General Hospital Recaps: The week of July 26, 2021 on GH

Finn and Liz each confessed the truth about Peter's demise. Peter's body vanished from the freezer. Stella helped herself to Jordan and Curtis' signed divorce papers. Trina learned that Portia and Curtis were dating. Carly walked in on a close moment between Michael and Willow. Gladys got the boot from Brando. Austin discovered Chase's secret.
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Stella stole Jordan and Curtis' signed divorce papers, and Peter's body vanished from the freezer
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Anna and Jason are clued in to Peter's demise Anna and Jason are clued in to Peter's demise

Monday, July 26, 2021

At the park, Jason convinced Elizabeth to tell him what had happened to Peter after she insisted that she was too busy to discuss it. Jason told her he wanted to help because he believed she was in trouble. "Peter August is dead," she finally said. She told him about the sequence of events on the hospital roof that had led to Peter's death. She admitted that the only thing she and Finn had been able to do had been to get rid of the body.

Elizabeth didn't feel any remorse, but she felt bad for Maxie, who was still afraid of Peter. She revealed that the body was in a freezer in Helena's lab in the hospital sub-basement. Jason quickly put together a cover story in case anyone had seen them talking together. He assured her that he would make it go away.

Alexis was shocked to see Ryan sitting in his wheelchair at the new prison in Spring Ridge. "Fancy meeting you here," she said to the expressionless man. Alexis voiced her surprise and waved her hand in front of his face. She noted that she had been sure she would only be in a prison with individuals who had committed white-collar crimes or "drunken ragers."

"Just how recovered are you?" she asked as she bent over to look into his face. As she went to touch his hand, someone touched her on the shoulders from behind. Startled, she gasped and turned around. It was Nikolas. They shared a hug, and she pointed to Ryan. Nikolas quickly turned the wheelchair toward the wall. "Enjoy the view, you son of a bitch!" Nikolas exclaimed.

"Oh, that's mature," Alexis declared. She and Nikolas sat down at a table, where Nikolas expressed his rage over Alexis and Ryan being in the same prison. Alexis maintained that Ryan couldn't move or speak and probably wouldn't murder anyone. Nikolas revealed that Spencer was home, and he also informed Alexis that he and Ava might be getting divorced. He told her about the stalker.

Alexis was certain that Ryan wasn't the stalker, and Nikolas admitted that it could be a fan of Ryan's or someone who had wanted to impress Ryan. He needed to find the person. Alexis dramatically replied that it was too bad that Nikolas didn't have anyone around to get any kind of information. "Oh, wait!" she added as she rolled her eyes. She volunteered to keep an eye on Ryan, but Nikolas wasn't having any part of it. He didn't want Alexis to look for trouble. "I think I can handle a deactivated serial killer," Alexis insisted. Ryan's face broke into a slight grin.

At the Tan-O, Nina informed "Mike" that she planned on staying in Nixon Falls for as long as she was needed. They began to flirt, and "Mike" grabbed a couple of beers. They shared a table, and he admitted that he was happy to see Nina. She was happy to see him, and she told him she liked his stubble. She gently touched his face. "Mike" confessed that he had almost driven to Port Charles to see her, but he had restrained himself from interrupting her time with her grandson.

Nina told him all about Wiley and other family members, and she shared how she'd gotten along with the other grandmother. Nina appreciated Jax arranging for her to see Wiley, but she no longer thought about Jax. She had found herself thinking about "Mike." She admonished herself for thinking that she and "Mike" would work out, and she didn't think that she could make a life in Nixon Falls.

"Mike" wondered how Nina could not make a life in Nixon Falls, and he told her that she could visit Wiley anytime. Nina was worried that her life in Port Charles would taint her life with "Mike," and he was worried that his old self would show up. He confessed that it had been uncomfortable and scary when he'd grabbed the gun. He would risk losing his old life to be with Nina.

"Mike" and Nina continued to flirt, and they took a "selfie" with "Mike's" phone. Nina announced that she was tired and wanted to rest before taking Lenny for treatment the following day. "Mike" turned on the jukebox and reminded her that she owed him a dance for his jar of sauce. They began to slow dance and kiss. Nina grabbed the empty sauce jar from her purse and tossed it to "Mike." She told him she'd put it on simmer, and it had been the best sauce ever.

Sam and Shawn met up at the Metro Court pool in order to conduct their surveillance. Sam picked up a couple of drinks, and they lounged in the sun until Shawn spotted their target's arrival. It was Jax, and Sam went over to him to say hello. He mentioned that they were members of the same club because both of their exes were together. They spoke about Alexis, and Sam told him that her mother had been moved to a less dangerous prison.

Jax maintained that he had tried to visit Alexis previously, without success, and Sam told him that Alexis had refused visits from everyone. She had been busy helping other inmates. Shawn joined in and noted that Alexis had helped him. Jax made it clear that Hayden's shooter belonged in jail, but Sam informed him that Shawn hadn't been that person.

Sam told Jax that Shawn believed that Hayden had known her shooter, and they wanted Jax's help in order to find Hayden. Sam had believed that Jax and Hayden had been close, but Jax clarified that they had only been business associates. He had tried to locate Hayden, but she had cut off all communication. Sam wondered why Hayden hadn't even attempted to contact her daughter, and Jax suggested that it had been in order to protect Violet.

Jax declared that he was willing to help with resources if Sam and Shawn were able to learn anything. He suggested they talk to Hayden's sister, Elizabeth. He added that he and Hayden had been working on a scheme with Nikolas, and he should be consulted, too.

