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Nick regained his memory. Jeffrey took all of Gloria's money in their divorce settlement. Adam and Heather slept together. David hid his gambling from Nikki. Paul spoke with numerous women from David's past who claimed that David was a murderer.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of May 26, 2008 on Y&R
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Monday, May 26, 2008

In Bermuda, Paul questioned David Chow's third ex-wife, Bitsy. Paul looked worried as Bitsy told him that although David's first wife, who was mentally ill, supposedly committed suicide, the second wife was killed in a car crash after someone tampered with the car's brakes. Bitsy said she was certain that David was a murderer. Bitsy explained that David was an expert at playing "Mr. Perfect," who would soon turn sinister after he married a rich woman, who'd eventually learn she was no longer wealthy. Bitsy claimed that David plotted carefully and played a grieving widower to the hilt. When Paul asked for proof, since Bitsy had mentioned using the services of a private investigator, Bitsy said that she burnt the report and didn't make copies. Bitsy told Paul that he had her word for proof, and she even claimed that she had spoken to the families of David's ex-wives. Paul looked stunned when Bitsy began talking about people without DNA infiltrating the government. Bitsy also calmly explained that aliens were running France. After Paul left Bitsy's, he called J.T. and told him that Bitsy had mental problems. Paul still worried that there was some truth in Bitsy's claims.

While they dined at the club, Nikki readily agreed when David suggested that they needed a home. David painted a romantic picture when he described their prospective home complete with a white picket fence. David told Nikki that he could see her playing on their grand piano as Nikki's grandchildren gathered to listen. Phyllis, who was at the club to work out, stopped by to chat with David and Nikki. Phyllis received a phone call about Nick's car crash, and she shared the upsetting news with Nikki and David. After Nikki left, Victoria and J.T. joined David. David told them about Nick's accident, and explained that Nick was all right. After David received a phone call from Walter, his bookie, David told J.T and Victoria that a friend from David's gambling-addiction support group needed help. After Nikki returned, David explained that his "friend" was doing better. Victoria noted that David had his briefcase, but David explained that it was just force of habit. David claimed that he and J.T. were very lucky men who had much to be grateful for. As David kissed Nikki, Victoria smiled, but she looked concerned.

At Restless Style's headquarters, Amber, as if she was trying to convince herself, proclaimed that it would be fine for Daniel to tour with Danny because she trusted Daniel to be faithful. After Danny showed up, Jack told Danny that Daniel was a great asset to the magazine. Daniel credited his success to people, like Jack, who stood by him. Daniel checked on Noah, who had accompanied his mother to the office. A troubled Noah admitted that he missed Cassie. Sharon brightened Noah and Daniel's moods after she announced that an anonymous donor had given a two-million-dollar gift to Cassie's Challenge. After Amber left, Danny, who had stopped by, told Daniel that he would be head photographer during Danny's tour. Daniel agreed to accompany his father. After Sharon left to see about Nick, Jack and Noah visited Cassie's grave.

At the ranch, Victor told Adam that he was still angry about Adam's bad business deal. Adam had hoped to talk to Victor over dinner since Sabrina was away. After Nikki summoned Victor to the hospital, Victor coldly told Adam, without further explanation, that Victor was going to see his son. After Sabrina returned, Adam told her that Victor went to see Nick. Adam quipped, "That man's mood changes with the weather."

Sabrina realized that Adam did not know the significance of the day, so Sabrina told Adam a little about Cassie, and that it was the third anniversary of Cassie's death. After Victor returned, Adam told Victor that he was sorry about Victor's loss. Addressing, Victor as "Dad," Adam told Victor that he was sorry that he never had the opportunity to meet Cassie. Victor said that "after a loved one passes away it makes one think about how ridiculous fights are." Adam told Victor that he was ready to listen anytime Victor needed him.

