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Sasha and Brando named their son. The Quartermaine Thanksgiving was bittersweet. Victor put his family on notice. Dante and Sam made love. Peter questioned Austin about Louise's birth. Mac suspended Valentin. Scott and Liesl had a passionate reunion.
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Port Charles learned of Jason's death, Victor put his family on notice, and Dante and Sam made love
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Thanksgiving in Port Charles

Thanksgiving in Port Charles

Monday, November 29, 2021

On Thanksgiving Day, Sam was shocked to see Drew when she answered her front door. She gave him a hug and invited him inside. He looked around in disbelief that he was actually there and thanked Sam for her efforts in looking for him. He added that he'd had help. After Drew filled her in on what had transpired, Sam wished she could have seen Jason and Drew working together to take Peter down. She added that it would be a great Thanksgiving for Monica.

Dante descended the stairs with Scout, and Drew kneeled down in front of his daughter. Scout turned her back and drew close to Dante. Drew was happy to see Scout, and Dante explained that Drew was Scout's father. Dante and Sam reassured the little girl while Drew told her that they could take their time to get to know each other because he had plenty of time.

Drew handed Scout a unicorn, and Sam exclaimed that Scout still collected them. Scout announced that she wanted to show the boys, and she headed upstairs. Sam thought it had gone pretty well. Drew disclosed Jason's fate, and Sam was upset. She noted that Scout had her father back, while Danny had lost his. Drew noted that he owed his life to Jason, who had been a hero. He wrote his phone number down for Sam and declared that he had to get to Monica to give her the news. Sam told Drew she was glad he was home, and he departed.

Dante was sorry about Jason. "Me, too," Sam replied. They agreed not to head to the Quartermaines' for Thanksgiving dinner. Sam cried and admitted that she'd thought it would happen, just not so soon. She looked at a photo of Danny and Jason. Dante wrapped his arms around her.

Chase arrived at the Quartermaine mansion, and Brook Lynn announced that he was family. Olivia was shocked to hear about "Bailey's" paternity, while Monica declared that nothing shocked her, especially on Thanksgiving. Ned was curt, but Chase held out his special dessert and insisted that he would be a good father. Suddenly, Valentin appeared and noted that it hadn't taken long. "Out with the old, in with the new," he said.

Valentin explained that he had stopped by to pick up a few remaining items of his, and Olivia and Monica were sympathetic. Valentin proclaimed that, as Brook Lynn had voided their contract, he had nullified the agreement he'd had with the family. He had taken repossession of his ELQ shares and was once again the majority owner. Brook Lynn glared at him.

Valentin also revealed that he had tasted the Thanksgiving turkey, but the dog had somehow managed to get to the rest of it. Olivia ran screaming to the kitchen, followed by everyone except Monica who shook her head. Monica accused Valentin of enjoying the farce, and Valentin agreed. She reminded him that revenge was sweet, but the baby still wouldn't be his.

The family returned from the kitchen, and Ned held out the sole remaining piece of turkey. Brook Lynn told Valentin off while Valentin gave it back to her. He called her the "runt of the Quartermaine litter" without her voice and noted that she had "less class than the family dog." Chase proceeded to slug Valentin, and he fell.

Shortly after, Valentin stood up from the sofa and left. Monica noted that she always had Luigi's on speed-dial. Later, the doorbell rang, and a pile of pizza boxes was being held by an unseen person. Monica chuckled at the delivery that hadn't been called in, but it turned out to be Drew. He announced that he had "rolled the dice." Monica's eyes widened in delight, and she began to smile.

At General Hospital, Portia left Curtis a phone message urging him to show up at her house for Thanksgiving. Elizabeth noted that she was looking forward to the dinner.

In the chapel, T.J. wanted to hear about Marshall's conversation with Curtis. Marshall only related that he hoped that Curtis was still thinking things over and wouldn't reject him. T.J. replied that his uncle was smart and would have his reasons. He suspected that Marshall had been hustling them, but Marshall denied it. He only wished he had done things differently.

T.J. was distressed that Marshall refused to say more, but Marshall maintained that he had been second-guessing himself, and he didn't want T.J. to react the way that Curtis had. He added that he wanted to be a part of the Ashford family. He finally revealed that Curtis was his son. T.J. was stunned, and Marshall admitted it was a long and not very pretty story.

"I'm your grandfather!" Marshall proclaimed. He stated that it felt good to say it, and he hoped that T.J. would be able to accept it. He grabbed T.J.'s hands, and just then, Curtis showed up. "What in the hell do you think you're doing?" Curtis shouted. He wanted to speak to Marshall alone, and he wanted T.J. to leave. Marshall agreed that they had unfinished business. As T.J. left reluctantly, Marshall called out that T.J.'s father would have been proud.

Curtis grew annoyed when Marshall referred to him as "son," and he snapped that calling him that was a privilege. He noted that there was "no going back." Marshall insisted that T.J. had been willing to give him a chance, and he was sorry that he had been the one to tell T.J. the truth. Curtis was angry and made it clear that Marshall would not be a part of the family. Marshall knew he had lots of work to do to earn any trust, but they agreed that T.J. was old enough to make his own decisions.

Elizabeth ran into Carly, who was there to drop food off for the working staff. They spoke briefly about Cameron and Josslyn. Carly spotted Britt, who announced that her mother had been found. Carly had been waiting to hear from Jason. Britt said that Liesl was getting checked out, and Peter had been taken into custody. Carly was happy to hear that everyone was safe, but Britt didn't respond.

Britt flashed back to the tunnel caving in. "Where the hell is Jason?" Carly asked. A tearful Britt was unable to answer. "Say it!" Carly demanded more than once. Britt revealed that Jason hadn't made it, although he would have made it if he'd been found. She confirmed that his body hadn't been located. Carly was certain that Jason would beat the odds, and she wanted to go to Greece to look for him. Britt broke down and declared that Jason was gone and would not return. "Because of you," Carly said bitterly.