At General Hospital, Monica summoned Britt and Terry to her office. She told them that the candidates for the new chief of staff had been narrowed down to the two of them. As the women began to bicker, Monica announced that the final decision had already been made. She continued that both women were qualified, and she congratulated both of them. It had been decided that the two doctors would be co-chiefs of staff.

Britt and Terry began to argue again. Monica made it clear that both women possessed various needed skills, and there would be a fresh perspective on things. She thought they would make a good team. Britt stormed out of the office. "Maybe I spoke too soon," Monica lamented.

Monica stressed that Terry and Britt would have to be a package, and the result would be both of them or neither of them. If need be, there would be a new candidate. Terry promised to try to persuade Britt to accept. Monica thought flattery could be a way to go.

In Finn's office, Anna announced that she might have a line on Peter, but she hoped not as she looked at Finn. He closed his office door, and they began to talk about Valentin. Valentin and Anna had both wanted to protect their loved ones, and Anna had been determined to track Peter down. She hadn't known where it would lead. She told Finn that the pilot had been found, but he had been unable to provide any news on either Peter or the baby. He had seen a man standing with Peter on the hospital roof as he'd circled the helicopter.

Finn wanted to tell Anna the truth, but she stopped him. She noted that no man had come forward as the one who had been on the roof. She suspected that he had either been an accomplice or an adversary who hadn't spoken up. She thought perhaps something unintended might have happened to Peter, and the man's future could be at risk.

Just then, Elizabeth burst in and began to say that she had just spoken to someone. She eyed Finn and Anna and stopped short. Elizabeth claimed to need Finn for a consultation, but he told her he was busy. As he ushered her to the door, he whispered that she didn't have to worry. She quickly placed a phone call to Jason and told him that she had a bad feeling that Anna knew something.

Anna continued that the person involved with Peter on the roof might receive some consideration from her if an accident had occurred. Finn didn't think the police or a judge would provide the same consideration. Anna was sure that the police would arrive soon, as the pilot was in custody and would tell them the same thing he'd told her. There was one chance for the person to get in front of it with her by his side.

Anna stated that she wouldn't blame the person for being reluctant due to her recent past. She knew that Finn had been the one on the roof. He offered to show her where Peter had gone.

Out in the hallway, Jason spoke to Spinelli on the phone. He wanted the cameras on the roof to go down, and he asked Spinelli to hack them. He ended the call and ran into Britt. They eyed each other awkwardly, and Britt demanded to know if Jason had spoken to Monica about her. She was annoyed, but he told her he hadn't. He moved onto the elevator, and Britt stopped him.

Britt ordered Jason to repay her for the extra electric toothbrush head she had purchased for him. As she deliberated on the cost, he offered her a twenty-dollar bill. "Venmo me!" she suggested, as Jason looked at her in confusion.

Terry looked on at the exchange and confronted Elizabeth. She didn't think that Britt deserved her reputation because she seemed desperate for compassion. Elizabeth was too busy to talk to Terry, and when Britt arrived, Elizabeth took off. Terry mentioned changing her toothbrush, and Britt laughed. She asked if Terry had been eavesdropping. Terry hoped that Britt wouldn't turn down the job because of Jason. She assured Britt it wasn't a demotion.

Jason began to prowl around in the sub-basement; his only light was from the flashlight he carried.

Monica welcomed Robert, head of security, into her office. He told her that new software designed to help with future tampering, had detected that someone had been trying to get into the system. The alarms had gone off.

Elizabeth called someone for help.

Finn and Anna wandered into the sub-basement. Anna asked about Peter's time there. Finn pointed to the freezer. "In there," he said.

Finn takes Anna to Peter's frozen final resting place Finn takes Anna to Peter's frozen final resting place

Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Jordan sat in her office at the police station and looked over the divorce papers. Stella arrived, and Jordan assured the accompanying police officer that Stella was family. Jordan told Stella that she had gone to the Savoy the previous evening to see Curtis, but she had received an answer that she and Stella hadn't wanted. Jordan had seen Curtis and Portia in a "close moment," so Jordan had turned around and left.

Stella pointed out that Portia and Curtis shared a past, and she would talk to them. Jordan quickly urged her to "let it go." Jordan and Curtis' marriage hadn't worked, even though they loved each other. Jordan needed to move on just as Curtis had. Jordan completed signing, put the papers in an envelope, and tossed it into her outgoing bin. Stella sat quietly as Jordan declared that she felt better. She noted that she and Curtis were free, and there would be no more looking back. The tears rolled down her face.

Jordan was summoned to an interrogation, and Stella announced that she would see herself out. Jordan left, and Stella grabbed the envelope. She put it into her purse. "My family is my business," Stella exclaimed. She asked the Lord to forgive her.

Carly and Josslyn were at the Metro Court pool. Josslyn was busy with her phone, and her mother asked her about Cameron and Trina. Before Josslyn was able to update her, Spencer arrived and interrupted her. Carly chuckled at the teens' interaction; Josslyn was cool toward Spencer. Carly asked Spencer about his return, and he claimed to have been in town for only a few days.

Spencer was pleased to hear about Carly and Jason, and he was certain that Sonny would have approved. They made small talk about Nikolas and Ava, also. Spencer went on to say that Carly and Jason had been long-time friends before their relationship, just like Josslyn and Cameron. Carly was aghast, but Josslyn was unable to talk as Spencer blabbed on. Finally, Josslyn shoved him into the pool again. "God, I wish he'd stayed in Italy!" Josslyn declared. She smiled.

Spencer climbed out of the pool and grumbled that the dunkings had grown annoying. He hadn't known that Josslyn's relationship was a secret. Josslyn replied that she had just been about to tell her mother when Spencer had interrupted. Carly retrieved a towel and asked Spencer for some privacy. She and Josslyn sat down, and Carly demanded that Josslyn stop pushing Spencer into the pool for liability reasons. Josslyn argued that Spencer was a jerk and had deserved it. She hoped that Trina stayed away from him.

