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Zahra Amir
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Actor History
Maysoon Zayid
June 21, 2019 to present (recurring)


Other Names

None known



Resides At

Port Charles, New York

Marital Status


Past Marriages

None known


None known


None known

Flings & Affairs

None known

Crimes Committed

None known

Health and Vitals

Born with cerebral palsy

Brief Character History

On June 21, 2019, attorney Diane Miller bumped into fellow attorney Zahra Amir in the Port Charles courthouse. Zahra had an impressive reputation as a family court attorney, so Diane correctly guessed that Zahra was there to represent cult leader David "Shiloh" Archer in his bid to have the adoption records of Diane's client unsealed. Shiloh believed that Willow Tate had secretly given birth to his son then had given the newborn to Lucas Jones and Brad Cooper in a sealed adoption.

Zahra greeted Diane, and she acknowledged that Diane also had a sterling reputation -- as a criminal attorney. Diane explained that she occasionally made exceptions. Zahra conceded that Diane was qualified to represent Willow because Diane's primary client -- mobster Sonny Corinthos -- had had several custody disputes over the years with the mothers of his children. After the two women exchanged pleasantries, they entered the courtroom.

Unfortunately, Diane's client was late for court, which had annoyed the judge. Zahra seized the opportunity to successfully persuade the judge to unseal the adoption records because Shiloh had uncovered medical evidence that Willow had given birth to a baby boy. Diane strongly objected, but the judge ruled in Shiloh's favor. By this time, Willow had arrived for the hearing, but she refused to comply with the judge's order for her to turn over all records pertaining to her child's adoption. Diane backed her client up, prompting the judge to throw both women in jail until they cooperated.

After court was dismissed, Shiloh suggested that Zahra donate her fee to Dawn of Day, but she made it clear that it was not an option. Her fee was a guarantee of her expertise and effort. She reminded him that they would still need to return to court to prove that the child that Willow had given birth to was in fact his son. Shiloh resented being questioned and treated like a criminal, and he ranted about the injustice of being denied his son. Zahra cautioned her client not to take revenge against Willow because it would backfire on him.

Shiloh calmed down, and he resorted to his cult philosophy as he assured her that he only had the best intentions for his son. Zahra wasn't impressed with his DOD spiel, so she advised him to get real because the judge would see through his act.

On July 5, Zahra met with her client at Metro Court Restaurant when they were approached by Sonny Corinthos. Sonny offered to pay Zahra double what Shiloh was paying her if she agreed to drop Shiloh as a client and represent Sonny in a custody dispute with the mother of his youngest daughter. Zahra declined, but Sonny gave her his card if she changed her mind. Shiloh was relieved, but Zahra questioned Shiloh's intentions. She wondered if the custody case was about claiming his son or getting Willow back. Shiloh admitted that he wanted both.

Shiloh produced a plastic bag that contained a cloth that had belonged to Wiley Cooper-Jones. Shiloh was certain that a DNA test would confirm that he was indeed Wiley's biological child. Zahra explained that the DNA test would only prompt the judge to order a second DNA test, and that there were laws in place to protect Willow that Diane would use against Shiloh, but he was undeterred.

Moments later, Kristina Corinthos-Davis marched up to confront the diabolical cult leader. Kristina questioned if representing a man like Shiloh was worth Zahra losing her self-respect, but Zahra didn't have an opportunity to reply as Kristina plowed ahead by insisting that Shiloh didn't deserve to be a father because he belonged in prison. Shiloh reminded Kristina that the sexual assault charges against had been dropped, but she countered that they could be re-filed.

After Kristina left, Zahra warned Shiloh that Kristina would make a compelling witness against him. A few days later, Shiloh was arrested for a slew of crimes including murder. The judge dismissed Shiloh's case against Willow when he learned of Shiloh's arrest.

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