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Billy became romantically interested in Lily. Jill stopped Katherine from signing over her Jabot stock to Gloria. Amber and Daniel moved in together. Jack and Adam gave a publisher Victor's forged diary. Nikki received word that Victor's chateau in France had burned down.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of October 20, 2008 on Y&R
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Monday, October 20, 2008

At the Baldwins' condo, Eden was heading out the door when Michael stopped her. Lauren remembered that school was not in session, so she and Michael wondered about Eden's hurry to leave. Eden assured her brother and sister-in-law that she would not try to break her father out of jail. Lauren left the room, so Michael could talk to Eden about new ground rules. Michael told Eden that he had been on his way to deliver good news about Lowell's case when she aided her father's escape from police custody. Eden listened as Michael recounted how Howard Sullivan, one of her father's former comrades, had opted for prison time instead testifying against an innocent Lowell. Michael explained that Howard's account of the bank bombing had convinced him of Lowell's innocence. Michael promised that he would do everything in his power to bring Lowell home. Michael added that Eden's behavior might affect Lowell's case if she engaged in troubling behavior, because the prosecutor could use her missteps to malign Lowell's character. Michael insisted that Eden not miss school or sneak out to parties.

After Lauren and Eden shopped for winter clothing for Eden, they enjoyed refreshments on the patio at Crimson Lights. Lauren assured her sister-in-law that Michael cared deeply for her and their dad. Noah and Sharon stopped by the coffee shop, and Noah said he felt embarrassed because his mother accompanied him inside instead of dropping him off. After Lauren left for a meeting, Noah joined Eden. Noah mentioned the school-sponsored trip to Paris. Eden thought a trip abroad should be a personal journey, so she was not enthusiastic about going along with her geeky classmates. Noah seemed pleased after Eden admitted that she was impressed to discover that he enjoyed Hemingway's personal account of Paris. After Noah remarked that he planned to "kick back in Paris and have a blast," Eden seemed interested. Noah became hopeful that Eden had changed her mind about the trip.

Before he left Crimson Lights, Noah picked up croissants and delivered the pastries as a peace offering to his mother at Newman Enterprises. Sharon soon discovered that Noah had changed his mind about the trip to Paris, which he said sounded "kinda cool." After Eden returned home, Lauren told her that the school had sent a letter about the trip to Paris. Eden seemed hesitant because she did not want to leave her father. Lauren pointed out that the trip was only for one week, and Eden's dad would agree she should go. Eden responded indifferently that the trip "might not suck."

At the Abbott mansion, Sharon discovered that the Motor Arms Motel had billed Jack's credit card. Jack acted shocked and insisted he had been a victim of identity theft. Jack phoned his credit card company to cancel the card the motel had billed. Sharon readily believed Jack when he insisted he was not having an affair, but she questioned why no other charges appeared on the credit card other than the room charges. Jack phoned Adam at the Motor Arms Motel and told him that Victor was in South America. Jack looked pensive when Adam added that the authorities were on Victor's trail.

Jack returned to the Motor Arms Motel and told Adam, who had been writing an exposé on Victor, that the publication date for Victor's forged diary had been set. Adam read excerpts from his fabricated exposé. Adam wrote that he "met with his father because it was my dying mother's wish." Adam wrote that Victor embraced him fully, but he soon saw "an egomaniacal, unforgiving man with a vengeance that knew no bounds." Adam's article described his Newman half-siblings as "indulged children whose lack of talent was dwarfed only by their misguided sense of entitlement." A pleased Jack observed that he could not have stated it better himself. Adam continued, "Victoria and Nick's only kindness was to warn him that their father wasn't what he appeared to be." Adam charged that Victor Newman's true nature proved to be beyond cruel. Adam added that he felt his father could be capable of murder. Jack said that Adam's exposé was passionate and gripping. Jack grinned and advised Adam not to hold anything back.

Jack later reported that a publisher, Robert, would print both the diary and the exposé by the end of the following week. Jack again praised Adam for a job well done. Adam said that he could not wait for the world to read what he had written. After Jack stepped out of the room, he shook his head and commented aloud, "What a schmuck." Adam phoned Frank Ellis, the man who was forging Victor's diary, and told him to complete his task soon. After Adam left the motel, he ran into Paul, who wondered what had happened to Adam's plan to meet with a recruiter.

