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Victor went to Mexico to mourn Sabrina and to find Walter. The DNA results from Chloe's test stated that Cane could possibly be the father of her child. Cane proposed to Chloe. Gloria was shocked to see Michael's biological father.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of August 11, 2008 on Y&R
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Monday, August 11, 2008

At the Hellstroms' house on the Newman property, Nikki held a glass of whiskey and shakily lifted the glass to take a drink before she gained control over her anxiety and set the glass down. Victoria rushed in and told her mom that she was concerned that her father might be a threat to himself since Victor had left behind his wallet, cell phone, and his prescription medication, phenytoin, which he needed every day to control his epilepsy. Nikki assured Victoria that Victor would never hurt himself. Victoria blamed herself because she had so cruelly rejected Sabrina. Victoria also worried that her father might feel that she no longer loved him. Victoria admitted that she had been petty and selfish for failing to accept her father's marriage. Nikki blamed herself for keeping David in their lives even though she suspected that David was dishonest and corrupt. Nikki insisted that Victor was alive, and wherever he was, he was suffering more than he ever had before.

Michael stopped by the Hellstroms' house and told Nikki and Victoria that Paul and J.T. were still running down leads on Victor, and that Nick was about to contact the FBI. Victoria and Nikki were shocked when Michael said that Nick seemed to believe that Adam was preparing to take over and hang his portrait in Victor's office. After Victoria went to check on Reed, Michael assured Nikki that there was no evidence to prove that Victor had fallen victim to foul play. Nikki mentioned the chateau in France, but Michael said all of Victor's usual retreats of respite had been checked out. Victoria returned, and Nikki assured her that Victor would be found safe.

At the Newman ranch, Nick told Michael that he wanted to notify the FBI, especially after Paul and J.T. discovered Victor's wallet, cell phone, and anti-seizure medication buried near Sabrina's grave. Nick worried that he and Adam would not agree on the same plan of action to find their father. Adam came downstairs and argued that the authorities should not be contacted because the disturbing news might hurt Newman Enterprises. Nick reminded Adam that David Chow's mobsters could be involved, but Adam noted, "Dad would want his business empire to be spared." Adam insisted that he hold a press conference to announce that Victor would be incommunicado while he grieved the loss of his wife.

Neil stopped by the ranch, and Adam told him that he was about to sign a deal that Victor had been anxious to close, so he had everything under control. After Adam went upstairs, Nick told Neil that he was about to call the FBI before Victor's trail grew cold. Michael said that perhaps Adam was correct in his assumption that Victor did not want to be found until he had had time to grieve, but Neil agreed that Nick was doing the right thing. Adam returned just as Nick placed a call to the FBI. Adam did not approve and said he was about to meet with the press and spin a story to cover Victor's absence. Michael warned Adam that his announcement might put Victor's life in jeopardy, but Adam said that Victor was a man of action, so he planned to take action in his father's place. After Adam left, Nick remarked, "That punk's actions had better not put my father's life in danger."

Two FBI agents met with Nick and Michael at the ranch and asked why they believed Victor might be in trouble. Nick explained that Adam Wilson, Daniel Romalotti, and the housekeeper were the last people to see his father, who had vanished without taking medication he needed every day. Nick also mentioned his concern about David Chow's debts and the possible threat posed by David's mob alliances. One FBI agent said that they were already investigating Tony Amatto, otherwise known as "Walter." Michael and Nick said they were truly concerned that the mob had been directly involved in Victor's sudden disappearance. The agent admitted that anything was possible, so they planned to set up 24-hour surveillance and install a tap on Victor's phone. Nick and Michael panicked when the agent advised against making announcements to the press about Victor's disappearance. Nick tried to phone Adam and Neil to stop the press conference.

At Newman Enterprises, Adam was about to meet with the press. When approached by a reporter who asked if he was Adam Wilson, Adam announced that he planned to go by his given name, which was Victor Adam Newman. Neil urged Adam to put off addressing reporters until Nick concluded his meeting with the FBI, but Adam dismissed Neil's concerns and said, "It's too late." Victoria and Nikki saw the announcement of the press conference from home, and Victoria rushed out. After Victoria left, Nikki again held the glass of whiskey and struggled against her desire to take a drink. Nikki walked outside and dumped the liquor into the bushes. Nikki watched the televised press conference, where Adam explained that his father was taking an extended leave of absence, and that he would run the company in Victor's absence. Reporters asked about Victoria and Nick and, without explanation, Adam noted that both had left the company.

