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Jana and Ryder made love. Chance accepted Chloe's marriage proposal. Chance saved Heather from the bomb. Victor discovered that Adam was with Skye. Shaw trapped Victor on a sinking boat. Cane sued Mac to harvest the unborn babies' stem cells.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of June 7, 2010 on Y&R
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Monday, June 7, 2010

On the Crimson Lights patio, Chance was still speechless because Chloe had proposed to him. Chloe begged him to say something. He said that that he couldn't believe his ears -- but before he had a chance to respond, his cell phone rang. He told Chloe that he had to take the call -- it was work. Chance answered and heard a terrified Heather's voice -- she told him that she was in the Crimson Lights parking lot -- locked in her car with a bomb. Chance told her to stay on the line -- he was on his way. He told Chloe that Heather was in trouble, then rushed out to the parking lot.

Chance and Chloe ran to Heather's car. Chance promised Heather that he would get her out of the car unscathed. He told Chloe to go to his car and get his slim jim and small flashlight. Chloe took off, and Chance tried to keep Heather calm. She said that this wasn't the way she had envisioned herself dying. Chance said that she was going to walk away -- no one was going to die that night. Chloe returned with the slim jim and the flashlight. Chance told her to call 9-1-1.

Chance asked Heather if there was any sort of clock or timer on the bomb. Heather said that there wasn't. Using the slim jim, Chance managed to unlock the car's door. Heather's instinct was to run out of the car, but Chance sternly ordered her not to move. He slowly opened the door and took a look at the bomb. He told Heather that the bomb had been activated when she had sat in the driver's seat. Heather said, "So that means if I move..." Chance finished her sentence, saying, "...the bomb is going to detonate."

After returning from calling 9-1-1, Chloe urged Chance to wait for the bomb squad to arrive. Chance, wheeling a manhole cover over to the driver's seat, said that he would be fine. Heather said that Chloe was right -- that he should stand back and wait for the bomb squad. Chance insisted that he wouldn't leave Heather. Chance explained his plan -- he wanted Heather to swing her legs over to the passenger side of the car, then pull her body up a bit as he slipped the manhole cover onto her seat to replace her body weight.

Heather followed Chance's instructions and, after he slipped the manhole cover underneath her, he had her swing her legs outside of the car. Chance said that when he counted to three, they should run for cover behind a nearby dumpster. Chance counted, "One... two... three..." and he and Heather made a dash for the dumpster and prepared for the blast. A few seconds later, they realized that Chance's plan had worked -- the bomb had not detonated. Chance and the relieved Heather hugged, while a jealous Chloe watched from behind a fence.

Inside Crimson Lights, Chance and Heather told District Attorney Pomerantz about the bomb. Chloe joined them and reported that the bomb squad had dismantled the bomb. Pomerantz asked Heather if she could think of anyone who would want her dead. She told him that she and Chance had interviewed Frank Ellis in jail -- but that Ellis wanted a deal from Heather in exchange for information about the Riggs case -- and therefore Ellis probably wouldn't want to kill Heather.

Heather said that Ellis had been nervous during the interview, and that he didn't want word to get out that she and Chance had spoken with him. Chance said that the device in Heather's car had been thrown together quickly. Chance told Pomerantz that since he had heard Riggs's name, he had been targeted twice -- and perhaps the same people who were targeting him were trying to send Heather a message.

Heather said that they needed to find out who might have overheard her and Chance's conversation with Ellis. Chance told Pomerantz that he should offer Ellis a deal, but Pomerantz balked at the idea of cutting a break for a three-time offender. Heather said that was up to Pomerantz, but she wasn't going to let go of the situation. Chance warned Heather about going off half-cocked. She assured him that she would be smart, and she would get answers.

Chance walked over to Chloe, who was standing alone at the counter, and hugged her. He apologized for constantly putting her in danger. Chloe disagreed, saying that he kept her safe -- and sane. The couple kissed. Chloe was concerned that there was still someone out there who was trying to hurt Chance. Across the room, Pomerantz told Heather that he was going to put a police detail on her -- he wasn't going to let anyone "spook" his assistant district attorney.

Back at the counter, Chance said that Chloe had asked him something, but that they had been interrupted before he had a chance to give her an answer. He accepted Chloe's marriage proposal, and told her that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. The overjoyed Chloe spun him around. Heather walked over and apologized for interrupting. Chloe blurted out that they had just gotten engaged. Underwhelmed, Heather said, "That's wonderful," and said that her timing was bad. She told them that Pomerantz wanted an around-the-clock security detail on Heather. Chloe and Chance thought that was a great idea -- until Heather informed them that the D.A. insisted on Chance guarding Heather.

Asleep on the couch in his trailer, Billy was awakened by Victoria knocking at the door. Victoria had a jar of pickles with her, and lamely told Billy that she had stopped by because she was having trouble opening the jar. The couple began kissing.

Outside the trailer, Jill and Nikki ran into each other. Jill wondered what Nikki was doing there. She told Jill that she was looking for Victoria. Jill assured Nikki that Billy and Victoria had a "mercifully" short tryst, and it was over. Nikki smugly told Jill that the couple had been married in Jamaica, although it had later been determined that the marriage wasn't valid. Jill said that Victoria and Billy were idiots. Nikki calmly said that they were adults -- and there was no harm done. Jill and Nikki burst into the trailer. Jill yelled out, "Billy. What were you thinking?" Both Jill and Nikki were stunned to see their children in bed, making love.

Billy and Victoria hastily got dressed as Billy chided them for barging in without knocking. Nikki told Victoria that Victor needed to see her immediately. Jill demanded that Victoria and Nikki leave so that she could speak to Billy about what had been going on. Billy returned the pickles to Victoria, and said that he was allergic to them. Nikki and Victoria took off.

After they were gone, Billy told Jill to go away. Jill said, "You said it was over." Billy lied and said that it was. Jill warned him about Victoria by saying that Victoria would "grind" Billy under her heel and "feed you to her Daddy." Billy remained silent, and Jill decided that Billy's romance with Victoria was a plan to get a Newman scandal story for the next issue of Restless Style. She hugged Billy and thanked God that he was not falling for "that girl."

At the Athletic Club, Tucker and Ashley met for a business dinner. Ashley wondered about Tucker's idea to blackmail Victor into selling him Beauty of Nature. Tucker said that Ashley had laid down the law and ordered Tucker not to blackmail Victor, and he was going to comply. He told Ashley that he was still curious about Victor's business deal with the Japanese Mitsukoshi Department Store chain -- and how Victor had managed to get the store to exclusively distribute Beauty of Nature products.

Tucker said that he had a legitimate way to get the information he needed -- he planned to arrange a "leak" so that Victor would think that he was pursuing a Mitsukoshi deal with Jabot. Tucker felt that would force Victor to "shore up his deal" with Mitsukoshi and perhaps "show his hand." Ashley was okay with that plan -- she said that it was sneaky, but not illegal. Tucker informed Ashley that Jill would be the leak -- and told her that Jill was so desperate for a Restless Style story that she had bugged their recent business meeting.

Tucker said that, during that meeting, Jill had sauntered up to his and Ashley's table, made some quick, mindless conversation -- and then left. During that time, Tucker had seen Jill place a recording device under the table. Ashley was concerned -- she said that during that meeting they had discussed Beauty of Nature. Tucker said that they had never mentioned the company by name -- if they had, he would have smashed the recording device.

Tucker said that his plan was to feed Jill the information that they wanted to get back to Victor. Ashley smiled and said that Tucker always seemed to stay one step ahead of everyone else. Tucker said that Ashley was no straggler, but Ashley told him that she never went for the jugular. Ashley said that she was used to ruthless men -- she found the trait somewhat unnerving in Victor, but impressive in Tucker. Tucker joked that he was upset that he didn't inspire "fear and quaking" in Ashley. She smiled and said that she felt that she could always speak her mind around him.

Back at Billy's trailer, Jill told Billy that she had a juicy story -- that Ashley and Tucker were after Victor, and she had it all on tape. Jill started playing the tape and they heard Ashley and Tucker discussing generic business information about a company that Tucker wanted. Billy looked bored, and told his mother that he didn't appreciate her spying on his sister. Ignoring Billy, Jill said that she guessed that the company that they were after was Beauty of Nature. Jill received a call from Tucker, who was still sitting with Ashley. He asked her to meet him at the club for a drink and told her he wanted to pick her brain about something.

In his office, Victor was on the phone with Russ Curtis, the owner of the crop duster that had picked up Adam in the deserted cornfield and flown him to Ottawa. Victor said that he would be at the airport shortly, and he wanted Russ to fly him to the same spot in Ottawa where he had flown Adam.

Later, Victoria and Nikki arrived at Victor's office. Victoria asked how Sharon was doing. Nikki said that she had spoken to Nick and that Sharon was improving after having inhaled pesticide, and was going to be released from the hospital soon. Victoria said that she found it repulsive that Adam was still alive and "out there." Nikki said that at some point they needed to talk about "him." Victoria said, "Adam?" Nikki replied, "No. Billy." Nikki said that she knew that Victoria was still hurting after her divorce from J.T. Victoria assured her mother that Billy was merely a "fun distraction."

