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Holly confessed to Robert. Victor gave Holly a new assignment. Britt received devastating news about her health. Carly confronted Nina about spreading gossip. Dex kissed Josslyn. Chase learned that Brook Lynn had been keeping a secret.
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Holly confessed to working with Victor. Britt received grave health news. Lucy was revealed to be alive. Dex kissed Josslyn.
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Holly tells Robert the truth; Britt learns her fate

Holly tells Robert the truth; Britt learns her fate

Monday, November 21, 2022

At Pozzulo's, Sonny continued to try to reach Dex by phone. He left a voicemail that demanded that Dex call him. Just then, Brick was ushered in, and he indicated that he also had been unable to locate Dex. Sonny informed Brick that he was not cool with Carly visiting Brick's hotel room, and Brick assured him that he would never disrespect Sonny. He added that he would tell Sonny if it had involved a dangerous situation. When Sonny's guard summoned him to see a supplier, Brick was left in the office.

As Drew stretched to complete his exercises near Rice Plaza, Carly seemed surprised to see him. They both remarked on the coincidence, but Carly reminded Drew that they needed to be careful. She informed him that Josslyn had seen them kissing, although she could be trusted. Drew commented that he was checking on something for Willow and Michael that could be "important to us," and Carly smiled and said that she liked the sound of it.

"Well, well, well! Fancy running into the two of you here!" Olivia exclaimed when she spotted Carly and Drew. She told them that she was there to see Leo at his basketball practice for kids on the spectrum. Carly remarked that she had just happened to walk by and had seen Drew. Just then, she received a message from Brick. He told her that Sonny was aware that they had met, and Sonny had had some wild ideas.

Carly announced that she had to leave, and Olivia and Drew sat on a bench. She began to chatter about Leo's finding a phone by the gatehouse and wanting one of his own, but she noticed that Drew was distracted. She asked if he had been thinking about Carly. "I don't suppose that things between the two of you have progressed, have they?" she asked. Drew informed her that he and Carly were only friends, but Olivia stated that they had a good reason to be quiet.

Olivia noted that there could be a hypothetical issue of someone making a stink with the SEC regarding the merger. Drew reminded her that there had been no merger, but Olivia assured him that she could be counted on. She declared that Carly was her best friend, and Drew was family.

In Josslyn's dorm room, Dex awoke and grabbed a sleeping Josslyn's hand as she slept in a chair next to the bed. She opened her eyes and checked his fever, which she noted was down. Dex said that he felt better, but he groaned in pain when he began to move. She handed him a bottle of water and urged him to take a sip. Dex told her that he wanted some clothing in order to be able to leave. Josslyn reminded him that he couldn't walk, let alone stand, but Dex struggled as he got out of the bed and stood up by himself. Josslyn thought that Dex was too weak to leave, but he didn't want to take a chance of her getting into trouble with all the people around the dorm.

Sonny returned to his office, and Brick told him that he wouldn't disclose discussions that were about private matters. Just then, a knock on the door revealed Carly's presence. She announced that she'd heard that Sonny had had a wrong idea about her and Brick, and she was there to set him straight. She deemed it none of Sonny's business, and Sonny looked toward Brick, who stated that Sonny had been curious. Carly went on to say that she and Drew had been seeing each other but had had to keep it quiet. She claimed that she had gone to Brick and asked him to "cover up our digital tracks."

Sonny asked Brick to leave him and Carly alone, and Brick departed. Sonny stated that he was happy for Carly, even though it wasn't easy seeing her with another guy. He added that he wasn't threatened. Carly replied that she didn't want Sonny getting the wrong idea, and he disclosed that Nina had been the one to see Carly go into Brick's hotel room. Carly was not surprised, and she noted that it was Nina's "life's mission" to make Carly miserable. She said she wanted Nina to mind her own business.

Back in the dorm room, Josslyn returned with clothing for Dex. She admonished him for taking a pill without food and grabbed a granola bar for him. Dex was surprised to see a pair of socks in the bag, and Josslyn explained that she wouldn't dig through his bloody things for the pair he'd been wearing. He was unable to put them on himself, and Josslyn aided him. He requested help with his pants, and she slid them over his legs. He managed to get out of bed and pull them up himself. Josslyn packed a duffle bag of odds and ends for him to carry to avoid suspicion and told him she'd burn all the bloody clothing and rags in the fire pit at home.

