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Finn realized that Liz might have been responsible for the strange events. Cameron found his mother in a trance-like state. Spencer shared a secret with Sam. Linc resurfaced and stirred up trouble for Brook Lynn. Gladys confronted Sasha about the pills that Sasha had been taking. T.J. and Molly caught up with Marshall.
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Finn realized that Elizabeth might be the supposed stalker, Gladys confronted Sasha about the pills, and T.J. and Molly caught up with Marshall
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Stella confesses to knowing the truth about Marshall

Stella confesses to knowing the truth about Marshall

Monday, May 16, 2022

Curtis was surprised to arrive home and find Portia there. He said he was happy to see her. She explained that she had stopped to change her clothes before meeting Trina for lunch. He mysteriously replied that he was there to see if everything was okay. Portia didn't have time to find out about it, but she hoped to hear the details later. She left via the back of the house, and the doorbell sounded on the front door. It was Stella, and Curtis invited her inside.

Stella and Curtis sat on the couch, and Curtis admitted that Marshall had left town after an argument. Curtis had found him to not be honest. Stella admitted she had hoped that Marshall would "open up more," and she couldn't believe it after Curtis told her that he'd accessed Marshall's arrest records. Curtis explained that he'd had to find out about Marshall's past in order to keep the family safe. Curtis said Marshall had hinted at a dangerous past.

Curtis went on to say that Marshall had been arrested in a protest and had been remanded to a mental institution. He said there had been no jail and no danger, but Marshall had refused to discuss it. He surmised that Stella knew more than she'd let on, and Stella apologized. She began to cry as Curtis accused her of lying to him and his brother their entire lives. Stella sobbed that she had hated every second and had wanted to confess. She said she had been happy to see Curtis and Marshall start a new relationship.

Curtis was angry and turned down Stella's offer to help. She continued to sob and noted how much Marshall loved Curtis. She attempted to make excuses for Marshall, and Curtis pressed for answers. Stella admitted that Curtis' mother had known the truth and had agreed with Marshall's decision to leave. They had thought they'd been doing their best.

Curtis promised that he would always love Stella, but he didn't understand why his father had pretended to be dead. Stella insisted that it wasn't her story to tell. Curtis announced that he needed to find Marshall.

At Wyndemere, Spencer used his phone to research Maggie Fitzgerald until Esme walked into the room. She tightened her fist and put on a smile. She announced that she had a surprise for Spencer -- she'd arranged for a picnic by the water and some horseback riding in order for them to have some alone time. Nikolas walked in, and Spencer replied that while it was sweet of Esme to do, he was going to work at Kelly's to cover for someone.

Esme tried to talk Spencer out of it, but he left in a hurry. Esme smiled as she complained to Nikolas that she wanted to "get back to where we were." She was upset that things had changed so drastically between her and Spencer. Nikolas stated that he knew what it was like. Esme believed that Spencer no longer trusted her, even though she had blindly done whatever he had asked of her. Nikolas thought that trust was "tricky." Esme apologized for not remembering that Nikolas had his own problems with Ava.

Esme explained that she had been a "mess" before she'd met Spencer because she'd been mourning her parents and had no friends. She thought of Nikolas as the man who had rescued her, even though it had cost him. She claimed to know that he wanted to do what was best for the family. "Who could ask for more?" she wondered. Esme said she trusted Nikolas' intentions, and he made her feel safe. She grabbed his hand. She was sorry that Ava couldn't see Nikolas the way that she did.

Ava and Trina met at Kelly's for lunch, but Ava sensed that something was wrong. Trina revealed that she had received a Title IX report from school and was about to be expelled. The report had to be reviewed, and the court case would have no reflection on the report, even if she were to be found innocent. Trina thought that was the least of her problems, since she could end up in jail.

Ava urged Trina to stop her pessimism because she had so many people on her side, including Josslyn and Cameron. Trina replied that she looked at it as realism. She was hopeful that the coordinator would see that she was innocent. Trina went off on Esme and made it clear that she couldn't wait for Esme to be gone. Ava said she was grateful for Trina's loyalty, but she noted that it was her job to deal with Nikolas and Esme. It was Trina's job to focus on herself.

Outside, Spencer ran into Portia, who was annoyed to see the teen. When he asked about Trina, Portia warned him that Trina was off-limits to him. Spencer said he was sorry for all that the family had been going through, and Portia proceeded to yell at Spencer. She told him that he had been guilty and had received a slap on the wrist, while Trina's name would be attached to the crime forever. She spoke of his trust fund, island, and family name. Her voice grew louder as she told him everything was his and his awful girlfriend's fault.

Inside, Ava and Trina were able to hear Portia shouting that Trina had vouched for Spencer, which had given her nothing but misery. Ava rushed outside and ordered Spencer inside. She ordered Spencer to stay away from Trina. She said she had been trying to keep Trina's mind off of Spencer, and she ordered him not to work at Kelly's for the day. Spencer snapped that she couldn't boss him around outside of the gallery.