At the hospital, from a nearby exam room, Nick listened as a father comforted his young daughter, a patient who complained of pain. As Nick observed the family of the injured girl, he experienced a flashback and remembered singing to Cassie on her deathbed. Still stunned by the sudden return of memories, Nick relived the days prior to Cassie's accident when he urged Sharon to release Cassie from her grounding restriction. Nick was visibly shaken when he recalled a seriously injured Cassie in the hospital after the accident. Nick remembered how he blamed Daniel for the accident. Nick also remembered that Sharon accused Nick of pulling away after they lost Cassie. Mired in an avalanche of memories, Nick was startled when Nikki, Victor, and Phyllis asked him if he was okay. Nick assured them that he was. After Nick's doctor reported that the MRI scans indicated that Nick seemed fine, he was cleared to go home. After Daniel called and asked to meet with his mother, Nick encouraged Phyllis to see her son. Nikki went back to David, so Victor agreed to drive Nick home. Before Nick left, he called Sharon and insisted that he needed to talk to her at his place

After Victor brought Nick to the tack house, Sharon came. Nick told Sharon that his memories of Cassie's accident had returned. Nick apologized to Sharon for what had happened to their marriage when he pulled away from her after Cassie died. Nick told Sharon that when she needed him the most, he wasn't there for her. Sharon insisted that she had forgiven Nick, but Nick said that he would never forgive himself. Nick asked Sharon how she managed to go on with her life. Sharon explained that on difficult days like the anniversary of Cassie's death, she thought about Noah and considered what Cassie would want her to do. Sharon promised Nick that she would help him. Nick cupped Sharon's hand with his and said, "I don't deserve your kindness." "Yes you do," Sharon answered, "you were an amazing father to Cassie." Nick and Sharon visited Cassie's grave together and saw the memorial tokens friends and family had left as tributes. Together, Nick and Sharon considered what Cassie would be doing if she had lived. "Cassie's looking out for all of us today," Sharon proclaimed. Nick knelt down and cried, "Cassie, we love you so much, and we miss you." Sharon leaned against Nick's shoulder, as they both wept.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Jack told Sharon that the second issue of Restless Style has to top the first. Sharon warned Jack when he made another decision about the magazine without consulting Nick and Phyllis. Sharon asked that Jack take it easy on Nick with everything he'd been dealing with when he had relived Cassie's death. Sharon said that she was happy that Nick had Phyllis to help him through it.

Nick told Phyllis that he had seen a family at the hospital that brought back his forgotten memories of Cassie. He said that it was like living Cassie's death all over again. Phyllis wished there was a way to help him through his pain. Nick said that it was enough that she was there for him. Nick told her that Noah was supposed to be with him when he was in the car accident. Phyllis said that Nick was a great father to Cassie, and remained a great father to Noah and Summer. Nick said that his memories reminded him of how much he'd loved Cassie.

Katherine was upset with Jill's decisions at Jabot. When Cane walked in on them he wondered what Katherine was so upset about. Cane told Jill that he knew it was the anniversary of Phillip's death. He asked Jill to tell him about his father. Jill said that if it hadn't been for Katherine, they'd have been a family. Cane didn't want to hear it anymore. He decided to go to Katherine to ask about his father. Katherine told Cane a story about when Phillip and she would go dancing. Jill interrupted her and said that she was drunk then. Cane blew up at both of them for arguing. He said that they should be disgusted with themselves. While Jill chased after Cane, Katherine felt a jolt.

Jana was nervous to start her first day at work. She was excited to hear that she was going to the Newman ranch. When Gloria came by, Jana realized that Gloria still missed Jeffrey. She asked Gloria to help Kevin at the coffeehouse while she was away. Gloria told Kevin about her hidden diamonds in the Cayman Islands. While Gloria was in her hotel room admiring her diamonds, Kevin called, begging for Gloria's help. Gloria said that she'd be there after her appraiser arrived. Gloria was shocked to hear that her diamonds were fakes.

