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Esme spiked Trina's drink. Cameron and Josslyn made love for the first time. Victor told Peter where to find Louise. Valentin was abducted by his father. Maxie and Austin shared a kiss. Sonny spiraled into a manic episode, but Nina managed to persuade him to get help. Curtis filled Aunt Stella in about Marshall's past. Jennifer Smith had an ulterior motive for returning to Port Charles.
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Esme laid a trap for Josslyn and Cameron, Sonny had a manic episode, and Peter learned where to find Louise
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Austin and Victor grow curious about "Bailey"

Austin and Victor grow curious about "Bailey"

Monday, January 24, 2022

Portia was happy to see Curtis return to the Savoy. He explained that he had been at Luke's memorial service, and it had made him realize that he could have lost the chance to get to know his father after Marshall's medical issue. Just then, Marshall walked in and thanked Portia for her help during his medical episode in the hospital. Portia knew he was there to see Curtis, and she reminded him that Curtis had wanted some space. Curtis revealed that he had asked his father to drop by.

Marshall was surprised and grateful. Curtis disclosed that he had spoken to a friend who had made him realize that his family could be in jeopardy if they learned too much about Marshall's past. The men shook hands, and Marshall thanked Curtis for understanding. Portia decided to leave the men alone to talk. Curtis grabbed a bottle of tequila and showed Marshall to a table. He mentioned that he had been trying to understand that Marshall had been mixed up with the wrong people.

As Brook Lynn and Chase chatted about "Bailey" at their new residence, Brook Lynn recalled Chase's comments about her. She grew cold, but just then, Maxie arrived and announced that she was there for her daughter. She quickly explained that she only wanted to visit, but Brook Lynn suggested that it was a bad time. The infant had had difficulty sleeping and had just been put to bed.

Maxie made her way to "Bailey's" room, anyway, and cooed over a crying baby. Brook Lynn took over and managed to quiet "Bailey" down. Maxie was upset and jealous, and she hastily left the bedroom.

Back in the living room, Chase did his best to comfort a crying Maxie. He assured her that Peter would soon be locked up, and Maxie would be reunited with her daughter. Maxie was aware that it could take a long time, and she despaired over missing moments in her daughter's life. She showed Chase the baby's sonogram that she carried around with her.

Brook Lynn returned and apologized for "Bailey" being cranky. Maxie disclosed that she was meeting with Felicia in order to go to Pautuck because Felicia and Anna had been determined to search for clues in Louise's disappearance. Austin would be going along. Brook Lynn was horrified but then thought it would be okay as long as Maxie could control the questions. Maxie was glad that her daughter was in good hands, and she thought that Brook Lynn and Chase made a good team.

After Maxie had gone, Chase agreed that he and Brook Lynn were a good team. Brook Lynn reminded him that she was a burden, and Chase was confused. He pushed her for answers and asked where she had heard that, but Brook Lynn refused to respond.

Olivia, Ned, and Leo sat at a table at Metro Court. The little boy guessed it was a special occasion because of the way they were dressed. Ned informed Leo that Ned and Olivia were having another wedding in order to show their commitment to each other to their friends. Olivia announced that Ned also wanted to adopt Leo, but Leo declared that Ned wasn't his real father.

Ned replied that he loved Leo, and he reminded Leo of the different types of families they had spoken about in the past. He pointed out that Julian had been Leo's biological dad, and Ned wanted to be the father who raised Leo. Olivia explained how Leo would be related to various family members, and Leo asked if he would be a Quartermaine. Olivia said that would be okay, the boy was agreeable, and Ned jumped up to phone his lawyers. He kissed Olivia and Leo and walked off.

Olivia chatted with Leo and cried that she hadn't been able to see Leo for who he really was in the past, but she could see more clearly and wouldn't allow fear to interfere. She hugged him.

Nearby, Austin sat at the bar and left Maxie a phone message regarding their trip to Pautuck. Britt arrived, took a seat, and invited Austin to join her for a drink. They moved over to a table, and Austin explained that he wanted to help Maxie to get her baby back. Britt disclosed that she would have been the one to deliver the baby if she hadn't been on the run with Jason. She added that Maxie had planned on giving the baby up for adoption and telling Peter that the baby had died.

Austin slowly began to ponder Britt's statement, but they were interrupted when Ned stopped at the table. Ned thanked Austin for allowing him to see the light regarding Leo, who had been in touch with a specialist. Ned wanted to rectify his family's treatment of Austin, and he invited Austin to attend the wedding ceremony. Austin replied that he had plans, although Ned hoped to see him.

Once Ned had gone, Austin quipped that he wanted to celebrate for being on the Quartermaine guest list. He and Britt laughed, and Britt asked Austin why Leo's case had been so personal to him.

Valentin joined Victor at the bar at Charlie's, and Victor was proud that vodka was the drink of choice. Victor said a toast in Russian, and he spoke about how happy he was that Valentin was teaming with Austin in order to retaliate against Brook Lynn. Victor guessed that Valentin was being friendly because of a request from Anna, but he was happy to spend time with his son and be a father. Valentin made a snide comment, but Victor wanted his family to be intact before the next event. He refused to disclose any details.

Valentin offered to pay the tab, and he pulled money from his pocket. Included in the wad was "Bailey's sonogram," and he told Victor about how he still carried it around in case of a relationship with "Bailey" down the road. It also hurt him to carry it. Victor took it and looked at the data on the back of the photo. He offered to hold onto it for Valentin and said he would return it when the absence of the little girl was less painful. He refused to allow Valentin to pay the tab.

Valentin left, and shortly after, Victor rose from the bar and bumped into Maxie. She dropped her things, and a similar sonogram photo lay on top of the heap.

"Goodbye, my love," Laura said sadly. She remained on the Haunted Star with Spencer after the conclusion of Luke's memorial service. A woman dressed in black walked in and removed her black veil. It was Jennifer Smith, and she said she was sorry to have missed the service for her husband. Spencer was curious, and Laura replied that Jennifer had been married to Luke for five minutes.

Spencer introduced himself to Jennifer, and she and Laura quickly filled Spencer in on their history. Jennifer inquired as to why she hadn't known about the service, and Laura snapped that Jennifer hadn't been invited. She wanted Jennifer to leave. Instead, Jennifer poured a couple of drinks and admitted that she was there for an ulterior motive. She claimed to be sorry for all the terrible things she'd done in the past and the pain she had caused. She said she had been obsessed with Luke, but it had been about herself. She claimed she'd had a sense of entitlement.

Out on the deck, Sonny comforted Carly over the death of her uncle. "Come home," he said gently. Carly replied that it wasn't that simple, and she had been hurt and angry that he hadn't told her about his relationship with Nina. She was aware that his heart wouldn't allow him to just fall out of love, but she was unable to watch him "nurse a broken heart for someone else." She couldn't share a bed with him.

