General Hospital Recaps: The week of December 4, 2023 on GH

Mr. Brennan was revealed to the be the new WSB director. Anna learned that Agent Forsyth had set fire to her home. T.J. and Molly officially asked Kristina to be their surrogate. Portia told Curtis that a trial treatment might help him walk again. Spencer said goodbye to Esme and Ace. Josslyn caught Adam in a lie. Tracy returned to Port Charles.
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Brennan was the new WSB director. T.J. and Molly asked Kristina to be their surrogate. Anna learned that Forsyth set fire to her home.
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Kristina and Blaze kiss

Kristina and Blaze kiss

Monday, December 4, 2023

At Kristina's apartment, Kristina met Blaze, who produced a bottle of Champagne. Blaze proposed that she and Kristina celebrate. Kristina noted that "Blaze" was a stage name, and she asked what Blaze's real name was. Blaze said that her name was Alison Rogers Ramirez. "To Alison," Kristina said as she and Blaze toasted.

Blaze told a story of a deejay that had inspired her to perform in a "blaze of glory" at an open-mic night when she had been in high school. She added that she had been calling herself Blaze since then. Kristina said that she loved the story.

Blaze asked what Kristina had been like in high school. Kristina grew quiet for a moment before telling Blaze about her abusive relationship with Kiefer Bauer. Kristina said that she wanted Blaze to know the story because it had shaped a big part of who Kristina was.

Kristina said that she had felt "embarrassed" when Kiefer had slapped her for the first time and that she had blamed herself instead of Kiefer. Kristina noted that Kiefer's slaps had eventually turned into him hitting her and that it had taken her a long time to ask for help.

Blaze said she was sorry for the pain Kristina had gone through. Kristina recalled her brief marriage to Trey Mitchell, Joe Scully Jr.'s son, in 2012. Kristina also recalled her affair with Parker Forsyth that began in 2016. Kristina noted that Parker had been the first and only relationship she had had with a woman.

Kristina said that, if not for Parker, she might have denied a part of herself forever. Blaze said that she could relate to what Kristina had said. Blaze set her glass of Champagne down, and she and Kristina stared into one another's eyes. Blaze and Kristina then kissed.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Ned told Lois that he wanted to stop the business deal that Michael had finalized on ELQ's behalf with a company in Australia. Ned reminded Lois that Michael was only a shareholder and that Michael had had no right to close the deal.

Lois argued that the deal wouldn't have been completed without Michael. Lois believed Ned was only angry that Michael had closed the deal instead of Ned. Ned said that Michael would push him out at ELQ if given the chance.

Lois recalled that, years after Edward's death, the Quartermaines were still fighting with each other over -- among other things -- control of ELQ. "Your grandfather, may he rest, he would be so proud of that... and that makes me so sad," Lois said.

Lois said that she had loved Edward and that she still cherished his memory, before noting that Edward had loved pitting family members against one another. Lois asked if Ned wanted to carry on what she claimed was Edward's legacy. "That's just how the Quartermaines are, Lois," Ned sighed. "Really? What about Lila?" Lois asked.

Lois said that Lila had seen through everyone in the family and that she had still loved everyone. Ned fondly recalled that Lila had been "one of a kind." Lois said that Lila had once said that she'd always looked for the good in everyone. Lois added that Lila had said she'd almost always found it.

Lois told Ned to "look for the good," and she used it as a way to encourage Ned to thank Michael for having finished the business deal. Ned said that Lois had channeled Lila, and he added that Lila would be proud of Lois. Lois was touched by Ned's words.

Also at the Quartermaine mansion, Brook Lynn told Chase that he didn't have to propose to her merely because Lois and Gloria were "stuck" on marriage. Chase insisted that Lois and Gloria weren't the reason he had asked Brook Lynn to marry him. Chase reiterated his desire to marry Brook Lynn, and he produced a ring.

Chase revealed that he had purchased the ring weeks earlier, and he said that he had initially planned to propose on Christmas Day. Chase said that Gregory's diagnosis, among other things, had caused him to not want to waste time.

Brook Lynn told Chase to propose to her again. When he did, Brook Lynn agreed to marry Chase. Afterwards, Brook Lynn exclaimed that the diamond was a perfect fit. Brook Lynn said that she loved the ring and that she would love Chase for as long as she lived. Chase and Brook Lynn kissed.

