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Willow collapsed and was taken to the hospital. Carly was forced to reveal the truth about Nina and Willow when she learned that Willow needed a bone marrow transplant. Esme claimed that she had no memory of her life, including her relationship with Spencer. Spencer told Alexis about Esme's nanny. Cameron told Elizabeth about his breakup with Josslyn. Gladys turned to Sonny for help.
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Carly revealed the truth about Nina and Willow when she learned Willow needed a bone marrow transplant. Esme claimed to have no memory of her life. Cameron told Elizabeth about his breakup with Josslyn.
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Willow's bone marrow donor falls through

Willow's bone marrow donor falls through

Monday, January 9, 2023

Nina began to go through the box of items that Liesl had removed from Britt's office. She picked up the Best Doctor of the Year award and clutched it to her chest. She began to sort through some of the papers but was interrupted when Ava returned home. Nina noted that the paper she was holding was a blank lab report because Liesl had accidentally removed some sensitive items from Britt's office. Nina said she would separate them out and return them to the hospital. Nina also noted that Liesl was napping in Nina's bedroom, and Nina wanted to ease her aunt's grief.

Ava declared that Nina needed to take a minute for herself, and Nina exclaimed how she couldn't believe that Britt was gone after the previous night's birthday party. Nina grew weepy as the women sat down on the sofa. They chatted about Britt, and Nina revealed that Britt had had Huntington's disease. Nina wished she had told Britt how much she loved Britt. The talk turned to Esme, and Ava announced that Esme was pregnant with Nikolas' baby. Nina gasped in shock, and Ava said how angry she was. The women agreed that they supported each other. Ava announced her plan to get divorced as quickly as possible. She stated that she planned on revenge with a small reward for Nina.

Ava disclosed that she would be moving out, which was Nina's reward, while Victor would be giving her what she wanted, which was Wyndemere and Spoon Island. She maintained that she had leverage with Nikolas' infidelity and out-of-wedlock child, while she flashed back to Nikolas' confession of his killing Esme. Nina admitted that she was used to having Ava around and would miss her. The women joked about it, and Ava confessed that she felt the same way. Nina and Ava related that their families were getting smaller, and they reminisced about old times. Ava grabbed Nina's hands, and they agreed that they depended on each other. "You go get 'em," Nina ordered. She made it clear that Ava's bedroom wasn't going anywhere.

As Alexis walked into Kelly's, she told someone on the phone that something had come up with family. Just as she ended the call, Nikolas arrived. They sat down at a table, and Nikolas announced that he needed legal advice, even if it was unofficial. He added that Martin was busy. He revealed that he was the father of Esme's baby, and Alexis was horrified. As Nikolas told her that he wanted full custody of the baby, Alexis continued to look at him in disbelief.

Alexis maintained that Sam had been taken from her, and she would never take a child from its mother. She reminded Nikolas that he wasn't a "sterling parent." Nikolas declared that he wouldn't make the same mistakes again, but Alexis accused him of only wanting custody in order to atone for his previous mistakes. Nikolas insisted that Spencer had given up on him, and he didn't blame Spencer. Nikolas claimed that he had a responsibility to the new baby. Alexis wondered if he felt any responsibility to Spencer, but Nikolas retorted that Spencer had made his decision.

Alexis insisted that things didn't work like that, and the parent had to take care of the child because it was their job. Nikolas said that he wanted to protect the new baby from Esme. Alexis promised to find Nikolas an attorney, but she advised him not to give up on Spencer.

Spencer and Sonny walked into Wyndemere and encountered Victor. Sonny announced that Spencer would be living with him. "Like hell he is," Victor responded. Sonny made it clear that Spencer was able to make his own decisions, but Victor insisted that he wouldn't allow Sonny to put Spencer's future in jeopardy. Spencer announced that the original date to remain in Victor's care had passed, and he would still be with family. Spencer informed Victor that Esme was pregnant with Nikolas' baby, and he wondered if Victor thought that Nikolas would be the best person to comfort him.

Spencer said that his relationship with Nikolas had been damaged beyond repair, and he wanted Victor to understand. Victor sent Spencer off to get his things, and then he turned to Sonny. He suggested that he and Sonny help each other. "Not even when hell freezes over," Sonny replied. Victor insisted that he was willing to set his pride aside, but Sonny acknowledged that he was only there for Spencer. Victor said that he had hoped to reunite his family, and he hoped that Sonny would use his influence to get Spencer back together with Nikolas.

Sonny asked Victor if he thought that it was in Spencer's best interest to be around Nikolas. He added that Nikolas had had the opportunity to be a father. Victor replied that Nikolas was incapable of repairing Spencer's trust, but he loved Spencer. He didn't think that Sonny had room to talk, given the state of affairs with his own son. "You keep my family out of your mouth, or that will be the last time you ever say anything," Sonny growled. Victor went on to say that he knew that Sonny and Mike had repaired their relationship, and he wanted Sonny to give Spencer the same chance. Sonny maintained that both people had to be willing to work at it and want it.

Spencer returned with a small bag. He said that he had bumped into Demetrius, who had volunteered to have the rest of Spencer's things sent to Sonny's. He noted that Demetrius had headed to the North Tower, which had been reopened. Victor looked thoughtful as Sonny and Spencer departed.

At General Hospital, Michael and Willow rode the elevator to their meeting with Terry. Willow was excited about the bone marrow transplant donor.

Martin interrupted Jordan and Dante, who were accompanied by a uniformed police officer as they headed to Esme's room. Martin proclaimed that they were unable to enter the room. As Terry and Elizabeth conversed at the nurses' station about Britt and the state of affairs, Martin approached them. He demanded that Terry intercede on his client's behalf. Jordan told him there was no need for theatrics, and she was certain that Esme was able to answer questions. Terry added that Esme's neurologist had signed off on it. Just then, Finn stepped off the elevator, and Terry asked him to double-check with Esme's doctor. Everyone else departed, leaving Elizabeth and Terry alone again.

