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The Newman family held a memorial service for Cassie. Daniel remembered that Cassie had tried to tell him something. Brad refused to let Abby stay at the Abbott home. Nick became distant with Sharon. Kevin and Gitta kissed.
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Monday, May 30, 2005

Jack comes downstairs to find Phyllis struggling to get up the nerve to call Danny about Daniel. Jack offers her his support. Paul has been searching for signs about Daniel's disappearance, but Daniel hasn't used his credit card for anything. They are worried because Daniel has to be in court the next day.

Gloria calls Kevin and tells him that they need to make progress with "Operation Gitta." Gloria skips out on Cassie's funeral to talk to Kevin about it.

Malcolm wonders why Lily is making so many sandwiches. She says they are for Sierra and Devon, but Malcolm knows what's going on. He finally gets Lily to admit that she knows where Daniel is. When Neil and Drucilla ask about the sandwiches, Malcolm covers for her. Lily's parents ask her if she wants to go to Cassie's funeral, but Lily says no. They think that Daniel should be locked away in jail forever for what he did to Cassie. Malcolm tries to convince them to have an open mind. When Neil and Dru leave, Malcolm agrees to help Lily, at least for now.

Daniel dreams about apologizing to Cassie. When he wakes up, he prays for her.

Ashley is happy when Brad brings Abby by. He says that everyone needs to be close to their children right now.

The Newman family sits down for breakfast before going to Cassie's funeral. Noah and Sharon go to the stables to see Cassie's horse. Victor tells Nick he should be considerate of Sharon's feelings right now. When they return, Nick wants to go to the park to play ball with Noah. Sharon wishes he wouldn't go, especially to the park when Cassie had gone to the party. Nick doesn't understand and leaves her there by herself.

Tuesday, May 31, 2005

At the Abbott house, Phyllis is a bundle of nerves, dropping her purse and all its contents onto the floor. As she scurries to pick everything up, Jack comes to her aid. She begins crying about the fact that Daniel is missing, becoming more upset over the entire situation. Jack comforts her and promises to find Daniel. Phyllis wants to attend Cassie's funeral services, but Jack emphatically tells her that she definitely should not go; Phyllis agrees. He kisses her goodbye and leaves.

Lily is still home and begins using her cell phone to call Daniel. He answers his phone and warns her not to call him there, as her mother will see the number when the bill comes. She is calling to tell him she will be late. Daniel senses there is something wrong, and Lily admits that indeed things have become worse. She just heard on the radio that Daniels charges have been upped to vehicular homicide. Lily quickly hangs up as Malcolm comes in. He wants to know who she was talking to, guesses she is meeting Daniel, and now wants to know where he's hiding. Malcolm tells Lily that she's in over her head. She wants to hear none of it and leaves.

Lily has arrived with the food, and she and Daniel are eating it together. He thanks her for taking care of him. They talk about the murder charges which will be filed. He wonders when Cassie's funeral is going to be, and Lily informs him that it's today. Daniel says he knows it's all his fault and that other people are suffering because of him. Lily lays her head on Daniel's shoulder. He then begins to tell her of a poem he found that was written around World War I which made him think of Cassie. It's called 'But a Short Time to Live'. He is going to read it for Lily. Since they can't be there for the funeral, and in Cassie's memory, Lily places a candle next to a flower on a shelf.

Daniel lights the candle, they kneel together, and he reads the poem. He then stops and directly speaks to Cassie, promising he'll never forget her.

Gloria is dragging a rather unhappy Kevin into the Abbott home. He's upset because his mother wouldn't let him finish his pancakes at the club. She's anxious to get the planned spooking Gitta underway. She complains about how young, pretty and shapely Gitta is.....Kevin knows this, as evidenced by the grin on his face.

Gitta then comes in the house. She hears Gloria and Kevin talking in another room. A 'terrified' Gloria tells Kevin about when she heard voices at the house. A spooked out Gitta interrupts and wants to know what Gloria saw and heard. Gloria plays the whole 'experience' up magnificently; she and Kevin leave the room and begin giggling. Gloria has convinced Kevin to set up some voices via computer. He assures his mother that he will get to work on it. Gloria announces that she's going for a walk.

Gitta is pacing when Gloria returns from her walk. She tells Gitta she now feels much better and has decided there has to be a logical explanation about all the ghostly happenings around the Abbott home. Gloria tells Gitta she's sorry she upset her, and just then her cell phone rings. It's Kevin who tells Gloria he's got the trick ready. Gloria tells Gitta Kevin was just checking to see if they were all okay.

