General Hospital Recaps: The week of June 28, 2021 on GH

Jason and Carly announced that they were engaged. Sparks flew between Valentin and Anna. Britt paid Brad a visit in jail. Gladys tried to push Sasha's buttons. Nikolas set a trap for the stalker. Nina learned that Sasha was pregnant. Josslyn kissed Cameron. Trina made a shocking entrance at her graduation party.
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Jason and Carly announced their engagement and Trina made a shocking entrance at her graduation party
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Nikolas tries to come up with a way to win Ava back

Nikolas tries to come up with a way to win Ava back

Monday, June 28, 2021

Nikolas pummeled the punching bag at Volonino's Gym as he thought about Ava sending him off, even though she still loved him. Lucy saw him and surmised that he was having trouble with Ava.

Valentin, Anna, and Austin poked around in the woods in Pautuck, looking for clues in Louise's kidnapping that might have been missed earlier. Anna wondered if the fake Chloe had handed over the baby to someone before falling or being pushed. Austin admitted that he had only been focused on Maxie. Anna felt that something was off. Austin announced that he had another engagement, but he handed Anna the keys to his house.

Anna thought that something about Austin seemed familiar, like a déjà vu feeling, but she couldn't put her finger on it. Valentin declared that he would always trust her instincts. She continued to look around. Valentin reminded her that the scene had deteriorated over time, and authorities had previously searched. Anna suggested that Valentin go home to his daughters, but he refused to leave her alone with her guilt.

Sasha ran into Brando at General Hospital, and he was surprised to see her. She admitted that she had known that he would be there to pick up Gladys, and she had had a routine doctor's appointment. Brando asked why she hadn't said anything to him when they'd been together earlier, and they discussed their "unconventional route." Brando stated that he would respect Sasha's privacy, but he wanted to be "kept in the loop" regarding her health as well as that of their baby.

Sasha confessed that the thought to tell him hadn't crossed her mind because she was more familiar with being on her own. She promised to keep him informed going forward, and she grabbed his hand. She was glad that he was sticking by her. She wondered how to tell Nina about her pregnancy, because she didn't want to do it in front of other people at her upcoming meeting. Their friendship was fragile. Brando suggested she get to the meeting early.

Sasha proceeded to tell Brando about some of her past and the person she had been. An aide pushed Gladys over to them just then, and Gladys voiced her interest in hearing about the person that Sasha "used to be." Sasha didn't want to get into it, and she noted that she'd told Jackie everything in a previous interview. She would be happy to send Gladys the link. Gladys noted that she looked forward to watching it with the baby someday.

"If you're still with us," Sasha replied. Quickly, Sasha clarified that she had referred to the possibility of Gladys living elsewhere. Gladys thought it was good that Sasha wasn't the voice of Deception, but Sasha informed her that she was also a partner. Gladys thought it had to be difficult for Sasha to stay on the wagon with all of the work. Brando was ready to move his mother on but learned that he needed to complete some paperwork first.

Reluctantly, Brando left Gladys and Sasha together, and Gladys motioned for Sasha to sit on the bench. She wanted to know what kind of game Sasha was playing. Sasha exclaimed that she had decided to use the baby to rope Brando in so that she could get to the Corinthos money. Gladys was horrified, and Sasha began to laugh. She thought it had been worth it. She informed Gladys that she and Brando had been trying to figure things out, and it would be up to Brando to decide what Gladys would hear.

Brando returned and noticed that Gladys and Sasha appeared uninjured. Gladys suggested they all go for coffee to talk about her future living arrangements, but Sasha revealed that she had a meeting to attend. Gladys presumed that it was A.A., but Sasha corrected that while she attended N.A. meetings, she was due at a Deception meeting. Brando told her to call him later to talk, and she left.

Brando ordered his mother to let up on Sasha. Gladys accused Sasha of holding Brando at arm's length where the baby was concerned, but Brando defended Sasha. He stated that they were both new to the baby thing, and he would respect Sasha's need for time to figure things out.

At Metro Court, Nina left a voicemail for "Mike" and told him how much she missed him. She looked at their photo on her phone as Ava walked over. She was surprised to see Nina, and she noted that Nina looked like she was in love. Nina revealed that she had been in town suddenly because Michael had granted her permission to see Wiley, which had been great. Ava hoped that Nina would get to see more of Wiley while she was home, but Nina confessed that she didn't know where home was.

Nearby, Maxie and Laura met up. Laura assured Maxie that Louise would be found soon. The women grabbed a table and spoke about where the baby might be. Maxie admitted that she had had to get out of her apartment, and she mentioned that her kids had been excited about their new sister. Instead, she had let a monster into their lives. Laura suggested that Maxie had opened her heart to someone, but Peter had been a bad man. He had fooled lots of people, but hopefully, they would never see him again.

Nina motioned for Maxie to join her, and Laura promised Maxie she'd be there for her. Maxie joined Nina, who exclaimed how beautiful Maxie looked. Maxie claimed it was the makeup, and she confessed that she would love to have a "powerhouse" kind of workday again in order to stay busy. Nina divulged that she had a scheduled meeting with Lucy and Sasha and hadn't invited Maxie because she'd known how much Maxie had had on her mind. She invited Maxie to join in, and Maxie was thrilled.

Laura bumped into Scott, who was looking for Ava. He babbled about Ava's marital discord and maintained that Laura would have heard about it, as she was the soon to be ex-mother-in-law. He added that Ava had wanted a public and quick divorce. "Ava, what are you doing?" Laura asked as Ava joined them. Ava apologized for blindsiding Laura, but Scott maintained that he had done Ava a favor.

Laura wanted to speak to Ava alone, and Scott started to talk more about Ava's case until Laura warned him. Ava was furious at him. Scott wanted to know how many zeroes Ava wanted to see, but Ava proclaimed that she wanted nothing from Nikolas. Scott began to lecture her, but he received a phone call and finally walked away. Laura asked Ava what had happened, and Ava admitted that she had loved no one more than Nikolas except for her children. She had to save Avery.

