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Josslyn kept Carly in the dark. Ava opened a delivery with ominous contents. Michael and Sasha called it quits. Brook Lynn was revealed to be faking her pregnancy. Peter arranged for Finn to be drugged, but the plan went awry. Alexis started her three-year sentence in Pentonville.
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Alexis started her three-year sentence in Pentonville and Brook Lynn's pregnancy was revealed to be fake
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Ava gets a package

Ava gets a package

Monday, April 5, 2021

At the Metro Court restaurant, Cyrus saw on his phone that "justice has been done for once," because Jason had been denied bail. Because of that, Cyrus announced to Brando that he had "business to attend to." Brando asked where Cyrus needed to go, but Cyrus replied that it was a personal matter. He suggested that Brando have lunch on Cyrus' tab, and Cyrus left.

Across the room, Gladys was glad to bump into Sasha, as she needed to talk to Sasha. Gladys worried about Brando getting involved with someone else in recovery, but Sasha insisted that she and Brando were just friends. "As you should be," Gladys replied. Brando approached, suspicious of why Gladys was talking to Sasha, and Gladys invited him to lunch. He asked for a minute to talk to Sasha, and they went outside the restaurant. "I see why you were worried about her making a scene at your son's funeral," Sasha muttered, and she immediately apologized for her insensitivity. Brando admitted that he hadn't been honest with her, and he told a shocked Sasha that Dev wasn't his son.

Brando explained the situation to Sasha and added that he'd agreed to the situation because he hadn't wanted to be the reason why Dev got sent back to a dangerous country. She appreciated him sharing, and he replied that he wanted her to trust him like he trusted her. She insisted that he could trust her not to share the information with anyone. She suddenly realized that Michael probably knew, but she recognized that there had been a long time when Michael hadn't been able to trust her. Brando just wished he could count on Gladys to keep her mouth shut.

Valentin let Carly into his room, and she updated him on Jason's arraignment. Valentin wasn't surprised, and he informed an impatient Carly that proving Jason's innocence would take time. She instructed Valentin that Gladys wanted to feel like she mattered, so she handed him his jacket and thought that it was time for "another chance encounter."

At the restaurant a short while later, Carly glared at Gladys as Gladys spotted Valentin at the bar. "Remember me?" she said as she approached him. He offered to buy her a drink, and Carly watched Gladys sit down next to Valentin. A few minutes later, Gladys showed Valentin pictures of Brando and his cars on her phone. He remarked that Brando had her smile. She hoped that he wouldn't hold it against her that she was related to Sonny, and he charmingly assured her that she was nothing like Sonny or his family. Just then, Gladys noticed Carly glaring in their direction, so Valentin proposed that they go somewhere more private when they finished their drinks.

Brando and Sasha returned to the restaurant and saw Valentin and Gladys laughing together. Sasha advised him to keep an eye on Valentin, as he always had an agenda, and she left. Brando approached, and Gladys introduced Brando and Valentin. Brando pulled Gladys aside to talk to her, and he warned her about Valentin's "colorful" reputation. Gladys agreed to have lunch with Brando, but she reminded him that she was a grown woman who made her own decisions.

While Gladys was gone, Valentin stealthily picked up Gladys' phone. He copied a number from her call log and pasted it into a text message. He sent the message, and then deleted it just as Gladys returned and wondered why he had her phone. He claimed that he'd been trying to sneak his number onto her phone so they no longer had to rely on running into each other. He invited her to lunch, but she answered that she was having lunch with Brando. She joined Brando at a table, and he again warned her about Valentin, citing Sasha's opinion.

Outside the restaurant, Valentin explained to Carly that Gladys had gotten a lot of phone calls from an unlisted number, and they had started the day of Franco's murder. He continued that he'd searched it online, and the number was from a burner phone. He bet that the phone belonged to Cyrus.

There was a knock on the door of the Quartermaine mansion, and Michael answered the door to Ned, who was there to check on Brook Lynn. Michael wondered whether Ned worried more about his daughter or the child that his daughter was going to use as leverage with Valentin. Ned revealed that he was worried about both.

Brook Lynn was about to take a bite of her sushi when Olivia entered the room and grabbed the plate out of her hands. Olivia scolded that pregnant women weren't supposed to eat raw fish, and they fought over the plate. The plate flew out of their hands just as Michael and Ned entered the room. A few minutes later, Olivia had cleaned up the mess, and she accused Brook Lynn of not taking her pregnancy seriously. Ned wanted to make sure that Brook Lynn was more interested in her health than the leverage. Olivia demanded to know what was going on, so Brook Lynn updated her.

Olivia was livid at Brook Lynn's plan, and Ned urged Brook Lynn to stop feeling guilty about giving her shares to Valentin. Ned just wanted to make sure that the baby was her first priority. She insisted that it was, and she stormed out of the room. Olivia felt compelled to tell Valentin what was going on in order to "save Brook Lynn from her worst impulses," but Ned stopped her. Ned admitted that he understood what Brook Lynn was trying to do, and Olivia was horrified. "Spoken like a true Quartermaine," she said. She talked about how much she'd prayed that Ned and Brook Lynn would find their way back to each other, but she'd never thought that it would be because Brook Lynn would start thinking more like Ned.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Chase apologized for dumping his problems on Willow, but she was glad to help. He informed her that he was going to have a "family sit-down," and she'd been the one to make him realize that the only way to heal was together. He continued that he wanted to do for his family what Willow had done for him; she'd forgiven him and had found a way to love him again. Just then, Michael entered and apologized for interrupting. Chase had to get to work, anyway, so he hugged Willow and left. Michael observed that things seemed to going well between Willow and Chase.

Michael wanted to make sure that he and Willow were on the same page about Nina, and he apologized again for making a decision without her. Willow forgave him and admitted that she agreed with him, though she felt bad for Nina. Michael remarked that Sasha had said the same thing. He told Willow how much her opinion meant to him, and he revealed that hers meant more to him than Sasha's. Willow reasoned that she was Wiley's mother, so that made sense. Michael replied that it was more than that, and how she felt mattered to him. "You matter to me, too," Willow said as the two grew closer. Just then, Sasha entered the room, and the two jumped apart.