Nikki reminded her daughter that Billy was "pathologically determined" to ruin the Newman family -- and was worried that Billy was setting Victoria up. She warned Victoria not to trust him. Their conversation abruptly ended when Victor entered the office. He told the women that they had made real progress on the search for Adam -- and that the crop duster pilot was going to fly him to Ottawa. Victor told Victoria that, in his absence, he wanted her to run Newman Enterprises. The excited Victoria thanked her father for his faith in her. Victor told them that he would be leaving right away.

Victor promised Nikki and Victoria that he would be careful while searching for Adam. Nikki prayed that he would find evidence to clear Nick. Victor said that he would find the evidence that he needed -- and that he had complete confidence in Victoria's ability to run the company while he was away. After hugs and kisses, Victor left.

After Victor was gone, Nikki told Victoria that Victor had a lot of faith in her. Victoria replied, "Even though I married the enemy?" Nikki said that she was just trying to protect Victoria. Victoria said that Billy was a jerk, and full of himself. She again insisted that she wasn't falling in love with Billy, though neither she nor Nikki looked totally convinced of that.

Jill went to the club to meet Tucker and found him finishing up dinner with Ashley. Jill made a poor attempt at humor by telling Tucker and Ashley that they spent so much time at that table that the club should start charging them rent. Ashley obligatorily chuckled and left. Jill sat down with Tucker. He told Jill that he needed her help -- and that in exchange he would give her a great story for Restless Style.

Tucker told Jill that he wanted to expand Jabot into the Far East market, and that the Mitsukoshi Department Store chain seemed the perfect place to start. Jill wished Tucker good luck -- she told him that Victor and Beauty of Nature had an exclusive deal with Mitsukoshi. She said that she could never get Jabot products into Mitsukoshi and neither could Tucker. Tucker said that was why he needed Jill's help -- to help "steal" Beauty of Nature from Victor.

Jill thought the idea impossible. She said that the Mitsukoshi executives wouldn't even take a meeting with Tucker. Jill told Tucker that it wouldn't surprise her to learn that Victor was "greasing palms" all over Japan, but that she knew precious little about Victor's business deals. Tucker said that she could find out, implying that Jill use her "assets" and "substantial charm" to try to get information. The stunned Jill said, "You want me to seduce Victor Newman?" Tucker was saved from answering when his cell phone rang, and he left the table to take the call. While Tucker was away from the table, Jill called Billy and told him that Tucker wanted her to get information from Victor on how he had landed a deal for Mitsukoshi Department Stores to exclusively distribute Beauty of Nature products. She added that Tucker wanted to take control of Beauty of Nature.

After Jill hung up, Tucker returned to the table and said that he hadn't meant to "pimp" Jill out to Victor, and was sorry if she was offended. Jill said that she doubted that her "substantial charm" would work -- and, as she began walking out, said that if he needed anything else, to phone her. Tucker called her back to the table. He held her tape recorder, which she had forgotten, in his hand. At first, Jill denied that the recorder was hers, but then admitted that it was. She lied, saying that she used it to dictate letters and take notes. Tucker smiled and said that he preferred to write things down. Jill grabbed the recorder and left.

After Billy finished speaking with Jill, he began researching Mitsukoshi on the Internet. He was interrupted when Victoria returned, this time looking for a missing earring. Victoria told him that Victor was leaving the country and that she was going to head Newman Enterprises while he was away. The guilty-looking Billy asked her if anything "heavy" happened whether it would it land in her lap. Victoria said that it would. Billy then spilled the beans. He told Victoria that Tucker was after Beauty of Nature.

Victoria said that Tucker had made that clear. Billy then told her that Tucker was interested in the deal between Newman Enterprises and the Mitsukoshi Department Stores. Grateful for the information, Victoria asked Billy why he was telling her. He joked that it was a belated wedding present.

Victoria said that she would deal with Tucker wanting a piece of the Asian cosmetics market, and begged Billy not to publish anything about the business machinations in Restless Style. He said that he would hold off running the story as long as he could. Victoria thanked him -- and told him that she was going to take care of the situation immediately.

On the Crimson Lights patio, Nikki ran into Ashley. They discussed how horrible it was that Adam had murdered Richard Hightower. Nikki assured the frightened Ashley that Faith was safe. She told Ashley that Victor was on his way to Canada to look for Adam. After Nikki left, Ashley called the Athletic Club to see if Tucker was still there. Learning that he was, she left to meet him.

Later, Victoria met up with Nikki on the Crimson Lights patio. She told her mother that she had been unable to reach Victor, and she needed advice -- Tucker was determined to find out how Victor had gotten an exclusive deal with the Mitsukoshi Department Stores. Nikki wondered how Victoria had gotten that information, and was pleasantly surprised to learn that Billy had told her. Victoria wondered what Victor would say. Nikki told her daughter that Victor would tell her to follow her instincts. Victoria said, in that case, she was off to Japan.

Jill went to Billy's trailer to play him the tape of the conversation between her and Tucker. She pushed the "play" button, but nothing happened. She realized that Tucker had taken the tape out of the recorder before returning it to her. At the Athletic Club, Tucker showed Jill's tape to Ashley. Ashley said that she thought that Tucker wanted Victor to know about Tucker's plans to expand into the Asian market. Tucker said that Jill not having the tape wouldn't make a difference -- Victor would still learn of his plans.

Ashley said, "Not necessarily," and explained that Victor was out of the country. Tucker was thrilled to learn that. Ashley said that she was torn -- that Victor had left the country for good reason -- but that this was business, and, if the tables were turned, Victor would use Tucker's absence to his advantage. Tucker said his motto was, "Do unto Victor as he would do unto us."

Russ and Victor flew in a small plane. Russ pointed to some blinking lights and told Victor that was where Adam had been dropped off. Victor asked him how soon they would land. The pilot laughed and said that he couldn't land -- they were in foreign airspace and he could be arrested or lose his pilot's license. He informed Victor that he had flown Adam that far -- and that Adam had then parachuted out of the plane. He advised Victor to grab a parachute from the back of the plane.

Victor strapped on a parachute, carefully climbed onto the wing of the small plane, and then jumped into the night.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Victoria summoned J.T. to join her in Victor's office at Newman Enterprises. J.T. was not happy to be there -- he said that it was another reminder of how bad things were for him when he worked there. Victoria told him that she was going out of town on business for a few days and wanted to make sure that he was aware of the trip, because she knew how he hated to be kept out of the loop. J.T. said that he never felt like he had been "in the loop." Victoria asked him if it would be okay for her to stop by his apartment on her way to the airport so that she could say goodbye to Reed. J.T. said that would be fine. He asked Victoria where she was going, and she informed him that she would be traveling to Japan. On his way out, J.T. snidely warned her not to drink too much sake -- otherwise, she might end up married again.

At Jimmy's, Mac asked Billy if he felt that his "marriage" to Victoria had been real during the ceremony. Billy said that he didn't know how he felt. When Mac said that Billy was really serious about Victoria, Billy quickly changed the subject to Lily and Mac's pregnancy. Mac joked that she knew the location of every ladies' room in Genoa City -- but she had no right to complain considering what Lily was going through. She told Billy that Olivia and Lily had settled in Paris and that Lily was undergoing treatment. Billy told Mac that he hoped the treatment worked, saying, "Those twins are gonna need their Mama."

At Neil's apartment, Devon's graduation party was in full swing. Devon was celebrating with Neil, Malcolm, Cane, and Roxanne. Things between Neil and Malcolm appeared to be peaceful, and Malcolm volunteered to make the salad for Neil's lasagna dinner. Cane went to the balcony to call Lily. Lily, looking and sounding extremely weak and sickly, was in her bed in the hospital in Paris. Cane asked her what was wrong. She lied and said that she was tired, but Cane saw through that, and demanded that Lily tell him the truth.

A tearful Lily admitted that she had taken some tests and the results weren't good -- her treatment wasn't working. She told Cane that the doctors had told her that they had done everything that they could. Cane insisted on going Paris, but Lily ordered him not to. Cane wondered if Lily wanted to congratulate Devon, but she said that she had spoken to her brother earlier and had sent him a gift. She begged Cane not to tell her family about her worsening medical condition -- she didn't want to ruin Devon's big night, and she didn't want her family flying to France. Choking back tears, Cane said that they could try their other option -- using Mac's amniotic fluid. Lily said that she was too weak to argue with Cane, but reminded him that he knew that she was adamantly opposed to that.

Inside the apartment, Neil gave Devon his graduation gift -- a state-of-the-art camera. Neil said that Devon could use it while he worked alongside his Uncle Malcolm. Malcolm smiled, impressed with Neil's attitude and the camera. Devon wondered who his first "victim" should be, and decided to take some pictures of Roxanne. Malcolm noticed Cane crying on the balcony and joined him. When Malcolm asked Cane what was wrong, Cane told him that he had called Lily and that the news from Paris was bad. He asked Malcolm to keep a secret -- Lily's treatment wasn't working. Malcolm said that he was glad that Cane had told him. Cane said that he had arrived at a decision -- he had called his attorney and was "pulling the trigger" on his lawsuit to obtain Mac's amniotic fluid. Cane told Malcolm that the babies' stem cells might be the only option to save Lily's life.