Carly snapped that Jason had had feelings for Britt, and it had cost him. She wished that Jason had never met Britt. "I wish that, too," Britt murmured. Afterward, Britt sat at the nurses' station and cried. She flashed back to the time she'd spent in Canada with Jason after having received her diagnosis.

Elizabeth saw Finn and Violet, who thought Elizabeth looked pretty in her scrubs. There was some flirting between Finn and Elizabeth, and Violet revealed that she had a wish for the couple. Finn urged her to keep it a secret.

Nina and Phyllis bumped into each other. Phyllis explained that she had been doing some volunteer work, and Nina confessed that she'd been having a tough time. Phyllis tried to assure Nina that she wasn't a bad person but had been hurt. Nina spotted Portia going by, and she asked if Phyllis could attend the Thanksgiving dinner, too.

T.J. saw Portia and began to tell her about Marshall, but she already knew. Curtis had filled her in on his way to the hospital. T.J. and Portia both admitted they were worried about Curtis. T.J. returned to the chapel and found Curtis sitting in a pew. Curtis was upset that T.J. had received the news from Marshall. T.J. exclaimed that he had questions. Curtis understood and made it clear that he didn't trust Marshall. "Proceed with caution," he said. Curtis didn't want to go to Portia's for dinner, and T.J. insisted he wouldn't go without him.

Elizabeth changed out of her scrubs, and Portia arrived with Nina and Phyllis in tow. Portia announced that there would be a change in the dinner venue.

As Sonny prepared Thanksgiving dinner in his kitchen, Anna showed up. She told Sonny about her trip with Robert to Greece. She asked if they could sit, and they found spots at the kitchen table. Anna gave Sonny the details about all that had happened on Cassadine Island. She finally disclosed that Jason hadn't made it back, and everything had been done to try to locate him. She thought it was all unfair.

Anna disclosed that she had hoped to tell Carly and Sonny together, and she was dreading having to tell Robin. Anna cried, and she asked if she and Sonny would be able to lean on each other. Sonny hugged Anna, and she left. Once alone, Sonny angrily tossed some of his dinner preparations.

Outside, Anna placed a call to Valentin to let him know that she was home. He informed her that he was in the middle of something, but he would tell her about it when he saw her. After hanging up, he began to delete "Bailey's" photo from his phone but thought better of it. He sipped from his drink.

Carly returned home and looked at Sonny through the kitchen window. Instead of going in, she sat down at a table and began to sob. Sonny watched her through the same window.

Curtis and T.J. arrived at the Savoy and walked into the dark club. "Surprise!" yelled all the people who had gathered for dinner. Violet said the blessing. Dinner was ready.

Port Charles learns of Jason's death

Port Charles learns of Jason's death

Tuesday, November 30, 2021

The sound of the doorbell and the promise of Thanksgiving pizza brought all of the Quartermaines to the foyer. They collectively froze in place when they realized that the deliveryman was Drew. Monica wrapped her arms around Drew and welcomed him home.

Drew filled the Quartermaines in on everything that he'd been through over the past two years. Monica wished that Jason could be with them to share in the pizza, but she understood that he had probably wanted to see his kids. Drew's silence raised alarm. "Jason and Britt did everything they possibly could to get me home," Drew explained. He took Monica's hand as he struggled to find the words to explain what had happened to Jason. "He's gone, isn't he?" Monica asked, her voice breaking.

Monica rose from the sofa and turned her back to everyone as she wept. Drew stood behind her and swore that he had done everything he could to save Jason. He added that he never would have allowed himself to be rescued if he'd known that it would cost Jason his life. Monica turned around defiantly and demanded that Drew never speak that way again. "You and Jason are both my sons in every way that matters," she roared, insisting, "One doesn't count more than the other." Monica buried her face into Drew's chest and cried.

Monica reflected on how happy Jason had been at his and Carly's wedding reception. She chuckled as she noted that Jason had even been socializing. She fought back tears as she stated that Jason and Carly's business arrangement had been more than the business arrangement they'd claimed it to be.

Later in a conversation with Ned, Drew explained that he and Jason had had some of their most meaningful conversations while chained up in the wine cellar on Cassadine Island. Drew mourned the relationship he would not get to nurture with his brother.

Acknowledging that they'd be grieving for some time, Monica said that the Quartermaines needed to appreciate the family that they had. In the spirit of the holiday, she proposed a toast to Drew returning home. Drew, in turn, rose his glass "to Jason."

Shortly after Brook Lynn and Chase headed off to check on "Bailey," Drew shared that his rescue had been aided in some way by Valentin. He shifted the conversation, asking what disaster had ruined the Quartermaines' Thanksgiving. "Annabelle II got to the turkey before we did," Monica said with a laugh. "Of course, she did. She knew there was a tradition to uphold," Drew replied. Monica escorted Drew out of the room to go look for the dog.

Alone, Olivia knew that Ned was planning something. He assured her that he was "not backsliding" or "prioritizing business over the family." Olivia remarked that Ned's face had "lit up like a firecracker" the minute Drew had mentioned Valentin's name. She sensed that that war was not over.

Dante told Sam that he had tucked the kids in for the night but made no mention of Jason. He worried that the kids sensed something was wrong -- especially Danny, who had been looking forward to having pizza with the Quartermaines. Sam unexpectedly threw her glass of water against the wall.

Sam got a dustpan and brush to clean up the mess, but Dante urged her to sit down or do whatever she needed to do to feel better. As Dante cleaned up the broken glass, Sam lamented her tunnel vision. She explained that she had wanted so badly for Scout's father to return home that "never in a million years" had she considered that Drew's return would or could come at the expense of Jason's life.

Sam wondered how she would tell Danny that Jason had died, and she worried that Danny would hate Scout because her father had returned home safely. Dante confidently told Sam that Danny would not waste his time on hate. He touted Sam's parenting skills as the reason for that.