After Nick phoned Neil, Neil cupped his hand over Adam's microphone and announced that the press conference was over. Victoria walked in, and the reporters turned and peppered her with questions about Sabrina, and they asked if there was another reason for Victor's absence other than what they had been told. Victoria was stunned, but Neil rushed to her side and shooed away the meddlesome reporters. Adam shook his head in disgust. Victoria approached Adam and angrily told him that he just wanted to be the center of attention. Victoria noted that Adam didn't give a damn about their father. Adam told Victoria that she was wrong, and that Victor agreed with him, otherwise, she would have been at that podium. Victoria gritted her teeth and slapped Adam's face. Before Victoria stormed out, she said, "God help you if anything has happened to him."

At a bar, Victor ordered the bartender, in Spanish, to repeatedly serve shots of whiskey, which Victor gulped down in single swallows. Victor noticed a young dark-haired girl playing jacks on the floor. The bartender said the girl, who was six, was his daughter. The young girl approached Victor and placed her jacks into the palm of his hand. Victor talked sweetly to the girl in Spanish. Victor bought a basket of roses from the little girl and stepped out on the bar's patio. One-by-one, Victor tossed each rose into the ocean. The young girl was puzzled and asked Victor why he had tossed the flowers away. Victor said only, "Good question." Victor handed the young girl some cash and asked her to go to the store for him. When the girl returned, Victor thanked her for getting his medicine, gave the youngster a tender pat on her cheek, and insisted that she keep the change. After the girl walked away, Victor checked the medicine bottle, which noted that it contained 100-milligram tablets of phenytoin. Victor later munched peanuts at the bar, and he phoned someone and said, "I'm here."

At Cane's house, Cane and Lily explained to Neil why Chloe had summoned Cane to the hospital after she experienced complications with her pregnancy. Lily supported Cane's claim that he had never slept with Chloe, but Neil reminded the couple that Cane's memory of the night in question was blurred because Cane was drunk. Cane verified that Chloe had been admitted to the hospital, and Neil advised Cane not to visit Chloe. Lily and Cane, however, felt that they should check up on Chloe, and Lily said that she knew how it felt to lose a baby. Cane said that the results of his DNA test would arrive soon and prove that he was not the baby's father. After Cane and Lily left, Neil returned just as a courier delivered the letter with the DNA test results. Neil signed for the letter and slipped it into Cane and Lily's mail slot.

At the hospital, Chloe threatened the doctor and told him that he had better save her baby because the father was an heir to the famed Chancellor family, which Chloe noted was a major hospital benefactor. While Chloe was alone, she rubbed her abdomen as she addressed her unborn baby and listed the sacrifices she was making to accommodate the pregnancy. Chloe appealed for the baby to "come through" for her. Amber stopped by, and Chloe explained that she had been bleeding, which was not a good sign. Chloe complained that Cane had not come by. Chloe sulked and refused to eat.

When Cane walked into Chloe's room, her mood brightened. Amber left, and Cane explained that he had not come of his own volition and was not happy that Chloe had listed him as the baby's father. Lily walked in, and Chloe's mood turned sour. Lily offered words of comfort, but Chloe was ugly and noted that Lily would be thrilled if Chloe lost her baby because they would be rid of her. When the doctor returned with good news, Chloe quickly introduced Cane as the baby's father, but Cane interrupted and insisted that he was not the baby's father and that Chloe was unstable. Before they left, Lily warned Chloe to stay out of their lives.

As Chloe waited to be released, a nurse discussed medical precautions and attempted to allay Chloe's fears about delivering a healthy baby. Chloe seemed preoccupied and rudely stated, "Well, that's not something that really concerns me." After the nurse stepped away, Chloe ripped the patient-identification bracelet off her wrist. Before Lily and Cane went home, they stopped by the coffeehouse to get take-out salads. Lily approached Amber and warned her to watch out for Chloe. Lily also told Amber that she was sorry about Daniel. Amber saw Lily's ring and offered congratulations. After Lily and Cane left, Amber felt sorry for herself as she noted that Lily and Cane seemed to be the happiest of couples.

