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Brook Lynn offered Chase a new career opportunity. Cody took a job working for the Quartermaines. Nina declined to buy Crimson from Drew. Carly turned down Sonny's offer to help her buy back her half of Metro Court. Sasha had a breakdown. Elizabeth checked out of Shadybrook. Valentin spiked Laura's iced tea with a deadly powder. Anna caught Valentin in a lie.
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Sasha suffered a breakdown on live television, Nina declined Drew’s offer to buy Crimson, and Elizabeth checked herself out of Shadybrook.
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ENCORE PRESENTATION: Ned learns the "truth" about Chase being Bailey's father

ENCORE PRESENTATION: Ned learns the "truth" about Chase being Bailey's father

Monday, July 4, 2022

Due to the Fourth of July holiday, ABC aired an encore presentation of the General Hospital episode that originally aired November 24, 2021. In the episode, Sam and Dante enjoyed their first Thanksgiving as a couple, Curtis opened up to Portia, Brook Lynn spun a new story for Ned, Olivia tracked down Austin, and Finn learned surprising news from Chase.

You can read a complete recap of that episode here -- and read recaps for any General Hospital episode dating back to the 1990s in our Daily Recaps Archive.

Regular programming resumed on Tuesday, July 5, and picked up where the Friday, July 1, episode concluded.

Drew offers Nina a deal

Drew offers Nina a deal

Tuesday, July 5, 2022

On the set of Home & Heart, Sasha assured Lucy and Maxie that she was ready for her live appearance to promote Deception. Lucy and Maxie were overjoyed to meet Haven de Haviland, whose show Sasha was set to appear on. Haven gave Sasha a series of confusing suggestions about how to present herself on the show. When Haven left, Sasha asked Maxie for a glass of water. Sasha was caught off guard when she heard a familiar voice behind her.

Sasha turned and was relieved to see Brando, who wished Sasha good luck and gave her a kiss. Alone, Sasha swallowed another one of the pills that Felty had given her. Haven started her show, and Sasha joined her live. Sasha's face froze as soon as Haven asked where Sasha would like to start her presentation of Deception products. Lucy, Maxie, and Brando were all nervous.

Rattled and confused, Sasha said she was having a case of stage fright on camera, and Haven offered to break the ice by taking a call on the air. Sasha, Lucy, Maxie, and Brando were all surprised to learn that the caller was Gladys, who praised Sasha for how gorgeous she looked. Gladys asked Sasha to explain how one of Deception's products worked, and Gladys' words inspired Sasha and lifted her out of her state of confusion

Haven then introduced her top seller, Flora Gardens. Sasha offered to give Flora a makeover. Off-stage, a Home & Heart assistant told Maxie that Flora had the next segment. Maxie asked what Flora sold, and the assistant told Maxie to see for herself. Maxie opened a box and became instantly worried.

Flora was impressed when she saw the result of the makeover. Maxie hurried over to Lucy and said that they might have a problem. On the air, Haven teased viewers with Flora's new product. Maxie, Lucy, and Brando all worried when Flora's new product was revealed to be an item for expectant mothers.

At the Metro Court pool, Brook Lynn told Chase that she was ready to change his life, and she brought up the possibility of a career change. Brook Lynn said that Chase had assets, a reference to Chase's voice. Brook Lynn presented a convoluted plan that would make Chase appear to be a singer long enough to attract a manager -- preferably someone like Linc, she said.

Chase was confused, and he later told Brook Lynn that she hadn't wanted to help Chase or his career at all, but only herself. Chase then walked away from Brook Lynn when he reminded her that he might never be a detective again.

Also at the pool, Josslyn chided Cameron for his recent behavior. Cameron reminded Josslyn that Elizabeth was sick and that she hadn't been seen by many people in weeks. Cameron added that he had to take care of not only himself, but his brothers, as well. Cameron also reminded Josslyn that he was working two jobs and that he still got "creepy texts " about his sex life. "So, stop overthinking my 'Cam face,'" Cameron said.

Josslyn offered a brief apology but then criticized Cameron again for keeping his feelings bottled up instead of telling her what bothered him. Just then, Esme and Spencer walked toward Cameron, Josslyn, and Trina. "Well, isn't that sweet? One last hurrah before the trial of the century!" Esme gloated.

Cameron flashed back to Spencer's plan to create a diversion at the pool, and he left to approach Carly, who had entered the pool area to order a glass of wine. Cameron told Carly that she had lipstick on her teeth. Nearby, Spencer loudly called Josslyn "the porno queen of PCU." Josslyn threw Spencer into the pool and gloated about it to Esme, who then threw Josslyn into the pool.

Trina was upset at Esme, and she proceeded to throw Esme into the pool, as well. Josslyn screamed that Esme had pulled her hair out while under water. Carly stormed over to the pool right as Cameron spotted the napkin that Carly had just used. Carly told Spencer and Esme that they were banned from the hotel. Carly asked Josslyn and Trina to leave before something else happened. On her way out, Josslyn wondered where Cameron had gone.

