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Austin was suspended from the hospital. Brook Lynn offered Austin a deal, but he declined. Sonny and Carly had a heart-to-heart talk about her wedding to Jason. Esme was hired at Spring Ridge. Ava offered Spencer a way out of his legal troubles. Dante and Sam caught up with Anna and Robert. Drew shared his concerns about Peter with Liesl.
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Sonny and Carly had a heart-to-heart talk about relationship with Jason, and Victor realized Peter had been lying to him
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Ava has Spencer arrested Ava has Spencer arrested

Monday, October 11, 2021

Nikolas paid Alexis a visit at Spring Ridge and told her that he and Ava were back together, although he'd lost his son. He revealed that Spencer had admitted to being the stalker, and he thought that Spencer had changed. Alexis blamed Nikolas after his own actions of pretending to be dead. Nikolas informed her that he wasn't sure if Spencer was sorry about his actions or merely sorry that those actions hadn't worked.

Nikolas added that he had no intentions of working things out with Spencer and had thrown him out of the house. Alexis was appalled. Nikolas called Spencer a "true Cassadine" who was relentless, but Alexis thought that Spencer had been acting like his father. She thought that Spencer needed guidance, and she believed that Nikolas should do better at fighting for his son. She wanted him to teach Spencer to be a good man just like she knew Nikolas could be.

Outside at Kelly's, Esme told Josslyn that Spencer had lost his father and his best friends. Esme thought it was awful that Nikolas had cut Spencer out, but Josslyn thought that he and Esme would be resourceful enough to figure things out. She demanded to know why Esme was there. Esme claimed to be sorry for everything that had happened, and she thought it was torture to see her boyfriend in so much pain.

Esme proceeded to praise Cameron for helping her and forgiving her and Spencer. Josslyn explained that she, Cameron, and Spencer had been friends all of their lives, and Josslyn would forgive Spencer if he was really sorry. Esme turned and went inside, thanking Cameron as she went. Josslyn declared that Esme's speech had been an act, and she wasn't buying it.

Cameron felt that Esme had been telling the truth, but Josslyn thought that Esme had been using Spencer and had been after his money. Josslyn added that they knew nothing about Esme, but Cameron asked why Esme was still around if Spencer had been cut off. Josslyn insisted that Esme had been setting off alarm bells, and perhaps Spencer had actually been covering for her. Josslyn also revealed that she had spoken to Nina, and Cameron was proud of her.

Inside, Esme spoke to someone on the phone and learned that she had been accepted into an internship at Spring Ridge.

Spencer was surprised to find Ava and Trina at Wyndemere and announced that he had been looking for Nikolas. He admitted that he had made mistakes where his father was concerned, but not with Ava, although it was complicated. Trina was disgusted with Spencer's remarks, but he asked to speak to her alone. Ava agreed to leave them after Trina consented.

Trina was angry and told Spencer that his apologies hadn't been real, although Spencer continued to insist that he was sorry for his actions. Trina told him off and declared that he had only cared about himself and not her. He had scared her immensely at the art gallery. She thought he could have played things differently, but she was a nobody. Spencer disagreed and told her she had been cool and had gotten in his face.

Spencer proclaimed that he cared about Trina and what she thought. She had been the only one who hadn't known the real him, and he wanted to be her friend. Trina found it hard to believe anything that Spencer said, and she said that she had to leave. She refused Spencer's offer to accompany her.

Ava was happy to find Spencer alone. She poured herself a drink and stated that she thought it was important to look an enemy in the eye. Spencer insisted that he had never called Ava an enemy, but Ava believed that his actions had spoken volumes. He had failed, and she was still there. She told him it was over. Spencer replied that he had been trying to teach Ava a lesson. He added that no one had been hurt.

Ava went off on Spencer at the remark, and voices grew louder and angrier. Spencer shouted that Ava had chosen her face over defending Nikolas, while Ava yelled about Avery. Spencer wasn't sorry and deemed Ava to be bad for Nikolas. Ava declared that she wasn't going anywhere and warned him that there would be "hell to pay" if he went after her or her daughter again. She concluded that it would be like a hell worse than any he'd ever witnessed.

Spencer exclaimed that he wasn't intimidated, but just then, the local police showed up. Ava admitted to having called them, and Spencer was outraged that Ava had called the police to have him removed from the property. Ava replied, "Don't be silly. I called the police to have you arrested." Spencer was placed under arrest as Ava cited the various criminal offenses Spencer had committed.

Brando showed up at Sonny's house to welcome him home and announced that he had been happy to help the family while Sonny had been gone. Brando revealed that he was going to be a father, and Sonny poured drinks and made a toast. He offered Brando a job, but Brando declined. He made it clear that he was out of the business and only wanted a quiet and simple life with Sasha.

Sonny asked if it was due to pressure from Sasha, but Brando replied that they were a team and had agreed to it together. Sonny admired Brando, who said it was really all thanks to Sonny. He asked for pointers on being a father, and Sonny's advice was to "do it" without reading books. He pointed out that family was the most important thing in life.

Sasha stopped at Crimson to see Nina and shared some good news about the readership. Sasha admitted to being shocked that Nina had known that Sonny was alive, but she knew that Nina was in pain and had made mistakes that she would regret forever. Nina appreciated it, and Sasha admitted to knowing how awful it had been to have pretended to be Nina's daughter.

Sasha credited Nina for showing her how to be a "kind and loving" mother, and she owed thanks to both Nina and Carly for helping her. She suggested that maybe Carly and Nina weren't so far apart, after all. Nina replied that that was no longer true. Nina explained that her actions hadn't only been about revenge but more about Sonny's happiness. Nina had gotten swept up in life in Nixon Falls. Sasha knew that Nina had been happy there. Nina flashed back to a kiss with "Mike," and she declared that Sonny had been joyful and at peace.

Nina fawned over Sasha's pregnancy, and Sasha told her how great everything had been with Brando. Just then, Brando showed up with a special drink for Sasha and announced that he had spoken to Sonny. Brando and Sasha left, and Brando hoped it hadn't been weird to mention Sonny around Nina. Sasha hoped her friendship with Nina didn't cause problems for Brando. Nina sat in her office and thought about "Mike."

At Metro Court, Shawn met with Jax at the bar and revealed that Naomi's death had led him to Jax. He didn't consider Jax to be a suspect, but he had suspicions that Nikolas had been lying about what he knew. Shawn said that he had been reminded of what the Cassadines were capable of. Jax told what he knew about Nikolas and Hayden's relationship. He noted that it had been "contentious," and Nikolas had scared Hayden out of town.

Jax explained that Hayden had believed that Valentin had been after her, but it had been Nikolas. Hayden had disappeared years after having been shot. Shawn wondered if Alexis would be okay if he investigated Nikolas, and Jax believed that Alexis would want to know the truth.

Britt and Carly sat at a table to talk about Jason, and Carly admitted to having lied to Britt earlier. She explained that their marriage had been a business arrangement even though they really loved each other. They had then decided to make their marriage work in a real sense, and they had been happy. Britt guessed it had gotten difficult when Sonny had returned, and Carly replied that she and Jason wanted to go back to the way things had been previously.