Ava explained that if it had only been her and Nikolas receiving threats, they could have handled it, but not with Avery involved. Laura wished there was another way because she knew that Nikolas had been happy. Ava stated that she had been happy, also, but she had to do what needed to be done. Laura urged her to take care.

Ava found Scott by the elevator, and he proclaimed that he had no interest in the case if there were no zeroes. He had the paperwork for Ava to review. Nikolas stepped off the elevator and told Ava that he wouldn't give up. She replied that they were finished, and she would make him see it if she had to. She stepped onto the elevator.

Laura spotted Nikolas and asked him if he was okay. She had heard from Scott about the divorce. She noted that Ava had been terrified of the threats, and Nikolas confessed that hearing Ryan's voice from the bear had been unnerving. Laura was certain that Ava hadn't wanted to leave Nikolas but had felt that she had to. Nikolas told her that Dante had been investigating and had thought the threats to be empty ones.

Laura suggested that a "disciple" of Ryan could be the instigator, but the person could be dangerous. She knew that Ava and Nikolas loved each other, but the threats had taken a toll on Ava. Nikolas agreed that, while painful, the divorce would give Ava peace of mind. He would try to avoid it, though. He would let the stalker believe what they wanted, but he would lay a trap to catch them.

Austin met with Scott at the bar and announced that he wanted to be able to trust Scott. Scott convinced Austin that he held his clients' secrets sacred. Austin asked what Scott knew about family history in town, notably Jason. At first, Scott objected to being involved, but eventually, after listening to Austin, he admitted that he was intrigued. He promised to "ride it all the way."

Carly handed Brick a mug of coffee when he showed up in her kitchen. Before they could get too involved in family business, Jason arrived. He announced that most of the latest shipment had been saved, but their warehouse had been destroyed. Brick assessed that the Novak family had been responsible, and time was running out to push back. Jason revealed that there was a plan in motion, and Carly gave him a difficult time.

Carly made it clear that Jason could not be the person to send the message, and Brick agreed. Jason and Carly continued to argue, and Jason finally relented. Brick had people in place to handle it, and he stated that Carly and Jason were the problem. They needed to send a message to the other families that only one person was in charge.

Carly hugged Brick goodbye. Jason was angry. He stated that their family looked weak, and the families were expecting him to push Carly out. They would have to hit harder every time one of the families hit them, and peace was not an option. He added that the Novaks had to be slowed down, or they would keep escalating. He thought that maybe the other families would accept that he had taken Sonny's place. Carly hated to hear that, and Jason hated to say it. He had never wanted it.

Jason and Carly sat on the sofa. He knew that Carly would be the only one to understand him. If he stepped back, though, the other families would fight for control, and people would be hurt. He thought that Carly would be their first target.

Lucy showed up at Nina's office at Crimson and related that she had lots of ideas and plans in place. She stated that they would wait for Sasha because they had already worked on something together. When Maxie showed up unexpectedly, Lucy ordered her to leave. Nina told Lucy to stop, and Maxie guessed that Lucy had been in the midst of planning a surprise party for her. Lucy agreed, but then Sasha walked in. Both Maxie and Nina were surprised to see that she was pregnant.

Ava arrived at the Corinthos house to see Avery, and she and Carly talked about the little girl. Ava revealed that she and Avery would not be going back to Wyndemere, and Nikolas would no longer be in the picture, even though they were crazy about each other. Jason walked down the stairs, and he asked what had happened. Ava filled him in, and Jason wanted to be told if anything happened again. Ava assured him she had taken steps to prevent it, even though Dante had been investigating it. She couldn't take any chances.

Carly was sorry about the stalking, and Ava was sorry that she couldn't be with the man she loved. She called marriage similar to a performance, in that two people became one person until the enemy struck. She asked to see Avery and headed upstairs. Jason frowned. "Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" Carly asked.

Jason and Carly consider their next move

Jason and Carly consider their next move

Tuesday, June 29, 2021

In Pautuck, Anna and Valentin made their way into Austin's house during a horrific rainstorm. Anna lamented that the rain would destroy any evidence, and she suspected that Maxie's baby was gone for good. They settled in, and Valentin made some tea. He couldn't remember Anna ever wanting to quit. She covered all that they knew, and she labeled it "vintage Peter." Peter would make sure that he and Louise were never found.

Valentin felt otherwise, but Anna wondered why he was there with her instead of with his daughters. Valentin stressed that they had to find Maxie's baby. "Even if it means going to the ends of the earth with you," he said. He poured some whiskey into their tea mugs, and they toasted to finding the baby. Anna confessed that she'd changed her mind about the search, and they spoke about past years. She spoke about how Valentin had changed, and they touched on Alex and how she had hurt him.

Valentin suspected that Anna had pitied him, and he quickly announced that he wanted to search for some firewood. Shortly after, he returned and lit a fire. He noted that they had plenty of firewood and whiskey. Anna declared that he had left abruptly, and she went on to say that she had never pitied him. She had thought him to be strong, and she had admired him. Valentin disclosed that the roads were flooded, and he agreed that they were probably stuck for the night.

Anna and Valentin fawned over a photo of "Bailey," and Anna asked about Brook Lynn. They continued to sip their whiskey. Valentin replied that he liked her, and she amused him. They had been getting along. He asked if Anna had anyone in her life to replace Finn, and she ran down a list of friends and family members. "What about me? Am I your friend?" he asked. Anna laughed. She thought that he had been a wonderful friend, and they both thought they couldn't have gotten through the past few months without each other.

Brook Lynn ran into Michael at Metro Court and asked to talk to him. She demanded to know when he and Willow would get back together. Michael told her that Chase had encountered a new problem, and he had been unable to walk. Brook Lynn suspected that it could be a long time before Michael and Willow were back together.

