The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of December 15, 2003 on Y&R

Lily stumbled across the infamous rare orchid. Vanessa suggested to Damon that they work on the orchid samples without Jabot's involvement. Victor insisted that Michael take a deal with Christine. Victor was arrested. Bobby introduced Brittany to Sal. Victoria left Genoa City.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of December 15, 2003 on Y&R
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Monday, December 15, 2003

Bobby encourages Jill to accept Kay, but Jill remains skeptical. Jill orders a drink at the bar. Bobby introduces Brittany to Sal, who is supposedly there to help launch her singing career. Frederick and Anita interrupt, cause a scene, and threaten to shut down Marsino's. Christine and Paul make snide jabs about Danny and Lauren to each other. Paul returns his key to their apartment and leaves. Kay encourages Victor to forgive Nick. Then, Kay discusses her relationship with Jill. Brad pays a visit to Michael, stating how happy he is that Victor is finally getting what he deserves. Later, Christine wants Michael to make a deal to avoid jail time.

Tuesday, December 16, 2003

Michael's Office:

Christine pleads with Mike to help her get Victor. It would be better than both of them going to jail. Michael weighs his options and remembers telling Victoria he would take the fall in order to impress her. He tells Chris that he found the money in a discretionary fund and Vic had no idea. Chris doesn't buy it but Michael presses on. Christine is disgusted and makes him remember that she tried to help him but she won't help someone who doesn't care about their own safety. Later Mike meets with Michael and tells him that it's about to go down but it will be him, not Vic who takes the fall.

Health Club:

Brittany lets lose on her parents for ruining her meeting with a music industry connection. Meanwhile the connection wonders why Bobby is messing with the Hodges family. He offers to help Bobby scare Frederick into shutting up. Bobby warns Britt to get her dad to calm down or else he could be in trouble.


Dru and Neil enjoy that they took the NE jet over to Japan. While Neil goes and takes a shower Dru takes the opportunity to arrange a covert meeting with Damon who covers with Vanessa. She knows he's keeping something. Before she can sneak out Neil stumbles on her and she covers by saying she's going out for a walk to get some air. Neil suspects something and hits 'redial' on the hone. Vanessa answers, throwing Neil off.

Jack and Phyllis try to deal with having to share a room. Phyllis offers to take the couch but Jack insists otherwise. Neil calls Phyllis with his suspicions. They spy Dru and Damon and decide to follow the pair.


Victoria learns that Nick was right all along and that Victor tampered with the numbers in order to boost Safra sales. She rails against her father for not having faith in her and her division. He realizes he made a mistake not trusting her and making Nick heir apparent. She is devastated to learn it was Nick who turned Victor in to the police. Vic tells her that Nick will no longer be running the company instead he offers it to her. She cries that she's waited forever to hear those words. She has dreamed about it but can't accept. It's not the right time and it wouldn't feel right considering what has happened.

Wednesday, December 17, 2003

Vanessa found Jack in the cafe and told him that she was sure Damon was out orchid hunting with Dru. She resented that someone she'd trusted was trying to shut her out of this billion dollar deal. Jack reminded her of all the steps that had to take place before there was actually a product on the shelves and assured her she would be fairly compensated. Vanessa left him with a veiled threat that someone else might be interested in the patent who would treat her better than what she was getting from Jabot.

In the forest, Dru and Damon happened upon an array of orchids and tried to find the one in Vanessa's picture. Phyllis and Neil had followed them, and watched from a distance, misinterpreting what they were seeing as a lovers' rendezvous. Phyllis let out a scream when she saw a huge bug on her arm, which exposed their presence to Damon and Dru. All four of them insisted they were merely out exploring, and Phyllis left. Neil and Dru went back to their room, where she pretended to be ecstatic about the scenery. Neil wasn't buying it and told her either she would let him in on what was going on or there would be no wedding the next day.

Damon returned to his room to face Vanessa, who told him that she knew he'd been out orchid hunting with Dru. She laughed at him and promised he wasn't going to find what he was looking for without her assistance.

Brittany told a sympathetic Raul what had happened at the health club restaurant when her father embarrassed her in front of Bobby and Sal. Raul was sure that Sal would still want to hear her sing, and no one would be happier for her if something came of it than Raul would. Brittany was touched by his support and his assurance that he was her number one fan.

Sal went by Marsino's to question Angelo about Frederick Hodges. Angelo tried to convince him that Bobby had it all under control, but he did admit that Bobby hadn't been himself ever since meeting Brittany. Bobby walked in on them and reminded Sal that he'd ended his meeting with Brittany because he had another appointment. Had Sal just been blowing her off? Sal said he did have an appointment and left. Angelo then confronted Bobby about Frederick Hodges. He didn't want his investment in the club to go down the tubes. Bobby assured him that his feelings for Brittany weren't going to interfere with business. Everybody needed to stop worrying and let him handle things his way.

