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David exposed a copy of Nikki's porn flick on the Internet. Nikki hired David after Jack fired him. Nick and Phyllis got married, but Phyllis was arrested for extortion. Sharon told Jack about her affair with Brad. Victor found out that Jack owned Jabot.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of April 30, 2007 on Y&R
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Monday, April 30, 2007

After the minister failed to show up at the church, Phyllis and Nick canceled the wedding rehearsal, and then Nikki, who was called away by her campaign manager, and Victoria, who wasn't feeling well, both declined to attend the rehearsal dinner. Victor was present at the dinner, and Phyllis was quite pleased that Victor was still on her side, but Nick told Phyllis that he had not yet told Victor about Phyllis' blackmail scheme against Brad and Sharon. As Lauren, Michael, Phyllis and Nick dined with Victor and Noah, Noah expressed his displeasure with the whole affair. Victor commented that Noah could sense that something was not quite right between Phyllis and Nick, and Victor said that he could sense it, too. Nick and Phyllis stumbled over each others words as they attempted to make Victor believe that their relationship is strained due to the stress of planning their wedding. Victor was called away from the dinner, further destroying Phyllis' hopes of a joyful family gathering on the eve of her wedding.

Later, at the tack house, Lauren assisted Phyllis with last-minute wedding details. Phyllis' festive mood plummeted even more when her attempts to solicit input from a distracted Nick and Noah failed. Even more tension was created when Noah insisted on staying at his mom's house. However, when Phyllis worried that everything had gone wrong the night before her wedding, Lauren assured her that all would go smoothly on her wedding day. However, Phyllis told Lauren that she was still worried because she's not sure how Nick truly feels about her after finding out what she's done.

Sharon told Nick that she had decided to move in with Jack. Nick assured her that Noah would be fine as long as he was with his mother. Nick told Sharon that he was not okay with the fact that Phyllis had blackmailed her. He also told Sharon that his relationship with Phyllis has not been the same, but Sharon assured him that he and Phyllis would work it out.

Nikki and Victoria discussed the fact that they were only pretending to be happy about the wedding in order to create positive publicity for Nikki's campaign. As Nikki gloated that she would thwart Jack's plan to raze Clear Springs, Victoria discovered old video of Nikki's striptease on an Internet site. When Victor saw the video, he was livid. Victor, Victoria and Nikki read numerous negative comments posted by people who'd viewed the risqué video. Victor was angered that Jack had lied to him. When Victoria and Nikki saw Sharon pass by, they called her in and questioned her about Jack's role in releasing the tapes. Although Sharon defended her new husband, Nikki and Victoria berated her harshly. Sharon, rebuffing the insufferable attitude of her former mother- and sister-in-law, said she now considered them to be the perfect revenge for Phyllis for having slept with Nick. Later, Victor returned and told Nikki and Victoria that Jack was innocent and that David Chow had released the video of Nikki. However, Nikki later told Victoria that she wasn't convinced at all about Jack's innocence. When Nikki and Victoria encountered David, Victoria offered to fly him back to New York to be rid of him, but Nikki instead hired David to help run her campaign.

After Jack dismissed Sharon's concerns that moving in with him and making their marriage public could hurt his campaign, she decided to live at the mansion. Mere moments after Sharon and Jack celebrated their new living arrangement, David Chow showed up to tell the couple that news of their marriage had been leaked to the press. David feared that the press would distort the truth regarding the fight that resulted in Dru's death. Sharon worried about the possible political scandal, but Jack calmed Sharon's nerves by telling her that another juicy scandal was about to come along that would steal that story's thunder. After learning that David Chow had leaked the footage of Nikki's striptease act, Jack seemed angry. Jack fielded calls from the press and denied involvement with the video's release. Jack and David argued about the video, and David explained that it would deflect flak from the unexpected news of Jack's wedding to Sharon. Jack was irate because he had promised Victor that he wouldn't fight dirty and because Victor had gone out of his way to offer support.