Chase bumped into Brook Lynn in front of the front door of the mansion, and they listened to Ned and Olivia yell about Brook Lynn. He wondered if she was up to something, and she explained that Ned and Olivia thought that she wasn't making her child a priority. She thought that a common cause would be good for Ned and Olivia's marriage. "I delete one voicemail, and my dad moves out," she lamented. Chase insisted that it wasn't all her fault. He wished her luck and joked that he hoped whatever she was planning didn't involve getting arrested again. "I dare you to arrest a pregnant woman," she shot back. "Try me," he said, and he winked and left.

Later, Brook Lynn returned to her hotel room and sat down on the bed. Exhausted, she lifted up her shirt and removed the padding that was making her appear pregnant.

In the gallery, Ava discussed Franco's "final works" on the phone with someone. When she was off the phone, Nikolas arrived while looking down at his phone. Ava was excited to talk about their vow renewal, but Nikolas' lack of response made her wonder if he still wanted to do it. He apologized and explained that his calls to Spencer kept going to voicemail. He related that the ceremony wouldn't feel right without Spencer there. Ava knew that Spencer didn't want her in Nikolas' life, but she thought he would "come around," as family was everything. "I couldn't agree more," Martin commented as he entered.

Ava instructed Martin to return later, but Martin addressed his nephew. Nikolas coldly replied that Laura had told him what Martin had done for Julian. Ava demanded to know, so Nikolas updated her. Martin insisted that he hadn't known about the bombing at the time, and he'd been coerced. He wanted to warn Nikolas about Cyrus, as Martin feared that Cyrus was wearing Laura down. Martin complimented Ava on her gallery and hoped to return to buy some art one day. When he was gone, Nikolas admitted that he wasn't sure what to believe.

At home, Laura was working on her computer when Kevin suggested that they do something else with their time. She asked for a rain check, as she was behind on her work due to her "distracting" brothers. She told Kevin about the enlightening conversation she'd had with her brothers, and Kevin could see why she was disappointed in them. She had work to do, so he decided to go over to the gallery and see about the painting that Franco had left him. "You never know whose life you touch," Kevin remarked, and he left.

A few minutes later, there was a knock on the door, and Laura answered it to Cyrus. She demanded to know why he was there as he entered her home. He was there to ask her to "renew your effort" in finding Florence. Laura replied that she wouldn't, as his problem was with Jason and Martin, not with her. She thought that there was something he could do, and she suggested that he take responsibility for the crimes he'd committed so that he was no longer a threat to the people holding Florence. He refused to go back to prison and warned her that she'd just taken sides in an alleged turf war.

Laura thought it was time for Cyrus to leave. As she tried to usher him out the door, he ranted about the blood that would be on her hands if she didn't do her part to prevent a war. Just then, Nikolas ran in and pinned Cyrus against the door, telling him to "stay the hell away from my mother." Cyrus demanded that Nikolas release him, or there would be consequences. "Bring it on," Nikolas replied, but Laura begged him to release Cyrus, so he did. Cyrus thought that if Laura wouldn't protect her family's lives, perhaps Nikolas would be motivated to protect his own family's lives.

Kevin arrived at the gallery and asked Ava about the painting Franco had left for him. He also handed Ava a package that had been sitting outside and suggested that it was a wedding gift. She excitedly opened the box and dug through the packing peanuts. She suddenly screamed and knocked the box on to the floor, and a life-size plastic hand flew out.

Michael and Sasha call it quits

Michael and Sasha call it quits

Tuesday, April 6, 2021

In the den at the Quartermaine mansion, Michael admitted to Willow that her feelings mattered to him. Willow revealed that he mattered to her, too. As they got closer, Sasha walked in and saw them. Awkwardly, she stated that she'd been ringing the doorbell, but everyone had to have been busy. The housekeeper had let her in. She apologized for the interruption, and Willow assured her it was okay. Sasha hoped that she and Willow would be able to see each other; she missed their friendship. "Soon," Willow promised, as she left.

Sasha surmised that if she'd been expected, Michael and Willow wouldn't have been so close together. Michael was sorry that she'd seen it, and Sasha wondered if she'd walked in on something or if she was only imagining it. Michael confessed that she wasn't imagining it, and his feelings for Willow were not as resolved as he'd thought. He and Willow had gotten their marriage annulled, but they were still good friends and co-parents. He still had feelings but wasn't sure how Willow felt. They'd shared a life, and it wasn't easy to turn off.

Sasha admitted that she could tell. She could see that Michael looked at Willow the way he had previously looked at her; he didn't do that anymore. Sasha realized that she and Michael hadn't made any commitments to each other or made arrangements to see each other. She wondered if the reason had been to go slowly and keep the pressure off. Michael suggested they'd been waiting for their old feelings to return, and he wondered if they were gone.

Tearfully, Sasha declared that the discussion wasn't what she'd expected when she'd stopped by. She knew that she and Michael had been honest with each other, and she didn't know how to say goodbye. Michael thanked her. He admitted that he'd been angry when he'd first heard about Sasha's "affair" with Chase, but he had been grateful for what they'd done. He had thought that he and Sasha owed it to themselves to give it another try. They shared a hug.

Brook Lynn sat on her bed and spoke to her mother about all of the situations going on in the house. She insisted that Valentin would make a good father, as she patted her pregnancy padding. When she realized it was quiet in the house, she ended the phone call and slipped her shoes on in order to look around for trouble. As she descended the stairs, she ran into Willow, who was heading out the front door.

Willow insisted she was fine, but Brook Lynn could sense that something was wrong. She wanted to talk and suggested they go to the den. Willow quickly said no and said the room was occupied by Michael and Sasha. Brook Lynn asked if the couple was making up or breaking up, and Willow admitted that she wasn't sure where Michael stood. She added that she and Chase were still trying to figure things out.

Brook Lynn couldn't understand why Willow seemed upset, and she told Willow that she had urged Chase to tell Willow the truth. Willow flashed back to the first time that she and Michael had made love; she replied that Chase had spoken to her, but things had changed.

At the Metro Court restaurant, Valentin informed Carly that his investigator had discovered that the phone number that Gladys had been calling had been a burner phone that was untraceable. Carly was beside herself at the thought of Jason staying in prison, and Valentin added that Peter would have the "last laugh." Carly thought that applied to Cyrus, also.

Valentin was in the middle of sending Brook Lynn a text message, but Carly wanted him to stay focused on her and getting Jason out of jail. She was afraid that Cyrus would do all he could to stop them and target Valentin's family, as well. Valentin appreciated Carly's compassion about his family and wished that she'd shown Nina half as much when she had not told her the truth about Nelle. Carly promised to help Valentin to get Nina back if that was what he wanted, after she got Jason back in order to go against Cyrus and the Five Families.

