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Adam manipulated Patty into confessing to Hightower's murder. The charges against Nick were dropped. Phyllis left Nick. Adam was charged with conspiracy to commit murder. Victoria professed her love for Billy. Mac suffered from postpartum depression.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of July 5, 2010 on Y&R
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Monday, July 5, 2010

At the psychiatric hospital, Adam covertly snitched an orderly's flashlight. As the orderly searched for the flashlight, Adam huddled in a fetal position and cried that his family wanted to kill him. After the orderly turned out the lights and locked the door, Adam quickly retrieved the flashlight and mounded pillows under his blanket to make it look like someone was in bed sleeping. Adam removed the screws from the screen covering the ventilation system. Adam crawled into the ductwork and shimmied his way toward Patty's room.

In Patty's room, a nurse administered nightly medications. Patty flashed back to the night of the ball and remembered standing in the basement of the Genoa City Athletic Club. After Patty swallowed her pills, she said, "Make all the bad stuff go away. It was a lie! I didn't kill him. There were two of them, but I didn't kill him." Uneasy, Patty nestled herself in bed, but she was startled awake when she heard an ominous voice telling her that the devil was coming to get her. Patty, blinded by the glare of a flashlight, attempted to call out for help.

Before Patty could scream, Adam clutched his hand over her mouth and said, "I've come from hell for you. And if you scream, I'll drag you back to hell with me." Patty promised not to scream and begged Adam to turn off the light. Adam said, "I'm the one who knows who you are and about all the dark stains on your soul." Patty was stunned to realize that Adam was in her room. She disjointedly mumbled about two Adams. Adam, still aiming the flashlight beam directly into Patty's face said, "Look at me. Two Adams, one murdered and sent to hell by you, and now I'm back to drag you to hell with me." Patty cried, "No, I didn't kill anyone, and you're not here."

Adam reminded Patty that she had claimed to be Emily and had killed him because he knew her secret. Patty hummed a song and tried to drown out Adam's accusations. Adam accused Patty of jamming a pen into his chest and shoving a cloth down his throat because she was angry with Jack for being nice to Phyllis. Patty sobbed and told Adam that he couldn't make her go to hell.

Adam replied, "Confess your sins. Tell the truth. Tell the world you murdered Adam Newman." Patty continued to deny killing Adam, but he chased her movement with the flashlight ray and insisted that she had followed him into the darkened cellar and jammed a pen into his heart. Patty cried, "No, no. You were mean to me, but I didn't kill you. I didn't!"

Evocative of a scene in Hamlet, Adam continued to taunt Patty mercilessly and insisted she had blood on her hands. Adam chanted, "Your kitties will be in heaven, and you'll be down there burning for all damnation. All that blood on your hands!" Patty flashed back to the night she encountered Hightower dressed in a cape and mask in the basement. Patty remembered seeing the dead man, and then she recalled seeing blood covering the palms and fingers of her hand.

Patty began screaming and sobbing uncontrollably. Adam said, "That's right-blood. Now you remember." After Adam left, Patty, sobbing, huddled under a desk. After a nurse arrived and attempted to calm Patty, she cried, "Oh, my God. I'll confess! Don't let the devil take me. I'll confess that I killed Adam!"

Adam quickly slid back through the ductwork and returned to his room. After Adam removed the pillows from atop his mattress, he crawled into bed. Two police officers burst in. One officer hoisted Adam to a standing position and handcuffed him. The other officer read the Miranda warning to Adam as he was arrested for conspiracy to commit murder.

At Indigo, Michael and Lauren were shocked to learn that Jeffrey bought the nightclub as an anniversary gift for Gloria. In a celebratory mood, Gloria served champagne and bragged that she would announce her new acquisition at Katherine's party.

At Crimson Lights, Tucker invited Ashley to accompany him to Katherine's party. Ashley was incensed to learn about Abby's racy video. Just after Ashley and Tucker left, Abby and Daniel walked into the coffeehouse. Abby ignored her mother's call and convinced Daniel to accompany her to the pool party at the Chancellor mansion.

On the patio at the Chancellor mansion, Nikki arrived and greeted Katherine and Murphy warmly. Murphy grilled steaks as Jill arrived with a man friend she introduced as Morgan Belford. Nearby, Billy chatted on the phone with Victoria, but he pretended to be speaking to a friend named Oscar. Victoria invited Billy over to his place to watch a Father Knows Best marathon. Billy quipped that he was more of a Leave It to Beaver, fan. As Billy walked past Nikki, he said, "Hello, Mrs. Newman. That's a lovely dress you're wearing," utilizing his best impression of Eddie Haskell. Nikki seemed perplexed by Billy's odd behavior.

After Tucker and Ashley arrived, Katherine learned that Ashley and Neil were no longer dating. Katherine bragged about Matilda and Charlie, and she announced that Mac would be heading home soon. Daniel arrived and greeted Murphy, Katherine, Ashley, and Tucker. Daniel admitted he missed Amber, but he explained that Abby had accompanied him and would arrive shortly. Ashley was embarrassed to disclose that Abby had released another video on the Internet that was worse than her previous debacle.

Ashley went inside Katherine's and found Abby there with a few friends. Abby asked about gaining access to her trust fund. Fuming, Ashley said that she'd seen her daughter's latest video, which she likened to pornography. Abby defended her business venture. Abby maintained that she was in control of herself and didn't go all of the way with Daniel.

Ashley, taken aback, seemed devastated when Abby said that her mother was doing more with Tucker. Abby added, "You know what, Mom? You're awesome, but woman-to-woman, all you are ever going to be to 'Player' McCall is flavor of the month." Ashley cried that her daughter's exploits were trashy. Abby retorted, "I am in total control, Mom, and I'm nowhere near finished."

Gloria and Jeffrey arrived at Katherine's pool party and pompously announced that Jeffrey had purchased Indigo for her. Nikki asked Gloria if she'd ever run a club. Gloria chuckled that she planned to rename the club after herself and revamp it with retro-modern versions of Victorian décor.

Nikki pointed out Jill's friend to Katherine, and both saw Jill hand the man a check. Katherine was shocked and thought Jill was paying an escort. Katherine approached Jill and Morgan and suggested that they leave. Before Jill could explain, Lauren and Michael arrived. Jill introduced Morgan to Lauren and Michael, and asked about Neil Fenmore's personal papers. Lauren stated that her father's papers were housed at the local library. Jill explained that she was more interested in personal papers.

Tucker approached Katherine and asked her to disclose how Victor managed to keep a foothold in Japan with Beauty of Nature. Katherine refused to dish dirt on her friend. Murphy interrupted and said, "Independence Day-life, liberty, and the pursuit of bratwurst, not business." Katherine glared at Tucker. Jill tapped a spoon on the side of a bottle and said she was about to make an announcement. Before Jill could speak, everyone's attention was drawn to the bubble-filled pool. Abby, covered only with sudsy bubbles, floated toward gawkers.

Ashley yelled Abby's name. Abby responded, "I am not Abby. I'm an otter. And this isn't a pool filled with bubbles. This is a river polluted with runoff. Save our waters. Save the otters!" Camera-wielding journalists steadily clicked shots as onlookers gasped in astonishment. Ashley dejectedly hung her head. Tucker ordered the camera-toting spectators to leave. Daniel covered Abby with beach towels when she emerged from the pool.

Ashley asked Abby if her actions were the proper way to represent their family. Abby said, "You have to stand for something, or you will fall for anything, and I know what I stand for!" Pointing her finger at Abby as she spoke, Katherine said, "Don't give me that garbage, for heaven sakes. You used my home as a publicity stunt? Not only was it selfish and rude, it was an insult to your parents, and was it ever an insult to me!"

Jill threw Abby off the property and continued with her announcement. Jill proudly proclaimed that she was Neil Fenmore's daughter and Lauren's sister. Lauren was distressed when Jill announced that she had legally changed her last name to Fenmore. A pall fell over the crowd, and Jill sarcastically told the party guests not to offer congratulations all at the same time. Lauren told Michael that she wanted to throw Jill into the pool. Nikki was shocked and apologized to Lauren and Michael for Jill's crass behavior. Nikki warned Lauren that Jill would torture her if she didn't play the part of the perfect little sister.