Terry was upset that she had too much to catch up on and that things had been in turmoil after Britt's death. She couldn't understand how Britt could be gone, and the women talked about how Britt had changed. Terry cried, and Elizabeth offered to be there if she wanted to talk. Terry thought that she and Britt had made a good team. Just then, Terry received a notification that her next patient was waiting.

Willow and Michael waited in the hospital corridor for Terry to become available. Willow explained that she wanted to get the transplant squared away so that she could tell family members without them worrying about her. "You don't want to tell them about the problem until the problem is solved," Michael remarked.

Despite understanding Willow's point of view, Michael didn't think she had to protect the family, and she asked if that included his father. Michael said that Sonny could be family too, but he wanted people to stop pressuring him to reconcile with Sonny. "I would be lying, faking respect for a man that I don't have... The man that I grew loving didn't come back from Nixon Falls," Michael said in frustration.

Willow suggested that Sonny might be disappointed that he was no longer the man that Carly and Michael respected. "I'm sure that's why he's so infatuated with Nina. [S]he reflects back to him what he wants to see and tells him what he wants to hear," Willow added. Willow urged Michael to show some compassion.

Terry arrived, and she, Michael, and Willow sat around Terry's desk. Willow extended her condolences. Terry revealed that Willow's numbers weren't where the doctors wanted them to be, and the chemo hadn't worked as they'd hoped. She added that Willow's baby daughter was healthy and strong. Terry wanted to schedule the transplant as soon as possible, and she suggested that with Willow being eight months pregnant, the baby should be delivered first. She left the room so that Michael and Willow could discuss it, but Willow wasn't sure she wanted to deliver the baby early.

Michael did his best to reassure Willow until Terry returned with bad news. She announced that donors always needed a physical, and Willow's donor had not been cleared. She explained that sometimes unknown medical conditions were exposed. She said that a search for a donor would be resumed but that other treatments could be considered. Michael declared that they were still in the fight.

Jordan, Dante, Martin, and Finn stood in front of Esme's bed. Jordan wanted to jog Esme's memory, and while Martin told Esme that she didn't have to answer, Esme said that she wanted to. Dante showed Esme photos of Cameron, Josslyn, Trina, and Oz, but Esme maintained that she didn't recognize anyone. She grew agitated, and Martin pulled the plug on the interrogation.

As everyone else left, Martin assured Esme that he knew how to have her set free. He explained that the only evidence in the revenge porn was that of a dead man, and he didn't think that some of the attacks could have been committed by a pregnant woman, especially that of the man who had provided the venom. He asked Esme if she had an alibi and where she had been hiding.

In the corridor, Jordan and Dante discussed whether Esme could be faking amnesia. Dante noted that they had all the evidence on the revenge porn, but he didn't think Esme had been responsible for the hook attacks. Jordan didn't think they could drop Esme in the attacks yet. Dante thought they needed to find out where Esme had been hiding out for months.

Elizabeth ran into Finn at the nurses' desk, and he stuttered that he was only there to pick up a chart. Elizabeth replied that Terry had appreciated his stepping in earlier, and he proceeded to ask Elizabeth how she was. Elizabeth told him not to pretend he cared, but he said that he wasn't pretending. Elizabeth stated that she had something to tell him, but before she was able to continue, Jordan and Dante walked up.

Jordan wanted a statement regarding Elizabeth and Esme, although Elizabeth complained that she had already given a statement. She maintained that she had been surprised to see that Esme was pregnant in the hospital, and it had been too dark at the pier to see that. She also said that it had happened too fast. Dante noted that no one in any of the attacks had mentioned the attacker as being pregnant. Jordan revealed that they didn't think Esme was the killer, and Dante thought it would be helpful to know where Esme had been hiding and why. Finn piped up that he didn't know the why, but he thought that Wyndemere should be checked out.

Jordan said that Wyndemere had been searched previously, but Finn said that Esme had always been spotted by the pier, where the launch left from. He added that she had spent most of her time on Spoon Island and would be familiar with it. Dante remembered that Esme had been wet when she had appeared on the Haunted Star, and he thought she could have fallen into the water from the island.

Back at the penthouse, Nina agreed that she had Sonny, and Ava had Avery. Ava hoped that Nina would stop by Wyndemere whenever Sonny had to transport Avery. She was amused that Nina was with Avery's father. Sonny arrived, and he told Ava that Spencer would be living with him for a while. Ava felt bad for Spencer, and she disclosed that Spencer had apologized to her. She announced that she would be taking Wyndemere away from Nikolas, and she quickly left to see her attorney. Sonny removed his coat, and Nina admitted that she'd been having a hard time. She said that she wanted Sonny to take care of her. She headed to the kitchen to fix a couple of apple ciders, and Sonny sat down.

When Nina returned with the drinks, she found Sonny staring at one of the papers from Britt's box. She knew that something was wrong.

Nikolas was greeted by Victor when he returned to Wyndemere. Victor held up a piece of a broken ornament and asked what was up with the North Tower.

Carly tells Drew that Nina is Willow's mother

Carly tells Drew that Nina is Willow's mother

Tuesday, January 10, 2023

At Nina's penthouse, Sonny showed Nina the case file that proved Willow had been undergoing chemotherapy. As Nina looked at the file, she noted that Willow had been diagnosed with leukemia months before she had received treatment. Sonny said that people diagnosed with stage 2 leukemia didn't usually decide to delay treatment until stage 4. "You do if you're pregnant," Nina realized.

Nina recalled that she had seen Willow in Terry's office months earlier. Nina wondered if Michael had been responsible for Willow having delayed cancer treatment, but Sonny interrupted her by saying that his family's infighting had to stop because they all had to pull together for Willow. Sonny left the penthouse.

