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Esme reunited with her father -- Ryan Chamberlain. Josslyn confronted Esme about the leaked video, but Esme pointed the finger at Trina. Josslyn leaned on her mother for support. Elizabeth and Finn put their relationship on hold. Anna and Felicia decided to investigate Luke's death. Victor walked into a trap. Brando and Sasha eloped.
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Esme reunited with her father, Brando and Sasha eloped, and Josslyn and Cameron tried to do damage control
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Brando and Sasha decide to get married

Brando and Sasha decide to get married

Monday, March 7, 2022

Elizabeth stared at Franco's painting of her as Finn bounded down the stairs after his shower. Elizabeth confessed that it felt like Franco was still around. "Or so someone wants you to believe," Finn replied. Elizabeth admitted that she hadn't been sleeping well, and she felt as though someone had been watching her. They sat down on the sofa with mugs of coffee as Elizabeth declared that she was concerned about Jake, although her boys all claimed to be okay. She thought that Jake needed some help after all he'd been through.

Finn and Elizabeth wondered if Jake had been trying to break them up, although Finn suggested that the culprit could be someone from Franco's past. Elizabeth was unnerved to think that someone she didn't know could have been in her house. Finn suggested that their families join for a road trip and a change of scenery, but Elizabeth declined. She didn't want to create more upheaval.

Finn suggested that he stay at Elizabeth's house with Violet instead, but Elizabeth preferred that he didn't. She wasn't sure her sons were ready for her to move on, and they were first in her life. She didn't want Finn to wait for her, but he assured her that he would, no matter how long it took. He added that she was worth waiting for. They hugged and shared a kiss.

In Niagara Falls, Sasha told Brando that she didn't want their vacation to end. Brando promised to try to make her real world just as special, but Sasha announced that she wanted to get married right away. Brando was taken aback and asked Sasha if she would regret it, but she insisted that she was ready. He was the only family she needed. Brando thought it was rather sudden and reminded Sasha that they had never discussed it.

Sasha noted that she and Brando had been planning on a life together because of how much they meant to each other. Brando felt like he had "missed an episode." "Why now?" he asked. Sasha insisted that she saw no reason to wait, but Brando asked if it was about him, the both of them, or Liam. He thought that Sasha might be trying to distract herself. Sasha appreciated his honesty and told him how she'd always "gone without" before arriving in Port Charles. She showed him a ten-dollar chip she'd won the previous evening. Things had changed, and losing her son had made her realize that her life was full. She wanted to hold on to it.

Brando agreed to marry Sasha wherever and whenever she wanted to. Sasha was happy as she and Brando kissed. She urged him to take a shower while she checked out venues. She popped a pill after Brando had left the room.

Lucy showed Curtis and Portia around Jax's house as they considered purchasing it. Lucy noted that Sonny could be interested, although she was sure that Jax would prefer not to sell to him. Curtis made it clear that he didn't want to be in a bidding war with Sonny. Portia was impressed with Lucy having two jobs. Portia loved the house, and Lucy did her best to encourage them to bid on it. She thought it would be a great place to start a family.

Curtis thought the house was too big for the two of them, although Portia thought that an office, a gym, a room for Trina, and one for Marshall would be nice. Curtis took exception to providing a room for Marshall, who had 40 years to account for, and Portia quickly clarified that it could be a "dedicated guest room." Curtis finally consented that he was ready to bid on it. Portia hugged and kissed him in her excitement.

Sonny showed up at Metro Court to see Carly and reminisce about Courtney. Carly offered to get him a drink, but Sonny informed her that he had been trying not to indulge. Carly noted that they would always be connected, not just because of their children, but also because of their history. She admitted that it hurt her to see him, and she thought it should be less often. Sonny didn't want to hurt her, and he offered to pretend that he was dead. Carly guessed that Nina would enjoy that, but Sonny promised that he could make it so that Carly never saw him. Sonny was willing to do whatever Carly wanted, although Carly maintained that they were still a team for their girls.

As Spencer laid flowers on his mother's grave, he was surprised to see Trina, who proceeded to accuse him of busting out of jail. Spencer hoped she was alone because he did not want to be seen, but Trina continued to berate him for "tooling around" a cemetery when he should be in prison. Spencer informed her that he was visiting his mother to tell her that he had been trying to do better. It was the first time in years he'd been able to be there on the anniversary of her death.

Trina was apologetic, and Spencer ordered Trina not to say anything about seeing him, or he'd end up in Pentonville. Just then, they heard footsteps, and Spencer ran off to hide. It was Jordan, who was surprised to see Trina, who called out a loud hello. Jordan mentioned that she'd heard voices, but Trina explained that she'd been talking to herself while going over her school notes. She stated that she was there for a class. They chatted briefly, and Jordan finally left.

Spencer emerged from his hiding spot, and Trina shoved him to the ground in frustration. Spencer revealed that Victor had been able to get him a furlough, but Trina was not impressed. She accused Spencer of being a rich and spoiled brat who had always done what he wanted. "I know. Privilege," Spencer said. Trina was impressed that Spencer had admitted it, and he agreed that being his friend had to be exhausting for Trina. He added that he always heard what she said to him.

Spencer suggested that he and Trina keep quiet about their meeting, and Trina urged him to be careful. She reminded Spencer that he was close to the end of his sentence. They joked around, and Spencer asked if she had enjoyed his gift. Trina promised to provide a review after his sentence was over. After Trina had gone, Spencer spoke to his mother and told her he would be free, and she would be proud.

At another gravesite, Jordan spoke to her former partner, Mark. She lovingly cleared away the dried-out leaves from the headstone and promised to do the job they had all signed up for. She declared that the "bad guys are on notice."

The class at the university grew loud and excited as they viewed a video of Josslyn and Cameron in bed. Everyone laughed as the flustered teacher attempted to get it shut down quickly. Esme was pleased as pandemonium ensued. "Turn it off!" Josslyn shouted. Cameron quickly ran up to the teacher and slammed her laptop shut. The teacher quickly ended the class as a horrified and speechless Josslyn and Cameron looked on. The teacher apologized to them for losing control of the class and not ending it quickly enough. She noted that Brian, who had been running the video, would be disciplined. She urged the couple to keep better track of their intimate files, as Josslyn and Cameron looked at her in confusion and shock.

Josslyn and Cameron began to receive text messages, and Josslyn noted that she had an email with the video link. She was freaked out that everyone on campus could be viewing it. Esme stood outside in the hallway and continued to chuckle. Cameron wondered if Josslyn thought he'd been behind it, and they began to argue. They tried to figure out who might have been responsible for the recording at the cabin. Suddenly, Esme laughed and dropped her book bag. Josslyn heard the noise and grabbed Esme before she could get away. "You going somewhere?" Josslyn asked.

Esme expressed her sympathy and hoped that Josslyn and Cameron were okay. She wanted them to know that they had her support. Josslyn realized that one person was enjoying the entire incident and that it was the "bitch right in front of me." Josslyn accused Esme of enjoying having "stuck it" to her and Cameron, and they both began to tell Esme off. Esme accused them of taking it all out on her when she wanted to be a friend. Cameron asked if she had done it in order for them to appreciate her comfort and support.

Esme denied all knowledge of the incident, although neither Cameron nor Josslyn believed her. Josslyn called Esme a sociopath and accused Esme of having been eager to get Josslyn and Cameron into bed. She noted that Esme had only apologized to people in order to manipulate them again. Esme continued to deny it all, but she noted that Trina had been there. Trina had just walked into the classroom.

At Metro Court, Jordan arrived and interrupted Carly and Sonny's conversation. Jordan expressed her sorrow over Jason's death and her appreciation of Carly's effort while Sonny had been gone. Carly left Sonny and Jordan to talk business, and Sonny reminded Jordan that they had worked well together. Jordan made it clear that their collaboration was over because Cyrus was finally out of the picture. Sonny thought they'd made a good team. Jordan exclaimed that she considered the slate wiped clean, and Sonny had a chance to move forward; she suggested that he be a good citizen.

