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Brando made a surprise appearance at Carly's bachelorette party. Jason's bachelor party was eventful. Cyrus conspired with Mr. Buscema. Scott and Liesl's flight was hijacked. Victor Cassadine resurfaced. Josslyn recognized Sonny's special sauce that Trina had picked up in Nixon Falls. Jax began to put the pieces together. "Mike" told Nina that he was in love with her.
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Jax suspected Sonny might be alive, Cyrus conspired with Mr. Buscema, and Victor Cassadine resurfaced
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Austin wants to know how Valentin can help his claim

Austin wants to know how Valentin can help his claim

Monday, August 30, 2021

Sasha, Brando, Gladys, and Lucy sat down at the Metro Court restaurant after a day of apartment hunting for Gladys. Gladys remarked that it was a good thing Lucy had Deception, as she didn't think real estate would work out for Lucy. Gladys continued to complain about the apartments Lucy had shown her, and Lucy reminded Gladys of the small budget. Gladys wondered when she could expect a pay raise, and Lucy angrily excused herself.

On the phone with Liesl, Nina asked if everything had been arranged. Liesl instructed Nina to direct Peter to Soufriere, St. Lucia, so Liesl could "eradicate him once and for all." Nina advised Liesl to be careful, as Peter would have his guard up, but Liesl thought that he would be no match for her. She stated that Peter's exit was "long overdue," that no one would miss him, and that the world would be a better place without him.

At the Metro Court restaurant, Carly looked at her engagement ring and thought back to when Jason had given it to her. Anna approached, startling Carly out of the daydream, and she wished Carly and Jason the best. Just then, Vincent arrived and asked for a word with Carly. They sat down at a table, and Vincent wanted to offer his apologies in person for Joey's behavior. Carly warned that if Joey approached Josslyn again, he would find out firsthand why Jason had the reputation he did.

Vincent assured Carly that he was sending Joey out of the country indefinitely. Gladys listened in as Vincent told Carly to think of it as an early wedding gift. When he was gone, Gladys sat down with Carly and figured that her invitation had been lost in the mail. Carly informed Gladys that she wasn't invited and that she needed to change her attitude if she hoped to be a part of her grandchild's life.

Across the room, Brando was exasperated to see that Gladys was harassing Carly again, but Sasha assured him that Carly could handle Gladys. Sasha wondered if Brando was going to the wedding, but he replied that he hadn't planned on it, as he'd promised to keep his distance. Sasha appreciated the gesture, but she clarified that she would never ask him to give up his family, as there was a difference between family and the mob. Brando thought that Sasha was amazing.

Dante arrived at the restaurant and walked over to Anna, who handed him a large envelope. She explained that inside was all the information that the WSB had on Drew's plane crash. She assured him that she was available to help, and she believed that Peter was involved. Just then, Liesl arrived and asked for a word with Anna, so the two left. When they were gone, Dante began to look through the papers. "Bingo," he said suddenly.

Outside the restaurant, Liesl asked if Anna had any information on Peter. Anna remarked that he was doing a good job staying undercover, but she refused to give up until she found him, whether he was dead or alive. Liesl requested to be kept in the loop, as she would be going away to a medical conference and was worried about Maxie. As Lucy listened in from around the corner, Liesl told Anna about the conference she was going to in St. Lucia with Scott. Anna promised that she would keep an eye on Maxie.

At Spring Ridge, Alexis and Shawn played checkers as Shawn marveled over how much nicer Spring Ridge was than Pentonville. Just then, Sam arrived, and Alexis could tell that Sam was preoccupied. Sam updated her mother on the call from Drew, and she explained that Dante and Anna were helping her look into it. Sam promised Shawn that she would still be helping him with the investigation into Hayden's shooting, but Shawn urged her to focus on family first. Shawn excused himself to let Sam and Alexis talk.

Alexis advised Sam to be careful if she went searching for Drew. Just then, Sam's phone went off, and she answered it to Dante. He urged her to meet him at the Metro Court restaurant, as he'd found something that she needed to see. When she was gone, Shawn returned, and Alexis praised him for letting Sam "walk away with a clear conscience." He replied that he'd learned patience in jail. Shawn told Alexis about finding Naomi dead and how Jordan thought that he should just let it go and focus on his future. Alexis acknowledged that Jordan was right, but she knew that Shawn wouldn't listen to Jordan. She proposed working together, as they'd made a good team before.

Sam arrived at the Metro Court restaurant and sat down with Dante and Anna. Dante explained that Drew had chartered a flight to Afghanistan, but he hadn't been alone. He continued that there had been another passenger on the flight, but there was no name listed in the stingy report. He pointed out that the seat had been paid for by a corporation called Lethe Unlimited, which all three of them recognized. After searching on their phones, Sam finally found the name in one of her closed case files.

Sam explained that Silas Clay had hired her to find out where Madeline had been keeping a comatose Nina. Lethe Unlimited was the operating company of Crichton-Clark, which was the facility where Nina had been housed. Anna added that it was the same place Drew had been held before Robin had helped him escape. "Small world," Dante commented.

Jordan was on the phone when she arrived at the docks, and she was glad to hear that Laura and Martin had been properly secured. She requested logs of who Cyrus had been talking to, and she hung up. Jason arrived, and she thanked him for meeting her. She wondered if he was expecting trouble at the wedding, and she informed him that Cyrus seemed "intent on revenge." She wondered if he'd heard anything about who was doing Cyrus' "dirty work," but Jason insisted that it was his first time hearing anything of Cyrus. She suggested that Cyrus was working with someone in the Five Families.