Trina apologized to Portia because she'd thought that Spencer had had the day off. She told Portia about the Title IX report. Portia apologized for going off on Spencer, but she hadn't been able to hold it in because he had deserved it. Trina assured her mother that she wasn't angry, but grateful.

Trina returned to retrieve her purse from the table and announced that she and Portia would be going somewhere else to eat. Spencer said he was sorry, and Trina snapped that he never meant to do anything. Ava shouted that Spencer should "leave the girl in peace."

At Rice Plaza, Leo anxiously waited for Chase to show up as his family did their best to reassure him. Leo was insistent that he would only be able to recite his poem as he had practiced it. Finally, Chase showed up and apologized for being late. He and Leo hugged. Olivia was appreciative for Chase's appearance, as was Brook Lynn. Ned wanted to look for seats, and it was Leo's turn to reassure his mother that he would be okay.

Leo looked around at all the people, and Chase reminded him to pick one person to look at. He promised to sing any song that Leo wanted him to sing if Leo was able to go through with his performance, even "Fly Me to the Moon." Leo was familiar with it.

Nearby, Sam and Willow approached Drew and Sonny. They were all there to view the school's artwork and show. Drew and Sam went off to view Scout's painting, and Willow thanked Sonny for his condolences and flowers. He noted that he was there for Avery and also available for Willow if she needed anything. Michael and Dante approached, and Michael made it clear that they would never need anything from Sonny. Willow quickly pulled Michael away to look for seats, and Sonny assured Dante that he wasn't leaving.

Sonny was insistent that Michael wouldn't drive him away, and he was there to support Leo, also. Dante confessed that he had tried to intercede on Sonny's behalf, but Sonny exclaimed that it was up to Michael. Dante was worried about any damage that might occur. Sam wanted to find seats.

Willow tried to explain to Michael that Sonny had only offered his condolences, but Michael angrily claimed that Sonny had been trying to get one over on him.

The program was called to order while Dante told Sam that things weren't good with Sonny. Drew sat with Ned and Olivia. Ned wanted to talk about ELQ, much to Olivia's annoyance. Leo was up first and grasped the microphone as he looked out at the large audience. Chase gave him a thumbs-up, and Leo was able to see Chase all alone. He began to recite his poem, The Only Me by Pat Mora. When he concluded, he received rousing applause and a standing ovation.

Olivia hugged Leo proudly, and Willow informed him that she was familiar with the poem, as she'd used it in her classes. Everyone began to depart for Leo's birthday party. Sonny and Dante stopped to chat, and Sonny guessed that Michael had been planning something. Dante urged him to talk to Michael before things escalated. Michael and Drew chatted with Ned and offered him the COO position of the newly combined ELQ and Aurora. Ned was less than thrilled, had some questions, and promised to think about it.

Felicia and Anna met for lunch at the outdoor Metro Court seating. Felicia wanted an update on Valentin, but Anna was elusive and claimed there was nothing to talk about. Felicia taunted Anna, and just then, Valentin appeared. He called it his lucky day. Anna left the table to take a phone call, and Felicia invited Valentin to join her. She accused him of "ghosting" her friend after a kiss, and he apologized. Felicia called it unacceptable and asked him if he was serious.

Valentin proclaimed that he was fond of Anna, and Felicia threatened him in the event that he hurt her friend. Anna returned and announced that she'd received a call from Agent Beeman in Tahiti. Jennifer Smith had been jailed on solid evidence regarding the theft of the Ice Princess and the cable car accident. Anna felt there was a missing piece, and Felicia mentioned the French naval officer. Valentin recalled playing the French officer, and he offered his help.

Valentin invited Anna to dinner, but she told him she had previous plans. She also informed him that she'd already enjoyed the wine he'd given her. Valentin tried to pin her down for a date, but Anna brushed him off. She promised to check her "dance card." She and Felicia left.

Leo and his family arrived for his birthday party. He was consumed with the balloons. Ned received a phone call and left. Brook Lynn teased Chase about his promise to Leo. She appreciated his support of her brother. Someone peered at them through the bushes. Michael, Drew, and Willow chatted. Michael noted that Ned had been noncommittal on the job offer, but Michael was sure Ned would do the right thing.

Outside, Ned met with Valentin.

Ava offers Spencer a deal

Ava offers Spencer a deal

Tuesday, May 17, 2022

In Valentin's room at Metro Court, Valentin told Ned that the two of them needed to work together to make sure they weren't ousted from ELQ if the company merged with Aurora. Ned initially wanted no part of any conversation with Valentin but stopped when Valentin asked why Ned was so certain that Michael and Drew wouldn't force Ned out of the company altogether. Valentin wanted to know what he and Ned could do to make sure they both got what they wanted.

Valentin said he'd come to truly care about ELQ in his time as CEO and offered that Ned cared even more about the company because it was Ned's birthright. Ned left to return to Leo's party, but not before Valentin said that he and Ned would need to talk again soon. Later, Valentin phoned Martin and told him about the talk with Ned. Valentin expressed his hope that he could stay on as CEO at ELQ, after all.

