General Hospital Recaps: The week of October 17, 2022 on GH

After being shot twice and falling into the harbor, Lucy vanished. Victor took steps to frame Anna for Lucy's murder. Holly resurfaced and reunited with Robert, but she had no memory of the two years she'd been missing. Spencer received a helping hand from Cyrus. Cody agreed to a DNA test. Sonny offered Dex a promotion. Carly scattered Virginia's ashes at the beach. Epiphany took the MCATs.
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Lucy was shot by an assailant that looked like Anna. Holly Sutton resurfaced after being missing for two years. Cody agreed to a DNA test. Sonny offered Dex a promotion.
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Cody agrees to take a DNA test

Cody agrees to take a DNA test

Monday, October 17, 2022

In Jacksonville, Carly came face to face with Peyton, who revealed that Carly had lost her bid to save the cemetery. Carly assumed that Peyton was there to gloat, and she wanted to be left alone. Peyton shocked Carly when she admitted that she wanted to apologize. Peyton said that she admired how much Carly had loved her mother, and she wondered if Reese would have felt the same way if she had lived. Peyton continued that she had treated Carly unfairly and hadn't known that Virginia had been buried in the cemetery.

Peyton confessed that she had held on to blame for a long time, but she'd been an adult and Carly a child. She was ashamed and wanted Carly's forgiveness. Carly made it clear that it had been Peyton's duty to protect Carly, since Peyton had been the adult. Peyton explained that she'd been blinded by her prejudices, but when Carly had spoken at the Guild meeting, Peyton had seen Carly as a little girl. She wished she'd done better by Reese and Carly in the past.

Carly declared that it was time to move forward. Peyton disclosed that she had changed her vote, but she hadn't been able to persuade others to change their minds. Carly said that Peyton's husband had done her wrong. Peyton wanted the best for Carly, and she tearfully grabbed Carly's hand before leaving.

Drew was in his hotel room and on the phone when there was a knock at the door. He was surprised to see Bobbie, who announced that she had shown up to give Carly some support. She said she thought that her daughter was more stressed than she'd been letting on, and she thought that Drew would be able to get to the bottom of it. Drew stated that Carly had done a lot for him, and he had shown up in Jacksonville to be there for Carly. Bobbie wanted to check into her room but noted that she was glad that Drew was in Carly's life.

After Bobbie had gone, Drew received a phone call that updated him on the Guild's vote. Carly was in the bar with a glass of wine as she apologized to her mother for having done "too little too late." Drew found Carly sitting at a table and comforted her. Carly revealed what had transpired with Peyton and admitted that she had cared about the apology. She said that she had always wanted a beautiful mother like Peyton. She confessed to having been a rotten daughter to her own mother. She said she had wanted to make it up to Virginia and had failed. She admitted she had never appreciated Virginia.

Drew suggested that he and Carly grab some beers and head to the beach, where they could honor Virginia, who had always said that problems could be solved at the beach. Carly thought that maybe she hadn't lost yet.

At Kelly's, Britt informed Cody that she was giving him one last chance. Cody apologized for having been inattentive and admitted that he had no good excuse. They bickered over sharing information about Mac and Faison as fathers. Britt revealed that she had heard from Maxie about Mac possibly being Cody's father. She understood why Cody had been silent, as he had been questioning his identity again. Cody insisted that it wasn't easy to talk about.

Britt suggested that Cody could spend time with his new family, but she didn't want to be left out. She turned to leave, and Cody ran after her. He confessed that he didn't know where to start. He thought that everyone expected him to be excited, and he understood that Mac was great at everything. Cody proclaimed that he had a history. Britt clapped and announced that she had one, too, but Cody maintained that Mac was a "paragon of virtue." Cody didn't want to be rejected, and he thought it would be better not knowing.

Britt exclaimed that she had lived in her father's shadow, and she understood. She thought that not knowing was way worse and added that he didn't need to have a relationship with his new father. Cody made it clear that he didn't want someone judging him because of shared DNA. Britt thought that Cody would always wonder.

Felicia and Mac shared a table with Scott at Metro Court. Mac revealed that Cody might be his son, and Felicia helped to explain their reasoning behind the idea. Scott was shocked, and he indicated that Dominique had never alluded to the fact that she'd had a son. He thought that Cody was bad news, and he expressed his opinion that Mac should have nothing to do with him.

Scott was still perturbed over Cody's sucker punch, and Mac recalled the incident. Felicia felt that Cody's identity had been called into question, and he had met two men who knew more about his mother than he did. Mac thought that Cody deserved a chance, and Felicia suggested that Cody might have inherited his mother's good qualities.

Just then, Mac received a phone call from Cody, who announced that he wanted to go through with the DNA test. Britt gave Cody a thumbs-up, and Mac agreed to set it up. He hung up the phone. "The DNA test is on," he announced. Felicia called it the first step for answers, and she assured Mac that the family was behind him. They shared a kiss. Scott declared that he needed a drink, and he warned Mac that it would "come back to bite you."

