The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of May 12, 2008 on Y&R

Sabrina accepted Victor's marriage proposal. David and Nikki eloped. Gloria had a drunken affair with Alistair. Colleen announced that she was moving to Shanghai. Cane asked Lily to move in with him, but she refused. An intoxicated Chloe kissed Cane.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of May 12, 2008 on Y&R
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Monday, May 12, 2008

At Jabot, Victoria presented her product-bundling idea to Nikki. Nikki liked Victoria's proposal, but Victoria seemed disappointed when Nikki tapped Brad and Cane, instead of Victoria, to oversee Victoria's project. Instead, Nikki suggested that Victoria work with David to update the fragrance line. Nikki thought that David was meeting with the lab's chemist, but David occupied his time on the phone with his bookmaker. After David learned that he'd lost another bet, he cursed and flung his phone into a brick wall. After the bookmaker delivered the bad news to David, the bookmaker called Brad to let him know that David had sunk deeper into a hole. As promised, Brad agreed to pay the bookmaker for having successfully bled David dry. After Brad tried to collect a loan repayment from David, David explained that he did not have the money to pay Brad. Brad reminded David that it was payday at Jabot, but David explained that he had past-due bills. David promised Brad that he wasn't gambling. Brad agreed to wait until the next week for payment, and David thanked Brad for his patience and for keeping the loan arrangement a secret from Nikki.

Lily was elated when Nikki presented her with a mock-up of Restless Style's cover art featuring Lily's photo. Nikki agreed that Lily should show the cover to Neil. Lily later met Colleen at the coffeehouse, and she told Colleen about the cover photo. Colleen told Lily about Adrian's anger over the aborted book deal. Lily assured Colleen that Adrian still loved her, but Colleen worried that Adrian was too old for her. Lily suggested that Colleen give Adrian time to come around while Colleen worked in China. Back at his apartment, Adrian recalled the day he told Colleen that her grandmother would be hailed a hero after his book about Colleen's grandmother's recovery of stolen art was published. Colleen, however, told Adrian that her grandmother did not embrace publicity. Adrian specifically recalled that Colleen had said that she should authorize publication of her family's story.

At the ranch, Victor proposed to Sabrina. Sabrina immediately accepted Victor's proposal. After Victor slipped an impressive solitaire engagement ring onto Sabrina's finger, he told Sabrina that when he first saw her, he knew she was someone special. Sabrina told Victor that she melted the first time he touched her. Sabrina worried about how Victor's children might respond to the news. Victor said that he would tell Victoria and Nick. Victor phoned Victoria and Nick and ordered them to visit the ranch immediately. Adam was already waiting when Nick and Victoria arrived. Although Sabrina attempted to speak with Victoria privately, Victor suddenly emerged. Victoria, Nick, and Adam seemed stunned after Victor announced plans to marry Sabrina. Adam noticed Sabrina's huge diamond ring. After Sabrina noted that Victor had exquisite taste, Adam observed that Sabrina certainly had a taste for the exquisite, so everything should work out nicely for her. After Nick, Victoria, and Adam half-heartedly congratulated Victor and Sabrina, Victor quickly cut the meeting short. Adam excused himself and went upstairs.

Outside the ranch, Nick asked Victoria if Sabrina was after their dad's money. Victoria said she did not know Sabrina's intentions, but Nick suggested that Victor secure a pre-nuptial contract. Victoria wasn't pleased when Nick put her in charge of breaking the news to Nikki. Nikki was taken aback after Victoria told mother that Victor and Sabrina would marry. David later approached Nikki. David explained that he was worried that Nick and Victoria did not accept his and Nikki's plans to marry. David suggested that he and Nikki meet with Victoria and Nick, so David could prove that he is ready to put their mother first and make her happy. David added that August 17, their proposed wedding date, could not come fast enough. David was elated when Nikki suggested that they marry much sooner.

