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Patty pretended to have a miscarriage. Patty and Sarah agreed to team up to make sure their true identities remained concealed. Victor confessed to Adam's murder. Jana and Lauren were locked in an abandoned zoo. Tucker blackmailed Kay. Ashley and Neil made love.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of April 19, 2010 on Y&R
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Monday, April 19, 2010

At the courthouse, Victor tried to phone Victoria repeatedly. Nikki was flustered and couldn't understand why Victoria hadn't shown up. Nikki told Victor that something must have happened to their daughter. Victoria phoned and told her father that she'd been arrested for Adam's murder. Victor summoned Michael.

At the tack house, Phyllis was surprised when Nick arrived home early. Distracted, Nick said he needed to get away from the office. Phyllis noted that her husband had been avoiding her lately, and she expressed her frustration about not being able to wash her hair easily while relegated to a wheelchair. Nick offered to help Phyllis, and she smiled when Nick suggested he get naked and shower with her.

After Nick helped Phyllis shower, he kissed her on the neck and quipped that he didn't know that a leg cast could be so sexy. Nick apologized for shutting Phyllis out, and she apologized for throwing the bloodied jacket away without discussing it beforehand. Nikki phoned and told Nick about Victoria's arrest.

After Nick left, Jack stopped by and told Phyllis he was certain that Victoria had not killed Adam. Jack asked Phyllis whom she thought had killed Adam, but Phyllis remained mum. Jack experienced flashbacks and recalled how frustrated "Emily" had become when Chance had questioned her about her whereabouts during the time of the murder. Jack also remembered how Emily had eagerly attempted to seduce him after he had mentioned stopping by to check on Phyllis.

Jack winced uncomfortably when he told Phyllis that Emily was pregnant. Phyllis noted that Jack didn't seem excited even though he'd often expressed the desire to have another child. Jack explained that Emily had lied about having an appointment with a doctor he had later discovered was a cardiologist. Jack asked how Emily could have faked a home-pregnancy test. Jack cried that Emily didn't seem like the woman he had married, and he told Phyllis that he wasn't sure if he still loved her.

At Jimmy's Bar, Billy overheard J.T. tell Mac that a judge had awarded him full custody of Reed after Victoria had failed to appear in court. J.T. fretted after again failing to contact his wife. Looking spiffier and more pulled-together than usual, Billy asked J.T. if he'd consulted the highway patrol about recent accidents. Exasperated, J.T. affirmed that Victoria hadn't been admitted to any area hospitals and wasn't listed in recent accident reports. Billy urged J.T. to recall the last time he had spoken to Victoria. J.T. whirled around and snapped, "Why do you care?" J.T. warned Billy not to exploit Victoria in his rag magazine.

Billy approached J.T. and calmly assured him that Victoria wouldn't have skipped her court date if she had known it would mean losing Reed. J.T. agreed that something was very wrong. Mac comforted J.T., who phoned Paul and enlisted his assistance. Mac agreed to care for Reed while J.T. searched for Victoria. Mac took Reed to Crimson Lights for a snack. A woman observed Mac and Reed together and told Mac that Reed was a cute little boy. Mac smiled. After the woman noticed Mac's condition, she said Mac must be excited to have another child on the way.

After Billy stepped out of Jimmy's Bar, he phoned his mom, who spouted off about Victoria's arrest being a huge hit with readers. Billy tried to reign in his mother, but Jill gloated about tweeting details of Victoria's arraignment to eager voyeurs. At Crimson Lights, Jill gleaned information from a police officer about Victoria Hellstrom's arrest for Adam Wilson's murder. Jill slipped a sum of money to the cop and offered more if the man could provide a mug shot of Victoria. Jill wrote a story entitled "Terror in the Newman Family," complete with Victoria's mug shot, and posted it on Restless Style's Web site.

At the Genoa City Police Station, a handcuffed Victoria told Chance that she understood her rights. Victoria was quite distressed as an officer readied her for arraignment. Chance told Owen that he wasn't sure that Victoria was Adam's murderer because she was too short to have inflicted the wound. He noted that although the pen that had pierced Adam's ribcage and heart had belonged to Victoria, she was not physically strong enough to inflict the fatal wound.

Victor arrived at the police station with a vengeful scowl on his face, and Nikki followed. Nikki embraced Victoria. Michael arrived and blasted the police for arresting Victoria without evidence. Victoria asked about Reed and was devastated to learn that she had lost custody because she had failed to appear at the hearing. When she insisted she'd tried to call, Victor reminded his daughter that cell phones weren't allowed in the courtroom. Nikki wrapped her arm around Victoria's shoulder as Victor promised to get his daughter released as soon as possible. Victoria said, "Daddy, I just want my son back."

Michael approached Chance and Owen and blasted them for not allowing Victoria to attend Reed's custody hearing. Owen coldly announced that a murder charge took precedence over a custody hearing. Michael warned that he would have everything Victoria might have said thrown out because she had been under duress. Chance maintained that police could tie her to the murder weapon.

Owen assured Michael that he would receive a discovery packet after Victoria's arraignment. Owen added that Victoria wouldn't face a jury if she could provide police with an alibi for the night of the murder. The police officer who'd earlier met Jill at the coffeehouse escorted Victoria to her arraignment. In the courtroom, Nick slipped in and sat on a bench beside his parents. Victor told Nick that after Victoria's arraignment and release on bond, he and his son would discuss what to do next.

Jill sat in the back of the courtroom and tweeted about how an officer escorted Victoria, sporting handcuffs in lieu of diamond bracelets, into her arraignment hearing. Billy warned his mother to stop before she was arrested. Nick saw Jill and Billy and warned his father that the vultures were circling. Michael pleaded "not guilty" for Victoria when prompted by the judge. Michael requested bail, and cited Victoria's ties to the community and her associations with numerous charitable organizations.

Owen objected and warned the judge that police had positively linked Mrs. Hellstrom, who was the daughter of billionaire Victor Newman, to the murder weapon. Owen noted to the judge that Victoria had no alibi. The judge forcefully announced that he did not live under a rock. Jill continued to tweet, and Billy tried to stop her. Owen warned that the Newman family had access to jets. Owen added that one Newman family member had previously fled rather than face due process.

J.T. entered the courtroom and heard the judge deny bail for Victoria. Jill tweeted that the defendant's soon-to-be ex-husband had arrived looking very agitated. Billy rose and insisted that Victoria couldn't have killed Adam because she had been with him. Victoria looked shocked. Nikki, Nick, and Victor turned to glare at Billy. Jill sighed, but she didn't tweet Billy's statement. J.T. looked stunned.

At the abandoned amusement park and zoo, Jana awoke startled to find that she was still imprisoned. Lauren asked Jana if her headache had subsided. Jana said that she felt better and was thankful that Ryder had taken her some medication. Lauren and Jana believed that Ryder didn't truly wish to be involved with Daisy and Sarah's depraved plans. Jana berated herself for not accepting Ryder and welcoming him after Kevin had embraced the young man. Jana told Lauren that Ryder was their only hope.

Ryder appeared with a bag filled with food. Jana and Lauren thanked Ryder for the headache medicine. Daisy arrived and secretly listened as Lauren cried that she and Jana, along with members of their families, were suffering. Daisy stepped forward and told Ryder that Lauren and Jana were playing him, and she ordered Ryder to step away from the bars. Lauren maintained eye contact with Ryder before he reluctantly walked a few feet away.

Daisy ordered Ryder to separate Lauren and Jana, but Lauren pleaded with Daisy to let them stay together. Ryder refused to help Daisy split up Jana and Lauren. Daisy and Ryder argued at length about what to do with Jana and Lauren. Ryder maintained that the only comfort the women had was being with each other.

Jana and Lauren observed with interest when Ryder avidly defended himself and called Daisy a bitch. After Daisy walked away, Lauren praised Ryder for standing up for himself. Jana asked Ryder if it felt good to have control of the situation. The two women tried to convince Ryder that he was strong and could stand up to his aunt, as well.

At Crimson Lights, Jack phoned the hospital and asked about obstetricians. Michael interrupted Jack and barraged him with questions about Lauren's session with Emily. Jack cut Michael off, but he insisted that Emily would get inside Lauren's head. Michael seemed annoyed by Jack's sense of urgency and said, "I have to know what's going on with my wife." As Jack rushed away he responded, "Join the club."