Jason returned to the Metro Court restaurant, and Carly asked if everything was all right. Jason informed her that "Cyrus is making a move."

Jordan was glad that Jason and Carly were "shoring up your interests," and she wished them the best. He sincerely thanked her for the update and left. When he was gone, Shawn arrived. He told Jordan that she'd made some valid points about moving on with his life, but he'd decided that he couldn't move on until he knew the truth. He asked for her help in getting to the truth.

Valentin and Brook Lynn arrived at the pool with Bailey in tow, and Valentin ran off to a meeting with Austin and Scott. Austin cut right to the chase and asked why he should vote for Valentin for CEO. Valentin reminded Austin that he wasn't a shareholder yet, but Scott told Valentin about Edward's letter. Austin added that it was strong evidence, so filing the motion was more of a formality. Valentin hoped Austin was right, as he wanted Austin's support.

Valentin talked about all the good he'd done for ELQ and how the Quartermaines' usual infighting hadn't affected the company at all. Just then, Lucy stormed in and demanded to talk to Scott. Austin called for a break, and he and Valentin booked it away from Scott. Lucy talked about all the harsh words she had for Scott after hearing that he was going away with Liesl. She called Liesl "icky" and selfish. She advised him to snap out of it -- or Liesl would be the death of him.

Across the room, Maxie spotted Brook Lynn and Louise and suggested that they have lunch together. They sat at a table, and Brook Lynn told Maxie about the family drama. Austin approached, wanting to say hello, as he considered Maxie his friend. Brook Lynn spat that Maxie didn't need another friend. Maxie admitted to Austin that she would always be grateful to him, but seeing him only made her think of Louise. He acknowledged the trauma and apologized for not considering it. When he was gone, Brook Lynn observed that Austin was "so into you," but she'd shut him down with tact. Maxie confided that she'd left out that she was terrified he would remember seeing Maxie and Brook Lynn together the night of Louise's birth, and she figured he would steer clear.

Valentin and Austin continued their meeting, and Austin commented that he wasn't a fan of the Quartermaine infighting. Valentin assured him that he could stay on the periphery so that he didn't "become the thing you hate." Austin remarked that Valentin had made some valid points that he promised to consider. The two shook hands, and Valentin promised to be in touch.

Across the room, Brook Lynn saw Valentin and Austin shake hands and sighed, "My poor father." However, Brook Lynn confessed that she had "an ace in the hole," and Maxie wondered what it was.

Lucy returned to Brando, Sasha, and Gladys, who suggested that they do some more apartment hunting. Lucy refused to deal with Gladys' "unreasonable standards," but Gladys was optimistic that they would find something. Brando chimed in that it was enough for the day. Lucy added that it was "enough for a lifetime" and ran out. Gladys made her way over to the bar, and Brando apologized on behalf of Gladys. Sasha related that Gladys' one redeeming quality was her son.

"Where's the bartender when you need him?" Gladys wondered as she sauntered over to the bar where Vincent was sitting. He agreed that the hospitality there needed an upgrade. He revealed that he'd seen her talking to Carly, and Gladys bade Carly "good riddance" from the Corinthos family. Gladys introduced herself as Sonny's cousin and claimed that Carly wasn't showing Sonny any respect by getting married so soon after his death. She babbled on about civility being wasted on Carly, who had no class. With a big smile on his face, Vincent ordered Gladys a drink.

Peter arrived at the Tan-O and asked if "Mike" knew where Nina was. "Mike" spat that he didn't expect Nina to tell him where she was all the time. "Mike" called Peter out for his "strong reaction" when he'd arrived, and he demanded to know if Peter knew who he was. "Yes, as a matter of fact, I do," Peter replied. Peter claimed to have meant that he knew the type of guys Nina was drawn to. He remarked that "Mike" was just Nina's next charity case. "Mike" grabbed a baseball bat from behind the bar and chased Peter to the front until Nina ran in, demanding to know what was going on.

"Mike" brushed it off as a difference in opinion. Nina assured "Mike" that Peter would be leaving, and she informed Peter that she'd gotten in touch with her contact for him. She sent Peter outside so she could fill him in, and he left. "Mike" thought that Peter was "bad news," and he didn't know why she talked to Peter. Nina agreed and promised that they would never see Peter again.

Nina went outside, and Peter demanded the lead on Louise. Nina informed him that Anna and Valentin thought that Louise was in St. Lucia. She explained that the WSB had tracked a woman with a baby flying from Albany to Miami the day after Louise had been taken. The WSB had tracked her to a cottage in Soufriere, St. Lucia. She continued that Anna and Valentin would be going the following day, and Peter realized that he could still get there before them. He grabbed her arm and reminded her of the consequences if she was lying. She responded that she knew what he was capable of, so she wouldn't dare double-cross him.

Inside the Tan-O, "Mike" called Phyllis and invited her out to dinner with him and Nina. He listened for a minute and answered that Nina was outside with Peter, but he would go out there if she wasn't back soon. He added that he didn't like Peter, but the man was leaving that day. When he was off the phone, Nina returned, and "Mike" didn't understand why Nina was helping Peter. She replied that she'd owed him a favor, but her debt was paid, so she wouldn't have to talk to him anymore.

