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Jason and Carly's wedding night took an unexpected turn when Sonny returned home. Sonny had a confrontation with Nina. Nina warned Maxie that Peter was back. Peter escaped capture. Valentin and Anna received a new lead. Trina figured out that Esme and Spencer had been stalking Ava. Novak and Buscema were killed.
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Sonny returned home on Jason and Carly's wedding night and Peter escaped capture
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Sonny wants to go home

Sonny wants to go home

Monday, September 20, 2021

Chase arrived at the Quartermaine mansion and was surprised to see that Brook Lynn wasn't at Carly and Jason's wedding. Brook Lynn reasoned that she'd been closer to Sonny, anyway, but she was glad to spend a night home with "Bailey." Chase put down a gift for Monica to thank her for her hospitality. He asked to hold "Bailey," and Brook Lynn handed the baby over. He remarked on how "Bailey" didn't look like Brook Lynn or Valentin, and Brook Lynn chimed in that "Bailey" was her own person.

Brook Lynn wondered if Chase was going back to the PCPD yet, and he answered that he had some "personal things" to get in order first. He explained that he was seeking an annulment from Willow, since they'd never had a marriage in the first place. He added that he didn't regret it, which surprised Brook Lynn. He clarified that he could never regret the joy he'd had with Willow, and Brook Lynn replied that he was a better person than she could ever hope to be.

Chase admitted that he'd really visited to apologize to Brook Lynn and her family. Brook Lynn confessed that, while she'd been angry with him for giving Edward's document to Austin, she'd understood. She continued that Michael had given the document to Austin, anyway, but she had some tricks up her sleeve. She was actually glad that Chase had helped Austin, as it had shown her that Chase was human, even though he wasn't good at being the bad guy. He asked for lessons, but she wanted him to stay exactly as he was. Chase said his goodbyes, but Brook Lynn suggested that he stay.

In Sonny's hospital room, he angrily told Nina that he needed to get to his wife and children. Nina insisted that she loved him, but he growled that "Mike" was gone. He stormed out of the room, leaving a crying Nina. Jax welcomed Sonny back and offered him a ride home. Sonny took him up on the offer and left to find the car that Jax said was waiting outside. Jax went into the hospital room and found Nina curled up on the bed, sobbing. "What have I done?" she cried. She asked about Phyllis, and Jax assured her that Phyllis was going to be all right.

Anna and Valentin arrived, and Valentin asked Nina if she had been trying to send him a signal on the phone. She told them everything that had happened with Peter and how she'd enlisted Liesl's help. Anna grimly informed Nina that they had no information about Liesl. She wondered if Nina had had any opportunity to alert the authorities about Peter, but Nina admitted that Peter had been blackmailing her. Anna wondered why, but Jax chimed in that the reason wasn't important. Nina thought that Peter was on his way back to Port Charles, and she needed Anna and Valentin to stop him before he got to Maxie.

Outside the room a few minutes later, Anna got off the phone and informed Valentin that there had been an anonymous emergency call about a nonexistent fire across town from the Tan-O. Valentin figured that Peter had done it to send the authorities on a "wild goose chase" and delay their response. Anna continued that she had the location from which the anonymous emergency call had originated, and the two ran off to find Peter.

Inside the room, Nina wanted to warn Maxie about Peter, and Jax replied that he hadn't been able to get ahold of Maxie. Nina feared that Peter had already gotten to Maxie.

Anna and Valentin arrived at the spot where the anonymous call had originated, and Valentin found out that a car had been rented and subsequently ditched by a "Peter Sinclair." Anna suggested that the spot was a "rendezvous spot," so the two decided to split up to look around. Valentin warned Anna that he would shoot Peter on sight. Both advised the other to be careful, and they went in opposite directions.

Down the road, Peter angrily told someone on the phone that he was at the rendezvous spot, and he had no time to wait for them. "You said you'd get me out of here -- now make it happen," he demanded. "Scheduling problems?" he heard from behind him, and he turned to see Anna pointing a gun at him. She advised him that he wasn't going anywhere and cocked the gun.

In a limo outside the church, Carly thought it was time for her and Jason to go celebrate with their family. The driver hit the ignition button, and there was suddenly an explosion. Carly looked out her window in horror and realized that Vincent and Mr. Buscema's limo had exploded. Jason informed her that the bomb had been meant for them, but Spinelli and Brick had redirected it. She was shocked that he'd known, and he revealed that he'd gotten a "heads-up from a friend."

A few minutes later, Ms. Wu sat with Jason and Carly, and Jason thanked her for the heads-up. Ms. Wu revealed that Vincent and Mr. Buscema had tried to rope her in on Cyrus' plan, and she'd pretended to go along with it. Carly thanked her for the support and loyalty, and Jason assured her that it would be rewarded. Ms. Wu continued that she preferred not to work with those who were sloppy, reckless, or in prison. She congratulated them and instructed them to go celebrate, and she left. Carly wished that Jason had told her about it, but he'd wanted her to enjoy the wedding. He figured that it was time for them to get to the reception.

At the reception, Bobbie, Olivia, and Monica all raved over what a great job Maxie had done. Across the room, Spinelli was ending a phone call as Diane wondered what was keeping Carly and Jason. Spinelli admitted that Jason might need her. Brando approached and asked if everything was all right. Spinelli divulged that there had been an explosion outside the church, and it had "possibly" been a car bomb targeting Vincent and Mr. Buscema. Brando breathed a sigh of relief that Gladys hadn't been in the car with her date.

Olivia intended to give Austin a piece of her mind over his comments about Leo when Ned approached. Austin figured that they could work things out, and he walked away. Across the room, Cameron walked up to Josslyn, Trina, and Bobbie, and they told him about Brando stripping at Carly's bachelorette party. Josslyn laughed about Carly covering her eyes as if she'd never seen that before. "And where have you seen it before?" Cameron asked.

Willow found Michael reading through his speech, and she was surprised that he hadn't memorized it. He replied that he wanted it to be perfect. She assured him that he was the "best best man," and they shared a kiss. Across the room, Brando told Gladys that Vincent had stood her up. She hadn't thought his business would take that long, and she was sure that she hadn't misread his signals. Brando replied that he believed Vincent's business was "all-consuming."

Maxie made sure that Spinelli was ready to emcee, and she hoped that Jason and Carly hadn't ditched the reception. Spinelli smiled, noting that Maxie seemed like her old self, and he figured that wedding planning had been a welcome distraction. Austin handed Maxie a drink, and she vented about the missing bridge and groom.