At Cassie's funeral, in the front of the chapel, is a collage depicting her life. The mourners are filing in. Brad embraces Nikki. Nikki tells Nicholas that he and Sharon need to take their seats. Esther walks in, seemingly looking for someone, spots Jill and sits next to her. She inquires if Jill was able to reach Larry, as he would want to attend. Unfortunately, Larry is still out of town, Jill told her. Brad stops where Victoria is seated, pays his respects, and kisses her on the cheek. Gina and Bobby greet each other and express how terrible they feel about Cassie's death. Bobby tells Gina that Brittany is not feeling well and will not be attending. Jack sits down with Ashley and John. Olivia and Malcolm are seated together, both wondering where Dru is. Christine and Paul both pay their respects to Victor. Katherine sits next to Nikki, upset that she had not heard the news earlier. Nikki explained that it all happened so fast. Katherine comforts Nikki.

Dru is at the office, in a hurry, trying to leave for the funeral, but Phyllis wants to talk with her. Dru says has no time. Dru then arrives back home, having forgotten the sympany card, and finds Malcolm still there. The question again arises if Lily is hiding Daniel.

Victor begins the service. He starts be reminiscing about Cassie and the first time he met her. He speaks of the highlights of her life and ends by sharing the moments of her last hours. A downtrodden Victor speaks heartfelt words....."May flights of angels sing her to her final resting place. May God bless her."

Next, Nikki begins speaking at the service. She shares her last conversation with Cassie at the hospital and how they spoke of that horseback ride Cassie took with her and Victor together.....that Cassie remembered it as a "Mid-Summer Night's Dream." Nikki begins weeping as she tells the congregation that Cassie was a shining star. She asks all present when looking up at the sky that they appreciate how beautiful Cassie was, what a bright light she was, and to remember the love and joy she gave to everyone she knew. As she tenderly touches the coffin, she tells Cassie she will never say goodbye....just farewell for now. "I love you." she sobs.

Sharon is the next to speak at Cassie's funeral. She stops at the casket before beginning to speak. She explains that her thoughts and feelings are all jumbled up in her head. She then goes on to tell everyone how she first gave Cassie up for adoption when she was born in order for her to have a better life. She said she thought of her every day, if she was happy, etc. Then, a miracle happened.....Cassie was brought back into Sharon's life. Finally, she, Nicholas, Cassie and Noah were a family. She expresses how great her love was for Cassie but warns that love is not enough, that children have to be protected. She starts sobbing, feeling that she failed, and now Cassie is gone. She can go no further and lies sobbing over her daughter's coffin....Nicholas goes up to comfort her.

Next, little Noah walks up the aisle with Cassie's cloth doll and places it on her casket.

Again we see the collage of Cassie's life, as Nicholas begins to speak. He tells of the time back when he met Cassie at the age of 6 and how she became such a precious part of his life. She used to tell him how thrilled she was to be in his family. He explains even though they were not united by blood, she was his daughter in every way that counted. As Nicholas is speaking, he notices a woman enter the chapel, dressed in black with a fine veil over her's Phyllis! How sad, he shares, that we will never meet Cassie as a woman, his voice becoming gradually louder, because of thoughtless people that kill children, as he hatefully glares at Phyllis. He then lays a kiss on Cassie's coffin and quickly walks down the aisle to confront Phyllis. She tells him she just wanted to express her sympathy and is sorry for what her son did. Nicholas shouts for her to get out. He then physically escorts her out of the church.....all the while with the glare of fire and hatred in his eyes.

Wednesday, June 1, 2005

Gloria and Kevin continued to work on Operation Heave Ho Gitta. Gitta didn't want Gloria to leave her alone in the house, but Gloria insisted that she had to run an errand, then she left so that Kevin could put his plan into effect. As Gitta sat alone in the study, she started hearing voices telling her that she shouldn't be there. She ran from the room and checked the stereo, but Kevin had already removed his CD, and the stereo was turned off. Gitta jumped as someone knocked on the door. Kevin was there, saying he'd come by to see his mother. When Gitta told him that Gloria was out, Kevin started to leave. A nervous Gitta asked him to come in and sit with her. Kevin smiled; apparently he had his own agenda that Gloria didn't know about. Gitta later told him that she felt safe with him and put her hand over his.