"Mike" proposed that, since the bar was closed and Phyllis had other plans, they should go out to dinner. "Is this a date?" Nina teased. "Mike" acknowledged that they hadn't had the chance to do that before. Nina knew they'd had tough time, but she was starting to think that everything would be all right. "Why wouldn't it be?" he wondered, and the two embraced.

Scott led Liesl onto a private jet, and she told him that it was too much. There were two glasses of Champagne on a table, and he handed her one. He attempted to make a toast, but she was clearly preoccupied. She claimed that she was just disappointed that the trip wasn't all for pleasure. He wanted her to be able to enjoy herself, and she promised that she definitely would once her business was concluded.

A short while later, the plane hit some heavy turbulence, and Liesl put her hand protectively in her purse. She assured Scott that everything was fine, and the plane steadied. Just then, an alarm went off amidst some more heavy turbulence, and Liesl and Scott were thrown from their seats.

Cyrus gets a visit from his ally.

Cyrus gets a visit from his ally.

Tuesday, August 31, 2021

At the Tan-O, "Mike" asked Nina to dinner, and they were excited for their first date. They shared a kiss until "Mike" pulled away. He made sure that Peter was gone. Nina thought back to her last conversation with Liesl and promised that they'd seen the last of Peter. She was curious as to what had made "Mike" attack Peter, and "Mike" admitted that he'd asked if Peter knew who "Mike" was. He knew it was a long shot, but he thought Peter acted like he had some kind of leverage. Nina replied that that had just been Peter's arrogance.

Nina didn't want to spend their first date talking about Peter, so she asked where "Mike" was going to take her. He replied that he had some ideas to make the night special, and he instructed her to go get ready and return. He advised her to park out back, and she left. She returned a short while later, excited to find out where they were going. "Mike" led her outside, where there was a candlelit dinner set up on the front patio. He believed there was nowhere better to go than where they'd met, and the two toasted to their first date.

Josslyn and Trina arrived at Jax's and found the house empty. A few minutes later, the two emerged from the kitchen, and Trina thought that Jax would love that Josslyn was cooking dinner for him. She thought he could use a pick-me-up, as she knew he was upset about the wedding, and she could tell that things between Jax and Carly were tense. Josslyn picked up one of Lady Jane's recipes and talked about how much Jax loved the stew, but she was dismayed to see that it took three hours to cook. She remembered seeing a baked mozzarella appetizer, and Trina chimed in that she had the perfect dipping sauce for it. She talked about the amazing sauce that she'd gotten from Nixon Falls. A short while later, Trina returned with the ingredients for the appetizer, including the sauce. Josslyn was appreciative, and Trina only requested that Josslyn save her a bite.

On the pier, Jordan was disappointed that Shawn wasn't going to follow her advice and focus on his future. She urged him to let the police handle Naomi's murder, and she wondered if he didn't trust Jordan to find out the truth. She didn't blame him for doubting her, and she regretted not pushing harder for a more in-depth investigation into Hayden's shooting. Shawn suggested that they investigate Hayden and Naomi's cases together.

A short while later, Shawn returned with food and wondered what Jordan had thought of his suggestion. She replied that they could do a better job together, but only when she was off-duty, and he agreed to the terms. She revealed that she'd gotten new information about Naomi that morning. She continued that Naomi had just returned to America from Paris, and she'd requested Naomi's travel information. She believed that knowing where Naomi had been could help them figure out why she'd ended up dead.

Out in the woods, Elizabeth attempted to set up a tent for her, Finn, Chase, Aiden, and Violet. Finn put it up in a matter of seconds, and the kids went inside. Chase talked about how Finn had gone camping all the time with Gregory when he'd been young, even in the winter. Violet wondered if Finn had been scared, but he replied that he'd known his father would protect him, just like he promised to always protect her.

Chase took Aiden and Violet to scout for firewood, and Elizabeth helped Finn hang up their food bag so the bears wouldn't get to it. She marveled over Finn as a "camper extraordinaire." He reminded her that he'd also lived and worked in third world countries, so he was used to "roughing it." Chase returned with the kids, and the group decided to eat by the lake. They returned a short while later, teasing Finn and Elizabeth, who had accidentally fallen into the lake.

Finn made a fire, and Chase took Aiden and Violet to a better place to see the meteor shower. Finn and Elizabeth sat in front of the fire a few minutes later, and a freezing Elizabeth asked Finn to talk about warm things. He described a beautiful, warm, dry desert he'd seen in Namibia. She related that he'd been lucky to experience it, but she was still cold. He invited her to share his body heat, and he put his arm around her. "Much better," she said.

At the Metro Court restaurant, Anna, Sam, and Dante speculated on the passenger from Lethe Unlimited who'd been on Drew's flight. Anna admitted that she'd had "clearance issues" with the WSB, who believed that she'd been compromised because of Peter. Dante wondered if the information they had was accurate, as Anna requesting the file could have raised red flags. Anna figured that she would have just been denied, but Sam suggested that Anna had only been given what the WSB wanted her to see. Anna saw it as a "major cover-up" if the file had been altered.

Anna suggested they think about who had ties to the Crichton-Clark facility, and Dante thought of the Cassadines. Sam remembered that Victor Cassadine had been head of the WSB, and Anna called it a dark time. She thought that someone in the WSB, who was an ally of Victor's, had independently wiped the passenger's name from the file. Playing devil's advocate, Anna wondered if the anonymous passenger had just been coincidental, but Sam believed that the name had to have been significant to have been concealed. She suggested that the passenger had a connection to Drew.

