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Michael and Katherine got the pawn dealer to admit that he had bought the emerald ring from Katherine. J.T. and Colleen discovered Brad's frozen body beneath the ice. A Jewish funeral was held in Brad's honor. Nick and Sharon made love.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of February 2, 2009 on Y&R
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Monday, February 2, 2009

J.T. surprised Victoria with a romantic anniversary dinner at home. The couple toasted their first year of wedded bliss and Noah's miraculous rescue from an icy pond. J.T. made jokes about his role as Mr. Mom, who had served his family chicken nuggets with macaroni and cheese for dinner. Victoria told J.T. that she, along with numerous other women, found stay-at-home dads to be quite sexy. Victoria kissed J.T. to prove her point. J.T. gave Victoria a bouquet of red and pink paper flowers. Victoria gave J.T. a framed photo of them on their wedding day. Amid flickering candles, J.T. and Victoria made love on their sofa as a fire crackled in the fireplace.

After Brad missed a planned dinner date with Colleen and Abby, Colleen rushed to Brad's house and searched for clues to her dad's whereabouts. Billy and Lily showed up to offer moral support. Colleen panicked after she repeatedly failed to contact her dad, and she insisted to Billy and Lily that something was wrong. Colleen checked in with Ashley, who had stayed behind at the Genoa City Athletic Club in case Brad showed up. Billy asked about Noah, and Colleen gratefully noted that Noah was fine. Colleen's concern for her dad's mysterious disappearance sparked fear and panic for his welfare, and she phoned the police.

Colleen became livid after she learned that police refused to get involved, since Brad had only been missing for a few hours. Colleen decided to drive around town to search for her dad. Billy tried to dissuade Colleen because the roads were icy and treacherous. Before Colleen left, she asked Billy and Lily to stay behind in case Brad returned. Colleen stopped at J.T and Victoria's house first. Colleen explained that her dad was missing after he failed to show up at dinner. Victoria agreed that Brad would never ignore his phone calls or messages. Victoria added that after enduring her father's recent disappearance, she understood Colleen's concern for Brad. Victoria insisted that J.T. accompany Colleen and help her search for Brad.

Colleen and J.T. returned and found Victoria cuddled with Summer by the fire. Colleen explained that she and J.T. had looked everywhere without success. J.T. added that searching for Brad was like looking for a needle in a haystack. Summer whimpered and said she wanted her daddy. Victoria soothed the child and told Summer that her daddy would return soon. Colleen seemed depressed as she considered Victoria's words of comfort to Summer.

Billy and Lily snacked as they waited at Brad's house for word about Brad. Billy worried about the weather and wished that Colleen had allowed him to accompany her. Billy kissed Lily, and he convinced her to snuggle with him beside the fire. Billy invited Lily to accompany him to his family's cabin, since it had a generator and all the comforts of home. Lily expressed enthusiasm and said she adored cabins and the fresh, clean air in the woods. Billy suggested Valentine's Day weekend. Lily seemed saddened about celebrating with Billy on that particular date. Billy guessed that Lily had enjoyed an intimate Valentine's Day with Cane the previous year. Billy was elated after Lily said she might reconsider.

At the Baldwin family's condo, Michael raked Eden over the coals for her role in luring Noah to a remote pond after lying to Michael and Lauren. Michael said, "Noah could have died, and you could have died." Lauren and Jana seemed disturbed by Michael's incessant diatribe. Lauren interrupted Michael's tirade and said, "Let's just calm down." Eden was upset that she hadn't been allowed to speak to Noah after he regained consciousness, and Michael's harsh reprimand sent her deeper into despair. Michael threatened to lock Eden in her room.

After Eden and Jana stepped into another room, Lauren cautioned Michael not to punish Eden in anger. Lauren added that Eden's punishment should be reasonable and enforceable. Lauren served Michael herbal tea to calm his nerves. Michael sulked and stewed. Lauren entreated Michael to consider Eden's fragile emotional state, and warned him not to scold his sister too harshly. Michael worried that he wasn't prepared to raise Eden. Lauren assured Michael that he was a great father, and that she had faith in his abilities.

In Eden's bedroom, Jana listened as Eden poured out her feelings about Michael and his threats of extreme punishment. Jana explained that sometimes people used anger to cover fear. Eden worried that Michael might wish that she had fallen through the ice. Jana told Eden that Michael truly loved her more than she could ever know. Eden explained that things went terribly wrong each time she and Noah attempted to have fun together. Eden explained that she had talked Noah into going to the pond and had coached him about lying to Phyllis. Jana reminded Eden that Noah was all right, so everything would be fine. Eden confided that she really liked Noah, and that he was the first boy she had ever kissed. Eden was concerned that Michael might forbid her to see Noah.