Cane and Malcolm rejoined the group inside the apartment. Neil told Devon how proud he was of his son. Neil listed all the obstacles that Devon had overcome. Devon opened the gift that he had received from Lily -- it was a framed, signed copy of Devon's favorite Miles Davis album. Neil was shocked that Lily had been able to find such a rare item and \asked Cane how she had done it. Cane said that Lily was very resourceful. Devon read Lily's card -- she wrote that great music and great memories lasted forever, and that she was sorry that she wasn't able to be there in person to share his special day with him. Malcolm and Cane were forced to fake smiles.

J.T. stopped by Jimmy's for a beer and to ask Mac out on a "real" date. They ruled out several things that the very pregnant Mac would probably not like to do on a date, such as bowling or riding on roller coasters, but she said that she would be thrilled to go out with J.T., and they would think of something "pregnancy-friendly" to do.

J.T. told Mac that Gabby could stay at the apartment and look after Reed, and mentioned that Victoria was going to stop by to tuck the boy in. Mac said that someone would be in to look after Jimmy's. Everything seemed great, until a man entered the bar, confirmed Mac's identity, and handed her an envelope. J.T. said that it looked like Mac had been served. Mac opened the envelope and was shocked -- she told J.T. that Cane was suing her for her amniotic fluid.

Back at the graduation party, Cane said that he had to take off. Just before he walked out, Mac and J.T. showed up at the door. Mac jammed the legal papers into Cane's chest and angrily said, "You wanna tell me what the hell you're thinking?"

From what appeared to be a dock, Victor, who was in Ottawa, Canada, called Michael. Michael was stunned to learn that Victor had parachuted out of a plane in the middle of the night over a foreign country. Victor told Michael that he had learned from Russ, the plane's pilot, that Adam's plan had been to charter a boat in Ottawa to take him to Quebec. Victor said that he hadn't found the boat or its captain yet, but he planned to.

Victor changed the subject to the situation with Nick and that "jackass," District Attorney Pomerantz. Michael delivered some bad news -- that Pomerantz was trying to have Nick indicted for Richard Hightower's murder. Victor said, "What the hell is the matter with that egomaniac?" Michael said that Pomerantz wanted to make a name for himself. Victor said that if Pomerantz wanted a fight, he would have one.

At Genoa City Memorial, Nick helped Sharon walk up and down a corridor. Nick told Sharon that she was going great. They ran into Sharon's doctor, who agreed with Nick -- Sharon was making a remarkable recovery after inhaling pesticides. Sharon said that she wanted to get home to her baby girl. The doctor said that might be possible -- that night. She told Sharon that she wanted to run some lung function tests, and if the results were good, she would release Sharon. Sharon was thrilled.

As they continued to walk the corridor, Nick and Sharon reminisced about some happy times that had occurred when they had been married. They returned to her room, where she told Nick that she had been afraid that she was going to die from pesticide poisoning, and that Faith would never get to know her. Nick said that he would never let that happen, adding that he couldn't imagine his life without Sharon. As Nick helped Sharon back into bed, Phyllis walked in. She didn't seem thrilled with the scene, and said that it looked like she had arrived just in time.

Phyllis sported a painted-on smile as she agreed with Nick that Sharon looked great. Phyllis said that Nick must have a "magic touch." Sharon said that fate kept intervening and would not allow her and Nick to bond with Faith. Nick said that it hadn't been fate that had intervened -- it had been Adam. The doctor entered the room and asked Nick and Phyllis to leave so that she could examine Sharon -- hopefully, Sharon would soon be returning home.

In the hallway, Phyllis asked Nick exactly where Sharon's home was -- she said that she hoped that Sharon wasn't planning to move back in with Nick's mother and father at the ranch -- just a stone's throw from where Nick and Phyllis lived. Nick, realizing that Phyllis was feeling jealous because of the tender scene she had just witnessed, assured his wife that Phyllis hadn't walked in on anything -- and that Sharon was in the hospital because she had been trying to help him and Phyllis.

Phyllis said that she wasn't happy with Sharon being "on top" of them -- she reminded Nick that Sharon had plenty of money and could stay anywhere she wanted to. Phyllis thought it best for her, Nick, and Summer to have some distance from Sharon. Nick said that Nikki could use the company and that Sharon needed her rest. He added that Sharon and Faith shouldn't be alone. Phyllis said that Sharon could hire someone to look after her and the baby. Nick said that the security at the Newman ranch was unsurpassed, and it would be best if Sharon stayed there.

Their bickering ended when Michael showed up. He had some news that wasn't pleasant -- the grand jury had indicted Nick again -- and it looked like they were heading for trial after all. A despondent Phyllis gave her husband a big hug.

Michael, Nick, and Phyllis went into Sharon's room and told her the bad news. Sharon couldn't understand why the D.A. wouldn't admit that he was wrong. Michael told Sharon that Pomerantz seemed to have an ego problem. Sharon wondered how Nick could be indicted for murdering someone he hadn't even known. Nick said that the D.A. would make it look like Nick had murdered Hightower while thinking he was Adam. "Stab first -- ask questions later." Referring to Adam, Nick said that he felt as if he had been set up by a real pro. Phyllis said that Adam had made one mistake -- he had underestimated them. Phyllis added that when Victor found that "son of a bitch," Adam would pay.

Michael warned them not to underestimate the shrewd Pomerantz. Sharon wondered what their counterattack would be. Nick told her not to worry about that -- that she should concentrate on getting released that night. The doctor entered the room with a big smile and, noting the number of guests Sharon had, said that the "popular lady" could go home that night. The doctor made Sharon promise that she would take it easy and asked if she would have help with the baby. Nick told the doctor not to be concerned -- that Sharon would have all the help she needed. Phyllis grimaced as she heard Nick speak.

When the doctor said that Sharon would need to have some prescriptions filled, Phyllis smirked and said, "Oh! Let me get them for you!" Sharon, apparently oblivious to Phyllis' sarcasm, thanked her. The obsequious Phyllis asked Sharon if she could help her get ready to leave. Sharon said that she would be fine.

Nick, Phyllis, and Michael went back into the hallway. Michael said that since it was obvious that Sharon was going to recover, it was time to focus on Nick's defense. Michael told the Newmans that things were far from hopeless -- that some of the D.A.'s evidence would work against the prosecution. Michael reminded them that Nick had no ties to Hightower, and the blood on Nick's jacket was Adam's, not Hightower's. Michael said that the voicemail on Adam's phone tended to prove that Adam had set the whole thing up. Nick said that all they had to do was to convince a jury.

Nick helped Sharon, who had gotten dressed, walk around her hospital room. Phyllis returned to the room with Sharon's prescriptions. Michael said that he would follow them to the ranch so they could begin working on Nick's defense. Sharon asked how they could help. Nick, Michael, and Phyllis insisted that Sharon rest and spend time with Faith. Phyllis seemed particularly eager to keep Sharon away from Nick. Michael said that he thought that he could punch enough holes in Pomerantz's theory to create reasonable doubt. Nick said that he didn't want to get overconfident.

Victor called Victoria from the Canadian dock. Victoria said that she could strangle Tucker McCall for trying to hurt Newman's market share in the Far East while Victor was away -- but she assured her father that she would take care of that situation. She urged Victor to concentrate on finding Adam, and asked him if he had made any progress. He said that he was on the right track. Victoria received another phone call and told Victor that she had to go. Victor told her that he supported her decision to go to Japan -- and reminded her that the information on the Mitsukoshi deal was in his file cabinet. He implored her to be discreet. They ended their phone call.

Victoria opened Victor's file cabinet and gently pulled out a beautifully decorated Oriental chest. She put it back in the cabinet when Billy walked into the office. Victoria said that it wasn't a good time -- she was leaving town on a business trip. Billy asked her where she was going, but she made it clear that it was none of his business. Billy said that he had some information on Tucker -- Tucker was aware that the Newmans knew about his plan to acquire Beauty of Nature. Billy thought that Tucker might make his move before Billy even had a chance to publish a story about the deal in Restless Style.

Victoria said that Billy's source had been stupid for tipping off Tucker. Billy said that it had just happened -- and that he wanted to give her a heads-up. Billy grabbed Victoria and they made love under the watchful eyes of Victor's portrait, which made Victoria slightly uncomfortable.

After they got dressed, Billy wished Victoria a bon voyage. She pushed him out the office door and told him that she had to get ready to leave. Victoria received a phone call and told someone that she would review some business material on her flight that night -- she was catching the last flight to Tokyo. She was unaware that Billy was listening to her at the office door.

Victoria went to the airport to wait for her flight. A man with a newspaper obscuring his face sat near her. When Victoria looked at her ticket to see where she was sitting, the man lowered the paper. It was Billy. He said, "Look at that. You're in 2D. I'm in 2C."

Victor went into a seedy bar on the dock. He showed Adam's picture around to the unfriendly patrons and asked if any of them had seen him. A man said, "No one knows anything, and we don't like strangers." The bartender, Meggie, told the man to knock it off. Sensing that he had an ally in Meggie, Victor walked up to the bar and ordered a double shot of tequila. He gave Meggie a generous tip, showed her the picture of Adam, and asked her if she had seen him -- that the man was his son and that finding him was a matter of life and death. Meggie looked at the picture and said, "Maybe." Victor said that Adam could possibly have been looking for a boat to take him from Ottawa to Quebec. Meggie replied, "Good guess." Victor asked her if she had any idea who might have taken Adam.