Jill sipped beer by herself. Tucker approached and said he was happy that Jill had found her birth family. Tucker explained that he created his own identity with his own expectations even after he learned that Katherine was his birth mother. Jill explained that deep down she always knew the names she'd used weren't her own. Nikki approached and said, "What you have always been, Jill, is grasping. Even though you think you know who your father is, it hasn't changed a thing." Jill told Nikki that she was jealous. Nikki asked Jill if she had ever stopped to consider how Lauren felt. Jill replied, "My birth mother was treated like garbage, and I spent my whole life never feeling like I fit in, but by all means, let's pity poor Lauren."

Jill pointed out that Lauren had been born into a manor house and was raised by a doting man, who was also her father. Nikki explained that Jill could not make up for lost time with her father by demanding that Lauren be her sister. Stunned party guests watched and listened as Nikki and Jill argued their cases. Lauren approached and said she needed to have a word with Jill. Lauren reminded Jill that she had a family, who had adopted her and loved her. Jill insisted that she was a Fenmore and had the same genes as Lauren. Lauren retorted, "Hell, why don't you just tattoo your forehead with "Fenmore" across it? But none of that is going to make you a Fenmore, and it never will!"

As the party wound down, Murphy and Katherine relaxed and watched fireworks. Ashley thanked Tucker for being supportive during Abby's exhibition. Michael spoke with Morgan and learned that he was Jill's attorney. Morgan warned Michael that they'd soon meet up in court.

Abby and Daniel retreated to the coffeehouse after her fiasco at Katherine's pool party. Abby, still basking in the glow of her triumph, asked, "Did you see their faces when I made my political statement?" Daniel replied, "You took a bubble bath in public, that's all. The only statement you're making is that you're a brat."

Abby begged Daniel to shoot photos of her for a cover of Restless Style. Daniel turned down the offer, but Abby reminded him that he'd need the income. Daniel still refused, so Abby offered to loan him some cash. As Abby was about to leave, she asked Daniel who'd cover her up if she decided to strip again. Daniel reluctantly rose from his seat and followed Abby to the patio. Abby and Daniel watched a fireworks show together as he finally let down and laughed about the expressions on guests' faces when Abby emerged nude from Katherine's sudsy pool.

Gloria and Jeffrey returned to the club and knocked down an interior wall with a sledgehammer. They argued about possible names for their club. After Jeffrey suggested calling it "Hair of the Dog," Gloria angrily warned, "You wouldn't dare!"

At Billy's trailer, Victoria and Billy were set to watch episodes of Father Knows Best when the power failed. Victoria lit candles and described her favorite episode she hoped they could watch if the generator worked. Billy entered the room, and Victoria illuminated his way with a flashlight. When Victoria saw Billy wearing black slacks, a white shirt, and a black cardigan, she asked him what he was doing. Billy admitted he couldn't get the generator going, but he said, "Oh, we don't need any gosh-darn television when we can play pinochle!"

Victoria noticed that Billy had slicked down his hair and crisply parted it on the side. Victoria laughed giddily and asked Billy if he'd used Brylcreem. Billy resisted Victoria's attempts to touch his hair. Victoria embraced Billy, kissed him, and unbuttoned his shirt. Victoria and Billy made love while fireworks lit up the sky outside.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

In the neonatal ICU, Lily talked to the twins, Charlie and Matilda. She told them that she had taken their blankets for her dog Humphrey to sniff so that he could get used to their scent and protect them. A beaming Neil and Cane stared through the large window at Lily and the twins. Cane reminded Neil that Lily's stem cell treatment was scheduled to begin that day -- and hoped that miracles occurred in threes.

In her room at Genoa City Memorial, Mac was preparing to be discharged from the hospital. J.T. helped her put her shoes on, as her C-section incision was still very painful. He told her that she was quite the hero after what she had done for Cane and Lily. Mac said that she didn't feel like a hero -- after all, she had the babies two months early. J.T. said that everything had worked out for the best, since the doctors could infuse Lily with fetal stem cells, hopefully strengthening her so that she could undergo another round of chemotherapy. Mac told J.T. that Lily had decided that if she didn't survive the cancer, she wanted Mac and Cane to share custody of the twins.

Lily stopped by Mac's room to say how much Mac's surrogacy meant to her. She said that when she received her cancer diagnosis, she had been afraid that she might die and leave nothing behind in the world -- but because of Mac, she would be leaving behind a pair of beautiful babies. Mac assured Lily that she would tell the babies how much Lily loved them if Lily didn't survive.

J.T. and Lily wheeled Mac to the neonatal ICU window so that she could take another look at the twins before she left the hospital. Both Cane and Lily insisted that Mac visit the twins often -- they wanted her to be a big part of the babies' lives. Before J.T. wheeled Mac away, Cane told him to take care of her. Mac looked depressed as she and J.T. left.

Inside the ICU, Cane, Neil, and Lily admired the babies and spoke to them in baby talk. Lily's doctor entered and told her that it was time to begin the stem cell infusion. Lily said that she hated leaving her babies. Neil asked her if she was nervous. She said that she was, because of the bad experience she had with the adult stem cells in Paris. Cane reminded her that the babies' cells would be a much better match. Lily said goodbye to Charlie and Matilda and promised them that she would get stronger. Later, Cane and Neil stood beside Lily as the doctor started the intravenous flow of stem cells into Lily's body. Both men looked heavenward in prayer.

At the Chancellor mansion, Mac complained to J.T. that she was tired of everyone fussing over her. J.T. joked that he could take her to his apartment and ignore her. Mac said that she was suffering from hormonal changes and the postpartum blues. She asked J.T. if Victoria had gone through mood swings after giving birth to Reed. J.T. said that Victoria hadn't, as she had been in a coma. Mac began laughing, and then apologized. She then began crying, hugged J.T., and said that she was a mess.

Mac told J.T. that she missed the babies -- their kicking, her cravings, and how she could touch her belly and know that there were two lives inside of her. She said all she had to remember them by was some postoperative pain -- and even that would eventually go away, leaving nothing but a surgical scar. She told J.T. that it would be as if the pregnancy had never happened.

At Crimson Lights, Abby told Chloe that she was surprised that her sex video hadn't created more buzz -- and hoped that her Restless Style issue would. Chloe said that she had booked a "smoking hot model" to share the cover with Abby. Seeing Daniel at the counter, Abby approached him and said that it was his last chance to change his mind and be on the magazine's cover with her. Daniel said that he wasn't interested. Abby told him that he would regret his decision.

At Restless Style, Billy was on the phone with someone and learned that Adam had been transferred from the psych ward to the county jail. He told the person on the phone that he wanted coverage of Adam's return to Genoa City to be Restless Style's next big story. After he hung up, Malcolm and Devon showed up with their equipment. After some small talk with Billy about Lily and the twins' health, Malcolm and Devon began setting up for the cover shoot. Billy warned them that Abby could be a handful.

Abby showed up at Restless Style and told her Uncle Billy that with her on the cover, the upcoming issue would fly off the shelves. Billy told her that he didn't want anything over-the-top for the cover. Abby then approached Malcolm, hugged him, and told him how excited she was that "the best" photographer was shooting the cover. She lied and said that she had spoken with Billy, and that they had a few small changes to the original cover concept -- they wanted to "kick it up a notch." Chloe then introduced Abby to Lars, the hunky model she had booked to share the cover with Abby. Lars was dressed in a tuxedo, minus the shirt. Abby checked him out and said that she wanted Lars to "lose the clothes." Lars, Malcolm, and Devon appeared apprehensive.

While Abby and Lars prepared for the shoot, Malcolm told his apprentice, Devon, that the trick with models was to do a few shots the way the model wanted them done to humor her. Chloe said they would then finish up with the shots that the publisher wanted. Abby and Lars emerged from the dressing room wearing bathrobes. Daniel showed up at the office with Abby's sunglasses, which she had forgotten at the coffeehouse. Abby told Lars that it was time to remove their bathrobes. Everyone in the room was stunned as Abby and Lars stood there wearing nothing but their birthday suits. Billy walked by and freaked out. He hid his eyes, handed Abby her robe, and ordered her to put it on.

