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Tracy returned to Port Charles with news that Luke Spencer had been killed. Tracy figured out that "Bailey" was Louise. Victor was revealed to be behind Luke's untimely demise. Ned and Olivia made plans to renew their vows. Peter hired Martin. Shawn offered Alexis a job. Esme picked up a potent prescription. Carly paid Nina a visit.
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Tracy revealed that Luke Spencer had been killed and later figured out that "Bailey" was Louise
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Peter awakens; Laura has a surprise visitor

Peter awakens; Laura has a surprise visitor

Monday, January 3, 2022

After leaving Charlie's Pub with Sonny, Nina drove him to a spot that he said was a former residence of his with much history. He told her he had everything he needed. Nina closed the door as Sonny opted for pouring another drink. Sonny's voice cracked as he related that things couldn't get any worse. He and Nina argued about Willow and her testimony, and Nina ordered Sonny to stop drinking as he raised the bottle to his lips. Sonny declared that he had earned it.

As Nina turned to leave, Sonny stopped her. He thought that she might want to hear what had happened between him and Carly. Nina didn't want to hear it, but she finally relented. "Tell me everything," she said. Sonny told her what had happened after the court appearance and how he had tried to explain things to Carly. He admitted that the alcohol wasn't easing his pain.

Nina thought it might have been a good thing for the truth to come out, although there was never a good time. Sonny began to shout, and Nina began to cry. Sonny admitted that he couldn't get past what he had kept secret from Carly. He added that Carly believed that he still had feelings for Nina, but Nina insisted that it was all in the past and "buried with the ashes of the Tan-O." Sonny urged Nina to leave because it was late. She grabbed her coat and keys and stated that she hoped that Sonny would work things out with Carly. She left.

Carly was surprised when Drew showed up at the footbridge. She had almost hoped and believed that he might have been Jason. Drew explained that he wasn't a "New Year's guy," and after having visited Scout, he had had nothing to do. He guessed that Carly missed her best friend, and he was willing to listen to her talk. Carly revealed that she had had nowhere else to go, and the person closest to her was no longer around. Drew added that he was back because Jason had died.

Carly disclosed that Jason had always known the risks. Drew told her about their time in Greece and how they'd chatted and become a team. Drew wondered if Carly blamed herself for Jason's absence, but she replied that she hadn't asked Jason to go to Greece. It had been Britt. Carly believed she could have changed Jason's mind.

Drew could tell that Carly was hurting, and he suspected that there was another reason for her visit to the bridge. He wanted to help her. Carly appreciated the offer, but she thought they should go their separate ways. Drew reminded her that she knew how to find him.

Alexis walked into Charlie's Pub and headed to the bar, where she removed her coat and sat down. She eyed a drink in front of her. As she stared at the glass of Champagne, she finally picked it up and said, "Happy New Year" to no one in particular. She looked around and made eye contact with Harmony, who had just arrived.

Harmony sat down and lamented the fact that Willow had never called or texted her to wish her a happy New Year. She guessed that she was still an embarrassment. Alexis noted that Harmony had successfully distracted her from her drink. Harmony reminded Alexis that she wasn't a therapist, and they weren't even friends.

Alexis spoke about her plight of being an ex-con, but Harmony didn't want to hear it. She noted that they were both alone, and Alexis had to help herself. She accused Alexis of being there in the hopes that Kristina would be working and would stop her mother from drinking because Alexis couldn't stop herself.

Harmony quickly apologized, but Alexis agreed that she might have been looking for her daughter. She wondered if everyone had been gossiping about her at Spring Ridge, and Harmony revealed that they had been. She added that anyone else would have taken the same deal that Alexis had taken. Alexis confessed that she had no one to stop her from drinking, although Harmony reminded her that she had ignored the drink since Harmony's arrival.

Alexis continued that she had no one to talk to except the friend she'd distanced herself from. "I'm right here," Harmony said. Alexis decided on an herbal tea, and Harmony had to leave because she had work in the morning. Alexis thanked her, and Harmony departed.

At the Savoy post-midnight, Laura and Kevin were ready for some fun. Felicia and Mac walked over and greeted them. Nearby, Maxie spotted Anna sitting alone, and Anna confessed that her date, Valentin, had had to leave to check on his daughter. Maxie confessed that she wanted to get a fresh start with Anna for the new year, and Anna agreed that Peter was no longer a threat.

Felicia approached Anna and Maxie, and she announced that she wanted to team up with Anna in order to locate Louise. Maxie thought it was nice that Anna and Felicia were friends again, but she added that she didn't need any help. She was certain she'd see her daughter again soon. She wandered off, and Anna asked Felicia if they were indeed friends again. Felicia thought they had never stopped being friends and had just hit a "speed bump." They rehashed the past year regarding Peter, and they agreed to team up. Felicia was certain they would find a clue.

Mac sat with Kevin and Laura, and Kevin urged Mac to keep Cyrus in prison. Laura felt that she was less worried about Cyrus than the new threat in town. Mac guessed it was Victor. Laura noted that Peter's reign of terror was over, but Victor was free. Mac found Maxie observing Anna and Felicia, and he asked her if she was okay. Maxie replied that she was fine.

Laura informed Kevin that she thought it would be a good idea to meet up with Valentin for information. She was shocked that he had turned out to be Victor's son. They decided to head home for a private celebration.

Victor walked into General Hospital and attempted to visit with Peter, but Britt stopped him. She informed him that Peter might never wake up. Victor related that he had had business dealings with Peter before he had learned of all Peter's crimes, but Britt reminded Victor that he had delivered Liesl to Peter. Victor snapped that Liesl had survived, unlike Jason. "Did I hit a nerve?" Victor asked as Britt flinched. Victor commented that he'd heard that Britt and Jason had been an "item," but he'd had nothing to do with Jason's demise.

As Austin tended to Peter, he did not see Peter move his finger. Suddenly, Peter opened his eyes and grabbed Austin's arm. Austin found Britt and Victor in the corridor and announced that Peter had awakened and wanted to see Victor. Victor seemed to withdraw, and Britt taunted him for being scared. The guard outside Peter's room frisked Victor, and Austin led him into the room. Austin sent the nurse out.