Meggie pointed out a man who was standing across the bar. Victor showed the man, Shaw Roberts, Adam's picture, and asked him if he had taken Adam to Quebec. Shaw said that he had never seen Adam before. Sensing that Shaw was lying, Victor said that he would pay him double what Adam had paid him. Shaw accused Victor of calling him a liar.

Trying to be friendlier, Victor ordered Shaw a tequila. Shaw said that he didn't know Victor and didn't like him. He tried to throw a punch at Victor, but Victor got Shaw in a headlock and took Shaw's watch off of his wrist. Victor looked at the inscription on the back of the watch, which confirmed what Victor obviously already knew -- that the watch had been a gift from Hope to Adam. Victor asked Shaw how he had managed to get possession of the watch if he had never met Adam.

One of the patrons broke a beer bottle and threatened Victor with the jagged glass. Meggie, wielding a baseball bat, told the man to leave Victor alone. She told Shaw to tell Victor what he wanted to know. Victor, still holding Shaw, whispered menacingly, "Tell me now."

Victor released Shaw and told him that he would report him to the authorities for smuggling a foreigner. Shaw acquiesced and told Victor to follow him. Shaw walked out of the bar as Victor thanked Meggie and handed her some cash. Meggie told Victor not to return to the bar. Victor walked out into the night and looked around for Shaw. From behind, someone knocked Victor unconscious, and he fell to the ground.

In a hotel room in São Paulo, Brazil, a phone rang. Adam answered the phone and listened. He hung up and told the woman he was sharing the bed with, "Victor showed up in Canada. They figured it out. They know I'm alive." The woman assured him that they couldn't know for sure and never would -- they had seen to it that their trail went cold. Skye Lockhart rolled over, held Adam, and said, "No need to worry, babe."

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Outside the front door of the Newman ranch main house, Michael and Phyllis, who was holding Faith, chatted. Phyllis told him that once everything was over, she and Nick needed to take a vacation someplace where there were no telephones and no Internet. Michael chuckled, doubting that such a place existed. They looked inside the window. In the living room, Nick was getting Sharon all settled on the sofa. Referring to Adam, Phyllis asked Michael to remind her why she had hounded the only man who had ever prevented Sharon from needing Nick.

Inside the living room, Nick was doting on Sharon. He told her that he would speak to the staff to make sure that her every need was met. Sharon told him that she was perfectly capable of doing that herself. She said that she was tired of Nick always swooping in to rescue her, adding, "That's why I fell in love with..."

Sharon told Nick that she couldn't believe that she had almost said "Adam." She swore that she was not in love with Adam, but said that, unlike Nick and Jack, Adam had encouraged her to be her own person. She told Nick that, in order to be a good role model for Faith, she had to become more independent. Michael and Phyllis entered and Phyllis handed Faith to Sharon.

Michael talked a bit about the evidence against Nick, but received a phone call, which he took in the other room. Sharon asked Nick to take Faith upstairs and put her to bed, which left her alone with Phyllis. The tension between the two women was palpable. They agreed to drop their pretenses and be honest with each other. Sharon swore that she was not trying to get closer to Nick, even though she knew that Phyllis had witnessed a tender moment between Nick and Sharon at the hospital.

Phyllis said that, once again, Sharon was the damsel in distress. An offended Sharon said that she had not subjected herself to pesticide poisoning so that Nick could save her. Phyllis said that she was thrilled that Faith was alive, that Nick would have a hand in raising her, and that she and Sharon had managed to put their differences aside to help Nick, but wondered why Sharon had to live at the ranch, right "on top" of them. Phyllis said, "No wife should have to put up with that." Surprisingly, Sharon agreed with Phyllis.

Sharon told Phyllis that she had been trying to do what was right for Nick and Faith, but it seemed to be "killing" Phyllis that Sharon was still involved in Nick's life. Sharon said that she wanted her independence and to be with a man who wouldn't always try to rescue her. Sharon told Phyllis that she couldn't stay with her mother, because she lived too far away, and that she didn't want to stay at the Athletic Club, because it reminded her too much of what had happened with Adam. Sharon promised that she would find a place. An excited Phyllis told Sharon to give her a couple of days -- and that she would have a place for Sharon.

Inside the seedy bar in Ottawa, Meggie put an ice pack on Victor's head and told him that he had suffered a bad bump. She said that she had found him unconscious outside the bar, and added, "The cook and I dragged you in, Mr. Newman." Victor wanted to know how she knew his name. She said that everyone in the world knew who he was -- besides, she had found his wallet, emptied of everything except for his license, next to his body. His cell phone had also been taken.

Meggie said that Shaw Roberts had probably jumped Victor. He asked where he could find Shaw. Meggie hesitantly said that she didn't know. Victor asked her if she had ever seen Shaw talking with Adam, and if Shaw had taken Adam out on his boat. Meggie remained silent. Victor said that he thought that she knew more than she was saying -- and he said that he would make it worth her while to tell him what she knew.

Victor asked Meggie her name and if she was going to help him. She said that she was Meggie McClaine, but that she couldn't help -- she had problems enough of her own. Victor wondered what she was afraid of -- he wondered if Adam had told her to keep her mouth shut. Victor again tried to entice Meggie with money -- he told her that he would give her enough to remodel the bar. Meggie declined his offer. Victor tried another approach -- he lied and said that a lot of people missed Adam -- particular Victor's granddaughter, Summer. Meggie finally admitted that Adam had rented a room in the back for a couple of nights.

Meggie told Victor that Adam had paid her cash, had kept to himself, and had only talked with the guy who had taken him out on the boat. Victor gave her his business card and told her to call him in case she remembered anything else. As Victor turned to leave, Meggie said that she did remember something -- that Adam had spent a lot of time staring at a photograph on the wall. She handed the picture to Victor. It was a picture of Skye Lockhart. Victor looked at the snapshot and said that the woman looked familiar.

Victor asked Meggie if she knew the woman in the picture, but Meggie didn't. She told Victor that she had been in the bar about one year earlier. Victor again said that she looked familiar, then he turned the picture over. Skye had written a message, "Wait for Shaw to contact you. Find Ordem E Progresso. See you in paradise." Meggie asked him what that meant. Victor said that Ordem E Progresso was Portuguese for "Order and Progress." He asked her if he could use her cell phone to take a picture of the snapshot and send it to his attorney.

Back at the ranch, Michael told Nick that District Attorney Pomerantz had Adam's voicemail recording, which would tend to exonerate Nick, ruled inadmissible. Nick was upset and told Michael that was the only evidence that Adam had tried to use to frame him. Michael received an alert on his phone that he had received a picture message.

Michael stepped outside the house and phoned Victor. He told Victor that the girl in the photo that Victor had sent was of Adam's girlfriend, Skye Lockhart -- who had been found dead in Victor's stable almost two years earlier. When Victor said that was impossible, Michael reminded him that Adam had identified Skye's body, and said that he had recognized Skye's Harvard class ring. Victor thought that Skye still being alive could be the answer to their prayers. Michael told him that the D.A. had the voicemail recording thrown out, and that it appeared that Victor finding Adam was Nick's only hope. Victor told Michael not to mention Skye to Nick. Michael said that he hadn't seen that coming -- Adam's girlfriend had faked her death. Victor said that there seemed to be a lot of that going around.

After finishing his conversation with Michael, Victor rented a room from Meggie. She said that the room was probably smaller than one of his closets at home -- but it was clean and it had a bed. Victor promised that he would obtain cash the following day to pay her for the room -- plus a bonus. She said that she would take the money for the room -- but he could forget about the bonus. Victor asked Meggie for a favor -- to lure Shaw Roberts to the bar the following night, since Shaw was the only link Victor had to Adam and Skye, the girl in the picture. Victor sinisterly said that he had unfinished business with Mr. Roberts.

Back at the ranch, Nick asked Michael what Victor had to say. Michael was purposely vague, saying merely that Victor was tracking down leads. He told Nick that he had to leave for a meeting. After Michael was gone, Phyllis suggested that she and Nick go to the tack house to see Summer. Nick said, to Phyllis' dismay, that he wanted to stick around the ranch until Sharon was settled in, but Sharon agreed with Phyllis that the Newmans should go and see their daughter.

At the tack house, Phyllis stared out the front door as Nick put Summer to bed. Nick joined Phyllis, who said how happy Summer was to have her Daddy home, and how happy Phyllis was to have her husband home. Nick began kissing Phyllis' neck and telling her that she was amazing and had always been there for him and Summer. She said that her family meant everything to her. They declared their love for each other, began undressing, and made love on the sofa.

At the main house, Sharon cradled Faith in her arms. Referring to Adam, she told the baby that someone had once told her that she didn't need anyone to rescue her -- that she could rescue herself. She said, "That person taught me a lot of things. I can make it on my own. Phyllis said she would help. You never know where you'll find a friend."

In a hotel room in São Paolo, Brazil, Adam stared at his wedding ring, but hastily put it in a drawer when Skye emerged from the shower. She wondered if Adam was still worried about the phone call he had received from Canada informing him that Victor was on his trail. She reminded Adam that they were a continent away from "dear old Dad." She said that Shaw Roberts was "old school" and would keep his mouth shut, and told Adam to enjoy himself, "We're this close to the biggest score of our lives. It's a shame we weren't 'murdered' a long time ago."