Michael thanked Jana for comforting Eden. Jana asked Michael what he would have wanted his father to say to him in the same situation had his father been present. Michael said it wouldn't have mattered as long as what was said had come from his father's heart. Michael quickly added jokingly that his father didn't have a heart. Jana responded, "But you do." Jana said that Eden was a good kid and Michael was a good man, so she had hope for them both. Lauren comforted Eden. Lauren told Eden that she didn't blame Eden for what happened, but Lauren added that wouldn't tolerate Eden's lies. Eden explained that she lied to Michael and Lauren because they forced Eden and Noah to sneak around in order to see each other. Eden worried that Michael might wish that he had never met her. Lauren explained that Michael wanted to protect his sister, and he made rules meant to ensure Eden's safety.

Michael entered Eden's room. Eden announced that she was prepared for another lecture and grounding. Instead, Michael took Eden into his arms and hugged her close. Michael told Eden that he didn't like what she had done, but that he would always love her. Eden seemed struck by Michael's unexpected reaction. Eden rested her head on Michael's shoulder and sobbed uncontrollably as she sincerely apologized to her brother.

At the hospital, Nick, Phyllis, and Jack were relieved after the Noah's doctor announced that he would make a full recovery. Noah apologized to his dad after Nick mentioned that his son was making him gray before his time. The doctor explained that if Noah hadn't been pulled from the water when he was, the outcome might not have been the same. Phyllis and Nick thanked the doctor. After Phyllis and Nick stepped out, Noah fell asleep. Jack stood over Noah and said, "Thank you, God, for watching over him." Jack spent hours by Noah's bedside. After Noah awoke, he asked about Eden. Jack reported that Eden was fine. Noah told Jack that one minute he was in the freezing water, and then the next thing he remembered was awakening in the hospital. Noah worried about how his mother would react. Noah expressed concern for his mom, but Jack explained that he had checked on Sharon at the cabin and made sure she was all right.

Outside in the hospital hallway, Nick's resolve to drive to the cabin and tell Sharon what had happened to Noah bewildered Phyllis. Phyllis explained that Noah would sleep through the night anyway. Phyllis worried about the snowstorm and said that Sharon could visit Noah after she returned from the cabin. Nick put on his coat and explained that he had snow chains for his vehicle. Phyllis begged Nick not to go because travel conditions were dangerous. Nick insisted that he would be fine. Phyllis volunteered to drive to the cabin to tell Sharon, so Nick could stay with Noah. "Better, yet," Phyllis suggested, "let's let Jack do it." Nick shot down both of Phyllis' suggestions because, he explained, "Noah is Sharon's and my son, and she should hear this from me." Worriedly, Phyllis told Nick that she loved him before he walked away.

After Jack stepped out of Noah's room, Phyllis told him that Nick was on his way to the cabin to inform Sharon about Noah's accident and to bring her home. Jack agreed that Sharon should know, because she was Noah's mother. Jack asked Phyllis if she thought that Nick's insistence to see Sharon right away meant something more. Phyllis readily agreed that Nick's feelings for Sharon drove his desperation more than Noah's narrow escape. Phyllis added that the situation drove her crazy, so she intended to follow her husband. Jack agreed to stay with Noah, but he warned Phyllis that Nick and Sharon shared a deep connection through Noah. Jack added that Noah would always draw Sharon and Nick close, and was a factor Phyllis couldn't fight. Phyllis pulled on her gloves, looked Jack in the eyes, and said, "The hell I can't." On her way to the cabin, Phyllis encountered a roadblock. A sheriff's deputy informed Phyllis that poor weather conditions had necessitated road closures, so she would have to turn around.

At the cabin, snow mounded up on the windowsills and the cold wind howled through the trees. Sharon shivered in the chilly cabin. A handwritten note to Nick lay crumpled onto a pile of kindling. Sharon wrapped herself in a wool blanket, sipped hot tea, and situated herself near the fireplace. The lights flickered a few times, and then suddenly the cabin became dark. Sharon donned her coat and lit her way to the woodpile with a flashlight. After Sharon returned to the darkened cabin, she placed a log on the fire, her only source of warmth. Sharon lit a few candles to stave off the darkness. Nick knocked on the door. Sharon was surprised to see Nick and immediately surmised that something was wrong. Nick explained that Noah had fallen through the ice while skating, but would be okay. Nick added that evidently, Noah had somehow managed to crawl out of the icy pond.