Adam encountered Sabrina alone in the sitting room at the ranch. Adam told Sabrina that he had underestimated the speed with which she managed to get a ring from Victor. Sabrina calmly told Adam that she didn't expect him to understand, but she became angry when Adam noted that a true lady would have turned down Victor's sudden proposal. Sabrina told Adam that she had thought that his mother was a kind woman, so she didn't understand how Adam had become such a jerk. Adam suggested that he move back to the club, but Sabrina said that the ranch was Adam's home, too. After Adam left, Victor returned. Sabrina excitedly announced that she was cooking a special dinner. However, those plans were put on hold when Victor explained that he had to attend a previously scheduled meeting with investors from Dubai. Sabrina kissed Victor and told him that she would miss him tremendously.

At their apartment, Adrian was still angry at Colleen after she gave an advance copy of his book to her father, who managed to halt the book's release. After Adrian learned that his book deal was canceled altogether, he rudely urged Colleen to go to the coffeehouse to bid farewell to her friends before her trip to Shanghai. At the coffeehouse, Kevin was relieved to hear that Adrian's book would not be published. Kevin was surprised to learn that Colleen would be in China for six weeks. Colleen was saddened when she realized that she and Adrian would soon be thousands of miles apart. When Colleen visited Brad at his office, he told Colleen that if she needed a break from Adrian, she did not have to go so far away. When Colleen returned to her apartment, Adrian crossly announced that his agent had dropped him, and that he might not ever become a tenured professor, thanks to Colleen and Brad. When Brad stopped by to pick up Colleen to take her to the airport, Adrian lashed out. Adrian was angry because Colleen had eagerly helped and encouraged him with the book, and then later sabotaged his work. Before Colleen left, she tearfully offered an apology, which Adrian refused to accept.

At Restless Style's headquarters, tensions rose among Nick, Phyllis, Jack, and Sharon about the details of the masthead's font and color. When Jack worried that the magazine would "tank," Nick reminded Jack that he shouldn't allow "perfect to become the enemy of good." After Nick expressed concern that the "book" might not be ready for publication on time due to delays from Jack's persnickety consultant, Jamie, Jack curtly joked that Nick should not let his genes rule over him. Nick reminded Jack that the magazine's success would allow him to get out from under Victor Newman's shadow.

After Jamie delivered her crushing professional assessment of Restless Style's first-issue mock-up, Phyllis reminded the consultant that she would not consider missing the launch, which was days away. Jack, Phyllis, and Sharon were speechless after Jamie suggested that the magazine's cover model, Lily, should be dumped. Jamie pointed out that top fashion magazines featured celebrities on their covers. After Phyllis worried that a reshoot could not be accomplished 48 hours before the launch, Jamie explained that she once converted the inside of a jet into a photo studio and managed to capture a hot photo of Fergie before the plane landed. Jamie added that her magazine was on the stand the next day, and Fergie still managed to make it to her concert. Jack agreed to reshoot the cover, and when Jack announced that he might be able to get Samantha Cresswell to pose, Jamie was elated. Phyllis was surprised that Jack was counting on an off-hand possibility, and she reminded Jack that Nick was unavailable to offer input. Jack, however, took charge and stopped the printing of Restless Style. When Nick returned, he was livid that Jack had made the decision to change the cover photo. Jack agreed to pay Cresswell's fee, but Nick worried that the deal might fall through. Jack promised to use Lily's photo if Cresswell's was unavailable. A frustrated Nick called the idea another of Jack's crazy plans.

After Jack and Sharon left, Nick told Phyllis that Jack was acting like he was the boss by making a decision that should have been made by all of the partners. At the club, Jack told Sharon that there had to be one person to act as boss. Sharon pointed out that Nick had long suffered under his father's oppression, but Jack explained that too much had been invested in the magazine to allow it to sink.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Victor called Sabrina and told her that he wouldn't be home until late. Sabrina said that they could celebrate later. When Adam saw all the food Sabrina had prepared for Victor, he joked sarcastically that Sabrina shouldn't have gone to so much trouble. Sabrina was irritated with Adam's disrespectful behavior. Victoria came by to see Victor but Sabrina told her that he was working late. Victoria noticed that Sabrina and Adam seemed quite comfortable at Victor's ranch. Victoria told Sabrina that she was disgusted that Sabrina was using Victor to help her career. She said that Adam was a manipulating backstabber, and that they both made one big ugly family. When Adam and Sabrina were alone, Sabrina told Adam that he'd deserved what Victoria said to him. Adam said that Sabrina shouldn't be so quick to judge him. He suggested that they start over.