Skye began to kiss Adam, but he pulled away. He received a phone call from a judge named Luis. An annoyed Skye said that Luis was a "greedy bastard" and that he had already gotten his cut the previous week. Still on the phone with Luis, Adam asked Luis to meet him at the hotel in one hour. Adam hung up and headed for the bathroom to take a shower. When she heard the water start running, Skye opened the drawer where Adam had stashed his wedding ring and stared at it.

Adam emerged from the bathroom wearing a suit. Skye handed him an envelope filled with cash to give to Luis. She noticed that Adam seemed distracted, and wondered why he wasn't happy. She said that his body was in São Paolo, but his mind was in Genoa City. Adam said that she hadn't seen the faces of all the people at the masquerade ball who had wished him dead. Skye told him not to worry -- that the worst-case scenario was that Victor might locate him -- but they had bribed Luis with enough money to ensure that Adam would never be extradited. Adam said that he wasn't worried that he would be extradited -- he was worried that Victor would kill him.

Skye wondered if Adam was spooked by Victor or by his wedding ring. She admitted that she had seen him stash it in the drawer when she had emerged from the bathroom. Adam wondered if Skye was jealous of Sharon. She said that it was fine with her if he wasted his time pining for "blondie." She tried to talk Adam into forgetting about his life in Genoa City by saying that as time went on, he would forget about the bad things that had happened and only remember the good things.

Adam said that he had tried to be a good husband to Sharon. Skye said that didn't matter -- he couldn't rewrite history. She told him that she was a card shark who had gotten in over her head with the wrong people -- and he was the "scheming baby stealer scammer" who had pissed off an entire town. She reminded him that their current con was their future -- that they could make millions -- and even if Victor tracked them to Brazil, they would be long gone.

Adam said that he didn't know what he was doing still hanging on to his wedding ring. Skye suggested that he was trying to be someone he wasn't. She told him that she had said goodbye to the past when she had placed her Harvard ring on the body in Genoa City. She told him to say goodbye to who he had been and hello to who he was. Adam picked up his wedding ring and apparently threw it out the window. Skye said that Sharon wouldn't have kept Adam happy, and added, "Think of all the fun we'll have parting fools from their money." Adam said that he had to go meet with the judge, Luis. Out in the hallway, he pulled his wedding ring, which he had not thrown away, out of his pocket, and fondled it.

At Devon's graduation party, Mac was still angry and shocked that Cane was suing her. Cane wanted to discuss the situation with Mac privately, but Neil insisted that they speak in front of the entire group. Mac announced that Cane was suing her for her amniotic fluid. Devon and Neil were shocked.

Devon reminded Cane that Lily was dead set against using the twins' stem cells, and was shocked that Cane was going behind her back while Lily was fighting for her life. Malcolm said that he couldn't fault Cane for trying to save Lily's life. J.T. chimed in, telling Cane that he should have discussed it with Lily first. Cane told J.T. that it was none of his business. The bickering continued. Cane said that he would do anything to save Lily's life. Devon said that was why Lily had gone to France.

Neil said that Lily would never forgive Cane if Mac miscarried, and reminded Cane about the risks involved in extracting Mac's amniotic fluid -- both to the twins and to Mac. Cane said that the chance of something going wrong was minimal. An adamant Mac told Cane that he had no say in what she and Lily decided to do with their bodies, and urged Cane to drop his case. Mac said that she would do anything she could to protect the babies. Neil said that he would back Mac one-hundred percent. Malcolm looked annoyed with Neil.

Devon reminded Cane that he had supported Lily's trip to France and her decision to try the adult stem cell treatment to try to arrest the spread of her cancer. Neil wondered what had changed. Malcolm asked Neil to see how the situation was tearing Cane up. Neil was irritated that Malcolm voiced his opinion.

Cane finally broke down and told everyone the truth -- that he had just spoken to Lily and the adult stem cell treatment wasn't working. Neil was surprised at this news. Cane broke down and cried, begging Mac to consent to the amniocentesis procedure. Everyone except for Malcolm continued to bash Cane. Neil said that Cane should have spoken to Lily first before filing the lawsuit. Mac agreed, saying that Neil was right -- Cane had made an impulsive decision. She urged him to drop the lawsuit, unless he wanted to be in a courtroom with himself on one side and Mac and Lily on the other.

Cane told Mac that Lily's life was in her hands. Mac replied, "So are the babies' lives." Cane said that he wasn't changing his mind. Mac said that if Cane wanted an ugly court battle, she was up for one. Mac and J.T. left. Cane asked the group how he could make them understand. Neil said that Cane had betrayed Lily.

Mac and J.T. went to the Athletic Club to meet with Michael. J.T. said that the situation reminded him of the time when Victoria had been in a coma while pregnant with Reed. J.T. and Victor had wanted the doctors to perform a cesarean section, risking Reed's survival to ensure Victoria's, but Nikki had fought them, as Nikki thought that Victoria would want to give Reed the better chance at survival. Mac wondered if J.T. agreed with Cane. Cane showed up and told J.T. that if anyone should understand, it should. J.T. reminded Cane that he was forgetting something -- Victoria had been in a coma and hadn't been able to express her wishes, while Lily had made it explicitly clear that she was against Mac having the procedure.

Michael showed up and read the legal papers that Cane had served on Mac. He said that Cane wouldn't win. Cane said that his lawyer felt otherwise. Michael said that Cane was fighting against both of the babies' mothers. Cane seemed to take offense at Mac being referred to as a "mother." Mac replied, "Host, carrier, whatever you want to call it. Lily and I are together on this." Cane said that he was on Lily's side, and he didn't understand how Mac couldn't see his point of view -- that it didn't have to be that way. Mac said that as long as she was carrying Lily's babies, it did have to be that way.

Back at Neil's, Devon asked Roxanne what she thought about the situation. She said that if Devon were dying, she would do everything in her power to save him. Neil called Olivia in Paris and confirmed what Cane had said -- that Lily's treatment wasn't working. He asked her if there were other options, then sullenly hung up. Devon asked Neil if any other treatments were possible. Neil said there were, but that they had very long waiting lists. Devon said that perhaps Cane and Malcolm were right, and that he wanted Lily to live. Neil said that he wanted Lily to live as well -- but he wouldn't go against her express wishes. Malcolm said, "Even if it means saving her?"

Neil was surprised that Devon seemed to be disregarding what his sister wanted. Devon said that he desperately wanted to be an uncle and spoil his niece and nephew -- but that it would mean nothing if Lily weren't alive. Devon lectured Neil, and said that they had lost Drucilla, and it seemed as if Neil was willing to let Lily go. Neil admitted that he didn't know what was right anymore. Devon reminded Neil that he had always told Devon to follow his heart. After a moment, Neil called Olivia back and said, "Can the doctors in France do anything else for Lily?" When Olivia answered that they couldn't, Neil said, "Then I want my daughter back home."

Thursday, June 10, 2010

At the Athletic Club, Paul joined Emily and Jack for dinner. Paul suggested that they order a bottle of wine, but Emily said that she was finally weaned off of the medications that she had received while in the psychiatric hospital, and felt that it was best if she stayed sober. The Baldwins joined the group -- Paul and Jack told Lauren how great she looked. She and Michael said that it was thanks to Emily that Lauren felt and appeared so good.

Michael told Emily that he had good news -- all of the prescriptions for controlled substances that she had been accused of dispensing had been written while Emily was in the psychiatric hospital -- therefore, she couldn't possibly have written them, and the case against her would probably be dropped. Michael said that he was appealing to the American Psychological Association to have her medical license reinstated, but that might take a while because of all the bureaucratic red tape involved. Jack asked if there was any way that they could speed up the process. Michael said it would help if they could learn who had actually written the prescriptions.

The group looked over copies of the prescriptions that had been written on Emily's prescription pad. Paul said that the handwriting definitely wasn't Patty's -- that he and Patty had excellent handwriting thanks to the nuns in the Catholic school they had attended as children. Michael surmised that Emily's prescription pad must have been stolen, since all of the prescriptions had been filled out of state.

Emily looked at the copies and said that she recognized the handwriting -- it belonged to her brother, Jamie, from whom she had been estranged for years. She told them that Jamie had a serious drug problem and had stolen a prescription pad from her in the past. Michael wondered where Jamie lived, and Emily said that he lived out-of-state. When Michael wondered how Jamie could have gotten his hands on the pad, Jack explained that when Patty had been posing as Emily, he had invited Jamie to Genoa City.

Emily remembered that Patty had visited her while trying to get information on Jamie, and she had fed Patty false information, and hoped that would tip Jack off to the identity switch. Paul realized Jamie was why Patty had whispered "brother" to him when he had questioned her about the prescription pad. Paul had thought that Patty had been talking about him, but she had been talking about Emily's brother. Emily joked that she hoped that Jamie was okay -- so that she could kill him. Michael chuckled and said that he had a "challenging" sibling as well. Lauren joked that it seemed that there was an advantage to her being an only child.

Michael told Paul that they would score points with the DEA if he could locate Jamie. Jack asked if there was anything that he or Emily could do. Michael said that it would be helpful if they could find a sample of Jamie's handwriting. Lauren excused herself to go to the ladies' room. Paul followed her, and in the foyer, told her that he owed her an apology. Lauren wondered what he was talking about.