Josslyn confessed that her relationship with Cameron was new, and Carly was happy for her. She reminded Josslyn that Josslyn could talk to her about anything. Josslyn admitted that her relationship was a surprise to both her and Cameron, even though others had recognized it. They'd known each other forever, just like Jason and Carly. She guessed it was the same. Carly thought it was different.

Nearby, Curtis sat at a table and thought about his previous evening with Portia. Shawn arrived, and the men greeted each other heartily. Shawn proclaimed that it felt "damn good" to be free, although he still had problems and challenges in his pursuit of Hayden's real shooter. He thought that Curtis could help him. Curtis reminded him that he was no longer in that business, but he thought that Sam would be able to help.

Curtis mentioned that he had been friends with Hayden and had attempted to locate the shooter but had never found anything. He promised to go through his old files in case there was anything that Shawn could use. Shawn spoke about missing T.J. while he'd been in prison, and he appreciated Curtis being there for the boy. He had always thought of Curtis as a good friend. Curtis replied that Shawn's thanks meant a lot to him, and he'd done his best.

Shawn wondered what else was going on with Curtis, and Curtis told him that he had enjoyed recharging at the pool after time spent at his club. He asked what Shawn would do after the shooter had been tracked down because he wanted Shawn to work for him at the club. He knew that Shawn had the experience, and he wanted Shawn to help him to run the Savoy.

Curtis added that Shawn would be able to learn whatever he didn't already know, and the job wasn't a handout. He needed someone that he could trust. Shawn couldn't guarantee a long-term stay, and he wanted to figure out the new direction for his life. He wanted to be his own boss. Curtis suggested that Shawn take the job on a temporary basis, and Shawn accepted. Curtis added that it could be whenever Shawn felt ready.

Trina arrived home and opened the squeaky front door. She saw Portia sitting on the sofa and asked her about her late night at the hospital. She had heard Portia arrive home due to the noisy door, and she was concerned that her mother had been working too much. Portia confessed that she'd gone out for fun with Terry, and Trina couldn't believe it. Portia was evasive on details, but Trina pressed.

Portia finally admitted that she'd been at the Savoy with Curtis because Terry had urged her to seek him out. She hadn't dated much, and she and Curtis enjoyed each other. Trina thought about it and realized that previous incidents made sense. Portia wanted to know how Trina felt about it.

Trina only wanted her mother to be happy, and Portia explained that she and Curtis had only admitted their feelings the previous night. Trina was glad that Portia told her, but she wondered if Jordan knew. She thought that Portia and Jordan were friends. Portia hoped to remain friends, but it had been most important for her to tell Trina first. Portia was glad for their talk, and she wanted to keep communicating. Trina left, and Portia thought that things had gone better than she had expected. Outside, Trina frowned.

Curtis stopped at the house and asked about the loud front door. Portia told him the squealing door had happened after he'd kicked it in when he'd saved her and Trina. She revealed that she'd given Trina the news, and her daughter had seemed okay with it. Curtis was surprised. Portia added that it felt good that she and Trina were becoming friends because she needed one. Both admitted to thinking about Jordan, and Curtis thought he'd better say something.

Finn and Anna got to the sub-basement at the hospital. Finn divulged that Peter hadn't escaped but was in the freezer. "Peter August is dead. I killed him," he said. Anna confessed that she had trouble believing that Finn had done it, and he told her about the rooftop experience and his pushing Peter down the stairs. It had been against everything he stood for, but he confessed that he would do it again.

Anna knew that Finn wasn't a murderer. Finn told her that there had been nothing he'd been able to do to help, because Peter had been already dead. He hadn't told Anna because it wouldn't have helped her to locate Louise, and he hadn't been able to risk leaving Violet alone. Finn was sorry that he'd been hard on Anna for keeping secrets. Anna went over the story again and expressed her belief that Finn couldn't have acted alone to get the body to the freezer.

Finn insisted that he'd acted alone. Anna informed him that the police would be closing in, and she wanted to help. She understood that he wanted to protect someone else, but Finn assured her there was no one else. Anna had always felt that she'd have to identify Peter's body one day, and she pointed out that he had turned out to be just like Faison due to his choices.

In a hallway, Jason spoke to Spinelli on the phone and thanked him for hacking into the security cameras. He needed Spinelli to do another favor.

Scott met with Elizabeth at her request. "How does the law define justifiable homicide?" Elizabeth asked him. They went into an empty examination room to talk. Scott wanted to know what kind of trouble Elizabeth was in, and Elizabeth denied that it was about her. Scott doubted there was really a friend, but Elizabeth insisted there was. The person had killed someone in desperation, and it had been an accident.

Scott made it clear that Elizabeth would be an accessory, and he explained the situation. She stated that her friend was afraid of being questioned, and she wondered if Scott could represent the person. Scott called it a conflict of interest and maintained that Elizabeth was his top priority. He wanted to know the specifics in order to help.

Elizabeth couldn't tell Scott anything because others were involved. She didn't want Scott to tell anyone anything. Scott advised her to stay quiet and not to talk to the police. As they hugged, Elizabeth and Jason locked eyes through the door's window. Jason wanted to talk to Elizabeth, and Scott confirmed that Jason wasn't the friend that he and Elizabeth had been speaking about.

Scott left, and Jason and Elizabeth went back into the room. She divulged that she thought Anna knew something, and she asked Jason if he'd received her message. She asked if he'd been able to retrieve Peter's body.