Brook Lynn said that Chase's proposal had been added to her list of the most important moments in her life. Chase recalled having arrested Brook Lynn the first time he had met her. "When I tell people about that day, I'll say it was one of the most important moments in my life, because it was the day I met my wife" Chase said. Chase and Brook Lynn kissed again.

In Sonny's office at Pozzulo's, Nina wondered if Sonny didn't want to discuss whether Cyrus was potentially targeting him. Sonny said that it was in Nina's best interests not to be involved in his business. When Sonny referenced the SEC's investigation into Drew and Carly, Nina flashed back to having told Martin to tip off the SEC to the fact that Drew and Carly had committed insider trading.

Nina reminded Sonny that Carly and Drew had, in fact, committed a federal crime. Nina added that it was unfortunate that the FBI and SEC had tried to use Carly to obtain leverage against Sonny. Sonny said that Carly had run his business while he had been in Nixon Falls. "And I kept you from your life in Port Charles. Is -- is that what you're saying?" a worried Nina asked.

Sonny reminded Nina that the most important thing that had happened in Nixon Falls was that the two of them had fallen in love with one another. Sonny added that the only reason he had mentioned Carly had been to make an example, and he asked what would happen if the FBI were to believe that Nina had pertinent information on Sonny.

Nina said that she had made peace with Sonny's line of work, and she added that she understood why Sonny didn't always tell her everything. Sonny said that he was glad that he and Nina were on the same page. "But are we, Sonny? Are we on the same page? Because if my husband is in danger, I'll do whatever I can to make sure he comes home," Nina said.

Nina grew emotional as she continued. "And if there's a chance that my husband that I love will not come home, don't you think I have a right to know that?" Nina asked. Nina noted that Sonny still hadn't given her a straight answer about Cyrus. Sonny admitted that Cyrus had been targeting him and that Cyrus had used Austin in the scheme. Nina worried what would happen if Cyrus targeted Sonny again.

Sonny downplayed Cyrus' threat, and he said he hadn't wanted to worry Nina. Nina said that she didn't need to be shielded, and she added that she was tougher than she looked. "I have no doubt," Sonny said before kissing Nina.

At Kelly's Diner, Carly told Josslyn that Bobbie had hit a snag in Amsterdam that was keeping Bobbie from finalizing Luke's final affairs. Carly claimed that Tracy was driving Bobbie crazy.

The conversation turned to Adam. Josslyn told Carly about Adam's panic attack, as well as his obsession with getting good grades due to pressure from his parents. When Drew appeared, Josslyn agreed to head out. Carly was taken aback when Drew said that he planned to leave for Australia the following day on business. Carly said that she would miss Drew. They kissed.

As they stood outside Kelly's, Drew ranted about Ned again, and he claimed that Ned had behaved like a "four-year-old" when Ned had learned of Michael having closed the business deal without Ned's approval. Drew rambled that he wouldn't allow Ned to "stab me in the back again." Carly agreed with everything Drew said.

At Molly and T.J.'s apartment, Molly told T.J. that Kristina had offered to be the couple's surrogate. Molly and T.J. eventually agreed to accept Kristina's offer. They kissed.

The new WSB director is revealed

The new WSB director is revealed

Tuesday, December 5, 2023

At Kristina's apartment, Blaze worried that she had overstepped after having kissed Kristina. Kristina assured Blaze that she didn't feel uncomfortable. Kristina said that she'd had no idea that Blaze might be gay. Blaze said that she couldn't reveal her sexuality because of her status as a celebrity.

Blaze said that it had been "easier" and "safer" to keep her focus on her career. Kristina asked if Blaze believed her fans would have a problem with her sexuality. Blaze reasoned that most of her fans would accept her. "Unfortunately, my very Catholic family absolutely would not," Blaze said.

Blaze said that her family was "deeply, old-school" religious, and she recalled an estranged uncle from her childhood that she had suspected was gay. Blaze grew emotional, and she said that she wasn't brave enough to risk losing her family by opening up about her sexuality.

Kristina said she believed that opening up to loved ones was a scary but necessary decision. Kristina was quick to stress that coming out wasn't a requirement, and she recalled having opened up about her sexuality to Sonny and Alexis years earlier. Kristina noted that Sonny was "old-school," but she fondly recalled how he had accepted her from the beginning when he had learned of Kristina's sexuality.

Blaze said that she wasn't ready to come out to her family and that she didn't know if she would ever be ready. Kristina vowed to support Blaze if she ever opened up about her sexuality to her family. Kristina and Blaze kissed. As Blaze prepared to leave, Kristina and Blaze agreed that they would stay in touch.

