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Chase and Brook Lynn were married. Brennan took steps to frame a fellow inmate for stabbing him in prison. Sonny turned violent and threatened to kill Dex. Jason and Spinelli had a heartwarming reunion. Nina and Ava reached an uneasy truce. Valentin learned that someone had been asking questions about Sonny's medication. Trina learned that Heather's case might be reopened, thanks to Laura.
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Chase and Brook Lynn were married. Sonny threatened to kill Dex. Nina and Ava reached a truce. Valentin learned someone had been asking questions about Sonny's medication.
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Anna confronts Carly about tipping off Brennan

Anna confronts Carly about tipping off Brennan

Monday, May 13, 2024

In the Quartermaine stables, Tracy returned from a ride and checked her watch. Cody was curious if she was expecting someone. She confirmed that she was, but she realized that she might have been stood up. Just then, Gregory entered and apologized for being late. He explained that Yuri had picked him up, so he'd asked Yuri to drive him around the lake to watch the sunset while they had listened to classical music. Gregory was certain that Tracy would have enjoyed it, and he admitted that he would have enjoyed it more if she had been with him. Flustered, Tracy told him that she'd gotten a glimpse of the sunset during her ride.

Cody suggested that Gregory and Tracy saddle up and enjoy the last of the sunset. Tracy looked shocked at Cody's insensitivity, but Gregory politely declined. Cody shared a story from his youth of when he had hoped to impress a girl only to fall flat on his face. However, the next morning, the young girl had sat next to Cody on the bus. "You may fall flat on your face, but ya never know," Cody added. After Cody left, Gregory admitted that he wished everyone would treat him as kindly as Cody had.

Tracy invited Gregory to join her for dinner, but he insisted that she go to the rehearsal dinner at Coney Island in his stead so that he would know where to stand and what to do during the ceremony. He reminded Tracy of their agreement that she would step in for him if he was unable to officiate the wedding, but she cut him off and told him that it was meant to be. "Only death and taxes are meant to be," Gregory said. He pulled out an envelope with the notes for the ceremony, but she was certain that he would be perfectly capable of marrying Chase and Brook Lynn. "All the while being the most attractive man in the room," she added. Flattered, Gregory slid the envelope back into his pocket.

Satisfied, Tracy asked if Gregory knew the dress code for Coney Island. "Think mermaid," he said with a smile. Tracy was slightly horrified.

In the Quartermaine kitchen, Sasha perused recipes as Michael walked in. She smiled and asked if he had a special request, but he assured her that he would grab a bite to eat at the gatehouse. He told Sasha that she'd been doing a wonderful job, and everyone had had rave reviews, including the children. Sasha was delighted, but the conversation took a serious turn when Michael admitted that he'd been surprised that she'd taken the job as the family's cook. "Because I used to be a glamorous spokesmodel?" she asked in a playful tone. "Well, because of you and me," he explained.

Michael felt responsible that Sasha had to take a job as their cook because he hadn't thought of a "golden parachute" deal when he'd negotiated her contract with Deception. Sasha clarified that it had been her decision to walk away and that selling the shares had been a loss that she'd been willing to take for her own peace of mind. Sasha pointed out that -- thanks to Gladys stealing her money -- she'd already had practice at living frugally. Michael assured her that he or Sonny would have been happy to lend her money until she could find a suitable job, but Sasha warned him that she wouldn't have accepted.

Sasha promised that she had the job she wanted, and she loved cooking and living in a home with people she knew and trusted. "Trust? I wouldn't go that far," Michael cautioned her with a smile. However, Sasha didn't return it because she realized that she should have talked to Michael and Willow before accepting the position. Sasha worried that she might have put Willow in an awkward position, especially since Sasha had once shown up at the gatehouse "hopped up on pills." Sasha conceded that Willow might be justified in having concerns about Sasha around the children, but Michael promised that he and Willow understood her relapse had been a result of sabotage.

Sasha was relieved. Michael acknowledged that he and Sasha had history, but they were on good terms. "Right?" he asked. Sasha agreed that things were good between them, and she admitted that working there wasn't a step down for her because she'd grown up without a big family, so she enjoyed cooking for everyone and contributing to their well-being. Sasha told Michael that she loved seeing how happy he was with Willow, and she said that he and Willow were inspirational. Sasha wistfully recalled that she'd had that once, too. "Maybe I will again," she added.

"Have what?" Cody asked as he walked in from the patio. Before Sasha could answer, Cody explained that he had hoped to grab some leftovers. Sasha offered to fix him a plate and walked away, giving Michael an opportunity to ask what Cody's intentions were. Cody tried to keep things light by talking about Sasha's chocolate lava cake, but Michael wasn't amused. Michael explained that Sasha had overcome a lot, and she was one of the best people that he knew, so he hoped that Cody would be good to her. "I'll be as good to her as she'll let me," Cody promised.

When Sasha returned with a hot bowl of beef stew, she noticed that Michael had left. Cody revealed that Michael had warned him to be good to her. She explained that Michael had the best of intentions, but it was not his job because she was the one who would decide what was best for her. She smiled flirtatiously as she assured him that Cody didn't need a lecture because he was already good to her.

At the Jerome Gallery, Stella helped Trina stuff envelopes with invitations. Trina felt bad because Stella had worked an eight-hour shift at the hospital. She asked if Stella would rather be at home, but Stella refused to let Trina back out of their movie date. Trina admitted that she knew what her aunt was doing, and she conceded that it had worked. Stella was pleased. Trina revealed that she had taken her aunt's advice and tried to do something meaningful to help give herself closure.

"Did it help?" Stella asked. "A bit," Trina replied. Trina explained that she was no closer to figuring out what to do with herself. Stella wished that she could wave a magic wand and make the pain go away. Instead, she offered a hug and a shoulder to lean on, which Trina readily accepted.

A short while later, Jordan stopped by the gallery. Stella and Trina were happy to see her, but Jordan confessed that she would soon be a "buzzkill" because she had some news to share. Jordan warned Stella and Trina that there might be a motion filed to reopen Heather's case. Outraged, Stella asked how it was possible, so Jordan filled Stella and Trina in about Heather's diagnosis of metallosis. "They think her artificial hip made her crazy?" Trina asked. Stella was familiar with the condition, but she insisted that Heather was a brutal killer.

"Surely that can't erase her actual crimes," Stella said. When Trina asked who would ever advocate for Heather, Jordan revealed it was Laura. Trina felt betrayed both for herself and for Spencer. Jordan empathized, but she also recognized Laura's "courage" to even consider taking the cause on. Trina asked if Laura intended to have Heather set free, so Jordan explained that she didn't know what Laura's plans were. However, Jordan promised that Laura was smart and sensitive, so they shouldn't jump to conclusions.