A short while later, Spinelli got on the microphone and happily presented "Carly and Jason Morgan." They began their first dance. "It's no Jake's, but it'll do," Carly joked. After the dance, Michael took the microphone for his speech. He talked about how happy Carly was, and how amazing of a mom she was. He thanked Jason for being Carly's best friend, and he toasted to family.

Later, Carly thanked Maxie for the beautiful ceremony. She reminded Maxie that she was also a guest, so she could enjoy herself. Austin approached when Carly walked away, and he advised her to relax. "I'm not sure I know how," she realized. Across the room, Jason commended Michael on his speech. Willow chimed in that she'd told a nervous Michael that he would be wonderful. Jason advised Michael to listen to Willow and to never let her go.

Jason walked over to Diane and Spinelli, both of whom congratulated him. Jason had matters to discuss with Spinelli that he figured Diane wouldn't want to hear, so she walked away. Spinelli quietly informed Jason that police were on the scene of the explosion, and he was sure that there would be no evidence of who'd planted the bomb or how it had been planted. He figured that the police would want to question Jason regardless, and he hoped they wouldn't crash the reception, as it would break Maxie's heart.

Carly found Josslyn and Bobbie, who marveled over the fact that Carly and Jason were finally together after so many years. Bobbie looked over at Jason and thought that he needed to be rescued. Across the room, Olivia insisted to Ned that she refused to talk about Leo with "that Quartermaine wannabe." Ned didn't think there was any harm in getting Leo checked out.

Spinelli got on the microphone and announced that it was time for the bouquet toss. Olivia stood up, and Ned reminded her that they were still married. "Sometimes I wonder why," she spat, but she sat back down. Austin wondered if Maxie was going to line up, but she replied that finding her daughter and Peter were her top priorities. Brando asked Gladys if she was going to participate, but she insisted that she was done with men. She thought it was too bad that Sasha was on bed rest, as they could have seen how serious she was about Brando.

Carly turned around and threw the bouquet over her head into a group of women, and it fell right into Willow's hands. Michael joked that it meant they had Carly's approval if they ever wanted to get married again. Monica approached Jason and Carly and informed them that it was their chance to make their escape. "Go start your life!" she said. She embraced them both, and they left. When they were gone, Olivia asked Monica for a ride home. Monica had thought that Olivia and Ned had been getting along and were on their way to getting back together. "Not anymore," Olivia muttered.

Brando got Gladys a drink and thought they needed to celebrate her realization that she didn't need a man in her life to prove her worth. The two toasted to that and drank. Across the room, Olivia stated that it wasn't Ned's place to tell her how to raise her son. Ned insisted that he loved Leo like Leo was his own. He asked her to consider Austin's advice about getting Leo checked out.

Josslyn was delighted when Cameron asked her to dance. Spinelli asked Maxie to dance, and they made their way to the dance floor. Michael and Willow danced, and Willow insisted that she didn't see the bouquet as a symbol of anything. She said that if they decided to get married again, it would be real. Austin asked to cut in on Spinelli and Maxie, and Spinelli graciously stepped back. Austin thanked her for inviting him, as he'd had fun. Just then, her phone went off, and she needed to take it. She answered the phone to Nina, who warned her that Peter might be headed to Port Charles.

Carly and Jason arrived in their bedroom, and they talked about how much they'd enjoyed their day. "We did it. We're married," she said, and they toasted and drank. She felt like things were right, and he agreed. He put their drinks down and took her hands. Carly confided that she knew and trusted him more than anyone, so she couldn't believe how nervous she was. He assured her that there was no rush, as they had the rest of their lives. Carly revealed that she'd been wrong when she'd told him that she was afraid to fall in love with him, because "I was in love with you then, and I'm in love with you now." "I love you, too," Jason replied, and the two shared a kiss.

Sonny arrived at his house. He went into the living room and looked at all the family pictures around. He walked out onto the back patio and looked around. He went back inside and made his way upstairs.

Sonny learns that Carly and Jason are married

Sonny learns that Carly and Jason are married

Tuesday, September 21, 2021

With most of the guests long gone, Michael and Willow slow danced together. They eventually sat down at a table, and Michael asked Willow if she had given any thought to what she might want should they get married again. Willow called the idea of a wedding "a nice fantasy" but said she was too happy with where they were to jinx it by thinking about a future wedding.

Willow said that they both had very challenging lives -- Michael's work and family, and her navigating nursing school -- and that might make finding the perfect time to move in together impossible. Michael smiled and said that "now" was the perfect time. He kissed Willow and told her that they should head home.

Peter asked Anna what brought her to Nixon Falls. "Catching a killer and bringing him to justice," Anna growled. She ordered Peter to drop his phone and lie facedown on the ground. Peter put down his phone and kept his hands palm-side up. As he faced Anna, he suggested that they "clear the air once and for all." Anna warned Peter that she'd shoot him dead if he tried to reach for the gun that was tucked into the back of his pants.

Peter goaded Anna, and she icily replied that she wanted to put a bullet in Peter -- he just needed to give her a reason to do it. Peter asked Anna if she really wanted him taken into custody, where he could tell the authorities that he'd fled because the "upstanding" Dr. Hamilton Finn had tried to kill him. Anna was not convinced that anyone would believe Peter's claims. Peter then pointed out Anna's hypocrisy when it came to "justice."

"I lost interest in justice right around the time you hired a psychopath to kidnap Maxie," Anna fired back. When Anna referred to the child Maxie "lost" as Maxie's, Peter erupted. "Louise is my daughter," he snarled as he reached for his gun.

Elsewhere, Valentin was interrogating Peter's guide when heard the sound of a gun firing. Valentin darted off in the direction of the noise.

Peter held his left shoulder, stunned that Anna had shot him. That didn't stop him from accusing Anna of being a bad shot. She countered that she had intended to shoot him the shoulder. She crouched down on the ground so she could be at eye level with Peter, her gun still pointed at him. Anna demanded to know what Peter had done with Drew Cain. Peter smiled sinisterly as he told Anna she'd need to make him an offer if she wanted that information.

Anna called Peter a "son of a bitch," which prompted Peter to ask if that was any way for Anna to talk about her sister. When Valentin arrived on the scene, he said that he'd tied Peter's guide to a pole. Anna picked up Peter's phone to look at it. As she did, she and Valentin's eyes diverted away from Peter. Peter exclaimed that he would not be going anywhere with either Anna or Valentin, and he jumped from the overlook into the nearby river.

Anna phoned her contacts to put out an APB for the fugitive Peter. Valentin believed that Peter could not survive the fall into the river, but Anna firmly believed that Peter had found a way to cheat death. Reflecting on what little she had overheard of Peter's phone call, Anna determined that the person Peter had been talking to was the one calling the shots -- not Peter.