Josslyn arrived and heard the end of the conversation. She had questions for Michael. Brook Lynn announced that she had a meeting to attend, and she quickly bailed. Michael informed Josslyn that their table was ready for dinner, and she continued to pepper her brother with questions as they sat down.

Scott patted a bar stool and motioned for Liesl to sit down. He told her that he had "landed a client with deep pockets," and he suggested that they take a trip to Honolulu. Liesl was more than eager to go, and she stated that maybe it would help her to forget the sorrow in her heart. Britt watched the meeting from nearby as Scott tried to guess what Liesl was upset about.

Finally, Britt approached Liesl and Scott, and Liesl told her that Scott had been trying to cheer her up. Scott suggested they all go out for a steak dinner, but Liesl disclosed that she and Britt would be having drinks. Scott said goodbye, and Britt laughed. She noted that Liesl and Scott were a couple. Liesl was giddy. "We are! Just like you and Jason," she said. Britt asked Liesl about her talk with Jason about Britt's condition, and Liesl confessed that she had lost control of her emotions. She had needed someone to talk to.

Britt was clear that she didn't want her disease to define her, and she didn't want Liesl to talk to anyone about it. Liesl was sad that the only good thing about her had been her kids. Faison had killed Nathan, and Faison's disease would do the same to Britt. Britt assured her that she wouldn't be getting sick too quickly, as it affected older adults. She had other things on her mind, such as another doctor wanting her job.

Britt wanted Liesl not to have another breakdown in front of Jason, and she suggested that Liesl talk to Scott instead. Liesl promised that he wouldn't say anything to anyone, although Britt was sure he'd look at her differently. She declared that Jason had accepted her as she was. Liesl began to ask personal questions, and Britt refused to discuss her sex life with her mother. Liesl wanted Britt to tell Jason that she cared for him. She urged her daughter to live her life passionately.

Josslyn insisted that she'd heard Brook Lynn say that Michael and Willow would have to take time apart, so that meant that they had been together. Michael refused to indulge her and wanted to celebrate Josslyn's graduation and college acceptance. They were interrupted when Scott stopped at their table and made inquiries about an upcoming ELQ board meeting. He stated that it was public knowledge and a hobby for him. Then he said goodbye and walked off.

Michael turned the conversation back to Josslyn and her volleyball, but she didn't seem overly happy about it. She said she was okay, and Michael assured her that it was normal to be overwhelmed. She admitted that she was still not back to being friends with Cameron, and Michael told her that people made mistakes. He suggested forgiveness. Josslyn asked why he had forgiven Nina.

Michael claimed it hadn't been a bad idea, and he didn't have time to worry about what Carly thought. He insisted that there was no Willow in his life, and she was married to Chase. Josslyn declared that she needed to get home, and they hugged goodbye.

Sasha walked into Nina's office at Crimson and surprised Nina, Maxie, and Lucy. Maxie stuttered that she hadn't realized that Sasha was pregnant, but she hugged and congratulated her. Sasha was sorry about Maxie's baby, and Lucy muttered that that was why she hadn't wanted Maxie at the meeting. Nina congratulated Sasha and asked about a relationship. Sasha replied that it was complicated, and she hadn't wanted Nina to find out that way. Nina hugged her and urged her to celebrate.

Just then, Brook Lynn rushed in, and she immediately asked why Maxie was there. Maxie wanted to know why Brook Lynn was there, and Brook Lynn revealed that she had been working in collaboration with Deception and Crimson on social media. Maxie demanded to know who was watching "Bailey," and Brook Lynn informed her that the baby was with Olivia. Maxie wanted to talk to Brook Lynn alone, and she pulled Brook Lynn out of the room.

Maxie asked about Brook Lynn's motives. "You don't even like to work!" Maxie said. Brook Lynn admitted that Valentin had thought she had the "makings of a dynamic businesswoman," and she also thought that Maxie would be able to see the baby. There was a childcare center next door, and she would leave the baby there in order for Maxie to visit her without the Quartermaines seeing her.

Maxie was overcome with emotion. Brook Lynn noted that she had seen the love and pain on Maxie's face when she'd held the baby, and she wanted it to be easy for Maxie to see her. Maxie gave her a big hug.

Back in Nina's office, Lucy and Sasha wondered if they should change their campaign. Nina thought it was right to worry about Maxie. Brook Lynn and Maxie returned, and they were all smiles. Maxie reported that they'd had a good talk, and she thought she could miss her daughter without drowning in it. The women all prepared to get to work. Lucy told them how they had wanted a campaign for new mothers. Sasha added that it was for mothers-to-be, also. Lucy uncloaked the new magazine cover.

It was a photo of Sasha, and it read, "The Face of Conception." Sasha added that an additional campaign would include a search for Louise and a candlelight vigil to promote all missing children. Brook Lynn thought it was a terrible idea, but everyone else seemed enthused about it, including Maxie.

At the Corinthos house, Carly handed Jason a beer. She was thinking about their possible performance that could demonstrate a binding contract. She wondered if she was wrong to think the way she had been. "No, you're not wrong," Jason replied. She asked how Jason could make the other families know he was the one in charge otherwise. "Make you disappear," he said. "Kill me?" Carly asked. Jason nodded and said it was that or exile.

Carly made it clear that her home was in Port Charles, as was her work. She knew, though, that she couldn't risk lives if she stayed. Jason assured her that she and her kids would be well protected. They needed to show the other families that they were strong, with no signs of weakness. Carly confirmed that there would be no questions about who was in charge. "Yeah, which is exactly what Ava's solution would do," Jason said.

Jason declared that their move would not guarantee peace, but it would send a message that Carly supported him. Carly noted that such a move made sense for a business, but they were people. Carly spoke about her past with Jason and how she'd thrown him away. It had never been the same when he'd returned. Jason reminded her that he had chosen to return, and he thought things had been better. Carly began to cry. She wept that with Sonny gone, no one understood her like Jason did.

