Did Dudley do right?

by Nel
For the Week of April 19, 2021
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Our not-so-sleepy town has been filled with action this week. Rey is on the warpath, but should he be investigating Adam for poisoning him? Who will discover that Chelsea framed Adam? Will Victor have the last laugh about Cyaxares? Can Victoria outsmart Victor and stop him from bringing Adam into the fold? Who will clear Adam of poisoning Rey? Will Sharon and Adam reunite, or can Sharon and Rey save their marriage? How will Ashland Locke retaliate against Kyle and the Abbotts? Please join our columnist as she explores these questions in this week's Two Scoops.

I always find it difficult to decide where to start. Should I start with Faith and the backbone she's grown, or try to figure out how Ashland Locke is going to retaliate, or focus on Rey's tunnel vision in his investigation of his own poisoning? Let's start with "Dudley Not-So-Right" Rey Rosales.

It is comedic that Rey is investigating his own poisoning. Surely, they could have had Paul investigating the case, maybe off-camera, and reporting his findings to Rey, but I would rather see Paul rather than just have the impression of him doing the investigation. Rey is coming off as the bumbling Dudley Do-Right who can't see the forest for the trees. He hates Adam with every fiber of his being, not only for allegedly poisoning him, but for interfering in his marriage. Rey is going to do everything in his power to prove Adam poisoned him.

I don't believe that Rey can be objective in his investigation. Adam has been a thorn in Rey's side since Adam returned to Genoa City. Rey doesn't understand the pull between Adam and Sharon. I'm not sure that too many of us do, either. Rey has negated some pertinent clues, and he can't seem to entertain the idea that possibly Chelsea set Adam up. Rey fails to see the other side of the coin because he is so determined to prove that Adam was the culprit.

Rey went to see Chelsea. Chelsea fed him a story, and he bought it completely. He was focused on what she had to say about Adam rather than questioning the validity of her statement. Later, Sharon questioned whether he'd seen anything off about Chelsea. Rey confirmed she'd regained her speech, but he claimed the stress of the situation might have hastened Chelsea to recover her speech. He refused to consider that Chelsea could have been behind his poisoning.

Rey then accused Sharon of lying to him, which she did. He also noted Sharon's very strange pull toward Adam, one she won't admit to herself. Rey has had enough, and he told Sharon he was moving out after Faith found her footing. Is it just me, or has anyone else felt like Sharon didn't really care one way or the other whether Rey stayed or left? Rey said he's done. Sharon nonchalantly said let's sleep on it, and we'll talk in the morning. Did I miss the part where she looked upset when Rey said he was done with the marriage? Sharon claimed she love Rey so much, but why doesn't she show it? I hate to see this marriage end because it means that Sharon will probably reunite with Adam, and I really don't want that to happen, given their not-so-great history. Is Rey jumping the gun about ending his marriage? I wonder.

Yes, Rey and Sharon' marriage has hit a bump in the road, and I wonder if it can survive. It appears Rey has had enough of Sharon's lies and protecting Adam. I think he has called it quits too early because they haven't really gone through counseling or intervention of any kind. Rey claims Sharon is fixated on protecting Adam, but Rey seems to be fixated on having Adam arrested -- and I believe Rey has more than one reason to make sure Adam is behind bars. For Rey, I believe it's more about payback with the added bonus of believing Adam had poisoned him.

After a tip from Victoria about Victor possibly harboring Adam, Rey paid Victor a visit and began to question him about hiding Adam somewhere on the ranch. When Victor asked Rey where he'd gotten his information, what possessed Rey to tell Victor that it had been Victoria? This is a qualified and experienced detective, right? Trained detectives don't usually give out that type of information, so why did this bumbling fool reveal his source?

Chelsea is overbearing in her delight with framing Adam and having him on the run. She keeps gloating to Chloe how her plan has worked so beautifully and there is no chance in hell they'll get caught. I think she is caught up in her own delusional "brilliance." She isn't fooling anyone, especially not Victor. He is onto her, but Chelsea thinks she's smarter than him. She believes she can fool everyone -- especially Victor. Sharon and Adam also believe that Chelsea set Adam up for poisoning Rey.

I think Chelsea has become psychotic. She has convinced herself that Adam is having an affair with Sharon. She told Chloe that she'd been forced to speak when Nick visited her because she'd had to let him know about Sharon, and it had worked. Chloe worried that it had been a big risk. I agree with Chloe. I think Chelsea is now scheming on the fly without any thought of the pitfalls. When Rey paid Chelsea a visit, Chelsea made a point to remind Rey that Sharon was his wife, but that didn't matter because Adam and Sharon wanted to be together.

Chloe is worried about the impact Chelsea's plans will have on Chloe and her family. She had believed she would be helping Chelsea with a few pranks to get Adam out of Chelsea's life, but after discovering she was complicit in poisoning Rey, Chloe felt that Chelsea had taken advantage of their friendship. After Victor's visit, Chelsea boasted how she'd told Victor she wasn't afraid of him or his threats because she was innocent. Chloe had had enough, and I might have let out a loud "woo-hoo!" when Chloe grabbed her suitcase and told Chelsea to find herself a new nurse who could start working the next day because Chloe was done and was going home to her family. That was delicious!