Britt maintained that she and Jason wouldn't happen, even though she agreed that he was amazing. She didn't want her time back, and it had been a blessing for the way things had turned out. She knew that Carly would still always be first with Jason, based on hospital gossip. She firmly believed that Carly thought of herself as still being in control by trying to get Jason and Britt back together.

Carly insisted that she was not in control but would always be a part of Jason's life. Britt assured her that she was not okay with being number two, and Carly understood. She noted that Jason was a hard habit to break. "Not for me," Britt replied as she headed to the elevator. Sonny stepped off as Britt stepped on, and they acknowledged each other briefly. Sonny and Carly kissed hello, and he made mention of his luck in having Phyllis for a friend. He had offered her a room at the hotel.

Sonny revealed that Brando had asked him for advice, and Carly wasn't surprised. She noted that she had a meeting and asked Sonny to wait for her. He spotted Jax and headed to the bar. Jax welcomed him home and stated that Josslyn had missed Sonny. Sonny declared that they had lots to talk about.

At Kelly's, Cameron had to get back to work. Esme said that Josslyn was lucky to have Cameron, and again Josslyn asked what Esme wanted. Esme replied that she wanted Spencer to be happy and to have his friends. She declared that she and Spencer were a package deal, and she thought that Josslyn would be wise to accept it like Cameron. She wouldn't want Josslyn to be left behind. Trina arrived, and Esme left. Josslyn expressed her confusion.

Nikolas had to leave Spring Ridge. Shawn arrived and glared at him. Nikolas was uneasy.

Jason persuades Carly not to go to war with Nina Jason persuades Carly not to go to war with Nina

Tuesday, October 12, 2021

At the hospital, Brando paced in the hallway until Dr. Navarro invited him into an examination room. A smiling Sasha assured him that both she and their unborn baby were well. Brando relaxed as she placed his hand on her belly. A nervous Brando admitted that he wasn't certain that the birthing classes had properly prepared him for the birth of their child, but Dr. Navarro promised that he would feel better once he had a tour of the birthing room and nursery. After Dr. Navarro left to make the arrangements, Gladys appeared in the doorway.

Surprised, Brando asked what his mother was doing there. Gladys was disappointed by the unenthusiastic greeting, but she explained that she had had a follow-up with the doctor about the injury that she had sustained from when she'd taken a bullet for Brando. Brando reminded his mother that Gladys hadn't exactly thrown herself between him and a hail of bullets. He asked how his mother had found him, prompting Gladys to reveal that he'd left his unlocked phone on the kitchen table. "You should be more careful about that," Gladys advised.

Sasha asked about Gladys' trip to the spa that Brando had sent his mother on. Gladys admitted that it had been a momentary distraction from the horrors of Jason and Carly's wedding and the thought of what might have happened if Gladys had been in the limousine with Vincent Novak. Gladys wondered if the rumor about Sonny had been true. Gladys was delighted when Brando confirmed that Sonny was alive because she was eager for Brando to leave the garage behind. Brando quickly informed his mother that he wasn't interested in working for Sonny.

Glady urged Brando to think about his new family, but Brando insisted that Sonny's world was not for him. Gladys reminded Brando that Sonny had several legitimate businesses between the coffee empire and the casino resort on Sonny's private island. Brando was adamant that he enjoyed working at the garage, but Gladys wanted Brando to strive for better. Frustrated, Brando escorted his mother into the hallway to explain that he had talked to Sonny and turned down a job offer because Brando wanted to build a life for his family on his own.

When Brando mentioned that he had the garage because of Dev, Gladys bristled because he had been "like a grandson" to her. Brando loved his mother, but he also knew how she operated. He warned her that she would not be a part of the baby's life if she continued to pick at and provoke Sonny. Just then, Dr. Navarro returned to fetch Brando and Sasha for their tour. A short time later, Brando and Sasha smiled as they gazed at the newborns in the nursery. Brando admitted that the tour had helped to prepare him.

Brando assured Sasha that he honored and respected her for doing all the hard work, but he promised to be right by her side moving forward. Sasha beamed with joy because they had a baby to look forward to. Their smiles faded when Gladys joined them. Gladys chuckled when she noticed a bald baby.

In Spring Ridge's common room, Alexis admitted that she was distracted because she was worried about Nikolas. Shawn was shocked when she revealed that Spencer had confessed to stalking Ava. Alexis realized that Nikolas hadn't been the best role model for Spencer growing up, but she assured Shawn that Nikolas had a good heart, which had been a feat for someone who had grown up in a "reptile cage" like the Cassadine family. Shawn admitted that the situation between Nikolas and Spencer made him think of his own relationship with T.J. because Shawn had lost a lot of years with his son.

The conversation shifted to Shawn's investigation into Hayden's shooting, and Shawn's suspicion that Nikolas might have been involved. Shawn acknowledged that Nikolas and Hayden had worked together after the shooting, which meant that Hayden hadn't been aware of Nikolas' role in the attempt on her life, or she had found a way to forgive Nikolas. Alexis played devil's advocate because she wondered how all the "insanity" at Crichton-Clark was connected to Nikolas. Shawn suggested that perhaps Nikolas had only been responsible for Hayden's shooting, and the other incidents had been completely unrelated to Nikolas. Alexis wondered who else Shawn intended to share his theory with, but Shawn admitted that it depended on Alexis.

Shawn explained that he cared about Alexis because she had been an incredible friend to him, and she and her family were the reason that he was a free man. Shawn offered to drop the investigation, but Alexis wondered how likely it was that Nikolas had been responsible for Hayden's shooting. Shawn's expression told her everything. Alexis had spent her whole life seeking justice, and a terrible injustice had been done to Shawn when he'd gone to jail for a crime he hadn't committed. Alexis believed it would be hypocritical of her not to let him right the wrong, regardless of where the truth took him.

In Wyndemere's turret room, Nikolas called out to his wife because he didn't want to startle Ava after she'd been stalked for months. Ava appreciated Nikolas' consideration, but the mood shifted when Nikolas revealed that he had failed to find Spencer. Ava carefully told Nikolas that he had just missed his son and that Spencer had been looking for Nikolas. Nikolas assumed that Spencer had wanted to atone for the harm that Spencer had caused, but Ava admitted that Spencer didn't think that he had hurt anyone.

According to Ava, Spencer had viewed the months of stalking as little more than harmless pranks. Ava had assured Spencer that the plan to drive Ava and Nikolas apart had failed miserably. Nikolas asked how Spencer had taken it. "Not well," Ava replied in a careful tone. Nikolas decided to have a talk with Spencer and perhaps invite Spencer to return home. Nikolas was hopeful that if he could be the father that Spencer needed, then Spencer might become the man that Spencer was meant to be. Ava reminded Nikolas not to forget the "little pyromaniac" who had torched her car.