Billy reminded Abby that he had said that he didn't want anything "over-the-top" on the cover. Daniel joked that he didn't see anything over the top -- or over the bottom. Billy, Chloe, and Malcolm tried to talk Abby into toning things down, but she was adamant about the nude shoot. Daniel took Abby aside and told her that the readers didn't want to see skin -- they wanted to see contrast -- light versus dark, sweetness versus sin, innocence versus experience. They wanted to see if the "good angel" or the "bad angel" would win. Malcolm said that Daniel was right -- that showing a little skin would draw people in -- but the totally nude shots would turn them off.

Billy agreed to the new concept. Abby said that the only way she would shoot the cover was if Daniel replaced Lars. Daniel refused again, but Billy said that if Daniel agreed, he could do a photo essay on any topic for the following issue. Realizing that he needed the work, Daniel agreed.

The photo shoot began. Abby and Daniel posed with pool toys hiding the X-rated parts of their anatomy. Billy kept telling Malcolm to shoot just from the shoulders up. Abby gave various suggestions on what she wanted the magazine's headline to read, such as "I'm an Animal Rights Activist -- and I'm Naked." Billy nixed that and Abby made some other suggestions, all of them ending with "...and I'm Naked."

After the shoot, Abby thanked everyone. Alone with Daniel, she thanked him and told him that she owed him one. He told her not to worry about it -- that he had gotten an assignment with Restless Style by agreeing to do the shoot. Abby asked him if he was rooting for the "good angel" or the "bad angel." Daniel smiled, but didn't respond.

Michael and Victor went to the Athletic Club, where D.A. Pomerantz was giving a news conference. He told the press that he was charging both Adam and Nick with Richard Hightower's murder. After he finished, the gentlemen approached the D.A.. Victor said that Pomerantz was being preposterous by not even mentioning the name of the person who had confessed to Hightower's murder -- Patty Williams. Pomerantz blew them off, saying, "Patty Williams? She's nuttier than a fruitcake."

Michael told Pomerantz that Patty had motive for killing Adam -- he had been blackmailing her -- and that she had killed Hightower by mistake. Victor theorized that perhaps Adam had killed Hightower and had coerced Patty to confess. The D.A. said that he would look into it. As Pomerantz left, Victor told Michael that the D.A. was an "unrepentant fool." Michael received a text message that Adam was at the jail -- waiting to be assigned a public defender. Victor told Michael to ensure that Adam's counsel was someone weak and incompetent.

At the psychiatric hospital, Paul visited a rattled Patty and told her that he had received a call from the facility's director informing him that she had confessed to killing Richard Hightower. Patty said, "I killed one of the Adams. I didn't want to remember. The devil looked into my soul and told me that I had to confess."

Paul told her that she had probably had a bad dream. Patty insisted that the devil had indeed visited her and had told her to confess to killing "one of the Adams." She told Paul about seeing blood on her hands and a light shining in her face. He continued to tell her that it had probably just been a nightmare, and that she should let it go. Paul gently told his sister that the D.A. was on his way over to ask her some questions, but that she could tell him that she was confused. Patty said that she wasn't confused -- she knew everything that had happened.

As a court reporter set up her machine in Patty's room, Paul spoke to Pomerantz in the hallway. He told the D.A. that he had waived Patty's right to counsel because he thought that he would be allowed to be present while Patty was being questioned. Pomerantz said that he wasn't after Patty -- he didn't expect her to know any of the details of the killing that hadn't been released to the media -- and if she did know any of them, it would have been because Adam had told her.

Paul was shocked to learn that Adam had been housed in the facility with Patty, and was certain that Adam had somehow gotten Patty to confess to a crime that she hadn't committed. Pomerantz said that he was having the facility's security videos looked over to see if Adam had interacted with Patty. Paul wanted to help with the interrogation, but Pomerantz said that he couldn't, because Adam's lawyer would say that Paul influenced her responses. Paul entered Patty's room and told her that Pomerantz wanted to speak with her -- and that he would be right outside the room. After Paul left, the D.A. told Patty that he wanted her to tell him the truth.

Patty told the D.A. that she had wanted to hide what she had done, so she had taken cognac and poured it all over the body. She continued, saying that she had taken a wrench and broken the gas line, which caused the explosion. Paul entered the room to tell Pomerantz that the director of the psychiatric facility was waiting in the hall with some information. The D.A. joined Paul and the director in the hall. The director said that they had reviewed the security video, and, although it did show Patty and Adam in the day room at the same time, it didn't appear that they had contact with each other.

Paul wondered if it was possible for Adam to have entered Patty's room. The director said that couldn't have occurred, since the patients' rooms were kept locked. After the director left, the D.A. told Paul that Patty knew details about Hightower's murder that only the killer could have known. Michael joined Paul and Pomerantz, and said in that case Pomerantz had his killer -- and Nick should be released.

Paul said that it was way too coincidental that Adam had ended up at the same facility just before Patty's confession -- that Patty was a scapegoat. Michael said that it was possible that Adam had tricked Patty into murdering Hightower for him -- but, either way, there was no viable case against Nick. Pomerantz said that he wasn't prepared to drop the charges against Nick until he did some further research. Michael said that if Nick weren't released on bail, the defense team would be holding a news conference of its own.

After Michael left, Pomerantz thanked Patty for her help. She asked Paul if he was disappointed in her. Paul hugged her and said that he was proud that she had told the truth. He joined the D.A. in the hallway and said that Adam had to have gotten to Patty -- and that Adam was to blame for whatever had happened in the basement of the Athletic Club on the night of Hightower's murder.

A guard escorted Adam into a jail cell. Nick was waiting for his brother and said, "You're looking pretty good for a dead man. Welcome home." Nick taunted Adam, telling him that they knew how Adam had set everything up -- the bone marrow donation, the invitation to Hightower to join him at the ball, and the fake message on Adam's cell phone. Nick insisted that he was going to be released, while Adam would rot in jail. Adam refuted all of Nick's theories, although he admitted that he had fled police custody when he had escaped from the hospital. Adam said that he would be serving a lot less time for that than Nick would be serving for murder.

Nick said that the jury would see through Adam -- after all, what kind of man kidnapped his brother's baby? Adam wondered who would testify for the defense -- the delusional Ashley? The dead sex offender obstetrician? Or perhaps Sharon, Phyllis, or Victor -- who had lied for Nick in the past. Adam pretended that he was addressing the jury and telling them that he was a poor farm boy, raised by his blind mother who had put him through school. Continuing his monologue, Adam "told the jury" that he had shown up in Genoa City to gain acceptance from his family, but instead was despised, disowned, kidnapped, and threatened with torture -- unless he confessed to crimes that he hadn't committed.

Adam looked at Nick and said, "Still think I can't convince the jury?" Nick said that Adam should wear a neon sign on his head that flashed "sociopath." Victor entered the cell, overheard Nick, and said, "I couldn't agree more."

Adam taunted Victor, and said that he must be proud to have two sons behind bars. Victor said that everyone, including the psychiatrist, saw through Adam and his act. Adam said that if he got on the witness stand, he would reveal all of the Newman family's "dirty little secrets." Adam's disheveled, incompetent-looking public defender entered the cell and said, "Adam Newman?" Nick pointed Adam out to the public defender.

As Adam spoke with the public defender, Victor told Nick about Patty's confession. He said that it was possible that the confession might have been manipulated by Adam, but, either way, Nick would soon fall off of the D.A.'s suspect list, and Pomerantz would have to let him go. Nick asked what Victor what thought would happen to Adam. Victor said that he thought the conspiracy charges would stick for sure. They looked at the public defender conversing with Adam, and Victor said that Adam's defense wouldn't exactly be "stellar." Nick asked if Victor had arranged for incompetent counsel for Adam. Victor smiled and told Nick that he had a lot of connections.