I haven't ever been a Chloe fan, but it was delightful and surprising to see Chloe walk away. How many attempts had Chloe made trying to kill Adam because he'd killed Delia? Chloe has too much to lose now, and she won't put herself into a position where she would be taken away from her family. Chloe has a happy life and refused to jeopardize it, even for her best friend. I was delighted she abandoned Chelsea.

I love the new Faith. Reylynn Caster has been a great recast. She had some big shoes to fill, and I think she is doing an admirable job.

What a surprise it was to see Jordan arrive at Sharon's to apologize to Faith. For a split second, I thought Faith was going to accept her apology and remain friends, but Faith surprised me. She knew Jordan had been the one doing the catfishing. Faith accused Jordan of making everything about herself. Jordan tried to play on Faith's sympathy by telling her she'd been angry because Sharon wouldn't let them hang out. She said she'd been suspended from school, she couldn't go to the prom, and her parents had taken her car keys away. Aww, poor Jordan. Faith told Jordan to take her apology and shove it, and Faith threw Jordan out. Jordan obviously didn't grasp the consequences Faith had suffered because of Jordan's cruelty.

Along came Moses, and it seemed like an instant friendship between him and Faith. They make such a sweet couple, and he is already so protective of her. If these two don't become a couple, they will certainly be very close friends.

Moses is staying with Devon, and Nate is mentoring him at that hospital. I want to know why Lily hasn't contacted Moses to welcome her half-brother to Genoa City. This feels like a real disconnect, especially since Lily is all about family.

Faith went to court, and, as expected, she will have to do community service and go to therapy for her drinking. What's the bet her community service will take the form of helping out at the hospital? How convenient would that be for Faith and Moses? I thought it was sweet how Moses intervened when one of Faith's schoolmates had been blaming Faith for Jordan's suspension. I'm sure Faith saw Moses as her hero.

I love that Faith has accepted her punishment and is willing to do whatever is necessary to make amends for what she did. She was willing to face all the kids at school and handle her situation. In all honesty, I really thought Faith would choose boarding school over returning to Walnut Grove, but she surprised me. She now has a champion in Moses, and I think it's adorable.

How about that kiss between Billy and Lily? Yes! Kissing is back on the menu for non-dating couples, and it has happened twice -- once between Lily and Billy, and once between Amanda and Devon. This makes these romantic scenes believable.

Speaking of Lily and Billy, not many viewers like the triangle between Billy, Lily, and Victoria. I'm not a fan, either. It's time for Victoria to move on, perhaps really piss Victor off and hook up with Ashland. Wouldn't that be a hoot?

We saw that Tara called Kyle and told him that she and Ashland had had a major fight. Well, this could be the end of Tara and Ashland, so it's in the realm of possibility that Ashland might just set his sights on Victoria. I think this would create an interesting dynamic between Victor and Ashland. Can you see Ashland being Victor's son-in-law? Makes me giggle at the thought.

The drama is heating up about Cyaxares, and there might also be trouble brewing in our little town between Ashland and Victor as well as between Ashland and Jack/Jabot. I think Victor has met his match in Ashland Locke. I wonder if Ashland will be the one to bring Victor down, or will they reach a stalemate? Victor needs to be brought down a peg or 17, and if anyone can do that, it's Ashland.

Ashland is a crafty little bugger. He told Victor he was adjusting their deal to reflect the increased risks because of Adam's current situation. Ashland is treading on dangerous ground because no one reneges on any deal they make with Victor. Victor refused to accept any adjustments and said they would stick with their original deal. Ashland told Victor to take the deal or leave it and Ashland walked out. We all know Victor is not going to take this sitting down. He will retaliate, but what will that retaliation look like?

Ashland offered Cyaxares to Billy and Victoria and told them it would be a coin toss. Really? Is this a new trend for conducting business? Victoria won the toss. Now I see a number of scenarios. There is indeed drama brewing over Cyaxares. I see a major battle between Victor and Victoria.

Since Victoria won the toss and is now the proud owner of Cyaxares, Victor might decide to replace Victoria in favor of Adam as CEO, or Cyaxares will be its own entity, and Victor will make Adam CEO of the media company, thereby making Victoria and Adam work together, or Victoria will sell Cyaxares to Billy and ChancComm, or Victor will fight to change Ashland's mind about their original deal. I would love to see Victoria sell Cyaxares to Billy and ChancComm, but I somehow don't think that will happen.

Victor claims he loves his children, so why is he constantly pitting them against each other? He seems to have two sets of rules, one for Nick, Victoria, and Abby, and another for Adam. He forgives Adam everything. No wonder it's one of the many reasons Nick, Victoria, and Abby resent Adam. It will be interesting to see who comes out on top with this media company.

It looks like Jack will be going head to head with Ashland because of the threat to Jabot, but I think he will be in for a bigger shocker when he discovers he has a grandson, and his name is Harrison.

