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Nina faced Carly's wrath. Liesl was shocked to discover that Victor and Peter were in cahoots. After encountering Drew, Liesl formed an alliance with him. Valentin and Anna shared a kiss. Josslyn, Trina, and Cameron set a trap for Spencer and Esme. Spencer confessed the truth about his role in stalking Ava.
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Valentin and Anna kissed, Carly confronted Nina and Jax, and Spencer confessed that he was Ava's stalker
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Terry and Chase work to get Finn and Elizabeth together

Terry and Chase work to get Finn and Elizabeth together

Monday, September 27, 2021

Yuri, Brook Lynn, and "Bailey" arrived at Charlie's Pub where Brook Lynn had a meeting with Maxie, who rushed inside. Brook Lynn assured her that Yuri was safeguarding them, while Maxie announced that there were two plain-clothes cops outside. Maxie was worried that she was Peter's target, but she thought that she had been safe. Brook Lynn reminded Maxie that they were there on Deception business if anyone asked.

Before too long, Josslyn spotted Brook Lynn and Maxie and headed to their table. She announced that Sonny had returned home, and it had been surreal with many different emotions revealing themselves. Brook Lynn was ecstatic, but Maxie seemed uncomfortable. Maxie was evasive as to how she already knew about Sonny's return, and Brook Lynn managed to thwart Josslyn's questioning.

Josslyn recapped what the family knew about Sonny's disappearance, and she stated that he had seemed "great." She thought he seemed like the same old Sonny. Josslyn thought that Maxie should tell Carly what she knew, and Maxie agreed.

Later, Brook Lynn readied herself to leave. Yuri held out a brown bag containing some food he'd purchased for Monica. He vowed that he wouldn't let anyone get anywhere near Brook Lynn or the baby.

At the hospital in Greece, Valentin sat by an unconscious Chloe's bedside and told her she was safe. Anna walked into the room and announced that nothing was known about Chloe other than her name. They assumed she was in the area because of Peter, and Anna noted that Cassadine Island wasn't too far away.

Valentin admitted to having mixed emotions, being so close to the Cassadine homestead, but he reminded Anna that he wasn't a Cassadine. He stated that he had started to like his new self, and Anna agreed that she had, too. They were interrupted by the arrival of the doctor, who declared that it was hopeful that Chloe would recover. She had a concussion and had been dehydrated, stressed, and disoriented upon her arrival in the village.

Anna guessed that Chloe had been held against her will. Anna wanted to conduct some interviews in the town, and Valentin offered to accompany her. Anna asked the doctor to call her if there was any change in Chloe's condition.

In her prison of a room, Liesl told Victor that she couldn't lose her daughter, so she would have to go along with whatever he wanted from her. Suddenly, she pulled a large knife and held it to Victor's throat. He wondered if she really wanted to play it that way, and he suggested they "review the situation." Liesl insisted that the knife was her only strategy, and she had learned what was important in life after her son's death. She vowed to kill Victor in order to get back to Britt.

Victor declared that he had seen Liesl in a new light, and he appreciated her. He was sorry that they would have to do things the hard way, though. Liesl felt a gun held to her back, and, turning around, she saw Peter. Liesl was sorry that Peter wasn't dead, but he revealed that he had burned down the bar in Nixon Falls. He doubted that Nina was still alive, and he thought it was time to tie up loose ends.

Victor stood between Peter and Liesl, and he and Peter had words. Victor made it clear that he was calling the shots. Liesl only wanted to kill Peter, and she told Victor that he could take whatever he wanted from her. Victor replied that he didn't trust Liesl, and he had already made arrangements with Peter. Liesl thought that Victor was a bigger imbecile that she had thought because Peter would only double-cross him.

Liesl was dragged from the room by a thug, and Peter and Victor continued their conversation. Peter informed Victor that Liesl was dangerous, but Victor stated that she was dangerous to Peter. He added that it was his business. Peter didn't think Victor was very smart. "We're done here," Victor said. He received a phone call from the doctor in Greece, who told him about Chloe's visitors.

At General Hospital, Elizabeth glanced at a flyer for an upcoming trivia night as she headed toward the elevator. Finn stepped off the elevator, and the pair shared an awkward and brief conversation about the event. Elizabeth continued on her way, and Chase spotted Finn. Chase revealed that he was able to return to work and "everything." "So, you and Elizabeth?" Chase asked.

Finn shared that he and Elizabeth had almost kissed until they had been interrupted with Scott's fall from the sky. He wasn't sure how Elizabeth had felt about it, and he admitted that things had grown uncomfortable between them. Finn tried to tell Chase that it was all complicated, but Chase reminded Finn that he and Elizabeth had grown close during Chase's illness. He thought they had the time to get closer.

On another floor, Elizabeth ran into Terry and told her how Britt had been grateful for their help. Terry thought that Elizabeth seemed distracted, and Elizabeth revealed that she and Finn had almost kissed. She wasn't sure that it was something that Finn wanted to pursue. Terry told Elizabeth that Elizabeth had no idea what Finn wanted, but Elizabeth whined that Finn had never said anything about the almost-kiss. Terry reminded Elizabeth that she hadn't said anything, either, but Elizabeth had excuses.

Finn was full of justifications, also, and he suggested that maybe it wasn't the right time. Chase had answers for all of Finn's reasons, but Finn insisted he didn't want to put Violet through another experience of a failed relationship. Chase guessed that Finn would never have another relationship ever again. Upstairs, Elizabeth continued with her excuses as Terry challenged all of them. Elizabeth agreed that she and Finn had made a great team.

As Terry and Elizabeth rode the elevator back downstairs and stepped off, they ran right into Finn and Chase. Terry and Chase quickly walked away, and Finn and Elizabeth shyly said hello to each other. After more awkwardness, they agreed to meet for trivia night. Elizabeth pulled Terry away from Chase, and Chase smiled at Finn.

As he stood at his own grave, Sonny told Nina in no uncertain terms that Mike was gone and to forget him. He added that Nina was in love with a guy who she thought he had been, and he was happy with his life in Port Charles. Nina asked if he had been happy as Mike, and Sonny confessed that he had been, although he hadn't known about the life he'd been missing because of his amnesia.

Nina talked about "nice guy" Mike, and Sonny was sorry that she had fallen in love with him. Nina reminded Sonny that he had fallen in love with her, too, but he replied that it had been an illusion. He wasn't like Mike. Nina disclosed that she had wanted to tell him the truth every day, but he had been happy. "I never meant to hurt you," she said. Sonny admitted that she had been great, and they had been great together. "But it wasn't real," he said.