After Lily and Cane returned home, Cane proudly announced that he would soon be named CEO of Jabot. Lily cheered and gave Cane a hug. Cane walked to the kitchen to get champagne. Lily sorted through the mail and discovered the DNA test results. When Cane opened the results, he was stunned. Lily grabbed the letter and read aloud questioningly, "You're not excluded because your DNA was in the matching group?" Lily threw the test results down and walked out the front door, where she met Chloe. Chloe quickly noted Lily's frustration. Chloe correctly guessed, as Lily and Cane stood before her, that they had just learned the results of the DNA test. As Chloe looked squarely at Cane, she announced, "Well, it's proof positive. You're the baby's daddy." Lily stormed off, and Cane ran after her. Chloe, with a self-satisfied smirk, remained standing defiantly at Cane's front door.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Cane was in shock when he found out he was the father of Chloe's unborn child. He told Jill that he had been drunk and didn't remember anything. Jill told Cane she was on his side and wished him luck.

Devon told Neil that the DNA test revealed that Cane was the father. Chloe happily ordered a large breakfast at Indigo. Neil immediately called Lily. He told her if she needed to move back home for a while, he would help her in any way he could. When Cane went to Indigo in search of Lily, Neil told him that he should be more concerned with Chloe, considering she had become his responsibility. Devon told Cane that he never thought Cane was right for Lily.

Chloe went to Michael to ask for his help. She said that Cane was the father of her baby and she wanted to be sure she got what she was entitled to.

Colleen couldn't believe Cane had cheated on Lily. Lily said the man who performed the DNA test had done it by the book. Lily decided she needed to return home to talk to Cane. She told Cane that the only right thing for him to do would be to marry Chloe. Cane said that he would never drink again. Lily said it wasn't about that; it was all about the baby.

Neil bought Tyra a present: a picture of Devon and Ana singing at the gala. Tyra said she had mixed emotions about that day because that was when Devon decided he didn't want to go to college anymore. Neil told Tyra that it was a wonderful gift that she had come to town. Neil told Tyra about Chloe's paternity test. Neil didn't think that Lily and Cane's relationship would last long.

Nick and Adam disagreed on how to handle Victor's disappearance. Nick said that he wanted to offer money to anyone who had information about Victor. Adam said that Nick was making a mistake. Adam felt that Nick was jealous because he wasn't in Victor's will. Nick said that he didn't have time for Adam's speculations; he was going to find his father. Nick told Phyllis that he and Adam argued about finding Victor. Nick suggested that they forget about their woes and go home and make out like teenagers.

Nikki got into a heated argument with Adam because he'd told the press about Victor. Adam said that Nikki had nothing to say about it, considering that Nikki had brought David into their lives. Adam said that David had been responsible for killing his college girlfriend, Skye. He said that Skye had called him to say she'd cleaned out David's money gambling at Brad's. Adam said that Brad and Jill had known about David's gambling addiction and had taken advantage of him. Adam hoped that Brad and Jill burned in hell.

Nikki went to Jabot to talk to Brad. She couldn't believe Brad had known about David's gambling addiction and had invited him to poker games. She wondered if Brad's plan was to take them both down. Brad said that it hadn't been a big deal. He said that he hadn't found out about David's gambling addiction until recently. Nikki said that Brad always had a hidden agenda. When Jill walked in the office, Nikki told her she'd heard Jill knew about David's gambling addiction, too. Jill said she had nothing to do with it and that Nikki didn't work at Jabot anymore, so she should leave. Jill told Nikki that Victoria would no longer get special treatment at Jabot. Nikki gave Jill Victoria's resignation papers and laughed at Brad. She said Brad had done a ton of scheming and hadn't even gotten what he desired. Nikki said that as soon as Jill found out Brad was no longer useful, he'd be dumped just like Nikki had been.

Nikki went to the ranch and noticed an envelope sticking out of a drawer. When she opened the envelope she saw the picture Daniel had drawn of Sabrina. An FBI agent asked what she was doing there. Nikki said that she was Mrs. Victor Newman.

