WATCH: Lauralee Bell releases a special video "Celebration" for the fans of The Young and the Restless

Posted Monday, August 07, 2023 12:34:59 PM
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Lauralee Bell (Christine Williams) has put together another fun video featuring the cast of The Young and the Restless. Set to the party anthem "Celebration," it also features a lot of extra special guests.

Lauralee Bell (Christine Williams) is back with another soapy video starring her The Young and the Restless castmates. This video has something even more special than Bell's other videos because it also features some of Y&R's biggest fans.

Bell filmed the video at this year's Y&R fan event, held Saturday, August 5, at the Burbank Marriott. Due to the pandemic, it was the first fan event in years.

"Obviously we are celebrating this milestone year, but when I heard how many countries were being represented by fans flying in for this event, I decided the lyrics 'everyone around the world, come on' from the iconic party song 'Celebration' by Kool and The Gang were a perfect fit," Bell said of her video.

You can't really have a video from a fan event without the fans, and Bell says that the fans were more than willing to help make the video extra special.

"[I] loved that the fans were on board when I asked them to do a spontaneous wave! Hope they can spot themselves in the video as I panned across the room," Bell enthused.

This marks the fourth video that Bell has released for fans. It follows "Hello Summer," released in June to celebrate the start of summer. The video series kicked off with a hilarious dance party that celebrated Y&R's 50th anniversary and was followed up with a wink to the show's Crimson Lights set.

Bell creates, films, and edits the videos as something of a love letter, er, video to fans.

"With all these videos, I try to show as much behind the scenes fun for the fans and thank them as often as possible," Bell said. "I have to say, I couldn't believe how many guests this weekend said they started watching since day one ... 1973! That's a huge chunk of their lives devoted to Y&R! We really do have the best fans!"

Bell celebrated her 40th anniversary on Y&R last month.

You can check out the video below:

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