Ava feared that Spencer was under Esme's spell. Even if Spencer had asked Esme to set fire to the car, Esme had gone through with it and had planted Kiki's ID badge near the scene of the crime, which had been a sadistic move. Nikolas agreed, but he was confident that his son would soon outgrow the relationship with Esme once Spencer saw what real love was like, such as the one that Nikolas and Ava shared. Nikolas was ready to find Spencer, but Ava suggested that Nikolas call a lawyer first because Spencer had been arrested.

Ava explained that she hadn't had a choice in the matter because Spencer had made it clear that he wouldn't stop his campaign against her. Ava had done what had been necessary to protect Avery. Nikolas assured Ava that Spencer would never hurt Avery, but Ava refused to risk it. She insisted that it was time for Spencer to learn that there were consequences for his actions -- and to not mess with her. Nikolas wasn't thrilled with what Ava had done, but he understood why she had taken action.

Nikolas revealed that Alexis had convinced him that it was time to be a better father to Spencer, but Nikolas had no idea how to do that while Spencer was behind bars. Ava suggested that Nikolas start by visiting Spencer, but she urged him not to bail Spencer out of jail -- or to let Esme do it -- because Spencer needed to hit rock bottom. "Tough love," Nikolas said. Ava agreed. She was certain that Spencer would walk out of jail a better man for it. Nikolas thought about his visit with Alexis when he had seen Shawn.

At the Metro Court restaurant, Sonny and Jax sat at the bar. Sonny admitted that a lot had happened since Nixon Falls, but Jax wasn't surprised. Jax was glad that Carly and Sonny were back together because he sincerely wanted Carly to be happy. Jax also wanted Nina to be happy. "Good luck with that," Sonny replied. Jax pointed out that Sonny was the only obstacle in the way, but Sonny disagreed. Nina had made her own choices, and if she was unhappy with how they had turned out, then she only had herself to blame.

Jax promised that he was not defending Nina, but Sonny had lived an entirely different life for nearly a year. "How can you not be changed by all of that?" Jax asked. Sonny didn't deny it. Jax urged Sonny to be generous and to find it in his heart to give Nina a chance to be in a better place than she had been when she had first turned up in Nixon Falls. Sonny wondered why he should help Nina.

Jax reminded Sonny that Sonny had his memories, his wife, and his life back, but Sonny argued that Nina had taken those things from him for nine long months. Jax was unmoved because he knew that Nina had given her heart to Sonny. Sonny insisted that he couldn't help Nina because he needed to focus on his family. Jax shifted gears by sharing with Sonny how a jar of marinara sauce had led Jax to return to Nixon Falls, searching for Sonny. Sonny promised to send Jax a case of the sauce as a thank you. Sonny was grateful, and he always paid his debts.

Sonny recalled standing on the overlook in Nixon Falls when Jax had warned "Mike" that running from the past never worked because it would eventually catch up. Sonny regretted that he hadn't listened to Jax, but he also realized that Jax had been looking out for Nina. Jax admitted that he still was, and he hoped that Sonny would find a way to let go of the anger despite what Nina had done. Sonny explained that it was Nina who was unable to let go, and that she should have stayed in Nixon Falls to start a new life. Jax didn't expect Sonny to forget what Nina had done, but Jax thought it would be best for everyone if Sonny found a way to let go of what had happened in Nixon Falls.

Meanwhile, Jason stood in the doorway of Carly's office as she left a message with Jax's assistant that she wished to talk to Jax about Crimson and Aurora Media. After Carly ended the call, Jason closed the door. Carly knew that Jason intended to warn her that targeting Nina would only make Nina the victim. "I don't care. Nina is going to pay," Carly said. Jason urged Carly to let it go, but Carly insisted that Nina was a "crazy bitch" who had lied to everyone, including Wiley.

Jason was curious why Carly wanted to involve Jax, so Carly explained that she wanted Nina to know what it felt like to lose something that Nina loved. Jason warned Carly that punishing Nina would not give Carly back the time that she had lost with Sonny nor would it make Nina lose someone Nina cared about. Carly disagreed because Nina cared about Wiley. Jason wondered if Michael and Willow intended to let Nina continue seeing Wiley, but Carly couldn't imagine that Michael and Willow would be that forgiving.

Carly reluctantly admitted that Sonny was against Carly starting a war with Nina. Jason agreed that Carly had more important things to do. Carly conceded that Jason was right; they needed to sit Sonny down and tell him the truth about their wedding night. Carly admitted that she was afraid because she didn't want anything to change between the three of them. She wondered if Sonny would be able to understand the truth about her and Jason's feelings when they had exchanged wedding vows. Jason was confident that Sonny would understand because Jason and Carly had believed that Sonny had been dead.

Carly feared that Sonny's time as "Mike" had somehow changed Sonny. Jason was skeptical. Carly explained that Sonny had nine months of experiences that she knew nothing about. It was just one more thing that Nina had taken from Carly. "The certainty of who my husband is," Carly said. Jason acknowledged that nine months had been a long time, and there might be a period of awkwardness between Sonny and Carly, but Jason believed the only way past it was to work through it. He advised Carly to face it and to make new memories with Sonny.

Carly revealed that she and Sonny had talked quite a bit the previous evening, and she had asked Sonny why he hadn't told her about Nina. Carly confessed that Sonny had told her that he had kept quiet because Sonny feared that Carly would go after Nina. Carly insisted that she loved her husband. Jason was happy for Carly and Sonny because they belonged together, which was all the more reason for Carly to put Nina behind them. Carly didn't know how to do that because she kept watching Sonny and wondering if he was the same man that she had always known.

Jason promised Carly that Sonny was the same man, and whatever had happened in Nixon Falls no longer mattered. Moments later, the phone rang. It was Jax. Carly told Jax that she'd had a change of heart and quickly ended the call. "Nina is off-limits -- for now," Carly said to Jason. Carly hoped that Nina was wise enough to keep her distance because it was the only way to avoid a war.

At Crimson, Phyllis offered to return another time when Nina wasn't busy, but Nina picked up the phone to instruct her assistant to hold all calls. Afterwards, Nina poured two cups of coffee and handed one to Phyllis as they sat at the table in Nina's office. Nina and Phyllis admitted that they had missed each other. The topic turned to Nelle when Phyllis correctly assumed that Nina had initially acted out of vengeance by keeping Sonny away from Carly. Nina admitted that revenge had not been all it was cracked up to be, and she had ended up hurting herself more than anyone.

Phyllis was pleased because it meant that Nina's time in Nixon Falls had not been wasted. Nina confessed that despite everything, she wouldn't have traded a minute because she had gotten to know Phyllis and Lenny. Phyllis retrieved an envelope from her bag. Phyllis explained that photographs had never stayed on Lenny's camera for long because her husband had loved putting photo albums together the old-fashioned way. Nina saw photographs of herself and "Mike," but she returned the envelope to Phyllis because Nina needed to find a way to forget that "Mike" had ever existed.

