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Brendan Byrne threatened to tell Nina that Nina had given birth to twin girls -- Nelle and Willow. Stella had a health scare. Curtis reached an agreement with Selina. Trina pleaded not guilty. Esme's pregnancy test was negative. Valentin resurfaced. Anna followed a lead on the Ice Princess, which led her straight to Jennifer Smith.
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Valentin resurfaced, Anna followed a lead on the Ice Princess, and Brendan Byrne blackmailed Harmony
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Selina gives Britt orders

Selina gives Britt orders

Monday, April 4, 2022

At Elizabeth's house, as Finn prepared to depart for a family dinner, Elizabeth told him how much she appreciated his sleeping on the couch. They chatted briefly about Cameron and his interview with the paper regarding the sex video. Finn assured Elizabeth that he would stand by her side, and they shared a kiss. Elizabeth declined his invitation to attend the dinner with Gregory, although Finn revealed that thanks to Violet, Gregory knew about their relationship.

The doorbell rang, and Finn left as Laura arrived. Elizabeth admitted that Cameron had been doing better than she had. The women sat down with mugs of tea as they spoke about the case. Elizabeth made it clear that Trina was innocent and had been framed. Laura was certain that the police department would get to the truth. Elizabeth related that she was no closer to finding out who had left her portrait in the house, although Jake had been ruled out.

Elizabeth revealed that her parents had gotten in touch with Jake behind her back. Laura agreed that Elizabeth had a right to be angry, and she couldn't understand why Jeff and Carolyn had not had a relationship with their grandsons. Laura added that perhaps Elizabeth should let go and take her parents back into her life for herself and the boys. It had only been hurting Elizabeth.

As Laura left, Elizabeth locked the door behind her. Suddenly, there was a loud bang, and the lights began to flicker. A man appeared in the dark and uttered, "Don't forget me." Elizabeth woke up with a jolt and realized she'd had a bad dream. She stood up and wandered over to a painting below her portrait. "Don't forget me," had been painted in bold red letters on top of it.

Amy, Maxie, and Brook Lynn sat at a table at Metro Court and talked about the performance of Brook Lynn's song. Chase walked in, and he and Brook Lynn exchanged glances before she hastily turned away. Violet was with him, and she ran to say hello to Brook Lynn. She asked about the baby, and Maxie hurriedly announced that she had photos of Bailey. Chase apologized that Violet hadn't understood what had happened.

Amy asked about Chase singing Brook Lynn's song for Deception, and she and Brook Lynn began to bicker without allowing Chase to say anything. Brook Lynn made it clear that Chase hadn't wanted to sing for Deception, and Amy thought that he and Brook Lynn were idiots. Amy wanted Chase to speak for himself, and finally, Chase pulled Brook Lynn aside. Brook Lynn was aware that singing for Deception would hurt Chase's image, and he pointedly told her that he had to think about returning to the police force.

Gregory arrived and hugged Chase, who introduced him to Brook Lynn. "I know exactly who you are," Gregory said rudely. He said he knew that she was the reason for Chase's suspension. Chase stood up for Brook Lynn as she replied that Chase had stood up for her honor. Violet and Gregory headed to their own table, and Chase apologized to Brook Lynn. Finn arrived to eat with his family, and Brook Lynn returned to her own table. Amy had to get to work. Both Chase and Maxie had eyes on Brook Lynn.

Finn took Violet to wash her hands, and Chase called Gregory out for his rudeness to Brook Lynn. He set his father straight loudly on what had happened and how Brook Lynn had risked her life for a child. Gregory asked Chase if he had feelings for Brook Lynn, but Chase replied that they were friends. Violet and Finn returned, and Violet asked about the yelling between Chase and Gregory.

Nearby, Maxie remarked that it had sounded like Chase had defended Brook Lynn. They were interrupted when Gregory walked over to apologize because he had made assumptions without the facts. He said Chase had set him straight. Brook Lynn replied that she understood, and Gregory maintained that he was looking forward to getting to know her. He returned to his table, and Maxie thought it had been amazing the way Chase had stood up for Brook Lynn. Chase and Brook Lynn continued to look over at each other. Finn hoped that all the recent excitement was over.

Britt sat in Terry's office at General Hospital and thanked her for thinking about hiring Brad, who had matured. Terry remarked that Britt owed her. There was a knock at the door, and it was Brad, who gushed over Terry's beauty. Britt quickly ushered Brad into the corridor, where he confessed that he was nervous. Britt informed him that she'd begged Terry to speak to him, and she gave him a list of rules to observe. She gave him some encouragement until a man approached them.

Brad recognized Li as one of Selina's men, and Britt revealed that she had a meeting with Selina. She hadn't wanted to worry Brad, and she promised to call him when it was over. Li escorted her out. Inside the office, Terry received a text message from Chet. He related that he would be away for another month, and he would see her when he returned. Terry replied that she looked forward to it, though she looked discouraged as she shook her head.

Brad returned to the office, and Terry explained that she would hire Brad as an orderly. Brad had thought it would be for the patient advocate position because he had been good at his previous job and had paid his time for a second chance. He was ready to start over. Terry wasn't certain she could trust Brad in the position. She said she would also have to check to see if Lucas would be okay with Brad being back. Brad agreed that he would take an orderly position, and Terry stated she'd let him know. Once back in the corridor, Brad sighed and said that things could have gone better.

Amy spotted Brad and demanded to know why he was there. She accused him of trying to get into Terry's office, and she began to yell for security. Brad tried to explain that he'd had a job interview, but Amy didn't believe him and began to scream for security again. Terry showed up, and Brad thanked her again and left. Terry was angry at Amy for being unprofessional. Amy didn't think that Brad should be able to work in the hospital again, but Terry reminded her that it was her decision, not Amy's. She ordered Amy to get back to work.

Nikolas greeted Spencer at Wyndemere and informed him that his room was waiting for him. He added that the room would always be waiting because Spencer was his child, and a father never gave up. The topic of Esme's possible pregnancy was mentioned, and Nikolas related how shocked and scared he'd been about Spencer's arrival. He said it had been replaced by love.