Mac and J.T. were working out at the gym and talked about the rugged day of bungee jumping and rock climbing they'd had the day before. Mac admitted that she had a good time with J.T., who was surprised by her sense of adventure. When she asked him to attend a yoga class with her, J.T. turned her down. Later, however, he tried it and wasn't very good at it. He goaded Mac into sneaking into the men's steam room for a meeting, but she proved to be more aggressive than he'd expected when they were alone there. After sharing a passionate kiss, it was J.T. who broke things off and told Mac he'd meet her upstairs.

The Newmans had a gathering at their house after Cassie's memorial service. Victoria tried to comfort her brother, but Nick looked like he was about to explode. He couldn't believe that Phyllis had the nerve to show up at Cassie's service. If not for her son Daniel, his daughter would be alive. He said he needed to get out of there. Victoria later told Nikki that she was worried about him.

Drucilla expressed her sympathy to Victor, then she had a talk with Neil, telling him that Daniel was missing. Dru was sure that Lily knew where he was, and she also felt that Malcolm was helping Lily keep Daniel's secret. Neil was upset, pointing out that Lily could be harboring a fugitive. Not only could she get in trouble, but she was helping the boy responsible for the Newmans' loss. Neil left, going to the steam room at the club to confront Malcolm and explain what kind of trouble Lily was causing herself. Malcolm warned Neil that if he came down too hard on Lily, she was going to react with a full-fledged rebellion. Neil seemed unimpressed by Malcolm's advice and left.

John was worried about Jack's absence and was relieved when his son finally showed up at the ranch. John asked where Phyllis was, and Jack said he'd left her at Newman Enterprises, where she was hoping to bury herself in work. He was sorry that she'd shown up at the service; he'd warned her not to. John regretted it, too. Later, John had a talk with Victor, who thanked him for his support. He said that John had always been a good friend to the Newman family. The two men seemed to put their professional differences aside as they talked.

After Victoria told Sharon that Nick had gone out for a while, Brad sat down with Sharon, offering his sympathy. At first Sharon was short with him, but she apologized and said she knew he was only trying to help. Brad said she could come to him if she ever needed anything. Sharon said she just needed her husband, but she wasn't even sure where he was. Brad continued to sit with her, looking at photos of Cassie. He talked about watching Colleen pass through her awkward stage and become a young woman. Sharon seemed comforted by Brad, knowing that he understood what it was like to lose a child because of Robert.

Ashley offered her compassion to Nikki, saying that the service was beautiful. She understood some of what the family was going through. Nikki agreed that if anyone would, it was Ashley. She then surprised Ashley by asking her to arrange for Victor to spend some time with Abby. Nikki said that things like this helped someone see what was really important. Later, Katherine and Esther brought a vase of buds to Nikki for Cassie, and Nikki put them with the others next to Cassie's picture. Esther said they were tea roses, to symbolize that they would always remember. Katherine tried to get Nikki to sit down and stop trying to be a hostess, but Nikki said she had to keep busy or she'd start crying again. Katherine then had a few private words with Victor, telling him to take good care of Nikki. His wife needed him more than ever.

Jack talked to Victoria, who echoed Nick's frustration with the way Phyllis had come to the memorial service. Jack said that Phyllis was only trying to offer her condolences. She was going through a lot, too, because of Daniel. She was afraid her son was going to end up in prison. Victoria said that at least Phyllis would be able to visit her son; they would never see Cassie again. The best thing Phyllis could do was stay away from the Newmans. In fact, she probably should consider leaving her job.

Drucilla approached Jack after Victoria walked away from him, saying their meeting looked like it had been intense. Jack said the family was just under a lot of strain. Drucilla seemed a little pleased by how uncomfortable things would be for Phyllis at work. Jack changed the subject, saying Nick was fortunate to have Neil to run things at the company during this time. Drucilla expressed her belief that Neil might be running things for quite a while, considering the shape Nick was in.

Doris took Noah to the study to give him a break from everything, but Sharon didn't seem to want to let her son out of her sight. When she spotted her mother again, she frantically asked about Noah, saying she didn't want him to be alone. Doris reassured her that Noah was with Miguel at the computer. Later, Sharon again seemed to panic when Miguel came in with Noah. She'd looked for them in the study and had been upset when she couldn't find them. Miguel said that Noah had needed some fresh air so he'd taken him outside. Sharon thanked him but said she would rather Noah stay where she could see him for the rest of the day.

Victor found Nick venting his frustrations on a punching bag in the ranch's workout room. He understood Nick's anger, but he reminded him of something. When he'd taught Nick to box, he'd told him to keep his chin down. But there were some times that he needed to keep his chin up; this was one of those times. Taking his father's words to heart, Nick returned to the Newman house. Sharon asked where he'd gone; she'd needed to be with him. Nick said that he'd needed to be alone. Annoyed, Sharon walked away from him.

