General Hospital Recaps: The week of September 19, 2022 on GH

Brando revealed an important clue about his killer. Brando suffered a seizure and passed away. Elizabeth drew a sketch of the woman she saw in her flashbacks. Chase secured a gig at the Savoy. Carly was not pleased to learn Peyton's plans for the cemetery where Virginia was buried. The Port Charles Hooker set their sights on Diane.
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Before he died, Brando revealed a clue about his attacker. Elizabeth had a breakthrough when Kevin put her under hypnosis. The hook-wielding attacker set their sights on Diane.
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Brando wakes up; Elizabeth is put under hypnosis

Brando wakes up; Elizabeth is put under hypnosis

Monday, September 19, 2022

Josslyn was lost in thought as Trina gabbed to her at the Metro Court pool. When Trina called her on it, Josslyn confessed that she'd been thinking about the attacks on Ava and Brando. As the girls grabbed chaise lounges and sat down, a man at the bar appeared to be watching them. Josslyn explained to Trina that she'd followed Dex into the alley at Charlie's but hadn't seen him. Just then, Dex walked in and grabbed his own chaise. He removed his shirt and lay back.

Josslyn approached Dex and handed him his sunglasses. She mentioned that she hadn't seen him in the alley after following him outside, but the police had been looking for him since the attack. Dex related that he had already spoken to Dante, and he added that he hadn't seen anything. He declared that he would have intervened if he had. "Timing is everything," he said. Josslyn was aghast that she had been so close to both attacks.

Suddenly, Josslyn had a thought and returned to Trina. Josslyn confessed that she was feeling paranoid, but she felt like someone had been watching her. Trina thought it was understandable, but she agreed that the man at the bar was watching them. Josslyn headed over to the man and confronted him. She demanded that he explain himself. Dex joined the group and joined in on the demand. Trina reminded Josslyn that Carly no longer owned the hotel, and she should stop making a scene. Dex ordered the man to leave and followed him out.

Once out of the pool area, Dex reminded the man that he was to have been discreet. He stated that he would keep watch over Josslyn himself and call Sonny about it. He returned to Josslyn and promised that the man wouldn't bother her again. He said that he had told the man that sexual harassment was a crime, and he would be prosecuted. As his dog tags jingled, Dex admitted that he hadn't been able to keep himself from getting involved. Josslyn was glad there were still decent people around.

At General Hospital, Portia asked Curtis if he would still be together with Jordan if Jordan had told him the truth. He replied that while everyone kept secrets about their past, Jordan had kept personal secrets from him that had affected their relationship. Portia wanted confirmation that he and Jordan would still be together if Jordan had been honest, but Curtis confirmed that he loved his life with Portia and wanted to be with her. He insisted he didn't want to be with Jordan. He maintained that honesty was always important, or there would be no relationship.

Alexis bumped into Gregory, and it turned out that they were both waiting for Finn. Gregory asked if Brando was a relation of hers, but Alexis explained that Brando was Kristina's cousin. Gregory admitted that he was familiar with tragedy hitting close to home, and Alexis revealed that Kristina had been the one to find Brando. Gregory noted how impressed he'd been with the Invader's coverage of the incident, and Alexis admitted that she hadn't wanted it to turn into a "sideshow."

Gregory mentioned that there was to be a panel discussion at the university about ethics in journalism, and he invited Alexis to attend with him. She accepted the invitation.

Finn walked Elizabeth to Kevin's office in time for her appointment. He told her that he was meeting Gregory for lunch, and he did his best to reassure her. Elizabeth knocked on the door and went inside. She told Kevin that she didn't know where to start, but she believed that her problem had been getting worse. She added that she had wanted to believe that it was all over, but she'd still been having issues with blackouts. She recalled having had an argument with Finn for not respecting her boundaries prior to the blackout.

Upon questioning from Kevin, Elizabeth agreed that all of her blackouts had been preceded by an argument, although they hadn't all been with Finn. She told Kevin about the recurring memory and recalled that she'd been young and having an argument with an unknown woman about her father. Kevin suggested that Elizabeth try hypnosis about the originating memory, since it seemed to be the cause of her present-day problem. He didn't think it was necessary to do it immediately, but Elizabeth wanted her life back quickly.

Soon after, Elizabeth lay back in a recliner as Kevin put her under. She saw the same memory at first, but then she saw the woman lying unconscious at the bottom of a stairwell. Elizabeth appeared to be standing over her.

Sasha sat by Brando's side and spoke to him quietly. Suddenly, he opened his eyes, and Sasha was ecstatic. He reached up to caress her face and told her he had a sore throat and felt tired. He coughed a few times, and Sasha ran out to find Portia. She ran into Nina and shared the good news. Nina told her that she'd sent Gladys to the cafeteria, but she would look for Portia. She ordered Sasha to return to Brando.

Sonny and Jordan ran into each other, and Sonny pressed Jordan for details on her investigation into the attacks. Jordan suggested that he use his resources to protect himself and his family. She clarified that she couldn't work with him again, and those days were over. Sonny thought they should pool their information in order to stop the madman. Nina spotted them and joyfully shared the news that Brando was awake. She hugged Sonny as Jordan rushed to Brando's room.

Back in Portia's office, she informed Curtis that she had to check on Brando, although Finn was heading there first. Tearfully, she assured Curtis that they were good. "Jordan and I are over," Curtis affirmed. "Does Jordan know that?" Portia asked.