Paul told Lauren that he had promised Michael that he would keep an eye on her on the night of the masquerade ball, and he felt guilty that he had gotten busy with Heather while Sarah kidnapped Lauren. Lauren said that Paul was being ridiculous -- that, no matter what, Sarah would have found a way to abduct her. Lauren told him that they shouldn't berate themselves about things they had no control over, and said that their friendship ran too deep for something like that to derail it. She asked Paul for a hug, then said that she had to get the ladies' room to fix her face and return to the table, because there was nothing she hated more than cold halibut.

Later, Michael and Lauren went to a private table for a nightcap. Paul left to begin his search for Jamie, which left Jack and Emily alone. Jack continued to blame himself for Emily's DEA mess because he had invited Jamie to town. Emily told Jack not to apologize -- she realized that, at the time, Jack had just been trying to make sense of things, and that was why he had asked Jamie to visit Emily in Genoa City. She said that she couldn't fault him for being loyal. Jack said that he wouldn't give up then -- and he still wouldn't give up.

At the Baldwins' private table, Lauren decided to order a glass of an "outrageously expensive" cognac. Michael asked Lauren if she was doing okay. She smiled and said that she wanted to enjoy an after-dinner drink with her handsome husband. She told Michael, "The hell with Ryder," who she knew was staying at the club. She said that running into Ryder had strengthened her. Michael looked at her lovingly and told her that she was amazing -- and stronger than ever. Lauren replied, "Not just me -- we."

Phyllis gave Sharon a tour of her penthouse. She told Sharon that if she moved in, maid service and linens would be included in the rent. Sharon was concerned that some of the furniture in the apartment had sharp edges, which could be dangerous for Faith. Phyllis, obviously anxious to have Sharon move in, told Sharon that she could replace the furniture and babyproof the place on Phyllis' dime. The Bardwells walked in and were shocked to find Phyllis and Sharon in "their" living room. Phyllis corrected them, saying, "I'm sorry. You mean 'my' living room."

Gloria said that, as tenants, they had rights, and that Phyllis couldn't just barge in -- the Bardwells deserved some notice. Phyllis, looking at a pile of unopened mail on the table, said that not only had she given them notice, but she had sent them several notices of eviction. Phyllis picked one of the notices out of the pile. She asked Sharon to meet her later at Crimson Lights, after she dealt with Jeffrey and Gloria.

After Sharon left, Gloria said that Phyllis was being outrageous, and that she didn't have grounds to evict them. Phyllis said that she most definitely did -- as the Bardwells never paid the rent on time. Jeffrey promised that they would do better. Gloria asked Phyllis what Michael would think of her throwing his mother out. Phyllis said that he would understand. Jeffrey offered to buy the penthouse from Phyllis, but she said that it wasn't up for sale. She suggested that they vacate immediately -- before the sheriff showed up to throw their butts out. Realizing that she was defeated, Gloria said that they would leave -- she had never liked the "mangy" apartment anyway.

After Phyllis left, Gloria and Jeffrey told each other that they would miss the penthouse. They thought for a moment about fighting the eviction, but Jeffrey said that the "we never open our mail" defense was usually not highly effective. Gloria thought it odd that Sharon and Phyllis were there together -- she thought that they hated each other. Jeffrey said that perhaps it was a sign that they should get their own place. Gloria said that they had plenty of money, and perhaps they should build an estate right next to the Abbott mansion. Jeffrey said that was a fine idea, but somewhat impractical, since they needed to leave right away. He suggested that they get a room at the Athletic Club -- and then take their time deciding where they wanted to live.

At the club, the Bardwells were livid that the management wanted them to pay two weeks' rent up front in cash -- along with an extra deposit. Gloria lamented that they were worth a fortune -- but their reputation and credit were shot.

Later, a sad-looking Gloria sipped a four-olive martini at the club's bar. Jeffrey straightened everything out so that they could get a suite -- his banker was friends with the club's owner. Gloria said that she couldn't enjoy the evening -- she was tired of being treated like a second-class citizen in Genoa City. She told Jeffrey that they got no respect from the Newmans, the Abbotts, or the Chancellors, and wondered why they were the "loser couple" who got kicked out of places. Jeffrey asked her if she wanted to be the one who kicked people out. Gloria said that she did, and fantasized about being the toast of Genoa City high society. Jeffrey suggested something to cheer her up -- some kinky sex. She would go upstairs to their room, he would knock at the door, and she would try anything she could think of to try to keep him away. Gloria smiled and ran up the stairs.

Phyllis met with Sharon on the Crimson Lights patio. Sharon said that she felt uncomfortable about Phyllis evicting the Bardwells so that she could live there. Phyllis assured Sharon that the eviction had already been in progress. Still pressuring Sharon, Phyllis told her to take the penthouse -- that Sharon could have a fresh start with no bad memories. Sharon said that everything seemed a bit rushed, and she needed time to think.

Phyllis offered to sell the penthouse to Sharon if she didn't want Phyllis as a landlord. Sharon said, "Wow. You really do want me off the ranch." She told Phyllis that she wasn't interested in buying the apartment, but she would give it a try if Phyllis agreed to a month-to-month rental agreement. Phyllis said that was fine, held out the keys, and told Sharon that she could move in the following day.

From a payphone outside Meggie's bar in Ottawa, Victor called Nick and Nikki at the ranch. He told them that he had learned that Skye Lockhart was still alive. Nikki was shocked, saying that they had found Skye's body buried in the Newman stables years earlier. Nick reminded his mother that Adam had identified the body, and that Adam and Skye had probably been conspiring for years. Victor said that Skye had left instructions for Adam in Meggie's bar to rendezvous with her -- but Victor didn't yet know where. He told Nick to "find a line" on Skye, and that should lead them to Adam. Nick said that they would investigate and call Victor back on his cell phone. Victor told him not to bother calling his cell phone -- it had been stolen. Nikki said, "You were robbed?!" but Victor had already hung up.

Nick and Nikki brainstormed. Nick said that Skye and Adam must have worked out their elaborate plan ahead of time. Nikki said that Adam had to have let Skye know that he was on the way. Nick reminded his mother that every call from every phone that Adam had access to had been accounted for, and none of the calls had been to Skye. Nikki said that perhaps Adam had used a payphone or a phone in an office. Nick suggested that perhaps Adam had another accomplice. Nikki thought that perhaps Adam had borrowed a phone from Russ Curtis, the crop duster who had flown Adam to Ottawa. Nick said that Russ had been helpful, and that it might be time to invite him to the ranch to give him a reward -- and get some information.

Russ arrived at the ranch and seemed apprehensive. He was surprised that Nikki wanted to give him a reward after he had forced Victor to parachute out of his plane. Nikki contained her shock as she said, "You made Victor jump out of your plane?" Russ explained that he couldn't risk his pilot's license by landing on foreign soil. Nikki showed Russ his reward for helping Victor -- an envelope filled with a lot of cash. Russ tried to take the envelope, but Nick said that they had one "tiny" little question to ask first -- had Adam used Russ' cell phone the night that he had flown Adam to Ottawa? Russ became apprehensive again and said that he didn't want any trouble. Nick said that he would be in a lot more trouble if he withheld information from them. Russ admitted that Adam had borrowed his cell phone, and he handed the phone to Nick.

Nick went through the list of dialed calls and found a call to an international exchange that had been made on April first. Russ said that must have been the call that Adam made, since Russ hadn't made any international calls. Nick wrote down the phone number that Adam had called and then erased it from Russ's phone -- just in case Russ got any ideas about calling the number and warning Adam. Nick returned the phone to Russ and handed him the cash-filled envelope. Russ left.

Skye and Adam returned to their São Paulo hotel room after having taken a bunch of tourists for a lot of cash in a poker game. Skye threw the money on the bed and said that she wanted to celebrate, clearly meaning that she wanted to make love. Adam seemed distracted and asked her if she wanted to go to dinner. She replied, "Celibate much?" Skye realized that Adam was thinking about Sharon, and she reminded him that Sharon was part of his past. She said that she never thought that she would see the day when Adam got so hung up on a woman.

Skye told Adam that he was freaking her out. Adam said that Sharon had been the only decent, real thing in his life. Skye held up their poker winnings and said, "This is real." She told Adam that he couldn't possibly win Sharon back after what he had done. She got off the bed and began acting seductively toward Adam. She asked him to let her bring him back to life. Adam seemed disinterested in her advances.

At the Newman ranch, Nick picked up the phone in the living room, and, after confirming with Nikki that the caller ID on the phone was blocked, dialed the international phone number that he had written down. Skye answered the phone. Nick, using a Southern accent, said, "Hey there, sunshine. Put your old man on." Skye asked who it was. Nick replied that it was Jerry -- and that he wanted to speak with Milo. Skye told Nick that he must have dialed the wrong number -- that there was no Milo there. Nick said that he was sorry to have wasted her time, and hung up.

While Nick had been on the phone, Nikki had used her cell phone to speak with Chance -- who was tracing the call. She said that Chance would be able to locate the cell tower that the signal had bounced off of. Nick told his mother that the woman who had answered had an American accent -- and that he had heard a man in the background. Nikki guessed that it had been Skye and Adam. She told Nick that Chance would be able to pinpoint their location, give or take a few miles.

In Brazil, Adam was freaked out about the call, but Skye seemed unconcerned -- she said that it was just a wrong number, and that Adam should let it go. Adam insisted that it wasn't just a wrong number. He said that Victor had shown up in Canada, and then suddenly they received a call on a phone number that no one was supposed to have. Adam started throwing clothes into a suitcase and said that they had to get out of there.