On the other side of the cell, the bumbling public defender told Adam that he thought that the arraignment was the following day. An unimpressed Adam asked how familiar the lawyer was with the case. The attorney said that he had read about it in the newspaper. Adam wondered how confident the public defender was that he could win. The attorney suggested that Adam plead guilty -- that way he could bargain for a ten- to fifteen-year sentence. Adam said that he was pleading not guilty. The public defender said that was a big risk -- because he wasn't much of a litigator. Adam fired the public defender and told him to leave.

Michael showed up with a paper bag containing Nick's clothes -- he said that Nick had made bail. Victor patted Michael on the back and said that he'd done a hell of a job. Michael, Victor, and Nick left Adam alone in his cell. Billy showed up a moment later, and Adam wondered what he wanted. Billy said that he wanted to get a jump on his journalistic competition. Adam said that if Billy wanted his story, they might be able to work something out.

Adam told Billy that he could have first dibs on Adam's story -- but that Billy had to hire Rafe to defend him. Billy smiled and said, "Rafe? He wouldn't spit on you if you were on fire." Adam said that if Billy wanted his story, he had to get Rafe for Adam.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

J.T. carried Mac out to the Chancellor backyard and placed her in a chaise longue. She wondered what had happened to J.T.'s promise not to hover over her, like Katherine and Esther had been doing. He said that she would just have to put up with his attention, whether or not she liked it, he was going to take care of her. Mac told him that she missed the twins. She didn't regret carrying Lily and Cane's babies -- but she didn't realize that letting go of them would be so difficult.

J.T. told her that she would always be a part of the twins' lives. She said that she would be nothing more than "Auntie Mac." She told J.T. that she felt stupid and that all the people who told her that it would be hard for her to walk away from the babies had been right. She said that she was an idiot to think that she could go through the surrogate experience and not suffer any emotional trauma.

Mac continued whining and said that she was dumb. She talked about her relationship with Billy and how that had ended because she had insisted on being the Ashbys' surrogate. She blamed herself for trying to solve every problem in the world. J.T. reminded her that she had helped solve a crisis -- by having the twins prematurely, the doctors had been able to harvest the fetal stem cells that might save Lily's life.

Mac said that she couldn't trust her own judgment. J.T. wondered what she was afraid of. She said that she thought she might never be happy, although J.T. told her that she would have an awesome future. She said that she thought she might end up being a bitter old woman. Going along with her bout of self-pity, J.T. said that Mac was right -- she would probably end up alone, living with 15 cats, and spending all of her time surfing the Internet. Mac began laughing and couldn't believe that J.T. had cheered her up. She told him that she loved him.

After J.T. served her lunch, Mac said that she couldn't believe that she had blurted out, "I love you," to him -- she blamed it on her hormones or her pain medication. J.T. said that if she wanted, he would forget that she had said it, telling her, "No worries. I don't love you, either." They smiled at each other.

Lily was in her hospital bed and was looking at pictures of Charlie and Matilda. She was still undergoing the stem cell infusion, with Neil and Cane at her side. Cane asked her how she was feeling. She said that she knew what to expect from stem cell therapy. Cane said that because these stem cells were from their babies, the therapy had a better chance of success than the treatment she had undergone in France. Neil agreed with Cane, and said that everything was going to change that day.

Lily said that she missed the twins, and asked Cane to check on them. After he left, she asked her father what was going on with him. Neil told her that he had made some significant changes in his life because he wanted more time to spend with her and his grandchildren -- he had sold Indigo. Lily said that she thought Indigo was his pride and joy. Neil said that she was his pride and joy. Lily asked what other changes he had made. He told her that he had broken up with Ashley, although she was an amazing woman. Neil said that because of his relationship with Ashley, he had realized that it was possible for him to love someone other than Drucilla. They discussed how much they missed Dru.

Neil told her that he was surprised that she seemed so calm and relaxed. Lily said that she knew that the stem cell infusion was probably her last hope, and, if she didn't make it, at least she would die knowing that she had tried everything. Neil didn't want to discuss the possibility of Lily dying. She told him that when she had left for France, she didn't know whether she would ever see her babies. She explained that fate had intervened and she had lived to see Charlie and Matilda -- and if she died that day, she would be happy.

Cane visited the babies in the neonatal ICU, took some more pictures, and told the twins that their Mommy was undergoing an important procedure -- one that would make her stronger. He said that he hoped that they could all go home as one happy, healthy family.

Cane returned to Lily's room and showed her and Neil the pictures he had just taken. A nurse entered the room and asked Neil and Cane to step outside so that she could remove Lily's IV. After the I.V. was removed, Lily stood up, then passed out onto the bed. The nurse yelled, "Mrs. Ashby!"

Cane and Neil returned to the room, where Lily was awake and resting in bed. The nurse assured them that they shouldn't worry about Lily's fainting -- she had just stood up too quickly. Lily told them that while she was unconscious she had a weird experience, as if someone was lifting her up. She said that she thought that was a sign that everything was going to be okay.

Billy ate alone at the Athletic Club, and reflected on his conversation with Adam. Adam had offered to give Billy an exclusive story for Restless Style if Billy hired Rafe to represent him. Billy finished dining and began walking out. He ran into Victor and said that he heard that Nick had been released from jail. Victor said that he had no interest in talking with Billy, because he probably just wanted a magazine story. Victor said that Billy he had already exploited the Newman name enough in his "slanderous publication."

Billy followed Victor to the bar and accused him of being suspicious. Victor said that some people might think that Billy had more depth than a cardboard cutout, but Victor wasn't one of them. Billy said that he wasn't looking for a story. Victor said that if Billy wrote about Adam, it might jeopardize the case -- and then "Billy Boy" would have to deal with Victor. Victor bought Billy a double tequila and walked off. Billy called Rafe and told him that they needed to talk.

At the Restless Style office, Rafe told Billy that he loathed Adam, and reminded Billy that he loathed him too. He said that Billy had a lot of nerve asking him to represent Adam so that Billy could get an exclusive. Billy said that Adam was probably going to lose the case -- but just representing Adam in the high-profile trial could give Rafe's career a boost. He told Rafe to meet with Adam. Rafe replied, "You can be a real son of a bitch." Billy smiled and said that he had been told that many times.

Sharon went to the county jail and was shocked when she saw Adam in the visiting room -- she said that the jail had called her and told her that an inmate had wanted to see her, but she had assumed that it was Nick. Adam told her that Nick had been released, and that he had left the message purposely vague, because he knew that Sharon wouldn't have shown up if she knew that it was Adam who wanted to see her. Sharon started to walk out -- but Adam reminded her that there had been a time when he had meant something to her.

Sharon told Adam that she would stay for five minutes. She told him that she had heard about his fake mental breakdown while on the witness stand. Adam said that it hadn't been fake -- he had suffered a panic attack. Sharon lambasted Adam for the bad things he had done -- including leaving town to let Nick take the rap for his murder. Adam admitted that he had done some deplorable things -- but he wasn't a killer. Before Sharon had a chance to respond, she received a phone call. After getting off the phone, she told Adam that Patty Williams had just confessed to murdering Richard Hightower. Adam said, "She did? My God."

Adam told Sharon that Patty had been furious with him because, when she had been disguised as Emily, he had threatened to reveal her true identity unless she helped him escape from the hospital. Sharon theorized that perhaps Patty had snapped and killed Hightower while thinking that it had been Adam. Sharon still had questions -- she wondered why Adam had lured Hightower to the Athletic Club and why he had made the recording making it sound like Nick had been attacking him. Adam didn't answer her questions, but said, "I didn't kill anyone. You believe that, don't you?" Sharon looked like she didn't know what to think.

Adam told Sharon that he didn't care what the rest of the world thought of him -- he only cared about what Sharon thought. He said that she knew that he couldn't have murdered a man in cold blood. Becoming agitated, Sharon said that she didn't know what to think. She told Adam to leave her alone and left the room. She passed Rafe and Billy, who were on their way in to see Adam. Billy told Rafe to speak with Adam. Billy went back into the hallway to console the sobbing Sharon. He told her that she looked like she could use a friend, and said that they should go somewhere and talk.