Finn showed up to check Brando over, and Jordan followed close behind. Brando continued to cough as Finn made it clear that he wanted to check the patient over prior to questioning.

Jordan rejoined Sonny and Nina, but Nina received a phone call and departed. Sonny continued to press for information, and he insisted that he wasn't the general public. He was clear that he and Jordan needed each other because two members of his family had been attacked. Jordan thought that he already knew too much, having been at the scene of Brando's attack, and she wanted him to promise not to disclose that the method of attack had been a hook. Finn walked out of Brando's room in time to hear that as Sonny reiterated that he wasn't the general public.

Jordan questioned Brando, who couldn't remember much due to the darkness and the pouring rain. He stated that his focus had been on the hook. He didn't recall a face, only a black hoodie. He remembered hearing a jingling noise, much like the sound that Sasha's bracelets made.

Nina and Sasha sat in the waiting area. Sasha insisted that she was fine and way better than she'd been the previous night. She admitted to being upset about the guardianship, but she had grown to accept it. She said she didn't know how she would survive without Brando. Nina said that Sasha was "solid" inside, but she offered her shoulder if Sasha needed it to cry on.

Finn found Alexis and Gregory together and gave them an update on Brando. He revealed what he'd overheard from Jordan about the attacker's hook. Alexis and Gregory were shocked, but Finn had surmised that Kristina had mentioned it. Alexis noted that while it didn't prove that both attacks had been done by the same person, it seemed logical that the attacker would strike again.

Jordan ran into Curtis and apologized again about not filing the divorce papers. She knew that Portia was angry at her, also. Curtis replied that Portia had been going through some crazy days. Jordan wanted to still be friends with Curtis, but he wanted the truth. He asked if she had not filed the papers accidentally or if she had hung onto them on purpose, hoping for reconciliation. Jordan grew angry, but Curtis pointed out that she'd never been careless.

Portia told Brando and Sasha that while there was a risk for infection and sepsis, Brando was doing okay. She added that Brando's blood pressure was up, and she would prescribe medication. She left just as Sonny arrived. He confessed that he'd been worried. "Don't do that again," he ordered. Brando explained that he hadn't seen the attacker but had been looking for Dex because he'd seen Josslyn follow him outside. He admitted that something had been bothering him. Both he and Sonny confessed to trusting each other's instincts.

Brando said that he appreciated Sonny bringing him into the family, and he would always be there for them. Sonny quickly assured him it was a "two-way street." Brando joked that he owed Sonny for allowing Gladys back into his life, and Sonny replied that it would be a lifetime debt. Brando continued coughing.

Sonny ran into Nina again and declared that someone had been going after people close to him. He added that he would be "beefing up" security, and that included for Nina. He admitted he was concerned that she would have second thoughts about him and his business, but Nina reassured him with a kiss.

Sasha assured Brando that she could handle her treatment while he was in recovery. She hoped that for their first anniversary, they could take a long and solitary vacation. They shared a kiss until Brando pulled away in a fit of coughing. He noticed that he had coughed up some blood. Suddenly, he had a seizure.

Back at the pool, Dex phoned Sonny and told him Josslyn had spotted her tail. Sonny noted that Josslyn was suspicious, just like her mother. Dex promised to keep an eye on her while at the pool. Sonny disclosed that Brando was awake, and Dex didn't appear to be happy about it.

Brando dies, and Portia and T.J. have questions

Brando dies, and Portia and T.J. have questions


Tuesday, September 20, 2022

In Jacksonville, Carly took flowers to Virginia Benson's grave. Carly said it was fitting that she had ended up back in Jacksonville with her stepmother. Carly spoke to Virginia's spirit, and she recalled that she had seen Reese's mother, Peyton Roberts.

Carly became emotional, and she said that she had failed to see how amazing Virginia had been in her own way. Just then, a nightwatchman arrived and said that the graves in Virginia's section of the cemetery were scheduled to be moved to put in a new beach parkway. The nightwatchman said that Carly would have to move Virginia's grave.

Carly left and went into the bar nearby, where she encountered Peyton again. Carly and Peyton argued over the cemetery and the new parkway, which Peyton claimed had been done "according to the bylaws." Peyton told Carly to get on her flight to Aruba and to never come back. "Screw Aruba. I'm gonna stay right here, and I'm gonna fight for my mother, and I dare you to try and stop me," Carly said defiantly.

At the hospital, Curtis continued to brood over his and Jordan's divorce papers. Curtis accused Jordan of still having feelings for him. Jordan offered to sign the new divorce papers. Still not satisfied, Curtis asked if he and Jordan would still be married if he hadn't asked her for a divorce.

Jordan reminded Curtis that she hadn't been the one who'd wanted to end their marriage, and she recalled that Curtis hadn't been able to handle certain things about Jordan's life as a cop. Curtis said that he hadn't felt he was on solid ground with Jordan. Jordan asked if Curtis felt he was on solid ground with Portia. "Are you saying I'm not?" Curtis asked.

Jordan said that she had asked only because she'd wondered if it was possible to truly know a person to the core. Jordan said she genuinely wished nothing but the best for Curtis, who wished the same for Jordan.

In Kevin's office at the hospital, Elizabeth remembered that the woman at the foot of the stairs in her flashbacks hadn't moved when she'd fallen. Elizabeth then flashed back to a vision of Peter after Finn had pushed Peter down the stairs at the hospital. Elizabeth asked Kevin to stop the session, and Kevin agreed.