Back at Kelly's, Cody told Britt that Mac would be setting up the DNA test. He agreed that Britt had been right, and he needed to know the truth. Britt laughed and acknowledged that people usually did the opposite of what she wanted. She told Cody that she had her own problem to deal with, and he urged her to share. She explained that she had a box of Peter's things that had been left to her, and she had to get rid of it. Cody offered to help.

Lucy and Anna argued at Anna's house over Lucy's involvement to bring down Victor. Anna wanted Lucy to end things, but Lucy insisted that Anna needed her help. In his hotel room at Metro Court, Victor listened to the conversation via the bug in Lucy's necklace. "Well played, Anna," he said. Lucy bragged that she'd provided the tip about the deputy mayor, and she would be able to find out Victor's plans. Anna declared that she should have ended Lucy's involvement previously, as she'd only wanted information on Valentin.

Victor continued to listen and wondered who else might be working with Anna. He was interrupted when there was a knock at the door. He opened the door, and Valentin walked inside.

Valentin stated that Victor kept things close to him, but Victor felt that he wasn't the only one. Valentin snapped that Victor had kept him separated from his daughter, had forced cooperation on him, and had kept him on a short chain. Valentin maintained that his patience was growing thin, and he had received nothing in return. He thought he had proven his loyalty. "But have you, though?" Victor asked.

Valentin accused Victor of taking Charlotte hostage, and he said people were beginning to ask questions. He said that Victor needed to reconsider his tactics. Victor asked if it was a threat, and Valentin replied that it was reality. Victor agreed that Valentin had done a lot for him, and he would arrange for Valentin to visit his daughter. He wanted Valentin to leave immediately on Victor's private plane in order to not have the ability to arrange a rescue mission.

At Anna's house, Lucy revealed that she had told Martin that he'd had nothing to worry about because she'd been "stringing Victor along for Anna." Anna was aghast and pointed out that Martin could be in danger. She wanted Lucy out, or she would take drastic measures. Lucy listed many of the events that she'd gone through over the years and made it clear that she wasn't a quitter. Anna thought that Lucy was out of her depth, but Lucy was insistent that she had Victor wrapped around her finger. She wanted Anna's trust in order to get the information needed.

Anna thought the risk to Lucy and Martin was too high, but Lucy thought that Victor would think it strange if she suddenly began to "ghost" him. The women continued to argue. "You do not control me!" Lucy shouted.

Victor spoke to someone on the phone from his hotel room. He stated that it was "time for a repeat performance of the cable car tragedy." A knock at the door ended the call, and he was surprised to see Lucy. He called her the "star of the show."

Valentin paid a visit to Anna, who told him they had a "Lucy problem."

Lucy is shot by someone she seems to recognize

Lucy is shot by someone she seems to recognize

Tuesday, October 18, 2022

Outside Kelly's Diner, Britt wondered why Cody had seemed so interested in Faison and in helping her go through the box of Peter's belongings. Cody demurred, and he said that it was never too late for Britt to get rid of Peter's things.

Britt wondered if there could be something important that she might miss if she threw away the box. Britt agreed to let Cody go with her, and the two left for Britt's room at Metro Court.

Among the things that Britt and Cody found in Peter's belongings was a set of keys. Cody noted that one of the keys was to a safe deposit box. Britt said that she and Cody had to find the box.

In her room at Wyndemere, Esme bemoaned that she and her baby were trapped in the mansion. Esme vowed that she and the baby would find a way out. Just then, Nikolas unlocked the door to Esme's room. Esme was surprised that Nikolas had brought her food and milk. Nikolas left, and Esme picked up a heavy candleholder.

When Nikolas returned, Esme tried to surprise Nikolas, who knocked the candleholder out of Esme's hands. The two yelled at one another before Esme pleaded with Nikolas to think of the baby.

Nikolas slowly began to calm down, and he vowed that his and Esme's baby would be given the privilege of attending the finest schools in the world under his care. Nikolas added that the baby would enjoy all the riches the Cassadines had to bestow. Esme asked what would happen to her. "You, Esme, are expendable," Nikolas said direly.

Nikolas told Esme that by keeping her locked in a room at Wyndemere, it would prove that Esme hadn't been the serial killer if another attack occurred. Esme pleaded for Nikolas to believe her when she swore that she wasn't the killer.

Nikolas left the room. On his way out, Nikolas told Esme that no one would miss her. Esme remarked that her father knew she was alive. Nikolas wondered why he should believe anything Esme had to say.

Esme called her father a "very powerful man," and she threatened that Nikolas would find out how powerful if Nikolas didn't let her out of the room. Nikolas ordered Esme to do what was best for her and the baby.

"You will do as I say and what is best for that baby. And once you've done the one and only decent thing that you have ever done in your entire miserable life and given birth, your future will be up to one person -- me. I'll decide whether to toss you off the parapet again or throw you to the wolves, and we'll see if your imaginary father comes to the rescue or not," Nikolas told Esme before he left the room.

Nikolas left the room again. Esme pulled back a bedsheet on a piece of art that had been stowed away in the room. Esme seemed to have an idea. Later, Esme secured a piece of wiring from the back of a painting. Esme took the wire and tried to pick the lock to her room.