A frantic Maxie told Austin that she needed him drive her to the Quartermaine mansion to check on Bailey. Austin failed to make the connection between Maxie and the baby. Maxie stated that she'd learned that Peter was still alive, and since Peter hated Valentin, it might make sense that Peter would go after Valentin's daughter as a way to exact revenge.

Brook Lynn thanked Chase for staying and told him that she might need his help to deal with a situation. Chase's face paled, and he told Brook Lynn that she should have asked him for help sooner. The pair then sat down on the sofa to work on a jigsaw puzzle.

Chase thought that "puzzling" was an awfully quiet activity for Brook Lynn. Brook Lynn said that she'd taken up doing puzzles since she'd become a mom because it helped her focus. She then expressed how much she loved "Bailey." "Motherhood is completely different than what I expected," she added. As they talked, the doorbell sounded.

Maxie burst into the room and asked where the baby was. Chase and Brook Lynn were stunned when Maxie announced that Peter was back.

Maxie shared what little she knew about Peter having been in Nixon Falls. Chase said that he would reach out to the police in Nixon Falls and tell them to be on the lookout for Peter. Brook Lynn pulled out her phone and searched for news about Nixon Falls. Her face fell as she read of a fire at a bar that had injured three people. Brook Lynn suggested that Maxie might want to move into the Quartermaine mansion for protection. "I can't live in a house with my daughter and not take care of her like she's my own," Maxie replied.

Chase returned to update Maxie on things. He said that a patrol car had been stationed at the front gate, and that another patrol car was stationed outside Maxie's apartment. Brook Lynn worried that "Bailey" would pick up on the tension in the room, prompting Chase to say that he would take the baby up to the nursery. Before heading off, Chase promised Maxie that the PCPD would do everything in its power to make sure that Maxie was safe.

Britt and Elizabeth discussed Terry's "near-perfect recall." Finn, who was hovering on the other side of the nurses' station, mentioned that he'd thought Elizabeth had plans to go out. She explained that she did have plans to go dancing, but she had accidentally deleted some files and had to stay late to reconstruct them.

As they walked away together, Britt claimed that Elizabeth had intentionally deleted the file notes. Britt said that she had been preparing to go home and stare at the wall while awaiting news on Liesel when the file had been deleted. Britt suggested that Elizabeth and Terry had created "four hours of pointless busy work" to keep her busy. Elizabeth wondered how Britt had figured it out. Britt replied that Elizabeth rarely made mistakes. "It's one of your most annoying qualities," Britt said as she grinned.

Back at the nurses' station, Scott approached Finn and asked if he had seen Britt and if there was any word on Liesl.

Elizabeth looked at photos that Cameron had sent her from Jason and Carly's wedding. Britt mused that Liesl had said that Carly and Jason didn't deserve a perfect wedding and had hoped someone would find a hair in their soup. Elizabeth's face scrunched up when she heard the hair remark, prompting Britt to chuckle that Liesl might be "mellowing."

Scott asked Britt if she would walk with him to Kelly's. Elizabeth told Finn that she felt bad for Scott because he'd lost Franco and was dealing with Obrecht being missing. They both laughed as they agreed that Liesl would not be their first choice to be Scott's -- or anyone else's -- love interest.

Austin showed up at the hospital, looking for Britt. Elizabeth told him that Britt had just left for Kelly's but that she was expected back at the hospital a little later. Austin then asked Elizabeth to relay a message from Maxie that Peter August had been spotted in Pennsylvania.

Later, reeling from the news, Finn and Elizabeth tried to figure out how a supposedly dead Peter had somehow made his way to Pennsylvania. Elizabeth decided that they needed to change the topic and talk about something happier. She and Finn decided that they needed to take another camping trip "as a family."

When Scott and Britt returned from Kelly's, Austin passed along Maxie's warning to Britt. Britt found it odd that Maxie would be worried about her, since Peter was "obsessed" with Maxie.

Britt called Maxie and offered to stay with her, but Maxie informed her that Mac had already taken care of things. When Maxie asked Britt to be careful, Britt claimed that she wasn't afraid of Peter. In fact, she said it was "a relief" to know definitively that Peter was alive.

Jason and Carly's lips parted, and Carly began to untie Jason's tie. Suddenly, the doors to the bedroom swung open, and Sonny walked into the room. Carly said Sonny's name and fainted into Jason's arms.

Carly was placed on the bed as Jason tried to deal with his own shock of seeing Sonny alive. Seconds later, Carly awakened and asked if she was dreaming. "You're real? You're here?" Carly gasped incredulously. Sonny nodded, and Carly sat up and embraced him. Carly and Jason each expressed their shock. Carly said that they had searched for Sonny, and Jason noted that he'd jumped into the water to look for Sonny. Neither, they said, had turned up any results.

"Sorry I couldn't find my way home," Sonny said. Sonny briefly explained that he'd regained his memory in a fire, but Jason asked for the details of where Sonny had been between that and his fall from the bridge in Secaucus. Sonny stated that he had been found by a hiker, taken to a clinic, and somehow ended up in Nixon Falls. "What about you two? What happened while I was gone?" Sonny asked.

Jason told Sonny that there was "so much to explain" but admitted that the most important thing was that Sonny was back. Sonny asked Carly about his children and how they were doing. As Carly assured him that everyone was doing okay, Jason awkwardly looked around the bedroom. Carly continued to try to process that Sonny was alive. Sonny shared that he was "so glad" that Carly and Jason had had each other to lean on since his disappearance.

"We did more than lean on each other, Sonny," Jason said as he walked to Carly's side. Jason said, "Carly and I got married." Sonny remained surprisingly calm as Jason brought him up to speed on the events of the previous nine months. Sonny claimed that Franco being killed was "no big loss," but Sonny couldn't figure out who had been running his business while Jason had been in jail. Jason turned toward Carly as she simply said, "Me."

Sonny was even more surprised when Carly revealed that she had been the one who had encouraged Jason to escape from prison. Carly said that she had arranged for Jason to be stabbed so that he would be transferred to General Hospital. "So, basically, everything went completely sideways," Sonny said as he assessed the situation. Jason shared how, after Sonny had been declared dead, Cyrus had attempted to take over and open up the territory to the rest of the Five Families. Sonny knew that the Five Families didn't accept "shared power" and thought it had been a great strategy for Jason and Carly to get married.