Jill told Brad that despite what Nikki had said, she had total confidence in him. When she left the office, Brad looked at a file he had on David Chow.

Adam was happy that Heather understood him. He said that his family didn't understand what he was going through. Heather told Adam that he was being more mature than Nick and Victoria. Heather looked around the ranch and told Adam that someday it would all belong to him.

Lauren asked Michael what had happened with his father. Michael told her about that man that had switched identifies with his father. Lauren encouraged Michael to pursue the search. Michael said he'd found out his father had been a teacher, and that he was trying to get an old photo from one of the professors at his school. Michael received a phone message with a picture of his father.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

On the Crimson Lights patio, Amber told Jana that she was going to arrange a bachelorette party for Jana-the party would be that night.

Inside Crimson Lights, a gushing Daniel told Kevin that some of Daniel's sketches were going to be displayed in a New York art gallery. Kevin asked Daniel if he had told Amber. When Daniel wondered why he should tell Amber, Kevin reminded him that Amber had told Daniel to focus on his art. Kevin told Daniel that Amber had been depressed lately, and that hearing about Daniel's showing might cheer her up. When Daniel saw Amber out on the patio, excitedly arranging Jana's party, he questioned whether Amber needed cheering up. Daniel asked Colleen to go on a date with him that night, and Colleen said yes.

When Chloe showed up at Crimson Lights, she told Jana that Cane was her baby's father. Chloe went to the patio, and Amber invited her to Jana's party. Chloe accepted the invitation. Jana asked Amber to invite Colleen to the party, despite the fact that Amber didn't care for Colleen. Amber reluctantly agreed. Amber invited Colleen, but Colleen said she couldn't go-she already had a date. Daniel left the coffeehouse, telling Colleen that he would pick her up in an hour.

At Indigo, Gloria told Jeff that she was uptight about the shareholders' meeting being held later that day. Jeff told Gloria to go to the meeting, but Gloria was concerned that Jill might learn that she and Jeff were buying up shares of Jabot stock. Jeff told her not to worry about that-the Jabot stock that she had inherited from John entitled her to attend the meeting.

At Jabot, Jill summoned Katherine into the boardroom. Katherine told Jill that promoting Cane to CEO was a bad move. Jill told Katherine that it was Jill's call-and that she was going to announce Cane's promotion at that afternoon's meeting.

Cane stopped by the boardroom to speak with Jill. Cane said that he wasn't the right person for the CEO position. Jill told Cane that Jabot had once been John Abbott's legacy-but it had become part of the Chancellor legacy, adding that Cane was the only person who could be totally loyal to her. When Cane said that he needed time to think about it, Jill told him to think fast, as the meeting would be starting shortly.

In the hallway, Jill ran into the Bardwells. She fired Gloria from her job as the Jabot receptionist, and asked Gloria to clear her desk out immediately. Jill protested when Gloria told her that she and Jeff would be attending the meeting, but Jeff reminded Jill that he and Gloria owned a few shares of stock, and were thus entitled to attend.

Outside the boardroom, Brad ran into Traci, who was in Genoa City for the meeting. When Traci asked Brad why the meeting had been called, Brad said he assumed it was about the "Chow fiasco." Traci told Brad that he, not Jill, should be running Jabot.

At the meeting, Jill announced that an audit had shown that David hadn't embezzled any money from Jabot. She said that Chow's death, along with Nikki's resignation, would cause the value of Jabot's stock to rise quickly. Jill then told the stunned room that she was naming her son, Cane Ashby, as the new CEO. As Cane made his "acceptance speech," Brad left the room. Out in the hallway, Brad made a phone call and told someone to meet him at Crimson Lights.

Later, Katherine shared a moment alone with Cane. He told Katherine that Lily had returned her engagement ring to him. Katherine was shocked when Cane told her that Lily wanted him to marry Chloe. Katherine told Cane that he could be a good father without marrying someone he didn't even like. Cane told Katherine he had to marry Chloe to ensure that he would be a part of the baby's life. He thought that if he didn't marry Chloe, she would try to keep the child away from him.

