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Chance pleaded guilty to drug charges so he could investigate drug trafficking within the prison system. Lauren pushed Jill into an open grave. Kevin learned that Jana had mortgaged Crimson Lights to pay for Ryder's bail. Mac offered to become Kevin's partner.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of August 2, 2010 on Y&R
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Monday, August 2, 2010

At the Genoa City Athletic Club's dining room, Jill dined with her attorney, Morgan, as a thunderstorm raged outside. Jill, feeling a bit haughty after assailing Lauren said, "Lauren must realize she doesn't have a leg to stand on, but now we know we have her by the throat." Morgan advised Jill to act the part of the victim unless she wanted the judge's sympathy going to Lauren. Jill announced that she would take steps to manage the public's perception. Jill phoned a local television station and told the receptionist that she had a great story to share with reporter Lynda Culpepper.

From Crimson Lights, Phyllis, dripping wet after escaping a drenching rainstorm, phoned Jack and told him she would stop by. Lauren and Michael took a break at the coffee shop. Lauren was still livid about her encounter with Jill and maintained that she was the type of person who considered kindness and consideration as weaknesses. Lauren complained that Jill had pounced on her. Lauren declared that she had learned a lesson and intended to take a hard line with Jill. Lauren cited her unfortunate experiences with Daisy and Sarah as her motivation to act aggressively. Michael said he felt that Lauren's recent run-ins were informing her reaction to Jill after learning that they shared the same father. Michael pleaded with Lauren to work things out with Jill, but Lauren maintained that Jill would get nothing.

Michael suggested Lauren give herself time to acclimate to the situation with Jill. Lauren balked and said, "I made a genuine effort to reach out to her. You saw the way she reacted. I'm ready for her. She's no Sarah Smythe." Michael told Lauren that she was reacting as if Jill were Sarah Smythe. Michael's phone rang, and he left to check on Sharon.

Lauren phoned the Chancellor estate and asked to speak to Jill. While Lauren waited, she overheard a teaser on television touting the evening newscast. The announcer said, "Coming up on the ten o'clock news, I'll interview Jill Abbott Fenmore live from her father's grave. We'll hear an incredible tale of self-discovery and how her search for belonging led to heartbreak and rejection." Lauren was furious.

Near Neil Fenmore's gravestone, reporter Lynda Culpepper coached Jill and suggested that her story might be more appealing if she shed tears. Jill promised to deliver and was already sniffling when Lynda opened her story by asking Jill if she'd recently learned that Neil Fenmore was her father. Jill explained that her mother kept her in the dark because she was protecting her daughter from rejection. Lauren arrived and added, "Or maybe she was afraid that you would spin a web of lies and make a public spectacle of yourself, which is exactly what's happening right now." Lauren introduced herself and said, "I'm here to make sure you get the real story."

Lauren explained to Lynda that Jill went on the attack before giving Lauren a chance to come to terms with a shocking revelation. Lauren accused Jill of trying to tear down the wonderful reputation her father built. Jill insisted that she just wanted to be part of the family. The cameraman filmed as the reporter aimed her microphone precisely in order to record the intense argument. Lauren, incensed, cried that the Fenmore name equated money to Jill; therefore, she didn't deserve the name. Jill stood quietly sobbing as Lauren yelled, "You are the same gold digger you always were, and you thought you hit the jackpot with me, didn't you? Forget it. There is no store, no job, and no money--nothing!"

Jill glared at Lauren, who threatened to obtain a restraining order if Jill pulled a similar stunt again. Jill responded, "Oh, my God, all I do care about is you and little Fen and about our family business. Lauren, it's all I have left of our father. I just want to feel closer to him." Lauren extended her arms, placed her hands against Jill's shoulders and shoved Jill into an open grave. As Lauren picked up a handful of dirt and hurled it into the pit at Jill, she asked, "That close enough for you?" Jill coughed and placed her hand under her injured back.

At the club bar, Sofia arrived late to her lunch date with Malcolm. Sofia had just retracted her umbrella when she ordered Malcolm to accompany her to see Cane and Lily. Malcolm quickened his step when Sofia announced that she had solved Cane's immigration problem. At the hospital, Cane and Lily, dressed in sterile gowns and caps, waited for the doctor to return and teach them about "kangaroo care" for their premature twins. Cane mentioned that he might not be around after Lily's second round of chemo, which he hoped would eradicate the cancer. Lily, hesitant to discuss the issue, insisted that she and the babies would follow Cane to Australia. Cane advised against such a move because it could pose a danger to his family.

Cane stood silent after Lily suggested moving to a different area of Australia, away from the criminals who'd issued threats against Cane. Sofia and Malcolm arrived, and he announced that Cane might not have to worry about deportation, thanks to Sofia. Sofia explained that she'd been overseeing a biofuels prospective for Tucker, and the corporate partner was headquartered in Canberra, Australia. Cane's eyes lit up and he cried, "That's where I grew up!" Sofia explained that Cane was uniquely qualified to act as a liaison between both companies and could obtain a work visa, which would be valid for eight months. Malcolm added, "That means you'd have eight months to figure out a permanent solution."

Lily and Cane seemed overjoyed when Sofia explained that Tucker had approved the project because he appreciated Cane's steadfast loyalty to Katherine. Malcolm caringly placed his hands on Sofia's shoulders when she added, "And as for me, of course, I'm going look out for you. We're going be family, right?" Lily and Cane privately discussed the offer, and Lily noted that Neil didn't trust Tucker or Sofia. Cane wondered aloud how Tucker could trust him after he'd spied on Tucker for Katherine. Cane concluded that he couldn't refuse the offer.

Malcolm and Sofia stepped forward when Cane motioned to them. Cane expressed his sincere appreciation for the offer and accepted the position. After Sofia and Malcolm left, the doctor returned and explained to Lily and Cane about the many benefits snuggling offered to help preemies thrive. Cane and Lily said they were ready to learn. Later, Cane and Lily sat side by side in rocking chairs and snuggled their infants. Cane rocked Matilda, and Lily rocked Charlie. Lily and Cane relished time with their babies.

Back at the club, Malcolm and Sofia dined. Malcolm asked Sofia to give him her engagement ring. Sofia was taken aback, but she slipped her ring off her finger and gave it to her fiancé. Malcolm knelt on one knee, presented the ring, and proposed to Sofia. After Sofia accepted Malcolm's dramatic proposal, fellow diners and waiters applauded with joy.

At the Abbott mansion, a nervous Emily approached Jack and asked if his phone call was from the police. Jack said that it wasn't and asked Emily if she'd learned anything from Paul about Patty's whereabouts. Emily explained that search-and-rescue dogs found no trace of Patty beyond the parking lot at the psychiatric facility, indicating that an accomplice drove her away from the site. Jack vehemently insisted that Adam was responsible. Exasperated, Emily agreed that Adam was always involved, but he always got away with it. Emily wondered aloud when Adam's misdeeds would finally catch up with him.