Sonny shares an emotional reunion with his children

Sonny shares an emotional reunion with his children

Wednesday, September 22, 2021

In Nixon Falls, Jax entered the hospital room to check on Nina. She was curious if there had been any word from Valentin or Anna about Peter. She was desperate for the nightmare to be over for Maxie and Louise's sakes. Jax had nothing new to share, but he assured Nina that both Valentin and Anna had promised to call when Peter was in custody. Jax shifted gears because he was glad that Nina was still there. Nina suspected he had feared that she might chase after Sonny.

Nina acknowledged that she had messed up, and she fully expected both Carly and Michael to prohibit her from having any contact with Wiley. She had no idea where to go because she couldn't return to Port Charles, and staying in Nixon Falls was no longer an option. Nina knew that what she had done to Phyllis and Lenny had been wrong. They had been kind to her, and Phyllis had to pay the price for Nina's choices. Just then, Phyllis entered the hospital room to let Nina know that the Tan-O was gone.

Jax excused himself on the pretext of checking to see if there had been any news about Peter. When they were alone, Nina admitted that she had no idea what to say to Phyllis. Nina assured her friend that she had never meant to hurt anyone, but Phyllis thought Sonny's wife might disagree. Nina explained that she had acted out of spite when Carly had been cruel to her, but Phyllis insisted that it hadn't excused all the days that had followed. Nina assured Phyllis that not a day had gone by that Nina hadn't wanted to tell Sonny the truth; however, she had started to see Sonny as "Mike," and he'd been happy in Nixon Falls.

According to Nina, it had become both the best and worst thing to happen to her. Nina had cherished the time she had spent with Phyllis and Lenny, and she had fallen in love with "Mike." Nina conceded that it hadn't excused what she had done, and she'd finally recognized a pattern in her life. Nina explained that she was deathly afraid of being abandoned by the people she loved or that loved her. She either turned a blind eye to things, or she went to the extreme. It was something that Nina needed to look at -- at least she would try.

However, Nina could not make peace with how much she had taken from Phyllis and Lenny, and she had no idea how to make things right. "You can't," Phyllis admitted. Phyllis believed that Nina had lied most to herself. Nina agreed because she had convinced herself that not telling Sonny the truth had been in his best interest. Nina knew it had been wrong, but she had no idea how to fix it. Phyllis explained that Nina couldn't undo past mistakes, but Nina could move forward.

"How?" Nina asked. Phyllis suggested that Nina own up to what Nina had done and face the consequences. Moments later, Jax returned to let Phyllis know that a doctor wanted to talk to her. After Phyllis left, Jax reported that there hadn't been any news about Peter, but Nina knew it had been a ploy to give Nina and Phyllis privacy. "Did it help?" Jax wondered. Nina admitted that nothing could help, so it was time to move forward and face things.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Chase returned to the living room to let Brook Lynn know that "Bailey" was sound asleep. Surprised, Brook Lynn praised Chase as the "baby whisperer." Chase smiled as he claimed it was a natural talent. Grateful, Brook Lynn warned him that he just might have to move back into the mansion. Chase's smile faded when Michael and Willow arrived home.

"On second thought, that might get a little awkward," Brook Lynn said as she and Chase entered the foyer. Michael and Willow started to apologize when they saw Chase, but Chase assured them that it hadn't been necessary because it was their home. Brook Lynn rushed to explain that Chase had dropped off a gift for Monica, and he had helped with "Bailey." Willow offered to go to the gatehouse with Michael until Chase left, but Chase insisted that it was time for all of them to stop walking on eggshells.

Chase assured both Michael and Willow that everything was good. He conceded that both Michael and Willow had meant a lot to him, so he wanted nothing but the best for both of them. Michael and Willow were grateful, but Michael noticed that Chase had used the past tense in reference to them. Chase explained that even though he was ready to move forward with his life, they couldn't go back to the way things had been. Brook Lynn tried to smooth things over by suggesting that things might change in a couple of years. "It's all very Three's Company when you really think about it," Brook Lynn said.

Michael's phone buzzed with a text message. He announced that he had to leave because Carly had asked him to fetch Josslyn and take her home as soon as possible. He asked Willow to kiss Wiley goodnight then gave her a quick peck before dashing out the door. Willow smiled awkwardly because she knew that Chase had been watching. Seconds later, Brook Lynn was forced to excuse herself when Gladys called.

Chase asked Willow about the wedding. She sang Maxie's praises then asked about Chase's recovery. He mentioned that he'd gone camping and that he hoped to return to work soon. Chase confessed that he regretted that he had taken advantage of the Quartermaines' hospitality by helping Austin in the search for Edward's letter. Chase assured Willow that it was not who he was or wanted to be, but she insisted that it had been an extreme situation.

Willow confessed that as sorry as she had been about how things had ended, she had no regrets about loving Chase. Willow was happy for Chase, and he assured her that he was happy for her, too. Brook Lynn returned as Willow wished Chase well then left. Brook Lynn decided that both Chase and Willow should have halos because they had been exceedingly civil. Brook Lynn revealed that if the same thing had happened to someone in her mother's family, murder and prison would have been the least of it.

Chase and Brook Lynn chatted about "Bailey" until Chase received an update on the search for Peter. He shared that Peter hadn't been spotted in Port Charles. Brook Lynn hoped that it meant that Peter remained in Pennsylvania. Chase caught Brook Lynn by surprise by inviting her out for a beer -- or a libation of her choosing. She admitted that it was an offer she couldn't refuse.

At Metro Court's pool, Josslyn and Trina relaxed on cushions next to the pool. Josslyn couldn't believe how fast summer had flown by and that the pool had been closed for the season. Trina agreed then the conversation shifted to the wedding, which both agreed had been beautiful. They looked up when Cameron returned carrying two drinks. Josslyn and Trina's good moods soured when Cameron confessed that he'd forgotten to let Spencer know that Esme had not been invited. However, he assured the young ladies that he hadn't expressly invited Esme.

Trina hoped that Spencer would leave Esme behind, but Josslyn thought Trina was delusional because Esme was a "human barnacle" who wouldn't miss an opportunity to tag along. Cameron apologized, but he admitted that he had been trying to be nice to Spencer. Cameron thought Spencer had deserved a bone after what Nikolas had put Spencer through by dressing as the stalker then pretending to stab Spencer. Josslyn was less magnanimous because every time she started to feel bad for Spencer, he did something "stupid or selfish or entitled or just plain wrong." The teens were startled when Spencer appeared in the doorway.

"Tell me how you really feel," Spencer said. To everyone's surprise, Spencer turned his attention to Trina as he sincerely apologized for how he had deceived her. He hoped that she might forgive him. Touched, Trina admitted that it would take time. Everyone tensed when Esme rounded the corner as she grumbled about the hotel's parking. Esme's arrival was met with tense silence, prompting her to ask what she had missed.

