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General Hospital Recaps: The week of April 25, 2011 on GH
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Monday, April 25, 2011

At the penthouse, Sam shared good news with Jason. She told him that the fertility test results confirmed that she was an excellent candidate to conceive and carry a child to term. Jason said that he was happy for her, but she should be sure that she wanted his child. Sam said that she did not want to have a family with anyone else. She said that she would not trade her life with Jason for anything.

Jason said that kids learned by example and he was worried that he had taught Michael to value the wrong things and he was afraid that he would mess up another kid's life. Sam said that Jason had taught Michael about loyalty and integrity in a business that was known for neither. She said Michael looked up to Jason who was a good man in a corrupt business. Sam said that Jason would make an amazing father, but she said that she would not push him. Jason admitted that he wanted to have a family with Sam.

Jason said that he went on a motorcycle ride to clear his head the night that Brandon had died. He said the ride let him forget his grief for a few moments. He said that he should have dealt with Brandon so no one else had to suffer. Sam told Jason that he was allowed to grieve. Jason was hurting and feared that he would do something that he could not take back.

Sonny called Dante to his home and urged him to destroy the phone video evidence against Michael. Dante told Sonny that he never learned. He said that the last time Sonny had tried to cover up a crime it had resulted in a prison sentence for Michael. Sonny said he did not want to see Michael go back to prison. Dante said he did not want Michael to go back to prison either, but he would not sacrifice his badge. He asked Sonny if he even card if Michael was innocent. Sonny said that in Michael's place he would have killed Brandon. Dante said that he thought that Michael was innocent and would prove it.

Sonny said that while Dante looked for the real killer the DA would use the video to railroad Michael. He begged Dante to destroy the evidence. When Dante refused again, Sonny asked why he would cover up for Brenda and not Michael. Dante said that his actions had caused a world of grief for Brenda. He said he had promised himself that he would never compromise his badge again. When Sonny said that Dante's badge was more important than his brother, Dante told Sonny to stop trying to cover up because his actions would only make things worse.

At Abby's apartment, Ronnie taunted Michael as he served an arrest warrant. Both Michael and Abby were surprised when Ronnie arrested her instead of Michael. Michael insisted that Abby was innocent and told Ronnie that he would regret his actions. Ronnie was neither kind nor gentle as he arrested Abby, handcuffed her and read her rights. He told Michael to get out of the way as he left the apartment with Abby. Alone, Michael crushed the warrant, shouted angrily and left the apartment.

Lucky and Maxie ran into each other at Kelly's. Maxie hinted that Lucky was about to have something good happen in his life. She told him that when something bad happened in life, the universe rewarded you with something better. Lucky laughed and Maxie was glad. She told him that after her sister's death she never thought that she would laugh again, but Spinelli had said something that tickled her funny bone and laughter had burst out of her.

When Liz got to Kelly's, she worried that Maxie had spilled the beans about Aiden's paternity. Maxie said she was leaving because Lucky and Liz needed to talk. Lucky said that Maxie made him smile even when he did not know what she was talking about. Liz was relieved and said it was good to see him smile, no matter the circumstances.

When Liz said the needed to talk, Lucky said that they needed to talk about Siobhan. He said that he did not want her to leave and the only way to keep her in the country was to go through with their green card marriage. Liz was ashamed of her reaction the first time that Lucky had said that he was going to marry Siobhan. Liz said that if she had let the kids go to the wedding as Lucky wanted, Jake would still be alive. Lucky told her not to blame herself, because it was an accident and they could both think of things that they could have done differently.

Liz said that it meant a lot to her that Lucky cared about what she thought and was asking her permission. Lucky said that just because they were no longer together did not mean that he did not care for her. Lucky told Liz that he would always care for her. They reminisced about all the good times they had shared in Kelly's with Nikolas and Emily. Liz told Lucky that she was sorry for all the pain he was in and that if he wanted to marry Siobhan and it would make him happy, then he should do it. Liz told Lucky that all she wanted was to see him happy again.

Luke was in his office on the Haunted Star when Siobhan popped in. He was very drunk and Siobhan told him that he seemed determined to disappear into the bottle and get so drunk that he could forget what he had done. She said she could speak her mind because she was being deported. Luke said that the last thing Lucky needed was for her to go away. She said that the same went for Luke. Luke told her to take Lucky to Ireland with her and help him break completely with the past.

Later, after Luke left the Haunted Star, Nikolas arrived and found Siobhan cleaning up the mess that Luke left behind. He wanted to know why she had called him. Siobhan said that she was being deported and she did not want to leave Lucky alone. She asked Nikolas to try to intercede with Luke and help him see reason and repair his relationship with Lucky.

Luke lurched over to Jason's penthouse and started pounding on the door. When Sam answered, an obviously inebriated Luke demanded to see Jason. When Sam said Jason had been called away, Luke told Sam to give Jason a message. He told her that Jason could take his self-righteous attitude and shove it. He wanted to know how Jason could harbor any parental outrage. Luke said that Jason was a coward who had no rights. Luke told Sam that if Jason wanted to avenge his kid's death he could find Luke waiting in his office on the Haunted Star.

At the Port Charles Police Department, Ronnie continued his abrasive treatment of Michael and Abby. When Jason arrived in response to Michael's call, Ronnie derided Michael for calling his "hit man uncle" instead of a lawyer. Abby told Ronnie to quit pushing Michael and book her. When Ronnie made another sarcastic comment, Michael lunged for him, but Jason restrained him before he could make contact. Jason took Michael to another part of the squad room and told him to keep it together as Ronnie looked on with a smug smirk on his face.

Jason told Michael that Diane was in court and would be there soon. Michael said that Abby did not belong in lock up. Jason said that there was not much that could be done until Abby was arraigned. Michael wanted Jason to use his leverage to see that Abby did not go to jail.

Dante approached Ronnie and wanted to know what was going on. Ronnie told Dante to get Michael to leave. He said that Michael had already lost his temper once and that if Michael got in his face again he would bust him. Dante took Ronnie aside and asked about the evidence. Ronnie said it did not turn out the way he wanted it to because he had been hoping to pin the crime on Jason.

Nikolas was waiting when Luke returned to the Haunted Star. Luke said that Siobhan must have cleaned up because he could not imagine Nikolas doing it. Nikolas said Luke was correct and that he was there because of Siobhan who thought Nikolas could help. Luke laughed and said that she obviously did not know the history between the Cassadines and the Spencers. Nikolas told Luke to stop wallowing in his own pain and step up. He told Luke that he was being selfish and not helping anyone. After Nikolas left him alone, Luke took a gun out of his desk, removed the bullets and laid it on his desk.

Kristina went to see Sonny and voiced surprise that he had asked her over. He said that she had misinterpreted Brenda when Brenda said that she did not want to overwhelm Lucian with a lot of visitors. He said Brenda was a new mother and very overprotective. Kristina said that she had seen the same thing happen to many of the kids at her school. The dad remarried a perfectly nice woman who wanted to keep him to herself, so the kids became visitors in their dad's home.