Later, Jack found Emily busily making notes, and he asked her what she was working on. Emily explained that Paul needed a list of acquaintances Patty knew in Minneapolis. Emily suddenly rose from her seat and said she wanted to go to her office to check her files. Jack insisted she stay home and rest. Emily reminded Jack that Patty was her patient, and that she was extremely concerned. Jack suggested Emily set boundaries between her personal and professional lives. Emily retorted that they both struggled to keep priorities in perspective. Jack and Emily argued the point until Jack heard a knock.

Jack answered the door, and a rain-soaked Phyllis entered and hugged Jack. Phyllis said, "Thank you for letting me come by. I was going to hurt someone." Phyllis noticed Emily and greeted her. Phyllis insisted that Adam was behind Patty's disappearance. Phyllis added that perhaps Adam had slit Patty's throat.

After Emily went to another room, Phyllis noted that Emily didn't seem to appreciate her presence. Jack changed the subject and asked Phyllis what was wrong. Phyllis told Jack about Victor's settlement offer. Phyllis said she drove in the rain and had a flat tire, but she encountered Nick, her Good Samaritan. Phyllis explained that she had refused assistance and sent Nick, who'd been at the cabin with Sharon, away.

Jack was shocked when Phyllis admitted that she began kissing Deacon Sharpe when she saw Nick, who had returned to help, approaching her car. Phyllis shrugged, and agreed that her behavior was unexplainable, especially because Deacon was the man who had set up Daniel for murder. Jack asked if Phyllis was again becoming the "real Phyllis." Phyllis explained that she'd been delusional while trying to live in a fairy tale as Nick's wife.

Releasing pent-up angst, Phyllis cried that she'd changed, but Nick hadn't. Phyllis added, "My beautiful Nick was exactly who he was when I met him. Sharon's husband, Sharon's lover, Sharon's protector." Emily was nearby about to serve tea and overhead Phyllis say, "What kind of fairy tale is that if you have to change your life and change who you are to live it?" Emily sighed heavily.

Phyllis told Jack that she needed to get out of Genoa City, so she could make her own decisions. Phyllis stepped into Jack's office to phone the sitter. Emily returned and observed that Phyllis was at a crossroads and needed to think before she ended up going down the wrong path. The way in which Emily uttered the statement made Jack uneasy. After Phyllis returned, she insisted she would contemplate her plans before taking some time away, and she thanked Emily for being supportive. Jack said he looked forward to Phyllis' triumphant return. Phyllis declared that Jack might not like the Phyllis that returned.

On the porch at the Abbott cabin, Adam, the upper sleeve of his shirt bloodied by a gunshot wound, slumped in Sharon's lap as she comforted him. Sharon sobbed and begged Adam not to die. After she heard sirens wailing in the distance, Sharon was relieved somewhat and told a comatose Adam that an ambulance was on its way. Nick arrived, and Sharon told him that she was unable to stop the bleeding. Nick ran inside to check on Faith. Nick phoned Victor and told him that someone had shot Adam. Victor agreed to meet him at the hospital. After paramedics arrived and began working on Adam, Sharon whispered to Nick and said, "I shot him. I shot him."

On the urgent-care floor of the hospital, two paramedics wheeled a comatose Adam toward a treatment room. Sharon followed behind, but she paused and held her head in her hands after Adam was whisked away. Victor arrived and assured Sharon that Faith was being cared for at the ranch. Victor advised Sharon not to speak to anyone. Before Victor left, he told Sharon that Nick and Michael were on their way. Waiting alone, Sharon, trembling, seemed dazed when Skye, a news reporter, and a cameraman suddenly converged on the scene.

The news reporter asked Sharon what she could tell him about the shooting, but Sharon responded feebly, "Nothing. No comment." Skye, dressed in a black cocktail dress trimmed with animal-print accents, stood before Sharon and angrily cried, "The paramedics said you and Nick were the only ones there. What did you do to my husband?" Nick arrived in time to overhear Skye's comments.

The reporter barraged Sharon with questions, and Victor returned in time to overhear him ask Sharon if Adam's brother shot him. Nick explained to Victor that Skye was leading a press conference. Angered, Victor yelled, "Get the hell out. Get out!" The reporter and the cameraman left hurriedly.

Victor stood face-to-face with Skye and said, "Your husband was just shot. Is this how you show concern?" Skye maintained that she had every right to be present because Victor had publicly disowned Adam. Adam's doctor approached and explained that Adam had lost a lot of blood but would be fine. The doctor escorted Skye to Adam's room. Sharon breathed a sigh of relief.

A ranger approached and told Sharon that he wanted to ask her some questions about the shooting. Sharon said she would have to first consult her lawyer. The ranger explained that he believed she'd tried to kill her ex. Sharon was dumbfounded, but Nick advised Sharon not to respond.

In the hallway, Sharon told Michael that she didn't speak to the ranger. Nick joined Sharon and Michael, but she sent Nick away. Sharon told Michael that someone was trying to break in. Sharon explained that she and Faith were at the cabin alone, and she had called out a warning before shooting the gun Nick left with her. Sharon said that Nick was worried that Adam might return.

Michael was surprised to learn that Adam had made a return visit to the cabin, and he asked if Adam had made threats. Hesitantly, Sharon explained that Adam kept telling her that he was in love with her and wanted her to tell him how she truly felt. Sharon insisted that she didn't know that Adam was behind the door. Michael explained that Sharon had reasons to want Adam dead, and that a jury could easily believe Adam's story that she gunned him down in cold blood.

In Adam's room, amid beeping monitors, Skye sat by her husband's bed. Almost in tears, Skye said, "No rest for the wicked, remember? And no fair leaving me to handle your family on my own. As much as they don't want to, they've got to root for your speedy recovery for poor little Sharon's sake. If you don't snap out of it soon, I might have to put her through a window."

Sharon tiptoed in. Skye was confrontational and accused Sharon of wanting Adam gone. Nick walked in and told Sharon that Michael had arrived. Sharon stepped out. Nick told Skye that she was a real piece of work. Skye replied sarcastically, "Bet you say that to all the girls." Nick turned and walked out.

After Skye stepped out of Adam's room, Nick and Victor nervously watched over an unresponsive Adam. Nick regretted not staying with Sharon, and he theorized that Adam purposely didn't respond when Sharon called out. Victor maintained that Adam had gotten what he deserved. Adam moved his arm and balled his fist. Adam's doctor returned and conducted an examination. The doctor told Adam that his wife, brother, and father were present, and that Ranger Fouts wanted to ask about the shooting. Through blurred vision, Adam scanned the concerned faces standing around his bed.

Victor ordered Adam to give his version of what happened. Adam declared, "Sharon shot me." Skye blurted that she knew Sharon had done it. Nick maintained that it was obviously self-defense. Ranger Fouts placed Sharon in handcuffs and told her that she'd have to go with him. Michael told Sharon that he'd meet her at the station. Sharon cried, "Oh, God, am I going to have to spend the night in jail?" Victor told Sharon not to worry.