As Victor stood unnoticed in the doorway watching Jack and David argue, Jack fired David. Victor told Jack that he had made the right call, but David told Jack that he had just made a mistake that he'd regret come election night. However, Victor congratulated Jack for being the rare political candidate with integrity. Jack told Victor that Nikki has shown herself to be a formidable opponent and that he would do nothing to Nikki or her campaign that would compromise his friendship with Victor. Later, as Jack and Sharon discussed their living arrangements at the Abbott mansion, Jack said that he planned to have a room decorated with a superhero theme just for Noah. Nick called Sharon telling her that Noah wished to spend the night with her at home because he's apprehensive about acquiring another step-parent, so Sharon decided to keep Noah at the ranch for the night. Before Sharon left, she overheard Jack talking to John's ghost. She said she understood because she still speaks aloud to Cassie. After Sharon left, John congratulated Jack for finding another woman to love. John also praised his son for doing the right thing by firing David.

While Kevin and Gloria baby-sat Fen and Summer, Gloria searched the Internet to learn about DNA evidence. However, Kevin advised his mom to listen to Michael and stay away from William. As soon as those words were out of Kevin's mouth, William showed up for dinner. An obstinate Kevin, angry that his mother was cavorting with trouble, invited himself to stay for dinner, which was take-out food that Gloria pretended to have prepared herself. Gloria managed to bring up the Jabot investigation as a topic of conversation more than once. Kevin squabbled with William because William didn't press charges against J.T. when he attacked Kevin. Gloria bought herself some time in order to give Kevin a stern warning to lay off William when she sent her date out to buy ice. Later, after they all dined on Gloria's "specialty," Gloria again questioned William about the Jabot case, telling him that she feared continued publicity could further damage the company. When Michael came home, he was not pleased to see William. William left shortly after Michael came home, and Michael asked Gloria if she'd lost whatever common sense she had. Gloria insisted that she had a plan to make William tell her everything he knows about the Jabot cream-tainting investigation. However, Michael warned Gloria that she might as well wear a neon sign that reads, "Investigate me." Michael warned Gloria that William could soon suspect her as the person who tainted the cream. Just after Michael spoke those words, William returned for his jacket. After Michael and Kevin left the room to check on Summer and Fen, William kissed Gloria, and she told him that she had recently had a dream that they were happily married.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Lauren and Michael finalize the arrangements for Nick and Phyllis' honeymoon suite. Nikki announces to Victor that she's hired David as her campaign manager, since he can find a way to positively spin her internet stripping video. David says that when he was Jack's manager, he interviewed everyone close to Jack, and found what Jack's weakness is. Victor tells Jack that Nikki hired David, but that no matter what, Jack must win this campaign. Lily tells Daniel that she isn't in the mood to go to Phyllis' wedding, since she's the reason her mom is dead. Victor runs into Nick at the GCAC, and Nick tells him that he is having doubts about whether he is doing the right thing by marrying Phyllis right now. Sharon reluctantly asks Phyllis if she can come to the wedding and Phyllis agrees. When Nick comes home he gives Phyllis a new video game, saying he's still madly in love with her. They make love. At the church, Victor tells Phyllis that he's happy to welcome her into the Newman family. Jack goes to the bridal room and sees Phyllis ready to go. He tells her she looks beautiful, then Daniel enters to lead Phyllis to the church. The wedding starts. Phyllis says her vows to everyone in attendance, saying that she promises to not only love and honor Nick, but to do the same to everyone in the room. After the ceremony, Maggie Sullivan and other cops show up to arrest Phyllis for extortion.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

