General Hospital Recaps: The week of December 19, 2022 on GH

The police found a link between the Hook and Ryan Chamberlain. Chase learned that Brook Lynn was responsible for him having a second chance with the review board. Maxie ended things with Austin. Spencer and Trina hatched a plan. A snowstorm hit Port Charles. Friends and family celebrated Christmas.
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Spencer and Trina teamed up. Confronted by Ava, Elizabeth claimed she'd had a miscarriage. Ryan was linked to the Hook.
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Michael and Willow learn their baby's gender

Michael and Willow learn their baby's gender

Monday, December 19, 2022

At Volonino's gym, Chase worked out in a frenzy until Brook Lynn showed up to speak to him. She wanted to know if Chase would still perform with Blaze, but he told her that he was done with his relationship with Brook Lynn, both professionally and personally. He added that he wanted his cop career back. Chase complained that he hadn't been able to participate in an investigation after a cop's recent death.

Brook Lynn said that she had written a letter, albeit late, in order to help him to get his job back, and she had put the blame on herself. Chase replied that he wasn't giving up. Brook Lynn offered to continue to help Chase with his music, and she mentioned all the money that he could earn. Chase made it clear that he only wanted to be a cop, and if he needed extra money, he'd work extra shifts. Brook Lynn thought that Chase despised her. "Never," he replied. He thought they needed space because they didn't work together.

Brook Lynn asked Chase to honor his commitment to Blaze, but Chase said no. She promised to draw up the paperwork to end their partnership, and Chase urged her to send it certified instead of getting it to him in person.

Sonny and Nina called out frantically for Ava as they rushed into the art gallery, followed by Dex. They were concerned that her door had been unlocked, and Nina wondered where Ava had been the previous evening. Nina admitted that she had called Nikolas for help in locating Ava. "Wyndemere is no longer my home," Ava stated. Nina turned to thank Sonny for his help and gave him a kiss. Dex asked if he should arrange protection for Ava, but Sonny declined, citing issues with Nikolas as more important. As he and Sonny left, Dex wondered about other family members, including Josslyn.

Ava claimed that she had had paperwork to do during the night, which had also created a sore neck. Nina and Sonny had noticed the broken glass all over the floor, and Nina helped to clean things up. Ava exclaimed that she had been feeling "lousy," and Nina asked about Nikolas. Ava revealed that Nikolas had had divorce papers drawn up, and Nina was surprised because she'd thought that things had been looking up. Ava disclosed that Nikolas had not only slept with Elizabeth, but Elizabeth was also pregnant. Nina was appalled.

Ava confessed that she was furious because she was the best thing to have ever happened to Nikolas. She was also disappointed for believing things that Nikolas had said to her, and she blamed herself for falling for the idea of forever. She vowed to shed no more tears and to take Nikolas for everything he was worth, thanks to Victor, who wanted to keep family skeletons in the closet.

Nina was greatly opposed to Ava's working with Victor and warned Ava not to do anything she would regret. Ava declared that she'd been made a fool of, and she promised to make Nikolas and Elizabeth pay. She announced that she wanted to get to the pharmacy to get something for her neck pain.

Josslyn returned home from a run just as Carly finished up a phone call with Jax. She told her daughter that her father wanted her to visit him, but Josslyn declared that she couldn't leave because her friends needed her. She added that she couldn't walk out on her life. Carly was concerned about Josslyn's safety, and she wanted Josslyn to be careful. She gave Josslyn strict orders to remain on the grounds, along with several other rules. She was also worried about Josslyn's association with Dex.

Josslyn changed her clothes and sat on the sofa with Carly as they enjoyed coffee and muffins. Carly was aware that Josslyn wouldn't listen to her because they were alike. Carly maintained that she was in Josslyn's corner and had faith in her. She knew that Josslyn was aware of what life would be like with Dex after watching Carly's relationships with Jason and Sonny. Josslyn was sorry for calling Jason an idiot for working for Sonny, since Dex was doing the same.

Josslyn said she thought that Dex was a non-issue after what had happened the previous night with Spencer. Carly was surprised to hear that Spencer was home. Carly only wanted Josslyn to be clear about who and what she wanted. Josslyn admitted that she loved Cameron, but they'd grown apart. She faulted herself for those feelings and admitted to not being able to tell him. Carly warned that it would get harder the longer Josslyn waited. She admitted that she loved having Josslyn home, as did Josslyn's sister. She reminded Josslyn of the lunch date they had with Michael and Willow. Just then, the doorbell sounded.

Carly answered the door and was surprised to see Sonny and Dex. Sonny announced that he wanted to assign protection to Josslyn, and Carly was on board. Josslyn told Carly that she wanted to skip the lunch, and Sonny asked Dex to stay until he could get someone to cover a shift. He told Carly to give his best wishes to Michael and Willow.

Outside, Sonny asked his man to send a neutral gender gift to Michael and Willow without a card. Inside, Dex thanked Carly for her previous help, and he promised to keep an eye on Josslyn until the new guard arrived. "That's what I'm afraid of," Carly remarked as she departed. Josslyn wanted Dex to leave, but he exclaimed that he had his orders, even though he'd stay, anyway. Josslyn was short with him and replied that she really didn't know what he did, and she didn't care.

Dex was annoyed. "It's clear where we stand," Josslyn insisted. "Aren't you tired of pretending?" Dex asked. He told her that it was okay to be scared, even though he knew she was tough. He added that she was safe with him. Josslyn began to cry and ran into his arms.

At General Hospital, Michael and Willow were ready for Dr. Navarro to do an ultrasound, but Michael asked her for some privacy first. He said he wasn't sure they should do the test, and Willow reminded him they were supposed to be happy. She admitted that she missed Harmony, who had known her so well. She said that Drew had told her that her biological mother was dead, and Michael offered to share his. Willow was grateful for his family and said that while she had lost a lot, she could lose even more.

Willow admitted that she had wanted to meet her birth mother in order to compare their features, and Michael suggested that he could try to look for photos of Joan. Willow hoped she would be able to find herself in their new baby. She also wanted to go ahead with her ultrasound, since she'd promised to disclose the baby's gender at lunch.