At the Metro Court bar, Ava joined Scott for drinks. Scott told Ava that she had to cut ties with Nikolas and that she had made a mistake by having moved out of Wyndemere. "We gotta undo Nikolas before he tries to undo you. We gotta file for divorce first," Scott said.

Ava wondered why Scott had done an about-face with regard to Nikolas, given that Scott had previously encouraged Ava to fight for her marriage. Scott replied that his advice had been given before he'd learned that Nikolas had cheated on Ava. Ava told Scott that no one could learn of Nikolas' affair, and she threatened to have Scott disbarred for a violation of ethics if Scott mentioned the affair again.

Scott apologized, and he pleaded with Ava to find someone who truly deserved her love. Ava said she wasn't sure what she wanted, but she said she didn't want anyone in town to dictate what she should do.

Victor appeared, and Ava was startled when Victor told her that Nikolas had decided to leave Ava. An angry Ava stormed off. Later, Ava arrived at Wyndemere. Nikolas asked why Ava had gone to the mansion. "I thought you were done keeping secrets from me," Ava told Nikolas.

Earlier at Metro Court, Victor and Lucy met in the dining area. Victor had asked Lucy to continue the fling they had started on the Haunted Star on the night that Johann had gone overboard. Victor proposed a sunset cruise around the harbor.

Victor had said he would tell Lucy about his mysterious plans if she agreed to the cruise. Victor proposed that the two meet at Pier 55 on the Waterfront District. Lucy recalled that one of the serial killer's victims had been stabbed at Pier 55.

Victor assured Lucy that she would be safe, and Lucy agreed. Afterwards, Victor made a cryptic phone call to someone. "The lady said yes, as I knew she would. Now it's your turn. You know what to do," Victor instructed.

At Anna's house, Valentin told Anna about Victor's proposition to have Valentin visit Charlotte. Anna thought that Victor was setting a deadly trap for Valentin, and she wondered why Valentin had agreed to it. Valentin said he'd agreed because he missed Charlotte.

Anna pleaded to go with Valentin, but Valentin refused because he didn't want any harm to befall Anna. Valentin and Anna shared a passionate kiss, and Valentin told Anna that he loved her. "If you don't come back, I'll never forgive you," Anna said. "If I don't come back, I'll never forgive me, either," Valentin responded.

After Valentin left, Anna made a series of calls. Anna first phoned someone to tell them that Valentin was in trouble. Anna asked the person to help Valentin. Anna then phoned Lucy. In a voice message, Anna warned Lucy to reconsider her role in taking down Victor. Anna said there would be "serious consequences" if Lucy refused to listen.

When Anna was unable to reach Lucy, she made another call. Anna was told by someone that Lucy was scheduled to board a cruise at Pier 47. Anna grabbed her coat, and she left the house in a hurry.

Later, Lucy waited at Pier 55, and she remarked that she had gone to the wrong pier. Lucy turned to leave for Pier 47, but she stopped when she heard the sound of someone approaching her from behind.

"What are you doing here?" Lucy asked someone she seemed to recognize. The person pointed a gun at Lucy, and they shot her in the abdomen.

A woman crawls out of the water and collapses

A woman crawls out of the water and collapses

Wednesday, October 19, 2022

On Pier 47, Anna answered her cell phone. It was Robert, who asked if Anna had tracked down Lucy. Anna revealed that Lucy's assistant had told Anna that Lucy had planned to meet Victor on the pier for a sunset cruise. However, there hadn't been any sign of Lucy or the boat. After the call, Anna started to leave, but she froze when she heard two shots ring out in the direction of Pier 55.

In Diane's hospital room, Alexis told Diane how frightening it had been for Alexis to find Diane injured on the garage floor. Diane questioned Alexis about goading the Hook in the Invader, but Alexis explained she'd been desperate to smoke out Diane's attacker. Alexis conceded that the open letter might have backfired and provoked the killer to strike again, so Diane reminded Alexis that serial killers never needed an excuse to kill. Diane appreciated all that Alexis had done on Diane's behalf.

Diane confessed that the attack had put things into perspective. "Am I living my life to the fullest?" Diane asked. It was a rhetorical question, and before Diane could elaborate, Robert appeared in the doorway. After everyone exchanged greetings, Alexis excused herself and left. Robert apologized if he had chased off Alexis, but Diane assured Robert that she and Alexis had enjoyed a long visit. Diane was curious if Robert had an update about her attacker, but he admitted there was nothing new to report.

Robert was curious if Diane recalled anything else, even if it seemed inconsequential. Diane shook her head. She assured him that she had thought long and hard, but she only remembered that the woman had been wearing bracelets that had jangled. Diane admitted it was true that a person's life flashed before their eyes when they faced death. Robert agreed because he'd been in similar situations over the years.