Rafe sat across from Adam in the visitors' room. He told Rafe that, since Patty had confessed to Hightower's murder, he was sure the some of the charges against Adam would be dropped -- and that the very sharp Rafe could get him acquitted of the kidnapping and fraud charges. Rafe asked why Adam wanted him as counsel. Adam said that having someone who publicly hated him as his lawyer would send a message to the jury that he was innocent. Rafe was amazed that Adam thought that Rafe would help him. Adam smiled and said that everyone had a price.

Rafe said that he didn't want anything to do with Adam or his case, and told Adam to go to hell. Adam chuckled and reminded Rafe that he had already done that -- when Adam had dumped Rafe for Heather. Rafe said that Adam wouldn't think that things were funny when he couldn't find a decent public defender to work with. Adam said that he would find someone who would do it for the publicity. Sarcastically wishing Adam good luck, Rafe left. To himself, Adam muttered, "Damn it."

Billy took Sharon to the Restless Style office and asked her if her old stomping grounds generated good memories. She said that compared to what she had been through the previous several months, the office seemed like heaven on earth. Billy asked her why she had gone to see Adam. She told him that she thought she was going to see Nick. Billy wondered why she had stayed. She said that part of her detested Adam, but that she wanted to believe that there was something decent inside the man she had fallen in love with. She wondered what it said about her if it turned out that Adam was a monster.

Billy continued to pepper Sharon with questions about the investigation. She didn't realize that he was trying to gather information for a story. He asked her if Nick was off the hook for the murder, and she told him that wouldn't happen until the D.A. was completely convinced that Patty had killed Hightower. She told him that although Adam might be cleared of Hightower's murder, he would still be facing conspiracy, fraud, and kidnapping charges.

Sharon said that Adam had been very convincing when he had claimed that he didn't murder Hightower. Sharon agreed with Billy's observation that she had gotten caught between the two Newman brothers. Sharon said that she had to get home to Faith. She gave Billy a peck on the cheek and thanked him for allowing her to cry on his shoulder. After she left the office, Billy pulled out a picture of her and stared at it. To himself, he said, "This is perfect for my story. I have my damsel in distress."

At the psychiatric hospital, Paul asked Patty if she had actually killed Richard Hightower. She insisted that she had killed "one of the Adams." She babbled on about the devil and the blood on her hands. Paul asked her to focus and wondered if she knew that Adam had been in the same hospital. Patty exclaimed, "He's everywhere," and began rocking back and forth. After Paul left, she began chanting, "The devil made me do it. I don't wanna go to hell."

At the Abbott mansion, Jack and Emily cuddled on the couch, having just celebrated Emily getting her medical license reinstated thanks to her brother Jamie's "manning up" and admitting that he had written prescriptions on Emily's pad. Emily said that she had never been prouder of Jamie and that she had enjoyed celebrating with Jack the previous evening. Jack said that he never thought that they would be together again. Emily kissed him and said that she wanted to savor every minute of it.

Paul showed up and told Jack and Emily that Nick had been released on bail, and that Patty had confessed to killing Hightower. Jack said that Patty had hated Adam -- she had the motive and the opportunity to commit the murder. Paul told them that Patty had been doing well in the psychiatric facility -- until Adam had spent some time there. Paul said that Patty claimed to have been tormented by Satan into confessing to the murder. Emily wondered if Paul thought that Adam had gotten to Patty. Paul said that Adam was capable of using Patty as a scapegoat. Emily agreed that Patty was vulnerable and could be easily manipulated.

Victor showed up at the Abbott mansion. Paul said that he was at his wit's end -- he didn't know how to get the truth out of Patty. He asked Emily if she could try. Jack was against the idea -- he reminded Paul that Patty had tried to kill Emily. Victor agreed with Paul -- Emily was best equipped to deal with Patty.

Paul told them that Patty knew things about Hightower's murder that only the killer and the authorities could have known. Victor said that Adam had framed Nick and was possibly framing Patty as well. Jack said that he wanted the truth too -- but said that Paul should get another psychiatrist to examine his sister. Paul said that it had taken months for Patty to learn to trust Emily, and there wasn't enough time for her to develop a good relationship with another psychiatrist. Victor agreed with Paul. Jack reminded Emily that they had promised each other that Patty would no longer be a part of their lives. Emily thought for a moment, and then said that a man had died and a little boy was fatherless. Against Jack's protests, she agreed to see Patty.

After Paul and Emily left, Jack and Victor began bickering. Jack said that Victor had "gotten the whole ball rolling" by inviting Patty to Genoa City. Victor reminded Jack that he shouldn't have gotten involved with his ex-wife's therapist. Victor said that he wanted the situation resolved quickly, before rumors began to spread and Jack's "miscreant" brother, Billy, began spreading the rumors in Restless Style.

Patty was surprised to see Emily -- she thought that they would never meet again. Emily said that she had been worried because Paul had said that Patty was confused about killing a man at the Athletic Club. She said that she wanted to understand what was happening. Paul told Patty that she was safe and could tell them anything. Emily said that Adam had been in the psychiatric hospital and wondered if he had scared her or threatened her into confessing.

Emily reminded Patty that a pen had been found in a doll's chest, and the other patients were wearing paper masks. Patty said, "Just like at the ball." Patty said that Adam had probably been trying to frighten her -- but she wondered how he could have gotten into her room. Paul said that perhaps he had bribed someone. Patty admitted that perhaps Adam had gotten her to confess, but then, to Emily and Paul's horror, added, "I still killed him. I stabbed him in the chest and he died right in front of me."

At the Abbott mansion, Jack received a call from Paul. After hanging up, Jack informed Victor that Patty understood that Adam had coerced her confession -- but she still insisted that she had killed Hightower. Jack said that, for selfish reasons, he hoped that Patty wasn't the murderer. Victor said, "So do I." Jack lamented that he had lived with Patty for so many months, and he could have saved an innocent man's life. Victor said that he had invited Patty to town, so there was blood on his hands too.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Victor and Michael met at the Athletic Club. Victor told his attorney that it wasn't enough that Nick had been released on bail -- since Patty or Adam had become the primary suspect's in Hightower's murder, he wanted the charges against Nick dropped -- that night.

Victor said that if Pomerantz didn't drop the charges, he was planning to use his connections to get the governor and the attorney general involved. Victor threatened to hold a press conference where he would announce that the D.A. had a vendetta against the Newman family and was refusing to drop the charges against Nick. Victor said that everyone knew that Nick hadn't killed Hightower, and that Pomerantz was dragging his heels for personal reasons. He told Michael that Pomerantz would only respond to a display of power -- and Victor would give him one.

Michael went to see Pomerantz at the courthouse. Pomerantz was clearly in a bad mood and told Michael to make an appointment if he wanted to discuss Nick's case. Michael said that it looked like the D.A. had been having a bad day -- and it was about to get much worse.

Michael told the D.A. that Victor was planning on getting the attorney general and the governor involved in the case, and was going to hold a press conference announcing that new evidence clearly deflected blame away from Nick, yet the D.A. was refusing to drop the murder charges. Michael said that Pomerantz's ego was interfering with his principles, and Pomerantz might suffer from the repercussions of Victor's press conference.

The D.A. said that he didn't respond well to threats. Michael said he wasn't threatening -- he was merely pointing out facts. Adam was back from the dead, Patty had confessed to the murder, and Adam's recording was clearly fabricated to implicate Nick in the murder. Pomerantz said that was why he had let Nick out on bail. Michael said that wasn't enough -- that clearly Nick hadn't committed the crime, and that if the D.A. prosecuted this high-profile case and lost, it would hurt his career.

At Sharon's apartment, she took video of Faith bouncing on Nick's knee. He said that he hadn't been sure if he would see their baby take her first steps, but he was happy that he wouldn't miss that event. Sharon said that she and Faith were happy as well.

Nick regretted that Faith didn't even know who he was. Sharon said that father and daughter just needed time to bond. Nick said that Sharon hadn't seemed surprised when he told her that he had been released on bail. She told him that Adam had lured her to the jail and told her that he had been granted bail. Nick was upset that Sharon had visited Adam, and told her not to see him again.

