General Hospital Recaps: The week of March 1, 2021 on GH

Liesl crashed the double wedding to play Alex's video. Valentin revealed the truth about Peter's crimes. Maxie was rushed to the hospital with cramps. Finn felt betrayed that Anna had trusted Valentin with her secrets. Franco attacked Peter. Michael regretted inviting Nina to spend time with Wiley. Gregory overheard a revealing conversation.
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Liesl crashed the double wedding and neither Finn and Anna nor Peter and Maxie exchanged vows
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Peter is kidnapped on his wedding day

Peter is kidnapped on his wedding day

Monday, March 1, 2021

At Elizabeth's house, she and Franco updated Jason on what had transpired with Franco's brain tumor; his trip to Switzerland to see Dr. Kirk, and the doctor's opinion that Peter's voice in Franco's head was a result of the earlier memory mapping. Franco added that Liesl had also been a patient of the doctor who had been murdered after Franco's sole visit.

Elizabeth excused herself to check on Cameron, who was upset that Franco was moving out. Jason expressed his dismay that the voice in Franco's head hadn't been mentioned in Peter's article, and he guessed that Peter had to have missed the information in Franco's file. Franco disclosed that he had told Peter about it himself during a casual conversation.

Elizabeth returned and angrily accused Jason of having his mind made up about Franco. Jason expressed hope that Franco would be better for the sake of his family, and he suggested that Franco just take care of himself and his family. Jason would do everything else.

After Jason had gone, Elizabeth told Franco that she didn't want him to move out. Franco admitted it was the hardest thing he'd ever had to do, but he had attacked Cameron and was scared of hurting someone else. He would be back when he was no longer a risk. He and Elizabeth were tearful.

At the cemetery, Maxie was shocked to see Liesl, who handed Maxie her papers to prove that she was free after having been framed. She wanted Maxie to look before it was too late. Maxie was angry that Liesl hadn't revealed her presence earlier, and Liesl admitted that Franco and Britt had known she was in town, but she'd had to remain hidden. She wanted Maxie to save herself and her children.

Maxie accused Liesl of returning to town in order to blame Peter for the attempted murders of Andre and Franco, even though he had been the one to save the men. Liesl described Peter as both clever and cunning. She asked why Maxie was at the cemetery on her wedding day, but she guessed it was because Maxie was looking for Nathan's approval. She wondered if Maxie had received any answers.

Liesl leaned over Nathan's grave and promised that she would bring the guilty to justice. Maxie insisted that Peter wasn't the man who Liesl believed him to be, but Liesl retorted that Maxie had it backwards, and Peter wasn't the man that Maxie believed him to be. She didn't think that Peter was the man he believed himself to be. Maxie refused to listen and shouted that she was tired of all the haters. Liesl wanted her to listen to Nathan, but Maxie exclaimed that he was dead.

Liesl insisted that Nathan lived on inside of Maxie, and Peter wasn't worthy of her. The women argued, and Maxie accused Liesl of wanting to get back at Anna because Faison had loved Anna more. Liesl agreed that she hated Anna, but she didn't want to hurt Maxie. She declared that Peter had been playing a game, and he was desperate. She begged Maxie to listen, to no avail.

Maxie made it clear that she and Peter loved each other, and Anna was also on their side. If Maxie had to choose, she would choose Anna and Peter over Liesl.

Jackie stood in the wedding venue at Metro Court and looked at all of the old and enlarged photos of the brides and grooms from their childhoods and at the wedding invitation. Robert handed her a drink, and she admitted that she felt like a wedding crasher. Robert reminded her that she was his "plus one." Jackie didn't feel the importance of weddings any longer, but Robert said that he was always optimistic.

Finn rushed into his hotel room and was surprised to see Violet, all dressed for the wedding. She reprimanded him for being late. Finn stooped to her level to tell her how beautiful she looked. He was curious as to how she had gotten there, but Chase and Gregory emerged from the bedroom. Finn whispered that even though Violet had a mommy, he hoped that she could think of Anna as her second mommy. Violet told him she already did, and they shared a hug. Gregory took Violet to her nanny so that Finn could get ready.