Victor put on a false and cheery bravado, and Peter beckoned him to come closer. Peter's voice was raspy. "You betrayed me," Peter whispered. Victor replied that Peter had betrayed him first, and it had only been business. Victor announced that Peter was the only one who would be able to help him, and Peter was amused. Victor didn't think that Peter was in a proper place to hold a grudge because someone was looking to finish the job they'd attempted on Peter's life. Victor had resources, and he was the only one who would be able to help Peter.

Victor went on to say that there was a certain prisoner who had been held in Greece, and he needed something from him. He would offer Peter protection, and it was Peter's only available deal. He wanted to know how to get what he needed from Drew, and he demanded answers. Peter made it clear that he wanted to see Maxie and his daughter first.

Out in the corridor, Britt and Austin talked and joked about what might be happening in Peter's room. Britt confessed that she had hoped that Peter would never wake up, although she had also hoped that he would be put away for life. Austin admitted that he didn't see Britt as "The Britch," especially because she had worked through the holidays. He thought she was caring. Britt replied that she hadn't had a better offer, and she guessed that Austin had been in a similar spot.

Back at the Savoy, as Mac stood with Maxie, he received a phone call from Britt. He related the news to Maxie, Anna, and Felicia: Peter was awake. Anna peppered Mac with questions, but he had no answers. Felicia and Maxie demanded that they accompany Mac to the hospital. Anna wanted to stay behind to make a phone call. Anna left a message for Valentin and gave him the news. She wanted him to return her call.

Mac, Felicia, and Maxie raced into the hospital, and Mac questioned Britt. Felicia and Maxie spoke to Austin. The doctor was confident that Peter would never be a threat again. Mac stormed into Peter's room and threw Victor out. He announced that there would be limited access to Peter's room. Peter lay in bed and gloated.

Laura and Kevin arrived home and shared a kiss. They couldn't believe that someone was ringing their doorbell after midnight. Laura cautiously looked through the peephole and then opened the door. She was surprised to see Tracy, who didn't look well. "It's Luke! He's gone!" Tracy announced painfully. Laura gasped and began to cry.

Shocking details of Luke's death are revealed

Shocking details of Luke's death are revealed

Tuesday, January 4, 2022

Curtis and Portia woke up in bed together after a night of lovemaking. They cuddled close as they discussed their plans for the day, but since the Savoy was closed and Portia didn't have to work, they decided to remain in bed a little longer. A kiss quickly turned to passion.

Later, Curtis and Portia snuggled in bed. Portia confessed that she had wondered if things would feel the same being together after almost 20 years, but it had been much better in every way. Portia admitted that being with Curtis had felt right. Curtis felt the same, but he wished that he could go back in time and do things differently. To his surprise, Portia admitted that she wouldn't have changed anything. She had regrets, but she explained that she liked to learn from her mistakes and that their previous relationship -- and the mistakes they had made -- had led them to where they were.

Curtis thanked Portia for pushing him to open the Savoy and start a new life. "You mean everything to me," he said. Portia smiled, but she confessed that she felt a little nervous because they had agreed to take things slow. Portia couldn't find the words to articulate what she was feeling, so Curtis took the lead. He admitted that he had fallen in love with Portia. He didn't expect Portia to feel the same, but she assured him that she had fallen in love with him, too.

At Portia's request, Curtis agreed to leave the past where it belonged and to focus on a new life and a new start. They sealed their agreement with a kiss.

At the hospital, Bobbie stopped Valentin at the nurses' station and warned him that she knew what he was up to. Bobbie made it clear that Valentin would not get to see Peter, so Valentin turned on the charm as he assured her that he had no intention of killing Peter. Valentin was only looking for information. Unmoved, Bobbie advised Valentin to talk to Victor. Valentin was stunned that Victor had visited Peter, and he questioned her about it. Bobbie was unable to provide details, since it had been a private visit.

Bobbie suspected that whatever Victor and Peter had discussed hadn't been good. She explained that she had lived in Port Charles when Victor and his brother Mikkos had first arrived in town, and the Cassadine brothers had hurt a lot of people that she had cared about. Valentin suggested that it was even more reason why he should talk to Peter, but Bobbie threatened to call security if Valentin didn't keep his distance from Peter. Just then, Alexis rounded the corner and asked if there was a problem. Bobbie quickly filled Alexis in about Valentin's plans to visit Peter.

Bobbie received an important text message from Laura, so Alexis promised to deal with Valentin. After Bobbie left, Valentin explained that he needed to know why Victor had visited Peter. Alexis agreed that it had been an alarming development, but she intended to respect Bobbie's orders. Frustrated, Valentin shifted gears because he noticed that Alexis seemed very calm. Alexis revealed that she had just been to a meeting because she had nearly fallen off the wagon the previous night. Concerned, Valentin asked what had almost triggered her relapse.

Alexis admitted that recovering addicts didn't really need an excuse to relapse, but she had been feeling a bit directionless since leaving Spring Ridge. Valentin offered to help Alexis, but she assured him that she was working on it. Alexis also revealed that she had gotten a pep talk from someone who had reminded Alexis that the answers were not at the bottom of a bottle. Alexis suggested that Valentin could help by keeping Alexis out of Bobbie's crosshairs. Valentin refused to make any promises, but he smiled. Alexis exchanged a fist bump with Valentin and left.

At Metro Court, Nikolas and Ava entered the hotel, but they stopped short when they saw Victor seated in the lobby, reading a newspaper. Nikolas suggested that he and Ava go to the Grill, but Ava reminded Nikolas that Victor had information that could be used against Nikolas. She suggested that they say hello to Nikolas' uncle.

Victor warmly greeted Nikolas and Ava. Nikolas noticed that Victor had been reading the Invader, which featured a front-page article about a crisis at Cassadine Industries. Ava invited Victor to join her and Nikolas for breakfast, but Victor declined because he'd already eaten. Nikolas picked up the newspaper and questioned his uncle about it. Confused, Ava asked what the article said. Nikolas quickly skimmed the article and revealed that the article was about an accusation of bullying and retaliation by a plant manager, and upper management's decision to pay off both parties and have them sign nondisclosure agreements.

Nikolas was furious because the article had been designed to make Cassadine Industries and Nikolas look bad, even though Nikolas had had no part in the settlement. Meanwhile, Shawn exited the elevator and overheard Nikolas complaining. Shawn reminded Nikolas that the buck stopped with Nikolas. Nikolas was surprised when Shawn asked what Nikolas thought of Shawn's new investment. Shawn revealed that his nonprofit had purchased the Invader, and Shawn had a new vision for the newspaper. Shawn took delight in pointing out that it wouldn't have been possible without Nikolas' money, and Shawn had pointed his team in the direction of Cassadine Industries.