Sonny said that his kids would never be visitors in his home. He said that they would never have two separate families. He said his kids were his heart and he would never be separated from his heart. Sonny told Kristina that he loved her and nothing would ever change that. Kristina told Sonny that she loved him too and kissed him on the cheek. They laughed and hugged.

After Kristina left, Sam walked in while Sonny was on the phone telling one of his henchmen to warn the Trujillos that if they sided with Johnny they would suffer the consequences. Sam told Sonny about her conversation with Luke and asked him to intercede. She said that Luke was drunk and out of control and that if he kept pushing Jason, Jason would push back. Sonny said that guilt was making Luke self-destruct.

Maxie went to Liz's house to find if she had told Lucky that he was Aiden's father. Liz said she could not spoil Lucky's happiness over Siobhan, who Maxie called the "rebound girl." Liz said that Lucky really cared about Siobhan and she did not want to wreck his plans. Maxie said that family was everything to Lucky and that he would drop Siobhan as soon as he found out that he was Aiden's father. As Liz responded that she did not want to use Aiden to hold on to Lucky, Nikolas walked in.

Back at the PCPC, Abby told Michael to go home because nothing could be done until she was arraigned. Michael said that he did not want her to be put in jail. She said it had been much worse the time that all the strippers from the club had been arrested and she had been in costume. Michael said it was not fair because Ronnie knew she was innocent and was just trying to force Jason's hand. Jason agreed with Michael that Ronnie was trying to provoke Michael so that Jason would confess to keep Michael from going back to prison.

Abby said that if that was Ronnie's plan, then Michael could foil it by not playing into it. She told Michael to stay calm and not give Ronnie the satisfaction. Michael said he hated to see Abby hurt because of him. Abby said that it was not his fault. She said that Brandon had been in her life long before Michael. Dante left Ronnie in the interrogation room and took Michael and Jason aside. When Michael asked why Ronnie had arrested Abby, Dante said that an eyewitness had identified Abby as the person who shot Brandon.

Michael got irate and insisted that the witness was lying. When Dante said that he thought Abby was guilty, Michael decked him and started shouting that Dante was railroading Abby to get back at Sonny and Jason. Ronnie wanted to arrest Michael for assaulting a police officer, but Dante said it was a disagreement between brothers and encouraged Jason to get Michael out of the police station. Michael evaded Jason and would not leave. Instead he said that there was no way anyone could have seen Abby shoot Brandon and then confessed that he was the one who had shot Brandon.

Lucky went to the penthouse to see Sam. She told him that Luke was trying to goad Jason into killing him. She said that in Jason's state of mind, Luke would not have to try very hard.

Luke was surprised when Sonny, not Jason showed up on the Haunted Star. Sonny said that he thought Luke needed a friend. Luke offered Sonny a drink, but Sonny declined. Sonny picked up Luke's gun and commented that it felt light. He asked Luke if he was waiting for Jason. Sonny wondered if Luke planned to point an empty gun at Jason and give Jason an excuse to kill Luke.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

At Liz's house, Maxie stood watch as Liz tried to muster up the courage to tell Nikolas the truth about Aiden's paternity. Nikolas sensed Liz's hesitation, so he reminded her that she could tell him anything. Maxie reminded Liz that Nikolas deserved to know the truth. Liz admitted that it had to do with Lucky, but then lost her nerve by asking if Nikolas had heard that Lucky and Siobhan planned to marry. Nikolas was surprised because Siobhan had told him that she intended to return to Ireland. Maxie immediately advised Liz take "decisive action" by telling Lucky the truth, since Liz and Lucky shared so much already.

Nikolas assumed that Maxie was urging Liz to try to win Lucky back, so he wondered why Liz and Lucky's relationship concerned Maxie. Maxie explained that, unlike the Cassadines, she didn't believe in holding a grudge forever. Maxie admitted that she was grateful to Liz and Lucky for donating Jake's organs. Maxie realized that losing a sister wasn't the same as losing a child, but Maxie could appreciate the pain that Liz was going through. Maxie confessed that she had finally realized how much Liz and Lucky loved each other, so she wanted to help them reconcile, since she had helped to break them up. Nikolas agreed that Liz should tell Lucky the truth about her feelings, but Liz insisted that Lucky had made his choice.

Maxie cryptically reminded Liz that Liz knew exactly what to say to Lucky to make him reconsider marrying Siobhan. Liz argued that Siobhan made Lucky happy, but Maxie insisted that Liz could make Lucky happier. Nikolas suggested that they should respect Liz and Lucky to make the right choices. Maxie looked pointedly at Liz and then admitted that she didn't see that happening unless everyone knew the truth. Liz insisted that Lucky couldn't always be her hero, so she refused to stand in the way if Lucky wanted to marry Siobhan.

After Nikolas left, Maxie tried to persuade Liz to change her mind, but Liz didn't want to destroy Lucky and Nikolas' relationship. Maxie was confident that Lucky and Nikolas would eventually get over it. However, Maxie was curious why Lucky's relationship with Nikolas was more important than Lucky's relationship with Aiden. Liz confessed that she couldn't handle being responsible for Lucky suffering another loss. Maxie realized that Liz was blaming herself for Jake's death and therefore believed that she didn't deserve Lucky. Maxie gently warned Liz that the worst thing that Liz could do was to let Lucky slip away.

At the police station, Jason tried to get Michael to leave, but Michael was determined to confess to killing Brandon. Michael insisted that Abby had nothing to do with the murder, but neither Ronnie nor Dante believed Michael's confession. However, Ronnie was ready to accept it if Jason didn't step forward to take responsibility for the crime. Jason decided to wait for Diane's arrival, which didn't surprise Ronnie. Meanwhile, Abby pleaded with Michael to retract his confession. She explained that Michael didn't have to lie for her because she hadn't killled Brandon.

Dante revealed that a regular at the club had witnessed Abby shoot Brandon. Michael couldn't believe that a patron of a strip club was considered a reliable witness. Dante assured Abby that a judge would be lenient with her because of her history with Brandon. Jason made another effort to persuade Michael to leave, but Michael refused to budge. Abby was booked and then led to the interrogation room.

Michael demanded to see Abby a short time later, but Jason thought that it would be best if Jason talked to Abby first. Michael agreed, but Dante pointed out that Jason and Michael didn't have any legal right to see Abby since neither was an attorney. Michael played the brother card in an attempt to change Dante's mind. Dante was curious where that brotherly bond had been when Michael had punched him. "Please," Michael pleaded. Dante relented, much to Ronnie's disapproval.

Moments later, Jason entered the interrogation room. Abby begged Jason to get Michael out of the police station. Jason explained that he couldn't help Michael unless Abby was straight about Brandon's murder. Jason acknowledged that Brandon had deserved to die, so Jason didn't judge Abby if she had ended Brandon's life. Abby assured Jason that she'd had nothing to do with Brandon's murder; however, she was ready to confess to keep Michael out of jail.