Jordan added that Sonny might have grown accustomed to a milder way of life in Nixon Falls, but Sonny replied that he might want something more spicy. "You do you. And so will I," Jordan stated. She promised that she would not look the other way.

Ryan finds a new way to communicate

Ryan finds a new way to communicate

Tuesday, March 8, 2022

Esme berated Josslyn and Cameron in the classroom at Port Charles University about blaming her for their sex video getting out to the world. Esme reminded them that she had not been there to record them, and she pointed the finger at Trina, who entered the room. Trina questioned what was going on. Josslyn and Cameron informed her that a private video of them from the cabin had been played in front of their entire class. Trina stood in disbelief, immediately showed concern for Josslyn, and said she was sorry it had happened.

Esme continued to instigate and asked why Trina would tell Josslyn she was sorry. Trina asked what Esme was trying to imply, and Esme questioned if Trina was sorry it had happened to Josslyn and Cameron or if there was something more, since whoever had recorded and emailed the video had been in the cabin. "You've got the nerve to be pointing your crooked finger at me?" Trina asked defensively. Cameron tried to defuse the situation and said no one was pointing fingers, Josslyn forcefully disagreed and said she was, right in Esme's face.

Esme played innocent and reminded everyone that she and Spencer had left early that night and that Trina probably did not remember much because she'd been "pretty out of it." Cameron said that there had to be an explanation, and Trina agreed. Trina told Josslyn and Cameron that they'd been set up.

Trina continued that only one person who had been at the cabin was twisted enough to have given the teddy bear with Ryan's voice to Avery. Josslyn added that Esme had also torched Ava's car and left Kiki's badge underneath it. Trina quoted Maya Angelou and told Esme, "When someone shows you who they are, believe them." Cameron again attempted to step in the middle. Trina told him she was sorry if it made things harder for him and Josslyn, but she would defend herself against Esme. To everyone's shock, Esme admitted she was guilty.

Esme deflected and said she was behind the video "in a manner of speaking" because she had pushed for the cabin trip and described it as a couples' trip, which had made Trina "feel like an outsider." She continued by saying the questions she'd asked during the drinking game had sent "Trina over the edge." Trina fired back that Esme had not seen her go over the edge, while Cameron again attempted to stand in the middle of them.

Esme, referencing her psychology coursework, goaded Trina by saying Trina had anger issues and implying she had an "undercurrent of behavioral dysfunction."

"Who the hell are you calling dysfunctional, you conniving bitch," Trina snapped. Esme played innocent and told Trina she would not have provoked Trina if she had thought Trina was capable of hurting their friends that way. "We're not friends, Esme, and I wouldn't spit on you if you were on fire," Josslyn stated tearfully. Esme again denied being responsible before Cameron yelled "Enough!" He told Esme she was toxic and demanded that she get out. Before Esme left, she told the three friends she hoped they realized who their true friends were one day.

Still upset, Trina checked in and asked Josslyn if she was going to be okay. Josslyn said she needed to pull herself together so she could leave the room. Trina questioned who Esme thought she was fooling with her fake innocent act, and Josslyn sadly agreed that Esme was "the absolute worst." Josslyn tried to work out how the video of her and Cameron could have been made. Trina noted that cameras had timers, but no one could remember seeing Esme near Josslyn and Cameron's room. Josslyn proclaimed that she wished the night had never happened, and Cameron looked at her in shock.

Josslyn attempted to reassure Cameron that she was not referring to their night together. Cameron assured her that he understood. Josslyn continued to try to understand what had happened and said she felt like she was in a nightmare. Trina told her they would get to the bottom of it, and Cameron suggested they go to the dean. He voiced relief that the video was contained to the internal PCU student website. Trina then received an alert on her phone with a link to an X-Rated website. Josslyn worried that the video had gone viral.

Cameron received the same link on his phone but refused to open it. He told Josslyn they would do damage control, but first, they were "getting the hell out of here." Trina encouraged them to do what they needed to do and said she would talk to them later. Cameron packed his book bag, and Trina told Josslyn "I'm here for you" before they left the classroom. Trina received another alert to her phone, a text from an unknown number telling her it was Spencer and that he was checking on her.

At Spring Ridge, Harmony and Ryan worked with a letter board, and he communicated that he was cold. Kevin approached and confirmed that Harmony was Ryan's primary caregiver. Harmony noted that she had not seen Kevin visit before. He replied that he liked to limit contact with his brother whenever possible and chalked up his visit to "curiosity."

Harmony assessed that Ryan's condition was unchanged, and he remained "locked in." Harmony explained that Ryan communicated by blinking. Kevin attempted to greet Ryan, but Ryan refused to acknowledge him. Harmony told Kevin that Ryan could blink out complex messages, depending on the caregiver. Harmony demonstrated by asking Ryan if he needed eyedrops. Ryan blinked twice, which indicated no. "So, your eyes aren't dry, you just have nothing to say to me. Let's keep it that way," Kevin said icily before walking out.

Nikolas entered the facility and looked at Ryan before being approached by Samuel, the guard that Victor paid off to look after Spencer. Nikolas told Samuel he was there to visit Spencer, and Samuel countered by asking if Spencer wanted to see him. Spencer approached, and he thanked and dismissed Samuel. Nikolas expressed surprise that Spencer wanted to see him, since Spencer had told Nikolas not to come back after his last visit. "You can thank my better angels for a change of heart. One angel in particular," Spencer replied.

Spencer told Nikolas that Victor had urged him to be more receptive to Nikolas' visits. He explained that Victor held Nikolas in high esteem, which surprised Nikolas. Spencer pressed that Victor had never spoken a word against Nikolas and that he insisted that family was what mattered most. Nikolas explained to Spencer that his dealings with Victor were complicated but that they agreed on the importance of family. Nikolas told Spencer he was visiting Spencer that day because it was the anniversary of Spencer's mother's death. He apologized for all Spencer had faced in his young life.

Nikolas stated that both he and Spencer had a lot to answer for and that accountability was something they both struggled with. "You're the greatest gift of my life," Nikolas told Spencer. He said he'd planned to tell Courtney that at her grave, which surprised Spencer. Nikolas said he knew that Spencer could not visit her, and he'd wanted to apologize for failing Spencer. He had also wanted to ask for help being a better father, but he had not gotten a chance to say any of it because Sonny had been there. Nikolas assured Spencer that Sonny cared about him, and so did Nikolas. Spencer told Nikolas he knew Nikolas cared, but Spencer questioned where Ava fit in.

Ryan sat nearby and listened to Nikolas and Spencer's conversation while Harmony read Wuthering Heights to him. Harmony initially expressed surprise that he'd chosen the book but followed by saying it was not really a romance but was about "the price of obsession." As Ryan continued to watch Nikolas and Spencer, Harmony talked about how vengeful and obsessive the supposed hero of the book was.

Nikolas explained to Spencer that Ava knew he was at Spring Ridge, and she would not stand in the way of their relationship. Nikolas told Spencer that the day was a painful reminder that Spencer had lost one parent, but Nikolas was hoping that they could put the past aside and start fresh. Spencer expressed his belief that Courtney would want him to say yes. Esme cheerfully approached Nikolas and Spencer and said they were the best thing she had seen all day. Nikolas greeted Esme and told Spencer he would be back to see Spencer the following week.

Esme apologized for running Nikolas off, but Spencer said Nikolas would be back. Spencer apologized and asked Esme to forgive him for being thoughtless about the loss of her parents. Esme accepted the apology and claimed that she had not had the best relationship with her adoptive parents. She admitted her grief did not compare to his. Spencer said he was grateful she understood, and he also got that she was sensitive where Trina was concerned. He assured Esme he would not bring Trina up so much. "I'm not sensitive when it comes to Trina, I'm just onto her," Esme pronounced.

Spencer asked what Esme meant by that, and Esme declared, "Every time I turn around, Trina is trying to get close to you." Spencer tried to deny it, but Esme listed off things she'd noticed -- stolen glances, holding hands at Kelly's, secret meeting at the gallery, and her gift on Valentine's Day. Esme accused Spencer of having an intimate relationship with Trina and sharing secrets. Spencer again denied it and said he and Trina were just friends.