At the Abbott mansion, Sarah told Patty to drop the act after Patty fervently declared, "Stop calling me Patty." Sarah admitted that she wasn't really Lauren, therefore she didn't care if Patty wasn't really Emily. Patty froze in place after Sarah affirmed that Dr. Montoya did great work, as she slid the edge of her hand along the underside of her chin. Patty maintained that she was Dr. Emily Peterson-Abbott, but Sarah explained that she'd seen the telltale scar on Patty's scalp and had been her nurse at the South American clinic. Patty stared quizzically at Sarah, who reminded her former patient that she used to sit with her and work crossword puzzles.

Patty gleefully acknowledged her former friend, Sarah, who, in turn, thanked Patty for giving her the idea to transform herself into Lauren. Sarah told Patty that after she had left the clinic, she hadn't been able to forget how Patty had contended that her new face would help her right a wrong. Sarah claimed that Lauren had killed her sister, Sheila, in cold blood.

Patty asked where Sarah had stashed Lauren. Sarah responded, "You, first -- where's the real Dr. Emily Abbott?" Jack burst through the door, bellowing Emily's name. Jack said, "We need to talk. This can't wait." Jack apologized for interrupting and insisted he discuss a matter with Emily immediately. Jack agreed to delay his conversation, and he told "Lauren" that Michael, detained by a client, would phone her later. Sarah, wearing bright lipstick crooned, "My husband, the workaholic."

After Jack slammed the door behind him, Sarah commended Patty for carrying off her deception. In the interest of self-preservation, Sarah suggested they maintain contact by using their patient-doctor relationship as a cover. Patty insisted that she had been doing fine on her own. Sarah, her voice more deepened in tone than Lauren's, warned that even the best-laid plans could hit a snag. Sarah instructed Patty to tell Michael that Lauren was fine but still needed counseling, love, and patience.

Patty gloated that Jack couldn't get enough of her. Sarah observed that Jack hadn't seemed so in love with her when he had breezed in earlier. Patty asked for Sarah's assistance to perpetuate her charade as a doctor. Sarah was about to ask for Patty's help to convince Michael to do something before a phone call interrupted her. Daisy called and complained to Aunt Sarah that Jana and Lauren were getting to Ryder. Before Sarah left, she promised to remain in touch with Patty so they could help each other.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

At the Chancellor mansion, Chloe was reading Jill's tweets. Mac and Reed showed up, and Chloe suggested that Reed go to the kitchen to get a treat from Esther. When Reed was gone, Chloe told Mac that Jill was twittering from the courthouse -- where Victoria was being arraigned for Adam's murder. Mac was shocked and realized that was why Victoria hadn't shown up for Reed's custody hearing earlier that day. Chloe told Mac that Jill had twittered that Billy had interrupted the judge -- and that the tweets had stopped after that.

Mac wondered why Chloe was obsessing about the tweets and made a snide comment that Chloe was looking for a scoop. An offended Chloe said that she was concerned about the stress that Chance had been under and told Mac that if a suspect had been arrested then Chance might be able to relax a bit.

Mac apologized to Chloe for her remark. She said that her hormones were out of whack, and that she knew that Chloe cared about Billy and Chance. Chloe said that she remembered all about the problems caused by the hormones -- and advised Mac that she might want to find a guy by her sixth month of pregnancy because her libido would be out of control. Chloe said that, by Mac's third trimester, J.T. would look like a tall, blond glass of water -- and that Mac would want a drink.

Heather walked into the courthouse as Billy announced that Victoria couldn't have killed Adam -- because she had been with Billy in a suite at the Athletic Club. Victoria yelled for Billy to shut up. The judge asked Victoria if what Billy had said was true. Victoria responded, "It's not true -- at all."

Billy begged Victoria to save herself and tell the truth. The judge ordered him removed from the courtroom. Michael asked the judge if Victoria, who had not been granted bail, could have a moment alone with her family before she was taken to jail. The judge granted Michael's request. As Victor, Nikki, and Nick swarmed around Victoria, Michael assured the Newmans that he would take care of everything -- that the D.A.'s discovery packet had been delivered to his office, and he was heading there to examine the evidence.

Victor asked Victoria if she had been with Billy in an Athletic Club suite on the night of Adam's murder. Victoria's lack of response indicated to Victor that she had. As an officer began to march Victoria out of the courtroom, an emotional Nikki begged the officer not to take her. Nikki wondered what J.T., who was in the back of the courtroom, thought about Billy's claim. Nick said that Billy would say anything to sell magazines.

Nikki walked up to J.T. and said that Billy wanted attention and had been lying. She implored J.T. to ask the custody judge for more time to make a decision, since J.T. knew the reason that Victoria hadn't been at the custody hearing. She said that Reed needed his mother. J.T. agreed -- but added that the boy didn't need all the "Newman chaos." Nick, who had walked over, reminded J.T. that the Newmans had given him a lot over the years. J.T. said that he had paid the price for that -- but he wasn't willing for Reed to pay.

In the hallway outside the courtroom, Jill approached Billy and wondered why he had made his outburst -- she wondered if he were doing it "for the press." When Billy didn't respond, Jill realized that Billy had been in the suite with Victoria on the night of Adam's murder. Jill asked why he had been with her. Billy lied and said that he and Victoria had just been talking -- he said that he had wanted to apologize for having trashed her in Restless Style. Jill saw through Billy's lie and correctly surmised that Billy had slept with Victoria.

Heather and J.T. emerged from the courtroom. Billy tried to talk with J.T., but J.T. told him to save it and walked off. Before Heather walked off, she reminded Billy that in the past, he had known better -- that "no strings" was the way to go. Jill was happy that Victoria had denied Billy's claim, but wondered why she wouldn't accept his "gold-plated alibi." Jill wondered if Billy had been with Victoria every second on the night of the murder. Billy wondered if Jill were going to twitter his response. Clearly fed up with Jill, Billy fired her -- he said that she could twitter from the unemployment line.

Neil and Ashley went to the Athletic Club for dinner and were pleasantly surprised to see how quickly it had been restored after the explosion. Abby called Ashley to say that Victoria had been arrested for Adam's murder and that Jill had been twittering the details live from the courtroom. Ashley asked Abby for the link to Jill's tweets. After she hung up, Ashley told Neil about Victoria's arrest. The couple agreed that Victoria couldn't possibly have murdered Adam.

At another table at the club, Katherine sat with Tucker. Katherine was stunned when Tucker asked her to turn Jabot back over to him. Katherine reminded him that Jabot was the only Chancellor Industries' asset that she had full control over. Tucker said that Katherine might reconsider after she saw a video that he had on his computer.

Tucker opened his laptop and showed Katherine a video of Adam unsealing the supposedly secret bids for Jabot. Tucker said that Jack had been right -- that Victor had had inside information on the Jabot bids. Tucker said that the video might go toward proving that Jack had had motive to kill Adam out of rage, or that Victor might have had motive -- perhaps Victor had wanted to kill Adam before Adam could reveal Victor's plan to the SEC.

Katherine was appalled that Tucker would threaten her friends. Tucker said that he could go to court with the video, which would make Victor's bid for Jabot null and void. Tucker again suggested that Katherine return Jabot to him -- in which case he would "lose" the recording. Katherine said that what Tucker was doing was blackmail. He replied that it was business.

Katherine left the table and called Nikki. Nikki told her about Victoria's arrest and her loss of custody. Nikki said that it was awful watching her family fall apart. Katherine reminded Nikki that the Newman family was strong. Katherine told Nikki to see Victoria and to call Katherine later. Neil joined Katherine, and they talked about Victoria's arrest. Katherine said that she had made a business decision that Neil wouldn't like -- but she needed him to trust her.

While Neil and Katherine were talking, Ashley walked over to Tucker. She smiled, and he said that she looked much better than she had the night he had made the video of her and Faith. Katherine and Neil returned to the table. Katherine told Ashley, Neil, and Tucker that she had decided to turn Jabot back over to Tucker. An angry Ashley asked Tucker what game he was playing.

Ashley was angry with Katherine for giving Jabot back to Tucker. She wondered what Tucker wanted with the company. She called herself an idiot for letting her guard down around Tucker and, before she walked off, said that would never happen again.

Neil and Ashley went back to their table. The flustered Ashley said that her trusting both Adam and Tucker proved that she was a bad judge of character. Trying to help the situation, Neil said that Ashley gave people the benefit of the doubt, and that he loved Ashley's generosity and openness. Ashley said that she was grateful to have Neil in her life.