At the Metro Court restaurant, Jason relayed Jordan's warnings about Cyrus to Carly. He assured her that they weren't being targeted yet, but that could change. Carly guessed that it was Laura and Martin, as both had left town suddenly and had ties to Cyrus. A few minutes later, Jason returned to Carly and assured her that he had Brick checking into who Cyrus' allies on the outside could be. She was nervous about their wedding, where all of their loved ones would be in one place, but Jason believed that they would be safe. He believed that Cyrus had gotten to someone in the Five Families. Carly talked about her conversation with Vincent, and Jason talked about his with Mr. Buscema. He didn't think they could rule out anyone.

In prison, Cyrus was escorted to the visiting room, where he sat down and picked up the phone. "I hope you had a nice flight. What you have for me, Mr. Buscema?" Cyrus asked the man sitting across from him.

As the plane hit heavy turbulence, Liesl found a necklace in her purse and clutched it to her chest. The turbulence stopped, and Scott wondered what the necklace was. Liesl revealed that it was a keepsake that reminded her of her children. She suggested that Nathan had been watching over them. She looked out the window and observed that they seemed to be turning around. Scott picked up the phone to call the pilot, but no one in the cockpit was answering.

Liesl decided that the pilot had had a medical emergency, so she walked toward the cockpit. However, Scott urged her to sit down and buckle up. As soon as she did, the plane hit more heavy turbulence. "I can't die now! I have to help Nina!" Liesl cried as masks fell from the ceiling, and they put the masks on. "If this is it, I wanna tell you something," Scott said. He continued to an unconscious Liesl, "I think I love you," and promptly passed out.

As the turbulence eased, two men emerged from the cockpit and checked to see that Liesl and Scott were unconscious. One of the men made a phone call and told someone in a foreign language, "Yes, we have her. She's sedated." When the man hung up, he asked his cohort what to do with Scott. "Chuck him," the other man replied, and the first man picked Scott up and dragged him away.

Josslyn thinks the sauce has a familiar taste

Josslyn thinks the sauce has a familiar taste

Wednesday, September 1, 2021

The campfire was raging as Finn and Elizabeth huddled next to each other in blankets to try to warm up. Finn leaned over to share his blanket with Elizabeth, and she admitted that she was feeling better. As they began to lean in for a kiss, there was a loud crashing noise. They jumped up and ran toward the sound. It appeared to be a man wrapped up in a parachute.

Wyatt, a Port Charles Pioneer, appeared magically and began to help Finn and Elizabeth untangle the unconscious man. It turned out to be Scott, who was battered and bruised. As Wyatt phoned emergency services to arrange for an ambulance, Finn and Elizabeth tended to Scott. Elizabeth was surprised to learn that Finn and Wyatt knew each other, and Finn thanked him. "Are we there yet?" Scott muttered as he woke up.

Jax arrived home and was surprised to find Josslyn waiting for him. She announced that she was ready to serve her first course, and she especially wanted him to try the sauce. She admitted that it was time for dad and daughter time after their ill-fated dinner with Carly. She was worried about Jax because she'd noticed plenty of tension between him and Carly. They were interrupted when the smoke alarm went off, and they rushed to the kitchen.

Jax helped Josslyn to set the food out as she proceeded to say that she'd noticed his stress after his return from Nixon Falls. She asked if it was about Jason and Carly's wedding, but Jax told her it was a "parenting thing." He had new worries with Josslyn going off to college. She reminded him that she was the same person, but he was worried about other people. Josslyn insisted that her bodyguard, Devin, made her feel better. He asked about Cameron, and Josslyn would only reply that they were happy.

Jax raved about the first course, and he sensed that something was wrong. Josslyn pushed it away and rushed to get her stew. Jax pressed her, and Josslyn confessed that the sauce had tasted exactly like Sonny's. Jax tried to explain it away, but he had to agree. Josslyn thought if she didn't know any better, she would have thought that Sonny had made it himself. She explained that Trina had gotten it at a bar in Nixon Falls.

Josslyn admitted that it couldn't be Sonny's sauce, and it was crazy to think that. Jax flashed back to the Nixon Falls dance when he'd thought he'd seen Sonny. "Right, crazy," he said.

After Nina and "Mike" finished dinner outside the Tano-O, Nina insisted that "Mike" remove his shirt in order for her to deal with a sauce stain. They went inside. "Mike" was engrossed as she explained the miracle of cleaning with club soda. He finally walked around her, and they started to kiss before he pulled her along to his bedroom. They began to make out until Nina's hair got caught in "Mike's" watch.

The hair and watch were separated, and Nina looked at the engraving on the watch. "I can't do this," she announced. "Mike" couldn't understand the change in Nina's behavior as she began to tell him that the watch was evidence of a past life. She thought he might remember the people who loved and missed him, and he might feel the same in return. She thought he needed to learn about his past. "Mike" was adamant that he didn't want to know anything. Nina made it clear that she couldn't give him all of her until he did so. She walked away.

Gladys shared drinks with Vincent Novak at Metro Court and griped about Carly. She mentioned that Carly and Jason had been together since Sonny's wake, although Jason had played around with a doctor. Vincent asked if she approved of the couple, and Gladys laughed. She declared that Carly had "bled" Sonny and had thrown herself at Jason. Gladys added that Carly had no loyalty or class, and she proceeded to complain that she hadn't been invited to the wedding.