Jordan explained that the immediate question was where Heather belonged while the legal system sorted things out. Stella believed that Heather needed to remain in a place that was safe and secure, but she knew from her professional experience that psychiatric patients could be driven to do things they otherwise wouldn't. Trina pointed out that Heather's victims and their families had suffered, too. "What about the pain she inflicted on us?" Trina asked.

At Aurora Media, Nina paced in Drew's office as she told him that things had gone well with Willow the last few times Nina had seen her, so Nina didn't want to push things or have Willow think they were handling her. Drew advised Nina to calm down and stick to the program because he had everything well in hand. Moments later, Willow entered, eager to talk to Drew about the new public relations program for New Tomorrow Institute, but she stopped short when she saw Nina. Drew claimed that he and Nina had been wrapping up a meeting, so he assured Nina that he would pass along her concerns about the new accounting system to their software engineers.

Willow offered to step into the waiting area, but Drew assured her that it wasn't necessary. Drew explained to Nina that Willow had been preparing for her first public service announcement. Nina smiled with pride as she sang both Aurora Media and Willow's praises for working with the nonprofit. Nina started to leave, but Drew asked her to stay and listen to Willow's practice pitch because he believed that Nina could offer valuable pointers, since she had experience with ad campaigns. Willow was initially reluctant, but with a little prodding, she agreed to let Nina sit in.

Drew used his phone to record as Willow read from her script. When she was finished, Drew praised Willow, but Nina seemed quiet. Willow invited Nina to speak her mind, so Nina explained that Willow was living proof that cancer didn't have to be a death sentence. Nina added that Willow was a success story, and one that people aspired to because Willow had a healthy, happy, and fulfilling life. "Show that," Nina said. "So, in other words, it's totally okay to smile a little," Willow said with a smile.

Nina laughed softly. "You got this," Nina said. "Thank you," Willow replied. After Nina left, she stopped in the hallway, exhaled, and smiled.

Meanwhile, Drew offered to ask Nina to become more involved because she might be helpful reaching their target audience. "I'm not surprised, since you and Nina planned this whole thing. Didn't you?" Willow asked. Drew seemed surprised by the accusation, but Willow assured him that she knew he had meant well by trying to patch things up between her and Nina. Drew conceded that it would be nice, but he claimed that asking Nina to sit in had been a business decision.

Drew promised that he would never do anything to hurt Willow, especially because it was a sensitive situation between her and her mother. Willow confessed that it was still a jolt to her to hear Nina referred to as her mother because she hadn't thought of Nina in those terms in a while. Drew pointed out that he had found a way to get past things and work with Nina. Willow explained that she had meant it when she had told him that his attitude toward Nina had made her rethink her own view of things; however, it was hard because she had opened herself up to Nina in the past, and it had never gone well.

"There's always a lie or manipulation, and I'm left feeling angry and foolish," Willow explained. Willow asked how many times she had to go through the same thing before she learned her lesson. Drew explained that Nina was the one who had to learn a lesson. "Maybe she has," he suggested. Drew suddenly realized that it was a bigger risk for Willow to give Nina a second chance because it was personal for her. Drew confessed that he owed Willow an apology because he had finagled the meeting and pushed things so that Nina and Willow would have a chance to interact. "I'm sorry," he said.

However, Drew assured Willow that Nina had offered good advice about the PSA. Willow agreed to consider working with Nina, but Drew noticed that Willow looked upset. Willow revealed that she had her own confession to make, but she made it clear that it had to stay between them. When he agreed, she admitted that she and Michael had found Jason after he'd been shot and jumped from the bridge, and she had tended to Jason's wounds. Drew didn't think that Jason should have put Willow and Michael in that position, but he promised that her secret was safe.

At Metro Court's restaurant, Trish let Carly know that Carly had a visitor. Just then, Anna appeared in the doorway. When Carly approached her, Anna cut to the chase and asked why Carly had paid Jack Brennan a visit. Carly led Anna to a quiet corner for privacy. Anna demanded to know why Carly would visit the man who had tried to abduct Carly, but Carly asked if she was required to check in with the PCPD. "Maybe...when you're talking to the former head of the WSB -- and Pikeman Security Group," Anna said. Surprised, Carly asked if that had been confirmed, but Anna wanted answers from Carly first.

Carly deflected, but Anna called her out on being evasive. Carly was curious how Anna knew about Carly's trip to Pentonville, so Anna explained that there were many eyes on Brennan. When Carly asked if that included the FBI, Anna questioned why Carly had made that assumption. Carly mentioned that she had asked Brennan about his connection to Pikeman, but Brennan had denied it. Concerned, Anna asked if Carly had told Brennan that John was investigating him.

"Yes, it's not like it was a deep, dark secret," Carly said defensively. "Yes, Carly, it was," Anna said with frustration. "Didn't you learn firsthand how law enforcement worked when you were married to the mob?" Anna asked. She asked why Carly thought it had been a good idea to tell Brennan that he was the subject of an FBI investigation. Carly explained that she had wanted to see Brennan's reaction.

"Why? Are you running an investigation of your own?" Anna asked in an exasperated tone. Carly admitted that she'd been searching for answers since first meeting Brennan. Anna explained that the FBI hadn't been aware that the former director of the WSB had been involved with Pikeman because Brennan had managed to carefully conceal it. Anna added that she'd been a threat to Brennan, so he had targeted her to keep his secrets buried.

Anna continued to question Carly about the visit with Brennan. The more that Carly revealed, the angrier Anna became. Anna accused Carly of compromising a major investigation. Unapologetic, Carly defended herself. When she mentioned John hassling Jason about Pikeman, Anna demanded to know how Carly knew that. Carly's refused to say, prompting Anna to realized that Carly had eavesdropped.

Frustrated, Anna reminded Carly that Brennan was dangerous and that he might have killed Carly if Anna and Dante hadn't intervened. Carly suggested that Anna had misread the situation. "Why don't you try to be as smart as you think you are? You stay the hell away from Jack Brennan," Anna warned Carly. After Anna stormed off, Carly called her driver to let him know that she would need a ride to Pentonville the following day. Nina walked up in time to hear the tail end of the call.

After Carly ended the call, Nina remarked that it was nice that Carly continued to visit her friends in jail. Annoyed, Carly warned Nina that she wasn't in the mood. Carly started to walk away, but Nina surprised her by apologizing. Nina conceded that she and Carly would never "hear birds or see rainbows" when their paths crossed, but it had been an unnecessary pot shot. Nina confessed that the comment had been a reflex.