Sonny insisted that it was the same because of what had happened with Jason and Carly, but Carly began to argue that it was not the same. They rehashed the usual and recurring argument. Carly stated that while she was Sonny's wife, it had been a bad idea to "ease back" into their old lives. Sonny replied that he loved Carly, and she told him that she had asked for time and space. Sonny continued to argue, and his rage grew loud. She asked him if he was okay, and he retorted that he would show her how much he loved her. He stormed inside. Carly muttered that she had only asked for time.

Jennifer was surprised and happy to see Sonny, and she noted that the Five Families had become two. Laura sent an objecting Spencer to the deck to make a phone call to Kevin for her as Jennifer voiced how proud her father would be. She said that Sonny could expand his empire. Sonny wasn't interested, and he made it clear that he had been trying to concentrate on his family and Carly. Sonny grew combative, and Laura separated them. She sent Jennifer to the bar, and she asked Sonny if he was okay.

Laura said she thought that Sonny was "out of sorts," and he walked out angrily. Jennifer wanted to know how Laura had reclaimed her life. Laura exclaimed that it hadn't been simple, but one had to close a chapter and open a new one. Jennifer announced that she would take it to heart, and she left.

Spencer returned and told his grandmother that he had made her call, but he was familiar with Sonny's line of business. Laura told him that she hadn't wanted him to listen. She was concerned that Jennifer had been there, but she had her own family to focus on. She admitted she had been hard on Spencer, but she loved him. They shared a hug.

Outside and in the back of a limo, Jennifer made a phone call. She told someone that she hadn't gotten closure, Sonny hadn't been interested, and the person on the phone had time to get strong before making their move.

Carly was surprised to find Josslyn waiting for her in her room at Metro Court. Josslyn wanted to know how Carly felt about Sonny, and Carly confessed that she had been justified in her anger. Josslyn agreed and wondered if her mother thought that things with Sonny could be fixed. They snuggled under a blanket on the couch and enjoyed mugs of a hot drink. Carly thought that Sonny would have to understand that she needed space.

At the Savoy, Marshall and Curtis toasted and enjoyed their shots of tequila. Marshall agreed that there would always be shady characters trying to horn in on Curtis' club. As if on cue, Sonny walked in and announced that he wanted Curtis' club.

Sonny has a manic episode at the Savoy

Sonny has a manic episode at the Savoy

Tuesday, January 25, 2022

At Charlie's Pub, Victor took great interest in the sonogram printout that had fallen out of Maxie's purse. Victor asked Maxie if congratulations were in order. Maxie snatched back the printout and snapped that she was not pregnant. Maxie explained that she carried around the sonogram photo because it was all she had left of her daughter Louise.

Victor stated that he was surprised that there had been no news on the baby's whereabouts. Maxie told Victor to ask his friend Peter about Louise. When Victor denied being a friend to Peter, Maxie ordered him to prove it by killing Peter. Victor proposed an "alternative suggestion" by offering use of all of his resources to track down Louise. "I would sooner wear socks with sandals," Maxie quipped.

Maxie told Victor that his help came with a cost, and she said that she would prefer to find Louise on her own. Maxie stomped off, and Victor grabbed his coat and headed toward the exit.

Maxie returned a short time later to have drinks with Felicia. Felicia told her daughter that the memorial service had been "a typical Luke Spencer affair, complete with an appearance from Helena Cassadine." Maxie hoped that Helena was "not back from the dead, too." Felicia assured her that was not that case, adding, "Ding, dong the witch is still dead."

Maxie mentioned that she had asked Victor to kill Peter but insisted that she had not been serious. Maxie claimed to be on high alert because it seemed Felicia was on a mission to try to fix everything in Maxie's life. Felicia promised to do her best to not be overprotective. Felicia thought it might be a good idea to set some ground rules for their trip to Pautuck. Maxie proffered that rule one would be no discussion about her and Austin.

Felicia promised to stay on task but said she really liked Austin. Felicia also shared that she had spoken to Lucy and that Lucy had a very strong feeling that the visit to Pautuck would be "pivotal" for Maxie. "One way or another, Louise starts her journey back to Port Charles tomorrow," Felicia quoted Lucy as having said.

Moments later, Sam walked up to the bar and talked with Kristina about how Alexis seemed to spend every waking hour at her new job. Sam mentioned that she had put "Harmony on notice," so there would be nothing that could hold their mother back. Kristina asked Sam to explain what she meant.

Sam explained that she had thanked Harmony for helping Alexis in prison but had also instructed her to "steer clear" of Alexis since they were both on the outside. Kristina objected to Sam stating that she had issued the orders on behalf of all of Alexis' daughters. Sam said that she had assumed that Kristina would not want Harmony around.

Kristina stated that she did not like Sam speaking on her behalf. Kristina explained that Harmony was trying to rebuild her life. Kristina said that she would "deal with it" because she did not want to be the reason that Alexis could not be friends with Harmony, a woman that had been a good friend to Alexis. "Let she who is without mess sweep the first broom," Kristina said.

"Are you saying I'm messy?" Sam retorted. Kristina asked Sam if it had ever occurred that her that dating Dante could be "a little eyebrow-raising." Sam asked why dating Dante would be weird. "Because you're my sister and he's my brother," Kristina replied. Sam urged Kristina to speak up if she had a problem with it. Kristina said that she did not have a problem with it, but she also said she hoped she would have kept it to herself if she did. "It's your life, not mine, so I don't get a say," Kristina explained.

In her office at the Invader, Alexis was working on a sports article when Harmony arrived bearing a gift. Both women admitted being surprised that the Invader even had a sports section. Alexis briefed Harmony on Luke's memorial service, calling him a man that Alexis had a "unique bond" with.

Harmony handed Alexis a box with a red ribbon on it and a card. Harmony said it was a gift to commemorate Alexis' "auspicious new beginning." Alexis started to open the gift, but Harmony asked Alexis to wait until she had left so that Alexis did not have to pretend to life the gift. Harmony invited Alexis to join her for a cup of coffee, but Alexis softly informed Harmony that she did not think that they could continue their relationship.

Harmony said that she understood and said she was not owed an explanation about why Alexis felt the way she did. "I'm sorry this didn't work out, but I am not sorry that I got to know you," Harmony said softly. Harmony shared that she had only wanted to make amends and had not expected to have made a friend during the process, however short-term that friendship had ended up being. Harmony said goodbye and walked away.

After Harmony left, Alexis read the card Harmony had given her: "Congratulations on taking the reins of your own life again, and thank you for taking me along on the ride." Alexis opened the box and found a quote from Gandhi that read, "Truth never damages a cause that is just."

In the seating area outside Kelly's, a chipper Esme found Cameron sweeping up. Cameron only half-jokingly said that "his majesty" Spencer was not "pulling his weight" because Spencer believed that he was not "experienced enough for exterior work." Esme bristled when Cameron said that Spencer was inside the restaurant, "all warm and cozy with Trina."