Back in Genoa City, Chance called Nikki and told her that Nick's call had been to São Paulo, Brazil. Nick began to leave the ranch to join Victor on his search for Adam, but Nikki yelled at him and told him that he couldn't go anywhere. Nick said that he had to get the information to Victor. Nikki said that she would go -- in the company jet. Nick said, "No! I want to nail Adam's butt to the wall." Nikki begged Nick not to leave, and reminded him that he would go to jail if he were caught. She told Nick to think about his family. As Nick ran out, he said that was what he was thinking about. After Nick was gone, Nikki made a phone call to someone and said, "My son's about to make a big mistake. You're the only one who can stop him."

In Ottawa, Victor saw Shaw leave Meggie's bar with his drinking buddies. Victor entered the bar as Meggie was putting up the "Closed" sign. Victor was confused -- he thought that Meggie was going to delay Shaw inside the bar so that Victor could confront him. Meggie smiled, showed Victor that she had Shaw's wallet, and said that he would be back. Victor was pleased with Meggie's plan -- he said that he had a score to settle with Shaw. Victor hid in a back room.

Shaw returned to the bar for his wallet, and Meggie let him in. She handed him the wallet, but when he went through it, he noticed that all the cash was missing. Victor emerged from the back room and was holding the cash and Victor's credit cards -- which Shaw had stolen from Victor earlier. Victor told Shaw that he would give Shaw the cash when he told where Adam had been headed. Shaw said that he had a better idea -- he would "pulverize" Victor, take the cash, and throw Victor into the harbor. Victor punched Shaw. Shaw fell to the ground, barely conscious. Victor leaned over him and said, "You should have taken the deal, son."

Shaw regained consciousness and found himself sitting across from Victor at a table -- with his hands bound. Victor showed him the picture of Skye and asked if he recognized her. Victor read the message on the back of the picture -- "Wait for Shaw to contact you. Find Ordem E Progresso. See you in paradise." Victor said that Skye had given him instructions on where to take Adam, and Victor wanted that information. Shaw said that he was going to walk out of the bar.

Shaw was stunned when he realized that Victor had chained his legs to a concrete block. Victor stood up, pulled the table back, and revealed a trapdoor that led to the Ottawa River. Victor said that it would be a shame if Shaw fell in. Victor described death by drowning to Shaw -- he said that, because of the concrete block attached to him, Shaw would drop to the bottom of the river. Shaw would try to hold his breath, but then he would panic, and the cold water would fill his lungs and his belly. Becoming irate, Victor gave Shaw ten seconds to tell what he knew about Adam and Skye.

Victor began counting and started pushing Shaw's chair toward the trapdoor. Shaw began talking. He said that he didn't know their names -- but the lady had given him ten thousand dollars to set up a boat ride for a guy -- who would contact him when he arrived in town. Victor asked if "the guy" had contacted him. Shaw confirmed that he had. Victor asked him what Ordem E Progresso was. Shaw said that it was the name of a freighter -- but he didn't know the freighter's destination -- all he knew was that the freighter's crew spoke Portuguese. Victor closed the trap door and Shaw asked Victor to let him go. Victor said that there was one more thing that he needed Shaw to do for him.

Victor met Meggie outside the bar and told her that, for her protection, he didn't want Shaw to see them together. He told her that Shaw was going to take him to the freighter where he had dropped off Adam. Meggie warned Victor that Shaw was dangerous. Victor assured her that he would be careful, smiled, and thanked Meggie for all of her help. He wondered if there was anything that he could do for her in return. She said that there actually was -- that once Victor was done with his business, she would like it if he returned to Ottawa so that they could have a little "no strings" fun.

Victor chuckled and told Meggie that she was a beautiful woman, and he would have taken her up on his offer if things were different. Meggie realized that Victor was "taken." Victor said that her name was Nikki -- and that he couldn't cheat on her. Meggie gave Victor a kiss on the cheek and said that Nikki was a very lucky woman. After Meggie walked off, Victor walked back into the bar and began untying Shaw. Victor told him that he had better take him where he had taken Adam, adding, "One false move, son, and I'll get you."

Friday, June 11, 2010

At Crimson Lights, Chloe was flashing her engagement ring in front of Kevin's face while she and Chance checked out the muffin selection. Kevin congratulated the happy couple. When Chance and Chloe sat down, he asked her how much she liked the ring. She said that she loved the ring and the man who gave it to her -- but she didn't love how much time Chance had to spend guarding Heather. Chance assured her that she could trust him. Entering from the patio, where she had just finishing speaking on the phone, Heather walked over to their table and told Chance that she was all his.

Heather said that she was sorry to interrupt -- she understood how inconvenient it was for Chloe that Chance had to play bodyguard to Heather. Chloe said that she understood that it was business, but Chance had other cases to solve and a wedding to plan, and should be at home with Delia. Chloe asked Heather if Pomerantz might consider assigning someone else to look after her. Heather told Chance that he could have turned the assignment down, but he said that someone was targeting both him and Heather, and he took that personally. Chloe suggested that the three of them go out to dinner or to a movie, but Heather declined the offer. She went to the patio to follow up on the phone call she had just received. Chance gave Chloe a peck on the cheek, told her that he would see her the following day, and then followed Heather. Chloe looked extremely disappointed.

Jana showed up at Crimson Lights. Kevin thought that she was there to pick up her cell phone, which she had forgotten in the office. Jana said that she hadn't even noticed that her phone had been missing. Kevin reminded her that she didn't have to work that night -- he had arranged the schedule so that they didn't have to work at the same time. Jana said that was thoughtful -- then handed the keys to their apartment to Kevin, and informed him that she was moving out.

Jana emerged from the office with her cell phone. Kevin said that, if she liked, he would move out of the apartment and she could stay. She told Kevin that, unlike him, she had no emotional attachment to the apartment. Kevin asked her where she was moving to, and she told him she was taking a room at the Athletic Club. Kevin said, "With Ryder?" She responded, "Not with Ryder." Kevin told Jana that Ryder had to be part of the reason that she was moving to the club -- because the club just wasn't her type of place.

Jana said that she felt like she needed some pampering. She promised Kevin that she wasn't going to drain their joint bank account -- she would find less expensive accommodations for herself and Ryder in the near future. Kevin immediately assumed that Jana and Ryder would be living together, but Jana made it quite clear that they would be in separate living quarters. He asked Jana if she was seeing Ryder, and she said that she definitely wasn't. She bade Kevin a cold goodnight and left. Seeing that Kevin looked depressed, the unhappy Chloe walked over to commiserate.

Kevin made Chloe a fattening-looking concoction and piled on the whipped cream. Chloe complained that her fiancé was Heather's around-the-clock bodyguard, and whined that the D.A. could have asked someone else to guard her. Kevin asked Chloe if she trusted Chance. She said that she did -- but she didn't trust Heather. Chloe changed the subject to Kevin's problems with Jana. He said that his marriage was over, and that Ryder, his brother who had kidnapped his wife, was Jana's new "BFF." Kevin told her that he just didn't get it.

Bearing a bottle of wine, Jana went to Ryder's suite at the club. He answered the door wearing nothing but his pajama bottoms as she said, "Hello, neighbor." She told Ryder that she had just checked in and wondered if Ryder wanted some company. He invited her in.

Jana and Ryder sat on the couch and finished up the bottle of wine. He returned Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance to her and wondered if reading it had spiritually enlightened her. He said that he didn't know how to change and wondered how Jana had become so compassionate, generous, and brave. Jana disagreed with Ryder's assessment, and said that she was a "cold cyborg." Ryder countered that a cold person would never have bailed him out of jail and forgiven him for kidnapping her. He stared into Jana's eyes and said that he knew that there was something "in there." The couple began kissing.

Ryder gently placed Jana on the bed, but then abruptly stopped kissing her, and said that he couldn't do it. Jana began taking off her blouse and said that she "wanted it" -- that it was the first thing that she had wanted in a long time. Without saying a word, Ryder began making love to her.

At the Newman ranch main house, Jack, who had been summoned by Nikki, arrived. She quickly caught him up on the latest events -- that Skye Lockhart, assisted by Adam, had faked her death. She told him that Nick had called a number that they suspected was Skye's and that a woman with an American accent had answered -- and Nick had heard a man in the background. Nikki said that Chance had traced the call to within a three-mile radius of São Paolo. Jack said, "Please tell me that Nick isn't planning to go to Brazil." Nikki said that Nick wanted Victor to go to Brazil, but that Victor was unreachable in Canada -- Nick was going to head to Canada unless Jack was able to stop him. Jack rushed out, headed for the tack house.

After Jack left, Sharon joined Nikki in the living room and told her that she was moving away from the ranch. When Nikki raised her eyebrow, Sharon explained that it was time that she and Faith had a place of their own -- she wanted Faith to know that her mother was an independent woman. Nikki was very concerned about Sharon's safety, since they assumed that Adam was still alive, and hoped that she would reconsider. Nikki wondered whether leaving was actually Sharon's idea.