Abby explained that Michael had given her back her life, so she was willing to take her chances with the battered woman defense. Jason warned Abby that her attempt to help Michael by confessing would backfire because Michael needed her. Abby was filled with remorse for dragging Michael into her problems with Brandon. Jason confessed that he was grateful that Abby was a part of Michael's life because Abby had made Michael stronger. Seconds later, Jason opened the door, so that Michael could see Abby.

Michael hugged Abby and then promised her that she wouldn't have to stay in jail for long. Abby admitted that she counted on Michael, and then vowed that they would get through the crisis together. After Jason and Michael left, Dante entered the interrogation room with a latte, which he handed to Abby. Dante thanked Abby for getting Michael out of the police station, but Abby just glared at Dante. Dante tried to break the ice by acknowledging that the legal system had let her down by releasing Brandon; however he was concerned about Michael. Abby admitted that she was also afraid for Michael.

Dante tried to persuade Abby to open up to him, but Abby refused to talk. Dante admitted that he feared that Abby might have told Jason something that would prompt Jason to cover up the truth about Brandon's murder. Dante warned her that it would just make things worse for Michael. Abby made it clear that she didn't trust Dante, so Dante explained that he just wanted to help Michael. Abby denied any involvement in Brandon's murder and then suggested that she had been set up. Dante wondered who would want to frame her for murder.

At Jason's penthouse, Sam confessed that she was afraid that Luke would do something that he couldn't take back. Lucky suspected that had been Luke's intention. Sam assured Lucky that Luke hadn't threatened her directly, but it was clear to her that Luke had been trying to provoke Jason through her. Sam warned Lucky that Jason was on the edge, so it wouldn't take much to push Jason. Sam thought that it would be best to keep Jason and Luke far apart from each other. Lucky agreed and then asked where Jason was.

Sam revealed that Jason had gone to the police station because Abby had been arrested for Brandon's murder. Lucky decided to deal with Luke, so Sam offered to help. Lucky asked Sam not to tell Jason about Luke's visit, but Sam reminded Lucky that she didn't keep secrets from Jason. Lucky wondered if she could stall Jason, to give Lucky the opportunity to pull things together to help Luke. Sam was curious what Lucky intended to do. Lucky had no idea, but he intended to start with some phone calls.

Sam assured Lucky that she would tell Jason that Luke hadn't scared her. However, she feared that Jason might not be able to forgive Luke for killing Jake. Lucky didn't think that Jason should have to forgive Luke, but Lucky couldn't turn his back on his father. Later, Lucky stopped short when he spotted Jake's favorite toy on the mantel seconds before Sam returned to the living room to find out if Lucky had any success locating Luke. Lucky looked away from the toy motorcycle, and then admitted that Sam might have been correct in guessing that Luke had gone to the Haunted Star.

Sam was confident that Jason wouldn't act rashly against Luke, out of respect for Lucky. Lucky asked Sam to tell Jason that he was sorry. Lucky explained that he was through pretending that Luke didn't have a problem. Shortly after Lucky left, Jason and Michael entered the penthouse. Sam was stunned to learn that Abby would have to spend the night in lockup. Sam offered to have Spinelli hack into the police department's computer system to get the name of the witness, so that they could access the man's bank records to see if there were any unexplained large deposits.

Michael thought it was a great idea. Sam reminded Jason that witnesses weren't always reliable. Michael argued that the witness had lied. "Not necessarily," Jason replied. Jason suggested that the witness might have told the truth as he had seen it, which made Jason wonder who would benefit from framing Abby.

Johnny returned to his penthouse to find Anthony working on the laptop. Anthony was excited to have discovered an online garden planner, which Anthony intended to use to design a garden for the deck. Johnny glanced at Anthony's plans and then scowled when he saw that Anthony wanted to put rose bushes everywhere. Johnny revealed that he detested roses, but Anthony didn't care because Anthony had ordered twenty rose bushes. Johnny snapped the laptop closed and then demanded to know why Anthony had set up Abby. Anthony feigned innocence as Johnny warned his father that Anthony was drawing attention to them when they couldn't afford it.

Anthony advised Johnny to let events unfold, but Johnny informed his father that Anthony wasn't the only person with plans. Anthony smiled as he confessed that he looked forward to their future. Things quickly turned ugly when Anthony began to talk about Claudia. Johnny grabbed Anthony's shirtfront, which made Anthony smile. Anthony admitted that he loved seeing that side of Johnny because it reminded Anthony of himself.

Johnny released his father and then warned Anthony to stay away from Michael. Anthony insisted that Johnny couldn't compete with Michael's loyalty to Sonny and Jason. Johnny revealed that all he had to do was make it appear that Michael was in charge of his own destiny. Anthony wanted to do things his own way because he had ended up in jail the last time that Johnny had called the shots. Johnny blamed Anthony for going too far, which had led to the conviction. Anthony trusted Johnny's instincts, but they needed Michael as leverage, so they had to be able to control Michael completely.

Anthony was ready to make that happen. Johnny didn't think that Anthony appreciated how far Jason would go to protect Michael. Anthony was unconcerned because control of Michael made them "bulletproof." Anthony revealed that once control of Michael was secured, they could begin the real project. Johnny was curious what the real project was. "Not to worry, but once we find an opening, all hell is going to break loose," Anthony vowed.

At the Haunted Star Sonny tried to persuade Luke to abandon the suicidal plans. Luke warned Sonny that it wasn't Sonny's call to make. Sonny knew what Luke was going through, but Luke disagreed, since Sonny had never killed a child. Sonny reminded his old friend that Sonny had been responsible for Michael being shot. Sonny recalled that he had never been able to visit Michael in the after-care facility because the guilt of seeing what he had done to Michael would have killed him. Luke argued that Jake wouldn't wake up like Michael had.

Sonny was confident that Luke would be able to get past the tragedy with time, but Luke insisted that "justice is justice." Luke had killed a child -- the same child that Jason had dumped on Lucky to raise. Sonny was curious if that was the reason that Luke wanted Jason to kill Luke. Sonny wondered if that were fair to Jason. "I don't give a crap about Jason," Luke informed Sonny. Luke couldn't understand why Jason hadn't taken Jake back after Liz and Lucky had split up. Sonny assured Luke that Jason had a lot of regrets, and that one of them would be killing Luke if it went that far.

Luke doubted that, since Luke had been responsible for killing Jake. Sonny reminded Luke of Lulu, Ethan, and Tracy. Luke was certain that they would be okay because they were survivors. Luke was confident that Jason would be able to make Luke's body disappear, so everyone would assume that Luke had left town on one of his long trips. Sonny wondered if Luke had considered that Lucky would spend the rest of his life looking for Luke. Sonny knew how Luke felt about his children. Luke confirmed that he loved them all.

Sonny refused to tell Luke how to live his life, but Sonny warned Luke that the guilt would eventually eat away at him if Luke didn't forgive himself. Luke pointed out that he was already there. Sonny admitted that he hated taking medicine for his bipolar disorder, but he did it for the sake of his children. Luke confessed that he respected Sonny more than any man that Luke had ever known; however, they were different men and fathers. Luke acknowledged that Lucky had survived a lot growing up, but he doubted that he and Lucky would be able to get past Jake's death. Luke admitted that he'd had a great life, but it was over.