Nearby, Spencer confided to Cameron that he'd been the one who'd pulled Josslyn's hair out under water. Cameron shared that he'd gotten Carly's saliva from the napkin she'd left behind for their staged DNA test. Spencer left with Esme to head back to Wyndemere, and Cameron breathed a sigh of relief.

Also at the Metro Court restaurant, Dante, Cody, and a teenaged Rocco sat around a table. Cody told Rocco that Rocco's dad had once been a hell-raiser. Dante looked none too pleased. Olivia entered and was ecstatic to see Cody for the first time in years. Cody swore that he'd turned over a new leaf since Olivia had last known him, and Dante mentioned that Cody wanted to own his own ranch. Olivia replied that the Quartermaines needed someone to oversee their stables. Cody initially turned down Olivia's offer and spotted Britt and Spinelli at the bar.

Spinelli had asked for Britt's help with something "romantic-al." "Oh, are you pregnant?" Britt joked. Spinelli asked Britt about Society Setups. Spinelli then showed Britt a photo on his phone of a woman named Brandi, who Spinelli claimed he had a third date with. Britt seemed skeptical about "Brandi." Cody joined them and remarked that there was hope for everyone yet.

To Britt's disproval, Cody said that he had decided to stay in Port Charles. Britt stepped away, and Cody asked cryptically if Spinelli had done as Cody had asked. Spinelli said he had, and Cody remarked that "the payoff" would be worth it. Spinelli accused Cody of extortion, but Cody replied that extortion only existed if a person was innocent. Cody added that Spinelli was anything but innocent.

Sonny arrived and apologized to Spinelli for being late for a meeting that Spinelli had asked for. Sonny asked who Spinelli's new "friend" was, and Spinelli introduced Cody to Sonny. Sonny immediately picked up a bad vibe about Cody. After Cody left the bar, Sonny glared at Spinelli. "What kind of trouble are you in with this Cody Bell?" Sonny asked.

Sonny commented on Spinelli's new wardrobe, and he surmised that Spinelli had only called him for the sake of putting Cody on notice that Spinelli was close with Sonny. Sonny demanded to know how bad Spinelli was involved with Cody, but Spinelli only said that the situation was being "handled." Sonny said that when Spinelli had chosen to drop Sonny's name in a conversation, he had made it Sonny's business. Sonny left, but he encouraged Spinelli to think about what he wanted to tell Sonny about Cody.

Later, Cody asked Dante if he knew whether the job Olivia had offered him at the stables came with room and board. Nearby, Britt returned to the bar after a brief phone chat with Zelda from Society Setups, and she told Spinelli that she would give the service one more chance. Olivia appeared with Cody and told him that he would love the Quartermaine stables. Britt was amused by the thought of Cody running the stables.

At the Crimson office, Nina wondered why Drew was in her office, given that Aurora's stock had plunged following the failed merger attempt with ELQ. Drew said that Aurora's stock would soon rise, especially with new leadership. Nina wondered if Drew planned to replace her at Crimson. Drew said he had no intention of replacing Nina. Instead, he planned to sell Crimson. Drew then offered Nina the chance to buy the magazine herself.

Nina suspected that Drew had an ulterior motive. Drew presented a contract that stipulated that if Nina bought Crimson, Nina would take control of the magazine and her own destiny. Drew encouraged Nina to have her lawyers take a look at it but to not take too long. Drew got on the elevator and ran into Olivia, who was on her way to see Nina.

Olivia told Nina that all of Nina's invoices for rent and business lunches would come from Olivia's office and not Carly's, so all payments should go to Olivia, as well. After Olivia left, Nina told Drew that she understood why Drew wanted to sell Crimson and that it was because Drew wanted to cover Carly's bad bet on the merger. Nina asked why Drew hadn't told her that Carly stood to lose her half of Metro Court. Drew reasoned that Nina would have said no if he'd presented it that way. "Unless saving Carly is an opportunity that you just can't pass up," Drew quipped.

Later, Sonny appeared in Nina's office and said that he'd run into Carly earlier. Nina replied that Carly had really "gone and done it this time." Sonny wasn't sure what Nina meant.

Later, Drew joined Carly by the pool. Drew stared at Carly, who asked what was wrong. "I did something... and you're not going to like it," Drew said.

Sasha suffers a breakdown during her television appearance

Sasha suffers a breakdown during her television appearance

Wednesday, July 6, 2022

On the set of Home & Heart, Felty snapped photos as Haven de Havilland invited Flora to tell the viewing audience more about the papoose wrap for new mothers. Flora was eager for viewers to see how comfortable the wrap was by having Sasha model the item. Concerned, Brando stepped forward with the intention of rescuing Sasha from the horrible situation, but Lucy stopped him because his intervention would embarrass Sasha. Meanwhile, Sasha pulled herself together and politely agreed to go along with Flora's request. Sasha remained uncomfortable as Flora secured the wrap around Sasha -- complete with an infant doll tucked against Sasha's chest.