As Tucker stared at Ashley, Katherine asked him if he enjoyed being a pariah. Ignoring her comment, Tucker said that it was time to toast to their deal. Katherine said that they needed to agree to some other terms -- that Tucker wouldn't sell off Chancellor Industries piece by piece. Tucker quickly agreed. Katherine smiled and said that Tucker was a liar, a cheater, and a blackmailer.

Jill approached the table and made a snide remark about the "adorable Madonna and child." Jill became irate when Tucker said that they were celebrating Katherine returning Jabot to him. Jill said that it was one thing for Katherine to screw her over -- but another to screw over Jack, Victor, and John's memory. Jill told Katherine that giving Jabot to Tucker was a stupid move -- and one that Katherine would live to regret.

Later, Katherine joined Jill at the club's bar. Jill wondered when Katherine had gotten so desperate for a son that she would give up control of a company. Katherine said that her decision had had nothing to do with Tucker and that it wasn't what Jill thought. Jill realized that Katherine was up to something and said that she wanted to help Katherine take Tucker down. Katherine thought that Jill's offer was generous but added, "Not on your life."

As Tucker walked out of the club, he stopped by Neil and Ashley's table. He told Ashley that, once she learned what he had planned for Jabot, she would see that he wasn't the opposition.

In the visiting room at the jail, a guard walked in and told Victoria that she had a visitor. Even though Victoria said that she didn't want to see anyone, the guard escorted J.T. in. J.T. told Victoria that he didn't think that she had killed Adam -- although he wasn't sure that other members of the Newman family were innocent. He wondered why, if Billy were her alibi, she hadn't said so in the first place. Victoria insisted that what Billy had said was a lie.

J.T. didn't believe Victoria -- he thought that she had been with Billy and that she was covering for someone else -- perhaps Victor. He wondered if Victoria were willing to go to jail to protect her father. Victoria told J.T. that he didn't know anything. He said that the "Newman code" was causing Reed to suffer. When he blurted out, "Thank God for sole custody," Victoria said that she was going to fight him for custody of Reed when she was released from jail. J.T. said that Victoria had made her decision, and they all had to live with it. He left.

J.T. went to the Chancellor mansion to see Mac. He told Mac and Chloe that Billy had claimed to be in a suite at the club with Victoria when Adam had been killed. Chloe said that her brain hurt. Mac told J.T. that the day had been awful -- but that she was there whenever he and Reed needed her.

Heather visited Chance at the police station, which was adjacent to the jail, and said that she'd had no idea that Victoria Newman was the number one suspect in Adam's murder. Chance said that he knew that Heather was fishing for information but that he couldn't discuss the case with her because she had been suspended. Heather admitted that she was invested in the case because she had once loved Adam. When Chance asked Heather if she had wanted to see Adam dead, she told him to get back to his paperwork. As she left the station, she crossed paths with Victor, Nikki, and Nick, who were there to see Victoria.

Billy showed up at the police station. The Newmans told him to leave Victoria alone. Chance pulled Billy aside and asked him whether Billy had lied when he had told Chance that he hadn't known the name of the woman he had been with in the hotel suite on the night of the murder, or if he had lied in the courtroom. Chance suggested that perhaps Billy needed an alibi.

Billy went into the visiting room. Victoria told him to get out. Billy said, "We can fix this." Victoria replied, "There is no 'we.'" Billy wondered why Victoria had lied in court about being with him on the night of the murder. Victoria reminded him that they hadn't been together at the time that Adam had been murdered. She told Billy that his attempt to save the day had made things worse. She said that she had lost custody of Reed, and perhaps because of Billy's announcement that they had been together, the loss would be permanent.

Billy wondered why Victoria would rather be arrested than admit that she had been with him. Victoria said that Billy wasn't her husband, her family, or her friend -- and that their one night in the hotel suite meant nothing to her. Billy, stung by Victoria's remarks, told her that if she needed help to call someone who gave a damn. He left the room.

In the police station, Chance and District Attorney Pomerantz spoke. Chance said that the lab would have the forensic results on the bloodstains found on the sleeve of Nick's tuxedo jacket by the end of the day. Pomerantz told Chance to go home and get some rest. As Chance left, Pomerantz approached the Newmans and told them that they could visit Victoria shortly. After the D.A. walked away, Nikki told Victor and Nick that Victoria would never have slept with Billy -- that she had learned her lesson after her affair with Deacon.

Later, Nikki, Victor, and Nick sat with Victoria in the waiting room. Michael joined them and said that he had reviewed the D.A.'s discovery packet -- and had learned that Pomerantz had evidence. Michael threw a picture of the pen that had been jammed into Adam's heart on the table. He said that the police had learned that Victoria had purchased the pen in Dubai. Nick looked at the picture and said, "That's my pen. The pen's not Vikki's." Victoria ignored Nick and told Michael that the police were correct -- that the pen in the picture belonged to her.

Michael said that the pen was circumstantial, but damning, evidence. Victoria asked everyone except for Michael to leave the room. Nick asked Victoria what she was doing. He said, "She's lying. She bought the pen in Dubai as a present for me. This murder weapon is mine."

Chance returned home, and Chloe gave him a much-needed neck massage. He wondered how Chloe knew so much about the events that had transpired that day. She said that Jill had been twittering about them and then J.T. had stopped by to fill in the blanks. Chloe became amorous and said that it was her civic duty to confiscate Chance's shirt. Chance resisted at first, but soon he and Chloe were kissing on the couch.

Chance received a phone call from Pomerantz. Chance said, "It's just what we thought. He still at the station?" Chance told the D.A. that he would return to the station. As Chance put his shirt back on, he told the disappointed Chloe that they were one step closer to "locking down" the murder case.

Heather joined Billy at Jimmy's. When Billy asked how she was, she told him that she had been suspended from work and had to clear out her desk -- that her life sucked. She told Billy that she had been impressed by what he had tried to do for Victoria earlier that day. Billy said that it hadn't been a romantic gesture. Heather felt reassured that Billy was still a "no strings" guy, handed him the key to her Athletic Club suite, and told him to meet her there in 20 minutes. When Heather left, Billy smiled and said, "That's what I'm talking about."

Billy went to the club to meet Heather, but, while standing in the foyer, he remembered making love to Victoria on the night of Adam's murder. He handed the key to a bellboy, asked the young man to return it to Heather, and left the club.

J.T., Mac, and Reed went to Crimson Lights. As Reed played at another table, J.T. asked Mac if he should call his lawyer and back off from his demand for full custody. Mac told J.T. that he was a good father. He said that he wasn't so sure that his instincts were right anymore. Reed walked over to the table and asked where his Mommy was.

J.T. told the little boy that Victoria had had to go away for a while but that he could talk with her on the phone. He assured Reed that he and Mac would be around to take care of him. The sad-looking child asked, "When will Mommy be back?"

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

In the visiting room at the jail, Nick asked Victoria why she was covering for him. He told his sister that if she had told the police that she had purchased the pen as a gift for him, she would have been able to go to the custody hearing and would probably have gotten custody of Reed. Michael told Victoria, Nick, and Victor that they needed to proceed carefully. Nick walked out of the visiting room into the adjacent police station, saying, "This ends now."

In the police station, D.A. Pomerantz told Chance that the forensic results on the bloodstain on Nick's tuxedo jacket had arrived -- showing that the blood on Nick's jacket belonged to Adam. Pomerantz and Chance surmised that Victoria had been covering for Nick. Nick emerged from the visiting room and was followed by Michael, who urged Nick not to say anything. Nick told Chance and the D.A. to let Victoria go immediately -- that the pen belonged to Nick.

The group returned to the visiting room, where Chance said that they were going on the record. He turned on a tape recorder. Chance asked Nick when the last time he had seen the pen had been. Nick said that he had used it to sign Phyllis' cast when she had been discharged from the hospital and hadn't seen it since then. Michael interrupted, saying that many people probably had the same pen. Chance replied that the murder weapon's serial number matched the serial number on Victoria's purchase receipt. Chance also informed the group that they had Nick's tuxedo jacket -- with Adam's blood on the sleeve.

Nick revealed that he had been in the Athletic Club basement when Victor had been fighting with Adam. Victor had punched Adam, and Adam's face had been bleeding. Nick had grabbed Adam from behind, and he guessed that was when Adam's blood had gotten on his sleeve. Nick said that had been the last time that he had seen Adam.