Sharon, relieved, hugged Nick and begged to go see Noah. Sharon bundled up against the blustery wind, and she and Nick headed out the door. A deputy sheriff stopped by and warned Sharon and Nick to stay at the cabin because a dangerous snowstorm had closed the roads. Sharon explained her extreme situation, but the deputy advised Nick and Sharon to stay put until the storm passed. After the deputy left on his snowmobile, Sharon worried that something might happen to Noah. Nick took Sharon into his arms and promised her that they would get through the night together.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Phyllis begged the policeman to let her drive to the cabin. The policeman told Phyllis that the road was gone; it was covered in snow. Phyllis realized that meant that Nick and Sharon would also not be allowed on the roads, and they would be stranded together overnight.

Sharon told Nick that she couldn't stand around wondering if Noah would be okay. She said that she would find a way to get home. Park rangers quickly rebuffed her idea and insisted that Sharon and Nick return to the cabin. Nick suggested that he try to get cell phone reception at the top of the hill to try to reach Noah. Nick returned and had been unable to get reception on his cell phone. Sharon was angry that Nick had gone to the cabin. She said that at least one of Noah's parents could have been with him. Nick explained that he felt that Sharon needed to know right away. He told her that when he saw Noah in the hospital room, he had thought about Cassie. Sharon said that she was sorry he had to face it alone. Nick told Sharon how Noah had skated too far onto the ice. He said that somehow Noah had been able to pull himself out of the water. Sharon's thoughts turned to Brad for a moment. Sharon said that she knew Eden was trouble from the beginning.

J.T. was able to track down the general location of Brad's phone. Colleen realized that it was near the Abbott cabin. As Colleen got up to leave, Victoria said that there was a storm outside and it would be dangerous. Colleen said she couldn't leave her father stranded in a storm. Victoria looked at J.T. and he knew that Victoria wanted him to go with Colleen. Victoria told them to be careful.

J.T. and Colleen tried to get through to the freeway, but the police stopped them before they could continue. They explained that they were looking for someone. The policeman said that he would keep an eye out for him. J.T. and Colleen drove back by way of the ravine. Colleen couldn't believe that Brad had driven so far in a snowstorm.

Jack was sitting at Noah's bedside when Noah began shaking violently from a nightmare. Jack calmed him down. Jack heard something at the door and turned to see Victor watching him. Victor told Jack that Jack wasn't needed at the hospital any longer. Jack said that he was Noah's stepfather and he was staying. Victor mentioned that Jack wouldn't be Noah's stepfather for long. Victor said he was going to see his grandson, and Jack needed to step aside. Jack said that he would not be forced out of the hospital. As Victor and Jack began to argue, Ashley and Abby arrived and tried to stop them.

Abby was the first to visit Noah in the hospital room. Abby was surprised when Noah asked about Eden. Abby said that Noah wouldn't be in such a mess if it were not for Eden. When Abby came out of Noah's room, she asked Victoria if Victoria had seen Brad. Victoria said that J.T. and Colleen were looking for him. Victoria explained that it was strange when Brad hadn't shown up for a father-daughter dinner, and that he was not returning any of his calls. J.T. called Victoria and told her that they wouldn't be able to continue their search. Victoria asked that J.T. drive home as slowly and safely as possible.

Ashley asked Victor to hold off on going against Brad until they were sure that Brad was okay. Victor agreed to wait.

Abby asked Victoria if she could call J.T. to see if he had found out anything about Brad. Victoria said that J.T. would be home soon, and she could try him then.

As J.T. and Colleen continued their drive through the ravine, they spotted a car covered in snow. When they ran up to the car, Colleen realized it was Brad's, but there was no one inside. Colleen wondered where her dad could be. She began to cry with worry.

Victor sat with Noah and said that his parents would be back in the morning. Suddenly Noah remembered calling for help. He told Victor that he thought someone helped pull him out of the water. Victor wondered if Noah could remember who it was, but Noah couldn't.

A doctor was asking for Noah's parents so that Noah could be released the next morning. Phyllis showed up and said that she would sign the papers. Jack was surprised that Phyllis had returned so quickly. Phyllis explained that the police wouldn't let her continue on the road, but that Nick must have been able to get through. Jack realized that meant Nick and Sharon were alone in the cabin together. Jack offered to drive Phyllis back to the ranch. Phyllis wondered why Jack was being nice to her.