Jack and Sharon arrived at the Restless Style office. Jack said that he was pleased that Phyllis had booked Jessica White to be the next cover model. He added that he was still planning to feature an article about David Chow in the next issue-even though it would make Nikki and Nick furious.

When Phyllis and Nick showed up, Jack told Phyllis what a great move she had made by getting Jessica to pose for the cover-but Phyllis thought Jack was being insincere. Nick had to leave to talk to the FBI. Jack went off to call the writer who Sharon had recommended for the Chow article. Alone, Phyllis and Sharon began sniping about Jessica's wardrobe. When Phyllis told Sharon that Jack and Nick had already approved Jessica's wardrobe, Sharon reminded Phyllis that she was a partner, too. Phyllis told Sharon that she was a "pity partner," and all that Sharon was good for was making coffee and opening the mail. She told Sharon to leave the important stuff to the professionals. When Phyllis called Sharon "Jack's puppet," Sharon replied that Phyllis was an "egotistical bitch." At that moment, Chloe brought Jessica in to meet them.

The photo shoot began-Jessica posed with a skull. Phyllis loved the "dark and edgy" look, but Sharon hated it. They decided to take the pictures with and without the skull, and decide later which shots to use.

After the shoot, Phyllis reminded Amber that her six-month prepaid lease on the penthouse was about to run out-but that she had decided to allow Amber and Daniel to stay there at a reduced rent. When Amber told Phyllis that she and Daniel had broken up, Phyllis immediately told Amber that she had 72 hours to get out of the penthouse.

After an angry Amber stomped off, Sharon returned, and she and Phyllis resumed their sniping. Phyllis asked Sharon if she could sleep at night, in light of Jack's alterations to the article about Sabrina. Sharon reminded Phyllis about Phyllis' checkered past, which included switching the results of a paternity test to trick Danny Romalotti into marrying her. Sharon told Phyllis that if she had a problem with Sharon supporting Jack's decisions, then it was too bad.

Daniel stopped by Restless Style and Phyllis told him how great it was that he had broken up with Amber. When Daniel told his mother that it wasn't something that he was happy about, Phyllis quickly changed her tune, and said that she was unhappy about it as well. Phyllis told Daniel that he could move back into the penthouse, since she had given Amber 72 hours to move out. Daniel sarcastically said, "Isn't that sweet?" Phyllis countered, sarcastically saying that Amber's tryst with Adrian was a better example of "sweet."

At the Newman ranch, Nick ran into Noah, and learned that his son had come home from camp after learning about Victor's disappearance. Nick told Noah that there was no new information on Victor's whereabouts.

Traci and Colleen visited at Crimson Lights. Before Colleen left, she told Traci that that Jack and Brad were out on the patio.

On the Crimson Lights patio, Brad showed Jack a paper trail proving that Jill had known about David's gambling problem for a long while. Brad said that Jill hadn't revealed it because she wanted to use David's problem as leverage to force Nikki and David out of Jabot, and make Cane CEO. Jack was stunned-and told Brad that if he ran an article about Jill's deception in Restless Style, it would "blow Jabot's power structure sky high." Jack told Brad that he couldn't wait to see Jill's face when the next issue of Restless Style hit the newsstands.

Traci joined Brad and Jack on the patio. Brad left to allow brother and sister to catch up. Traci told Jack that she was sickened when she learned that Cane would be running Jabot.

Jeff and Gloria went to Crimson Lights, and commiserated over the fact that they didn't own enough Jabot stock to wrest control of the company from the Chancellor family. Jeff said that if they could get the Abbotts' proxies, they would have a majority interest in Jabot. Gloria said that Ashley and Billy would laugh at her if she suggested that. When Gloria noticed Traci on the patio, she said that perhaps there was a way to get the Abbotts' proxies.

Jack ran into the Bardwells, and Gloria complained about Cane's promotion. Jack said that he agreed with Gloria, but that there wasn't anything that Jack could do about it. Jack was intrigued when Gloria told him that she and Jeff had been buying up Jabot stock. Gloria added that if they combined the Abbotts' stock with the Bardwells', they would have a majority interest-and could throw the Chancellors out. Before Gloria and Jeff left, they told Jack to give it some thought. Jack assured them that he would.