At the elementary school fair, Michael and Drew both presented Olivia with a birthday gift for Leo as a united front. Olivia thanked them for the gift and afterward, Michael and Drew started to talk about ELQ business. Carly overheard Michael say that he and Drew needed investors to drive up ELQ's stock, and she asked Michael to count her in. Michael told a stunned Carly that he wouldn't accept money that was rightfully Carly's. Drew said that what he and Michael needed most was emotional support, which Carly happily blessed them with. Michael said that with the Quartermaines united, Valentin stood no chance.

Elsewhere at the school fair, a stranger lurked in the shadows and looked on as Brook Lynn thanked Chase for having helped Leo overcome stage fright. After Chase finished setting up his microphone to perform at Leo's birthday party, Chase struck up a conversation with Dante, who bluntly said that Brook Lynn was into Chase. "How do you not see that?" Dante asked.

Nearby, Olivia observed that Leo wasn't the only one who had gotten attached to Chase, and she encouraged Brook Lynn to finally make a move on Chase. Olivia said it was obvious that Brook Lynn had feelings for Chase, and she encouraged Brooke Lynn to tell him.

Leo whispered to Chase that he wanted Chase to sing Brook Lynn's song. With everyone gathered in their seats, Chase announced that the song he planned to sing had been written by one of his and Leo's favorite songwriters. Chase and Ned sang Brook Lynn's song in front of an emotional Brook Lynn as she and Chase stared at one another longingly. "All I want is forever," Chase sang repeatedly as he stared at Brook Lynn.

An emotional Brook Lynn wept with joy after the song and told Chase he'd sounded great. Brook Lynn shared that hearing Chase sing one of her songs had inspired her to want to write more songs, which Chase encouraged. Brook Lynn and Chase admitted they had been thinking about one another. Chase suggested they go someplace to discuss what they'd been thinking about, and Brook Lynn agreed.

As Brook Lynn and Chase started to leave, the stranger who'd been watching Brook Lynn announced his presence. "Not without me. I have something to say, too. And it won't wait," the stranger said.

At Port Charles Bar and Grille, Brando tried to treat both Sasha and Gladys to a nice lunch, but Sasha was distracted by Felty, the photographer who'd harassed Sasha on the night Harmony had died. Gladys noticed Felty at the bar and swiftly went to rush him away. Felty demanded his memory card, but Gladys asked what she and Sasha would receive in return. Gladys agreed to give Felty the card, but she demanded to know what Felty had promised to give Sasha. Felty reached into his pocket and showed Gladys a bottle of pills. Gladys gave Felty the memory card and demanded that Felty erase the compromising photo of Sasha from the memory card as well as the camera's internal memory.

Gladys rejoined Sasha and Brando at their table. Brando's phone rang, and Brando announced that he needed to leave to meet Sonny at the garage. With Sasha and Gladys alone, Gladys shared that she had given Felty the memory card back. Sasha breathed a sigh of relief, but Gladys' face remained unmoved. Gladys encouraged Sasha to tell her everything, but Sasha claimed she already had. Sasha was speechless when Gladys placed the bottle of pills Felty had given Gladys on the table for Sasha to see.

At Wyndemere, Esme took Nikolas by the hand and said that Ava was ungrateful. Nikolas warned that he wouldn't allow Esme to disrespect Ava, but Esme countered that she'd only said what she'd said because it pained her to see Nikolas disrespected. Esme stated that she had felt safe at Wyndemere since Nikolas had invited her to stay, but Esme added she no longer felt safe because of Spencer. Esme told Nikolas that Spencer had violated her privacy and, in doing so, had broken her heart. Nikolas told Esme that Spencer had had no right to go through Esme's things. Esme countered that Ava had no right to tell Nikolas who could stay in his house, and just then, Ava walked in on the two.

Things quickly became heated between Nikolas, Ava, and Esme. Nikolas said that Spencer didn't owe Trina or "her horrible mother" Portia anything, and he wondered why Spencer had apologized to begin with. Ava boasted that the reason was because Spencer cared about Trina. Esme swore that Spencer didn't believe Trina and then gloated that the only reason Trina was like a daughter to Ava was because Sonny had custody of Avery and Kiki had died years earlier. Ava furiously warned Esme to never say the names of either of her daughters again.

Esme pretended to run out of the room in tears. After Esme left, Ava demanded that Nikolas throw Esme out of the house. Nikolas startled Ava when he said that Wyndemere was his house. "Your house? Am I a guest, too, or am I your wife? Because I can't be both," Ava declared. Nikolas told Ava that he'd only tried to do what was best for all of them. Ava reminded Nikolas that he wasn't married to all of them, only to her. "At least for the moment," Ava said before she left the mansion.

Out in the foyer, Esme stood next to her suitcase and told Nikolas that she was leaving. Nikolas put his hand to Esme's arm and told her that she was still welcome at the mansion. Later, after she returned to her room, a grinning Esme unpacked a suitcase that contained only one shoebox.