Later, Sam admitted that her mind was racing, and Dante felt it would be best to let her wrestle with those things in private. Sam asked Dante not to leave because there was no other shoulder she wanted to cry on than his. They kissed passionately for a moment before Dante pulled away and apologized for overstepping. Sam assured him that he had not overstepped.

Britt arrived at her mother's bedside as Liesl was having a terrible nightmare. When Liesl awoke, Britt asked her why she hadn't been forthcoming about feeling lightheaded after the tunnel collapse. Liesl explained that her concern for Britt was greater than her concern for herself. Liesl wanted to talk about everything that had happened, but Britt urged her mother to get some rest.

Moments later, Scott slipped into Obrecht's room to welcome his "schnitzel" home. She sat up in her bed and embraced him warmly. They both praised each other's survival skills -- Scott being "chucked out of an airplane" and Liesl being abducted. "Love conquers all, that's what they say," Liesl said as she smiled. Scott confessed that he had never before believed that. Liesl lifted up the sheets on her hospital bed and invited Scott to join her. He happily obliged.

Britt returned to her office to catch up on some of the emails that she'd missed. She drafted an email to the hospital staff, asking that they direct all requests to Dr. Terry Randolph until further notice. As she wiped her nose with a tissue, a giddy Austin burst into the office to ask how she'd gotten to her office from the tenth floor so quickly. Austin quickly realized that he had interrupted something and asked if there was anything that he could do to help.

Britt told Austin to turn around, leave, and pretend that he had not seen her. Austin advised Britt that she should close the door if she wanted to cry in private. He then announced that he believed her sorrow had to do with not being invited to a Thanksgiving celebration. Austin welcomed Britt to the club and took it upon himself to take a seat across from Britt.

Britt listened as Austin shared that he worried that he had messed up his friendship with Maxie. Britt offered to speak to Maxie on his behalf, but Austin told her that was not necessary because he wanted to figure things out on his own. Pressed for why she was sad, Britt sadly replied, "The first person I cared to split a wishbone with in a long time is gone."

Austin quipped that Britt had to have considered that Jason would die before her because of his job as a "hitman for the mob." The joke didn't land the way that Austin had hoped, and he apologized for being out of line. Britt explained that even though Jason's body had not been recovered, she knew that there was no way he had survived been buried under "several tons" of rock.

Austin stated that he was going to head home, order a turkey burger and some sweet potato fries, and stream all the football games. He asked Britt if she would like to join him. Britt thanked Austin for the offer but explained that there was something that she needed to do.

Later, Austin went to check on Liesl. When he opened the door to her room, Scott and Liesl's heads popped out from under the covers and ordered him to get out.

Carly sat outside, crying. When Sonny appeared before her, she raced into his arms and sobbed. They returned inside, and Sonny briefed Carly on what he knew of the tunnel collapse on Cassadine Island. She was crushed when Sonny explained that the rescue operation had been called off. Carly vehemently denied that Jason was dead, noting that she had been told that Sonny had died just ten months earlier.

Sonny confessed that he wanted to believe that Jason was still alive -- especially since Jason had been declared dead before. Carly proclaimed that it would "be crazy" to give up on Jason being alive. Carly explained that she had known Jason even longer than she'd known Sonny. "Jason is the most important person... to us," she added.

Josslyn returned home, and as she entered the house, she apologized for being late. When she saw her mother's tear-stained face, she jokingly asked, "Who died?" In that moment, she realized that someone had died. Carly and Sonny sat Josslyn down and broke the news of Jason's death to her. Like her mother, Josslyn believed that Jason was still alive because the reports of Sonny's death had been greatly exaggerated.

A grieving Josslyn headed to her room. Sonny confessed that he had forgotten how much Jason meant to Josslyn. He then excused himself to read Donna a bedtime story. When Sonny returned, Carly was gone. He left a message on her voicemail asking Carly to call him and let her know that she was okay.

As he waited for Carly to call, Sonny received a call from a blocked number. He answered the call and heard Cyrus Renault's voice on the other end. Cyrus said that he thought it would be "prudent" to reach out because he had heard the news about Sonny's "best friend." Cyrus added that he was sure that Sonny's "lovely wife" was even more distressed about Jason's death than Sonny. The call abruptly ended, and an infuriated Sonny threw his cell phone across the kitchen.

Carly slowly walked across the footbridge and looked out over the river. She reflected on the time she had spent with Jason, from one of their first meetings to the wedding ceremony. She was roused from her memories when Britt walked onto the footbridge. Carly flashed an angry glare at Britt.

Alexis hosts an eventful "orphan" Thanksgiving

Alexis hosts an eventful "orphan" Thanksgiving

Wednesday, December 1, 2021

On the Roebling Park footbridge, a tearful Carly looked up when she heard approaching footsteps. It was Britt. Britt apologized and explained that she hadn't expected to find Carly -- or anyone else -- there. Britt had no idea what she was doing there. "I do," Carly said. Carly was surprised that Britt had known about the significance of the footbridge, so Britt admitted that she and Jason had had a lot of time to talk during their time on the run. Carly revealed that the original bridge had been torn down because it hadn't been safe, but Jason had made an anonymous donation to have a new one built in its place.

Britt hadn't known about Jason's role in the construction of the new footbridge, but she had hoped to feel closer to Jason by visiting the special place. She imagined that Carly was there for the same reason. Carly wiped away a tear as she admitted that before her recent wedding to Jason, before Jax, and even before Sonny, Jason had been "my person." Britt revealed that Jason had talked quite a bit about Carly during Jason and Britt's time in the lighthouse, and Britt knew what Carly had meant to Jason. Britt offered to leave.