When Daniel and Amber walked into the coffeehouse, Danny said that it was probably hard for her that Daniel was leaving. Amber said that she was excited for Daniel. Danny said that Amber was extraordinary. Amber told Jana that she was crying on the inside. Jana said that it was a test to see if Amber and Daniel belonged together. Daniel came by Restless Style to say goodbye to everyone. Nick apologized to Daniel for being so cruel to him after Cassie died. Daniel said that all was forgiven. He asked Nick to take care of Phyllis while he was gone. Amber tried to hold back the tears when Daniel said goodbye.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Jana met Sabrina at the Newman ranch for her first day of work as Sabrina's assistant. Browsing through an art catalog, Jana ran across a work by Damien Hirst-one of his formaldehyde-preserved sharks-that was going up for auction. Sabrina told Jana that the work was too highly priced for Victor's budget. Victor overheard and took a look at the catalog-he told Sabrina that he had always admired white sharks. Sabrina was speechless when Victor told her to bid on the Hirst piece. He kissed Sabrina and told her to let him know when they had won the piece. After Victor left, Jana told Sabrina how romantic it was that she and Victor were both so passionate about art. She added that Sabrina and Victor were "right" together-just like Jana and Kevin.

Jana and Victor watched Sabrina bid on the piece over the telephone. Jana was excitedly tense as the price kept rising. The three of them were overjoyed when Victor won the bidding-agreeing to buy the piece for over $14 million. When Jana left to get lemonade for a mini-celebration, Sabrina asked Victor if he thought she had overbid. Victor told her that he was thrilled it was theirs-adding that the wonderful thing about their relationship was that they wanted the same things.

After Jana left for the day, Victor asked Sabrina to start thinking about their wedding and honeymoon. Sabrina said she didn't care where they married-as long as it was Victor she was marrying. After she told Victor how much she loved him, they embraced and kissed.

Michael stopped by the ranch to talk with Victor and Adam about the Natural Glow lawsuit. Victor sternly told Michael that he did not want to settle out of court-he wanted Newman to win the suit. Michael tried to persuade Victor to change his mind, suggesting that Victor was adamant about winning because Nikki was the CEO of Jabot, the plaintiff in the lawsuit. Victor stood his ground-he would not accept a settlement. Adam told Michael that, since he had created the Natural Glow problem, he wanted to work with Michael on the case.

Later, Victor told Michael that he was pleased with the draft of Michael's opening remarks. As Michael and Adam left, Victor warned Adam not to disappoint him again.

At Crimson Lights, Kevin was working alone-the orders were coming out of the kitchen slowly and incorrectly. When Gloria arrived, Kevin assumed it was to give him a hand serving the lunch crowd, but Gloria told her son that she didn't have time, as she had just learned that her diamonds were fakes. Jill called Gloria and asked her if she was planning to come to work. When Gloria told Jill that she had yet another "family emergency," Jill made veiled threats that Gloria might lose her job if she continued to stay away from the office.

Gloria begrudgingly helped Kevin wait on the lunch crowd. Alistair showed up and wondered why Gloria had gone from "lovely Gloria" to working a "scullery maid's job." When Gloria said she was merely helping Kevin out, Alistair said there was no need for false pride-that he knew when someone had hit the skids. Becoming increasingly annoyed, Gloria asked Alistair to get her a latte and to refill the cinnamon shakers.

Adam and Michael arrived at Crimson Lights, and Michael was stunned to see Alistair waiting tables. When Alistair offered to take Michael's order, Michael asked Kevin if he had lost his mind. Kevin assured Michael that Alistair was just a temporary hire. Gloria told Michael that her diamonds turned out to be fakes. Michael suggested that Jeffrey might have switched fake diamonds for the real ones. Michael was unconcerned-he reminded Gloria that the diamonds were insured. When Gloria told Michael that the diamonds were uninsured, he told his mother, "You're screwed."

Alistair called Jeff and told him that he made a mistake when he told Jeff about Gloria's diamonds. Jeff appeared to have no idea what Alistair was talking about. Alistair said that if Jeff didn't return the diamonds to Gloria, she would die of a broken heart.