Sonny attempted to make Nina see that Mike hadn't been a real person. They agreed that neither of them had ever liked the other in the past, and Nina said that Mike's traits had come from Sonny. She hadn't known that they had existed previously. She muttered that she had never really known Sonny and never would.

Nina admitted that her reckoning day had arrived, and she had betrayed many people. Sonny recalled her video call with Wiley when she had claimed it had ended due to a poor connection. He realized that she hadn't wanted his family to see him. Nina knew she would have to live with the anger and resentment from Sonny and his family.

Sonny declared that it wasn't good to play God with someone's life, and Nina had done just that. He was sorry because he knew after her first reaction to get back at Carly, Nina hadn't done what she had out of malice. She had made a mistake that had kept on going. Nina was sorry, and she hoped that Sonny didn't suffer. She walked away.

At the Corinthos house, Jason wanted to leave to talk to Diane, but Carly asked him how they would make things okay with Sonny. She was worried whether Sonny had been dealing with his bipolar disorder during the time he'd been gone and what Sonny's reaction would be if he were to find out that she and Jason had intended to have a real marriage. Jason was certain that things would get back to normal, but Carly was concerned that it would be bad for Sonny to be paranoid against the only two people who could help if there was a relapse.

Carly reminded Jason that everyone had seen them at their wedding, and she was afraid that Sonny would get suspicious. Jason assured her that they would tell Sonny the truth because things hadn't gotten far. "We didn't do anything wrong," Jason emphasized. He added that they would have never gone down the road that they'd traveled if Sonny hadn't been gone. Carly agreed to take things one day at a time and answer any questions that Sonny might have. She hoped there were none.

Carly stressed that she had loved the wedding and would always treasure it. She was overjoyed that Sonny was home, although it had been disorienting. Jason replied that they plus Sonny had been through worse over the years, and they would be okay. He made Carly say it, too. They shared a hug.

Sonny stopped at Mike's grave and stated that Mike had saved his life. He admitted that he had tossed Mike's watch away, but it was a long story. Jason found him, and Sonny asked if they could get rid of Sonny's headstone and grave.

Josslyn arrived home with Maxie in tow and told Carly that Maxie had something to tell her.

Carly learns that Nina knew for months that Sonny was alive

Carly learns that Nina knew for months that Sonny was alive

Tuesday, September 28, 2021

In Crete, as she and Valentin sat down at a table in a restaurant, Anna grumbled that retracing Chloe's steps had been "unsatisfying." Valentin marveled at the cyclical nature of life and how "it teaches us the most interesting lessons in the most unexpected ways."

A broody Valentin said that being in Greece made him think about his past and how much of a burden it was to be a Cassadine. "Do I hate that Helena Cassadine is my mother? Of course, I do," Valentin said. However, Valentin was thrilled to have two children and his own money. He then turned to his romantic pursuit of Anna, a woman who captivated him.

Valentin mused that he could come up with "a million other fancy words" but said that the only thing that really mattered was how much he wanted to spend time with Anna. Anna reached out to pull Valentin's glass of ouzo away from him. He smiled and told Anna that she could keep drinking. "You think I'm handsome now? Wait until you get a buzz going," he said with a laugh.

Valentin called Anna "guarded," though she countered that she kept up a "professional demeanor." Sensing that Valentin was so drunk that he probably wouldn't even remember his own name in the morning, Anna decided to open up. She said that she missed the friendship that she had once had with Valentin. She admitted that she liked Valentin and appreciated that he understood her. She conceded that Robert also knew her well, but she referred to Robert as "the good soldier" who had not sold out like she had. Anna explained that when she was with Robert, she looked down on herself. Valentin remarked that Anna didn't feel the same way when she was around him because he was so much worse than her or Robert.

Valentin shared that the first thing that had changed his life completely was the birth of his daughter Charlotte. The second, however, was Anna. He praised Anna for going from "a sad, flawed, compromised sell-out" to something so much better. He said that Anna had shown him that he could make better choices. The two then shared a passionate kiss.

Anna put the brakes on the kissing and told Valentin that he needed to sober up. She stepped away to get water and coffee, but when she turned back toward the table, she saw that Valentin had passed out. She eventually took Valentin back to his room and tucked him into bed. Once she was sure that Valentin was asleep, Anna returned to the restaurant and asked the mandolinist if she could pass along a message to Valentin in the event that he woke up before she returned from the US Consul hospital. The man assured her that he'd pass along the message. As the man turned away, he revealed a tattoo on his left forearm that was identical to one that Valentin had.

A guard unlocked the door to Drew's cell and announced that Drew had company. The guard hurled Liesl into the cell and hurriedly relocked the door. Liesl's eyes widened as she saw Drew. Drew was equally surprised to see Dr. Obrecht. In that moment, Drew realized that Liesl was not responsible for his disappearance. It did, however, leave him wondering who had been crafty enough to capture Liesl.

Liesl appeared annoyed that Drew had thought that she had been involved in his kidnapping -- perhaps mostly because she said she would have found a better facility in which to imprison Drew. Liesl then reached into her medical bag and pulled out a large syringe. Drew recoiled and said he didn't want "some kind of evil villainess treating him." Obrecht chuckled and said that Drew had bigger problems to worry about than her and a syringe of antibiotics.

Liesl asked Drew about his last memories prior to his imprisonment. He recalled sending Andre Maddox back to Port Charles and getting on a plane to Afghanistan to return money that his "good buddy" Archer had stolen. Sometime midflight, Drew recalled, his plane had veered off course and landed on an island where he had been greeted by a pair of armed men.

Liesl informed Drew that the man responsible for his initial abduction was Peter August. Slowly, the pieces started to fall into place for Drew. Liesl told Drew that Maxie and Peter had had a child together. She admitted that she and Maxie had both been duped by Peter's "reformed" act. She revealed that when the truth about Peter had been about to be revealed, he had framed her and had her shipped off to Steinmauer. Liesl then explained how Peter had arranged to induce childbirth so that he could kidnap Maxie's baby. "As one does," Drew quipped. Liesl stated that things had backfired for Peter because the woman he had hired had handed the baby off to someone else before meeting an untimely demise.

Drew was shocked when Liesl revealed that Victor Cassadine was still alive. "So, let me get this straight... Peter and Victor are working together because Peter wants to find his daughter," Drew commented as he pondered what Victor was getting in return. Liesl wasn't sure what Peter could do for Victor, but she hoped that whatever it was, Peter did it soon, because she was certain that it would mark the end for Peter August. Drew informed Liesl that he would not wait around for things to play out for "two psychos" -- he planned to find a way out of his prison. Liesl said that was music to her ears. When a guard returned, Liesl informed that guard that she would need to treat Drew again because he was seriously ill. As she walked out of the cell, Liesl turned around and gave Drew a quick glance.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Michael and Willow watched Wiley color in a coloring book. While Michael touted Wiley as the next Picasso, Yuri entered with a treat for Wiley from Charlie's. Willow said that they'd save the treat for dessert, but Michael sensed that Yuri hadn't just popped in to hand over a pastry. Yuri stated that Wiley had a visitor, and he opened the door to reveal Nina.