Sonny went to Lucky's apartment to warn Lucky that Luke was trying to punish himself because the guilt was eating at him. Lucky confessed that he was afraid for his father. Lucky explained that his father had always been larger than life to him, so Lucky had never seen Luke as an "ordinary mortal." Sonny confided that Luke didn't want to be like Tim Spencer. Lucky insisted that Luke had been nothing like Lucky's abusive grandfather. According to Lucky, Luke had been an incredible father.

Sonny revealed that a part of Luke felt as if he had run over Lucky on that tragic night. Sonny explained that Luke believed that Lucky attributed the accident to alcohol because Lucky couldn't stand to blame Luke for killing Jake. Lucky conceded that perhaps a part of him felt that way, but the alcohol had been an issue for years. Sonny feared that Luke wouldn't be able to forgive himself. Lucky agreed because Luke wanted to drown the pain with alcohol.

Sonny confessed that watching Luke and Lucky together had made Sonny want to be a father. Sonny recalled the time that the three of them had gone camping when Lucky had made Sonny and Luke pierce Lucky's ear with a fishhook. Afterwards, they had disinfected the ear with tequila. Lucky confessed that he had always thought of Luke as strong, so he had never expected Luke's demons to take over. Sonny realized that driving under the influence was wrong, but he thought that Lucky should consider the burden that Luke had to carry around for killing Jake.

Lucky argued that Luke had been responsible for the accident because Luke had made the choice to drive after drinking alcohol. Lucky insisted that Luke was a high-functioning alcoholic, but they had all looked the other way because no one had ever imagined that Luke would mess up as badly as he had. Lucky realized that his father was in a freefall. Sonny wondered what Lucky planned to do. "I guess I'm going to try to catch him," Lucky replied. After Sonny left, Nikolas arrived.

Lucky told Nikolas about Luke's plans to provoke Jason, and then revealed that they needed to stage an intervention to get Luke into rehab before it was too late. Nikolas wondered if Lucky were prepared to cut all ties with Luke if Luke didn't get help. Lucky warned Nikolas that they might have to cut ties permanently with Luke if they didn't act quickly. Nikolas agreed to help gather the family together, but he feared that Lucky would get hurt.

Meanwhile, Luke packed a duffle bag, took a drink, and then walked out of his office.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

At Greystone Manor, Brenda invited Robin into the parlor. Brenda bragged about how smart and funny Lucian was, but Robin sensed that her friend was troubled. Brenda admitted that she'd had an ugly confrontation with Carly because Brenda had decided to take some time to let Lucian settle in before meeting his new siblings. Brenda feared that Sonny was buying into Carly's claims that Brenda was an "evil stepmother" who was determined to keep Sonny's children away from him. Brenda confessed that Sonny had been distant from Lucian, so she was concerned that Sonny might not be able to love Lucian as much as Brenda did.

Robin admitted that Carly had a way of making them doubt themselves, but advised Brenda not to buy into it. Brenda admitted that a part of her worried that Carly might be trying to force Sonny to choose between the two families. Robin assured Brenda that Sonny would never do that. Brenda had doubts because Sonny had ordered Diane to keep Brenda out of the loop in regards to Michael. Robin was curious if Brenda had talked to Sonny about it. Brenda revealed that Sonny had brushed things off by assuring her that everything had been handled.

Brenda then revealed that Sonny had explained that Carly was volatile, so Brenda should stay out of Michael's problems to keep from upsetting Carly. Robin suggested that it sounded as if Sonny wanted to please everyone, but Brenda didn't buy it. Brenda reminded Robin that Michael wasn't Sonny's biological son any more than Lucian was. Brenda didn't understand why Sonny had a soft spot for Michael, but he was closed off to Lucian. Robin didn't think that it was a matter of Sonny choosing Carly's children over Brenda's son. According to Robin, Sonny was cautious by nature, and Suzanne wasn't a trustworthy person.

Brenda argued that Suzanne could have easily taken off with Lucian instead of returning him to Brenda. Robin was curious what Sonny thought about the situation. Brenda confessed that Sonny wanted Lucian to have a DNA test to confirm Suzanne's story. Robin assured Brenda that it was easy to do, and it might be the perfect way to help Sonny get past his reservations. Brenda was certain, in her heart and soul, that Lucian was her son, so she didn't need a test to tell her what she already knew. Robin appreciated that, but she pointed out to Brenda that Sonny wasn't in the same place, so Brenda should meet Sonny halfway by having a simple blood test.

Brenda feared that nothing would change, even if a DNA test confirmed that Lucian was her son. Robin was confident that Sonny would accept Lucian because Brenda was the love of Sonny's life and his wife. Brenda agreed, so she decided to have the test. Shortly after Robin left, Suzanne arrived for a visit. Suzanne thanked Brenda for the invitation to bake cookies with Lucian. Brenda assured Suzanne that Lucian was excited.

Brenda then apologized for Sonny's skepticism and hostility. Suzanne wasn't offended because she knew that Sonny fiercely loved Brenda and therefore was protective of his wife. Suzanne realized that Sonny assumed that Suzanne had hated Brenda as much as Theo had; however, she was confident that in time, Sonny would realize that Suzanne and Theo had gone their separate ways. Suzanne's smile faded when Brenda announced her intention to have a DNA test on Lucian.

At the hospital, Patrick was furious that Lisa had asked another doctor to operate on one of her patients. Lisa reminded Patrick that he had made it clear that he wanted as little contact as possible with her, so she had consulted with a surgeon. Patrick argued that their work was separate from their personal lives. Lisa pointed out that the patient was recovering, so she hadn't done anything wrong. Patrick was forced to concede that she was right. He apologized for his outburst and then praised her for doing a good job. "Please don't," Lisa replied.

Later, Patrick caught up with Lisa at the nurses' station to continue their discussion by insisting that she had done a good job with her patient. Lisa accused Patrick of not being sincere. She insisted that their affair had cost her dearly, so she was over him. Patrick appeared skeptical, but Lisa was adamant that she had moved on.

On the Haunted Star, Tracy entered the office, looking for Luke, but found it empty. She walked to the desk, opened the drawer, and then sighed. Next, she noticed the open book on the desk with the secret compartment exposed. Nikolas entered the office just as Tracy closed the safe. Tracy revealed that Luke's passport was gone, the cigar box from the desk drawer was missing, and the money from the safe had disappeared.

Nikolas wasn't surprised. Tracy was stunned when he told her about Luke's attempt to end his life by provoking Jason. Nikolas revealed that Lucky had decided that Luke needed an intervention. Tracy thought it was a good idea, but she feared that it was too late because Luke had left town. Nikolas was certain that Luke would eventually return, but Tracy admitted that Luke didn't have a reason to do that.