Carly went behind the bar, and Valentin followed her. He knew she was scared, and he thought that fear was good motivation. It had been useful to him when he'd stared into a gun. Carly asked what had happened, and he replied that he had shot first. He headed to the elevator.

At Laura's place, Nikolas and Cyrus had words. Cyrus thought that Nikolas might be motivated to protect his family and do what Cyrus expected him to do. "Are you threatening me?" Nikolas asked in disbelief. Cyrus likened it more to persevering and imagination. Nikolas reminded Cyrus that he was a Cassadine, and they would go to great lengths to protect the people they loved. He insinuated that he would toss Cyrus off a turret at Wyndemere.

Cyrus found it amusing, and he noted how sorry he was that Alexis would be going to Pentonville. Cyrus thought that if Nikolas could help to get Cyrus' mother home, Cyrus could get in touch with contacts at the prison to make sure that Alexis stayed safe. Nikolas confirmed that that meant that Cyrus wouldn't send his people after Alexis. Cyrus made it clear that prison could be dangerous, and one needed friends and protection on the inside.

Laura declared that Cyrus was using love as a weapon against Nikolas, and she called it extortion. She wondered if that was the kind of family that Cyrus wanted. Cyrus screamed that it was the family that he had, and Laura was startled enough to jump behind Nikolas. Cyrus ordered Nikoas to think things over but not to take too long. He was a patient man but not a saint.

After Cyrus had gone, Nikolas was incredulous. He reminded Laura that Cyrus had threatened him. "How did we get here?" he asked. Laura sighed. She confessed that it had all started after Jason had taken Cyrus' mother in order to help keep the peace. Cyrus had been using innocent people to get what he wanted. "Why didn't you do something?" Nikolas asked his mother. Laura insisted that she didn't negotiate with terrorists. "Maybe you should start!" Nikolas exclaimed.

Laura indicated that she had no power to return Cyrus' mother, but she wasn't sure she'd do so even if she was able to. The shooting had stopped, and the town was safer. Nikolas was concerned about Alexis' safety, but Laura urged him not to work with Cyrus. She didn't think it was just about Alexis but other family members, as well. She was worried about what would happen if Florence was returned.

Nikolas accused Laura of dragging everyone "into a war that wasn't ours to fight." He thought it would be a good idea to allow Jason and Cyrus to kill each other, and then they'd have peace. Laura didn't want Nikolas to act out of fear or to give in, but he was too worried about Alexis.

Kevin helped Ava to open the box that she'd received at the art gallery. As she felt inside and shoved the Styrofoam peanuts aside, she squealed and flung the object to the floor. "What the hell?" she shouted. Kevin pulled out a note that was addressed to "My Goddess." It read, "May you always feel my hand in yours. Forever, R." Kevin gently picked up the hand with a tissue and noted that it was only an anatomical model. "We both know who sent it," Ava said, but Kevin wasn't too sure.

Alexis welcomed Sam into her house, and Alexis suggested they have dinner in a restaurant. Sam was surprised, as she assumed that Alexis would want to stay "low-key," but Alexis wanted to be out and about before beginning her sentence in Pentonville. Alexis began to go over some of her papers with Sam until there was a knock at the door. She opened it to reveal Irene Morton, a prison consultant. She was there to prepare Alexis for her prison stay.

Alexis began to joke, and Irene was not pleased. She ordered Alexis to lose the sense of humor, as it might not go over well with other inmates. Irene began to go over some of Alexis' papers and glared at her when she cracked another joke. Sam urged the woman to "ease up" because she knew that while there could be violence in prison, it wasn't inevitable. Irene wanted Alexis to unlearn her old habits and learn how to protect herself.

Sam excused herself, and Irene announced that she needed a cigarette break. She stepped outside. Sam was distraught that she'd allowed Alexis to plead guilty. Alexis went outside and told Irene that things were getting tense. Irene called Sam a good advocate for Alexis. She stated that cigarettes were a good thing to have on hand in the prison, and she warned Alexis that alcohol could be readily obtained.

Alexis wondered how Irene had gotten into her line of work. Irene described how her husband had abused her, and she'd shot him three times. He'd lived. She had started helping women while she'd been in prison, and she maintained that Alexis would need to find her own purpose. She promised to return the next day, and she noted that Alexis and Sam needed each other.

Alexis went back into the house and told Sam that she only wanted Sam to do one thing. She needed Sam to be okay, because Alexis wouldn't be able to help her from prison. Sam promised that everyone would be fine.

Chase arrived at the gallery and put the hand into a plastic evidence bag. Ava told him she was sure that Ryan had sent it, but Kevin was still doubtful. He reminded her that Ryan couldn't move. Ava thought he could have had some help, and she wondered if Kevin really thought that someone else would have sent a hand. Kevin didn't think that either Nikolas or Ava had a shortage of enemies.

Chase wanted to be informed if any other information developed, and he left. Ava gave Kevin his legacy painting that Franco had left for him, and Kevin offered to drive Ava to the launch and see her safely off to Wyndemere. He was concerned for her. Ava stressed that she had work to do, and she was sure she would be fine. She pulled a gun from her purse and promised Kevin that she never went anywhere without protection.

Later, Ava sat at her laptop until she heard a noise. She grabbed her gun and waited. Nikolas called out, and Ava was relieved. They both admitted to having had an unpleasant day. "We're in trouble," Nikolas said, and Ava agreed. Nikolas told her it was about Alexis.

At Metro Court, Carly phoned Diane and asked her to arrange a visit with Jason, although she couldn't divulge the reason for it. Cyrus overheard and asked if he could help. Carly ended her call, and Cyrus told her that he was familiar with Pentonville. He had contacts and could make arrangements for the visit. Carly didn't want anything from Cyrus, but Cyrus reminded her that if he could get his mother back, Jason could be on the way home.

Carly didn't know when Florence would return, and Cyrus expressed his disappointment at Carly's unreasonableness. She announced that she wasn't afraid of Cyrus, but Cyrus noted that she'd been free of violence with both Sonny and Jason out of the picture. He hoped that she and her children would be able to "sleep easy." Carly was horrified as Cyrus walked away.