Later, Esme asked Josslyn about Carly's wedding. Josslyn's tone dripped with saccharine sweetness as she answered Esme's questions. However, Esme's barely concealed barbs about Jason's line of work pushed Josslyn to claim that there were advantages to being related to someone who could make people disappear. Cameron quickly interjected to assure Esme that no one had vanished. Moments later, Josslyn received a text message from Michael.

After Josslyn left, Spencer suggested that they get the party started. Esme admitted that Josslyn seemed "forceful," which Cameron conceded had always been true of Josslyn. Spencer agreed because Josslyn had always known her mind, even as a child. Spencer admitted that he had always expected Cameron and Josslyn to end up together. Cameron joked that he had played hard to get, but Trina teased Cameron because he'd been a goner from the start. Spencer was hungry, so Cameron took Trina and Esme's orders then followed Spencer to the restaurant. Esme was pleased to be alone with Trina because Esme thought it was time for a chat. Esme was curious how much Trina knew. "About?" Trina asked.

"What Josslyn said to Spence behind your back," Esme replied. Trina didn't fall for the bait. She remained silent as Esme revealed that Josslyn had implied that Spencer had led Trina on. Esme thought it was ridiculous, but Trina assured Esme that Trina and Spencer had talked, and they were in a good place. "Same with Josslyn," Trina added. Trina admitted that Josslyn could be overprotective, but that was how best friends were.

Esme claimed that she and Spencer were a team much like Trina and Josslyn were. Seconds later, Esme's phone gave her a text message alert. Esme excused herself then walked away. Trina recalled Spencer telling her that he had lied about his true identity because he hadn't wanted his father to know that he was in town. Spencer had confided that he hadn't taken it well when he had realized that Nikolas had faked his death for three years and when Nikolas had married Ava.

Trina also remembered Esme's arrival at Wyndemere and Esme's reaction when Trina had confronted Esme about referring to Kiki as "Lauren." Trina concluded that Esme and Spencer truly were a team.

At Charlie's Pub, Ava entrusted Kristina with taking care of the bar until it was sold. Kristina appreciated Ava's faith in her, but she questioned if Ava leaving town was the right move. Ava explained that she had explored all her options, but leaving town was the only way to safeguard Avery. Ava changed the subject because she was curious how Kristina had been holding up. Kristina admitted that she had been invited to Carly and Jason's wedding, but Kristina had decided to skip it, partly out of loyalty to Sam, but also because watching Carly move on had made Sonny's death all the more real to Kristina.

Ava knew that she and Sonny had had their issues, but Ava couldn't deny that he had been a devoted father to Avery. Ava conceded that Carly loved Avery, too, which made leaving town slightly less unbearable. Kristina suddenly recalled that a package had been delivered for Ava. Ava took the large envelope as she explained that she had been bouncing around residences, so she'd had her mail forwarded to the bar. Ava saw that the envelope contained her finalized divorce papers, which she had to review, sign, and drop off at the courthouse to make her divorce from Nikolas official.

Kristina reminded Ava that the courthouse would be open for another 20 minutes, but Ava insisted that it would not be enough time to read over the documents. Kristina sensed that it was a stall tactic. Ava admitted that she had changed her mind multiple times, but she feared what the stalker would do to Avery if Ava failed to do as the stalker wanted. Ava was surprised that Kristina even cared. Kristina acknowledged that her family had had issues with Ava, but Kristina was not blind. She pointed out that Nikolas had pulled himself out of a dark place because he loved Ava and that Nikolas and Ava had made each other better people.

Kristina glanced down when she received a text message. Kristina announced that she had to leave because Carly had asked to see her on an urgent matter. After Kristina left, Ava glanced at the divorce papers. She decided to wait until morning to sign them.

At the Corinthos mansion, Sonny stood in the master bedroom as he assured both Carly and Jason that everything would be okay. Carly remained incredulous that Sonny was alive. Sonny apologized for what he had put her through, but she insisted that it was not necessary. "It's no one's fault," Carly insisted. When the doorbell rang, Jason excused himself to answer the door.

Carly gently reached out to touch Sonny's face then his hands to assure herself that he was alive. She kissed his hand as she confessed that she had one question. "What the hell are you wearing?" Carly asked as she looked at his flannel shirt and jeans. Sonny smiled as he led her to the bed, and they sat down to talk.

Sonny didn't know where to start. He had spent nine months not knowing who he was, but he admitted that he had found happiness. However, Sonny had always felt deep down inside that something had been missing. In time, Sonny had gotten used to the feeling, and eventually, he had hardly noticed it. "And now?" Carly asked. Sonny admitted that he was not completely there, but he was close. He knew for certain that he had been missing Carly and the children. "Us," Sonny said.

Sonny recalled standing on the bridge during the showdown with Julian, and he remembered falling into the frigid waters and the strong currents that had swept him away. Sonny told Carly about waking up in a snowy wooded area, seeing his father, and how a hitchhiker had found him. Carly was certain that Mike had helped Sonny when Sonny had needed it most. Sonny had often wondered what had given him the will to get on his feet and to keep living, but he finally had the answer. It had been Carly and the children.

"This moment," Sonny admitted. Carly was moved to tears as she snuggled next to him. Carly assured Sonny that they had time to talk about everything, but for the moment, she wanted to focus on him being home. She suddenly realized that she had taken off the wedding rings that Sonny had given her. Carly quickly slid off the wedding set that Jason had put on her finger hours earlier and retrieved her diamond wedding band and engagement ring from the jewelry box. Carly was filled with emotion when Sonny took the rings from her and slid each on her ring finger.

Sonny was eager to get a drink then reunite with his children. Carly glanced down at the rings that Jason had given her as Sonny asked if she intended to join him. Carly took Sonny's hand then followed him out the door.

In the foyer, Dante explained that he had stopped by to question Jason about the explosion outside All Saints Church that had killed the heads of the Novak and Buscema crime families. Jason insisted that it could wait because there was something that Dante needed to know. Jason led Dante into the living room. Dante assumed that Novak and Buscema had planned a hit against Jason and Carly, but the newlyweds had turned the tables on the mob bosses. "Are you finished?" Jason asked.

Jason advised Dante to sit down, prompting Dante to ask what was going on. "Your dad is here," Jason said. At that moment, Sonny and Carly entered the living room. Dante was stunned when he saw his father. Overcome with emotion, Dante hugged his father. Dante was filled with questions, but Sonny admitted that it was a long and convoluted story. Dante was eager to hear about it, but first he wanted his father to know what Sonny meant to Dante. "I love you, Dad," Dante said.