Pomerantz asked Victor if the fight that Nick was speaking of was the same fight during which Adam's blood had gotten on Victor's watch. Victor said that it was. The D.A. wanted to know why Victor hadn't mentioned that Nick had been present during the fight. Victor replied that he had wanted to save Nick from suspicion. Pomerantz wondered if Victor had been lying when he had given his original statement about the fight -- or if the new story were a lie.

Chance and Pomerantz mentioned that Nick had been the only person in the basement when the gas leak had been discovered. They also told the group that the gas pipe had been deliberately cut and wondered if Nick had done that in an effort to cover up murdering Adam. Nick said that he hadn't caused the explosion or killed Adam. Pomerantz said that they might not be able to prove that Nick had had the pen with him at the time of Adam's death -- but they did have Nick's jacket with Adam's blood on it.

Chance asked why Nick had thrown the jacket away. Nick explained that Phyllis had done that, without his knowledge -- that she had seen the blood and panicked. Pomerantz said that Nick's sister, father, and wife had felt the need to cover for him. He said that since his family seemed to think that Nick was guilty, a jury probably would as well.

Officer Lang, the policeman who had been guarding Adam when he had still been in the hospital, was escorted into the visiting room. Lang said that he had broken up a fight between Nick and Adam in Adam's hospital room. Nick reminded Lang that Adam had started the physical altercation. Victor wondered why Adam hadn't been in restraints. Lang explained that Adam had gone to the bathroom and had been returning to his bed when Nick had entered the room.

Michael said that all that they had established was that Adam and Nick had a history of mutual aggression. Pomerantz said that they had established more than that. He asked Lang to tell the group what Adam and Nick had been arguing about. The officer said that they had been arguing about someone named Sharon -- and Faith, who Lang had assumed was Nick's daughter.

The D.A. asked Lang what Nick had said before he had left the room. The officer related that Nick had said that if Adam went near Sharon or Faith, Nick would have to kill Adam. Pomerantz said that, on the night of the murder, Adam had gone to Sharon's suite and had held Faith -- and that Adam was dead. Pomerantz told Victoria that she was free to go and ordered Chance to arrest Nick for Adam's murder. Chance handcuffed Nick and read him his rights.

At the Abbott mansion, Patty, disguised as Emily, called Sarah and said that she needed Sarah's help to fake her way through a doctor's appointment that was scheduled for Friday. She told Sarah to use her "Lauren" persona and tell Michael that she needed to see "Emily."

Jack returned to the mansion and found Patty on the couch, where she was reading a book about pregnancy. Jack said that he couldn't wait until the end of the week to see the obstetrician, so he had spoken to Phyllis, who had persuaded her gynecologist, Dr. Hoffman, to see him and Emily that night. Patty looked extremely concerned when Jack said that he had spoken with Dr. Hoffman, and the doctor had assured him that, although Emily was still in the early stage of her pregnancy, they should be able to see the baby's heart beating on a sonogram.

Emily was upset that Jack had told Phyllis that she was pregnant, particularly since Jack had asked Emily not to mention her pregnancy. Jack said that it had slipped out and that Emily was right -- that trust was everything. He told Emily that she would love Dr. Hoffman. Patty became agitated and said that she wanted to see Dr, Stavropolous, the doctor she had chosen. Jack said that the doctor was just going to do an ultrasound exam -- and that if she didn't like Hoffman, she didn't have to see him again.

A phone call from Ashley interrupted their conversation -- Ashley told Jack that she needed to see him right away. Jack was initially reluctant to meet Ashley, but she said that it was urgent -- that it concerned Jabot. Jack said that he could drop by the Athletic Club to see Ashley for a few minutes, but he had an appointment that he couldn't miss. Jack told Emily that he would be back in time to pick her up for the appointment. After Jack left through the front door, Patty ran out the back door.

At the tack house, Daniel showed up with a lovely bouquet of flowers for his mother. Phyllis was touched. She said that her cast was bothering her, and her leg was quite itchy. Daniel was stunned when she told him that Victoria had been arrested for Adam's murder. Daniel and Phyllis agreed that Victoria couldn't possibly have killed Adam.

As Daniel put the flowers in a vase, he asked Phyllis where Summer was. She told him that Summer was at karate class, and she hoped that Nick remembered to pick her up. Daniel volunteered to get Summer and told his mother that he would pick up some talcum powder to ease the itching under her cast.

Later, Phyllis was working at her laptop computer when she heard a noise outside. She wheeled to the window and looked out. Seeing nothing, she told herself that she had been watching too many horror movies. Outside the tack house, Patty crouched under a window.

Obviously still nervous, Phyllis called the security guard on duty at the ranch's main gate. She asked him if anyone had entered the ranch. Greg, the guard, told her that only family and staff had gone through the gate. Greg asked Phyllis if she wanted him to send someone over to the tack house. Phyllis thanked him but said that there was no need to do that -- she was just feeling a little jittery.

After Phyllis hung up the phone, she reacted in terror as the front door began opening. She was relieved to see Daniel, bearing a bag containing talcum powder. He told Phyllis that Summer had gone to the stables to watch Chuck feed the horses. "Emily" walked into the tack house. Phyllis and Daniel were surprised to see her. When Emily said that she needed to speak with Phyllis, Daniel went to the stables to visit Summer and Chuck.

After Daniel left, Emily said that she was surprised that Phyllis hadn't expected her to visit. Phyllis seemed confused. Emily said that Phyllis couldn't talk behind her back and interfere in her marriage without expecting Emily to have something to say about it. Emily said that she was upset that Jack had been speaking with Phyllis. Phyllis wondered why Emily didn't want Jack talking to his friends. Emily said that Phyllis wasn't Jack's friend -- that she was his ex-wife who was having trouble letting go of the past. Emily suggested that Phyllis seek psychiatric help.

Phyllis said that Emily was crossing the line. Emily said that Phyllis was the one crossing the line -- with Jack. Phyllis said that she had merely spoken with Jack and tried to help. Emily told Phyllis that Jack didn't need her help -- that she and Jack were fine. Phyllis doubted that, particularly after seeing first-hand the kind of woman who Jack had to deal with.

Phyllis said that Emily had been a confident and secure woman -- but that she had become possessive and controlling. Emily insisted that she was the only woman who could make Jack happy. Phyllis suggested that Emily get busy -- because Jack felt like he had made a mistake by marrying her. Patty became enraged and said, "That's a lie." She grabbed the wheels of Phyllis' chair and said that she wasn't going to leave until Phyllis promised never to meddle in her marriage again.

Phyllis ordered Emily to let go of the wheelchair, or she would call Jack. Emily suddenly shrieked in pain and said, "This is all your fault, Phyllis." She grabbed her abdomen and continued, "In the condition that I'm in. Oh, my God." Patty left the tack house, doubled over in pain. Phyllis looked totally baffled by what had just happened.

Later, Daniel put Summer to bed. He wondered if Phyllis wanted him to stay, but she thanked him for the flowers and told him that he should go home. After Daniel was gone, Phyllis called Greg and asked him what time Dr. Emily Peterson Abbott had arrived at the ranch. Phyllis became nervous when Greg told her that Dr. Abbott had never checked in at the main gate. Phyllis decided to call Victor to discuss the situation with him, but when she reached him, Victor told her that Nick had been arrested for Adam's murder. Phyllis said that she would go to the police station immediately.

At the Athletic Club, Neil and Ashley surmised that Tucker had something on Katherine -- that was the only way that Katherine would have given Jabot back to her son. Ashley had a "weird" idea that whatever leverage Tucker held had to do with Adam's murder. Ashley told Neil that Katherine would probably confide the real reason for her decision to him and asked Neil to inform her when he learned what it was. Neil said that he might not be able to share the reason with Ashley -- but that he would love to kill the deal for Ashley's sake.

From her table at the club, Katherine called Murphy and told him that she had returned Jabot to Tucker. Neil walked over to her table and overheard as Katherine told her husband that she was sick about what she had done, but that she'd had no choice. After Katherine hung up, Neil joined her and offered to help her fight Tucker.

Katherine said that her decision had already been made. Neil was surprised that she was giving up without a fight -- particularly after everything that Victor had done to return Jabot to her. He wondered why Katherine was surrendering and if Tucker was forcing her hand. Katherine said that she didn't want to discuss it -- that the decision was between her and Tucker.

While Neil was speaking with Katherine, Ashley walked over to Tucker's table. She wondered how he could treat her father's company like it was a toy. Tucker replied, "Appearances can be deceiving," and assured her that he had plans for Jabot that John would have approved of. When Ashley asked Tucker what his plans were, he said that she would have to trust him. Ashley replied, "You made that impossible."