Adam experienced a sudden flashback and remembered what happened following the shooting. Adam remembered Sharon frantically calling out to him. Adam recalled saying "I know you care. I know you still love me." After the flashback, Adam suddenly cried out, "Wait, I take full responsibility. I tried to break in. Sharon was probably scared to death. Nicholas is right. It was self-defense. It's all my fault, Sharon, all of it." Skye looked devastated. Sharon breathed a sigh of relief and smiled faintly.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

At the Athletic Club, Michael and Lauren were having breakfast and discussing Ryder's trial. Michael brought up the news coverage of Lauren pushing Jill into an open grave. Lauren was incensed by Jill's actions, but wished she had done things differently. Michael told Lauren he couldn't get a restraining order against Jill. In fact, Jill had grounds for a restraining order against Lauren.

Gloria approached Michael and Lauren to congratulate Lauren for pushing Jill in the grave. Gloria was excited about Gloworm opening. Gloria wondered why Kevin hadn't shown up to meet them. Michael explained that Kevin was meeting them at the courthouse. Lauren was looking forward to testifying against Ryder. Michael feared it would be a very traumatic day for Kevin.

Jill was at the mansion when she saw Katherine going through boxes. Kay explained there was rain damage in the attic, and she was going through some boxes that were damaged. Kay said she had seen Jill on the news and wondered why Jill had gone to Neil Fenmore's grave. Jill couldn't believe that Kay was taking Lauren's side. Jill said that Lauren had tried to kill her by pushing her into an opened grave.

Tucker called Jill and mentioned that he had seen her on the news. Jill assured him that she was all right. Tucker said he wanted to meet Jill at the club. Tucker said he was in a pickle, and he thought Jill could help him out.

Kay warned Jill that if she didn't stop attacking Lauren, she would lose any chance of having a sisterly relationship with her. Jill said she was convinced they could never be sisters. Jill refused to make amends with Lauren. Kay told Jill that when Jill was on her deathbed, she'd want to have family there instead of the Fenmore money. Jill rejected Kay's advice.

Jill met Tucker at the club and he explained that he needed Jill to provide some information for him. Tucker reminded Jill that he believed the Newmans had bribed someone at a top department store in Japan to corner the cosmetics market. Jill remembered Tucker's theory.

Tucker explained that Victoria had met with a Japanese official and bribed him with a gift. Tucker said that Billy had been with Victoria on the trip, and Tucker hoped Billy had confided in his mother. Jill knew nothing of the trip because Liz had been dying during that time, and Jill had been emotionally spent.

Tucker asked Jill to discuss the trip with Billy and deliver any information she might discover to Tucker. Jill said she would, but she wanted something in return. Jill asked Tucker to help her strengthen her case against Lauren.

Jill wanted the unanswered questions of her childhood answered. Tucker offered Jill his private investigator and said he would pay for his services. Tucker empathized with Jill. Tucker required that Jill do her part first by talking to Billy. Jill agreed.

At Crimson Lights, Victoria and Reed were working together on a sign for their lemonade stand. Billy showed up with Delia. Billy was surprised to see Vicki. Vicki explained that Reed was raising money for Hunter, one of his friends whose family's home had been damaged by flooding.

Billy approved of Reed's actions. Reed asked Billy and Delia to help with the lemonade stand. Billy said he and Delia would be happy to help.

At J.T.'s, he greeted Mac with a kiss. Mac said she needed to speak with J.T. because she had been so upset lately. J.T. understood, and Mac appreciated his support. Mac explained that she had a hole in her life, and she wanted to return to volunteering. J.T. thought it was a great idea, until Mac said she would be of most use in Haiti or the Sudan. J.T. was shocked because he was about to ask Mac to move in with him.

J.T. didn't believe he and Mac could start a life together if she was in a foreign country. J.T. said he needed Mac and loved her. Mac said she cared for him and Reed, too, but she was surprised that he was so serious about their future. J.T. suggested Mac do volunteer work in Genoa City. J.T. suspected that Mac was trying to run away from her problems.

After a while, the lemonade sales had resulted in $8.50 collected. Victoria thanked Billy for dragging people in off the street. Once all the lemonade was sold, Billy high-fived Reed and they were all happy about their success.

J.T. and Mac walked into Crimson Lights and saw Billy and Victoria with the children. J.T. was excited to hear about Reed's success. Mac thought Reed had done a wonderful thing for his friend. Victoria said she was taking Reed to his first day of day camp. J.T. was curious about how Billy and Delia teamed up with Reed and Victoria. Victoria said it had been Reed's idea.

Billy said he needed to get Delia home to Esther. Billy said goodbye and left. Mac left J.T. and Victoria alone, and he was curious about Victoria and Billy doing things with the children. J.T. wondered if they were getting serious.

Kevin was preparing for court and admitted to Chloe that he was keyed-up about Ryder not showing up at the trial. Chloe asked about Jana and learned that Kevin had not yet heard from her. Kevin pointed out that if Ryder didn't appear in court, Kevin would have lost both Jana and his business thanks to his half-brother.

Chloe figured that Kevin had not lost all hope because he was on his way to the courthouse. Chloe's attitude was simple -- people sucked. Chloe mentioned how Chance had treated her. Kevin said Chance was a fool. Chloe said she would accompany Kevin to court and be supportive. They left the apartment together.

On a road outside of Genoa City, Jana and Ryder were hitchhiking. Jana was anxious to get back to town for the trial. Ryder wanted to go west to Arizona. Ryder apologized to Jana and said he would not return and face jail. Jana insisted that he live up to his promise to return for the trial.

Jana reminded Ryder that she had promised Kevin that Ryder wouldn't jump bail. Ryder was determined not to spend the next 20 years in jail. Jana said she would testify in his favor. Ryder told Jana that he loved her and was happy with her. Ryder asked Jana to stay with him and live on the run. Jana said she couldn't do that, and Ryder couldn't either.

At the courthouse, Kevin and Lauren met with Gloria, Kevin, and Chloe. They were hopeful that Jana would arrive with Ryder. Kevin placed a call to Jana.

On the road, Jana questioned Ryder about the stolen jewelry. Jana was stunned when Ryder said he wouldn't return to Genoa City to satisfy Kevin and his family. Jana realized that Ryder had lied to her. Ryder said he had stolen the jewelry, but that he did it for Jana. Jana said that she sincerely cared for Ryder because he had touched her emotionally when nobody else could.

Jana said she'd made a promise to Kevin and she would keep it. Jana said they could call Kevin and say they were on their way. Jana asked Ryder to give her the disposable cell phone.

Michael emerged from the courtroom and told Gloria, Lauren, Kevin, and Chloe that the case was over. Ryder was a fugitive. The money Jana had put up for bail -- by mortgaging Crimson Lights -- was forfeited. Kevin was crushed and said it was really just hitting him that Jana was gone. Kevin walked out alone.

At Restless Style, Jill apologized to Billy for not carrying her weight at the magazine. Jill asked Billy his ideas for the next cover. Jill suggested they follow through with the story about Victor's hold on the Japanese cosmetics market.

Billy declared that the story had reached a dead end. Billy asked Jill to promise him that she would drop the story because Billy didn't need another lawsuit like the Adam story had caused them.