Vincent wondered why Gladys would even want to attend after her complaints. Gladys called it the "hottest ticket in town." Vincent revealed that he would be attending, and he invited Gladys to accompany him. She asked about his angle, and he laughed. Vincent declared that Gladys reminded him of his first wife who had left him. They both laughed, and Gladys accepted the invitation.

Carly informed Jason that she wanted to talk to Brando, and Jason urged her to take her guard with her. He threatened to take down anyone who might hurt her. The elevator doors opened, and Britt stepped off. She congratulated the couple on their wedding date, wished them the best, and laughed.

After Carly departed, Britt continued to talk to Jason. She'd heard about Maxie's wedding planning, and Jason emphasized that it was to be understated. Britt disclosed that Maxie had been going "all out," and she wondered what Jason and Carly were trying to prove. She quickly decided that it was none of her business, and she continued to babble on giddily. She didn't need to know all the answers, and she should just accept things and move on.

Britt informed Jason that she was meeting someone, and just then, a man stepped off the elevator. Britt walked off with him, and Jason seemed perturbed. Britt was quickly bored during dinner as the man droned on, and she looked at her phone. She announced that she had an emergency at the hospital, and she took off. Jason watched her. Britt stepped onto the elevator and received a call to get to the hospital.

Jason approached Vincent and discussed the possibility that Cyrus was threatening their peace. Vincent assured him that there was nothing to fear from his family. Cyrus had taken down his men, and he wouldn't forget it. He declared that "an enemy of my enemy is my friend."

Cyrus was led to the visiting area in his prison and found Buscema sitting on the opposite side of the glass. Cyrus sat down, and they each picked up a red phone. Buscema revealed that he would be willing to help take down the Corinthos organization if it benefitted him. Cyrus believed their interests to be "aligned," and he declared that Jason and Carly were bad for business.

Cyrus clarified that when Sonny had been in charge, Jason had been the enforcer. Jason was a civilian who would be marrying Carly and calling the shots. Cyrus pointed out that a civilian could go to the Feds, and he suggested that the wedding could be used for a strike at the Corinthos family, which would destroy them. He didn't think there would be a chance for either recovery or retribution. Cyrus wanted Buscema's answer quickly because it could be their only chance to "neutralize" Carly and Jason.

Cyrus promised to coordinate everything personally as he'd had practice working remotely. Cyrus called himself an opportunist, and he wanted revenge.

Sasha found Brando working beneath a car at his garage, and he slid out from underneath when he saw someone standing nearby. She wanted to make spur-of-the-moment plans. Brando mentioned that he had been picking up extra work, and he was hoping they could live together after Gladys moved out. He wanted to save for a new place and pull his weight. Sasha agreed to consider it, and she asked him about the extra work.

Just then, Carly arrived, and she exclaimed how beautiful Sasha looked. Sasha offered to go to the ladies' room for the others to talk privately. Carly informed Brando that Cyrus had been using local connections to target people in town, although she didn't know anything more. She thought that Cyrus had a relationship with someone in one of the Five Families. She asked about Brando's hanging out with the other guards when he'd been working for Cyrus.

Brando explained that the guys had mainly talked about sports, but he would go over his "coded notepad" to see if he could learn anything new. She asked if Joey Novak had been by for his tune-up, and Brando said he had never shown up. Carly noted that she'd been told he'd been sent abroad. Brando was glad that Carly and Jason had found each other, and he pointed out that he and Carly had both found unexpected love. Sasha eavesdropped as Brando agreed to reach out to the other families' employees for any word.

Carly thanked Brando for his help, and as Sasha returned, she asked what Brando would be helping with. Carly assured her it was nothing to worry about. A drunken Gladys walked in, and she assured everyone she'd taken a ride-share. She gleefully announced that she would be a wedding guest at Carly's wedding as a plus one. Carly guessed that it was with Vincent Novak, and Gladys was surprised at the guess. Carly sniffed that she was gifted. Gladys couldn't wait to share the special day.

At General Hospital, Elizabeth informed Finn that the kids were good at the campsite with Chase. Jordan arrived, and Finn was summoned to see an attending physician. Jordan questioned Elizabeth, who reported that they had no clue what had happened to Scott except for his crash-landing in the woods.

Finn returned and reported that Scott had not been knocked out on impact, and a tox screen would be done. They didn't anticipate finding anything, and Jordan surmised that Scott hadn't jumped from a plane voluntarily. They rushed off to Scott's room, and he told them what he remembered, which wasn't much. He had been on a private plane, flying to St. Lucia. He'd had Champagne. He asked if Liesl was there and okay.

After the visit to Scott's room, Finn, Elizabeth, and Jordan learned there had been no reports of a plane crash or any signs of Liesl. Finn thought it was clear that Scott had been forced from a plane. Jordan agreed that it had not been an accident, and someone powerful and deadly was behind it.

Britt arrived and ran into Scott's room. He told her what he remembered, and he hoped that Liesl was safe.

Wyatt poked around at the point of Scott's landing and found a locket. There were photos of Britt and Nathan inside.

Liesl has a surprise reunion

Liesl has a surprise reunion

Thursday, September 2, 2021

Ava arrived at the hospital and asked Epiphany for information on Scott. Epiphany refused to answer, as Ava wasn't family, so Ava walked away. When Ava was gone, Wyatt approached Epiphany, and he thought that he could be of help to a patient there.