Dr. Navarro returned to the room and performed the ultrasound. She announced that everything looked good, and they listened to the baby's heartbeat. She showed Michael and Willow the screen and revealed that they were going to have a baby girl. The doctor left the room, and Michael and Willow were giddy over the news. Willow realized that her daughter might not have a mother, just like Willow. Michael stated that they weren't giving up, and Willow agreed that she wasn't going anywhere without a fight.

Nikolas found Elizabeth at the nurses' station and demanded they talk. He wanted to know if Elizabeth would call the cops on him. Elizabeth tried to tell him she didn't have time but finally gave in and walked with him to the chapel. She pointed out that his attitude was the reason that people found him arrogant and self-centered. Nikolas whined that she hadn't returned his calls, and they needed to figure things out. Elizabeth reminded him that he had Esme locked up in the tower, and she thought that she might have called the police if she had known that Esme wasn't the murderer. They began to argue.

Elizabeth said that she had gone along with Nikolas because he had thought that Esme was dangerous. Nikolas complained that she was dangerous to his child, and he would love to turn Esme in after the child was born; however, he couldn't risk Elizabeth's freedom. He said he intended to have Esme taken to Cassadine Island. Elizabeth thought she was in too deep and worried that she would be charged as an accomplice. She said that she felt trapped. Nikolas suggested that he hire someone else to take over as nurse. Elizabeth suspected that Esme would talk, and Elizabeth's career would be over, even if she escaped jail time. Elizabeth thought she had to continue.

Nikolas and Elizabeth finalized their plan, and Nikolas noted that the child really could have been theirs once upon a time. He was sorry about Finn, and Elizabeth retorted that they had made their choices. Nikolas pondered how none of it had been worth it except for the fact that he would have a child to parent, so he had no regrets. Elizabeth wished she could say the same.

Nikolas apologized, and Elizabeth noted that they would have to face hurting people. Nikolas left, and soon after, Elizabeth headed to the door as Ava arrived. "Going somewhere?" Ava asked before adding, "I don't think so."

Drew and Alexis met at Charlie's Pub and sat at a table. Alexis announced that she had done some "digging" for him regarding Willow's search for her mother. She revealed that there was no Joan listed on the census for the time that she was supposed to have been at the commune, and she thought the woman had changed her name. Drew replied that nothing else matched, and Alexis agreed that Denise's story didn't add up.

Alexis continued that she had spoken to a reporter from the area, and the only Joan who had died within five years of the stated time period had been a 91-year-old woman. She said that furthermore, there had been no crack houses in the area where Joan's death had allegedly taken place. Drew flashed back to Carly saying that Harmony had told her that Nina was Willow's mother, and Alexis noted that she was glad to have checked after listening to Harmony's lies. Drew agreed that Harmony had definitely told lies, and Phyllis overheard as she drew near their table.

Phyllis asked about the investigation and noted that Harmony, or Lorraine as she had known her, had always kept secrets. She thought that the woman had tried to rewrite history. She went off to see other customers, and Drew announced that he wanted to question Denise again.

Nina showed up and sat at the bar, where she found Phyllis busy on her phone. Phyllis revealed that she was busy with a new "game" and had been texting someone from an app. Nina was excited and full of questions. She knew that Lenny would want Phyllis to be happy, and Phyllis agreed. She asked if Sonny was still making Nina as happy, and Nina told Phyllis about her friend with a broken heart. She said that she and Sonny had been tested and were happier than ever. She also noted that Phyllis had been the only one to have supported them. She said she didn't know what she would do without Phyllis, she finally felt peace, and she wanted the same for Phyllis.

Drew was surprised when Denise walked in, and she told him she had time before her flight. They sat down, and Drew proclaimed that he didn't think Denise had told him everything she knew. She offered to stick around, and Drew wondered if he could trust her. He specified that every word of hers had been a lie. Carly was horrified as she walked inside and heard Drew's proclamation.

Ava confronts Elizabeth, but Elizabeth shares devastating news

Ava confronts Elizabeth, but Elizabeth shares devastating news

Tuesday, December 20, 2022

At Carly's mansion, Dex and Josslyn continued to talk in quiet. Cameron texted to ask if Josslyn was okay. Josslyn ignored the text. Dex apologized for having caused problems in Josslyn and Cameron's relationship. Josslyn asked what Dex had to be sorry about.

Josslyn said that she was the problem in her relationship with Cameron, and she admitted that she was a "coward" for not having had the conversation she needed to have with Cameron. Before Dex left, he asked if Josslyn was sorry that they had kissed. "Yeah, me, neither," Dex said before Josslyn could answer.

After Dex left, Josslyn flashed back to Dex's question, as well as their kiss. Josslyn put her face into a pillow, and she screamed in angst.

At Volonino's Gym, Sam told Cody that Dante hadn't gone home the previous night. Sam confirmed that she had heard from Dante via text, but she was worried about how Dante was processing things after Rory had died.

By the nurses' station at the hospital, Mac told Dante that an autopsy report had confirmed that snake venom had been found in Rory's body. Mac's phone rang, and he was surprised to learn that Cody was calling. Cody asked if Mac knew where Dante was, and Mac confirmed that he was at the hospital with Dante.

Afterwards, Mac encouraged Dante to go home and to rest. Dante said that he was "too wired" to sleep. Mac proposed that he and Dante go to the gym for a workout.

Later, Mac and Dante appeared at the gym, and Dante quickly deduced that Mac and Cody had teamed up to get Dante to the gym. Mac thanked Cody for having helped reunite Dante with Sam. Cody asked how Mac was doing in the aftermath of Rory's death. Mac said that it was always difficult to lose an officer in the line of duty.

Mac started to leave when Cody said that he wouldn't continue to bother Mac. Cody offered to delete Mac's number from his phone. Mac encouraged Cody to keep Mac's number and to call if Cody ever needed something.

At Charlie's Pub, Drew confronted Denise about the lie Denise had told about the identity of Willow's birth mother. Denise got up to leave, but Carly interfered, and she flashed back to having paid Denise to lie to Drew about Willow's birth mother. Drew said that his research had proven that "Joan," the name Denise had given Drew as Willow's birth mother, had never existed.

Carly tried to make excuses for why Denise had lied. Denise said that Harmony, or "Lorraine," had already had the baby when Harmony had joined the commune years earlier. Denise said that Harmony had been her friend and that she had only tried to protect Harmony and the baby. Denise recalled having always felt that Harmony had been on the run from something or someone.