"Sure, Joss and Cam thought she was their friend until she recorded them having sex," Esme told Spencer. She went on to say that Trina had sent the footage to the entire PCU student body. Stunned, Spencer asked when it had happened and expressed concern for Josslyn. Esme said that Josslyn had accused her at first until it had become clear that Trina was the culprit. Spencer was adamant that Trina would not do that, which further upset Esme, and she walked off.

Esme returned, and Spencer hid the phone he'd sent Trina a text from. Esme announced that she was glad they'd left the cabin early so they hadn't been the "victims of Trina, the amateur pornographer." Samuel told Spencer it was time for routine room checks. Spencer told Esme the room checks took awhile then he secretly slipped the cell phone to Samuel. Esme told him not to worry and said she would be there.

Maxie had Bailey in her stroller as she approached Britt at the Metro Court restaurant for a "ladies' lunch." Britt was excited to officially meet her niece. She called herself Bailey's "resident bad influence" and said she would keep all of Bailey's secrets. Maxie asked if Britt could forgive her for keeping the truth about Bailey secret from Britt.

Britt picked up Bailey and told Maxie there was nothing to forgive. Maxie continued to explain that the original plan had been for Britt to deliver Bailey. Britt reminded Maxie there had been no way they could have known that Cyrus would have tried to kill Britt or that she would have had to go on the run with Jason. She expressed pride and gratitude that Maxie had kept Bailey safe and that they were both home.

Britt assured Maxie that Peter was gone, and they didn't have to worry about him. Maxie agreed about Peter but reminded Britt that someone had taken Bailey and helped Peter escape, and that person was still free. Britt told Maxie that Austin and Liesl were convinced that Victor Cassadine was involved. Maxie knew that but also said they could not prove it. She informed Britt that Anna and Robert were not going to drop it, either.

Maxie declared that she was tired of looking over her shoulder. She wanted to relax and hang out with her kids. She told Britt that Georgie and James were in love with Bailey, and Britt replied, "As are you. I can see it." Maxie said that it was new, and she was not going to rush it. Britt smiled, telling Maxie she was referring to Bailey and asked who Maxie was talking about.

Britt was surprised when Maxie said she was talking about Austin. Britt asked if they were officially a thing. "We are officially trying it out," Maxie told her. Britt confirmed that she knew Austin liked Maxie, but she had not thought he had a chance with Maxie after he'd directed Victor toward Bailey. Maxie said that Austin had messed up, but he'd apologized. She confided that Austin had been supportive of her, and she wanted to see where things went -- slowly. Britt expressed that she was proud of Maxie for taking it slowly after what had happened with Peter. Maxie noted that her kids had just gotten her back, and they were coming up on Deception's IPO, so "officially unofficial" was all she could handle with Austin at that moment.

Maxie inquired about Britt's dating life. Britt deflected and said work kept her busy. Maxie challenged Britt and said work always kept her busy. Maxie asked what was really keeping Britt from seeing someone. Britt told Maxie she sounded like Liesl, and Maxie thought Britt should know how important it was for women to blaze their own trails.

"History isn't made by women who are desperate to be in a relationship. It's made by women who see the bigger picture," Britt exclaimed. Maxie agreed and said that love could be a part of the equation. She also shut down all of Britt's excuses and asked if Britt had thought about a matchmaking service. That confirmed for Britt that Maxie was working with Liesl, and Maxie assured her, "We just want you to be happy!"

A courier handed Britt a clipboard to sign and initial for a square white box. She asked who the box was from, and the courier told her everything she needed to know was inside the box. Britt opened the letter and announced to Maxie that it was "what's left of Peter."

Sam, Laura, and Drew plotted against Victor at Sam's house. "Victor is not going to be easy to manipulate. Our execution has got to be flawless," Drew warned. Laura agreed and determined that the fewer people looped in, the better. Just then, there was a knock on the door, and it was Dante with coffee. He was surprised to see that Sam had company, and he offered to return another time.

Laura and Drew invited Dante in and said he'd walked in on "a plot." Dante said that it sounded both "illegal and dangerous." Laura agreed that the legality was murky and that, while it could be considered a matter of public safety, her involvement went beyond just being the mayor. She admitted that the plan gave her pause, but as a mother and grandmother, she was committed to it. Drew asked if Laura was considering bringing Dante in, and Sam assured Drew that Dante could be trusted.

Laura asked Dante if he would like to join them and requested discretion either way. Dante said he was in without any hesitation. "I trust you; you trust me. What are we doing?" Dante asked. Laura let them know she was late to meet Kevin and told Sam and Drew to fill Dante in. She also made it clear that they could not make a move without consulting her first. Drew confirmed that they would let her know when the plan was solidified, and before she exited, Laura welcomed Dante aboard. Dante asked what the plan was for, and Drew told him they were going to stop Victor Cassadine.

Drew explained to Dante that Victor had tried to activate Drew's conditioning a couple of weeks earlier on the pier, but it had not worked because Victor had had the wrong tarot card. Drew disclosed that Victor had been helping Peter because Peter had promised Victor the means to control Drew. Dante questioned why Victor would go after Drew, and Sam declared it was because he wanted Drew's memories.

Sam and Drew's theory was that Victor would activate Drew's conditioning and then order him to tell Victor something, likely classified from his time as a SEAL. Andre Maddox had said that Drew's memories could not be accessed, but Victor did not know that. The plan was to bait Victor into believing that Victor had received the tarot card that Peter had never given him. Drew would play along when Victor tried to get information, and they would find out what his objective was. Dante warned that Drew would be putting himself in a vulnerable spot, but Drew insisted that he wanted Victor out of their lives.

Dante questioned how they would get Victor the tarot card. Drew determined that in order for their plan to work, Victor would have to believe he'd found the card himself. Drew wondered out loud if Peter knew what Victor wanted with Drew's memories, and Dante said the point was moot because Peter was dead. This sparked an idea in Sam to use Peter's belongings to get the card to Victor.

Dante confirmed that Peter had personal effects and that the WSB would pass them on to his next of kin. Drew determined that it would be Bailey through Maxie. Sam declared that they needed to make it known to Victor so that he went for Peter's belongings, thinking the card he needed to control Drew was with them. Dante made a call to his WSB contact so they could get access to Peter's things and plant the card.

After he hung up the phone, Dante informed Sam and Drew that Peter's belongings had already been delivered, and it was too late to recall the messenger. Sam said she would reach out to Maxie to see what she could find, and Dante informed her that Peter had stipulated a different executor for his estate.

At Wyndemere, Ava escorted Victor into the living room. Victor expressed regret that Nikolas was not at home because he wanted to share tea with him. "Literal tea or juicy gossip?" Ava inquired with a smile. Victor joked that while the gossip would be fun, he had Darjeeling tea in mind. Ava offered that Victor could stay and talk with her, Victor agreed and told Ava it was about Spencer. He told Ava that Spencer was struggling, and she and Nikolas were making things worse.

Victor relayed to Ava that he'd visited Spencer earlier during the day, and Spencer had been devastated about not being able to visit Courtney's grave on the anniversary of her death. He stated that it was Ava's fault for pressing charges and that despite Spencer stalking and terrorizing Ava and Avery, the Cassadines should "keep family squabbles in-house." Victor encouraged Ava to rethink her and Nikolas' upcoming vow renewal.

Ava insisted that their vow renewal was none of Victor's business, and he countered that that was the problem. Victor accused Ava and Nikolas of living in their own private bubble and not considering the effect it had on Spencer. Victor continued by saying they drove Spencer into desperate acts to get his father's love and attention. He agreed that Spencer wanted to break Nikolas and Ava up because their love excluded him. Ava declared that Spencer was a young man, not a child, and "he should be less concerned with his father's love life and more concerned with his own."