Nina conceded that Carly had been right when she had warned Nina that Nina and Sonny wouldn't last. Nina regretted not listening to Carly because she might have spared herself some heartache. When Nina mentioned trying to make amends with Drew, Carly pointed out that everything had worked out for everyone because Nina was back at Crimson, and Carly had her half of the hotel back. Carly admitted that she had no desire to look back. "I'm not going that way," Carly said.

At Corinthos Coffee, Anna entered the warehouse, looking for Jason, but no one was there. "Well, you were right," Anna said quietly.

Anna and Valentin try to one-up each other for info

Anna and Valentin try to one-up each other for info

Tuesday, May 14, 2024

Jason was surprised to see Anna in his office. He immediately asked if she had spoken to Carly, and she replied, "We've got trouble." She informed him that she feared Carly would blow their operation "and get herself thrown in prison in the bargain."

Anna explained to Jason that he'd been right -- Carly had listened to his conversation with John and headed straight to Pentonville, where she'd told Brennan the FBI was looking into Pikeman. Jason felt his deal with John was blown thanks to Carly, but he would not allow Carly to go to jail. Anna had an idea -- use Carly's mistake to their advantage by figuring out how Brennan contacted his successor. She said they would see if anyone at Pentonville could help them.

Anna was also pursuing the Valentin angle but wondered if they should tell John what they were up to. Jason balked at the idea, and Anna agreed to play things close to the vest.

When Jason was finally alone, he heard a noise outside his office and was surprised to see Danny there. Danny assured Jason that Yuri had taken him there, so he was safe, but he had a message from Monica. She still had pneumonia and had to stay in bed and rest until summer, but she wanted Jason to represent her at Brook Lynn and Chase's wedding. Jason agreed to go for his mother's sake.

Valentin sat at the Metro Court bar, trying to choose the perfect bottle of wine, while he waited for Anna to arrive. He soon got a call from Clement, the pharmacist who had been messing with Sonny's medications, alerting him that Mrs. Corinthos was poking around. Valentin didn't see the big deal. A woman who had claimed to be Sonny's wife had approached the pharmacist, but she hadn't gone to the police, which Valentin saw as a good thing.

Clement described the wife as blonde and beautiful, but that was all he had. As Valentin noticed Nina across the dining room, he knew he had to figure out which beautiful blonde knew the truth. Valentin hung up and approached Nina. He made sure she had not reconciled with Sonny, but his ears perked up when Nina mentioned how Ava had wormed her way into Sonny's life and house.

Nina's next stop was the gallery, where she asked Ava not to use her to get items about the gallery printed in Crimson. Ava defended herself, but Nina demanded Ava not to go behind her back anymore. She even warned Ava that there would be payback for sneaking around and snagging Sonny from her. Ava shot right back at her, saying, "Always looking for someone to blame. You ruined your relationship all on your own."

Ava was glad to hear that Nina was finally facing that her marriage was over. Nina said she didn't want it but accepted reality. Ava then said she saw no evidence of Nina growing or changing. Nina shot back that Ava had tried to change but hadn't succeeded, either.

Nina left just after John walked in to talk to Ava about Sonny. He was curious if Sonny had received any offers from other crime families that could explain why he was being targeted. Ava claimed to know nothing, but John didn't believe her. He wanted to know if she was in love with Sonny or if she was setting him up so she could gain control of Sonny's organization. Ava claimed they were just co-parenting. John put Ava on notice. "Sonny is a person of interest for the FBI, and now, so are you," he told her.

John said he already had Ava under surveillance and knew every move she had made that day, including when she had stopped by General Hospital to talk to the chief pharmacist. Ava was immediately alarmed and ordered John to stay away from her.

Back at Metro Court, Anna arrived for her date with Valentin. He told her how beautiful she looked and how nervous he was. She apologized for keeping him waiting, then they moved on to talking about cases. Anna mentioned hiring Sonny's former employee Dex, and Valentin tried to play it cool upon hearing Sonny's name. She brought up Dex's need to redeem himself. "You can understand how powerful that is, right?" Anna said. Valentin slyly mentioned that "you've spent your entire career chasing that."

Valentin and Anna played a little game of flirty cat and mouse, talking about self-reflection and how she felt Valentin regretted his past misdeeds. He mentioned how it was almost impossible to entirely close the door on one's past. He explained that he compartmentalized. "Whatever I feel compelled to do doesn't affect the people I love the most," he said.

Alexis prepared for her law license hearing while keeping Gregory company the night of the big rehearsal dinner in Coney Island. Gregory was barely paying attention to her as he perused pictures of the event on his phone. Alexis wondered if Tracy would ride on Coney Island's famous Cyclone.

Gregory also felt that Alexis was there to babysit him on Finn's behalf. Alexis admitted that Finn was worried, but she was there of her own volition. He was her friend, and she wanted to be there for him and get his input on her case. Gregory confessed to Alexis he felt bad about bringing up the night before his wedding to Jackie. He knew giving Finn a guilt trip was a cheap shot.

Alexis tried to impart some words of wisdom, asking Gregory to show himself some grace. She then told him about times she had screwed up as a parent, including how she had reacted when Kristina had first come out. She considered it one of her worst moments as a mother. However, she had made a mistake, learned from it, and apologized.

Gregory admitted that he had thought he'd been over everything that had happened with Finn and Jackie. He had shocked even himself by bringing it up without thinking. He then changed the subject to Alexis' hearing and gave her a good luck charm to take with her.

Drew pitched his idea for the McConkey Esplanade to Jordan, likening it to the Manhattan skyline. They would take something rundown and turn it into something beautiful while rescuing Port Charles from its reputation as a haven for organized crime. Jordan reminded Drew how hard it would be to get the go-ahead to do the project, but she was hopeful she could use contacts to make it happen.

Jordan even thought she could turn the project into a mass transit one with light rails, rather than just a waterfront redevelopment deal. However, she worried that environmentalists wouldn't like the idea. She even thought they could create a ferry dock to Canada. Drew loved all of Jordan's ideas.

As Drew and Jordan talked some more, Congressman McConkey walked in and had a friendly chat with Jordan, someone he seemed to know well from her get-out-the-vote efforts during his last election. After Jordan left, the congressman asked Drew why he should "get into bed with a vindictive criminal." McConkey had done his homework and had learned that Drew had been in jail for insider trading the year before.

Drew defended his decision not to tell McConkey the truth up-front. McConkey pointed out that being convicted of a crime didn't stop anyone from being a member of the House of Representatives. The dying congressman wanted Drew to campaign to fill his seat when he resigned. Drew was taken aback because he had never thought of himself as a politician. He also wondered who would vote for a criminal. McConkey promised he would help Drew get elected. He even suggested Drew change his last name to Quartermaine.