Back at the pool, Shawn greeted Carly and Josslyn with hugs. He couldn't get over how much Josslyn had grown. Josslyn went off after spotting Trina, and Carly sat down with Shawn. She wanted to know if he would return to the family business. Shawn disclosed that he would be working for Curtis, and Carly was sad. He looked at her engagement ring and suggested that she and Jason would be able to handle things. She thanked him for stabbing Jason in prison.

Josslyn and Trina were ready to gossip, and Spencer showed up. He was eager to hear everything, but the girls were cold to him. Josslyn announced that she'd had to promise to stop pushing Spencer into the pool for telling Carly her news. She heard about Spencer's ploy to ruin Trina's matchmaking between Ava and Nikolas, and Spencer finally stormed off. Josslyn revealed that it had been awkward for Spencer to tell Carly her news. Trina thought it was more awkward to have one's mother open up.

In the hospital sub-basement, Finn confessed that he felt relieved. He and Anna opened the freezer, but it was empty. Upstairs, Jason informed Elizabeth that Peter's body had not been in the freezer.

Police search the hospital sub-basement Police search the hospital sub-basement

Wednesday, July 28, 2021

At Jordan's request, Dante stepped into her office at the police station in order to provide her with updates into Peter's disappearance. He told her about the disabled cameras at the hospital and that the pilot's description of the other person on the roof had been vague. Jordan reported that the cameras had gone down again that day, according to Monica, and they wondered if Cyrus' people were behind it.

Portia and Curtis made out on the sofa at Portia's house. She expressed her amazement that they were actually real. Portia explained that she'd told Trina about them because no one else had ever been as important after her divorce as Curtis was. Curtis was touched and surprised as Portia poured glasses of wine. Portia noted that Trina had felt weird, but she'd wanted Portia to be happy.

Portia confessed that if things had turned out differently with Trina, she would have done her best to convince her daughter otherwise. Curtis wanted to take Portia and Trina out to dinner when they were ready. Portia promised to take him up on it after they had a chance to spend more time together -- and after he told Jordan about them.

Curtis asked Portia if she'd told Trina about their previous affair during the time that Portia had still been married to Taggert. Portia said that she had not because it would have broken Trina's heart. Curtis thought that Trina would be able to handle it, but Portia didn't understand why Trina needed to know. Curtis felt that secrets had a way of coming out. The couple strongly disagreed with each other, but Portia assured him they weren't fighting. She looked forward to dinner, candlelight, music, and whatever followed once he spoke to Jordan.

At the Metro Court pool, Trina and Josslyn indulged in some new, non-alcoholic drinks. Josslyn expressed how nice things were without Spencer, although Trina thought he could be nice. "Proceed with caution," Josslyn urged her friend. Trina was thinking more about the mother-daughter talk she'd had with Portia. She couldn't believe that Portia was dating someone, and it had been the first time that Portia had ever said anything along those lines.

Trina thought it seemed weird, and the girls talked about how fast life had been changing. Both of their mothers seemed to be going forward in new directions with their own lives as the girls had been preparing for college. Eventually, Trina informed Josslyn that Curtis was the man that Portia was dating, and Josslyn was surprised. Trina had had a feeling that the couple had been dating for a while, although she'd learned that Jordan and Curtis' marriage had ended due to Jordan's keeping secrets.

Trina added that she had seen Portia helping Curtis to remove his wedding band, but Ava had told her not to worry. She still wondered if Portia and Curtis had been involved earlier and if Curtis had cheated on Jordan with her mother. Josslyn noted that parents made mistakes, but Trina confessed that she felt unsettled. She was worried that Curtis could do the same thing to Portia that he might have done to Jordan. Josslyn maintained that they were adults, and it was none of their business. Trina said that Josslyn was wrong, and she jumped into the pool.

After a swim, Trina and Josslyn emerged from the pool. Trina vowed to keep an eye on Curtis, and she suggested that he'd better treat her mother well.

At Metro Court, Brando and Sasha sat at a table with non-alcoholic drinks. Brando wanted to share everything from the drinks to the labor pains. He revealed that he had told Carly that he wasn't interested in Sonny's business, and she had seemed relieved and happy for Brando. Sasha noted that Carly had helped and supported her through her trying time. She wondered where she and Brando would go from there.

Brando wanted to spend more time with Sasha. Just then, Sasha received a reminder on her phone. She was scheduled to look at apartments because hers would be too small with the baby. Brando replied that he had to baby-proof his place, and he hoped that one day, the three of them would be there. Sasha wondered if he was referring to Gladys or to the baby.

At the bar, Carly flashed back to removing her wedding rings and receiving the new ring from Jason. She was startled when Laura approached her and announced that she wanted to celebrate Carly's engagement. Gladys showed up and congratulated Carly and declared that she would mark her calendar. Carly and Laura exchanged unamused looks. Carly informed Gladys that no date had been set and that Gladys wouldn't be invited.

Gladys insisted that Sonny would want certain people there, and she thought that would be better than Carly dancing on Sonny's grave. Brando walked over and asked Gladys to join him and Sasha for a drink. Gladys complained that the drinks were too expensive, especially after Brando had chosen not to work for the Corinthos family. She proceeded to go off, and Brando pulled her away from the bar. Carly and Laura began to giggle.

Carly made it clear that Gladys's comment about dancing on Sonny's grave was wrong, and Laura told her not to let Gladys get into her head. They shared a toast. Carly said that she had no second thoughts. She had loved Sonny for a long time, and she missed him. Jason had been grieving for Sonny, also. Laura stated that a part of Carly would always be with Sonny, and it was natural for good friends to develop into something more.