Victor told Ava that he was trying to promote family harmony. Ava questioned how he could do that by criticizing her and Nikolas. Victor pushed that a vow renewal should also be about recommitting to "melding your families together," and that should include Spencer. Ava insisted that they wanted a drama-free ceremony, and she asked if Victor wanted them to call off the ceremony, which he quickly denied. "Nikolas and Spencer are in a very precarious position right now, and I'm sure you wouldn't want to widen the gap between them," Victor reminded Ava. He asked if the ceremony size was a matter of money, and Ava assured him it was not. Convinced he had gotten his way, he declared the matter settled and stood to leave. Ava questioned what gave him that impression, and she told him to sit back down.

Ava told Victor she appreciated his concerns and took them to heart, but she would not make a unilateral decision about their vow renewal; she would make it with Nikolas. Victor told Ava that the problem with Cassadines was that they were either "fiercely loyal or at each other's throats," which played into their enemies' hands. Victor warned Ava that there were people who always tried to undermine the Cassadines' power and feed off their disunity. Stavros, Mikkos, and Helena had all failed to unify their family, and Victor was determined to change that through Valentin, Nikolas, and Spencer.

Ava remembered Laura telling her to get Victor to lower his guard with her so that he might confide in her. Victor told Ava he had big plans for their family, and he needed her help. Ava questioned what the big plans were, and Victor deflected back to the vow renewal. Ava told Victor she considered herself a Cassadine as much as a Jerome, and she stated that she was all in to open the ceremony up to the family if it marked a new start -- if Nikolas agreed. "Agrees to what," Nikolas asked as he entered the room. They greeted each other, and Victor invited him to join them for tea. Victor informed Nikolas that he and Ava had been discussing opening the vow renewal to the entire family.

Nikolas was surprised and stated that he'd thought it would just be him and Ava. Ava reminded Nikolas that she had been saying how important family was and that they should make an effort. She suggested extending an invitation to Spencer, and Victor said he would do what he could to bring Spencer around. Nikolas acknowledged that Victor did have pull with Spencer. Nikolas said it had worked in his favor earlier that day because he'd gone to see Spencer, and they were closer than they had ever been.

Victor questioned why Victor's relationship with Spencer seemed to make Nikolas uncomfortable. Nikolas told Victor he did not have a problem with Victor getting closer to Spencer, but he worried about what Spencer would find out. Nikolas mentioned Victor being in league with Peter August and asked if he was hiding anything else.

"If you're concerned, I have an ulterior motive, I most certainly do," Victor replied. He followed up and said it was to unite their family. Victor thanked Nikolas and Ava for reconsidering their vow renewal, and they raised their teacups and toasted "our family celebration."

Back at the Metro Court restaurant Kevin and Laura sat to discuss their days. Kevin told Laura that he'd seen Ryan at Spring Ridge, and Ryan had refused to communicate with him. Kevin explained to Laura that Ryan could communicate by blinking messages. Kevin had seen Ryan do it with his primary caretaker, but Ryan had refused to acknowledge Kevin. Laura asked what Kevin thought that meant. Kevin said he didn't know, but it made him uneasy.

Kevin asked Laura how her meeting had gone. She confirmed that there was a plan in the works. They were waiting for confirmation that Victor had had a hand in Luke's death and in the kidnapping of Bailey. Laura explained that the plan probably wouldn't lead to Victor's arrest, since he continued to evade justice; she just wanted him out of Port Charles and away from Spencer and Nikolas. She confided that Ava was on board, and they were "putting together a small army." She said all eyes were on Victor; they needed the right bait to trip him up for good.

Laura told Kevin that Tracy was too much of a wild card to share her suspicions with. Anna was going to Austria, and Laura had full confidence that Anna would be able to uncover the truth about Luke's death. Laura confirmed that she wanted to go with Anna because she felt loyalty to Luke. She apologized if that was hard for Kevin to hear. Kevin assured her it was not, and he would not stand in her way. Laura told Kevin that she was not going. "We have a predator in Port Charles. I'm not about to leave when it's circling the nest," Laura declared.

Back at Spring Ridge, Harmony told Ryan she would order him food before she left, and she ensured that he was warm enough. Harmony left, and Esme approached Ryan. She bent down to his eye level and asked if he needed anything. She noted he looked distressed. "What the hell are you doing?" Ryan whispered to a terrified Esme.

Esme reunites with her father -- Ryan Chamberlain!

Esme reunites with her father -- Ryan Chamberlain!

Wednesday, March 9, 2022

Brando was in the driver's seat as he and Sasha traveled the back roads to Niagara Falls. Sasha was excited that she and Brando were on their way to elope, and Brando admitted that he'd had to pinch himself several times to make certain that it wasn't a dream. Sasha assured him that they were on their way to start their life as husband and wife. Brando smiled, but his good humor quickly faded when he realized that he was lost. Sasha suggested that he use his GPS, but Brando confessed that it was out of commission.

Sasha pulled out her cell phone, but she soon discovered that she couldn't get a signal. Brando assured her that he wouldn't hesitate to ask for directions, but Sasha pointed out that they hadn't seen a gas station or even passed a car for miles. Brando was confident that he and Sasha would figure things out; however, doubt began to creep in, and Sasha wondered if he was hoping not to marry her. Surprised, Brando asked how she could think that. Sasha recalled taking one of the pills from the stash that she had hidden in her luggage, but she pushed the memory away and blamed her insecurity on the frustration over being lost.

Brando instructed Sasha to roll down the window. After she did, Sasha heard the distant sound of rushing water. Brando explained that even though they were on a back road, they were close to the water, which would eventually take them to Niagara Falls. Sasha relaxed when she heard the faint sounds of wedding bells that she hoped would soon ring for her and Brando -- and for Liam. She took comfort in knowing that their son's brief life would have meaning because the whole world would know that Liam had been born out of love. Moments later, Brando's cell phone rang. It was Gladys.

Sasha answered the call, but she pretended that the signal was weak and quickly ended the call. Sasha apologized to Brando because she hadn't liked lying to Gladys, but Sasha had had no idea what to say to his mother. Brando acknowledged that Gladys wouldn't take the news of their elopement well, but he believed that his mother would eventually accept their decision. Sasha promised Brando that she didn't need a big wedding. Sasha only wanted rings on their fingers as a reminder to everyone that they belonged together.

Brando asked Sasha to open the glove compartment. Sasha was stunned when she pulled out a small box that held two plain wedding bands. Brando explained that he had bought the rings at a nearby jewelry store while she had been getting ready. Sasha was touched, but her joy quickly turned to despair when a loud clank triggered the check engine light. Brando pulled to the side of the road, and he quickly determined that they would need a tow truck. Brando managed to call for help, but he feared that it might be a couple of hours because they were in a remote area.

Sasha worried that it was a bad omen and that she and Brando would not make it to the wedding chapel in time, but Brando was confident that everything would work out. The two shared a kiss just as a pair of headlights from an approaching vehicle illuminated the car. It was the tow truck.

At Metro Court's bar, Gladys finished a glass of wine and slid it toward the bartender for a refill as she left a voicemail message for Brando. Gladys explained that she had left several messages, and she was concerned because she hadn't heard from her son. Gladys thought that the least that Brando could do was send his mother a text message to assure her that he was fine. Lucy walked up as Gladys asked Brando to let Gladys know when he and Sasha would be home. Lucy gently advised Gladys to give Brando and Sasha some space because the couple deserved all the time they needed to heal from the grief of losing their son. Lucy assured Gladys that Sasha would return well-rested and much richer.

Gladys wanted to know more about Lucy's plan to take Deception public and how it would benefit Sasha. Lucy explained that Michael had shrewdly negotiated an equity stake in the company for Sasha, which meant that Sasha's net worth would skyrocket when the company went public because Sasha would receive a large share of Deception's stock. Gladys conceded that her son knew how to pick them. Gladys claimed that she had always known that "Gilmore girl" had potential, but Lucy had a different recollection.