Michael instructed Yuri to stand down because Nina was family. Nina sat down on the ground and gave Wiley a big hug and a box of toy cars. Michael wondered if Nina was making another quick visit or if she was back for good. Nina replied that the length of her stay in Port Charles had yet to be determined. Nina thanked Michael and Willow for giving her a second chance and also for being Wiley's parents. "You're decent, kind people," Nina said softly.

Michael and Willow stepped out of the room to allow Nina some alone time with Wiley. When they did, Willow said she sensed that something was troubling Nina.

A somber Josslyn escorted Maxie into the kitchen at Sonny and Carly's home. Maxie told Carly that she had information that Carly needed to know because Carly was Sonny's wife. A nervous Maxie chattered on for a few moments until Carly finally demanded that Maxie tell her whatever it was that Maxie wanted to tell her. "Fine! Nina has known for months that Sonny was alive," Maxie blurted out.

Josslyn erupted when she learned that she had been in Nixon Falls at the same as the supposedly dead Sonny. Carly, who had been motionless, grabbed Josslyn's arm to silence her. Carly then leaned in and asked when Nina had known that Sonny was alive -- as well as how and when Maxie had found out. Maxie claimed that she had only found out that morning and that Nina was remorseful for her "mistake."

"A mistake?" Carly snapped, demanding, "Is that what we're calling it?" Maxie explained how Nina had gone to Nixon Falls to clear her head. She also shared that Nina had planned to tell Carly that Sonny was alive, but Nina and Carly had gotten into some sort of argument. Josslyn blasted the implication that things were somehow Carly's fault. "She wasn't nice to Nina, so that gave Nina the right to lie and keep Sonny a secret for months? That is crap!" Josslyn roared.

Maxie insisted that she was not defending Nina's actions, but she admitted that she felt empathy for Nina. Maxie said that she had been in a similar position, where she'd had to choose to do something that was wrong. "I've done some terrible, questionable things, but that doesn't justify what Nina did," Carly snapped. Carly claimed that what Maxie had done was the exact opposite of what Nina had done, blasting Nina's actions as spiteful.

Maxie told Carly that she still loved Nina, even though she'd done something seemingly unforgiveable. Carly retorted that that was the painful part of loving someone who messed up. Nina, however, would have to live with the consequences.

At the cemetery, Jason explained that it had been his decision to have a funeral for Sonny. Sonny assured Jason that he had made the right decision, but Jason replied that he felt he had been unable to grieve Sonny's death because he'd had to immediately jump into running Sonny's business. "The good news is you don't have to grieve anymore," Sonny replied.

Jason filled Sonny in on the limo explosion and told him that they owe "a real debt" to Ms. Wu. Sonny smiled slightly and commented that he'd always liked Wu. Jason claimed that there was no evidence to tie him or anyone else to Buscema and Novak's deaths, but he didn't believe that they were in the clear. Jason stated that, even from jail, Cyrus Renault posed a danger. Sonny suggested that they come up with a strategy to deal with Cyrus.

"I feel like a winner. I cannot be touched," Sonny said with a hearty laugh as he looked down at his tombstone. Jason seized the opportunity to ask Sonny how he was doing with his bipolar disorder and if he was taking his medication. Sonny said that he had been fortunate that one of the people who had taken him in was a nurse. Sonny denied that his condition had gotten out of control, but he admitted that his behavior had been a bit "erratic."

Jason was relieved that Sonny had gotten care, but he noted that Sonny had been treated as a "bartender named Mike." He then urged Sonny to see his psychiatrist. Sonny agreed that he needed to take care of himself. When Jason commented that it was not Sonny's fault for being away so long. Sonny agreed -- and revealed that it was Nina's fault. Jason listened as Sonny explained how Nina had kept his being alive a secret. Surprisingly, when Jason expressed his outrage, Sonny said that the situation had been "complicated." Jason remarked that Sonny wasn't "angry enough" about what Nina had done.

Sonny called Nina a "sad woman" but said that he did not see the point in wasting energy being mad at Nina. He followed that up with a statement that he didn't want to let himself get angry. Sonny then pointed to his tombstone and told Jason that it needed to be removed and should have already been removed.

Back at the Quartermaine mansion, Yuri announced that Wiley had another visitor. Carly stormed into the room. Nina asked Yuri to watch Wiley because she and Carly needed some time alone to talk. Yuri nodded and carried Wiley off to another part of the house. Carly closed the door behind him before slowly, methodically making her way toward Nina. "You stole Sonny's life," Carly said coldly, adding, "And bitch, you're gonna pay."

A furious Carly confronts Nina

A furious Carly confronts Nina

Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Outside Kelly's, Josslyn left Carly a voicemail message. She wanted Carly to remember that Nina was still Wiley's grandmother, and no one wanted Wiley caught in the middle. Josslyn urged Carly to count to ten before taking action. After Josslyn ended the call, she rounded the corner and joined Cameron and Trina. Cameron wondered if they really intended to go through with their plan.

"Hell, yes," Josslyn replied. Pleased, Trina handed Josslyn a coffee drink. "Today's the day Spencer and Esme get what's coming to them," Trina said. Uneasy, Cameron wanted more evidence, but Josslyn pointed out that they weren't a court of law. Trina added that where there was smoke, there was fire, but Cameron worried that it was just smoke. Trina suggested that the truth would either exonerate Spencer and Esme or expose the couple as Ava's stalkers.

Cameron thought it might be wise to keep an open mind because he worried how Spencer and Esme might react, even if their plan proved the couple innocent. He warned that Spencer could hold a grudge longer than anyone, which Josslyn suspected had motivated Spencer to go after Ava. Josslyn believed it was a risk worth taking because, if they were right, then Ava could remain in Port Charles with Nikolas and Avery, and both Spencer and Esme would be exposed as schemers.

At Wyndemere, Esme followed Spencer into the living room as she lectured him about not trying harder to stop Nikolas from going after Ava. Spencer assured Esme that Ava was halfway across the Atlantic, but Esme wasn't satisfied. She hoped that Ava's plane crashed and that Ava was the only casualty. Spencer chuckled, but he shifted gears to talk about how delighted he was that his uncle was alive. Spencer was eager to visit with Sonny, but Esme suggested that Spencer give his uncle time to settle in.