Elizabeth rushed out of Kevin's office, and she ran straight into Finn, who had already started to hover. Elizabeth told Finn that she had flashed back to Peter, and she surmised that Peter's fall had brought the childhood trauma from the staircase back to the surface of her mind.

Elizabeth said she hadn't been able to make out the face of the woman at the foot of the stairs in her memory. Just then, Portia interrupted, and she asked for Finn's help. Elizabeth left, and she went back into Kevin's office. "I remembered something," Elizabeth told Kevin.

Elizabeth recalled that Finn had mentioned mountain-climbing, a phrase Elizabeth said she had heard often, having grown up in Colorado. Elizabeth recalled that her father, Jeff, had said "mountain-climbing" several times during her childhood. "What if it was him? What if he pushed that woman down the stairs?" Elizabeth asked.

Also at the hospital, Alexis and Gregory went to get coffee. Alexis asked for Gregory's opinion on how to cover the attacker from a journalistic standpoint. Gregory encouraged Alexis to stick to the story and the facts, but Alexis suggested they write an open letter to the attacker and wait for the attacker to write back.

Gregory was reluctant, but Alexis said that people lived in a new age because of DNA, digital footprints, and the digital age in general. Gregory admitted that he was intrigued.

In Brando's room, Brando's body started to shake. Sasha screamed for help, and Portia rushed into Brando's room to try to revive him. Outside Brando's room, Sasha prayed for Brando, and she flashed back to how the two had met and fallen in love, as well as everything they had gone through together. Sasha scrolled through photos of Brando on her phone, and she pleaded for Brando to pull through.

As Sasha prayed, the lights in the waiting room started to flicker. Portia stepped outside Brando's room. Portia said the hospital had done everything it could to save Brando. Sasha refused to accept that Brando was gone. Just then, Gladys arrived with Nina. Sasha fell to the ground and screamed. Gladys cried out in pain as Portia tried to comfort her.

Sonny arrived, and he was stunned to learn that Brando had died. Portia said that there had been unforeseen complications and that they might never know what had happened to Brando. Nina tried to comfort Sonny, who asked Portia if he could see Brando. Alone in Brando's room, Sonny said that Brando, Liam, and Mike had left the world too soon. Sonny vowed that he would take care of Brando's family.

Sonny came back into the waiting room, and Sasha said she wanted to see Brando. Sasha asked Sonny to accompany her, and Sonny guided Sasha by the hand into Brando's room. Gladys and Nina joined Sasha in Brando's room, and the three women began to weep.

By the elevators, Alexis had started to second-guess her decision to write an open letter to the attacker when she overheard two nurses who discussed Brando's sudden death. Alexis announced her plans to run the article, and she asked Gregory if he objected. "Hell, no. We need to nail this bastard before another family has a funeral," Gregory said.

Nearby, Portia thought there might have been a more sinister explanation for why Brando had died suddenly, and she asked Finn for his help as an infectious disease doctor.

T.J. wondered what had happened to Brando. Jordan asked what T.J. felt had gone wrong, and T.J. shared that he wasn't sure. Stella said that sometimes there were no reasons, and she asked T.J., Jordan, and Curtis to join hands in a prayer for Brando. As Stella prayed, Sonny, Nina, Sasha, and Gladys all stood watch over Brando's body.

Jordan makes a chilling discovery about Brando's murder

Jordan makes a chilling discovery about Brando's murder

Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Outside Charlie's Pub, Alexis apologized to Sonny for being late. He held up the latest edition of the Invader with a headline that read, "2 Victims, 1 Hook." A photo of a bloody gaffing hook accompanied the article. Alexis extended her condolences on Brando's death, and she asked about Sasha, but Sonny questioned if their conversation was on the record. Alexis promised she had intended to give Sonny a heads-up about the article, but time had gotten away from her. She was eager to make amends, so Sonny asked Alexis to remember that Sasha had been devasted by Brando's death.

Alexis promised to keep it in mind. Satisfied, Sonny and Alexis entered Charlie's, but they stopped short when they saw Victor with their daughter. Victor explained to Kristina that people had been sent to the Tower of London and beheaded for mispronouncing a certain word, but Kristina burst out laughing. At the bar, Valentin saw Sonny and Alexis, and he sprang into action when Sonny made a beeline for Victor. Valentin grabbed Alexis by the arm and led her to the bar as he advised her to stay out of Sonny and Victor's quarrel. Alexis reminded Valentin that Kristina was her daughter. Valentin argued that Victor was Kristina's great-uncle, and Valentin knew from experience it was best to stay on Victor's good side.

Meanwhile, Sonny approached Victor and Kristina. Kristina greeted her father and told him that she and Victor had been debating the correct way to pronounce "scone." Victor teasingly corrected Kristina's pronunciation, but Sonny wasn't amused. Sonny pointed out that they were in America, so Kristina's way had been correct. Vindicated, Kristina told Victor that she was glad he had enjoyed the scone as she cleared the table and went back to work.

Sonny's pleasant smile vanished, and he reminded Victor that Victor had been warned to stay away from Sonny's family. Victor argued that -- like it or not -- Kristina was Victor's family, too. Victor walked to the door, called out a greeting to "Natasha," and left. Sonny watched at Valentin followed his father, and the two men had a short exchange.