At Dex's apartment, Dex told a panicked Josslyn that she felt survivor's guilt over Britt's death. Dex encouraged Josslyn not to live in guilt. Soon afterward, the two had sex again. Afterwards, Josslyn's cell phone chimed, and she was appalled to have received a text from Sonny.

Josslyn harped about Sonny again, and she dressed to confront him. Later, Josslyn appeared in Sonny's office, and she started to lecture Sonny.

In the gatehouse at the Quartermaine mansion, Willow and Michael tried to conceal the truth about Willow's health in front of Wiley. Michael escorted Wiley to bed. Alone by the fireplace, Willow started to sob. Michael returned to comfort Willow, who said that Wiley had known something was wrong.

Willow wondered why Michael wasn't angry with her because she hadn't initially revealed her cancer diagnosis to him. Michael claimed he could never hate Willow, who thought that she had been selfish. Michael said that he would never regret any day he spent with Willow or the love that Willow had given Wiley.

Later, Michael tucked Willow into bed, and Willow fell asleep. Just then, Michael heard a knock at the door. Michael walked downstairs, and he reluctantly opened the door to Nina. Nina told Michael that she was there to talk about Wiley.

In the kitchen at the Quartermaine mansion, Drew said that he had taken a step back and realized that Carly hadn't wanted Willow's birth parents to be found. Carly admitted that Drew was right. Drew said the call hadn't been Carly's to make, and he asked what had given Carly the right to decide what Willow knew. Carly tried to claim she hadn't wanted to open the door for "strangers" to enter Willow's life.

Drew said that Carly had denied Willow a family. "She has a family! She has Michael and Wiley. She has you and me, and a whole houseful of Quartermaines!" Carly yelled at Drew. "Enough! Carly, enough excuses! Willow's biological family can give her things that none of us can!" Drew shot back.

Carly admitted to having paid Denise to back up Harmony's original story about Willow and Harmony's time at the commune in Colorado. "The whole time that we were supposed to be working together, you were sabotaging me?" Drew asked.

Drew was upset that Carly had deceived him for months. As the two continued to argue, Drew said that Carly would have reacted differently if she had known "the complete information" about Willow's health. Carly asked what Drew meant, and Drew admitted that Willow had leukemia.

Drew said that Willow needed a bone marrow transplant. Carly replied that the best search for a matching donor was an immediate family member.

"That's why I stepped up the search," Drew said. "You don't need to search. Nina is Willow's birth mother," Carly admitted to Drew.

In Esme's room at the hospital, Esme said she had no idea how she had arrived at the hospital. Elizabeth said that Esme would eventually recover her memories.

Outside Esme's room, Spencer said that Esme would need to be held accountable if she had been responsible for the hook attacks. Spencer said that he felt responsible for Britt's death because he had brought Esme to Port Charles. Laura expressed doubt that Esme was the hook killer.

Laura said that Spencer shouldn't confront Esme because Esme's baby's health and safety should be the top priority. Just then, Elizabeth walked out of Esme's room. Spencer told Elizabeth that he would like to visit Esme. Laura reluctantly agreed to allow Spencer inside. "Do I know you?" Esme asked when she saw Spencer.

Spencer introduced himself to Esme, who asked if Spencer had known where she had been "hiding out" in the previous months. Spencer quipped that he knew Esme better than anyone in Port Charles. Esme asked if Spencer believed that Esme had done all the things she stood accused of.

Spencer told Esme that the two of them had gone to boarding school in France and that they had been dating when he had returned to Port Charles. Spencer added that he and Esme had broken up for many reasons. Esme asked if the baby she was carrying was Spencer's. "Possibly," Spencer replied.

By the nurses' station, Laura told Elizabeth that she suspected that Kevin believed Esme truly had amnesia. "Maybe we'll get lucky and she'll never remember," Elizabeth said flippantly. "Why would that be a good thing?" a puzzled Laura asked.

Elizabeth claimed that if she were Esme, she would want to forget everything. Elizabeth grew reflective, and she said that she would like to forget all the ways she had "screwed up" in her own life. Laura asked if Elizabeth had been referring to what Laura surmised had been going on between Elizabeth and Nikolas.

Elizabeth offered that she believed that Nikolas still had mostly good intentions. Laura thanked Elizabeth for having always been loyal to Nikolas, and she remarked that she had known Elizabeth for most of Elizabeth's life.

Laura added that she thought of her and Elizabeth's relationship as that of mother and daughter. "I am very worried right now. I feel like Nikolas has backed himself into a corner and that he is in a very dark place," Laura told an uneasy Elizabeth.

At Wyndemere, Victor confronted Nikolas about Esme having been in the North Tower. Victor said that Esme had manipulated Nikolas and that he had been protecting Nikolas for the sake of their family. Victor wondered if perhaps the Cassadines would be better off if they "cut their losses" -- a direct threat to Nikolas.

Just then, Nikolas opened the door to Dante, Jordan, and other police officers. Nikolas tried to dissuade the police from searching the castle, but Victor contradicted him by inviting the police inside. Dante confronted Nikolas with his belief that Esme had been "hiding out" at Wyndemere for months.

Nikolas tried to stonewall Jordan and Dante by saying that the police should get a warrant. Victor feigned the role of diplomat, and he encouraged Jordan and Dante to search the mansion. Victor then blithely asked Nikolas to accompany Dante on his search of the mansion.

Victor remained in the lobby with Jordan, who asked how much contact Victor had had with Esme. Victor replied that he and Esme had never lived at Wyndemere at the same time. Jordan then asked how Victor would characterize Nikolas' interactions with Esme.

Upstairs, Dante asked Nikolas about the room where Esme had stayed. Dante opened the door, and he stared inside. Later, Dante and Nikolas returned to the living room with Victor and Jordan. Victor asked what Dante had found, and Dante said that there had been no sign of Esme -- much to Nikolas' relief.