At Kelly's Diner, Sam surprised Spencer with a visit, and the two shared an overdue hug. Sam wanted to know who Esme really was, and Spencer admitted to Sam that he had no idea. Spencer wanted to know why Sam had wanted to talk about Esme. Sam said that Spencer could be brought down with Esme as an accomplice if Esme took the fall for the sex tape. Spencer then reluctantly agreed to help Sam with her investigation into Esme after Sam gave her word "as a fellow Cassadine" that she would keep what Spencer said in confidence. "Esme is a monster. And I am doing everything I can to expose her," Spencer whispered to a startled Sam.

Spencer confided that he'd been pretending to still be in love with Esme while he gathered the evidence to prove Esme was behind the sex tape. Sam tried to discourage Spencer and warned that he was playing a dangerous game, but Spencer swore that he was determined to help Trina. Sam told Spencer to tell her everything he'd ever known about Esme.

Spencer said that Esme had "gotten weird" about the correspondence he'd found between Esme and Maggie Fitzgerald, the nanny that had raised Esme after Esme's adoptive parents had died. Sam said she'd look into Maggie's background. Before she left, Sam thanked Spencer for having confided in her and asked him to be careful. The two paused for a moment on Sam's way out the door, as each one admired the other.

Later, Ava returned to Kelly's and stunned Spencer when she asked if he'd like to regain access to his trust fund. Ava offered Spencer $10,000 a week in exchange for Spencer and Esme leaving Wyndemere. "Get out, and you stay the hell out," Ava said.

Gladys confronts Sasha about taking illicit pills

Gladys confronts Sasha about taking illicit pills

Wednesday, May 18, 2022

On the patio of Metro Court's garden, Chase and Brook Lynn flirtatiously agreed to find a quieter setting to discuss what was on their minds. Their plans hit an unexpected snag when Linc appeared out of nowhere and approached the couple. Chase tensed because he recognized Brook Lynn's sleazy ex-producer. Brook Lynn made a point of letting Linc know that Chase was a police officer, but Linc wasn't intimidated. Linc had recognized the song that Chase had performed, and he was eager to get it recorded. Brook Lynn insisted she had no intention of ever working with Linc again.

Linc smiled maliciously as he reminded Brook Lynn that he owned the legal rights to all the music that she had written during the time he'd been her music producer. Brook Lynn denied Linc's claim, but he advised her to check the contract. Brook Lynn wondered why Linc was even interested in her music, so he revealed that a few of her songs had sparked some interest. Surprised, Brook Lynn asked him to elaborate, but Linc refused to discuss it until she had re-signed with him. Brook Lynn made it clear that nothing could ever entice her to work with Linc. Linc advised her to let go of her grudge because he had underestimated Brook Lynn's talent as a songwriter.

Linc crudely invited Brook Lynn to his hotel room to "explore more of that potential." Chase bristled, but Brook Lynn's temper exploded. She punched Linc in the jaw. Rather than back down, Linc told Brook Lynn that he had gotten the message -- she liked it rough. Furious, Chase sternly warned Linc to leave, so Linc told Brook Lynn to call when she had cooled off. After Linc left, Chase offered to fetch Brook Lynn an ice pack for her hand, but Brook Lynn was too agitated.

Chase was disappointed that Brook Lynn had stopped him from wiping the smirk off Linc's face, but Brook Lynn explained that she couldn't let Chase jeopardize his career by defending her honor. Chase thanked Brook Lynn for having his back, especially since his suspension from the police department was about to end. Brook Lynn's mind was on the contract. She refused to be helpless again or to allow Linc to win. Brook Lynn decided to have a lawyer take a closer look at the contract that Linc claimed gave him rights to her music.

At the hospital, Curtis entered Portia's office. Almost immediately, a teary-eyed Portia ran into his arms. Alarmed, Curtis asked what had happened. Portia explained that Trina had been threatened with expulsion from Port Charles University because of the criminal charges for the revenge porn. Portia worried that even the statements from Cameron and Josslyn defending Trina would not make a difference. Curtis assured Portia that they would support Trina and get her daughter through the ordeal together.

Grateful, Portia shifted gears because she was curious why Curtis was at her office. Curtis explained that he had decided to search for Marshall. Portia was shocked when he told her about Stella's confession that Curtis' mother had been involved in Marshall's decision to walk out on the family. Portia suspected that Stella had kept the secret because Stella had felt it would be kinder to remain silent, since Marshall had stayed away. Portia was certain that Stella had never imagined that Marshall would resurface, but Curtis remained conflicted about his aunt's silence.

Portia asked if Curtis had ever been in a situation where he had let something he regretted go on for so long that he didn't know where to begin to make things right. Curtis wondered if he might have done that with his father. Portia let Curtis know that he had her full support to find Marshall. Curtis had no idea where to begin looking for his father, but the answer walked through the door when Jordan stopped by to ask Portia about the status of an injured police officer. Jordan was glad that she had bumped into Curtis because she had wanted to let him know about T.J.'s decision to go to Brooklyn to look for Marshall.