Flora assured viewers that the wrap could hold babies from infancy to age three, and she instructed Sasha to move around. Haven asked Sasha how the wrap felt. Sasha remained frozen for a moment until she looked down and saw "Liam" rather than the doll snuggled against her instead. Caught in the grips of the hallucination, an overjoyed Sasha tearfully greeted her son, while at the same time, Brando realized that Sasha was in trouble. Brando shouted at the camera crew to stop the show as he rushed to the stage. Sasha smiled when she saw Brando because she was thrilled to show him that their son was alive.

Brando gently asked if Sasha knew where she was. Sasha frowned. She looked down at "Liam," but she saw the doll. Distraught, Sasha insisted that Liam had been there. Brando tried to calm Sasha, while Lucy chased Felty off. After Brando and Maxie took Sasha to the hospital, Flora profusely apologized to Lucy. Flora promised that she'd had no idea that Sasha had recently suffered the loss of a child.

Haven was furious, and she blamed Lucy for the fiasco because Lucy had assured Haven that Sasha had been camera ready and that Sasha's problems of emotional instability and drugs were in the past. Lucy was livid because she had not been informed that Sasha would be called upon to model a baby carrier. Lucy assured Haven that Deception's team would never have agreed. Flora felt awful, and she couldn't imagine what Sasha had gone through.

Haven argued that Sasha had shown everyone, including the viewing audience. Disgusted, Lucy accused Haven of being heartless, but Haven was unapologetic because they had been forced to air a rerun, which was lost revenue. Haven threatened to sue Deception, but Selina appeared out of nowhere and advised Haven against legal action.

Selina politely apologized to Flora for the incident with Sasha, but Flora took full responsibility for what had transpired. Selina reminded Flora that Flora hadn't known about Sasha's loss. Too shaken by everything that had happened, Flora decided that it might be time for her to cut ties with Home & Heart altogether. After Flora left, Haven demanded to know who Selina was. Selina explained that she was a shareholder of Deception.

Selina accused Haven of mangling the situation with Sasha, but Haven insisted that it was Lucy's fault. Haven was furious because Flora had been the show's biggest seller. Selina doubted the lost revenue would compare to the negative publicity that Haven would get for traumatizing a grieving mother. Selina insisted that Haven had two options: Deception could thank Home & Heart for their support or Deception could file a claim against the show for damages because Haven had subjected Sasha to emotional duress. Reluctantly, Haven asked Lucy to give Haven's best to Sasha.

After Haven stormed off, Lucy confessed that she had been impressed with how Selina had handled the situation. Selina explained that she had paid good money for Deception's stock, so Selina expected an equally good return. Selina advised Lucy to keep better control of Deception's talent, or there would be consequences.

At Crimson, Nina realized that Sonny hadn't heard about Carly's business troubles. She quickly filled him in about Carly's bad investment and how it had cost Carly the hotel. Nina suspected that Drew had felt guilty about the loss, and he had hoped to raise enough capital to help Carly by offering to sell Crimson to Nina. Sonny was surprised when Nina revealed that she had turned Drew down, but she assured Sonny that it hadn't been to spite Carly. Nina explained that investing in print media was risky, and she didn't want to be both the editor-in-chief and owner of the magazine because she wanted the magazine to be taken seriously.

Nina feared that purchasing Crimson would give the appearance that it was a vanity project for a real estate heiress with nothing better to do. Sonny was impressed with Nina's head for business, which Carly had once had, too. Sonny was certain that Carly's judgment had been clouded, and he was equally confident that Michael had been the reason. Sonny suspected that Carly had invested heavily into Aurora Media to give Michael a win because she supported Michael's vendetta against him. Nina asked how Sonny felt about that. Sonny became choked up as he told her that he was just trying to live his life. However, Sonny refused to let the mother of his children flounder.

Nina said she hadn't expected anything less. Sonny smiled as he thanked her for her understanding. After Sonny left, Nina went back to work. As she ended a business call, she recalled Sasha's television appearance. Nina quickly turned on the television and leaned back to eat lunch, but she froze in horror when she saw what had unfolded on Home & Heart.

At Metro Court's pool, Drew warned Carly that he had done something that she would not like. Carly assured Drew that he could tell her, so he confessed that he had figured out a way to generate enough capital to mitigate Carly's investment losses and help her keep her half of the hotel. Carly was eager to hear more until Drew admitted that the plan had been contingent on Nina. Carly made it clear that she was not interested in whatever Drew had in mind, but Drew explained that it didn't matter because Nina hadn't been interested in purchasing Crimson. Carly was stunned that Drew would even think about selling the magazine because she knew it was the most profitable title in Auora Media's print division. Carly insisted that the magazine was more important than ever, since Auora Media's stock had flatlined, and he needed every asset to remain in business.