Sharon was annoyed that Nick seemed to be ordering her around -- she said that she would decide who she would and would not see. She wondered if Nick thought that she was so weak that she would get sucked in by Adam again. Becoming frustrated, Sharon told Nick to go home to his own wife -- and his other family.

Daniel was at the tack house when Phyllis returned from chaperoning a field trip to the zoo for Summer's camp. Phyllis yelled for Nick but didn't receive an answer. Daniel said that he thought that Nick had been released. Daniel realized that he had made a faux pas in front of Summer, who thought that her Daddy was on a business trip, but Phyllis covered for him. Summer asked where Nick was. Phyllis lied and said that he had to pick something up, but then noticed a note that Nick had left informing Phyllis that he had gone to Sharon's.

Daniel asked Phyllis why Nick was at Sharon's rather than with her. Phyllis said that he was spending time with his other daughter. He asked her if that drove her crazy. Phyllis said, "It is what it is." Daniel said that she and Summer shouldn't be lower on Nick's priority list than Sharon and Faith. Phyllis agreed. Daniel joked that Phyllis and Summer were always welcome to move into his apartment.

Daniel told Phyllis to call Nick, but she didn't. She said that she loved Nick -- and that she would stay with him until the charges against him were dropped. Daniel asked what Phyllis was going to do when Nick was cleared. Before Phyllis had a chance to answer, Nick returned home. He kissed Phyllis and told her how much he had missed her. Summer ran into Nick's arms.

Nick invited Daniel to stay for dinner, but he turned Nick down and said that he had just stopped by to see Phyllis and Summer. After Daniel left, Summer scolded Nick for not being at home very much. Nick promised that he wasn't going on any more business trips -- he said he was never going to leave Summer again.

Summer left on a play date, which left Nick and Phyllis alone. Nick said that he was looking forward to spending time with his wife -- but he suspected that she was upset with him for going to see Faith. Phyllis said that Summer had been upset that Nick hadn't been there when she got home from the zoo, but that she totally understood Nick's desire to see Faith. Nick answered the door to Victor, who told Nick and Phyllis that he had put a plan in motion to make sure that "this" would never happen again.

Victor told them that he had spoken to the attorney general and the governor and complained to them that it should be clear to Pomerantz that Nick wasn't Hightower's killer, but because of the D.A.'s hatred of the Newmans, he was refusing to drop the charges against Nick. Nick said that it might look bad in the media if Victor used his political connections. Victor said that he didn't care -- he just wanted to make sure that the charges were dropped.

Michael showed up at the tack house with a smile on his face. He told Nick, Phyllis, and Victor that the D.A.'s office was issuing a press release announcing that all charges against Nick were going to be dropped. Nick, saying that he wanted to get on with his life, was thrilled. Victor said that the press release wasn't enough -- he wanted a public apology from Pomerantz. Nick said that he didn't care about that. Victor said that it was important that the D.A. issue the apology.

Abby called Billy at the Restless Style office and said that she had something she wanted to add to her cover story. A harried Billy blew her off and hung up on her. Rafe stopped by the office. Billy was thrilled, thinking that Rafe had agreed to represent Adam -- thus assuring Billy of an interview with Adam. Rafe said that he wasn't taking the case -- and had told Adam to go to hell.

Billy was devastated by Rafe's news -- he said that he was going to have to remake the entire issue of Restless Style, which was being printed that night. Rafe lectured Billy, and said that Billy had used him. Billy said that he thought that he and Rafe were friends. Rafe replied, "We were friends. You're an ass." After Rafe stormed out of the office, Billy looked at a picture of Sharon and, to himself, said, "I have a feeling I'll be hearing a lot of that soon."

Sharon and Rafe ran into each other at Crimson Lights. They discussed having run into each other while visiting Adam. Rafe told Sharon that Billy had tried to get him to represent Adam in exchange for Adam giving Billy an exclusive interview for Restless Style. Sharon was pleased that Rafe had refused. Rafe said that he was sure that Billy had probably found another way to get information for an article about Adam. He then mentioned that Billy had ditched him at the jail and gone off with Sharon. Sharon said that she had needed a shoulder to cry on, and Billy had been willing to listen. Rafe wondered how much Sharon had told Billy.

Sharon realized that Billy had used her to get confidential information about what was going on with Adam's case. Rafe said that Billy didn't care who he used -- he only cared about selling magazines. Rafe predicted that Sharon would see everything that she had said in print. Sharon said that Billy obviously didn't care about who he hurt.

Abby showed up at the Restless Style office and pestered Billy about hanging up on her. Billy tried to get rid of her by telling her that he was on a tight deadline. Abby rambled on about how she needed to establish herself as a brand -- and told him that she wanted to see the magazine's cover. Billy said no. Abby wondered what he was trying to hide from her.

Abby continued to hover over Billy. She told him that she wanted final say on the cover. Billy told her that most models didn't have that privilege. She gave him a flash drive containing pictures of her covered in bubbles in Katherine's pool in case he wanted to use some of the photos. Abby rambled on about needing a one-word catchphrase to describe her. Billy suggested, "Absurd," and then threw her out of the office.

Abby went to Daniel's apartment with a bottle of champagne to thank him for posing with her on the magazine's cover. She said that, to return the favor, she would let him do a nude painting of her. Daniel smiled, but passed on the offer. When Abby told him that it would be a great career opportunity, Daniel reminded her that she was Victor's daughter, and he wanted to stay on her father's good side. Abby said that she could handle Victor. Realizing that Daniel wasn't going to paint her portrait, she asked him if he would at least celebrate the magazine cover. Daniel smiled and began opening the champagne.

Abby looked around Daniel's small apartment and asked him why he didn't ask Phyllis for money so that he could get a larger place. Daniel said that, unlike her, he didn't run to his mother when he needed a few dollars. When Abby began whining about her parents not releasing her trust fund money, Daniel suggested that she get a job. She said that "The Naked Heiress" was her job -- that she was "the connoisseur of cool." She toasted to her new fame and "fabulosity" -- courtesy of Restless Style.

Chance went into Heather's apartment and checked it out. Deciding it was safe inside, he waved for Heather to enter. Chance received a phone call and hung up in a foul mood -- he had learned that Ellis was in transit to a "Club Fed" prison. Heather said that it looked like someone didn't want them interviewing Ellis again.

Chance complained about Ronan's treatment of Ellis. Heather asked him if he trusted Ronan. He asked Heather if she did. Heather said that the jury was still out on that question. Chance said that he was going out for a little while. Heather was afraid of being alone, but he said that he would get someone to cover for him. She wondered where he was going. He said that he was going to the jail to try to speak with Ellis alone -- without Ronan.

Outside Heather's apartment, Chloe pressed her ear against the door and tried to listen. Unable to hear anything, she put a glass against the door, hoping that it would amplify Chance and Heather's conversation. Ronan walked up behind her and told her that there were better ways to eavesdrop -- and wondered how Chance would feel about her spying. The startled Chloe said, "He won't know, you're not going to tell him."

Ronan told her that if she really wanted to hear what was going on inside, she should wiretap the apartment. Chloe said that she would hate being Ronan's girlfriend. Ronan smiled and said that was never going to happen. Hearing their voices, Chance opened the door and let Chloe and Ronan in. Chloe took every opportunity to remind Heather that Chance was her fiancé -- she kissed him and discussed Delia and their wedding. Chance joked that he would like to get married while skydiving -- they could say their vows while in freefall.

Billy called Chloe and told her that she was needed immediately at Restless Style, as he had to remake parts of the magazine before it went to press. Heather snidely said to Chloe, "Leaving so soon?" Chloe said that she would be back soon so that she and Chance could continue discussing wedding details. Chloe left.

When she arrived at the Restless Style office, Chloe found Billy racing around frantically, making last-minute changes to the cover and the story about Adam -- since he had no interview with Adam. He said that he couldn't wait until that night was over so he could visit Delia. Chloe told him that she had moved out of the Chancellor mansion -- that Esther was watching Delia, but that their child would be moving in with her in a few days. Billy was annoyed that Chloe hadn't told her that he had moved -- and even more irritated when he learned that she had moved in with Kevin -- "the chipmunk."