Later, Tucker told Katherine that he was going home, and that his attorney would contact her when the paperwork was ready for her to sign. When Jack arrived at the club, Tucker changed his mind and said that he would stay at the club for a while.

Neil and Ashley told Jack about Katherine's decision to give Jabot back to Tucker. Jack was shocked. The threesome wondered what Tucker had on Katherine -- and what plans Tucker had for Jabot.

Jack and Ashley approached Katherine and wondered if she had been bullied into her decision. Katherine told the Abbotts to respect her wishes. She said that she knew how much Jabot meant to them but that it was a business deal between Tucker and her. Murphy showed up at the club, hugged Katherine, and walked her away from the Abbotts and Neil. Jack called Victor and left him a message telling him that they needed to talk about Jabot.

Tucker walked over to the club's bar and joined Katherine and Murphy. Tucker said that he felt bad for Ashley, whose child had just been taken from her. Referring to herself, Katherine said, "As opposed to a mother who gave up her child and never looked back?" Katherine assured Tucker that she regretted her decision to give him up as an infant. Murphy told Tucker to stop punishing Katherine for something that she had done decades earlier.

Katherine said that it was obvious that Tucker was lonely and unhappy. She told Tucker that she had friends who had never let her down -- and that was how she had gotten Jabot back. Tucker reminded her that those same friends were the reason why she was losing Jabot again. Katherine said that her friends would run to her if she called them, but that all Tucker had were bankers and servants.

Neil and Ashley walked to the foyer. Jack observed as Murphy gave Tucker a piece of his mind. Murphy said that he had never met anyone who treated a woman -- let alone his mother -- as badly as Tucker treated Katherine. Murphy, growing angry, said that he was tired of Tucker blaming Katherine for his miserable life. Murphy challenged Tucker to a fistfight outside the club -- so that Murphy could give Tucker a good reason to feel sorry for himself. Across the room, Jack smiled.

Tucker said that he was sorry that Murphy felt that way. Murphy said, "Not as sorry as you're gonna be," and indicated that he wanted to take their disagreement outside. Katherine calmed Murphy down and told him to take her home. Katherine told Tucker that she was going home with a wonderful man -- to a house where everyone loved her, and that she would take that over what Tucker had "any day of the week." Murphy and Katherine left.

Jack walked over to Tucker and said that Katherine should have let Murphy "wipe the floor" with him. Tucker wondered if Jack would be making him an offer for Jabot. Jack asked if Jabot was for sale. Tucker replied, "Careful, Jack. You're drooling over your nice tie." Jack asked Tucker what he really wanted with Jabot. Before Tucker could answer, Phyllis called Jack and told him that Emily had just freaked her out. Jack told Tucker that they weren't finished with their conversation. Tucker replied, "Count on it." Jack left.

In the Athletic Club's foyer, Neil asked Ashley if she thought that the night could be salvaged. He suggested that they go to Indigo for a nightcap. Ashley said that she had a better idea -- something more private. Neil was slightly confused -- he said that he thought that Ashley had wanted to take things slowly so that she could make sure that she wanted a relationship with him. Ashley said that she was sure -- and began leading Neil out of the club. Later, Ashley and Neil made love.

As Tucker sat alone at the bar, a shapely woman approached and asked him if he was Tucker McCall. He replied that he was.

At the Chancellor mansion, Katherine filled Murphy in on the video that Tucker had of Adam tampering with the sealed Jabot bids. She said that things had transpired just as Jack had suspected, and, if the truth were revealed, it would "reactivate" the feud between the Abbotts and the Newmans. She told Murphy that Victor could be sent to prison for corporate espionage. Katherine said that she didn't approve of Victor's methods -- but that he had done it for her. Murphy said that he still wanted to "deck" Tucker, but Katherine said that she wasn't angry with Tucker -- rather, she pitied him.

Jack returned home and shouted for Emily -- he wondered if she was ready for their doctor's appointment. A crying Emily descended the stairs and told Jack that she was sorry -- that she'd had a miscarriage and had lost the baby. As she tried to hug him, he pushed her away and said, "No, you didn't. You were never pregnant."

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Emily, still trapped as Patty, was sitting in her cell at the psychiatric facility when Paul and Heather paid her a visit. Emily asked them if Jack had "figured it out yet." She wondered if Jack missed her.

Emily insisted to Paul and Heather that she was not Patty -- that she was Dr. Emily Peterson. Paul left the cell to talk to "Patty's" doctor. Emily wondered why no one was listening to her. Heather apologized for not visiting sooner. She said that she could relate to Patty's feeling of being trapped. Heather said that people thought that she might be involved in Adam's murder and that she had been suspended from her job. Heather added that she was walking around in a fog -- and that without her job, she didn't recognize herself. She wondered if that were the way that Patty felt.

"Patty" continued to insist that she was Emily -- and that if she could only talk to Jack, he would believe her. Heather said that she understood why Patty would want to be Emily. "Patty" insisted that it wasn't a case of patient-doctor transference. She told Heather that Patty had knocked her out and taken her place.

"Patty" handed Heather a cup that she had been hiding in the cell. She begged Heather to have the DNA on the cup compared to Heather's DNA -- if she were really Patty, they would share some genetic markers, since Heather and Patty were related. "Patty" insisted that the DNA comparison would show no genetic relationship between her and Heather. As Paul entered the cell, "Patty" begged Heather not to tell him about the cup. Heather stashed it in her purse. Paul said that Dr. Jasper was going to pay Patty a visit.

At the Abbott mansion, Jack and Patty, who was still disguised as Emily, were fighting. Jack accused Emily of lying to him about her alleged pregnancy and miscarriage. He said that he knew that Dr. Stavropolous was a cardiologist and not an obstetrician. A near-hysterical "Emily" insisted that she had been pregnant. She told Jack that she had gone to see Phyllis, that she and Phyllis had argued, and she had begun cramping on the way to her car.

"Emily" tried to hug Jack and told him that she needed him. Jack rebuffed her hug and said that because she knew that Jack had been having doubts about their marriage, Emily had manufactured a fake pregnancy, only to have a "convenient" miscarriage. "Emily" asked Jack how he could be so heartless. Jack said, "Save it -- it's over."

"Emily" told Jack that she had been diagnosed with endometriosis years earlier and didn't think that she would ever be able to have a baby. Jack wondered why she hadn't told him about that. "Emily" said that she had been excited to learn that she had been pregnant and that she had let Jack down by miscarrying. She apologized to Jack. Jack said that he was sorry.

"Emily" began bashing Phyllis. Jack wondered why she had visited Phyllis. "Emily" said that Phyllis was poisoning his mind against Emily and that Jack had blinders on if he couldn't see that. Seemingly confused, Jack said that he needed to get outside to clear his head -- that he was having a little trouble "wrapping his head" around her sudden convenient pregnancy and miscarriage. After Jack left, the crying Patty looked at the portrait of Emily and said, "What do I do now?"

At Crimson Lights, Heather told Paul that she was saddened by Patty's condition -- but she understood why Patty was fixated on Emily -- the woman who had everything that Patty wanted. Jack approached Heather and Paul's table and asked Paul to do him a favor -- to locate Emily's younger brother. A hostile Paul wondered why Emily didn't know where her brother was. Jack said that he was trying to locate the brother without Emily's knowledge. Paul asked why Jack would think that Paul would do him any favors.

Jack said that he understood why Paul wouldn't want to help him -- Jack's rush to marry Emily had nearly pushed Patty over the edge. Jack begged Paul to help him -- he said that Emily's brother's name was Jamie Peterson and that he still lived in Minnesota. Paul acquiesced and said that he would contact the Minnesota Department of Motor Vehicles to see what he could find out.

After Paul walked away from the table, Jack told Heather that Paul was right for being upset with him. Heather told Jack that Patty was desperate to see him. Jack said that wouldn't be a good idea, and Heather agreed. Paul returned to the table and handed Jack a piece of paper containing the contact information for Jamie Peterson. After Jack thanked him, Paul warned Jack to think twice the next time he decided to rush into something.

Patty went to see Emily in her cell at the psychiatric facility. Patty said that she had spoken with Dr. Jasper, and she knew that Emily was still insisting that she was, in fact, Emily. Patty warned her to stop -- or she would recommend electric shock treatment for Emily. Emily wondered why Patty was there. Patty said that she needed Emily's advice. Emily wondered why Patty thought that she would help. Patty reminded her that she had taken an oath as a physician and added, "You wouldn't abandon your patient, would you?" She asked Emily to be her doctor for a little while.