At her office, Heather demanded to know where an unshaven Adam had been all night. Adam lied that he had slaved the night away at a diner refining his resumé. Heather revealed that Victor was in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Adam seemed astonished when Heather added that Nikki and Paul had been there as well. Paul arrived and admitted that he had indeed been there. Adam left. Heather scolded her father. Paul insisted he had followed Nikki, so he could convince Victor to return to Genoa City. Paul maintained that he intended to bring Victor home, so the police could question him. Heather said she knew her father had falsely claimed he was there on her behalf. Heather theorized that Paul followed Nikki in order to warn her, which allowed Victor's escape. Heather swore she would never discuss details of her case with Paul again. Paul seemed truly saddened, and he apologized.

At Newman Enterprises, Nikki arrived from the airport and reported that their plan had worked perfectly. Nikki recalled that Paul had assisted her when he informed authorities that Brazilian laws did not apply, so they could not detain or question her. A worried Nick announced that he would take over. Nick pointed out that he could easily slip away and would carry out their ruse. Nikki protested, but Nick ensured his mother that wherever he went, he would leave evidence behind that convinced authorities that Victor had been there.

After Nikki left, Victoria told Nick that she wished their father would come home and end the accusations, because he was not a murderer. Nick, however, agreed with Nikki, that Victor surely killed Walter Palin. Victoria pleaded with Nick to believe that their father would never take a life in cold blood. Nick pointed out that Victor was not the same man since he lost Sabrina. Nick received a phone call. After he hung up, a stunned Nick told Victoria that the chateau in France that Victor bought for Sabrina had burnt down to the ground.

Near the Newman building's elevator, Nick ran into Sharon and welcomed her back to the company. Sharon and Nick agreed to coordinate their travel schedules for Noah's sake. Sharon said Noah seemed like a normal teenager. She said that Jack might accompany her on a few business trips. Nick joked that Sharon should keep Jack on a short leash. In the office break room, Paul ran into Victoria. Paul wanted to know where Nikki was. Victoria told Paul her mother was at the ranch. Victoria thanked Paul for helping her mother in Brazil, and she apologized for putting Paul at odds with Heather. Paul admitted that he would not mind a break from international intrigue.

At the Newman ranch, Nikki maintained her cool composure when Heather showed up accompanied by a police officer. Heather demanded that Nikki explain what went on in Rio de Janeiro. Heather warned Nikki that she faced questioning at the police station if she refused to cooperate. Nikki phoned Michael. After Michael arrived, he covertly coached Nikki to follow along just as they had planned when they had spoken on the phone. Nikki claimed that Victor talked only about the wonderful weather in Rio de Janeiro. Heather threatened to press charges and reminded Nikki that she could not refuse to testify, since she was no longer Victor's wife. Michael received a call and pretended to address Nick. Michael handed his phone to Nikki. Nikki was stunned to hear Victor's voice. Victor said he knew the authorities were searching for him, and he demanded to know if Nikki told the authorities that he killed Walter Palin.

Nikki pretended she had a bad connection and walked away in order to give herself breathing room from Heather. Heather became frustrated and told Michael that Victor must have mentioned Walter Palin's murder when he and Nikki were in Brazil. Michael informed Heather that Nikki was within her rights to take personal calls and could "plead the fifth." In a corner of the room, Nikki whispered to Victor and maintained that she did not. Nikki asked, "Why are you calling me, Nicholas?" Victor caught on and asked Nikki if law enforcement was present. Victor warned Nikki not to let on that she was talking to him. Victor continued, "You don't know what happened in Mexico. Things will come out soon enough. The authorities won't find me. Don't interfere because any contact puts me in danger." Victor admonished Nikki not to mistake his call as a sign of affection because he meant what he had said to her in Mexico. Victor demanded to speak to Michael and said that he was cutting off all communication.