Sharon showed up at Crimson Lights, and sensed that Jack was preoccupied. Jack told Sharon that there was a power struggle at Jabot-and that it was a perfect time for someone with some "smarts" to take charge of the company. Sharon said that she would support any decision that Jack made. Noah and Nick showed up, and Sharon ran over to hug Noah, leaving Jack deep in thought.

Jana, Amber, and Chloe arrived at Indigo for Jana's party. Amber was unpleasantly surprised when she saw Daniel arrive with Colleen on his arm.

Victor continued to drink heavily at the rundown bar. The bartender admired Victor's watch, but Victor told him it was a fake. When the bartender asked Victor where he was from, Victor said that wasn't important. The bartender received a phone call, turned to Victor, and, in Spanish, said, "The man you are looking for is at the hotel on the beach." Victor laid some money on the bar, and walked out.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Kevin asked Michael who the man was in the picture. Michael said it was a picture of his father. Kevin wondered if Michael had discovered any leads on his father. Michael said that the trail was a dead end. Michael wished he could find out where he came from. Kevin said that Michael should just let sleeping criminals lie. Michael said that Kevin would understand if he were a father. Kevin told Michael that he might have been saved by not having his father around when he was growing up. Kevin said that Michael needed to forget about his father and be happy at Kevin's wedding. Kevin had a gift for Michael, and asked that he walk Jana down the aisle. Michael was touched by how far they'd come. He said that he was happy that Kevin was his little brother.

At Jana's bachelorette party, Gloria revealed that Cane was about to become the new CEO of Jabot. Chloe was delighted when she heard the news. Lauren toasted to the newest addition to their family. Amber noticed Daniel and Colleen sitting closely at the table next to them. She refused to dwell on the past, and ordered tequila shots all around. When Daniel and Colleen took the stage to do some karaoke, Amber couldn't watch them. She jumped up and told everyone that the party was moving to her house. At Amber's house, Jana gave the girls a quiz to find out what type of goddesses they were. Chloe said she wanted to travel around the world and buy only the best clothes for her child. Katherine said that Cane would probably do that for her. Kevin, dressed as a fortune-teller, came to the door and delighted everyone. After he told Jana her fortune, he did a little strip show for her. Kevin was disappointed that he had to sleep on Michael's couch for the night, but Jana said it was tradition.

When Lauren returned home from Jana's party, she talked to Michael about his father. She said that he couldn't be half as smart, handsome, or sexy as Michael.

Katherine and Gloria talked about how much they'd enjoyed Jana's party. Gloria asked Katherine how she'd felt about Jill appointing Cane as CEO of Jabot. Katherine said she was sure that he'd do fine.

Daniel told Colleen that he had a good time singing with her. When they sat down and started talking, the conversation became awkward. Colleen told Daniel that they were on a rebound date. She said that since they were on a rebound date, they might as well talk about their exes. Colleen told Daniel that if they ever decided to go on a real date, he should figure out if he was really over Amber or not.

Daniel went over to Amber's to talk to her, but she was passed out on the couch. He said that life without her was not much fun.

Lily decided to go pick up some of her things at her and Cane's place. She thought about how horrified she felt to find out that Cane was a match on Chloe's paternity test. When Cane returned home, Lily said that she was moving out. Cane asked Lily to look at him and tell him it was over. Devon was behind Cane, and said it was. When Cane tried to talk to Lily, Neil and Devon told him that he needed to go and be with his child's mother. Lily asked that Neil and Devon leave so she could speak to Cane alone. Lily said that she loved him, and that she always would. Cane wondered if Lily would wait for him. Lily said that it wasn't fair for Cane to try to make any promises to her. Lily gave Cane her key and hugged him goodbye.

Chloe went to Cane's and told him they needed to talk. Chloe told Cane he'd brought this on himself. She said that she was hoping he would go with her to the doctor. Cane told her no. He said that he was sorry he couldn't deal with it, but he would call her.

Tyra asked Neil how Lily was dealing with Chloe's pregnancy. Neil said that some things just weren't meant to be. Tyra told Neil she'd wanted to tell him something for a while. She said that she was not Ana's mother, Yolanda was. Neil realized that made Devon and Ana brother and sister.