Guests arrive for Chase and Brook Lynn's wedding

Guests arrive for Chase and Brook Lynn's wedding

Wednesday, May 15, 2024

At the Quartermaine mansion, Tracy looked lovingly at a framed photograph of her parents, Edward and Lila Quartermaine. She set the photograph down when Ned entered the room, and she asked him if the coast was clear. Ned assured his mother that Carmine and Gloria Cerullo had left for the church. Relieved, Tracy admitted that she was glad to have some time alone with Ned because she wanted to tell him that he was a wonderful father. Surprised by her heartfelt praise, Ned thanked his mother.

Ned conceded that he might not have been a perfect parent, but he had always tried. "It shows," Tracy said. She confessed that Brook Lynn's nuptials had made her think about his wedding to Lois. "I'm so sorry I wasn't there," Tracy said as her voice cracked with emotion. "It was my loss," she admitted. Ned hugged his mother, and his gaze fell on the photograph of Edward and Lila.

In an upstairs bedroom, Brook Lynn wore a red silk robe, and her hair was swept back in a half-updo. Lois' eyes shimmered with tears as she told her daughter how proud she was that Brook Lynn knew what she wanted, had waited until she had found it, and had fought to hold onto it when things had gotten rough. "Because here you are -- on the brink of forever with the man you love," she said. "Can you believe it? I'm getting married today," Brook Lynn happily exclaimed.

After Lois finished curling Brook Lynn's hair, fresh tears filled her eyes because it was the last time she'd be doing her daughter's hair. Brook Lynn smiled as she assured her mother she would still need help with her hair after she was married. Lois added a decorative clip with tiny pearls to the back of Brook Lynn's hair. She confessed that being Brook Lynn's mother had been the best thing to happen to her.

Brook Lynn dabbed at her own tears and explained that she would always need her mother. "You promise?" Lois asked. "Promise," Brook Lynn said.

After Lois stepped out, Tracy knocked and entered the room to check on Brook Lynn. Brook Lynn referred to Tracy as "Granny," so Tracy agreed to indulge Brook Lynn for the day. Brook Lynn confided to Tracy that she wasn't the least bit nervous about getting married. Tracy wasn't surprised because Brook Lynn believed in herself, her instincts, and her convictions. Tracy admitted that it was one of the things that she admired most about Brook Lynn.

Tracy explained that it had taken her a long time to find Luke, so she was happy that her granddaughter had found Chase much earlier and that he saw all of Brook Lynn. "He loves me in spite of it," Brook Lynn said. "He loves you because of it," Tracy corrected. Brook Lynn was touched, but she soon became distracted by a small jewelry box that Tracy had been holding. Tracy opened the box and pulled out a delicate bracelet, which she explained had once belonged to Lila. "And now it's yours," Tracy said as she put it on Brook Lynn's wrist.

Brook Lynn was honored by the gift. Tracy admitted that Brook Lynn was a lot like Lila because Brook Lynn saw the glass as half full. Tracy assured her that Lila hadn't avoided reality, but Lila had always been hopeful and had seen the best in others. Tracy conceded that Brook Lynn would likely continue to be a "colossal pain in the ass," but Tracy adored her. Smiling, Brook Lynn hugged Tracy.

In Finn's apartment, Violet walked around the living room, scattering flower petals from a small basket. Finn helped Chase with his tie as Elizabeth stood close, watching the brothers. Chase assured Finn that the fuss wasn't necessary because all eyes would be on his gorgeous bride. After Finn finished, Elizabeth stepped forward and adjusted Chase's tie.

A few minutes later, Elizabeth privately asked Finn how his father was doing. Finn shared that Gregory claimed to be fine, but Finn worried that his father was not physically up to the ceremony. After Finn received a text message, he suggested that Chase check on Gregory because they had to head to the church. While Elizabeth was distracted with Violet, Finn grabbed a large brown envelope off his desk and stepped into the hallway, where Ned was waiting.

After Finn returned to the apartment. Gregory went over his notes, but Finn was confident that his father would do great because Gregory had experience giving speeches. Violet announced that their ride had arrived, so Elizabeth, Finn, and Violet went to the car. Chase lingered behind with Gregory. Gregory took the opportunity to advise Chase to try to take everything in on his wedding day and to take a mental picture that Chase could keep with him forever. It was what Gregory intended to do.

Chase thanked his father for the tip and for being the best father that Chase could have asked for. Gregory insisted that Chase had made it easy, but Chase credited Gregory with surrounding him with love and support. Chase pointed out that not everyone could say that. Gregory smiled as he and Chase shared a warm hug.

In Metro Court's outdoor garden, Olivia had the restaurant transformed for Brook Lynn and Chase's wedding reception. Sonny arrived and greeted Olivia. Olivia was surprised to see him, but he revealed that he was there to pick up his date. Just then, Natalia walked up. After Sonny introduced Natalia to Olivia, he shared that Natalia was Blaze's mother. Delighted, Olivia gushed about Blaze's talent, and she insisted that Kristina and Blaze were a beautiful couple.

At All Saints Chapel, Michael, Willow, Josslyn, Dante, and Sam stood at the front of the church, while guests began to trickle in. Dante excused himself when he saw a few familiar faces from the old neighborhood.

Outside, Jordan was checking her phone when Curtis and Portia walked up. After they exchanged greetings, Jordan offered her congratulations to Curtis because she had heard the rumors about his new project with Drew. After Jordan walked away, Portia asked when Curtis and Drew planned to announce their new business venture. Curtis explained that they wanted to build up anticipation, so they would let the rumors keep flying a bit longer. Portia assured Curtis that he would do great. Nearby, Jordan watched at Curtis and Portia exchanged a tender kiss.

In the chapel's entryway, Sam spotted Kristina and Blaze. Dante soon joined them. He confessed that it was crazy to him that he'd first met Blaze when he'd tried to get her autograph for Rocco, and "now," she was dating Dante's little sister. Kristina chuckled. "Little sister who is getting bigger and bigger by the minute," she said as she patted her growing baby bump.

Sam stepped outside with Michael just as Dex arrived. Anna walked up moments later and greeted her new cadet. Sam asked both Anna and Dex to sign the guest book before finding a seat. After Anna and Dex walked away, Michael warned Sam of an approaching guest. "Patty" was a Cerullo family member, and she was quick to remind Michael that he had promised her a dance the previous evening. Michael assured Patty that he hadn't forgotten, but he quickly excused himself to find his wife.

In the front of the church, Kristina told Dante that she was happy that so many people from the old neighborhood were there. Dante suggested that it was because Kristina didn't know any of them. She explained that it was important for Sonny to see friends other than Ava. Kristina suddenly worried that Sonny might attend the wedding with Ava.