Victoria told Katherine that Victor was engaged to Sabrina. Katherine wondered what Nikki thought about Victor's engagement. Victoria said that Nikki had moved on. Katherine went to Jabot to find out.

David presented Nikki with an engagement ring. He said it was an old family heirloom. David said now that they were officially engaged, they should get married right away. David suggested that they fly to Mexico that evening. Nikki told David that she didn't want to fly It was the same day the previous year that Nick's plane had gone down. David persisted and Nikki decided to go ahead with the flight. She told David that it would be their little secret. Katherine interrupted them and asked what the secret was. When Nikki told Katherine about their plans, Katherine said that a trip to Mexico sounded romantic. When they reached the airport, Nikki was surprised to find out that they wouldn't be flying first class. Things got even worse when a woman sat down in between them with a bad cough and a crying cat. They decided that maybe it was a sign and tried to get off the plane, but they were too late.

Karen thanked Neil for meeting up with her so quickly. She told him that she had been offered a job. Neil begged Karen to give their relationship another chance. Karen felt that Neil had wanted her to be just like Drucilla. She told Neil that if he could look her in the eyes and tell her that he didn't want her to go, she would stay. When Karen returned, Neil told her that he had done some soul-searching and realized that Karen had been right. Karen said that Drucilla was one lucky woman, and left.

Jack introduced Phyllis and Sharon to their new Restless Style cover model. Phyllis wondered why Jack hadn't asked anyone before going ahead with the decision to redo the cover of the magazine. Jack said that Phyllis should be thanking him. Phyllis told Jack that it would have been fair of him to discuss the cover with Nick first. When Phyllis told Sharon that she was upset that Jaime seemed to be overruling their entire magazine, Sharon told her to stop whining. Phyllis called Nick to tell him what had been going on. Jack thanked Jaime for her work on the magazine. She mentioned that some people wouldn't agree. Jack said that he was the decision maker.

Amber was worried that she wouldn't be able to afford living in the Penthouse once she and Daniel ran out of money. Jana and Kevin were impressed with Daniel and Amber's place. They played a game of Pictionary and Jana and Kevin got upset when they kept losing. Kevin told Jana that he didn't like to lose. Jana worried that they might be losing their psychic connection.

Chloe told Lily that the cover of Restless Style looked amazing. Lily thanked Chloe for all the help with her career. Chloe received a call and found out that her apartment had flooded. Lily suggested that Chloe move in with her and Devon. Sharon called Lily and asked to meet to discuss the cover. When Sharon showed up to tell Lily that they were pulling the cover, Lily was devastated.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

At Restless Style, Jack announced to the staff that, thanks to Jamie, the first issue of the magazine would be published on schedule. Phyllis and Nick arrived, and Nick immediately told Jack that the two of them needed to talk. The men headed to the photo studio, where Nick chided Jack for not consulting him on the magazine redesign. Nick accused Jack of being a "dictator"-just like Victor. Jack told Nick it was not a power play-he explained that the decision to redesign needed to be made, and Nick was unreachable. As they shook hands, Nick told Jack that if ever a time came when Jack was not around, Nick would unilaterally make decisions, if necessary.

Later, Nick rounded up all the Restless Style employees for one last minute "pep rally." Nick said it was important that they pull together as a team. Phyllis said that they all needed to be honest and up-front, and Nick added that they needed to operate by consensus. Jack agreed that they needed to make decisions as a group-except in certain "exigent" circumstances. Daniel joined the group and informed them he had just received word that the first copy of Restless Style was "hot off the press" and on its way over. All the employees became excited.

Mitch brought over a copy of the magazine, and Nick conceded that Jack made the correct decision in changing the cover. Mitch informed Jack, Phyllis, Nick, and Sharon that he wouldn't be able to make the shipping deadline. Nick reminded the group that they had promised their advertisers that the magazine would be at the newsstands on Friday. Jack said that he would do whatever it took to get the magazines delivered-even if he had to load trucks himself.

Jack chartered some extra planes, at great expense, to make sure Restless Style hit the newsstands on time.