A short time later, Cameron stopped by on the pretext of asking if Spencer had taken notes in one of their classes. Spencer admitted that he hadn't bothered to take notes because he'd been auditing the class to get his father off his back. Spencer wondered how that had worked out for Spencer, but before Spencer could reply, Cameron asked if Spencer intended to throw another party. Surprised, Spencer wondered what had prompted the question. Cameron admitted that Trina had mentioned booking first-class seats on a flight to Bora Bora for Nikolas and Ava to celebrate their decision to cancel their divorce.

After Cameron excused himself to use the restroom, Esme asked when Spencer would learn that she was always right. Spencer was devastated that his father had once again chosen Ava over him. Spencer had thought that he and his father had made progress rebuilding their relationship, but Esme suggested that Ava had used sex to keep Nikolas from thinking straight. Esme assured Spencer that the situation could be salvaged if Nikolas was brought back down to earth, but Spencer insisted that it was too late because Nikolas and Ava had likely already left town. Esme asked Spencer to trust her, but Spencer feared that things had gone too far.

Esme grabbed her purse and passed Cameron on her way out. After Cameron fired off a quick text message, he entered the living room to check on Spencer. Spencer wanted to know the real reason that Cameron had stopped by, so Cameron admitted that he had felt some tension the last time he had seen Spencer. Spencer pointed out that he had caught Cameron, Josslyn, and Trina gossiping about Esme. Cameron apologized, but he explained that he and the girls had been worried that Esme had a hold over Spencer.

Spencer insisted that Esme loved him, and she looked out for him, which was more than Spencer could say for his own father. Spencer questioned why he continued to try with Nikolas, prompting Cameron to open up about his own rocky relationship with Franco. Cameron admitted that it hadn't been easy in the beginning, but Cameron and Franco had worked at it until -- with time and effort -- Franco had become like a real father to Cameron.

Cameron assured Spencer that it was not too late for Spencer and Nikolas. Spencer argued that he was not like Cameron -- and never would be. Spencer insisted that Cameron was the poster child for outstanding sons, but Cameron disagreed. Spencer explained that Cameron and Franco had shared a special bond, but Spencer didn't believe that he deserved the same with Nikolas. "Not after everything I've done," Spencer added.

On Pier 54, Josslyn checked her phone while Trina paced. Both girls were pleased when Cameron sent a text message to let them know that the first phase of their plan had been put into motion. A short time later, Josslyn received another text message from Cameron of a devil emoji. "The she-devil is on the move," Josslyn announced.

As Josslyn and Trina waited for Esme's launch to arrive, Josslyn reached out to Jason to let him know that Carly was on the warpath and not responding to phone calls or text messages. Jason assured Josslyn that he would take care of things. After Josslyn ended the call, she and Trina decided that Josslyn would follow Esme. Trina reminded Josslyn to be careful because Esme had set Ava's car on fire, but Josslyn wasn't concerned because Esme was nothing compared to tangling with Nelle Benson.

Meanwhile, Ava met with Scott at Kelly's. Scott asked if Ava wanted him to file the divorce papers or if she would prefer to remain married to Nikolas. Just then, Nikolas approached the table. Ava was curious how Nikolas had managed to get past Bubba, but Nikolas begged Ava to hear him out before Bubba regained consciousness. Scott decided to check on Ava's bodyguard -- and to give Bubba a business card in the event that Bubba decided to sue Nikolas for personal injury.

Nikolas slid into the chair that Scott had vacated. He was glad that he had caught Ava, but she warned him that it was too late. She was ready to head to London, where she intended to set up her new base of operations. Nikolas saw the large yellow envelope on the table, which Ava confirmed contained the signed divorce papers. Relieved that the papers hadn't been filed, he told Ava that the divorce was no longer necessary because Sonny was alive. Ava revealed that she had already spoken to Sonny, but nothing had changed.

Nikolas insisted that Sonny had resources that Nikolas didn't, but Ava disagreed. Ava admitted that Sonny had been furious that her stalker had gotten close to Avery, but he had not been brokenhearted that Ava had decided to leave town. Nikolas was confident that Sonny would hunt down the person responsible for threating Avery, which meant that Ava would be safe. Ava remained determined to leave because she refused to take any chances with Avery.

As Nikolas and Ava argued, Scott returned to the table and cleared his throat to get their attention. Scott admitted that it would be a shame for Nikolas and Ava to give up on each other, and he wanted to help them remain married. Ava was surprised, but Scott explained that he had been doing a lot of thinking about love and life and had realized how a separation could feel a lot like a death. Scott insisted that true love was worth fighting for. Ava realized that Scott had been referring to Liesl, and she asked if there had been any word about the notorious doctor.

Scott had no control about Liesl's situation, but he believed that he could help Nikolas and Ava. Scott advised Ava and Nikolas to make a show of dating other people to keep the stalker happy, but neither liked the idea. Scott proposed that Nikolas and Ava leave town together, but they refused to uproot their children. Nikolas soon realized that Ava's solution was the only viable option to keep everyone safe from the stalker. Scott was disappointed that he had failed to help them.

After Scott left with the divorce papers, Nikolas vowed not to give up. He assured Ava that he would move heaven and earth to find the person responsible for terrorizing her, and when he did, Nikolas and Ava would be together again. "Thank you," Ava said as she stood to leave. She was grateful that he would no longer stand in her way. Nikolas rose from his seat as he made one final request; he asked her to wait for him. Rather than answer him, Ava lovingly smoothed the lapel of his jacket and left.

At General Hospital, Sonny thanked Jason for persuading him to visit his doctor. Sonny acknowledged that it hadn't been an easy topic to broach, but it had been important for Sonny to make certain that his bipolar disorder had been treated properly. Jason decided to call Diane to find out what Sonny needed to do to be declared legally alive. Jason suspected it would require a lot of paperwork. Sonny admitted that it could wait because Sonny needed to find Carly and break the news to her that Nina had known the truth about his amnesia from the beginning.

Sonny smiled when he saw Epiphany approach the nurses' station. Epiphany greeted Sonny with a warm hug. Britt passed the trio as Sonny explained to Epiphany that he was there to see his doctor. Epiphany took Sonny to a nearby examination room to get his vitals. "Twice in one day," Britt said by way of greeting. Jason asked if it was a problem, but she assured him that she had no issue seeing him.

Jason was curious if Britt had heard anything about her mother, but Britt reported that Liesl Obrecht's disappearance hadn't been a priority for the WSB. Jason offered to aid in the search, prompting Britt to remind him that she had meant it when she had told him that -- marriage or no marriage -- she didn't need his help. Jason admitted that he would always care about what happened to Britt. "I don't give a damn about you," Britt told him.