Jill swore to Billy that she would not pursue the story. Billy left Jill at his desk to begin brainstorming ideas for the cover. Despite a few pangs of guilt, Jill searched Billy's computer for information. Jill guessed his password and found the file he'd read while in Japan, including the information about the antique pistol worth $750,000. Jill realized she had struck gold.

A little later, Billy was happy to see Victoria at Restless Style. Billy said he'd had a fun time with the kids. Victoria agreed and thought that they had looked like a traditional, suburban family unit. Billy and Victoria both thought that was very unlike the two of them ... but then wondered if maybe it was how they were meant to be.

Tucker arrived at Kay's, and she welcomed him into her home. Tucker had a proposal for Chancellor that he wanted Kay to peruse. Kay wondered if Tucker had taken the work to her as an excuse to spend time with his mother.

Kay was looking through the boxes from the attic. Tucker asked if she had found any treasures. Kay showed him a lace runner that Liz Foster had made for her. Tucker heard that Liz had died and expressed condolences to Kay.

Kay revealed that Liz had always been her friend from the first day they met. Kay reminisced about the laughter and parties that she used to have. Tucker was surprised by Kay's candor. Tucker thought he was learning things about his mother he never knew. Kay mentioned that Jill had been driving her crazy for years, but Kay couldn't stop looking out for Jill. Kay said she would like to look out for her son, too -- if he would allow it.

Back at Crimson Lights, Gloria told Kevin that if her money weren't tied up in the club, she would have gladly helped Kevin out. Lauren and Michael offered to help Kevin financially. Kevin said he wouldn't take charity from the family. Kevin blamed himself for leading Ryder into their lives.

J.T. and Mac stepped up, having overheard Kevin and his family. Mac said she had a solution to Kevin's problem. Mac asked if she could buy back into Crimson Lights. Mac's deal was very fair, as Lauren pointed out, and even gave Kevin the opportunity to eventually buy the place back. Chloe and Michael thought it was a great idea. Kevin was unsure, but when Mac said it was very important to her, Kevin accepted.

Back at J.T.'s, Mac was excited about her partnership with Kevin. J.T was surprised that she'd changed her mind about going overseas. Mac felt everything that happened during the day had been a sign for her to stay in Genoa City. Mac said she loved J.T. and didn't want to leave him. They kissed passionately.

Michael and Lauren believed that Mac had saved the day. Michael asked Kevin why he wasn't happier about the outcome. Through the front door, Jana walked in with her backpack. They were surprised to see her. Kevin said he would handle the situation.

Jana said the she had tried in vain to get Ryder to return. Jana apologized to Kevin. Jana asked what she could do for Kevin. Kevin told her to leave. Jana was in tears as she realized what she had done. Kevin told his family he closed the door on both Ryder and Jana.

Ryder was on the road, using the cell phone. He called Daisy and told her that Jana had left him. Ryder said he was on his way to meet Daisy.

Jill walked into Crimson Lights and saw Lauren with her family. Lauren told Jill that she hoped Jill had learned her lesson at the graveside. Lauren would smack Jill down every time she tried to go after Lauren. Jill said she would see Lauren in court.

Tucker and Kay shared a cup of tea. His phone rang, and Tucker answered it. Jill said that she had collected the information he had asked her to uncover. Jill said she would send him the link. Tucker was pleased.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Gloria was excitedly preparing for the opening of Gloworm, rehearsing her announcement about the nightclub for Jeffrey. Jeffrey expressed confidence in Gloria as a wonderful hostess. However, there were still some things to finish before the club could open.

A short time later, Jeffrey returned with news that one of their bartenders wouldn't be available at the opening because he'd nearly lost a finger. Gloria said they would be able to manage.

A worker reported that there was no silverware in the restaurant. Jeffrey offered to buy plastic forks and knives at the party store, but Gloria declared that Gloworm had to be better than that.

The health inspector walked into Gloworm, and Jeffrey said they were closed. The inspector informed them that without his approval, there would be no opening.

A while later, Jeffrey read the health inspector's report and told Gloria that they had passed. Jeffrey asked for the receipt from Fenmore's for all the stuff Gloria had to buy for the opening. Jeffrey was stunned by the amount. Gloria insisted that their financial future was bright, and Gloworm would be the crown jewel of their fortune.

The worker entered with news that the chef was sick and throwing up in the kitchen. Jeffrey returned after a visit with the paramedics. Jeff told Gloria the chef had food poisoning from some bad sushi.

The other bartender, Blake, was also affected. Gloria realized they had no chef and no bartenders for the opening. The worker approached with news that the bathroom was flooded.

Jeffrey fixed the bathroom, but Gloria was depressed about the problems in the club. Jeffrey compared what was happening to a bad dress rehearsal, and assured Gloria that they would have a great opening night. Gloria smiled through her tears.

At the Athletic Club, Sharon was having coffee with Michael and worrying about Adam's condition. Michael assured her that the bullet had missed all of Adam's vital organs. Sharon still couldn't believe that she had shot Adam, even by accident.

Michael reminded Sharon that Nick had convinced her to take the gun for protection. Sharon wondered if she would be charged for a crime. Sharon couldn't spend time away from Faith.

Michael received a call from the D.A.'s office and informed Sharon that there would be no charges against her because Adam had corroborated her account of the shooting. Sharon was relieved. Adam and Skye entered the foyer, and Sharon and Michael noticed them.

Michael and Sharon stood to leave as Skye and Adam approached. Sharon told Adam she was glad he was all right. Skye threatened a civil suit against Sharon. Sharon asked Adam why he hadn't identified himself at the cabin. Adam said he'd been afraid she wouldn't speak with him.

Sharon apologized for the accident, but Adam said it had been his fault. Michael warned Adam to keep his distance. Adam said the cabin was nothing but bad memories for him, but Michael explained Adam needed to stay away from Sharon.

Back in their room, Skye pointed out to Adam that by dropping the charges against Sharon, they had lost leverage to use in negotiating a deal involving Adam's other case. Skye wondered what kind of hold Sharon had on Adam compared to all that Skye had done for him.

Skye was looking for a dress to wear. She told Adam that she was going to the opening of Gloworm with the idea of pushing the Newman Fund to the "crème de la crème" of Genoa City. Adam told Skye he would accompany her. Adam was looking forward to bumping into people he knew.

At the Athletic Club bar, Sharon told Michael that she could not figure Adam out. When Sharon questioned why Adam had married Skye, Michael explained that a wife couldn't testify against her husband. As for why Adam remained in Genoa City, Michael suspected that Adam was like a cat playing with a mouse, and the Newmans were the mouse.

Sharon appreciated Michael talking with her. Michael assured her the charges had been dropped, and she was safe from Adam. Sharon believed as long as Adam was in Genoa City, it wasn't over between them.

Michael received a text message from Lauren and then invited Sharon to join them at the Gloworm opening. Sharon had heard that Neil sold Indigo to Gloria and Jeffrey. Michael refused to take no for an answer. Sharon said yes, conceding that she could stand some fun.