Mitch called Jack to let him know that, barring any further glitches, the magazine would be delivered on time. After Jack hung up, Phyllis' computer started beeping. She became upset when a "File Not Found" message popped up on her computer's screen.

At the Newman ranch, Victor found Sabrina examining her engagement ring. Victor promised her he would give her the wedding of her dreams.

Sabrina showed up at Restless Style, looking for Nick. Amber, Phyllis, and Sharon admired Sabrina's "gi-normous" ring, and congratulated her on her engagement. Sabrina noticed Daniel's Pictionary sketch of Amber. Sabrina told Daniel that he had artistic potential, and that he should consider attending art school. Nick saw Sabrina and incorrectly assumed that Victor had sent her. Sabrina informed him that Victor wasn't behind her every move-she told Nick she needed the key to the loading dock, as she was expecting delivery of a large piece of art. Before Sabrina left, Phyllis told her that they should get together for lunch or coffee. Nick clearly was not thrilled by that idea.

At Jabot, Victoria was unhappy that Brad had taken it upon himself to negotiate a major overseas deal. Brad told his ex that Nikki and David had decided to take the day off, and were unreachable. Therefore, Brad decided that he was in charge.

Victoria and Sabrina ran into each other at Crimson Lights. Victoria thought Sabrina's engagement ring was "ostentatious." Sabrina said that the ring represented Victor's feelings for her. Sabrina told Victoria that her feelings for Victor were "real." Sabrina denied Victoria's accusation that she was rushing Victor to the altar.

Katherine and Jill had lunch at the Athletic Club. Jill griped that Nikki had hired Victoria without consulting her. Katherine defended Nikki, and told Jill that she should be happy to have Victoria at Jabot. Katherine said that the reason why Victor allowed Victoria to leave Jabot was still a mystery to her. Jill suggested she ask Victor, who was sitting at a nearby table.

Katherine joined Victor. She told him that it boggled her mind that Victoria had left Newman to work at Jabot. Victor told Katherine that the job change was Victoria's idea. Victor became upset when Katherine insinuated that Victoria left because Victor was marrying Victoria's best friend. Victor asked Katherine to stay out of his personal life, and added that no one was making a big deal about Nikki's engagement to David. Victor said that he was tired of being blamed for all of the Newman family's problems.

When Sabrina arrived at the club, Victor introduced her to Katherine. When Katherine left to rejoin Jill, Sabrina told Victor that she liked Katherine-but wasn't sure that Katherine liked her.

Jill and Katherine stopped by Victor and Sabrina's table as they were leaving the club. Jill introduced herself to Sabrina and suggested they work on the Autumn Art Fair together. Jill pulled out her electronic calendar so they could set a date. Sabrina realized she had left her planner in her car. Katherine, wanting a moment alone with Victor, asked Jill to escort Sabrina to her car. After they left, Katherine told Victor that David and Nikki were marrying. A stunned Victor said that perhaps he should send his condolences.

When Sabrina returned, she found Victor distant and deep in thought. He told Sabrina he needed to do something back at the ranch. She asked Victor if anything was wrong, but he walked out of the club without answering.

Back at the ranch, Victor told Sabrina that he had taken Nikki's horse out for a long ride. Noticing that Victor was still a bit distant, Sabrina told him they should be able to talk about what was bothering them, but Victor didn't respond-he simply told Sabrina he needed a bath. When Sabrina offered to draw the bath, he drew her close and held her.

In the Jabot boardroom, Jill thanked Brad for being on top of things. Jill started complaining about Nikki and David's absence. Katherine stopped by as Brad was leaving. Jill asked Katherine why they were paying Nikki such a huge salary when Brad was doing her work. Katherine told Jill that Nikki and David were getting married. When Jill said that having Nikki's daughter and husband working at Jabot gave a whole new meaning to the word "nepotism," Katherine reminded Jill that her son Cane worked at Jabot. Katherine suggested that Jill mind her own business and let Nikki run Jabot. Jill countered that a CEO who cared about her company would not unexpectedly elope.