Out on the patio, Adam assured Michael that he really wanted to help with the Natural Glow lawsuit-and that no job would be too demeaning. Michael gave Adam a list of ten patent experts, told him to interview them, and then recommend the top three.

As Michael and Adam's meeting concluded, Michael told Adam that he appeared to be on top of things. Adam asked Michael to make sure that Victor knew how hard Adam was working to win the lawsuit.

Back at the Newman ranch, Adam told Victor that while driving home he had received a call from the laboratory informing him that there was a "substantial similarity of composition" between Jabot's product and Natural Glow's product. Victor told Adam to go to another lab-to do whatever he had to do until he got the results that Victor wanted.

At Crimson Lights, Paul and J.T. discussed Paul's visit to Elizabeth, David Chow's third ex-wife. When J.T. reminded Paul that Elizabeth was a bit odd, Paul said that just because Elizabeth was crazy didn't mean that David wasn't a killer. Paul and J.T. reviewed the information about David's ex-wives. Apparently, his first wife had a history of depression and committed suicide. They surmised that it was possible that David pushed her over the edge, but they couldn't prove it. Paul said they needed to see if David was responsible for the car accident that killed his second ex-wife. Paul called a woman and told her that he needed to talk to her about David Chow.

In their suite at the Athletic Club, David fastened the clasp of an expensive diamond necklace hanging around Nikki's neck. Nikki discussed her plans for the day-she was going to meet with Heather to discuss the Natural Glow lawsuit. David told Nikki to let Heather handle that, but Nikki insisted on personally overseeing the lawsuit.

At Jabot, David and Nikki ran into Victoria, who admired her mother's necklace. Brad approached and complimented David on his taste in jewelry. When Victoria and Nikki walked away, Brad told David that he had better agree with all of Brad's ideas at the staff meeting later that morning-since they did have an "understanding." David implied that Brad would soon no longer have control over him, since David was going to pay off his $100,000 loan from Brad in full. Later, David spoke to someone on the phone. At first, David asked for $100,000, but then changed his mind and said he only needed $10,000.

Heather, Brad, and Jill joined Nikki and Victoria in the boardroom. Heather told the group it was going to be expensive to take the Natural Glow patent lawsuit to trial. When Brad and Jill suggested that Nikki try to settle with Newman out of court, Nikki refused.

At the staff meeting, Victoria presented her idea-"Retro Jabot." She suggested bringing back Jabot scents from the 1960's and 1970's. Nikki told Victoria that Brad had already been working on that idea-he had found the designs for the original packaging, as well as the perfume formulas. Hiding her disappointment, Victoria remarked that "great minds think alike." Nikki suggested that Brad and Victoria work together, but both Jill and Victoria were against that. When Nikki insisted that Brad and Victoria make "Retro Jabot" a joint effort, Brad welcomed Victoria aboard.

Jill brought up the Natural Glow lawsuit and restated that she wanted to settle out of court. She told Nikki that Jabot didn't hire Nikki to fight court battles or personal battles. Nikki was insulted with Jill's insinuation that her desire to continue with the lawsuit had anything do with her personal feelings toward Victor. Nikki insisted that she was trying to preserve the reputation of Chancellor Industries. Brad volunteered to oversee the lawsuit, but David told Brad that Nikki had already planned a meeting with Heather. David added that he didn't want Brad to step on the legal department's toes.

After the meeting, Victoria told Nikki that she could empathize with Jill's problem giving up day-to-day control of Jabot. Victoria added that working with Brad didn't really bother her-certainly not as much as working with Adam at Newman did.

Victoria met J.T. at Crimson Lights and complained that working at Jabot was becoming more and more like working at Newman. Victoria was surprised when J.T. told her that Victor asked about Reed and her every day.

Jill told Nikki that she didn't believe that Nikki's motives in pursuing the Natural Glow lawsuit weren't personal. She told Nikki that she needed to let her feelings about Victor go. Later, Heather stopped by to tell Nikki that she sent a "wheelbarrow of interrogatories" over to Newman. Nikki said that she was going to see the case through-no matter what.