At Laura and Kevin's penthouse, Laura helped box up Esme's belongings. Laura sang Esme's praises before she left.

At the Port Charles Grill, Cyrus was surprised to receive a late-night visit from Ava, who pointedly asked why Cyrus had killed Austin. Cyrus claimed that he hadn't heard the news of Austin's death, and he denied any involvement.

Cyrus spun the question around to Ava, and he asked if she had killed Austin. Ava insisted that Cyrus was guilty and that he was only attempting to deflect blame. Cyrus said that he had an alibi for the night of Austin's murder. "Do you?" Cyrus asked confidently. Ava turned and walked out as Cyrus smirked.

A short while later, Laura visited Cyrus. Cyrus was skeptical when Laura said that she had only stopped by to check on him. Cyrus claimed that he only embarrassed Laura, and he asked her to leave so that he could finish work. Laura said that Cyrus had been right when he had noted that he and Laura were family. Laura added that she and Cyrus should work to find a middle ground.

Cyrus grew animated when he said that finding common ground was all he had ever wanted with Laura. Cyrus yelled that no one in his family had ever respected him nor wanted his love. "As soon as I heard that Spencer had been sentenced to Pentonville, I went out of my way to be sure that he'd be protected. Not that he ever asked for my help, but because he's your grandson! That makes him family! And that's what family does!" Cyrus passionately declared as Laura stood frozen.

Laura was moved by Cyrus' words, and she said she hoped that every doubt she'd had about him would prove to be wrong. Laura thanked Cyrus for having kept Spencer safe in Pentonville. Cyrus' mood began to lighten, and he said that he planned to visit his and Laura's mother. Laura was delighted by Cyrus' news. "I missed her while I was in prison... even if she didn't miss me," Cyrus said before turning away to resume work. Laura seemed sad as she headed out.

At Pozzulo's Restaurant, Curtis met with Sonny to talk about the shooting at the Metro Court pool months earlier. Sonny supported Curtis' investigation. Sonny noted that the sniper rifle used in the shooting had been liberated from a WSB site in Berlin. Curtis surmised that Sonny believed Anna had been the sniper's target.

Sonny asked if Curtis had ever heard of Pikeman, and he recalled the revolving door between former WSB agents and Pikeman employees. Curtis said that Pikeman might be gunning for Sonny. Sonny said that he wasn't ruling anything out, but he added that he didn't see a reason why Pikeman would want to kill Anna. Curtis said that he would have to start his investigation "back at square one."

At Mac and Felicia's home, Anna told Felicia that she could use a friend. "You've come to the right place," Felicia said. Felicia encouraged Anna to open up to her. Anna burst into tears as she recalled having shot Charlotte. "Oh, God, Felicia. I shot a kid," Anna said through a whisper. Felicia wrapped her arms around Anna.

Felicia asked what had happened to cause Anna to shoot first and to ask questions later. Anna said she had convinced herself that Forsyth had been inside Maxie's old apartment on the night of the shooting. Felicia was taken aback when Anna told her that Charlotte had been stalking her and that Valentin hadn't told her. Anna said that her relationship with Valentin was over and that the ordeal with Charlotte had shattered any illusions she'd had of him.

Anna recalled her past with Forsyth. Anna said that she had known that Forsyth would have killed her to obtain the damaging WSB report that implicated Forsyth and others. Felicia asked if Anna believed that Forsyth was still after her. Anna told Felicia that Forsyth had been the murder victim of a hit-and-run. "I bet you Forsyth died because of something that is in that report," Anna surmised.

At Sam and Dante's penthouse, Dante showed Sam a key that he said could help the police learn who had been targeting Anna. Dante noted that the key was to a public locker at the train station and that it had been found in Forsyth's shoe after Forsyth had been killed.

Dante explained Forsyth's connection to Anna. Sam noted that only she, Dante, and the medical examiner knew about the key. Sam asked why Dante couldn't merely tell Anna. Dante reasoned that Anna would go to the train station to try to use the key. Sam and Dante agreed that the key could be a trap to lure Anna.

Sam wondered why someone would go to great lengths to pin something on Anna that dated back to the 80s. Dante speculated that someone other than Forsyth had been implicated in the report that Anna had kept in her possession. Dante added that Anna was the only remaining witness to what was in the report. "Whoever wants to bury that report, wants to bury (Anna), too," Dante added.