In Mexico, David and Nikki stopped by a messy-looking shop to ask directions to the wedding chapel. They met Fred, who informed them that they were in the chapel. They were shocked, as the on-line picture had represented the chapel as a beautiful building. Fred's wife Rosa told them that the chapel had burned to the ground, but the building they were in would "work just fine." When David asked whether there were any other chapels in the area, Rosa told him that none of the priests would marry them on such short notice. She suggested that Fred, a mail-order pastor, perform the ceremony. Nikki was unsure-she thought that perhaps the chapel fire was an omen that they should cancel the wedding.

David tried to change Nikki's mind by telling her that the story of their wedding day could become a family legend-something to tell Reed. David suddenly changed his mind and told Nikki they should go home and get married in mid-August as they had originally planned.

A few moments later, Nikki changed her mind and said that as long as they were there, they might as well get married. Rosa supplied Nikki with a dress and took her outside to see the beautiful garden where the ceremony would take place.

Nikki called Victoria to tell her about the impending marriage. Victoria was visibly stunned and told her mother that they could celebrate when she and David returned. Victoria told Nikki to congratulate David, and assured her that she wanted Nikki to be happy, even it wasn't with Victor. Nikki told Victoria she was happy.

Victoria called Nick and they met at Crimson Lights. When she told Nick about their mother's wedding, Nick surmised that it was probably Nikki's way of breaking free from Victor.

A guitarist serenaded Nikki and David. Nikki thought about her wedding to Victor, and David asked her if there was anything wrong. Nikki assured him there wasn't. Fred performed the ceremony, and, by the power vested in him by the "Ministry of Universal Love," declared them husband and wife.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Phyllis panicked when she lost the Website right before the launch of the Restless Style magazine. Jack figured that a virus might have wiped out their system. Phyllis suggested that Sharon possibly opened something in her emails and caused the system to crash. Phyllis, Sharon, and Jack began arguing with each other. When a network engineer came to fix the computer issue, Sharon asked him what had happened. He said that it was due to either one of two opened emails: Cure Impotence Now, or, Make 50K from home. Sharon said that she would never open an email like that. Daniel glanced at Amber and took her aside. He told Amber that she should admit that she opened up a bad email. Amber went to Phyllis and admitted that she had opened the email that may have caused the virus. Amber wondered if there was anything she could do, and Jack angrily said that there was nothing she could do. Daniel told Amber that her get rich quick schemes were getting the best of her. Phyllis told Amber that if the Website did not get fixed, she was fired. Daniel asked Phyllis and Nick to cut Amber a little slack. He said that she had made a mistake and she really wanted the job. Phyllis and Nick said they wished better for Daniel.

Jack became irritated when Nick changed the vacation destination for the next issue without consulting him first. He got even angrier when the printer called to say that there was an equipment problem and they couldn't guarantee that the magazine would launch on time. Jack was relieved when the network engineer called to say they were able to bring the magazine back online. Jack went to Sharon and apologized for not sticking up for her when Phyllis had suggested that she had opened the virus. When the phone rang again, Nick happily said that the trucks were currently being loaded with the first issue of Restless Style. They happily stood together and called themselves the Fearsome Foursome. Phyllis said that there had been some glitches along the way, but things had turned out all right.

Gloria decided to anonymously donate 50 million dollars to charity. She told Kevin that her karma was going to quickly change for the better. When a handsome man came by and asked her if he'd seen her somewhere before, Gloria thought her karma was indeed changing. But when the man confirmed that she was Gloria Bardwell, he served her divorce papers.

Katherine told Jeffrey that whenever she mentioned Gloria's name, she could tell that Jeffrey still had feelings for her. Jeffrey told Katherine that she was completely wrong. When Jeffrey received a phone call and left abruptly, Jill wondered where Jeffrey had gone. Katherine said that he was off to see the woman he loathed. Katherine told Jill that she believed that Jeffrey was still in love with Gloria. Jill was upset that Katherine continued to meddle in her affairs.

Gloria asked Jeffrey if divorce was their only option. Jeffrey told her that he was going ahead with the divorce. Gloria told Jeffrey that she would only give him 25 million because she had donated the rest to charity. Jeffrey said either she give him 50 million or go to jail.