Drew revealed that he felt responsible for Carly's financial troubles, and he wanted to help. Carly was offended because she hadn't asked Drew to ride to her rescue. Drew explained that it was his fault that the merger had fallen through, but Carly disagreed because Ned had voted against the family. Drew argued that he shouldn't have underestimated Ned, and he should have taken steps to make certain the merger went through. Carly refused to let Drew take responsibility for her choices. She was adamant that it had been her decision.

Drew and Carly stopped talking when they saw Sonny approach. Sonny asked for a private word with Carly, but Drew was reluctant to leave. Carly assured Drew that it was fine. After Drew stepped away, Sonny revealed that he knew Carly was on the verge of losing her half of the hotel. Carly quickly figured out that Nina had told him. Her mood didn't improve when Sonny explained that he wanted to help.

Sonny reminded Carly that she had been entitled to half of his assets when they had divorced instead of just the house, and he offered to have his lawyers rectify things. Carly refused the offer. Sonny made another appeal, but Carly's mind was made up. He warned her there would be a time when she would have to pay to sit at the hotel's pool. Sonny wanted Carly to remember that he had tried to help, but she had turned him down. After Sonny walked away, Carly began to cry.

A short time later, Drew approached Carly as she sat on the edge of the pool with her feet in the water. He offered her a bottle of beer. After Drew shed his jacket and shoes, he sat beside her. Carly admitted that it was hard for her to say goodbye to the hotel because she had put so much of herself into it. Drew confessed that he had returned because he had forgotten his phone, and he had overheard Carly's conversation with Sonny.

Drew was curious why Carly had rejected Sonny's offer. Carly insisted it was her problem and her responsibility. Drew reminded Carly that she had been entitled to half of Sonny's money, but Carly disagreed. She explained that everything had changed when Sonny had comforted Nina after Nina's attorney had gone after Sonny's own son on the witness stand. Carly didn't know that Sonny, and she certainly didn't want to be indebted to him. Drew assured Carly that he didn't think she was an idiot for refusing the help; Carly Corinthos might be down, but she was never out.

Carly suggested that people might say the same about Drew. Drew offered a toast to both of them. "To us rising again," Carly said.

Meanwhile, Sonny returned to Nina's office. Nina tearfully told Sonny about Sasha's breakdown on television, and how heartbreaking it had been to witness. Sonny held Nina as she wept. When she calmed down, he decided to call Brando, but Nina revealed that she had spoken to Maxie. She reported that Maxie and Brando had taken Sasha to the hospital. Nina was glad that Sasha had Brando to lean on because Nina knew what Sasha's grief was like.

Nina said she had felt the same kind of pain when she had first woken up from the coma and been told that her baby had died. Nina had relived the grief when she had learned the truth about Nelle, but it had been too late to help her daughter. Sonny promised that she no longer had to grieve alone. He wiped away her tears as he assured her that he was there for her every step of the way.

At the nurses' station, Kevin thanked Britt for her help. Britt signed off on a document as she assured him that it was the least she could do after his "clutch play" at the all-stars game. Kevin confessed that the charity softball game had been fun. Britt agreed, and she suggested that everyone had gotten along because they had been there to support a good cause. Britt was reminded of another recent charity event that hadn't been as smooth, but Kevin had no idea what she was talking about. Britt was stunned because it meant that Kevin was the only person who hadn't seen the embarrassing GIF of her.

Britt told Kevin about the video, but Kevin admitted that she didn't seem worse for wear because of it. When he advised her to cut ties with the organization, Britt confessed that she had given the dating service one last chance. Just then, an orderly approached Britt to explain that a patient had left something behind, and Britt had been the person's emergency contact. Britt's confusion turned to annoyance when she saw the orderly holding Cody's distinctive belt. "You've got to be kidding me," Britt said.

In the Quartermaine stables, Willow gently stroked the nose of Leo's horse as she shared with Michael her love for horses, which had started in childhood. Michael was surprised that she hadn't mentioned it sooner, but he offered to buy her a horse. Willow assured him that it wasn't necessary because she doubted horseback riding would be good for the baby. Michael smiled because he was grateful for the baby, and he was happy Wiley would be getting a sibling. Michael kissed Willow.

Seconds later, Cody stood in the doorway and cleared his throat. Michael and Willow pulled apart as Cody apologized for the interruption. Cody revealed that he was the new stable hand. After a warm welcome and quick introduction, Michael explained that Cody's bedroom, which included a bathroom, was above the stable. Michael also invited Cody to use both the pool house and the boat house at Cody's leisure. Cody looked around at the elegant stable as he admitted that he was impressed with everything.

Willow recalled that Olivia had mentioned that Cody and Dante had attended summer camp together during their youth. Cody confided that he might have been the first person to put Dante on a horse. Michael chuckled because he had a hard time imagining Dante riding a horse. Cody was surprised to learn that Michael was Dante's half-brother through adoption, but Michael explained that things were complicated. Willow seized the opportunity to introduce Cody to Leo's horse, Comet.