Jason pointed out that it would be a big step, and there would be no going back. Carly had to be sure, or they could lose everything. Carly wanted time to think alone, and so did Jason. Carly was upset that everyone would think she had planned it, especially as she had always seemed to chase Jason's women away. Jason told her that if they did it, they would know why, and that was all that mattered. He left.

Josslyn returned home and complained that she didn't understand Michael. She noticed that Carly seemed upset, but Carly explained that she had only been thinking about something important.

Elizabeth found Finn hunched over his laptop in his General Hospital office. She had some lab results for him, but she urged him to stop dwelling on Peter. She believed that the world was a better place without Peter, and Finn had saved Chase. Finn was concerned that someone would find Peter's body in the freezer in the sub-basement lab, and Elizabeth revealed that Anna had been close.

Finn wondered why Anna had wanted to look in a sub-basement, and Elizabeth told him that Anna had found the elevator on the roof. Elizabeth had suggested Peter taking a helicopter flight, and Anna had changed direction to look into that. Finn asked if Elizabeth had planned on telling Jason, because he preferred that Jason not be involved. The police would be back eventually and would find Peter's body.

Finn also thought it was a bad idea to move the body, and he would do what had to be done. He planned on confessing to killing Peter. That would avoid the police checking on DNA evidence once the body was found, and it would not implicate Elizabeth. He wanted to call Scott.

Shortly after, Finn announced that Scott was on the way. He noted that Maxie lived in fear of Peter, and he would be able to put those fears to rest. He pointed out that Elizabeth's sons needed her, and he needed to do it alone. Just then, he was surprised with a visit from Violet and her nanny, who announced that Violet had not been able to sleep because she'd missed Finn.

Finn picked his daughter up and reminded her that it was past her bedtime. Violet thought he worked too hard, and she wanted to be with him more often. They spoke about a future tea party, and Violet made certain that Finn would be there. After Violet departed, Elizabeth pointed out that Finn had a child, and that was the reason that he couldn't confess. Scott arrived and asked if Finn needed help with a malpractice suit.

Britt stood in her office and thought about making love to Jason and her mother's words to live passionately. She was happy to see Jason arrive, and she smiled at him broadly.

Finn asks Scott for legal advice

Finn asks Scott for legal advice

Wednesday, June 30, 2021

In Finn's office, Scott wondered what kind of legal advice Finn needed. As Elizabeth glared at Finn, Finn replied that it had to do with Peter. Scott went on a rant about Peter, and he added that it was no crime to hate Peter like everyone else in town did. Elizabeth interrupted by talking about how Peter had been the one to poison Chase, and Finn filled in the details. Finn figured that he had plenty of motive to hurt Peter. Just then, he glimpsed a picture of himself and Violet on his desk, and he claimed that he wanted legal representation in case the police wanted to question him about Peter's disappearance.

Scott cracked that Finn would be given an award if he'd had anything to do with Peter's disappearance. Finn also asked Scott to take care of making certain that Elizabeth would be Violet's legal guardian should anything happen to him. Scott agreed and left. Finn apologized for not asking Elizabeth first, but she insisted that she would be honored to be Violet's legal guardian. She countered that nothing would happen if they stuck together. "We started together, and we'll finish together," she said. They left the office and found Scott outside the door. Scott assumed that the two were together, but they insisted that they were just friends. "If you found a friend in each other, so be it," he said, and he walked away.

In Austin's house, Valentin wondered if Anna considered him a friend. She replied that he was a wonderful friend, and she couldn't have gotten through the previous few months without him. "Nor I without you," he agreed. He moved hair from Anna's face as the two grew closer. Just then, Anna's phone went off, and she answered it to Dante, as she'd been waiting for an update from him. Dante had gotten the medical examiner's report from Jordan, and he revealed that Chloe had died of a broken neck from her fall. He advised her that he'd sent the report to her.

A short while later, Valentin returned with some firewood and saw that Anna had found a laptop. Anna disclosed that "Chloe" had been unmasked as a woman named Marie Hopkins, who had no history but seemed to have been a pro. Anna also revealed that Marie had a brother named David, who was a helicopter pilot. Anna picked up her phone to call the WSB, but Valentin warned her that Peter would have eyes and ears everywhere. She conceded that he was right, and she put the phone down. "We started on our own, and we'll keep it that way," Valentin told her.

Anna suddenly realized that the rain had stopped, and she figured the roads would open back up soon. Valentin went to put out the fire as Anna walked the laptop back to where she'd gotten it. On a desk, she spotted an open box of photos, and she picked one out. She returned to Valentin to show him the old family photo. She pointed out the little boy in the picture, who resembled Austin. She reminded Valentin that she'd felt that Austin was familiar to her, and she revealed that she had known Austin's father.

At Metro Court, Nikolas sat at a table with a drink. The elevator opened, and Ava stepped off. She stopped and looked at Nikolas, and she kept walking. Dante approached Nikolas, who asked if Dante had been able to trace the teddy bear. Dante proposed that they wait for Ava.

Austin ordered a drink at the bar, and Sam approached, asking him about it. He wondered if there was anything she wasn't suspicious of. "No," she answered immediately. Ava approached the bar and asked Sam to introduce her to the "handsome man." Sam suggested that Ava order a drink for her husband, and Austin couldn't believe that he'd missed the "rock" on Ava's finger. She informed Sam that she had an open marriage. Sam pointed Nikolas out to Austin, and Austin wanted nothing to do with a jealous husband. Ava mentioned their divorce, and Sam excused herself. The bartender left the restaurant and made a phone call. He told someone that they should "stop by and see" what was going on.

Sam joined Nikolas and Dante and asked what was going on with Nikolas and Ava. Nikolas replied that his marriage had been under a lot of stress lately. He marched over to Ava and told her, "That's enough." Austin wanted no trouble, but Ava and Nikolas began to argue. Sam and Dante joined, and she suggested that they keep their voices down before they got thrown out. Dante suggested that Austin leave, and Austin replied that he would love to, but Ava wasn't letting go of his arm. Ava took off her rings and dropped them on the floor. Nikolas picked them up and handed them back to her, but she spat that she was done with them.