Gladys agreed that she'd had concerns about Sasha in the beginning because Sasha had been a supermodel who had cavorted with gangsters and snorted "illegal substances," but Gladys had seen Sasha's bravery when Brando and Sasha had lost Liam. The conversation turned to both Lucy and Gladys' fears that Sasha had returned to work too soon and that Sasha might be trying to avoid dealing with her grief. Gladys admitted that she had tried to talk to Sasha about it, but Sasha had put up a wall. Lucy thought it might be best if Lucy and Gladys respected Sasha's privacy, but Gladys feared that the romantic getaway had been Sasha's way of escaping from reality. Gladys made another attempt to call her son, and this time, Sasha answered the call.

After the brief exchange, which had done nothing to ease Gladys' worries, Gladys told Lucy that Brando and Sasha were in Niagara Falls. Lucy mentioned that she had once gotten married in Niagara Falls, and Gladys panicked at the implication that Brando and Sasha had eloped. Gladys started to blame Sasha for forcing Brando to make an ill-advised decision, but Lucy defended Sasha. Lucy insisted that Sasha deserved every bit of happiness that she could find. Gladys agreed, but Gladys was certain that both Brando and Sasha were getting married for all the wrong reasons. Gladys was determined to stop the wedding.

Lucy urged Gladys to let Brando and Sasha follow their hearts, but Gladys feared that it was a mistake. Gladys said she would welcome Sasha as a daughter-in-law if she believed that Brando and Sasha were getting married for the right reasons. However, Gladys suspected that the elopement was a distraction to hide from the pain of Liam's death. Gladys finished her glass of wine, asked Lucy to have the bartender put the bill on Carly's tab, and turned to leave. Lucy made another appeal for Gladys to reconsider, but Gladys was certain that both Brando and Sasha would end up regretting the hasty marriage if Gladys didn't stop them.

At Wyndemere, Victor offered a toast to new beginnings, but Nikolas and Ava didn't join in. Disappointed, Victor questioned if Nikolas and Ava's invitation to their vow renewal had been an olive branch or an opportunity to use Victor's genuine love of family for their own purposes. Nikolas assured his uncle that he had been sincere. Ava conceded that she'd had some concerns about Victor, but it had become clear that Victor's heart was in the right place. Victor blamed Laura for sowing seeds of doubt about him, but Nikolas insisted that Victor's past and Victor's association with Peter had given Laura good reason to question Victor's intentions.

Victor was adamant that his dealings with Peter had been "extremely limited" and a "regrettable lapse in judgment," but Victor was glad that Peter was dead. Victor promised that -- for the well-being of the family and as a gift to Nikolas and Ava -- he would give Laura a pass, even though Laura wouldn't extend him the same courtesy. Ava pointed out that they couldn't be certain that Spencer would attend the vow renewal, but Victor was confident that Esme would persuade Spencer to accept the invitation.

Nikolas was reluctant to invite Esme because she had torched Ava's car, but Victor urged Nikolas to reconsider because Esme had been supportive of Spencer mending fences with Nikolas, and Esme had considerable influence over Spencer. Nikolas realized that Victor was right, and he thanked his uncle. Satisfied, Victor promised that Nikolas wouldn't regret it. After Victor left, Nikolas asked Ava what had happened to their intimate celebration. Ava reminded him that they had always known that it would be a night to remember. Nikolas was curious when Ava had gone from being suspicious of Victor to inviting the infamous Cassadine to their vow renewal.

Ava confessed that Laura had asked Ava to keep an eye on Victor because Laura had been worried about the influence that Victor had on Spencer. Nikolas suspected that Spencer hadn't been the only person that his mother had been concerned about. However, Nikolas didn't understand why Victor should be a part of Nikolas and Ava's special day when no one trusted Victor. Ava explained that it would give them the upper hand if Victor believed that they trusted Victor.

Despite Nikolas' reservations, he agreed that Victor was up to something. Ava was confident that she and Nikolas were untouchable as long as they remained united, and she reminded her husband that she had a long history of dealing with people like Victor. Nikolas agreed that Ava's plan would be effective in keeping an eye on Victor, as well as Spencer and Esme. Nikolas promised not to let anyone get between him and Ava again, and he sealed the vow with a kiss.

At Sam's penthouse, Dante wrapped up a phone call with Anna. Dante revealed that Peter's personal effects had been delivered, so Sam assured him that she would reach out to Maxie. Dante explained that Peter had picked someone other than Maxie as the executor of the estate. "Britt," Drew said. Dante was surprised that Drew had figured it out, but Drew admitted that it had been easy. Drew recalled Peter's interaction with Britt on Cassadine Island and how Peter had envied Britt's freedom to not back down during her confrontations with Peter.

Drew thought it made sense that Peter would make Britt the executor of Peter's estate because it forced Britt to acknowledge Peter's existence, and it ensured that she didn't forget her brother. Dante agreed with Drew's assessment. Drew suggested that they approach Britt with their plan and enlist her help, but Sam feared that it might be too late because Britt was not the type to safeguard Peter's belongings. Dante excused himself when Anna called him back, so Sam took an opportunity to ask if Drew still wanted to go through with the plan.

Sam assured Drew that she would not think less of him if he changed his mind, but Drew assured her that he didn't have any doubts. Sam warned Drew that it would be dangerous if Victor even suspected that Drew was being deceptive. Drew was willing to risk it because Drew was determined to take Victor down. Moments later, Dante returned to report that Britt was at Metro Court.

At Metro Court, Britt and Maxie sat in the restaurant's lounge area as Brit scanned the letter informing her that she was the executor of Peter's estate. Britt was certain that it had been Peter's way of tormenting her. Maxie settled Bailey into the stroller. Maxie wondered if it was possible for Britt to request to be removed as Peter's executor, but Britt suggested that they call the bomb squad to make certain it was safe to open the box. After Britt spoke to Anna, Britt announced that the WSB had examined everything and deemed the package safe to open. Britt didn't think the package was harmless, and she was tempted to toss it into a Dumpster, unopened.

Maxie implored Britt to reconsider because Maxie hoped that Peter had left something of value to Bailey. Reluctantly, Britt agreed to open the box, but she insisted that they go to the terrace so that they could howl into the night with rage and disgust if they needed to. A short time later, Britt braced herself for the dreaded task of opening the box, but Dante and Sam appeared in the doorway of the terrace.

Meanwhile, Victor entered the restaurant and stopped a passing hostess to request a "top-shelf Manhattan" be delivered to him on the terrace, since it was a nice evening. After the hostess walked away, Drew approached Victor. Drew put Victor on notice that he would never forget Victor's role in stealing two years of Drew's life. Drew warned Victor to stay away from Drew, Drew's family, and those that Drew cared about, or Drew would make Victor pay for each day that Victor had kept Drew locked away. Victor watched as Drew marched to the elevator and left. The hostess returned with Victor's drink, and he made his way to the terrace, only to stop short when he saw Britt, Maxie, Sam, and Dante gathered around Bailey.

Victor made his presence known, and the group turned around. Dante seized the opportunity to question Victor about Peter, but Victor insisted that -- despite what people thought -- Victor had not been on "intimate terms" with Peter. Sam told her great-uncle about the package that Britt had received from the WSB with Peter's personal effects. Britt admitted that she'd been tempted to toss it into the garbage, but Maxie had hoped that Peter had left Bailey something of value. Maxie decided that it was time to open the box, but Britt refused to hand it over.

After a brief tug of war between Maxie and Britt, the box went flying, and the contents spilled to the ground. Victor tensed when he spotted a tarot card among the items scattered across the terrace, and he quickly jumped in to help Maxie and Britt gather the items. After the group left, Victor smiled with satisfaction because he had managed to steal the tarot card. He intended to make good use of it while Peter rotted in "hell."

In the lounge area, Maxie and Britt were pleased that they had been able to help Dante and Sam, especially if it foiled Victor. They agreed that it was what Victor deserved for aiding and abetting Peter.