At the church, Michael steps in to defend Phyllis. Victor is angry to learn that both Victoria and Nikki knew about the blackmail and didn't tell him. Later, at the police station, Nick and Michael wait for Phyllis to be released on bail. Both want to know who turned Phyllis in, but William refuses to release that information. However, William admits that Brad was the blackmail victim. Later, at the tack house, Nick tries to cheer up Phyllis to no avail. He tells her that he wishes he could get back at Brad by exposing his assumed identity. Phyllis disagrees, as she is worried that such an action will only get Nick in trouble. At Newman, Victoria tells Brad that there was no wedding reception because Phyllis was arrested. She observes Brad's reaction, and confronts him about turning Phyllis in. She tells him to drop the charges, but Brad states that he can't change anything because the case is being handled by the D.A. Victoria asks Neil to step down from his seat on the Newman board in order to keep the blackmail scandal from making major headlines, but Neil refuses. At home, Sharon receives a phone call from Brad, warning her that he has turned Phyllis in to the police and that their secret will soon be exposed to everyone. Sharon tells Jack that Phyllis has been arrested at the wedding, then breaks it to him that she was blackmailing Brad about their affair. Hurt and angry, Jack lashes out at Sharon for lying to him. Nikki meets with David at Newman about her campaign. She says that she wants to use Phyllis' arrest to her advantage, as associating Jack with a bribery scandal will cost him a lot of votes.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Nikki comments to Victor about their daughter in law, the felon. Victor says that it would be nice if his family could have just one day without drama. Victor tells Nick that he has to do everything to keep Phyllis out of jail. Victor thinks that Phyllis should make a plea bargain. Victor goes to Michael and tries to get him to make Phyllis plead guilty. Michael says that he will not discuss the case with him.

Phyllis asks Michael if he has a plan for her. She asks him to get her out of the situation she is in. Michael has a personal client-to-client conversation with Phyllis. Michael goes through it with her, putting a spin on the story. Nick says that Michael's case is good, it's a good thing Phyllis has a lawyer for a best friend. Phyllis says that everything would be okay, if it were not for the waiter. Once she talked to the waiter, she went to Brad with the information. That doesn't help her situation because she verbally threatened Brad with the information she received.

Sharon goes to Phyllis' house. When Phyllis opens the door, Phyllis asks if she is surprised to see her at home. Sharon does admit that she was expecting to see Nick. Phyllis tells Sharon that when she sees Brad, thank him for making her wedding so wonderful. Sharon says that because of Phyllis, now Noah is going to have to deal with the repercussions of Phyllis' and Nick's marriage falling apart. Sharon says that Phyllis didn't think about anyone other than herself. Now, who is going to raise Summer? Grandma Nikki?

Sharon talks to Brad in the elevator about sending Phyllis to jail. Brad says that someone else is involved. At first she thinks it's Victoria, but he says it's a name with a different consonant-Nikki. Sharon goes to Jack and tells him that Nikki is involved in this. Jack wonders if Victor knows. Nikki overhears them and tells them to go to Victor with whatever they have-Jack will still be in trouble.

Gloria tells Kevin not to touch her muffins. She baked them especially for William. Just because they are not baked in her home doesn't make it a crime. Michael tells her that the man she's dating is the same man that could charge her with murder. Gloria takes her muffins to William, who is happy to see her. When William gets a call, Gloria snoops through his office. She finds the file, "The People vs. Jabot." She quickly stuffs it in her purse. She apologizes for leaving so early, but they decide to meet for lunch later.

Michael gets a call from Jack regarding Phyllis. Jack is having coffee at Gina's; he says that the first phone calls started around 7am. Michael says to tell the paparazzi no comment. Sharon comes up to Jack and tries to apologize. Jack doesn't seem interested, until he gets another call and talks about how wonderful it is having breakfast with his new bride.