Someone watched from a hiding spot as Dante suggested that Austin go "back to the woods." Austin agreed, as he sometimes understood animals better than people. Sam escorted Ava out, and Austin took the opportunity to let Nikolas know that Ava seemed to be "trying a little too hard to forget all about you." When he was gone, Nikolas insisted to Dante that he and Ava weren't done, and he stormed off.

Josslyn made sure that Carly was all right, and Carly insisted that it was nothing for Josslyn to worry about. Josslyn was grateful that Carly had Jason to talk to, and she went on about how great of a friend Jason was to Carly. Carly asked Josslyn to go see Avery, as Avery missed her sister, so Josslyn went. A few minutes later, the two girls were outside, catching fireflies. Josslyn told Avery that they would one day teach Donna how to catch fireflies, too.

Jason arrived at Britt's office, and she was surprised to see him. He replied that he'd just wanted to see her, but he got lost in thought about his conversation with Carly. When Britt noticed his sudden daydreaming, Jason claimed to have been thinking about business. He invited her out for a drink, and she accepted. She held onto his arm, and they left.

At Charlie's, Diane asked Spinelli if his situation was going to become litigious, but Spinelli didn't want to go to court with Ellie. He explained that Ellie had threatened separation because she was concerned about Spinelli's exposure to "potentially dangerous alleged criminal activity." Just then, a man entered and stared in Spinelli's direction before sitting down at the bar. Spinelli continued that he didn't want to burden Jason with the situation. Just then, Diane's phone rang, and she answered it to Carly. Carly needed to talk to Diane, so Diane promised that she was on her way. After hanging up, Diane advised Spinelli to tell Ellie why he was so loyal to Jason. She was sure that they would work things out, and she left.

Moments later, the man from the bar took Diane's seat at Spinelli's table and introduced himself as Joey Novak. He explained that his family had noticed Spinelli's "special talents," which the family could use. Spinelli replied that he wasn't available for the Novaks, but Joey informed him that he had no choice. "When we see something we want, we take it," Joey added. Just then, Jason and Britt entered. Jason spotted the frightened Spinelli and advised Britt to wait for him at the bar. Jason approached Spinelli and Joey and asked if there was a problem.

Britt saw Jason leading Joey out and went over to Spinelli with three beers for them. Spinelli was thankful for Jason's good timing, and he explained who Joey was. Britt wondered if Joey was the business problem he had talked about, and Spinelli was surprised that Jason had talked about anything business-related with her. Britt thanked Spinelli for the passports, as no one had even blinked when she and Jason had used them in the hospital. Realizing her mistake, she claimed that they'd checked out a hospital just in case Jason would need extra medical attention.

A few minutes later, Jason returned without Joey. He assured Spinelli that he'd sent Joey home with a message for the Novak family. Britt spotted blood on Jason's hand, but Jason only stated that Joey wouldn't be bothering Spinelli again. Spinelli feared that it would only make the Novaks' desire for him worse, but Jason insisted that it had been handled. Spinelli replied that he believed Jason, but Ellie wouldn't.

Jason offered to talk to Ellie, but Spinelli didn't think it would help. Britt chimed in that Spinelli didn't have to tell Ellie. "I do," Spinelli replied, and he left. Britt commented that people could have honesty in relationships without having to tell every detail. Suddenly, Jason told her that he needed to take her home, and he cited the business problems. She was fine with it but warned that he would be buying next time.

Diane arrived at Carly's and asked if she needed a friend or an attorney. Carly answered that she needed an attorney, and she explained the pressure she and Jason had been getting from the other families because of Jason's return. Carly continued that she and Jason had thought of a strategy to remedy the "perception problems," and she told Diane about the plan. A few minutes later, Diane couldn't think of one reason why the plan wouldn't work. Carly was scared to lose Jason, but Diane assured her that, "If he hasn't turned his back on you by now, he never will."

Josslyn and Avery returned inside, and Avery asked Diane to read her a bedtime story. Diane agreed, and the two went upstairs. Josslyn asked what was going on. Carly responded that Diane had been going over a "legal technicality" and that everything she'd said had made sense.

A few minutes later, Josslyn was gone when Diane returned. Diane remarked that Avery was one of her favorite people. Continuing their shop talk, Diane thought Carly had a "sound, effective strategy" that made perfect sense, but choosing to pursue the option was up to Carly and Jason. Diane left, and Carly downed her drink. She heard the door slam shut a short while later, and Jason entered. Both admitted to the other that they'd done a lot of thinking.

Jason and Carly reveal their plan to get married

Jason and Carly reveal their plan to get married

Thursday, July 1, 2021

Nina surprised Ava at the art gallery and announced that she was ready to catch up, and she had a bottle of wine. Ava informed Nina that she was only drinking water, and she wondered if she'd forgotten a previously arranged meeting. Nina admitted that nothing had been arranged, but she'd seen a posting of Ava tossing her wedding rings onto the floor at Nikolas' feet. Nina sat down and asked Ava what had happened.

Ava explained that she and Nikolas could no longer be together. She also had a bad headache but had Trina's graduation party to attend. Nina didn't think that Ava looked "party-ready," and Nina also wanted to give Josslyn a gift. Nina suggested that they grab a bite to eat and go to the Savoy party together. She pulled Ava toward the door.

Josslyn and her family members were at the Corinthos house to celebrate Josslyn's graduation. Bobbie joked that Josslyn had received the biggest cheer, but Josslyn reminded her that the family had been the loudest. Josslyn was glad that Jason was there, too.

Michael preferred not to talk to Jax, although Jax thanked him for not saying anything to Josslyn about what had happened between them. Michael declared that the idea of blackmail would break Josslyn's heart, and he hadn't forgotten or forgiven Jax. He accused Jax of breaking something when he hadn't needed to, and Jax would have to live with the consequences.