In the bridal dressing room, Valentin told Anna that she had to speak or hold her peace. She really felt that she should give Finn a "heads-up," but Valentin didn't think it was possible. They were interrupted when Jordan arrived, and due to her cop instincts, she immediately suspected that something was up. Valentin confessed that he loved Anna and wanted her to run away with him, and Anna sent him on his way.

Jordan pressed for information, but she added that she wanted Anna to have her happy ending. Jordan handed Anna a gift that she had received from Stella on her own wedding day. It was a colorful, embroidered handkerchief, and Jordan explained that it covered the something old, borrowed, and blue. She thought that Anna seemed down, and Anna confessed that she didn't know if the wedding would happen.

Jordan knew that Finn loved Anna, and she didn't think that anything would stop Maxie from marrying Peter. Anna admitted she was feeling silly, and she asked for Jordan's help in choosing a pair of earrings. Jordan still felt that Valentin and Anna had been planning something. Anna joked about keeping secrets. Jordan confessed that she was at the wedding alone because she couldn't share with Curtis. She didn't want Anna to make the same mistakes, and she wanted Anna to trust Finn.

Peter dressed in his own room and gloated as he looked at himself in the mirror. "I won," he said as he thought of his father, who had told him he'd fail. He was happy that no one could stop him -- and that included Robert, Spinelli, and Jason. Out in the hallway, Dante thought of Liesl when she'd said, "It's time to strike at Peter's heart."

Dante knocked on Peter's door and maintained that he was there on Lulu's behalf. He threatened that Peter had better not ever make Maxie regret the day, or Peter would have to answer to him. Dante noted that his stabbing had partly been Peter's fault because of his article on Franco. Peter retorted that he had only been doing his job, and Dante understood. "You know, we all have jobs to do. Sometimes, people get hurt," Dante replied. In his head, Dante heard, "Ready to complete the mission."

Dante recalled that Peter had wanted to take down his parents, but Peter made it clear that he had decided to make something of himself instead. Dante expressed that he had his own mission to pursue. Valentin arrived, and Dante explained that he had been speaking for Lulu and wishing Peter and Maxie the best. He departed, and Peter told Valentin that he'd been right in firing Dante because he seemed "off."

Valentin exclaimed that Anna had felt the same way about Dante, and Peter was concerned that Valentin had said something to Anna. Valentin assured Peter that he would always do what was right, and Peter wished he could show his gratitude to Valentin for always being there for him. "You can. Forgive me," Valentin said.

Peter was confused, and Valentin said that he would always regret his part in Peter's childhood. He considered himself responsible for Peter's errant ways. Peter insisted that Valentin had made up for it by being his mentor and keeping his secrets. Valentin promised that he would never turn his back, and Peter vowed to always make time for Valentin.

Valentin reached into his pocket and handed Peter a gift of cufflinks. He noted that Charlotte had helped to pick them out. Peter was amazed that Valentin was still by his side, and Valentin insisted he wouldn't be anywhere else. Peter had to finish dressing, and Valentin announced that he would let everyone know that Peter was almost ready. Peter thanked Valentin for believing in him, and the men hugged. Peter teased Valentin for being the emotional one. Once out of the room, Valentin made a quick phone call. "It's on," he said.

In the lobby, Britt and Sam continued to search for the missing Maxie. They stopped to tell Mac and Curtis, and they all wondered if Maxie could be having second thoughts. Britt noted that Peter would never live up to Nathan, and Sam suggested that Maxie had needed some space. Curtis thought that the wedding vows were a lot to commit to.

Shortly after, Sam apologized to Curtis for mentioning their business dealings in front of Jordan. Curtis was okay with it and was happy that he would be able to live his dream. Sam advised him to be sure that he was running to something and not away from someone.

Finn was dressed and ready for his wedding. Chase wished that Gregory was attending with Jackie, but Finn stated that the couple had been drifting apart for years. Chase had always believed his parents to have a perfect marriage, but he'd only just learned that Jackie had been missing for 24 hours before her wedding. Finn grabbed a couple of bottles of water from the refrigerator and told Chase that the marriage breakup was not his fault.