"Except we both know he did," Phyllis replied. Phyllis assured Nina that it had all been real, no matter what anyone said -- even Sonny. Nina admitted that she had lied in the beginning because of Carly, but then Nina had fallen for "Mike." Phyllis was curious why Nina hadn't confessed the truth to "Mike" when Nina had fallen in love with him. Nina claimed that she had kept quiet because "Mike" had been happy with his life.

Nina regretted that her lie had cost Phyllis the Tan-O, but Phyllis insisted that the bar had just been "stuff." It was people that mattered. Nina wished that she could see the world the way Phyllis did, but Phyllis assured Nina that it was never too late, and Sonny was proof of that. Nina confided that she'd always known her lie would blow up in her face, and the fallout from the lie would be her penance. Phyllis argued that Nina's time with "Mike" had meant something, and it had helped heal Nina's wounds from losing Nelle, so Nina owed it to "Mike" to honor that.

Phyllis retrieved another item from her bag as she revealed that she hadn't given Sonny everything when she'd dropped off his things. Nina gasped when she saw the shattered face of "Mike's" treasured wristwatch. Phyllis had found it during a walk near Lenny's favorite fishing spot. Phyllis told Nina that "Mike" had tossed the watch into the river because he had been saying goodbye to his past. Phyllis insisted that all that had mattered to "Mike" had been a future with Nina.

"At least, in that moment, he chose me," Nina said as her tone filled with sadness. Phyllis had decided to hold onto the watch because she had been reluctant to remind Sonny of too many painful memories. Nina was awed by Phyllis' wisdom, and she promised to make certain that the watch was returned to Sonny. Both ladies looked up when Sonny entered the office. Phyllis quickly departed to give Nina and Sonny privacy to talk.

"Remember the 'Mike' in you. Be kind," Phyllis whispered to Sonny on her way out.

Sonny sets some ground rules for Nina Sonny sets some ground rules for Nina

Wednesday, October 13, 2021

At Volonino's, Austin was working out on a punching bag when Jason walked in. Austin greeted his cousin, but Jason wasn't interested in talking. Austin remained determined, and he offered to spot while Jason worked out on the punching bag. Jason preferred to wait. Austin explained the concept of sharing, which he knew the Quartermaines weren't fond of, but Austin pointed out that Jason was not really a Quartermaine. Austin was aware that his cousin wasn't interested in ELQ because Jason had given his voting shares to Michael, and Jason never attended any board meetings.

Jason remained mute, prompting Austin to suggested that Jason take advantage of the opportunity to get to take Austin's measure. Jason relented, and Austin spotted, while Jason pummeled the punching bag. Austin was impressed with Jason's skill, but Jason quickly grew weary of Austin's constant chattering. Austin wasn't surprised that Jason couldn't concentrate because Austin had heard about Sonny's return on Jason and Carly's wedding night. "That must have been a crowded honeymoon," Austin said.

Jason was not amused, but Austin admitted that he thought he and Jason could both use a friendly ear. Jason was surprised because he knew that Austin had quite a few friendly ears, like Austin's mother Charity, Austin's brother Jonah, and even Austin's medical school mentor. Austin observed that Jason had taken quite a deep dive into Austin's life for someone who went through great pains to steer clear of his family. Jason clarified that he avoided ELQ, not his family.

Austin switched tactics by inviting Jason out for a beer. Jason made it clear that he had no desire to help Austin, but Austin insisted that they didn't have to be adversaries. Jason agreed, as long as Austin dropped the lawsuit. Austin claimed that he would love nothing more than to resolve things amicably, but no one in the family would talk to Austin. Austin was adamant that all he wanted was the recognition that his father had been denied.

Austin realized that it might not mean anything to Jason, but Jason hadn't been at his father's deathbed while his father had struggled to breathe. According to Austin, Jimmy Lee's last words had been, "Why did Edward shut me out?" Austin knew that even if he won the lawsuit, the Quartermaines would not welcome him with open arms -- or, by extension his father. "Then why bother?" Jason asked.

Jason was aware that Austin had had a nice life in Pautuck, which Austin had given up to force his way into the Quartermaine family. Austin admitted that he would not have been able to enjoy that life unless he tried to have "this life." Austin wondered if Jason had ever been in a position where Jason had needed to weigh two things that he cared about and choose one or the other.

Later, Austin prepared to leave, but his phone rang. It was Britt requesting that he meet her at the hospital right away. After Austin ended the call, he suggested that he and Jason get a beer next time.

At the Metro Court restaurant, Scott greeted Ava at the bar and ordered a drink. Ava breathed a sigh of relief when he assured her that he had pulled her divorce papers, so Ava and Nikolas were free to live in wedded bliss. However, Scott urged her to reconsider. Surprised, Ava wondered what had changed Scott's mind. He admitted that he had heard that Spencer had been stalking her. Ava assured Scott that she intended to remain married to Nikolas, and she and Nikolas had burned their copies of the divorce papers.

Scott confessed that it wouldn't matter because he would be too busy searching for Liesl, and he had picked up Nina as a new client. Ava had no idea that Nina had been in need of an attorney. "And a bulletproof pantsuit," Scott added. Ava was shocked when he told her that Nina had known the truth about Sonny for months. Ava wondered why Sonny hadn't mentioned it when she had stopped by to say goodbye to Avery, so Scott suggested that perhaps Sonny hadn't wanted to add to Ava's burdens. Ava doubted it because Sonny had never tried to spare her feelings.

The conversation shifted to Carly, and Ava assured Scott that Carly could drive otherwise reasonable people to do things that they would ordinarily never do. Scott admitted that the world would have been better off with Sonny dead and a good guy like "Mike" living in his place. "Did you say 'Mike'?" Ava asked. Scott revealed that Sonny had been living as "Mike" in Nixon Falls. Ava recalled Nina telling her all about "Mike." Scott was startled when Ava quickly excused herself and left.

In Carly's office, Leo was busy organizing Carly's coffee bar while Olivia reviewed the leasing renewal agreement that Carly had handed to her. Olivia was surprised that Carly hadn't even raised the rent on Nina, but Carly pointed out that she had no issue with Crimson because they had always paid their bills on time. Olivia argued that the magazine's editor-in-chief had kept Sonny from Carly and their family for nine months. Olivia was aware that Nina had claimed that Sonny had been happy bartending and sweeping floors, but Olivia didn't believe it because Sonny had always been a city boy at heart. Olivia was stunned that Carly hadn't taken advantage of an opportunity to take a swing at Nina.

Just then, Leo walked up and handed Carly several expired coffee pods. Carly thanked Leo and promised to dispose of them. After Leo wandered over to a table littered with papers, Olivia admitted that Nina had committed a "serious Old Testament violation," and Carly would be well within her rights to exact a pound of flesh. Carly explained that she didn't want to go to war with Nina and make Nina the victim, but Olivia questioned if Carly was truly prepared to do that.