At Ryan's bar, T.J. and Molly found an empty table as they waited for a man named Mr. Purdee. Molly was impressed that T.J. had used the receipt in Marshall's clarinet case to track down the owner of the repair shop that had worked on the clarinet. T.J. confessed that Mr. Purdee had been tightlipped, but T.J. hoped the promise of dinner would change the man's mind. T.J. was grateful that Molly had joined him, and he offered to take Molly to a fine-dining establishment if they were stood up.

Moments later, a portly Black gentleman with gray hair entered the bar. T.J. called out to Mr. Purdee, and he introduced the repair shop owner to Molly. Mr. Purdee asked if the offer for dinner was still open, even though Mr. Purdee couldn't help T.J. When T.J. confirmed that it was, Mr. Purdee called out his usual order to the bartender. T.J. showed Mr. Purdee the clarinet and explained that he was looking for the instrument's owner. Mr. Purdee recognized the clarinet because he had fixed a broken key on the instrument, but he was adamant that he did not recall anything about the owner.

T.J. confided that the clarinet's owner was his grandfather, but Mr. Purdee blurted out that it was impossible because the clarinet's owner didn't have family. Molly was curious how Mr. Purdee would know that if he didn't recall who the owner was. T.J. explained that it was important to find his grandfather because Marshall had recently reconnected with the family, but Marshall had left after a disagreement. T.J. wanted Marshall to know that the family wanted Marshall to return home. T.J. showed Mr. Purdee the note that Marshall had written to T.J.

To T.J. and Molly's surprise, Mr. Purdee revealed that he knew T.J.'s grandfather as "Marshall Parker." Mr. Purdee agreed to pass along T.J.'s message, but the rest would be up to Marshall. Pleased, T.J. invited Mr. Purdee to order dessert. After Mr. Purdee left with his cherry pie, T.J.'s phone rang. It was Curtis. After a brief exchange, T.J. ended the call and told Molly that Curtis would be joining them in the search for Marshall. Molly was happy for T.J., but she reminded him that they had done well for two amateur sleuths. T.J. agreed, but he welcomed his uncle's expertise.

T.J. suggested that he and Molly go to a nearby jazz club. Molly liked the idea. T.J. admitted that it would be great if they ran into Marshall playing in the club. Just then, Marshall entered the bar.

At the hospital, Jordan wrapped up a call in the hallway and entered Portia's office, but she quickly retreated when she saw Curtis and Portia kissing. Moments later, Curtis and Portia kissed one last time in the doorway. Curtis approached Jordan and told her about his plans to join T.J. in Brooklyn. After Curtis left, Jordan followed Portia into the office. Jordan admitted that she had noticed that Curtis was protective of Portia and Trina. Jordan was happy that Curtis finally had the family that he had longed for as a child.

At the Port Charles Bar and Grille, Gladys confronted Sasha with the bottle of illicit pills that Felty -- the photographer -- had agreed to give Sasha in exchange for the memory card. Sasha vehemently denied taking drugs, and she pretended that she had no idea what Gladys was talking about. Gladys told Sasha to drop the act because Gladys had seen the photos that Felty had taken of Sasha in the garden. Sasha was horrified when Gladys described the images, including the photos of Sasha on her knees with the pills that Sasha had dropped. The ladies decided to retreat to Deception to continue their conversation in private.

A short time later, Gladys asked if Sasha had taken any pills prior to the accident with Harmony. "Absolutely not," Sasha answered. Sasha promised that she hadn't taken any pills prior to getting behind the wheel of the car, but she conceded that she had started using illicit pills to deal with the stress of losing Liam and the changes at Deception. Sasha tearfully admitted that she hadn't been able to cope with seeing the pity in everyone's eyes because it had felt like everyone had been waiting for Sasha to crack. Sasha explained that when she hadn't fallen apart, she had felt judged for that, too.

Sasha confessed that she had wanted to crawl into a hole, but being alone with her feelings had been more terrifying. The pills had helped Sasha push through the pain. Gladys was empathetic, but she also knew that Sasha had had the pills at the time of the accident. Sasha was adamant that she hadn't taken any pills prior to the accident because they had spilled out in the garden. Gladys believed Sasha, but Gladys insisted that Brando be told. Sasha objected because she was done with the pills.

Sasha was confident that she could put it all behind her once Felty held up his end of the agreement. Gladys revealed that she had personally deleted the incriminating photos, but Gladys knew firsthand how addiction worked. Gladys worried that Brando might fall off the wagon if he found out that Sasha had relapsed. Sasha promised that she would never allow that to happen, but Gladys thought it would be better to tell Brando the truth. Gladys was certain that Brando would understand. Sasha refused to burden Brando.

According to Sasha, Felty snapping the photos of Sasha crawling around "like a pathetic junkie" picking up pills had been the wake-up call that Sasha had needed. It had made Sasha realize how much she stood to lose, especially with Brando. Sasha vowed not to let Brando down -- or herself. Gladys asked if Sasha truly believed that Sasha was strong enough to get through it alone. Rather than answer, Sasha asked what it would take to convince Gladys.