Cody fondly petted the horse as he admitted that Olivia had told him Leo was on the autism spectrum. Cody wasn't surprised by the connection between Leo and Comet because once a horse gave its trust to a person, a special bond was formed. Michael said he was glad Cody was there, and Cody assured both Michael and Willow that he felt the same.

After Michael and Willow left, Cody talked to Comet. Cody acknowledged that he was a hustler, but all he really wanted was a place of his own where no one could steal what he loved. "Assuming I ever let myself love anything again," Cody said. Seconds later, Britt appeared in the doorway. Cody smiled when he saw his belt. He admitted that it was a special item because he had gotten it at a rodeo, but Britt questioned that, since he had left it behind in an exam room.

Cody admitted that he'd been distracted because he hadn't known where he would be sleeping or getting his next meal. Britt looked around the stable as she observed that he'd clearly solved the problem. Britt noticed that it seemed as if horses were fonder of Cody than humans were, but Cody claimed only certain humans. Britt wondered if that included the person who had beaten Cody up in an alley. Cody insisted that it had been a misunderstanding.

Cody changed the subject by asking if Britt knew how to ride, but she wasn't interested. According to Britt, she had taken a tumble from a horse during her childhood, and she had no desire to ride again. Cody accused Britt of being afraid, but he offered to repay her for returning his belt by helping her overcome her fear of horses. Britt declined the offer, and she instructed him to not use her as an emergency contact again. Cody told her if she was ever ready to push past the fear and rise to the challenge, she knew where to find him.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Michael and Willow entered the kitchen. They agreed that Cody was a good addition. Willow didn't think a person could fake how they felt about a horse. She recalled her own bond with an old cow pony named Hector. Hector had been through a lot of riders by the time twelve-year-old Willow had met him. Willow had been the only person who had been able to lure Hector to the fence, although others had tried. Michael was curious what had become of the horse, but Willow had no idea because Harmony had grown disenchanted with the community, so Harmony had packed the family up and moved them away.

Michael realized that Willow had moved a lot during her childhood. He promised that things would be different for their children. Michael explained that the Quartermaines had been in Port Charles ever since Alan had built the mansion and gifted it to Monica. It was the family's home, and it would be Michael and Willow's children's home, too. Willow admitted she had never dreamed that she would live in a place as beautiful as the mansion, but it was the people in the home that truly mattered.

Willow assured Michael that they could live in a bunker for all she cared, as long as they were together. Touched, Michael kissed her. Afterwards, Willow opened up about her first pregnancy and her decision to run away from Shiloh and give her baby up for adoption. She said everything was different the second time around because she would be a part of her new baby's future. Michael conceded that losing Jonah would always be a heaviness they would carry, but it was also a reminder of how blessed they were to have Wiley and another baby on the way.

At General Hospital, Sasha tearfully assured Brando that Liam had been in her arms. Brando promised Sasha that everything would be okay. Kevin approached and greeted Brando and Sasha. Brando thanked Kevin for meeting them. Brando and Maxie quickly filled Kevin in about Sasha's breakdown, and Kevin asked if there had been any indication prior to the television appearance that Sasha had been struggling.

Brando revealed that Gladys had been concerned that Sasha might have relapsed. Maxie handed Sasha's purse to Kevin, but Kevin explained that he needed Brando's permission to look through it. Sasha objected, but Brando assured Sasha that everything would be okay. Brando gave Kevin permission to look in the purse. Moments later, Kevin discovered the pills.

Brando asked how long Sasha been taking pills. Sasha promised that she had only taken a few. She said she knew that she shouldn't have lied, and she was sorry. Sasha wanted to go home, but Kevin recommended that Sasha stay for observation. Kevin suggested that they start with a 72-hour hold. Brando seemed uncertain until Maxie assured Brando that Kevin was the best.

After Brando agreed, Kevin promised to get Sasha settled in. Sasha tearfully begged Brando to take her home as Kevin wheeled her to a hospital room. Brando's eyes welled up with tears, but he stood firm.

Laura and Victor have plans for each other

Laura and Victor have plans for each other

Thursday, July 7, 2022

As Chase emerged from the Metro Court pool after doing some laps, a young woman waited for him with a towel. As she proceeded to flirt with him, Finn and Gregory arrived and looked on with amused expressions on their faces. Chase successfully shut things down with the woman, but he informed his family members that Brook Lynn was a "nonstarter" ever since she'd decided to make him into a "pop star."

Chase, Gregory, and Finn shared a poolside table. Chase confessed that Gregory's first impression of Brook Lynn had been right, after all. He had found himself in difficult situations due to Brook Lynn, had defended her twice, and had paid the price. Gregory suggested that Chase had been a hero, while Finn thought that the repeated actions had deemed Chase crazy unless he was really crazy about Brook Lynn. Chase quickly ordered Finn to save his insights for others.