Sharon said that Nikki needn't worry about her and Faith being safe -- she said that she would put in an elaborate alarm system or hire security guards at her new place. Nikki said that Nick would be much happier if Sharon and Faith remained at the ranch. Sharon thought it would be better for Nick if she and Faith left. She admitted that she had been a problem for Phyllis and Nick's marriage. Nikki wondered whether Phyllis had been pressuring Sharon to leave. Sharon admitted that she would be moving into Phyllis' penthouse -- and that Phyllis wouldn't be sad to see her go. Sharon said that both she and Phyllis were raising Nick's children, and the time had arrived where they all needed to coexist as adults.

At the tack house, Phyllis was uncorking a bottle of wine when Nick returned. He told Phyllis that he was getting his passport and going to Canada to tell Victor that he had reliable information that Adam was in São Paolo, Brazil. Phyllis wondered why Nick didn't simply call Victor, but Nick explained that his father's cell phone had been stolen. Phyllis told Nick that, per the court's instructions, he couldn't leave Genoa City, but he said that he didn't care -- he had to reach Victor before Adam realized that they were on his trail and left Brazil.

Phyllis told Nick that she or Nikki could go to Canada to talk to Victor, or go to Brazil to try to find Adam. Nick said that was too dangerous, and, since he was the person under arrest, it was his problem, not theirs. Carrying an overnight bag, Nick opened the front door -- Jack was standing there. Nick said that Jack's timing was bad -- he was on his way out. Jack blocked Nick and said that what Nick was planning to do was a bad idea and that he would probably end up in jail again. Nick said that Victor needed to know that Adam was in São Paolo. Jack said that he would find Victor in Canada or go to Brazil if necessary.

Nick continued to argue with Phyllis and Jack. Jack tried to persuade Nick not to leave by telling him that he might be playing right into Adam's hands. Nick said that he would do whatever it took to capture Adam. Heather and Chance arrived at the tack house and told Nick to put his bag down -- he wasn't going anywhere.

Nick realized that Jack had called Heather and arranged for her to stop Nick from leaving the country. Heather said that the judge had made it clear that Nick wasn't to leave Genoa City -- and she knew about his plans and the chartered jet that was waiting for him. She ordered him to hand over his passport and his driver's license. Nick said that he wasn't trying to escape -- that he had to leave because there was an emergency situation. Heather said that someone else would have to take care of the emergency. Jack told Nick that some day he would thank him for thwarting his travel plans, then took off.

Nick handed over his passport and license to Heather. Phyllis was worried that Heather or Chance might tell Pomerantz that Nick had planned to leave the country, but Chance assured her that the D.A. didn't need to know. Heather said that, whether or not Nick believed her, she and Chance were trying to help him. Nick said that it they were on his side they would be trying to clear his name, and added that they probably didn't even believe that Adam was still alive. Heather said that if Adam were alive, she would be the first person to want to see him in prison, but her hands had been tied by Pomerantz, who was handling the case the way he saw fit.

As Chance and Heather walked out, the angry Nick told them that when the truth finally was revealed, he was going to file a lawsuit for false arrest. After they were gone, Nick made it abundantly clear that he was not happy with Phyllis. She insisted that Jack would find Victor, and Victor would find Adam. Sharon phoned Nick and told him that she needed to see him at the main house. Nick agreed to meet her there, while Phyllis exclaimed, "It's so late!" The sullen Nick told his wife that he needed some fresh air and stormed out of the tack house.

Back at Crimson Lights, Chloe and Kevin continued to wallow in their relationship sorrows. Chloe cheered up when Chance and Heather returned. She told them that she had a great idea -- Heather should stay with them at the Chancellor mansion. Heather thought that was a generous gesture on Chloe's part, but she was tired and just wanted to go to bed in her suite at the club. Chance asked Heather to give him a moment alone with Chloe. He told his fiancée how much he would miss her. As they spoke, a coffeehouse patron accidentally bumped against Heather, who overreacted and screamed. Chance immediately ran to Heather's side, which clearly bothered Chloe.

After Heather and Chance were gone, a despondent Chloe amused herself by sticking drinking straws in a muffin. She told Kevin that she didn't want to go home and obsess about Chance and suggested that she and Kevin go see a movie. Kevin was somewhat taken aback, but decided that he would go. He set two conditions -- they couldn't talk about Jana or Chance, and Chloe had to stop flashing her engagement ring around. Chloe agreed, and the two of them left.

In Heather's suite at the Athletic Club, Chance had erected a room divider using some sheets, and worked on his laptop on his side of the divider. Heather emerged from the restroom in her pajamas and stared at the "wall." Heather thanked Chance for looking after her. She confided in him that she was on edge -- she had grown up in an abusive household, and it looked like someone wanted her dead. Chance told her that she should relax -- that she wasn't going to die. Smiling, Heather got into bed. Chance closed the divider and returned to working on his laptop.

Nikki went to the tack house to speak with Phyllis about Sharon leaving the ranch. Phyllis said that she thought that Sharon was getting too "comfy" there and told Nikki that whenever Sharon called, Nick ran -- as a matter of fact, he had just gone over to the main house to see Sharon. Nikki said that if Sharon moved into Phyllis' penthouse, things might get worse -- if Sharon called, Nick would probably still go see her, but instead of being under everyone's watchful eyes at the ranch, the two of them would be alone in Sharon's apartment.

Phyllis realized that she might have made a mistake by asking Sharon to move, but said that Sharon had to grow up and stop leaning on Nick. Phyllis told Nikki that Sharon had done well on her own -- until she had met Adam. With Adam gone, Phyllis said that she was going to give Sharon another chance to become independent from Nick. She told Nikki that if she had made a mistake, she would just have to learn to live with it. The expressions on both Phyllis and Nikki's faces indicated that Phyllis would probably have a difficult time doing that.

In their São Paolo hotel room, Adam was still freaked out by the "wrong number" that Skye had received. Skye told Adam that he needed to learn to relax. Adam said that the second he relaxed, he would get caught.

Skye told him that the judge, Luis, whom they had been bribing, would help keep them out of trouble -- for a price. Skye said that the price would probably be extremely high if Luis knew that Adam was panicking. She told Adam that they needed to "reel" Luis in so that his hands got dirty too. Adam said that they had no time for that -- he demanded that Skye meet with Luis immediately -- or they would have to leave Brazil before Victor found them.

Later, Skye returned from her meeting with the judge and said that he would protect them -- for a high price. Adam asked for the dollar amount, but Skye told him that Luis hadn't decided on an exact figure. Adam said that he had a bad feeling that Victor was going to show up, and was willing to pay whatever price Luis demanded. Skye told him that she was going to take a shower and he should hang on to her cell phone, because Luis would be calling. When Skye went into the bathroom, he put her cell phone in one pocket and took his wedding ring out of the other.

Nick met with Sharon at the main house. She told him that she would be leaving the ranch the following day, and assured him that Phyllis hadn't "guilted" her into leaving. She said that Nick could, of course, visit Faith any time he wanted. Nick said that he had learned that the presumed-dead Skye Lockhart was still alive, and was probably with Adam. He told Sharon all about the phone call to Brazil -- how he had spoken to a woman who probably was Skye -- and that he had heard what was probably Adam's voice in the background. Sharon demanded that Nick give her the phone number. She said that she "had" to hear Adam's voice.

Nick wanted to know why Sharon wanted to hear Adam's voice. She said that she wanted to have proof positive that he was alive, and that perhaps she could get him to admit what he had done. Nick thought it over, unfolded the piece of paper with Skye's phone number written on it, and dialed the number. In São Paolo, Adam, thinking Luis was calling, answered Skye's ringing cell phone. Sharon heard Adam say, "Hello," but she remained silent.

In Ottawa, Victor and Shaw went to Shaw's boat. In the cabin, Victor untied Shaw and ordered him to take them to the same freighter where Shaw had taken Adam. He threatened Shaw by telling him that if he didn't listen to Victor, Shaw would become "fish bait."

Shaw asked what he would get if he took Victor to the freighter. He told Victor about the large sums of money that both Skye and Adam had given him. Victor said that his payment would be Victor's silence about Shaw's participation in the illegal activity of ferrying foreign fugitives around. Suddenly, a bunch of Shaw's drunken friends entered the cabin. Victor pushed Shaw aside. Shaw told his friends that it was time to teach Victor some manners.

Victor told Shaw's friends to get out, but they ignored him. Shaw pulled out a shotgun. His friends became nervous and asked Shaw what he was doing. Shaw laughed and told them to relax -- that no one would know or care if he killed Victor.

Victor told Shaw that if he shot him that Victor's friends would look for him -- Shaw wouldn't get away with it. Shaw told his friends to leave, and said that Victor would be taking a boat ride after all. Shaw shot a hole in the cabin and water began pouring in. He told Victor to enjoy his trip, locked him in the cabin, and left. Victor looked nervous as the cabin began filling with water. He began kicking at the cabin door, to no avail. The water continued to rush in.

Meggie was throwing trash in a dumpster outside her bar when Jack showed up. He described Victor, said that he probably would have been asking a lot of questions, and asked her if she had seen him. She invited him inside the bar. Jack said that he had to deliver an important message to Victor. Meggie chuckled. Jack said, "Then you have seen him." Meggie responded, "Maybe." Jack said it was urgent that they locate Victor. Shaw and his buddies walked into the bar laughing. Shaw said, "Set us up, Meggie. We're having a wake for an old friend." Meggie looked concerned.

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