In the entryway, Josslyn saw a young man enter the church, carrying a violin case. She asked if he was there as a guest for the bride or the groom. Giovanni Palmieri introduced himself and explained that he was Brook Lynn's cousin, but he was there to perform. Josslyn took him to the front of the church so he could get set up.

Meanwhile, Anna stepped outside, where she ran into Spinelli. Spinelli confessed that he was a little nervous because Maxie had invited him as a date. Anna empathized because it could be scary for two people to rediscover each other, but she assured Spinelli that it could also be fun and exciting. Spinelli wanted Anna -- as Maxie's godmother -- to know that his intentions toward Maxie were honorable. Anna admitted that she'd never had any doubt.

In the entryway, Drew signed the guest book as Jordan walked up. When she revealed that she was flying solo, he suggested that they sit together.

At the same time, Sonny and Natalia arrived. Sonny stopped in the courtyard to let Natalia know that she looked nice. Sonny's smile vanished when he saw Dex. The two men exchanged a long look, but Dex passed by without saying a word. Natalia noticed the exchange and asked Sonny about it. Sonny explained that Dex was an ex-employee who had violated his trust. When Anna walked by, Sonny stopped her to introduce Anna to Natalia. Anna was polite, but she kept things short.

Sonny and Natalia headed to the entrance, but they ran into Kristina and Blaze. Blaze was stunned to see her mother with Sonny, so she pulled Natalia aside for a private talk. Kristina took the opportunity to question Sonny about attending the wedding with Natalia. Sonny told Kristina that it hadn't been a big deal. Kristina asked Sonny to be "extra charming" because she could use all the help she could get.

Nearby, Blaze admitted that she wasn't surprised that Natalia had found a way to attend the wedding because her mother always got what she wanted. Natalia suggested that Blaze should hope that was true because Natalia only wanted the best for her daughter. Natalia insisted that being Sonny's date was a good thing because it meant that they could all celebrate the beautiful event together.

Inside, Curtis noticed Portia looking at the front of the church, so he asked if she'd been thinking about their wedding. Portia recalled that it had been an incredible day. "Until it wasn't," she said. Curtis pointed out that they were still together over a year later. "We made it, baby," he reminded her. Portia assured him that she was grateful, but she didn't know what she would have done if she'd lost him. He promised that she wouldn't have to find out.

At the front of the church, Olivia adjusted some flowers as Ned approached her. She smiled when she saw her husband. Olivia let him know that everything was ready at Metro Court, so he revealed that he'd gotten what he'd needed from Finn. Olivia was pleased. "We're going to remember this day forever, Ned," she promised. However, she sensed that something was on his mind. Ned filled Olivia in about his surprising exchange with Tracy, and he suggested that Brook Lynn's influence had made Tracy more open with her feelings. Olivia believed it was the power of love.

In the courtyard, Spinelli was on the phone with Georgie. He promised to take pictures and to be sure to compliment Maxie. However, he quickly ended the call when he saw Jason approach. "At long last," Spinelli said. Before Jason could react, Spinelli hugged his old friend. After Spinelli stepped back, Jason apologized for not reaching out to Spinelli sooner, but Spinelli assured Jason that he understood that things had been complicated for Jason.

"Welcome home, Jason," Spinelli said. Spinelli tried to hug Jason again, but Jason stopped him. When Spinelli tried to fuss with Jason's tie, Jason slapped Spinelli's hand away, but he had a smile on his face when he did it.

Meanwhile, Dante greeted his father with a warm hug. Sonny introduced Dante to Natalia. After they exchanged pleasantries, Dante invited Sonny to find a seat. After Dante walked away, Michael approached his father, but Sonny was frosty. After Sonny walked away, he explained to Natalia that he'd once been close to Michael, but his son had "deeply disappointed" him. Natalia empathized.

Outside, Finn and Chase arrived. After Elizabeth, Violet, and Gregory entered the church, Finn told his brother that he was honored to be Chase's best man.

Elsewhere in the courtyard, Lois and Leo joined Ned, Olivia, Carmine, and Gloria. Lois explained that Maxie was helping Brook Lynn with a few finishing touches, and Lois had been asked to step out because her "vibe" had made Brook Lynn nervous. However, she assured everyone that Brook Lynn was the picture of calm. Gloria insisted that it was because Brook Lynn had found her "happily ever after."

Inside, guests began to take their seats. Josslyn and Dex looked at each other, but they sat on opposite sides of the aisle. Gregory was relieved when he saw Tracy, but he remained anxious because she hadn't given him any notes to let him know his cues or where to stand. Tracy advised him not to worry and to speak from the heart.

Nearby, Jason and Spinelli had a tense encounter with Drew as Jason explained that Monica had asked him to attend the wedding. Willow tactfully suggested that they all take their seats.

After everyone was seated, Ned and Lois were left alone. They acknowledged that it was a special day. Lois insisted that Brook Lynn was smart, beautiful, poised, and hilarious. "She's a lot like her mother that way," Ned said. Ned and Lois agreed that they'd gotten things right with Brook Lynn. "The proof is in the pudding, my friend," Lois said. Just then, Maxie stepped into the entryway to see if it was safe. When Ned and Lois assured her that it was, she called out to Brook Lynn.

Ned and Lois were overcome with emotion when they saw their daughter. "Don't cry. I just touched up my mascara," Brook Lynn said. Ned admitted that she was a sight to behold. "In that case, let's get this wedding started," Brook Lynn replied.

As Giovanni began to play his violin, Finn asked if Chase was ready. "I've never been more ready for anything," Chase said. Meanwhile, Dante walked Lois to her seat. Next, Violet sprinkled petals as she made her way to her seat. After Violet sat, Willow -- followed by Maxie -- walked down the aisle.

In the entryway, Ned told Brook Lynn that he was proud of the woman she'd become. He looked forward to seeing the rest of her life unfold. She asked if he was ready to give her away. Ned explained that he would hand her over to the man she loved, but he would never be able to give her away. "Because you'll always be my little girl," he said.

Moments later, Ned and Brook Lynn walked down the aisle. When Ned left Brook Lynn at Chase's side, Chase told her that it had seemed like forever since he'd last seen her. Brook Lynn reminded him that it had only been the previous night. "Like I said, forever," Chase replied. Gregory smiled and asked them to let him know when they were finished so he could start the ceremony. Everyone chuckled. Gregory began to officiate the wedding, but as he talked, it became clear that he was having trouble.

Chase grew concerned when his father suddenly groaned. "Dad?" Chase asked. Elizabeth reached for Violet's hand and squeezed it reassuringly.