Kevin returned home, and Laura couldn't be happier to see him. She told him about Cyrus' visit and how he'd tried to pull Nikolas into his game. Kevin told her about the hand and intimated that someone had been trying to mess with Ava. "This could be the beginning," she said. Laura was worried that if there was blood in the street, it would be on her hands.

At the Quartermaines', Brook Lynn and Willow sat and chatted. They were in good humor until the doorbell rang. As Brook Lynn opened the door, she said, "Parenthood's not gonna make a dent in my lifestyle." "I beg to differ," Valentin said. Brook Lynn tried to put him off, but Valentin managed to get his foot in the door. He announced that they had to talk, and he had engaged security for Brook Lynn.

Brook Lynn retorted that she didn't take orders and could take care of herself. She didn't want security around her, and she proclaimed that she would ask Ned about it. She turned and began to head out of the foyer when she tripped and fell flat on the floor. Valentin helped her up and asked Willow to get his car. He demanded that Brook Lynn go to the hospital. He had no intentions of leaving her side.

Nikolas makes a deal with Cyrus

Nikolas makes a deal with Cyrus

Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Cyrus and Brando arrived at the Port Charles Grill, and Cyrus ranted to Brando about how Carly needed to talk to him with respect, since her protectors were gone. Cyrus noticed that Brando was distracted, and Brando explained about how he'd seen Valentin and Gladys together. Cyrus knew that Valentin always had an angle, but Brando didn't think Gladys had anything that Valentin could use. Just then, Nikolas arrived, and he requested privacy for his talk with Cyrus. Cyrus asked Brando to take a walk, so Brando left.

Cyrus admitted that he wasn't surprised to get Nikolas' call. Nikolas wanted to know Cyrus' terms, and Cyrus replied that he wanted Florence back. In return, he had connections at Pentonville who could help Alexis have a better experience there. Nikolas wondered why he should trust the man who'd put his sister in a coma, and he added that he didn't buy Cyrus' well-rehearsed "wrong place, wrong time" excuse. Nikolas suggested that he could find Florence and keep her for himself, but Cyrus warned Nikolas not to make an adversary of Cyrus.

Nikolas demanded that Alexis be protected as soon as she arrived at Pentonville, and that was non-negotiable. Cyrus agreed and advised Nikolas not to try his patience. Brando returned when Nikolas was gone, and Cyrus thought that Nikolas seemed smart enough to not cross him. Cyrus wanted to know why Valentin was interested in Gladys, but Brando hadn't tried to find out. Cyrus expressed his vast disappointment in Brando, and he informed Brando that finding Florence was in "more competent hands." He instructed Brando to get the car, as Cyrus would be out soon, so Brando left.

Alexis' doorbell rang, and she answered it to a crying Kristina. Kristina apologized profusely for missing the sentencing, but she hadn't been able to bear to hear Alexis plead guilty. Molly arrived, and Alexis told them how helpful her prison consultant had been. She related that, as part of getting her affairs in order, she wanted to see them. She wanted her daughters to move into her house. She explained that Sam would be paying for everything through Alexis' savings, so the two could save money while being caretakers for her house while she was gone. Molly agreed to talk it over with T.J., but Kristina answered, "Not gonna happen."

Kristina and Molly began to bicker over things that had happened the last time they'd lived together, and Alexis commented that she would even miss their bickering. Alexis lamented having to miss Molly's graduation from law school. She suggested some hot chocolate and went to the kitchen to make some. Kristina muttered to Molly that she had an idea that would help Alexis to not miss Molly's graduation. A few minutes later, the three women were drinking hot chocolate and talking when the doorbell rang. Alexis opened the door to Nikolas, who wanted to check in with his aunt. Molly pulled Kristina into the kitchen to help make him a cup of hot chocolate.

Nikolas apologized to Alexis for interrupting family time, but she insisted that he was family. He promised to keep an eye on her daughters while she was away, and she cracked that they should be the ones keeping an eye on him. Nikolas remembered his relationship with Alexis being the only warm one he'd had growing up. He vowed that she would be protected in Pentonville, and she wondered what he'd done. He replied that he'd simply taken steps to make sure his "favorite aunt" was safe.

At the hospital, Finn appreciated Violet's visit, and she replied that she liked visiting his office. Just then, Chase arrived, and Violet ran to him. Finn explained that the nanny had had a family emergency, and Chase said that he was there, working a case. Chase wanted to talk to Finn, so Finn set Violet up with her coloring book. Chase revealed that he thought a family dinner would help break the ice, and Jackie had already agreed to it. Finn agreed but reasoned that it was too soon for Violet. Finn admitted that he hadn't talked to Gregory since they'd gotten the test results. "Grandpa!" Violet suddenly cried, and she ran into Gregory's arms.

Finn, Chase, and Gregory awkwardly caught up, and Violet wondered why everyone was acting funny. Chase proposed that he and Violet get a snack, so the two ran off to a vending machine. Finn and Gregory went to Finn's office for privacy. Finn divulged that he'd been keeping his distance, and Gregory joked about "old habits." Finn was grateful for Gregory raising Chase, and as much as he hated that he'd missed Chase's childhood, it was a comfort to know that Gregory had always been there for Chase.

Finn talked to Gregory about the dinner, but Gregory wasn't ready for that yet. Just then, Finn's phone went off, and he saw that he was needed for an emergency consult. Gregory offered to wait there for Chase and Violet. Finn urged his father to reconsider attending the dinner, and he left.

In the hall, Violet marveled that Finn had never let her have ice cream before dinner, so Chase decided that letting her have some made him cooler than Finn. Violet wished that Finn wasn't so sad, but Chase figured that Finn would feel better soon, especially with Violet around. He promised that she could always call him if she was sad. She wished that she had a sibling to talk to, but she was happy to at least have her Uncle Chase.

A few minutes later, Chase and Violet entered Finn's office, and Gregory updated Chase on Finn's whereabouts. Chase wanted to talk to Gregory alone, so he gave Violet his phone to play with and assured her that the two men would be right outside the door. Gregory informed Chase that Finn had already talked to him about the dinner, and he'd decided to attend. Gregory warned Chase to have a reasonable "expectation level," and he promised to do everything he could to help Chase readjust to his new family situation. Gregory admitted that he had no idea what his relationship with Finn would be like in the future.