Carly spoke about wanting to marry Jason in the past when Michael had been a baby. Laura assured her that she and Kevin had started out as friends, and they had only gotten closer. Carly thought that Laura was lucky, and Laura noted that she wouldn't have been able to get through the tragedy with Lulu if not for Kevin.

Carly wasn't used to being involved with her best friend, but she thought it was right. She hoped that Sonny would approve, and Laura thought that Sonny would understand and be grateful. Carly stressed that she didn't miss Sonny less. Laura pointed out that marriage was like a long-distance race, and it was an advantage to be with someone that one trusted and knew.

Gladys sat with Brando and Sasha. She stated that if the baby was anything like Brando, there would be lots of dirty diapers. Sasha assured her they'd be prepared. Gladys made it clear that there was no room for Sasha and the baby at Brando's place, but she was shocked when Brando declared that it was time for Gladys to move out. Gladys accused Sasha of putting Brando up to it, but Brando told her he needed the space for a nursery.

Gladys suggested that the baby sleep with Brando when it visited, but Brando was insistent. He told Gladys to get her own place, one that he would not pay for, and to get a job. Sasha smiled sweetly. Gladys turned up her nose and explained that all of her previous jobs had been hard work. Sometimes, she'd had extra money courtesy of Mike. Brando began to argue with her, and Gladys wondered who would hire her with her age and lack of skills.

Sasha offered to hire Gladys at Deception as an administrative assistant to answer phones and the like. Gladys thought it sounded tedious, and Brando shook his head. Sasha asked Gladys what she thought of when she thought of Deception. Gladys said it was perfect people, glamour, and beauty. Sasha said that people would think that Gladys had a glamorous job, and they would be in awe. She agreed to throw in free makeup at Gladys' request. Brando looked at Sasha admiringly as Gladys accepted.

Gladys took a gulp of her drink and announced that she had to leave to prepare. She noted that Sasha wouldn't regret it. Brando clapped his hands. "Bravo!" he said. He thought that Sasha deserved a gold medal, and he asked if she knew what she'd gotten herself into. Sasha hoped that she'd be keeping Gladys busy and out of their lives in order for them to gain some privacy.

In the General Hospital sub-basement, Anna and Finn opened the freezer. It was empty. Finn insisted that he had put Peter's body inside himself. They closed the freezer, and Finn asserted that no one else had known about the body. Anna suggested that someone could be protecting Finn, and she asked if Finn had been sure that Peter had been dead. Finn retorted that he would have known if someone had been dead, but Anna asked if he could have made a mistake.

Upstairs, Elizabeth was beside herself after Jason told her the freezer had been empty. She was also worried because she'd seen Anna and Finn together, and she thought Anna could be behind it. Jason was sure that Anna couldn't have gotten to the freezer before him, but he pointed out that Peter had had lots of enemies. Elizabeth asked if someone else could have taken the body.

Jason confirmed that Spinelli had taken down the cameras again that day. He received a message from Spinelli that stated that Spinelli had not seen anyone else in the area prior to the cameras going down. Jason pointed out that anyone could have taken the body. Elizabeth insisted that most people didn't even know about the sub-basement lab.

Elizabeth recapped the events from the time she'd found Peter's body. She acknowledged that there had not been a pulse, although she wasn't sure if Finn had checked. Jason suggested that perhaps Peter hadn't been dead. "Finn and I know what dead looks like," Elizabeth snapped. She thought that Finn and Anna might know something.

Dante and Jordan spoke to the head security man, Robert, regarding the cameras. The cops headed to the sub-basement and were surprised to see Anna and Finn. Anna claimed to be following up and retracing Peter's steps. She had discovered the elevator shaft on the roof. Jordan wondered why Finn was involved, and he explained that he had seen Anna and had offered to help.

Just then, Dante spotted some blood by the edge of the freezer. Anna and Finn quickly looked at each other as the cops began to develop their crime scene. Anna informed them that her and Finn's fingerprints would be around, as she hadn't thought to wear gloves. Off to the side, Finn thanked Anna for covering for him. Anna related that the police suspected that Peter was alive, and she wasn't sure that he wasn't. There was no body.

Anna offered to talk to the police, and she suggested that Finn check with Elizabeth. Finn took off. Jordan informed Anna that her top forensic specialists had been called in. Upon inspection, Dante found more blood and guessed that if it was Peter's, he had been badly hurt. Jordan was determined to locate the man who had been on the roof with Peter.

Elizabeth complained that she had been worried for nothing if someone had taken the body during the few weeks after Peter's death. Finn knocked on the door and was jolted to see Jason. Elizabeth stated that Jason knew everything, and Finn admitted that Anna did, as well.

Finn stated that there had not been a body in the freezer, and the police were there. No one was aware that Elizabeth had been involved. He added that Anna believed that someone had helped him, and the police thought that Peter was alive. Jason stated that they were off the hook for the time being.

The searches for Peter and Hayden intensify The searches for Peter and Hayden intensify

Thursday, July 29, 2021

Josslyn stopped at Cameron's house on the way to the pool. They began to kiss until Elizabeth walked in on them. "Good morning!" Elizabeth said as the teens awkwardly broke apart. Josslyn informed Cameron that she'd meet him at the pool, and she left. Cameron apologized for not saying anything sooner, and he noted that he and Josslyn were kind of together. Elizabeth thought it looked like more than that, and she was glad they had each other. Cameron confessed that he had always gone to Franco about that kind of thing.

Elizabeth assured her son that Franco would have wanted to see him happy. Cameron and Elizabeth both offered to listen to the other whenever an ear was needed, and Cameron told his mother that Franco would have wanted them all to be happy. Cameron departed, and Elizabeth flashed back to a walk in the park with Finn as they had discussed Peter.