Nikolas escorted Dante and Jordan out. Alone, Dante told Jordan that the room he had just searched had been freshly sanitized and painted. "They've definitely been hiding something or someone up there," Dante said with conviction.

Back inside the mansion, Victor told Nikolas that he had had Demetrius clean the room and put things into storage.

"Storage?" Nikolas asked. "Yes, I kept everything. Ample evidence of Esme's imprisonment. Just in case I need to ensure your future cooperation," Victor revealed.

Nina has an explosive confrontation with Michael about Wiley

Nina has an explosive confrontation with Michael about Wiley

Wednesday, January 11, 2023

At the Quartermaine mansion, Brook Lynn sat at a keyboard as she worked on a song. She grew increasingly frustrated by her lack of success, and she sternly told herself not to call Chase. Moments later, Cody entered carrying a plate with two biscotti biscuits. "Sounding pretty good in here," Cody said by way of greeting. Brook Lynn didn't believe him, but she was curious why he was in the main house.

Cody explained that he had found Leo in the barn with the new foal, so Cody had walked Leo back to the house. Cody bit into a biscuit, but he was not impressed because it was dry. Brook Lynn explained that the biscuits should be dipped in coffee or wine. Cody offered one to Brook Lynn, but she declined. The conversation shifted when Cody asked about Brook Lynn and Chase's breakup. Brook Lynn admitted that she hoped working with Chase might lead to a reconciliation.

Cody was surprised that Chase and Brook Lynn still worked together, so she explained that Chase always honored his commitments. Cody advised Brook Lynn to use her working relationship with Chase to her advantage. Brook Lynn admitted that Chase valued honesty, and lies would not get Chase back. "Says who?" Cody asked.

At the yoga studio, Chase was wearing a pair of shorts and no shirt as he went through a series of yoga poses. When Sasha and Gladys entered, Gladys stopped short and admired the view. "Now, that is some hot yoga," Gladys said. Chase glanced up and smiled. After everyone exchanged greetings, Gladys revealed that Sasha had received an offer to buy Brando's garage, but Sasha tactfully reminded Gladys that a decision hadn't been made to accept the offer.

Sasha changed the subject when she noticed that Gladys wasn't wearing the earrings that Sasha had given Gladys for Christmas. Gladys explained that the diamond earrings weren't appropriate to the yoga class. However, Gladys realized that she had forgotten her water, so she excused herself to fetch a bottle. After Gladys left, Chase asked if everything was good between Sasha and Gladys. Sasha acknowledged that Gladys wanted Sasha to sell the garage, but it was Sasha's decision, even though Gladys was Sasha's guardian.

Satisfied, Chase apologized for not reaching out to Sasha since they had last talked. Sasha assured him that it was fine, but Chase sensed that Sasha was troubled. She admitted that she'd been prepared for the holidays without Brando and Liam, but not for what happened after the holidays were over. Chase empathized, but he commended her for getting through the holidays. Sasha appreciated his support, and she admitted that she had felt stronger and more stable in the last couple of months.

Sasha confided that she still struggled at night because she often found herself listening for Brando, and she went to sleep, hoping to dream of him. Sasha realized that she wasn't facing reality, but Chase assured Sasha that she was doing what any other grieving widow would do. Sasha worried that she might end up getting lost in the fantasy as she had when she had thought that she had been holding Liam. Chase explained that Sasha's fear reassured him that she wouldn't. Chase invited her to call him any time she felt adrift. Sasha didn't want to intrude, but he explained that his phone was always on because it was an old habit that he had picked up as a police officer.

Just then, Chase's cell phone rang. "See?" Chase said. At Sasha's urging, Chase answered the call. It was Brook Lynn.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Brook Lynn twirled to show off the black dress that she had changed into. Cody smiled with approval, and he congratulated Brook Lynn on persuading Chase to stop by. Cody was certain that Chase would not be able to resist Brook Lynn when Chase saw her in the sexy dress. Brook Lynn smiled when she heard the doorbell. Cody wished Brook Lynn luck. She waited nervously while Cody went to answer the door.

Moments later, Chase entered the room, followed by Sasha and Cody. Cody looked at Brook Lynn apologetically. Chase explained that he had invited Sasha, since Brook Lynn had promised to keep things brief. Brook Lynn pasted on a smile, but Cody quickly intervened by inviting Sasha to help him raid the kitchen for something to eat. After Sasha and Cody left, Chase asked Brook Lynn for the sheet music with the changes she had made to the song he was set to perform with Blaze the following day. Brook Lynn handed him the changes as she sat next to him on the bench in front of the keyboard.

Chase teased Brook Lynn about her poor penmanship, and she playfully defended herself. The mood began to shift as they laughed, but the moment was shattered when Brook Lynn's phone rang. It was Michael. In the distance, the sound of an approaching siren filled the silence as Chase watched Brook Lynn's expression fill with concern.

In Sonny's office at Pozzulo's, Josslyn reminded Sonny that her private life was none of his concern. Sonny assured her that he hadn't intended to lecture her about her life. He explained that he had just wanted Josslyn to let Michael know that Sonny would be happy to help if Michael and Willow needed anything. Sonny didn't want Michael's pride to stand in the way of asking for help. "Help with what?" Josslyn asked. Sonny applauded Josslyn's loyalty to Michael, but Sonny revealed that he knew about Willow's leukemia.

"Leukemia?" Josslyn asked as her eyes welled up with tears. Sonny realized that Josslyn hadn't known about Willow's diagnosis, but Josslyn wanted to know if her mother knew. Sonny admitted that he wasn't sure, but Josslyn was confident that Carly would have told Josslyn if Carly had known. Josslyn's concern shifted to the baby, so Sonny assured her that chemotherapy wouldn't harm Willow's unborn baby. Josslyn was shaken by the news, and she grew increasingly emotional.