When Phyllis arrived at home, she asked Jack how that could happen to her. Jack told Phyllis that her life was about to blow up in her face. Phyllis said that she and Jack were realists. If one of them knew something was going on behind their backs, they would take of it. Jack agreed that there was a possibility that Nick and Sharon might have an affair. Phyllis said that she thought talking to Jack would make her feel better, but it hadn't. Phyllis said that she was worried sick that she would lose Nick. She admitted that her fear had been so great that it was getting the better of her. Jack said that she wouldn't feel that way if there weren't an underlying reason. Jack said that he was a confident man, but throughout his whole marriage to Sharon, Nick was always there. Phyllis asked Jack if he thought Sharon an Nick were having an affair. Jack said that there was nothing they could do about it at that moment. Phyllis said she would try to keep her insecurities at bay.

Sharon apologized to Nick for getting upset with him earlier. Nick said that he understood. He told Sharon that he was going to fall asleep on the couch. Nick grabbed some pillows and blankets and got up to poke the fire. He found Sharon's letter on the hearth. Nick sat down and was touched by Sharon's heartfelt feelings toward him. Sharon came downstairs and saw Nick reading her letter.

Michael thanked Lauren for her advice concerning Eden. Michael said that he finally felt that he had gotten through to Eden. When Lauren got ready for bed, she realized that Eden was gone. Lauren asked Michael to call Jana to watch Fen; she knew exactly where Eden had gone.

When Eden arrived at the hospital, Jack stopped her in her tracks. Jack said that Noah was sleeping and there was nothing Eden could do. Jack wondered if Michael and Lauren knew Eden was there. Eden said they did, but when Jack went to call them, Eden took off. Eden snuck into a hospital uniform and went to Noah's room. Eden begged Noah for forgiveness. Noah told Eden that it wasn't her fault. Abby walked in and asked Eden what she was doing there. Abby said that Eden was the reason that Noah almost died. Noah said not to blame her.

Michael and Lauren walked into Noah's hospital room. Eden hid in the closet. As they left the room, Lauren said Eden had to be somewhere in the hospital. Michael heard Abby yelling in Noah's room and found Eden. Michael said that they were going home.

When Michael and Lauren arrived home with Eden, Lauren told her that her blatant disrespect for them would happen no longer. She said if Eden did something like that again there would be serious consequences

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

At Murphy's trailer, a preoccupied Katherine played solitaire. She told Murphy that she was having trouble sleeping. Murphy decided to teach Katherine how to play rummy.

While playing rummy, Murphy told Katherine how nice she had looked earlier, when she had worn an elegant outfit to impress a jeweler. He suggested that she dress up when she went to visit the owner of the pawnshop. Katherine didn't think the pawnbroker would be of any assistance, because he would then be forced to admit that he underpaid Katherine for her ring. She said that without the ring and the pawnbroker's assistance, she had no leverage -- Michael wouldn't be able to convince a judge to order a DNA test.

Katherine told Murphy that the only person she remembered was Amber, and that the only people who believed that she was Katherine were Kevin, Amber, and Michael. She felt that Nikki and Jill would never accept her as Katherine. She became agitated and said that her life as Katherine seemed more unreal than her life as Marge. Katherine said that choosing between the two lives was like living in purgatory -- and that she couldn't choose the "Marge" life, because she knew that it was false. She said that she had to choose her life as Katherine, even if it turned out to be "hell on earth."

As they continued to play rummy, Katherine became confused about the rules of the game. She once again became agitated, and Murphy tried to calm her down, reminding her that it was just a game. Katherine said that it wasn't just a game -- that it was her life, and that it was disappearing. She remembered that Amber had said that Katherine was losing her memory even before the car accident. Katherine wondered if she had Alzheimer's disease. Murphy told her that no matter what happened, she wouldn't be alone. Later, Katherine fell asleep in Murphy's arms. He gave her a gentle kiss on the head, and turned out the light.

At the Abbott cabin, Sharon discovered Nick reading the letter that she had written to him. In the letter, Sharon professed her continuing love for Nick. Nick told her that he had no idea that she felt that way. Sharon asked Nick to pretend that he had never discovered the letter, but Nick said that would be impossible.

Nick continued to read the letter aloud. Sharon wanted to burn the letter, and told Nick that she had never intended for him to read it. Nick, suddenly filled with guilt, admitted to Sharon that he hadn't been there for her when she had needed him the most -- after Cassie's death. Suddenly, Nick took Sharon in his arms, and they began kissing passionately.

Nick and Sharon made love. She told him that all she wanted after Cassie's death was for him to hold her and share the pain. Nick apologized for being incapable of doing that at the time. They reminisced about Crimson Lights, where Nick had proposed to Sharon. They also discussed how much they had loved running the coffeehouse. Sharon thanked Nick for everything he had done for her -- she then began kissing him again.