After Shawn left, Victor suggested that Shawn had become a bit of a nuisance. Victor invited Nikolas to say the word, and Victor would handle it. Nikolas refused because it was not the way he wanted to deal with his problems. Victor chuckled because he recalled that Nikolas had arranged a hit on Hayden Barnes seven years earlier. Victor warned his nephew that sometimes sacrifices had to be made for the greater good.

"Winds of change are coming, my dears. This family needs to be ready," Victor said. Nikolas pointed out that it hadn't been the first time that Victor had alluded to a grand plan for the family. He told his uncle to stop hinting around, but Victor promised to give Nikolas the answers that Nikolas sought just as soon as Victor had his own answers.

Meanwhile, Shawn was waiting for Alexis at her lake house when she arrived home. He handed her a first edition of the Invader, and she smiled when she saw the lead story. She was pleased that he had executed his new vision for the newspaper. Smiling, Shawn followed Alexis inside as he admitted that he needed to find someone to work under him to help guide the newspaper in the new direction while he focused on the day-to-day business of running a nonprofit organization. Alexis agreed, and she wondered if he had anyone in mind. "I'm looking at her," Shawn answered.

At Kevin and Laura's house, Tracy slept fitfully on the sofa until Laura gently woke her. Laura apologized as she sat down beside Tracy because it had appeared to Laura that Tracy had been having a nightmare. Tracy admitted it had been the worst kind of nightmare -- the kind that was real. Tracy was overcome with emotion as she confessed that she couldn't believe that Luke was gone. Laura's expression filled with sorrow as she reached for Tracy's hands.

After Tracy freshened up, she returned to the living room and found Kevin and Laura waiting. Kevin bid Tracy a good morning and handed her a cup of coffee. The other cup of coffee he handed to his wife. Laura explained that she had tried to wake Tracy the previous evening to move Tracy to the guest room, but Tracy hadn't budged. Tracy wasn't surprised because she hadn't slept in two days. Laura revealed that she had talked to Lucky, and he had heard about the cable car crash in Austria. Lucky had been horrified to learn that his father had been one of the lives lost in the tragedy.

Tracy talked about how she had been glued to her television, watching the wreckage and flames -- and hoping that Luke hadn't been on the cable car. Unfortunately, the authorities had recovered Luke's personal effects, and they had identified Luke's remains. Tracy blamed herself for Luke's death because she had been the reason that Luke had been in the accident in the first place. Tracy explained that Luke had gotten a tip on a "can't-miss" scam opportunity, but it had been in Austria. Luke had offered not to go if he didn't have Tracy's blessing, but her temper had gotten the best of her.

Tracy had screamed at Luke that if he'd even considered going back to "that life," then he had never cared about her. Laura reminded Tracy that nothing Tracy could have said would have changed Luke's mind if it had been something that Luke had wanted to do. Tracy admitted that she had said terrible things to Luke, things that she would never be able to take back. Tracy sarcastically suggested that Luke had gotten himself killed in order to have the last word. Kevin offered to rearrange his schedule if Tracy needed to talk, but Tracy tearfully insisted that she just needed Luke.

Laura checked her phone when she received a reply from Bobbie. Tracy decided to leave when she learned that Bobbie was on her way over because Tracy wasn't ready to face Luke's sister. Tracy's voice quivered with emotion as she admitted that she would dissolve if she talked to Bobbie. Laura assured Tracy that she was welcome anytime. "I know," Tracy said. After Tracy left, Kevin asked how Laura was holding up. Laura wished that she had done more to help Tracy because it was clear that Tracy was devasted.

Kevin clarified that he had been concerned about Laura. When Laura began to cry, Kevin opened his arms and held her. Laura quickly pulled herself together and apologized, but Kevin assured his wife that he was not threatened by her past with Luke. Laura smiled because she knew it was the truth. She admitted that she had looked at the calendar on November 16th, and she had realized that it would have been her 40th wedding anniversary if she had stayed married to Luke. The wedding day had seemed like "yesterday" to Laura, even though that chapter of her life had been over for a long time.

"How am I going to tell Lulu when she wakes up?" Laura asked as fresh tears filled her eyes. Kevin assured Laura that they would figure that out later. Laura tensed when she heard a knock at the door. She wiped away her tears and went to the door. As Laura greeted Bobbie, Kevin collected his coat and left. Bobbie realized that something terrible had happened. Laura asked when Bobbie had last heard from Luke. Bobbie admitted that it had been a while, but she wasn't concerned until Laura asked if Bobbie had seen the news reports about the cable car accident in Austria.

Bobbie quickly figured out where the conversation was headed, and she cut Laura off. Bobbie grabbed her cell phone and called Luke, but his voicemail picked up. Bobbie's voice grew shaky as she ordered her brother to return her call right away. Laura gently explained that Luke would not be calling back, but Bobbie refused to believe that Luke was dead. Laura didn't want to believe it, either, but she promised that it was true. "Luke is gone," Laura said.

Laura held Bobbie as Bobbie wept. Bobbie pulled away as she admitted that she should have known that something was wrong when she hadn't heard from Luke. "He always calls me this time of year," Bobbie said. Even if Luke had been a few days late, he would remind Bobbie that it was never too late as long as he called her before "Three Kings Day." Laura couldn't believe that it was real because Luke had cheated death too many times to have gone out in a random accident. Bobbie insisted that it hadn't been an accident; Bobbie was certain that someone had targeted and killed Luke.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Monica smiled knowingly when Drew arrived home after being out all night. She had been aware that he had gone to see Sam and Scout, and she wondered if she dared to hope that a reunion was in the works. Drew made it clear to his mother that he and Sam were just co-parents. Disappointed, Monica apologized, and she explained that she had been up half the night with Ned and Olivia, having a heart-to-heart talk. Drew asked if everything was okay. Monica conceded that it was a family matter, but it was for Ned and Olivia to explain.

However, Monica revealed that there were some issues regarding ELQ that needed to be addressed since Drew had settled in. Drew confessed that he had only stopped off at home to shower and change because he had some personal business to attend to. Monica was not happy when Drew told her about his plans to pay Peter a visit. She pointed out that Peter was not to be trusted, especially for answers. Drew explained that he would not be able to get on with his life as long as his questions lingered. Monica accepted that she couldn't change Drew's mind, but she begged him to be careful because she had already lost one son to Peter, and she didn't want to lose another.