Around the corner, Ava overheard Anna ask Britt about Scott. Britt informed Anna and Jordan that Scott was disoriented, but he was lucky to have no serious injuries. Britt added that she wished she knew what had happened to Liesl. Anna admitted that she feared Peter was involved.

Ava entered Scott's room and found him asleep and calling out for Liesl. He woke up, and she expressed how grateful she was that he was all right. He was touched that she still cared. She went on about how her divorce was supposed to have been finalized, and she demanded to know if there was anyone he could call to "nudge it along." Jordan and Anna entered the room and shooed Ava out. "Don't let me down," Ava called out to Scott. Anna advised him to relax, and the three women left the room.

Britt approached Epiphany, who informed Britt that someone else was asking about Scott. She introduced Wyatt to Britt, and he explained that he'd been "on duty" when Scott had crashed into the woods. He handed her a necklace he'd found while cleaning up debris, and Britt opened it and found pictures of her and Nathan.

A few minutes later, Wyatt followed Britt into Scott's room. Scott thanked Wyatt for his help when Scott had crash-landed in the woods, and he thanked the boy for checking on him. Britt handed Scott the necklace that Wyatt had found. Scott remembered Liesl holding it during the turbulence in the plane. She'd given it to Scott, who had stuck it in his pocket. Britt thanked Wyatt for returning it.

A short while later, Wyatt was gone, and Scott disclosed that nothing would make him happier than to see Liesl. Britt realized that what Liesl and Scott had wasn't just a random hook-up, and Scott explained that the two had gotten close while grieving for Franco. Britt wanted to believe that Liesl had survived, and Scott agreed. "I really need her," he said. Britt replied that she did, too.

Outside the room, Jordan and Anna discussed the details of Scott's case and tried to make sense of things. They returned to Scott's room and asked him to recount what had happened. He explained that he'd been targeted by a "low-budget jet company." He continued that he'd been accompanying Liesl to St. Lucia while she went to a medical conference about inherited diseases. He went on that the plane had hit turbulence, so they'd put their oxygen masks on. The next thing he remembered was waking up on the ground.

Just then, Epiphany arrived with the results of Scott's blood test. Britt read the results and revealed that Scott had trace amounts of chloroform in his blood. Anna suggested that Scott and Liesl had been drugged through the masks, and Britt wondered who would do that. Just then, Anna got a text message, and she announced that, aside from Liesl and the plane, something else was missing. She revealed that neither the conference Liesl was supposed to have gone to nor the organization hosting it existed.

Liesl woke up in what looked like a luxurious hotel room and called out for Scott. She got out of bed and looked around. She tried to open the doors, but they were locked. She banged on the door and demanded that someone let her out. As she looked around for something to pick the lock with, the door opened, and a butler entered, wheeling in her dinner. "Compliments of the host," the butler said, and she grabbed the knife off the cart.

Liesl tried to open the door, but a guard wrestled the knife away from her. The men left. She called out to them to tell Peter that she refused to eat the obviously poisoned food, and he needed to find the courage to kill her himself. She turned back to face the room and gasped. "It can't be. Victor Cassadine?" she said in surprise.

Gaining her composure, Liesl didn't care how Victor had escaped death, and she only cared about Scott. Victor admitted that he'd had Scott thrown from the plane but had given him a parachute. She demanded to know what he wanted. "Your companionship," Victor replied, but she knew that he always had "an agenda within an agenda." Victor related that he might have healed from his physical wounds, but the emotional scars of seeing her with another man were unbearable. "Deal with it," she spat. He advised her to enjoy her accommodations, and he left. She vowed to find a way to escape to Scott.

At Spring Ridge, Jax called Trina and told her how much he'd enjoyed the dinner Josslyn had made him. He asked who had made the sauce because, as a venture capitalist, he wanted to pursue the delicious sauce. Trina thought that Nina would know, and Jax thanked her for her help and hung up. Alexis approached and immediately asked him what was wrong. Jax informed her that he'd made two big decisions that year that he'd thought had been right, but they'd both blown up in his face. He had another big decision to make, but he was afraid to be wrong again.

Jax told Alexis about his first mistake, which had been blackmailing Michael into letting Nina see Wiley. He went on about his second mistake, which had been recording a conversation with Carly in hopes that she would incriminate herself. He explained that he had a good friend making a huge mistake that could affect many other people. Alexis assumed that he was just "gun-shy," but as a fellow "fixer," she advised him to "butt out." She added that if he continued and got burned, he would only have himself to blame. A guard approached, signaling the end of the visit. Jax thanked Alexis for listening to and advising him. She believed that he'd already made his decision, so she wished him luck.

Ava was happy to see Trina at the gallery, and she opined, "The love of art never gets old." Trina couldn't believe that an internship had turned into a job, and she called Ava a great mentor and her friend. Ava was honored, and she disclosed that Trina had been like another daughter. "I cherish you," Ava admitted, and she mentioned how difficult it would be to say goodbye. Trina protested, but Ava explained that Avery's safety was the most important thing. "But I need you," Trina said tearfully, and the two embraced.

Ava wondered if Trina was emotional because of Spencer, and Trina told Ava about the party and Esme. Ava hoped that Spencer and Nikolas would "mend fences" while she was gone, and she advised Trina not to give up on Spencer, as he needed friends like Trina. Ava gave Trina the rest of the day off, and she suggested that Trina find Spencer and "stake your claim." Trina agreed and left. Ava looked around the gallery and shut the lights off. As she was about to leave, Jax arrived, wanting to talk to her about Nina.