At Spring Ridge, an orderly pushed Ryan's wheelchair to Ryan's cell. The orderly pointed out that for someone unable to walk or talk, Ryan still managed to get under people's skin -- especially the "hot new intern." After the orderly pushed Ryan's wheelchair into Ryan's cell, the orderly became distracted with his phone. The orderly was unaware when Esme stopped in Ryan's doorway, and Ryan exchanged a long look with Esme. Esme ducked around a corner and waited until the orderly left.

After Esme entered Ryan's cell and closed the door behind her, she warned him that she was not intimidated by his "death stare" the way that others were. She demanded to know what Ryan had been thinking when he had spoken to her in the dayroom. Esme reminded Ryan that he had jeopardized all their planning, and it might have ruined everything if anyone had heard him. Furious, Ryan told Esme that he'd been thinking about how she had failed him. Ryan was disappointed in Esme because she'd only had one job -- to break up Nikolas and Ava.

Ryan was livid that he had been forced to continue his exhausting charade of being as "animated as an eggplant," while Esme had been losing sight of the prize. Esme insisted that she had done everything possible to help Spencer terrorize Ava in an effort to drive Ava and Nikolas apart. Esme had hoped that her "inspired idea" of using Ava's dead daughter's badge would have pushed Ava over the edge, but it was not Esme's fault that Ava's love for Nikolas had been stronger than Ava's fear of a stalker.

Ryan insisted that Ava was not in love with Nikolas, and he warned Esme that she had been wasting her time, playing an adolescent game of "kiss-and-tell" with Spencer and Spencer's friends. Esme claimed that it had been necessary to make her relationship with Spencer look real, or people might have grown suspicious. Ryan wasn't satisfied. Esme promised that her loyalty was to Ryan, but Ryan didn't believe her. Esme dropped to her knees and reached for his hand as she vowed to do whatever he asked to prove it. "Daddy," Esme quietly said.

Ryan admitted that he liked hearing his daughter call him "Daddy," but he warned Esme to be careful what she wished for. Esme asked if Ryan had another plan. Ryan reminded Esme that all good plans began with good information, and she needed to follow his instructions to the letter, just as she had when he had told her how to steal the cardkey for his cell. Ryan reiterated that Ava only believed that she was in love with Nikolas, but Ava would soon discover "the worm in the apple."

Esme reminded her father that she couldn't help if Ryan didn't trust her, but Ryan argued that it was a two-way street. Ryan questioned Esme's commitment because she had been easily distracted by "petty jealousy and shallow co-ed shenanigans." Esme's temper flared, and she threatened to tell Kevin the truth about Ryan's ability to talk and move. Esme stood and turned to leave, but Ryan grabbed her wrist. Esme cried out in pain as Ryan violently tugged her arm until she was once again on her knees before him. "You're not going anywhere," Ryan said in a tone filled with menace.

Esme glared at her father, and she ordered him to let her go. Ryan smiled as he complied. He was pleased that she had gained a backbone and had stood up to him. Esme vowed to make her father proud. "It's always been the plan," Esme said. Ryan reminded Esme that he was the only one who called the shots, and he warned her that she would have to regain his trust. Esme promised that she would do anything he asked, and she wondered where he wanted her to start. "Back at square one with Ava," Ryan answered.

Esme warned Ryan that Ava would never love him the way that Esme did. Ryan merely smiled. He was pleased that Esme had already insinuated herself with Spencer's family, and he was confident that he and Esme could use Spencer's incarceration to their advantage. Ryan wanted Esme to make herself an even bigger presence in Nikolas and Ava's life, but Esme admitted that Nikolas didn't trust her, and Ava openly despised her. Ryan suggested that Esme try harder to make herself more likeable.

"You know what they say, like father, like son," Ryan said in a suggestive tone. Esme slowly smiled. Moments later, Esme decided it was time for her to leave, but she was curious what Ryan stood to gain if Ava left Nikolas, since Ryan had been sentenced to life in prison. Rather than answer, Ryan promised that Esme would have her heart's desire -- Spencer, Spencer's fortune, and a family -- if she followed Ryan's orders. Esme argued that Ava wasn't family, but Ryan insisted that what belonged to him also belonged to his "beautiful, gifted daughter."

Brando and Sasha are married outside an auto repair shop

Brando and Sasha are married outside an auto repair shop

Thursday, March 10, 2022

Maxie arrived at the hospital, carrying a box, and Austin was surprised to see her. She reminded him that she'd told him that she would see him that day, and she informed him that she meant what she said. The two leaned in for a kiss but were interrupted by someone loudly clearing their throat. Maxie turned and saw her wide-eyed parents, who were there for Mac's checkup. Felicia wondered if Maxie and Austin were "an item," but Maxie answered that it was new. Mac and Felicia had somewhere to be, but Felicia looked forward to getting to know Austin better. "I'm sure we'll see more of you," Mac said ominously, and he and Felicia got into the elevator.

Inside the elevator, Mac asked for Felicia's thoughts. She thought it was too soon for Maxie to enter into a new relationship, but their daughter was a grown woman. Mac added that he was going to keep an eye on both of them, and if Austin stepped out of line, "I'll smush him like a bug."

Austin asked Maxie what the box was, and she hoped that he could help her get rid of it. She explained that Britt had been designated as Peter's executor but didn't want it, so Maxie had offered to dispose of Peter's personal effects. She gave him the box, and the two leaned in for a kiss again until someone pulled Austin away from Maxie. "How dare you come near Maxie after everything you've put her through?" Liesl yelled at Austin.

Austin apologized again for his small part in Bailey's kidnapping, but Liesl replied that his betrayal "requires a different kind of penance." Maxie appreciated Liesl looking out for her, but she wanted Liesl to forgive Austin. Liesl unenthusiastically agreed to coexist with Austin, but if he made another mistake, she threatened, "you won't live to regret it." Austin thought she meant "will live to regret it." "No, I don't," she answered, and she walked away. Maxie promised that Liesl would "come around." She wondered how to get rid of the box, and Austin informed her that hospitals were good at disposing of hazardous, toxic materials. He put his arm around her, and they walked away.

At the Metro Court restaurant, Robert wanted to catch up with Anna before Mac and Felicia arrived, as they hadn't talked in a while. She replied that she'd been busy. Robert wondered if she'd been avoiding him or just trying to get used to "living with Peter's ghost." He assured her that she had a lot of support if she was having a hard time, and he reminded her that only Peter was to blame for his reign of terror. Anna added that the man who'd helped Peter escape was also responsible, and Robert knew that she meant Victor.

A few minutes later, Mac and Felicia were there, and they got right to business. Anna thought that Drew was the key, and he, Sam, and Dante were trying to trap Victor into exposing what he was up to. Felicia chimed in that she and Anna also had a plan of their own. Anna explained that she and Felicia were going to Austria to find proof that Victor had killed Luke. Mac refused to let Felicia go, but she reminded him that he didn't get to tell her what to do. Anna promised that she would get them home fast if anything suspicious happened. Mac reasoned that he knew Felicia could handle herself, and he urged the two to be careful. Robert added that he and Mac would keep Victor's attention off the ladies.

Diane and Alexis arrived at the Savoy, and Alexis mentioned that she'd invited Harmony, as well. Harmony arrived moments later, and an unenthusiastic Diane offered to buy the first round. Willow noticed Michael and Willow sitting at another table, and she figured that she should say hello.

At their own table, Michael was praising Willow, but she refused his praise, as she believed she'd "messed up." A few minutes later, Michael returned with drinks as Harmony approached the table. Willow thanked Harmony for her birth certificate and commented that she was having her passport expedited. Harmony hoped that they enjoyed their trip, and Michael chimed in that Willow deserved a break and a celebration after suffering through exams.

A few minutes later, Harmony was gone, and Willow told Michael about her run-in with Nina at the hospital. She explained that Nina wanted to see Wiley, but Willow had pushed her too far, as Nina had threatened to exercise her legal right to visitation. Michael assured Willow that they would shut Nina down, and she wouldn't get anywhere near Wiley.