Carly confessed that she couldn't even begin to tell Olivia what she wanted to do to Nina. "That's what I'm talking about," Olivia said as a smile spread across her face. Olivia was eager to hear Carly's plan, but Leo grumbled about the mess on the table. Carly chuckled good naturedly and apologized, while Olivia went over to her son and explained that not everyone kept things color coded and organized. Olivia announced that she and Leo had to head out because they had an appointment with Dr. Diamond, the pediatrician. Carly expressed her concern, but Olivia assured Carly that it was just "kids' stuff."

Leo noticed a glass egg with bright yellow swirls sitting on Carly's desk. "Can I have that?" Leo asked. Olivia objected, but Carly gave the glass egg to Leo to thank him for organizing her office. "Thank you, Aunt Carly," Leo said. Olivia smiled and asked what Carly intended to do about Nina. Carly admitted that she planned to keep Nina close.

A short time later, Ava stopped by to talk to Carly. Ava assumed that Sonny had told Carly about Spencer. Carly confirmed that she knew Spencer had been stalking Ava, and she had tossed Spencer and his girlfriend out of the hotel. Ava was surprised. "Because you were the target?" Carly asked. Carly believed that Spencer had a right to have a chip on his shoulder, but Carly insisted that Spencer had no right to go after Avery. Ava agreed that it had been unacceptable.

Ava explained that in light of Spencer's confession, she no longer had to leave town and wanted to revisit the issue of Avery's custody. Carly made it clear that they could not have that discussion without Sonny. Ava was disappointed because she had hoped that she and Carly could work together to lay the groundwork and have a civilized conversation. Carly appreciated that Ava had hoped to build on the truce they had forged while Sonny had been gone, but Carly insisted that Sonny needed to be a part of the discussion.

Ava realized that Carly and Sonny remained as committed as ever, despite what Nina had done. Carly refused to discuss it with Ava, but Ava assured Carly that she was sorry for what Nina had done to Carly. Ava admitted that it had been a deeply disturbing act and a mark of a very troubled mind to keep Sonny hidden from his family. Carly recalled that Ava and Nina were friends, but Ava was adamant that Nina had not confided to her. Ava explained that she would never have covered for Nina because Sonny was Avery's father. Ava promised that she had not meant to start anything.

Satisfied, Carly agreed to let Sonny know that Ava wished to revisit the custody agreement. Ava planned to visit Avery the next day, so she suggested that they talk at that time. However, Ava was nervous because she had never dealt with "Mike." Carly made it clear that "Mike" did not exist, but Ava was skeptical because it wasn't as if Sonny had forgotten his life as "Mike." Ava suspected all of those experiences remained with Sonny just as the nine months of experiences without Sonny remained with Carly.

At the hospital, Britt was on the phone, leaving a voicemail message for Anna. Brook Lynn lurked nearby. As Britt implored Anna to act like a professional and return her calls or reply to her text messages, Brook Lynn practiced what she intended to say to Britt about Austin. "You got this, girl," Brook Lynn told herself. After Britt ended the call, Brook Lynn pretended to run into Britt.

After Brook Lynn apologized, she deftly manipulated Britt by mentioning a troubling matter concerning Leo. Britt pulled Brook Lynn to a quiet corner to talk. Brook Lynn insisted that she loved Leo, but someone at the hospital had expressed a concern that Leo had behavioral issues. Brook Lynn explained that it had caused a lot of tension in their home just when Olivia and Ned had gotten their marriage back on track. Britt was curious what kind of behavioral issues Leo had been having.

"Autism," Brook Lynn answered. She clarified that Austin had suggested that Leo might be on the autism spectrum and that he had shared his concerns with Brook Lynn. "Is that a problem?" Brook Lynn asked. Britt chuckled and warned Brook Lynn never to play a player. Britt was aware that Austin had been locked in a legal battle with the Quartermaines and that Brook Lynn had intended to accuse Austin of a HIPAA violation from the moment she had bumped into Britt.

However, Britt had to concede that Austin had crossed a line. Britt knew that Brook Lynn was prepared to give her account of what had happened at a disciplinary hearing, but Britt advised Brook Lynn to focus on Leo because if Austin was concerned, then Britt was inclined to believe him. After Britt walked away, Brook Lynn turned to leave, but she stopped short when she saw Olivia and Leo. Olivia's stunned expression confirmed that Olivia had overheard the exchange. Moments later, a nurse arrived to take Olivia and Leo to their appointment, but Olivia decided to send Leo ahead with the nurse.

Once they were alone, Olivia confronted Brook Lynn. Brook Lynn admitted that Austin suspected that Leo might be on the autism spectrum, but she urged Olivia not to worry because Austin's only purpose was to divide and conquer. Brook Lynn added that she had persuaded Britt to take disciplinary action, and Austin might soon be so busy trying to save his medical license that he wouldn't have time to worry about ELQ.

Olivia was livid. Olivia demanded to know if Brook Lynn saw Leo as a brother -- or just a means to an end. Olivia knew that Brook Lynn loved Leo, but Olivia also suspected that Brook Lynn wouldn't hesitate to exploit Leo for her own gain. Brook Lynn insisted that she had told the truth, but she would offer Austin a way out in exchange for dropping the lawsuit against ELQ. Olivia was sick of the Quartermaines always putting the company ahead of the family.

Meanwhile, Scott approached Britt at the nurse's station because he was ready to brainstorm how to get Liesl home, but Britt explained that she couldn't leave. Scott argued that time was running out, so Britt wondered what he expected her to do. "Hire a mercenary?" Britt asked. Scott realized that it might be pricey, but the idea had merit. He wondered if Britt had contact with any of Faison's old cronies, but Britt sarcastically told him that she hadn't thought to download her father's address book.

Scott decided it would be best to look closer to home. Britt balked when Scott suggested that Britt talk to Jason. She thought it was a terrible idea, but Scott said he loved Liesl and insisted that they needed to pull out the big guns. Britt admitted that she wouldn't even know what to say to Jason. Scott continued to push until Britt walked away. Scott followed her, but he conceded that perhaps they could enlist Mac Scorpio's help. Britt argued that Maxie needed Mac, so she agreed to talk to Jason.

A short time later, Britt greeted Austin. Nearby, Brook Lynn watched as Austin and Britt headed to Britt's office.

At Crimson, Nina asked if Sonny was there on Carly's behalf because it was time for Nina to renew the lease for her magazine's offices. Sonny informed Nina that Carly's business was none of his. Nina realized that she really didn't know him. "You're about to," Sonny said. Nina asked if that had been a threat, as her eyes glanced at the broken wristwatch on her desk. Sonny pointed out that if she had to ask, then it wasn't.

Sonny closed the door as he explained that he and Nina had a few things to discuss. Nina thought that he had said everything at the cemetery, but Sonny admitted that had been before Nina had shown up at the Quartermaines' to visit Wiley, which had made Carly unhappy. Nina was not afraid of Carly, but Sonny warned Nina that she would not be happy in Port Charles for long. Nina was curious if he was ordering her to leave town, but he assured Nina that it was entirely up to her.