Outside, Valentin advised Victor not to provoke Sonny, but Victor wasn't intimidated by a "local mob kingpin." Valentin warned that Sonny was at his most dangerous when provoked, so Victor claimed it was the reason he had kept Valentin around. "Amongst other reasons," Victor said. Victor turned to leave, but Valentin reminded Victor that Victor had promised to give Valentin a date for when Valentin could visit with Charlotte. Victor insisted Victor had a pressing matter to attend to first.

Inside, Alexis asked what Sonny and Victor had talked about, but Sonny wanted to have a chat with Kristina first. Sonny and Alexis walked over to the bar to check on how Kristina had been holding up. Kristina claimed she was fine, but Alexis didn't believe Kristina because Kristina had witnessed a horrific attack. Kristina admitted Victor had been concerned, too, and had offered to hire a bodyguard, but Kristina had turned Victor down. Surprised, Alexis admitted she agreed with Victor's idea.

Sonny insisted he could keep Kristina safe, but Kristina suggested Sonny and Alexis worry about Molly because Molly had had a fling with Brando, and Kristina was certain the news of Brando's death had hit Molly hard. Alexis argued that Molly hadn't witnessed the attack, but Kristina argued that she hadn't seen much because it had been dark and raining. Kristina admitted she didn't even know if the killer had been a man or a woman, but Alexis pointed out that the killer didn't know that. Kristina disagreed because Kristina would have worked with a sketch artist if she'd seen the killer, and the police would have put up posters all around town.

Alexis' frustration mounted as she tried to persuade her daughter to stay with Sonny or Alexis until the killer was caught, but Kristina refused. "For God's sake, do you really want to risk your life for minimum wage, slinging beer at a dead-end job?" Alexis asked. Stunned, Kristina glared at Alexis, but Alexis was unapologetic because she wanted more for Kristina and for Kristina to live to her full potential. Kristina acknowledged that she didn't see herself working at Charlie's until she died, but she was happy.

"I don't intend on dying anytime soon -- by crook or by hook," Kristina said. After Kristina stormed off, Sonny looked at Alexis. "She's all you," he said.

On a foggy Pier 54, Anna spoke to Robert on her cell phone. Behind her, a dark-clad figure carrying a large hook in their right hand quietly approached Anna. Unaware, Anna told Robert to stop worrying about her and to focus his energy on the person who had attacked Ava and killed Brando. Anna ended the call and turned to leave, but she jumped with fright when she saw Jordan standing behind her. Jordan apologized for startling Anna. Anna glanced at the hook as she advised Jordan to leave the sharp objects at home to avoid any future misunderstandings.

Jordan explained that she had picked the hook up at a nearby shop, and it was the same brand and size as the one taken from the Quartermaine boathouse. Jordan confided that she was on her way to speak to the medical examiner. Anna offered to help if Jordan needed it. Jordan was grateful, but Jordan had other issues to deal with. Anna suspected Jordan had been referring to the "life-changing information" Jordan had uncovered about Curtis, so Jordan conceded her problems continued to mount.

Jordan opened up to Anna about Jordan's recent talk with Curtis when Curtis had asked if Jordan had been trying to hold on to their marriage. Jordan admitted she loved Curtis and that it hadn't been her choice to end the marriage, but Curtis had resented the secrets Jordan had kept. Anna was curious why Jordan continued to keep secrets from Curtis, but Jordan defended her decision because the information could destroy Curtis and Portia's relationship. "What does that get me?" Jordan asked. Jordan doubted Curtis would be grateful or eager to give Jordan a second chance.

Jordan explained that she couldn't, in good conscience, hurt two people in love, and it was time for Jordan to stay out of Curtis and Portia's business. Anna suggested that by holding on to the information, Jordan was basically deciding what Curtis could and couldn't handle. "Is that fair?" Anna asked. Before Jordan replied, Valentin appeared on the pier. His expression clouded with concern when he saw the large hook in Jordan's hand.

Jordan urged both Valentin and Anna to be careful; the police knew how the killer had attacked, but not why, which made it difficult to predict who the next target would be. After Jordan left, Valentin apologized for keeping Anna waiting. He admitted that his father continued to stall about when Valentin could visit Charlotte because Victor was more concerned about Kristina's ordeal. According to Valentin, Victor was devoted to family -- as Cassadines defined the term. "We eat our young," Valentin said.

Anna assured Valentin he was the exception to the rule, and together, they would bring Charlotte home. Valentin confessed that he almost believed her. Valentin told Anna about his journey to fatherhood and how precious his daughter was to him. He said he had always known his enemies might pose a threat to his daughter, but he had never imagined his father would. Valentin was terrified for Charlotte, but Anna told him it was time to be brave.

Anna revealed that she had engaged one of Robert's contacts to surveil the school where Victor had been keeping Charlotte, but the operative had wanted out after 24 hours because Victor's name had had a chilling effect. Anna warned Valentin that it would be up to the two of them to rescue Charlotte. Valentin reminded Anna that they had Lucy's help, but Anna admitted it might be time to cut Lucy loose because Anna couldn't in good conscience put a civilian's life at risk, especially when Robert's people had been afraid to get involved.