Heather grew impatient. Michael pretended to address Nick as he warned Victor that he strongly discouraged his course of action. Victor said he had made his decision and was severing all ties with the past. Victor, worried that Michael might be threatened, volunteered to release Michael from his contract. Heather realized that Victor was on the phone. Victor overheard Nikki mention Heather's name, and he insisted that Michael put Heather on. Victor warned Heather not to interrupt as she placed the call on speakerphone. Nikki, Michael, and Heather stood stunned as Victor requested that they listen carefully because he would not repeat his message.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Cane discussed his future plans for Jabot with Katherine and Jill. Jill told Cane she wasn't sure if he should jump into two new product lines at the same time. Cane asked Jill if she was going to let him run the company like she'd promised. Billy walked in the boardroom and commented that he was looking at three generations of Chancellors. When Billy and Cane were alone, Billy told Cane that it was too bad that they had let go of Lily. Billy asked Cane for the details of how he and Chloe had gotten together. Cane gave Billy the full story about not remembering the night Chloe got pregnant. Billy then talked to Cane about his relationship with Jill. Billy tried to figure out why Jill had appointed Cane as CEO. Cane wondered why Billy seemed so cool with him being CEO. Billy said that he wasn't the type that wanted to be in charge of everything. Cane said he hoped he could trust Billy, because he wanted to bring Billy on as his VP of Marketing. Billy agreed. When Billy and Cane walked out of the boardroom, Billy ran into Kevin and Kevin gave him a look of disgust. Cane wondered why Kevin looked so uncomfortable around Billy. Kevin said that Billy was a jackass and that Cane shouldn't trust him.

Cane went to Jill to tell her that he wanted to give Billy a position at Jabot. Jill was skeptical about the situation.

Billy went to Jack infuriated that Cane had offered him a sales position. He told Jack that he knew someday Jill would discover that Cane wasn't fit as CEO. Jack told Billy not to get too arrogant about the situation. Jack said that in the end, Billy would have everything he wanted.

Kevin told Katherine that they were going to work on the parking situation at Crimson Lights. Katherine was embarrassed when she remembered the incident with her lost car. Kevin went to Gloria and told her that he felt uncomfortable about the situation. Gloria said that it would pay off in the end.

Jack heard Gloria on the telephone begging Jeffrey to return. Jack realized that Jeffrey had dumped Gloria. Jack said that if Gloria did not have half of Jabot's stock, she was worth nothing to him. He told Gloria she had by the end of the day to show him proof that she had half of the Jabot stock, or the deal was off.

Gloria walked into Katherine's office and asked why Katherine had called her with an urgent message. A confused Katherine said she'd done no such thing. Gloria said that the message was about the Jabot stock she'd given her. Katherine became very adamant and told her that she would not part with the Jabot stock. She said her mind was made up and it wouldn't change. Gloria said that she was telling Katherine the truth, and suggested that maybe Katherine was starting to forget things. Gloria used Katherine calling Jeffrey by the name William, and Katherine's lost car incident as proof that something was wrong with Katherine. Katherine insisted she was just fine. Gloria then said that Katherine must have changed her mind about giving her the stock. When Katherine's assistant brought in papers to sign giving Gloria her stock in Jabot, Gloria was relieved. Gloria said that she was worried that Katherine hadn't remembered. Gloria insisted that Katherine should check with the doctor about her memory. As Katherine tried to remember the conversation, she decided that she would let Gloria take her to the doctor. Gloria said she would, just as soon as Katherine signed the stock over to her. Jill walked in just as Katherine was about to sign.

Victor told Heather that she was taking advantage of her position as Assistant DA and needed to leave his family alone. Heather said that she would if Victor would come to her. Victor said he had not committed any crime. He said he'd cut off all ties with his family, and Michael Baldwin was no longer his attorney. He promptly hung up. Victoria and Nick showed up at the ranch just as Victor was hanging up. When Heather tried to track Victor's call, Nikki pulled her SIM card out of her cell phone and stepped on it. Heather said Nikki was defending a murderer. Michael told Heather that since she didn't have a warrant; it was time for her to leave. When Heather left, Victoria and Nick told Nikki that Victor's chateau in France had burned down. Nikki asked Michael if the authorities would find anything in France. She said that Michael was no longer Victor's attorney, so it was time he told them everything. Michael admitted that Victor was indeed in France, as far as he knew. Nikki asked Michael if he believed that Victor murdered Walter. Michael said he didn't think Victor was capable of murder. Nikki said she believed he was.

Paul ran into Adam at the hotel and wondered why he wasn't visiting with a recruiter. Adam said that he'd met up with an old friend from Kansas. Paul looked skeptical. When he inquired deeper, Adam grew uncomfortable and made an excuse to leave. Adam went to Heather and told her that Paul had seen him at the motor inn and was asking him questions.