Nina wasn't afraid of everyone lining up against her, but Sonny reminded Nina of all the ways she had hurt his family with her lies. Nina conceded that she deserved to be a pariah, but she didn't enjoy hearing a litany of all her wrongs whenever she left the house. However, she wasn't interested in starting over in another town because she had tried that, and it had ended badly. Nina intended to remain in Port Charles for Maxie, James, and her grandson. "Then you gotta understand the ground rules," Sonny said. He pointed out that she had to have known that there would be consequences.

Sonny wanted Nina to leave Carly -- and his family -- alone. Nina asked if that included Wiley, but Sonny made it clear that it would be up to Michael if Nina had contact with Wiley. Sonny added that he didn't want to cross paths with Nina, so she asked him to give her a list of all the places he would be, and she would stay away from them. Sonny forged ahead by insisting that he reserved the right to change the rules as he saw fit. He explained that the rules were intended to make it easier for Nina. Nina wondered if she should thank him, but Sonny didn't want her gratitude -- he wanted peace.

Sonny started to leave, but Nina decided to give him the broken wristwatch. Sonny was stunned because he hadn't thought he would see his father's beloved watch again. Nina told Sonny that Phyllis had found the watch on a walk near Lenny's favorite fishing spot, but Phyllis had been reluctant to give it to him for fear that it would dredge up too many painful memories. Sonny was curious why Nina hadn't held onto the wristwatch as a keepsake, but Nina confessed that she hadn't had any claim to any part of him, "not even as 'Mike.'"

Sonny admitted that he hadn't stopped by to set ground rules. Someone had urged him to forgive Nina. "Not forget, forgive," Sonny said. Nina asked if he had forgiven her. "Not now," Sonny answered. However, he couldn't rule it out. Sonny remarked that the watch was beat up, but Nina was confident that it could be repaired. Nina realized that timing was everything.

Phyllis had found the watch on a walk, and Sonny had returned home on Jason and Carly's wedding night. Sonny recalled walking into the bedroom and seeing Jason and Carly. Sonny agreed with Nina; timing was everything. After Sonny left, Nina exhaled and dropped into her chair. A short time later, she was on a business call when Ava appeared in the doorway.

At Pozzulo's, Jason oversaw the final touches as Sonny's office was restored to the way that Sonny had left it. Sonny entered and greeted his friend. Jason sensed that something was on Sonny's mind. "Yeah, you and Carly," Sonny said.

Jason has a confession for Sonny Jason has a confession for Sonny

Thursday, October 14, 2021

In Britt's office, she asked Austin if the oath about doing no harm that they'd taken to become doctors meant anything to him. A puzzled Austin insisted that he'd never knowingly put a patient at risk. Britt mentioned how he'd talked about a child's possible autism diagnosis, without being qualified, to someone other than the child's parents. Austin immediately knew that Brook Lynn was behind the accusation, and he informed Britt that Brook Lynn was using Britt to her own ends. Britt informed him that he was suspended pending the disciplinary board's investigation, and he stormed out.

Britt's phone rang, and she answered it to Scott. She informed him that something had popped up at work, and she promised to swallow her pride and ask Jason for help. She hung up and tried to work out what she would text to Jason.

In Sonny's office, he expressed his appreciation to Jason for looking out for his family. Sonny talked about how he'd dreamed about Carly without knowing who she was, but he'd known that she was important. He wondered what would have happened if he hadn't walked into the bedroom. Jason admitted that he and Carly would have slept together. A crushed Sonny remembered that Jason and Carly had been together at one point, but Jason insisted that that door had closed once Sonny and Carly had gotten together. However, Sonny observed that the door had been "reopened."

Jason confessed that he had started to fall in love with Carly, and Sonny wondered why Jason hadn't said anything. Jason replied that he and Carly had only gotten married to protect the business, since they'd thought that Sonny had been dead, and he figured that the three of them could go back to the way things had been. Sonny was surprised that Jason could just shut off his feelings. Jason explained that it hadn't been until right before the wedding that he and Carly had decided to have a real marriage. He continued that he was just a friend since Sonny's return.

Just then, Jason's phone went off, and he saw a text from Britt asking if he had time to meet her at the hospital. Sonny thanked Jason for his honesty, and Jason replied that he was always honest. When Jason was gone, Sonny slammed his fist on his desk.

A short while later, Britt was entering notes about her meeting with Austin into her computer when she heard a knock on her office door. She looked up and saw Jason standing in her doorway.

Maxie and Brook Lynn arrived at Volonino's for a kickboxing class, and Brook Lynn muttered that she couldn't wait to hit something. Maxie chimed in that she was excited to learn how to defend herself and her kids against Peter. "I have a different target in mind," Brook Lynn replied. Maxie wanted to know who, but Brook Lynn reminded her that they were only "partners in crime," not friends. Maxie admitted that she'd told Chase that they were friends, and she talked about how Austin had reminded her that Brook Lynn had called her brave. Brook Lynn couldn't remember when she'd said that, and Maxie replied that it had been in the woods. Brook Lynn freaked out that Austin remembered something from the woods, but Maxie assured her that he didn't remember any other details.

Brook Lynn apologized for pressuring Maxie to spend time with Austin, and she added that she was "working him from a different angle." As Brook Lynn walked away to get some water, Maxie's phone rang, and she answered it to Austin. He asked if she was free, as he needed a friendly face. She told him that she was at the gym, and he said he would be right there. A short while later, Austin arrived at the gym. When he caught sight of Brook Lynn, he commended her, "Congratulations. Mission accomplished." Austin updated a horrified Maxie on Brook Lynn's accusation.

Austin and Brook Lynn argued until Maxie finally yelled, "Enough! Both of you!" She was sure that they could find a peaceful solution, and Brook Lynn commented that that would depend on Austin. She offered to tell Britt that she'd misunderstood what Austin had said in exchange for Austin renouncing all claims to ELQ. Maxie asked what he was going to do. "Nothing. Take your best shot," he aimed at Brook Lynn. Austin thanked Maxie for listening and advised her to "seriously reconsider your choice of friends." He glared at Brook Lynn and left.

Carly left Sonny a message, wondering where he was, as she'd been trying to get ahold of him. She advised him of Ava's request to revisit their custody arrangement, and she was sure that Ava was "working an angle."

At Josslyn's, she and Cameron were looking through the fridge while Trina stared off in the distance. She couldn't believe that Nikolas had kicked Spencer out, and she thought that Spencer needed his friends more than ever. Josslyn asked Cameron to go get her jacket, so he left the room. Trina hated that she still had feelings for Spencer. Josslyn added that she couldn't stand Esme's fake innocent act, and she related that Nina did the same thing. Carly entered the kitchen as Josslyn told Trina about her run-in with Nina at Kelly's. "What about Nina?" Carly asked, and Josslyn briefly updated her.

Carly wondered if Josslyn or Trina had been on social media lately, and she informed them that Spencer had been arrested. The girls were shocked, and they regretted that their actions had led to it. Cameron returned with Josslyn's jacket, and he wore "Mike's" black cowboy hat. Carly quickly took it from him, and Josslyn told him about Spencer. Cameron wanted to go to the police station to support their friend, and Trina wanted to go, as well. Josslyn promised to meet them there, and Cameron and Trina left.