Ava returned home and called out for Nikolas. Esme responded instead. "What the hell are you doing in my house?" Ava demanded to know. She ordered Esme to get out, or she'd throw her out. She grabbed the book that Esme had been looking at and declared that Esme was not welcome. Esme snapped that she wasn't leaving, and she revealed that Nikolas had invited her and Spencer to stay. She taunted Ava and noted that she might be pregnant. Ava called out for Nikolas again, and he and Spencer arrived.

Nikolas asked to speak to Ava alone, and Spencer and Esme left. Esme gloated, but Spencer commanded her to take the pregnancy test. Esme wanted time, but Spencer noted that she kept putting it off. Esme proclaimed that her life would change, no matter what the result of the test would be. Either she'd be alone or tied to Spencer. She said she was afraid that Sonny would hurt her. Spencer assured her that he would protect her from Sonny, and she could stay at Wyndemere, no matter what. Esme was touched, but Spencer moved away from her as she reached out to him. He said he wanted the truth.

Back in the other room, Ava told Nikolas that she'd been at Trina's arraignment, although Esme had committed the crime. Nikolas insisted there was no proof, but Ava began to yell and shout at him. She warned him not to fall for Esme's helpless act. She also admitted that she had been the one to ask Sonny to take care of Esme. Nikolas was angry and stated that Esme was just a kid. Ava reminded him that Esme had proven to be a monster. The couple continued to argue. Ava didn't believe that Esme was pregnant and called it the "oldest trick in the book." She didn't want Esme in the house and insisted the girl had to leave. She noted that Spencer could stay, since he was Nikolas' son.

"I'm sorry. But I've made my decision," Nikolas stated. Ava couldn't believe it. She replied that if Esme was pregnant, Sonny wouldn't hurt her; if she was lying, then "sayonara." Nikolas accused Ava of sending Esme to her fate with Sonny. Ava announced that either Esme left, or Ava would. Nikolas glared at her. "Fine," Ava shouted as she stomped out of the room.

Esme emerged from the bathroom and explained to Spencer that they had to wait. Spencer made it clear that they would look at the test results together. When the timer finally rang, Spencer jumped up. The teens made their way to the bathroom.

Li accompanied Britt into the empty Port Charles Grill. Selina was alone and announced that she had bought out the restaurant in order to ensure their privacy. The women sat at a table. Britt thought it was a little excessive for a friendly dinner, but Selina made sure that Britt knew they were not friends. Selina continued that she wanted what was best for Brad. Britt declared that he wanted to work at the hospital and build a life on his own terms. She added that she and Brad were best friends.

Selina wanted Britt to listen to her. She noted that she had known Britt's father, but Britt wasn't impressed. She noted that Cesar had been infamous, and they had been close at one time. Selina exclaimed that she was aware of what they had done in 2016. Britt noted that she and Cesar had traveled all over, and she wondered if Selina was fishing or bluffing. Selina replied that she had proof to send Britt to prison for good. She had plans for Brad, and she wanted to keep him on the right path. She added that Britt would be pulling Brad's strings, and he wouldn't know that Selina would be doing the same to Britt.

Aiden wonders if Franco is still alive

Aiden wonders if Franco is still alive

Tuesday, April 5, 2022

At Charlie's Pub, Ava told Scott that she'd spent the previous night in town. Scott asked if there was trouble on Spoon Island. "Trouble with a capital E," Ava said to Scott. Ava caught Scott up on the news that Nikolas had invited both Esme and Spencer to stay at Wyndemere. Ava shared that Esme might be pregnant. Laura overheard and pleaded with Ava to tell her that she had misheard Ava.

Ava said only that it was a possibility that Esme was pregnant and recalled to Laura that she had walked out on Nikolas the night before because she had given him an ultimatum about Esme. Laura wondered what her son had been thinking and vowed to find out. Laura then left the pub in a hurry. Alone, Ava told Scott why she had asked him there. Ava said she wanted to know what she would be entitled to if she simply walked away from her marriage to Nikolas. Scott asked if Esme was really the problem and wondered if Ava was merely looking for a way out of her marriage. Scott told Ava that Nikolas was crazy about her and suggested that Ava hang on to her marriage and "plant your flag" as far as Esme was concerned. Ava remarked that she knew exactly what she had to do.

At Volonino's Gym, Brando met Sonny and Dante, who congratulated Brando on his marriage to Sasha. Brando informed them that he was headed to the Savoy to join Sasha for her big day because Deception was becoming a publicly traded and owned company. Sonny and Dante assured Brando that he and Sasha could still have a great marriage, despite everything they had been through with the loss of Liam. Brando said he had initially feared Sasha might be in denial about the loss of a baby but added that he admired Sasha for the way she had carried herself. Brando thanked Sonny for everything Sonny had done for him. Sonny told Brando that he was family. When Brando left, Dante asked how Sonny was. Sonny said that just because his marriage to Carly had failed, it didn't mean he wasn't happy for Brando. Dante hugged Sonny and left.

Spencer arrived at the gym to confront Sonny. Sonny told Spencer that the two of them needed to discuss Esme. "You're damn right we do. Starting with why you thought it was okay to scare the hell out of her," a fired-up Spencer yelled.

Spencer said he felt Esme hadn't been the one who'd made the recording of Josslyn and Cameron. Sonny was taken aback when Spencer told him that the Cassadines had given Esme a place to stay on Spoon Island because they all wanted to protect her from Sonny. Sonny said that he'd only wanted Esme to admit the truth when he'd had her brought to his office. He swore he'd never intended to physically harm Esme. Spencer said he couldn't turn his back on her. Sonny cautioned Spencer that he was "backing the wrong horse" by staying with Esme.

Sonny started to recall some of his own mistakes that he'd made as a man through the years and warned that Spencer was dangerously close to following in Sonny's shoes. Spencer stood behind and thought about what Sonny had said. "Welcome home, nephew," Sonny said as he left Spencer to his thoughts.