Finn revealed that Elizabeth didn't want to hear from him, and Chase apologized. He offered to leave, but Gregory reminded his sons of all their lost years. He wondered why Chase wouldn't want to be a "pop star." Chase explained that it was really all about Brook Lynn's need to get back at her "sleazy ex-producer," and it wasn't on his list of interests. Gregory thought he would enjoy it.

Anna, Laura, and Alexis shared a table at Metro Court Gardens and toasted to the failure of the petition to recall Laura from the mayor's office. Laura declared that she had lots to do, and first on her list was the elimination of a "clear and present danger" which was Victor. She added that she also had her hands full with Elizabeth's sons, but she had a full life. She mentioned her luck in having a partner who helped her, and the women joked about relationships. Alexis determined that it was the perfect time to head to the pool to relax and read her book.

After Alexis departed, Laura asked Anna about her relationship with Valentin. Anna spoke of her history with Valentin but admitted that he was still a mystery. They had both been burned in the past, but Anna believed that Valentin had changed. She couldn't say whether it was better or worse. Laura thought that alarm bells should have gone off in Anna's head. She recalled the custody battle she'd had with Valentin over Charlotte. Laura thought that Valentin would always be a threat to her family, and he'd also recently embraced Victor.

Anna agreed that Laura was right, but she knew who and what he was and felt comfortable with him. Laura didn't want to see Anna walk into a trap, and Anna confessed that Scorpio had warned her, as well. She appreciated Laura's concern and said she had her eyes wide open. Anna reached for the check that the waiter had placed on the table, but Laura grabbed it and said it was her treat. She warned Anna not to let love rob her of her senses. Anna left.

Brook Lynn found Ned sitting in the kitchen and working at the Quartermaine residence. She was curt with him when he spoke to her, and he assumed that she was upset about Chase. Brook Lynn maintained that there was nothing between her and Chase. Ned told her that he'd heard about Chase's new suspension, and Brook Lynn made it clear that she hadn't asked Chase to defend her. Ned thought it proved that Chase cared about her.

Brook Lynn revealed that Linc had returned, and she had had a plan. Chase had been angry that she hadn't discussed it with him. Ned shared that Olivia had had the same opinion of his actions because he hadn't shared his voting decision with her. He said Olivia had felt blindsided. Brook Lynn insisted it wasn't the same because she and Chase weren't a couple. Ned disagreed. He pointed out the similarities between his and Brook Lynn's personalities.

Brook Lynn explained that her music had been stolen from her twice, and she had believed that she and Chase could help each other. Ned guessed that Chase had thought it had been all about Brook Lynn, just as Olivia had thought his vote had been about him. Brook Lynn agreed that she probably should have gone to Chase first. She noted that she had written many songs that Linc owned, and there was nothing she could do.

Ned showed Brook Lynn the video of Chase singing her song that had gone viral, due in large part to Leo. Brook Lynn was amazed to see 50,000 "likes" and reposts on it. She called herself talented but clarified that it was her and Chase. They joked about Leo's proficiency on social media. Ned suggested that Brook Lynn might have "fences to mend."

Back at the pool, Gregory eyed Alexis as she walked in. He excused himself from the table and headed over to speak to her. Alexis noted that his granddaughter brought out the best in him and wondered where she was after Gregory asked if Alexis was searching for her latest headline. He added that Alexis hadn't seen his best. Alexis noted that she had waited for Gregory to write his op-ed piece for the Invader, and she cut Gregory off as he tried to speak.

Gregory thanked Alexis for her help in getting Chase and Finn together, and they made small talk. Alexis stated that she hadn't been upset by Gregory's critique of her paper, and she accused him of chickening out on writing the piece for her. Just then, she received a text message from her op-ed editor. She confessed that she'd received the latest submission to her paper and seen that Gregory had accepted her challenge, after all.

Back at the table, Finn stated that there was nothing wrong with Brook Lynn believing in Chase. Chase was adamant that he was a cop, and that was what he wanted to do. He thought that Brook Lynn had only been after her own needs. Chase apologized again. He realized that Finn's situation with Elizabeth was different. Finn explained that she had been determined to find answers on her own, and he thought that he was part of the problem.

Chase suggested that Finn turn the situation around and ask Elizabeth to explain her problems. Finn thought that Chase should ask himself what he wanted. Finn left, and shortly after, Chase sat on a chaise lounge next to the flirty woman. He phoned Brook Lynn instead and told her they had to talk. Brook Lynn revealed that she had just arrived. He turned and saw her in the doorway.

Elizabeth was working on a jigsaw puzzle when Kevin walked in. He announced that she had a visitor. Elizabeth said she didn't want to see Finn or Laura, but it was Jake who walked through the door. They shared a hug, and Kevin confessed that he was responsible for providing Jake with the ride. Jake begged his mother to return home, but Elizabeth explained that she had been trying to figure out what had been bothering her.