In the examination room, Sonny told Epiphany about the fire and how his memories had returned. He admitted that it was good to be alive and to know who he was. Epiphany imagined that his family had been over the moon to have him back. Sonny admitted that he was happy to be home. After he filled her in about his emotional reunion with each of his children, Epiphany revealed that everyone had been devastated by Sonny's death, especially Carly and Jason.

Sonny seized the opportunity to ask Epiphany about Jason's arrest. Epiphany chuckled because, even in death, Sonny hadn't missed a trick. With a little prodding from Sonny, Epiphany told him that Peter August had framed Jason for Franco's murder. Epiphany revealed that Jason had been sentenced to Pentonville, where someone had stabbed him. Luckily for Jason, he had landed in General Hospital, where "someone" had arranged for Jason to escape. Sonny applauded the move because it had been easier to orchestrate an escape from the hospital rather than the prison. Epiphany recounted how Jason had rescued Britt from Cyrus Renault's thugs, only to be shot as he fled with the doctor.

Epiphany explained that many had suspected Jason of kidnapping Britt, but the doctor had patched Jason up and gone on the run with him. The rest, according to Epiphany, had been hospital gossip. The conversation turned to Jason and Carly's wedding. Sonny assured Epiphany that he had been up to speed on everything, but he regretted that he hadn't made it out of the fire earlier to spare Carly the hefty deposit. Epiphany chuckled and announced that his vitals had been remarkedly good for a man who had barely made it out of a raging inferno. Sonny smiled as the two friends exchanged another hug.

Sonny and Epiphany returned to the nurses' station. Britt welcomed Sonny home. Sonny admitted that he had a lot of catching up to do. Britt warned him that he'd been gone a long time. "And one thing I've learned about Port Charles, you miss a day, you miss a lot," Britt said. After both Britt and Epiphany walked away, Sonny told Jason that Epiphany had filled him in about quite a bit. Jason admitted that it was over between him and Britt. Sonny was curious if Jason had ended things with Britt because of Carly.

Sonny assured his friend that he would never forget the sacrifices that Jason and Carly had made, but he suggested that Jason might have a second chance with Britt. Jason doubted it was possible, but Sonny asked if Britt had made Jason happy. Before Jason could reply, his phone chimed with a text message. Sonny left for his appointment while Jason touched base with Josslyn. Afterwards, he called Spinelli to ask him to track Carly's phone.

At the nurses' station, Epiphany asked if Britt was okay. Britt wondered why Epiphany had asked. Epiphany understood that Britt had to be the untouchable chief of staff, but Epiphany saw through Britt. "Always have, always will," Epiphany explained. Epiphany knew that Britt had been dealing with a lot, and she wanted Britt to know that Epiphany was a safe space if Britt ever needed to talk.

Later, Sonny returned to the nurses' station to chat with Epiphany. After she left to fetch his visit summary, Esme approached Sonny. "Are you Sonny Corinthos?" Esme asked. Sonny was curious who wanted to know. Rather than answer, Esme told him that she was delighted to have found him. Nearby, Josslyn watched Esme.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Carly confronted Nina. "You stole Sonny's life, and bitch, you're going to pay," Carly said between clenched teeth. Nina assumed that Sonny had told Carly, and she conceded that Carly had a right to be mad. Carly made it clear that she didn't need Nina's permission. She demanded to know why Nina had kept Sonny away from his family, and she wanted one good reason not to kill Nina. Nina couldn't understand why Carly couldn't be satisfied that Sonny was home.

Carly angrily accused Nina of having played God with Sonny's life for nine months, and she wanted Nina to pay the consequences for her actions. Nina acknowledged that she had kept Sonny from his life, which had put a lot of people in danger, both in Port Charles and in Nixon Falls. Carly reminded Nina of the scene that Nina had made at Sonny's funeral, but Nina assured Carly that she would always regret the "unintended" consequences for her actions. Carly was outraged because her husband had nearly died in a fire because of Nina.

Nina was surprised that Sonny had told Carly about that. Carly admitted that Sonny had told her about the fire, but Carly had guessed that Nina had somehow been involved. Nina assured Carly that she was sorry for the pain she had caused, but Carly didn't believe Nina. Nina conceded that she might not be as contrite as Carly would like because Carly hadn't owned up to her part in all of it. Stunned, Carly demanded to know how any of it had been her fault.

Nina reminded Carly of the phone call when Carly had threatened legal action against Nina to keep Nina out of Wiley's life. Nina admitted that she had intended to tell Carly the truth, but Carly had never given Nina the chance to speak. Carly was shocked that Nina had thought that Carly had deserved months of grief because of one rude phone call. Nina assured Carly that she had never intended for things to go as far as they had and that Carly could ask Jax if she didn't believe Nina.

"Jax knew?" Carly asked. Nina explained that Jax had figured things out, gone to Nixon Falls to confront her, and encouraged Nina to tell the truth. Nina insisted that Jax had trusted Nina to do the right thing. "Why the hell would he do that?" Carly asked. Carly pointed out that Nina had had nine months to be honest while Sonny's children had grieved, Donna had forgotten her father, and Jason had gone to jail. During that time, Nina had continued to lie, so Carly had no idea why Jax would expect Nina to tell the truth.

Rattled, Nina's eyes filled with tears as she asked if Carly felt qualified to judge. "You know so much about the truth," Nina said. "Screw you, Nina!" Carly shouted. Carly was furious that Nina had punished Sonny by stealing nine months of his life because Carly had hurt Nina's feelings. "At least you got Sonny back!" Nina wailed.

Nina reminded Carly that Nina would never get to see Nelle again. Carly realized that Nina had been motivated by revenge. Carly resented Nina acting like Nelle had been a martyr rather than a murderer. Carly insisted that the world was better off without Nelle -- and so was Wiley. Shocked, Nina asked how Carly could say such a thing. "Nelle was my child," Nina tearfully said. Carly pointed out that she hadn't known that until after Nelle had died.

"You mean after you watched her fall," Nina said. Carly laughed, which infuriated Nina. Nina accused Carly of remaining silent to leave Nelle to rot and denying Nina any kind of closure. Carly argued that lying about Sonny hadn't balanced the scales because Nina had hurt Sonny's children and Sonny. Nina assured Carly that she would gladly apologize to everyone -- except to Carly. Nina vowed that she would never apologize to Carly. Nina acknowledged that everyone might be happy that Sonny was home, but Nina wondered how long Sonny would remain happy.