A short time later, Monica was startled when she opened the door and saw Tracy.

In the living room, Leo watched as Brook Lynn fed "Bailey" a bottle of milk. Brook Lynn chuckled when Leo warned her that "Bailey" would be burping a lot because the baby had guzzled quite a bit of milk. Brook Lynn set the bottle down and began to pat "Bailey's" back. Brook Lynn revealed that she had helped burp Leo when he had been a baby. Moments later, Ned and Olivia entered the living room with their morning cups of coffee. After Leo left the room, Brook Lynn expressed her regret that she hadn't taken Austin more seriously. Olivia reminded Brook Lynn that it was in the past, and they needed to focus on moving forward.

Brook Lynn wondered how things were going with Leo and the specialist. Ned assured Brook Lynn that Leo was doing well, but Ned and Olivia were trying to figure out the best way to explain to Leo that Leo had autism spectrum disorder. Ned and Olivia were confident that Leo would be able to understand, but they needed to have the conversation soon because they didn't want Leo to hear it from anyone else. Brook Lynn was delighted when Olivia shared that they had started the process for Ned to adopt Leo. Brook Lynn hugged her father and congratulated him, but her smile faded when Olivia mentioned that Leo would be "Bailey's" uncle.

Leo returned to the living room, spouting facts about octopuses. He offered to show Brook Lynn a book about animals that he had received for Christmas. Brook Lynn handed "Bailey" to Olivia and followed Leo out of the room. Ned admitted that Olivia was a natural with "Bailey," which Olivia attributed to being a young mother because she had gotten a lot of advice and had been easily "moldable." Ned was glad that they had settled things about Leo's adoption, but he wanted to talk about his relationship with Olivia. After Olivia put the baby in the bassinette, she joined Ned on the sofa.

Olivia explained that her heart had been ripped to shreds when Ned had cheated on her. Ned apologized, but she reminded him that a lot of marriages survived infidelity when the couples were committed to doing the work to put things back together. Ned promised that he was, but he wondered if she could forgive him. Olivia assured Ned that she had forgiven him, but the indiscretion had been a symptom of a bigger problem in their marriage. Olivia believed that she and Ned had lost faith in each other, and they had forgotten how to communicate. However, she conceded that they had slowly started to remember in recent months, and she could once again see Ned as a partner and confidant.

Olivia had been moved by the way that Ned had stood up for their son, and she had realized that Ned was the man that she wanted to spend the rest of her life with. Ned was thrilled, and he eagerly suggested that they renew their vows. Olivia agreed, but she made it clear that they needed to drown out all the outside voices -- including Tracy's. As if on cue, Tracy entered the living room in time to hear Olivia, but it was quickly forgotten when Ned greeted his mother.

Later, Ned asked why Tracy hadn't called when Luke had died because Ned would have flown to Amsterdam to be with his mother. Tracy explained that telling anyone would have made it real, and she had just wanted to get back home to her family. Tracy poured herself a drink as she admitted that when she had reunited with Luke in Amsterdam, she had thought that they would be together until the end -- she just hadn't known how soon the end would be. Ned offered to help Tracy with funeral arrangements, but Tracy wasn't interested. Brook Lynn suggested a wake to honor Luke, which Tracy agreed would be best. Monica offered to call Skye, while Ned decided to let his brother Dillon know, and Olivia was tasked with breaking the news to Robert Scorpio.

After everyone filed out of the room, Brook Lynn went to pick up "Bailey," who had started to cry. "Why are you pretending that baby is still yours?" Tracy asked.

At the hospital, Valentin greeted Drew. Valentin assumed that Drew wanted to see Peter, but he warned Drew that a Pentonville guard had been assigned to guard Peter's hospital room -- and keep visitors out. Drew explained that he needed to talk to Peter to find out if Peter could activate Drew's conditioning. Valentin advised Drew against it because Drew remained vulnerable, while Peter was both treacherous and desperate. Drew agreed, and he switched gears to question Valentin about ELQ. Drew was shocked when Valentin revealed that he had control of Drew's voting shares.

At Metro Court, Kevin was pleased when he saw Nikolas and Ava in the lobby. Kevin told Nikolas to check in with Laura, but Nikolas realized that something was wrong. Kevin broke the news to Nikolas that Luke had been killed. Kevin revealed that Laura was with Bobbie, but they still had to reach Ethan. Nikolas promised to take care of it. Victor extended his condolences, but Kevin was skeptical because he knew Victor's history with Luke and Laura. Victor reminded Kevin that Mikkos was long buried -- much like Luke soon would be.

Victor conceded that Luke had been larger than life, and it was a shame that Luke had gone out in such a trivial way. Kevin was surprised that Victor would consider a tragedy that had claimed several lives "trivial." Victor agreed that it had been a poor choice of words. He said Luke had cheated death many times in spectacular fashion, so one would expect for Luke to go out in a blaze of glory. Ava decided to cut the tension by suggesting that Nikolas call Ethan so that Kevin could talk to Luke's son.

After Nikolas, Ava, and Kevin walked away, Victor received a call from a blocked number. A short time later, Victor stood in a quiet corner as he instructed the person on the other end to call off the hit on Laura, since Luke had been neutralized. Victor decided that it was time to put the second phase of his plan into motion.

Tracy puts the pieces together

Tracy puts the pieces together

Wednesday, January 5, 2022

At General Hospital, Maxie asked Austin and Britt when Peter would be "getting shipped off to Pentonville." Austin told Maxie that Peter wouldn't be going anywhere until his condition stabilized, and Britt assured Maxie that Peter was being guarded around the clock. That did little to comfort Maxie, who noted that Peter had managed to escape from the hospital before.

Martin Gray approached Maxie, Austin, and Britt and asked them for directions to Peter's room. Austin motioned toward Peter's room but noted that only approved visitors were permitted into the room. When Maxie asked Martin why he wanted to see Peter, Martin said nothing, turned, and walked away. Martin presented his business card to the guard outside Peter's room, and the guard allowed Martin inside.