At Brando's garage, Brando whistled his appreciation as he looked inside Sonny's baby blue 1969 Camaro. Brando admitted that the classic car was a thing of beauty. Sonny smiled proudly, but he regretted calling Brando away from dinner with Sasha and Gladys. Brando waved away the apology because Brando didn't mind helping Sonny out, since Sonny was family, too. Brando was curious what was wrong with Sonny's car.

Brando popped the hood of the Camaro as he and Sonny talked about the car. Brando could see why it was one of Sonny's favorite cars. Sonny was surprised to learn that his father had taught Brando about cars. Sonny had thought Mike had only been interested in horse racing. Sonny admitted that he would have loved to have had the opportunity to work on a car with his father. Brando felt bad, but Sonny assured his cousin that it was not Brando's fault. Sonny pointed out that sometimes fathers and sons didn't connect.

Brando fetched his toolbox, and Sonny pulled off his jacket with the intention of helping Brando. Sonny explained that the car hadn't been running well for a few days, and Avery had freaked out when it had misfired earlier in the day. Sonny suspected that it might be the car's starter or an issue with the car's wiring. As the two men worked on the car, Sonny mentioned running into Michael and Willow at the school's fair. Sonny immediately regretted talking about Michael because he realized that it might remind Brando of the son that Brando had lost. Sonny was confident that Brando would get an opportunity to work on a car with a son -- or a daughter -- in the future.

Brando assured Sonny that Sonny and Michael would patch things up, but Sonny disagreed. Sonny explained that Michael wasn't just angry; Michael was trying to actively take Sonny down. After the men replaced the car's spark plugs, Sonny started the car. Sonny and Brando agreed that it purred like a kitten. Brando steered the conversation back to Sonny's relationship with Michael because Brando was certain that Michael would have a change of heart.

Sonny was less hopeful because Michael was a lot like Carly. According to Sonny, Michael could be relentless if pushed too far. Brando hoped for a reconciliation between Sonny and Michael for Michael's sake. Brando explained that Mike had been a big influence on Brando, but so had Sonny. Brando recalled that he hadn't known anyone when he had first arrived in town, but Sonny had been there for his cousin. Brando had a wife, a garage, and an extended family because of Sonny's generosity and guidance.

Brando thought it would be a shame if Michael didn't have Sonny in his life. Sonny was touched by the support, but Brando thought Michael was lucky to have a father like Sonny. Sonny offered to pay Brando for the work on the car, but Brando refused to take his cousin's money.

Moments later, Sasha and Gladys arrived at the garage. Sasha revealed that she had news to share with Brando. Brando was shocked when Sasha announced that Gladys would be moving in with them.

Marshall and T.J. run into trouble

Marshall and T.J. run into trouble

Thursday, May 19, 2022

Carly arrived at the hospital and asked if the results of her DNA test were ready yet, but she was told that they weren't. A concerned Bobbie approached and wondered what test results Carly was waiting on. Carly assured her mother that the test had just been a precaution, and she wasn't going anywhere. Bobbie replied that that was a good thing, as Wiley needed Carly more than ever.

Bobbie and Carly talked about the hearing that was scheduled for the next day, and Carly hoped for justice. Bobbie wondered what Carly would do if the judge ruled in favor of Nina. Carly vowed to do whatever she needed to do to protect her family. She didn't want to talk about it anymore, and she suggested that they go focus on something else. She took Bobbie's hand, and they left.

Stella entered a conference room at the hospital and found Portia and Epiphany. The medical professionals were glad to see that Stella seemed herself again after her panic attack. Stella assumed that Curtis had told Portia about her part in Marshall's 40-year absence, and Portia assured Stella that Curtis understood that Stella had needed to keep the secret. Portia made a comment to Epiphany about being a doctor soon, and Stella was delighted to hear that Epiphany was going to medical school. Portia realized that, since they were off the clock, they should be out enjoying themselves. She suggested that they go to the Savoy and drink for free.

Nina sat down at the Savoy and ordered a martini from N'neka in order to take her mind off of the hearing the next day. A man approached Nina and recognized her as the "mafia home-wrecker," and she threatened to have a bouncer kick the man out. Sonny arrived and asked if there was a problem. The suddenly terrified man apologized to Nina, put his drink down, and ran out. She thanked Sonny for defending her honor, but she insisted that she could take care of herself.

Nina and Sonny began to talk about Michael, and Sonny thought that things wouldn't be all right between him and his son for a long time. He refused to let Michael tear down everything he'd spent his life building. Just then, Epiphany, Portia, and Stella arrived and greeted him, and he introduced Nina. Nina advised the women not to believe everything they'd read about her. The women wished Sonny and Nina a good evening and headed to a table.

Nina wondered what Sonny was going to do about Michael. Sonny revealed that Michael wanting nothing to do with him left him free to support Nina at the hearing. Just then, Carly and Bobbie arrived and glared when they spotted Sonny and Nina.

At the table, Stella and Epiphany asked about Trina, and Portia told them about the Title IX report. N'neka put some drinks down in front of the women and revealed that Sonny had sent them. Portia made a toast to Epiphany "nailing the MCATs."