Paul went to speak to Heather about seeing Adam at the motor inn. Paul said regardless about how she felt about him as a father, his instincts were that there was something off with Adam. Heather said she'd never had a father before, and she didn't need one now.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

At Restless Style, Nick and Phyllis agreed that the layout for the next issue was looking good. Nick told a disappointed Phyllis that he would be spending the rest of the week working at Newman Enterprises.

Amber arrived to begin her day at work. She walked up to Daniel, and the pair began kissing. Phyllis wanted to walk over and pull them apart, but Nick stopped her. Nick reminded Phyllis that Daniel and Amber loved each other. Phyllis walked over to the couple. Amber said that she had "big news," and handed Phyllis an engagement ring box. A terrified Phyllis opened the box, but found that the keys to the penthouse were inside. Amber announced that she was moving in with Daniel.

Later, Phyllis complained to Nick that Amber didn't waste any time getting her claws back into Daniel. Nick told Phyllis to "chill." Phyllis walked over to Daniel and told him that, if he wanted, Amber could stay in the penthouse, and Daniel could move in with Amber. Daniel rejected Phyllis' idea. Phyllis then told Amber that there wasn't any closet space in Daniel's apartment. Amber said she didn't care, as long as she was with Daniel. Nick joined Phyllis, who was trying to come up with another idea to convince Daniel and Amber to live in the penthouse. Nick told Phyllis to leave them alone.

At the jail, Michael showed Lowell a photo that Howard Sullivan had sent him -- a group picture that had been taken on the day that the bomb, which Lowell was accused of planting, exploded. Michael wanted to speak with each of the people in the photograph, and asked Lowell to identify them. Lowell identified all of them, except for a woman whose head was turned.

Michael told Lowell that his request for bail had been denied, but there was some good news -- the court had agreed to fast-track Lowell's trial. Michael, suspecting that Lowell was hiding something, continued to press his father about who the woman in the picture was. Lowell finally admitted that it was Gloria.

Lowell told Michael that Gloria's head was turned because Michael, a baby at the time, had just removed his clothes and was running around naked. An embarrassed Michael told Lowell that he should have been arrested for child abuse. Michael asked Lowell why Gloria hadn't been mentioned in any of the police reports. Lowell said that Gloria had left before the rally began. When Michael told Lowell that he was going to question Gloria about that day, Lowell asked him not to -- he didn't want to place "a target on Gloria's back."

Michael, still insistent on talking to Gloria about the photo, called his mother and had her meet them at the jail. Gloria looked at the picture, and remembered that it was taken the day of the bomb blast at the bank. An angry Michael, suspecting that Lowell and Gloria were trying to hide something, demanded that Gloria tell him everything she remembered about that day.

Gloria told Michael about the pre-rally meeting, where the photograph had been taken. At the meeting, one of Lowell's colleagues, Marshall, had said that even though the bomb contained confetti, he still had hope that it would do some damage to the bank when it exploded. Young Lowell had been against planting the confetti bomb. He had told the group that he wanted his son, Michael, to grow up in a peaceful world.

At Crimson Lights, Jana was on the phone, asking someone how long it might take to hotwire and move a car. Overhearing, Kevin hung up the phone. Kevin lied to Jana, telling her that Katherine had forgotten where she parked her car -- and that he was not responsible for Katherine's memory loss. Jana warned Kevin that he was playing with fire.

Amber called Jana and invited the Fishers to dinner at Daniel's apartment. Jana, who was thrilled to learn that Amber and Daniel were living together again, accepted the invitation. She turned to Kevin and pointedly said, "At least part of the world is right again."

Later, the Fishers, Daniel, and Amber gathered at Daniel's apartment. Kevin was surprised that Daniel turned down Phyllis' offer to live in the penthouse, reminding Daniel of some of the amenities he was losing by living in the studio apartment. Daniel said he didn't care about giving up the valet parking and the gym, as long as he was with Amber.

Alone in the kitchen, Amber wondered why Jana seemed to be down -- Amber thought that perhaps the Fishers were having financial problems. Jana insisted that they weren't. Jana asked Amber how Katherine was doing -- specifically, if Katherine was having any memory lapses. Amber said that Katherine was doing fine. Their conversation ended when Kevin and Daniel returned with pizza and beer.

Kevin received a phone call -- the Crimson Lights' night manager wasn't going to make it in for his shift. Kevin and Jana left -- they had to cover for the manager. Outside Daniel's apartment door, Jana told Kevin that any time Katherine's name came up, he had a guilty look on his face.