At a hotel suite at Metro Court, Brennan met with Hume, the Pikeman representative that had presented the large cash offer to Sonny earlier in the day. Brennan poured himself a drink, and he acknowledged that he had known and worked with Forsyth.

Brennan added that would have to "clean up the mess" that Forsyth had left when Forsyth had failed to kill Anna. "Understood, but, uh... won't an extended absence be a problem for the director of the WSB?" Hume asked Brennan.

Brennan confirmed that he had ousted Frisco Jones as the director of the WSB months earlier, and he gloated that most of his work could be done remotely. Hume asked who Pikeman and the bureau's top priority was -- Anna or Sonny. "Both," Brennan said matter-of-factly.

Brennan said that Pikeman was better off with Sonny's cooperation, and he reasoned that the last thing the company needed was a mob war. Hume said that Sonny had yet to cooperate with Pikeman. "Money hasn't worked. Sometimes it doesn't. All that means is we find a different kind of leverage," Brennan said.

Hume asked why Anna was so important to Brennan, who recalled that Anna had worked on a WSB operation in the 80s that had gone "sideways." Brennan acknowledged that Forsyth had been at fault for the mission and that the WSB had buried the incident. Brennan added that Anna had kept a copy of the original mission report that named those responsible for the failed mission, including Forsyth.

Brennan said that Forsyth was supposed to have retrieved the report and eliminated Anna. "Too bad he failed at both," Brennan groused. Hume said that his team had given Brennan everything they had found in Forsyth's belongings.

Brennan said that the last message he had received from Forsyth was that Forsyth had obtained the report. "So, he either lied about having it, or he left it somewhere as insurance... which means that report is still out there somewhere. Like a ticking bomb," Brennan said.

Spencer says goodbye to Esme and Ace

Spencer says goodbye to Esme and Ace

Wednesday, December 6, 2023

At the tree lot, Curtis, Marshall, and Trina shopped for a Christmas tree. Curtis invited Trina to pick, but she insisted that it be a group effort. A short time later, Trina found a tree that she liked, but Curtis and Marshall vetoed it because the tree was too small. Trina defended her choice by reminding Curtis and Marshall that no one would need to climb a ladder to decorate it, but she immediately regretted her words. Curtis assured her that it was fine, and he reminded her that they had been blessed with a beautiful big house with high ceilings and plenty of space.

Curtis wanted to find the biggest and best tree. After they resumed looking at trees, Marshall reminisced about tree shopping with Curtis and Thomas as children, and how Curtis had always found the perfect tree because he was most like his mother, Irene, who had loved Christmas. Just as Curtis spotted a good tree and pointed it out, Trina received a text message. She quickly assured both Curtis and Marshall that the tree was perfect, gave each man a kiss on the cheek, and left with a promise to help decorate later. After Curtis paid for the tree, he told his father that it would be delivered later that day.

Marshall could tell that Curtis was eager to decorate, and the conversation turned to Irene and her love for Christmas, which she had passed down to Curtis. Curtis admitted that both Irene and Stella had made the holiday magical for Curtis and his brother, but he realized as an adult that both women had sacrificed and saved throughout the year to make certain that Curtis and Thomas always had special gifts. Marshall wasn't surprised when Curtis shared that Irene had once told him that seeing the smiles on her children's faces had been the best gift of all.

At the Collins apartment, Esme had Ace on her hip as she told her son that a ride share service would soon take them to their new apartment. Spencer entered the living room and offered to drive Esme and Ace to their new place, but Esme declined. Spencer started to argue, but Esme cut him off. "I really don't know how much clearer I can be. I can't rely on you anymore, Spencer," Esme said. She reminded him that she and Ace had to get used to being on their own, and she needed to get comfortable relying on herself.

Esme insisted that she was doing it for Ace. "Can't you see that?" she asked. Spencer backed down and admitted that she was right. After Esme handed Ace to him so she could check for any forgotten items, Spencer carried Ace to the sofa and sat down. He became choked up with emotion as he said his goodbyes to Ace. When Esme returned, she stopped in the doorway as Spencer kissed the top of Ace's head and tearfully promised that he would always be Ace's big brother, no matter what happened.

Esme stepped forward and gently retrieved Ace from Spencer's arms as she announced that she was ready to go. Spencer walked Esme to the door, and he stood in the doorway as he watched Esme and Ace get on the elevator. A short time later, Trina arrived, and she quickly hugged Spencer when she saw the sadness in his eyes. They sat on the sofa together as Spencer confessed that Esme had been right; the move would be good for Ace in the long run.