Later, Robert handed Diane a cup of water while she asked about his scars. Robert admitted that he had a scar from his cancer surgery, but he would not show it to Diane unless she bought him dinner. Despite the pain, Diane laughed. She acknowledged that Robert had had plenty of brushes with death, but Diane's last injury had been in elementary school when she had broken her pinky toe while sliding into third base. Robert was surprised Diane had been a tomboy, but she playfully asked him not to tell anyone because she had a reputation for being classy.

Robert and Diane continued their flirtatious banter as they each opened up about the impact of facing death. Robert revealed that he'd felt uncomfortably vulnerable, and Diane had found it sobering to face her mortality. Robert promised to catch the killer and make the streets safe again for Diane, and she looked forward to sparring with Robert in court again. She warned him it would be awhile, but Robert vowed to visit Diane often. After Robert left, he stopped and smiled as he looked back at Diane's room.

At Metro Court's restaurant, Kristina apologized as she approached Sonny and gave him a kiss on the cheek. She took a seat next to Dante as she explained that she'd been late because she'd been training someone to fill in as manager while she attended an out-of-town management program. Dante wanted to hear all about it, but first he insisted on ordering food because he was starving. Sonny smiled because a family dinner had been long overdue. Kristina glanced around and asked about Dex.

Sonny told Kristina that Dex was on duty in the alcove. She was pleased because she had never suspected Dex of being the Hook. Dante said it had been an error in judgment because it had been early in the investigation, but Dante conceded that new evidence had pointed the police in a different direction. "Told you -- both of you," Kristina said.

In the alcove, Alexis recognized Dex as someone who had worked for Sonny. Dex clarified that he still worked for Sonny and that Sonny was dining with Dante and Kristina. Alexis was surprised by the news that her daughter was there.

At the table, Dante put his phone away and announced that duty called. After Dante left, Sonny took Kristina's hand in his and assured her that he was proud of all his children. "Even Michael?" Kristina asked. Sonny promised that Michael was included, even though things were tense between them. Sonny admitted that Michael -- despite being adopted -- was most like him. Kristina agreed, so she was confident that Michael and Sonny would work things out because Michael loved Sonny.

Moments later, Alexis approached the table. Kristina and Sonny were delighted when Alexis gave them an update on Diane's recovery. Sonny excused himself to give Alexis and Kristina a chance to talk. Alexis sat down, but she promised she wouldn't stay. Kristina explained that she had missed Brando's funeral because of work commitments and an impending trip out of town. Alexis promised that she respected how important Kristina's job was to Kristina, but Kristina was skeptical.

Alexis admitted that she sometimes questioned the way Kristina went about things, but Alexis had seen Kristina being responsible, enthusiastic, and recognized for doing a good job. Kristina assured her mother that she was happy. Alexis was pleased because that mattered most to Alexis. "I am so proud of you," Alexis said. Kristina smiled.

In the alcove, Sonny told Dex to take a couple of hours off, since Sonny would be having dinner with Kristina, but Dex declined to leave. Sonny thanked Dex for not holding what had happened against Sonny. Sonny acknowledged that "mistakes were made," and Dex had been treated unfairly; however, Dex had proven himself to be both strong and discreet. Dex asked if it had proven Dex's loyalty, so Sonny nodded yes. Sonny conceded that loyalty was rare and not something Sonny took for granted.

Sonny revealed that he'd once had someone at his side who had embodied all the important qualities, but "he" was gone. Dex assured Sonny that he was ready to step into that role. Sonny mentioned a position as a lieutenant in the organization, and Dex promised that he was ready for a new challenge. Sonny asked if Dex could think of anything more important than protecting Sonny's family. "No, sir," Dex answered.

At Pentonville, Spencer was on his hands and knees when Cyrus entered the library and greeted his great-nephew. Spencer was not happy to see Cyrus, but Cyrus glanced at the scraps of paper in Spencer's hand and explained that the prisoners tore out pictures of women from the men's magazines. Spencer was disgusted, but Cyrus reminded Spencer that prison was a lonely place, and the magazines were full of holes. "Just like your redemption story," Spencer said. Cyrus admitted he'd been a scoundrel by every definition, but Cyrus was adamant that he had changed his ways.

Spencer didn't believe Cyrus, but Cyrus reminded Spencer they were family. "I'm a Cassadine, and family is simply a means to an end for us," Spencer said. Cyrus was disappointed because Cyrus greatly valued family. Cyrus mentioned Laura and Martin, but Spencer warned Cyrus to not talk about Spencer's grandmother. Cyrus explained that he had only intended to convey his regret for having pushed away the two people who had meant the most to Cyrus.

Cyrus claimed he saw an opportunity in Spencer to make amends, but Spencer wanted nothing to do with Cyrus. Cyrus shifted gears as he remarked about Spencer's ill-fitting uniform and the rumors of Spencer's missing bedsheets. Cyrus promised to look out for Spencer, but the prisoner known as "Book" sauntered in to pick up where he had left off with Spencer. Book warned Spencer that the Corinthos men couldn't protect Spencer 24/7, and Cyrus was an old man.

