Reylynn Caster addresses her status at The Young and the Restless

Posted Thursday, November 04, 2021 10:22:32 AM
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Find out what The Young and the Restless' Reylynn Caster (Faith Newman) had to say about her role at the CBS soap opera, which seems to have dwindled in recent weeks.

2021 started out as a big year for The Young and the Restless' Faith Newman (Reylynn Caster), who suffered bullying, underage drinking issues, an alcohol-related car accident, a stint in rehab, and a kidney transplant -- all before the summer even started! The character has since embarked on a teen romance with Moses (Jacob Aaron Gaines), and now it's hard to say which has been slower, the romance or the current rate of Faith's storylines!

As many Y&R fans have noticed, the character hasn't been present much this autumn -- even during scenes in which other Newman family members, such as Sharon (Sharon Case) and Faith's newly returned brother, Noah (Rory Gibson), have gathered.

Concerned about the character's recent lack of screen time, a Y&R fan account tweeted, "Is @ReylynnCaster still on contract? Just making sure because all these Sharon/Noah or Shick family scenes and Faith is NEVER with them! How [come]?"

Fortunately for fans of Caster, the actress saw the tweet and put her followers at ease with a smiley face emoji and a message that she's "still here!"

The actress didn't say what fans can expect storyline-wise in the weeks ahead, but she did reveal that she attended a Y&R wardrobe fitting in late October, so something is coming soon!

Caster joined Y&R in March of 2021 as a recast for Alyvia Alyn Lind, who left the CBS soap to take on a series regular role in the Syfy horror series Chucky.

Are you relieved to hear that Reylynn Caster is still on contract at Y&R? What would you like to see the writers pen for Faith in the months ahead? We want to hear from you -- and there are many ways you can share your thoughts.

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