Trina told Spencer that she was proud of him for putting Ace first, and she assured him that it was imprinted on Ace's heart and mind how safe and secure he'd been in Spencer's arms.

Back at the tree lot, Elizabeth and Jake were looking for their Christmas tree. When Elizabeth mentioned Aiden missing out, Jake reminded his mother that Aiden's customized cookies were in high demand, and Christmas and Valentine's Day were Aiden's busiest time of the year. To Elizabeth's surprise, Jake suddenly asked if something was troubling her because she seemed to be trying too hard to be happy. Elizabeth decided to be honest because Jake was perceptive and old enough to understand.

Jake was surprised to hear that Finn was facing a malpractice lawsuit. Elizabeth explained that the patient had died of cancer, and she assured Jake that Finn was an incredible doctor who had given the patient the best possible care. Jake appreciated that his mother had trusted him to handle the truth, so Elizabeth decided to take the opportunity to ask how things were with Jake and Charlotte. Jake admitted that he wasn't sure if he and Charlotte were still dating because they hadn't seen much of each other, and Charlotte hadn't been replying to his text messages. Elizabeth suggested that Charlotte needed more time because she'd been both physically and psychologically traumatized by the shooting.

"I hate guns," Jake said in an angry tone. He acknowledged that the shooting had been an accident, but it had scared him. Jake revealed that he'd been looking into gun control groups, and he was interested in getting involved with one. Elizabeth was proud of her son and supported how he had chosen to deal with his fears.

At the Invader, Alexis greeted Martin and Finn. She assured both men that she was prepared and ready. Finn was confused because he thought she was just helping to prepare him for his deposition. Martin explained that Alexis would be acting as opposing counsel, so Alexis took the opportunity to let Finn know that she didn't intend to play nice. After everyone took their seats, Martin and Alexis warned Finn that Diane was a formidable opponent, so it would help Finn for Alexis to beat up on him.

According to Alexis, Diane would turn the deposition into a minefield. "It sounds like were' going into battle," Finn quipped. "We kind of are," Alexis said. Martin and Alexis explained that it was important for Finn to abide by the golden rule to keep the answers short and not volunteer information. Martin was quick to clarify that Finn shouldn't lie and that it was better to admit that he didn't remember something than to make up a story. Finn assured Martin and Alexis that he'd never been accused of being verbose. "I think I got this," Finn said.

Things got off to a rocky start when Alexis took the opportunity to show Finn that it was important to answer yes and no whenever possible. Once Finn got the hang of things, Alexis turned up the heat by asking about Muldoon's symptoms and the diagnosis. When Alexis asked if the symptoms could have been indicative of another disease or illness, Finn grew frustrated. "Only about 10,000 things," he replied. Martin pulled out some money and slapped it down on the desk as he conceded that Alexis had been right about her ability to break Finn in less than 15 minutes. Finn denied that he'd broken, but Martin disagreed because Finn's comment had been Finn taking the easy way out.

Alexis explained that the jury would hear that Finn had taken Muldoon's word for the diagnosis, written a prescription, and sent Muldoon on his way without finding or treating the cancer that had killed him. Finn argued that there were "literally thousands of illnesses" that presented with the same symptoms that Muldoon had had. "That's a fact -- look it up," Finn snapped. After his temper calmed, Alexis explained that Finn should have simply said "yes."

In Maxie's office at Deception, Maxie was in high spirits because she, Sasha, and Cody had returned from a successful public appearance at Wyndam's Department Store. Cody credited Sasha for the success, but Sasha argued that no one had been able to take their eyes off of Cody. "It was the two of you together," Maxie said. Maxie explained that Sasha and Cody had a special chemistry that everyone could see. As they sat down, Maxie talked about an upcoming conference call, and she shared that she had good news.

Maxie revealed that she had booked a photoshoot for Sasha and Cody at Monument Valley in a few months when the photographer was available. Maxie was excited about the sunset photoshoot on the pink cliffs, and Sasha admitted that she looked forward to it because she had only seen the view in movies. Maxie told Cody that a perfect photoshoot location was important to Deception because it wasn't just about selling beauty products. "We are selling romance," Maxie said.