Earlier, at Wyndemere, Spencer had greeted Esme in the foyer and offered her breakfast. Esme remarked that it was a nice gesture, given that they both knew Esme wasn't really pregnant. Esme suggested that it would be best if she moved out of the mansion and took her chances in town with Sonny. Nikolas overheard them as he entered the room and asked why Esme would need to go anywhere.

Esme shared with Nikolas the news that she wasn't pregnant and said there was no reason for her to stay at Wyndemere. Spencer said the offer to have Esme stay at the mansion even if she wasn't pregnant still stood, and Nikolas agreed. Esme said that her encounter with Sonny had terrified her. Spencer vowed that despite everything, he would always do everything in his power to protect Esme.

Esme asked Spencer to spend the day with her like old times. Spencer told Esme that he had already made plans, and he left. Nikolas consoled Esme after she told Nikolas that Spencer was struggling with the idea of Esme sharing a house with him. Laura walked in on Nikolas with his arms around Esme and told Nikolas that she had just seen Ava meeting with her lawyer. Esme looked pleased to hear what Laura had just said.

Nikolas was taken aback that Ava was meeting with Scott. Esme excused herself from the foyer. Laura then scolded Nikolas for having invited Esme to stay at the mansion against Ava's wishes. Nikolas said that he was sorry if Ava was upset, but he stood his ground and vowed not to let anything happen to Esme. "Why are you being so protective of her all of a sudden?" Laura asked Nikolas.

Nikolas reasoned that if he threw Esme out of the mansion, it would leave her at Sonny's mercy. Laura doubted that Sonny would really harm Esme. Nikolas then told Laura that when Spencer had found out Esme might be pregnant, Spencer had told Nikolas the news first instead of Victor. Laura agreed with Nikolas that it was a big step in healing his and Spencer's relationship. Laura encouraged Nikolas to call Ava and mend fences. As he did, Esme reentered the room. Laura told Esme that Nikolas had done Esme a favor by extending his hospitality to her, and Laura expressed her hope that Esme wouldn't betray Nikolas' trust. Just then, Ava walked into the foyer at Wyndemere. "We already know the answer to that," Ava said.

At the Savoy, Sasha, Maxie, Brook Lynn, Lucy, and Gladys all joined together to celebrate Deception becoming a public company. Nina found Sasha and congratulated her, and Anna and Felicia joined Maxie to congratulate Maxie. Curtis thanked everyone for choosing his club as the place to hold their launch party, then he noticed Selina. Brook Lynn wondered why Selina was there, and Selina told them all she was an official investor in Deception. "When I see a good investment, I go for it," Selina said as she glared at Curtis.

Off in a corner by themselves, Lucy, Brook Lynn, and Maxie wondered how Selina had been able to invest unnoticed. Maxie then announced that she'd invited someone to join her at the launch party. Austin thanked Maxie for inviting him and gave her a kiss, to Brook Lynn's chagrin. Brook Lynn wanted to know how long Maxie's relationship with Austin had been going on, and she seemed personally hurt that Maxie hadn't told her about it. Austin offered to make things right and approached Brook Lynn. The two agreed to a cease-fire.

Selina got Curtis alone and asked if Curtis had given more thought to her proposition. Curtis denied Selina's request again, but Selina said she felt confident there was still a chance she could bring Curtis onto her side, after all. Later, Curtis told Selina that since she had just made a bundle by investing in Deception, she shouldn't need to use the Savoy to host poker. Selina told Curtis that she'd be the judge of what she needed.

Brando joined Sasha at the launch party and presented her with a bouquet of roses. Lucy encouraged Sasha to say a few words and make a speech. Sasha excused herself and reached for another pill. Back inside the main floor of the Savoy, a nervous Sasha gave her speech. Afterward, she watched on a screen as Deception stock rose. Sasha asked what the numbers on the screen meant. Brook Lynn told Sasha it meant that Sasha was "insanely rich."

At Elizabeth's house, Elizabeth glared at the words "Don't forget me" painted in fresh red letters. Jake came down the stairs and asked what Elizabeth had been doing. Aiden joined Jake, and both quickly learned that someone had broken in again. Jake told Elizabeth that she didn't have to go through everything alone, and he picked up his phone to make a call.

Finn rushed over to the house and thanked Jake for calling him. Elizabeth recounted that she'd thought she'd seen someone in the house and that the person had said, "Don't forget me." Elizabeth added that when she'd woken up, those same words had been freshly painted on a piece of paper on the drafting table. Finn said that it was time to call for reinforcements, since there was a lead.

Dante arrived at Elizabeth's house and surmised that whoever had been in the house was getting bolder in their attempts to frighten Elizabeth. Dante encouraged Elizabeth to stay somewhere other than her house, since it had been broken into repeatedly despite multiple lock changes. After Dante left, Elizabeth told Finn that she would ask Laura if the boys could stay with their grandmother. Finn pleaded with Elizabeth to stay with him and Violet at his place. Elizabeth told Finn that she would stay at the house by herself and that no one would chase her from the home she had shared with Franco.

Alone in the kitchen, Jake put his arm around Aiden after Aiden said he wanted to feel safe in their home again. Aiden fretted over the break-ins, but Jake assured him that Dante and the police would catch the person or persons responsible. "What if it's not a person at all? Jake, what if it's Franco?" Aiden asked a wide-eyed Jake.

Valentin has an encounter with Jennifer Smith

Valentin has an encounter with Jennifer Smith

Wednesday, April 6, 2022

Drew dropped by Curtis and Portia's new home for a small housewarming party. He was impressed with the beautiful home and joked that he was a little jealous that he hadn't snatched it up for himself. After Drew exchanged greetings with Portia, T.J., and Stella, Drew and Curtis broke away from the group to chat. Drew saw Trina enter the living room with snacks, prompting him to ask how things had been going. Curtis explained that Trina had a lot of support, but her mind had been stuck on the one person in her life who questioned her innocence.

Drew and Curtis' conversation shifted to Marshall. Curtis admitted that he had reached out to both Jordan and Sonny for assistance to try to get Marshall's sealed records, but both had turned Curtis down. Drew thought it had been for the best, especially with Sonny, because Curtis didn't want to owe the mob any favors. Curtis recalled his recent encounter with Selina when Curtis had refused her proposal to host high-stakes card games at the Savoy, but he chose not to tell Drew about it.