Dex knocked on the door and asked if everything was okay. Sonny explained that Josslyn had received some bad news, but Josslyn decided that she needed to go. Josslyn marched out the door, and Dex promised to make certain that Josslyn got home safe. After Dex left the office, Sonny closed the door. In the restaurant, Dex asked if Josslyn was okay. Josslyn threw herself into Dex's arms and wept.

Later, Frank knocked on Sonny's office door and announced that Sonny had a visitor. It was Gladys. Gladys revealed that she had stopped by to ask for Sonny's help. She filled him in about the offer on Brando's garage, and she asked Sonny to persuade Sasha to accept it. Sonny admitted the offer was too low, and he thought Sasha should wait. Gladys argued that the sale couldn't wait, prompting Sonny to frown. Gladys quickly clarified that holding onto the garage kept Sasha from moving forward.

Sonny was skeptical because Sasha had seemed to be in a good place when he and Sasha had worked together on Brando's motorcycle. Gladys smiled because she was certain that Brando would have loved seeing Sasha and Sonny working together. Sonny was curious if something was going on that he didn't know about, but Gladys was evasive. "Nothing specific," she said. Sonny assured Gladys that everything would be okay, and they would continue to look out for each other. "Deal?" Sonny asked. "Deal," Gladys answered.

After Gladys left, Sonny called Brick. Sonny asked Brick to find the best oncologist in the country for Willow.

Meanwhile, Dex was driving as Josslyn quietly wept and gazed out the window. Concerned, Dex invited Josslyn to tell him what was troubling her, but she admitted that she didn't know what to say. Dex realized that Josslyn hadn't told Sonny about their relationship, because Sonny hadn't taken Dex's head off. He was grateful because he would be in serious trouble if Sonny knew that Dex and Josslyn were involved. Josslyn admitted that Sonny had bigger things on his mind. "We all do," Josslyn said.

Dex squeezed Josslyn's hand. With a little more prodding, Josslyn tearfully confessed that her family was falling apart. Dex was surprised when Josslyn revealed that Willow had leukemia, and she opened up about Oscar's cancer diagnosis that had claimed Oscar's life in eight short months. Josslyn admitted that just hearing the word "cancer" took her right back to sitting at Oscar's bedside as she had read to him in an attempt to distract him from the pain. Josslyn said she didn't want Michael to go through the same thing with Willow.

Dex pulled the car to the side of the road, and he and Josslyn got out. He wrapped his arms around her and held her tight as they stood in silence. They remained like that until he felt Josslyn shiver. Dex asked if she was cold, but Josslyn admitted that she needed a few more minutes. She snuggled closer to him, and he told her to take as long as she needed.

In Carly's kitchen, Carly admitted that Nina might be a perfect donor match for Willow because Nina was Willow's mother. Carly decided to call Michael, but Drew revealed that Willow had already found a donor match. Carly was relieved, but Drew confronted her about Nina and Willow's DNA test. Carly admitted that the DNA test had confirmed that Nina was Willow's mother. "So, you lied to me -- again," Drew said. Carly apologized, but she reminded him that she hadn't known about Willow's cancer diagnosis.

Carly pointed out that Drew had kept secrets, too, but he argued that the situations had been different. "And you know that," Drew said. "Were you ever going to tell Willow that Nina is her mother?" Drew asked. "No," Carly answered. Drew accused Carly of being motivated by hatred for Nina and using the situation as payback. Carly vehemently denied it. Carly admitted that she had lied, but she had done it to spare Willow because Willow and Nina's relationship had turned toxic. Carly also reminded Drew that Willow had decided not to find her biological family because Willow had been afraid that her mother would turn out to be someone like Nina.

Carly insisted that she had lied to Drew, so he wouldn't have been in a position of having to keep the truth from Willow, but Drew was certain that it was because Carly knew it had been wrong. He accused Carly of trying to control the situation to get things to play out exactly as Carly had wanted. "How?" Carly asked. She resented being painted a puppet master by Drew, but Drew argued that she had kept the secret for months. Carly reminded Drew that Willow had only changed her mind about searching for her birth family at the end of November.

Drew pointed out that it was the same time that Carly had started to sabotage his investigation, but Carly insisted that she hadn't known that Willow was sick. Drew conceded that Carly would never intentionally hurt Willow, but Carly's silence had nearly cost Willow's life. Drew reminded Carly that if a donor hadn't been found, they likely wouldn't have known about Nina until it had been too late. "Thank God, it didn't come to that," Carly said. Carly decided that she would call Michael and Willow in the morning because she was concerned about how the transplant might affect the baby.

Carly assured Drew that she had hated lying to him, but she had truly believed it had been for the right reasons. Drew believed Carly because he knew how she operated. However, it had shattered the trust, and her lies had been a wake-up call. Carly was stunned. "One mistake, and I'm out?" Carly asked. Drew argued that it had been more than one mistake; she had bribed a witness and hidden a photo that had been important to him.

Drew clarified that he didn't want a relationship with secrets and lies. Carly assured him that she felt the same. Before Drew replied, Carly's phone rang. Drew handed it to her when he saw it was Nina.

At the gatehouse, Michael opened the door, but he warned Nina that it was not a good time. Nina promised to make it quick. "I need to talk about my grandson," Nina said. Michael reminded Nina that the court had ruled that Nina had no right to see Wiley. Nina argued that she had been shut out of Wiley's life "for the unforgiveable crime" of wanting Wiley to know about his biological mother. Michael did not appreciate the mention of Nelle, but Nina resented not being able to utter her daughter's name. "Wiley must believe that Willow is his one and only mother," Nina said in a tone filled with bitterness.