Maxie acknowledged that the Deceptor had been a game changer for the beauty industry, but advertising was about making customers associate what was being sold with what they wanted. Maxie was certain that their customers wanted a little romance in their lives, and she insisted that Sasha and Cody were the epitome of that. Just then, there was a knock at the door.

Felicia entered the office and started off by assuring Maxie that James was fine. Felicia revealed that James had complained of a stomachache at school, and the nurse had called Felicia when they hadn't been able to reach Maxie. Horrified, Maxie realized that she had left her phone on her desk when she had left earlier. Maxie picked up her phone and saw that she had four missed calls from the school. Felicia assured Maxie that James was in good hands with Liesl, who had diagnosed James with a 24-hour flu.

Maxie was relieved that it wasn't an emergency situation, but she felt torn about staying even though she had an important conference call planned. Cody promised Maxie that he and Sasha could handle the call. Maxie seemed reluctant to delegate the task, but Felicia urged Maxie to trust Cody and Sasha. After Maxie left with Felicia, Sasha -- who was seated next to Cody at a small round table -- opened the laptop and connected to the conference call.

At Port Charles University, Adam went to Josslyn's dorm room to talk to her. He was agitated because the results of his makeup test had been posted, and he was afraid to look at them. Adam explained that his life would be over if his grade was less than 85 percent. Josslyn opened her laptop to check the grades while Adam paced. "Honestly, I might as well just jump off a bridge," Adam said. "Don't say things like that," Josslyn said. Adam quickly apologized and blamed the bad joke on being nervous.

Josslyn reminded Adam that it was just one test, but he explained that it was "super important" to him because it would determine his future as a doctor. At Adam's urging, Josslyn brought up his grade while he braced himself for the worst. Josslyn smiled as she revealed that he had scored a 97 on the test. Relieved, Adam pulled out his phone and called his father to share the news. However, it quickly became clear that the call had taken a turn when Adam told his father that he'd taken a makeup test because he'd been asked to take a classmate to the emergency room.

After Adam ended the call with his father, Josslyn confronted him about the lie. Adam apologized and claimed that he had panicked. Josslyn was not satisfied, especially when she realized that Adam wouldn't have done the same for her if their roles had been reversed. Adam explained that ever since he could remember, his parents had wanted him to be a doctor, but Josslyn was curious what Adam wanted.

Adam explained that it didn't matter, but Josslyn disagreed. She asked when he intended to start making decisions about his own life. Adam didn't have an answer, so Josslyn told him that she had helped him because it had been the right thing to do. She made it clear that she didn't expect him to tell people what had happened, but she expected him to be honest if he did talk about it. Adam apologized and started to leave, but he stopped because he was curious about Josslyn's grade. She revealed that she had scored a 90. Adam felt bad for her, but he was confident that she would do better next time. After Adam left, Josslyn finished studying, grabbed her ear pods, and relaxed on her bed with her phone.

In Adam's dorm room, Adam took a break from studying, popped some pills, and returned to his studies.

In Laura's office, Laura told Dante that she had asked Jordan to join them, and she explained that she wanted an update on the investigation into Austin Gatlin-Holt's murder. Laura pointed out that people wanted answers because Austin had been a doctor at General Hospital and a member of the Quartermaine family. Dante filled Laura in about the discovery of Austin's body and how Austin had been killed. Dante also revealed that the house in Pautuck had been owned by Austin and used for a short-term rental, but it hadn't been occupied since late September.

Jordan explained to Laura that the case was officially in the hands of the Pautuck police because Austin had been killed in their jurisdiction, but Laura asked Dante if there were any suspects. Dante admitted that there were a few people of interest. "One of them is your brother," he said. Dante told Laura that Austin and Mason had been working for Cyrus during Cyrus' incarceration at Pentonville. Stunned, Laura asked if Dante had any proof, so Dante carefully explained that he had a reliable confidential informant who had seen Austin in Pentonville at least once.

Dante conceded that he had no proof because someone had wiped the records at Pentonville clean. When Laura asked if Dante suspected Cyrus of killing Austin, Dante told Laura about his last conversation with Austin when Austin had asked for an immunity deal in exchange for naming the person who Austin and Mason had worked for. Dante acknowledged that Cyrus had an alibi because Cyrus had been mopping floors when Austin had been shot. Jordan suggested that Cyrus had hired someone, but Dante admitted that he wasn't convinced that Cyrus had known about Austin's plans.