According to Nina, Sonny had been happy living as Mike in Nixon Falls because life had been simpler. Nina insisted that Sonny had been who he had wanted to be, and he hadn't been consumed by ambition or riddled with guilt and regret. Nina added that he hadn't been mourning a son lost to mob violence. Carly's temper exploded at the mention of Morgan. Carly lunged for Nina, but Jason arrived in time to pull Carly away before Carly could reach Nina. "Don't you mention my son's name," Carly shouted over Jason's shoulder.

Shaken, Nina backed down. When Carly ordered Nina to leave, Nina told Carly to let Wiley know that Nina would see him soon. Carly promised that Nina would never lay eyes on Wiley again, but Nina warned Carly that Nina would always be Wiley's grandmother. After Nina left, Carly vowed to burn Nina to the ground and spit on her ashes.

Carly confronts Jax

Carly confronts Jax

Thursday, September 30, 2021

In his office, Kevin caught up with Laura on the phone. As he updated Laura on Ava leaving town, Ava knocked on his open door. Ava informed him that she had some unfinished business, and he ended the call. He told her that Laura expected Ava to return as soon as the police found the stalker. Ava wanted to let Kevin know that the divorce papers had been filed, and she'd said her goodbyes to Nikolas and Avery. She related that knowing Sonny was back made leaving Avery a little bit easier.

Kevin offered to listen if Ava wanted to talk, but all she needed from him was a promise. She asked him to look out for Nikolas and make sure he didn't give in to his "darker impulses." While she would miss her life in Port Charles, she knew that she would be all right, but she also knew that Nikolas wasn't used to compromising and adjusting. Kevin wondered who would look after her, and she answered that she would look after herself. The two embraced, and she left the office.

At Spring Ridge, Alexis asked Shawn to tell her about his investigation into Hayden's shooting. He beat around the bush until she finally asked what he was holding back from her. Shawn grimly updated her on Jordan's injury and what had happened. He went on to tell Alexis about Roger Barstow and his connections to Naomi, Drew, and Crichton-Clark. Alexis revealed that she was connected to Crichton-Clark, not only because Drew had been held there, but also because her uncle Victor had run the clinic until it had burned down and he'd died. She thought that Anna or Robert could tell Shawn more.

Ava arrived at Spring Ridge and confirmed to Alexis that she was still, in fact, leaving town. Alexis assured Ava that she'd kept an eye on Ryan, and he didn't seem to be faking. Ava thanked Alexis and lamented that she was no closer to knowing who the stalker was than the day she'd received the first "gift." Ava approached Ryan and got in his face. She knew that he had something to do with her stalker, and she vowed to discover the truth. She continued that he'd "won for now," since she was leaving town, but she promised that he would "rue the day I return to Port Charles."

Shawn commented to Alexis that he could only imagine the hate Ava was spewing at Ryan, and Alexis replied that he deserved it. Circling back to talking about the clinic, Alexis figured that if there was a link between Naomi and Drew, Sam's investigation would be a lot more dangerous. She knew that it would lead back to the Cassadines because it always did. She added that they needed to figure out how before more people were killed.

At the hospital, Esme introduced herself to Sonny as Josslyn observed from her hiding spot down the hall. Esme told Sonny that Spencer was back in town, but there was a problem with Nikolas and Ava. She claimed that she'd overheard Nikolas on the phone, saying that he and Ava were leaving that day and planning on taking Avery with them. Down the hall, Josslyn wished she could hear the conversation, but she took a picture of the two. Esme continued that the couple was going to Bora Bora to protect themselves from the stalker, and she thought that Sonny should know. He thanked her for the information and left. Esme smirked as Josslyn glared behind her.

At Wyndemere, Cameron wondered what Spencer could have done to make him feel like he didn't deserve a relationship with Nikolas. Spencer was silent, so Cameron assured him that he would always be there for Spencer and would never judge him. Spencer feared how Trina and Josslyn would react, but Cameron replied that people only needed to know what Spencer wanted them to. "It's been killing me," Spencer started, but he was interrupted by the doorbell.

Cameron and Spencer were surprised to see Trina at the door. She wondered if she had interrupted something, and Spencer wondered why she hadn't called first. She replied that she had some documents for Ava before she left, but Spencer figured that Ava and Nikolas were already at the airport. Just then, Spencer's phone rang, and he asked for privacy, so Cameron and Trina left the living room. Cameron demanded to know why she had deviated from the plan, as Spencer had been about to tell Cameron something important, but "you blew it when you walked in."

Spencer answered his phone to Esme, who advised him that she'd taken care of things, and Nikolas and Ava would no longer be leaving. He demanded to know what she'd done, but all she would say was that someone "more persuasive" than Spencer would be convincing Nikolas to stay. "That doesn't make me feel better," Spencer replied. Esme stated that it was too late, and she added that he should leave Wyndemere if the impending "explosion" were to happen there.

The doorbell rang at Wyndemere, and Cameron answered it to Sonny and two of his guards. Cameron and Trina welcomed Sonny back. Spencer emerged from the living room, and he happily hugged his uncle. Sonny asked for Nikolas, but Spencer figured that Nikolas and Ava were already on a plane. The group made their way into the living room, and Sonny made small talk with Cameron and Trina as Spencer tried to call Nikolas. Just then, Nikolas arrived home. Sonny was glad that he'd caught Nikolas before he'd left, as they had some catching up to do. A confused Nikolas replied that he wasn't going anywhere. "Not if I have anything to say about it," Sonny replied.

At the hospital, Kevin emerged from the elevator and bumped into Josslyn, prompting Esme to turn and catch sight of them. Kevin talked about how happy he was that Sonny was alive, and he remarked on how excited Laura was to see him. Esme approached and asked if she could pick Kevin's brain about the Cognitive Psychology class she'd been auditing at PCU. Kevin advised her to "pick your own brain and let me know what you find."

When Kevin was gone, Esme accused Josslyn of sneaking up on her. Josslyn demanded to know what Esme had been talking to Sonny about, and Esme responded that it was a "family matter." "You're not family," Josslyn shot back. Esme claimed that all she wanted was to be friends with Josslyn and Trina, but they'd hurt her feelings. She wondered why they didn't like her, but Josslyn replied, "Cut the crap. Your innocent act may work on Spencer, but I'm onto you. If whatever you're planning involves my family, your feelings will be the least of your problems." Esme advised Josslyn, "Minding your business is free. Minding mine will cost you," and she left. "Poor Spencer. He has no idea who you are," Josslyn sighed.