Chase and Brook Lynn's wedding day continues

Chase and Brook Lynn's wedding day continues

Thursday, May 16, 2024

As Gregory began Chase and Brook Lynn's wedding ceremony, he stuttered through the beginning until he was unable to talk. Tracy approached calmly and assured him that he could take all the time he needed, as everyone understood. After reminding him that she could do the ceremony like she'd promised, she eventually succeeded in calming him down enough that he could talk again, and he continued with the ceremony. Chase and Brook Lynn said their I do's and recited their vows as they exchanged rings. Gregory finally pronounced them husband and wife, and the couple shared a kiss to much applause.

Everyone in attendance rushed Brook Lynn and Chase for hugs and congratulations. Chase thanked his father, and Gregory declared his bucket list complete. Chase clarified that he was adding "holding Chase and Brook Lynn's first child" to the list. As guests left the church, Finn and Dante distributed small bags of birdseed. Olivia reminded Leo that he was the one who'd served the "love potion" at the Quartermaine picnic, so he was the cause of the wedding.

Violet approached and asked Olivia to take her to the reception, as she had to get ready for her surprise. Olivia agreed and took Violet and Leo with her. Finn commented to Dante that he loved Dante's family, and Dante reminded Finn that his family had become Finn's. Lois escorted a crying Gloria out, and Spinelli followed Maxie out.

Brook Lynn wished they could do the ceremony again, since she'd loved it so much, and she and Chase agreed to renew their vows every so often. Tracy approached Gregory and offered to take him to a quiet room she'd found, and he thought that sounded good. He talked about how much he appreciated her, and he admitted to wondering what his life would have been like had he met her when he'd been younger. She confessed to having the same question, but seeing how their families had been so beautifully united that day, she didn't want to change anything, and he agreed.

Outside, Kristina check on Sonny, who was happy to see people he hadn't seen in years, and he agreed to introduce them to his daughter at the reception. Natalia had noticed Blaze tearing up at the wedding. Just then, Chase and Brook Lynn emerged from the church, and everyone threw the birdseed in the air. Later, everyone was gone as the couple and their families took photos outside the church.

At the reception, Jordan and Drew toasted to the happy couple. Drew wondered when it wouldn't be considered rude to leave, as all he saw when he looked around were missed chances. Jordan excused herself, and Jason took the opportunity to approach his brother. Drew stated that he hadn't expected to see Jason at all. Jason wondered if they should have made an effort to see each other, and Drew believed that the answer was in the question, and he walked away.

An amused Curtis told Portia that couples rarely knew what they were in for when they said their vows. Portia was glad that they were in it together, and they shared a kiss. Later, Portia was in the bathroom when Jordan entered. They tried to figure out why they had been invited, and they decided that they were "schmooze invites." Olivia entered, and they asked her; she directed them to Lois or Tracy. The two women both quickly decided to ask Lois. Olivia commented that their presence only improved the event's gorgeousness, and Jordan and Portia left the bathroom.

Natalia thought she would leave so that Sonny could catch up with friends and family, but he insisted that she stay. Just then, Giovanni approached, and Sonny introduced his "nephew" to Natalia. She complimented his musicianship, and he credited Sonny, as Sonny had paid for all his violin lessons.

Kristina and Blaze found Sam in the bathroom, but Sam quickly excused herself, as she'd gotten a text that Dante's cousin was causing trouble. When Sam was gone, Kristina remarked on how nice Natalia had been that day. As they talked about their mothers, Lois and Anna escorted Gloria into the bathroom with a misplaced contact lens. Anna finally fixed it, and the women excused themselves back to the dance floor.

At a table, Finn called Gregory a "rock star," but Gregory thought that title belonged to Tracy. Finn dubbed them a good team. Gregory added that skydiving had nothing on performing a wedding ceremony. Lois approached and introduced them to her father, Carmine. Sonny walked over and hugged Carmine, who talked about what a troublemaker Sonny had been as a kid.

Maxie and Natalia talked about Deception, and Maxie credited Blaze with their sales being up. Natalia replied that she would have her accountant verify the number so that Blaze could get her cut as the contract stipulated. "You don't get invited to a lot of parties, do you?" Maxie asked.

Elizabeth approached Jason and expressed that she was surprised to see him there. He explained that he was there to represent Monica, who'd asked him to go in her place. He asked Elizabeth if she thought Jake would go out on the lake with him. Before she could answer, Gloria approached and asked if Jason had ever become a doctor. When he replied that he hadn't, she reassured him that she couldn't stand the sight of blood, either. Sonny walked over to Gloria, who hugged him and called him her "honorary son." Sonny glared at Jason as he hugged Gloria.

"Was there a bride at the wedding?" Spinelli asked a confused Maxie. "Because all I could see was you," he concluded, and she kissed him. She replied that she couldn't think of a better place than her best friend's wedding to tell him that she loved him. They shared another kiss until a round of applause interrupted them, and they saw that Chase and Brook Lynn had arrived. Lois tapped on her glass, and the newlyweds shared a kiss.

Brook Lynn and Chase went over to Gregory and thanked him for the perfect ceremony. Just then, Olivia announced the cocktail of the day, the Brook Lynn Chaser. Brook Lynn didn't want to spill anything on her dress, but Gloria reminded her that she would never wear it again, so Brook Lynn took one of the drinks.

Carmine approached Finn and remembered that Finn was a doctor. He pulled up his pant leg and showed Finn a rash, and he wondered if there was any cream or lotion he should be using on it. A few minutes later, Finn was writing Carmine a prescription. "A drink on me," Carmine said gratefully as he handed Finn a glass of Champagne, which Finn didn't drink.

Sam approached Spinelli, who said he was having the best time he'd had in years. She asked if "the Jackal" was available for a new case, and he asked for a hint on who they'd be investigating. "The FBI," she answered.

On the dance floor, Ned announced that he and Violet had a surprise for the newlyweds. He talked about how Violet had promised to sing a song at the wedding, and he added that she'd written it herself. He accompanied her on guitar as she sang a song about the wedding day and true love. When the song was over, the guests all cheered. Carmine called Violet a star, and he toasted to Violet with Finn. Finn clinked his glass with Carmine's. He took a sip and immediately realized what he'd done.