"And now she put her life at risk so you -- Michael -- can have another baby. Where does that leave Wiley if Willow dies?" Nina asked. Michael was furious. "How dare you?" he demanded. Nina was unapologetic because she believed it was her duty to look out for her grandson's emotional needs. Michael was shocked when Nina revealed that she knew about Willow's leukemia. Nina confessed that she'd found a memo in a box of Britt's things. Nina acknowledged that Willow's diagnosis was horrible, but Nina pointed out that Willow was an adult, and Willow had chosen to delay treatment.

Nina accused Michael and Willow of putting the future of their unborn child ahead of Wiley's needs, happiness, and security. "Now, that little boy may lose the one and only mother that he has ever known -- that you allowed him to know, Michael -- and that's selfish," Nina said. "Get the hell out of here," Michael bellowed. He marched to the door and opened it, but Nina refused to budge. Nina demanded to know why Willow hadn't started chemotherapy immediately instead of delaying treatment for months. Michael insisted that it was none of Nina's business, but she argued that Wiley made it her business.

Nina wanted to know if Wiley knew about Willow's diagnosis, but Michael explained that it was too soon for that. Nina suggested that the responsible thing would have been for Willow to start treatment for the cancer immediately. Nina conceded that losing a child would have been devastating, but Nina thought it would have been better for Michael and Willow to grieve the loss of their unborn child rather than for Wiley to grieve the loss of his mother. Just then, Wiley appeared at the bottom of the stairs. "Grandma," Wiley said with joy.

Nina hugged Wiley as he ran into her arms. Wiley asked Nina to stay and play with him because his mother was always tired, and his father was too busy taking care of her. Nina looked at Michael, but Michael ignored her as he reminded his son that it was time for bed.

In the bedroom, Willow slept and dreamed about arriving home with her newborn daughter. In the dream, Michael praised Willow for not only beating cancer, but also for protecting their daughter. Willow beamed with happiness as Michael kissed her. However, the dream took a dark turn when Willow decided to introduce Wiley to his newborn sister. In the dream, Nina stood in the living room with Wiley. Alarmed, Willow tried to call Wiley to her side, but Nina kept a firm grip on Wiley.

Suddenly, the dream took an even more sinister turn when Willow was seated in a wheelchair. Weak from cancer, Willow watched as Michael entered the living room and handed their daughter to Nina. Nina explained that Willow was too sick to care for the children, so Nina had been given the task because Michael was busy with work. Willow's dismay turned to horror when Nina announced that the baby was Nina's second chance. "How do you like the name Nelle?" Nina asked. Willow woke up from the nightmare with a gasp.

Moments later, Willow entered the living room. Willow became enraged when she saw Nina with Wiley. Willow ran toward Nina, but Michael quickly interceded and held Willow back. Furious, Willow screamed at Nina to get away from Wiley. Willow vowed that she would never let Nina take Willow's children away. Upset, Wiley broke free of Nina's grip and ran to his mother. Willow managed to rein in her temper as she told Wiley that Nina was "a bad person." Willow started to take Wiley to his bedroom, but they only made it as far as the staircase when Willow suddenly collapsed.

A short time later, Nina called Carly to let her know that Willow had been taken to the hospital by ambulance.

The episode was dedicated in loving memory to Sonya Eddy.

Carly decides to tell the truth

Carly decides to tell the truth

Thursday, January 12, 2023

Elizabeth arrived at Kelly's and found Cameron scrubbing tables. She wondered why she'd had to track him down at work in order to find out what was going on with him, and he muttered that he'd picked up some extra shifts. She wondered if his mood was about Esme, and he went off on how she needed to rot in jail and have her baby taken far away from her. Elizabeth was concerned about his mood, but he insisted that there was nothing she could do. He revealed that Josslyn had broken up with him.

Cameron continued that he blamed Esme for the breakup because things between him and Josslyn had never recovered after the video. Elizabeth informed him that it was rarely just one thing that broke a couple up, and she insisted that he would one day be grateful for what he'd shared with Josslyn. He thanked his mother for the talk and commented that he was just sad. Elizabeth reminded him that she would always be there for him, and she embraced her son.

Alexis arrived at her office, surprised to see Gregory there. He revealed that it had been a "big news day," and he'd figured that it would be "all hands on deck." He figured that he owed her, anyway, for getting through to Finn when Gregory hadn't been able to. She insisted that he didn't have to stick around, but he found that doing the actual work instead of just teaching about it was invigorating.

As Alexis and Gregory worked, she wondered why he had never gotten in the field. He answered that he'd needed a stable job while raising Chase, and he added that it was too late for him to start then. Alexis reminded him that she'd gotten a "second act," and she advised him to go for it if he wanted a change. A short while later, he declared his work finished. She thanked him for his help, and he replied that he liked spending time with her. When he was gone, Alexis' phone rang. She answered it and asked the caller if their request could wait. Moments later, she told them, "You've got my attention."

Cody and Sasha returned from the kitchen with a plate full of biscotti. Sasha got a text from Chase telling her that he and Brook Lynn had gone to the gatehouse to look after Wiley, as Michael and Willow had gone to the hospital. The two sat down to eat their biscotti, and Sasha told him all about her troubles. She mentioned that Gladys was her guardian, and Cody said that he knew a woman named Gladys, but it probably wasn't the same person.

Cody and Sasha talked about Britt and how she'd died a hero for saving someone from the Hook. Sasha added that Brando had died in the same way. She went on that she'd loved her life with Brando, and, even knowing how it had ended, she would do it again in a heartbeat. The two toasted with their biscotti to Britt and Brando.

Outside the gatehouse, Brook Lynn told Chase about Willow and how she and Michael had had to leave Wiley with Nina. Chase thought the most important thing was to keep Wiley happy, so they wouldn't kick Nina out, but Brook Lynn would take over with Wiley. Chase hoped that Nina would play along.