To me, Summer is cringe-worthy. Every time I see her, I have to ask myself which pile of sand her head is stuck in. Kyle isn't any better. Kyle's situation with Ashland is extremely serious, yet these two airheads seem to be sweeping those issues under the rug. Billy just told Kyle that there are grumblings about Jabot's unhealthy work conditions. As co-CEO, Kyle should have gone to Jack immediately, but not dumb-dumb Kyle. Nope, he tells Summer he wants to get married, and then they get into a little rodeo-doeing before he approaches Jack. And there is Summer, like a child, clapping her hands because she's going to get married and be a bigger princess than she already perceives herself to be.

When Kyle was with Lola, he had a good head on his shoulders, he was responsible, and he knew his priorities. When he is with Summer, he seems to go into the same empty air space Summer floats around in. Summer, like her mother, thinks that sex any time of the day keeps her guy happy. Summer is insecure, and she still sees Tara as a threat. Summer continues to believe she will stand by her man, no matter what Ashland throws at Kyle, but we all know she will bail when Ashland includes her in his retaliation against Kyle, Jack, and Jabot. Do I see a wedding in the future for these two? I don't. It's time for them to move on.

From the previews for next week, it looks like Ashland will suffer a heart attack in front of Victor. Hmm... will Victor help him, or will he just step over Ashland the way Jack did to Victor when Victor collapsed years ago? I think Ashland will live another day to spread his "love."

I think I jumped out of my chair when Jack broke things off with Sally. Jack overheard Sally threaten Phyllis. Sally told Jack that Phyllis had set the scene for Jack. Jack told her that he'd arrived at the Grand Phoenix to talk to Sally and that he'd walked into the hotel at the exact moment that Phyllis and Sally were at loggerheads. Jack saw the real Sally Spectra for the first time. I was delighted to see the end of this relationship, and I hope they don't reunite down the road. I have never liked Sally with Jack. I have always felt that if they stayed together, she would bring Jack down and cause him a lot of anxiety.

I'm happy Phyllis has been looking out for Jack when it comes to Sally. Phyllis has loved Jack for a long time and will always have his best interests at heart, but she will need to know when to draw the line. Phyllis and Jack were a great couple, and maybe down the road, they will be reunited. That's my dream.

I have to wonder if Nate and Elena will ever figure out what they want. Nate can't seem to get over the fact that Elena cheated on him twice with Devon, but he and Elena also cheated on Devon. Can Nate find a balance and move on with his life? I thought Nate and Amanda made a great couple. They seemed to be well suited for each other. I would love to see Nate and Amanda together again and Elena and Devon reunite. Nate and Elena met, they talked, and they decided to go their separate ways -- yet all the while, they seem to be pining for each other. It begs the question of who Elena wants to be with more, Nate or Devon.

Speaking of Amanda, I believe we were all surprised when Amanda's grandfather, Sutton Ames, showed up on her doorstep, asking her to defend him in a murder case, and she accepted. I'm not sure she should be defending him. I found him to be a bit creepy. It had been his "influence" over Naya that led Naya to give up her twins for adoption. He admitted that he'd kept tabs on Hilary and Amanda as they grew up, yet he never provided financial help, even when he saw they needed it. To me, he is a cold-hearted individual, and he uses people to his advantage.

Amanda told Devon she'd been looking into her father's past, and there are more mysteries than answers. I think the further she delves into the family history, the less she will want to be part of that family. I could be completely off base with this, but that is how I see things at the moment. I really hope I'm wrong because I see how much Amanda wants to belong to a family.

It looks like Chance has been recast and will be returning, but who will it be? Will he be Justin Gaston (Melissa Ordway's [Abby] real-life husband) again or someone completely new? I liked Justin in that role, but Donny Boaz seemed more animated -- but no matter, this story will make more sense with Chance back in the picture.

Chance had sent Abby a very sweet text message that he loved and missed her. That made her heart go pitter-patter. It's been confirmed that Mariah is pregnant, and she says she is excited to give Abby and Chance the gift of that baby. Uh-huh... well, I don't think that is going to be the case. I agree with Nina: the bond between Mariah and the baby is going to grow, and I'm not so sure Mariah will be willing to give up that baby.

Do we see a court case coming up, and a friendship or two destroyed? I feel that Mariah and Tessa will want to keep this little bambino, and if that's the case, it will create a trillion problems. I wonder if their contracts will stand up in court and if the baby will be given to Abby and Chance as originally planned. This is going to turn into a real mess. Will Devon side with Mariah, since it was his contribution, or will he remain loyal to Abby and Chance? This is going to be interesting to watch to see how it unfolds.

I, like many viewers, found this storyline ridiculous, but with Chance back in the picture, it might turn out to be interesting.

I hope you have enjoyed my thoughts about what has been happening around our favorite town recently. I would love to read your comments and opinions, and perhaps you might like to offer up some of your own thoughts. In the meantime, it's a wrap for me. Until next time, stay safe!

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