Jack commented that they'd both done research on one another, but she said she'd learned about him by eavesdropping. He asked how she managed to pull off being candid and mysterious at the same time, and she replied that the mystery would be gone if she answered.

The server arrived with champagne from Genevieve's private reserve. Jack mentioned that he hadn't tried it before, and she seductively said he didn't know what he was missing. Jack inquired how he could get some of the vintage for himself, and Genevieve volunteered to write it down. He asked her to add her phone number, too, but she declined. She told him to enjoy the champagne and that he'd see her around. She wished him a happy birthday, and she sauntered off.

At Crimson Lights, the photographer gave Adam the memory cards and warned him of the painstaking process of trying to retrieve images from them. Adam thought it could be worth it. Adam expressed his appreciation to the photographer, who shook Adam's hand and left. Noah entered, and Adam called to him and offered him a seat. Noah declined, but Adam said he might have found a way to clear Sharon's name. Noah reluctantly sat down and asked for details.

Adam explained that he might have the memory card from Sharon's camera, and if he found the card and restored the video, he could prove that Sharon had tried to save Skye's life. Noah wondered why it mattered, and Adam thought it was important to prove to the world that Sharon hadn't committed murder. Noah asked if Adam needed any help going through the memory cards. Adam was surprised, and Noah pointed out that they didn't like one another, but Adam claimed that he had no problem with Noah. Adam thought that they might be the only two people who cared about Sharon's memory, and he was grateful for Noah's help.

Adam and Noah searched through the memory cards, but Noah wondered if any of them were from Sharon's camera. They split the cards between them and agreed to call one another if they found anything. A thoughtful look crossed Adam's face, and he realized that Sharon would be happy to know he and Noah were working together. Noah left, and Adam resumed searching through the cards.

Sharon scolded Sam for getting drunk before their date. He asked her to help him up, but she simply glared at him. He reasoned that he had a lot of patients to see the next day, and she hesitantly helped him to his feet. He realized that she was disappointed, and she said she'd never seen that side of him. Sam started to apologize, but Sharon cut him off and ordered him to go back to the main house alone. He asked if they could reschedule for the next night, but she coldly stated that it was time for her to move on. He accused her of running away.

Sharon said Sam had shown who he really was, and he lamely claimed he'd had no idea she'd be so bent out of shape if he was a little late. She corrected that it had been hours and she'd given up, and he retorted that it didn't take much. She demanded that he say what he wanted to say, and he yelled at her to just run. He had learned that nothing was permanent, and he kicked a bucket across the room. He punched the wall and sank to the ground in pain. He mumbled that someone hadn't even said goodbye, and Sharon asked him who. Sam confessed that O'Keefe had died, and Sharon gasped in shock.

Sharon knelt next to Sam, who explained that he'd left O'Keefe in the yard and that the dog hadn't responded when Sam had called him. Sam had found O'Keefe on the porch, where the dog had suffered a stroke and couldn't get up. Sharon wished Sam had called her, but Sam lamented that there had been nothing she could have done. Sam recalled how he'd put down a lot of animals, and he'd considered it part of his job, but he had hugged O'Keefe after giving him the injection until the dog had faded away.

Sam recalled how he'd given O'Keefe a proper burial, and on the way back he'd stopped at a bar to regain his composure before their date, but the alcohol had made his grief worse. Sam apologized for standing Sharon up and for saying lousy things that he hadn't meant, and she assured him it was okay. Sam tearfully said that O'Keefe had really liked her, and Sharon said she loved the dog. Sam broke down in tears.

Sam was sorry for burdening Sharon, but she was glad he'd told her the truth. He commented that she looked pretty in the dress and that he had been looking forward to their date. She felt like he had opened his heart, and she knew how much he had loved O'Keefe. Sam called him a "once in a lifetime dog." She noticed Sam's hand was swollen and wondered if it was broken, but he was sure it wasn't. She offered to assist Sam back to the house, and he implored her not to go too fast.

Sharon gave Sam a bag of ice for his hand, and he said he'd never expected her to enter his life. He'd never even hoped to find someone like her, because he had been fine being alone, but once he'd met her, he'd hoped she'd stick around. Sharon started to leave, but Sam asked her to stay. Sam took Sharon's hand and caressed her cheek. He pulled her in for a kiss, which became increasingly passionate. He slowly removed her dress, and they sank to the bed and began to make love.

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