Lulu and Ethan arrived at Lucky's apartment. Lucky explained that he had called because Luke was in trouble, so the family had to stage an intervention. "Absolutely not," Lulu replied. Lulu was certain that Luke would just shut down, while Ethan feared that Luke would feel as if everyone were ganging up against Luke. Lucky argued that Luke desperately needed their help, but Lulu insisted that they just had to keep Luke from bottoming out. Lucky revealed that Luke had hit rock bottom, and then told them about Luke's plan to force Jason's hand.

Lucky warned them that Luke would end up dead if something weren't done. Lulu continued to deny that Luke had a drinking problem. She insisted that Luke had been drinking a lot lately to push Lucky's buttons. Lulu believed that Lucky simply had to tell Luke that he loved him unconditionally to make Luke stop drinking. Ethan suggested that Lulu's happy scenario was faulty because she was under the impression that Luke's drinking was the problem. Ethan explained that the drinking was merely a symptom of a far greater problem, and that Jake's death had pushed Luke to the brink.

Lucky realized that it was painful to accept that Luke had a problem, but they were running out of time. Moments later, Tracy and Nikolas arrived. Lucky insisted that it was urgent that they find Luke before Luke got himself killed. Lulu hoped that Luke stayed gone; she insisted that addiction was Lucky's problem, not Luke's. Lulu declared that she would be ashamed to be a part of an intervention for their father and then stormed out. Tracy and Ethan left shortly afterwards.

Nikolas and Lucky made a few calls, but they failed to track down Luke. Lucky regretted that he had not acted sooner because he feared that it was too late to save Luke. Nikolas argued that it hadn't been up to Lucky to rescue Luke because Lucky had been grieving for Jake. Lucky tearfully confessed that he didn't want to lose his father. "I know," Nikolas quietly replied.

Lulu was out of breath and distraught as she burst into Luke's office. Tracy appeared in the doorway seconds later. Tracy attempted to make Lulu understand that Luke needed help, but Lulu refused to accept that Luke had a drinking problem. Tracy warned Lulu that they would lose Luke if he didn't get help. Lulu argued that Luke would just take off and never return if they all confronted him. "Good, then we have nothing to lose," Tracy replied.

Lulu couldn't understand why it seemed like Tracy didn't care. Tracy insisted that refusing to allow Luke to destroy himself was her way of showing that she cared about her husband. Tracy assured Lulu that admitting that Luke had a problem didn't mean that Lulu loved Luke less. Lulu cried that they couldn't just give up on Luke, but Tracy argued that they were just being honest. Lulu confessed that if she admitted that Luke was an alcoholic then she would essentially be saying that Jake had died because of Luke's negligence. Tracy explained that they would never know if Luke's drinking had affected the way that he had driven on that fateful night, but they could be certain that Luke needed their help.

At Kelly's, Ethan joined Kristina at one of the tables. Ethan confided that Luke had hit rock bottom and that Lucky wanted the family to gather for an intervention to help Luke. Ethan admitted that, to his surprise, he had agreed to go along with Lucky's plans. Kristina wondered if Ethan thought an intervention would help Luke. "No," Ethan replied. Ethan was certain that it would "crash and burn in spectacular fashion," but he didn't know what else to do.

Ethan revealed that he was uncomfortable with the notion of sitting down with people that he had only known for a couple of years to try to persuade Luke to go to rehab. Ethan wondered what she thought the odds were of success. Kristina reminded Ethan that he had helped her when she had needed it, so she believed that he could do the same for his father. Ethan told Kristina that Luke had been drinking heavily when Ethan had returned from Las Vegas after the accident. Ethan realized that Luke had a drinking problem, but he didn't have faith that the intervention would work. Kristina was curious if Ethan would have wanted his family to reach out to him if Ethan had killed Jake under the same circumstances.

Ethan admitted that he would have driven his car off of the nearest cliff. Ethan acknowledged that there had been an instant connection with Luke because they had the same jaded view of the world, and the same sense of humor. Ethan hadn't been surprised when he later learned that Luke was his father. Kristina could see how much Ethan loved Luke. Ethan confessed that he did, so he wasn't ready to lose Luke. Ethan smiled and then thanked Kristina for helping him to unscramble his thoughts. Moments later, Lucky called Ethan.

Shortly after Ethan left, Robin entered Kelly's. Robin greeted Kristina and then asked if Kristina had made a decision about babysitting Emma during the month of May. Later, Robin arrived at the hospital with two cups of coffee and good news for Patrick. Robin revealed that Kristina had agreed to watch Emma, starting that evening. Meanwhile, Lisa entered Kelly's to find Kristina studying at one of the tables.

Lisa immediately struck up a conversation about Kristina's college admissions. Kristina revealed that she was still waiting to hear from Yale. However, Kristina wasn't concerned because she had decided to go to Port Charles University or Wesleyan if Yale didn't accept her. Lisa was impressed with Kristina's great attitude. Kristina credited the herbal supplements that Lisa had given to her for helping Kristina to be calmer. Kristina was hopeful that it would also help her focus. Lisa smiled and then suggested that perhaps Kristina could return the favor one day.

Liz stepped onto her porch to find out why Luke had been standing in the spot where Jake had been hit. "You mean where I hit him," Luke corrected Liz. Liz assured Luke that it hadn't been his fault, but Luke disagreed. Luke revealed that the last time that he had been on her road, he had hit her boy and then had kept on driving because he hadn't felt anything. However, he had felt the impact of the tragedy moments earlier. Luke was certain that he would feel it for the rest of his life.

Liz assured Luke that she understood being overwhelmed with guilt, but she insisted that the tragedy had been an accident. She hoped that Luke would believe that one day. Liz urged Luke to see Lucky because Lucky was worried. Luke doubted that Lucky wanted to see him because Luke was a reminder of Jake's death. Liz pleaded with Luke not to let Lucky lose his father too.

Liz knew that Luke loved his son. "Enough to let him move on without me," Luke replied. He suggested that she should do the same. Liz revealed that Lucky had decided to marry Siobhan, and that he had essentially asked for Liz's blessing. Luke wondered if she had given it to Lucky. Liz explained that she wanted Lucky to be happy, so she was trying to convince herself that she was okay with it.

Luke warned Liz that Lucky would never let go until she did. She wondered if Luke thought that she was bad for Lucky. Luke admitted that he would be a hypocrite to judge her for the choices that she had made when he had caused her so much pain. However, Luke believed that Lucky and Liz needed a fresh start apart from each other, so perhaps she should let go. Liz assured him that she was trying to do that. Luke wished her luck and then left.

Luke entered Jake's a short time later. He ordered a bottle of scotch and then invited Siobhan to join him. Siobhan explained that she didn't normally drink while working, but she was willing to make an exception for Luke. Luke smiled as Siobhan set another glass on the bar. Luke took a drink and then wondered where Siobhan would go if she could pick any location in the world to visit. Siobhan thought about it for a moment and then revealed that she would go somewhere that she had never been.