In Noah's hospital room, Noah told Victor that he remembered someone grabbing him and pulling him out of the icy water, but he still couldn't remember who it was. Victor probed, trying to get Noah to remember who had saved him. Noah was upset that he couldn't remember, as he wanted to thank the person. Victor assured his grandson that whoever had saved him would be richly rewarded.

Victoria stopped by the room. Noah asked her if she had heard from Nick and Sharon, but she told him that she hadn't. When Noah dozed off, Victor told Victoria that Noah remembered someone pulling him out of the water. Victoria thought that Noah might have imagined it. Victor thought that was possible, but wondered how Noah managed to get out of the water and onto the ice. Victor was surprised that Noah's rescuer hadn't come forward.

J.T. and Colleen were by Brad's car, on the shoulder of Lakeshore Drive. J.T. opened the door and found Brad's cell phone, which was fully charged. Colleen became hysterical and wondered where Brad was. J.T. assured her that they would find him.

Colleen wondered if someone from Brad's past had harmed him. J.T. nixed that theory, saying that a potential assassin would not have picked the snowiest night of the year to hurt Brad. J.T. said that Brad had probably found his way to a warm place to wait out the storm. He reminded Colleen that Brad was a Navy SEAL and would be able to take care of himself. J.T. got in touch with Paul and asked him to call his contacts at the police department to begin organizing a search and rescue team. J.T. hugged Colleen and told her that everything would be fine.

Ashley and Abby went to Brad's to see if Lily or Billy had any further information on Brad's whereabouts. Ashley checked Brad's calendar to see if he had any appointments scheduled. Billy cheered Abby up by joking that perhaps Brad had been abducted by space aliens.

Ashley played Brad's voicemail on speakerphone. The group, particularly Abby, was shocked to hear a threatening message from Victor. Victor said that Brad had better resign from the Newman board, or Victor would reveal that Brad had been involved in corporate espionage. Victor threatened to drag Brad's name through the mud if Brad didn't resign immediately. After the message finished playing, Abby asked why Victor would say such things to her father. Ashley, trying to calm Abby down, told her that Victor probably had a reasonable explanation.

Ashley called Victor and told him that Brad was missing -- adding that Abby had heard the threatening message that Victor had left for Brad. Before he hung up, Victor said that he would explain the message to Abby.

Colleen and J.T. showed up at Brad's. Colleen told a worried Abby that Brad had probably found shelter in a cabin near where his abandoned car had been found. Ashley, Abby, Lily, and Colleen went to the kitchen to make hot chocolate. After the women were gone, Billy asked J.T. for the "non-sugar-coated" version of what was really happening. J.T. confessed that he was worried about Brad.

Billy and Lily decided to join the search for Brad. On their way out, they found Victor at the front door. Abby immediately confronted Victor about the threatening message that he had left on Brad's voicemail. Victor told Abby that he would explain the message to her when she was older. Coming down the stairs, Colleen told Victor that she wanted to hear his explanation immediately.

Colleen began yelling at Victor, accusing him of hating Brad because Ashley had married Brad. She added that Victor was probably bothered that Abby thought of Brad as her father. Victor said that the phone message wasn't important -- and that he would do everything in his power to help find Brad.

At the hospital, Noah told Victoria that he was cold -- he wanted another blanket or his sweater. Victoria assured Noah that his sweater was probably still soaked, but that she would find him an extra blanket. She went to the nurses' station and retrieved the bag full of the clothes that Noah was wearing when he was brought in, and found out that there was an extra blanket in the dresser in Noah's room.

Victoria returned to Noah's room, and covered him with the extra blanket. They went through the bag of Noah's clothes to see what was salvageable. Noah's cell phone was waterlogged and didn't work, and, as Victoria had predicted, his sweater was still soaked.

Victoria found an expensive-looking glove among Noah's possessions. She asked Noah why Sharon would spend so much money on a pair of gloves for him -- she said that when she was his age, she went through three pairs of gloves every winter. Noah looked at the glove and said that it wasn't his. Victoria looked more closely at the glove and said that it looked like one she had given Brad as a Christmas gift several years earlier. When Noah heard Brad's name, he had a memory flash of Brad pulling him out of the icy waters of the lake. Noah suddenly blurted out, "That's who rescued me! It was Brad." Victoria replied ominously, "Then where is he?"

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Jack told Phyllis that Noah remembered Brad had saved him. Phyllis wondered what Brad was doing out at the lake in a snowstorm. Jack mentioned that his cabin was nearby. Jack assumed that Phyllis had once again sent Brad to find Sharon. Phyllis insisted that wasn't what she had been up to that time. Phyllis said that Brad wasn't her friend and had even turned on her, but she wanted to thank Brad for saving Noah's life.