At the hospital, Britt handed Maxie the sonogram picture and assured her that Maxie and the baby were both doing fine. Maxie decided that it was time to put her plan into motion, so she picked up her phone. Just then, Britt heard Valentin yelling outside the room about Brook Lynn needing help, so she went out into the hall. Valentin explained what had happened, and Brook Lynn insisted that he was overreacting. Anna peered around the corner and approached as Britt wheeled Brook Lynn away for an exam. Anna offered to wait with Valentin, and he accepted because he was terrified.

Valentin told Anna what had happened with Brook Lynn, and he admitted that he was concerned about Brook Lynn's nonchalance about the baby. Anna advised him not to overreact, as Brook Lynn was with the doctor. She asked about how Charlotte was handling things, and Valentin answered that he was open to suggestions. Anna instructed him to give it time, because humans were hardwired to love babies. She thought that Charlotte would be fine as long as Valentin reassured her of his love for her.

In Brook Lynn's room, Britt instructed her to change, and they would check the baby's heartbeat and do an ultrasound. She showed Britt the padding under her shirt and called it "shapewear." She told Britt that it would take time to get out of, so Britt would have time to go see other patients. Britt left, and Brook Lynn wondered what she was going to do.

"You're about to see me in action. I'd do anything to keep you safe," Maxie told her baby. Peter ran into the room and asked her what had happened. She explained that everything was fine, but she'd had contractions and was freaked out about it. Britt returned and demanded to know why he was there. Brook Lynn overheard from her room as Peter replied that he needed to know what was going on with his child. Britt asked for a word with him outside the room, but he refused to leave. Maxie nervously wondered if there was something wrong with the baby that Britt was going to tell Peter about, but Britt reiterated that everything was fine. She instructed Maxie to rest, and Britt and Peter left the room.

Brook Lynn realized that she needed to do something fast, or it was "game over." She entered Maxie's room, and each assured the other that their babies were fine. Just then, Brook Lynn spotted the sonogram picture on the table as a nurse entered. While Maxie was distracted with talking to the nurse, Brook Lynn swiped the picture. She called out that she was glad Maxie was all right, and she left.

As Anna and Valentin approached, Peter asked Britt if there was something wrong. Anna asked about Maxie, but all Britt could say was that Maxie and the baby were fine. She added that she would be doing Brook Lynn's ultrasound soon, so Valentin and Anna walked away, and Peter wondered why Valentin would care about Brook Lynn. Turning her attention back to Peter, Britt explained that Maxie had had a close call, and her blood pressure was too high. She continued that Maxie needed rest and no stress. Peter decided to move back in with Maxie so he could take care of her, but Britt replied, "Absolutely not." She informed him that all his pressure and unexpected drop-ins were contributing to Maxie's problems.

In her room, Maxie knew that Britt would be able to convince Peter to leave her alone. Anna entered the room to check on Maxie, but Maxie coldly remarked that she was supposed to be resting. Anna had heard from Robert that Maxie had a plan, but she urged Maxie to wait, because Anna had something in the works. "I'm supposed to trust you now?" Maxie shot back, and she believed that it was up to her to handle Peter. Anna urged Maxie to call if she needed anything. She was about to leave the room when Peter burst in.

Anna told Peter to leave, as he was causing Maxie stress, but he vowed to protect Maxie. "If that means leaving you alone, I will for now," he said. He promised to never let anyone hurt Maxie or the baby and left the room. Anna advised Maxie to look after herself, and she left.

Outside the room, Anna scolded Peter for bothering a terrified and exhausted Maxie. She warned him to back off, because the only thing that would make the situation worse was if something happened to the baby, and she walked away. Anna returned to Valentin, unsure about Maxie's condition. He replied that he'd heard nothing about Brook Lynn yet.

Just then, Peter's phone went off, and he answered, "This isn't a good time." Cyrus answered that he had news about Valentin, but Peter replied that he'd already seen Valentin with Gladys. Cyrus believed that the multiple meetings were suspicious and that Valentin suspected that Gladys was lying about seeing Jason kill Franco. Peter wasn't sure why Valentin would care about the case, but Cyrus had an idea.

Britt returned to Brook Lynn's room and found that Brook Lynn was still dressed. Brook Lynn insisted that another doctor had given her an ultrasound and told her everything was fine. Britt flipped through Brook Lynn's file and saw no indication of an ultrasound, and she asked who had done it. Brook Lynn didn't remember, but she needed to go home. Britt asked where the sensors had gone, and Brook Lynn supposed that the other doctor had taken them. Brook Lynn was glad she'd at least gotten a picture, and she showed Britt the sonogram picture, which had all of the information on the bottom torn off.

Britt and Brook Lynn left the room. Brook Lynn handed Valentin the sonogram picture and assured him that everything was fine. She informed him that she had ordered a car, so she left without him. He looked at the picture and smiled, and he showed Anna. Anna noticed Peter staring at them, and she told Valentin that they were attracting too much attention there. She advised him to meet at her house to go over "next steps," and the two walked in opposite directions.

Still on the phone with Cyrus, Peter realized that Jason and Valentin had Anna in common. He knew that Anna would want to exonerate Jason, and Valentin would do anything she asked. Cyrus related that Anna and Valentin were professionals, so he instructed Peter to find out what was going on, as it was a "major problem." Just then, Peter caught sight of Finn and revealed that they would have no problem at all.

Britt returned to Maxie's room and informed her that Anna and Valentin were there. Maxie knew, and she informed Britt that Anna had helped Maxie get Peter out of the room. Britt decided to admit Maxie, and she grabbed Maxie's file to start setting things up. She noticed that the sonogram picture was missing, and Maxie assumed that it had just been misplaced. "There's lots of that going on tonight," Britt muttered.

Alexis has a breakthrough

Alexis has a breakthrough

Thursday, April 8, 2021

Molly arrived outside of Alexis' house and asked Kristina if everything was ready for that night. Kristina replied that it was "all set," and she suggested that they go around the back of the house, since Alexis was still home.

Inside the house, Alexis was aptly listening to the aria "Dido's Lament" from the opera Dido and Aeneas and holding her mother's watch. She had a memory of watching two people dancing, but Sam's entrance snapped her out of it. Sam turned the music off and wondered if the singer was Alexis' mother, and Alexis confirmed that it was. Alexis revealed that she'd found her mother's watch while putting things away in the attic, and it was still broken. She related that it was "frozen in time" like she would be for the following three years. She suddenly got upset, realizing everything she would miss, and she admitted to Sam how scared she was. She decided that she needed to talk to someone like Sam had suggested, so she resolved to do just that after she ran some errands.