Josslyn had stayed behind to talk to Carly about Nina and how she hated that Nina was walking around like nothing had happened. Carly wanted Josslyn to focus on friends, school, and volleyball, and to let it go. Josslyn had observed how fast Carly had gotten the cowboy hat from Cameron, and Carly told Josslyn about Phyllis, who'd given them the hat. Carly couldn't believe he'd worn it and reasoned that Sonny had been a different person. Carly urged Josslyn to be with her friends, so Josslyn left. Carly pushed the hat across the table in annoyance. Just then, Sonny arrived. "Howdy, stranger," Carly greeted him.

Ava arrived at Nina's office, offended that Nina hadn't shared who "Mike" really was. She wondered if Carly knew that Sonny and Nina had fallen in love, and she interpreted Nina's silence to mean that Carly had no idea. Ava believed that Sonny and Nina still had a chance, but Nina updated Ava on Sonny's "ground rules." Ava told Nina about her stalker, and related that she'd been ready to give up on Nikolas, but they were back together. She thought it could be the same with Nina and Sonny.

Nina was grateful that she and Ava were close friends, but she knew that Ava wasn't above using a situation to her own advantage. Ava reasoned that she just wanted Nina to be as happy as Ava was, and she urged Nina not to give up. "Where there's love, there's hope," Ava said, and she hugged Nina. Ava left to visit Spencer. Nina sat down at her desk and looked at the picture of her and "Mike." She went to throw it away, but she stopped and put it in the middle of a pile of papers on her desk.

Esme flew into the PCPD and demanded that Spencer be taken out of the handcuffs. Chase responded that Spencer was in custody, and Esme asked who dared to have Spencer arrested. "One guess," Spencer replied. Chase sat Spencer down and cuffed him to the desk while he went to do some paperwork. Esme informed Spencer that she'd tried to get a lawyer, but she couldn't access her trust fund. Spencer added that Laura was still unreachable, so she couldn't help.

Esme continued that she'd called a lawyer named Baldwin, whose ad she'd seen, but he'd laughed and hung up. She wondered how much Spencer had told the cops, and he accused her of only caring about whether or not he'd thrown her under the bus. She claimed that she couldn't help him if she was locked up, too. Spencer assured her that he would never say anything about her to the cops.

Chase returned and asked if Esme could answer some questions for him. "Are you gonna arrest me, too?" she asked with snark. "Should I?" Chase shot back, and he led her to the interrogation room. He found out through his questioning that she and Spencer hadn't told anyone when they'd arrived in town because he'd wanted to figure out things with Nikolas, and she'd wanted to help him. He asked about Ava's car fire, and Esme replied that she'd only heard about it.

"Happy now?" Spencer wondered as Cameron and Trina arrived at the PCPD. Cameron refused to let Spencer blame them for his mistakes, but Cameron assured Spencer that they were there to help. Esme and Chase emerged from the interrogation room, and Cameron told them that his grandfather Scott was a lawyer and could help. Esme coldly replied that Scott was enjoying Spencer's predicament like his friends were. Chase asked to speak to Cameron, and they went to the interrogation room. Trina insisted that they'd never thought Spencer would get arrested, and she asked how they could help. Esme had an idea.

Chase asked Cameron about the car fire, but Cameron remained silent. Chase informed him that talking could help Spencer. Cameron confessed that Spencer had said that Esme had started the fire, but he'd taken the confession back. Cameron admitted that he could never really tell when Spencer was being honest. Chase handed his card to Cameron and asked him to call if he learned anything new.

Chase and Cameron returned, and Chase uncuffed Spencer in order to move him to a different location. Esme promised to return to visit Spencer soon. As Chase escorted Spencer to the interrogation room, he advised Esme not to leave town. Esme asked for a minute with Trina, so Cameron went outside. Esme knew that Ava was responsible for having Spencer arrested, so if Trina really wanted to help Spencer, Esme suggested that Trina convince Ava not to cooperate.

A short while later, Chase returned to the interrogation room and informed Spencer that he had a visitor. Ava entered the room, and Chase left. "I told you I wasn't going anywhere. Neither are you," Ava said.

Victor learns Peter has been lying to him Victor learns Peter has been lying to him

Friday, October 15, 2021

Sonny returned home and found Carly holding his cowboy hat. Carly told Sonny that the man who wore the cowboy hat was still a mystery to her. "I'm still me. I'm your husband," Sonny replied. He then asked Carly if she was the same woman she was nine months prior. Carly found the question odd. Sonny explained that he learned what he had walked in on the night of his return from Jason. A somber Carly confirmed that if Sonny had not returned, she and Jason would have "slept together as husband and wife."

Sonny told Carly that Jason had said the same thing, and he was not sure that he could be okay with that. Carly reminded Sonny that for nine months neither she nor Jason knew that Sonny was alive. "The nights were the worst," Carly said fighting back tears. She added that she and Jason had gotten married to present a "united front" to their enemies. Sonny questioned if that was all that it was.

Carly said her and Jason's decision to get married was a "last resort." She continued on, claiming that both she and Jason decided that they could have a real marriage and that "it would be safe [for them] to fall in love." Now that Sonny was back, she concluded, she and Jason could go back to being "best friends." Sonny understood that Carly and Jason had not been going behind his back, but he said that he still wrestled with the situation.

Carly laid blame for the situation squarely on Nina. Sonny replied that Nina would no longer be a problem. Carly stated that she did not believe that Nina agreeing to leave them alone was enough. Nina said that it was not fair that Nina could pick up her life where it had left off. "This hat is not some souvenir you picked up while you were away," Carly railed. "This is a symbol of... all the time we lost that we're never gonna get back." Carly reached out her hand and told Sonny that she loved him and would always choose him first. Sonny hesitated for a moment before taking her hand. "And I choose you," he replied.

Britt was surprised by how fast Jason showed up to her office. "Where are my manners? Let me take your cape," she mused. A stoic Jason asked Britt if she needed something. Britt told Jason that she had "hit a brick wall" in her attempt to locate Liesl. Jason repeated his earlier offer that he would help. Britt admitted that there was a bit of pride involved in her initial refusal to allow Jason to help. She didn't want to need his help.

Britt briefly explained how Liesl had been abducted while on her way to a supposed conference on hereditary diseases. Britt didn't believe the conference was linked to her mother's disappearance because it would have meant that someone else knew about Britt's Huntington's disease diagnosis.

Both Jason and Britt agreed that Peter was involved and that he probably had an accomplice. Britt wondered if she should travel to St. Lucia and do some research. Jason told Britt that she was getting ahead of herself. He told her that they would be wasting time if they went to St. Lucia. Britt was surprised by Jason's use of the pronoun "we," but he told assured her that he was committed to working with her.

Kevin arrived at Wyndemere where a concerned Nikolas told him that he had been unable to reach Laura. Kevin worried that something urgent had arisen. Nikolas informed him that he had learned who had been stalking Ava. Kevin feared that Ryan had been involved. He was shocked when Nikolas revealed that the stalker was Spencer.