Back in the lobby, Robert admitted to Jackie that it had taken him awhile to accept Peter, and if it turned out to be a single wedding, he'd consider it a victory. Gregory overheard and suggested a "malfunction," just like his wedding to Jackie when she'd been missing. Robert wandered off, and Gregory wondered about his and Jackie's own marriage. She informed him that she considered their separation to be just the first step on their road to a divorce.

Gregory said that he wouldn't fight, but he would always love Jackie. Finn and Chase arrived. Chase joked that Finn had been trying to escape, but it was too late. "Tell him, Dad!" Chase said. Gregory said it was too late. "That seems to be the case," he added as he looked at Jackie. Chase's face fell, and Gregory asked Chase to join him for a drink. Jackie and Finn began to bicker again over DNA, and she reminded him that it wasn't the right time.

Sam and Curtis spotted Dante drinking, and he admitted he wasn't ready for the wedding. Britt declared that there was still no sign of Maxie, and perhaps she had cut her losses. She admitted that she was cynical on the idea of marriage and thought it was better to avoid the heartache of divorce later on. Sam couldn't believe that Britt was so cynical, and she suddenly noticed Britt's shaking hand as Britt reached for a drink.

Britt joked and evaded the issue as Jordan approached. Jordan spoke to Sam and told her that while she was surprised by Curtis' new business venture, she was glad that Sam was by his side. Sam went off to continue her search for Maxie, and Curtis handed Jordan a drink. He thanked her for being gracious, and he assured her that he was confident with his business decision. Jordan hoped he'd be happy.

At the cemetery, Maxie noticed that her phone had been off. She was rattled when she saw the time and the number of calls and messages from people who had been trying to locate her. She was fearful that she was late, and she ordered Liesl not to stop her. Maxie said goodbye and rushed off. "And I will do what I must do," Liesl muttered.

Liesl bent over Nathan's grave and exclaimed that she had tried her best, as had Britt. Peter didn't deserve Maxie. As she held up the flash drive from Alex, she thought that only the mother of the groom would be able to stop the wedding day.

Maxie raced back to Metro Court and was happy to see that Anna wasn't ready yet. Maxie just wanted to remember the day for the rest of her life. "I think we both will," Anna declared.

Gregory met Dante. Anna let Mac know that Maxie had returned, though she wasn't sure where Maxie had been. Mac announced that both brides were there, and Britt noted that she'd only seen one groom. Finn gathered the crowd and let them know they'd be starting shortly. He knew that Peter wouldn't miss the wedding for anything.

As Peter finished getting dressed, someone walked into his room and placed a black hood over his head.

The double wedding is interrupted

The double wedding is interrupted

Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Peter lay bound, gagged, and unconscious on the floor at an unknown location.

As the invited guests waited around for the wedding to begin at Metro Court, Lucy spotted Valentin. She commented on his appearance, and he admitted to being stressed out due to his best man responsibilities. Willow arrived and apologized to Chase for being late. "The whole damn wedding is late!" Finn exclaimed. Sam asked Britt if she'd seen Peter, but Britt replied that she wasn't her brother's keeper.

Willow straightened Chase's tie, and she drilled him on his best man duties. Chase looked over at Finn who was pacing, and he admitted that he didn't know how to help his brother.

Robert joined Jackie at a small table with another of many drinks from the open bar. Jackie wondered if he would object at the wedding, but Robert confessed that he'd already expressed his views several times, and it hadn't worked. She teased him for being too happy that the groom was missing.

Robert spotted Mac, and Mac thought that Robert appeared to be in a good mood. Mac declared that Maxie would be devastated if Peter didn't show, although Robert thought it would be for the best because she'd be better off without him.

Gregory approached Finn and told him that Anna was there and ready. He looked over at Jackie and Robert and noted that at least Anna wasn't mingling with her ex. Finn noted that Anna had been married to Robert, but Gregory reminded him that Anna was marrying Finn. Finn eyed the photos around the room that included Anna and told his father that they'd been through a lot.

Maxie and Anna showed up in the hallway, all dressed and ready for their wedding. Jordan pulled Anna aside and told her that the groom was missing. Maxie assumed it was Finn who had been called to the hospital, but Sam revealed that it was Peter who couldn't be located. Maxie was sure that Peter would have an explanation.