Josslyn agreed with Dex's assessment that she had gone to a lot of trouble for him, and she told him not to get caught as he prepared to leave. Suddenly, Dex grabbed her, and they began to kiss passionately. "Damn!" Dex muttered when they finally separated. He moaned that that wasn't supposed to have happened. "Well, it did!" Josslyn replied. She offered to drive him home, but he declined. They brushed their hands together as she handed him the keys to his place. She smiled broadly as Dex left.

At General Hospital, Austin informed Britt that Dr. Talone, a leading specialist in her field, was on the way. Britt appreciated Austin's help, and while he didn't have to stay, she admitted she'd like his moral support. When the doctor arrived, they all sat down. Britt admitted to a family history and symptoms as the reason for her pursuing Huntington's disease further. She admitted to having given a false name with incomplete information when she'd had the hospital visit while on the run.

The doctor suspected that Britt could be further along than originally thought. She explained that the symptoms could have been masked by her carpal tunnel syndrome. Austin urged Britt to be honest, and she admitted to various symptoms such as the trembling and irritability. After much discussion, the doctor declared that she wanted some tests run. Once Dr. Talone left, Britt and Austin joked about the doctor's lack of bedside manner and made a comparison to Britt.

Britt thanked Austin for treating her no differently. She admitted that her disease was easier to discuss with someone she didn't know well because she wanted her loved ones to remember her and not her disease. She stated that she knew how her story would end. The doctor returned and announced that Britt had Stage 3 Huntington's. Austin grabbed Britt's arm as the doctor explained that while it was probably a low to intermediate stage, the symptoms would increase, including those of cognitive impairment. She thought that Britt could survive another five to 15 years, although she could need full-time care in as little as 18 months.

Scott met with Cody and sat down with him at a table in Metro Court. Cody said that he wanted legal advice because he might be coming into an "absurd amount of money." Scott suggested that it was illegal, but Cody assured him it wasn't. Cody told Scott about the necklace that belonged to either the heirs of Faison or those of Taub. Scott was suspicious and found it curious that Cody and Britt had gotten together via Society Setups before the necklace had been discovered.

Scott had advice for Cody. "Run for the hills!" he exclaimed. Scott said that the diamonds being cut from the Ice Princess were cursed. He embellished that anyone who had claimed the diamond had died, including Luke. He wanted nothing to do with it, and he suggested that Cody walk away. He asked Cody if it was worth it to "screw over" the girl he allegedly cared about.

At Pier 55, Robert shouted at Holly. He yelled that he had baited her with a phony address for Anna, and Whitten had appeared there after an anonymous tip from Holly. "How long have you been working with Victor?" he demanded to know. Holly admitted it was true, although she insisted it was not by choice. She grew hysterical and informed him that he would be a target if she told him anything. Robert replied that everyone was a target with Victor around, and he wanted to hear all of it.

Holly proclaimed that she'd been lying. She remembered the past two years. She took a deep breath and explained that she had been investigating Rudge and his casino, and she'd heard that he'd been working with Victor. She went on to say that her cover had been blown, and she'd been taken captive. She recalled being able to phone Robert for help, and he remembered the call. She said that Victor had threatened her, and he'd forced her to watch as he killed her sister, Paloma.

Robert recalled Paloma's body being found on the casino grounds. He noted that she'd resembled Holly. Holly recounted that Paloma had been wearing Holly's wedding ring, and dental records had been falsified. She continued that she'd been moved from Crete to somewhere else and then to Port Charles. She explained that Anna had been in the way of Victor's plans, and she had also been ordered to distract Robert. Holly admitted to being the one to have shot Lucy, although she maintained that she'd used one rubber bullet. She added that a second bullet had been fired into the water, leaving behind residue and casings.

Lucy assured Robert that Lucy wasn't dead, and he was incredulous. She said that Victor had never wanted to hurt Lucy. She explained that she had been wearing prosthetics when she'd committed the shooting, in order to resemble Anna. She said that Victor's guards had retrieved Lucy from the water. She cried that Victor couldn't know that she'd told Robert anything, or her son Ethan would be in danger.

Holly wasn't finished, as she told Robert that Ethan had learned she was still alive, and Victor's people had caught him. At that point, she received a phone message that Victor was on his way. She made it clear that Victor couldn't be provoked, or he would do to Ethan what he'd done to Paloma. She cried that she had been trying to save everyone. "Something has to give," she said. "You're right. Something does," Robert replied.