Laura asked Dante to keep her in the loop and added that nothing was too small. Laura vowed to make certain that Cyrus never saw the light of day again if it turned out that Cyrus was the ruthless killer he'd always been.

Anna and Dante get more information about Forsyth

Anna and Dante get more information about Forsyth

Thursday, December 7, 2023

Violet ran ahead of Gregory and Alexis to look for a Christmas tree at Rice Plaza. While looking around, Alexis bumped into Diane and Robert, who were doing the same. Gregory and Violet wandered over, and Gregory thought it was an "unfortunate coincidence" running into Diane. Diane decided that she was done tree shopping for the day, so she and Robert left.

Alexis pointed Violet in the direction to go look at more trees, and she took the opportunity to wonder if Gregory's comment about Diane had been necessary. They talked about Finn's malpractice case until they saw Violet standing by a tree. She'd found a perfect tree, but she wanted to give a "less pretty" tree a home, so she decided to keep looking.

Away from Rice Plaza, Robert commended Diane for acting with more tact than Gregory. He suggested that they go get something to warm them up.

Carly was at a table at Kelly's, on her computer, when Brennan arrived. He asked to join her, and she put her computer away. He'd decided to try the BLT, so Carly put in the order for him. She asked how he was enjoying Port Charles, and he replied that he'd been pleasantly surprised. He added that his visit was open-ended because he was there as a security consultant to "untangle" a complex business situation.

"So, you used to be a spy?" she wondered. Just then, Robert and Diane entered, and Carly got up to greet them as Brennan covered his face. Robert and Diane chatted with Carly about the Christmas tree lot while they waited for their hot chocolates to go. She handed them over when they were ready, and Brennan's sandwich was ready at the same time. When she went to give it to him, she saw that he was gone.

Later, Brennan returned and apologized for leaving. He explained that he'd gotten an overseas call that he'd needed his satellite phone for, but he'd left it in his hotel room. He handed her a large bouquet as an apology, and she offered to put in another order for him, as his sandwich was on its way to the homeless shelter. He offered to take her out to dinner, but she replied that she was seeing someone. "Of course, you are," he said, adding, "My loss." He gave her money to cover his bill. "You didn't come for a BLT, did you?" she questioned. "No, but I'm glad I came," he responded with a smile, and he left.

At Café Cherie, Lucy and Scott caught up over drinks. They talked about their love lives, their work, and their daughter. Scott was proud of Serena, but he hoped she would settle down and give him grandkids one day. They reminisced and flirted until Scott wondered why she was "flying alone." She admitted that Deception had kept her so busy that she'd been neglecting Martin. "He should be paying attention to you at all times. I would be," he commented.

Suddenly feeling awkward, Lucy appreciated that, but she wanted to maintain boundaries between them. Scott insisted that he still felt a spark between them, but she chalked it up to nostalgia. She had to go but instructed him to remind Serena to call her if he heard from their daughter.

At home, Curtis commended Marshall on a job well done with decorating their tree. He asked his father about the ornament Marshall was holding. Marshall explained that Irene had made it for their first married Christmas, and he hoped he hadn't ruined future Christmases for her by leaving. Curtis insisted that Christmas was when Irene had been happiest. Portia arrived home and marveled over the tree. Marshall excused himself to get some fresh air, and he went outside.

A few minutes later, Curtis had gotten himself and Portia some mulled wine, and he told her about Marshall's ornament. Portia told Curtis that she had something special for him -- "the chance to walk again." She explained about a new experimental procedure in the early stages of human trials. She informed him that a man in similar circumstances as Curtis had been able to walk again after less than two weeks. She admitted that she'd submitted his medical records, and he was being considered for the trial. She reminded him that it wasn't a guarantee that he would definitely walk again, but it was a chance. A tearful Curtis thanked his wife and kissed her.

Marshall sat down on the back patio, and a hand appeared over his. Irene thought he should be using a blanket with how cold it was outside. Marshall was glad that his leaving hadn't changed that her favorite time of year had been Christmas. He cried with regret over leaving, as it hadn't even mattered, since he'd been misdiagnosed. Irene instructed him to not waste any more time looking back and to only learn from his mistakes. She told him to be thankful for the life he had and to enjoy Christmas, as she would be right there, enjoying it with him. "That's the best gift you could give me," she said, and she was gone.