Jordan noted that she had attempted to reach Peter several times, and Maxie asked if he could have gone off to a big news story. Anna didn't think that Peter would just take off, and she thought the wedding should be postponed. Finn overheard and wanted clarification. He told Anna she looked beautiful, and Maxie was in a tizzy because Finn had seen Anna prior to the wedding. Maxie was certain that things would fall apart.

Anna told Finn that he looked "lovely," too, and she told him that Peter couldn't be found. Finn told her that everyone already knew about it. Maxie wondered who could be gloating besides Robert, and Finn agreed that it was Robert. Maxie insisted that Anna and Finn should still get married, even if she couldn't. She would wait for Peter.

Finn was ready to be married, but Anna declared that she couldn't leave Maxie. Maxie quickly rushed over to Sam and said that she would hang with her. Anna was sure there had to be a reasonable explanation. Finn wanted to do their wedding their own way; he didn't need all that had been put in place for the double wedding. He only needed Anna, and they could get married even in the elevator.

Anna replied that she would love to have a wedding ceremony with just Finn and Violet, but she couldn't. Finn understood it was because Peter was her son, and Maxie was her goddaughter, and she was unable to leave in case there was trouble. Anna was sorry, and Finn stated that he tried. They flirted. "Every moment in our lives leads us to this one," Anna said. She regretted nothing. Finn agreed that the time and place of their marriage ceremony was still to be determined. Anna maintained that they had to get past the incident with Peter, but they shared a hug.

Lucy said hello to Dante and expressed her sorrow over Lulu's condition. She was there to officiate. Dante admitted that he'd been thinking about his own wedding day to Lulu and how beautiful she'd looked. Lucy thought it was nice to think about those who couldn't be there.

Britt stopped to chat with Robert and told him that Maxie had told her that Robert had agreed to accept Maxie's choice. She reminded him that he had also promised to help Liesl. Robert insisted that it had been taking a long time to work things out. He agreed that both he and Liesl hated Peter but loved Maxie. He thought it was a good thing that Liesl wasn't there.

Jordan asked Valentin if there was any news on Peter, and he offered to check around. He made his way to Peter's hotel room and looked around at the overturned furniture and overall mess. He flashed back to his conversation with Anna during which time they had made their plan. He donned gloves and began to clean up the room. He and Anna had wanted to make it look as though Peter had left Maxie at the altar.

Valentin had told Anna that his people would grab Peter, and Valentin would leave a letter behind that would seemingly be from Peter. Valentin knew of a place where Peter could be stowed, and he told Anna that they couldn't change their minds once the plan had been put into motion.

As Anna stood with Maxie and their bridesmaids, she flashed back to the same conversation as Valentin. She had proclaimed that Peter needed to be brought to justice because they couldn't allow him to hurt anyone else. He was dangerous, and they had to protect Maxie.

Dante asked Sam how Maxie was doing, and he noted that he didn't think Peter was a "runner." Maxie saw them, and she asked Dante if he was really relieved about Peter, even if he said he was sorry. Maxie revealed that she knew about Dante's statement that she had only been in love with Peter because he was Nathan's half-brother. Dante reminded her that he was there in a suit, and he had wished her happiness. Sam said they loved her.

Maxie left, and Sam admitted that she wished Peter was more like Nathan, but she had no room to talk. Dante offered to look for Peter because "grooms don't vanish into thin air." Mac informed Maxie that he'd heard from Laura, who had wanted to say thank you for the bouquet that Maxie had sent to Lulu.

Finn stopped to talk to Robert and Jackie. Robert swore he had nothing to do with Peter's disappearance. Finn knew that Robert hadn't wanted Maxie to marry Peter, and he wasn't sure about Robert's feelings about Finn and Anna's nuptials. Finn thought that Robert would have known that Anna's wedding would not have gone on with Peter missing. Robert wished he had thought of it, but he also didn't want Maxie to think that Peter was a martyr. Jackie asked Robert if he approved of Finn and Anna together, and Robert replied that he wanted the best for them.