Furious, Cyrus asked if Book were suggesting that Spencer throw in with Book's lot, but Book wasn't intimidated. Spencer cut to the chase and asked what Book wanted. Book demanded that Spencer step down as librarian. Spencer wasn't surprised to learn that Book had been working in the laundry room, but Spencer refused to give in to Book's demands. Cyrus ordered Book to leave, but Book took a swing at Cyrus. Cyrus quickly recovered from the blow to his jaw, and he turned the tables on Book by slamming Book against the wall with Book's arm twisted behind Book's back. "Move on," Cyrus said in a menacing tone.

Cyrus let Book go, but Book remained defiant until a guard entered and demanded to know what had been going on. Cyrus accused Book of having a shiv, prompting the guard to search Book. The guard recovered a shiv from Book's pocket and marched a protesting Book out with a promise to throw Book into solitary confinement. Stunned, Spencer accused Cyrus of setting Book up. Cyrus didn't deny it, but Cyrus admitted that he had connections Book knew nothing about.

Spencer reminded his pious great-uncle that the Bible warned against bearing false witness, but Cyrus burst out laughing. "Apparently, God is not through with me yet," Cyrus said. Cyrus admitted it was hard to reconcile sometimes, but there was a spiritual world and a real one. Cyrus acknowledged that it wasn't his place to kill Book, but Cyrus could remove him from Spencer's sphere for a short time. Spencer realized he should thank Cyrus, but Cyrus admitted he'd settle for the benefit of the doubt.

Spencer decided to gift Cyrus with a new arrival. Cyrus was excited when Spencer gave him William Tyndale's 1534 translation of the New Testament. "A book for a Book," Spencer said. However, Spencer made it clear that the gift meant he owed Cyrus nothing. Cyrus insisted Spencer had never been indebted to Cyrus.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas was surprised to find Ava on his doorstep. She brushed past him, but he insisted it wasn't a good time. Ava didn't care because Nikolas had a lot to answer for. Nikolas offered to meet Ava at the Port Charles Grill later, but Ava refused to leave. Ava confronted him about Victor's claim that Nikolas intended to file for divorce. Nikolas promised he wanted nothing more than to reconcile with Ava, but she asked why Victor had had a different impression.

Nikolas recalled his encounter with Victor outside Kelly's when Victor had threatened to get Nikolas back in line if Nikolas didn't divorce Ava. Nikolas suggested his cynical nature had sent mixed signals, especially since Ava hadn't given him much hope. Ava asked if Nikolas deserved it. "Probably not," Nikolas said. However, he vowed to spend the rest of his life trying to win Ava back, and he refused to let anyone stand in the way.

Nikolas started to kiss Ava, but she pulled away before their lips touched. Nikolas was certain Ava still wanted him, but she refused to humor him. Nikolas pointed out that she had sought him out as soon as she'd learned he might file for divorce, but Ava claimed she had stopped by to pick up a few things that she needed to inventory before she closed the gallery. Ava started to go to the tower, but Nikolas stopped her. He claimed a pipe had burst, and the damage had been extensive.

Nikolas explained it was unsafe to go to the tower, but he assured her that everything had been safely packed up and stored. He promised to retrieve Ava's things and get them to her as soon as possible. Nikolas started to walk Ava to the door, but she stopped and asked if he was trying to get rid of her. Nikolas claimed that he needed to check on the progress of the repairs because he had a meeting with the foreman early in the morning. Nikolas assured Ava that Victor had been wrong, and he pointed out that the ball was in her court.

In the north wing, Esme remained imprisoned, but she worked furiously on picking the door's lock. Esme was certain the only reason she remained alive was because of the baby, so she was desperate to escape. Unfortunately for Esme, she failed to unlock the door. Frustrated, Esme screamed and began to trash everything. She flopped face-first onto her bed and pounded her fists and feet until she felt an unfamiliar sensation. Esme touched her stomach and wondered if the fluttering was the baby moving.

Esme realized the baby was right; it wasn't the time for Esme to fall apart. "We won't give up," Esme told her baby. She picked up the wire hanger and returned to the lock. Her efforts paid off when she heard a click. "Let's go see your grandfather," Esme said. Esme opened the door, but she immediately froze when Nikolas blocked her exit.

Nikolas marched Esme back into the room and shut the door. He realized he had underestimated her, even though Esme had helped stalk Ava, framed Trina, and seduced him. Esme argued that it hadn't taken much. She wondered if Nikolas believed he could keep her locked up for six months without any preparation or planning, but he was sick of listening to the woman who had ruined his marriage. He also blamed Esme for Spencer being in Pentonville, but Esme threatened to scream if Nikolas didn't release her. "Go ahead. Nobody is coming for you," Nikolas said.

Later, Esme was locked in the bathroom as she banged on the door and screamed for Nikolas to let her out. Nikolas quietly collected the paintings in the room and moved them to the hallway. Esme switched tactics by trying to apologize, but Nikolas was unmoved. He informed her that she had lost her luxury privileges, but he assured her that he would leave her the bed for the sake of the baby. Furious, Esme resumed yelling and pounding the door as she vowed that Nikolas would be sorry. "I'm already sorry," Nikolas said.