Inside the gatehouse, Wiley asked Nina what was wrong with Willow. Nina promised that Willow would be all right, as Michael would make sure of it. She assured him that the doctors at General Hospital would make Willow and his baby sister better.

As Sonny got into his car, he told someone on the phone that he would be there soon. A short while later, he arrived at the gatehouse, and Wiley ran up to hug his grandfather. Brook Lynn and Chase entered, and Brook Lynn wondered if Sonny knew anything about Willow. She sent Wiley to get ready for bed so that they could talk. Sonny told a shocked Brook Lynn and Chase about Willow's diagnosis.

Wiley returned a few minutes later, and Sonny and Nina decided to go to the hospital. Nina assured Wiley that, even if she wasn't around for a while, she would always be with him. Sonny and Nina left, and Wiley asked Brook Lynn why Willow had said that Nina was bad. Brook Lynn explained that Nina had made some mistakes, which didn't make her bad, and that Nina and Willow only wanted the best for Wiley. Wiley said he missed Willow, so Brook Lynn suggested that he make her a get-well card.

A short while later, Brook Lynn assured Chase that he could go to the hospital if he wanted, but Chase thought he would be most useful helping Brook Lynn with Wiley. Wiley asked Chase to read a story to him, and Chase agreed. As he read the story about courage, he noticed that Wiley and Brook Lynn had fallen asleep. He advised them not to worry, as he would stand watch.

Drew and Carly arrived at the hospital at the same time as Josslyn. Carly saw T.J. and asked about Willow. T.J. revealed that he'd just gotten there, but he would have someone update them soon. "They have to be fine," Josslyn said about Willow and the baby, and Carly agreed.

Michael looked through the window to Willow's room and begged her to fight for their family. Carly, Drew, and Josslyn approached. Carly asked what had happened, but Michael balked. Drew advised Michael that Willow's diagnosis wasn't a secret anymore. Michael had something to take care of, so he walked off, followed by Josslyn. Drew told Carly that Willow and Nina deserved the truth, but Carly didn't think it was the right time. He warned her that he wouldn't sit on the secret forever.

Later, Sonny and Nina arrived as Michael exited Willow's room with Terry and Dr. Navarro. Dr. Navarro assured everyone that the baby was fine, and they would continue to monitor her. Terry revealed that Willow was critical but stable, and she would look into clinical trials for Willow, as Willow was running out of options. When the doctors were gone, Drew asked about the clinical trials, and Michael revealed that the donor wasn't healthy enough for the transplant. He excused himself to go for a walk, and Josslyn went with him. Sonny and Nina decided to go to the chapel. "End this now," Drew ordered Carly, and she knew what she had to do.

Josslyn hugged Michael, who updated her on Willow's sickness. Josslyn's phone went off, and she saw a text from Dex saying that he was thinking about her and that he hoped everything was all right. She asked if Michael needed anything, and he only requested that she be there with him.

Carly entered Willow's room and found T.J. there. He revealed that Willow was stable, but they weren't sure when she would wake up. He left the room, and Carly sat at Willow's bedside. She tried to wake Willow up so Carly could tell her something. She insisted that she loved Willow like her own daughter. Willow stirred but didn't wake up, so Carly left the room and reported back to Drew. She asked him to tell Michael the news and to tell him that she was sorry.

Josslyn sat at Willow's bedside and sang Willow's praises. She insisted that both Willow and the baby would be happy and healthy. She knew that the medical aspect was important, but she thought that belief was, too, and she urged Willow to believe that everything would be fine. Just then, her phone went off. She listened for a few moments then told the caller that she would be right there.

Michael approached T.J. and thanked him for all the support he'd given Willow. T.J. assured Michael that he would be there for Michael and Willow, and he walked away. Michael found Drew and asked where Carly was. Drew revealed that she'd gone to see Nina. "There's something you need to know," Drew said.

In the chapel, Sonny talked about how it was never easy to watch his kids suffer, but being estranged from Michael made it worse. He said he didn't know what to do. Nina assured him that just being there was enough. Nina insisted that she would be, too. Carly entered the chapel and asked to speak with Nina alone. Sonny left, and Carly closed the doors behind him.

Nina learns she is Willow's biological mother

Nina learns she is Willow's biological mother

Friday, January 13, 2023

At Curtis and Portia's house, Trina revealed that she had been in touch with Spencer. Curtis and Portia lectured Trina about having had contact with Spencer. Curtis asked how Trina felt about Esme's capture.

Trina recalled how "pathetic" Esme had seemed when Esme had appeared on the Haunted Star on New Year's Eve, and she admitted that she was conflicted and even felt bad for Esme. Trina wondered if it were possible that amnesia had changed Esme, and she added that she didn't believe Esme was a serial killer.

Trina said she was ready to move on with her life. Portia asked how letting Spencer back into Trina's life would help. Trina recalled that Spencer had been there for her since Rory had died, but Portia fussed at Trina, who swore that Spencer had changed because of his stay in Pentonville. Portia said the Cassadines were dangerous.

Portia claimed that she had tried to keep an open mind about Nikolas, and she started harping about Nikolas and Victor in particular. Portia added that Spencer was a convicted felon.

Trina said that she had been raised not to judge people, and she asked Portia to trust her judgment. "I hope that one day you see Spencer the way I do. But ultimately, you don't have to, because he's not your friend, Mom. He's mine," Trina said passionately.

Trina left for bed. Curtis reentered the room, and Portia shared that she had hoped that Trina had put Spencer in the rearview mirror. Portia vowed that Spencer wouldn't become a habit. "Not if I have anything to say," Portia said.

At Nina's penthouse, Alexis visited Spencer, who had moved in with Sonny. Spencer recalled that Esme claimed to have amnesia, and he remained sad that Britt had died. Alexis then reminded Spencer of the sobering news that Esme would soon give birth. Spencer said he would never hold a grudge against Esme's baby, but he was concerned that Esme might take the baby far away from Port Charles.