Patty told Emily about what had been going on -- and ranted that Phyllis, that "redheaded bitch," was shooting her mouth off and trying to reconcile romantically with Jack. Patty said that if it hadn't been for Phyllis, Jack would have been more sympathetic about her alleged miscarriage. Patty wondered if she should teach Jack a lesson. Emily said that Patty couldn't go around hurting people.

An orderly entered the cell to give "Patty" her medications. "Emily" took the medications from the orderly and said that she would administer them to "Patty." After the orderly left, Patty gulped down the pills and said that perhaps they would calm her down. She told Emily how much she missed her medications. Emily begged Patty not to hurt Jack. Before Patty left, she warned Emily not to repeat anything that had been said during their visit -- or she would order the shock treatments.

Later, Paul returned to visit "Patty." He told her that Dr. Jasper was going to change her medications and that Heather was going to return to visit her in a few days. "Patty" began crying, and Paul asked her what was wrong. She said that she was worried that Jack was going to die and that Paul needed to get her out of the facility so that she could warn Jack. Paul said that "Patty" knew that he couldn't do that. "Patty," still sobbing, hugged Paul and said, "I'm never gonna get out of here, am I?"

At Crimson Lights, Heather was on the phone with someone, arranging to meet the person at Jimmy's in a few minutes. After she hung up, she put her phone in her purse and pulled out the cup that Emily had given her. She stared at it, and was obviously deep in thought.

Jack returned home, where "Emily" was waiting for him. After pouring a glass of sherry for both of them, Jack said that he and Emily needed to face the fact that they might have rushed into their marriage too quickly. He told her that he needed to get to know her better. "Emily" suggested that they take a trip together, but Jack turned down that idea. He told a horrified Emily that he had called her brother, Jamie, and invited him to visit -- so that Jack could learn her "deepest, darkest secrets."

At the Bardwells', Gloria was on the couch with Fen and was teaching him how much fun ordering from catalogues was -- it made every day seem like Christmas. Jeffrey entered the living room and nearly tripped over one of Fen's toys. Gloria asked a reluctant Jeff to take Fen to the zoo later that week. When Fen went to pick up his toys, Jeffrey wondered when their apartment had become a daycare center -- he said that he missed his "quiet abode." Gloria said that babysitting Fen made her feel useful. Jeffrey said that he was going to go out and pick up an after-dinner treat. As he left, he crossed paths with Michael, who had arrived to pick up Fen.

Michael asked Gloria where Fen was. She said that he was being a perfect little angel and that he was picking up his toys. Michael asked Gloria if Lauren had called to check on the boy. Gloria said that Lauren hadn't. Michael wondered what was going on with his wife. Gloria wondered what Dr. Abbott had said about Lauren's condition. Michael proclaimed Dr. Abbott an idiot -- he told Gloria that she had said that all Lauren needed was patience and support, but he knew that there was something seriously wrong with his wife. Fen joined them in the living room and asked Michael where Lauren was -- he said he missed his mother. Michael said that he missed her too.

At the Baldwins' apartment, Sarah, disguised as Lauren, snooped around. She found Lauren's financial statement and, to herself, said, "Damn girl. I knew you were rich, but I didn't know you were this rich. And now it's all mine." Drinking a glass of wine, she called a car dealer and ordered an expensive sports car. After finishing the call, Sarah told herself how much fun it was.

Michael returned home with Fen and told the boy to change into his pajamas, after which "Lauren" would read him a bedtime story. When Fen went off to his room, Michael asked "Lauren" why she hadn't called Gloria to check on the boy, like she usually did. "Lauren" said that it had slipped her mind. Michael was shocked that she had forgotten about their son. "Lauren" said that she had a surprise for Michael -- she had bought him a Ferrari Modena.

Michael was underwhelmed by the gift. He wondered why she had purchased such an expensive car. She said that they had the money, but Michael said that they weren't the type of people who flashed it around. He asked her why she had decided on a "two-seater" and asked her if she planned to strap Fen to the roof. "Lauren" said that he was missing the point -- she was trying to make up for what had happened. Michael said that a new car wouldn't make up for "Lauren's" erratic behavior.

Michael said that he felt that the woman he had loved was slipping further away every day. "Lauren" said that she was still the same woman he had always loved -- but that Michael was criticizing every little thing that she did. He told her that sleeping with another man was not a "little" thing. She asked him to forgive her -- she hadn't meant to betray Michael, the only man she ever wanted to be with.

Fen returned to the living room in his pajamas and sat next to "Lauren" on the couch. She began reading to him from one of his books. Fen pointed out that there was a spider crawling on the page. "Lauren" screamed and slammed the book closed, killing the spider. Fen asked Michael why Mommy had killed the spider -- in the past, they had always captured spiders and then set them free. Michael said that he was sure that Mommy hadn't meant to hurt the spider. The boy refused to sit next to his mother. Michael took him to bed, and told him to say a prayer for the spider. As they left the living room, Sarah rolled her eyes in disgust.

When Michael returned from putting Fen to bed, "Lauren" was preparing to leave. He asked her where she was going. She said that apparently she couldn't do anything right -- like buying Michael a gift or killing a spider. Michael told "Lauren" that they had taught Fen not to hurt any living creatures. "Lauren" shouted, "It was a spider, for God's sake," as she stormed out.

In their cage at the abandoned zoo, Lauren told Jana that Ryder was their ticket out of there, and wished that he wasn't so afraid of his Aunt Sarah. She was sickened by the thought of Sarah kissing Michael and being near Fen. Jana screamed in pain, and said that she needed more medication. Lauren called out for Ryder. Jana called out for Kevin.

Lauren told Jana that she calmed herself down by thinking of happy times that she had spent with Michael and Fen. Jana said that she tried to dream about traveling with Kevin to Katmandu or studying tantric yoga in India. She told Lauren that she was going to concentrate and try to establish a psychic connection with Kevin.

At Crimson Lights, Kevin heard a noise -- it was the sound of Jana's Ouija board falling to the ground. Jeffrey showed up at the coffeehouse and wondered if Kevin was planning on conversing with the "spirit guides." Kevin scolded Jeffrey for his bad attitude and told him that the Ouija board belonged to Jana. Kevin wondered if the board falling was a sign from Jana. A patronizing Jeffrey said that perhaps Kevin was right. He told Kevin that they should take the board over to the Bardwells'.

Later, at the Bardwells', Gloria, Kevin, and Jeffrey sat around the Ouija board. Gloria had dimmed the lights and lit some candles. Gloria asked the board to answer their prayers and tell them where Jana was. As Jana continued concentrating in the cage, the pointer spelled out, "Z-O-O."

Kevin wondered about the significance of the word "zoo." Gloria thought that Jeffrey had played a cruel joke -- since she had earlier asked Jeffrey to take Fen to the zoo, she guessed that Jeffrey had pushed the pointer to spell out the word. As Kevin prepared to leave, Gloria said that she wished she could do more to help him. Kevin told the Bardwells that Jana had hanged a quote from the Dalai Lama in their apartment -- "Not getting what you want is sometimes a wonderful stroke of luck." Before he left, Kevin said that there had to be a reason for all that was happening.

Later, in Lauren and Jana's cage, Daisy told Ryder that she didn't know why he was being so nice to the women and accused him of "going soft." Sarah showed up and said that it would be a shame if Ryder crossed her because he would miss out on all the fun plans she had to spend Lauren's money. Lauren was horrified when Sarah said that she was going to ship Fen off to boarding school and have Daisy and Ryder move into the Baldwins'. Lauren said that she doubted that Michael would let that happen.

Sarah told Lauren that she and Michael had had a disagreement and that she needed Lauren to smooth things over. She handed Lauren a cell phone and told her to call Michael. Sarah instructed Lauren that, during the conversation, Lauren should mention something that only Lauren and Michael knew. Sarah grabbed Jana and said that if Lauren tried to tip Michael off, she would snap Jana's neck.

Lauren called Michael and said that she was sorry that he was upset with her. Michael said that he wished that things could be like they had once been. Lauren talked about how Michael had proposed to Lauren -- something that only he and Lauren knew about. Michael had taken Lauren to Las Vegas and had instructed a blackjack dealer to deal her two cards that read, "Marry me." Lauren talked about how much comfort she derived from those cards -- that she still had them and looked at them whenever they had a fight. She said they reminded her of how much Michael loved her.