Carly knew that Jason and Britt had been important to each other, and she regretted her harsh words when she had blamed Britt for Jason's death. Britt insisted that it had been the truth, and she hated herself, too. Carly knew what Jason would want Carly to say. He would urge her to tell Britt that she didn't blame Britt for what had happened. Carly explained that Jason had always had the ability to talk Carly down, but with him gone, her grief drowned those thoughts.

Britt was empathetic, and Carly confessed that she didn't want Britt to go. Britt walked over and wrapped her arm around Carly as the two women silently wept.

At the Corinthos home, Sonny yelled Cyrus Renault's name into the cell phone, but Cyrus had ended the call. Frustrated, Sonny threw his cell phone across the kitchen. "You want a war, you bastard? I'll give you a war!" Sonny shouted.

A short time later, Spinelli entered the kitchen through the side door. Sonny regretted pulling Spinelli away on Thanksgiving, but Spinelli assured Sonny that it was okay because Ellie and Spinelli were not on speaking terms, and Georgie was with Maxie for the holiday. Sonny explained that he needed Spinelli's help tracing a burner phone that Cyrus had used to call Sonny. Sonny suspected that Cyrus had called to torment Sonny when Cyrus had learned about Jason. Confused, Spinelli asked if Jason had returned from Greece. Sonny realized that Spinelli hadn't heard the news.

Sonny gently broke the news to Spinelli that Jason had been presumed killed in a tunnel collapse on Cassadine Island. Spinelli refused to accept that Jason was dead, and he urged Sonny to call the Greek authorities because there was technology that could be used to continue the search. Sonny assured Spinelli that everything had been done. Spinelli was heartbroken, and he pointed out that both Sonny and Drew had turned up alive when everyone had believed that each man had perished. Sonny reminded Spinelli that Jason had known the risks. Spinelli knew that Sonny was right, but Spinelli had never expected Jason's luck to run out.

Spinelli was overcome with emotion, prompting Sonny to hug him. After Spinelli pulled himself together, he awkwardly stepped away and promised to get to work on Sonny's request. Spinelli started to leave, but Sonny invited Spinelli to stay. Sonny was certain that Carly and Josslyn wouldn't mind. Spinelli appreciated the offer, but he needed time to let everything sink in and get in a better headspace before Georgie arrived home in the morning. Sonny reminded Spinelli that he was just a phone call away.

Spinelli had been aware that things had been complicated after Jason and Carly's negated wedding, but Spinelli was glad that Sonny, Carly, and Jason had gotten things sorted out before Jason had died. After Spinelli left, Sonny's eyes filled with tears.

At Sam's penthouse, Dante and Sam shared a passionate kiss until Dante pulled away and apologized if he had overstepped. Sam assured him that she had wanted the kiss as much as he had, and she kissed him. Afterwards, she took his hand and led him to her bedroom. In the bedroom, Dante gave Sam an opportunity to stop things, but she kissed him and began to undress him.

Later, Sam snuggled next to Dante in bed. They agreed that their lovemaking had been "a long time coming." Dante assured Sam that it had felt right to him. "It had to be about the two of us first," Sam said. They shared a long tender kiss until the phone rang. Dante apologized as he reached to the floor and quickly turned off his cell phone.

Pleased, Sam kissed Dante. Dante wanted to shut out the world until the morning, but he asked if Sam would prefer that he leave. He pointed out that things might get awkward with the kids in the morning. Sam offered to set her alarm clock early, so Dante could slip out before the kids woke up. Sam confessed that she had been tempted to tell him that she didn't want to be alone, but it wasn't the truth. She wanted Dante to stay because she wanted to be with him.

Dante smiled because he felt the same way about Sam. Sam snuggled close to Dante as he wrapped his arms around her and leaned back against the pillows. A short time later, Dante woke up and found the bed empty. When he saw Sam standing at the window, he walked up behind her, slid his arms around her, and nuzzled her neck, as she relaxed into his arms.

At Alexis' house, Alexis, Shawn, Spencer, and Esme were gathered around the table with empty Noodle Buddha containers littering the table. Spencer thanked his aunt for dinner, but she pointed out that she had simply picked up the phone to order the food. Alexis' smile faded when she noticed that Shawn had been distracted with his cell phone. Shawn apologized and quickly tucked it away. Esme suggested that she and Spencer clear the table, since Alexis had provided the meal. Once Esme and Spencer were out of hearing range, Shawn called Alexis out on not liking Esme, but Alexis clarified that she didn't trust Spencer's girlfriend.

On Alexis' porch, Valentin spoke to Mac on the phone and made it clear that he expected Mac to take action immediately. After he ended the call, Alexis poked her head out because she had heard someone talking. She was surprised to see Valentin, and she joined him on the porch. Valentin hoped that her invitation to join her "orphan Thanksgiving" was still open, but she was curious why he wasn't eating pizza with the Quartermaines. Valentin explained that there had been a change of plans, and Charlotte was spending Thanksgiving with a friend. Alexis sensed that Valentin needed to talk before they joined the family, but Valentin declined.

Inside, Spencer was furious when he saw Valentin enter. Alexis reminded Spencer that it was her home -- and she liked Valentin. Spencer argued that Valentin had tried to kill him when Spencer had been a child. Valentin started to speak, but Alexis insisted that they put their differences aside for the day and focus on what they were grateful for. Spencer was grateful that Valentin had been revealed to be Helena's "bastard" and had no claim to anything Cassadine. Shawn realized that he had missed a lot while he'd been in jail. Alexis was not amused, but Spencer resented Valentin continuing to use Cassadine as a surname.

Moments later, the doorbell rang. "What fresh hell is this?" Alexis muttered as she went to the door. Nikolas and Ava greeted Alexis and announced that they had pie -- pumpkin and pecan. Spencer bristled, but Esme suggested that Spencer show that he could be the bigger man. Shawn conceded that Alexis had been correct when she had warned him that Thanksgiving dinner wouldn't be boring.