Once Martin was inside Peter's room, Peter told Martin that he wanted to hire Martin to prove that he had not killed Franco Baldwin. Martin said he was "extremely reluctant" to take Peter's case because there did not seem to be an upside for him. However, Martin said that he could be swayed if the compensation "were both generous and prompt."

Peter quickly agreed to a $50,000 retainer, but Martin informed Peter that there were still conditions to be met. Martin stated that he would only defend Peter on charges related to Franco's murder. The attorney added that even if Peter were to beat the murder charges, he still faced an "avalanche" of other charges in other jurisdictions. "One battle at a time, Martin," Peter growled defiantly.

When Martin exited Peter's room, Maxie raced over and learned that Martin had agreed to represent Peter. Martin stepped onto the elevator, and the doors closed behind him.

Later, Austin intercepted Britt on her way to Peter's room. He questioned her reasons for checking on Peter. Britt told Austin that it was part of her duties to make sure that patients were being cared for.

Peter greeted Britt with a wicked smile, raising his shackled arms as high as he could, and asked, "What's up?" Peter referred to Britt as his sister, but Britt angrily told Peter never to call her that again. When Peter implied that he had not been responsible for Jason's death, Britt angrily inched toward the hospital bed. After calling him a "dumbass," Britt coldly told Peter, "I am so glad I didn't grow up with you. I am so glad I never knew that we were related."

Britt said that all Peter did was bring pain and suffering to those around him. She added that she had not known it was possible to despise a person until she'd met Peter. Peter hinted that he considered that Britt might have been the person that had poison him. Britt leaned close to Peter and icily told him that if she had tried to poison him, she would have gotten the dosage right. She told Peter that she did not want him dead -- she wanted him rotting in a supermax jail cell, knowing that he would never set eyes on his daughter. "I want you alone, Peter, until you join our father in Hell."

When Britt walked out of Peter's room, Austin forced her to sit down with him for a moment. She admitted to feeling better for having confronted Peter. The two commiserated on their lack of social lives. Britt started to laugh as she told Austin that she knew of a great matchmaker. Britt even imitated Liesl's accent as she told Austin about the gift that her mother had given her for Christmas. Austin volunteered to be Britt's "wing man" as she looked for love.

In the living room of her home, Alexis insinuated that Shawn's job offer was an act of charity. Before Alexis could completely decline the offer, Sam dropped by for a visit. Alexis filled Sam in on Shawn's new role as publisher of the Invader and the job offer he had extended. Sam surprised both Shawn and Alexis by urging Alexis to consider the offer.

Shawn told Alexis and Sam that he did not need another journalist, but he did need someone "with a conscience" to lead and guide the paper. Alexis asked Shawn why he hadn't told her that in the first place. Alexis agreed to consider the offer, and Shawn left.

Alexis admitted to Sam that Shawn's job offer sounded enticing. Sam said that what Alexis had done as a lawyer seemed very similar to what Shawn wanted her to do at the Invader -- Alexis just needed to put it down on paper.

Alexis phoned Shawn and told him that if he truly wanted to turn the Invader "into a mission for justice," she wanted in. Shawn smiled broadly and asked her when she could start.

At Charlie's Pub, Anna and Felicia discussed what they both believed was Maxie's unusual behavior regarding Louise. Felicia proffered a theory that Maxie was in denial about Louise's disappearance. Anna admitted to having acted similarly when she had been unable to be with Robin.

When Maxie arrived, she apologized for being late but explained that she had been delayed because she had bumped into Martin at the hospital. Anna and Felicia told Maxie that they remained committed to finding Louise and bringing her home.

Robert arrived a short time later and shared the news of Luke's death in the cable car accident in Austria. As the women tried to process the news, Anna asked Robert if it appeared that the cable car had been tampered with. Robert shook his head and said, "It would appear that his luck just plain ran out."

In the Metro Court dining room, Victor attempted to make small talk with Valentin. Valentin seemed disinterested until Victor remarked that he'd heard Valentin "lost a child." Valentin countered that "Bailey" was alive and well, not lost. Victor remarked that Brook Lynn's actions were "intolerable," and he offered his assistance to help Valentin exact revenge on Brook Lynn.

"So, you want to team up like some dynamic father/son duo?" Valentin quipped. An out-of-breath Martin arrived to talk to Valentin.

Martin and Valentin sat down at a table, and Martin revealed that he had agreed to represent Peter. Asked why he had to be the one to represent Peter, Martin explained that he had bills to pay -- including "alimony three times over." The attorney also noted that Cyrus was no longer helping to pay for their mother's medical care. Valentin stood up and abruptly announced that they would have to reschedule their meeting.

Valentin headed to the elevator, but Victor stuck his hand in the door to stop it from closing. Once inside, Victor asked if Valentin had given any more thought to the offer he had made. Valentin didn't understand why Victor wanted to go after Brook Lynn. Victor replied that Brook Lynn had smeared the Cassadine name before adding that he wanted a relationship with Valentin, his son.

Valentin shook his head to indicate that he rejected the offer of help. An angry Victor huffed and pressed the button to open the elevator door. Before Victor could leave, Valentin asked Victor what his plan entailed.

Maxie announced that she wanted to drop by Quartermaine Mansion to check on Tracy. Felicia offered to give her a ride. Anna took Robert's hand and sighed deeply. "First Holly and now Luke," she said as tears streamed down her cheek. She told Robert that she was glad he was there.

Robert and Anna reminisced about their first times meeting Luke Spencer and how Luke had always lived his life to the fullest.

In the breakfast nook at the Quartermaine mansion, Michael and Willow discussed the fallout from her testimony. Michael assured her that he did not blame her for telling the truth. He stated that what she had done was much like what he had done with D.A. Sheridan; they were both trying to protect their family. Michael was shocked when Willow implied that what she and he had done were not the same thing.

Harmony arrived with a present for Wiley. She thanked Michael and Willow for allowing her to give the present to Wiley in person. Wiley was thrilled with the train set that he received and thanked Harmony by giving her one of the drawings he had made. Michael helped Wiley carry the train into another room so that Wiley could show it to Leo.

Willow apologized for having taken so long to reach out to her mom. The two women discussed Nina's trial. When Michael returned, he asked what they had been talking about. Harmony told Michael that they had been discussing Nina, and, while she was not privy to the details of what had happened at Nina's hearing, she urged Michael to trust Willow's instincts about Nina.