Stella asked what had made Epiphany pursue her dream, and Epiphany talked about Marshall. She wondered if Stella had heard from Marshall, and Stella replied that Curtis and T.J. had gone looking for Marshall. Stella continued that he had a second chance to make things right with his family, so she hoped he decided to return home.

Marshall entered the bar T.J. and Molly were in, and they were happy to see him. T.J. wanted to let Curtis know that he'd found Marshall, but Marshall told him not to. Molly sensed that the two needed some time one on one, so she went ahead to the jazz club. When she was gone, Marshall divulged that there had been too much damage done for him to go home and that everyone was better off without him. T.J. shot back that Marshall had never stuck around long enough to find out.

Marshall thought that T.J.'s father would be proud of him at that moment. Without deciding anything, Marshall figured that they shouldn't keep Molly waiting, and they left the bar. Outside, Marshall took them down an alley that led to the stage door. Just then, two men approached and demanded that Marshall and T.J. place their wallets and phones on the ground. The two complied. One of the men spotted the clarinet case and wanted that, too, but T.J. refused. One of the men took out a knife and growled, "Don't make me ask again."

Finn arrived at Laura's to check on Elizabeth, and Laura mentioned that Elizabeth hadn't talked any more about ghosts. Kevin entered the room to join the conversation as Elizabeth descended the stairs. She accused them of thinking that she was losing her mind, but Finn insisted that no one thought she was crazy. Just then, glass shattered, and they turned and saw a broken flower vase on the floor. Kevin explained that it had been an accident waiting to happen on the bookshelf, but Elizabeth thought it was Franco again.

Finn insisted that he was always on Elizabeth's side. If he really was, Elizabeth challenged him to join her the next time she met with Chelsea. Kevin and Laura wanted to give the two privacy to talk, but Elizabeth said that if anyone should leave, it was Finn. He tried to convince her that she was playing right into the culprit's hands, but she didn't want to hear anything from him, so he left. She called Chelsea but only got her voicemail. Laura suggested that everyone would feel better after a good night's sleep, so Elizabeth went upstairs.

As Kevin and Laura cleaned up the broken vase a few minutes later, they wished that they could help Elizabeth. Laura asked Kevin to lock up for her while she checked on Elizabeth. She went upstairs, and Kevin went to the door, only to find it ajar. Laura returned downstairs and revealed that Elizabeth was gone. A few minutes later, Kevin told Laura that the security guard hadn't seen Elizabeth at the entrance, so she could have used the service entrance in the basement. Laura wondered where Elizabeth would go at that time of night.

At Kelly's, Violet was drawing a picture as Gregory talked to her about youth. She showed him the picture of Gregory and Chase, and she explained that it went with another one of Finn, Elizabeth, her boys, and Violet. Violet observed that Finn was late meeting them again, and Gregory figured Finn had encountered an emergency at the hospital.

A clearly upset Finn arrived and revealed that he was late because he'd gone to visit Elizabeth. As Violet ordered a hot fudge sundae, Finn muttered to Gregory that he was losing Elizabeth. A few minutes later, Violet ate her ice cream with her headphones on. Finn told Gregory about the medium and how he couldn't get through to Elizabeth. He conceded that there had never been evidence of anyone being there when anything had happened, but Violet took her headphones off and reminded Finn that Elizabeth had always been there.

Elizabeth arrived at home. She saw the picture Violet had drawn of the family. She picked it up and ripped Finn and Violet off the picture.

Elizabeth is horrified to realize who her stalker is

Elizabeth is horrified to realize who her stalker is

Friday, May 20, 2022

At the gatehouse at the Quartermaine mansion, Michael and Willow spent a quiet evening at home with Wiley on the eve of Nina's visitation hearing. After Wiley went to bed, Willow admitted that she was stressed about the hearing. Willow said that Nina was needy and that her wish for visitation rights had nothing to do with Wiley's best interests -- only Nina's.

Michael assured Willow that they would successfully block Nina's petition. Willow vowed to always fight for Michael and Wiley because of how much they meant to her. Michael and Willow made love, and afterward, Michael held Willow close and assured her that everything would be okay.

At the Savoy, Bobbie thought Carly should leave to avoid having to look at Sonny and Nina together, but Carly refused. Bobbie noticed that Carly had been staring at her phone, and she asked about the test results that Carly had been waiting on from the hospital. Sonny walked past them and asked if Carly was okay. "Are you sick? What's going on?" Sonny asked.

Bobbie left to give Sonny and Carly a moment alone. Carly told Sonny that her life was no longer his concern. Sonny encouraged Carly to open up because they'd spent so much of their lives together. Carly shared only that she wasn't sick or hurt.

Nina was seated nearby at the bar, and Bobbie approached and asked Nina to call off the petition. Bobbie and Nina then traded barbs about each other's checkered pasts. Bobbie recalled that she'd been the first person to spot Nelle as a "gold-digging psychopath." Bobbie accused Nina of being a selfish gold digger who'd helped herself to a married man. Nina gloated that Scott had told her that Bobbie had once been a prostitute. Nina said that it was too bad that Bobbie was too old to do anything to Nina, and just then, Bobbie threw her drink in Nina's face.