Anna met with Dante in the morgue. He informed her that he'd looked at the final arson report, and there was nothing that tied Charlotte to the fire. Anna breathed a sigh of relief, but she wondered if there were any other suspects. Dante explained that scraps of fabric covered in the accelerant used to start the fire had been found in the bushes outside her house, and the DNA from the scraps had been matched to Jameson Forsyth. Anna guessed that he'd burned down the house to destroy the reports of the incriminating mission. She continued that, by surveilling her, he'd learned about the trunk, and he'd gotten the reports when the police had finally left her apartment after Charlotte's shooting.

Anna figured that Forsyth would have kept the reports for leverage or insurance, as he hadn't been the only one mentioned in them. She also didn't think that he'd been working alone. Just then, the medical examiner entered and informed Anna and Dante that, if they were there to view Forsyth's body, it was gone. He explained that the WSB had "swooped in" and taken the body, and they'd classified every relevant report, including the arson report. The examiner mentioned that Forsyth had had a partially healed burn on his left leg that had appeared to be three to four months old. Dante thought back to his previous conversation with the examiner where he'd gotten the key from Forsyth's shoe.

Dante asked the medical examiner not to mention their conversation to anyone, but the man replied that he had no evidence of anything, anyway. He grumbled about the WSB's abuse of power, and he hoped that someone would rein them in. When he was gone, Anna observed that someone had gone to a lot of trouble to clean things up. She thanked Dante for his help and informed him that she would take over. Dante protested, as she was technically a "loose end," but she refused to put anyone else she cared about in danger. She insisted that she would handle it alone, and she left. When she was gone, Dante pulled the evidence bag with Forsyth's key out of his pocket.

Anna and Valentin argue about Charlotte

Anna and Valentin argue about Charlotte

Friday, December 8, 2023

At Valentin's house, Anna shared with Valentin the news that Charlotte hadn't set fire to Anna's home. When Valentin asked who the arsonist was, Anna said that she couldn't tell Valentin because she couldn't trust him.

Anna reminded Valentin of his lies to her about Charlotte. Valentin apologized for not having told Anna the truth, and he said that he had been worried that Anna would leave him. Anna said they would never know because Valentin hadn't trusted her, and she added that it was too late for them.

Anna and Valentin argued over Victor's influence over Charlotte. Anna said that Charlotte was responsible for her actions and that Valentin needed to get Charlotte help. Valentin said that, in Charlotte's mind, Victor had been right about Anna.

Anna said she hoped that Charlotte would soon understand that Victor had never been right about anything. "I'm sorry," Valentin said weakly as Anna turned to leave. "So am I," Anna said. Outside the house, Anna's eyes were filled with tears.

On a flight back to Port Charles, Tracy stared at a photo from her wedding to Luke. Tracy burst into tears before donning a black hat and sunglasses to hide her emotions. "Damn you, Luke Spencer. I miss you," Tracy said.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Lois rued that no part of the mansion had been decorated for Christmas. Lois told Olivia about past Quartermaine Christmas traditions, and Olivia agreed to help Lois decorate the mansion.

Lois and Olivia opened boxes of ornaments and recalled stories from their childhood. Cody appeared with a tree, and he helped Lois and Olivia decorate. Cody said that the Quartermaine estate was the first place he had felt at home in years. Lois and Olivia were touched, and they thanked Cody for his help with decorating.

A short while later, Tracy entered. Tracy observed the Christmas decorations. "No. No, no, no, no, no. This will not do. Not at all," Tracy fussed.

At Finn's apartment, Elizabeth entertained Finn, Violet, and Gregory with hot cocoa before Brook Lynn and Chase appeared. Everyone smiled when Chase lit the Christmas tree that Elizabeth, Finn, Violet, and Gregory had decorated. Chase told everyone about his and Brook Lynn's engagement. Everyone applauded.

Violet asked when Finn and Elizabeth would get engaged. Elizabeth quickly ignored the awkward question. Violet said she had a surprise. She returned with a guitar. Chase strummed the guitar as Violet sang a song about wanting to shine with people. Afterwards, everyone clapped.

At Kristina's apartment, Kristina was thrilled when she was asked to be Molly and T.J.'s surrogate. Molly gave a long speech in which she said she'd felt "entitled" to be a mom. Molly apologized for having been a "total witch" to Kristina months earlier. Kristina forgave Molly. They hugged.

Kristina poured ginger ale. Everyone toasted to the baby. Kristina called it her "great honor" to be a surrogate. Molly and T.J. boasted that they might get their "miracle." Afterwards, Kristina texted Blaze to say that she had big news.

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