David received a phone call from his bookie, Andy. Andy told David that he had a tip on a game-and the tip came directly from the team's trainer. David told Andy, "25 on Detroit," before he hung up.

Andy called Brad. Brad was thrilled when he learned that David "went for it." He told Andy that he had made Brad's day.

David gave Brad an envelope containing $10,000 in cash. He told Brad he would get him the rest shortly. Brad shook David's hand, telling him that he knew David was good for it. Out of David and Brad's sight, Nikki looked on.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Nikki saw David and Brad shake hands. When she asked David what was going on, he said that there was something she needed to know. David said she wouldn't like it, but they had discussed the case and had agreed that it was a better idea to settle. Nikki was angry that David had a different opinion. David said he'd always be on Nikki's side.

Jill told Brad that Nikki had done a good job by hiring Heather. When Brad asked Heather to dinner, she told him that she wasn't comfortable with dating someone she worked with.

Gloria asked Michael and Lauren who was working on their house. Michael said that they had done some renovations on their place. Gloria said that if Jeffrey kept hounding her for all her money, she'd need to move back into their place. Gloria was excited when she received a call from Jill to discuss the proposal she had written. When Gloria went to Jabot to discuss her proposal, Jill told her that she was fired. Gloria was shocked and tried to argue her case. Jill said that Gloria's proposal had no merit and that Gloria hadn't attended any of the Jabot meetings. Gloria begged Jill to give her another chance. Jill said that she was too late.

When Lauren greeted Michael in sexy lingerie, he said he must have done something great in a previous life. Gloria interrupted them by knocking loudly on the door. Although Michael tried to ignore her, he was too distracted. Gloria told him that she'd been fired. Gloria said she'd finally reached rock bottom. Michael said he hadn't wanted to be involved in Gloria's schemes, but they would help her. Michael suggested that Gloria reach a settlement with Jeffrey before the next day's mediation.

Jill told Brad that she'd fired Gloria. He asked what Nikki had to say about it. Jill said that Nikki didn't know. Jill was happy when Jeffrey called and asked her to dinner. At dinner, Jill told Jeffrey that she'd fired Gloria. Gloria went to Jeffrey and asked to speak to him alone. She tried to settle with Jeffrey before they went to court. He told her no. Jeffrey told Gloria that she'd laughed in his face when he told her that he loved her. He said that he had no reason to help her out now.

J.T. told Adam that he'd heard about Adam's blunder at Newman. Adam said they couldn't discuss business considering he was married to the competition. When Adam went to the Athletic Club to work out, he noticed Heather. He complimented her on her athletic body. Adam asked Heather if she'd like to go out for a drink. Heather said she didn't drink with strangers. Adam introduced himself and they agreed to meet later on. When Heather came to the bar to meet Adam, they joked that Heather liked dirty martinis. Heather talked to Adam about her schooling in New Orleans. When they found out they both enjoyed college basketball, Heather said she'd recorded the latest game. She invited him back to her hotel room to watch it. When Adam and Heather went up to Heather's room, he said she didn't have a DVR. She said that she had forgotten. Adam started kissing her.

Paul was able to reach the daughter of David's second ex-wife. Paul said she'd told him everything he wanted to know about David Chow. Paul saw David and Nikki at the coffeehouse and talked to them about the wedding. Paul told David that it was odd that Nikki would give up a close-to-home wedding for a quickie wedding. Paul said that he was worried that David was merely a rebound. David told Paul that he had nothing to be concerned about. David continued to receive phone calls while he was with Nikki. She noticed his text message had made him very happy. Paul received a phone call from David's ex-stepdaughter. She told Paul that she had been waiting to talk to someone about David.