Trina and Ava arrived at the Metro Court pool, where Ava had decided they could work remotely. Ava wanted the teen to enjoy being with friends, and Spencer showed up and agreed. He asked Ava about Avery, but Ava urged Trina to put her orders on Ava's tab as Ava went off to the bar. Trina stated that Ava was determined to find her stalker.

Inside the restaurant, Sam sat at a table with Nikolas, who informed her that he'd visited Alexis at Spring Ridge. He noted that it was better than Pentonville except for the fact that Ryan Chamberlain was there. Nikolas was sure it was nothing to worry about, and there was no danger. Ryan couldn't move or talk. Sam wasn't buying it, and she believed that Ryan could fool anyone.

Nikolas revealed that he and Ava were getting a divorce, whether Ryan was the stalker or not. Sam informed Nikolas that she was trying to locate Hayden's shooter, and she wanted Nikolas' help. Nikolas replied that his marriage to Hayden had been complicated, and Hayden had taken off because she'd been afraid of Valentin. Nikolas had planned on cutting Hayden in on the proceeds he'd received after getting his legacy back, but she had disappeared.

Sam hoped to get in touch with Hayden's mother, Naomi Dreyfuss. Nikolas maintained that Hayden had made questionable choices, and he thought that Sam should stop looking for her. He was distracted when he spotted Ava walking in.

Nikolas walked over to the bar and told the bartender to put Ava's drink on his tab. Ava didn't think they should be seen together, and he asked why she looked down. She told him that she had just been reminded that she couldn't see Avery. Nikolas told her that he'd seen Ryan, and his condition had been the same, so he couldn't be their stalker. Ava was concerned that that left them having no idea who it might be.

Ava was clear that they couldn't have a future together until they found the stalker. Nikolas replied that there was nothing he wouldn't do to help her, and she hated seeing him hurting, too. Nikolas grabbed Ava in a big hug, and they stood with their arms wrapped around each other.

Back at the pool, Spencer annoyed Trina as she lay on a chaise lounge while reading a magazine. He asked what they could put on Ava's tab, but Trina informed him that he hadn't been included in the offer. She noted that he was a Cassadine who could afford his own tab. As Spencer began to brag about his money, Cameron and Josslyn arrived, and Trina told them that Spencer had offered to throw a party. Spencer was surprised.

Josslyn thought it was nice, and she and Trina began to make plans. Spencer blurted out that he'd never said anything about a party, and Trina accused him of backing out. "Whatever the lady wants, the lady gets," Spencer said. Spencer offered to put food on the Cassadine tab, and Trina declined. She suggested that Spencer not have a party if his father would disapprove; she admitted that she'd forced him into it. Spencer insisted he would have the "biggest rager Port Charles ever saw." He walked away.

Trina told Josslyn that she'd tried to let Spencer off the hook, and Cameron declared that Spencer didn't always deliver. Trina asked if Spencer was a liar, but Josslyn thought of him as a "compulsive exaggerator." She also thought that Spencer could be obnoxious. Trina suspected that Josslyn was warning her away from Spencer. Josslyn denied it, while Cameron thought it was a good idea.

Josslyn promised to always support Trina and not judge. She informed Trina that Elizabeth had walked in on her and Cameron, and it had been embarrassing. Cameron told them that he and Elizabeth had had a talk afterward, and she had been "chill." Trina confessed that she would have been uncomfortable if it had happened to her.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Olivia wanted Brook Lynn to help her decorate for Wiley's birthday party. Valentin was late for a meeting, but he promised to return. Brook Lynn held "Bailey" and walked around with her. Olivia praised Brook Lynn's mothering skills. She thought that Brook Lynn had been afraid of being overpowering with a mother's love and had therefore been generous to Valentin. Olivia thought that Brook Lynn's tough shell had cracked.

Valentin encountered Chase in the foyer, and he apologized for Chase's fate. Valentin felt that he had been responsible, since he had been the one to hand Peter over to Faison, and he'd tried to fix things too late. Chase insisted that only Peter was responsible for the wheelchair, but his relationship with Willow had sped up. Valentin noted that Chase's positive attitude was helpful.

In the study and alone with the baby, Brook Lynn cooed at the baby. She thought they should keep their relationship professional, although Valentin was another story because he didn't know the truth. She noted that "Bailey's" real father was a "wall-crawling psycho." She put the baby in the bassinet and told her not to get too comfortable. She wanted the baby girl to save her eyes for her real mother. Chase overheard as he wheeled into the room.

Brook Lynn was startled and told Chase he'd given her a heart attack. She covered and said that she didn't feel like the baby's real mother. Chase knew how devoted she was, and Brook Lynn disclosed that Olivia had even complimented her. Chase admitted that he'd been putting on a front for Willow until he could really feel like her husband. Brook Lynn was noticeably uncomfortable and changed the subject. She declared that she was unable to sing to the baby, and Chase asked to hold her. She put the baby in his arms, and he began to sing a lullaby.

Brook Lynn put the baby back in the bassinet after Chase's lullaby, and he told her to tell Willow about his skill. He didn't think the current version of himself would be enough for Willow, but Brook Lynn thought that anyone would want him as a husband. Chase said the same went for her as a mother.

Later, Brook Lynn spoke to "Bailey," and she admitted that while the baby was Maxie's, she had grown on Brook Lynn.

A knock on the front door at Anna's house revealed Dante, who asked why Anna had been holding out on him. Anna replied that she had just seen him in the sub-basement at the hospital, which had been a last-minute trip for her. Dante updated her on the unusable fingerprints that had been found, as well as lots of blood droplets. He surmised that Peter had been carried or had walked out.