Friday, August 15, 2008

At Indigo, Neil told Tyra that he was up all night mulling over Tyra's revelation that Ana was Yolanda's daughter, and thus Devon's biological sister. Tyra told Neil that Ana didn't know that Yolanda was her mother. Neil said that Devon should be told the news. Tyra said that she had "her reasons" for not telling Devon. Lily and Devon arrived. Tyra told Lily how sorry she had been to hear that Lily was no longer engaged. When Tyra left, Neil and Devon tried to cheer Lily up by inviting her to dinner and a movie. Lily appreciated their effort, but told them that she was "uncheerable."

Later, Devon told Lily that he regretted advising her to trust Cane. Devon said, "What a dog he turned out to be," and expressed his desire to punch Cane in the face. Lily told Devon that she believed that Cane didn't remember having sex with Chloe. Devon said it didn't matter whether Cane remembered or not. When he told Lily that he was glad Cane was out of her life, Lily said that she wasn't-she still loved Cane and always would.

Neil joined Lily and Devon. Lily said that she was dreading going to Jabot, particularly in light of Cane's appointment to the CEO position. Neil told Lily he was sure that Jill would understand if she took some time off from Jabot. Devon told Lily to "steer clear" of Cane. Lily replied that was the reason she was moving back to the campus house.

Neil told Tyra that he had raised Lily thinking she was his biological daughter, and that he had only recently learned that Malcolm was Lily's biological father. Neil told Tyra that the secret about Lily's paternity nearly ripped the Winters family apart. He implored Tyra to tell Devon and Ana the truth about Ana's maternity. Tyra told Neil that Ana would be devastated if she learned that Yolanda was her mother-Ana was scared of Yolanda. Tyra feared that if Ana's maternity were revealed, the authorities would take Ana away from her. Devon overheard Neil telling Tyra that Devon needed to know the truth. Devon walked up to Tyra and Neil and demanded "the truth" immediately.

Cane moped around his house, reminiscing about Lily. He remembered carrying Lily "over the threshold" into his house, and then remembered Lily giving him back the house key after she learned that Cane was the father of Chloe's child. Cane remembered Katherine's advice that he didn't need to marry Chloe in order to be a good father to the child. Cane then remembered Lily telling him that, as much as she hated Chloe, he needed to marry her for the sake of Cane and Chloe's child.

On the Crimson Lights patio, Chloe was on the phone asking a clothing store salesperson if the $500 jeans came in a size zero. Chloe then asked if the jeans came in maternity sizes, as she had gotten "knocked up." She told the salesperson that the father was heir to the Chancellor fortune.

Chloe was pleasantly shocked when Cane showed up and told her that they needed to marry for the sake of the child-Chloe could stay in a spare room in the back of his house. Excitedly, Chloe accepted Cane's half-hearted marriage proposal. She held out her hand, and Cane dropped a ring into her palm. Cane quickly walked away when Chloe asked if the ring was a three-carat sapphire. Inside Crimson Lights, Cane and Lily ran into each other.

Nikki, Neil, Victoria, and Nick met at Indigo. Nikki said that she and Neil had come up with a plan to protect Newman Enterprises while Victor was away. Neil had called an emergency meeting of the Newman board of directors to name someone to oversee the company. Nikki and Neil revealed that they wanted Victoria to run the company during Victor's absence. Victoria thought that Nick should run Newman, but Nick said that he was too busy with Restless Style. He added that Victor would be angry if he returned and found Nick in charge. Victoria agreed to the plan. Neil said that he, Nick, Victoria, and another member of the board would form the majority necessary to appoint Victoria as temporary CEO. Nick said that he couldn't wait to see the look on Adam's face when he learned that Victoria was running Newman.

Nikki, Neil, Nick, and Victoria arrived at Newman. Adam wondered why an emergency board meeting had been called. He also snidely questioned Nikki's presence-after all, she wasn't a member of the board. Nikki reminded Adam that he wasn't a board member, either. Victoria said that she, Nick, and Neil had asked Nikki to sit in on the meeting. Adam became defensive and said that he was running Newman Enterprises. Neil said, "No, Adam... I've been running this company." Adam continued asking what the meeting was about. Nick said that they were meeting to discuss who would run Newman Enterprises during Victor's absence. Referring to herself, Victoria smiled, and said, "Say hello to your new boss."