Later, Ava helped Alexis set the table for dessert. Ava assured Alexis that she and Nikolas had wanted to do a good thing, but Alexis doubted that her nephew was capable of it. Ava didn't want to fight; she had been worried about Alexis because it was the one-year anniversary of when they had last seen Julian. Alexis admitted that she had blocked the memory out, but Julian had been Ava's brother, and Alexis knew that Ava was still grieving for him. Ava appreciated Alexis' understanding.

Just then, the doorbell rang. "Who could this be? Satan?" Alexis asked as she opened the door. It was Victor. "Hello, Natasha," Victor said. Victor brushed past his niece as he entered her home. Spencer was delighted to see his great-uncle was alive and warmly greeted him with a hug. Valentin glared at Victor with disdain, while Nikolas apologized for not warning Alexis and Spencer that Victor was alive. However, in all fairness, neither Alexis nor Spencer had been speaking to Nikolas.

Spencer told Esme that Nikolas had always warned Spencer about Victor, but Spencer had liked Uncle Victor and believed that Victor was a good man. Victor was touched, and he explained that he had gone to Wyndemere, but no one had been home, which had prompted Victor's visit to Alexis. Victor was disappointed that Alexis' daughters weren't there because he had been hoping for a proper family reunion. Alexis was grateful that all three of her daughters had had other plans. Victor hadn't realized that Valentin and Alexis had been close enough to spend holidays together.

Alexis was surprised that Valentin and Victor were close, but Valentin assured Alexis that they weren't -- Victor was just his father. Victor smiled smugly at the shocked expressions around the room. Alexis cringed at the thought of Victor and Helena as lovers. Victor acknowledged that Alexis had had her reasons to dislike Helena, but Victor had known a different side of the infamous Cassadine matriarch. Valentin looked pointedly at Spencer as he confirmed to all who needed it spelled out to them that Valentin was a "100% Cassadine bastard."

Nikolas assured everyone that he had had no idea that Victor and Valentin were father and son, but Nikolas wondered if a DNA test had been done. Victor was willing to take one, and Valentin intended to take Victor up on it. Spencer refused to believe that Victor would father someone like Valentin, but Nikolas urged Spencer not to put Victor on a pedestal. As the tension rose, Ava suggested that she and Nikolas leave, but Alexis objected because she expected her guests to clean the kitchen. A heated argument erupted between Nikolas and Spencer when Spencer insisted on leaving if Nikolas stayed. Spencer called his father out on disowning Spencer, posing as "the stalker," and stabbing Spencer in the chest.

Victor was forced to whistle loudly to gain everyone's attention. He -- as the family's patriarch -- informed his family that there would be changes. Victor recognized that blood feuds and infighting were something of a Cassadine tradition, but Victor refused to let it continue. Alexis reminded her uncle that he'd been dead a long time, and he had missed a lot. Alexis explained there was a lot of bad blood between them, especially in recent months. Alexis doubted that anyone could patch things up.

Victor pointed out that there would always be threats to the Cassadine family lurking in the shadows, and he hoped that his family realized that they were stronger united before those threats stepped into the light. Everyone looked at each other with concerned expressions.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Drew and Monica returned from visiting with Annabelle II. Drew had been surprised at how big the dog had gotten, and he warned his mother that Annabelle would soon need her own wing. Monica chuckled. It had taken a long time, but she had fallen in love with the dog. Drew and Monica reminisced about how much Annabelle had loved Drew's son, and Monica revealed that Annabelle had slept on Oscar's bed for weeks after Oscar had died.

Monica shifted gears because she wondered if Drew had seen Sam and Scout. Drew admitted that thinking about Scout had gotten him through the past two years, but he couldn't charge back into his life in Port Charles and expect someone as young as Scout to remember him and welcome him with open arms. Drew didn't even know what his old life was because he'd been starting to piece things together when Peter had abducted him. Monica assured her son that his place was with his family.

Drew appreciated that Monica had always been kind to him, especially considering the mess his initial arrival had caused. Monica reminded her son that the Quartermaines had thrived on strife and drama, and Drew wouldn't be a Quartermaine if he didn't stir things up. Drew smiled then shifted gears because he noticed that she had redecorated. Monica explained that it had been time for a change. Drew approved of the changes, but he missed the photos of the family on the mantel.

Monica revealed that it had been hard for her to put the photographs of her loved ones away, but they had been a constant reminder of what she had lost. "And now, Jason is gone," she said in a tone filled with sadness. Drew hugged his mother. Monica admitted that sometimes it took a new perspective to see things more clearly. She told Drew about Willow's request to hang one of Wiley's drawings on the refrigerator and how it had made her feel a sense of family again. Monica acknowledged that they could never forget those they had lost, but they had to find a way to move on with their lives.

Meanwhile, Chase joined Brook Lynn on the front porch. Brook Lynn explained that she had felt overwhelmed, and she had been trying to process the news about Jason and everything that Drew had told the family. Brook Lynn admitted that it was a miracle that Drew was alive, but the news about Jason had given her new insight. Brook Lynn was certain that all the sacrifices that she, Chase, and Maxie had made to keep "Bailey" safe would be worth it in the end. However, Brook Lynn felt bad that so many people had been hurt by the lie, including "Bailey," who was bonding with the wrong woman.

Chase was concerned about Brook Lynn because he knew that when everyone learned the truth about the secret, Brook Lynn would suffer, too. She conceded that everyone would be hurt, including her, but knowing what Peter had been capable of -- like keeping Drew hidden for two years -- had reinforced to her that their lie had been necessary to keep "Bailey" safe. Brook Lynn insisted that Maxie had made the right decision. Chase hoped the pretense would not be necessary for much longer, since Peter was in custody.