At the bar, Diane noticed a man at the end of the bar, admiring Alexis. When she returned to the table with drinks, she told Alexis about the man. The man approached the table and offered to buy Alexis a drink, but Alexis replied that she already had one. "Some other time," the disappointed man said, and he walked away. A frustrated Diane told Alexis that she would need to open herself up to love one day, but Alexis insisted that she wasn't interested.

Harmony returned and sensed the tension, and she offered to leave so that Alexis and Diane could work out whatever issue they were having. Just then, Michael approached the table and asked to talk to Diane, so Diane went with him. Alexis told Harmony about the man and how she wasn't interested in anything romantic. Harmony assured Alexis that only Alexis knew what was right for her.

Michael and Willow told Diane about Nina, and Diane knew that she could shut Nina down. She thought it was better to keep the case out of court, but she would be prepared regardless. She advised the two not to engage with Nina. In the meantime, she urged them not to think about it, and she left. Willow apologized to Michael for starting the feud. However, Michael replied that Nina had started it, and they would finish it.

Diane returned to Alexis and Harmony, and Alexis apologized for snapping at Diane. Diane apologized for pushing Alexis. She wondered what Harmony had said to make Alexis so agreeable. Alexis answered that Harmony had simply supported Alexis' decision. Harmony thought that Alexis had the chance for a new beginning, which was something to celebrate. Alexis agreed, so she got up to dance.

At the Metro Court restaurant, Gladys left a message for Brando, demanding that he not get married without talking to her first. As she stood waiting for the elevator, the doors opened, and Carly stepped out. Gladys begged Carly to help her stop Brando from making "the biggest mistake of his life," and she explained what was going on. Carly was puzzled by Gladys' stance and couldn't help. Gladys decided to go get Sonny's help, but seeing that Gladys had been drinking, Carly offered to drive Gladys there.

At the repair shop, Brando and Sasha waited for the mechanic to finish looking at the car. A few minutes later, the mechanic, Verne, emerged from the back. He informed them that the car would need a new fuel pump, which he couldn't get until the next morning. Brando replied that he'd "jerry-rigged" fuel pumps before, so Verne invited him back to try. Sasha took the opportunity to go into her purse and get out the bag of pills. She put them back in her purse and took out her phone, but she had no service. She took the pills back out and took one.

Brando and Verne returned, and Brando revealed that there was nothing he could do for the car. Brando suggested that it was better for them to get married in Port Charles with their family and friends. However, Sasha admitted that she had a feeling that if they didn't get married that night, they never would, and she would lose him. Having overheard the conversation, Verne chimed in that he was ordained, and he could call his wife Lorna to be a witness if they didn't mind getting married in a garage. Brando and Sasha agreed that it was perfect.

A short while later, Lorna set up a boombox outside the garage and announced to Sasha that everything was ready. Lorna turned on "Here Comes the Bride," and Sasha emerged from the shop with a bouquet. Sasha and Brando joined hands, and Verne began the ceremony. When it was time for vows, Brando sheepishly admitted that they hadn't had time to write them, so the two decided to "speak from the heart."

Brando said that Sasha had the "most kind and generous heart" of anyone he had ever known "all wrapped up in one fierce shell." He said he was honored that she'd chosen him. He promised to love her and be her partner for the rest of his life. Sasha talked about how brave and selfless Brando was and how thankful she was to have found him. She'd gotten used to being on her own, but she thought that he was the perfect complement to her life. The two placed the rings on each other's fingers. Verne pronounced them husband and wife, and Sasha and Brando shared a kiss. A few minutes later, she suggested that he call Gladys to give her the good news, so they went back inside.

Nina arrived at Sonny's penthouse, wanting to talk about Wiley. She revealed that she was suing for visitation and apologized for putting him in that position. He didn't blame her for doing what she needed to do, but he urged her not to sue. He wanted to talk to Michael before she did anything drastic, but she didn't think he would have any luck.

Just then, there was a knock on the door, and Sonny let Carly and Gladys in. Gladys explained the situation to Sonny and demanded that he "fire up the jet" so she could stop Sasha and Brando's wedding. She didn't think that they were in the right state to make such a huge decision, and Nina thought that Gladys had a point. Sonny and Carly talked about how Sasha and Brando were good together and had a strong relationship. They also talked about how parents had to let their kids live their own lives. Carly assured Gladys that Brando would always need his mother's love and support, and Sonny added that she could support Brando by letting him do what he needed to do.

Just then, Gladys' phone rang, and she answered it to Brando, who informed her that he and Sasha had gotten married. She tearfully asked him to put the phone on speaker and wished them "all my blessings for a happy life." She urged them to return home soon so she could congratulate them in person, and the call was ended. Sonny assured her that she'd done the right thing, but Gladys ran out of the penthouse. Carly thanked him for helping and followed Gladys out.

Nina commented that the situation could have gone worse. She mentioned the Wiley situation, and she knew that Sonny could be persuasive. She promised to put her legal action on hold if Sonny thought that he could convince Michael. Sonny advised her to "lay low" and see what happened. Nina figured that she would just focus on the newlyweds.

Out in the hall, Carly commended Gladys. Gladys called Carly a saint, because if she'd seen her ex with the other woman, she would "rip her hair out and set it on fire." Carly reasoned that she was just a woman who was moving on with her life.

Sasha and Brando were relieved by Gladys' reaction. Brando wondered if there was a cab company nearby, but Verne replied that it would probably take a cab awhile to get there, since the shop was so out of the way. Lorna offered for the couple to stay with them for the night, but they would have to decide who would sleep on the couch and who would sleep on the floor, as they had no guest room. Sasha accepted the generous offer.

When Verna and Lorna were gone, Brando apologized that the day probably wasn't turning out like Sasha had imagined. She countered that it had been a great day, as at the end of the day, he was still her husband. The two shared a kiss.

Josslyn tells Carly about the video

Josslyn tells Carly about the video

Friday, March 11, 2022

At Metro Court, Nikolas and Ava discussed the renewal of their vows. Ava told Nikolas that she couldn't wait for the ceremony, and the two kissed. Esme stepped off the elevator and glared at Nikolas and Ava. "Showtime," Esme said to herself.

Esme joined Nikolas and Ava, and the couple informed Esme that they had changed their minds and would allow their families to join them on their special day. Nikolas told Esme that he planned to visit Spencer and invite him to the ceremony in person. Esme tried to discourage Nikolas from inviting Spencer.

Esme informed Nikolas that Spencer would never accept Ava as part of their family. After Nikolas assured everyone that Ava would be a permanent fixture in his life, Ava left to take a phone call from Kevin. When Esme was alone with Nikolas, she told him that Spencer had thought Nikolas was the best father Spencer could have asked for and admitted that it had made her jealous because it had sounded like it had been Nicolas and Spencer against the world when Spencer had been a kid.

Esme apologized to Nikolas for how she and Spencer had stalked Ava and said that she hoped to make amends. Nikolas appreciated Esme's apology, and Esme offered that perhaps she could speak to Spencer and encourage him to attend Nikolas and Ava's ceremony. Ava returned and told Nikolas and Esme that the phone call she had received from Kevin had been about Ryan Chamberlain.

Ava told Nikolas and Esme that Kevin had called to inform Ava that Ryan was still locked up and uncommunicative in Spring Ridge. As Ava did, Esme's fist clenched against her hand under the table. Ava said that she was glad the nightmare with Ryan was over and that they could all focus on their futures. "I'm just glad we can plan our ceremony without worrying about that monster. There's absolutely nothing Ryan Chamberlain can do to us from Spring Ridge," Ava said as a visibly angry Esme hid her face.

Ava and Nikolas got up to leave, but Esme asked Nikolas to stay and continue their discussion about Spencer. As Nikolas walked Ava downstairs, Esme looked down at her hand and massaged the red marks her nails had left while she had clutched her fist in anger over Ava's remarks about Ryan.

At Finn's office at the hospital, Chase had stopped in to visit Finn. Chase asked Finn what had been going on with Finn and Elizabeth. Finn confided that since Betsy Frank had been crossed off the list of suspects who might have terrorized Elizabeth, Jake was the most logical suspect. Chase told Finn that he thought Elizabeth's decision to take a break from Finn had been an overreaction.