Nina vowed to make Bobbie pay, but Sonny and Carly rushed over to separate Bobbie and Nina. Back at their table, Carly and Bobbie giggled about Bobbie's actions, and Carly said Nina deserved much worse. "I hope you give her hell tomorrow at the hearing," Bobbie said. "I intend to," Carly assured Bobbie.

Also at the Savoy, Jordan encountered an angry Taggert, who accused Jordan of letting Trina take the fall for the sex tape. Portia tried to deescalate things and told Jordan that Trina had received a copy of the campus' Title IX report. Jordan said it was doubtful that a judge would allow the report to be entered into evidence, and she encouraged Portia and Taggert to be optimistic. Taggert walked off, and Portia asked if Jordan wanted to join her. Later, Taggert returned and said goodnight to Portia. Jordan assured Taggert that she didn't want to see Trina hurt, and she asked if she and Taggert were good. Taggert recalled that he and Jordan had known each other for many years, and he said he trusted Jordan.

After Taggert left, Jordan flashed back to the day she and Portia had almost been killed the previous summer, when Portia had said that she needed to "tell the truth about Trina's father." Jordan asked if Portia had ever told Trina whatever Portia had thought Trina should know about Taggert. Portia claimed that whatever she'd said to Jordan had been the result of having been deprived of oxygen.

In Brooklyn, Marshall and T.J. tangled with the men who'd attempted to rob them. Curtis arrived to fight off the robbers, but not before one of the muggers stabbed Marshall with a knife. T.J. rushed to Marshall's side and told Curtis to call 9-1-1.

Later, at a hospital in Brooklyn, T.J. sat with Curtis and Molly and blamed himself for Marshall's injuries because T.J. had insisted the muggers not take Marshall's prized clarinet. A doctor on staff joined them and said that Marshall was stable but that he'd lost a lot of blood. The doctor asked about Marshall's medical history, and Curtis shared that Marshall had been taking blood pressure medication. When the doctor left, T.J. worried that Marshall might not make it. "We came all this way to find Marshall. We can't just give up on him," Curtis said.

While they waited for updates on Marshall, Curtis shared with T.J. and Molly that Stella had known all along that Marshall was alive and that Curtis' mom had agreed with Marshall's decision to disappear and to run out on his family. T.J. wanted to know why, and Curtis said that those answers would have to come from Marshall. A nurse arrived and announced that Marshall could have a visitor. Curtis went, and in Marshall's room, Curtis struggled with his emotions when he looked at Marshall.

At Kelly's Diner, Finn told Gregory that Violet had been right when she'd said the only person that had been present at all of Elizabeth's incidents was Elizabeth. "Yes, because someone is harassing her," Gregory said. "What if that someone is Elizabeth herself?" Finn wondered.

Gregory thought Finn's theory was absurd, but Finn reasoned that Elizabeth had had access to her home, as well as her room at Metro Court, her work locker, and Franco's art studio. Finn said that it explained how someone could have gone undetected. Gregory asked why Elizabeth would torment herself, let alone her three boys.

Finn recalled that Elizabeth's doctor had given her a prescription to help her sleep and noted that sleep aids had different effects on people. Finn thought it was possible that Elizabeth had been sleepwalking. Gregory cautioned Finn to be careful, because if Finn's theory turned out to be true, it meant that Elizabeth had consciously or unconsciously attacked Chase. Finn left and rushed to Elizabeth's house. After Finn left, Gregory assured Violet that both Finn and Elizabeth would be okay.

At Elizabeth's house, an entranced Elizabeth saw the picture that Violet had drawn of the family. Elizabeth calmly picked it up and ripped Finn and Violet off the drawing. Elizabeth continued on in a trance and was using scissors to slowly cut through the drawing of Finn and Violet's faces when Cameron came home. "Mom?" a startled Cameron said.

Elizabeth didn't appear to see or hear Cameron and continued to cut up the drawing. Just then, Finn arrived and attempted to talk to Elizabeth. Not long after, Elizabeth awoke. "Finn? What's happening? How did I get here?" Elizabeth asked.

Elizabeth said that the last thing she'd remembered had been that she'd gone to lie down at Laura and Kevin's house. Elizabeth admitted she couldn't remember how she'd gotten to her house. Cameron told Elizabeth what she'd done to the drawing while in a trance. Elizabeth panicked and begged Finn to tell her what he thought had happened. "I think that maybe the person we've been looking for, the person responsible for intruding on your life, is you," Finn said.

Finn surmised that Elizabeth hadn't been conscious of any of the things she'd done, and he felt that she'd been sleepwalking in some form. Elizabeth vehemently denied Finn's theory initially, then wondered in horror if she'd been the one who'd set fire to Franco's studio and hit Chase over the head. "What's happening to me? Why am I doing these horrible things? What's wrong with me?" a frightened Elizabeth asked.

Finn promised Elizabeth and Cameron that they'd find out together.

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