Nearby, T.J. checked on Trina. Trina opened up about the frustration she felt over being falsely accused of betraying her friends. She wanted to defend herself on social media, but she realized that it wouldn't matter because there would always be those who would never believe her. T.J. empathized because he'd been wrongly accused of something when he'd been Trina's age. Trina admitted that it was a strange feeling to have her life spiral out of control when she hadn't done anything wrong.

In the living room, Stella confessed to surprise that Curtis and Portia had bought a house, because in Stella's day, people hadn't moved in together as quickly as Curtis and Portia had. Stella promised she was not judging Portia because Stella recognized that times had changed, and Stella had learned the importance of seizing her happiness wherever she could find it. Portia wondered if that meant that Stella was happy for Curtis and Portia. Stella conceded that she had misjudged the connection that Curtis and Portia shared.

Stella admitted to worrying that Curtis might have moved on too quickly after signing divorce papers. Stella suddenly had a hazy memory of standing in Jordan's office and sliding the envelope with the signed divorce papers into her purse. Portia noticed the change in Stella, but Stella shook her head and apologized for getting lost in thought. Stella admitted that she was glad Portia hadn't listened to Stella's objections. Portia knew what it was like to feel overprotective, and she opened up about her concerns for Trina taking the fall for something that Trina hadn't done.

Moments later, Marshall arrived. Curtis was surprised to see his father, but T.J. stepped forward and explained that he had invited Marshall to the gathering, since it was mostly family. After Marshall exchanged greetings with everyone, he made his way to the snack table to grab a bite to eat. Marshall decided to talk to Drew about the job offer that Drew had made by explaining that Marshall had been having second thoughts about the job since picking up extra gigs. Marshall didn't want to take a job at Aurora Media away from someone who might need it more than Marshall.

After Drew walked away, Curtis decided to question his father about Buenos Aires by mentioning that Curtis and Portia had been thinking about a trip to the city. Curtis was curious if Marshall had ever been there. Marshall acknowledged that he had been, but it had been long before. Uncomfortable with the direction of the conversation, Marshall excused himself on the pretext of checking out the view outside. Moments later, Stella joined Marshall on the terrace.

Stella saw a prescription bottle in Marshall's hand and angrily confronted him about popping pills, but he assured her it was heart medication. Stella warned Marshall that he had been taking a big chance and that the truth might get out, but he assured her that he would not let that happen. Stella conceded that she was in way too deep to go back on her word to Marshall, but she needed his assurance that he would not let things blow up in her face. Stella refused to let her relationship with her family become collateral damage. Marshall assured Stella that he appreciated all that she had done for Curtis during Marshall's absence, but if anyone was Curtis and T.J.'s family, "it's me." Shaken, Stella watched silently as Marshall returned inside.

At the snack table, Portia checked on Trina. Trina admitted that the look on Spencer's face when he'd confronted her in the interrogation room had hurt deeply. Portia suggested that part of growing up was learning the pain of putting one's faith in someone who didn't return it. Portia knew it hurt, but it also taught a person who their true friends were. Trina explained that she didn't even think Spencer believed she was guilty, but it was the only way Spencer was able to accept his "messed-up" situation with Esme. Trina admitted it was the biggest problem with Spencer. He wanted to do what was right, but when it truly mattered, he always did what was easy.

Shortly after Drew left, Portia suggested that everyone gather for a family photo. Stella's expression was filled with concern as she entered the house and stopped by the snack table. Portia called Stella over, but Stella stared at Marshall. Seconds later, Stella collapsed.

At Volonino's gym, Spencer was pummeling a punching ball when Sonny emerged from the locker room. Spencer asked if his uncle intended to continue his lecture, but Sonny promised he'd said everything he had to say. "Fine," Spencer said in a sullen tone. After Spencer left, Sonny smiled to himself.

A short time later, Selina entered the gym. Selina explained that she had stopped by his office first but had decided to check the gym, since it was just around the corner. Sonny made it clear that the gym was his private domain and not a place to conduct business. He advised Selina to make an appointment, but she admitted that Jordan had been breathing down her neck. Selina worried that it might raise questions if she was seen at Sonny's office with any frequency. Selina pointed out that it would be easier to explain her presence at the gym because Selina could claim to be interested in a membership.

Sonny cut to the chase by asking why Selina had sought him out. Selina explained that she wanted to expand in Port Charles by getting into the gambling business. She reminded him that it wouldn't conflict with any of his businesses, and it had been an underserved market ever since Luke Spencer had moved away. Selina intended to start small, but she wanted Sonny's blessing. Sonny was not pleased because Selina had never mentioned gambling when she had asked Sonny for access to the docks.

Selina assured Sonny that he would get a cut of the profits. Sonny reminded Selina that he expected her to stick to his original terms because he did not want drugs moved through his territory. "Understood," Selina said. Sonny would let Selina know about his other terms. He made it clear that if he got wind of drugs being sold, he would shut her down, and there would be no second chances. Selina and Sonny shook hands on it.

Afterwards, Selina mentioned that she had heard about Sonny's divorce, but Sonny refused to discuss his personal life. However, he decided to let Selina know that Brick had been selected as Jason's successor. Selina was pleased, and she admitted that the timing was good because there had been rumblings of a new crime family from the West Coast flying under the radar and amassing power. She conceded that they were not a problem at the that time, but that would eventually change. She agreed to share whatever she learned, but she asked that Sonny offer her the same courtesy.

At Wyndemere, Laura hoped that Esme had had nothing to do with the video of Cameron and Josslyn. Esme denied any involvement and was frustrated that no one seemed to believe her. Nikolas suggested they let the investigation run its course, and in the meantime, Nikolas would continue to keep an open mind. Laura warned Esme not to betray the trust that Nikolas had extended when he had opened his home to Esme. "We already know the answer to that," Ava said from the doorway.