Alexis asked if Spencer could think of any other enemies that Trina, Portia, or Curtis might have. Spencer thought it was unlikely. Before Alexis left, she asked Spencer if anyone was important to Esme besides Ryan. "Yes. Maybe even enough to kill for her," Spencer realized.

Spencer recalled that Sam had looked into Maggie, Esme's nanny, whose last whereabouts had been in London. Spencer added that Maggie had warned Esme in a letter not to have anything to do with her birth father. Alexis thanked Spencer, and she added that a reporter from the Invader had taken a photo of Spencer and Trina together on New Year's Eve. Alexis warned Spencer to be careful. Spencer confidently replied that he knew how to take care of his own.

At the Port Charles Police Station, Jordan asked Dante for a lead on the hook killer. Soon afterward, Josslyn appeared. Dante, Jordan, and Robert started to formally question Josslyn about her encounter with the hook attacker. Dante showed Josslyn a grainy photo that he said had been taken 15 minutes before Britt had called in the attack on New Year's Eve. Jordan asked if it was Josslyn's life that Britt had saved.

Dante said the person in the footage had looked like Josslyn. Robert and Jordan assured Josslyn that she wasn't in trouble. Robert pleaded with Josslyn for help when Diane appeared. "Not one word," Diane said as Josslyn smirked.

Diane, Robert, and Jordan retreated to the lobby. Diane soon reappeared with Josslyn. In the interrogation room, Josslyn admitted that she had been on the pier during the night of the attack and that someone had attacked her with a knife. Jordan asked why Josslyn hadn't said anything to the police before Britt had died. Josslyn claimed that there had been a "family emergency."

Diane praised Josslyn for having stonewalled the police. Josslyn claimed that during the night of the attack, she hadn't seen anything that could help the police. Dante asked if the attacker had looked pregnant, and Josslyn said she couldn't recall.

Dante asked Diane for permission to speak to Josslyn alone, and Diane begrudgingly agreed. Alone in the interrogation room, Josslyn self-righteously claimed that Dante had "ambushed" her, and she gloated that she had "learned from the best" to not talk to the police. "Yeah, you did. So, what was the family emergency?" Dante asked Josslyn.

At the hospital, Drew surprised Michael when he said that Nina could be a match for Willow, and he added that Nina wasn't just another family member to Willow. Michael was in disbelief when he learned that Nina was Willow's birth mother. Drew tried to calm Michael, and he said that Willow needed Michael's support.

In the hospital chapel, Carly said that Nina might be the only person who could help Willow. "Nelle isn't your only daughter. Willow is, too," Carly told a confused Nina.

Nina demanded answers from Carly, who explained that years earlier, Nina had given birth to twin daughters. "So, if Willow was Nelle's twin, you're saying that Madeline handed Willow off to..." Nina said. "Harmony. Your mother gave the baby to Harmony," Carly answered firmly.

Carly admitted that Harmony had suspected that Nina was Willow's mother on the night that Harmony had died. Carly later added that she knew for a fact that Nina was Willow's biological mother, and she admitted that she had proof. Carly recalled that she had run a DNA test on both Nina and Harmony and that it had concluded that Nina and Willow were biologically mother and daughter.

Nina remained skeptical that Carly was telling the truth, but Carly pleaded with Nina to listen. As she did, Nina flashed back to a series of conversations and run-ins with Willow through the years. Carly continued to plead with Nina, who grew visibly angry. Nina rushed to the door of the chapel, but she turned to look at Carly again. "You made me feel like the scum of the earth for a year. You kept saying over and over how I was wrecking your family. What about my family? How could you keep me away from my child?" Nina said as her voice started to quiver.

Carly said that Nina could lash out after Nina was tested. "Don't tell me what to do, Carly! Go to hell... you selfish bitch! I'm gonna go save my daughter," Nina yelled.

Earlier, in the hospital lobby, Sonny sat with Willow in Willow's room. Sonny told an unconscious Willow that she was tough and that Michael would take care of her. Sonny said he wished he could take care of both Willow and Michael.

Sonny continued to praise Willow, and he thanked her for having never lost hope in repairing his relationship with Michael. Sonny said that he only wanted Willow to be together with her family, and he pleaded with Willow to open her eyes.

Just then, Michael appeared. Michael said he appreciated Sonny having stayed with Willow. Sonny left to give Michael and Willow space. Alone with Willow, Michael was forced to admit that Sonny was trying to "make amends." Michael whispered that he needed Willow, and he put his face in her hand. Willow awoke, and she asked what had happened. Michael recalled that Willow had passed out.

Willow recalled that Nina had been in the gatehouse with Wiley. Michael confirmed that Wiley had seen Willow pass out, and he said they would explain everything to Wiley. Willow surmised that there was something Michael wasn't telling her, and she asked what was wrong. Michael said that what he had to say was about Nina. Willow coldly remarked that she never wanted to hear Nina's name again.

Willow ranted about Nina again, and she called Nina "toxic." Willow asked Michael to make a promise that Nina would never have access to Wiley if Willow died.

Just then, Nina entered the room. Willow demanded that Nina leave. "I'm sorry, but your life may depend on me," Nina said soberingly.

Outside Willow's room, Sonny chatted with Drew. Sonny was surprised that Drew hadn't known about Willow's diagnosis until recently. "Can I ask you a question? Carly's in the chapel right now with Nina instead of Michael and Willow. Do you know anything about that?" Sonny asked Drew.

Drew remained tight-lipped, and he said that it wasn't his place to share why Carly had wanted to speak to Nina. Sonny "suggested" that Drew tell him the truth. After leaving the chapel, Carly appeared. Carly told Sonny to "back off."

"What's going on, Carly?" Sonny asked directly.

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