Drucilla lives on? How The Young and the Restless fans really feel about scorched-earth Lily

Posted Wednesday, March 27, 2024 6:04:16 PM
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Lily Winters is back and taking numbers on The Young and the Restless now that she knows exactly what Daniel has been up to.

Poor Lily was in for the shock of her life when she returned to Genoa City and The Young and the Restless after an extended stay in California, comforting her college-age daughter after a fictional wildfire. The first man Lily ever loved and the man she thought loved her again had betrayed her in the worst way.

While Lily was being a dutiful parent, Daniel reunited with his ex, Heather, and didn't bother to tell Lily. He claimed he wanted to do it in person while downplaying his relationship with Lily to Heather the second they were back in the same bed. While he proclaimed his love for Lily before she left, he told Heather that they were just casual.

Daniel and Heather even formed a family unit with their daughter, Lucy, again, so when Lily surprised Daniel by using her key to let herself into his apartment, she found the happy family eating breakfast as if Lily didn't exist.

When Lily learned the truth, she was devastated at first -- but then she was angry. Very, very angry. She let them both know it in no uncertain terms when she summarily fired Daniel and Heather with fury in her voice and a new determination to never let anyone walk all over her again.

Y&R fans are thrilled with this new version of Lily, who's taking numbers and not looking back. It's almost reminiscent of her take-no-prisoners mother, Drucilla.

"Ha! Lily being PETTY and I LOVE to see it! Dru is that you? The gall. The gumption. To think you are still welcomed to work at my business after the disrespect you displayed towards me," wrote X (formerly known as Twitter) user @Ladyy_AsA.

"Lily let them both know that you can't betray Lily Drucilla Neil Winters and get away with it," @expressrealism concurred.

@AmberEllim was impressed with Lily's professional efficiency as she lowered the boom on Daniel and Heather while quickly getting a coffee at Crimson Lights.

"Lily's skin glowin," she tweeted. "Hair bouncin. Jewelry and outfit on point. Boss mode on ten. Ain't even wait for the office. They terminated effective immediately. That's damn right, girl!"

That Crimson Lights scene in which Lily got down to business hit @vanpelttv so well that she had to keep on watching.

"I think that was the 30th time I watched Lily fire them, and it feels just as good as the first," she tweeted.

After Daniel told Heather that he had always intended to be with her again, some fans had really had enough of Phyllis Summers' son.

"What Lily has done, doesn't even come close in comparison to what other characters have done on this soap," tweeted @alexaismyname2. "Let her have this moment. She's been hurt. She feels used. Daniel was her friend. And you will see from his conversation with Heather, he used Lily to win his ex back."

Lily's take-no-prisoners attitude is also giving Christel Khalil a chance to shine after coming back from maternity leave, and @TheBinMasterPt2 is loving it.

"THIS is Drucilla Barber Winters's daughter," he wrote. "I'm tired of Lily being the complacent doormat. Christel Khalil always excels when she gets to be bitchy."

What do you think? Was Lily right to fire Daniel and Heather? We want to hear from you -- so drop your comments in the Comments section below, tweet about it on Twitter, share it on Facebook, or chat about it on our Message Boards.

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