Chase and Brook Lynn were surprised when Mac walked up. Brook Lynn assumed the Mac was there because Valentin had accused Brook Lynn of fraud, but Mac revealed that he needed to talk to Chase because Valentin had accused the detective of assault over a personal matter. Outraged, Brook Lynn insisted that Chase had been standing up for her, but Mac told her that there would be a time and place for her to tell her side. Until then, Mac needed to hear from Chase what had happened. It was a serious enough matter for Mac to leave his family on Thanksgiving.

Later, Brook Lynn paced in the foyer, waiting for Chase. When he entered, she realized from his expression that it was bad. Chase told her that he'd been suspended from the police force for six months.

In the living room, Ned reminded Olivia that Scout had inherited Drew's shares of ELQ when Drew had been declared dead, and since Drew was alive, it called into question the shares that Sam had signed over to Valentin. Olivia realized that Valentin's hold on ELQ would be weakened. Ned agreed, and he was certain that Valentin would not take it lying down, which meant that Ned needed to act fast. To Ned's surprise, Olivia gave him her full support because it was important to stay a step ahead of Valentin. Ned warned Olivia that it would be tantamount to declaring war, but Olivia knew it was necessary.

"How Quartermaine of you," Ned said. He promised Olivia that it had been a compliment. Olivia knew that she could be reactionary, but over the past year, she had realized that Ned had his head back on his shoulders, and she was finally able to trust his intentions -- not just with Leo but their family, too. Ned admitted that before they had clashed over Leo, Ned had believed that he and Oliva had been headed toward a reconciliation. Olivia knew that she and Ned had a lot to discuss, but she finally had hope for their future together. She asked if that was enough for Ned, and he assured her that it meant everything to him.

Olivia wanted Ned to be in Leo's life, no matter what. Julian had been dead for a year, but even before Julian had died, Ned had been more of a fatherly figure in Leo's life than Julian had been. Olivia regretted that she and Ned hadn't followed through with the adoption the previous year. Ned did, too. Ned and Olivia shared an emotional hug until Monica and Drew walked in. Monica apologized for interrupting the couple, but Olivia insisted that it was fine.

Olivia invited Drew to help himself to pizza before everyone returned for a second round. Monica decided to have a room prepared for Drew, but Drew promised that it wasn't necessary. Monica insisted that Drew needed his family as much as they needed him, and Ned agreed. After Monica left to make the arrangements and Olivia followed to check on Leo, Ned took the opportunity to officially welcome Drew home. After the cousins shared a warm hug, Ned warned Drew that Drew's return might cause some complications for ELQ. Ned feared that Drew would have a target on his back from Valentin.

Brando sneaks Sasha into the NICU

Brando sneaks Sasha into the NICU

Thursday, December 2, 2021

Carly sat in the kitchen with Donna and remarked that it was a blessing that Donna was too young to understand what was going on. Sonny entered the kitchen, and he and Carly talked about Jason. "At least you had nine months with him," Sonny commented, and Carly replied that she was thankful for every moment she had with the people she loved. She told him about going to the footbridge the night before. Sonny admitted that it was good she hadn't been home, as Cyrus had called to gloat about Jason. Carly surmised that Cyrus was the reason Laura and Martin had left town.

Just then, Drew arrived, and Carly ran to him and hugged him. A few minutes later, Carly returned to the kitchen after getting Donna settled, and she and Sonny told Drew how happy they were that he was alive. Drew told them about what had happened in Greece and that he would still be Peter's puppet if not for Jason. He feared that Maxie could still be in danger because of him, but Sonny and Carly promised to help him in any way they could. Drew had to go, and Carly advised him, "Don't be a stranger." When he was gone, Carly thought that she and Sonny should go to the hospital to support Brando and Sasha.

Alexis let Sam into the house, and Sam observed that it looked like she'd missed "some party." Alexis told Sam all about the night, and she was miffed that Sam hadn't told her about Victor being alive. Alexis wondered where Sam had been, and Sam replied that she had a lot of news. She told Alexis about Drew and Jason, and she assured her mother that she hadn't been alone, as Dante had been with her. She added that she was thrilled that Drew was alive and devastated that Jason was dead, but the news had clarified that she was ready to move on with her life.

Sam questioned what Alexis intended to do with her freedom, and Alexis replied, "something legal system adjacent." Sam suggested that Alexis had the skills to become a private investigator, and she added that she needed a partner. A skeptical Alexis worried that Sam would get sick of her, but Sam reasoned that they would make a great team. She advised her mother to think about it.

Dante was in the shower when his phone went off. He saw that it was Olivia calling, so he got out of the shower, but he didn't answer it. Later, he arrived at the Quartermaines' to see Olivia, and she wondered where Dante and Rocco had gone the night before. He revealed that they'd been with Sam and her kids, and Drew showing up had stopped them in their tracks. Olivia thought he was a good man for staying to support Sam, and she observed that things seemed to be getting serious between the two. She concluded that she just wanted him to be happy. He had to go to work, so he hugged his mother and left.

At the hospital, Anna bumped into Valentin, who was embarrassed to be back after his stitches had burst. The two went into an empty exam room to talk, and she wondered what had been going on with him. He finally confided that "Bailey" was Chase's daughter and not his, so he'd gotten his ELQ shares back from Brook Lynn and gotten Chase suspended from the force in return. "I'm just getting started," he told her, but she advised him to deal with the real issue, which was "the emotional trauma of losing a child." However, he thought it was fair that Brook Lynn got hurt, too. He sobbed that he didn't know how to tell Charlotte or say goodbye to "Bailey."

Brook Lynn let Chase into the house, and she talked about how unfair it was that Chase was being punished for standing up for her. Chase reasoned that Valentin had a right to be angry, and Chase shouldn't have punched him. Maxie arrived, and she demanded that Brook Lynn and Chase "undo" their latest story about "Bailey." She explained that if Chase could figure out the truth, so could Peter, and they no longer had Valentin's resources to keep the baby safe.