Nikolas was surprised by his wife's unexpected return. Ava explained that she'd had a change of heart because some things were more important than Ava's feelings about Esme. "This is my damn house, too," Ava reminded Nikolas. Esme glared at Ava, but Laura tactfully suggested that both Laura and Esme step out to give Nikolas and Ava some privacy. Ava agreed because she didn't want to get the "mother-to-be" all worked up in her delicate condition. Esme admitted that the pregnancy had been a false alarm, but Esme snidely agreed that Nikolas and Ava had much to discuss.

After Laura and Esme left, Nikolas implored Ava to look at the bigger picture with Esme. Nikolas insisted that -- despite what Esme had done -- Esme did not deserve to be on the receiving end of Sonny's wrath. Ava accused Esme of being a liar and a cheat -- a conniving reptile who had framed Trina. Ava insisted that Trina was practically a daughter to Ava, and Ava would never be okay with Esme living at Wyndemere. However, Ava refused to let that "off-brand sociopath" drive Ava from Ava's home. Nikolas was disappointed because it was clear that Ava hadn't had a change of heart about Esme.

Nikolas made it clear that Esme moving out was not an option because Ava had sicced Sonny on Esme. Nikolas reminded Ava that she knew firsthand what Sonny was capable of when he felt his family had been threatened. "Have you forgotten what I'm capable of?" Ava asked. Ava admitted that it pained her that Nikolas had fallen for Esme's poor abandoned waif act. Ava accused Nikolas of protecting a girl who had stalked and terrorized Ava, but Nikolas argued that the evidence pointed to Trina, not Esme.

Annoyed, Ava insisted that both she and Nikolas knew that evidence could be planted, but Nikolas was unmoved. He explained that Spencer was determined to stand by Esme, and Nikolas intended to support his son. Ava realized there was nothing more to discuss. She informed her husband that she intended to move back into the castle, but she would not be sharing a bed with Nikolas until Esme moved out. Ava intended to keep her eye on things until Nikolas' eyes were opened.

Meanwhile, Spencer arrived home and found Laura and Esme in the foyer. Laura explained that she and Esme had stepped out of the living room to give Nikolas and Ava some privacy. Esme was curious where Spencer had been, so he admitted that he had gone to the gym. Esme was not pleased and accused him of rushing out earlier to get away from her. Laura tried to play peacemaker, but Esme thought that meant Laura had sided with Spencer. Rather than argue, Laura suggested that Spencer and Esme might benefit from a short break. She invited the teens to join Laura and Kevin for lunch, but Spencer declined.

After Laura left, Spencer explained that he had walked out earlier because he had needed time to think. Esme conceded that they had said some horrible things to each other, but she was quick to blame all their troubles on Spencer, accusing him of falling in love with another girl. She wondered if he intended to keep denying it. Spencer admitted that his feelings for Trina were complicated. Esme tearfully suggested that he had simplified his "complicated" feelings for Trina by believing the worst of Esme. Esme's tone was filled with despair as she asked if there was a path forward for her and Spencer.

When Spencer didn't reply, Esme tearfully announced that she would leave town. She hoped she would be able to persuade the people in charge of her trust fund to give her enough money for a plane ticket and a small apartment. Esme started to run off, but Spencer reached out to stop her. He assured her that he didn't want her to leave, but she argued that she didn't want to be roommates. Esme wanted things to go back to the way they had been when she and Spencer had been a happy couple. Spencer explained that he wasn't there yet, but if Esme stayed, they could figure things out one step at a time.

At Metro Court's restaurant, Victor read a text message that said, "Get it done. There's too much at stake." He put his phone way when Johann joined him. Victor explained that he had asked to see Johann because Victor needed Johann to keep an eye on things while Victor attended to some business out of town. Victor assured Johann that he would only be gone for a couple weeks, but Johann thought it was a bad idea because it gave the appearance that Victor was running away because of what had transpired with Kurt.

Victor insisted it was a legitimate business trip, and he doubted that anyone would notice he was gone. Johann disagreed because Mayor Collins, D.A. Scorpio, and Anna Devane all suspected Victor had been behind the incident in Austria the previous summer. Victor was confident the authorities would soon find a much more credible suspect for the cable car crash than either Victor or Johann. Resigned, Johann asked Victor to keep Johann in the loop because the more Johann knew, the more Johann could help Victor. Victor cryptically explained that the less Johann knew, the better it was for Johann.

Victor excused himself when he saw Laura walk up to the bar. Laura was not happy to see Victor, and she warned him that Kevin would soon join her for lunch. Victor offered to buy Laura a drink, but she admitted that there wasn't a martini dry enough to make Victor's offer enticing. "Ouch," Victor replied. Laura decided to shift gears by letting him know that Esme was not pregnant. Victor was relieved, but Laura confronted him about his offer to take care of things for Spencer.

Victor was unapologetic because Spencer was not ready to be a father, and Victor was certain that Laura would agree. Laura refused to discuss it with Victor, but she made it clear that she wanted better for Nikolas and Spencer. Victor assured Laura that they were on the same page, but she didn't believe him. Victor realized that Laura thought he was heartless, but he cared deeply about what the next generation would endure. Victor conceded that he and Laura might differ on their methods, but their interests were the same. Victor asked Laura to imagine a world where he and Laura stopped being enemies and instead worked together for a common goal.

Outside Sam's penthouse, Anna left a voicemail message for Valentin. She said she had believed he would be returning to Port Charles, and she wondered if that was still the plan. Anna explained that there were a few things she needed to discuss with him, and she asked that he return her call. After putting her phone way, she knocked on Sam's door.

Sam and Dante had been waiting for Anna because they had news for her. Dante and Sam believed they had uncovered proof that Luke had been murdered. Sam revealed that Spinelli had been monitoring the dark web ever since Drew's run-in with Victor on the docks. Dante didn't think it was a coincidence that Luke had been murdered, Victor had returned, and the Ice Princess diamond had been stolen. Anna agreed that the events had to be connected.