When Sharon came downstairs, Nick joked that she had ruined his breakfast in bed surprise. Sharon told Nick that she slept really well. Nick said that the drifts outside were still really high and they wouldn't be able to leave right away. Sharon said she was hungry and grabbed a breakfast bar. She mentioned that Nick looked hungry. She joked that he always needed refueling. Nick wondered what she was insinuating. As they began to kiss, the ranger knocked on the door. He said that the roads were open again. Nick told Sharon that he would hike up to the ridge to try to get phone reception to call Noah.

Phyllis went to Jack and said that Nick had called her. Jack said that he hoped nothing had happened while Nick and Sharon had been stranded at the cabin. Phyllis said that Jack wanted her marriage to be over, since Jack's marriage was over for him. She said that her relationship wasn't over. She would do whatever it took to save her marriage.

When Nick returned to the cabin, he told Sharon that he'd had to leave a message for Phyllis. He said that he was sure Noah was okay. They got ready to leave and Sharon tried to say something to Nick. She opened her mouth but nothing came out. Nick asked Sharon if everything was supposed to be a secret. Sharon said that if he told Phyllis, he would only hurt her. She said that Nick had a wife and daughter who adored him, but they had to focus on reality. Nick said what he had with Sharon was also real. Nick mentioned a Star Trek episode that had alternative universes where you could have anything you dreamed of. Sharon said that sounded like a wonderful idea.

Colleen told J.T. that she was going to look for Brad. J.T. said that she wasn't going alone. Abby wanted to go, too, but Ashley insisted that Brad would want her to stay at home. Victoria came by to tell Ashley and Abby that Brad had saved Noah's life.

Colleen and J.T. went back to the ravine where Brad's car had been abandoned. Suddenly they heard a scream. A boy was looking down at the ice and screaming for his mother. J.T. and the ranger ran to find Brad frozen under the ice. J.T. returned to Colleen, who had been waiting at the car. When he told her that Brad had been frozen in the snow, Colleen began crying uncontrollably.

Ashley and Abby were surprised when Colleen and J.T. returned so quickly. Abby asked if they found her dad. She happily exclaimed that Brad had saved Noah. J.T. said that he knew Brad had saved Noah, but that Brad didn't make it. Victoria ran into J.T.'s arms, and Abby and Ashley ran to each other. Abby called her grandmother on the phone and told her that an evil girl was responsible for Brad's death and Noah's accident. Colleen went to the phone and told her grandma that they would call her back. Ashley asked Victoria if she was okay. Victoria said no. Ashley said that she couldn't believe that Brad was gone. Victoria said that she had loved him, too, even if they'd had a tumultuous marriage. She said that he was a wonderful father; he really loved his girls. Victoria said that Brad would never know how grateful they were.

Jack received a phone call about Brad. He told Phyllis what had happened. Phyllis said that she had told Brad to go to Sharon. Phyllis said that Nick would think it was all her fault. Jack told her to get a grip. He told Phyllis to go home and wait for her husband. He told her to focus on something she could fix. When Nick came home, Phyllis told Nick that Noah was fine. She said that he remembered that Brad had saved him. Nick said they needed to thank Brad. Phyllis said that Brad died saving Noah. Nick wondered if Noah had heard about Brad. Phyllis said no; she he said that Nick should be there when Noah found out.

Sharon arrived at the hospital and asked Jack how Noah was doing. Jack said Noah was fine. He told Sharon that before she went into the hospital room, she needed to know something. He said that Brad had saved Noah's life, but Brad hadn't made it. Sharon was shocked. She wondered how she was going to tell Noah. She asked Jack to stay with her. Jack said he would be at her side.

Sharon walked into Noah's hospital room. Noah was thrilled to finally see his mother. Noah told Sharon he was fine. He asked Sharon if Jack had told her that Brad saved her. Sharon said that Brad knew how grateful they were, but that Brad hadn't made it. When Nick came in, Nick, Sharon, and Noah held each other. Jack immediately felt out of place.

Murphy was impressed with Katherine's snazzy outfit. He told her that she looked like a billion dollars. Katherine was uneasy about convincing the pawn dealer that she had sold him the ring. Murphy told her not to worry; all she had to do was be herself.