When Christine and Paul approached him with sympathy, Nick noted that Christine was representing Daniel. He told her that he wanted to talk to her client. When Christine asked why, Nick said it was obvious his daughter had been infatuated with Daniel. He couldn't understand what had made her get in the car with him that night, and he felt like Daniel had been manipulating Cassie all along. In fact, right up until her death, she was defending him. She'd told Nick that what happened wasn't Daniel's fault and that Nick shouldn't blame him. Since Daniel had seen his daughter in her hospital room earlier that day, Nick suspected that Daniel had still been manipulating her, trying to make Cassie get him out of trouble. Later, Christine talked Nick's suspicions over with Paul. She said that something didn't add up. She didn't think Daniel had been that involved with Cassie, nor did she think he would have asked her to get him out of trouble.

One of the things Sharon had told Brad was that she wished things had been better between her and Cassie before her daughter died. They were just getting back on track after a flare-up of rebellion from Cassie. Later, Sharon remembered happier times with her daughter and Nick after Nick had adopted Cassie. While she reminisced, Victor urged Nick to speak a few words to the people who'd come to offer their support. Nick did thank everyone for coming, but then he talked about how angry he was. Sharon, Nikki, and Jack looked on with concern as Nick said that everyone there knew who was responsible for Cassie's death. Nick was going to make sure that Daniel went to jail for what he'd done. Nick then angrily left the house.

Victor followed up his son's remarks by saying that he was sorry, but he thought everyone could understand what Nick was going through. As the guests began to leave, Noah walked toward the sun room and called for his mother. He pointed out the flowers that Esther had brought and said, "Cassie's flowers are beginning to bloom." Nikki, Victoria, and Victor joined Sharon and Noah in the doorway as all of them looked at Cassie's photograph tucked into the opened tea roses.

Thursday, June 2, 2005

Malcolm tells Lily she has to get Daniel to turn himself in. He says that if she doesn't, she could go to jail too. Lily begs Malcolm to continue to keep Daniel's whereabouts a secret. Phyllis shows up and says that she needs to talk to Lily. Malcolm asks that he and Lily speak first. He tells Lily that she must talk to Daniel. He lets Lily go. Phyllis is insulted that Malcolm let Lily leave. Malcolm tries to comfort her about Daniel.

Detective Weber and Glenn Richards ask Christine if Daniel will be showing up at court tomorrow. Chris won't admit that she doesn't know where Daniel is. She says that Daniel is currently out on bail.

Bobby meets Brittany at the hospital. They are excited to see their baby on the sonogram. They decide they don't want to know the sex of the baby, but when Brittany sees something, they know it's a boy. She tells Bobby that's their Joshua.

J.T. was surprised that Mac joined him in the sauna. He tells her that she looks pretty. They have dessert together and feed each other. J.T. suggests they just go home and talk. Mac is happy with his suggestion. Bobby sees them and tells them about the baby. He says that he went there after the funeral. J.T. and Mac don't know about Cassie. When Mac hears the news, she is shocked and saddened. She tells J.T. she needs to be alone for awhile.

Angelo tells Bobby he is worried about the way he is dealing with Vinny. Bobby shrugs off his warning.

Brittany hears a knock on her door and is surprised to find a package, wrapped neatly and tied with a bow.

Gloria greets John when he returns home from the funeral. He is tired and sad. Gloria touches his hand. John says his back is hurting and he needs Gitta's help.

Gitta tells Kevin that she is sure that there are spirits from another world in the Abbott home. Kevin says he thinks its hogwash. Gitta believes in evil spirits. Gitta tells Kevin she is happy he is there. She has been lonely and wants to get together with a handsome man like Kevin. She kisses him. John comes to the door calling Gitta's name.

Daniel is going crazy being all alone in hiding. He finds a radio and plays it, thinking about Lily. When Lily shows up, he asks her what they would be doing if they were in the real world. Lily says she'd hope he would invite her to the prom. Daniel asks her for a dance. After their dance, Daniel says they need to get back to reality. He needs to move on. It's too risky for him to stay here.

Friday, June 3, 2005

Bobby arrived home to find that Brittany had received another anonymous gift. When she started to open it, Bobby took it from her. Brittany was impressed by the expensive christening gown, but Bobby said he was going to return it. He left Brittany and went to the club, where he confronted Angelo. Although Angelo was dubious that Bobby could really leave his old life behind, Bobby told him to deliver a message to Vinny and the others. He wasn't coming back, and if they continued to threaten his family, someone was going to get hurt. And it wouldn't be Bobby. After Bobby stormed out, Angelo muttered that he hoped Bobby was right.