Hours later, there was a knock on Kevin's office door, and Alexis entered. She thanked him for seeing her that day, as she was going to prison the next morning. She confided that she had never thought she would go to prison, even though she'd known that it was a possibility. Kevin wondered how she'd been spending her last day of freedom.

Earlier that day, Alexis met with Jax, Ned, and Finn at Kelly's, and they toasted to Alexis. Finn joked that ten years would fly by. When she clarified that she was only going away for three years, he commended her for finding the silver lining. Ned promised that Alexis wouldn't have time to miss them, since they would all be visiting every chance they got. Valentin arrived, and Alexis hoped that everyone could get along for one meal. The men all grumbled in agreement. Valentin noticed that Alexis was wearing her mother's watch, which she figured she would try to get fixed one more time before she left. Valentin was proud of Alexis for taking responsibility for her actions and thought that they could all learn from her example.

In Kevin's office, Alexis remarked how much she'd loved seeing her friends, which had reminded her of "better days," before she'd thrown her career away for Neil. She lamented that she'd been a fighter, an idealist, and an advocate. She divulged that she'd felt like a superhero when she'd been an attorney. Kevin observed that he'd heard her describe herself as a fighter, idealist, and advocate before. Alexis talked about how her prison consultant had instructed her to find a purpose in prison, but she believed that her purpose was gone, since she was no longer a lawyer. Kevin proposed that they pick up when they'd left off during her last session to help her find a purpose.

Kevin opened Alexis' file and saw that they'd touched on her relationship with Mikkos. Just then, Alexis had a memory of seeing two people dancing as a little girl watched. She said that she didn't have many memories of her father, as he'd barely been present. She looked down at her mother's watch, and the little girl from her memory appeared in the room. She remembered Kevin connecting her self-sabotage to Mikkos, but she took responsibility for her own mistakes. She thought the turning point in her life had been when Julian had held a knife to her throat, and he'd been "just one in a long line of toxic men." However, Kevin knew that not all of the men in her life had been toxic.

Earlier, Ned admitted that he was worried about Alexis, but she wondered why he even still talked to her after she'd ruined his marriage. He claimed responsibility for their transgression. "Why did I walk out of our wedding?" she joked, but he reasoned that they were wrong for each other. He called her a dear friend. He promised to always have her back, and he hugged her.

In Kevin's office, Alexis knew that Ned had been good, so it was no wonder why she'd left him. Kevin figured that it hadn't been a bad decision if she'd known that it was wrong. Alexis acknowledged that she and Ned didn't belong together, but it hadn't stopped her from sleeping with him when he'd been unavailable.

Earlier, Alexis paid a visit to the Quartermaine mansion to see Dante, but Olivia informed Alexis that Dante wasn't home. Alexis turned to leave, but Olivia stopped her. Olivia stated that she was still "beyond furious" with Alexis, and she was terrified for Alexis; however, she did not hate Alexis. Alexis was glad for that, but she was still sorry that they were no longer friends. Olivia remembered when Alexis had defended Olivia after she'd been arrested for publicly nursing Leo. "That's the Alexis Davis I remember. I miss her," Olivia said. "So do I," Alexis admitted. Olivia urged Alexis to do whatever she needed to do in order to find that Alexis.

In Kevin's office, Alexis couldn't believe the kindness Olivia had shown her, and she believed that she didn't deserve it. Kevin wondered why Alexis had been trying to punish herself, and she answered that she'd been doing it her whole life.

Earlier, Alexis stopped by Charlie's and was stunned to see a man behind the bar who looked like Julian from behind. Nikolas greeted Alexis as the man turned, and she was relieved to see that it wasn't Julian. She handed Nikolas an old photo album that she'd found in storage, and he thought he and Ava would enjoy looking through it. Nikolas promised she would be all right in Pentonville. Just then, the man behind the bar beckoned Nikolas to the bar for a phone call, so he walked away. Ava, who had inherited Charlie's from Julian, assured Alexis that Kristina would have a job there for as long as she wanted. Ava informed Alexis that, although Julian had been flawed, his love for Alexis had been very real. "I know how flawed he was. That was the problem," Alexis replied.

In Kevin's office, Alexis didn't think that men were the root of her problems, but they were a symptom. Alexis again had a memory of the two people dancing and a scared little girl watching. "Where did you go?" Kevin asked, snapping her out of it. Alexis yelled that she was there to soothe her anxiety, but it wasn't working. She thought that Kevin was just another man trying to define a woman by her "daddy issues," but not all women could be defined by men. She refused to let the men in her life define her, and the scared little girl appeared in the room again.

Earlier, Alexis left Charlie's and ran into Valentin. He wondered if she'd gotten the watch fixed yet, and she lamented that it just wouldn't start. She called it a lost cause, something she and Valentin knew a lot about. Valentin informed her that she'd taught him to be true to himself, and he would never be lost.

In Kevin's office, he asked about the memory Alexis was having, and she admitted that one memory of her father kept returning. She explained that, one Christmas Eve when she'd been a young girl, Mikkos had visited her and her mother with gifts. That had been when he'd given her mother the watch. She continued that it had been a wonderful night until her mother had asked Mikkos to stay over, and they'd argued about it. Alexis, then called Natasha, had been sent to her room, but she'd hidden and watched instead. Her mother had threatened to tell Helena about being Mikkos' mistress, and Natasha had watched as Mikkos began to hit her mother over and over.

Alexis continued that she'd idolized her father until she'd seen him abuse her mother, and she'd been powerless to stop it. Natasha had run downstairs and demanded that her father stop and no longer touch her mother. She'd picked up the broken watch from the floor, and Mikkos had taken it and gone. She had hoped that her mother would be done with Mikkos after that, but he'd returned on New Year's Eve with apologies and promises to never do that again. He'd put the fixed watch on her mother, and her mother had taken him back. She added that her mother had never been free from him again until she'd died.