At the Metro Court restaurant, Spencer advised the waitress to put his and Esme's lunch on the Cassadine account. However, the waitress revealed that Spencer was no longer listed on the account. "Thanks, Dad," Spencer growled. Esme paid for lunch as Spencer lamented that his independence depended on his father's money. Esme thought it was time for Spencer and Nikolas to put aside their differences, but Spencer didn't know how he was supposed to forgive Nikolas. "Ask your dad," Esme said, and Spencer turned to see Nikolas behind him.

Spencer was irked at Esme for the set-up, but Nikolas appreciated her getting them together. Nikolas insisted that everything he'd done over the years had been out of love, but Spencer didn't buy it. Nikolas had already lost Ava, and he refused to lose Spencer, too. "It always comes back to Ava," Spencer challenged. He shouted that Nikolas could have Ava if he wanted, but he couldn't have Spencer, too. He added that he'd gotten along without Nikolas for years, and he could do it again. Spencer stormed off, and Esme followed him.

Esme talked about how Spencer lived by a double standard, as he did many of the things he accused Nikolas of. She reminded him that getting Ava out had been his goal, so their best option was for Spencer to figure things out with Nikolas. Spencer grudgingly agreed and trudged back to the table with Esme. Spencer told Nikolas that he wanted to put things between them back together, but better than it had been before. Nikolas agreed, and he was grateful to Esme for setting the reconciliation in motion.

A short while later, Trina arrived, and she was surprised to see Spencer and Nikolas joking around together. Spencer explained that Esme had helped mediate. Nikolas took the opportunity to go ask the waitress to reinstate Spencer on his account. Trina sat down, and Spencer observed that she looked upset. She updated him on Ava's decision to leave town. Esme understood that Ava wanted to protect her daughter so the same thing "that happened to Lauren" didn't happen to Avery. "Who? You mean Kiki?" Trina questioned.

Carly and Jason celebrate before their wedding

Carly and Jason celebrate before their wedding

Friday, September 3, 2021

As Curtis and N'Neka awaited the arrival of guests for a private party of three at the Savoy, Sam arrived. She had news for Curtis about Drew's plane crash. Curtis attempted to get Sam to leave, but she gave him a hard time. Spinelli, Michael, and Jason walked in. They had booked the club for Jason's bachelor party. Sam told Jason that she wished him and Carly the best.

Sam assured Curtis that she was okay because she'd had time to process everything, and Jason didn't have to choose between her and Carly any longer. At the bar, Michael and Spinelli thought it had been awkward, but Jason assured them it was all good. He thought that his wedding deserved to be celebrated.

Sam and Curtis stepped outside, where Sam filled Curtis in on the information she'd received from the WSB file about Drew's flight. Curtis thought that the company who had paid for the flight, Lethe Unlimited, sounded familiar. After Sam told him they were the parent company of Crichton-Clark, Curtis realized he had heard it while he'd been searching for Nina's daughter. He thought he might know someone who had worked there.

Jason, Michael, and Spinelli sat at a table. Spinelli confessed that he was happy to be out after all of his heartbreak, while Michael disclosed that he had been luckier. Curtis headed out as Michael exclaimed that he knew that Jason and Carly would be good for each other, and Spinelli suggested that it had been fate. They were disturbed when Joey Novak walked in with a couple of bodyguards and loudly exclaimed that the party needed some action.

N'Neka informed Joey that it was a private party, but Joey stood his ground. He accused Jason of having "strong-armed" Joey's uncle to get Joey sent out of the country. Jason wanted to leave, and he tossed money onto the bar for Joey's tab. Joey wanted to make a toast, and he taunted Jason. "How's it feel to be hitting your dead boss' wife?" Joey asked. He proclaimed that Carly was hot. Michael stood up, but Spinelli lunged for Joey.

At the Tan-O, "Mike" told Phyllis about his dinner with Nina and added that he'd had a "roadblock." He explained that Nina wouldn't get any closer to him until he learned about his past, but she had also said that he wouldn't want to be close to her after he learned about it. Nina arrived, and Phyllis acknowledged that she was doing okay and living life as Lenny would have wanted. She thought that Nina and "Mike" should also live in the moment.

"Mike" promised to do all that he could to honor Lenny's memory, and Phyllis hoped that Nina would do the same. Phyllis walked out, and "Mike" informed Nina that he had been trying to reach her. Nina declared that she had been struggling to live in the present, and the engraving on "Mike's" watch had made her think. "Mike" asked if he had to find out about his past. Nina admitted that she wanted "Mike" in her life, but it wasn't right if he didn't remember anything.

"Mike" was aware that Nina wouldn't want his past to crash down onto her life, but he loved her. He was sorry, but he confessed that he had to tell her. Nina was speechless and tearful. They held hands, and "Mike" assured her that she didn't have to pretend to have feelings.

Phyllis received a phone call from Curtis, and he asked if she was still in touch with anyone at Crichton-Clark. Phyllis revealed that there was one person from the records department who had contacted her on social media. Curtis asked for the person's contact information and told Phyllis that speaking to the person could be a "big deal."

At the art gallery, Jax wanted to speak to Ava about Nixon Falls, and he asked what she knew about Nina's new boyfriend. Ava thought that Jax was jealous, and she accused him of conspiring to keep Nina from knowing the truth about Nelle. Jax insisted that he was trying to help Nina, and he flashed back to the conversation he'd had with Josslyn about the sauce that had tasted like Sonny's recipe.