Friday, May 30, 2008

A surprised Michael and Lauren found Gloria sleeping on their couch. Gloria told the Baldwins that she had to check out of the Athletic Club as she was no longer able to afford it. Gloria told Michael that she had spoken to Jeff, and that Jeff said he would send her to prison if she didn't give him the entire $50 million. When Michael told Gloria that Jeff would probably leave her something, Gloria said that he wouldn't. She said she came to Genoa City with nothing, and she was going to be back where she started.

At the Athletic Club gym, Jeff smiled and told himself that he loved the smell of victory in the morning.

Outside the divorce mediation room, Michael advised Gloria to keep her eye on the prize-the prize being her freedom. Jeff showed up and told them that he felt like a kid on Christmas morning. Before Michael left, he said that he could smell Jeff's smugness. With Michael gone, Jeff told Gloria to cheer up-or she would be off to jail.

At the mediation, Gloria and Jeff divided the assets accumulated since their marriage. Jeff would keep his expensive new wardrobe and sports cars. Gloria would keep her bean bag chair, the large gold "G," and her portrait. When the mediator realized that Gloria was giving Jeff $50 million, he reminded her that she was under no obligation to give Jeff anything that was hers before their marriage. The mediator urged Gloria to reconsider, but she said she wanted the whole mess over with-she would give Jeff the $50 million. Gloria told Jeff that he was vile, disgusting, pathetic, and classless. When Gloria said that she never wanted to see him again, Jeff said that he would see her in his bank account.

Back at the Baldwins', Gloria cried to Lauren that Jeff had taken everything. She added that she didn't understand why Jeff had to be so cruel. When Lauren told Gloria how tough and resilient she was, Gloria said that she deserved what had happened. As Gloria grew hysterical, Lauren called Michael and told him to come home right away-his mother was in very bad shape.

When Michael arrived home, he told Gloria that she was stronger than she felt. Lauren told Gloria that she had her charitable foundation, and Michael said that she would find another job. Lauren left to draw a bath for Gloria, while Michael went to get her some tea. Alone, Gloria caressed her wedding ring and sobbed, "You will not ruin me, Jeffrey Bardwell-because I am glorious. This ring is the only thing you didn't take away from me. Come and get it. This isn't the end-this is just the beginning." At the Athletic Club, a pensive Jeff caressed his wedding band.

Heather and Adam woke up in bed together. They kissed, then told each other they needed to get going-they both had important meetings. As Adam quickly dressed, Heather told him she wasn't bothered that he was rushing out. They told each other how happy they had been the night before. Adam kissed Heather "until next time," then he left.

In the Jabot boardroom, Cane, Nikki, and David admired the proofs of Lily's recent photo shoot. Nikki told Cane that the camera loved Lily. Nikki added that it was sad that Lily's picture was pulled from Restless Style, but told Cane that was one of the hazards of the modeling business.

Alone, David made a phone call, telling the person, "I'll get you a cashier's check, but I need you to do this immediately." He then looked at the newspaper's sport section and seemed upset when he saw an article entitled, "Next Secretariat Races at Arlington Today."

At the campus house, Chloe was driving Devon crazy-she had replaced all of his breakfast cereals with "healthier" alternatives. Lily joined them. Chloe's phone rang and she walked away to take the call. Devon told Lily that Chloe was really started to get to him-he wondered when she would be moving back to her own apartment. When Lily started to defend Chloe, Devon said that he wanted Chloe out of his face. Chloe rejoined them and told Lily that the call was from an agent with the Apex Modeling Agency-and that she and Lily were leaving that night to meet him in New York.

Cane called Lily to tell her how much Nikki liked the proofs. He told Lily how much he missed her, and asked her if they could get together that night. Lily told him she couldn't because of the trip to New York, but she invited him to come over right away. Chloe overheard the end of Lily's conversation and told her that she needed to cancel her plans with Cane-they needed to go through Lily's wardrobe and pack for New York. Lily begged Devon to take Chloe to breakfast so that Lily and Cane could be alone.