At the Savoy, Brook Lynn watched as a makeup artist put the finishing touches on Chase's look. After Brook Lynn dismissed the young woman, she checked the stage as Curtis announced Chase's upcoming performance, and the crowd erupted with applause. She returned to Chase's side to see if he was ready. Dressed in a flamboyant white and blue jacket over a bare chest, Chase told Brook Lynn the crowd could wait as he leaned down to kiss Brook Lynn.

"Earth to Brook Lynn," Lucy said. Brook Lynn snapped out of her fantasy and realized with disappointment that she was at work with Maxie and Lucy. Brook Lynn apologized for being distracted, but Maxie wanted to know where Brook Lynn's thoughts had been because it had been clear Brook Lynn hadn't been thinking about work. Rather than answer, Brook Lynn ducked out to fetch a bottle of sparking water. When Brook Lynn returned, Maxie and Lucy asked about putting out a message regarding Brando's death.

Brook Lynn assured Maxie and Lucy that she had a social media response ready to go as soon as they approved it, but Lucy instructed Brook Lynn to post it immediately because time was of the essence. Maxie and Lucy were concerned because Brook Lynn hadn't responded to any of the voicemail messages, text messages, and emails sent the previous night, but Brook Lynn claimed she always turned her phone off at night to balance her work and personal life. Lucy argued that Brook Lynn had been more focused on Chase's career than on work.

Brook Lynn denied it, but Lucy pointed out that Brook Lynn had replaced the company's hold music with a demo of Chase's music. Maxie assured Brook Lynn that both Maxie and Lucy were happy for Brook Lynn and Chase, but Brook Lynn needed to focus more on work. Lucy threatened to fire Brook Lynn if things didn't change. Brook Lynn was shocked, but Maxie promised it wouldn't happen. Lucy agreed -- as long as Brook Lynn got her head back in the game.

Just then, Brook Lynn's phone beeped with a reminder that Chase was scheduled for an audition. Brook Lynn grabbed her things as Lucy demanded to know where Brook Lynn was going, but Brook Lynn would only say that she was working on getting her head in the game.

After Brook Lynn left, Lucy grabbed a bag of gummy bears while Maxie tried to calm Lucy down. Lucy was livid, but Maxie wanted Lucy to give Brook Lynn a second chance because both Lucy and Maxie knew what it was like to be in love. Suddenly, Victor appeared in the doorway, and he didn't hesitate to shamelessly flirt with Lucy. However, he grew distracted by Maxie's presence in the office. Victor suggested he and Lucy go somewhere private, but Lucy insisted she and Maxie had been working.

Maxie refused to play along with Lucy's efforts to squirm out of going to lunch with Victor. After Maxie left, Victor confronted Lucy about not returning any of his phone calls. Lucy blamed her assistant for failing to pass along the message, and she vowed to fire the assistant. Pleased, Victor returned to the topic of lunch, but Lucy didn't think it would be a good idea to be seen out in public because of Sasha's heartbreaking loss. Lucy had a change of heart when Victor mentioned investing in Deception.

A short time later, Valentin and Anna entered the office, looking for Lucy. Maxie revealed that Lucy had gone to lunch with Victor.

At the hospital, Finn greeted Chase, but Chase was eager to know what had happened to Brando. Chase explained that Michael had told Chase about the attack, but Chase had been shocked to discover that Brando had later died. Finn confessed that he'd been surprised, too, because Brando had been conscious and in good spirits one minute and coded the next. Finn assured Chase that tests had been run to determine Brando's cause of death. Chase reminded Finn that both Sasha and Gladys would suffer added pain until they had answers.

Chase shifted gears because he had read in the Invader that an anonymous source at the hospital had provided the newspaper with valuable information. Chase wanted to talk to the source, but Finn reminded Chase it was no longer Chase's job. Chase was hurt that Finn would throw Chase's suspension in his face, but Finn promised it hadn't been his intention. Finn pointed out that Chase had no badge, no warrant, and no jurisdiction to investigate the crime, so any evidence Chase uncovered might compromise the investigation.

Chase realized Finn was right, but Chase cared about Sasha and wanted to help. Finn empathized, but he warned Chase that Chase might ruin any hope of reinstatement to the police force if Chase meddled in the investigation.

At the Savoy, Curtis was on the phone with Portia. He was curious if there had been news about Brando's cause of death. Portia checked the computer, but the information hadn't been updated. She assured him she would let him know when she found out. Satisfied, Curtis shifted gears. He promised Portia they would get married once the divorce papers were signed and filed.

Portia reminded Curtis that he had never answered her question. "Does Jordan feel as you do?" Portia asked. Curtis promised he would fill Portia in later, but he assured her there was nothing to be concerned about. After Curtis ended the call, Selina entered the club. "Mr. Ashford, it seems things are getting dangerous in Port Charles," Selina said. Curtis asked why Selina was there.

Selina recalled her conversation with Sonny about Chase performing at the Savoy. She pushed the memory away, and she told Curtis that she owed him an apology. Selina claimed she had heard from her nephew about Curtis' engagement. Selena was disappointed Curtis hadn't mentioned his plans to propose because Selina would have put him in touch with a jeweler. Curtis wondered what the favor would have cost him. Selina assured him it would have been a courtesy "from one partner to another."

Curtis argued that partners were equals, so she offered to give Curtis a bigger role in her organization. Curtis declined because he preferred his independence. Selina admitted it had been her experience that independence was an illusion. Moments later, Brook Lynn and Chase entered. Curtis was surprised when Brook Lynn revealed that Chase had an audition. Curtis admitted it hadn't been on his schedule, but he agreed to give Chase an opportunity to audition because Curtis recalled Chase's performances at the Nurses Balls. Selina was pleased.