Alexis insisted that she'd tried to help, but Kevin replied that that was a heavy burden for a child. She cried that her mother had had no one else to help, but Kevin reiterated that Alexis had only been a child. The crying little girl, Natasha, reappeared in the room, and Alexis walked over to her. She took the little girl's hands, and Natasha apologized for not being strong enough to stop Mikkos. Alexis insisted that it hadn't been Natasha's fault and that Natasha deserved happiness. She continued that no one had been there for Natasha when they should have been, but Alexis was there for her. "Do you know who I am?" Alexis asked, and Natasha shook her head. "I'm Alexis Davis, a fighter, an idealist, and an advocate," she answered. "Let this go. I got this," she concluded, and she hugged Natasha. Kevin explained that Alexis had stood up for the voiceless for her entire life, and she'd probably been the voice of other in ways that she'd never realized.

Kevin revealed that Alexis' descriptions of herself - fighter, idealist, and advocate -- had been passed on to her three daughters. He continued that she didn't need a law degree to give those gifts. "All you needed to be was Alexis Davis," he finished.

Later, Alexis returned to her to party-decorated home, where Sam, Kristina, Finn, Jax, and Ned greeted her by yelling, "Surprise!" as Ned took video. Sam told Alexis that they couldn't let her go without celebrating. Just then, "Pomp and Circumstance" began to play, and Molly descended the stairs in her cap and gown. Molly knew it wasn't the same, but she wanted to make it so that Alexis wouldn't miss Molly's graduation. A tearful Alexis hugged Molly and expressed how proud she was. She called her daughters her "life raft," but Sam countered that Alexis didn't need a life raft, as she was unsinkable. Sam, Kristina, and Molly hugged their mother as Ned took photos.

After the celebration, Sam offered to clean up so that Alexis could rest. Alexis instructed Sam to stop worrying, as she was "more at peace than I've been in a long time." As Sam cleaned up, Alexis looked around her house and thought about all the good and bad times she'd had with various people since she'd arrived in Port Charles. She looked down at the watch and took it off. She placed it on the table and went upstairs.

The next morning, a guard escorted Alexis to her cell and locked her in. Alexis greeted her roommate, who was startled by the sudden interruption. She got up to move a few thick books out of the way so that Alexis could get to her bunk. Alexis saw the various books and files on the table and wondered what her roommate was working on. The woman replied that her parole hearing was approaching, so she was trying to "brush up" to do everything right. Alexis sat down next to the woman and said, "I'm Alexis Davis, and I can help you."

At Alexis' house, the watch was on the table where Alexis had left it, and it suddenly began to tick.

Peter makes a threat, but finds himself in danger

Peter makes a threat, but finds himself in danger

Friday, April 9, 2021

At General Hospital, Jax was relieved to hear that Josslyn had only suffered a bad ankle sprain and not a break after participating in volleyball practice. After Elizabeth left the room to check on Josslyn's release, Josslyn admitted that she'd been playing hard because she'd had something to prove. She confessed that she'd been waitlisted at her top college. Jax thought it could be a mistake, and he offered to call the dean. Josslyn thought it was "so dad" of Jax to offer, but she wanted to try harder for herself.

Elizabeth ran into Finn at the nurses' station as he concluded a phone conversation with Violet. He asked the nurse if things would get any easier, but she told him that he had a child's criticism to look forward to. Cameron believed that Elizabeth had been disloyal to Franco's memory, and she felt as though her house had turned into an armed camp with her boys. Finn mentioned that he had thought about being a coward and not attending a family dinner.

Elizabeth returned to Josslyn's room and announced that the doctor wanted to take another look at Josslyn's ankle. Jax ducked out and sent a message to Carly.

Carly paid a visit to Jason at Pentonville. They sat on opposite sides of the glass and picked up their red phones. Jason assured Carly that he was able to protect himself, although she was adamant that she would get him out. She needed him and would do whatever it took. Jason ordered Carly not to make any moves without him and to be patient. Carly insisted that things were different because Sonny was dead. Normally, he would have been the one to fix things.

Carly noted that it had been great for Elizabeth to have Jake visit with Jason, and she thought it was an indication that Elizabeth might have some doubts about Jason. Carly thought they should get Florence back, but Jason disagreed. He made it clear that they needed Florence to remain hidden for leverage with Cyrus. Carly received a text message and had to leave. She promised to return.

Nikolas and Ava sat down at a table in Metro Court. Ava was convinced that either a "vintage Ryan" or an imitation had sent her the fake severed hand. She was sure that Laura would agree with her. Nikolas kept his eye peeled to the elevator. Ava expressed her dismay that Nikolas would be involved with either Cyrus or Martin, and Laura wouldn't like it.

Nikolas was adamant that Cyrus would protect Alexis at Pentonville if Nikolas was able to locate Florence, but Ava thought that Florence was safer away from Cyrus. She didn't want Nikolas to play by Cyrus' rules, and she suggested that he talk to Carly about Florence. Nikolas was against that; he knew full well that Carly would go to Jason, and they would move Florence again. Nikolas vowed that Cyrus would pay for his crimes one day, but Nikolas was willing to make a deal with the devil.

Martin arrived, and Nikolas noted that Ava was just leaving. She was surprised, but conveniently, she received a message and agreed that she was. Martin took Ava's seat, and Nikolas revealed that he wanted to talk about "a man and his mother." Nikolas admitted that he had also heard about Martin's last meeting with Laura, and Martin spoke of Cyrus ruining things. Martin added that his brother continued to portray Martin as a bad person.

Nikolas offered to intercede with Laura on Martin's behalf and revealed that Cyrus had forced his hand. Martin asked Nikolas what he'd meant about mothers, and after a brief discussion about Alexis, Martin realized that Cyrus had made Nikolas an offer. Nikolas exclaimed that his Aunt Alexis was important to him, but he thought that there might be another way around it.

Martin assured Nikolas that he'd seen Florence, and she was happy, safe, and thriving. She had since been relocated, and he didn't know where she was. He told Nikolas about the hummingbird cake that he'd gotten for his mother for her birthday in Vermont. He reminded Nikolas to put in a good word with Laura; Nikolas was confident things would work out.

Scott stopped at Laura's place and told her he needed a "reality check." He informed her that Peter had been the one to kill Franco, and Laura was surprised. He admitted that he'd spoken to Liesl, and she had been convinced that Franco wouldn't have reverted to his former self. He went over Peter's motives and added that Peter had once framed Liesl for his crimes and was actively framing Jason.

Laura didn't think that Liesl was reliable, and she wanted to know about Scott's "compelling reason" to trust Liesl. Awkwardly, Scott replied that he and Liesl had been grieving together because she'd been close to Franco. Laura reminded Scott that she had two witnesses, and Scott admitted that he'd believed that Jason was the killer at first, too. He wanted truth and justice, and he wanted to see Peter in court. Scott had been a lawyer for a long time, and he thought it was time to use the law in his favor. He headed out the door.