Victor was shocked to hear that Michael was willing to take the fall for him. Since Michael wasn't his flesh and blood, why was he willing to do that? Michael said maybe because no one thought he would. Victor told him that he didn't need redemption any more than Victor did. He had many enemies, but he'd never refused to accept the consequences for his actions, and Michael was not going to jail for him. He ordered him to go to Christine immediately and tell her the truth. Victor would deal with whatever the DA wanted to dish out.

When Nick regretted to Victoria what their father had done, he said that if Victor had only been honest, he could have forgiven him. Victoria raged at him, wondering when he'd made himself God, judge, and jury. She couldn't believe he'd betrayed their father. Nick said he was only the messenger; Victor was the one who'd committed a crime. Victoria said it should have been handled within the family, and she didn't agree with Nick that Victor was to blame for what was happening to Jabot or to Ashley. Many times since she'd come back from Switzerland to find her father married to Ashley, she wondered if their family was going to survive. Somehow they always had. But she didn't think the Newmans would survive this. She hoped one day she could forgive Nick, but she said when he finally realized what he'd done, he might not be able to forgive himself. She then walked out of the house into the cold night air, her expression full of pain.

Thursday, December 18, 2003

Chris visits Michael and tells him that he foolishly turned down her offer for Victor's sake. Michael tells her that things have changed and now Victor insists that he take whatever deal Chris has for him. Michael says he is not happy about squealing on Victor. He worked for Victor as his lawyer and he's not accustomed to breaking someone's trust. He asks Chris what he will get out of the deal. Chris tells him that she will drop the conspiracy charge, but only if he accepts the deal now. Michael agrees, and they shake on it.

Sharon goes to visit Victor. She feels horrible about what's happening to him. Victor tells her that he doesn't want this to affect her feelings for Nick. She says Victor is such a good man, she can't believe Nick is throwing it all away. Victor says Sharon was burdened by the father she never had, and Nick is burdened by the father he does have. Even after all this, Victor still cares about Nick. Nick is still his son, no matter what's happened, he can't forget that. Victor tells Sharon to go and read Noah his favorite bedtime story. Sharon wishes Victor would go and read it to him. Just then, Chris opens the door, followed by a policeman. She asks to speak to Victor alone.

Drucilla can't believe that Neil would go so far as to cancel their wedding. Neil tells her that if she is going to keep refusing to level with him, how can he start a marriage with all this deception. Drucilla finally gives in and tells Neil that the whole Japan trip really has been about business, but she didn't want to cancel the wedding so she had to bring it all together. Neil doesn't seem too happy, and still wants to know why Drucilla was walking in the jungle with Damon. Drucilla convinces him that the walk with Damon was also about business, and they finally reconcile. Lily comes to see them and her and Drucilla leave to go for a mother/daughter get together.

Lily tells Dru that she is really happy to be in Japan. It's great to be away from all that Kevin drama, but she's also still worried about her parents. She tells Dru that she just wants them to be happy. Dru asks Lily to be her maid of honor and Lily happily accepts. When Lily asks what the wedding is going to be like, for once Dru can keep a secret. She hints to Lily that there will be someone singing for them.

Jack asks Phyllis if she had a nice walk. Phyllis tells him not to say the word nice, especially when things are so strange here in Japan. She has some wine from the bar and Jack decides to have some with her. Phyllis tells Jack that he doesn't have to sleep on the couch, but Jack insists. She doesn't know the power she has over him. Phyllis can't believe that they are both there for a big wedding-another wedding between two people working for rival companies. Should they warn them? Jack wishes them all the luck in the world. Phyllis is interested that Jack seems to believe maybe it's possible for this marriage to work.

Damon tells Vanessa that he should have included her in the orchid search with Dru, but they didn't really get along. Vanessa says that's not a good enough excuse, and besides, why does Damon have to do everything with Jabot. Wasn't this her idea to share with only him? She hadn't intended on sharing the secret with a whole corporation. She hints to Damon that maybe they should do this on their own. Damon disagrees and tells her that he wants to go to bed. Vanessa asks if he wants to go to bed with her. Damon tells her that it would be better if they just met again in the morning.

Nikki comes into Nick's office and slams the door behind her. She still cannot believe Nick would go this far to destroy his family. Nick can't seem to understand why Nikki thinks this is his entire fault. Nikki says she came to tell him that his sister is gone and she doesn't think they will ever see her again. She reads a letter written by Victoria apologizing to her mom for not saying goodbye, but she just can't bear to be around with all this going on. Victoria asks that her family do not try to find her, but that she will be praying for them. Nick asks Nikki if she thinks this is his fault that Victoria has gone. She tells him that he should at least be holding himself accountable, that he can't admit that this has all been about revenge against his father. When Nikki mentions Christmas, Nick admits to her that he had tried to postpone everything, but it got out of his hands. Nikki says maybe somewhere deep inside that hollow heart of his is some humanity. Nick tells her that he doesn't hate his father; he just hates what he has done. Sharon comes in and tells them that Chris and the police are here and they want to speak to Victor alone. As they all go out of the office, Victor is being read his rights and taken away. Victor stares at Nick the whole way out. As the elevator door closes, Victor's eyes never leave Nick's face. Nikki and Sharon turn to look at Nick. They cannot believe what he has done to his own father.