Luke was curious why, so Siobhan explained that she liked the adventure of discovering something new. Luke smiled and then offered a toast. Afterwards, Luke and Siobhan talked about different places in the world that they had seen. Eventually, Luke told Siobhan about a time that he had been in Istanbul with Lucky when Lucky had been very young. Luke recalled that he had been on his way to fence some jewelry when he had been separated from Lucky. Luke had made his way to a park, where he had instructed Lucky to go if anything had gone wrong.

Luke had anxiously waited, in the rain, for hours for Lucky to show. Luke recalled that he had been so happy to finally see Lucky that he had hugged his son tightly. Luke recalled Lucky had begged to be released because he couldn't breathe. Luke proudly explained that it had taken Lucky seven hours to make his way across Istanbul on his own. Luke then turned the conversation back to Siobhan by asking how she had ended up trotting the globe. Siobhan admitted that she had seen too many people living with regrets, including her father, so she had decided not to live that way.

Luke was curious if she had any regrets. Siobhan admitted that she was occasionally lonely and sometimes wished that she had a sense of place and connection that others had. Luke warned her that it was overrated. He was certain that she would discover that she was living a lie if she settled for a house with a white picket fence. Siobhan accused Luke of being cynical. Luke chuckled as he explained, "A cynic is just a romantic who has seen the world, my dear."

Luke finished his drink and then excused himself. Siobhan quickly called Lucky to let him know that Luke was drinking at Jake's and talking about traveling around the world. A short time later, Luke returned to the bar. Siobhan continued to drink with Luke to keep Luke busy until Lucky arrived. Luke smiled when Ethan entered the bar. Luke invited Ethan to join them, so Ethan took the bottle of scotch and filled the glasses. Luke took a hearty gulp of his drink; within moments, Luke began to slur his words and then drift off to sleep. Lucky appeared as Luke's head hit the bar.

Ethan wasn't familiar with the rules, but he was curious if that was how an intervention began. "A Spencer Intervention," Lucky replied.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

At one of Sonny's warehouses, Luke slowly woke up to the sound of his friends and loved ones talking in hushed tones around him. Luke looked down to discover that he had been duct-tapped to a chair. A man suddenly entered the room and then explained that those close to Luke had gathered for an intervention. The man assured Luke that Luke's family and friends loved Luke. "Well, love me less," Luke snapped.

Luke demanded to know how he had ended up strapped to a chair. The question became moot when Luke recalled drinking with Ethan at Jake's -- suddenly, everything fell into place for Luke. Lucky offered to untie Luke if Luke agreed to hear them out. Luke made it clear that he didn't have any intention of cooperating, so he was left secured to the chair. Luke's eyes drifted around the room to see Carly, Sonny, Tracy, Nikolas, Lulu, Lucky, and Ethan take their seats in a circle around him. Luke was curious if they thought that there was safety in numbers.

Luke was disappointed that each of the people gathered hadn't respected him enough to talk to him individually. Tracy spoke for everyone when she assured Luke that they had tried, to no avail. Luke demanded to know who the "clown" was leading the intervention. Calvin Blaine introduced himself and then revealed that he was an interventionist. Calvin explained that the family had asked Calvin to guide them through the intervention.

Luke insisted that Calvin was wasting everyone's time because Luke refused to be "interventioned." Luke ordered Calvin to take his tough love and enlightenment and "stuff it." Calvin ignored Luke's hostility as he explained that Luke merely had to listen to what everyone had to say. Luke glared accusingly at Lucky. Calvin told Luke that the family was concerned about Luke's drinking, so they would each read a letter that they had written to Luke.

Luke angrily accused everyone of blaming alcohol for Jake's death, but he vehemently denied that he was an alcoholic. Everyone ignored Luke's outburst as Calvin invited Lulu to read her letter. Luke sensed Lulu's uncertainty. He blamed Lulu's brothers, and Tracy, for pressuring Lulu to participate in the intervention, so he assured her that it was okay not to read the letter. Lulu's eyes filled with tears as she quietly began to read.

Lulu assured Luke that she loved him, but she acknowledged that he hadn't been around for much of her childhood. Luke was startled when the restraints suddenly melted away as everyone faded from the room except for Luke and Lulu. Luke stood up, but didn't leave as he faced Lulu while she confessed that she had never been fond of ice fishing. However, she had looked forward to little trips while she was growing up because it had meant that she could spend time with Luke. Lulu insisted that she could never hate Luke because he was her father and therefore, her world.

Luke looked up to find a memory of the past playing out like a movie on the wall. In the memory, Luke and Lulu sat in Luke's car outside of a clinic. Luke offered to take Lulu to Europe if she had any doubts, but Lulu assured him that she was prepared to go through with the abortion. Lulu thanked Luke for being a wonderful and supportive father and then gently explained that she wanted to enter the clinic alone. Luke seemed surprised until Lulu revealed that it wasn't something that she felt comfortable doing with her father. Luke offered to wait in the parking lot, but Lulu assured him that she would call a cab when she was ready to go home.

The intervention continued with Lulu crediting Luke for helping her through one of the most difficult times in her life. It terrified Lulu that Luke had turned destructive and suicidal. Lulu realized, as she had prepared for the intervention, that Luke had a problem, so she urged him to get help because she needed her father in her life. Luke insisted that Lulu was wrong about him because he wasn't an alcoholic. Ethan was invited to read his letter next.

Ethan spoke of how it had felt to meet Luke for the first time and then to learn that Luke was his father. Ethan admitted that he had never considered Luke's drinking to be a problem until recently, when it had become clear to Ethan that the alcohol controlled Luke, not the other way around. Luke angrily accused Ethan of conning everyone and then began to berate Ethan until Sonny spoke up. Sonny realized that it wasn't his turn to speak, but he couldn't understand how someone like Luke, who would do anything to save a person, couldn't save himself. Sonny considered Luke a close friend, whom he deeply respected.

The room transformed, so that Luke and Sonny were seated at a table as if they were in Pozzulo's, chatting like two old friends over a cup of coffee. Sonny confessed that he had always admired Luke because Luke had managed to balance fatherhood and friendship. Luke saw his camping trip with Lucky and Sonny play out on the wall. Luke smiled as he watched Sonny hand him a bag of ice to numb Lucky's ear before Luke pierced it with a fishhook. Sonny admitted that seeing Luke and Lucky had made Sonny want to be a father. Sonny considered Luke to be a man of principal and integrity, so he pleaded with Luke not to let the disease get the best of him.

Calvin invited Nikolas to speak next. Nikolas recalled the time that Luke had saved Nikolas' life after Nikolas had been shot in the neck. Nikolas remembered how Luke had assured him that Nikolas would be fine and then had stayed with Nikolas when the ambulance had rushed Nikolas to the hospital. Nikolas admitted that it had been the first glimpse that Nikolas had of the man that Luke truly was. Nikolas appreciated Luke's wisdom and ability to accept people as they were, but he insisted that the alcohol was robbing Luke of that ability.