Brittany went to the athletic club restaurant looking for Bobby, and Gina offered her a cold glass of milk and a sympathetic ear should she ever need one. Brittany kept up the pretense that everything was fine. But when Bobby finally showed up, she demanded to know what was going on. Bobby told her that the old group didn't want to let him go, but Angelo would deliver the message that it was over. Brittany wondered why Bobby kept saying everything was okay, then things never were. Bobby assured his wife that he was going to take care of her.

Across the restaurant, Ashley was having lunch with Tom. Although she was a little skeptical of his good manners, Tom continued to try to charm her, telling her how beautiful and smart she was. Ashley admitted that it had been a long time since she'd had much fun. When Tom spotted Michael coming in, he tried to talk Ashley into playing hooky from work, but Ashley said she had to get back. Tom said he'd call her.

Once Ashley was gone, Michael spied Tom and sat down at his table, wondering what he had to do to get Tom to leave town. Tom told him that he couldn't. He liked Genoa City and was planning on sticking around a while. When Michael again tried to force him to leave, Tom asked why. Michael said that Kevin didn't need Tom around as a reminder of his childhood abuse. Tom brushed Kevin's fears and memories aside. He told Michael that he'd never liked the way Michael looked down on him, and he didn't like it now, especially since Michael himself had done a little jail time. He warned Michael that he'd make him sorry if he got in his face, and Michael told him to bring it on.

John was none too happy to find Kevin in the study with Gitta, who insisted that she was only giving Kevin a little adjustment for a sore neck. When John wondered why Kevin was even there, Kevin said he'd come to see his mother. John told him to call and make arrangements before just dropping in again. He then made him leave so Gitta could get back to their physical therapy.

Gloria caught Kevin before he could leave and said she wanted to resume their efforts to get rid of Gitta. Kevin said he wasn't in the mood, then he told his mother that while he wanted her to be happy with John, she wasn't the only one who deserved to be happy. After Kevin left, Gloria tried to figure out what he was up to, and she was even more curious when John talked to her later. John implied that something might be going on between her son and John's physical therapist. Gloria said she didn't approve of that any more than John did. She promised to talk to Kevin about not dropping in without calling. After John went upstairs, Gloria was lost in thought.

Kevin's spirits were soaring when he went to Crimson Lights, especially when Gitta showed up there. Gitta continued to flatter him and talked about how lonely she was and how long it had been since she'd had someone in her life. Kevin agreed that he was lonely, too, and was a little tired of living with his brother and being subjected to Michael's happiness with Lauren. He told Gitta how beautiful he thought she was, and Gitta seemed to glow from the attention.

Nikki expressed her concern to Victor about the effect Cassie's death might have on Nick's and Sharon's marriage. Victor warned her not to create problems where there were none. It would just take some time for the two of them to heal. Nikki wasn't as confident as Victor, because the couple seemed very distant from each other to her.

Sharon tried to get Nick to talk about his feelings about Cassie's death. Nick was willing to talk about Noah and his trouble in dealing with his grief, but he said he wasn't going to fall apart and spill all his emotions the way everyone else was. Sharon was angry about the way Nick was shutting her out, and when they began to argue, Noah came downstairs. The two of them calmed down in front of their son, and Nick assured Noah that it was okay to be sad. Noah would always miss his older sister, but the pain would get easier in time. When Noah wondered if that was true of all of them, Sharon waited expectantly for Nick's answer. Nick said he hoped so. He then talked to Noah about going to see some baseball games in New York and San Francisco. Sharon began to get anxious, saying they could see plenty of baseball right there. She clearly didn't want Nick traveling with Noah. Nick angrily said that they'd be fine; he could take care of his son.

Noah was relieved when Nikki and Victor showed up with strawberry shortcake. Although his grandparents could sense the tension in the house and wondered if they'd come at a bad time, Noah begged them to stay. Victor later had a few private words with Nick, offering to take care of things at Newman Enterprises if Nick needed the help. Nick said things were under control; he didn't need Victor to step in. Later, when Nikki and Victor took Noah to the stables, Nick told Sharon he was going in to work for a while. She couldn't understand why, on that day of all days, and why at the end of the business day. Nick said he needed to reassure his employees that someone was in charge. Sharon said maybe someone else should be in charge, but Nick left against her wishes.

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