Finn recalled to Chase all the mysterious things that had happened to Elizabeth since his relationship with her had grown. He recalled that Elizabeth had found Franco's wedding ring in her locker at work, her wedding dress cut up, and the mysterious painting that had shown up in Elizabeth's home. Finn wondered if Jake had done those things as a cry for help.

Finn told Chase that he wanted to be with Elizabeth while she sorted out her home life, but it wouldn't honor Elizabeth's wishes. Chase asked Finn how long the pause in Finn's relationship with Elizabeth would be. Finn wasn't sure and asked to change the subject. Finn asked Chase for some good news and was amazed when he learned that Chase hadn't heard from Brook Lynn since her return to Port Charles. Finn scolded Chase for having not reached out to Brook Lynn and encouraged Chase to go find her.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Michael and Willow spent the morning together and expressed regret that their work schedules had been so long. They talked about their planned trip to Paris before they shared a long kiss. Brook Lynn walked in and remarked that some things hadn't changed and that at least Michael and Willow were still together.

Brook Lynn told Michael and Willow about her visit with her mother in Brooklyn and admitted that she had needed to get away for a bit after the heartbreak of having had to return Bailey to Maxie. Brook Lynn tried to assure Michael that she would be okay, but Willow knew that Brook Lynn had struggled since Brook Lynn had had to return Bailey to Maxie. Michael sympathized and told Brook Lynn about the time he had won sole custody as Avery's legal guardian for several months after Michael had learned that Sonny had killed A.J. Michael admitted that during those months, he had grown close to Avery and that it had wounded him to have to give Avery back to Sonny. Michael said he knew it wasn't the same as what Brook Lynn had gone through, but Brook Lynn felt it was close enough.

Brook Lynn admitted that having to give up Bailey had been excruciating, and she said that when her pain subsided, she would go back to her old lifestyle of being single and carefree. Willow and Michael both thought Brook Lynn's time with Bailey had changed Brook Lynn forever. Michael told Brook Lynn that he had always known she had a bigger heart than some people had felt she did. Brook Lynn responded that she couldn't have done what she'd had to do without Chase.

Michael told Brook Lynn that he and Willow regretted having given Chase a hard time when they had believed Chase had had an affair with Brook Lynn. Willow left for her rounds at the hospital, and Michael and Brook Lynn talked about their respective love lives. Brook Lynn swore that she preferred to stay single and asked Michael if it wasn't obvious that she preferred not to be in a relationship. "Not with the way you were just talking about Chase," Michael said.

Michael mentioned that he had gone to Chase to apologize for how he and Willow had accused Chase of being a hypocrite when they'd thought Chase and Brook Lynn had had an affair. Michael said that most importantly, his biggest takeaway from having seen Chase was that Chase was lost without Brook Lynn, just as Brook Lynn looked lost without Chase.

Brook Lynn confided in Michael that since she hadn't had many friends throughout her life, she couldn't afford to lose Chase as a friend. Brook Lynn worried that if she were to open herself up to Chase and he wasn't interested in her as a romantic partner, it would spell the end of her friendship with Chase. Michael told Brook Lynn that she had been looking at her relationship with Chase in the wrong light. "Instead of focusing on what you might lose, why don't you try focusing on what you might gain?" Michael asked.

Later, after Michael had left, Brook Lynn flashed back to all the memories she and Chase had created in the past year as friends and co-parents to Bailey, including the kiss she and Chase had shared. As Brook Lynn debated on whether to call Chase, Chase walked into the mansion. "You're back!" he exclaimed.

At Elizabeth's house, Cameron walked into the kitchen and saw that Elizabeth had prepared breakfast. He told her that he wasn't hungry, and Elizabeth wondered if something was wrong and if Cameron was sick. Jake walked in, and Elizabeth informed both Jake and Cameron that their family wouldn't see Finn for a while because Elizabeth wanted to focus on her family and make sure Cameron and Jake knew they were her first priority. To that end, Elizabeth told Jake that she had made an appointment for Jake to see Dr. Massey, a physiatrist at the hospital. "That's just great, Mom. You think I'm a psycho," an angry Jake snapped.

Elizabeth told Jake that she didn't approve of him using words like "psycho" to describe his feelings. Just then, Jake got a text message from a friend, and it was the video link that showed Cameron and Josslyn having sex at Sonny's ski cabin.

Cameron stopped Jake from playing the video in front of Elizabeth, who told Jake to go get dressed while she spoke to Cameron. Elizabeth demanded to know what was on the video, and Cameron confessed to his mother that there had been a video taken of Cameron and Josslyn having sex and that it had been sent around campus at Port Charles University.

Elizabeth couldn't believe that someone had sent the video out to the entire school. Cameron was horrified that the tape had been seen by so many people, but he admitted that things were much worse for Josslyn. Cameron talked of the double standard about sex. "While there are people giving me virtual high fives, they're also calling Josslyn a slut. It's not right," Cameron said. "Double standard or not, this is happening to you, too," Elizabeth reminded Cameron. Elizabeth tried to get Cameron to open up to her or someone at the hospital about his feelings. Cameron said he wished Franco were there to help him through the ordeal.

Jake arrived downstairs and initially refused to see a physiatrist. Elizabeth reminded Jake that, as his mother, she could force him to see a professional. Jake then said that he missed Jason. Elizabeth told Jake she could see Jason in Jake because of how quiet they could both get. Elizabeth reminded Jake that he had a lot of people that cared about him, and she suggested that talking to a stranger would help Jake.

Later, in the hallway at the hospital, Elizabeth ran into Finn, but the two only exchanged looks without speaking. Jake arrived shortly after and agreed to see a professional about his feelings.

At the Corinthos compound, a visibly panicked Josslyn joined Carly in the kitchen for coffee and apologized for having spent the night at the mansion. Carly quickly surmised that something was wrong with her daughter and asked why Josslyn hadn't spent the previous night at the dorm. "I can't go back to school, Mom. Never," a teary-eyed Josslyn confessed. Josslyn rushed to hug Carly, who promptly consoled her daughter.

Carly wanted to know what had made Josslyn so upset. Josslyn confided that during the ski weekend at the cabin, she and Cameron had made love for the first time in either of their lives. Josslyn said that she had never imagined something so bad could have happened to her and that she felt stupid.

Josslyn then told Carly that during her and Cameron's sociology class, everyone's phones had started vibrating and ringing and that neither she nor Cameron had initially had any idea why. She confessed to Carly that the entire class had seen them have sex on a recording and that the entire school knew about the video. "Someone filmed us having sex," Josslyn told a shocked Carly.

An angry Carly wanted to know who was behind the video and said that she would contact Spinelli about taking it down from the Internet. Josslyn quickly surmised that Esme had been the one responsible. Josslyn was horrified that there had been people that had not only watched her have sex but had felt she had videotaped herself and made it public on purpose. Josslyn wondered if she would ever face her friends, classmates, or anyone again, and she fell to the floor as Carly dropped down to console her daughter.

Carly assured Josslyn that she had nothing to be ashamed of. She encouraged Josslyn to not care about what others thought of her because her friends knew her well enough to know her true character. Josslyn said that she had never been so humiliated in her life, and she wondered how she would ever face her friends again. Carly told her daughter that things would pass, life would go on, and people would forget in time. Carly reminded Josslyn that Carly had weathered many storms of her own and that Josslyn would weather her share of them, too.

In the elevator at Metro Court, Carly informed Josslyn that Spinelli had been able to wipe the video from all public websites. Carly assured Josslyn that Spinelli would head to the cabin to search for evidence to find out who had made the recording. "We're going to find out who did this, and we're going to make them pay," Carly said.

After Carly and Josslyn stepped off the elevator, Esme feigned sincerity and asked how Josslyn was doing. When Josslyn refused to be cordial, Esme got up to leave, but Carly stopped Esme in her tracks. "I don't think so. Sit down," an angry Carly demanded.

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