Jax spotted Josslyn and told her she was looking good. She confessed that she was "on the fence" about attending Cameron's party because they had been distant to each other and were headed in different directions. Jax asked if she would miss him if she didn't see him, and Josslyn said that she would. Jax thought that was Josslyn's answer.

Jason received a phone call from Britt, who asked that they meet for dinner on Friday evening. Jason suggested they get together that evening instead, and Britt agreed. She rushed around to get ready and to pick up her clothes that were strewn around her room at Metro Court.

Jason informed Josslyn that he had to leave, but she told him she would be leaving for Cameron's party, anyway. Jason told Josslyn that she didn't have to fight for him, and he didn't hold a grudge against Cameron. She made it clear that she had stood up for Jason because he'd been innocent. She had stood up for Jason and herself, too. Jason was proud of her and gave her a hug. They both expressed their love for each other. Jason informed Carly that he was headed out to see Britt.

Carly told Josslyn that it was okay to go to Trina's party but warned her not to go anywhere without Milo. She was proud of Josslyn, and there were hugs all around between Josslyn and her family. Josslyn and Michael teased each other. As Jax walked Josslyn to the door, they spoke of deceased family members who were with them in spirit. Jax told Carly that he was ready to leave, also, but she asked him to stay.

After Jason and Josslyn were gone, Carly announced that she had something important to say. She told Bobbie, Jax, and Michael that she and Jason would be getting married. "Jason who?" Bobbie asked. She thought it was rather sudden. Carly maintained that she and Jason had been struggling since Sonny's death because the three of them had been a team. She added that she and Jason needed each other, and he understood her. She was doing it for the family, and she wanted them all to accept it.

Michael and Bobbie congratulated Carly. Michael agreed that Sonny would have wanted it. Carly noted that Jax was quiet, and he replied that he wouldn't dream of stopping them, because Carly and Jason had always done what they wanted to do. Carly wanted to tell Josslyn herself, and Jax informed her that he would do whatever was best for his daughter. He left.

Graduation festivities for Trina and Cameron were in full swing at Charlie's Pub. Portia wanted to enjoy Trina before she left for college, although Trina reminded her mother she wouldn't be far. Curtis arrived, and he and Portia made small talk. He commented that she looked beautiful, and Portia responded that she had to make a call to check on a patient.

Kevin told Nikolas how nice it was of Ava to close down the pub for the celebration, and he was sorry she wasn't there. Kevin was aware of the divorce proceedings between Nikolas and Ava. Nikolas assured him that there wouldn't be a divorce because he was doing everything in his power to get Ava and Avery back home. They sat at a small table to continue talking.

Nikolas confessed that he didn't believe that Ryan had been behind the threats, and Kevin confirmed that Ryan was still in the same condition. Nikolas thought that someone was playing "head games." He revealed that he had set a trap at the art gallery by installing a motion sensor known only to him. He felt sure that he would nab the stalker.

Trina joked around with Cameron and Jake, who was cold toward his brother. Jake made an excuse to walk away, and Trina guessed that Jake was still mad. Cameron wished they could have a loud and large falling-out. Josslyn had warned him, and he had apologized for thinking Jason had murdered Franco. Trina told him it would never be too late, and she believed that Cameron should keep apologizing. She wanted him to give Jake a chance. She received a message and told Cameron that Josslyn would be stopping by.

Scott met up with Liesl in the Metro Court bar, and she asked him if the graduation party was family only or if he could show up with a date. Scott was surprised; he'd never thought that Liesl would be interested in attending. "Let's go!" he exclaimed. They ran into Ava and Nina, and greetings were extended among them. Liesl was happy to see Nina, and Scott wanted to have a word with Ava.

Scott related that he had spoken to Nikolas' attorney, who had known "nothing about nothing." Nikolas hadn't called the attorney about a divorce.

The room was clean, and Britt was finally dressed when she heard a knock on her door. She opened it to Jason and began to giggle. She informed him that she'd ordered dinner that they could enjoy before or after. She noticed that Jason wasn't smiling and appeared more serious than usual. "I really need you to hear me out," he said. He proceeded to say that things had changed. He had difficulty talking. "Spit it out!" Britt urged.

Jason declared that he and Carly would be getting married. Britt chuckled, but she realized that Jason never joked. He told her it had just happened. They had thought it would be best for the family and each other. A teary Britt thanked him for the update and told him to leave. "Get the hell out!" she shouted as she opened the door. She walked toward the window, and Jason slammed the door. He remained in the room.

Jason insisted that he would still be there for Britt. She cried as she replied that she didn't want his pity or support. She knew that Carly would always be first with Jason, and she began to admonish him. She had her whole life ahead of her, and she would not have him be there for her because he would be "otherwise engaged." Tears filled Jason's eyes. He told Britt that she mattered to him, and he really cared about her.

Jason proclaimed that if he believed in "what-ifs," he would be attending Britt's dinner on Friday. They drew close together. He added that they would be in bed together. Britt snapped that she preferred it when Jason hadn't been good at "what-ifs." Again, she told him to get out, and Jason left. Britt shoved the food cart into the hallway, where dishes went flying. She sank to the floor and cried briefly. "To hell with this!" she said as she wiped away her tears. She grabbed a jacket and her purse, and she went out.

At a table in the restaurant, Ava told Nina about the threats and that she believed that someone wanted her and Nikolas to be apart. They enjoyed dinner and drinks as Ava went on to say that she had been right to send Avery to Carly's house and to want a divorce. She and Nikolas loved each other, but they were from different places. She couldn't get over Kiki, and she wouldn't survive if anything happened to Avery.

Ava admitted that Avery was happy at Carly's, and she would have to find a place to live for herself. Nina noted that she had a brand-new guest room at her place, and she was hardly ever there. She insisted that Nina take it, plus Nina had lived in the place previously. Nina wasn't sure what the future held. She had a connection with "Mike," who was an "open book." She filled Ava in on how they'd met and noted that he was a bartender. Ava was happy for Nina.