Denise cautioned Drew not to continue to research Harmony's past, and she surmised that Willow lived a good life in Port Charles. On her way out of the pub, Denise left a pair of gloves on the table. Carly met Denise outside. Carly handed Denise the gloves, along with another paycheck for Denise's story.

"Question: were you telling the truth to Drew? Was Lorraine really running from someone?" Carly asked. "She was jumpy around strangers. Always seemed to be looking over her shoulder," Denise replied.

Elsewhere at Charlie's Pub, Phyllis listened to Nina's latest woes. Nina recalled that she had gotten into another fight with Willow and that Willow had fainted. Nina hoped that Willow would be okay. Nina grew teary as she recalled having never been given the chance to be a mother.

Later, Drew approached Phyllis. Drew asked if Phyllis had ever known Harmony to talk about a baby when Phyllis had known Harmony in New York. "Not that I recall," Phyllis answered.

Carly reentered the pub. Drew wondered if Harmony had stolen Willow from Willow's real parents. Carly asked where that left her and Drew. Drew said that they knew the story about Willow's birth mother having died from an overdose was a lie. "Which means it's possible that somebody could be out there somewhere, wondering what happened to her little girl," Drew said thoughtfully.

In the chapel at the hospital, Ava confronted Elizabeth about Elizabeth's "affair" with Nikolas. Ava said that Elizabeth and Nikolas would both be sorry. "Let me tell you something, Elizabeth. Neither one of you knows what real pain is. So, take cover. Because not only will you lose everything you cost me, but by the time I am done, you will have lost so much more," Ava threatened.

Elizabeth largely stayed quiet as Ava hurled insult after insult. Elizabeth said that she had made mistakes and that she would have to live with what she had done. Ava continued to chastise Elizabeth, who had finally had enough of Ava's sniping. "Oh, my God, Ava! Shut up! Not everything is about you!" Elizabeth snapped.

Ava recalled that Nikolas had slept with Esme months earlier, and she was surprised when she discovered that Elizabeth had already known about it. Ava then brought up the supposed baby Elizabeth was carrying. "There's not going to be a baby!" Elizabeth replied.

Elizabeth said that she was no longer pregnant. Ava showed no remorse, and insincerely, she said that she was sorry for Elizabeth's loss. On her way out of the chapel, Ava said that Nikolas only cared about himself and to not expect Nikolas to comfort Elizabeth.

After Ava had left, Elizabeth remained in the chapel. Elizabeth stared up at a cross on the wall, and she spoke to herself. "What am I doing? My parents finally told me about Reiko's fall and how they tried to make me forget what I had done. If the truth is supposed to set me free, then how come it feels like a stone around my neck? But I guess it's not the truth that's the problem, is it? Nope. It's me and the choices I've made," Elizabeth marveled.

Elizabeth grew sad as she reflected. "I'm just tearing my life down piece by piece, brick by brick. I lost Finn. I'm helping Nikolas hold a pregnant woman captive because I thought I was keeping everybody else from getting hurt. But now that cop is dead, and I know it can't be Esme who's the killer. This isn't me. I'm a good person, aren't I?" Elizabeth asked. Elizabeth paused. "Aren't I?" she asked again.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas told Spencer that the two men needed to talk. Nikolas recalled having served Ava with divorce papers. Spencer called Ava a "toxic opportunist," and he scoffed at the idea that Nikolas and Ava's marriage was truly over. Nikolas told Spencer that he had been unfaithful to Ava. Spencer assumed that Nikolas had been referring to the affair with Esme, and he was shocked to learn that Nikolas had had a separate affair.

"Great. Whose girlfriend did you bang this time? I don't have any siblings, so you would have had to branch out. Who's the lucky lady?" Spencer asked. "Elizabeth," Nikolas claimed.

Spencer, who remained in the dark about Nikolas and Elizabeth's secret, grew outraged when Nikolas claimed that he had "slept" with Elizabeth. Spencer railed that Elizabeth was practically family, and he recalled that Elizabeth had been at Shady Brook months earlier. Spencer implied that Nikolas had taken advantage of Elizabeth's state of mind, and he called Nikolas "disgusting." Spencer added that he should punch Nikolas.

Spencer said that Nikolas had used a woman's emotional problems to "move in" on Elizabeth. Spencer yelled at Nikolas for having no shame or morals, and he called their family "unsalvageable." As he prepared to leave the living room, Spencer said that he would move out of Wyndemere as soon as his house arrest was over.

Spencer added that he had his own money and that he hoped to find a place to live that was as far away from Nikolas as possible. "There really is no bottom for you, is there? I feel really sorry for you. But there's one good thing about this, and it's that I'm more determined than ever to be a better father than you," Spencer said.

Nikolas said that he loved Spencer, and he added that Spencer was already a better man. Just then, Nikolas' phone rang. After Spencer had left the room, Elizabeth stood in the chapel, and she told Nikolas about her run-in with Ava. Elizabeth shared that she had let Ava believe the lie about a miscarriage. Elizabeth was relieved that she didn't have to pretend to be pregnant anymore.

"Now I just have to fix all the other mistakes I've made," Elizabeth told Nikolas. "I know this is hard, but we made our choices. There's no going back," Nikolas told his best friend.

Later, in the alley behind Charlie's Pub, Ava told Nina about having confronted Elizabeth. Nina claimed she hated Elizabeth. Ava said that she wanted to feel sympathy for Elizabeth -- and Nikolas. "As much as I really want to give it to Nikolas, and I really want to let him have it... Can I really go after him after he just lost a child?" Ava asked.

Trina and Josslyn have a heart-to-heart talk

Trina and Josslyn have a heart-to-heart talk

Wednesday, December 21, 2022

At Alexis' house, Alexis had gathered with Kristina, Molly, T.J., Sam, and Dante in the living room as they exchanged gifts. Spencer sat slightly removed from the group. Once everyone dispersed to refresh their drinks, Spencer wandered over to the Christmas tree. Alexis had noticed Spencer's silence, so she decided to check on him. Spencer assured Alexis that he'd been having fun, but Alexis wasn't fooled. Reluctantly, Spencer admitted that he had a lot on his mind.