Next, Carly was given the opportunity to read her letter. She assured her uncle that she wouldn't get all sentimental on him because she knew that he hated it, and it wasn't really her style. Carly accused Luke of being an alcoholic who was in denial about his addiction. According to Carly, the drinking had kept Luke from showing up when it mattered, and numbed Luke to the point where Luke no longer cared. Carly loved Luke, but she was certain that he would end up lost to them if he didn't seek treatment. Luke was curious what Carly would do if a bunch of well-meaning, but misguided, people asked her to prove that she loved them by giving up everything that she was.

Carly clarified that they weren't asking Luke to give up who he was; they wanted him to give up the booze. Disgusted, Luke turned his back on her, only to find himself face-to-face with Tracy. "This is really low, Wife, but you managed to prove again that you can outmaneuver me," Luke told her. Tracy warned Luke that they weren't playing games; they were trying to save his life. Tracy insisted that Luke was sick, and in desperate need of help. Calvin cautioned Tracy not to engage Luke and then instructed her to read her letter.

Luke begged Tracy not to, but she forged ahead. Tracy confessed that Luke had been an "unexpected miracle." She loved loving him and had learned how to love because of him. Tracy explained that love was a meeting of the minds, recognition of the spirits, and a conversation between two hearts that required appreciation and acceptance. Tracy admitted that she didn't accept his disease, but she took full responsibility for her role as his enabler. Luke hated hearing Tracy use buzzwords.

Tracy ignored Luke's complaint as she conceded that their marriage had started out as a drunken escapade. She confessed that a part of her had feared that Luke couldn't love her unless he was drunk. However, she had realized the depth of his feelings when Luke had shown up to rescue Tracy after Helena had kidnapped her. Tracy acknowledged that she had been at her worst. Luke looked up to see the memory of his heartfelt declaration of love for Tracy, during their captivity, play out on the wall.

Tracy explained that it had been important to her that Luke be sober for their second wedding because of her fears and the circumstances of their first wedding. Tracy insisted that she would expect him to get treatment if he had cancer, so she expected him to get help for his drinking. Luke reminded Tracy that he had been sober when he had married her, and that his intentions had been pure. However, he didn't believe that she could say the same because it was clear to him that she couldn't accept him as he was. Luke vowed that he would never change, even for Tracy.

Luke turned to face Lucky. "Your turn, Cowboy," Luke told his son. Luke tried to push Lucky's buttons by asking Lucky to make it quick because Luke was thirsty. Lucky's eyes filled with tears as he warned Luke that he intended to start off with a word that Luke hated: hero. Lucky confessed that Luke had become Lucky's hero the day that Lucky was born.

Lucky credited Luke with teaching him how to survive and to think on his feet. Lucky insisted that Luke had been the best dad that a kid could ever ask for. Lucky confessed that he had risked everything by arranging the intervention because he realized that Luke would be furious and feel judged. However, Lucky assured his father that he hadn't lost faith in Luke. Lucky's fondest memory was shortly after Lucky and Luke had mended their relationship following their first big rift. Luke's eyes filled with tears as a poignant memory of Luke and a teenaged Lucky played out on the wall.

In the memory, Luke confessed that he had never seen himself as father material and that he had been reluctant to perpetuate the misery and mistakes that had been passed down to him. However, Luke felt blessed to be credited for helping to shape a man like Lucky, whom Luke held in the highest regards. Luke realized that he might be taller than Lucky, but Lucky was Luke's hero. Luke returned his focus to Lucky as Lucky admitted that he knew exactly what Luke was going through. Lucky realized that Luke felt rage and suffocated.

Lucky acknowledged his own struggle with addiction to pills and alcohol. Lucky clarified that the substance didn't matter because it was still the same disease. Lucky insisted that Luke had to see the truth when Luke would rather drink alone in the casino instead of spending Christmas with the family. "It's got you, man. Wake up, Dad," Lucky implored his father. Lucky realized that it was selfish of him, but he needed Luke to help him deal with Jake's death.

Lucky was desperate for Luke's wisdom and clarity. Lucky wanted the father that he had grown up with, who would warn Lucky of the danger, not the faded and diminished version of that man. A tear slid down Luke's cheek as Lucky confessed that he didn't want to walk through the nightmare of losing his son without his father by his side. Luke promised that he would do anything for Lucky, but Luke refused to lie by admitting that he was an alcoholic. Luke was prepared to live with the knowledge that he had killed Lucky's son, so Lucky needed to accept that Luke hadn't been drunk, wasn't an alcoholic, and didn't have the disease.

Luke became emotional as he insisted that he didn't want to remain in the warehouse another minute. Calvin explained that everyone had expressed their concerns for Luke, and their desire for Luke to seek treatment. Calvin revealed that the family had made arrangements for Luke to immediately enter a facility, so Lucky, Ethan, and Lulu were prepared to drive Luke to Shadybrook for inpatient treatment. Luke was stunned that his family wanted to put him in a "rubber room." Luke was adamant that he refused to go.

Calvin assured Luke that it was Luke's decision; however, there would be consequences if Luke chose not to seek treatment. Calvin started with Nikolas. Luke turned to Nikolas as Nikolas revealed that his doors would be closed to Luke if Luke didn't go to rehab. "Ouch, that hurts," Luke sarcastically replied. Sonny explained that he wouldn't be able to be there for Luke, in any capacity, if Luke didn't get help. Carly warned Luke that Luke would not be welcomed at Metro Court, so he wouldn't enjoy the benefits of a free place to sleep, free food, and definitely no free alcohol.

Ethan vowed not to include Luke in on any of his cons. Tracy insisted that Luke would be banned from the Haunted Star, cut off from all of the funds, not be welcomed in her family's home, nor would he be invited into Tracy's bed. Lulu promised to cut off all contact with her father if Luke refused to go to Shadybrook. Lucky also vowed that Luke wouldn't be welcomed in his home or life if Luke didn't seek treatment. Calvin gave Luke another opportunity to accept the help that was being offered, but Luke refused.

Ethan stepped forward to remove the duct tape. Afterwards, Luke stood up and then slowly smoothed the lapels of his jacket. Luke hoped that they had all enjoyed their creative writing because he hadn't. Luke assured each of them that they could pat themselves on the back for trying, but they could write him off as an "unrepentant bastard" who had killed a four-year old. Lucky warned Luke that Luke had completely missed the point, but Luke didn't care.

Luke announced that there was a bottle with his name on it and then excused himself. Everyone appeared sad as they watched Luke walk out of the warehouse. In the alley, Luke took a moment to compose.

Friday, April 29, 2011

When Sonny got home to the mansion, he found Brenda having a cozy chat about motherhood with Suzanne, whom he was not happy to see. Before Sonny could ask Suzanne to leave, Brenda announced that she had decided to have a DNA test for Lucian, so she could give Sonny proof that the boy was her son and not just take Suzanne's word for it. Suzanne said it was a good idea. Sonny said that Suzanne had not protected Brenda from Theo, and he was right to be suspicious. Suzanne said that she understood.

Suzanne told the newlyweds that she would stay in Port Charles until the results of the DNA test confirmed Lucian's paternity. After that, she said that she needed to get back on the road for her charity, ASEC. She pretended to leave, but instead lurked outside and listened to Sonny and Brenda converse. Sonny said that he would not apologize for wanting to keep Brenda safe.