Curtis was surprised when he overheard Selina confess to Brook Lynn that Selina was eager to hear Chase's performance because Selina planned to rent the club for a private party, and she was interested in hiring Chase. Brook Lynn was happy for Chase, but she immediately had second thoughts because she knew he was concerned about Sasha. She offered to cancel the audition, but Chase assured her that he was ready. Chase kissed Brook Lynn, and then he went to the microphone and sang. Afterwards, everyone clapped, and Curtis agreed to book Chase. Curtis informed Selina that she could rent the club for a night if she paid $50,000 in cash. Selina agreed.

At the hospital, Finn approached Portia at the nurses' station. He was surprised to see her working, but she admitted she had offered to help because Britt and Terry had had their hands full with the police. The conversation quickly turned to Brando. Portia revealed that she had gone over everything, but she couldn't understand why Brando had died. Finn hoped the tests would give them answers, but Portia suggested the Invader might provide information the tests couldn't. Portia talked about the article she had read and the anonymous source. Finn said little as Portia speculated who the source might be.

Portia believed the anonymous source had helped the investigation by shining a light on it, which had helped it go national. Meanwhile, Jordan walked up in time to overhear the exchange between Finn and Portia. Jordan warned both doctors that the anonymous source might have disrupted the investigation. Jordan wanted to know who it was, and she intended to lay down the law with both Britt and Terry about hospital staff disclosing important information regarding a case. Portia thought it was a waste of Jordan's time, but Jordan assured Portia that Jordan could juggle several priorities at once.

Portia wondered how much damage the leak had caused, so Jordan reminded Portia how Dante had nearly paid with his life when news about Franco's brain tumor had been leaked and Alexis had taken action. Before Portia could reply, a nurse walked up to deliver a report to Portia. Portia realized it was the test results. Finn and Jordan gathered around Portia as she read the results. Shocked, Portia revealed the stab wound hadn't killed Brando -- the weapon had been "laced with a toxin."

Finn figures out Brando's cause of death

Finn figures out Brando's cause of death

Thursday, September 22, 2022

In the hotel bar, Carly's new phone finally finished downloading all her information from the cloud. She was shocked to see how many missed calls, voicemail, texts, and emails she had. She called Josslyn and left a message to call Carly back, and then she listened to voicemails from Drew and Sonny. Just then, Peyton entered and demanded to know why Carly was still there. Carly mentioned the cemetery and asked Peyton to reconsider moving it, but Peyton replied that one couldn't always have what they wanted. Carly suggested that they have a drink and discuss it, but knowing about Carly's recent troubles, Peyton ordered Carly a drink on her own tab and left.

Nina found Sonny at Charlie's, and Sonny told Nina about the tense conversation he'd had with Alexis and Kristina. Drew arrived and expressed his sympathy about Brando. Sonny wondered how Carly had taken the news, but Drew admitted that he hadn't been able to reach her. He offered to call Mia, who was heading up the seminar that Carly had gone to, and walked off to do so. When he got ahold of Mia, he learned that Carly had never checked in, as her plane had made an emergency landing in Jacksonville.

Across the room, Sonny informed Nina that he would be getting her security until the killer was caught. Drew approached and told Sonny that Carly still wasn't answering, and he left. Nina was worried about Sasha and commented that Carly was part of Sasha's support team. She wondered when Carly would be back. Just then, Sonny's phone rang, and it was Carly. Nina gathered her things to go, and Sonny urged her to take one of his guys with her.

Sonny answered the call and told Carly about Brando. He continued that Jordan believed that someone was targeting people close to Sonny. Carly wanted to return home immediately, but he assured her that he'd assigned security to everyone, and she was safer away from Port Charles. As Peyton returned, Carly replied that it was hard not to return home when there was a "homicidal maniac" targeting her family. He asked her not to return home until the killer was caught, and he promised to keep her posted.

When Carly was off the phone, Peyton feigned regret that Carly had to go home. Carly refused to go anywhere until she knew that Virginia was staying put in the cemetery. "It's not up to you," Peyton replied. Carly knew that it had been a few years since Peyton had known Carly, but Carly insisted that she wasn't impressed or intimidated by Peyton. "I'm still really good at raising hell. If you think you regretted knowing me then, just wait," Carly warned.

At the Deception office, Anna and Valentin asked about Lucy, and Maxie explained that Lucy had left with a persistent Victor a short while before, but she didn't know where they'd gone. As she called Lucy's assistant to see about when Lucy would be back, Anna whispered that she regretted involving Lucy with Victor. Valentin thought that Lucy could handle herself, but Anna reminded him that even Robert's people wouldn't take the case. Maxie informed them that Lucy had no other meetings on her calendar, but Lucy didn't always write them down. She put in a call to Brook Lynn and learned of a Tweet from Lucy a short while earlier that read "Follow your stars" with a jack-o-lantern emoji. Anna thanked Maxie for the help and ran out with Valentin.

A short while later, Maxie was just ending a call with James when Nina arrived. Nina wanted Maxie's help figuring out the best way to help Sasha, but Maxie didn't think she could help. She blamed some of Sasha's recent work-related losses on herself, and she lamented how much Sasha had lost. Nina thought of something that needed to be done that a "master planner" like Maxie could help with. Maxie hated that she'd just been putting together a guest list for Sasha and Brando's wedding reception, but she would have to use that list for his funeral.