Dante knew that he and Sonny had had their problems, but Dante had always loved and respected his father. Dante's voice quivered with emotion as he added that he had missed Sonny. Sonny was moved, and he suggested that they view their second chance as a gift. As Sonny and Dante shared another hug, Carly and Jason glanced at each other.

A short time later, Carly took a deep breath then opened the door as Michael and Josslyn arrived. She assured her children that she had good news for them as she ushered them into the living room. "Oh, my God," Josslyn said when she saw Sonny. Michael rushed over to hug Sonny. As Sonny reunited with Michael and Josslyn, Jason answered the doorbell. It was Kristina.

Kristina's eyes filled with tears of joy as she ran into her father's waiting arms. Kristina wept as she told her father how much she had missed him. Sonny comforted his daughter until she pulled herself together. Sonny admitted that it meant everything to him to be reunited with his whole family.

Later, Michael struggled to open a bottle of Champagne, so Josslyn offered to help. Carly playfully scolded her daughter then ducked into the kitchen to fetch sparkling cider for Josslyn. Jason decided to leave. Sonny thanked Jason for everything. Jason admitted that he had done the best that he could, but he could never be Sonny. "Welcome home," Jason said. Sonny hugged Jason.

Jason stood in the doorway as Sonny returned to his family. Sonny hugged Carly, and Jason smiled with encouragement as she looked at Jason. As Jason left, Carly took Sonny's hand then led him back to his children. Kristina teased Sonny about his shirt. Everyone agreed that it was not Sonny's style.

Trina is sure she knows the identity of Ava's stalkers

Trina is sure she knows the identity of Ava's stalkers

Thursday, September 23, 2021

Britt arrived at the gym and saw Jason viciously punching a bag. She noted that it was an unexpected act for a newlywed, and Jason revealed that his marriage to Carly hadn't been legal because Sonny was alive. He filled Britt in on the details, and Britt wondered what Sonny's reaction had been to Jason and Carly's wedding. Jason replied that Sonny had thought it had been the right decision under the circumstances.

Jason and Britt stared at each other briefly, and Britt asked where Sonny had been. When Jason merely stated, "Pennsylvania," Britt asked if that was "mob-speak." Jason explained how Sonny had been carried by the river's current to a bank in Pennsylvania and what his life had been like there. Jason insisted that he and Carly were okay, but Britt asked how they would stop their feelings for each other.

Jason thought it was easy enough to go back to the way things had been in the past, but Britt asked Jason if he was happy with losing everything. Jason thought he might deserve it. Britt confessed that while she felt mildly vindicated, she was sorry to see him hurting. She added that Maxie had informed her that Peter was still alive and that Scott believed that Liesl's disappearance could be linked to Peter. Jason was unfamiliar with Liesl being gone, and he offered to have Spinelli or Brick check into things. Britt declined the offer.

Ava met with Trina at Charlie's Pub and promised to return one day. Trina wanted Ava to stay, and she made it clear that Ava's creepy stalker needed to be caught. Trina guessed that the "lunatic" would think he had won. They spoke about Ava's planned trip to Barcelona.

After Ava's departure, Cameron showed up. He informed Trina that Sonny was alive, so Josslyn would not be joining them. Trina was happy for Josslyn, but she had needed Josslyn's help. She disclosed that she believed that Spencer and Esme had been working together and were Ava's stalkers. Trina was certain she was right, but she needed proof. Cameron tried to suggest otherwise, but Trina assured him that it was worth the risk if she was wrong.

Trina asserted that Spencer was a spoiled brat, and Ava had given up everything. Cameron agreed that Spencer had always gotten away with things, and he agreed to help. Trina thought they should try to trap either Spencer or Esme.

Kevin escorted Spencer and Esme to Wyndemere, where the teens were ready to move in. Spencer hoped that he and Nikolas would be able to get along, and Nikolas stressed that it was important to him. Father and son shared a hug as Esme smiled at Kevin. Nikolas groaned in pain, and Spencer presumed it was due to the beating from Ava's guards. Nikolas and Spencer went off to the kitchen, and Esme and Kevin sat down to chat.

Esme related that she had thought about majoring in pre-med and psychiatry, and Kevin noted that people in the field normally went into it in order to see their own situations more clearly. Esme retorted that it had probably helped Kevin, given his own background.

After dining, Nikolas discussed accommodations, and Spencer and Esme went off to investigate. Kevin asked Nikolas if he was ready to play host. Nikolas was thrilled about Spencer's involvement with Esme, although Kevin called her high maintenance and one who needed attention and her own way. Nikolas revealed that Ava was leaving, and he couldn't stop her. Spencer returned but stopped short in order to eavesdrop. He seemed touched as Nikolas described his divorce and the restraining order that Ava had put into effect.

Nikolas continued that Ava had refused to fight the stalker and had wanted to keep Avery safe. Kevin wondered if Nikolas would have wanted to risk Spencer in a similar situation. Nikolas wanted his family to be safe. Kevin believed that the stalker's motive was separation, not hate, and Nikolas felt that Spencer would make the separation bearable. Esme found Spencer listening and guessed that something was wrong.

Spencer informed Esme that he had realized how much Nikolas meant to him, but Esme gloated that Spencer could get his father back and be rid of Ava at the same time. She asked him how it felt to get everything he had wanted.

Kevin thought that Nikolas was bending over backwards for Spencer and Esme, as they had chatted about all the items that Esme had wanted. Nikolas reminded Kevin that Kevin was his stepfather and not his therapist. Nikolas wanted to be the father that Spencer deserved.

At the hospital in Nixon Falls, Anna and Valentin discussed Peter's disappearance after he had jumped from the overlook into the water. However, they believed him to be alive. Anna suggested they have a chat with Nina, but Jax appeared and informed her that Nina had returned to Port Charles. Jax proceeded to tell Anna about Sonny, and Valentin admitted that he believed that Nina had had her reasons for keeping Sonny a secret from his family.

Anna walked away to call Robin with the news. Jax didn't think that Nina's motive had been malice but had been a bad decision. Valentin doubted that Nina would get a "warm welcome" back in Port Charles. Jax left, and Anna returned. She offered to continue with the investigation in Nixon Falls in case Valentin wanted to help Nina, but he replied that he was unable to help Nina. He wanted to find and kill Peter and added that he wouldn't consider it murder. He thought of it as "protecting the innocent." Anna noted that they had to find Peter first.

Anna informed Valentin that she had previously spoken to Peter about Drew, and she had gathered that Peter knew where Drew was. Just then, she received a phone call from someone at the WSB. She finished up and told Valentin that the real Chloe Jennings had checked into a medical facility in Crete.