Jason intervenes when Sonny attacks Dex

Jason intervenes when Sonny attacks Dex

Friday, May 17, 2024

In the Quartermaine stables, Sasha paid Cody a visit, carrying a basket of food and wine. She explained that she had finished preparing for the after-party, Leo and Yuri were sharing takeout and playing a video game, and Monica had dinner, so Sasha had some time to spare. As they sat down to enjoy the basket of goodies, Sasha confessed that she had wanted to attend the wedding, but Olivia had given her a long list of food to prepare for the after-party. Sasha had been reluctant to refuse because she had just started the job. When Cody expressed concern about the expensive bottle of wine, Sasha assured him that Ned had opened it the previous evening and only taken one drink, so it would go to waste if they didn't drink it by morning.

As Cody and Sasha talked about Chase and Brook Lynn's wedding, Sasha admitted that she was eager to see the photos. However, she noticed that Cody seemed uncomfortable. Cody explained that he would never be able to afford to give the woman he loved the big lavish wedding that all women dreamed about. Sasha assured him that not all women desired marriage or to have an extravagant wedding. She opened up about her own wedding to Brando when they had exchanged vows in a garage. She explained that they had been eager to start their lives together, but she conceded that she had felt cheated because her life with Brando had been cut short.

Sasha shared that weddings were just one day, while marriage -- and a chance to grow old with a best friend -- lasted a lifetime. "It's supposed to, anyway," she added. Cody confessed that he'd never pondered "forever after" because he had preferred to live in the moment. Sasha admitted that it wasn't a bad thing because it was a good way to avoid being set up for disappointment. Cody quickly clarified that he wanted a future with someone he loved, but not planning too far in advance opened him up for surprises.

Cody excused himself and grabbed a small radio. After he found a station with soft music, he invited Sasha to dance. They swayed to the music until Sasha told him that it was time for her to get back to the main house for the after-party. "One more song," Cody asked. Sasha smiled and stayed.

In the showers at Pentonville, Brennan waited until he was alone before he pulled a homemade knife out of a stack of towels. He began to sharpen it until another prisoner entered. Brennan quickly hid the weapon, but it was too late. The prisoner had seen the shiv and demanded that Brennan hand it over. Things quickly escalated when Brennan attacked and knocked the prisoner out. Brennan retrieved the knife and rammed it into his abdomen. After Brennan fell to his knees, he put the shiv into the prisoner's hand. Seconds later, Brennan collapsed next to the man.

At the restaurant in Metro Court's gardens, Chase and Brook Lynn's reception was in full swing. Anna greeted Dante and Sam. She asked Sam how the private investigation business was going and if Sam had any interesting new cases. "Same old, same old," Sam said.

At the bar, Brook Lynn warmly greeted Jason. He explained that Monica had asked him to attend the wedding, and he extended his mother's best wishes to Chase and Brook Lynn.

Nearby, Gloria Cerullo scolded Sonny for not visiting more often. Carmine Cerullo made it clear that he expected Sonny to attend their big Fourth of July party. Moments later, Brook Lynn walked up and thanked Sonny for being a part of her wedding day. Sonny assured her that he wouldn't have missed it for the world.

Elsewhere, Lois took pictures of the wedding guests. When she tried to snap a photo of Drew and Jordan, they clarified that they were not a couple. Lois didn't care; she instructed them to smile and say, "Fromage."

Meanwhile, Gloria and Carmine chatted with Blaze and Kristina. Gloria claimed that her great-grandchildren loved Blaze, but Carmine revealed that Gloria was a huge fan, too. Gloria asked if Blaze would be performing at the reception, but Kristina tactfully explained that Blaze was a guest. Gloria tried to change Blaze's mind, so Natalia intervened and pointed out that it might be perceived as inappropriate and exploitation because Blaze was one of Brook Lynn's biggest clients. Kristina's expression appeared slightly annoyed as she looked at Natalia.

Elsewhere, Violet asked Michael and Willow what they'd thought of her song. Michael assured her that they had loved it. Willow was impressed that Violet had written the song herself. Gregory sat at a table and smiled with pride as he listened to the exchange.

At the bar, Maxie approached Spinelli and Jason. Spinelli was delighted when she told him that all her wedding responsibilities were done. They talked about the wedding, and Spinelli admitted that the violinist had been great. Maxie agreed.

At the same time, Lois gave "Gio" a hug and praised his performance. She added that the family was proud of him.

At a nearby table, Finn's expression was troubled as he stared at a glass of Champagne. Violet got his attention when she waked over and told her father that she had a question for him, but she asked him to be honest. Finn knelt down to her eye level. "Okay. Ask away," he invited. She asked what he'd thought of her performance. "Honestly? I thought you were amazing," he told her. Violet smiled and hugged her father.

Elizabeth stood behind Violet. When she noticed Finn's expression, she gently suggested that Violet check their place cards because dinner would be served soon. After Violet scampered off, Elizabeth noted that Finn seemed upset. He glanced at the flute of Champagne, but he remained silent. She assumed he was upset about Gregory's trouble at the ceremony, so she reminded him that Gregory was better and having a good time with Tracy.

As the reception continued, Brook Lynn and Chase took an opportunity to thank Gio for his performance. Brook Lynn explained that Gio's mother was a Cerullo -- and the reason he had inherited musical talent. When Chase asked about Gio's father, Gio revealed that his father had been in the military and had died before Gio had been born. Chase pointed out Dex and told Gio that Dex had served in Afghanistan, and he was a new cadet at the police academy. Gio asked if Dex liked it, but Brook Lynn warned Chase not to recruit Gio because Gloria would have a heart attack. She insisted that Gio's future was as a concert violinist.

"That's the plan," Gio said with a smile.

At the bar, Jason kept a close eye on Sonny. Anna walked up and jokingly told Jason to rein it in and stop making a scene. Jason chuckled. She turned serious and urged him to forget about Pikeman for the night because there were a lot of people at the reception who had missed Jason.

In a quiet corner, Dante warned Sam that she would be used to get to him. He admitted that he had no desire to go to the after-party, so he insisted that they needed to show a united front. Sam admitted that "it" was new for him. "What is?" he asked. "Cowardice," she said. She smiled and kissed him.

At the bar, Sonny approached Anna, but she tried to cut things short by walking away. Sonny asked how it was going with Dex at the academy. Anna told Sonny that he should have known better than to ask because she couldn't discuss it with him. After Anna continued on her way, Sonny began to laugh.

A short time later, Maxie offered a toast to Brook Lynn. Maxie insisted that Brook Lynn was proof that a lifelong enemy could become a best friend. "A friend that is there for you when you need someone the most," Maxie said. She congratulated her friend. Touched, Brook Lynn hugged Maxie. However, Maxie realized that she should include Chase in the toast. She told Chase that he was a "sweet, handsome, and honorable" man, but she advised him to try his best not to arrest Brook Lynn again. "Good luck with that," Maxie added as she raised her glass and congratulated the happy couple.