Later, at Crimson Lights, Kevin confessed to Jana that he had moved Katherine's car per Gloria's request. He added that Gloria wanted Katherine to think that she was losing her memory. Kevin said that he was sorry he had done it, and was even sorrier about lying to Jana. He promised that he would never lie to her again. Jana smiled, kissed Kevin, and said, "Welcome back, husband."

At Jabot, Jill interrupted Katherine and Gloria, just as her mother was beginning to sign an agreement giving Gloria five percent of Katherine's Jabot stock. Jill grabbed the pen and the agreement from Katherine, and demanded to know what was going on.

After looking over the agreement, Jill told Katherine that she couldn't believe that her mother would give any of her Jabot stock to Gloria. Jill wondered if Katherine was "out of her mind." An addled Katherine said that she wouldn't be treated as if she were a "flunky trainee." When Gloria asked Jill to hand over the agreement, Jill tore it up, flung the pieces of paper into the air, told Gloria to leave -- and to stay away from Katherine.

Later, Gloria was trying to put together the pieces of the torn agreement as if it were a jigsaw puzzle. She called Kevin and asked him if there was any way he could "technologically" reassemble the pieces of the agreement, and then forge Katherine's signature. Kevin hung up on his mother.

Jill asked Gloria how she had managed to con Katherine. Gloria lied and said that Katherine had called and begged her to come to Jabot -- Gloria even offered to let Jill hear the voicemail that Katherine had allegedly left. Jill once again warned Gloria to stay away from Jabot, and from Katherine.

After Gloria left, Katherine walked into the room to retrieve a file that she had left there. When Jill asked Katherine if she knew what she was signing, Katherine claimed that she was merely looking over the agreement. Jill said that Katherine needed to see a doctor who specialized in dementia.

Katherine insisted that she wasn't ill -- that she was merely becoming slightly forgetful due to age. Jill told Katherine that perhaps she was suffering from a vitamin deficiency, or a medical illness, that a doctor could diagnose and cure. Katherine accused Jill of trying to get rid of her. Jill insisted that she wasn't -- that she was concerned about Katherine's health. When Katherine forgot why she had come into the boardroom, Jill reminded her that she needed to get a file.

Jill asked her defeated-looking mother to hand over her car keys. Katherine complied. Katherine's eyes filled with tears. Jill hugged Katherine and told her that everything was going to be okay. On her way out, a concerned Jill stared at Katherine. When she was alone, Katherine called for a cab.

Later, Jill looked for Katherine and learned from the receptionist that she had left in a cab.

At a bar, a woman, presumably Katherine, was getting drunk. She handed her empty glass to a waiter, and asked to make the next one a double.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Michael asked River and Gloria to tell him the whole story about the night of the bombing. Gloria said that River tried to talk his friend out of using the confetti bomb, but his friend Marshall wasn't listening to him. River said that it made no sense to fight violence with violence. Marshall told River to go home. River told Gloria that he needed to stay to stop them. Gloria said that River should go home with his family. River said he had no choice. Gloria began crying, remembering all those years before when River had left them. River turned to Michael and said he deserved it. He said if he could do it over again he'd do it differently. Michael wondered why no one bothered to talk to Gloria about the story. When Michael returned home, he discussed what he'd heard with Lauren. Lauren asked Michael if he was okay learning about the past. Michael said he had a case to solve, he hugged Lauren and Fenmore goodbye.

Gloria returned to tell River that she could have talked to the authorities and might have been able to help him. River said whatever she needed then to get by, he was okay with it.

At the coffeehouse, Chloe told Esther that she felt uncomfortable when she touched her belly. Esther tried to give Chloe a baby shirt but Chloe said she only accepted fashion labels. When Cane stopped by, Chloe told him they were going to Indigo to get something to eat. Cane was tired, but Chloe insisted that they go.

Neil happily told Lily that Tyra and Ana had decided to stay in Genoa City, after all. Lily told them about her amazing trip to New York to visit her Aunt Olivia. Neil said the trip was good for Lily so she could get her mind off Cane. Lily said she didn't want to hear anyone mention his name. When Karen showed up she asked Ana if one day she'd like to spend the night at their house. Tyra said not that night, but maybe soon. Tyra told Neil that Karen was really good with Ana. She asked Neil when he and Karen were going to start a family. When Tyra asked Karen if they were going to start a family, Karen said the best thing about other people's kids was that you could always returned them.