Chloe said that she had moved so that she could be closer to Chance. Billy worried that Delia would be in danger, since Chance was protecting Heather against violent intruders. Chloe told him not to worry -- that there were always plenty of police around the apartment. Billy said that he still didn't approve. Chloe told him that was too bad.

Billy called the printer and told him that the issue had finally been completed and the press run could begin. He told the staff to go home for the night. Chloe told Billy that Abby would be upset when she saw what Billy had done to her cover shot. Billy said that there was no way that he could put a picture of his niece even simulating nudity on the cover -- that Ashley would have his head.

Chloe said that she was more worried about the Newmans' reaction to the issue. Billy said that the story about Adam was true -- that they couldn't be sued for libel -- and that it was a modern adaptation of the Cain and Abel story. He told Chloe that it was a story of someone being framed for a crime -- and the woman who had been caught in the middle. Sharon had entered the office and overheard Billy. She said, "And I'm the woman caught in the middle?"

Billy told Sharon that the issue was already being printed and there wasn't anything he could do to stop it. Sharon scolded Billy for printing what she had told him in confidence. Billy said that he hadn't quoted Sharon directly. She said that he had preyed upon her. Telling him that he was no better than Adam, she slapped him across the face and left.

Chloe approached Billy and began laughing. She said that she never tired of seeing Billy being slapped by an angry woman. She wondered how Victoria would react to Billy writing about the Newman family again. Billy said that he had merely printed the truth. He showed Chloe the magazine's cover. It was a two-shot of Abby and Daniel -- from the neck up. The headline read, "OMG! My two brothers are jailbirds -- AND I'M NAKED!"

Back at Heather's, Ronan told Heather and Chance that it was clear that they didn't like the way he had handled things with Ellis. He said that he had gotten their message -- but that he had been assigned to the case to get results. Chance said that instead, Ronan had managed to get Ellis transferred. Ronan insisted that wasn't his fault. Ronan received a phone call informing him that Ellis had escaped from custody while being transferred. Chance was irate. He pointed his finger at Ronan and said, "Somebody's going down for this."

Heather and Chance guessed that Ellis' escape was a set-up. They said that the modus operandi was the same as Riggs's escape -- Riggs had been planning to rat out the cops who were selling drugs to the inmates, had escaped, and then had been found dead. Chance wanted to leave so that he could investigate and asked Ronan to watch Heather for him. Ronan refused, saying that he would check things out -- he didn't want Chance to mess things up. Ronan went into the hallway and called someone from his cell phone, saying, "This 'Chancellor kid' is all worked up -- he won't go along with the program."

After Ronan left, Chance paced anxiously, waiting to hear from his partner. He and Heather finally decided that the best course of action would be to approach the D.A. confidentially, get a search warrant for the jail, and, if drugs were found, try to cut a deal with the inmate in possession so that they could learn the identity of the "dirty cops." Chance said that they needed to act quickly and catch everyone off-guard. Unbeknownst to Chance and Heather, Ronan was listening to every word they said via a bug he had planted in the apartment.

Friday, July 9, 2010

At Patty's hearing, Pomerantz made his case before the judge -- he said that Patty had the motive and the opportunity to kill Richard Hightower, and she had confessed to details about the crime that only the murderer could know. He asked the judge to permanently commit her to a psychiatric facility for the criminally insane. Patty sat at the defendant's table, oblivious to what was going on around her. Paul told Patty's lawyer to object to Pomerantz's proposal. The lawyer said that the D.A. was giving them a break by not asking for prison time for Patty. Paul stood up, told the judge that he was Patty's legal guardian, and said that he wanted to speak for her.

Paul told the judge that Patty had suffered multiple psychotic breakdowns, and Adam could have easily manipulated her to confess when Adam and Patty were together in the psychiatric hospital. Pomerantz stood up and said that there was no evidence of any interaction between Patty and Adam at the hospital. Paul said there was no proof that they hadn't interacted, and that it was simply too coincidental that his sister confessed right after Adam had spent a few days in the same hospital as his sister.

Paul reminded the D.A. that Victoria had been cleared of suspicion in the murder because the forensics team had determined that she was too short to have stabbed Hightower in the chest -- and Patty was approximately the same height as Victoria. Paul's bubble was burst when Pomerantz said that, in her confession, Patty had admitted to standing on a crate when she thrust the pen into Hightower's chest. Patty stood up and told Paul that he didn't have to fight for her -- that whether Adam or the devil made her confess, she was guilty.

Paul sweetly told Patty to be quiet. Patty's lawyer said that the state agreed that Patty was incompetent, and therefore her statements in court and her confession should be disregarded. To make a point, Paul began to agitate Patty by talking about how much Jack loved Emily. The hysterical Patty said that she had burned down Jack's house and had slashed Emily's face. Paul consoled Patty, and then told the judge that Patty had burned a papier-maché house and had slashed a picture of Emily's face. Paul said that Patty had just confessed to things that she hadn't done -- and that committing her for life would be a grave injustice.

Alone with Paul in the courtroom, Patty told him that he had embarrassed her. Paul said that he had been trying to protect her. The judge, Pomerantz, and Patty's lawyer returned to the courtroom. The judge ruled that Patty was not competent to make a confession or offer reliable testimony, and that she should be returned to the psychiatric facility until she was deemed competent. Paul said that might never happen. The judge reminded him that Patty remained a prime suspect in a murder, although the judge did understand Paul's frustration. When the judge left the bench, Patty hugged Paul and told him that it was going to be okay.

Patty was returned to the psychiatric hospital, accompanied by Paul. Paul said that he would never stop trying get her released. Patty smiled and told her brother that she belonged there -- she felt safe, and she enjoyed her drawing and her sessions with Dr. Fowler. She said that it was a relief not to be a threat to anyone, and added, "It's a good place to spend forever." She and Paul hugged and she went into her room. In the hallway, Paul sobbed uncontrollably.

At the tack house, Nick and Phyllis prepared to go to the courthouse for Victor's press conference. Nick said that they could finally hold their heads high. He told Phyllis that he knew that things had been difficult for her, but that they could finally start to put the pieces of their lives back together. Phyllis did not look convinced.

At the Athletic Club, Nikki and Victor were also about to leave for the press conference. Nikki told him how proud she was that he had gone after Adam to make sure that he didn't get away with framing Nick. Victor said that the Newmans were strong -- and they were back together again.

At Restless Style, Billy was on the phone with the printer and alerting him that the new issue was probably going to sell so well that a second printing might be ordered. After he got off the phone, Victoria stormed into the office and threw a copy of the magazine on his desk. She asked Billy when he was going to stop using the magazine to humiliate anyone with the Newman name. Billy said that Abby had wanted to be on the cover -- and she wasn't nude.

Victoria reminded him that Abby was his niece, and her primary concern was the article in the magazine that insinuated that Nick and Adam were rivals for Sharon's love. Billy said that the article was tongue-in-cheek. Victoria said that Victor wouldn't see it that way. Billy said that Victor would never like him -- and that he couldn't constantly suppress juicy stories about the Newman family simply because he was dating Victoria. Victoria said that she was stupid to have assumed that Billy might take her feelings into account. She told him, "Consider yourself dumped, and you can print that in your stupid magazine." Victoria marched out of the office.

In the visitors' room at the jail, Adam was surprised that Sharon had stopped by for a visit -- he said that when he heard that a Newman was waiting to see him, he had assumed that it was going to be Victor. He told Sharon how happy he was to see her. She said that he might not be so happy when he heard what she had to say.

Sharon told Adam that she had their marriage annulled, and that there was no hope of a reconciliation. Adam asked her what she wanted. She said that she had some questions and told Adam that when they were together, his love for her had seemed real. Adam said that it was real. He told her that the whole time they were married, he knew that he could fix things by telling her the truth -- that Faith was alive -- but he hadn't because he had been afraid of losing her.

Sharon said that she was confused as to how Adam could have looked her in the eye, told her that he loved her, and convinced her to fall in love with him after having done such horrible things. Adam said that he wished that he could explain, but he couldn't. Sharon told him that he had better try -- she needed to make sense of things.