Elizabeth said she was glad that Jake had his brothers and had grandparents in Laura and Kevin. Jake asked about Elizabeth's parents; he thought that they could pitch in. Elizabeth lost her composure and shouted about her parents going behind her back again. She said she wanted to handle things if they contacted Jake, although he revealed that he hadn't spoken to them. Elizabeth informed her son that she wasn't angry at him.

Kevin asked Jake to wait in the car while he spoke to Elizabeth, and he escorted the teen out. Upon Kevin's return to the room, Elizabeth spoke of the nonstop confusion and chaos since Franco's death. Kevin was certain that Franco would want Elizabeth to move on, but Elizabeth thought she had moved too quickly. Kevin thought that her parents were a trigger. He sat down, and Elizabeth demanded to know where her parents had been through her entire life. She insisted that she wanted them to stay away from her kids.

Elizabeth exclaimed that Jake was alone and vulnerable, and Kevin wondered if she had been the same way at his age. He asked if it was anger or fear directed at a relationship with her parents. Elizabeth lost her temper and sent the puzzle flying to the floor. She said it all meant nothing, and there was no relationship. She apologized.

Kevin told Elizabeth to "look inside yourself." Elizabeth stated that her parents had washed their hands of her when she hadn't turned out as they'd wanted her to. Kevin suspected that she was haunted by her past and said he would help her to find answers. Elizabeth wanted to tell him how he could help.

Later, Finn arrived and demanded to see Elizabeth. He pleaded his case to Kevin, who revealed that Elizabeth was gone.

Victor and Valentin sat on a bench at the park. Victor was impressed as he looked on at the happy children who would have a great future. Victor believed that the Cassadines were there to "shape a better future for all mankind," and he wanted to be able to pass his torch on to someone worthy. He handed Valentin a replacement Cassadine family ring. Valentin placed it on his finger, and Victor proclaimed that Valentin had been born to wear it.

Valentin frowned and revealed that Laura had been working to have Victor deported. He'd heard the news from Martin and said it was only a matter of time. He suggested that Victor find a new base of operations and said he had several reasons for Victor not to stay. Victor thought it sounded as though Valentin was trying to get rid of him. He insisted that certain people had had to be eliminated, while others had been implicated, thanks to a "dashing, young French naval captain."

Valentin replied that it had been the only option, but he flashed back to a previous conversation with Anna. He had told her he was serious about her. He informed Victor that he'd done all he could for him, but Victor replied that Valentin's daughter would be disappointed. Valentin snapped that Victor had literally been holding Charlotte hostage at the boarding school, where Valentin had been unable to see her or get her out. He vowed to cut Victor's throat if Victor threatened Charlotte.

"Well said, Valentin," Victor said as he laughed. "Spoken like a true Cassadine," he added. He proclaimed that Charlotte's life was almost as precious to him as Valentin, but Valentin declared that Victor had been using her as a bargaining chip. Victor expected Valentin to spoil Laura's plan. He vowed that she would leave office, and Valentin would do what he said in order to be trusted and to show what a loving parent he was.

Anna arrived at the park and stopped to make a phone call. She didn't see Victor nearby, eavesdropping on her call to check on Valentin's clinic stay.

Valentin found Laura sitting at her table at Metro Court Gardens. He asked to join her.

Victor attempts to eliminate Laura

Victor attempts to eliminate Laura

Friday, July 1, 2022

At Sasha and Brando's place, Felty asked if Sasha had brought the press credentials that would make Felty the official Deception photographer for the company's appearance on the Home & Heart Channel. Felty tried to push more drugs on Sasha, who didn't recognize the pills and initially showed no interest in them. Sasha reluctantly accepted the pills from Felty.

At the Deception office, Sasha joined Maxie and Lucy. Maxie said that people at the Home & Heart Channel had made changes to Sasha's on-air script. As Maxie and Lucy rambled on with instructions and advice, Sasha became confused and irritated. "Oh, my God. Just stop it!" Sasha shouted.

Sasha apologized for having snapped, and she said that she was only nervous. Lucy and Maxie offered their support, and the three shared a group hug. After Lucy and Maxie left the Deception office, Sasha returned and swallowed a pill Felty had given her.

Outdoors in the picnic area, Brook Lynn asked Sonny to have a talk with Linc. Sonny refused to help and said that if word got out that he'd done Chase a favor, it could make Chase seem like a dirty cop. Sonny encouraged Brook Lynn to stand by Chase during the civilian review and to hope for the best.

Sonny told Brook Lynn that he had to cut their meeting short because he had a date with Nina at the Metro Court. Sonny was happily surprised when Brook Lynn gave her blessing for Sonny to find happiness with Nina. Sonny told Brook Lynn that he was sorry he couldn't make Linc "sing like a canary" in front of the review board. Just then, Brook Lynn had an idea and rushed to hug Sonny. "Uncle Sonny, you're a genius," Brook Lynn exclaimed.