When Michael and the pawnbroker arrived at Murphy's, Katherine introduced herself. The pawnbroker said he'd never seen her in his life. Michael asked that the pawnbroker tell the truth. Michael said that he had proof of the person the broker had sold the ring to. Michael showed the broker the receipts of the ring purchase. The broker said that someone had broken into his shop and hacked into his computer. He wondered if it had been Michael. Katherine said that she wouldn't continue the charade any longer. She said that she had sold him the ring, and that he knew it was worth a lot more than what he bought it for. The broker said he'd done no such thing. He said he'd never met Katherine before in his life. He knew that the real Katherine Chancellor was dead, which made the woman in front of him a two-bit fake. Katherine told the broker that she would open her own pawnshop next to him and run him out of business. The broker realized that Katherine wasn't bluffing. He asked if she was really Katherine.

Amber, Daniel, Kevin, and Jana contemplated how to prove Katherine's identity. Jana suggested that they get her dental records. Kevin said that Michael probably would have thought of that. Amber called Katherine's dentist and asked for her dental records. The dentist said that was privileged information. Jana suggested making an appointment for Katherine. When Jana called, the dentist said there wasn't an appointment available for a month. Amber and Kevin decided to go check out the security at the dental office. Daniel told Jana that Amber and Kevin together were trouble.

When Amber and Kevin returned from the dentist, Amber gave Daniel a high five. She said there was absolutely no security there.

Michael called Kevin to tell her that the broker had caved in. Katherine asked Michael to hand her the phone. Kevin and Amber told Katherine how happy they were that everything had worked out. Amber pulled out a bag and had a gift for Kevin. She apologized for not giving him a Christmas gift, and had made Kevin a scarf.

Friday, February 6, 2009

At Crimson Lights, a devastated Colleen told Billy and Lily that the graveside service for Brad was limited to immediate family. Lily tried to cheer Colleen up, but to no avail. Colleen cried, "How do you say goodbye to your father?" and ran out.

A teary-eyed Traci approached Brad's gravesite. Rabbi Nussbaum showed up and introduced himself to Traci. Traci told the rabbi what a wonderful man Brad had been. She remembered Brad cheering her up when John had been ill many years earlier. Traci wished that she had words to cheer Colleen up. Ashley, Abby, Victoria, and Colleen showed up at the cemetery, hugging and crying.

Colleen told the assembled group that she never thought she would have to arrange a Jewish funeral. The rabbi told the group about the Jewish custom that the dead be buried within 24 hours of their passing. He gave each of the mourners a black ribbon, symbolizing grief, to wear. Colleen told the rabbi that Brad had died saving Noah's life. Abby began crying and blamed Eden for Brad's death. The rabbi said that giving one's life to save another's was the greatest sacrifice that anyone could make.

Traci helped Colleen pin on her black ribbon, and recalled how Brad had delivered Colleen. Traci began crying, but she told Colleen that they were tears of gratitude not tears of grief. Victoria told Ashley that she was surprised that Sharon wasn't at the service.

The group joked about how much Brad would have liked to have known that all of the mourners at his funeral were women. Brad's ex-wives Traci, Victoria, and Ashley recalled their fondest memories of Brad. Abby was concerned that she had hurt Brad's feelings by referring to Victor as "Dad." She thought that Brad might have thought that she preferred Victor to him. Ashley assured Colleen that Brad loved her very much.

At the Newman ranch, Neil and Victor discussed what a shock Brad's death was. Victor said that, although he was grateful that Brad had saved Noah's life, he wasn't attending the funeral because he had no respect for Brad. He told Neil that Colleen was upset because of the vitriolic message that Victor had left for Brad, insisting that Brad resign from the Newman board.

Victor continued to berate Brad, calling him a liar, a cheat, and a hustler. When Neil mentioned that all of Brad's ex-wives were attending the service, Victor said that Brad had used all of them. Victor recalled arguing with Brad when Brad had cheated on Victoria. Victor told Neil that the problem of getting Brad to resign from the Newman board was solved. Neil had a list of potential replacements, but Victor rejected them all. Neil was shocked when Victor said that he wanted Ashley to replace Brad. Neil said that it would be a conflict of interest for Ashley to serve on the boards of both Jabot and Newman. Victor assured Neil that Jack's hold on Ashley was beginning to dissipate, and that Ashley would be completely loyal to Victor.

Jack and Sharon brought Noah to the Abbott mansion. Noah blamed himself for Brad's death, but Jack and Sharon assured him that it was a tragic accident. Inconsolable, Noah ran up to his room. Sharon said that Brad's death wasn't Noah's fault it was her fault.

Sharon told Jack that Brad had come to visit her at the cabin, and that she had turned him away. Jack said that it was Brad's decision to drive to the cabin and that she had done the right thing by telling him to leave. Jack reminded her that if Brad hadn't left, Noah would have died. He said that neither Noah nor Sharon were to blame for Brad's death.