Esme said that Spencer and Trina were only friends. Cameron nodded in agreement but noted that it seemed like Esme had a problem with that. Esme stated that she knew for a fact that Trina wanted Cameron, not Spencer. Cameron denied that Trina had any interest in him. Esme claimed to have picked up on "tension" whenever Trina was around Cameron and Josslyn. Cameron again insisted that Esme was seeing things that were not there.

Esme claimed to be too sensitive for her own good.

Spencer admitted to Trina that he wasn't too thrilled with snowy and cold conditions forecast for their getaway. Trina smiled as she noted that Cameron was a lenient boss compared to the way that she would be when Spencer started working at the gallery. The two locked eyes, and there was an awkward break in the conversation. Trina gathered her thoughts and assured Spencer that she would treat him fairly.

Spencer smiled broadly and shared that during their five-minute conversation, it had been the first time that he had not thought about going to prison. Trina observed that Spencer didn't talk about prison as often as she'd thought he might. Spencer explained that he did not think that anyone would want to hear him talk about going to prison.

Trina and Spencer sat down at a table, and Spencer confessed that he was scared about going to jail. Trina told him that it was brave of him to be owning up to the mistakes that he had made. Spencer wished he could go back to being "Victor," but Trina reminded him that "Victor" hadn't been such a great guy. Spencer, she said, was growing on her.

Cameron entered the restaurant and asked if Spencer had filled up the ketchup bottles. Spencer said that he had not because he did not think that customers would mind half-filled bottles. Cameron stated that Spencer's chat time with Trina would count as Spencer's break, and he instructed Spencer to fill the ketchup bottles. Cameron asked Trina if she was still okay with going on the ski trip. Trina smiled meekly and said that she was.

Back outside, Esme looked over a cell phone that she had purchased and a prescription bottle filled with 500mg tablets of tramadol, a prescription that was listed as having been prescribed by Kevin Collins.

Carly and Josslyn grabbed a bite to eat in the restaurant at the Metro Court. Josslyn wanted a bowl of French onion soup, but Carly claimed not to be hungry. Josslyn turned her thoughts from soup to wondering why Carly had to leave the house when it was Sonny who had "screwed up."

In an attempt to avoid the line of questioning, Carly turned the conversation to Josslyn's getaway. Josslyn mentioned that she had learned about "close listening" in her college studies, which she described as actively listening to the information provided by a speaker, including the things that the speaker didn't say and questions they did not answer.

Carly told her daughter that she had moved into the hotel to give Avery and Donna the chance to spend quality time with Sonny. Carly said that she did not want to talk about Sonny. Carly told her daughter that she had arranged to have the cabin fully stocked for the teens' getaway. Carly ran down a checklist of things that she felt Josslyn needed for the getaway, from snow tires to contraception.

Josslyn tried to dodge the question, but Carly pressed for an answer. Josslyn said that she was being "careful and responsible."

Elsewhere in the restaurant, Austin returned to the table after what seemed like an eternity. He assured Britt that he would not pull an "Irish goodbye" on her. Britt mused that she could write a how-to book on "effective ditch techniques in any situation."

When the topic of family came up, Austin said that there were parts of his life that he liked to keep to himself. Britt surmised that Austin might not be proud of all of his family members, but Austin assured her that was not the case. Britt revealed that her father had been on every most-wanted list ever created and that her mother "liked to dress up as Krampus to petrify small children at Christmas markets."

Austin said that his family was comprised of "intensely private people." Britt questioned why Austin felt he could not trust her. Britt confessed that sometimes she didn't even trust herself. Austin opened up about the reason he felt so strong about Leo, disclosing it was because he had a brother who was on the autism spectrum.

Austin said that not everyone understood his brother, and he did not feel that his brother needed to be a "visual aid" in getting people to understand. "He has a right to live his life, and his story is not my story to tell," Austin explained. Britt reminded Austin that neurodiversity and neurodivergence awareness was something that needed to be taught and something that could help Ned, Olivia, and Leo. Austin repeated that he liked to keep his brother's condition private.

Britt argued that there was a difference between something that was private and something that was a secret. Austin disagreed with her assessment that he might feel some sort of shame regarding his brother being on the spectrum. He asked Britt if she would be open if there were a "complicated medical situation" in her family or if she would want to keep that to herself.

As Austin waited for Britt to answer, Victor called out to Austin and said that he wanted to ask Austin about the "ins and outs of a sonogram." Britt announced that she needed to be at work early, so she would be calling it a night. Victor asked Britt to give his regards to Liesl. "Go to hell," Britt snapped as she walked off.

Victor removed a crumpled sonogram photo from his suit pocket and said he had found it in the street. Victor claimed that he wanted to make sure it was returned to its rightful owner but did not know how. Austin turned the image around and pointed to a patient identification code. He offered to log into the hospital's computers, find the patient, and return the image on Victor's behalf.

Victor recalled bumping into Maxie and seeing Maxie's sonogram photo. When his thoughts returned to his conversation with Austin, Victor said he wanted to see things through and would find a way to return the photo himself. "Just imagine, mixing up one baby with another," Victor said.

At the Savoy, Curtis and Marshall toasted, and each downed a shot of alcohol. A frazzled Sonny walked up to the table and announced, "I want your club." Curtis asked Sonny to return at another time, but Sonny insisted that the matter was urgent. Marshall got up to leave the table, but Curtis told Marshall to stay. Curtis then introduced the two men.

An increasingly urgent Sonny asked to head into Curtis' office to talk. Curtis repeated that he was busy. Sonny told Curtis that he "wants the Savoy" and would not leave until he got it. Sonny pulled out a wad of cash. Curtis told Sonny that the Savoy was not for sale. Sonny said that he did not want to buy the club; he just wanted to rent it to show Carly a good time.

Curtis calmly explained that he would lose money, closing the club for just two guests. Sonny immediately offered to pay double whatever Curtis would normally make on a Saturday night. Curtis told Sonny that he already had a band booked and tables reserved. Sonny offered to pay refunds to anyone impact by his renting out the club. Curtis suggested Sonny try another nightclub.

"Nobody tells me what to do!" Sonny yelled angrily. Both Nina and Drew entered the club and, unbeknownst to Sonny, had observed his outburst. Sonny quickly apologized for raising his voice. Drew walked over to Sonny and tried to smooth things over. He offered to help Sonny find another place that Carly would equally love. When he put his arm around Sonny, Sonny angrily told Drew not to touch him.

The patrons of the club were starting to watch the spectacle before them. Drew assured Sonny that he was Sonny's friend and only wanted to help him. "Jason was my friend. You're just a knockoff, a poor shadow," Sonny snarled. Sonny started to tear up as he declared that Jason should have let Drew rot in hell. Sonny rethought his statement and said that Drew had been his friend when Drew "was" Jason. "You were a much better man then," Sonny said before turning his attention back to Curtis.