Michael asked Harmony how anything involving Nina was any of her business. Harmony apologized for overstepping. Michael said that he did trust Willow, which was why Harmony was allowed in the Quartermaine home. Harmony asserted that she had changed and only wanted a relationship with her family.

Brook Lynn begged Tracy to keep her voice down. While Tracy did lower her volume, she continued to insist that Brook Lynn was not "Bailey's" mother. "So, how'd you get the baby? And please do not tell me the old-fashioned way," Tracy said with a slight smile.

Brook Lynn claimed that she had found a mother who had not been able to raise her baby. With the plot to get Valentin's shares of ELQ foiled, Tracy questioned why Brook Lynn needed to craft a lie about Chase being the baby's father. Brook Lynn's silence made Tracy wonder if Brook Lynn had stolen "Bailey." Brook Lynn swore that "Bailey" had not been stolen. Tracy asked how Chase had become involved in the baby lie and asked if there was something going on between Brook Lynn and "Mr. Law and Order."

Felicia and Maxie arrived at the mansion to offer their condolences to Tracy. When "Bailey" started fussing, Maxie instinctually walked over to soothe her. Brook Lynn pretended that the baby needed to be changed, and both she and Maxie left the room so that Felicia and Tracy could talk.

Out in the foyer, Brook Lynn told Maxie that Tracy had figured out that "Bailey" was not Brook Lynn's daughter. Maxie panicked because she believed there was no one as "sneaky [or] suspicious" as Tracy.

Back in the living room, Felicia told Tracy that she was worried that being around "Bailey" might be difficult for Maxie. Tracy wondered if there had been any leads on Louise's whereabouts. Felicia shook her head and said that there had been no leads in the seven months that Louise had been missing. Tracy expressed her shock that both Maxie and Brook Lynn's babies were the same age.

When Brook Lynn and Maxie returned, Tracy thanked both Felicia and Maxie for stopping by to check on her. Before leaving, Felicia bent down to say goodbye to "Bailey." Tracy closely observed Brook Lynn and Maxie's reactions.

Later, Brook Lynn needed to step out of the room and asked if Tracy would watch the baby. "I managed to raise your father and your uncle; I can be alone with an infant for five minutes," Tracy wisecracked. As soon as Brook Lynn left the room, Tracy looked down at the baby and remarked that the infant had led an interesting life. "Haven't you, 'Bailey'?" Tracy asked, clarifying, "Or should I call you Louise?"

Tracy is arrested

Tracy is arrested

Thursday, January 6, 2022

Ava burst into Nina's office at Crimson, having heard from a "gossip at the nail salon" that Nina's charges had been dropped. She hugged Nina and expressed how happy she was for Nina. She asked how Scott had gotten it done, relishing that Sonny and Carly were on the losing end. Nina told Ava about Willow's testimony and Sonny's testimony. She went on to tell Ava about her interaction with Sonny on New Year's Eve, but she insisted nothing happened between them. Ava believed that Sonny was caught between Nina and Carly. "You know it's true," Ava added gleefully, and she left.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Tracy talked to "Bailey" about what an interesting life she'd had so far. "Or should I call you Louise?" she added. She wondered what Brook Lynn was up to. Brook Lynn entered the room and insisted that she was up to nothing. Brook Lynn was late for a meeting at Deception, so she gathered up her things and picked up "Bailey."

Tracy related that Felicia was concerned about Maxie getting too attached to "Bailey," but Brook Lynn thought seeing "Bailey" was helping Maxie cope. Tracy commented that she'd never thought of Brook Lynn as the maternal type, and Brook Lynn replied that people could change. "Or they get better at hiding," Tracy suggested, and Brook Lynn left.

At the Metro Court restaurant, Sam and Alexis celebrated Alexis' new job as editor of the Invader. Alexis admitted that she was terrified, but she liked it. Just then, Ned approached their table and admitted that he had some bad news. He told the women about Luke and that his mother had relayed the message. Sam and Alexis were shocked about Luke and also unhappy to hear mention of Tracy. Right on cue, Tracy arrived and asked for a minute with Ned to talk about Brook Lynn.

Ned advised Tracy to leave before someone tipped off the police, as she was still a fugitive in town. Alexis related that her new story could be about privilege and the abuse of power. Alexis expressed her condolences to Tracy about Luke but acknowledged that it had nothing to do with what Tracy had done to Alexis before escaping on a private jet. Tracy spat that Alexis seemed to be "failing your way to the top. Or did you sleep your way?" Ned pulled Tracy away from the table, and Sam muttered to Alexis that Tracy needed to pay for what she'd done.

In his penthouse, Sonny was giving orders on the phone when Dante arrived. He ended the call, and Dante wondered how Sonny had gotten home. Sonny updated him on Nina giving him a ride, and he insisted that she hadn't stayed. He admitted that the "Mike" part of him had wanted her to, but he wanted Carly. He admitted that he couldn't get rid of "Mike's" feelings for Nina, but with Carly was where he belonged. Dante urged Sonny to go talk to Carly. Just then, Dante's phone went off, and he answered it to Sam. She wondered how soon he could get to the Metro Court restaurant to make an arrest.

At the Metro Court restaurant, Ned finished up a phone call and informed Tracy that it was about ELQ. She insisted that she had something more important to talk about involving Brook Lynn and "Bailey." Just then, Dante arrived and placed a shocked Tracy under arrest. Across the room, Alexis and Sam smiled as they toasted to the arrest.

At Carly's, Avery asked Carly where Sonny was. Carly promised that he would be back soon, as he was only away on business. Olivia arrived, and Carly sent Avery upstairs to check on Donna and Pilar. Olivia wondered how Nina's charges could have been dropped, and Carly told her what had happened at the hearing and with Sonny afterwards. Olivia didn't want to compare the situations, but she mentioned Carly's feelings for Jason, which Carly brushed off as different circumstances.

Olivia related that Leo was what was moving her and Ned back together. She happily informed Carly that Ned was going to officially adopt Leo, and she and Ned were going to renew their vows. Carly was ecstatic for the couple. Olivia warned Carly not to waste time like she and Ned had, as Carly and Sonny were "destined" to be together. She also promised Carly that Nina would get her karmic justice. Just then, Carly's phone rang, and she commented that Bobbie kept calling her. Knowing what the call was about, Olivia urged Carly to call her mother back, and they could talk later. As she got ready to leave, Olivia wondered if Carly had told Sonny how she still felt about Jason, and Sonny entered the kitchen.