Spencer, Cameron, and Trina emerged from Wyndemere, and Trina remarked on how much colder the house had gotten once Sonny had arrived. Just then, Cameron and Trina's phones went off, and both had looks of surprise. Spencer wanted to know what was going on.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Jason advised Carly that she couldn't make Nina into the victim, but Carly wanted to make Nina pay. Jason suggested that Carly let Nina lose everything and only have herself to blame, and he told her to back off. Carly remarked on how lucky Nina was that Jason had arrived when he had, and Jason revealed that Josslyn had been worried, so Spinelli had tracked Carly's phone again. Carly had to go, and she promised that she wouldn't go near Nina. As she stormed out of the house and slammed the front door, Ned entered and wondered what had happened.

Jason told Ned about everything that had happened with Sonny, and Ned wondered what would happen to Jason, since Sonny had returned. Jason figured that things would just go "back to normal." Ned talked about how relieved Monica would be that Jason was no longer married to Carly but also how worried she would be with Jason returning to his high-risk role in Sonny's organization. He added that the rest of the family cared about Jason's well-being, as well, and Jason assured Ned that he did everything he could to stay safe. Jason figured he should go to the hospital to update Monica. "Like it or not, you're one of us," Ned reminded him with a smile. "I know," Jason replied, and he left.

Carly stormed into Jax's house and screamed at him for not telling her about Sonny. Jax explained that he'd only gone to Nixon Falls on a hunch, and she would have accused him of trying to stop the wedding if he'd said something to her before he'd gone. She wanted to know how he'd found out about Sonny. He told her about the jar of sauce Trina had gotten in Nixon Falls and how Nina had convinced him that he'd hallucinated Sonny after he'd gotten shot in Nixon Falls. Carly demanded to know why he wasn't angrier, and he replied that Nina had made the wrong choice with good intentions.

Jax and Carly argued over Nina's intentions and which life was better for Sonny. Carly accused him of sticking up for Nina because he wanted her back. An amused Jax replied that Nina had accused him of always sticking up for Carly when he'd given her the ultimatum about telling Sonny the truth. Carly remarked that Jax would never get Nina back, and Jax replied that she'd moved on, anyway. He wondered what Carly knew about Nina, and Carly replied that Nina had known Sonny was alive and had kept it a secret. "What else is she holding back?" Carly questioned.

Spencer confesses that he was Ava's stalker

Spencer confesses that he was Ava's stalker

Friday, October 1, 2021

At Spring Ridge, Ava hovered over Ryan, mocking him for both his silence and his "hollow victory." She said that while Ryan might have blown up her marriage to Nikolas, she was still able to go anywhere in the world that she wanted. Ryan, however, couldn't even get out of his wheelchair. "Good luck with all that blinking in Morse code thing," Ava snarled. Ava then leaned closer to Ryan and gently stroked his cheek. "I'm so glad you're alive," she said coldly.

As Ava was leaving, she ran into Esme. Esme claimed that she wanted to speak to someone about interning at Spring Ridge to get some real-world experience in psychology and the "unusual cases" present at the facility. Ava warned Esme to stay far away from Ryan. Esme claimed that Ryan was hardly a threat, but Ava countered that Ryan was always a threat.

As Ava was leaving, Esme thought back to the conversation where Cameron had mentioned Ava's plane tickets to Bora Bora. Esme commented that she hoped Ava had a nice time in Bora Bora, but Ava said that she wasn't going there. Esme said that it was probably wrong of her to reveal something that Trina had told her in confidence. Stoically, Ava told Esme that she had no idea what she was talking about. Saying that she could be "ditzy" sometimes, Esme instructed Ava to forget everything she had said. Ava nodded. Outside, Ava reached for her phone.

Back in the recreational area, Esme looked nervously around for a few moments before approaching Ryan. She apologized to him for the delay, adding that she'd thought Ava would never leave.

In the living room of his home, Jax asked Carly how much she had been told about Nina's time in Nixon Falls. Carly angrily replied that Nina had said only that she had known for months Sonny was alive. From Jax's tone, though, Carly suspected that there was more.

Before they could continue their conversation, Josslyn returned home and immediately asked her dad if he had heard that Nina had known for months that Sonny was alive. Jax replied that he had been "surprised" when he'd found out. Josslyn knew that Jax cared about Nina, but she hoped that Jax would see that Nina needed to be out of his life. Josslyn then turned to Carly and added that she wished that Sonny had been able to return home a day earlier -- before the wedding.

Josslyn then sensed that Carly and Jax had been fighting. Jax confessed that he and Carly had been "discussing" how Carly felt he should have told her about his suspicion that Sonny was alive. Josslyn told her mom that she was glad to have run into Carly, but she noted that she had only dropped by Jax's house to pick up her laundry. Carly smiled and said that she was sure that Jax had only hooked up the washer and dryer to lure Josslyn over for visits.

Later, Jax told Josslyn that he had thought he'd seen Sonny the night he had gotten shot. Josslyn was furious that Nina was "so twisted" and begged her dad to tell her that he was over Nina.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Ned was on the phone, telling the lead attorney, Candace, that she and the rest of the Quartermaines' "overpriced legal team" should pull an all-nighter to come up with five additional strategies. Brooklyn entered the foyer, and Ned greeted her with a smile. Brook Lynn, offering her dad a little "tough love," asked why there had been an uptick of slamming doors throughout the mansion.

Ned explained that after Leo had run off at the hospital, things had changed. Ned told Brook Lynn that Austin had noticed some of Leo's "behaviors" and thought Leo should see a specialist to determine if Leo was on the autism spectrum. Brook Lynn was furious that Austin would insinuate something about a patient that wasn't even in his care. Ned replied that he had been doing some research of his own and believed that there might be some truth to what Austin had said.

Ned said that it was difficult to get Leo's attention while he played with a toy and that Leo rarely made eye contact. Brook Lynn countered that Leo simply had a great attention span and was probably a little a shy. She claimed that Austin had made something up to "frighten... and distract" Ned's focus from the pending lawsuit. Ned insisted that he was more than capable of focusing on more than one thing at a time.

Later, Yuri informed Brook Lynn that the grounds were secure. Brook Lynn was transfixed on a text message from Maxie stating that she had run into Austin at Kelly's. Brook Lynn told Yuri that they were going out. She handed him the keys and announced that he would be driving.

In the parlor, Leo wandered in with one of his toys. Ned commented that it was a little late for Leo to still be awake. Leo said nothing and did not acknowledge that Ned had said anything. Ned asked Leo if he had had a bad dream, but Leo continued to focus on his toy.

Outside the Wyndemere castle, Spencer asked Trina and Cameron about the simultaneous text messages that they had received. Trina held up her phone and revealed a photo of Esme and Sonny together at General Hospital. Spencer didn't think the photo was a big deal. Cameron explained that after Esme had spoken to Sonny, Sonny had become very unhappy and had shown up at Wyndemere with "two scary-looking dudes."

