The Young and the Restless preview: Lily confronts Heather, Tucker gets desperate, Diane chews out Kyle

Posted Friday, March 22, 2024 1:05:48 PM
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The Young and the Restless promises sparks flying throughout Genoa City as confrontations abound. Check out this video spoiler for more.

Lily's had some time to process the fact that Daniel and Heather got back together while she was away in California -- and that Daniel neglected to tell her it was over between them.

When she meets with Heather at Crimson Lights, Daniel's former and current main squeeze has a question for the woman she just warned -- is Lily going to fire her? An angry Lily says she hasn't contemplated her next move yet, but from her disgusted demeanor, it looks like Heather might want to start checking out some job listings.

Crimson Lights is the setting for even more drama when Tucker tries reasoning with Audra, who is fuming over his canceling their trip so he can care for a clearly unhinged Ashley. When Tucker tries to grab her arm, Nate walks in and demands he step away. Is Nate about to defend Audra's honor? Could a love triangle develop?

Finally, Diane learns she may have created a monster in her son, Kyle. He wants more than Jabot is able to give him career-wise and feels slighted, as usual. He even seems to think he is still in charge when Diane is co-CEO now, not him.

When Diane sees Kyle getting too big for his britches once again, she reminds him who's in charge and who he needs to answer to. Kyle is not happy at all, and it looks like a mother-son corporate war might be in the works.

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