At the Metro Court gardens, Carly told Olivia about Carly's sudden financial loss after the Aurora merger with ELQ had fallen through. Olivia confided that she didn't want to lose Carly as a joint owner and business partner. Carly said she couldn't imagine not coming to work every day.

Olivia offered to buy Carly's half of the hotel outright so that Carly could pay Olivia back slowly. Carly thanked Olivia for her offer, but she refused it on the spot when she learned that Ned would be involved as Olivia's husband. Carly said that Ned had double-crossed Michael and Drew by siding with Valentin.

Olivia asked what Carly's next move would be, and Carly said she didn't know. Olivia then spotted Sonny, who had just entered the Metro Court gardens. "What about your ex-husband? I'd say he owes you a favor, or 500," Olivia quipped.

Also at the Metro Court gardens, Scott presented Nikolas and Ava with divorce papers. Esme hid in the background and flashed back to her and Nikolas having sex at Wyndemere. Scott started to explain the divorce proceedings when Esme jumped out from where she'd been hiding. "Divorce? But Mr. Cassadine, I thought you weren't gonna tell her," Esme said.

Nikolas cut Esme off, but Ava wanted to know what Esme had been about to say. Esme said that she'd known Nikolas had contemplated a divorce because his and Ava's struggles had taken their toll on him. Esme went to leave, but she first asked to speak with Nikolas in private. Behind the gardens, Esme told Nikolas that she needed his help because Kevin had terminated her internship at Spring Ridge. Nikolas wasn't sure that he was the right person to help. Esme tried to say that her losing her internship was "punishment" for having sex with Nikolas, who believed that Esme felt as guilty as Nikolas did. Nikolas said that he would help Esme get her internship back, and Esme threw her arms around Nikolas.

Nikolas rejoined Scott and Ava at their table. Nikolas started to sign the documents, but Ava stopped him. Scott grew frustrated and demanded to know if Nikolas and Ava were going to sign the divorce copies or not. "Not. Let's go home," Ava said, and she and Nikolas stood up together.

At the Metro Court pool, Chase joined Finn and Gregory at a table. Chase shared that his absence from the police force had been extended because he'd punched Linc. Gregory wanted to know if punching Linc had been worth Chase potentially getting kicked off the force for good. Chase recalled that Linc had said crude and hurtful things to Brook Lynn, and Chase added that he hadn't thought about the consequences.

Gregory noted that Chase had repeatedly gone above and beyond to help Brook Lynn. Gregory added that he'd been impressed by Brook Lynn's heart when she'd reached out to him to cheer up Chase. Chase worried that he couldn't control his temper, but Finn and Gregory disagreed with Chase's notion that he had an anger problem. Finn said he would support Chase no matter what path he took going forward. Gregory encouraged Chase to fight for his job. Finn and Gregory noticed that Brook Lynn had entered the pool area, and both made a hasty exit to give Chase some time alone with Brook Lynn.

At Kelly's Diner, Spencer told Cameron that he'd found out who Esme's birth mother was. Cameron didn't think Esme's biological mother was important, but Spencer said that Esme had searched for years to find out who her mother was. Spencer said his plan was to record Esme confessing to having framed Trina, and to give Esme enough time to skip town before Spencer handed the recording over to the police.

Spencer said that Victor's people had located a nun who remembered that Esme had been abandoned. Spencer said that Victor's people had "convinced" the nun to share the name of the mother who'd abandoned her child. Spencer added that Victor had also gotten the DNA to prove who Esme's mother was and that the mother lived in Portugal.

Cameron was impressed with Spencer's plan, and he praised Spencer for having found a way to save Trina. Spencer said he hoped that Esme would fall for the plan as easily as Cameron had. Cameron was confused and asked Spencer what he'd meant. "It's a lie, Cam. I made the whole story up," Spencer said.

Spencer felt he only had one shot to get Esme to confess because Esme would know once and for all that Spencer believed Trina instead of Esme. Cameron said he thought the story was convincing. Cameron asked if Victor could really fake a DNA test, and Spencer said that he couldn't. "That's where you come in," Spencer told Cameron.

Spencer told Cameron to get DNA samples from Josslyn and Carly for a legitimate mother-daughter test result. That way, Spencer said, Esme could check for herself the results of the fake DNA test to "prove" to Esme that her biological mother had been found. Cameron said that if he was going to follow through with Spencer's plan, Spencer would have to join him. Spencer said he couldn't go near Josslyn or Trina because they both hated him. Cameron thought they could use that to their advantage and told Spencer that he had an idea.

Later, Spencer and Cameron arrived at the Metro Court. Cameron's plan was for Spencer to create a diversion at the pool so that Cameron could get the DNA samples from Josslyn and Carly. Cameron approached the pool. Josslyn remarked that Cameron seemed off. Spencer went to head to the pool but encountered Esme. "What are you doing here?" Esme asked.

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