Lucy was impressed by Victor's lunch set-up on the Haunted Star. Just then, she stumbled as the ship moved, and he explained that it was unmooring, so they would soon be miles away from Port Charles. Lucy nervously but lightheartedly said that he'd just abducted her, but he invited her to sit at the table with him. He told her that he'd rented the ship so they'd have no interruptions. Johann emerged with a bottle of Champagne and poured two glasses. The two toasted and drank.

Victor told Lucy that they would also be able to watch the sunset on the water. "How long is this lunch?" she questioned. Victor replied that he'd checked her schedule, so he knew that she was free for the rest of the day. He added that Martin was still gone, so she was "all mine."

Lucy talked about Valentin and how fortunate she was to work with him, and she could see where he got all of his good qualities. "Even family can disappoint," Victor commented as he retrieved a covered plate from the bar. He thought it was important to forge other bonds, as blood didn't always equal loyalty. He uncovered the plate to reveal a box, inside of which was a diamond-studded bracelet. He put it on her, and she wondered what she'd done to deserve it. "That remains to be seen," he replied. Denying that his intentions were less than honorable, he explained that it was a token of the alliance they were about to forge.

"Something big is coming," Victor started. He continued that they were heading toward rough water, and the only way to save everyone was with him at the helm. He explained that he'd hoped that his fellow Cassadines would be his crew, but they weren't reliable. He thought that Lucy could be his first mate. She was curious and asked about his plans, but he still wasn't sure who he could trust. Victor instructed Johann to enjoy the air outside, so the man obliged and left. "Alone at last," Victor said.

Valentin and Anna climbed onto the deck of the Haunted Star, worried about Lucy. Valentin assured her that the lunch date was just a grand romantic gesture to Victor, so Lucy was probably fine. They rounded the corner and, seeing Johann, ran back the opposite way and hid. Johann stepped out onto the deck with a drink. Just then, Valentin felt a sneeze coming. Anna grabbed his nose, but Johann still heard a sound and pulled his gun out.

At the hospital, Jordan conferred with Portia and Finn, since they'd been Brando's doctors. Looking at Brando's toxicology results, Portia mentioned how familiar the toxin seemed. Finn looked at the results and explained that the poison on the hook was a venom derived from a reptile. Jordan figured that the killer had been disappointed that Ava had survived, so they'd made sure that the next victim wouldn't. The discussion made Portia feel the need to check on Trina, so she walked away to make a call.

Jordan warned Finn that the presence of the toxin needed to be kept under wraps to avoid false confessions. Jordan said that having a man so close to T.J.'s age die in his prime made the case personal for her. Finn replied that it was personal to him, too, as when he and his wife Reiko had been involved with Doctors Without Borders, a good friend of theirs had died of a snakebite.

A short while later, Finn was gone, and Portia returned to ask Jordan if there was anything else she could do to help. Jordan thanked Portia for ordering the toxicology screening, and Portia replied that she would do whatever she could to get the truth. Jordan was glad to hear that they were both on the side of the truth, and she walked away.

Elizabeth arrived at Kevin's office as he was on his way out. She told him that she'd been thinking a lot about their last session, and she had an idea that she needed help with. She thought that the woman's face would become clearer if he hypnotized her again. He informed her that he had another appointment that he had to get to, but she begged him to help her, as she was desperate. He sighed and agreed to cancel his appointment.

A few minutes later, Elizabeth was back in the memory, and Kevin asked if she could see the person at the top of the stairs. "Not clearly," she replied. He questioned if she could see the woman at the bottom of the stairs, but she couldn't. He continued to ask questions, but he became nervous when she wouldn't answer him. Just as she got closer in her memory to seeing the woman's face, Kevin woke her up. "I know what I need to do," she said.

A short while later, Elizabeth entered an empty meeting room and sat down with a sketchbook and some pencils. She began to sketch a woman from memory and eventually got a full face down on the paper.

In his office, Finn flipped through pictures of Violet and smiled. He landed on a picture of himself with another man and woman. The next picture was of the same woman, who looked like Elizabeth's sketch of the woman at the bottom of the stairs.

The killer prepares to strike again

The killer prepares to strike again

Friday, September 23, 2022

At the hospital, Elizabeth stared at the sketch of the woman she had drawn from memory, and she wondered who the woman had been. As she stared at the sketch, Elizabeth was startled by a nurse. Finn stood over the nurse's shoulder, and he stared at Elizabeth.

In Finn's office, Elizabeth said that while she didn't know who the woman at the foot of the stairs had been, the woman hadn't been a stranger. Finn's phone chimed, and Elizabeth went to hand the phone to Finn. Before she could, Elizabeth noticed a young woman's face as the wallpaper on the phone. Finn shared that the person in the photo was Reiko, his deceased ex-wife.

Elizabeth remarked that Reiko had looked very young in the photo, and she nervously asked what had brought Reiko to Finn's mind. Finn said he'd thought of Reiko because he had been on the Mariana Islands in Guam during his internship with Doctors Without Borders. Finn recalled that a doctor he'd known then had died from a poisonous snake bite that had venom similar to the venom found in Brando's body.