In Sonny's office, Carly finished rebuking Sonny when Brick returned with Dex. Carly hastily departed. "Where the hell have you been?" Sonny asked. Dex told him about the bullet graze, how he'd been lying low and lost his phone. Brick and Sonny exchanged looks. They agreed it was all less than professional, but Dex insisted he could be counted on.

As Josslyn packed away all the bloody clothing and cloths, Carly arrived and announced that she'd seen Dex in Sonny's office. Josslyn was annoyed, but Carly reminded her that Dex was working for Sonny by his own choice, and it was his priority. Carly wondered if Josslyn would even see Dex again. Josslyn announced that she needed to get to the fire pit.

After Dr. Talone left Britt's office, Britt told Austin that she wanted to be alone. She closed the door and wandered around. She picked up her diploma and her business card. Her quiet weeping turned into rage as she threw things and swiped the items off her desk with a vengeance. She looked at her trembling hand and sobbed. She picked up the necklace from the floor just as Cody knocked on the door.

Victor showed up at the pier and told Holly that Eileen had informed him of Anna's escape. He knew that Holly had given out the address, and he thought that Robert was onto Holly. He wanted her to be on her guard. He informed her of an upcoming assignment with an old friend.

Victor gives Holly new orders

Victor gives Holly new orders

Tuesday, November 22, 2022

At Kelly's Diner, Brook Lynn vowed to expose Linc for being a creep. Linc called Brook Lynn "a bitter has-been," and he said that no one would listen to her. Brook Lynn swore she would do whatever it took to destroy Linc. "Or... you could get your songs back," Linc told a startled Brook Lynn.

Also at Kelly's, Chase thought that Blaze had been put off by Linc's sleazy advances. Chase told Blaze that Linc was guilty of sexual harassment. Blaze feared that she would be given a reputation as someone who was difficult to work with if she ever agreed to speak out about Linc.

Blaze shared that she had originally wanted to record a folk song but that people like Linc had changed her personality to become a pop singer. Chase stated that he had been a detective, and Blaze thought Chase's heart wasn't into singing. "I wouldn't say that," Chase said, and he turned and gazed at Brook Lynn.

Blaze was surprised when Chase said that he and Brook Lynn were in love. Chase said he would do anything for Brook Lynn, and he thought Brook Lynn would do anything for him. As she left the diner, Blaze encouraged Chase to leave the music business while he still could.

Dante appeared, and he was amazed when he learned that Chase and Blaze were working on a song together. Dante was happy for Chase, and he remarked that with the new career Chase had, perhaps Brook Lynn didn't need to write a letter for Chase. "What letter?" Chase asked.

Earlier, at Metro Court, Sam and Dante had met Alexis for lunch. The three talked about their plans for Thanksgiving before Dante left to speak with Brook Lynn. Afterwards, Alexis noted that Sam had made a face when Dante had mentioned Cody earlier. Sam shared that Cody had implied that Dante had done something illegal when Dante had been a teenager. Sam said her instinct was to find out what had happened.

Later, Alexis left a voice message for Jordan. Alexis said that she intended to print the letter the killer had written her, and she added that the letter would be on the front page of the Invader the following day.

In Britt's office at the hospital, Cody asked Britt how her room had been destroyed. Britt spoke about Faison's legacy, and she remarked that Faison had left some things behind that she couldn't simply throw away.

Cody thought that Britt had been talking about the necklace, which caused Britt to grow angry. Britt said that Cody had never been interested in anything except whatever money he could get from the necklace. She handed the necklace to Cody, and she told him to leave.

As Britt opened the door, Robert appeared with a police officer. Robert asked what Cody held in his hand, and Cody said that it was none of Robert's business. "If it's a $35 million necklace recovered from Peter August, yeah, it's my business. I have a warrant for it. Hand it over," Robert shot back.

Robert said the police had reason to believe the diamonds contained in the necklace had been illegally obtained. Britt had to physically grab the necklace from Cody's hand to give it to Robert, who confirmed that it was the same necklace that fit the police's description. Outside in the hallway, Robert asked the officer to cuff the briefcase to Robert's wrist.

Back in Britt's office, Britt told Cody to leave, but Cody again refused to respect that no meant no, and he demanded that Britt tell him about Faison's legacy. Britt said that she had been talking about something more important than any necklace.