Dante revealed that Tracy had been blindsided by the news that the Ice Princess had been swapped out. Sam suspected that Luke had been killed before noticing the diamond was fake. Dante pointed out that a person wouldn't have stolen the Ice Princess to put on display in their own collection, which meant that it had been stolen to be sold on the black market for a lot of money. Anna was instantly intrigued when Dante and Sam shared that Spinelli had found a black-market auction on the dark web that included an item that sounded like the infamous diamond.

Sam pulled the auction up on her laptop, and Anna read about "the world's largest uncut diamond." Anna was certain it was the Ice Princess, and she agreed with Dante and Sam that the seller was likely Luke's killer -- who would lead them straight to Victor. Sam explained that to gain entry to the auction, they would need to show that they could participate in the bidding. Anna realized that Sam was right. Anna confided that Duke Lavery had left Anna a sizable inheritance, but she had never touched the money because of the ambiguous ways that Duke had accumulated his wealth.

Anna had set aside a portion of the money for her grandchildren's education, and the rest Anna had converted into cryptocurrency in case Anna ever had to investigate cybercrimes. Anna decided to use the cryptocurrency to secure a place in the auction. Sam went to work setting everything up. Anna was certain that Duke would approve. While they waited for Anna to be approved for the auction, Dante, Sam, and Anna discussed Kurt's role in the cable car crash and what might have motivated the inspector to sabotage the equipment.

Sam believed that the theft of the Ice Princess meant that the motive had been financial rather than political. Dante suggested that Victor had exploited a "true believer" for Victor's personal cause. Dante pointed out that the money from the sale of the diamond could fund Victor's cause for a lifetime. Anna, Dante, and Sam agreed they should look into Victor's right-hand man and figure out what was near and dear to Johann. Moments later, Sam's laptop pinged to let her know that Anna's application had been accepted. Anna asked Sam to have Spinelli look into Johann, and she promised to stay in touch with Dante and Sam.

In the hallway, Anna called Valentin, but the call went to voicemail. Anna explained that she had to leave town, but she was concerned because she hadn't been able to reach him.

In French Polynesia, Jennifer Smith sat at a table on the beach, sipping a tropical drink as she spoke to a mystery person on the phone. She became defensive as she explained that it might seem wasteful to spend the millions that they had acquired, but the item she wanted to buy at the auction had once belonged to Jennifer's "dear late husband." Jennifer was committed to moving on with her life but felt that she owed it to her dead husband and herself to make sure that his most treasured possession stayed with someone who had cared so much about him. Jennifer insisted that the Ice Princess belonged to her.

"I mean us," Jennifer said. Jennifer explained that acquiring the diamond would send a message to the entire underworld that they were a force to be reckoned with, and they could expedite their program and operations faster than originally planned. Jennifer promised that if she won the auction, they could move from the West Coast and strike right at the heart of Port Charles. She assured her accomplice that she would let them know how things went.

Jennifer ended the call and called out for another drink. Just then, Valentin approached her table. He was dressed in a white naval uniform and sported a mustache. He addressed her in French then switched to heavily accented English as he offered to buy her a drink and asked if he could join her.

Michael strikes a deal with Smoltz

Michael strikes a deal with Smoltz

Thursday, April 7, 2022

At the Metro Court bar, Laura wondered what Victor thought they had in common. He answered that they both cared about the well-being of their loved ones. He believed that she wouldn't hesitate to help him if she knew how high the stakes were. She asked if the family was in danger, but he only replied that they were living in "uncertain times." She called it laughable and unbelievable that he'd suddenly become a devoted family man.

Victor explained that he'd been very lonely the past few years, as only Nikolas had known about Victor's survival. He knew that he'd started appreciating his family late in life, but he was "more committed than you could ever know." Laura wished that Luke was there to enjoy the better future, and Victor commented that Luke's death was a tragedy. Just then, Laura's phone went off, and she revealed that Kevin had to cancel on their lunch plans. Victor advised Laura that she still had time to change her mind about him. "Your time is running out," she replied, and she left.

In his office, Sonny was on the phone with Brick to finalize a deal. There was a knock on the door, and he ended the call when Nina entered. She was there to tell him that she'd petitioned the court for visitation of Wiley, so he wasn't blindsided by it later. Both wished that it could have turned out differently, and Nina still hoped to one day have an amicable relationship with Michael and Willow. Sonny promised that they would one day see the good in her.

Nina noticed that a cut above Sonny's eye was still bleeding, and he admitted that he was sparring again. She grabbed a tissue to clean it up, and the two got close and shared a kiss. Just then, Sonny's phone went off, and he decided to ignore the call from the business associate. However, she thought that they both needed to get back to work. She advised him to mend fences with Michael, even if that meant Sonny had to side against her in court. He replied that everyone needed all the love they could get. She advised him to ice his eye, and she left.

In French Polynesia, a sailor uniform-clad Valentin, using a French accent, introduced himself to Jennifer as Francois. He kissed her hand and sat down with her. He asked her why she was visiting, and she answered that she was there for an auction of a priceless item that someone special to her had once owned. He wondered if that special person was there with her, and she answered that there was no one special for her at that moment. She asked the same of him, and he admitted that there was someone "back home," but he wasn't sure that they were destined to be together. She wanted to get to know him better. He agreed, but he revealed that he was only there for one night on leave. "A lot can happen in one night," she replied.

Jennifer and Valentin arrived in her room, and he watched as she hit the electronic buttons to put something in her safe. She excused herself to take a shower, and he suggestively asked her to describe it. As she described what she was doing in the shower, Valentin hummed the beep sequence to himself and attempted to open the safe. Eventually, he got the safe open as she announced that she was ready to have him towel her off. She emerged from the bathroom and demanded to know what he was doing.

Outside the Metro Court restaurant, Alexis told someone on the phone that she'd gotten a spot on a television panel about cyber exploitation. Just then, Smoltz approached her, and she ended the call. He accused her of stealing the article idea from him, and he threatened to sue her. In return for not warning other journalists away from the Invader, he wanted a five-part feature. Without making any promises, she advised him to let her know when he had his next story idea.