When Sonny asked to rent the club, Marshall told Sonny that Curtis had already given him an answer. Sonny angrily pointed his finger at Marshall and said that he was not talking to him. Nina walked over to Sonny and asked that he leave with her. Sonny told Nina that he would not be going anywhere with her. Nina asked Sonny to leave before the police arrived. Sonny looked around nervously and agreed to leave. Before leaving, Nina apologized to both Drew and Curtis on Sonny's behalf.

After Sonny had left, Drew tried to piece together what had transpired between Sonny and Curtis. Drew shared that he had seen Sonny act similarly before, but he did not go into any additional detail. Curtis and Marshall both took umbrage with the way that Sonny had spoken to Drew. Marshall commented that he would have punched Sonny, "mob boss or not." Drew squinted his eyes and asked Marshall if they had met. Curtis quickly stepped in to introduce the two men.

Drew stepped away to get a drink, and Marshall and Curtis sat back down at their table. Marshall asked how Curtis "had come to cross the infamous Sonny Corinthos." Curtis asked what Marshall knew about Sonny. "Not to cross him," Marshall replied. Curtis said that, prior to the argument, he had wanted to ask Sonny to help Marshall with his situation. Marshall flatly declined and warned that he would walk if Curtis decided to "get in bed with Sonny Corinthos."

Marshall walked off, and Drew took his place. Curtis told Drew that he wanted to talk about Sonny.

Sonny, Nina, and Sonny's bodyguard, Frank, ended up at Sonny's house. Sonny told Frank to take the rest of the night off and suggested that Nina should have stayed at the club. Sonny poured himself a drink as Nina warned him that he had nearly gotten into a world of trouble at the Savoy. Nina told Sonny that he was not acting like himself. Sonny wagged his finger at Nina and barked that she did not know him well enough to know how he should or should not be acting.

Nina agreed. She said that she did, however, know a manic episode when she saw one. Sonny chuckled and asked Nina when she had become an expert on mental illness. Nina denied being an expert. She said she recalled Phyllis and Lenny having told her about an incident in Nixon Falls that had led Phyllis to realize that Sonny had bipolar. Their descriptions of how Sonny had reacted to them were very similar to what Nina was witnessing before her.

Sonny walked up to Nina so that his face was just a few inches from hers and told her that she should not be there. Nina asked Sonny if he was off his meds. "I'm fixing things!" Sonny said in frustration. He ordered her to leave. Nina said that she was concerned that the two little girls who shared the house with Sonny might be afraid of the way he was behaving.

Sonny's voice cracked as he asked Nina if she was implying that he would harm his children. He then asked Nina if she trusted him. "I trust you with my life," she replied, clarifying, "It's the bipolar disorder. I don't trust that." Sonny insisted that he had things under control and asked Nina to leave. Nina said that she was going to call Carly because she believed that Carly could help. Sonny asked that she not call Carly.

"You need to make a choice. It's either me or Carly," Nina replied. Nina then said that she could also call Michael or Dante. Sonny was silent, and Nina started to call Carly. Sonny asked her to stop and then granted her permission to stay as long as she stayed out of his way. Sonny grabbed his decanter of alcohol and stormed off.

With Nina's help, Sonny gets back on his bipolar medication

With Nina's help, Sonny gets back on his bipolar medication

Wednesday, January 26, 2022

At the Corinthos residence, Nina woke up on the sofa and looked around. She called out Sonny's name, but he didn't reply. After searching the house, to no avail, she grabbed her coat and started to leave, but Sonny entered through the back patio doors. Nina admitted that she had been about to alert the guards that he was missing, but Sonny explained that he'd been shoveling a path to the treehouse, so that Avery and Donna could enjoy a picnic lunch. Nina pointed out that it was far too cold for a picnic, but he waved away her concerns because he intended to run an electrical cord to the treehouse and hook up a heater.

Nina noticed that Sonny's hands were freezing because he hadn't worn gloves while he'd been shoveling snow. Unconcerned, Sonny asked what Nina thought about tiny houses. He walked over to his desk to get on his laptop, but Nina asked if he had slept. Sonny insisted that he wasn't tired, prompting Nina to suggest that he eat something. Sonny was determined to look into tiny houses, and he grew increasingly frustrated with Nina's questions. He warned her that he had put up with her the previous night because she had stayed out of his way.

Nina continued to fuss until Sonny's temper flared, and he stormed out. Nina called Britt to ask for help. Nina explained that Sonny had been acting "strange," and Nina suspected that Sonny was off his bipolar medication. Nina had called Phyllis, but Phyllis hadn't returned Nina's call. Britt asked if Sonny had been having a manic episode. Nina revealed that Sonny hadn't eaten or slept, and he had almost given himself frostbite, shoveling snow without gloves. Nina didn't know what to do because she was out of her depth.

Britt urged Nina to convince Sonny to call his doctor and get back on the medication, but Nina doubted that Sonny would be open to that. Britt explained that it was important to keep Sonny calm and to not engage in any of his grandiose ideas or proclamations because people who experienced mania felt like they could take on the world. Britt acknowledged that Sonny might not feel like anything was wrong, so the first step would be for Nina to get Sonny to recognize that he was having a manic episode. Britt advised Nina to reach out to Sonny's family for help. Nina insisted that Sonny would not want his children to see him like that, and he had forbidden Nina from telling Carly.

Britt told Nina to be careful because Sonny might lash out or turn violent. Britt suggested that Nina call one of Sonny's minions to take over, and she should get out. After Nina ended the call, Sonny passed through the living room as he made his way to the foyer. He rambled about his plans for the treehouse, but Nina asked for a moment of his time because she wanted to know more about his bipolar disorder. It took some cajoling before Sonny admitted that a manic episode felt like many thoughts zipping around in his head and a nightmare that didn't end.

Sonny was adamant that he was not manic. He pushed past Nina, but she reached out to stop him as she implored him not to leave. Furious, Sonny grabbed Nina's wrists and squeezed tightly as he warned her to back off. Nina cried out in pain. Horrified, Sonny released her wrists and stepped back. He assured her that he had not meant to grab her, and he promised that he didn't hurt women.

Nina tearfully assured Sonny that he was not himself. He offered to fetch some ice for Nina's wrist, but she declined. Sonny was filled with remorse. He explained that he had just wanted Nina to leave him alone, but she insisted that she couldn't because he needed help. Sonny asked if she was afraid of him, so Nina clarified that she was afraid for him.

Defeated, Sonny sat down, and he conceded that Nina might be right. Nina sat next to him as he tearfully admitted that he felt tired. Nina gently advised him to take his medication, but he revealed that he was out. At Nina's urging, Sonny agreed to call his doctor. She wrapped her arms around Sonny as he wept.

At the hospital, Peter greeted Britt as she entered his room. She was pleased when he referred to her as the chief of staff because she was tired of his "dear sister" routine. Peter was disappointed that Britt had given in to propriety rather than embracing their father's propensity to take what he wanted. Britt's tone filled with sarcasm as she pointed out that following in Faison's footsteps had worked out well for Peter. She informed him that he would be returning to Pentonville the following day. "You're king of the world," Britt said.