Cody asked what it would take for Britt to give him the benefit of the doubt. Britt said that it would be more than Cody could offer. Liesl appeared, and she asked what had happened. Liesl pleaded with Britt to tell her what was wrong, and she asked how she could help. "There's nothing you can do. I'm sick," a tearful Britt admitted.

Also at the hospital, Michael told Carly that Willow wanted to locate Willow's birth parents. Michael said that with a new baby on the way, it was important to know as much as possible about Willow's family medical history. Willow appeared with T.J., who shared that Nina had accused Willow of sleeping with T.J.

Carly was outraged again, and she yelled about Nina again. Carly left to confront Nina at Metro Court, Nina's hotel. Michael and Willow proceeded to go upstairs for the first round of Willow's chemotherapy treatment. Michael showed his compassion for Willow as he comforted her during the treatment. After Carly left the hospital, she stormed into Metro Court. Nina caught her gaze, and the two stared at one another.

At Pier 55 on the Waterfront district, Victor yelled for Holly to stop lying to him. Holly said that she had no reason to lie to Victor, given that he was holding Ethan hostage. Holly wanted to speak to Ethan to make sure he was really alive, but Victor refused. Victor said that Holly would have to trust him.

After receiving a tip from one of his goons at the hospital, Victor told Holly that Robert had a briefcase handcuffed to Robert's wrist. Victor instructed Holly to bring him the briefcase. Holly wondered how she would get the briefcase away from Robert. "Oh, I don't know. Let Ethan be your inspiration," Victor said coldly.

Victor told Holly to leave before the WSB got its hands on the briefcase. At that same moment, Robert walked into Metro Court.

Holly drugs Robert and takes the necklace

Holly drugs Robert and takes the necklace

Wednesday, November 23, 2022

At Kelly's Diner, Linc proposed that Brook Lynn help "change the narrative" about Linc's shady reputation. In exchange, Linc said he would give Brook Lynn the remaining contents of her songbook. Brook Lynn said that Linc had reached a new low.

Chase joined them, and he asked Brook Lynn directly if she was okay with whatever Brook Lynn and Linc had been discussing. Brook Lynn hesitantly said that she and Linc were on good terms, and Linc left. Chase told Brook Lynn that he trusted her to do the right thing. Brook Lynn appeared uncertain, and she walked outside with Chase.

Earlier, at a nearby table in the diner, Chase had been surprised to learn that, weeks earlier, Dante had asked for Brook Lynn's help in getting Chase reinstated as a detective. Chase wondered if Brook Lynn had ever intended to send a letter on his behalf to the review board. Dante had encouraged Chase to not assume the worst about Brook Lynn.

In Britt's office at the hospital, Britt told Liesl that her Huntington's disease had advanced. Britt shared that she had been seen by a specialist from Toronto earlier that day, and she added that the specialist had given her between five to 15 years to live. Britt said that within a year, she might require around-the-clock care.

Liesl said that Britt deserved a better mother. Liesl thought that it had been her obsession with Faison that had caused Britt's Huntington's disease. Britt tried to assure Liesl that it was no one's fault and that genetics were a "luck of the draw" matter. Liesl begged Britt to fight the disease. Britt asked Liesl to go home to Scott.

"You unexpectedly found love at this stage of your life with Scott, and I want you to embrace that, okay? Just like in this moment, I need to embrace being alone," Britt sobbed. Liesl and Britt held each other, and they cried together.

At Volonino's Gym, Drew told Sonny that he was searching for Willow's biological mother. Drew added that he thought the search would be beneficial to both Willow and Michael. Sonny shared that he had heard the failed merger between Aurora and ELQ had recently caused trouble between Drew and Carly.

Drew seemed surprised when Sonny said that Carly had felt the need to tell Sonny about her relationship with Drew. Drew asked how Sonny had reacted, and Sonny recalled that he had told Carly that he was happy for her. "Well, that was nice of you to say. Did you mean it?" Drew asked.

Sonny said that he had been sincere when he had wished Carly well, and he added that he only wanted what was best for Carly because she was Donna's mother.

Near the kitchen at Metro Court, Carly and Nina sniped at each other over Nina's misinterpretation of Willow and T.J.'s relationship. Nina said she didn't want Wiley to grow up in a broken home. With a straight face, Carly claimed the only homewrecker she knew was Nina.