Later, Lily told Chloe that she needed some new shoes, and suggested that Chloe go buy a pair. When Chloe said that she didn't like to shop alone, Lily "volunteered" Devon's companionship. As Devon and Chloe left to go shopping, Cane arrived. Lily told Cane some more about her trip to New York-and added how much she had missed him. Lily told him that after she miscarried, she started to run away from Cane-and herself. She added that she thought keeping busy would help her forget about the miscarriage. Cane told Lily that he understood that she hurt, but reminded her that things would get better. Lily told Cane that she had been reluctant to sleep with him, as she had gotten pregnant even though they had practiced safe sex. When Cane said he wouldn't rush her, Lily told Cane how much she loved him, and they began kissing. Cane asked Lily if she was sure that she wanted to make love. Lily said yes-and she hoped that he felt the same way. They began kissing passionately.

At Crimson Lights with Devon, Chloe decided to cancel their shopping trip-she said she needed to be with Lily, as boyfriends didn't take precedence over packing. When Devon suggested that perhaps Lily needed some time with Cane, Chloe said that she was paid to look out for Lily.

Back at Jabot, David overheard Nikki on the phone telling someone that she planned to attend the Natural Glow lawsuit meeting. David told Nikki that he was going with her. David said they could use the fact that Victor thought he was smarter than Nikki as an advantage.

Michael and Adam arrived at Jabot for the meeting. They looked over the latest lab results and agreed that Jabot didn't have a case. When they entered the boardroom, Adam was shocked to see that Heather was Jabot's attorney.

At the meeting, Nikki said that Natural Glow had copied Jabot's chemical formula. Michael said that remained to be seen-he thought Jabot's lab report was biased. When Michael asked if Jabot had a settlement proposal, David, Nikki, and Heather told him that Natural Glow must stop production immediately, acknowledge their patent infringement via a public statement, and pay actual plus punitive damages. Michael acknowledged that while the products were similar, his lab reported there were substantial differences between Natural Glow's formula and Jabot's formula. When Michael said that Jabot had no case, Heather said they wouldn't walk away because of Michael's unsubstantiated lab report. They agreed to disagree-the next time they met, it would be in a courtroom. When Michael asked Nikki privately why she was doing this, Nikki said that Victor was stealing from her-and she wouldn't let him get away with it.

In the hallway, David called his bookie and placed a $40,000 bet on Nimble Nikki to win the third race that day.

Later, at the Athletic Club gym, Heather and Adam gently needled each other about not saying where they were employed. They both said they were going to win, but decided they shouldn't be talking about the case. A few moments later they were in bed together. When Heather reminded Adam that they shouldn't be talking to each other, Adam said they would find another way to communicate. He kissed Heather.

At the Athletic Club, Paul told J.T. that he had met with David Chow. Paul told J.T. that his instinct was to tell Nikki everything he had learned about David. When J.T. reminded Paul that they didn't have any solid evidence, Paul said that, by the time they got solid evidence, it might be too late. Paul told J.T. that the daughter of David's second ex-wife, who had died in a car accident, was coming to see Paul that day. Paul added that if the daughter confirmed anything that Elizabeth, David's third ex-wife, said, he was going to talk to Nikki right away.

Paul met Mina, ex-wife number two's daughter, at Crimson Lights. Mina told Paul that David treated her mother like a queen, while simultaneously emptying out her bank account. When Mina suggested that David caused her mother's accident, Paul reminded her that the police had cleared David. Mina said that David probably paid the police off. Mina told Paul that she had overheard David placing large bets on the phone. She said that if she had told her mother, perhaps her mother would be alive. Paul told Mina that he had learned that her mother cut Mina out of her will. Mina said that her mother did that because she was scared of David. Paul mentioned that the new will was filed just three weeks before her mother's accident "that wasn't an accident."

At Jabot, Nikki left David alone in her office while she went to a meeting. David received a phone call and said, "With whom? What have you got for me? That's very helpful. Thank you." When David hung up the phone, there was a knock at the door. It was Paul, looking for Nikki. David lied and told Paul that Nikki might be out all day. Paul told David that he would wait. The two men engaged in a staring match.

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