"What the hell is this?" Nikolas asked as he was surrounded by Sonny's "goons." Sonny growled that Nikolas believed he could take anything he wanted anytime he wanted. Nikolas shook his head slightly and replied that he had no idea what Sonny was talking about. Nikolas demanded that Sonny and his men leave, or he'd have them arrested for trespassing. Sonny argued that he would not be going anywhere until he and Nikolas had an understanding.

Sonny blasted Nikolas for his plans to run off with Ava and Avery. Nikolas told Sonny that he wasn't making any sense. "I heard about the plane tickets from Spencer's girlfriend," Sonny roared. Nikolas replied that Esme had to have misunderstood because his plan to leave Port Charles had been scrapped months earlier.

As Sonny's men started to drag Nikolas off, Spencer burst into the room and asked Sonny to let Nikolas go. Spencer insisted that Nikolas had no plans to take Avery and that only Nikolas and Ava were leaving town. Sonny angrily looked at Nikolas and said that Nikolas had claimed that he wasn't going to be leaving town.

Cameron and Trina entered the room and announced that there never had been any tickets. Sonny demanded that someone explain what was going on. Trina and Cameron nervously began talking at the same time. Sonny urged them to take a deep breath and start over. Trina and Cameron explained how they -- along with Josslyn -- had planned to expose Esme and Spencer as Ava's stalkers. Nikolas said that he was disappointed in them for trying to prove something that had already been shown to be false. Nikolas said that he would be speaking to Cameron and Trina's parents about their antics. Nikolas then turned to Sonny and demanded that he either apologize or leave immediately.

Sonny warned that Nikolas was pressing his luck. As things heated up once again, Spencer announced that he needed to come clean. "I was the stalker," Spencer said. He revealed that he had been responsible for the cockroach, the bear, the creepy letters, and the vandalism at the art gallery. "I wanted Ava out of our lives," he explained. Spencer said that Ava had betrayed him when he had needed her to testify against Valentin. In disbelief, Nikolas reminded Spencer that Ava's car had been set on fire the night of Spencer's party. "That was Esme," Spencer replied.

Spencer explained that Esme had just been following his plan and that he solely bore the blame for what had happened. Sonny became irate when he figured out that Spencer had used Avery as a pawn in his scheme. Sonny announced that he and Nikolas were done "for now," and he and his men left. Cameron followed closely behind. Nikolas stood shell-shocked as Spencer pleaded with his dad to say something.

Nikolas eventually unleashed a torrent of emotion, explaining that he and Ava had been happy and had been working to build a family that they would have gladly welcomed Spencer into. Nikolas begged Spencer to tell him that none of what he had said was true. "What isn't true?" Ava asked as she entered the room.

In the vestibule, Trina, who had stepped out of the room earlier to answer her phone, didn't share Cameron's relief that Spencer had confessed.

Maxie met up with Nina at Kelly's. Nina, who was already seated at a table, apologized for not initially answering Maxie's 22 text messages. She explained to Maxie that she had wanted her time with Wiley uninterrupted because she feared that if Carly had her way, which she noted that Carly usually did, she would never be allowed to see Wiley again.

Maxie apologized to Nina for having revealed to Carly that Nina had known of Sonny's whereabouts. Nina said she'd known it would only be a matter of time before Carly had learned the truth. Maxie quickly noted that she had not told Carly everything -- she had not mentioned anything about the romance between Nina and "Mike." Nina said she believed it was Sonny's responsibility to tell Carly about that. Maxie then wondered why Sonny hadn't mentioned it to Carly.

Nina mentioned her encounter with Sonny at the cemetery and Sonny's assertion that "Mike" had never existed. Still, Nina admitted that she felt confused about the feelings that she still felt for Sonny. Maxie believed that Sonny was also confused, which was probably why he hadn't told Carly.

Meanwhile, Scott was surprised that Austin had opted to sit at a table outside. When Austin replied that the "brisk night air" made him feel alive, Scott countered that he and the rest of the "city folk [have] the sense God gave a goose -- when it gets cold, we go inside."

After Austin made sure that Scott was doing okay, Austin asked for an update on the lawsuit. Scott explained that the Quartermaine lawyers had tried to pull some sort of stunt, but he had "swatted them like horseflies" and landed Austin a spot on the docket. Austin's case, he said, would be heard in court in two weeks. Austin was pleased that his father would soon be recognized as a Quartermaine. Scott, however, warned Austin to temper his expectations. Austin said he found both Ned and Michael to be reasonable, and he expected both men to come around in the end.

Austin entered the restaurant and walked over to say hello to Maxie. Maxie introduced Austin and Nina. As Maxie and Austin bantered back and forth about the night that Maxie had had her baby, Nina smiled. Nina decided to call it a night and said that she would give Maxie a call in the morning.

Austin asked if he could join Maxie, perhaps to keep her company and protect her from her crazy ex who could be lurking about somewhere. Maxie informed Austin that two plainclothes officers were stationed outside. However, that did not mean that she would not enjoy his company.

Brook Lynn breezed over to the table and demanded that Austin stay out of her family's business. Austin told Brook Lynn that she was his family but added that it was up to the courts to decide things. Brook Lynn told him that she wasn't there about the lawsuit; she was there to make sure that Austin did not try to manipulate Ned via Leo. Austin insisted that he would never use a child in that way and only wanted what was best for Leo.

When Nina exited the restaurant, she was confronted by Scott, who wanted to know what Nina had done to get Liesl involved with Peter August. Nina told Scott that she had not meant to put Liesl in danger. She told Scott that she was glad that he and her aunt had found each other. Surprisingly, Scott told Nina that he was not going to judge her for what she had done in Nixon Falls with Sonny. He flashed a wry smile and commented that it had been "much more enjoyable in Port Charles without Sonny Corinthos around." He added that he wished Nina had kept him in "that Podunk town" because they would all be better off.

Nina replied that not everyone felt that way about Sonny. Scott groaned as he surmised that Nina had fallen for Sonny. He noted that Nina would not be the first woman to be seduced by Sonny's dimples and slicked-back hair. Nina denied that she had feelings for Sonny, but Scott didn't believe her. He handed her his business card and told her to "watch out."

Back at the Corinthos home, Carly sat by the fireplace, waiting for Sonny to return. Sonny shared that he'd had a session with Dr. Sullivan and been put back on his old prescription regimen. Carly claimed that she was glad to hear the news, but the way she said it made Sonny realize that something was on Carly's mind. "Not something. Someone," she replied, telling him, "Nina."

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