Cricket vs. Phyllis: The Young and the Restless' Lauralee Bell weighs in on an old soap rivalry with a new twist

Posted Monday, March 25, 2024 2:11:49 PM
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It's a blast from the past for The Young and the Restless' Lauralee Bell as Danny and Christine reunite -- and Phyllis puts up a fight.

You might feel like you're taking a trip back to the 1990s when you watch The Young and the Restless these days. Cricket (a.k.a. Christine) and Danny are once again in love, and Phyllis once again wants Danny all for herself. It feels as if no time has passed, except now, Christine isn't willing to let Danny go without a fight.

Christine and Danny first wed in a Hawaiian location ceremony on November 16, 1990, but by 1994, Phyllis Summers came along and ruined it all when she made Danny believe a drunken one-night stand resulted in her son, Daniel. Years later, Danny learned he was not Daniel's bio dad, but his marriage to Christine was long over by then, and he decided to raise Danny as his own, anyway.

Christine went on to marry Paul Williams, but that long-time union came to a close last year just as Danny arrived back in Genoa City for an extended stay. Christine and Danny are officially together again, much to Phyllis' chagrin -- and Lauralee Bell is loving every second of revisiting this romance and rivalry.

This week, Danny and Christine made love for the first time since they started inching closer together at the end of last year. As expected, Phyllis was up to her old tricks and made sure to put a damper on the moment by pulling the fire alarm at the Athletic Club.

"It reminds me so much of back in the day, because it's very romantic," Bell told Daytime Confidential of Christine and Danny's big night. "There's a theme song that they sort of played a couple months ago when we first had scenes. I think it was when he cooked for me the first time. It's called 'Start Again' by Hannah Bates. It was cool because it had lyrics that exactly matched the situation."

While Bell was thrilled to work with Michael Damian again after all these years, working with Michelle Stafford as Christine's romantic rival again is an added bonus.

"It never gets old!" Bell said. "For us, we definitely have had scenes where we knew exactly what the dialogue was, and we rehearsed it and all that stuff. When it's for real, we sort of are helping each other on lines and getting in each other's face a little bit more. When they say 'cut,' both of us sort of can feel our hearts racing! We are all in. She's had other rivals along the way, but she says, 'One-hundred percent, you will always be the number-one threat in Phyllis' life.' I couldn't be more honored! I love it."

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