Jana was convinced that something negative was going to happen to her and Kevin. She told Kevin that her tarot cards had revealed a night of bad luck for the both of them. Jill demanded that Alistair get to the bottom of why Gloria was giving all her money away. When Alistair heard that Gloria and Jeffrey were divorcing, he ran to Jill to tell her the news. Jill told him that she already knew that information, and his days of being a spy had ended.

Lily and Devon helped Chloe move in. Devon was disturbed that Chloe wanted to put her clown collection in the place of his baseball memorabilia. When Chloe tried to bring in an ugly chair, Lily had to tell her that she was their guest and needed to respect their stuff. Chloe apologized for being so inconsiderate. Cane stopped by and dropped off Lily's Restless Style cover. Lily was disappointed that it wasn't used, but was proud of herself for how it had turned out. Cane offered for Lily to move in with him, but Lily said that she wanted to move ahead slowly. Chloe demanded that they all celebrate her moving in with drinks. When Chloe got drunk off of vodka shots, Devon told her she should slow down. Chloe blurted out that she wasn't pregnant. When she realized what she was saying in front of Lily, she apologized. Devon asked the waiter for some coffee. When Chloe came back to the house, Chloe tried to kiss Cane.

Friday, May 16, 2008

At the Newman ranch, Victor stared out the window. Sabrina realized that something was bothering him. She told him that he could talk to her about anything-including Nikki and her recent marriage. Victor said he wasn't bothered that Nikki married-he was bothered by David, her new husband. Victor said he didn't trust David. Over breakfast, Sabrina asked Victor if he planned to stop by the Restless Style office, as the first issue was hitting the newsstands that day. Victor equivocated-he said that even if the first issue were a success, the magazine would fail eventually. He feared that if he told Nick that he hoped the magazine would succeed, Nick would assume that Victor meant it would be a failure. Victor added that he and Nick were sadly estranged. When Sabrina suggested that a visit might end the estrangement, Victor said he doubted that it would.

Newlyweds Nikki and David breakfasted at the club. David showed Nikki the premiere issue of Restless Style, and she was surprised that no one told her that Lily's cover had been replaced. David thought it was a good idea that they used a celebrity, rather than Lily, on the cover. Nikki hoped that, for Nick's sake, the magazine would be a success. They decided to visit Nick at the magazine's office.

At the Chancellor Estate, Jeffrey went to the kitchen to get breakfast, leaving Katherine to tell Jill that she didn't trust him. Katherine suspected that Jeffrey was blackmailing Gloria. Jill said that she could handle Jeffrey, and accused Katherine of being jealous about Jill's friendship with Jeffrey. When Jeffrey returned from the kitchen, Katherine told him not to call her "Katherine"-that he should address her as "Mrs. Chancellor." When Katherine left to visit the folks at Restless Style, Jeffrey told Jill it was obvious that Katherine didn't like him. Jill told him not to worry about it-Jill said she would be far more concerned if Katherine did like him.

Jeffrey said he wanted to win Katherine over. He worried that he was causing friction between Jill and Katherine. Jill told him that she and Katherine had been rubbing each other the wrong way for decades. When Jill added that she was beyond the point of needing her mother to approve of her friends, Jeffrey said he thought that he and Jill were more than friends.

Jill lied and told Jeffrey that Katherine disapproved of him because Katherine had overheard Gloria telling Kevin how much Gloria loved Jeffrey. Jeffrey acted hopeful when he heard that-but Jill informed him she made the story up. Jill told Jeffrey his reaction to the story proved that he still loved Gloria. Jeffrey replied, "Gloria's an abomination-but I can't live without her!" Jill suggested that she could help Jeffrey win Gloria back.

Jack, Phyllis, Nick, and Sharon arrived early at the Restless Style office-all of them had trouble sleeping because they were nervous about the magazine's launch. When Sharon asked if they would have started the magazine if they knew how hard it would be, they all answered, "Yes!"

Amber and Daniel arrived at the office, bearing dozens of muffins for the group. Phyllis started to get excited as the website began getting hits. Nick received a phone call-the magazine was flying off the shelves in DC, Charleston, and Miami. Amber was thrilled that thousands of people would see her ad.