At Kevin's, Chloe woke Kevin up after he'd slept on the couch. Chloe and Kevin recalled staying up late and talking about their romantic troubles. Kevin was surprised to hear that Chloe was attending Chance's Internal Affairs hearing after the way Chance had hurt her. Chloe felt the need to be supportive of Chance. As Chloe opened the door to leave, Jana was standing there.

Chloe told Jana that she had a lot of nerve. Kevin wondered if Ryder had contacted Jana. When Jana said Ryder had disappeared, Kevin suggested Ryder had made fools of both of them. Chloe insulted Jana, which prompted Kevin to get Chloe to leave for the hearing. Before walking away, Chloe told Jana she would get her if Jana hurt Kevin again.

Kevin let Jana into the apartment, and Jana asked if Chloe was living there. Kevin explained Chloe was staying with him because they were both getting over bad relationships. When Jana mentioned moving back in, Kevin said he never considered that an option after her running away with Ryder.

Jana said she was truly sorry, but Kevin doubted her sincerity because Jana had no feelings. Jana said she was starting to feel things again and wondered if she and Kevin had been happy together. Kevin believed they had been. Jana explained that her brain injury had made it so she couldn't connect to anyone for a long time.

Kevin hoped Jana would recover in time. Jana wished her lifeline had been Kevin instead of Ryder. Kevin wondered why Jana was there, and she attempted to tell him what her experience had been like. Jana admitted that she watched strangers to see their emotions because she was so disconnected from her own. Jana recalled the times she used to laugh, and they were all connected to Kevin.

Kevin listened to Jana's memories of happier times, then cut her off and said he didn't want to hear about those times from her. Kevin said that for a long time, he'd had hope for the two of them, but Jana killed that hope when she hooked up with Ryder. Kevin said that part of him would always love Jana, but he wasn't in love with Jana anymore. Kevin said he had moved on.

Kevin handed Jana a box containing the last of her belongings. Jana said what had happened to them was the fault of her aneurysm. Kevin speculated that her aneurysm had released her true feelings. Kevin recalled that their last dinner together had shown him they had serious troubles.

Jana was ready to leave, but when Kevin asked if she had any money, and Jana said she would live in her car once she got it out of the Athletic Club garage, Kevin gave Jana some cash. Kevin urged Jana to find somewhere economical to live.

Jana promised to pay Kevin back. Jana took her box and the cash, and offered Kevin a chance to talk sometime in the future. Kevin nixed the idea. Jana walked out and closed the door. A moment later, Kevin checked the hallway and saw that Jana was gone.

At the Chancellor mansion, Nina told Chance that it was time to leave for the hearing. Chance told his mother she didn't need to be at the hearing, but Nina was determined to be there. Nina asserted that Chance had been framed for the drugs, but Chance said he knew exactly what he had to do at the hearing. Chance told Nina that no matter what happened at the hearing, he wanted her to know that he would always do the right thing.

At the courthouse, Heather, Christine, and Ronan gathered, and Heather told Chris that Chance still believed he was being framed by crooked cops and had no idea that they were responsible for the drugs in Chance's car. Chris hoped internal affairs would recommend a trial, so Chance would be preoccupied with his case and out of their investigation.

Ronan told Heather there was no other way to keep Chance safe. Chris assured Heather that once they broke the case, Chance would be exonerated. Chris feared that Chance would be killed if he continued pursuing the investigation.

Chance and Nina arrived at the hearing, and ran into Ronan, Chris, and Heather in the hallway. Alone, Chance asked Heather if Ronan had been removed from the case, but she said it wasn't happening. Meeks asked if Chance was all right, and Chance responded that he felt like he was going to be lynched.

The principals were called into the hearing room. Nina hugged Chance and he urged her to go home, but she refused. Chris said she would wait with Nina.

In the hearing room, Chance was told sit down. Chance had waived his right to an attorney and was asked if he wanted to speak. Chance said yes, he would represent himself.

Meeks testified that they had found drugs in Chance's coat once before the incident in question, but Chance had been cleared. Meeks said there had been an anonymous tip to check Chance's car and they had found heroin. The judge asked Chance to explain the drugs found in his possession. Chance laughed, then admitted that the drugs were his.

In the hallway outside the hearing room, Chloe walked in and met Chris and Nina. Chloe asked about Chance and wondered if Chris had a reading on how the hearing might go. Chris said she had no influence despite her being with the Department of Justice. Nina was surprised to see Chloe there after Chance had cheated on her. Chloe explained that the hearing was more important than hurt feelings, and she was sure the drugs weren't Chance's.

In front of the judge, Chance confessed to possession of the heroin. Heather tried to interrupt, but Chance said he was sorry that he had gotten caught. The judge ordered Chance to be arrested and formally charged. Heather watched as Chance was cuffed.

Heather asked for a moment with Chance and questioned what he was doing. Heather said she knew Chance and was sure he was clean. Heather realized that Chance purposely confessed to get himself put on the inside.

Chloe and Nina were stunned to see Chance exiting the hearing room in handcuffs. Ronan explained that Chance had confessed. Nina asked Chris for help, but Chris explained that Chance had to go before a judge and would need an attorney. Chloe was afraid of what might happen to Chance behind bars because he was a cop.

Nina and Chance had a moment alone and he reminded her that he was doing the right thing. Chance asked Nina to keep what he had said just between them. Nina embraced her son.

Back at the Chancellor mansion, Nina spoke on the phone with Philip about Chance's predicament. Nina was concerned even though Chance had confided in her that he knew what he was doing.

Chris, Ronan, and Heather met at the courthouse and wondered what they could do to protect Chance. Ronan declared that Chance had outwitted them by placing himself in the center of the drug investigation. Heather asked Chris to get Chance released, but Chris said that would be tipping off the bad guys.

Chance, smiling to himself for being so clever, was placed in a holding cell.

Chloe was back at Kevin's, telling him about Chance's confession. Chloe was stunned that Chance had seemingly turned out to be a cheater and a drug dealer. Chloe and Kevin agreed that they had bad judgment when it came to romantic partners.

Chloe wondered if Jana was moving back into Kevin's. Kevin said that he'd told Jana she had to leave. Chloe was relieved. Kevin lamented the fact that he thought his marriage to Jana would be forever. Chloe was cynical about forever, and Kevin had to agree that Chloe was right.

Kevin invited Chloe to the opening of Gloworm. Chloe wasn't interested, but Kevin cajoled her to say yes.

A while later, Chloe was dressed for the opening. Chloe and Kevin left the apartment together, both agreeing not to mention Chance or Jana for the night. As they went into the elevator, Jana emerged from the shadows. Jana went to the elevator and pushed the button.

At Gloworm, Gloria was dressed up. She welcomed Adam and Skye as the first customers. Gloria flattered Adam and got him to hand over a credit card to start a tab. Adam and Skye were seated at a table.

Two newspaper reporters questioned Gloria about the club. Gloria said that Victor Newman was there, then added the word Junior and pointed out Adam and Skye.

Michael walked into Gloworm and was dazzled by how it looked. Michael complimented Gloria and said that she'd come a long way from the Detroit tenement. Gloria returned the compliment to her successful son. Michael noticed Skye and Adam at a table and questioned Gloria. Gloria said everyone was welcomed at the club.