On Pier 55, Lucy saw a familiar person. "What are you doing here?" Lucy asked. The mystery person aimed a gun at Lucy and fired two shots.

A short time later, Anna was on her cell phone, reporting the shooting, as she arrived at the pier from a back alley. Anna looked around, but she didn't see any sign of an injured person. Anna's eyes spotted Lucy's designer shoe on the edge of the dock just as Victor arrived on the scene. Victor claimed to have heard the shots as he'd arrived, and he had raced to the pier because he'd been concerned about Lucy. Victor saw the shoe and feigned concern, but Anna wasn't fooled.

Later, Dante arrived, and he was flanked by two police officers. Victor continued to pretend to be concerned about Lucy's welfare because his calls to her had gone unanswered, and he made a point of clarifying that he had arrived after Anna. A short time later, Victor's driver had corroborated Victor's alibis. Anna took an opportunity to step aside and call Valentin, but Victor had overheard Anna leaving his son a message. Anna refused to explain herself, but she decided to confront Victor about Valentin's trip to Switzerland.

Victor reminded Anna that Valentin was attending Charlotte's equestrian event, but Anna argued that Valentin hadn't seen Charlotte in months. Victor put Anna on the defensive by asking why Anna had felt the need to loop his son in on Lucy's disappearance. Anna reminded Victor that Valentin was a major shareholder in Lucy's company. Just then, Dante walked up to let Victor and Anna know that police officers had been dispatched to Lucy's home and workplace, and the dive team had been called.

After Victor left, Anna confided in Dante that Victor might have been behind Lucy's disappearance. She filled Dante in about Lucy being enlisted to help uncover Victor's secrets and about Lucy's refusal to back down when Anna had expressed concern about Lucy's safety. Anna revealed that she suspected Victor had learned the truth about Lucy, and he had taken matters into his own hands. Anna also feared that if Victor knew the truth about Lucy, he also knew the truth about the investigation. Dante realized the investigation was tied to Luke's murder. Anna worried that Victor would get away with his crimes if the investigation had been compromised.

Anna regretted getting Lucy involved, but Dante reminded Anna that if anyone could survive Victor, it was Lucy.

At Metro Court, Victor approached Ava at the bar. She was not happy to see him, but Victor was unapologetic for telling her that Nikolas intended to file for divorce. Ava made it clear that her marriage was none of Victor's business. Victor agreed to back off, but he confessed that Nikolas was hardly equal to Ava. Victor cared for his nephew, but Victor insisted Ava was too much of a woman for Nikolas. To Ava's surprise, Victor described Ava as full of life, vivacious, beguiling, and a force of nature who deserved to be with a man who would repay Ava's loyalty with devotion.

Ava asked if Victor had someone in mind, but Victor thought it would be better for him to stay in his own lane. However, he knew the crushing disappointment of putting trust in the wrong person, and he believed that both he and Ava deserved better.

Meanwhile, a weak and bedraggled woman in dark clothing slowly crawled out of the water. Moments later, she collapsed on the rocky shore.

Robert is told to brace himself for a major shock

Robert is told to brace himself for a major shock

Thursday, October 20, 2022

At the Metro Court restaurant, Sonny asked Nina to play hooky, but she replied that they were both too busy for that. Sonny's phone rang, and he walked off to take the call. Nina took the opportunity to approach Olivia and suggest that Olivia take some time off, as Nina was handling things. Olivia thought that Nina should just let Olivia buy her out so everyone could move on with their lives. "No deal, you're stuck with me," Nina replied. Sonny returned, and Olivia excused herself for a break. Sonny said he had hoped that he would be wrong about things not working between Olivia and Nina.

Across the room, Portia and Curtis were looking at possible wedding venues on her tablet. Curtis wondered if T.J. had any ideas, but he was too immersed in his phone to hear. He sent a text to Willow asking if she was all right after the run-in with Nina at Brando's funeral. Portia excused herself, as she wanted to get to the hospital to wish Epiphany luck on her MCATs. When she was gone, T.J. talked about how thankful he was for his family. He wondered if Curtis and Portia had talked about having kids, but Curtis replied that there was a lot to consider first.

Nina and Sonny approached the table. Curtis asked to speak to Sonny in private, so they walked away. Curtis revealed that he had been reading up about genetic counseling, and he'd decided not to find out whether or not he had a predisposition for Marshall's schizophrenia. He was wondering if he'd made the right choice, as he knew that Sonny had had the option with Mike's Alzheimer's. Sonny answered that knowing wouldn't change the outcome, so he hadn't done it. Curtis talked about making the decision based on the future of his family. "There's your answer," Sonny responded.

Nina sat down with T.J. and apologized for being so direct with him at the funeral. T.J. observed that Nina seemed to be the only one making assumptions about the nature of his relationship with Willow, but he accepted her apology with the caveat that she needed to stay out of their business. She countered that Willow was the mother of her grandson, so Willow's business was Nina's business. She wondered what was going on between them, but T.J. adamantly informed her that it was none of her business.