Lily, Colleen, and Billy talked about being single again. When Cane and Chloe walked in, Neil told Lily that if Cane had any respect for Lily he wouldn't go to Indigo. Karen told Neil to let it go. Tyra said that Karen didn't understand a parent's instinct to protect their child. Olivia showed up and surprised everyone. Karen also knew Olivia. Olivia was Karen's doctor in New York. Karen was surprised to learn that Olivia was Drucilla's sister. Neil sat down with Olivia and they talked about Lily. Olivia said she felt Lily needed her at that moment, while she was getting over Cane. Karen went to Olivia and told her that she didn't want Neil to know why she'd visited Olivia at the hospital.

Billy went up to Chloe and asked her why she was at Indigo. He asked if she was still stalking him. Chloe said she was obviously over him. Billy said that one day she would tell him all there was to know about Cane and Lily. Chloe wondered why she would do that. Billy said so they could both get what they wanted.

Cane went to Lily and apologized for showing up at Indigo with Chloe. Lily said she was sure they would run into each other now and then. Cane mentioned that he saw Lily taking to Billy. He said it was none of his business, but he didn't trust the guy. Lily agreed that it was none of Cane's business.

Lauren told Eden that Michael said it was okay for her to go to Paris. Eden wasn't sure about leaving her father. Lauren suggested that Eden create a picture diary for River. Eden agreed to look at the itinerary.

Noah told Eden that he'd decided to go on the trip to Paris. Eden said that although Michael and Lauren said she could go, she still had things in Genoa City that she needed to take care of. Noah wondered what was more important than a trip to Paris. Noah said that he'd been inspired by their conversation. Sharon came into the coffeehouse and asked why Noah hadn't answered his phone. Noah told Sharon to cut him some slack. Noah told Sharon that he wanted to be talked to as an adult. He asked her why girls pretended they liked you one second and then treated you badly the next. Sharon said that might mean the girl really liked you.

Eden went home and told Michael and Lauren that she'd decided to go on the trip to Paris.

Friday, October 24, 2008

At Jabot, Jill was surprised to see her mother, as Katherine was supposed to have been at the doctor's. Katherine told Jill that she had cancelled the appointment. Jill asked Katherine how she got to work, and was upset when Katherine told her that she had driven herself. Becoming angry, Katherine told Jill that there was nothing wrong with her, and accused Jill of trying to find any excuse to put her in a nursing home.

Jill told Katherine she would never send her to a rest home -- that if Katherine were ill, Jill would hire doctors and move them into the mansion. Katherine seemed touched, and calmed down. She told Jill how frightening her memory lapses were, and both women became misty-eyed when Katherine told Jill that she couldn't remember a poem that her mother recited when Katherine was a child. When Katherine lamented that there was no cure for old age, Jill told her that there might be some way to help, and begged Katherine to allow her to make another appointment with the doctor. Katherine acquiesced.

Later, Jill told Katherine that the doctor was going to be able to see her that day, and offered to drive her mother to the appointment in a short while. When Jill left the room, Katherine received a phone call. Katherine answered, "This is Katherine Chancellor here. What??"

After Jill's meeting, she looked for Katherine, and was upset to learn that her mother had left.

Katherine walked into a bar, and saw a woman who looked exactly like her.

At the tack house, Nick and Phyllis were celebrating their wedding anniversary. When Phyllis dropped something on the floor, Nick bent down to retrieve it, and noticed something under the sofa. Nick turned on the radio, raised the volume, and told Phyllis that he wanted to dance. As they danced, he whispered to Phyllis, "Don't react to what I'm about to say." He told her that there was a microphone under the sofa -- that obviously the police had planted a bug, suspecting that Nick had knowledge of Victor's whereabouts. Nick whispered that he was going to the main house to warn Nikki. He told Phyllis to stay at the tack house, and pretend that he was still there with her.

Nikki was doing some work at the ranch house when Victoria dropped by. They began discussing Victor and how they couldn't stop wondering where he was. Nikki said they had to do whatever they could to protect Victor. Off the grounds, Heather was in a police van, along with an FBI agent and a police officer from Mexico, listening to Nikki and Victoria's conversation. Heather said, "They are gonna be so totally busted."