"Am I destined to be like my father?" Spencer asked. Alexis wanted to know what Nikolas had done, so Spencer chose his words carefully as he explained that he had discovered some things about Nikolas that had made Spencer fear being seen as "bad by association." Spencer assured Alexis that he wanted a life outside of his family -- including Victor -- but Spencer was unable to find a way out. "How do I escape my own family?" Spencer asked. "You can't," Alexis answered.

Spencer pointed out that Alexis and her daughters hadn't been drawn into the Cassadine drama, but Alexis reminded Spencer that she and her daughters were still Cassadines. She explained that Spencer couldn't escape being a Cassadine, but Spencer could survive it. "Okay. How?" Spencer asked. Alexis told Spencer that she and her daughters had their own lives.

Alexis acknowledged that Victor had a special interest in Spencer, and she advised Spencer to tread with caution. "Because this band of psychopathic, murdering megalomaniacs are ours. They are our family and always will be," Alexis said. "So, basically I'm doomed like a brontosaurus in a tar pit then," Spencer replied. Alexis smiled, but she urged Spencer to forge his own path.

Spencer explained that he wanted to rise above the insanity of their family, so Alexis pointed to her daughters as she reminded Spencer that a person's genetics didn't dictate their actions. "Find out what makes you feel alive," Alexis said. She encouraged him to figure out what made him happy and to let it be his guide. Alexis promised there would be a day when Spencer would be able to ignore Victor and Nikolas' attempts to pull Spencer in.

Meanwhile, Sam gently scolded Dante for checking his phone. Dante confessed that he had been worried about Cody spending Christmas alone, so Sam suggested Dante invite Cody to the Gingerbread Jam at Rice Plaza. Grateful, Dante kissed Sam. Moments later, Dante received a text message. Sam grew concerned when she noticed his frown. Dante assured Sam that the Hook hadn't struck again, but he admitted that he had to leave for a short time to take care of something.

After Dante left, everyone returned to the living room with plates of pie. Kristina announced that she had started a charity clothing drive to benefit struggling LGBTQ+ youths. Kristina admitted that it had given her a new purpose, and she was thankful that she had a job that had given her the freedom to explore her interests. Spencer congratulated Kristina, but he explained that he had to leave.

At Finn's apartment, Gregory was delighted to spend Christmas with both of his sons and his granddaughter. Chase admitted that he was not in the holiday spirit, and he offered to leave. Gregory and Finn objected. When Gregory mentioned Chase canceling the performance at Rice Plaza, Chase accused Brook Lynn of putting herself first. Chase confessed that he had no regrets about backing out of the Gingerbread Jam and leaving Brook Lynn to deal with the fallout. "I get it. This is about revenge," Gregory said.

Later, Violet and Finn opened her Advent calendar, prompting Violet to ask why there wasn't a window for Christmas Day. Finn explained that Santa delivered candy and presents for Christmas Day, but Violet confessed that she knew Finn was responsible for the candy because Santa only delivered presents. Finn chuckled.

Nearby, Gregory suggested that just because Brook Lynn hadn't done the right thing didn't mean that Chase had to follow suit. Gregory reminded Chase that Chase's badge had been taken away, not Chase's moral compass, so Gregory encouraged Chase to right a wrong. Before Chase could reply, someone knocked at the door. It was Dante. Dante explained that he had something important to tell Chase.

Chase stepped into the hallway for privacy. Dante revealed that the review board had agreed to take another look at Chase's case in the spring when the board reconvened. To Chase's surprise, Dante credited Brook Lynn for the unprecedented decision. "Merry Christmas, partner," Dante said in a cheerful tone.

Inside the apartment, Violet dashed off to her bedroom, and Gregory took an opportunity to applaud Finn for hiding Finn's pain from Violet. Gregory didn't want to pry into Finn and Elizabeth's breakup, but Gregory reminded his son that Violet loved her aunt. Gregory was pleased when Finn assured his father that Elizabeth would always be a part of Violet's life. Finn admitted that he had learned his lesson about love, but Gregory pointed out that Finn's journey had led Finn to Violet. Gregory asked if Finn would change that. "Not for a minute," Finn said. "So, maybe don't throw in the towel yet," Gregory said.

When Chase entered the apartment, Gregory and Finn asked why Dante had stopped by. "To deliver a Christmas miracle," Chase said. Shortly after Chase left, Gregory, Finn, and Violet settled on the sofa with hot chocolate. Finn handed his father a book, and Gregory began to read 'Twas the Night Before Christmas.

At Alexis' house, Kristina was surprised when Alexis praised Kristina for following her passion. Alexis told Kristina that she was proud of Kristina. As Alexis hugged Kristina, Sam opened the front door and happily welcomed Dante back. "There's no place I'd rather be," Dante said. On the sofa, Molly and T.J. shared a tender kiss.

At Curtis and Portia's house, Curtis, Marshall, and Josslyn watched as Portia comforted her daughter. Trina pulled away from her mother and tearfully apologized for ruining everyone's Christmas, but Josslyn insisted that Trina had nothing to be sorry for. Portia agreed, and she made it clear that she wanted Trina to set the pace. Curtis reminded Trina that the holidays were about family -- the ones they were born into, the ones they had chosen, and the ones they were lucky to be chosen by -- so all that mattered was being there for Trina. Trina admitted that she was both sad and scared, but she was also grateful to have her family.

Later, Marshall helped Portia set out snacks. Curtis assured both Marshall and Portia that Trina was the priority, but Curtis wanted to celebrate that it was his and Portia's first Christmas in their new home, and it was his first Christmas with his father in a long time. Curtis handed a gift to Portia and a gift to Marshall. Portia was touched by the thoughtful "self-care in a box," and Marshall was impressed by the music CD collection that Marshall likened to a "time machine."

Meanwhile, Trina and Josslyn sat in front of the fireplace as Trina expressed concern about the traffic to Rice Plaza. Josslyn promised to take the back roads, but she wanted Trina to stop worrying about everyone. Trina tearfully opened up to Josslyn about Rory and about Trina's decision to tell Rory that she was not in love with him because Trina was unable to get past her feelings for Spencer. Trina acknowledged that Rory might have ended things, but Trina would never know for certain because he was gone.