Peter ignored Britt's pleased smile as he insisted that he still required medical treatment, but she was confident that the remaining tests would prove that Peter had faked his back pain. Peter wondered if Maxie knew about the transfer, but Britt informed him that Maxie didn't care because he meant nothing to Maxie. Peter disagreed because he and Maxie were bound together as long as they shared a child. Britt laughed.

At the nurses' station, Victor showed a nurse the sonogram image that Valentin had given to him. Victor claimed that he was eager to return it to its rightful owner, prompting the nurse to assure him that she could find the patient by the patient identification number. The nurse quickly typed the information into the computer, but Victor's bodyguard Johann ran up to the nurses' station to complain that his aunt -- a patient -- had been waiting for a blanket. After the nurse left to attend to the patient, Victor checked the computer monitor.

"What do you think you're doing?" Britt asked. Victor apologized, and he claimed that he had wanted to check Peter's file. Britt reminded Victor that it wasn't permitted. Victor praised Britt on running a tight ship, but he easily distracted Britt by mentioning Liesl. Britt warned Victor to stay away from her mother. She was furious that the WSB had worked out a deal with Victor because he deserved to be in prison for his crimes.

Victor expressed concern about Britt's diagnosis and the impact it would have on her career if anyone found out about her Huntington's disease. Britt was careful not to show a reaction as she denied having the degenerative disease. Victor admitted that Britt was just like her mother, but he wondered why else Liesl would rush off to a conference about Huntington's disease. Britt reminded Victor that the conference hadn't been real because it had been a ruse for Victor to kidnap Liesl. Victor argued that Liesl had not known that the conference hadn't been real.

Britt insisted that she didn't have time for Victor's fantasies. She told him to stay away from her and her mother. A short time later, Victor slipped into Peter's hospital room while the guard was on break. Peter warned Victor that time to find Peter's daughter had run out, but Victor revealed that he had received an interesting phone call. Victor was there to hold up his end of the bargain.

Elsewhere, Britt ushered Sonny and Nina into an examination room. Britt assured Sonny that Dr. Sullivan would join Sonny shortly. Sonny was annoyed that Nina had involved Britt, but Nina promised that Britt would protect his privacy. Britt explained that everything was confidential. After Britt excused herself to give Sonny and Nina privacy, Sonny told Nina to go because he didn't need a babysitter. Nina wanted to stay with Sonny until the doctor arrived, but Sonny insisted that he was fine.

Reluctantly, Nina walked to the door. Sonny called out to her because he wanted to make certain that she was unharmed. Nina assured Sonny that he hadn't injured her, but he was filled with regret that he had grabbed her. Later, Britt returned, and she told him that she was glad that he had decided to get his medication refilled. Sonny warned Britt not to tell anyone. She promised that his family would not hear anything from her.

At the yoga studio, Carly sat on a mat. Her legs were crossed and her eyes closed as she appeared to enjoy the solitude. Carly's peace was shattered when Ava called out a greeting. Ava sat next to Carly. Ava expressed her concern because Ava had heard that Carly had been staying at the hotel. Carly assured Ava that everything was fine.

The exchange turned tense when Carly mentioned that Avery and Donna had spent the night at Bobbie's house. Brook Lynn arrived for class and greeted Carly and Ava, but Ava barely acknowledged Brook Lynn. Ava asked if it had occurred to Carly to send Avery to Ava's house for the night. Carly wondered if Ava was looking for a fight because Avery had had a sleepover at Avery's grandmother's house. Ava angrily reminded Carly that Carly was not Avery's mother, which meant that Bobbie was not Avery's grandmother. Carly pointed out that it hadn't been that long before when Ava had contemplated leaving town and had asked Carly to take care of Avery.

Brook Lynn suggested that everyone take a deep, cleansing breath, but Carly and Ava ignored her. Carly explained that Bobbie loved Avery as her own grandchild, and Bobbie had asked to take Avery and Donna for the night because Bobbie had needed a distraction from Luke's funeral. Ava admitted that she had overreacted. However, Ava didn't want Avery swept up in Sonny and Carly's drama. Carly didn't think Ava had any room to talk when Ava had an on-again, off-again relationship with Nikolas. Ava flashed her wedding band as she advised Carly to tread with caution.

Ava reminded Carly that if things didn't work out between Sonny and Carly, Sonny had someone else to turn to. Furious, Brook Lynn warned Ava that Ava had crossed the line. Brook Lynn refused to stand by while Ava insulted Brook Lynn's uncle and his wife. Carly appreciated Brook Lynn's support, but Carly had experience dealing with Ava's "BS." Carly advised Ava to talk to Diane if Ava had an issue with Sonny and Ava's custody agreement. Ava insisted that she had merely been concerned about Carly, but Brook Lynn accused Ava of sticking her nose where it didn't belong.

Annoyed, Ava decided to take a later class. After Ava left, Brook Lynn asked if Carly was okay. Brook Lynn had heard that Carly had moved out. Carly promised there was nothing to worry about; Carly just needed a little time and space to sort things out. Brook Lynn thought that Sonny and Carly had always been good together because they had always had each other's backs. "Yeah, we did," Carly said.

Later, Carly saw Nina arrive. Nina promised that she hadn't known that Carly would be there, but Nina refused to run away. Nina informed Carly that she had something to say to Carly. "Great, so do I," Carly replied.

Nearby, Ava checked in with Avery. Ava claimed that she was pleased that Avery had had fun at the sleepover, but Ava wanted Avery to know that Avery could call Ava anytime.

In Pautauk, Austin led Anna, Maxie, and Felicia to the spot in the woods where he had first encountered Maxie in labor. It had been much warmer that day, and the ground hadn't been covered with snow. Felicia checked that Maxie was okay. Maxie admitted that it had been a shock seeing the cabin again, and she'd been swamped with memories of trying to get away from the fake nurse who had held Maxie prisoner. Anna knew it was difficult for Maxie to relive the day that Louise had been born.

At Anna's urging, Maxie talked about meeting Austin and giving birth to Louise. When Maxie mentioned that she wished that she had given birth in the hospital, Austin had a different recollection. Austin had offered to call 9-1-1, but Maxie had objected. Maxie explained that she had been terrified that Peter would find her and Louise. Anna asked about the altercation between the fake nurse and Austin, but Austin's memories were hazy because he had been had hit from behind and knocked out.

Maxie admitted that she had taken Louise and fled into the woods, but the "fake Chloe" had caught up with Maxie. Maxie had briefly tussled with the woman, but Maxie had lost consciousness. Maxie speculated that the fake nurse had met an accomplice in the woods, and the accomplice had taken Louise. As Maxie talked, Austin recalled hearing two women. Maxie insisted that it had been her and "fake Chloe," but Austin insisted that it had sounded like two women having a conversation.