Brad tells Victoria that it was Nikki who bribed him to press charges against Phyllis. Victoria goes to see Nikki, who is practicing her speech with David Chow. Victoria can't believe that Nikki would put the problems in her marriage in the spotlight. Nikki says that she has to do certain things when she is running a campaign. Victoria finds her tactics disgusting. Nikki says that Brad's affair would have come out anyway. Nikki tells Victoria that she will help her with the divorce papers. Brad goes to Victoria, saying that he's the biggest jerk in the world. He tells her that he will gladly spend the rest of their lives making this up to her. She says that it sounds like a lover's prison rather than marriage.

Victoria tells Nick that Nikki insisted that Brad press charges against Phyllis to benefit her campaign. Nick thinks it's sick, he can't believe that Nikki would do such a thing to his wife.

Victor has lunch with Phyllis to talk to her about making a plea bargain. Phyllis says that she wants to do the best thing for Nick, her daughter and the company. Victor says that he has given it a lot of thought; he thinks that she should plead guilty.

Michael talks to William about the case. William says that Michael better take a plea bargain right away, before he withdraws the answer. Gloria interrupts them, ready for their lunch date. As she takes a big bite of a jalapeno, her phone rings. William tries to get her phone out of her purse, but Gloria yanks her purse away.

Michael goes to Phyllis and Nick with William's deal. The bargain is six months of jail time.

Gloria brings the case to Michael and Kevin. Lauren goes to take Fenmore for a walk. Gloria admits that she took the case from William's office. He says that he is an officer of the court, in possession of stolen evidence, and knows the person responsible. He thanks Gloria for making him lie to his wife again. Gloria begs Michael to help her. When Lauren comes home, she tells Michael that he can tell her now, or later, but don't let her find out by herself. Gloria wonders what Michael found out about the case. Michael says that Gloria is at the top of the subpoena for the DNA test.

Victoria tells Victor that if he wants to start assigning blame, he should go to his wife. Nikki is the one responsible for sending Phyllis to jail. Victor goes to Brad, and tells William Bardwell to drop the charges against Phyllis, and resign from his Board of Directors position. Nikki interrupts them to talk to Victor. He says that he knows what she's done, just wished that she had consulted with him before. Victor tells Nikki that they have the same plan, to restore NVP, and then banish Jack to the East of Eden. Nikki asks Victor to join her side.

Phyllis begs for Nikki to go to Brad and ask him to drop the charges. Nikki says that she should have thought about that before she plunged the machete in her back.

Sharon goes to Victoria and tries to apologize to her. Victoria doesn't seem moved by the apology and gets ready to leave. Suddenly, she is jolted by a sudden stomach pain. Something is wrong with the baby.

Friday, May 4, 2007

Sharon noticed that something was wrong with Victoria, and Victoria admitted that she was having some kind of cramps. She turned down Sharon's offer of help. But after she called her doctor and was told to come in, Sharon insisted that Victoria shouldn't drive herself. Since Brad had his phone off, Nick was out of the office, and Victoria didn't want to see her parents, Sharon offered to drive her. After they evaded Victor, Sharon got them to the hospital. Sharon then called Brad and told him what was going on. Brad immediately came to the hospital and stayed with Victoria, offering his support, until she could get an ultrasound. The doctor said the ultrasound looked good, but Victoria was going to have to take iron supplements and needed to avoid stress.

Jill was excited that Ji Min was back in town. Katherine pointed out how promising Jabot's new financial statements looked, and Jill said it was because Ji Min was heading the company. Katherine knew that Jill's support of Ji Min was personal as well as professional. Jill arranged to meet Ji Min later, then her discussion with her mother turned to Cane. Katherine had finally given up on Cane's taking the construction job and made plans to hire someone else.

Amber and Cane were eating at the club when they realized they didn't have enough money to pay for their meal. Amber again regretted that Cane hadn't accepted Katherine's job offer. When Daniel and Lily overheard that the couple was short on cash, Daniel paid their bill, telling Cane he could let him win a couple of games of basketball as repayment. Amber left, saying she wanted to try to get more shifts at the boutique, even though Lily said they were so slow they'd sent her home for the day. Daniel suggested to Cane that he might have made the wrong decision in declining Kay's job offer.