Josslyn was stunned when Trina blamed herself for Rory's death. "In what universe are you even remotely responsible for Rory's death?" Josslyn asked. Trina pointed out that Rory wouldn't have been in the wrong place at the wrong time if it hadn't been for Trina. "It's time for some tough love," Josslyn said. Josslyn explained that what had happened to Rory had been a tragedy, and Trina was entitled to feel however Trina liked about that -- but not responsible. Josslyn insisted that the killer was to blame for Rory's death.

Josslyn acknowledged that it was human nature to want to make sense of terrible things, but Josslyn explained that Trina blaming herself would only hold Trina back. Josslyn was certain that Rory would want Trina to keep moving forward. Trina smiled softly as she hugged her friend. A short time later, Josslyn left. Portia checked on Trina. Trina admitted that there was something that she needed to do, and she needed Portia's help.

Meanwhile, Marshall gave Curtis a special gift. It was a photograph of Marshall, his wife, Thomas, Curtis, and Stella taken during Curtis' first Christmas. Marshall explained that the picture had always been a family favorite because Stella was a blur in the photograph. Marshall smiled in fond remembrance as he revealed that Stella had set the camera's timer too fast. Touched, Curtis wished his father a merry Christmas.

In the living room, Portia held a round blue Christmas ornament with a hand-painted gold outline of a badge and the numbers 8012 in the center. Portia told Trina it had been a lovely and thoughtful way to honor Rory. Trina explained that she wanted to keep Rory's memory alive, even while she moved forward, because he had a special place in Trina's heart. "It just needs one final touch," Trina said. Trina slid a soda can tab down the ornament's tree hook.

Trina told her mother about first meeting Rory when he had given Trina a can of soda. Trina revealed that Rory had given Trina another can of soda when Trina had been exonerated, and Trina had saved the tab of the second can. Later, Trina answered a knock at the door. It was Spencer. "Merry Christmas," Spencer said.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Ned, Olivia, Michael, and Willow were seated in the living room as they watched Leo and Wiley each open a gift. Drew and Carly stood nearby and enjoyed the excitement of the children. Olivia felt bad that Monica was too under the weather to join in the festivities. Leo was delighted when he realized that he'd been given a book of poems, which he promptly showed off to his parents.

Later, Brook Lynn entered the living room. Brook Lynn was surprised that they had decided to open presents, but Olivia explained that the boys had been given only one gift each to open. Ned was curious why Brook Lynn wasn't at Rice Plaza, prompting Leo to ask where Chase was. Brook Lynn told Leo that Chase was with family, but Ned and Olivia noticed that Brook Lynn seemed uneasy. After Leo walked away, Olivia asked if Chase would be joining them at Rice Plaza for the show. Brook Lynn was forced to confess that Chase had ended things with her.

Ned and Olivia felt bad for Brook Lynn, but Ned was surprised that Chase had bailed on the performance. He hugged Brook Lynn while Olivia offered words of comfort because she knew how important Chase had been to Brook Lynn. Brook Lynn admitted that she had expected a lecture from her father, but Ned reminded Brook Lynn that it was Christmas. "Maybe on New Year's," Ned said in a tone filled with humor.

Later, Brook Lynn conceded that she had been so caught up in what she had wanted that she hadn't considered Chase. Ned wondered what Brook Lynn intended to do about the show at Rice Plaza. Brook Lynn perked up as she pointed out that Ned could take Chase's place, but Ned refused. Ned explained that Brook Lynn would be in breach of contract because the organizer for Rice Plaza expected two "up-and-comers." "Unfortunately, you have to face the music," Ned said.

Meanwhile, Michael and Willow sat on the floor with their son as they told Wiley that he would be getting a sister. "I can't wait," Wiley said in an excited tone. Wiley began to chat about his sister's first Christmas. Willow was all smiles until Wiley innocently asked if Willow would help his sister open presents next Christmas.

At the patio doors, Drew and Carly chatted. Both were happy to spend time together on Christmas Eve, since Avery was with Ava, Donna was with Sonny, and Josslyn was spending time with Trina. Carly was also delighted to have an opportunity to celebrate with her grandson. The conversation turned to Willow when Carly expressed concern about Willow's pale complexion. Carly worried that the pregnancy was difficult on Willow. Drew agreed, and he conceded that the news about Willow's biological mother's death had contributed to Willow's stress.

Drew made it clear that he was determined to find Willow's birth parents. "You are a man on a mission," Carly said. Drew admitted that he wanted to offer Willow some hope by sharing his theory with Willow, but Carly discouraged Drew from telling Willow that Harmony might have stolen Willow from Willow's birth parents. Carly advised Drew to wait until he had all the information, so Willow could enjoy Christmas.

Later, Drew pulled Carly aside because he thought it was clear that Willow desperately needed some hope. Carly argued that it wouldn't be hopeful for Willow to learn that Willow might have been kidnapped. Carly insisted that Willow was emotional because of pregnancy hormones. "There's nothing to worry about," Carly said. Drew admitted that he didn't feel good not telling Willow, but Carly pointed out that Drew only had a theory.

In the living room, Michael checked on Willow. Willow apologized for being sensitive, but Michael assured her that they would spend many Christmases together. Willow smiled as Michael wrapped his arms around her and Wiley. A short time later, Carly said her goodbyes to everyone, and Drew walked her out. The minute they were alone on the front stoop, Drew pulled Carly into his arms for a passionate kiss. Afterwards, he surprised Carly with a gift.

Carly was touched by the Jacksonville key chain, and she thanked Drew. However, she was curious about the key attached to it. Drew cryptically told her that she would soon find out what the key was to. He went to kiss her again, but Carly playfully pulled away. "Merry Christmas," Carly said. Drew smiled as she walked away.

In Rice Plaza, Austin acknowledged that he had messed up and done some shady things because he had let his insecurities get the best of him. He owned up to his wrongs, but he worried that he'd driven a wedge between him and Maxie. Maxie admitted that the wedge had already been there. "And I think you know that," Maxie said. Maxie assured Austin that she had appreciated his apology, but the root of their problem had been the circumstances of how they had met.

Maxie reminded Austin that she had been trying to escape a traumatic relationship while trying to save her daughter's life and her own life. Maxie admitted that Austin had been a guardian angel, and they had gone through something big; however, everything had moved too fast. "Trauma bonding is a real thing," Maxie said. She admitted that fate had brought them together. "But we are not meant to be," Austin said.