Alarmed, Maxie suggested that it was a false memory because Austin had not mentioned it before. Anna decided to make a call, but she was unable to get a signal. Austin advised Anna to walk around because reception was spotty. Maxie complained about the cold, so Felicia suggested that Maxie return to the cabin to get warm. After Felicia went to check on Anna, Austin suddenly recalled hearing Maxie talking in the clearing. "It was you," Austin said.

At Kelly's, Chase was seated at a table as he talked to "Bailey" about their walk through the park. Chase's attention was drawn to the door just as Valentin and Martin entered. Valentin broke away from Martin and approached Chase's table because Valentin wanted to see "Bailey." Chase didn't object. Valentin was amazed how much "Bailey" had grown. Chase told him that "Bailey" had started eating solid foods, and bananas were her favorite. Valentin recalled that Charlotte had loved bananas, too.

After Valentin sat down with Martin, Martin asked if it bothered Valentin to see "Bailey." Valentin admitted that it helped seeing how much Chase loved the baby. Martin decided to broach another issue with "Bailey," but Valentin insisted that there was nothing to discuss because Brook Lynn had signed over her shares, and "Bailey" was with her rightful parents. "Except for the fact that, legally, you're still her father," Martin said. Valentin was stunned when Martin explained that Brook Lynn hadn't filed the paperwork to change the father's name on "Bailey's" birth certificate.

Valentin marched over to Chase's table to confront Chase about "Bailey's" birth certificate. Chase brushed it off as a miscommunication that would be quickly rectified, but Valentin questioned Chase's "cavalier" attitude that another man was "Bailey's" legal father. Chase was confident that Brook Lynn had started the process, and he assured Valentin that it would be taken care of right away. Valentin returned to Martin's table, and he questioned Martin about the process of changing a baby's birth certificate. Martin assured Valentin that it was not complicated because the mother only had to fill out some paperwork and present a paternity test to confirm the change.

Valentin noticed Chase had packed up "Bailey" and left in a hurry. Valentin was suspicious. He had taken Brook Lynn at her word that he was the father, and he had taken Chase at his word that there had been a DNA test that proved that Chase was "Bailey's" father. Martin wondered why Valentin suspected that Chase wasn't "Bailey's" father. Valentin explained that some men didn't mind another man's name on their child's birth certificate, but Chase was not one of them. Valentin was certain that the whole thing had been a fabrication, and Chase knew it.

Martin wondered why Brook Lynn would lie about her daughter's paternity -- twice. Valentin pointed out that Brook Lynn was a proven liar. Valentin suggested that the real question was why Chase would go along with Brook Lynn's lie.

At Sonny's cabin, the teens arrived for their weekend getaway. Trina gushed about the beautiful scenery, while Cameron was eager to hit the slopes. Josslyn insisted that they unpack the car before they went skiing. Everyone filed out to the car, except for Esme. Esme looked around as a smile spread across her face. When Josslyn, Trina, and Cameron returned with their suitcases in tow, Josslyn advised Esme to grab the two suitcases that Esme had left in the car.

Esme assured Josslyn that Spencer would take care of it. As if on cue, Spencer entered with the suitcases. Esme was eager for someone to start a fire in the fireplace, but Cameron explained that it wouldn't be safe, since they would be leaving to go skiing. Esme explained that she and Spencer would stay behind, but Spencer announced that he intended to return to the slopes because Trina's enthusiasm had been contagious. "Like the plague," Esme muttered under her breath.

Esme reminded Spencer that they hadn't packed their skis, but he pointed out that they could rent. A short time later, Cameron and Josslyn were alone in the living room. Cameron assured Josslyn that he had everything ready for later that night -- if Josslyn decided that she was ready. Josslyn promised Cameron that she wanted him to be her first, but she also wanted everything to be right for both of them. After they shared a kiss, Spencer, Esme, and Trina emerged from their rooms.

Later, the teens were forced to cut their time on the slopes short because of ice. Spencer and Trina engaged in good-natured banter about their skill on the slopes. When the girls ducked into the bedrooms to change, Spencer took an opportunity to let Cameron know that Spencer had packed extra condoms. Embarrassed, Cameron assured Spencer that it had not been necessary. A short time later, Spencer, Trina, Cameron, and Josslyn were enjoying the fire and chatting when Esme entered the living room with a tray filled with mugs. She had made hot toddies for everyone.

Esme set the tray down. Her back was turned to the group as she pulled out a small plastic bag filled with pills.

Peter learns his daughter's whereabouts

Peter learns his daughter's whereabouts

Thursday, January 27, 2022

At the yoga studio, Nina asked Carly to hear her out about Sonny. Carly thought that they'd already said everything they needed to say to each other. Sasha arrived, happy to see both Carly and Nina. Carly asked how Sasha was doing, and Sasha talked about how busy work was. Carly wanted to make sure that Sasha was taking time for herself, and Nina chimed in that both she and Carly knew what it felt like to grieve for a child. Carly asked for a minute with Sasha, so Nina walked away.

Sasha insisted that she'd accepted Liam's passing, and she was trying to live her life. Carly advised her to take time to deal with the grief, but Sasha didn't want Carly to worry about her. She added that Brando needed to talk about it, but she didn't need to. Carly thought that Sasha should listen to Brando. However, Sasha felt like Carly was judging her, and she added that she knew herself. Carly left, and Nina ran after her. Nina acknowledged that Sonny loved, wanted, and needed Carly, but Carly refused to talk about it anymore and stormed off.

At the hospital, Deanna finished checking Sonny's vitals and advised him that Dr. Sullivan would be there soon. When she was gone, Sonny paced and fidgeting while waiting for the doctor. He finally got tired of waiting and left the room. As he waited for the elevator, Monica approached and made sure that he was all right. Sonny regretted not reaching out to her about Jason, and she understood that they were both grieving. She thought it was easy to self-medicate in grief, but he assured her that that wasn't the case. He appreciated the concern, and she walked away.

Brando stepped off the elevator and told Sonny, "I need help." He and Sonny sat down, and Brando wondered why he couldn't just move forward like Sasha. Sonny was proud of Brando for realizing that he needed help and having the courage to do something about it. Sonny and Brando got up so that Brando could get checked in to talk to someone.

At the cabin, Esme made hot toddies for everyone. Unseen by anyone else, Esme opened up a capsule and poured the contents into one of the mugs. She handed out the drinks and gave the drugged one to Trina. Esme proposed a drinking game, and she, Spencer, Josslyn, Cameron, and Trina began to play "Never Have I Ever." A few minutes later, Esme called out, "Never have I ever dated my best friend." Josslyn, Cameron, and Trina drank. Josslyn questioned who Trina had dated, and Trina slowly realized that they hadn't dated. "Are you thinking of Cameron?" Esme asked, and Josslyn and Trina hashed out that Trina had no problem with Josslyn and Cameron dating.

