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Victoria thought that Tricia was a threat to everyone. Tricia met 'Carter' at his apartment, and he unexpectedly kissed her. Billy told Jill that he would no longer accept her as his mother if she threatened Mac.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of October 16, 2000 on Y&R
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Monday, October 16, 2000

While Brad waited for an answer to his marriage proposal, Ashley explained the delay. She felt accepting the engagement ring was a first step for him and she was not ready to wear a ring that showed commitment. Brad immediately went on the defense feeling that somehow Victor was the center of all doubt. He told Ashley she would have to choose because he wasn't going to walk in Victor's shadow. Meanwhile, Victor over at Newman Enterprises confided in Neil and told him he felt there was something more to Ashley's visit than a simple thank you for the baby's gift. Although he thought he had closed the door on their relationship, Victor continues to ponder Ashley's feelings and actions. At the same time, Victor shows compassion towards a long term employee who is having problems with the HMO that insures all of Newman employees and asked Neil to take care of it right away.

T.J. talked to Jill about Billy and Brittany's breakup. Although reluctant about taking his word for anything, Jill finally settled down and listened at what he had to say. T.J. told her all about the secret summer romance between Mac and Billy and that it was because of Mac that Brittany broke up with Billy. Jill is hesitant, but the news does provide the missing pieces to the puzzle.

At school, Mac tried to apologize to Brittany for seeing Billy behind her back but Brittany wasn't very receptive. In fact, Brittany told Mac the only reason she was being nice was because she was worried about Jill finding out.

Cassie gets her fears relieved somewhat when the doctor explained that the chest x-ray was a routine procedure following a positive skin test for tuberculosis. He later returns to tell her there was no sign of active TB on the x-ray. Although excited about Cassie returning to school, Nick and Sharon find out the doctor wants to do a series of sputum tests first before releasing her.

Jack sulks over Brad and Ashley's ordeal while Nikki surprises him with a new worry about Victor still playing an active role in Ashley's life. Nikki tried to explain why she felt there was still a connection between the two.

Jill ran into Mackenzie at Crimson Lights and questioned her about Billy. After Mac confessed to the relationship, Jill told her she left her with no choice. Raul showed up and stopped the confrontation. He tried to reassure Mac that Jill was not going to do anything. But Mac is sure Jill will talk to her mother as a result of her relationship with Billy.

Since Brittany couldn't get any info out of Raul, she asked Rianna to talk to him and see what she finds out. Ms. Brittany vows to find out what the big secret is that Jill is holding over Mac.

Brad tried to convince Ashley that he was the right man for her. Although she feels pressured, she accepts his engagement ring.

Tuesday, October 17, 2000

Nick tells Victor about Cassie's possible illness. Victor embraces Nick and they both agree that Nikki must be informed. Paul breaks the news to Mary that he and Chris are waiting to try for another baby. When Paul tells Mary that this is all Chris's idea, he makes Mary promise not to confront Chris about the situation. Instead, Mary pays Michael Baldwin a visit. Cassie and Sharon head to the coffeehouse to meet Doris in hopes of lifting Cassie's spirits with a new Halloween costume. At the coffeehouse, Matt is antsy in anticipation of a night with Tricia. As Matt ends his shift, he is surprised when Sharon walks in with Cassie. Doris mentions to Matt again how familiar he looks. Sharon tells Matt that Cassie's tests were not that great and Matt gives Sharon an encouraging touch. Later, Sharon gets the chills. When Nikki tells Victoria about Ashley and Brad's engagement, Victoria accuses Nikki of not wanting Victor to move on in his personal life and be happy. When Nikki asks Victoria about her situation with Ryan, Victoria reveals that she doesn't know what Ryan sees in Tricia. She warns Nikki that Tricia is a threat to herself, as well as everyone around her. Tricia's hopes are high when Ryan suggests they have dinner at Gina's. The dinner goes well until Ryan gets a call from Nina, asking Ryan to pick Phillip up from school. Ryan asks Tricia to join them for a movie, but Tricia declines. Just when Matt gives up on an evening with Tricia, she arrives at Matt's apartment. He offers her a glass of wine.

Wednesday, October 18, 2000

Brad and Ashley enjoyed a close moment together while she questioned whether or not her pregnancy bother him. Brad vowed to be there for her always and raise the child as if it were his child. Admitting he made mistakes in the past with his child, he told her he looked forward to starting over and getting it right this time. He then gave her a handful of catalogs for every imaginable baby accessory letting her know he was ready to do whatever it takes for their baby. They make plans to build a wonderful life together.