Anna disclosed that she was waiting for Valentin, and after Dante turned up his nose, she made it clear that Valentin had changed. He insisted that people didn't change. As he opened the door to go out, Valentin was standing there. He quickly asked if Dante had located Peter. "No," replied Dante. "Did you?" he asked. Once they were alone, Anna assured Valentin that she hadn't shared everything with Dante.

Anna poured some tea. She informed Valentin that Finn had been the man on the roof with Peter, and she had to protect him. Valentin asked why, as he didn't have any feelings toward Finn. Anna stated that Finn had pushed Peter down the stairs and was convinced that Peter was dead. She filled Valentin in on the rest, and they were both sure that Finn had had some help. Anna continued that the body was gone from the freezer, but police had found traces of blood. Jordan wanted to focus on who had been with Peter on the roof.

Valentin was determined to find Peter first. He guessed the man was dead and that the body had been moved, or he was alive and in hiding. He believed that Peter was alive because he couldn't understand why someone would move the body. He added that Peter wasn't the first dead man to walk away in Port Charles. Anna thought it would be a relief if Peter was dead and if she hadn't been the one to have killed him. Valentin wanted Peter dead and buried -- and no longer a threat.

Dante arrived at the Quartermaine mansion and found Olivia covered in glitter, thanks to Rocco. Olivia thought it was a good idea that Dante was taking Rocco to visit Lulu, although she felt it cost Dante a lot when he saw his ex-wife. Dante replied that Lulu had been his life, and thanks to Laura, he was still able to visit her. He was the one who had wanted the divorce. Olivia thought that Dante was looking better of late, and she wondered if it was due to Sam.

Dante emphasized that he and Sam were friends, and she had pushed them both into the harbor. Olivia felt there were sparks, and she noted that Dante was smiling and laughing. She knew he had the "capacity to embrace life," and Lulu would want him to live life. He declared that he had been trying, and he thought he should let go. He guessed Olivia was right. She offered to lend an ear, but he wanted her to "butt out."

Sam paid a visit to Elizabeth, and they spoke about the Fourth of July, when they'd been in trouble for burning Jason's things. "It turned out all right in the end," Sam said as she flashed back to her kiss with Dante. She announced that she needed to find Hayden and told Elizabeth about Shawn. Elizabeth reminded Sam that she hadn't known that she and Hayden were sisters at the time of the shooting. Elizabeth flashed back to asking someone if they were responsible for the shooting. Sam thought that there could be danger if Hayden wasn't found.

Elizabeth couldn't think of anything relevant to tell Sam, but she noted that Hayden had changed after Violet. She didn't think it made sense for Hayden to disappear. They wondered if Hayden had been unable to return. Sam apologized for bringing up painful memories, and she said she would let Elizabeth know if she heard anything. Afterward, Elizabeth called Nikolas and told him they needed to talk about Hayden and what he had done.

Spencer saw Ava and Nikolas hugging in Metro Court, and he remained out of sight. Ava stated that she missed Nikolas and Avery, and she wanted them back. Shortly after, Spencer saw Ava alone, and she was crying. He stated that he could see how much she and Nikolas loved each other. He wanted to start over and declare a truce. He held out his hand.

Guests arrive for Wiley's birthday party Guests arrive for Wiley's birthday party

Friday, July 30, 2021

At the Metro Court restaurant, Spencer held out his hand to Ava and asked for a truce. She shook his hand, but she assured him that he didn't have to worry about forging a relationship with her, since she was out of Nikolas' life. "It didn't look that way a little while ago," Spencer shot back. He believed that Ava had been sending Nikolas mixed signals, as he'd caught them in a "close moment." She insisted that she hadn't intended for that to happen, but Spencer reminded her that actions mattered more than intentions. He continued that he was afraid for his father, as the stalker seemed like a legitimate threat, and he didn't want to go through losing Nikolas again.

Spencer took Ava's hand and pleaded with her to help him protect Nikolas. Ava insisted that she was doing everything she could to protect Nikolas and Avery. He urged her to make Nikolas stop fighting the divorce, and she conceded that Spencer was right. She was glad that he was on better terms with Nikolas, as Nikolas had missed his son. Spencer related that he'd returned home "just in time."

Shawn met up with Sam at the park, and she admitted that she had some bad news for him. She revealed that neither Elizabeth nor Nikolas had any idea where Hayden was or how to find her. Shawn added that he'd been calling Hayden's mother, but the calls had gone unreturned. He informed her that Curtis was checking his notes from six years before, which would take time, so they could find witnesses and jog memories in the meantime.

Shawn and Sam both thought of Drew, and Sam remembered that Sonny had ordered Shawn to kill Drew that night. Shawn was glad that Jordan had made him miss the shot, and so was Sam, as she wouldn't have Scout otherwise. Getting around to her good news, she figured that she could go back to the scene of the crime and look around, and Shawn was skeptical. Sam thought that Shawn should enjoy his life outside of prison, but he wanted to help put an attempted murderer behind bars. "Who knows how many others they've hurt?" he suggested.

There was a knock on Elizabeth's door, and she let Nikolas in. She revealed that Sam had been asking her questions about Hayden, which had made her remember something he'd said after Hayden had been shot. She remembered Nikolas telling her that he was the one who'd had Hayden shot. They recalled a conversation with each other during which Nikolas had claimed that he'd lied about having Hayden shot, as he'd wanted Elizabeth to think that he would do anything for her.

Elizabeth demanded honesty from Nikolas, and she asked him point-blank if he'd had Hayden shot. He insisted that it hadn't been him, and they might never know who had done it. He was glad to get something off her mind, and he assured her that he would always be there if she needed someone to talk to. He advised her to put it behind her. The two embraced, and Nikolas left. On either side of the door, Nikolas appeared worried, while Elizabeth was suspicious.