Through the front door, Sharon entered. When she saw Adam and Skye, her smiled disappeared. Gloria told the press that Newmans, Chancellors, and Abbotts would all be at the club for the opening ... including Sharon.

Gloria told the reporters that Sharon had shot Adam, who was at a table with his new wife.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

At Jack's, both Emily and Jack were on their cell phones, each talking business. When the calls ended, Jack suggested they stop working and leave for the opening of Gloworm. Emily turned Jack down because she was on standby for a client in need. Emily kissed Jack goodbye and left to retrieve some papers from her office.

Jack placed a call to Bobby to get an item out of storage. When Emily returned to the house, she saw Christmas decorations, including a tree, set up in the living room. Emily asked Jack what was happening, and he reminded her of their Christmas together, when they fell in love. Jack suggested they have Christmas in August.

Jack was putting ornaments on the tree and sharing stories, but Emily was distracted by a work call. After hanging up, Emily then took over on decorating the tree when Jack's cell phone rang with a business call. Emily's phone rang again and she walked out of the room to answer it.

Emily returned, and Jack gave her tinsel for the tree. Emily appreciated Jack's Christmas in August gesture. Jack admitted he was trying too hard. Jack and Emily were both unsure if they could recapture the spirit of the love they'd felt at Christmastime.

Tucker and Ashley arrived at the Athletic Club and confronted Victor. Tucker reminded Victor of their last conversation regarding the Newman monopoly on the Japanese market. Victor said that Tucker's accusation of bribery had been unfounded.

Tucker showed Victor some documents to substantiate the accusation. Victor admired the photograph of the pistol. Tucker explained that they had seen Victoria in Japan give an official a box just like the one that housed the gun.

Ashley pointed out that Victoria was breaking the gun laws in Japan by having the pistol. Victor countered that they had no proof. Victor said that Victoria had given a gift to a zoning official, which was a Japanese custom. Tucker suggested that the market in Japan was big enough for both companies, but Victor wouldn't relent.

Victor threatened Tucker if he took the accusations of bribery public. Victor also accused Ashley of taking out her personal gripes against him in business. Ashley confidently told Victor he was going lose his Japanese monopoly.

At the bar, Ashley and Tucker reviewed their encounter with Victor, and Tucker wondered what they should do next. Tucker suggested they think it over while attending the opening of Gloworm. Ashley said Gloria was not her favorite person, but Tucker convinced her to be his date. They left together to have some fun.

At the Chancellor mansion, Jill invited Nina to join her at the opening of Gloworm. Nina said she was working. Jill explained that was covering the event for Restless Style.

At Gloworm, Paul met Christine, and they entered the club together. Paul greeted Gloria with a kiss. They posed for photographs, then Gloria showed them to a table.

Lauren walked in and was happy to see Michael. Michael pointed out that Sharon was at the bar, but across the room were Adam and Skye. Michael was about to tell Sharon not to speak with anyone when Nick entered the club alone.

Nick went directly to Sharon's side. Nick ordered a beer, but when he saw Adam, he asked Sharon if she wanted to leave. Sharon said she would avoid Adam.

Chloe and Kevin walked into the club and were both impressed by Gloria's décor. Kevin greeted his mother and complimented her new club.

Lauren was excited to see Christine and asked if she would be staying in town. Daniel joined the group, and Gloria and Chloe wondered if Abby would be joining Daniel. Gloria welcomed the press that the "Naked Heiress" would generate. Daniel wasn't sure about Abby's plans.

Billy and Victoria arrived through the front door of the club and admired the style of the place. Victoria admitted to being excited to be out in public with Billy on a date. Gloria approached and welcomed them both.

Adam and Skye greeted Billy and Victoria in the foyer. Adam proposed posing for a family portrait with Victoria, but Victoria was more enthusiastic about Adam's hearing the next day. When a waiter gave them four glasses of champagne, Victoria toasted to a judge putting Adam in prison for life. Billy and Victoria drank, while Adam smirked.

Gloria saw Jill walk into the club and warned Jill that if she did a slam piece on Gloworm, Gloria would rip Jill's face off. Jill said she liked the look of the place, so her review might be favorable. Across the room, Jill was unhappy to see Lauren.

Paul and Chris were at a table with Lauren, and Paul asked his ex-wife about her battle with Jill. Lauren changed the subject, but Jill interrupted to speak with Paul. Jill inquired about Patty, but then asked if Paul could do anything to help Chance.

Michael apologized to Sharon for taking her to the opening. Sharon understood that Michael hadn't known that Adam would be there. Michael advised Sharon to steer clear of Adam, since the hearing was the next day.

Skye slid up to Sharon and wondered how she could be out partying after she had nearly killed Adam. Sharon explained why she shot Adam. Skye was suspicious nonetheless. Adam approached and wanted to speak alone with Sharon. Skye walked away.

Sharon questioned why Adam was approaching her. A photographer asked them to pose and took a photo of the two of them together. Nick walked over and pulled Sharon away from Adam. Skye returned to Adam's side and reminded him that she was Mrs. Adam Newman.

Skye criticized Adam for not telling the photographer that Sharon was no longer Adam's wife. For the sake of their hedge fund, Skye declared they had to present a united front. Skye told Adam to stop mooning over Sharon.

Gloria welcomed Abby into the club. Kevin, Chloe, and Daniel noticed Abby's entrance. While they watched Abby posing for photographers, Jana walked into Gloworm.

When Jana spoke with Kevin, he mentioned that Chloe thought it was strange that Jana was there. Jana claimed her attendance was for Gloria. Jana asked if Kevin would talk with her. Kevin rejected her, saying that he wanted to have fun. Chloe agreed with Kevin, and Jana walked away.

Daniel joined Abby as she ordered a mojito from the bar. Gloria asked Abby about the premiere of her reality television show and Abby promised to tweet the news. Daniel asked Abby to turn off the videographer, so she sent him away.

Daniel was curious about Abby's big plans since, she was no longer pursuing the TV show. Abby confided that Jack was her partner in getting her hands on her trust funds. Abby explained that her fortune was enough to buy a network. Abby asked Daniel to keep her alliance with Jack a secret. Abby said she would pretend to be reckless and irresponsible on camera so her parents wouldn't suspect that she was smart and strategic.

Abby put on a show for the cameras by telling Jeffrey and Gloria that the "Naked Heiress" approved of Gloworm. Abby pretended to be drunk. Billy and Victoria approached Abby and Daniel, and suggested that Abby get a cab home. Abby lashed out at Victoria for not helping her with Victor and Ashley.

Daniel and Jeffrey watched as Abby danced by herself in the center of the club. Daniel tried to get Abby to go home, but she pushed him away and danced on the furniture and started to strip. The crowd watched as Abby climbed into a giant champagne glass sculpture and splashed like it was a pool.

Through the front door, Ashley and Tucker entered. Ashley called to her daughter. Abby turned around and said, "Hi, Mom."