Josslyn could tell that Esme had something to say, so she dared Esme to say it. "Never have I ever moved in on my best friend's crush. Drink up, Joss," Esme spat. Josslyn talked about her and Trina's pact to never let a guy drive a wedge between them. Trina replied that she missed how she, Josslyn, and Cameron had been before she'd become a third wheel. Trina suddenly didn't feel good and ran off, and Esme smiled to herself.

Josslyn knocked on the bathroom door to check on Trina, but Trina told her to go back to the party. Josslyn was sincerely sorry if she'd done anything to hurt Trina. Trina wanted to be left alone. Josslyn knew that Esme had instigated the drama on purpose, so she vowed to not let her get away with it.

Josslyn rejoined the party and accused Esme of playing all of them since Esme had gotten to town. She continued that she'd only held back because Spencer thought he loved Esme. Esme insisted that she only wanted to be Josslyn's friend and that Josslyn hated her for no reason. Josslyn shot back that she had plenty of reasons, and she talked about Esme threatening her with "minding your business is free but minding mine will cost you." Cameron and Spencer were shocked, and Josslyn went on that she could see Esme for what she really was -- "a manipulative little bitch."

In the woods in Pautauk, Maxie insisted that Austin was mixed up, but Austin demanded that she stop lying to him. He confessed that he knew about her plan with Britt, so Maxie decided to tell him the truth, since he knew about her original plan. She claimed that she'd passed out after Chloe had overpowered her, and she had to have hallucinated a conversation with Britt. He wondered how Brook Lynn was involved, and Maxie defensively told him that Brook Lynn had nothing to do with it. She apologized for snapping at him and said that she was just overwhelmed to be back there.

Austin got closer to Maxie as he insisted that he'd heard two voices, but she again told him that he was mixed up. She grabbed him and kissed him. When they pulled apart, she apologized, but he thought the kiss had been nice. Just then, Felicia returned and wondered if they had anything to fill her in on. Austin told her that he remembered hearing two voices, but he wasn't sure that he was remembering it right. Maxie said that she wanted to go home and hug her kids, so she and Felicia walked off arm in arm.

At Kelly's, Valentin wondered why a stand-up guy like Chase would go along with Brook Lynn's lies if Chase wasn't actually "Bailey's" father. He added that Maxie was also upstanding, and she supported Brook Lynn, a "proven liar." Martin commented that he would "steer clear" of someone like that unless he was "invested in some kind of outcome." "Martin, you beautiful bastard. That's it," Valentin said in awe.

Valentin confided in Martin that he believed "Bailey" was actually Louise, and he recounted the suspicious circumstances around "Bailey's" birth. Martin figured that anyone would do what they could to protect the baby from Peter. Valentin asked if Martin was going to go to Peter with the information, but Martin answered that there was no proof, anyway. Valentin texted Yuri, as the guard still kept tabs on Brook Lynn. Martin questioned what Valentin was going to do.

Victor entered Peter's room at the hospital and thought it was time for Peter to hold up his end of the bargain. He explained that Louise had been there in plain sight the whole time, living as Bailey Quartermaine. Victor told him about the sonogram, and the fact that there was no record of Brook Lynn getting prenatal care anywhere in a 20-mile radius of Port Charles. It suddenly dawned on a skeptical Peter that Brook Lynn had never been pregnant, and he would finally have his daughter. Peter realized that Maxie had betrayed him in the worst way possible, and he hadn't thought that Maxie was capable of being so devious and cruel. He decided that Maxie needed to pay for her betrayal.

Victor asked that Peter fulfill his end of the bargain before going after revenge, but Peter refused. He explained that the deal had included Maxie, so they needed to revise things. He needed one more thing from Victor and asked that Victor get him out of captivity. They argued until Peter asked how badly Victor wanted the information on Drew, as the information would be "locked up" with him until he was reunited with his daughter.

Valentin arrived at the hospital and thanked Monica for meeting him. She replied that she was only doing it as a favor to Yuri. Valentin asked for an update on "Bailey," and Monica revealed that she hadn't seen much of "Bailey" since Brook Lynn had moved them to Jax's house. Yuri added that Brook Lynn frequently took "Bailey" to work to see Maxie. Monica commented that she'd always feared that Maxie would have a break from reality regarding "Bailey." She hoped that Valentin had gotten some peace of mind after what had happened. "I'm still searching for what I need, but I'm confident I'll find it," he replied.

Victor was gone when Monica entered Peter's room a few minutes later, and he hoped that his complaints had reached her. "Save it for someone who cares," she replied. She informed him that he had a clean bill of health, and she couldn't wait to get him out of the hospital so he could face justice for what he'd done to Drew and Jason. She added that her only comfort was knowing that he would spend the rest of his life in Pentonville.

As Victor walked through the hospital, he observed Valentin approach the desk at the hospital. He told the nurse at the desk that he was "Bailey's" father, and he asked for her medical records.

Esme's plan is revealed, and Peter comes face to face with his daughter

Esme's plan is revealed, and Peter comes face to face with his daughter

Friday, January 28, 2022

Martin met up with Laura at the coffeehouse. She asked if Martin had any idea what he was in for by representing Peter August. Martin reminded Laura that everyone was entitled to legal counsel -- even Peter. Martin shared that their time in hiding had resulted in him not being able to earn a living. A hefty check from Peter August, he said, would make up for some of that lost revenue.

Laura reiterated her concern about Martin getting involved with Peter. She added that the only way Peter could ever get his hands on his daughter would be if someone like Martin found a way to help Peter beat the charges against him.

Epiphany sat at a table at Kelly's, nursing a cup of coffee. She was perplexed when a small potted succulent was placed on the table. Marshall (temporarily portrayed by Damien Leake) explained that the plant was a gift to apologize for ruining their date with his unexpected health crisis. Epiphany assured him that he had not ruined their evening, and she urged him to continue taking the new medication he'd been prescribed.

Marshall insisted that he felt fine and wondered why Epiphany seemed annoyed and distant. Epiphany explained that the doctor who had tended to Marshall had reminded her there were "some dreams, no matter how sweet, that deserve to die." Pressed on what that meant, Epiphany explained that she had argued with Dr. Rose, the doctor who had treated Marshall, over what course of treatment Marshall needed.

Marshall equated Epiphany's concern to her still wanting to be a doctor. Epiphany politely told Marshall that he should worry more about his own family than her. Marshall asked Epiphany not to beat herself up over the clash she had had with Dr. Rose. He said that he trusted Epiphany and knew he was in good hands whenever she was around.

Curtis met up with Stella at Charlie's Pub. Stella had just returned from a minivacation at a wellness center. Curtis told his aunt that things were "improving" between him and Marshall. Her eyes widened as Curtis shared that Marshall had told him everything.

Curtis said that Marshall had gotten involved with some shady characters and had subsequently opted to disappear as a way to protect his family. Stella exhaled deeply and lowered her head. Curtis smiled and rocked back and forth in his chair. He said that he believed that Marshall had been in the Witness Protection Program. "And you believe that?" Stella asked incredulously.