Sonny returned to the table and relayed the message that Curtis would catch up with Nina and T.J. later. T.J. coldly excused himself and left. Sonny wondered what had happened. Nina replied that T.J.'s name could be added to the long list of people who weren't her biggest fans. She added that she wasn't surprised, as T.J. was close to Willow.

Marshall arrived at the hospital with a rose and found Epiphany. Scared that she was going to fail the MCATs, she chided Marshall for encouraging her to follow her dream to become a doctor. He insisted that, pass or fail, she was brave for trying, and he was proud of her. Portia entered to wish Epiphany good luck, but she was sure that Epiphany would pass. Epiphany told Portia that she couldn't have done it without Portia. She walked toward the testing room, but she returned, kissed Marshall, and went back on her way.

Portia observed that Marshall and Epiphany's relationship seemed to be getting more serious. Marshall talked about how supportive Epiphany had been about his schizophrenia, and he'd learned that it was better to open up right away than to potentially undermine a relationship by keeping a big secret. Curtis entered a short while later and revealed that he'd changed his mind and decided to go ahead with genetic counseling.

In the testing room, Epiphany sat nervously in front of her computer. She took a deep breath and muttered, "Here goes nothing!" The first question popped up on the screen, and she smiled.

Willow saw T.J.'s text but put her phone away when Michael joined her outside. He said he was happy that Terry was being so accommodating to Willow with her pregnancy. Inside the kitchen, Ned left a heated message for Valentin, asking for a call back. Michael and Willow entered, and Michael insincerely expressed sympathy that Ned was having trouble with Valentin. They were arguing when Olivia arrived, and she tried to stop them, to no avail.

Just then, Willow was showing signs of distress, which stopped the arguing. She insisted that she just needed some air, and she ran outside. "Are you proud of yourselves?" Olivia demanded of Ned and Michael. Each man accused the other of starting the argument, but Olivia told the "children" to stop and remember that they were family.

An unmoving woman was facedown on the shoreline of the lake until her hand moved. She got up and, holding her stomach, limped to the shore and into the woods. She ended up on the Quartermaine property, and she entered the boathouse. She found a coat and put it on.

Outside the boathouse, Willow was walking by when she noticed bloody footprints on the deck of the boathouse. She followed the prints to the door. When she opened it and found the strange woman, she screamed loud enough for Michael, Olivia, and Ned to hear it. Willow ran back to the kitchen and told them what she'd found. Ned was going to call Dante and told Olivia to call security. Michael grabbed a meat cleaver and made his way to the boathouse. The women followed, and when he opened the door to the boathouse, Olivia was shocked.

Victor arrived at the police station, and Jordan revealed that she had questions for him about Lucy. He replied that he would answer them as soon as his attorney arrived, and he went to wait in the interrogation room. Robert wished that Victor would just confess, but Anna knew that Victor always got others to do his dirty work. Jordan and Anna walked off together, and Jordan wondered if Anna thought that Victor could have murdered Lucy. "Absolutely," Anna replied quickly. Anna caught Jordan up on her scheme, and she tearfully regretted involving Lucy. Just then, Jordan got a call from the Coast Guard Search and Rescue team.

Martin arrived at the police station, and Dante and Robert got him up to speed on Lucy. Jordan and Anna returned, and Jordan revealed that the search for Lucy was moving from a rescue to a recovery. Martin refused to accept that Lucy was dead without evidence, and he demanded to know what Victor had had to do with her disappearance. Robert took Martin for a walk to calm him down, and Dante walked off to call Scott and let him know.

Anna burst into the interrogation room and informed Victor that he would be the first suspect in Lucy's murder. She continued that, if the justice system didn't do its job, she would "make it my business to destroy you, and you'll wish it had gone through the courts." Victor's attorney arrived and asked to talk to him privately. Victor promised not to "make a break for it."

Trina arrived all packed at the police station, and Rory talked about how swamped he'd been. Trina assured him that they could postpone their trip, and he wondered if she was having second thoughts about going away with him. She insisted that she wanted to go to the comic book convention to see why he was so passionate about it. Dante had to talk to Rory before he left, so Rory went to talk to Dante. When he returned a few minutes later, he promised that he was all hers. A nervous Trina followed after Rory.

Robert assured Martin that there was always hope until there was proof of something. Martin replied that he would never take Lucy for granted again, and he would make whoever had hurt her "pay dearly." Jordan and Anna returned from the interrogation room, regretfully talking about Victor's solid alibi. Dante approached and told the group about a call from Ned, and he and Robert left to check it out. Jordan informed Anna that there had been a drone taking aerial footage of the lake, so Lucy might be on it. She promised to review it with Anna later, and she went into a room to view it.

Victor's lawyer made sure that there would be no evidence connecting him to Lucy's disappearance. He assured her that everyone would be too distracted to be worried about him.