Nina admitted she'd thought about relocating to Nixon Falls because she loved the town and people. Ava suggested that after Nina got to know more about "Mike," he could move to Port Charles. Nina wasn't sure what to do because she would also be spending time with Wiley, but Ava didn't think Nina should choose. She thought that Nina could have both. Nina told her there was no future in Port Charles for her and "Mike."

Scott and Liesl arrived at Charlie's Pub for the festivities. Scott went off to get drinks, and Elizabeth was glad that Liesl had joined them. Liesl thought that Franco would be happy, too. Laura told Scott that he'd taken a big step.

Nikolas was proud of Cameron and wanted him to enjoy his moment. Cameron informed Trina about Nikolas' divorce, and she disclosed that she knew. She had seen a miserable-looking Ava.

Laura asked Curtis if he'd asked Portia out yet. She laughed, but Curtis told her they were just friends. Laura thought it was more; she'd seen the sparks.

Josslyn arrived, and Cameron handed her a red cup. She said that she, Cameron, and Trina had been friends for a long time, and nothing would change that. The three teens made a toast. Cameron told Josslyn that he was looking forward to a summer at the lake. She confessed that she wouldn't have much time because of volleyball.

Shortly after, Portia informed Laura that Trina had gone to the art gallery to check on Ava and to tell her there was no pressure to join the party. Laura noted that it was possible for outside forces to pull a couple apart. Portia glanced over at Curtis.

Someone masked and dressed in black sneaked into the art gallery. The person was startled when Trina walked in and called out for Ava. Trina walked into the back storage area.

At the pub, Nikolas received a message that someone had gone into the gallery. He told Kevin he had to run, and Kevin wanted to go with him. Nikolas discouraged him and promised to call the police.

Scott was glad that Liesl had joined him, and Liesl was happy for herself and for Britt. Curtis was headed to the Savoy to get ready for Trina's party.

Josslyn caught up to Cameron outside and told him she would always make time for him and Trina. Cameron thought it would be a great summer. Josslyn wanted to start things off, and Cameron offered her his arm as Elizabeth and Scott watched through the window.

At the gallery, Trina emerged from the back, but she was preoccupied with her phone. Both she and Nikolas were surprised when they bumped into each other.

At Carly's house, Bobbie noted that Monica wouldn't be happy with the wedding news. Jason arrived, and Bobbie congratulated him, hugged him, and left. Michael guessed that Carly hadn't given a full explanation.

Trina makes a memorable entrance to her party

Trina makes a memorable entrance to her party

Friday, July 2, 2021

Britt picked up the phone in the Pentonville visiting room, and Brad wondered why she had "red-rimmed eyes." He panicked that Grey's Anatomy had been canceled, but Britt reassured him that it hadn't been. They talked about the show, and Britt looked forward to helping him catch up on it when he got out. She apologized for not visiting more, but he knew that she was busy. He asked about Wiley, and she assured him that Michael and Willow took good care of him. She showed him a picture on her phone, but he couldn't bear to look at it.

Brad wondered where Britt had gotten a picture of Wiley, and Britt replied that the pictures were plastered all over Bobbie's office since she'd gotten her job back. Brad had figured that she'd gotten the picture from Jason, as Brad had seen them together on Valentine's Day. Seeing the coy look on her face, Brad questioned if she was sleeping with Jason. "Not anymore," she said, and he demanded details. She told him the story from the beginning and concluded that she'd mistaken "common decency for a love connection." Brad insisted that she was a catch, so if Jason wasn't smart enough to realize it, it was too bad for him. Britt added that he only had room for one woman in his life, but it wasn't worth getting into.

Britt suddenly felt sick, but Brad thought that she was just heartbroken. She apologized for dumping on him, but he assured her that it was the most normal he'd felt in a long time. He ordered her to do some self-care in the form of getting drunk and making a mess. "Not without my wingman," she responded. He informed her that his parole hearing was approaching. Britt advised him that she would get the ice cream for their Nurses Ball watch party in the fall. "I'm there," he said, and they fist-bumped on opposite sides of the glass.

Michael had no doubt that Carly and Jason loved each other, but he doubted that was the reason they'd suddenly decided to get married. Carly disclosed that there were problems with the business, and Jason briefly explained what was going on. Carly added that the marriage would send the message of Carly and Jason being a united front and running the business together. She continued that it was just a business arrangement. Michael wondered if they'd set a date yet. However, Carly answered that there were still people they needed to tell in person. Michael thought that Sonny would understand and appreciate what they were doing.

Michael wondered if Jason wanted to run the business. Jason replied that he'd never wanted to; however, he knew how to, and it was necessary to protect the family. Michael advised Carly to let him know if Jax gave her any trouble, as Jax owed Michael. He congratulated them and left. Carly commented to Jason that she was "99 percent sure" that Jax had blackmailed Michael into letting Nina see Wiley, but she wasn't sure what Jax had used. She related that Jax was angry about the marriage, as it would tie her to the business again.

Carly asked if Jason was having second thoughts, but he denied it. He asked the same of her, and she commented that she just wasn't excited for the judgment they would get. She looked at her engagement and wedding rings from Sonny and figured it was time to take them off. "Only if you're ready," Jason told her. She replied that she wasn't, but it had to be done. She cried as she took the rings off, and she whispered that she missed Sonny. Jason agreed, and the two held hands.

In the gallery, Trina bumped into someone walking around the corner. She screamed and directed her cannister of pepper spray in the direction of the person's face. Nikolas screamed in pain, and Trina profusely apologized. She sat him down and got a bottle of water to pour over his eyes. She reasoned that she'd thought that he was an intruder, and she wondered why he was there. As the masked and hooded intruder watched from around a corner, Nikolas replied that he was trying to save his family. He asked why she wasn't at her party, and she told him that she'd gone there to check on Ava after hearing about the divorce.

Trina offered to call Ava for him, but he thought that Ava needed to hear about what was going on from him. He told her to go to her party, but she didn't want to leave him like that. Unable to see in order to dial, he handed his phone to her, and she sighed that he had communication issues.