There was a knock on Carly's office door, and she was surprised when Harmony entered. Harmony admitted that she was looking for a job, and she explained that she was trying to save for her own place so she could get out of Alexis' hair. Harmony's phone went off, but she ignored it. She continued that she had cleaning and serving experience, so Carly proposed that Harmony meet Olivia, as well. Wanting to be honest, Harmony told Carly about "going to bat" for Nina about Wiley. She added that she regretted it and wished she hadn't, but she'd felt that she owed Nina. Carly thanked Harmony for the honesty. She advised Harmony to fill out an application online, and she would have the human resources person flag it. Harmony's phone went off again on her way out, but she ignored it again.

Later, Alexis entered Carly's office to tell her about the cyber exploitation panel she'd been invited to speak on. She didn't want to do it if it would make Josslyn and Cameron uncomfortable, but Carly advised Alexis to talk to them about it. Carly told Alexis about Harmony asking for a job, and Alexis offered that Harmony was conscientious and a hard worker. Carly thought it was strange that Harmony had said that she'd felt she owed Nina, so she double-checked that Alexis trusted Harmony. Alexis vouched for Harmony's work ethic. She promised to stay in touch, and she left.

Michael and Willow arrived at the Metro Court restaurant, and she was nervous about their meeting with Smoltz. Michael promised not to do anything she was uncomfortable with, and they shared a kiss. Just then, a man handed both of them large envelopes and declared that they'd been served. They opened the envelopes when they got to a table and found that Nina had officially petitioned the court for visitation of Wiley. They were angry that she'd gone through with it, and Michael realized the importance of getting Smoltz to drop the charges against him.

Smoltz arrived, and Michael revealed that he had a proposition for Smoltz. Harmony stepped off the elevator and approached the table. Willow thought it was best that they give Michael and Smoltz some time to talk, so the women left the table. Michael talked about how hard and long he and his lawyers could make the legal process. In exchange for Smoltz dropping the charges and not filing a civil suit, Michael offered an exclusive story about Nina's misdeeds toward his family. Smoltz was intrigued and made the deal. He thought it would be the "feature of a lifetime," and he knew who would run it.

Outside the Metro Court restaurant, Willow told Harmony about Nina's petition, and Harmony hoped they could make an agreement before the case got to court. Willow replied that Nina had crossed too many lines for that to happen. Harmony's phone went off, and she ignored the call, claiming that it was a telemarketer. When it stopped ringing, she got a text that read, "It's Brendan. We meet or next I call your daughter."

At Curtis and Portia's, they posed for a family picture with Marshall, T.J., and Trina, and they beckoned Stella to get in the picture, as well. Just then, Stella passed out. Portia and T.J. sprang into action as Stella began to wake up, and Curtis called for an ambulance. A short while later, Portia revealed that Stella didn't appear to have had a stroke or a heart attack. Just then, they heard approaching sirens, so Marshall and T.J. helped Stella outside, followed by Trina. Portia divulged to Curtis that she believed Stella had had a panic attack.

At the hospital, Dr. Aliya entered Stella's room to examine her. Stella decided that only Portia could stay, so Curtis and T.J. left. Curtis returned when the exam was done, and Portia left. Curtis wondered who or what had Stella rattled enough to have a panic attack, and he suggested that it was Marshall. He vowed to protect his family, even if it was from his own father.

Back at the house, Marshall learned on the phone that Stella was being examined. When he ended the call, he suggested that he and Trina have something to eat while they waited, but she wasn't hungry. He knew what it felt like to be wrongly accused of something, and he confided that he'd learned to not care about what strangers thought of him. Trina wondered what he did when a friend thought the worst of him. He asked if the person was a true friend, and Trina briefly explained all of Spencer's misdeeds, including the multiple times he'd asked her to lie for him. She wished she had never invested in Spencer.

Marshall and Trina discussed the morality of lying to protect a secret. She didn't think it was ever right, but he believed that certain lies were justified. Trina figured that Taggert would agree, and she explained how he'd faked his death to protect her. Marshall commented that he and Taggert seemed to have a lot in common.

Marshall got a call from Stella, who assured him that she'd only had a panic attack. She knew that it was because of all she'd been holding inside, and he thought it would be healthier for her to unburden herself. She angrily whispered that confessing would be no good for their family -- or their place in it. She warned him to stick to his story if Curtis questioned more about his past, and she hung up.

Out in the hall at the hospital, Curtis made a phone call. He told someone that he was ready to revisit their proposition.

Willow's birth mother is revealed

Willow's birth mother is revealed

Friday, April 8, 2022

In French Polynesia, Anna and Felicia sat under the sun, dressed in tourist outfits. Anna expressed her wish to find Luke's killer and hoped to prove Victor had been responsible for Luke's death. Anna recognized a man in a tropical shirt as someone she knew to be a WSB agent working undercover. The agent, Beeman, informed Anna that the WSB was there to apprehend the Ice Princess and to catch the person responsible for its theft. Beeman informed Anna that the WSB had a location on where the diamond was being kept.

In her room in French Polynesia, Jennifer stepped out of the shower and greeted Valentin, who was still dressed in a sailor uniform and posing as a mustachioed Frenchman named "Francois." They were interrupted by Anna and the WSB. Anna, Beeman, and a host of other WSB agents entered Jennifer's room as Valentin sneaked out. Beeman announced that the WSB had evidence that tied Jennifer to stolen property as well as Luke's murder. Anna opened the safe in Jennifer's room and discovered what Anna had hoped to find: the Ice Princess. Jennifer denied that she had stolen the Ice Princess to lure Luke into a potential reunion and vowed that she had always loved Luke and would never have caused him harm. Jennifer was placed under arrest by the WSB.

After Jennifer was led out of the room, Beeman told Anna that the WSB had received information that tied Jennifer to Kurt Markovic, the cable car inspector that had orchestrated the accident that had killed Luke. Beeman said that once the WSB had found the diamond in Jennifer's possession, it had become clear to them that Jennifer had stolen it and killed Luke to stop him from taking it back. "We have our killer and our thief," Beeman said.