Maxie promised Austin that she was grateful for all that he had done and the time they had spent together. After Austin and Maxie shared one last hug, Austin wished her well. He asked her to give Bailey a hug for him, and he hoped that her children had a great holiday.

Nearby, Brook Lynn was approached by a man demanding to know where the opening act was. Brook Lynn started to reply, but Maxie ran over to wish Brook Lynn well. The man stepped away to take care of a misplaced decoration, so Brook Lynn confessed that Chase would not be performing. Maxie felt bad for Brook Lynn, but Maxie had to excuse herself and track down her children and mother. The man returned to get answers from Brook Lynn, so Brook Lynn explained that Chase had canceled. The man was not pleased, and he demanded that Brook Lynn fix things. After the man stormed away, Brook Lynn saw Chase enter Rice Plaza.

On the road, Josslyn jerked the steering wheel of her car as another car blared its horn at her. Seconds later, she was blinded by oncoming headlights. Josslyn slammed on the brakes, and her car began to swerve.

Spencer visits Trina

Spencer visits Trina

Thursday, December 22, 2022

"Jingle hell, jingle hell, jingle all the way. So much pain that Nik will feel when Daddy comes to slay," Esme sang in tune to "Jingle Bells." She said she wanted to get out of captivity however she could, and she thought that starting off the year with her "real family" sounded wonderful. "Who's that?" a tipsy Nikolas wondered from the doorway. He figured that all she had left was "chosen family." She wondered why he wasn't with Ava, and his silence made her assume that Ava had finally cut him loose. "Daddy will be so pleased," she said under her breath.

Nikolas said he had just wanted to make sure that Esme was all right. She complained about the cold, the moth-eaten sheets, and the fact that she had no one to talk to except for the baby. He offered to talk to her, but she just called it sad that he had no one else to be with. He left the room, and she called out through the door that the closest thing he had to companionship was his prisoner. A short while later, he returned with warmer sheets, and he assured her that he'd turned up the heat. He warned that she would really find out what loneliness was on Cassadine Island. He left her sitting next to her tree.

Brook Lynn was ecstatic to see Chase arrive at Rice Plaza. She went up on the stage and announced that the performance would start soon. She also made up an ugly sweater contest and announced Dante as the runner-up as he and Sam arrived. Dante commented to Sam that he thought his sweater was nice, and it was his favorite. Brook Lynn approached Chase, who told her that Dante had informed him that the CCRB would be reviewing his case at their next meeting, thanks to her letter. Linc appeared and shouted that Chase and Blaze were supposed to have already performed.

Mac and Felicia arrived, and Mac, clad in an actual ugly sweater, was disappointed to see that he'd missed the awards. Just then, his phone went off, and he said, "Duty calls." Nina and Sasha were dressed up as Mrs. Claus and an elf, and they greeted Sonny and Donna. Donna handed Nina a gift bag, and Nina loved the beautiful ornament inside. Sasha gave Donna a candy cane and took her to see the reindeer.

Brook Lynn appeared onstage and welcomed Chase and Blaze to the stage. The two performed their new duet, which was set to be released that night. The song got a big round of applause. Mac returned to Felicia and apologetically told her that he had to go. Dante approached and wondered if there had been a break in the case. Mac wanted Felicia to go, too, and he explained that the DNA found on the earring from Rory's pocket was that of Gloria Wilson, whom Ryan had murdered decades before. Dante kissed Sam, and he left with Mac and Felicia.

Nina admitted to Sonny that Rory's death had her thinking about Nathan, and she also thought about Dante, who put his life on the line every day. Sonny thought he deserved the uneasy feeling for what he'd put people through over the years. He proposed that they light a candle for Nathan on their way home. "And for Dante," Nina said. Sasha asked Donna what she'd asked Santa for for Christmas. Donna answered that she wanted Santa to give Sasha a happy New Year. Sasha was touched by the little girl's kindness and generosity, and she took Donna to get some hot cocoa.

At Spring Ridge, Heather put a Santa costume on a clearly unamused Ryan. She warned him that a bad attitude would get him nothing under the tree. A short while later, she had him in a Rudolph nose and antlers. She handed him a small gift as a token of appreciation for taking good care of Esme. She started to open it for him, but she hid it under his blanket when she heard Mac announce himself. Mac, followed by Dante and Felicia, warned Heather to step away from Ryan.

Mac showed Ryan the earring and demanded information about it. "No Ava, no information," Heather translated for them. Dante got in Ryan's face, so Mac ordered Dante to take a break. When he was gone, Mac said he knew that Ryan and Esme were connected, so Ryan needed to give her up. Felicia threatened that Ryan would spend the rest of his life in D'Archam, and she followed Mac out. Ryan knew that the earring had been on the chain Heather had stolen from him, and he demanded to know if she still had it. She took back her gift and walked back to her room, singing "Silent Night."

When Chase and Blaze stepped off the stage, Brook Lynn called their performance incredible. Linc told Blaze that she had been "pitchy," and he advised her that she was supposed to be dressed as "Santa's mistress, not Santa's mother-in-law." When they were gone, Chase and Brook Lynn agreed that Linc needed to be stopped. Brook Lynn stepped closer to Chase, but he advised that he would only be partnering with her in a business capacity. He added that he wouldn't be able to get past how she'd "played God" with his future. A short while later, Chase and Blaze sang "Silent Night." Dante returned and kissed Sam, and Sonny and Nina kissed as it began to snow.

On the side of the road, Josslyn was annoyed that she had no cell service. Just then, a car approached, and she thanked the person for stopping. When the headlights were out of her eyes, she saw that the person was Dex. A few minutes later, she returned to her car, having found enough bars on her phone to call a tow truck. She assured him that he didn't have to wait with her, as it was freezing, so he gave his coat to her. "If I want you to take your clothes off, you'll know," she said.

Dex admitted that he liked how direct Josslyn was, and she assured him that she was fully in touch with all her feelings. He challenged her to be fully honest with how she was feeling at that moment and promised to do the same. The two went back and forth with one-word descriptions of how they were feeling, and they got closer and closer until they passionately kissed. She pulled away as the tow truck arrived. He apologized for complicating things, but she advised him not to make excuses for her choices. She walked over to the tow truck driver and left Dex by the car.