Amber went by Jabot to have a talk with Katherine. She said she didn't want to complain about money, but she wished Cane had taken Katherine's offer. Katherine said maybe there was a way she could make it again without insulting Cane's pride. Later, Amber and Cane walked in on Katherine as she was finishing a phone call. Amber pretended she'd left her purse there by accident. Cane wondered if the phone call was bad news, and Katherine outlined some of her woes in finding the right person to head construction at Clear Springs. Cane finally agreed to take the job, contingent on Katherine firing him as soon as she found a more qualified person. Katherine agreed. Later, when he was alone, Cane made a secret phone call and exulted over the way he'd moved so carefully that Katherine didn't suspect anything.

Victor met with Michael and told him that he needed to get the necessary proof that Jack owned the House of Kim and Jabot. Michael wouldn't tell him by what means he was getting information, but he promised Victor he'd continue to pursue it. Later, Michael went home. Lauren could sense something was wrong, so Michael decided to confide in her. He told her about Jack's business dealings. Lauren was shocked to hear that Jack owned Jabot and that Victor was playing a double game, pretending to support Jack while actually plotting to bring him down. Lauren also wanted to punish Jack for all the things he'd done to Gloria. She booted up Kevin's computer to spy on the Jabot board room again, hoping they could get information to use against Jack.

Jack met with Ji Min and they talked about Jabot's new success. But when Ji Min wanted to develop a line of hair care products based on the House of Kim's jasmine line, Jack balked. He told Ji Min the time wasn't right. Later, however, when Ji Min met with Jill, he broached the subject of the new line and Jill was all for it. Their plans to develop a new line were interrupted by Jack's arrival. He asked to see Ji Min alone, and Jill left. Jack then reminded Ji Min that he was the boss and had already nixed the jasmine line. Ji Min was humiliated, but there was nothing he could do. Jack left, and when Jill returned, Ji Min said one of his overseas colleagues had said there needed to be more testing before they moved forward. Jill could tell how disappointed Ji Min was, but he managed to get through their conversation without telling her that it was Jack who'd stopped it.

No one was aware that Lauren and Michael were watching the Jabot conference room from home. Lauren said Jack's conversation with Ji Min was definitely proof that Jack owned Jabot, but Michael said it wasn't admissible in court. Michael left, however, and met with Victor at the club. He told him that Ji Min was the chink in Jack's armor. Ji Min was a proud, gifted businessman who was having to take orders from someone who treated him like scum.

When Ji Min and Jill arrived at the athletic club for lunch, Jill got a call and had to return to Jabot to take care of an emergency. Victor and Michael then approached Ji Min. Michael told him that they knew everything about Jack's business dealings. Victor then told a shocked Ji Min that Ji Min was going to help them bring Jack down.

After returning from the hospital, Sharon found Jack in his office. She'd read the news about Jabot's good financial returns and asked if Jack was happy. Jack said he would be if he owned Jabot. Sharon pointed out that many of the things Ji Min had done had been due to Jack's advice. She knew John Abbott would be happy to know the company was doing well. She thought maybe she and Jack could have dinner together to celebrate, but Jack turned her down. He said he had too much going on. Disappointed, Sharon left his office.

Gloria and Kevin devised a means for getting into William Bardwell's office so she could return the Jabot face cream tampering file. She wasn't sure how she was going to avoid giving the D.A. a DNA test, but the first step was getting the file back. They managed that, although William did notice that something was missing from the file. Gloria and Kevin hurried out of Williams's office and ended up in the Jabot board room. Totally unaware that Lauren was watching them via the hidden camera, Gloria said they had to keep doing everything they could to keep William from finding out that Gloria was the one who'd put the cleaning solvent in Jabot's face cream. Lauren listened with horror, realizing that she'd once again been kept in the dark about the Fishers' illegal activities.

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