Carly then took a bowl of soup from Trish, a waitress who had walked by. Carly eventually returned the howl to the waitress after Sonny and Drew appeared. Carly said that she had been tempted to throw the soup in Nina's face, but she claimed she had refused because she had too much respect for the staff.

Sonny convinced Nina to walk away. Afterwards, Carly was surprised when Drew said he would help Willow search for her birth mother. Carly had yet another flashback to months earlier when she had learned that Nina was Willow's biological mother. Carly then told Drew that she would help with the search for Willow's mom. Near the bar, Sonny encouraged Nina to let Carly's words go.

At Pier 55 on the Waterfront district, Valentin was surprised to find Martin, who was despondent about Lucy. Valentin was touched by Martin's love for Lucy. Martin said that Anna had murdered Lucy. Valentin swore that Martin was wrong about Anna, but Martin said that Valentin's judgment was clouded by his love for Anna.

Valentin offered sincere apologies to Martin, who added that he wished Lucy hadn't gone to the pier on the night of the gunshot. Valentin clarified that there had been two shots fired instead of one. Martin wondered what Valentin's point had been. "If Anna was the shooter, she wouldn't need two shots, especially at close range," Valentin reasoned.

Valentin told Martin to go with him because the two men had work to do. "Go where?" Martin asked. "To find out what happened to Lucy," Valentin answered.

In the restaurant area at Metro Court, Robert waited for his WSB contact to appear. Diane joined Robert, who shared that the briefcase that was handcuffed to him contained diamonds from the Ice Princess. Nearby, Holly phoned Victor. Holly said she needed Victor's help to get the diamonds from Robert.

Diane gushed about the legend of the Ice Princess. Holly joined them, and Robert introduced her to Diane. Robert said that Holly was someone he trusted with his life. Holly said that she and Diane had both cheated death, and she excused herself for a moment. When Holly was away, Robert ordered a round of tequila shots.

Nearby, one of Victor's goons slipped Holly a vial. Holly returned to the table, and she drank a shot. Holly asked Robert to join her. Robert shared a story about being on a cruise with a woman from Orange County, California, and as he did, Holly quietly replaced a saltshaker at the table with a different one.

Robert recalled that he and Holly had a ritual when it involved drinking shots. Robert then licked salt from the back of his hand, and he followed it with the tequila shot and a bite of lime. Robert wanted Holly to do the same, but Holly claimed she had to watch her salt intake. Holly and Diane had a conversation, and Robert grew quiet. Diane asked Robert a question, and Robert's head fell to his chest.

Diane was concerned about Robert. Holly claimed that Robert could no longer handle heavy alcohol. Robert appeared to have been drugged, but he said he needed to stay at Metro Court to wait for the WSB contact. Holly convinced Robert to leave with her.

After Robert and Holly left, Diane left a voice message for Robert. Diane shared that she hadn't had a good feeling about Robert being alone with Holly. Diane hung up, and she was stunned when Robert stepped through the elevator door. Robert stumbled, and he appeared to have a busted lip. The suitcase that had been cuffed to Robert's wrist was no longer attached.

At an undisclosed location, Holly opened the box in the suitcase that had contained the necklace. Holly held the necklace in her hands, and she stared at it.

ENCORE PRESENTATION: Ned learns the "truth" about Chase being Bailey's father

ENCORE PRESENTATION: Ned learns the "truth" about Chase being Bailey's father

Thursday, November 24, 2022

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, ABC opted to air an encore presentation of the November 24, 2021, episode of General Hospital. In the episode, Ned learned the "truth" about Chase being Bailey's father.

Brook Lynn told her dad that Valentin was not "Bailey's" father. Ned was shocked that Brook Lynn had "been with more than one man around the same time." Brook Lynn claimed that she had always known who the father of her child was, but she had decided to be untruthful about it because of the ELQ situation.

You can read the entire recap for the episode here. If you want to check out any of the recaps posted by Soap Central since the 1990s, you can find those here.

Regular programming resumed on Monday, November 28, and picked up where the Wednesday, November 23, episode concluded.

PREEMPTION: General Hospital did not air

PREEMPTION: General Hospital did not air

Friday, November 25, 2022

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, General Hospital did not air due to ABC Sports coverage of NCAA football. This was a planned preemption, and there were no "lost" episodes as a result of the schedule change.

Regular programming resumed on Monday, November 28, and picked up where the Wednesday, November 23, episode concluded.

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