Back on the beachfront strip, Anna told Felicia what had happened inside Jennifer's room. Neither Anna nor Felicia was convinced that Jennifer was the one who had orchestrated Luke's death or the theft of the Ice Princess. Anna mentioned that Jennifer had spoken of "Francois" and told Felicia that there was someone else involved besides Jennifer. "This just has Victor's handwriting all over it," Anna said.

Anna surmised that Victor had sensed that she and Felicia had been closing in and that Victor had set someone up to take the fall. Anna said that if Jennifer had indeed been framed, their next move should be to find "Francois." Valentin, who was hidden nearby, overheard Anna and Felicia's conversation.

At Pozzulo's, Scott told Sonny of his plan to call Sonny as a character witness in Nina's trial. Scott remarked that Sonny had told the truth about Nina in her criminal trial in Pennsylvania, and he thought Sonny would want to testify on Nina's behalf again in civil court because, as Scott understood it, Sonny's relationship with Nina was different from what it had been during the trial in Pennsylvania.

Scott gloated that no matter how the trial turned out, Sonny would lose. Scott said that Sonny would have to choose between Michael and Nina. Scott assumed Sonny would side with Michael and said Nina would be another person in Sonny's "path of destruction. "You know what, Baldwin? I underestimated you," Sonny told Scott.

Sonny said that he'd been surprised by Scott's actions in Pennsylvania during Nina's first trial. Sonny then "congratulated" Scott. "You're going to get exactly what you deserve," Sonny said cryptically.

At Curtis and Portia's house, Marshall told Portia that Curtis had gone to the Savoy. Portia wondered what could be so important that it would cause Curtis to leave right after Stella's panic attack. Marshall started to leave but noticed that Trina was still upset. He asked Portia for permission to stay with them while they waited on Curtis. Marshall surmised that Trina was worried she'd inadvertently caused Stella's panic attack. Marshall put Trina's mind at ease.

Trina wondered if it was too late to take the district attorney's plea deal. Trina offered that she had seen what the trial was costing everyone in her life, and she wondered if it was "selfish" of her to keep fighting to prove her innocence. Trina thought that if she changed her plea to guilty, all the stress on her family and friends would be over. "Isn't that worth it for the people that I love?" Trina asked Marshall.

Marshall recalled that he'd once had to make a choice for his family, too. Marshall said he had chosen the path he'd always thought had caused his family the least amount of pain. Marshall admitted that since he had come to Port Charles and seen what his choice had done to his family, he wasn't sure he'd made the right decision in hindsight. Later, Portia told Curtis that Marshall had stayed behind to look after Trina. Portia told Curtis she was glad that Marshall had stayed.

Earlier, at the Savoy, Curtis met with Selina to discuss reconsidering her proposal. Selina surmised that if Curtis was suddenly willing to listen, his circumstances had changed. Selina asked Curtis what he wanted from her in exchange. Curtis told Selina he needed her help to acquire a witness protection file along with sealed arrest records that pertained to Marshall.

Selina agreed and offered Curtis a handshake deal, but Curtis told Selina he had a few terms she would have to agree to for their arrangement to work. Curtis asked for Selina's word to not have drugs or guns brought to the Savoy. Curtis told Selina he had one last term that was non-negotiable: there would be no games unless Curtis got the information about Marshall that he'd asked Selina for. Selina and Curtis finally agreed to terms, right as Nina stopped by the Savoy and oversaw Curtis shaking hands with Selina.

After Selina left, Nina wanted to know why Curtis would agree to do business with someone in Selina's line of work. Nina surmised that she had always known when Curtis was in trouble, and she offered her help. Curtis assured Nina that if he needed her, he would tell her. Nina told Curtis that the reason she had stopped by was that she wanted him to be a character reference in court. Curtis readily agreed to Nina's request. Curtis told Nina that he understood Nina's situation with Wiley because she and Curtis would both go to any lengths necessary for the people they cared about.

Outside the Metro Court restaurant, a distraught Harmony received a text message from Brendan, who threatened that he would tell Willow that Harmony wasn't Willow's real mother. Harmony turned to leave. As Harmony choked back tears, she hugged Willow and said that she loved her.

At Pier 54 on the waterfront section, Harmony met with Brendan, who revealed he had seen Neil's file on Harmony. According to Brendan, Harmony had been an "inmate" patient of Neil's. Brendan told Harmony that Neil's file had been filled with "all sorts of interesting information" on Harmony and her daughter. "Stay the hell away from my daughter!" an irate Harmony demanded. "You mean Nina Reeves's daughter?" Brendan asked a stunned Harmony.

Brendan claimed that there was evidence in Neil's file that Harmony had stolen Willow at birth. Harmony denied that she had stolen Willow, but Brendan told Harmony that he had evidence that Nina had given birth to twins while in a coma and that Madeline Reeves had arranged for one of the twins to be put on the black market. The other twin, Brendan said, had gone to Harmony.

Brendan tried to blackmail Harmony, but Harmony told Brendan that she was broke and one step away from living out of her car. Brendan posited that Alexis had money and that Willow was the mother of a Quartermaine heir, and he threatened to take the information he had about Willow's birth to Nina. Harmony stood her ground and said she had withstood worse men than Brendan. She added that she wasn't afraid of him. "You should be. Because, unlike you, I have nothing to lose. Get my money, or I blow up your world," Brendan told Harmony.

After Brendan left, Harmony stared at a photo of Willow on her phone and wept.

Back inside Metro Court, Michael and Willow grabbed a table. Michael revealed that he had convinced Smoltz to run a series of damaging articles on Nina in exchange for Smoltz dropping the assault charge. Michael thought the series of articles might also neutralize any tricks Scott might try to pull at the hearing.

Michael said that Nina could resort to attacking his and Willow's parents during the custody trial. Michael thought Nina might use Sonny and Harmony's criminal records to make the case that Nina would be a better influence for Wiley. Once Smoltz's series of articles on Nina was published, Michael said, he doubted that anyone would side with Nina.

Right as Michael went to ask for the check, both Nina and Brendan walked into Metro Court. Nina stopped right in front of Michael and Willow's table. Brendan glared at Nina from a distance.

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