Adam told Sharon that he hated seeing her tied up in knots. Sharon said that she should have realized that she wouldn't get any answers from him and began to leave. As Sharon neared the door, Adam began to open up. He told her that after the night at the Abbott cabin, he knew that he had to leave Genoa City. He said that he had forced Patty to help him escape and then had gone to the club to see Sharon and Faith. Sharon said, "You went there to kill a man."

Adam said that had been his plan and admitted that he had set Hightower up. He told Sharon that when he had seen her at the club and she had thrown her wedding ring at him, he knew that he couldn't go through with killing Hightower, because he knew that Sharon had been disappointed in him and that he could be a better person -- he had wanted to be the man Sharon believed he was. He said that he had left the club long before Patty had killed Hightower. Sharon was skeptical about Adam's explanation, but he assured her that everything he said had been the truth. He told her that he needed her -- that he had nothing without her. Without saying a word, the weeping Sharon left.

Later that day, at Adam's arraignment, Pomerantz told the judge that Adam was "the spider in this tangled web." The judge noticed that Adam wasn't represented by counsel. Adam said that his court-appointed lawyer had been woefully unprepared, and he wanted to represent himself.

The judge urged Adam to get an attorney -- she said that he was being arraigned on a list of charges that was longer than his arm. Adam said that he understood, and he was prepared to take responsibility for his own legal fate. After telling Adam that he could always have another attorney appointed by the court, she asked Adam how he pleaded to the first charge -- conspiracy to commit murder. Adam remained silent for a moment and the judge said that she wanted an answer -- guilty or not guilty. Adam was stunned when Skye walked into the courtroom and said, "Not guilty, your honor."

Victor, flanked by Nikki, Phyllis, and Nick, held a press conference at the courthouse. He said how happy he was that one of his sons had been released from jail -- and his other son was being arraigned for conspiracy to commit murder. Victor told the reporters that although Adam might be using the Newman name, he would never be a part of the Newman family again. He said that one might assume that Adam's sadistic behavior was an attempt at revenge -- but he believed that Adam was a psychopath, and said, "Adam Wilson is evil."

Victor turned the press conference over to Nick, who thanked Michael, Victor, Nikki, and Victoria. He saved his most lavish praise for Phyllis. He said that no one could have been more steadfast in his darkest hours. He told Phyllis that her love and support had gotten him through the situation, and he would spend the rest of his life showing his gratitude. Nick hugged Phyllis as the cameras began flashing. Nikki seemed concerned by the unemotional expression on Phyllis' face.

After the press conference, Nick told Victor that he was surprised that Victor hadn't attacked the D.A. Victor said that he merely wanted an apology from Pomerantz -- he didn't want to start a war.

Nikki pulled Phyllis aside for a private chat. She said that she hoped that Phyllis had really listened to what Nick had said and assured her that Nick loved her. Nikki said that she knew that Phyllis had been under a lot of stress and wondered if time alone with Nick might alleviate it. Phyllis thought that was an interesting idea and asked Nikki if she could watch Summer that evening. Nikki said that she wouldn't be around, but she would get a babysitter to watch Summer at the main house.

Pomerantz walked up to the podium to make a statement officially announcing to the press that the charges against Nick had been dropped. As the D.A. spoke, Sharon showed up and approached Nick. She told him that she had just seen Adam. Nick was upset with her. Sharon said that she was sick of Nick telling her what to do, and left.

Pomerantz continued speaking to the press, saying that Patty had confessed to the Hightower murder, Adam had been charged with conspiracy to commit murder, and Nick was free to go on with the rest of his life. Victor told Nick that was probably as much of an apology as they were going to get out of the D.A. Victoria showed up with the new issue of Restless Style. Victor's expression changed to one of anger when he saw the picture of Abby on the cover, and he walked off.

Nikki looked at the cover story and was concerned about how the article would affect Phyllis. Nick looked around and noticed that Phyllis was gone. Nikki told him that she had left a while before, and Nick took off to look for her. Victoria complained to Nikki about Billy publishing the article, but Nikki assured her that the Newman family would survive and that she shouldn't be so upset.

Victoria said that Billy was "such an ass." Nikki realized that Victoria's feelings for Billy ran deep, and said that she wanted Victoria to be happy -- even if that meant her being with Billy Abbott. She warned Victoria that Victor would probably have a different opinion on the subject. Victoria wondered where Victor had gone. She quickly realized that he had probably gone to see Billy.

At her apartment, Sharon stood by Faith's cradle and said, "Adam and your Daddy -- what a mess. If only I could give up on both of them."

Nick returned to the tack house, where he found Phyllis standing next to some luggage. He sensed that something was off and asked her if Summer was okay. She told him that their daughter was at the main house with a babysitter. Nick said that was good, because he wanted time to talk. Phyllis grew teary eyed and said, "No. We're not gonna talk anymore." She told Nick that she had played the good wife for a really long time and had stood beside him at the press conference, but she was done. She said, "No more." Nick replied, "No more what?" Phyllis told him, "No more us."

Nick said that he had no idea why Phyllis had decided to leave him. He reminded her that he had stood in front of the world and announced his love for her, and he meant what he had said at the press conference. Phyllis said that she knew that Nick had been sincere -- but that things never changed. She told him that she deserved \much more, and that she couldn't be his rock anymore. As she began wheeling out her luggage, she said, "This is goodbye -- for good." After she was gone, a confused Nick stood there -- very much alone.

At Crimson Lights, Abby was on the phone with Kent. She told him that her Restless Style cover pushed the boundaries -- if it didn't get people's attention, she didn't know what would. After she hung up, she took her first look at the cover of the magazine. Seeing how Billy had cropped the picture, she said to herself, "What the hell? He tricked me. Uncle Billy -- you are so done." She ran out of the coffeehouse.

Abby went to the Restless Style office and told Billy that he had lied to her. He said that he hadn't -- he pointed to the huge illuminated blowup of the magazine and said that he had fulfilled his end of their deal -- her picture was on the cover. Abby ranted, telling Billy that she was trying to "build a brand" and the article was about Nick and Adam -- not about her.

She accused Billy of using her. He replied, "It sucks being on the receiving end, doesn't it?" and told her that she had used Victor, Ashley, and Katherine. He said that she was a "lucky little girl" that he was the person teaching her a lesson, rather than someone who could have exploited her. Before leaving the office, she told him that he was the one person who she thought she could trust.

Abby returned to Crimson Lights and ran into Nikki. Nikki wondered if her fans would recognize her -- after all, she was showing less skin on the cover than she usually did. Abby replied, "You're lecturing me on being naked? Isn't that the way everyone first met you here?" Nikki said, "Good one," and sat down with Abby. She told Abby that people criticized "The Naked Heiress" concept because they cared about her. Nikki continued to lecture Abby by saying that nudity might get Abby attention for a while, but the people who would judge her in the future might not find her traipsing around naked particularly laudable. Nikki said that her past was still thrown in her face -- as evidenced by Abby's remark.

Abby said that it was a new generation, and that pole dancing was practically an Olympic sport. Nikki agreed that times were different -- that when Nikki was a stripper decades earlier, things didn't end up on the Internet. Abby said that was exactly her point -- she wanted to be on the Internet. She checked her cell phone and saw that there had been a huge increase in the number of people who had checked out her online video. Abby handed her phone to Nikki. Nikki looked at the video in disgust and said, "My God, are you having sex with that guy?" Abby said that the Restless Style cover had worked -- and that by the following morning, she would be a household name.

An irate Victor went to see Billy at the Restless Style office. He told Billy that he had been having a good day until he had seen the magazine cover. Victor said that Billy could have put his picture on the cover -- but instead he had chosen to exploit Victor's daughter. Billy said that Abby had begged to be on the cover. Victor said that Abby was off-limits. He then picked up something heavy from Billy's desk and threw it at the large illuminated magazine cover, which was made of glass. The glass broke and the cover crumbled.

As Victor walked towards Billy, Victoria entered the office and begged her father not to hit him. Victor wanted one good reason why he shouldn't rearrange Billy's face. Victoria replied, "Because I love him." The stunned Victor turned around to stare at his daughter.

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