Back at the Newman ranch, Victor told Nikki about Cassie's pending lab tests. Nikki was surprised to find out that Sharon and Nick were going through such a difficult time without telling anyone. Meanwhile at their home, Nick and Sharon tried to explain to Cassie why she needed more tests. They told her after these results came in, they would know exactly what was going on. Victor and Nikki showed up to visit Cassie. Being the bright child that she is, she immediately picked up on everyone's concern. Sharon was melting away as Victor tried to reassure her. The family crisis seemed to rekindle a spark between Victor and Nikki.

Ryan brought Phillip home and discovered that Tricia wasn't there. Phillip knew Ryan was worried and started asking questions about Ryan and Tricia's marriage. At that very moment, Tricia was visiting Carter at his apartment. After crying on his shoulder and somewhat explaining her problems in the past, Tricia and Carter shared a passionate kiss. Realizing her mistake, Tricia pulled away insisting that Carter had misread her feelings. He was visibly angry after Tricia left the apartment. She returned home to face Ryan and Phillip distracted and out of it. Tricia declined going to the movies with them. After they left, she recalled the kiss with Carter in her mind and was shaken by what she had done.

Paul's Mom visited Michael Baldwin at his office and let him have it. She told him he was destructive and accused him of influencing Chris' decision not to have a baby at this time. She was interrupted when Phyllis walks in on them to save the day. Mary was furious after seeing her. Michael was obviously upset after Chris told him that she and Paul were working things out, but insisted to Phyllis that their relationship was strictly business. Michael tried to convince Phyllis that he was happy for Chris and Paul while Phyllis tried to get him to accept the fact that he was in denial of what is really going on. At Paul's office, He, Chris and Lynn have dinner together. The tension is so high that Lynn left the two alone. Chris felt it too and said she would return later only to have Paul tell her it wasn't a very good idea. Chris realized Paul didn't want to be alone with her and wanted to know what was up with the attitude. Paul's answer was, "We can't keep pr! etending everything is o.k. anymore!"

Thursday, October 19, 2000

Nick and Sharon try to remain upbeat while Cassie prepares for her doctor's appointment. Mac is relieved that she told Kay and Brock about Jill's threat to expose Mac to her mother and stepfather. Kay assures Mac that Paul Williams will notify them if her mother makes any attempt to find Mac. After Mac leaves for school, Jill taunts Kay about Mac. Kay tells Jill that Billy is untrustworthy and he, not Mac, is the cause of this mess. Jill shoves Kay and Kay whacks Jill over the head with a vase. Jill falls to the ground and Kay, unsure of whether Jill is dead or alive, leaves Jill on the floor. Jack tells Billy that Ashley and Brad are engaged, but Jack prays that Ashley will turn Brad down. Brad tells Ashley that he wants Christian to sign legal documents, saying he will never try to take the baby away from them. Ashley objects, saying that she doesn't want Christian linked to her baby in any way. Ashley and Brad join Olivia for breakfast. Brad leaves after Ashley tells Olivia that she and Brad are engaged. Olivia is excited because has been given the okay to return to work. Ashley shares in her excitement, but Olivia quickly changes the subject to Ashley and her lingering feelings for Victor. Victoria goes over to Ashley's table and baits her about her engagement to Brad. Victoria is interrupted by a phone call from Victor, asking her to come to the ranch. Raul goes to the Abbott house to tell Billy that Jill knows about his relationship with Mac. Raul tells Billy about Jill's threats to contact Mac's mother and suggests Billy intervene to protect Mac from Jill.

Friday, October 20, 2000

Nikki and Victor break the news to Victoria about Cassie. Nikki is pleased when she learns that Victor and Victoria will be staying at the ranch until Cassie is well. Victor overhears Victoria and Nikki discussing Ashley's engagement to Brad. Victor visits Ashley at her office and notices the ring on her finger. Cassie is pleasantly surprised to see Victoria. Cassie takes Victoria to her room to go over her book report for school. When Cassie finishes, she overhears Sharon discussing symptoms of a person infected with tuberculosis: coughing, fatigue, weight loss, etc. Cassie returns to her room and begins to cough, but covers her mouth so as not to alarm anyone else. Kay splashes cold water on Jill and Jill regains consciousness. Kay explains to Jill that she fell, but Jill remembes what happened and tells Kay that she knows she is responsible for the knot on her head. Billy breaks up round two as Kay and Jill go head to head again. Kay leaves and Billy threatens that if Jill does anything to hurt Mac, he will never speak to her again. Sharon, Nick and the kids return from the doctor's office and share smoothies and brownies at the coffeehouse. Matt watches closely as Nick tells Cody that for the time being, he will be working from home. Nina tells Chris that she has finished writing her book and is excited to receive Tomas's notes. When Tomas calls, Nina is thrilled to hear his praises. However, when Tomas hangs up, he becomes depressed because he feels he will never write as well as Nina again. He finds his bottle of whiskey and begins to drink.

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