Friday, December 19, 2003

Neil asked Jack to be his best man in spite of their competitive business relationship. When Jack made a few comments about Victor's need to win at any cost, Neil said he'd stayed out of that situation. He reminded Jack that they were thousands of miles away from their problems. They had once worked together for Jabot; couldn't Jack put their present situation behind them for the sake of Neil's wedding? Jack agreed to be Neil's best man.

Olivia and Lily had breakfast together. Lily admitted that the reason she was glowing was because her mother asked her to be her maid of honor. Liv was delighted for her, but Lily still had a problem. She wanted to find the perfect wedding gift for her parents. As Olivia made suggestions, Lily spotted flowers in the hair of some nearby women and said she had the solution.

Damon stopped by to see Drucilla and asked her to please stay out of the orchid quest. She needed to focus on her wedding and let him help Vanessa look for the flower that might eventually save Jabot. Dru agreed, and Damon left. When Neil called Dru, she assured him that she wasn't going to take any more walks in the forest. She was going to stay put and think about remarrying him. Later, Dru reminisced about her first romantic wedding and honeymoon with Neil.

Phyllis was joined by Vanessa at breakfast. The two verbally sparred about their reasons for being in Japan. Phyllis said she was there to be with Jack, but she wasn't buying the romantic act Vanessa and Damon were putting on. She felt like the two of them had another reason to be there. Vanessa told her she was wrong, and Damon joined them, giving Vanessa a kiss while Phyllis looked on skeptically. Later, Vanessa and Damon returned to the forest, but their search for the elusive orchid was nonproductive. As they turned to go back to the hotel for the wedding, Lily showed up to dig for flowers. She told them she'd see them later. After they left, she began putting together a bouquet of flowers, and her eyes widened with delight as she spotted a beautiful, delicate orchid. Meanwhile, Damon and Vanessa returned to their room, where they were joined by Jack, who wanted to see if they'd had any success in their search for the orchid.

Nikki and Sharon were in Nick's office, where Nikki told Sharon she was sure that Victor's arrest was the end of their family. When Nick joined them, he overheard his mother regretting what he'd done to his father. He reminded her that he wasn't the one who'd done something wrong. Victor had committed a crime and now he was paying for it. Sharon intervened, reminding them that it was Christmas. Victor had asked her to go home and read Noah a story. She felt like they needed to pull it together for the kids. Nikki said she hadn't even decorated, and Sharon offered to help her. Nikki was grateful for the offer. When she told Nick to go home and be with his family, Nick said he had work to do. Victor's arrest would probably cause problems for the business, and he was the only one left to run things. Nikki reminded him that Victor no longer wanted Nick in charge, but Nick said he had no attention of stepping down. Nikki told him that he'd become what he hated about his father---ruthless. After she left, Nick asked Sharon if she agreed with his mother. Sharon didn't answer, merely telling him she was going home to be with their children.

After Victor was arrested, Christine ignored the reporters who wanted to know what was going on. She met with Victor privately and advised him to get an attorney. Victor said he'd used his one call to reach his stockbroker to make a business deal for him. Christine complained that he wasn't taking his situation seriously. He wasn't above the law. Victor told her not to be condescending to him. Michael walked in and said he was there as Victor's attorney. Christine left them alone, and Victor told Michael he shouldn't have come. Michael insisted that even if he couldn't stand with Victor in court, he wanted to try to diffuse this situation before it grew.

When Chris came back in, Michael and Victor attempted to persuade her that there were more serious criminals she should be after to keep the streets safe. Victor said she was being used as a tool by the DA's office for political gain. Christine said this wasn't a personal vendetta. She was doing a job. A complaint had been made and was being followed through. Michael told her that Jack could file a civil suit. In the meantime, he wanted to talk about bail. Christine said the judge had decided on no bail because Victor's jet made him a flight risk. Perhaps if Victor agreed to turn in his passport, he might be released. Michael was furious, and Christine again said they weren't taking this seriously. Perhaps a night in jail would do Victor some good. After she left, Michael said he'd go talk to the judge, but Victor said he didn't mind being alone in jail. He needed to do some thinking. Michael reminded him that it was Christmas, and Victor said it wasn't going to be Christmas for him. He thanked Michael and asked him to leave. Michael reluctantly followed his orders.

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