Brando and Gladys met at the Metro Court restaurant, and Brando revealed that Sasha wasn't going to make it. Just then, Sasha arrived, and Brando was glad that she'd changed her mind, especially since they hadn't seen or talked to each other since Liam's funeral. She replied that she'd needed some alone time, and Brando and Gladys were glad to see her out and about. Sasha informed them that she couldn't stay, as it was a big day for Deception, and she felt that she needed to go back to work. He told her that he was glad she'd stopped by and that he loved her. She repeated the sentiment and left.

Brando confided in Gladys that he hadn't wanted to seem like he was hounding or neglecting Sasha with the level of contact he'd given her. Gladys understood, as she'd done the same with Brando. She wondered if he was ready to talk about things. Brando remarked that he admired Sasha for how she was coping with things. Gladys expressed how proud she was of Brando for letting himself hurt.

Maxie arrived at Deception and apologized to Lucy for being late. Lucy went on about how nothing was more important than Deception, their baby, but she realized that "baby" was a bad choice of words. Maxie agreed that Deception was their baby, and they should do anything to protect it. Brook Lynn arrived and asked to talk to Maxie, so they went out into the hall. Brook Lynn revealed that Tracy suspected that "Bailey" was Louise. Maxie advised Brook Lynn to see if Tracy was going to pursue it, and they went back into the office.

Lucy announced that they needed to schedule a press conference and arrange their trip to the New York Stock Exchange. She explained that one partner got to ring the opening bell, and she volunteered herself, since Deception was her "brainchild." Maxie and Brook Lynn wished Sasha could do it, as she was the "face of Deception." Just then, Sasha arrived and insisted that she was ready to give her all to Deception. Lucy, Maxie, and Brook Lynn all told Sasha that it was too soon, but Sasha believed that she would be dishonoring Liam's memory if she stopped living.

Brook Lynn informed Sasha that she'd been keeping a folder with necessary information for Sasha, and Lucy wanted new photos for their press release. A woman from the daycare entered the office with "Bailey" and told Brook Lynn that she'd forgotten to hand over "Bailey's" pacifier. A shaken Sasha told "Bailey" how lucky her parents were to have her, and Sasha quickly insisted that she was fine. Brook Lynn handed the pacifier over, and the woman left with the baby. Sasha excused herself to freshen up.

A few minutes later, Sasha looked at herself in the bathroom mirror and urged herself to "get it together." She talked about how her friends and partners were counting on her, so she couldn't let them down. She got a tube of lipstick out of her bag, and her hand was violently shaking. She took a few deep breaths and calmly put some lipstick on.

In the office, Brook Lynn wondered if they should check on Sasha, but Maxie figured that Sasha just needed some alone time. "You never get over a loss like that," Lucy added. Sasha returned, and Lucy grabbed her to go over what Sasha needed to say at the press conference. Maxie and Brook Lynn took the opportunity to go talk in the hallway. Maxie feared that Tracy would exploit their secret about "Bailey" for her own gain, and she decided that they needed a plan.

Phyllis tells Nina to stay away from Sonny

Phyllis tells Nina to stay away from Sonny

Friday, January 7, 2022

In the staff locker room at General Hospital, Finn asked Elizabeth if they were still on for the date. She told him that she had bought a new dress for the occasion. He took her ringless hand and told her that he was "extremely happy" that she felt she was ready to "move on" with him. Elizabeth told Finn that she believed that Franco would want her to be happy. Finn leaned in and gave Elizabeth a kiss.

Chase dropped by Deception to check on Brook Lynn and "Bailey." Brook Lynn warned Chase that Tracy was back in town and advised him to avoid her at all costs. Brook Lynn asked Chase if he had heard anything more about his suspension from the police force. He said that he had not, but he noted that his unexpected free time allowed him to spend more time with "Bailey" and learn new facts. "Did you know the severed head of a sea slug can grow its whole body back?" Chase asked.

Brook Lynn remained worried about Chase and explained that she felt responsible for Chase being suspended. Chase assured her that she had no reason to feel that way. A frazzled Olivia showed up in the doorway and asked Brook Lynn and Chase to talk her down before she headed to Crimson to "rearrange Nina's lying face."

Olivia filled Brook Lynn and Chase in on Willow's testimony and its impact on Sonny and Carly. Chase remembered that he was supposed to meet up with Finn at the hospital. He decided to take "Bailey" with him. Before he left, he gave Brook Lynn a brown paper bag that contained a turkey on wheat sandwich -- Brook Lynn's favorite. He'd also included a banana because, according to Chase, Brook Lynn always seemed to steal his.

Once Chase and the baby were gone, Olivia asked for every detail about what was going on between Brook Lynn and Chase. Brook Lynn insisted that she and Chase were just friends, though Olivia didn't believe it. The two women wrapped up their chat with both admitting that they liked that they were getting along. Olivia complimented Brook Lynn's "beautiful heart" and commented that sometimes what people were looking for was right in front of them.

At the hospital, Elizabeth and Finn oohed and aahed over "Bailey." When Elizabeth got back to work, Chase asked how things were going between Elizabeth and Finn. Finn said that he was optimistic about things. When asked how he was doing, Chase admitted to feeling "useless" because he was not able to work.

As the two brothers exchanged niceties, Chase joked that he had just started to enjoy "curmudgeon Finn," but he thought that he could also learn to like "nice Finn," too. Finn smiled broadly and said that there was nothing standing in the way of him and Elizabeth being happy together.

Back in the locker room, Elizabeth took her dress out of her locker and inadvertently knocked her wedding ring from the shelf. She held it in her hand and flashed a look of concern.

Ava and Trina were shown to a table at the Metro Court. Ava told Trina that they would be having a business dinner with a new hire at the gallery. Trina was shocked when the new employee -- Spencer -- stepped off the elevator. Neither Trina nor Spencer had known that the other would be at the meeting.

Spencer objected to being called an employee and argued that it felt more like court-ordered "indentured servitude." Ava leaned closer to Spencer and growled that he owed her for ruining the gallery and artwork with his fake blood stunt. Ava suggested that they order food before they started to talk business. Spencer noted that he could not afford the food at the Metro Court. Ava smiled broadly and announced that the bill would be paid from Spencer's trust fund.