Nina surprised Maxie when she dropped by Maxie's apartment. Maxie blamed Peter for everything that had happened, and she assumed that he was still alive. Nina blamed herself for what had transpired, and she confessed that she had seen Peter on the day that Maxie had also shown up in Nixon Falls. Nina had played along with Peter's demands because he had threatened to kidnap James. He had had no idea of Louise's whereabouts, and Nina had called Liesl for help. Maxie was furious, and she told Nina what she knew about Liesl's disappearance.

Maxie assured Nina that she would have gone to Liesl for help, too. Nina disclosed "Mike's" true identity, and she told Maxie all about Sonny's life in Nixon Falls. Nina confessed that she had originally been spiteful by not saying anything, but she had fallen in love with "Mike." That had been why she hadn't said anything. Maxie reminded Nina that there was no "Mike," and it would never have worked out. Nina said that she knew that, and Maxie was sorry that Nina was hurting.

Nina cried that she had lied and hurt people and wanted to make it right. Maxie thought it would be impossible. Maxie thought that Sonny needed time with his family, and she told Nina to proceed at her own risk. She thought that Nina owed Sonny some distance. Nina thought that Maxie was wise, and Maxie promised to be there for Nina. Nina left, and Maxie made a quick phone call. She told someone that she needed to see them.

Shortly after, Britt arrived. Maxie announced that she knew what had happened to Liesl.

At the Corinthos house, Carly found Sonny in the kitchen, drinking coffee, and she asked him to pour her some. She took a sip and deemed it perfect. She admitted that she hadn't had a good cup during the time that Sonny had been gone. Sonny explained his decision to sleep in the guest room the previous night, as he hadn't wanted to wake her. He was happy to hear that Carly had held onto his clothing, and she told him it had been her way to hold onto him.

Shortly after, Carly seemed to be sad as she played with her wedding rings, but she perked up when Sonny returned in one of his suits. She complimented the look. Ava walked through the kitchen door and was shocked to see Sonny, although she was happy that Avery would have her father back. Ava announced that she would be leaving the country because of her stalker, and she told Sonny all about it. "Son of a bitch!" Sonny exclaimed as he slammed his fist on the counter. He was furious after hearing about the bear with Ryan's voice.

Ava declared that she was leaving the country and getting a divorce in order to protect Avery, and Sonny respected her choices. Ava asked Sonny and Carly to accompany her upstairs so that she could say goodbye to Avery.

After saying goodbye, Ava noted how grateful she was to Sonny and Carly. She asked them to send her photos of Avery, and she left. Carly felt bad for Ava, but she understood how it was to turn one's back on what one loved. She told Sonny how she'd been during his absence. Sonny thought Carly had handled things well, but he was back. He promised to never leave again. Carly pointed out that while she wanted to believe it, there were no guarantees.

Later, Sonny walked into the cemetery and stood at his grave. He was startled when Nina showed up, and he glared at her.

Jason stopped at Carly's house in order to speak to her.

Liesl learns how she can regain her freedom

Liesl learns how she can regain her freedom

Friday, September 24, 2021

As Maxie apologized to Britt for misleading her, Scott arrived at Maxie's apartment. Maxie explained that she had spoken to Nina and had some information about Liesl's disappearance. Maxie informed the pair that Peter had been tracking her. She also updated them on Peter's attempt to kill Nina and Phyllis. Scott became agitated and asked what any of Maxie's news had to do with Liesl. Maxie replied that Peter had told Nina that Liesl had been "handled."

Scott didn't understand what that meant and feared the worst. Britt, fighting through her own concern, suggested that it might be Peter's typical "double speak" to make them worry. Britt and Scott were both stunned when they learned that Nina had known that Peter was alive. Scott didn't understand why Nina had not called the police -- and he was unprepared when Maxie revealed that Peter had blackmailed Nina over her involvement in keeping Sonny hidden away from everyone. While initially surprised that Sonny was alive, after a moment of reflection, Scott muttered, "He's impossible to kill. He's like a palmetto bug!"

Britt fell back into one of Maxie's chairs and let out a sigh of relief. She smiled as she shared her belief that Liesl was still alive. She shared that if Peter had wanted Liesl dead, he would have crashed the plane, because letting Scott go was a "loose end" that Peter would not want to have to deal with. Scott announced that he would make it his mission to find Liesl and to "take Peter August out."

With her volleyball practice canceled, Josslyn headed to the gym. Josslyn smiled broadly when saw a call coming through from Cameron. Cameron told her that he was with Trina, who wanted to share a theory with both of them. Josslyn said that she would meet them in an hour because she really wanted to finish her workout. Trina took the phone from Cameron and shared her thoughts directly with Josslyn -- she suspected that Esme was up to something and was dragging Spencer along with her.

At that same moment, Esme sauntered into the gym for a kickboxing class. Esme asked Josslyn if she was there for the class, but an annoyed Josslyn stated that she was on her way out. Esme told Josslyn that Josslyn could not leave because Esme thought it would be a good idea to spend some time together. Josslyn dismissed the idea, but Esme blocked her path when Josslyn tried to walk away.

Esme asked Josslyn if she had heard that Esme and Spencer had moved into Wyndemere. Josslyn said that she might have heard something about that, but things were a little crazy since Sonny had returned. Esme was clearly taken aback by the news. With that, Josslyn said that she had to leave.

At Charlie's Pub, Trina wondered if her mom could put her in contact with the security staff at General Hospital to look at old surveillance footage to see if Esme had been anywhere near Ava's car the night it had been set ablaze. Cameron said it probably wasn't a good idea to involve Portia and suggested being "straightforward" instead. Trina shared that she had already tried confronting Esme and Spencer and that it had been a "disaster." Trina decided that their best hope was to set a trap for Esme and Spencer.

When Josslyn showed up, she shared that she had run into Esme at the gym and felt confident that Esme was not to be trusted. Trina told Josslyn that she believed that Esme and Spencer were working together, and both were Ava's stalkers. Cameron, who had been silent for most of the girls' discussion, admitted that he had come to terms with the probability that Spencer was involved.

As they talked, Trina and Josslyn agreed that Spencer, while often self-absorbed and arrogant, wasn't a bad guy, and neither wanted anything bad to happen to him.

After both Kevin and Esme left, Nikolas and Spencer sat down to play a game of chess. Spencer opened up about his relationship with Esme, stating that he had never connected with anyone the way that he had connected with her. "It's good to have someone like her in your corner," Nikolas said as he smiled.