At the cemetery, someone put flowers down next to Jonah's grave and touched the gravestone.

At the Metro Court restaurant, Jason asked if Carly was ready to go to Wiley's birthday party. Carly commented that the party would be their first "family thing" as a couple, and he wondered if she was nervous. She answered that it was just a transition. He assured her that they'd made the best choice they could, so they needed to move forward. Carly was glad that she and Jason were in it together.

Michael arrived at the gatehouse just in time to help Willow finish wrapping Wiley's gifts. He made sure she was all right, as it was also the anniversary of her son's death. She talked about how she and Chase had gone to the cemetery that morning with flowers. She talked about how grateful she was to Chase for helping her through her initial grief, but she wished that Michael had been the one to accompany her to the cemetery. As they loaded gifts into a bag, they talked about how they would spend Wiley's next birthday together as a family, and the two shared a kiss.

Just then, there was a knock on the door, and Michael let Carly and Jason in. Carly suggested that Michael and Jason take all the gifts to the main house so she could talk to Willow. When the men were gone, Carly asked what Willow and Michael had been doing. Ignoring the answer that Willow stammered about raising Wiley together, Carly wondered if Willow felt the same about Michael that he felt about her. Willow explained why she'd married Chase, and Carly commended Willow for her kindness and loyalty. However, she warned Willow that she had a "bad poker face," so others would soon catch on that Willow had feelings for Michael -- if they hadn't already.

Willow insisted that she didn't want to hurt Chase, as she cared about him. However, her heart was with Michael, and it was getting harder to hide her feelings. Carly commiserated that the heart was "tricky." She assured Willow that she was always there to talk if Willow needed to. Willow was happy to be part of Carly's family, as it was all she'd wanted growing up, and she'd never been able to talk to Harmony like that. Carly gave Willow a hug.

Outside the main house, Jason wondered what was on Michael's mind. Michael confided in Jason about his situation with Willow and Chase. Jason assured Michael that he would figure things out and make the right decision, and Michael appreciated the vote of confidence. He hoped that he could give Wiley the same confidence that Jason had given to Michael as a child.

In the family room, Brook Lynn commended Chase on the decorations, but he reminded her that he hadn't been much help in the wheelchair. He was sick of being wheelchair-bound and feeling useless, but Brook Lynn reminded him that he'd sung "Bailey" to sleep, which she wasn't able to do. Just then, Valentin arrived with Austin, and Brook Lynn demanded to know why Austin was there. Austin replied that Michael had invited him, and he introduced himself to Chase.

Monica arrived and was glad to see that Austin had made it. Valentin explained to Austin that the Quartermaines were "a study in Darwinism," but having an ally helped. Just then, Brook Lynn wanted to talk to Valentin about "Bailey" and pulled him out into the foyer. Austin wondered how Chase fit into the family, and Chase explained his situation to Austin. He thanked Monica again for letting him stay, and Monica insisted that he could stay as long as he wanted. Monica informed Chase that Austin was the new doctor at the hospital, and she excused herself to go check with Olivia about the party.

In the foyer, Brook Lynn scolded Valentin for "sucking up to that interloper" and demanded that he back off. She spat that Austin would never side with Valentin over the family, anyway. He accused her of being "shaken" by Austin, as he'd noticed her watching Austin "like a hawk." Brook Lynn claimed that she believed Austin knew more about Louise than he was saying, so she was keeping an eye on him.

In the family room, Austin asked for Chase's honest opinion about the Quartermaines. Chase knew the family was intense, but they banded together when it counted. He thought that Austin would find his place in the family but warned him that thin skin wouldn't help him. Austin wondered what Chase did for a living, and, as Brook Lynn returned to the room, Chase talked about being a detective. Austin asked if there were any leads on Louise, but Brook Lynn chimed in with how lucky Maxie had been that Austin had been in the woods to deliver the baby. Austin talked about a dream he'd been having about hearing two women talking after he'd been knocked out. Brook Lynn suggested that it was Maxie and the "fake nurse," and unconvinced, he replied, "Maybe..."

A short while later, Valentin asked about Austin's lawsuit, and Austin replied that he wouldn't have filed it if he hadn't thought he could win. Valentin proposed lunch to discuss ELQ under his leadership, and Austin agreed. Across the room, Chase told Brook Lynn that he needed to rest for a few minutes before the party started, so he left the room. When he was gone, a worried Brook Lynn noticed Valentin talking to Austin.

Monica entered with Jason and Michael, and Michael greeted Austin, who thanked Michael for the invitation. Valentin chimed in that he and Austin were discussing how "gutsy" it would be to change CEOs when a company was thriving. Michael reminded Valentin that ELQ had been thriving before Valentin had taken over. Monica scolded them for talking about business, but Michael only wanted to clarify his position to Austin. He believed that ELQ needed to be run by a Quartermaine, and Ned was the one to do it.

Chase wheeled himself into the living room and closed the door behind him. He put the brakes on his chair and insisted, "You can do this." He lifted himself up until he was standing. He decided to try to take a step, and he took a couple small, wobbly steps as Austin looked in on him.

Monica wondered where Wiley was, and Carly volunteered to wake him up from his nap. When Carly was gone, Willow realized Chase wasn't there, and Brook Lynn updated her on Chase's whereabouts. Willow wanted to check on him, but Brook Lynn insisted that he was fine. Willow decided to go get Chase, anyway, and left the room. Just then, the doorbell rang, and Willow called out that she would get it. She opened the door and was in shock when she saw who was on the other side.

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