After the meeting, during which Victoria had been officially appointed temporary CEO, Adam accused the group of breaking company by-laws by calling a board meeting with less than 24 hours notice. Nick told Adam that they were all sick of Adam's "self-righteous crap." When Adam insisted that he was in charge, Victoria told Adam that he needn't worry-she wasn't planning on firing Adam. When Nick asked her why she wasn't firing Adam, Victoria said that he knew too much about Newman Enterprises-and that he would probably use his knowledge against the company. Victoria had something else in mind-she told Adam to pack and leave the ranch. Before walking away in a huff, Adam said that Victor had invited him to stay at the ranch, and that he wasn't leaving.

As Nikki was leaving Newman, Paul informed her that he and J.T. had a lead on Victor's whereabouts-a bus driver remembered that Victor was a passenger on his bus. Paul said he had examined surveillance tapes at the bus depot-and that Victor had taken a bus headed to El Paso. Paul said that his guess was that Victor had headed to Mexico.

In the Mexican bar, the bartender asked Victor if had found the man he was looking for. Victor didn't answer. The bartender's little daughter asked Victor why he was always at the bar. Victor said, "Not now." Later, Victor surreptitiously watched as Walter Palin entered the bar and ordered a drink.

At the Malibu ashram, a woman named Leilani greeted Kevin and Jana, along with their wedding guests. Leilani informed them of the ashram's rules: no meat, poultry, fish, fur, or leather. When Lauren started making a call on her cell phone, Leilani informed her that cell phones were forbidden also. Jana found the ashram beautiful-her only regret was that Colleen had missed the flight.

Amber and Daniel checked out the bed where the newlyweds would spend their first night as a married couple. The guru arrived and mistakenly assumed that Amber and Daniel were getting married. Kevin quickly corrected the guru. When Amber asked the guru for an aspirin, he told her that there were no synthetic drugs allowed at the ashram. He offered Amber a healing brownie instead.

Alone in the garden, Amber asked Daniel why Colleen had missed the flight. Daniel said that she had overslept. When Amber asked Daniel if he and Colleen were dating, Daniel said that he wasn't ready to date again. Amber said that she wasn't either. Daniel told her that he had tried to change Phyllis' mind about evicting Amber, but that Phyllis was standing her ground. When Daniel said that he wished that he had brought his sketchpad to the wedding, Amber suggested that he draw from memory when they returned to Genoa City.

Later, Daniel told Amber that he had stopped by the penthouse the previous night to talk with her, but when he arrived, she had been asleep. Amber was touched when Daniel told her that he had tucked her in. Daniel picked a flower and put it in Amber's hair. Amber and Daniel were about to kiss when Colleen showed up. Colleen apologized for oversleeping, and said that she never would have made it to the wedding if Daniel hadn't called her. When Colleen said what a "great guy" Daniel was, an irritated Amber walked away.

While Gloria and Jeff, both in Indian garb, danced around, Lauren showed a cynical Michael a tunic she had purchased for him. Seeing that Michael was preoccupied, Lauren asked him if he was still thinking about his father, Lowell. Michael said that he was thinking about the fact that Lowell had been accused of murder.

Later, Michael gave Kevin his "big brother speech." Michael said that if he had to be born into a family of lunatics, he was happy that Kevin was one of them. Kevin thanked Michael for the many times that Michael had helped Kevin out-he was glad that Michael was being included in a part of Kevin's life that didn't involve police or a jail cell. As Michael walked out, he joked and said, "Not yet."

The group assembled for the marriage ceremony. Kevin walked down the aisle. As Michael was about to walk Jana down the aisle, he apologized for being unkind to her in the past. Jana was touched when he said that he knew that she truly loved Kevin. Michael said that he loved Jana for that. Michael and Jana walked down the aisle.

With bride and groom at the altar, the guru welcomed the group. Gloria stared at the guru-her eyes widened and she said, "Lowell!" Michael was shocked, and began walking toward his father.

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