Nikolas again apologized for thinking that Spencer was Ava's stalker. "We've already hit the reset button on that, haven't we?" Spencer asked. "Forgiveness does not come easy to us Cassadines," Nikolas replied. Spencer wondered why his dad had been surprised that Spencer and Esme were a couple. Nikolas explained that he had assumed that Spencer had been interested in Trina. "Trina's great, and I like her a lot -- but as a friend," Spencer replied. Nikolas countered that Spencer hadn't looked like someone with a girlfriend the night that he and Trina had been together on the turret.

Nikolas continued to ask about Spencer's feelings for Trina, but the discussion ended abruptly when Esme returned home early with the news that Sonny was alive. Spencer was overjoyed, but Nikolas was more contemplative. Seemingly speaking to himself, Nikolas announced that if Sonny was alive, it would mean that Avery would be protected, and there would be no reason for Ava to leave town. Nikolas thanked Esme before hurrying out of the room.

Esme chided Spencer for his "Cheshire cat" grin and warned him that Sonny not being dead was "a disaster." Esme explained that Sonny's return meant that their plan to break up Nikolas and Ava for good had fallen apart. Spencer told Esme not to overthink things and assured her that no "last-minute appeal" by his father would make a difference.

Later, Nikolas arrived at Charlie's and asked if he could speak to Trina for a moment. Without going into details, Nikolas told Trina that things had changed, and he needed to know where Ava was so he could stop her from leaving Port Charles. Trina stated that she thought Ava had already left, but Trina also mentioned that Ava had said something about some unfinished business. Nikolas thanked Trina and raced out of the pub.

Trina returned to the table and told Cameron and Josslyn that she knew how they could trap Esme and Spencer.

Jason asked Carly if she was okay. Carly said that she was "beyond grateful" that Sonny was alive, but she admitted that "underneath all of that joy," she wondered what would happen next. Again stating that she was happy that Sonny was back, Carly admitted that "if things would have been different, we would have had a wonderful life together." Jason agreed but noted "that's not what happened."

Carly took Jason's hand and thanked him for filling the void that had been left when Sonny had apparently died. Jason put his other hand on hers and said that they had both been there for each other, just as they always had.

Carly expressed her relief that she and Jason had asked that their wedding guests make donations to the Alzheimer's Association. That meant they did not have to return any gifts for their "shortest marriage in history." Carly told Jason that she'd meant the vows when she'd said them. Jason softly replied that he had, too. "You've got me, and I've got you. No matter what," Jason said with the slightest smile. "No matter what," Carly repeated. She then laid her head on Jason's shoulder.

Both Carly and Jason agreed that things were weird. Jason got up from the sofa and said that he needed to talk to Diane about "this whole Buscema/Novak thing" because he was certain that the police would soon be calling. Before he left, Carly asked Jason what they were going to tell Sonny.

At the cemetery, Sonny accused Nina of stalking him. She assured him that she was not and was surprised that Sonny was actually up and about so soon after his near-death experience in the Tan-O fire. Sonny lashed out as Nina expressed her concern. "This is the gravesite where my family grieved because of you," he growled.

Nina agreed that Sonny had every right to be angry with her. Sonny blasted Nina for the pain she'd inflicted upon his kids. He questioned why in every apology that Nina attempted, she'd never once made mention of Carly. Nina explained that Carly had been trying to erase her from Wiley's life. Nina reminded Sonny that he had even advised her to fight for her grandson. Sonny snapped, "That was Mike. Mike doesn't exist. He's a phantom."

Nina said that she had never expected to find Sonny in Nixon Falls. She added that she had tried to tell Carly about Sonny, but Carly had threatened Nina with legal action before Nina had ever been able to say anything. Nina closed her eyes and shook her head from side to side as she said that she had grown closer and closer to "Mike," closer than she'd ever expected.

"You stole my life from me," Sonny said icily. Sonny told Nina that while she had allowed him to clean up a bar, his entire empire and everyone he cared about had been actively threatened. Nina argued that Sonny had been safer in Nixon Falls than he ever was in Port Charles. Sonny remarked that if Nina had told him who he was sooner, he could have made things much easier for Phyllis and Lenny. Nina countered that what Sonny had given Lenny and Phyllis had been much more important; he had given them friendship, love, and loyalty.

Nina said that "Mike" was a good man, perhaps the kind of man that Sonny had always wanted to be. "Mike the bartender was just as real as Sonny Corinthos," she said. Nina said she hoped that she had not caused any problems for Sonny and Carly's relationship, before adding that all she'd ever wanted had been for Sonny to be happy.

Nina told Sonny that she would try to stay out of his way and again apologized to Sonny for the pain she'd inflicted upon him and his loved ones. This time, though, she added to her statement. "I am really sorry about letting you fall in love with me," she said as she started to cry. She added, "And I sh-should have known better than to fall in love with you."

Sonny told Nina that whatever had happened in Nixon Falls was over. Nina told Sonny that she could not pretend that the past nine months had not happened. "Mike will always be in my heart," she said. Sonny reflected back on his time in Nixon Falls and kissing Nina. Sonny said, "You need to stop fooling yourself. Mike's gone. You need to forget that he ever existed." Nina told him that she would never forget what she and "Mike" had shared.

Victor cheerfully entered Liesl's room and greeted her. She, however, was not nearly as jolly. Liesl said that it had been days since she'd seen anyone and claimed that her confinement was making her go "stir crazy." Victor explained that he had ordered his staff not to fraternize with Liesl because he feared that she would charm them into helping her escape.

Liesl told Victor that he had made his point -- he could get to her anytime he wanted to. She asked that she be allowed to return home because her daughter needed her. Victor said that he knew of Britt's Huntington's diagnosis and asked Liesl if she hadn't found it odd that she had been invited to a medical conference about inherited diseases seemingly out of the blue.

In that moment, Liesl realized that the symposium had never existed. Victor smiled confidently as he told Liesl that he had warned Peter of the trap that Liesl had set for him. Liesl became enraged and warned Victor that he would regret partnering with Peter. She said she would hold Victor responsible if anything were to happen to Nina, Maxie, James, or Britt. Victor claimed he was aware of the hazards of associating with Peter, musing that he felt the name "Henrik" fit more than the name "Peter."

Victor urged Liesl to put her pride aside so that they could help each other. "Collaborate with me on a certain research project, and I guarantee you'll have contact with your daughter," Victor told her. If she refused, Victor made it clear that Liesl would remain far away from her "last surviving child."

Liesl turned and walked away from Victor, and she reluctantly agreed to take him at his word. Victor walked up behind Liesl and put his hands on her shoulder. He told her that the worst was over. Liesl suddenly turned around and held a knife to Victor's throat.

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