Martin believed that Lucy wouldn't have gotten hurt had Anna not blackmailed him. He demanded to know what Anna's goal was with Victor, but she only asked that he trust her. She promised to do everything in her power to get Lucy home safely. If that wasn't possible, she vowed to go after whoever was responsible. Jordan returned a few minutes later with the drone footage cued up to the right spot. They watched as a person crept onto the docks and shot Lucy twice, leaving Lucy to fall into the water. They were shocked to see that, when the person turned toward the camera, it looked like Anna.

Dante and Robert approached the boathouse, and Michael and Willow left. "Is it Lucy?" Robert asked, and Olivia informed him that it wasn't. However, Olivia warned him to prepare himself for what he was about to see. Dante and Robert entered the boathouse, and Ned was tending to the woman. "Hello, Robert," Holly cheerfully greeted a shocked Robert.

A shocking discovery is made about who shot Lucy

A shocking discovery is made about who shot Lucy

Friday, October 21, 2022

On a beach in Jacksonville, Drew went with Carly to spread Virginia's ashes into the ocean. Carly eulogized Virginia, and she spread the scattered remains into the waters below. Afterwards, Carly claimed that she'd found closure and perspective. Drew and Carly kissed.

In the boathouse at the Quartermaine mansion, Robert was stunned to find Holly alive. Robert told Holly that everyone had thought Holly had died, and he asked where she had been for the past two years.

Holly said that she thought she'd been on a boat. Robert wanted to have Holly examined at the hospital for a possible concussion, and Dante called for an ambulance.

At the hospital, Robert told Austin that Holly had been experiencing memory issues. Holly reluctantly agreed to let Austin examine her. After the exam, Robert asked Holly what had been the last thing she'd remembered before waking up in the boathouse. Holly recalled that she had been working a case for the WSB in Monte Carlo.

Robert shared that he and Ethan had searched Monte Carlo "up and down" for Holly. Holly was surprised that Robert had gone in search of her, but Robert said he would do it again. Robert wanted Holly to stay in the hospital overnight, but Holly refused.

Also at the hospital, Sasha confided her grief over Brando to Maxie, who shared with Sasha the grief she had felt after Nathan's death. Mason appeared, and he asked if he could speak to Maxie.

Mason asked Maxie to convince Austin to return to Pautuck for Thanksgiving. Austin appeared, and he ushered Mason away from Maxie and Sasha. Off to the side, Mason gravely said that Maxie would do well to stay as far away from Austin as possible.

Later, Martin appeared at the hospital and told Sasha that he had an update from the judge on her guardianship.

In the kitchen of the Quartermaine mansion, Chase and Brook Lynn kissed. Brook Lynn steered the discussion toward her desire to have Chase become a singer in order to get revenge on Linc.

Ned appeared, and he and Chase chatted briefly about Holly. Brook Lynn took a call. Alone, Ned asked if Chase was happy. Chase shared that he enjoyed singing but that his true passion was being a cop.

Chase vented his frustration that he was no longer on the force. Outside the mansion, Brook Lynn received an email from Dante that he'd promised to send as part of his effort to get Chase reinstated. Brook Lynn promptly deleted the email.

Brook Lynn reappeared in the kitchen, and she told Chase that Linc wanted Chase to do a duet with one of Linc's rising female stars. An uneasy Chase hugged an ecstatic Brook Lynn.

In the lobby of the police station, Anna, Jordan, and Martin watched a video of Lucy's shooting. The three were stunned to see that the person that had shot Lucy had the same face as Anna.

A furious Martin called Anna a murderer, but Anna swore that she had been set up. Anna firmly believed that Victor had been behind Lucy's disappearance, and she angrily marched into the interrogation room to confront him.

Victor swore he'd had nothing to do with Lucy's disappearance, and he acted emotional when he was told that something had happened to Lucy. Anna became unhinged, and she tried to physically attack Victor.

A police officer interceded, and he and Jordan escorted Anna out into the lobby. Jordan proceeded to chide Anna for her histrionics. Anna tried to return to the interrogation room, but Jordan refused to allow her.

In a voice message to Robert, Anna said that Victor had tried to frame her for Lucy's disappearance. Martin returned with Arden, the assistant district attorney. Martin demanded that Anna be arrested for murder, and he showed Arden the video of the person who looked like Anna shooting Lucy.

Anna was incredulous that Martin would believe she could have been responsible for shooting Lucy. Martin recalled that Anna had tried to blackmail him, and he accused her of using people any way she had to.

After Jordan returned to the lobby, Arden told Jordan to tell Victor that he was free to leave. Arden then escorted Victor back into the lobby. Victor "learned" that Anna had been seen on the surveillance footage. Arden said that Jordan needed to recuse herself from the investigation into Lucy's shooting due to Jordan's close ties with Anna.

Jordan refused, but she agreed to follow the evidence and to pursue the matter to the fullest extent of the law if the person in the video turned out to be Anna. Arden apologized to Victor for the police having "wasted" his time. "All that matters is justice for Lucy. As the commissioner said, just follow the evidence," Victor said direly.

Afterwards, in the parking lot, Anna searched her car for evidence that she had been framed. In the hatchback of her car, Anna was shocked to find a gun, which she picked up with a gloved hand.

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