Abby was out of the champagne glass, but wouldn't use the towel from Gloria to cover her bustier. Ashley told Abby to stop embarrassing herself, but Abby was proud of her antics. Abby accused Ashley of not loving her for who she really was. Tucker suggested that Daniel take Abby home.

Jill questioned Billy about his relationship with Victoria and how serious they were. Billy told his mother they were having fun and asked her not to include Billy and Victoria in the Restless Style story.

Lauren walked up to Jill and proposed that they present a peaceful front for the evening. Jill rejected Lauren's attempt at civility, saying she wouldn't help Lauren with damage control for the graveyard incident.

Paul told Chris that he found it difficult to lie to Nina about the Chance situation. Paul was relieved that he and Chris could be open with each other. Paul proposed a toast, and Chris was touched that he remembered their anniversary. Paul and Chris reminisced about their wedding. Chris lamented that they had been unable to make their marriage work.

Outside of the club, Paul and Chris were saying goodnight. Paul and Chris embraced, but then shared a deep kiss. Nina walked to the entrance of the club and saw the kiss. Nina turned away before seeing Paul end the kiss, and Chris agree that they couldn't let it happen again.

Billy asked Chloe if Kevin was her new boyfriend. Chloe said that Kevin had been very supportive of her. Billy was sure that Chloe and Chance would reunite once he got over his legal issues. Chloe was curious about Billy and Victoria, but Billy said they were just hanging out together.

Chloe left to get a drink, and Victoria joined Billy. Victor entered the club and Billy pointed him out to Victoria. Billy asked Victoria if he was obviously in love with Victoria, because Chloe and Jill seemed to think it was true.

Victoria said their suggestion was rude because she and Billy weren't in love. Billy leaned forward and kissed Victoria ardently. The cameras, as well as Victor caught the kiss.

Victor walked to Billy and Victoria's table and told his daughter she was making a spectacle of herself. Victor said he was trying to protect Victoria from harm, but she wasn't listening to her father. Victoria got up and pulled Billy by the tie. Together they walked away.

Michael and Nick went to Victor's side to console him. Victor asked them to join him for a meeting. Out back behind the club, Victor informed Michael and Nick of Tucker and Ashley's suspicions. Michael was uncomfortable with their position based on Victor's record. Victor said he would not be extorted and offered to present his side of the story to the government himself. Nick liked the idea of striking first, but he worried that Victoria would get in trouble again.

Victoria overheard her name and asked what was happening. Michael and Nick left as Victor explained to Victoria what Tucker and Ashley suspected. Victor said he would be meeting with the Department of Justice and pleading ignorance about the gift.

Victoria was shocked that her father was blaming her. Victor said that Billy must have told Tucker and Ashley. Victor declared that Billy had conned Victoria.

In the club, Billy and Ashley discussed Abby's penchant for taking off her clothes in public. Ashley walked away but ran in to Adam.

Jana asked Kevin for a minute. Kevin sent Chloe away and listened to Jana as she confessed that she had made a mistake with Ryder. Jana said she had felt empty and confused and even if she was still not feeling her emotions, they were returning. Jana asked Kevin for her life back. Jana reached out to touch Kevin's face.

Jill told a reporter that she was determined to be recognized as a Fenmore. Lauren overheard and asked the press to walk away. Lauren urged Jill to keep the press out of their disagreement.

As their argument escalated, Sharon approached Jill and Lauren to stop them from making a scene. Michael and Nick appeared to keep Lauren and Jill from each other. Gloria walked over and separated Jill and Lauren. Jill left in a huff.

Nick asked Sharon if she wanted a ride home. Nick was heading out to read a story to Summer. Sharon told Nick she would be staying at the club.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Emily was removing the ornaments from the Christmas tree. Jack told her not to bother and lamented that they were unable to re-create the magic from the past Christmas. Jack wondered why they couldn't believe in a future together the way they had then.

A short time later, Emily returned to the living room and saw that Jack had taken the tree down. Emily and Jack agreed that they had tried to make their love work. Emily appreciated the way Jack had loved her and the closeness she'd felt with his family. Jack asked Emily to try again. Emily admitted that she loved Jack, but couldn't trust him. Emily couldn't let go of all that happened to them.

Emily said she couldn't stay. Emily feared they'd grow to resent each other. Emily said that she had to leave. Jack hugged her and she cried.

Paul was at Crimson Lights when his phone rang and he received a call from Patty. Patty told Paul that she was far away and doing fine. Paul tried to convince her to tell him where she was. Patty asked Paul to tell their mother that she was going to be a better person. Patty said she would never be returning to Genoa City then she hung up.

Jack was surprised that Emily had packed her things and returned the house keys to him. Jack asked her not to leave right away, but Emily was determined. There was a knock on the door, and Jack let Paul into the house. Paul told Emily and Jack about Patty's phone call. Emily confessed that she had feared Adam murdered Patty.

Paul said he had tried to track the call and learned that Patty was in South America. Jack wasn't sure he believed Patty's claim that she would never return to Genoa City. Paul was in tears, but he admitted his sister was unpredictable. Paul offered to check the security at the pool house. Emily said that wasn't necessary because she was leaving Genoa City.

Paul said thank you and goodbye to Emily before taking her luggage to the car. Jack had a Christmas gift for Emily. It was a skating ornament. Emily asked Jack to keep it as a reminder of her. Jack wished Emily would stay, but Emily said she loved him too much to stay. Emily kissed him goodbye and walked out the door.

In a South American bar, Patty was in a red wig and skintight black lace halter top. She flirted with a strange man and fingered a set of rosary beads. The man kissed her and she asked him if she could call him Jack. Patty said her name was Mary Jane. She took a shot of booze, and on her leg was the tattoo of a black cat.

Nick went to Phyllis' apartment to read Summer a bedtime story. Phyllis said that he should have called first because Summer was at a sleepover. Phyllis said she was packing because she and Summer were leaving town for a while. Nick criticized Phyllis for the way she'd been acting.

Phyllis thought Nick was acting a lot like his father. Nick questioned why Phyllis had made out with a punk in her car the other night. Nick accused Phyllis of going back to her old ways. Phyllis said she had wasted time being with him. Nick suggested that he take Summer while Phyllis was out of town because he didn't want his daughter around Deacon Sharpe.

Phyllis threw it in Nick's face that Deacon was good-looking and hot. Phyllis compared her attraction to Deacon to Nick's love for Sharon. Phyllis felt that if he could cheat with Sharon, she could cheat with Deacon.

Nick was confused by Phyllis' anger because she had been the one to end their marriage. Phyllis felt that Nick had never been there for her, that she was the loser. Nick said that he never felt that Phyllis was his mistress. Phyllis said she stayed in their marriage for Summer's sake.

Phyllis said that Nick had given her a half-assed version of marriage, with Nick giving her sex. Phyllis felt that Sharon got everything else that mattered. Phyllis thought Nick had the Newman arrogance to think he was good enough for two women.