Both Chase and Brook Lynn insisted that they would never let Peter near Louise, but Maxie countered that they were no match for a psychopath like Peter, who didn't care who he hurt. Maxie suggested that they tell Valentin the truth so that he would get his security team back there. However, Brook Lynn didn't think there was any way to change things. Maxie thought that she needed to confront Peter in person, and she left the room to have a minute alone. Chase admitted that Maxie was right, but Brook Lynn reiterated that they needed to see things through. Just then, the doorbell rang, and she answered the door to Valentin.

Maxie went into the kitchen for a glass of water and was shocked to bump into Drew.

A sleeping Sasha dreamed about a baby crying and woke up in a panic. Outside the room, Nina handed Brando a bag of food and asked about the baby. He revealed that they were still running tests, so there was no diagnosis yet. Just then, they heard a thud and ran into Sasha's room. They found her on the floor and helped her back into bed. She insisted that she needed to see the baby, so Nina offered to find Dr. Navarro. Just then, Amy entered and informed them that Dr. Navarro was in surgery, and she needed to sign off on Sasha visiting the NICU. She promised to keep them updated and left. Brando vowed to take Sasha to see their son and asked Nina for help.

A short while later, a notification popped up on Amy's computer screen that the call button had been pushed. As she walked off to the room, Brando watched from Sasha's room. "The coast is clear. Let's go," he said, and they left the room. Amy went into the room where the call button had been pushed and found Nina in the unmade hospital bed. Nina claimed that she was working on a story for Crimson about nurses and wanted to feature Amy. She invited Amy to sit down and talk about it.

Brando and Sasha were down the hall when they were stopped by a woman. The woman recognized Sasha as "the face of Deception" and asked for a selfie. Sasha complied, and then the woman asked for an autograph. Brando interrupted that Sasha needed to go see her baby, and the woman asked to go with them. "Absolutely not," Brando replied, and he quickly wheeled Sasha away.

A few minutes later, Sasha and Brando were outside of the NICU, and he wanted to prepare her. He warned her that the baby was hooked up to a lot of equipment and wrapped in a blanket, but he was peaceful. He wheeled her in, and she happily greeted and touched her son. She commented that they needed to give him a strong name, and Brando revealed that he'd found one he liked. He continued that it meant "strong-willed warrior." A few minutes later, Sasha cooed, "Welcome to the world, Liam," and she promised that they would give him the best life ever.

A short while later, Brando and Sasha returned to Sasha's room, where Nina was waiting. She remarked that she'd gotten a great idea for a feature, and she asked about the baby. Sasha revealed that they'd finally named him. Nina excused herself to check in at the office and left the room. Brando told Sasha how beautiful she was, and the two shared a kiss. Just then, Amy entered the room and informed them that their son's doctor was on his way with news about the baby.

As Nina walked down the hall, Sonny and Carly stepped off the elevator.

Valentin says goodbye to Bailey

Valentin says goodbye to Bailey

Friday, December 3, 2021

Brando tucked Sasha back into her hospital bed at General Hospital. Sasha looked at images of baby Liam on Brando's cell phone. It was difficult for Sasha to compartmentalize seeing her baby hooked up to tubes and monitors and knowing that the equipment was helping her baby get stronger.

Britt arrived a short time later to introduce Brando and Sasha to Dr. Fleming, the neonatologist overseeing the care of their baby. Before Fleming could say a word, she received a page alerting her to an emergency in the NICU. The doctor assured Brando and Sasha that the emergency did not involve their baby and then raced off.

Britt told the couple that the hypothermia therapy was underway but that results could take up to 72 hours. An EEG had also been ordered. Brando asked if there was anything that he and Sasha could do to help. Britt said that they should keep sending love to the baby and allow the team to continue tending to Liam.

On one of the elevators at General Hospital, Carly searched for the strength not to cry in front of Brando and Sasha. Any concerns that her sadness might break free ended when she stepped off the elevator and saw Nina at the nurses' station. Nina asked that Carly and Sonny "be gentle" because Brando and Sasha were trying to "tough it out."

Carly was infuriated by Nina's presence and angrily stomped off to see Monica. Nina told Sonny that Sasha would be getting an update on the health of her baby later in the day.

Carly did not find Monica in her office. She called, but Monica did not answer her phone. Carly left a voicemail expressing her sorrow over Jason's death. "In all the years of squabbling and fighting, I don't know if I ever thanked you for Jason," she continued. Before hanging up, Carly said that Jason had loved Monica.

As Carly stared at a photo of herself and Jason on her cell phone, Britt walked down the corridor toward her. Britt asked Carly how she was doing. Carly explained that she felt helpless knowing that there was nothing she could do for Sasha and Brando, much like the feeling in knowing there was nothing she could have done for Jason. Carly thanked Britt for her kindness before heading off to rejoin Sonny.

Carly found Sonny, and they headed into Sasha's room together. Once there, Carly hugged Sasha, and Sonny did the same to Brando. Sasha apologized that she, Brando, and Liam had missed Thanksgiving at Sonny and Carly's house. Sonny told them that they could make it up to him by showing up for Thanksgiving in 2022. Brando took Sonny to see the baby.

When the men had left, Sasha said that Brando was trying very hard to be strong for her. Carly urged Sasha to get some rest and listen to what the nurses told her. Sasha chuckled as she said that Elizabeth and Epiphany had been having fun bossing her around. Sasha thanked Carly for being a good friend. Once Carly left, Sasha reached for her phone and looked at more photos of Liam.

Outside the NICU, Sonny commented that one was never "more raw and vulnerable" than when they became a parent. Brando asked Sonny how he lived in constant fear that something might happen to one of his kids. "You have absolutely no control," Sonny replied. Sonny assured Brando that little Liam was a fighter because it ran in the family.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Peter sneered as Austin examined him and determined that, aside from some possible nerve damage, Peter did not appear to have any serious health concerns. Peter was gleeful as he trumpeted how he had managed to survive Jason's attempts to kill him. When Peter looked at Austin's hospital identification badge, he realized that Austin was the same person who had helped deliver Maxie's baby.