As Finn spoke, Elizabeth became more distraught. Clearly shaken, Elizabeth said she needed to go home to rest. Finn responded by telling Elizabeth that she was "incredible" and by physically grabbing her for a kiss. Elizabeth pushed Finn's hands away, and she left.

Later, Elizabeth went to a closet in her home, and she stared at an old photo album. Elizabeth found a photo of her and Sarah from the Mariana Islands. The photo was dated 1997 -- the same year that Elizabeth had left Jeff and Caroline's home to return to Port Charles.

On the deck of the Haunted Star, Valentin and Anna avoided detection when Valentin sneaked up behind Johann and shoved him into the water with his foot. Inside the ship, Victor told Lucy to always be honest with him. Lucy pleaded for Victor to give her a hint of his plans and what he had in store.

Just then, a deckhand raced into the dining area to interrupt Victor and Lucy with the news that someone had gone overboard. Lucy spotted Anna and Valentin hidden in a corner by the bar, and she convinced Victor to momentarily help with the rescue operation. When Victor disappeared from sight, Anna and Valentin asked Lucy to return to the mainland with them. Lucy refused to leave because she wanted to learn all of Victor's mysterious plans.

Valentin and Anna left before Victor returned with Johann, who was coughing and shivering. Lucy tried to comfort Johann as Victor questioned him about what had happened. Victor learned that Johann had been drinking a bottle of beer when he'd gone overboard. Johann left to be seen by a medic. "Something's off," Victor said after Johann left.

Lucy wanted to resume her dinner with Victor, and she started to flirt. Lucy claimed she wanted to know what a future with Victor might look like. "Let's find out," Victor said with a grin.

Later, on the docks in the Waterfront district, Anna said that working with Valentin had been fun, but she expressed worry for Lucy. Valentin said that it had been Lucy's decision to stay on the ship with Victor and that if Lucy needed their help, they would help her. "I worry that it's not if, but when," Anna said glumly.

At the Metro Court bar, Diane complimented Alexis for the Invader's article and coverage of the serial killer. Nikolas approached Alexis at the bar, and he said he needed her help. Diane left. Afterward, Nikolas said that Ava's attack had crystalized how much he wanted to hang on to Ava. Nikolas asked Alexis to tell him if he should give up on his marriage to Ava.

Alexis remarked that she didn't want to know what Nikolas had done, but she said that Nikolas needed to give something to Ava as a gesture of swallowed pride to get Ava back, since Ava would have to swallow her own pride to forgive Nikolas.

At the hospital in Ava's room, Nina brought yellow roses to Ava. Nina invited Ava to stay with her after Ava was discharged from the hospital, but she quickly surmised that Ava still wanted to return home to Wyndemere. Nina wondered if Ava was making the right decision, and she deduced that Ava was still in love with Nikolas.

Nina said that she would never judge Ava if Ava chose to forgive Nikolas. Ava worried that Nikolas might betray her again, and Nina reminded Ava that both women had been through a lot and that both were still intact and together as friends.

As Nina prepared to leave, Nikolas asked to speak to Ava alone, and Ava agreed. Ava told Nikolas that it would take more than words to make things right between the two of them. Nikolas handed Ava an envelope. Nikolas said the envelope was proof of how much he loved Ava.

After Nikolas had left Metro Court, Alexis saw Gregory. Alexis shared that Jordan was unhappy about the Invader's article on the serial killer but that most people were happy to have been warned about the attacker. Gregory asked if Alexis had given more thought to writing an open letter to the killer in an effort to provide the police with more clues.

Alexis thought that if she and Gregory wrote to the killer and kept him or her engaged, it would start a distraction. Alexis said that she had been a lawyer for a long time, and she didn't believe that the killer was done.

At the garage, Sasha sat alone in the dark. Sonny and Sasha hugged one another, and they talked about Brando. Sonny said that Sasha had been the best thing that had ever happened to Brando.

Sonny spoke to Dex when Diane entered the garage. Diane announced that she had been retained to represent Sasha, since Martin was out of town, and she asked to see Sasha. After Sonny ordered Dex out of the garage, Sonny expressed that he was still furious at Diane for how she had grilled him on the stand during Nina's custody hearing.

Diane said that her actions against Sonny in court hadn't been personal and that she had only defended her client. Diane recalled that she had done many things for Sonny over the years, and she listed some of the times that she had gotten Sonny out of trouble with the police. Sonny still disagreed that Diane hadn't made things personal during Nina's trial.

Diane turned to leave to avoid further conflict, but Sonny asked Diane to stay for Sasha's sake. Sasha reappeared, and Diane recalled that Sasha's agreement to avoid prison had stipulated that Sasha needed to have a legal guardian. Since Brando had died, Diane said the judge who'd agreed to the guardianship would have to reevaluate the agreement.

Diane asked where Brando had kept his copy of the guardianship decree. Sasha said that Brando had likely kept the decree in his office at the garage. Diane got Sasha's approval to search Brando's office for the paperwork. Sasha said that she should head home, and Sonny agreed to drive her. Before Sonny left, he thanked Diane.

Sonny then told Dex of his plans to take Sasha home. Sonny instructed Dex to wait until Diane had finished before Dex locked up. Sonny and Sasha left the garage together. "Don't worry. I'll take care of things here," Dex said as Sonny and Sasha walked out.

Later, as Diane started to comb through a stack of papers, the killer appeared from out of the shadows. With Diane's back turned, the killer entered the garage. The killer prepared to raise the hook.

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