Curtis said that he had no reason to doubt Marshall's story. He did, however, question why Marshall would not allow him to dig for more information about the shady characters. As he talked, Curtis noticed that Stella was acting peculiarly. He asked his aunt if there was something that she was not telling him.

Stella claimed she did not want to believe that Marshall had been mixed up with bad guys. Curtis asked Stella to think back and try to remember everything she could about Marshall's past. She repeated that she had not been around when Marshall had left town. Stella then urged Curtis to stop digging into Marshall's past.

As Stella and Curtis talked, Marshall walked into Charlie's and declared that it was a "small world." He asked if he could join them.

At the cabin, Esme feigned outrage over being called a "manipulative bitch." She blasted Trina as a "lightweight" who could not handle her liquor. Josslyn argued that Esme had "always been a bitch." Cameron declared that no one would be drinking any more alcohol. Josslyn said that Esme was using the alcohol as a scapegoat and insinuated that Esme had set out to intentionally hurt Trina.

Spencer agreed that Trina was not being a "drama queen," as Esme had implied. Esme became visibly upset and groused that Trina had everyone wrapped around her finger. Esme bolted from the room, leaving Josslyn to question why Spencer continued to tolerate Esme's antics.

Spencer explained that Esme had always had his back. He also reminded Josslyn that she and Trina had hated Esme from day one. Spencer asked Cameron what he thought of Esme. Cameron was surprised that Spencer needed to ask.

Esme returned to one of the bedrooms. Her mood changed dramatically when she spotted a suitcase in the corner of the room. Moments later, she grabbed her coat and headed back into the living room to announce that she was leaving. "I'm not spending another minute with small-minded people who have never and will never accept me for who I am," she exclaimed. Josslyn countered that she and the others knew who Esme was, and that was the reason they did not accept her.

Spencer offered to go with Esme but said he needed to check on Trina first. Esme replied that Trina was asleep. Esme walked out of the cabin. Spencer flashed a defeated look to Cameron and Josslyn and followed his girlfriend out of the cabin. While Cameron lamented the end of the getaway, Josslyn celebrated Esme's departure as a chance for them to really enjoy their time away.

Later, Cameron and Josslyn stepped outside. Josslyn wondered if Esme had planned to torpedo the weekend all along. They eventually returned inside and headed to their bedroom. They kissed for several minutes before Cameron asked if she was "sure about this." Josslyn replied that she was "so sure." Ater they'd made love, Josslyn and Cameron agreed that they were happy that they'd waited. They also agreed that they were glad that Esme had not ruined their special moment.

As they drove home from the cabin, Spencer asked if Esme had arranged the getaway with the sole intention of humiliating his friends. A tearful Esme accused Spencer of being ready to believe the worst about her. "That's not an answer," he replied.

Esme thought back to what she had done in the bedroom of the cabin before storming out. She remembered she'd skulked around Cameron and Josslyn's bedroom and hidden a cell phone and positioned its camera to record everything that happened on the bed. Back in the present, Esme began to cry as she said how hurt she was that everyone seemed to believe that she had some "diabolical" plan in place for the getaway.

Still handcuffed to his hospital bed, Peter thought back to the conversation in which Victor had shared his belief that "Bailey" and Louise were the same baby. Dante entered the room to inform Peter that his transfer to Pentonville had been delayed by a day because the hospital wanted to run some additional tests. Peter announced that the charges against him would soon be dropped, and he'd be free to do what no one else had been able to do: find Louise.

Looking for Chase, Brook Lynn entered a patient room at General Hospital, where she found Chase wearing only his skivvies. Brook Lynn tried to avert her eyes, but she repeatedly took furtive glances at Chase's body. Chase explained that he had just received his physical and been given a clean bill of health. He noted that if he were not suspended from the force, he would have been cleared to go back out into the field.

Chase looked on the bright side of his continued suspension: he could spend more time with "Bailey." Brook Lynn noticed that Chase had missed a button on his shirt and walked over to help him. She told him that she hoped he would have a child of his own one day because he would make a great dad. Their eyes locked. After several smoldering moments, they quickly pulled away from each other.

As Brook Lynn pushed the stroller toward the elevator, Dante wheeled Peter toward the same elevator. Peter stared at the baby and a smile crept across his face. "What a beautiful baby," Peter remarked. When Chase called himself "one proud dad," Peter retorted, "Sure you are." Peter commented that the baby looked just like her mother.

Once Peter had been wheeled away, Brook Lynn told Chase that she feared Peter had figured out the truth. Laura happened to be walking by and asked what they were talking about. Brook Lynn claimed that she and Chase had been discussing what a horrible human being Peter August was. Laura told the pair that she wanted them to envision a "better, safer, kinder world," a world where Peter could not harm any of them.

Martin dropped by Peter's room to tell him that he needed to recuse himself from Peter's case. Peter told Martin that they could go their separate ways with no hard feelings. Martin sensed there had to be a catch. Peter insisted there was no catch and asked only that Martin return the retainer he had been given. Dante returned and learned that Martin had dropped Peter as a client.

As he walked out of the hospital, Martin phoned Lucy to ask her if she wanted to fly to New Orleans with him.

Laura dropped by Peter's room to ask why he seemed unfazed by Martin's decision to drop him as a client. Thinking back to his encounter with "Bailey" in the corridor, Peter smiled and stated that he had faith in the system. "I just know things are going to work out for the best," Peter sneered.

Elsewhere in the hospital, a nurse headed off to check on "Bailey's" medical records. Victor walked over to ask Valentin why he was checking up on the baby. Valentin explained that Brook Lynn had not updated the baby's records to remove him as "Bailey's" father. Victor suggested that Brook Lynn was hiding something.

Victor questioned why Valentin was interested in a child that was not his. Valentin was not entirely sure that he could trust Victor. He told Victor that he wanted to see "Bailey's" medical records to see if they contained any information that he could use against Brook Lynn. Seconds later, the nurse returned and asked Valentin if there was something specific that he wanted to see in the child's records.

Victor told Valentin that he would make them reservations at the PC Grill so they could meet up later in the day. Valentin then told the nurse that he was looking for a sonogram photo from his daughter's third trimester. To his surprise, there was no sonogram photo in the file. The nurse told Valentin that the photo had never been in the file. Before leaving, Valentin said that he wanted to verify that "Bailey's" blood type was O-negative. The nurse replied that the baby was O-positive.

In the parking lot, Valentin phoned Anna to tell her that he had a lead on Louise. As he spoke, Johann, Victor's bodyguard, walked up from behind, put Valentin in a headlock, and placed a rag over Valentin's mouth. Victor stepped out of the shadows. He picked up the key fob to Valentin's car and opened up the tailgate. Johann stuffed Valentin into the back of the car and closed the tailgate.

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