Later, Brook Lynn pulled Olivia aside to thank Olivia for being the best "wicked stepmother" ever. "I do what I can," Olivia said with love. As they hugged, Ned and Lois watched them. "You've done good," Lois told Ned. "You didn't do too bad yourself," Ned replied.

On the other side of the room, Gio introduced himself to Dex and mentioned that he'd heard about Dex's time in Afghanistan. Gio shared that his father had been killed in action, but Gio didn't have a lot of details about his father's service. "I'm sorry for your loss," Dex said with sincerity. Gio explained that he had simply wanted to tell Dex that Dex's service had been important. Dex was grateful, and he realized that Gio's father had served in 2002 during the early days in Afghanistan.

Gio was curious if Dex had liked serving in the military. Dex admitted that he had, but he had thought about home a lot. Dex suspected the same had been true for Gio's father and that Gio's father had likely wondered what Gio would turn out to be. "A violinist?" Gio asked. Dex was certain that Gio's father would have liked the idea because people surrounded by destruction had a lot of respect for people who created beautiful things. "Like your music," Dex said.

Across the room, Sonny glared at Dex. When Lois walked by, Sonny asked her to get Gio away from Dex. Sonny insisted that Dex was not to be trusted. Lois reminded Sonny that it was a wedding, and she suggested that the two young men were talking about sports. She advised Sonny to let it go.

Elsewhere, Spinelli was curious when he'd last told Maxie how beautiful she looked. "You mean like in the last 15 minutes?" she asked. Spinelli insisted that it had been too long. Before he could say anything else, Sam walked up and insisted on having a private word with Spinelli. She grabbed his arm and dragged him away.

Once they were alone, Sam told Spinelli that she needed an answer. Spinelli explained that he didn't want to risk his freedom for an investigation involving the FBI, so she confided that Jason had been working as an FBI informant. Spinelli was stunned, but he realized that Jason would only cooperate if the FBI had damaging evidence against Jason. "Yeah. And we have to find it," Sam said. She admitted that she didn't know if it would help Jason, but they had to try because Jason would do the same for the both of them. "I'm in," Spinelli said. Relieved, Sam hugged him.

At the reception, Chase and Brook Lynn enjoyed their first dance as husband and wife. Afterwards, Chase took a spin around the floor with both Lois and Gloria, while Brook Lynn danced with her father. Before the song ended, Brook Lynn walked over and asked Gregory to dance. When he reached for his cane, she assured him that he wouldn't need it. "It would be my honor," Gregory said as he stood up and took Brook Lynn's hand.

Meanwhile, Kristina was pleased when she saw her father having a good time. Lois pointed out that Sonny was surrounded by Cerullos. "How could he not be?" she asked. Lois insisted that Kristina was lucky to have a dad like Sonny because he was a "stand-up" guy. "He always has been, he always will be," Lois said.

Nearby, Dex asked Josslyn to dance. Everyone filled the dance floor, including Brook Lynn and Sonny. Later, Brook Lynn tossed the bouquet, which Violet caught.

Minutes later, Jordan saw Drew slipping out. He explained that he had a long day ahead of him, but he offered to give Jordan a ride home. She decided to stay a bit longer. Drew was disappointed because he had hoped to tell her about his meeting with the congressman, which had given Drew a lot to think about. "We'll talk," Drew said as he walked away. "You tease," Jordan scolded with a smile.

As the reception began to wind down, Sonny watched as Dex gave Gloria a glass of water and they struck up a friendly conversation. Gloria was delighted to learn that Dex was a cadet, so she was eager to introduce him to Lois' cousin, Lucia. When Lois joined them, Lois advised her mother to slow down, but she conceded that Lucia was a beautiful and smart young lady. Meanwhile, Sonny continued to seethe as he watched Dex.

Brook Lynn and Maxie found a moment for a private talk. Maxie was certain that Brook Lynn would have a wonderful life. "I just wish I deserved it," Brook Lynn said. Maxie promised that Brook Lynn did. "That's why it's yours," Maxie explained. Brook Lynn smiled and gave her friend an affectionate hug.

Nearby, Michael and Willow chatted with Josslyn and Dex. When Dex found a hearing aid on the floor, Willow suggested that it belonged to Carmine. Dex excused himself and went to find Carmine. Sonny followed Dex. Moments later, Jason followed Sonny.

Natalia approached Kristina and Blaze to let them know that she couldn't find Sonny. Natalia explained that she was ready to head back to her room, so she asked Kristina to let Sonny know that she had enjoyed the evening and to thank him. After Natalia left, Kristina admitted that she wanted another slice of cake. Blaze suggested that Kristina grab two slices and meet Blaze back in her room.

Meanwhile, Patty insisted that Dante, Sam, and Jordan attend the after-party. Dante and Jordan were reluctant, but Spinelli signaled to Dante to just agree. Once they did, Patty was satisfied and walked away.

Chase hugged his father and thanked Gregory for everything. After Chase walked Gregory, Tracy, and Violet to the car, Finn thanked Elizabeth. "For what?" she asked. "Everything. Always," he told her.

A short time later, Chase and Brook Lynn entered their hotel suite and flopped on the bed. After they shared a tender kiss, Brook Lynn asked what was next. Chase told her that they would have a great wedding night, followed by a great honeymoon in Florence, Italy, and then they would spend the rest of their lives together. Brook Lynn admitted that she was glad that she had hit him with the bottle. Chase reminded her that it had been an accident, but she disagreed. "It was luck," Brook Lynn said.

At the reception, Michael and Willow offered Josslyn a ride home, but she declined. At the same time, Anna received a call informing her that Brennan had been rushed to General Hospital.

In the hallway, Sonny intercepted Dex. "The Cerullos are my people," Sonny said. He snidely asked if Dex had enjoyed himself, so Dex admitted that he had. "Wrong answer," Sonny growled. He insisted that the Cerullos were like family to him, and he warned Dex to stay away from them.

Sonny angrily accused Dex of being a "snitch" and a "spy" who was lucky to be alive. He warned Dex to stay away from "me and mine," or Dex would not be breathing much longer. When Sonny turned to leave, Dex reached out and grabbed Sonny's arm. "I'm not your enemy," Dex said. The words fell on deaf ears as Sonny's temper exploded, and he began to pummel Dex.

Eventually, Jason appeared and pulled Sonny off of Dex. Furious, Sonny demanded that Jason let him go, but Jason refused. "I'm going to kill you both. You're both dead to me. I'm going to put a gun to your heads!" Sonny shouted. Dex was doubled over and gasping for breath as blood poured from a gash near his eye. Sonny fell silent when he heard the sound of plates shattering. When he looked up, he saw a horrified Kristina standing in the hallway.

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