Lauren told Michael to hold on to his feelings of love for her and Fen. A teary-eyed Michael said that Lauren was beginning to sound like her old self. Sarah whispered, "Enough," and Lauren hung up the phone. Daisy said that Lauren was pathetic. Lauren wondered how Sarah could be so cruel. Sarah replied, "Says the woman who killed my sister."

Sarah ordered Daisy and Ryder to leave the cage. As they walked out, Ryder surreptitiously handed Lauren a bottle of pain medication and warned her to make sure that Daisy didn't see it. Lauren whispered to Ryder that she did have a lot of money -- and that she would take care of him if he told Michael where she and Jana were. Ryder left as Daisy called after him.

Later, Daisy and Ryder went to the Crimson Lights patio. Kevin was at the counter, and initially didn't see them. Daisy reminded Ryder that a restraining order prevented them from being there. As the twins quickly left, Kevin caught a glimpse of Ryder. Kevin ran to the patio and called for Ryder, but he was gone.

"Lauren" returned home and told Michael that she felt much better after their phone call. Michael said that he needed time apart from "Lauren." He said that the call had gotten to him and that he had almost changed his mind -- but that the situation wasn't about the two of them -- it was about Fen. Michael told "Lauren" that he and Fen were moving in with Gloria, because Fen was afraid of "Lauren." He said that Fen needed to feel safe, and that he needed to finish packing.

Friday, April 23, 2010

In their cage at the abandoned zoo, Lauren asked Jana how her headache was. Jana said that it no longer felt like an ice pick was being thrust through her skull -- it was more of a dull, throbbing pain. Jana was scared because the headaches felt like they had before she had been diagnosed with a brain tumor. She worried what would happen when she ran out of pain pills. When Sarah approached the cage, Lauren told her that Jana was sick and needed to see a doctor. Sarah said that she needed Sheila back -- and that one couldn't always get what one wanted. Sarah told Lauren that Jana was expendable -- and that soon Lauren would be too.

Lauren said that she wouldn't be threatened. Sarah said that it was only a threat if she didn't plan to make good on what she had said -- and Sarah did. She taunted Lauren by telling her that Kevin thought that Jana was long gone and that Michael thought that Sarah was Lauren. Lauren said that Michael knew that something was wrong -- that she had been able to tell from his voice when she had spoken with him on the phone. Sarah lied and said that Lauren's phone call had smoothed everything over. She continued to taunt Lauren and said that Michael loved her in every way -- and that she enjoyed tucking Fen into bed and kissing him goodnight.

Sarah told Lauren about the sports car she had purchased -- and how much she admired the size of Lauren's bank account. Lauren said that Sarah would pay for what she had done. Sarah countered that Lauren was already paying for having killed Sheila. Jana told Lauren not to listen to Sarah and assured Lauren that Sarah was probably lying. Sarah walked off. Jana said that they needed to escape. Lauren said that they needed to find a weak spot in the cage.

Jana and Lauren had no luck finding an escape route. Lauren noticed a pile of papers on the other side of the bars and told Jana to use the screwdriver that she had managed to hide to drag the papers inside the cage. On top of the papers, there was a piece of broken glass that Lauren thought they might be able to use.

Lauren thought that perhaps they could set the paper on fire. She thought that someone might see the smoke and call the fire department. Lauren wondered how they could start the fire without matches or a lighter. Jana said, "We have this," and held up an old nine-volt battery that was sitting on top of the papers she had dragged in.

Jana said that she knew how to start a fire using the battery. She told Lauren that she needed a piece of metal. The women found the staple that held some of the papers together, and Jana said that would do. Jana pried open the battery and scraped the staple across the battery's interior. That created a spark, which ignited the papers. The women were thrilled. Lauren said, "Bring on the fire trucks."

"Lauren" impatiently waited for Patty in Emily's office. She called Patty and left her a voicemail, "We are supposed to be meeting. Where the hell are you?"

At the Abbott mansion, Patty, disguised as Emily, asked Jack if he had slept well in the guest room. Jack said that he hadn't -- that he'd had a lot on his mind. He said that he was confused -- that he felt like he didn't know her and that he questioned everything that she said. Jack still felt that "Emily" had faked her pregnancy and miscarriage. He wondered why she still hadn't gone to see a doctor. "Emily" said that she was a doctor -- that she didn't need to see someone else to tell her that she had lost their child.

"Emily" said that, as Jack's wife, she shouldn't have to prove things to him. She told Jack that he needed to be more supportive of her. Jack warned her not to make things seem like they were his fault. He said that "Emily" hadn't been herself since their honeymoon, and that things had gotten progressively worse. When he said that things couldn't continue the same way they had been going, "Emily" told him not to think that.

Jack told "Emily" that he hoped that her brother Jamie's visit would help -- that Jamie was arriving later that morning. Jack said that he was going to go to the office so that "Emily" and Jamie could have some privacy. "Emily" said that she had to leave. Jack was stunned that she wasn't going to wait for her brother. "Emily" insisted that she had to see a patient. Jack said that he would stay at home to greet Jamie, and they would be waiting for her return home.

Patty went to see Emily at the psychiatric facility. Once again, she downed the medications that were meant for "Patty." Patty said that she needed information about Emily's brother, Jamie, who Jack had invited for a visit. Emily wondered why Patty thought that she would help. Patty said that if would be a shame if Jamie caused problems that deserved Patty's retaliation. Emily begged Patty not to hurt Jamie and asked Patty what she wanted to know.

Patty peppered Emily with questions about Jamie. Emily responded with monotone "yes" or "no" answers. Patty wondered if she would have to drag information about Jamie out of Emily. Emily again begged Patty not to hurt Jamie. Emily said that Jamie was very intellectual and refined -- that he was an antiques dealer who ran a successful shop. She told Patty that he had graduated from college with honors, and that she was proud of him. Emily said that she was crushed that Jamie hadn't made it to her and Jack's wedding.

Later, after Patty left, Emily prayed that Jack and Jamie would realize that Patty wasn't her. She said that perhaps Jamie's arrival was the miracle that she had been hoping for.

Patty finally showed up at Emily's office and met with Sarah. Sarah mentioned that Patty had said something about needing Sarah's help with a doctor's appointment. Patty said that ship had already sailed. She told Sarah that she had faked a pregnancy, but when Jack had insisted on her seeing a doctor, she had been forced to fake a miscarriage. Patty said that Jack doubted the veracity of both the pregnancy and the miscarriage.

Patty, becoming agitated, blamed everything on Jack's "bitch" ex-wife, Phyllis. She wondered how she was going to be able to handle Emily's brother -- she had never even seen a picture of him. Patty did mention to Sarah that she had just spoken with Emily and had gotten some information about Emily's brother, Jamie. Sarah said that Patty should be glad that Emily was alive and nearby. She told Patty that until they were both secure in their new identities, it paid to be able to go back to the source for information.

Patty calmed down a bit and thought that perhaps seeing Jamie wouldn't be as bad as she thought. Sarah said that, for both of their sakes, Patty needed to keep things under control. Sarah reminded Patty that when she had been at the plastic surgery clinic, Patty had been taking psychotropic medications. Patty said that she hadn't been able to take them regularly since assuming Emily's identity, but she had managed to take the medications the previous night and that morning.

Sarah suggested that Patty write prescriptions for the medication to herself. Patty said that she wasn't allowed to do that. Sarah told Patty to write the prescriptions for Lauren. Sarah would then have the prescriptions filled and give the medications to Patty. Sarah said that she would make sure that Patty got the medications she needed. She told Patty that she needed to remain stable -- that she was having trouble with Michael, and the last thing she needed was to have trouble with Patty.

Patty again blamed Phyllis for her predicament. She told Sarah that things would be fine if Phyllis were out of the picture. Sarah said that she felt the same way about Michael -- that Phyllis and Michael represented threats to everything that they were trying to achieve. Sarah wondered if she and Patty could help each other out -- Sarah could take care of Phyllis, and Patty could take care of Michael. Patty wondered if Sarah meant killing Phyllis and Michael. Sarah didn't say a word, but smiled diabolically.

At the Abbott mansion, Jack welcomed Jamie, who was nothing like Emily had described to Patty, inside. Jamie was impressed with the house and asked Jack if he was the head of a company. When Jack said that he owned Jabot Cosmetics, Jamie said that he had never heard of it. Jamie asked where Emily was. Jack said that she was at work. Jamie said that he was surprised that Emily wanted to see him -- that they weren't very close. Jack was taken aback when Jamie said that he was low on cash -- and asked Jack to pay the cabbie, who was still waiting outside.