Peter begged Austin to tell him about the baby. Austin was unmoved by Peter's pleas. Austin had to draw blood from Peter but intentionally jabbed Peter with the needle instead of actually looking for a vein. Austin apologized for being "so clumsy." Peter reminded Austin of the "do no harm" portion of the Hippocratic Oath. Austin countered by stating that Maxie was also his patient, so he believed he had to make sure that he did not harm Maxie. Peter seized on Austin's mention of Maxie's name and demanded to know what Austin's relationship was with Maxie.

Austin shared that Maxie had a lot of friends, and when he implied that he was not one of them, Peter ordered the doctor to keep it that way. Peter declared that fate would soon reunite him with Maxie and his baby.

Later, Austin caught up to Britt near the elevators and told her that he had just met her brother. Britt replied that Peter was "not a brother" to her. Austin asked if he could remain on Peter's case. Britt said that Peter was being guarded, so there wasn't a need for Austin to keep an eye on Peter. Despite the guards, Austin said he worried that Peter was still a potential danger.

Nina was talking on her phone and got off on the wrong floor at the hospital. As she waited for the elevator to return, Peter was wheeled in her direction. Peter mused that it was nice to see Nina Reeves "alive and well" and said that both she and he were "extremely hard to kill."

A panicked Nina asked the police officers guarding Peter why Peter was not locked up in Pentonville. Peter explained that he required medical attention because he had been shot by Jason. Nina said she wished that Jason's aim had been better. Peter asked if her friend "Mike" had finally flown to her rescue. Nina knelt down to look the wheelchair-bound Peter in the eye and told him that there was a special place in hell for him. Peter glibly replied that he'd been told that before, but he suspected that Nina would end up in hell long before he did.

Nina asked the police if she could have a moment alone with Peter. They reluctantly agreed. Once alone, Nina asked Peter what he wanted. Peter responded that he didn't need anything; Nina had sealed her own fate by falling in love with another woman's husband. Peter said he was surprised that Carly had not run Nina out of town after tarring and feathering her. Peter then realized that Carly did not know about Nina and Sonny's relationship. Nina's eyes glanced past Peter to where Carly had suddenly appeared. Carly stared icily in Nina's direction.

After processing that Drew was standing just a few feet from her in the Quartermaine kitchen, Maxie wrapped her arms around him and welcomed him home. Maxie said she wished she could change the past and go back to a time before Peter had infiltrated their lives. She tiptoed around Dante and Sam being a couple, but Drew reminded her that he and Sam had been done long before he had been abducted by Peter.

Maxie rethought her wish to travel back in time, saying that she didn't want to undo things because it would mean that she would not have Louise in her life. Drew asked Maxie if she'd found the baby, and Maxie quickly clarified what she'd said. Maxie stated that she believed that whoever took Louise had only done so to protect the baby from Peter. Since Peter was in custody, she felt it would only be a matter of time before Louise was returned to her.

Maxie reveled in knowing that Drew had stood up to Peter and come out on top, but she was heartbroken that it had resulted in Jason's death.

Elsewhere in the Quartermaine mansion, Brook Lynn and Chase were less than happy to see Valentin at the front door. Anna appeared by his side a few seconds later and assured the pair that they did not want to cause any trouble. Chase and Brook Lynn stepped aside and let the pair into the foyer.

The tension between Brook Lynn, Chase, and Valentin was high. Valentin apologized for getting Chase suspended from the police force, but he stopped short of saying that he regretted feeding the Quartermaines' turkey to the dog. For his part, Chase claimed that he had also been blindsided by Brook Lynn's secrets. Brook Lynn angrily asked what Valentin wanted. Haltingly, Valentin replied, "I want to say goodbye to m... to 'Bailey.'"

Anna scolded Brook Lynn for allowing Valentin to grow to care for a child that was not his. She asked if Brook Lynn expected Valentin to be able to "throw a switch and just not love ['Bailey'] anymore." Valentin explained that he could not tell Charlotte that she no longer had a sister until he was able to say goodbye to "Bailey." Brook Lynn darted out of the room.

Chase returned a short time later and said that Brook Lynn wanted to be alone. Valentin took the opportunity to urge Chase to find a way to take "Bailey" away before Brook Lynn had a chance to turn the baby into a Quartermaine. As Valentin prepared to leave, Brook Lynn returned holding "Bailey." She told Valentin that someone missed him very much. She handed the baby to Valentin, who smiled warmly as he watched "Bailey" coo and smile.

"You are a beautiful little girl," Valentin said softly. He told the baby that he had to go and that they might not ever see one another again. Valentin wasn't sure how to muster the strength to say goodbye. He gently kissed "Bailey's" forehead as Anna and Brook Lynn looked on with tears in their eyes.

Valentin gave the baby a stuffed animal that he said was his oldest possession. He said that one day, she would ask her mommy and daddy where it had come from, and she would learn that it had come from someone who loved her very much. As he talked, Drew and Maxie appeared in the doorway behind him. Brook Lynn and Chase stepped out of the room. Anna followed, but Valentin asked if she would stay with him.

In the foyer, Drew sensed that something was troubling Maxie. Maxie explained that it hurt her to see someone separated from a child that they loved. Brook Lynn muttered that it was something that could not be avoided.

Valentin walked out into the foyer to give "Bailey" back to Brook Lynn. He fought back tears as he said, "Au revoir, mon ange," to the baby. Once Brook Lynn had the baby in her arms, Valentin and Anna made a hurried exit out of the mansion. Brook Lynn looked to Chase and sighed deeply. Outside, Anna hugged Valentin and said, "It's done." Valentin nodded.

Back inside, Maxie gathered her things and repeated to herself that there had been "too many lies." She then exited the house through the French doors leading from the kitchen to the outside. She did not close the doors behind her.

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