Nick explained that Sharon was the mother of his children, and Phyllis knew that before they were married. Phyllis complained that part of deal didn't include the humiliation she felt. Phyllis remembered seeing Sharon and Nick kissing in Paris. Nick said that he'd made a mistake, but that Phyllis was paranoid.

Phyllis reminded Nick that he had twice slept with Sharon. Sharon had gotten pregnant by Nick. Phyllis was stunned that Nick was unapologetic about the choices he had made. Nick said being with Sharon gave him Faith, so he couldn't regret their lovemaking.

A short time later, Nick told Phyllis that he had left a note for Summer. Nick asked Phyllis to try to get along with him for Summer's sake. Phyllis thought they needed time apart. Phyllis went off on Sharon and how wonderful Nick believed Sharon was. Nick declared that Sharon was not the reason for their breakup. Nick thought Phyllis was insecure.

Phyllis struck Nick and told him that she was insecure because of him. Nick said they would talk later after she had calmed down. Phyllis told him to get out of her house and threw a cup at his head. Nick said she was acting crazy, but Phyllis believed that he was the crazy one. Nick walked out and closed the door.

Outside Gloworm, Victor explained to Victoria that Billy had been using her. Victor contended that Billy had given the information about the antique pistol Victoria gave to the Japanese official to Tucker and Ashley. Victor assumed Tucker had offered Billy a job at Jabot or money in exchange for the information.

Victor asked Victoria if Billy had been talking about the trip to Japan. Billy appeared and wondered why Victoria was with her father. Victor told Billy that Victoria didn't want to see him.

Billy was nonplussed and told Victoria that whatever her father was saying was untrue. Victoria told Billy to leave her alone and walked away. Victor accused Billy of spying on Victoria. Billy shook his head and walked off.

Billy found Victoria in front of the club. Victoria told him that Tucker knew about the gun, and Billy had been the only other person with that information. Billy promised Victoria that he had never told anyone. Victoria said she was in serious trouble. Billy told Victoria that he loved her and would not have done anything to hurt her. Victoria got into her car and drove off.

In the club, Adam ran into Ashley. Tucker approved when Adam said he wouldn't bother Ashley, but Ashley was determined to say something to Adam. Sharon listened and watched from nearby. Adam invited Ashley to lash out at him. Ashley said she'd been a good friend to Adam. Adam countered that he'd been a good friend to her, too.

Victor approached Sharon and, together, they watched Ashley and Adam's encounter. Ashley told Adam that, unlike him, she couldn't wipe away the memories of what had happened, including Ashley losing her baby. Ashley told Adam that he made her sick.

Skye walked to Adam's side to pull him away from Ashley. Ashley asked Skye if Adam fooled her. Skye accused Ashley of being a born victim. Ashley responded that Adam was a born predator. Tucker led Ashley away.

Tucker felt bad that Ashley had a run-in with Adam. Ashley mentioned that Victor was in the club, and Tucker said he had tried to make eye contact with the man. Tucker believed that they had rattled Victor's cage with the gun information. Tucker thought the next step should be taking the information to the Feds.

Ashley told Tucker that she couldn't go along with reporting Victor to the Feds. Tucker couldn't understand her reticence. Ashley understood competition, but she felt taking it to the level of criminal prosecution was over-the-top. Ashley declared that Victor would see their actions as an act of war.

Tucker realized that Ashley was protecting Jabot and Abby. Ashley said if Tucker proceeded to the Feds, she would have to part company with him. Ashley asked for Tucker's response. Tucker was moved by a mother's love for her child. Tucker conceded that Ashley made a good point about attacking Victor. Ashley believed they could win concessions from Victor without involving the Feds. Ashley kissed Tucker then left to call Abby.

Jana spoke to Kevin in Gloworm and tried to justify her actions since the aneurysm, but Kevin was skeptical. Kevin said Jana wanted him out of her life and that was what had happened. Jana asked Kevin for another chance. Kevin declared that his Jana would never have slept with Ryder or gambled away the coffee house. Kevin thought she was insensitive and heartless.

Sharon was speaking with Chloe and Kevin while Jana sat alone. Sharon asked if Chloe was reviewing the club for Restless Style, but Chloe said that was Jill's assignment. Jill approached, and Sharon asked her for the verdict on the club. Jill turned to conversation Adam and the upcoming hearing. Jill needled Sharon about Adam being at the club. Kevin told Jill to back off.

Jill wondered how Sharon could go from shooting Adam to spending time with him at the club. Chloe wished that Jill would disappear.

Chloe asked Jana why she was still at the party, since Kevin had blown her off. Jana reminded Chloe that she was still Kevin's wife. Kevin walked over and was surprised that Jana was feeling jealousy.

Across the room a while later, Jana watched Kevin and Chloe laughing. Jana crushed a wine glass in her hand and watched the blood gush.

Adam and Skye talked with Gloria and Jeffrey about their investments. Skye touted the Newman Fund, and Adam urged Jeffrey to write them a check to get started. Gloria said their money was tied up in the club. Skye walked away as Victor approached and greeted Gloria and Jeffrey.

Victor pulled Adam aside and told Adam that his days of freedom would be over soon. Adam had faith in his attorney getting him released. Victor said that nobody would be able to save Adam.

Sharon was at a table with Victor, and he was warning her about Adam's powers. Victor understood how Sharon could look for the good in Adam. Sharon admitted that she saw vestiges of the man she fell in love with in Adam. Victor warned Sharon that Adam had nothing decent left inside him. Victor told Sharon not to get drawn back into Adam's web.

Victor told Sharon that the hearing would be difficult on her, but that Sharon had to tell the judge whatever Adam had confessed to Sharon. Victor urged Sharon to be strong or else Adam would go free. Victor said he would see her at the courthouse and then left.

Skye warned Adam that his fixation on Sharon was going to land him in jail and might be the end of Skye and Adam's marriage. Skye said if she left him, she'd take the money and Adam's attorney, as well. Adam said he heard Skye.

Jill complimented Jeffrey on the opening of the club. Jeffrey thought Jill was trying to flirt with him. Gloria laughed at Jill and suggested that she was a desperate woman.

Jill saw Tucker alone at a table and asked him about Victor's churlish attitude. Tucker said he had used Jill's information. Jill wanted to get her end of the deal. Tucker promised to call his investigators for Jill.

Gloria and Jeffrey toasted to the success of the opening. Two cops walked in and confronted the Bardwells. The police were there to close down the club for indecent exposure and obscene conduct. Gloria protested, but Jeffrey laughed and said the club would be notorious.

At Restless Style, Billy was on the phone to Victoria. Billy left a message that he had not told anyone about the gun, but Billy had figured out who did. Jill walked into the office and Billy cut his call short.

Billy told Jill that she was fired. Jill asked why, and Billy told her he knew she had leaked the information about the antique gun to Tucker. Billy told his mother not to try to deny it. Billy told Jill to leave and not return.

Nick arrived at Crimson Lights, where he saw his sister in tears. Nick hugged Victoria as she cried on his shoulder.

Outside, behind Gloworm, Sharon was alone and waiting. The door to the club opened, and Adam appeared. Without a word, Adam kissed Sharon passionately, and she responded in kind.

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