At home, Carly left Josslyn a message to text when Josslyn left Trina's. Just then, the doorbell rang, and Carly was ecstatic to see Avery, who was accompanied by Ava. Ava explained that they were on their way to the Gingerbread Jam, and Avery had wanted to visit. Carly offered some hot cocoa, and Ava agreed, so Avery ran to the kitchen. Ava excused herself to sit in her car, but Carly invited her in. A short while later, Avery opened a gift of walkie-talkies from Carly, and she ran into another room to test them out. There was an awkward silence between the women. Carly mentioned Nikolas, and the look on Ava's face told Carly that there was "trouble in paradise." "Karma is a bitch," Ava replied.

Ava told Carly what had happened with Nikolas, and Carly was shocked that he'd cheated on Ava, as she'd thought he was smarter than that. Just then, Avery's voice rang through on the walkie-talkie. She thanked Carly for the gift, and Ava did the same. As Ava and Avery made their way to the door, Carly wished them a happy New Year. Ava couldn't wait until the year was over, and Carly hoped that it was a fresh start for everyone.

A short while later, Josslyn arrived home, and Carly was surprised to see Dex. Josslyn explained that she'd had car trouble, and Dex had given her a ride home. Carly went to the kitchen to make the popcorn for their movie night. Josslyn thanked him again, and he looked up and saw the mistletoe hanging over the door. Later, Josslyn and Carly watched their movie and ate popcorn as Dex walked outside in the snow, thinking about kissing Josslyn.

Trina was surprised to see Spencer at the door, as she'd thought he was leaving town. He replied that he'd realized he'd been wrong about having nothing left for him there. She invited him in, and he complimented the extravagant decorations. She admitted that her family had tried to cheer her up, and she'd played along like it had worked, but it hadn't. All she wanted was for the previous few days to be a bad dream. "Few years for me," Spencer said, except he still would have returned to Port Charles, as he wouldn't have met Trina otherwise.

Spencer expressed his sympathy for Trina's loss, and he took responsibility for Rory's death, since Spencer was the reason Esme was in town. He vowed to help catch Esme by luring her out of hiding. Trina didn't want Spencer to be bait, and she threatened to tell Jordan. She did admit that it wasn't a bad idea, and she wanted to be included. Spencer refused, as it was dangerous. However, Trina suggested that Esme wouldn't be able to handle it if Trina and Spencer pretended to turn to each other after Rory's death. "Are you in?" she asked, and they shook hands. She walked him out into the snow. She brushed some off his face, and he left.

Port Charles celebrates Christmas

Port Charles celebrates Christmas

Friday, December 23, 2022

In Jordan's office at the Port Charles Police Station, Jordan and Laura discussed the snow and ice that had blanketed Port Charles for Christmas. Laura worried that people would have an unhappy holiday because of the storm. To Laura's relief, Jordan said there had been no reports of serious injuries or fatalities. Laura left after she vowed to do everything in her power to keep the roads open.

In Portland, Ellie thanked Spinelli for having brought Georgie for a visit. Ellie wanted to tell Spinelli about a man she had just started seeing romantically, and she added that the man had once lived in Port Charles.

Before Ellie could continue, she and Spinelli were interrupted by a video call from Maxie, who Ellie had also invited to Portland. Maxie told everyone on the video chat that her flight had been canceled due to the bad weather in Port Charles. Georgie grew aggravated, and she told Maxie not to bother going when the weather cleared the following day. Ellie tried to cheer up Spinelli after Georgie ran out of the room.

Ellie deduced that Spinelli had fallen for Maxie again, and she encouraged Spinelli not to give up. Ellie added that Christmas was a time for magic and miracles. "What do you say we make some happen for Georgie?" Ellie asked.

Later, after Spinelli and Georgie had left, Ellie received a phone call from the man she had referenced earlier. Ellie's phone flashed a photo of Griffin Munro. "Hey, you! Merry Christmas!" Ellie cheerfully said to Griffin.

At Nina's penthouse, Britt was scheduled to work a shift at the hospital. Britt wished Maxie, Liesl, and Nina a merry Christmas. Liesl followed Britt outside the door, and she encouraged Britt to live life to the fullest. "Despite the old adage, it's unwise to live every day as if it's your last.... Live every day as if it's your first, so you never lose sight of all the magic and wonder around you," Liesl offered.

Britt wished Liesl a merry Christmas, and she left. Back inside the penthouse, a despondent Maxie told Liesl about the canceled flight. Liesl scoffed at Maxie's defeatist attitude. Liesl vowed that Maxie would get to see Georgie, no matter what.

Nina said that she had secured a private aircraft hangar that Crimson owned, and she asked if Maxie knew someone who owned a plane. Maxie called to ask for Brook Lynn's help to take an ELQ plane from a private hangar in Canada. Brook Lynn agreed to help, and a grateful Maxie left hurriedly.

Later, at an airport in Edmonton, Maxie yelled at an airline employee that she needed to get to Portland. The employee said there would be no way for a flight to take off because of the storm. Disappointed, Maxie took a seat in the airport. Maxie left an angry message to ask why Spinelli hadn't answered his phone.

Just then, Maxie was startled when Spinelli and Georgie appeared in the airport. Georgie rushed into Maxie's arms, and Spinelli explained that he had planned to fly into Canada and to drive to Port Charles. Maxie cried as she hugged Georgie while thanking Spinelli.

"You've always been there for me, Spinelli, through all of it. I don't know what I would do without you," Maxie said through tears. "Well, guess what? You'll never have to find out," Spinelli replied, and he hugged both Maxie and Georgie.

At the garage, Sonny was surprised to find Sasha wearing a baseball cap and working on a motorcycle. Sasha revealed that she had once known how to work on bikes. Sasha added that she had gone to the garage to help repair the motorcycle that Brando had owned. Sonny took off his jacket, and he started to help Sasha.

Sonny and Sasha continued to bond until Britt appeared. Britt said that her car had spun out near the garage. Sonny asked if Britt was okay following the accident. Sasha said that AAA might not be able to tow Britt's car. "This is not how I wanted to spend my last Christmas in Port Charles," Britt said before she could catch herself. "Last? Are you going somewhere?" Sasha asked.