Sharon told a stunned Jack that she and Nick had made love at the cabin. Jack said that he wasn't concerned about Nick but that he was concerned about her. Sharon said that she would be fine. Jack reminded Sharon that Phyllis would probably give her "crap" about making love with Nick. Sharon said that Phyllis had enough to handle without worrying about Sharon. Sharon thought that Phyllis was partly to blame for Brad's death, having encouraged Brad to pursue Sharon.

When Noah came downstairs, Sharon told him that she was going to Brad's house to pay her respects to his family. Noah wanted to join her, but she said that he should stay at the Abbott mansion and get some rest. When Noah reminded Sharon that he and Abby were family, Sharon relented and told Noah that he could go. Sharon asked Jack to take Noah over to Brad's house so that she could visit Brad's gravesite.

Nick arrived home, and Phyllis told him that he looked exhausted. He told Phyllis that Noah would be staying at the Abbott mansion for the time being. Nick asked where Summer was. Phyllis said that she was out having breakfast with the nanny and that she had been asking questions about where Nick had been. Phyllis said that she had told Summer that Nick was snowed in with a friend, and simply couldn't get back. Phyllis looked at Nick and blurted out, "You had sex with Sharon, didn't you?"

Not denying the fact that he had slept with Sharon, Nick asked Phyllis if she hated him. Phyllis calmly said that it was just "a moment," and that they should move on. Phyllis said that she wouldn't be able to forget about it, but that she wanted to work on making their marriage work. Nick wanted to know why Phyllis wanted to make their marriage work, in light of what he and Sharon had done. Phyllis said that she still loved Nick, and hoped that Nick still loved her. Nick said that he did still love her, but that he also loved Sharon. He told Phyllis that his connection to Sharon was stronger than he thought.

Phyllis became extremely agitated. When Nick said that perhaps he should move out, Phyllis said that he shouldn't move out, as that would increase the emotional distance between them. She also reminded Nick that they had a daughter to consider. Phyllis said that she was going upstairs to get ready to go over to Brad's. She asked Nick if he would still be there when she came back down. Nick said that he would.

When Phyllis came downstairs, Nick told her that he needed to make some decisions. Phyllis said that she had already made her decision she, Nick, and Summer should stay together and heal as a family. Nick told Phyllis that he wished he could say what she wanted to hear, but that he needed time to think. Phyllis calmly told Nick to take all the time he needed. She then broke down and begged Nick not to leave.

Victor stopped by Brad's to pay his respects, and Traci thanked him for coming. Ashley told Victor that she was worried about Abby. Victor reminded Ashley that Abby had two loving parents to lean on. In the other room, Colleen was unpleasantly surprised that Victor had shown up. Lily told Colleen to try to ignore Victor. Colleen told Lily and Billy how much Victor had hated Brad and that Victor was probably happy that Brad was dead, since he would no longer have to share Abby with Brad. Abby listened to their conversation from behind a door.

Victor hugged Abby and asked her how she was doing. She replied, "How do you think I'm doing? My father just died." Abby then ran off.

Noah and Jack showed up. Noah told Victor that he was doing okay. Victor told Noah that he would always be grateful that Brad had saved his life.

Abby stared at a picture of her, Colleen, and Brad. A nervous Noah walked up to Abby and told her that he would leave if she wanted him to. Abby gave Noah a big hug.

Victor told Ashley that Abby was probably upset about the message that Victor had left on Brad's voicemail. Victor suggested that he, Ashley, and Abby all return to the ranch. Ashley said that Abby wasn't ready to return to the ranch that she needed to spend time at Brad's house.

Jack and Traci joked about the nicknames that Jack had called Brad over the years. Traci was shocked that Jack had come up with yet another one the "Bradsicle."

After speaking with Jack, Traci realized that she had inadvertently encouraged Brad in his pursuit of Sharon. She became upset and ran off. Nick showed up and told Jack that he didn't expect to see him there. Nick was surprised when he learned that Sharon had asked Jack to bring Noah to Brad's. Jack reminded Nick that, despite recent events, he was still Sharon's husband.

At Brad's gravesite, a grief-stricken Sharon apologized to Brad, and told him that she had loved him although not in the way that he would have liked her to. Starting to cry, Sharon asked God why He kept taking the people she loved Cassie, Dru, and Brad away from her. Sharon then told Brad that he gave his life for her son, and that she would never forget that. Hearing footsteps, Sharon turned to face Phyllis.

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