Ava told Spencer that she and Trina had come up with a list of things that Spencer could do once he had served his sentence. "If I had known that this plea deal meant working for you, I would have fought for more prison time," Spencer sassed. Ava revealed that Spencer would not be working for her -- he would be working for Trina. The announcement was news to both Spencer and Trina.

When Spencer remarked that working for Trina was no better than working for Ava, Trina got up and left. Spencer accused Ava of kicking him while he was down. Ava explained to Spencer that making restitution was not only about money. She said that he needed to try to make up for the way that he had hurt Trina.

At Kelly's, there was a lull in business, so Cameron told Josslyn that it would be a good time for her to vent about Carly and Sonny's predicament. Josslyn said that she was "so pissed" at Sonny for the way that he had protected Nina in court. Cameron expressed optimism that Carly and Sonny would be able to work through their differences. Josslyn wasn't so sure.

Esme overheard the latter part of the conversation as she entered the restaurant and worried that Sonny and Carly's marital problems meant that Sonny's cabin would be unavailable for their getaway. Josslyn was annoyed that while Carly's marriage was "falling apart," all Esme seemed to be worried about was a weekend getaway. Esme apologized for her insensitive comment.

Esme took off her coat and invited herself to sit down with Josslyn. As she did, Esme vented about how worried she was about Spencer going to jail. She said she feared that Spencer would be devastated if they could not have one last getaway before he had to start serving his sentence. Cameron offered to break the news to Spencer. Josslyn interrupted and said that they did not need to cancel their getaway, adding that Sonny owed her for the pain he'd inflicted upon Carly.

Esme was overjoyed and stated that prior to their untimely deaths, her parents had both been unfaithful and had been in the process of splitting up. Esme added that it had taught her a valuable lesson: "There's a circle of hell reserved for people who tear families apart."

Josslyn stepped away from the table to take a call from Trina, who told Josslyn that things "went totally sideways" at the Metro Court. Josslyn was amused by the idea of Spencer having to work at the gallery.

Back at the table, speaking from personal experience, Cameron warned Esme not to let anger get the better of her. Esme purred that an "angry Cameron sounds intriguing." Josslyn returned to the table and shared some of the details of her conversation with Trina. Esme was surprised to learn that Trina was with Spencer because Spencer had not mentioned that to her.

Before leaving, Esme told Josslyn that she hoped that Sonny and Carly were able to "weather [their] storm." Later, Josslyn told Cameron that she thought that Esme's comments might have been sincere.

At the Metro Court, Trina returned to the table just as Spencer was preparing to leave. Trina told Spencer that she had been just as blindsided by Ava's plans as he had been. Spencer said that he would be okay with working for Trina. Trina smiled slightly and teased that good help was hard to find.

Trina rejoined Ava at the table and said that she felt like Ava was punishing her by having Spencer work at the gallery. Ava suggested that Trina might feel better bossing Spencer around. Trina said that she would not. "You are cut from a much kinder cloth than I am," Ava replied.

Phyllis dropped by to visit Nina at Crimson. Nina was prepared to tell Phyllis how "crazy" the hearing had been, but Phyllis surprised Nina by revealing that she already knew that the truth about Nina and "Mike" falling in love had come out in court. Phyllis shared that she'd heard some of the details on the news and that Kristina had filled her in on the rest.

Phyllis was stunned when Nina revealed that she and Sonny had spent part of New Year's Eve together. Phyllis asked what Nina had been thinking and stated that it was inappropriate for Nina and Sonny to spend any time together. Nina mentioned the conversation that she and Ava had had and asked if it were possible that she and Sonny were supposed to be together.

Phyllis admitted that it was possible, but she urged Nina not to act on her feelings. Phyllis said that she wished that she had been more honest with Nina after Sonny had gotten his memory back. Phyllis commented that while Sonny might not see himself as a victim, what Nina had done to Sonny was "a violation." The only way to makes things right, Phyllis added, was for Nina to leave Sonny alone.

Esme dropped by General Hospital to pick up a prescription. The nurse who gave it to her advised Esme to speak to a pharmacist because the dosage of the prescription was quite strong. Esme told the nurse that it would not be necessary. "I know exactly how to use these," Esme said as she grinned.

In the kitchen at the Corinthos home, Olivia asked if Sonny knew how Carly still felt about Jason. Sonny entered the kitchen before Carly was able to answer. When Carly asked Sonny what he was doing there, he bluntly replied, "I live here." Olivia showed herself out so that Carly and Sonny could speak in private.

Sonny asked how Donna and Avery were doing. Carly said that the girls were doing fine, and she had told them that Sonny was away on business. Carly assured Sonny that, unlike Nina, she was not trying to keep Sonny away from his family.

Carly again questioned why Sonny had not told her about his relationship with Nina in Nixon Falls. Sonny explained that there had never seemed to be a right time to tell Carly. "I was afraid of losing you," he confessed. He told Carly that after having spent nine months and one night away from her, he did not want to spend "one more minute" without her.

"Do you have feelings for Nina?" Carly asked. When Sonny did not respond, she repeated the question at a louder volume. Sonny quietly admitted that he did. He told Carly that it was a "complicated" situation, but he promised that he was working to get over his feelings for Nina. Carly snapped that someone could not just get over having feelings for someone.

"Are you speaking from experience?" Sonny asked. The question infuriated Carly. She told Sonny that she had been honest with him about her feelings for Jason; he, on the other hand, had evaded questions about what had happened in Nixon Falls. Sonny told Carly that they would not be able to work through their problems if they were not living under the same roof.

Carly angrily told Sonny that she understood what Sonny had meant when he'd said that he had not been Nina's victim. "You were her accomplice," she snapped. Sonny asked Carly if he was wasting his time by trying to repair their marriage. Carly asked Sonny if he had kissed Nina or touched her in a romantic way. Sonny dodged the question. Carly told Sonny that she could not forgive him if she did not know what she was forgiving. Sonny said that what had happened in Nixon Falls had happened to "Mike." He pointed to himself and said, "I'm Sonny."

Carly grabbed her coat and left the house. Alone, Sonny thought back to his time in Nixon Falls immediately after the Tan-O had burned down. He remembered how Nina had told him that she loved him. He took a sip from glass he was holding before throwing it across the kitchen.

At Crimson, Nina placed a phone call to tell someone that she was running late for a meeting. As she hung up the phone, Carly entered the office and closed the door behind her. "You're gonna miss that meeting," Carly announced.

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