Kevin sat down on the sofa and commented that Laura would be devastated to learn that Spencer was the stalker. Nikolas shared that he wanted to talk to Laura to make sure that throwing Spencer and Esme out of the castle and cutting Spencer off financial was the right thing to have done. "Punishment and enforced guidance don't need to be mutually exclusive," Kevin remarked. Nikolas asked Kevin if that approach had worked with Ryan. Kevin countered that Spencer was not Ryan because Spencer knew right from wrong and felt remorse.

As Nikolas explained that Spencer had help staging the stalking, the doorbell rang. Nikolas opened the door and found a panicked Esme begging him to help Spencer because Ava had had him arrested. Esme was stunned when Nikolas told her that he knew about Spencer's arrest. Esme lashed out at Nikolas' lack of action to help his son and Ava's use of the police as "an instrument of revenge."

Kevin, who Esme had completely ignored, broke his silence and told Esme that she failed to realize that what Spencer had done was "criminal behavior." Nikolas chimed in that Esme knew very well what Spencer had done and urged her to be thankful that she wasn't also behind bars. Esme's demeanor quickly changed. She claimed that when she first met "Spence" at boarding school, he was saddened by how he and Nikolas had grown apart. Esme claimed that when Spencer asked her to help him, she did so only as a way to reunite Nikolas and Spencer.

Nikolas asked how setting Ava's car ablaze and leaving a memento from her dead daughter was supposed to be helpful. Esme again asserted that she knew the end would justify the means. She promised that there would be more good times ahead for Nikolas and Spencer if Nikolas gave his son the help that he needed. Esme turned to Kevin and asked if he agreed with her assessment that Spencer needed "protection, not punishment." Kevin responded that it did not matter what he or anyone else believed -- it was up to Nikolas to make that determination.

Nikolas lauded Esme as a "loyal girlfriend," and said Spencer would need her support. Esme scoffed and stormed out of the house.

Ava visited Spencer at the police station and assured him that she "derived no pleasure" from his current situation. Spencer looked around for Nikolas and surmised that his father was arranging bail. Ava smiled slightly and Spencer that if it were left up to Nikolas, the police would lock Spencer up and throw away the key. "I'm all you got," she said coldly.

In an interrogation room at the police station, Spencer told Ava that he wanted nothing to do with her. Spencer blasted Ava for being hypocritical, saying that she should be locked up for "all the misery" she had inflicted upon people. Ava told Spencer that she knew that Nikolas still wanted him in his life -- even if Nikolas did not realize it at the moment. She suggested that she could remind Nikolas that he had "considerable sway" to help make Spencer's legal woes disappear.

Spencer countered that his grandmother was mayor of Port Charles and could do everything that Ava could do. Ava replied that she did not see Laura around. "You are far too attached to your resentments," Ava snarled. She offered Spencer a transactional agreement: she and Spencer need not be friends, they only needed to co-exist. Spencer snapped that he had trusted Ava before only to have had her stab him in the back. Ava nodded understandingly and headed for the door.

Before leaving, Ava advised Spencer to lobby for the holding cell with the torn mesh screen because, even though it had bed bugs, the tear allowed the slightest bit of sunlight into the cell as well as ventilation. Ava wished Spencer "good luck," and left.

Esme arrived at the station and was greeted by an angry Spencer who relayed that Ava had visited him to offer a "lose-lose proposition." Esme ordered Spencer to take Ava's deal to avoid going to jail. She reminded him of what they had learned about Napoleon: faire son thème en deux façons, or "proceed with two options." Spencer snarled as he stated that he would not allow Ava to control him. An officer entered the interrogation room to take Spencer to a holding cell for the night. Esme pleaded with Spencer to allow her to talk to Ava. "No chance in hell," he snapped.

Back at Wyndemere, Nikolas repeated that he did not know what to do and wished he could speak to Laura because Kevin's "shrink thing" was not helping. Kevin told Nikolas that there were two options: bailing Spencer out, literally, and giving Spencer the support he needed to take responsibility for his actions. "It's your call, darling," Ava said as she returned home. She shared that Spencer was "unrepentant" and had turned down the offer that she and Nikolas had come up with.

Nikolas said that a night in jail might be just what Spencer needed, but he also worried that the "Cassadine arrogance" would be too hard for Spencer to overcome.

Sam and Dante arrived in Panopolia and found the local pub cordoned off with police tape. Anna and Robert briefed them on their encounter with the masked gunman. Sam instantly believed that Peter was the culprit. Sam and Dante shared what they had learned from Dallas Kirby: Drew's plane crash had been staged. The recently arrived pair wondered where Valentin was.

Anna recounted the events to preceded the gun battle. As she did, Robert received a phone call informing him that it was his turn to interrogate the musician that had been taken into custody. Sam wondered if Chloe had told Anna anything about Drew's condition. Anna shared that she didn't know much, but was able to surmise that Peter needed Drew alive for some reason.

Robert returned some time later and revealed that he had gotten the mandolinist to talk. The man had revealed the location of the secret compound and that the compound was owned by Victor Cassadine. Dante insisted that there was no way that Victor Cassadine was still alive. Robert shared that both Drew and Valentin were still alive. He then dropped the bombshell that Victor and Peter were working together.

Drew awoke in his cell, confused by why his left arm was bandaged. Peter tossed Liesl into Drew's cell and ordered her to take care of Drew's wound. As Liesl tended to Drew, she asked him who had shot him. Drew told her that he had "absolutely no idea."

Liesl said that Drew appeared to be fine, but warned that he would need another shot to prevent possible infection. Drew struggled to recall the conversation he had had with Peter prior to his waking up with the mysterious gunshot graze. Drew recalled an off-handed remark that "there were problems with Jason" that would not be problems with him.

Drew became concerned when he realized that he had no recollection of an entire day. Liesl asked Drew if he had ever experienced anything like that before. He said that it had when he was back in Port Charles and Helena Cassadine had been controlling him. Drew shared that he believed that had ended. Liesl, however, feared that it had not.

Liesl proffered that since Faison had done the original conditioning of Drew, it was possible that Cesar could have installed a "second level" that could only be activated by Faison... or Faison's son.

In the corridors of the facility, Peter ran into Victor. Referring to Peter as "Henrik," Victor said that Peter had a lot of answer for. Victor casually mentioned that one of his men had been taken into custody following someone shooting at Anna and Robert. Victor was furious that the man could be compelled to reveal the location of the facility. Peter claimed that he had no other option.

Victor remarked that he had been able to live inconspicuously for years, but suddenly a swarm of WSB agents -- and Sam and Dante -- had shown up and started asking questions. Peter offered to take care of Sam and Dante, but Victor quickly quashed that idea. Victor stated that the gunman who had fired on Robert and Anna had been struck by a bullet. He added that Liesl was not in her cell and asked Peter if he would find her in Drew's cell.

Victor accused Peter of having known how to active Drew all along. Two men quietly approached Peter from behind.

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