As Heather continued to listen, Victoria told Nikki that she was afraid they might never see Victor again. Victoria brought up Walter Palin's death. Nikki told her daughter that Victor had said that someday the truth about Palin's death would come out. Heather's interest was piqued. Victoria left to go to work.

Later, Nikki was startled when Nick tapped at the living room window. He help up a sign that read, "Don't speak. Turn on TV. Come outside." Nikki turned on the television and joined Nick outside the front door. Nick told his mother that the tack house had been bugged, and he suspected that the main house was bugged as well. Nick was pleased when Nikki told him that neither she nor Victoria had mentioned anything about their plan to lead the authorities on a wild goose chase. Nick said that he had an idea.

At the tack house, Phyllis moaned as if she and Nick were making love. A slightly embarrassed Heather, along with the other officers, were listening in the van. Nick entered the tack house, and whispered to Phyllis, "Just follow my lead." There was a knock at the door, and Nick yelled, "Oh, no! Who is interrupting our anniversary celebration?" Nikki entered, and Phyllis, Nick, and Nikki, correctly suspecting that Heather was listening, began play-acting. Nick said that Victor had left Rio, and that he needed cash -- Argentinian pesos. Nick said that he would fly down to Argentina in the corporate jet, and meet Victor at a Newman Enterprises subsidiary. Nikki told Nick not to take the corporate jet -- she advised him to fly commercial.

Heather and the authorities sprang into action. They called for officers to stake out Genoa City Airport. They also contacted the authorities in Buenos Aires to advise them to be on the lookout for Nick and Victor. Heather said that something about this didn't feel right. She said that they had no evidence that Victor had ever contacted Nikki from Argentina. She suspected that the Newmans might be trying to trick them. For safety's sake, Heather called police headquarters and asked that Nick and Nikki be put under 24-hour surveillance.

Later, at the tack house, Nick said goodbye to Phyllis, and, still play-acting for the authorities, loudly said that he would see her when he returned from Argentina.

Victoria returned to the ranch, and was surprised to see that Nikki was watching "The Price Is Right" at a loud volume. Nikki held up signs that read, "House bugged. Police listening." Nikki and Victoria went through a box of items that had been salvaged from the French chateau fire. They found the large red egg that had contained Sabrina's engagement ring, and wondered what the significance of the egg was.

In a church, Victor lit a candle, got on his knees, and prayed for Sabrina's soul. He then entered a confessional. He told the priest that it had been many years since his last confession -- and that he had committed many mortal sins since then.

At the Genoa City Arms Motel, Adam called Jack to remind him that they were supposed to meet with Frank, their forger. Jack blew Adam off, telling him to take care of everything.

Frank arrived at the motel with the forged diary. He assured Adam that the forgery would past muster. Frank asked Adam for the rest of his payment. Adam told Frank that his partner would be taking care of the payment shortly. Frank grew nervous, and told Adam that he didn't like working for people who he hadn't met. He asked Adam how much he knew about his partner.

From Crimson Lights, Jack called Adam, and told him that he had a meeting set up with their article's publisher. Adam said that the forged diary looked good, but that Frank wanted to get his money. Frank grabbed the phone from Adam, and demanded payment. Jack assured Frank that he would be paid, and reminded Frank that he had collateral assuring the payment -- the tapes with Jack pretending to be Victor.

Adam joined Jack at Crimson Lights to meet with the publisher. They showed the publisher the forged diary. The publisher read aloud, "Walter Palin will know at my hands what it will feel like to have his life slip away." He was very impressed with the diary.

Adam was upset to learn that only the diary was going to be published -- the article that Adam had written was never going to see the light of day. After the publisher left, Adam told Jack that he didn't believe that Jack was being a "straight shooter." Jack told Adam to calm down -- that they were both going to make a lot of money. Adam wondered what they would do if it were discovered that the diary was a forgery. Jack said that they could claim they bought it from some stranger in Mexico.

Heather met Adam at Crimson Lights, and wondered why he was so deep in thought. He changed the subject, and asked her if there was any new information on his father's whereabouts. Heather said there was, but that she wasn't at liberty to discuss it. Heather admitted that, for the time being, the case against Victor was based purely on circumstantial evidence.

Jack was shocked to receive a phone call from Frank. Frank informed Jack that Adam had given him Jack's name and phone number. Frank sternly told Jack that he wanted his money that night -- and that he wanted Jack to personally deliver it to him.

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