After Jack returned from paying the cabbie, Jamie said that he wasn't a deadbeat and that he would pay Jack back. Jack told him that they were family, and Jamie shouldn't worry about it. Jack asked Jamie if he wanted something to drink, like water or coffee. Jack was shocked when Jamie asked for a beer, as it was still morning. Jamie said, "It's five o'clock somewhere, right?"

Later, Jamie, holding a bottle of beer, stared at the portrait of Emily. Jack said that he was going to call Emily to see what was holding her up. When Jack reached "Emily," she was still talking with Sarah. She gruffly told Jack that she didn't have time to talk with her brother on the phone, because she was with a patient. She told Jack that she didn't know what time she would be home, then abruptly hung up. Jack told Jamie that Emily was in a session. Jamie said that some things never changed -- that Emily had always been the overachiever in the family. Jack told Jamie that he wanted to hear all about Emily growing up.

At the police station, Phyllis had joined Victor. Both of them were annoyed that Chance wasn't allowing them to see Nick. Sharon arrived, which did not thrill Phyllis. When Sharon said, "We have to do something," Phyllis sarcastically replied, "Victor and I haven't been thinking about that at all." Victor told Sharon that Michael was in with Nick and that they should know something soon.

Phyllis and Victor approached Chance and demanded to see Nick. Chance said that he wouldn't permit Victor to push him around and that both Victor and Phyllis still might be charged with obstruction of justice. Victor told Chance that he was arrogant and warned the detective not to use a disrespectful tone of voice to him. Sharon was gentler in her request to see Nick, but Chance said that Nick had access to his attorney -- which was all that the law required. Before he walked away, he said that he wasn't inclined to do the threesome any favors.

Sharon was shocked to learn that Nick's pen had been the murder weapon. Victor told her that Victoria had purchased the pen in Dubai as a gift for Nick and that Victoria had been under arrest for Adam's murder until Nick had admitted that the pen was his. Phyllis was worried that, between the pen and the blood on Nick's jacket, the prosecution had a real case against Nick. Sharon intimated that perhaps they shouldn't have gotten rid of Nick's jacket. Phyllis took offense at Sharon's insinuation, thinking that Sharon was blaming her. The women began bickering. Victor said that there was no sense in arguing -- that they had all tried to cover for Nick and had only made things worse for him.

In the jail's visiting area, adjacent to the police station, Nick recounted to Michael what had happened the night of Adam's murder. He said that he had encountered Adam as Victor had been backslapping him. He said that Adam had fallen back, his cheek bleeding, and that was how Adam's blood had ended up on Nick's jacket sleeve. Michael confirmed that, prior to Nick and Adam's meeting in the basement, the only other time that Nick had seen Adam that night was when Nick had seen Adam in Sharon and Faith's suite.

Nick said that after the light bulb in the basement had gone out, Adam had taken off, and Nick had never seen him again. Nick insisted that he hadn't killed his brother. Michael said that he believed Nick but that his opinion didn't count. Nick wondered why he hadn't been able to see Victor and Phyllis. Michael said that was a good question.

In the police station, Phyllis continued to complain to Chance that she wasn't being allowed to see her husband. Michael emerged from the visiting area and told Chance that Phyllis hadn't been charged with anything and should be allowed to see her husband. Chance acquiesced and had an officer wheel Phyllis in to see Nick. Victor told Michael that he was going to see District Attorney Pomerantz.

Sharon asked Chance if she could see Nick. Chance said, "Maybe later." Chance told Sharon that he had contacted the Newmans' dry cleaners and had learned that Nick's jacket hadn't in the bag of dry cleaning that had been picked up from the tack house. He wondered how Phyllis, who was confined to a wheelchair, had managed to get Nick's jacket to a dumpster in a seedy part of town. Chance clearly suspected Sharon of being involved in that, and remembered that Sharon had quickly left the tack house while pushing Faith's baby carriage when Chance had tried to get Nick's jacket from Phyllis. He snidely asked Sharon if she had taken Faith out for a stroll in her carriage recently. Sharon realized that Chance thought that she was involved in the jacket's disappearance.

In the visiting area, Nick told Phyllis that he hadn't been able to allow Victoria to stay in jail -- that he'd had to tell the truth about the pen being his. When Phyllis said that the pen had ended up being plunged into Adam's heart, Nick responded, "Waste of a good pen, if you ask me." Phyllis said that she was sorry that she and Sharon had tried to dispose of Nick's jacket. Nick told her that he realized that she and Sharon had been trying to help, but, from that point on, he wanted Michael to handle everything. Phyllis said that Michael was the best and that Victor was doing everything that he could to try to help Nick. Nick warned her to stay out of trouble -- that Summer needed her mother. Phyllis replied that the little girl needed her father too.

In the police station, Victor approached the district attorney and asked how many times the D.A.'s office was going to embarrass itself. He reminded Pomerantz that his predecessor had been forced to vacate his position when he had wrongfully prosecuted Victor for murder. Victor said that if one went after his family, one would pay the price. Pomerantz said that no one was above the law and that he was simply following the evidence. Michael joined the men and said that all the evidence they had was circumstantial -- that they had nothing that linked Nick to the murder. Michael added that the Athletic Club had been filled people who had both motives and opportunity to kill Adam.

Michael and Victor told Pomerantz that, because of the kind of person that Adam had been, he had probably had enemies at Harvard and on Wall Street -- any of whom might have wanted to see Adam dead. They wondered why Pomerantz wasn't looking for any suspects among Adam's enemies. Michael said that Nick's trial would be a huge waste of the taxpayers' money and that the public would remember that at election time. Before he walked away, Pomerantz said that he would take his chances -- that he had won cases with a lot less evidence. After Pomerantz walked away, Victor asked Michael how much they should be worried.

Michael assured Victor that Pomerantz was just posturing. Victor said that the D.A. was right -- that people had been convicted on less evidence. Michael said that they needed to take one thing at a time -- and that the next step was to get through the arraignment. Victor said that he wouldn't allow Nick to take the rap for Adam's murder.

Later, at Crimson Lights, Victor spoke with Nikki on the phone and told her to make sure that Victoria didn't feel bad about what had happened. When Victor hung up, Michael joined him. Victor told Michael that Nick hadn't killed anyone -- and that Nick's only crime was being Victor Newman's son. He said, "Victoria... Nick... who's next? Abby? You and I know what this is about."

In the visiting area, Sharon ran into Nick's arms as Phyllis rolled her eyes. Sharon said that she felt terrible about hiding the jacket. Nick told Sharon to call Noah and let him know what was going on -- although he said that if the judge granted him bail, which he doubted, he would call Noah himself. Nick instructed Phyllis and Sharon to focus on themselves and the kids. He told them to go home -- that he could handle it. An officer entered, led Nick out, and said that it was time for his arraignment. Phyllis told Sharon to go home -- that she would stand beside her husband.

After the arraignment, Sharon told Phyllis that she was outraged that Nick hadn't been granted bail. Phyllis, thoroughly irritated by Sharon's presence, said, "Don't you have a baby to take care of?" Sharon said that she had a right to be there, and that Nick had always been there for her. Phyllis said that Sharon was responsible for the mess that Nick was in -- that even after being warned by everyone in town, Sharon had had to marry Adam. She told Sharon that Adam would have left town if it hadn't been for Sharon. Phyllis said, "You're the reason Adam came to the club that night. If you weren't so needy and pathetic, none of this would have happened."

Phyllis said that if Nick had killed Adam for Sharon's sake, Phyllis didn't know what she would do. Sharon said that Phyllis was insane. The women stopped arguing when Nick was led through the station. Phyllis asked what was going to happen. An officer said that since bail had been denied, Nick would be sent to county jail, pending trial.

Nick said that he would be locked up until a jury arrived at a verdict. Phyllis said that could take months. Nick urged Phyllis to hire someone to help at home -- that she wouldn't be able to manage with her broken leg. Sharon said that she and Nikki would take care of the kids and snidely added, "We'll make sure that Phyllis is taken care of too."

Chance and Pomerantz talked privately. They said that they were satisfied with the arraignment -- but that there were "a lot of eyes" on the case, and they had to be careful not to screw anything up. Victor and Michael entered the police station. Everyone in the station was shocked when Victor announced, "I killed my son."

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