Brenda was convinced that she was in no danger from Suzanne, but said that for Sonny's peace of mind, she was getting the DNA test right away. Then she told Sonny that she was taking Lucian out for an ice cream treat and asked him to go along. Sonny declined and said that he had to take care of a situation with Michael. Brenda started crying and said that she was afraid that Sonny would never care for Lucian.

At Johnny's apartment, Lisa let herself in. When she heard noises in another room, she assumed it was Johnny and dropped her trench coat to reveal that she was wearing only a bra and skimpy panties underneath. Instead of Johnny, Anthony entered the room and told her not to cover up on his account. As Lisa hastily donned her coat, Anthony told her he was delighted to meet her and that her file did not do her justice. Lisa was astounded when Anthony said he kept tabs on Johnny's friends. Anthony told Lisa that she reminded him of Claudia because she was willing to lie, cheat, or steal to get what she wanted.

After Anthony finished cataloguing Lisa's actions against Robin and Patrick, Lisa denied everything. He told her that she was very inventive and lied with conviction. Anthony said that they were "simpatico." He told Lisa that when reality did not suit them, they created their own. Anthony said that it was the mark of a brilliant mind. Johnny returned to the apartment and was not pleased to see Lisa with Anthony. He quickly shepherded her out of the apartment, but not before Anthony told her she could do a lot better than Patrick; Lisa told Johnny that meeting Anthony explained a lot about him.

Alone with Johnny, Anthony said that Lisa was beautiful and lethal. He told Johnny that if Johnny did not already have her, Anthony would take her for himself. Johnny wanted to know why Anthony was so interested in Lisa. Instead of explaining, Anthony started talking about his garden and sounding crazy. Johnny said that acting crazy might work on some people but not on him. He asked Anthony what he was up to and why he was trying to distract Johnny.

Abby, Michael, Jason, and Dante arrived at Abby's apartment after the arraignment. She thanked Jason for posting bail and hiring Diane Miller to defend her. Michael got hot and insisted that Abby was innocent. Dante said that was not the point. Jason said that someone had gone to a lot of trouble to frame Abby, and when they figured out who, they could figure out how and why. Jason said he had to leave but would be back later.

Michael told Dante how much he appreciated Dante's help. Dante said if Michael was laying it on so that Dante would let his stay with Abby, he was wasting his time. Dante said up until that moment, he had not cared that Michael was staying at Abby's because that gave him time with Lulu, but since Michael's parole was at stake, Dante could not look the other way. Abby took Dante's side and told Michael they had to be careful. Dante told Michael to be home by curfew and left the couple alone. Michael and Abby shared several kisses before Abby told Michael it was time to go, and he left.

Robin and Patrick left Kristina in their home to babysit Emma. As soon as they left, Kristina got a call from a girl in her class who had just received word that she had gotten into Yale. Kristina was happy for her, but sad for herself. She immediately popped one of the "herbal supplements" that Lisa was supplying her.

At the penthouse, Maxie was all dressed up when she invited Sam to go out to Jake's with her. Sam declined because she was packing her bag to be ready for her fertility surgery the following day. Maxie was still there when Jason got home. While Sam was upstairs packing, Maxie told Jason that she was sorry for his loss and that she had some understanding of Jason's grief because she missed her sister every day. Then she asked Jason if it was too soon to have another child, especially one he might not be ready for.

Sam overheard the conversation, and when Maxie left, Sam told Jason that there was no reason for him to go to the hospital with her because it was a simple procedure that would be over in no time. Jason told Sam that he wanted to be sure that she wanted to get pregnant. He told her if it was what she wanted, he supported her, but if she was getting pregnant because he had lost Jake, she should rethink her decision. Sam insisted it was what she wanted.

At Jake's, Coleman confided in Matt that he was out in the cold with Kate. He wanted to know Matt's secret with Maxie. Matt said that communication was the key. He said he was honest with Maxie and had no problem calling her out. He said she was gorgeous and intelligent, and he thought of her as his equal. Maxie arrived and gave him a big kiss. Patrick and Robin followed. As they all chatted, Maxie said it was great that they were all happy at the same time.

Alone with Robin, Maxie confided that Matt was very supportive and had helped her with a big problem with no questions asked. Patrick and Matt joined them with a pitcher. As Robin and Patrick competed at darts, he told her how happy he was that their lives were back on track. As they hugged, Patrick got a call from the hospital and had to leave.

Sonny went to Abby's to see Michael, but he had left for Dante's loft. Sonny said that he knew Abby loved Michael, and he would do everything he could to help her out. She said that she appreciated everything. Sonny said that he liked her, but it would be best for Michael if she stayed away from him until the real killer was found. Abby said that Carly had said the same thing to her, but that Michael had refused to stay away from her.

Sonny said that Abby could influence Michael. Abby said that her relationship with Michael was based on honesty, and she would not lie to him. Sonny got the last word when he said okay, but that Michael was his son and he would protect Michael at any cost. Sonny hurriedly exited the apartment.

Kristina opened Robin's front door and was surprised that Lisa had responded so quickly to the text message she had just left asking for more pills. Lisa said she was passing by and that since the pills were difficult to get and had to be special ordered, she would let Kristina have her extra bottle. Kristina immediately downed two of the pills. Lisa was very sympathetic to Kristina's story about the friend who had gotten into Yale. As she talked, Kristina grew very drowsy. She wanted to make coffee, but Lisa encouraged her to take a nap while she watched over Emma. When Kristina fell asleep, Lisa was smirking as she crept into the bedroom area.

Patrick finished up at the hospital. He left a message on Robin's phone, telling her that he was heading home to see Emma and pay Kristina.

Robin met up with Brenda and Lucian at Kelly's. Brenda was full of stories about her adventures with Lucian, who was playing near the front door. When Brenda looked again, Lucian had disappeared.

Sonny called Dante to the house and found out that they agreed that Michael should stop seeing Abby until the real murderer was found. Sonny also called Michael to the house. Michael told Sonny how much Abby appreciated his help. Sonny told Michael to stop seeing Abby and not to do anything stupid, like making a false confession.

Jason went to Abby's. She told him about Sonny's visit. Jason said that Sonny was trying to protect Michael, but that it did Michael no good if he was not allowed to make his own choices. Jason said that they had to figure out who was framing Abby and why. Abby said that the witness against her was one of the nicer customers at the strip club, and she could not imagine that he would deliberately lie about her.

Jason probed Abby's memories about the times that she and Michael had met with Johnny. Abby remembered that Johnny had refused money when Michael had tried to pay off her debt and had said that it was always nice to have a Corinthos owe him one.

Jason went to see Johnny and wanted to know the name of the woman who had impersonated Abby and shot Brandon. Anthony eavesdropped as Jason accused Johnny of framing Abby to get back at Sonny through Michael. Jason said that after all that Claudia and Johnny had done to hurt Michael, Johnny owed Michael better treatment than framing his girlfriend.

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