Britt said that she had no immediate plans to leave town, and her phone rang. Cody had called to tell Britt about an emergency at the Quartermaine mansion. Austin snatched the phone from Cody, and he stressed how much Britt was needed at the estate. At the same time, Sonny and Sasha celebrated that they had started the bike.

Later, after everyone had left Nina's penthouse, Sonny appeared with a Christmas wreath. Nina opened the door, and she pulled Sonny into a kiss.

At Elizabeth's house, Scott joyfully tossed snowballs to Jake and Aiden outside. Inside, Cameron joined Elizabeth by the mantel above a lit fireplace. Cameron said that Elizabeth could talk to him about anything. Elizabeth thanked Cameron for the offer, and she assured him that she was fine. After Scott appeared inside the home, Cameron offered to take Scott's place outside with Jake and Aiden.

Cameron headed outside, and Scott asked Elizabeth which "good-for-nothing" man Elizabeth had been moping over. Scott added that he and Laura were both worried about Elizabeth. Elizabeth said that she had spent most of her Christmases alone and that it had never bothered her before. "So, what's the difference this year?" Scott asked. "For the first time, it doesn't feel like a gap or a pause. This time, their absence feels final," Elizabeth shared.

Scott followed Elizabeth into the kitchen, and he told her that she was the most resilient woman he had ever known. Elizabeth was flattered by Scott's praise, and he said that Jeff was a fool to not see that Elizabeth was a great daughter. "Even though Franco's gone, you're still a Baldwin. Never forget that," Scott said. "I won't," Elizabeth said, and she smiled at Scott. Scott and Elizabeth hugged.

Later, Elizabeth welcomed Laura into the home. Laura asked how Elizabeth had been holding up. Elizabeth referenced the turmoil with Jeff and Carolyn, and she said she wanted to be okay. "You will be. And if you need any support at all, you know I'm right here for you, right?" Laura said. Laura and Elizabeth hugged.

Laura and Elizabeth returned to the living room with a plate of cookies, and Laura offered that Scott was a terrific grandparent. Scott joked that Laura was "no slouch" as a grandparent, either, and the two touched one another like old friends.

Elizabeth smiled as she stared at Laura and Scott. "All this time, I have been focusing on the parents who weren't there for me. And now, I realize I should have been focusing on the people who were, the people who have always been by my side, and the people I have always needed," a smiling Elizabeth said.

"I think she's talking about us," Scott joked. Elizabeth laughed as she confirmed that she had addressed her words to Laura and Scott. The three smiled and laughed as they hugged each other closely. "I love you, sweetheart," Laura whispered to Elizabeth. Cameron walked down the stairs, and he smiled when he saw Elizabeth with Laura and Scott.

Later, Liesl knocked on the door. Liesl held a piece of mistletoe over her head, and she did a happy dance before Scott greeted her with a hug and a kiss. Laura, Elizabeth, and Cameron smiled as they looked on.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Ned and Olivia planned to host their annual Christmas dinner. Austin thanked Ned and Olivia for having allowed him to spend the previous night at the mansion. Olivia remarked that no one should be alone on Christmas and that Austin was family.

Cody soon appeared at the door, and he told Olivia that a major road in town had been closed because of the storm and that no one would be allowed to leave the main gate of the Quartermaine estate by car. Olivia asked about Cody's plans for the day, and she insisted he stay at the mansion.

Cody mingled about, and Ned worried that there wouldn't be enough food for everyone to enjoy. The doorbell rang again, and Olivia was surprised to see Molly and T.J. outside. Molly said that their car was blocked because of the road closure. Olivia welcomed Molly and T.J. inside.

Soon afterwards, Olivia opened the door to a young pregnant woman, who told Olivia that her car had broken down. Olivia invited the lady inside the mansion. The unnamed lady said that she had planned to spend Christmas Day alone, but Olivia insisted she stay at the mansion. Afterwards, Olivia quipped to Cody that they would need more of the lasagna that Olivia had made.

Ned grew resigned to the fact that the mansion would have more people than he and Olivia had anticipated. Olivia told Ned that she had made the lasagna using her signature arrabbiata sauce. Ned suddenly grew worried about the pregnant woman. "Come on, Ned. Even I am telling you that the whole spicy food thing is an old an wives'... tale," Olivia said, trailing off as the pregnant woman's water broke.

The unnamed pregnant woman grew panicked, and everyone hurried to help. Ned brought blankets and pillows to the lady, who was seated on the floor. Out in the foyer, Austin told Cody that the woman's pregnancy could be in jeopardy because there was no OB/GYN at the mansion. Austin then told Ned and Olivia that their best option was to get the baby to the hospital by foot.

Ned, Olivia, and Austin soon heard the screeching sound of tires, and the three left to investigate the noise. Just then, Britt and Sasha appeared wearing motorcycle helmets. "Sorry about Monica's begonias, but I heard there's a baby that needs delivering," Britt said to everyone gathered after she had removed her helmet.

Britt coached the pregnant woman through the birth of the child. Later, after the woman had given birth, Britt brought the new baby back into the room. Britt handed the baby to the woman, and she announced that the newborn was a girl. Everyone looked on, and they smiled at the baby. "Live every day like it's your first, right?" the woman said, repeating what Liesl had told Britt earlier.

Molly asked if the woman had thought of a name for her daughter. The lady replied that she thought "Noelle" was a fitting name. The lady then asked Britt's name. "Britta Noelle. It has a nice ring to it, don't you think? If you don't mind, of course," the lady said. "I don't mind at all," Britt said, and she grew emotional.

Off to a corner, Brook Lynn thanked Austin for what he had done to help Maxie. Just then, Jordan and several paramedics appeared at the mansion. Jordan spotted T.J. and Molly, and she was happy that she wouldn't spend Christmas away from them.

Everyone complimented each other on the job they had done to help bring the newborn into world, with Britt and the child's mother having received the most praise. T.J. suggested that he, Molly, and Jordan should leave to let the rest of the Quartermaine family have their Christmas dinner as planned, but Ned interrupted.

"You know, after the day we've had, I think it's only fitting that you all stay, and we celebrate together," Ned enthused.

Everyone cheered to Ned's request, and they agreed to spend the rest of Christmas Day together in the house that Alan had left to Monica years earlier.

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