Katherine showed up to lend the group moral support. Nick and Jack told her they were "cautiously optimistic" about first day sales. Phyllis was amazed at the number of website hits.

Victor, Sabrina, David, and Nikki arrived at the Restless Style office to visit Nick. On the elevator, Sabrina congratulated Nikki and David on their marriage. There was a loud noise-the elevator was stuck! Realizing there was no emergency phone or cell phone reception, Nikki nervously said that she hated small spaces. David started yelling, to no avail, for help. Victor made a snide comment about Nikki and David sneaking off to Mexico so they could marry without Victoria and Nick's knowledge. Nikki snapped back that their children approved of David-as much as they disapproved of Sabrina. Continuing the bickering, Victor added that at least the kids could visit him and Sabrina in a proper house-not in some "damned hotel room."

Back at the office, Nick told the excited staff that the magazine had sold out at Kennedy Airport. Daniel attempted to leave to run an errand, but told the group that the elevator was stuck between floors-and people could be stuck inside.

Later, Phyllis read some rave on-line reviews of Restless Style to the group. Daniel informed them that Nikki, David, Victor, and Sabrina were trapped in the elevator, but the mechanic was on his way. Katherine reported that she had told Victor about Nikki's marriage. She hoped that no one in the elevator was bearing firearms.

In the elevator, Nikki began complaining how stuffy it was. When Victor told her to stop whining, Nikki told Sabrina that Victor was impossible to live with. Victor told David that he needed to learn how to "turn Nikki off," as everything she said was drivel. The lights went out, and Nikki screamed.

Gloria showed up at Crimson Lights dressed like a pauper. When Kevin tried to find out what was going on with his mother, Gloria blamed Jana for telling her all that "nonsense" about karma. Gloria told them that because of Jana's advice, she had donated $50 million of her $100 million fortune to charity, and Jeffrey was demanding the other $50 million as his divorce settlement. She added that Jeffrey would send her to jail if she didn't give him the $50 million. When Gloria said that she feared living in a refrigerator box on Main Street, Kevin called Michael.

Arriving at Crimson Lights, Michael asked Gloria how she could do something so lame brained as giving away $50 million to charity without consulting him. Michael looked over the paperwork Gloria's lawyer had prepared. He said Gloria's donation was irrevocable. He added that normally Gloria could fight Jeffrey in court, but, since he was blackmailing her, that was out of the question. Gloria again blamed Jana, but Michael said perhaps Gloria was finally getting the karma she deserved. As Gloria left, she bumped into Lauren. She told Lauren that Michael was mean and ungrateful. Gloria hoped that Fen would never turn on Lauren the way that Michael had turned on Gloria. Walking out, Gloria said they would all be better off "without me around."

Lauren told Michael that he should be more sympathetic toward Gloria's plight-after all, Gloria had come far. Michael ignored Lauren's advice and suggested they go to the Restless Style office. Lauren said she couldn't celebrate her first column in the magazine until they found Gloria.

Kevin, Jana, Michael, and Lauren regrouped after unsuccessfully searching for Gloria. Lauren feared that Gloria was suicidal. When Michael said that Gloria loved herself too much to do something like that, Lauren reminded him that depressed people did stupid things.

Gloria ran into Alistair, looking like a bum, at the park. He told her he had been evicted from the club. When Alistair told Gloria it looked like she had weeping, Gloria said her sons had turned their backs on her-and that she had nothing left. Alistair offered her a sip of wine from a bottle in a paper bag.

Alistair and Gloria both became quite drunk. Alistair said he still found Gloria attractive, even though she was broke. Gloria said that was the same way John had felt about her. Alistair suggested they pool what money they had left so they could have a toast. Gloria told Alistair she would sneak him into her room at the club, where they could raid the mini-bar. She added that he couldn't sleep in the park-that he could stay with her.

In Gloria's suite, Alistair went to shower. Gloria looked at a photograph of John and said, "I really screwed up-didn't I, John?"

When Alistair returned from his shower, Gloria referred to him alternately as "John" and "Jeffrey." Alistair said he would be whomever she wanted him to be. Gloria muttered "what the hell," and threw Alistair down on the couch. They began kissing.

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