Ava wanted Jax to leave, but he refused to go without answers. He insisted that he didn't want to see Nina get hurt. Ava explained that she had only received rare text messages from Nina, and Nina had always been evasive. She knew that Nina had wanted to keep her past separate from her new life, and Ava only knew that Nina's boyfriend's name was Mike. Jax continued to press, and Ava demanded to know what it was all about.

Jax replied that he was worried about Nina. Ava mentioned that she had told Nina to "make nice" with Carly, but they had had words on a phone call. Ava knew that Nina was sorry for having mentioned Nelle to Wiley, but "Carly is Carly." Ava guessed that things had been smoothed over since Nina had seen Wiley, but she thought that the relationship with Carly was probably fragile. Jax only wanted to make sure that Nina was happy and safe.

Outside, Jax made a phone call and asked that his jet be ready to depart for Nixon Falls.

Brando rode the elevator to the Metro Court restaurant. He promised a boss that he would do what they said. Olivia spotted Dante sitting at the bar and informed him that she was on her way to help out at Carly's bachelorette party. She asked Dante if he'd be seeing Sam. Dante told his mother that his life was personal, but he would be meeting Sam for an investigation they were involved with. Olivia headed to the pool.

Brando stepped off the elevator, and Dante congratulated him on his upcoming fatherhood. Brando asked for advice. "Don't mess it up!" Dante joked. He added that Sonny would have loved the news. Sasha arrived, and Dante walked off. Brando told her that he was there for a job, and Sasha wanted to know more about it. She hoped it wasn't mob-related. She noted that Carly's party was to be held at the pool, and Brando seemed concerned.

After Sasha was gone, Brando told Dante that he had a problem. Dante laughed after hearing what Brando had to say and told him to "bite the bullet" and do the job. Brando insisted that he would prefer to be arrested.

Sam arrived and apologized to Dante for being late. She informed him that Curtis might be able to get them more information, but she accused Dante of not paying attention. He told her about Carly's party. Sam began to laugh, but she appreciated Brando's drive for some extra money. They flirted until Dante received a message to report to work. They hoped to see each other again soon.

Willow and Sasha met at the pool and made small talk. Willow told Sasha that Chase was able to walk and that he had learned about Willow and Michael before they had had a chance to tell him. Sasha was empathetic and hoped the couple was happy. Sasha also wished she knew if Brando was working with the mob.

Josslyn announced that Carly was on the way. Carly walked in as everyone shouted, "Surprise!" Carly was shocked to find out that the private party at the pool was for her benefit. She admitted that she was starting to feel like a real bride and couldn't wait to get married. Josslyn mentioned the tension between Carly and Jax, and Bobbie wanted to pursue it. Josslyn declared that they had worked things out.

Olivia told Willow that she had heard that something had been going on. Willow promised to chat in a few days, but she disclosed that she and Michael were together. Olivia confessed that she'd always thought they belonged together.

Olivia told Carly that she deserved the party and admitted that she might have told anyone else that they were getting married too soon. She maintained that Carly had known Jason forever, and she wished Carly luck for having the Quartermaines as in-laws. The women joked that they would be in it together.

Sasha explained to Willow that Brando was on a job, and he wouldn't tell her about it. Carly overheard, and she promised that Brando wasn't working with the mob again. Sasha thought that he might have enjoyed the excitement when he'd worked undercover and admitted that she'd overheard Brando and Carly talking at the garage. Carly made it clear that Brando had only offered to listen. Sasha was worried that danger could still show up, but Carly urged her to trust Brando.

Olivia shouted that the entertainment had arrived, and the lights were dimmed. It was Brando, dressed in a tuxedo, and he began to dance to the music. The women were all aghast at first, and Josslyn reminded Carly that she was 18. Brando smiled at Sasha, and the women began to shout and scream. He pulled Olivia into a dance, and he began to remove his clothing. The women surrounded him, and he beckoned to Sasha. He was left with nothing but his underwear. Sasha remained distant as Brando performed.

After the performance, Brando dressed and told Sasha that he hadn't known that it was Carly's party. Sasha announced that they both needed a drink, and she pulled him away from the others. Brando explained that he hadn't told Sasha about it because he hadn't thought that she would be a fan of the idea. He added that his other jobs were with Kelly's and some office buildings. He apologized for the embarrassment, and he offered to quit, although it was good money.

Sasha stopped Brando from calling to quit. She thought that even with women giving him money, it would be safer than working for Cyrus. She stressed that Brando had to return home to her.

Carly recalled that she and Jason had almost kissed, and Olivia sensed that something was wrong. She ordered Carly to "cut loose" because she was marrying her best friend.

Josslyn, Bobbie, and Olivia had all enjoyed the performance. Olivia joked about the old days of strip joints and swore that she had only read about it. They all laughed.

Bobbie recalled Carly and Jason being a duo when Michael had been a baby, and she said Jason had always been there for Carly. Bobbie thought they were enjoying the sweetest love there was. Carly admitted that at one time, she'd done everything she could to marry Jason. Bobbie thought they were magical, and Jason would do anything for Carly. Carly admitted that she'd never understood that, and she was lucky.

At the Savoy, Spinelli nursed his sore knuckles. N'Neka apologized that she'd had to follow house rules. Dante walked in with a uniformed cop and announced that everyone would have to go to the station. As the shouting began, he said he didn't want to hear the excuses from Spinelli, Joey, or anyone else.

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