Ava arrived after receiving the text message from Laura, who declared that she'd wanted to check on Ava. She'd heard about Ava's "gift." Ava was certain that Ryan had been behind it, and Laura hoped Ava was proven wrong. Laura needed Ava's help in order to stop Nikolas from getting involved with Cyrus. The women sat down with cups of coffee, and Laura told Ava of Nikolas' plan.

Ava was concerned and afraid that Cyrus would expect more from Nikolas later on. She had tried to tell Nikolas not to be involved, and Laura made it clear that they had to stop him. She thought that she would be able to intervene on Alexis' behalf with her connections at Pentonville, and she wanted Ava to remind Nikolas not to trust Cyrus. She was sure that Nikolas would listen because he loved Ava.

Laura was worried and told Ava not to allow Nikolas to "give in to his dark side." Ava thanked Laura for Laura's faith in her, and she gave her word. The women grasped hands, and Ava promised that she would see to it that Nikolas did the right thing. After Ava had gone, Laura received a flower delivery. She assumed it was from Kevin, but the card indicated it was from Spencer.

As Anna poured drinks for herself and Valentin, she asked him about Brook Lynn. Valentin assured her all was fine, and he spoke philosophically about how a child caused one's vulnerability. He added that Peter needed to be locked up, and Anna agreed that it was up to them. Just then, the doorbell sounded, and Anna found Peter standing outside the door. He hoped it wasn't a bad time because he wanted to talk to her about Maxie.

Peter was surprised to see Valentin, and he proclaimed that their new children would be able to play together. He wished Valentin luck and hoped things turned out better than they had when Peter had been young. Peter went on to say that Liesl had been spreading lies about him killing Franco. He wondered where she would have gotten the idea.

Valentin reminded Peter that he had already confessed, but Peter insisted that it was Valentin's word against his own. He guessed they couldn't be friends, after all. He poured himself a drink and declared that he hadn't killed Franco. He thought that Anna and Valentin should believe him for the sake of their families and in their best interests. Anna thought it sounded like a threat.

Peter claimed he had offered an "olive branch," but Anna stated that others also believed that Peter was guilty. He retorted that he had given Anna and Valentin a choice, and they would have to live with the choice they made.

Chase and Gregory arrived at Beradino's for a family dinner. As music played in the background, Gregory announced that he wanted to set some rules. His marriage was over, though not by his choice, and he wanted Violet to have the family she deserved. Jackie arrived, and they sat down at a table covered with a red-checked tablecloth. Finn finally arrived and sat down reluctantly. The family made a toast to Violet.

Jackie agreed with Gregory that the past didn't have to be discussed, but Chase declared that it was difficult to move on. Gregory stated that they were all trying. Jackie wondered if they would depart as a family or as people who would go their separate ways.

The waiter refilled water glasses, and Gregory noted that he wanted to share a lesson he'd taught. Chase and Finn joked about Gregory's lessons. "Everything worth knowing comes at a cost," Gregory said. He added that there was a second lesson, and that was that they couldn't erase the past as a family. He remembered days long gone, and he admitted that he wouldn't change anything.

Finn considered Gregory to be generous and forgiving, and Chase thought it was important to "take the high road." He wasn't sure that he could, and Finn agreed that one could get by everything but the past. Chase and Finn announced that they'd tried and were ready to leave. Gregory admitted that when he'd heard the truth, he'd "wallowed in self-pity," but he realized he'd had a good life. He wasn't a victim, and he'd raised two great men. He had a granddaughter. He wanted to move forward and to keep trying.

Elizabeth returned to Josslyn's room and informed her that she was not to play volleyball for one to two weeks. Josslyn argued with her as Carly showed up outside the room. Jax informed Carly that it was nothing serious, but he'd thought she should be there. He added that Josslyn wasn't as tough as she thought she was. Carly and Jax went into Josslyn's room and heard the doctor's orders. Carly asked what else was going on. Josslyn insisted she was just frustrated, and it was a bad time. She had an upcoming tournament.

Carly asked to speak to Elizabeth privately, and they stepped outside. Jax asked Josslyn why she hadn't mentioned the waitlist to her mother. Josslyn replied that Carly had enough on her mind, and she didn't want either of her parents to try to fix things. She needed to get back onto the volleyball court.

Carly told Elizabeth that she'd visited Jason at Pentonville. Jason had mentioned how much he'd appreciated Jake's visit in order to be able to proclaim his innocence. Elizabeth knew what Carly was getting to, and Carly replied that she just wanted Elizabeth to think about what she'd really seen at the crime scene and to tell the police.

At the prison, Jason was surprised to receive a visit from Scott, who admitted that he wasn't there to threaten Jason. He knew that Jason had wanted to kill Franco, but he knew that Jason hadn't done so. He wanted to honor Franco. He knew about the deal between Franco and Jason, and he promised that no harm would come to Jason. He would do whatever he could do help. Jason asked Scott to keep an eye on Jake. Jason maintained that Peter had been lucky, but his luck would run out.

Peter stopped outside of the Italian restaurant to speak to the waiter who met him there after receiving Peter's message. Peter handed him a vial of a liquid and made it known that Finn was to get a "taste of his own medicine." If that was done, the waiter would not have trouble with his parole officer. The waiter returned to the restaurant and delivered after-dinner coffees to all at Finn's table.

Before Finn, Chase, Gregory, and Jackie could sip on their coffee, they recalled an incident from the past. It had involved a lazy Susan like the one on the table, and they decided to all put their cups on top and spin it around. When it stopped, they all grabbed a cup and toasted the future.

Ava returned to Nikolas at Metro Court, and he told her about the hummingbird cake. After making several phone calls, he'd been able to track down a bakery in Vermont where there had been a southern baker who could make them. He felt that he'd be able to track down Florence, and it would be a "piece of cake."

After Peter had gone, Anna checked in on Robin to make sure that she and her family were okay, and Valentin acknowledged that he'd checked on Charlotte and had provided security for Brook Lynn. He declared that they couldn't wait any longer.

Shortly after, Anna thanked Peter for returning, and she claimed to have reconsidered his offer. Peter told her it was too late. Just then, Valentin descended the stairs with a gun pointed at Peter. Valentin agreed it was too late.

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