At Charlie's, Kevin expressed concern to Laura that he hadn't been able to reach Nikolas. She'd noticed that Nikolas had been preoccupied the entire party, and he'd left without saying goodbye. A few minutes later, she revealed that she couldn't get ahold of Nikolas either. Kevin confessed that Nikolas had talked about setting a trap for the stalker, and he feared that it had sprung. Just then, Laura was relieved to see that Nikolas was calling. She answered the phone to Trina, who advised Laura to get to the gallery. Laura promised to be right there, and she and Kevin booked it out of Charlie's.

A few minutes later, Laura and Kevin were at the gallery, and Kevin checked Nikolas out. He remarked that Trina "got him good," and she had good aim. She replied that she'd emptied the cannister and that Taggert had taught her well. Laura and Kevin decided to take Nikolas to the hospital, so they helped Nikolas up and guided him out of the gallery. Trina turned the lights off and left.

The masked and hooded intruder emerged from hiding and put something in their duffel bag. They were looking around when the lights flicked back on. The startled intruder dropped something but went into hiding as Trina returned for her phone. She saw the small black box that the intruder had dropped. She picked it up, and, knowing that someone else was there, she talked about how late she was. She backed up toward the exit, right into the intruder, who shushed her. She took out her cannister of pepper spray, but it was empty. She begged the intruder not to hurt her as they reached for the object she'd picked up. She threw it at them, and they reached down to grab it. Just then, the two heard the whirring of machinery overhead and looked up.

At the hospital, Nikolas lay in a bed with a cloth over his eyes as Laura instructed him to honor Ava's wishes. He ripped the cloth off his eyes and refused to be forced out of his marriage. He vowed to make sure that nothing happened to Ava, but Kevin suggested that something could happen to someone else. Nikolas reasoned that the stalker was clearly just trying to scare them, as they'd had the opportunity to do much worse. Laura urged him to let the police handle it. However, Nikolas knew that his family wasn't the PCPD's priority, so he would do what they couldn't. Laura was thankful that Trina was all Nikolas had encountered that night.

At the Savoy, Trina's graduation party was in full swing. Jax congratulated Cameron on getting into PCU, and he warned Cameron and Josslyn to stay out of trouble. He insisted that he'd never gotten into trouble in college. Ava and Nina arrived, and Ava remarked that Curtis could give "Mike" a job there. However, Nina was adamant that "Mike" would never move to Port Charles. Jordan entered, and Ava congratulated her on taking down Cyrus. In the same breath, she wondered what Jordan was doing about the "madman" terrorizing her family.

Across the club, Taggert thanked Curtis for everything he'd done for Trina. Portia approached, and Taggert figured that he had time to practice his speech before Trina got there. Portia urged him not to embarrass Trina. Just then, Taggert spotted Ava giving Jordan an earful and figured that Jordan could use a rescue. When he was gone, Curtis hoped that he and Jordan had as good of a relationship in the future as Portia and Taggert did. He remarked that he and Portia didn't seem as connected lately, and he believed it to be intentional.

Taggert approached Jordan and Ava and handed Jordan a glass of wine. She advised him to get a table, and she would be right over. When he was gone, Jordan instructed Ava to visit Jordan's office the next day so they could talk. Jordan joined Taggert at the table and told him about Ava's problem.

Portia reminded Curtis that he'd made it clear that the kiss had been unwanted, and she agreed that it had been a mistake. She wondered why they should revisit it if they were on the same page. "Maybe we aren't," he answered. Portia shot back that there was no point for them to be together, as it wouldn't be "well-received," and she made her way over to Jordan and Taggert. Curtis watched as Portia happily talked to them.

Nina approached Josslyn, Cameron, and Jax, and she hoped it was all right for her to crash the party. She congratulated Josslyn and handed her a gift. Josslyn thought it was great that Nina was there, and she wondered if they would be seeing more of Nina. "Maybe," Nina replied.

When Josslyn and Cameron were gone, Jax asked Nina about Wiley. She talked about how gracious Michael, Willow, "and even Carly" had been. Jax didn't regret clearing the way for her, and he added that Carly had other things on her mind, anyway. He revealed that Carly and Jason were getting married. He figured that Carly's personal life was none of his business, but he didn't want to see her get hurt. Nina reminded him that he couldn't control someone else's choices, but sometimes hurt was necessary to grow and be happier. He told her that he'd missed her but immediately apologized for overstepping. She told him that it was good to see him and walked away. Jax left the Savoy, calling himself an idiot.

A short while later, Jax was having a drink at Charlie's when Britt arrived. "Is this seat taken?" she asked, and she sat down next to him. She sarcastically wondered if he'd gotten a save the date.

At the Savoy, Nina approached Curtis as he watched Portia with Jordan and Taggert, and she wondered what was going on between Curtis and Portia. Curtis answered that Portia hadn't backed away from him on her own. He believed that she'd been pushed.

Cameron wondered where Trina could be, and Josslyn figured that Trina liked to make an entrance. Cameron suggested that she open her gift, so she did. She opened it and found a journal, and she thought back to Trina telling her that Dev had shown Cameron her last journal. Cameron suggested that she start journaling again. "So you can read it like the other one?" she demanded, and she stormed off.

Cameron followed Josslyn and maintained that Dev had shown the journal to him, despite him not wanting to know what was in it. Josslyn wondered how they could be friends if he couldn't be honest with her, but he accused her of not being honest with him because of what he'd heard from her journal. She questioned what she'd been dishonest about, and he told her about the journal saying that he was a bad kisser. She insisted that she hadn't written that, but he reminded her that the journal was her own words, so he had to believe it. "Believe this," she said, and she pulled him closer and kissed him.

Ava asked Portia where Trina was, and Portia replied that Trina should have been there already. Taggert vowed to start texting Trina if she didn't show up soon. Just then, Portia screamed as Trina walked in covered in a red substance.

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