Dante ventured to the parking garage to phone Lulu while Laura held the phone to Lulu's ear. Dante said that everyone missed Lulu. As he spoke, he began to hear a loud banging noise, and it seemed to be coming from a utility room. He tried the knob, and it was locked. He heard muffled yells. He managed to find a crowbar and pried the door open. "What the hell? Peter!" Dante said. Dante untied Peter and removed his gag. "I need to get to Maxie!" Peter exclaimed.

Back in the venue, Mac wanted to call the wedding off, but Maxie refused. She was insistent that Peter would not abandon her, and she was worried. Valentin saw Anna, and he remarked on how stunning she looked. He told her that things had gone well, and he told her about the letter left in Peter's room. He would check in on Peter and inform him that his loved ones would be taken care of. Willow told Chase that Violet was ready for the wedding, but he related that there probably wouldn't be a wedding.

Finn called the crowd to attention and announced that the wedding would be postponed out of respect for Maxie and Peter. Just then, Dante and Peter burst through the door, and Maxie ran to Peter. He revealed that someone had jumped him, and he had been in a utility closet. He hoped that Maxie hadn't thought that he'd left her. He would never leave her again. Jordan summoned Chase to help her to search for evidence.

After Chase and Jordan came up empty-handed, Jordan noted that she was having the hotel searched. Chase suspected that someone might have been trying to prevent Peter from getting married.

Mac told Peter that he knew that Peter loved Maxie, and he wanted to know if Peter would be able to keep Maxie safe. He assumed that Peter's kidnappers would not be happy that he had escaped. Peter vowed to always keep Maxie safe.

Maxie thanked Dante for the rescue, and he agreed to be the "good guy" in the situation. Peter wanted to go ahead with the wedding, even though Anna and Valentin attempted to talk him out of it. Peter proclaimed that Anna and Valentin had made him the man that he was, and he was ready to go forward. Maxie admitted that her doubts had vanished after she'd missed Peter, and she loved him and felt safe with him. She knew he loved her. She summoned Finn and Anna and shouted orders to those in attendance to get ready.

"Let's get on with the dream," Finn said. Lucy put everyone in place. Valentin was irritated. "Once a hero, always a hero," Britt teased Dante. He asked if she'd stolen any babies lately. Jackie wanted to know about the rivalry between Robert and Finn, and Robert admitted it had taken a long time to accept Finn, but he had.

The wedding began, and grooms and best men walked down the aisle -- Peter with Valentin, and Finn with Chase. Peter thanked Valentin profusely for all Valentin had done for him. They were followed by Sam, who stood by Valentin. Maxie walked down the aisle with Mac, who kissed his daughter. Maxie took Peter's hand. Violet was next, and she tossed flower petals along the way. She ran to Finn, who picked her up, and she fist-bumped Chase. Jordan followed and stood by Chase. Anna was last, and she waved to Violet before she began her walk. She exchanged a look with Valentin as she arrived at the altar and hugged Violet and Finn. The little girl went to her seat, and Finn and Anna kissed.

Lucy officiated, and she began the ceremony by saying, "A marriage is a journey of days." She talked about the anxiety of that day and how the couples had been determined to be together. As she proceeded to join the couples in marriage, Liesl made a grand entrance at the back of the ballroom. She reminded Lucy that she was supposed to have asked if anyone objected. "Uh-oh," Violet said softly.

Liesl drops a wedding bombshell -- complete with video evidence

Liesl drops a wedding bombshell -- complete with video evidence

Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Carly visited with Michael at the Quartermaine mansion, and they both talked about missing Sonny. Carly noted that she sometimes woke up and reached out for Sonny, while Michael assured her that he talked to Wiley about Sonny all the time. Carly mentioned the incident with Nina at the cemetery, and she accused Nina of being in denial with wanting to turn Nelle into a "wronged innocent." Michael thought that the family had been through much worse.

Carly declared that the reason for her visit to Nina's office had been to set Nina straight, and she had been upset to see Nina with Wiley. Michael reminded her that Nina was Wiley's grandmother, and he wanted to move forward. Carly agreed that Nina should have a relationship with her grandson, but she didn't think it was the right time. She thought that Nina should get grief counseling and take a step back.

Michael thought it was a good thing for Wiley to have more people around who loved him, but Carly argued that Nina would only talk about Nelle all the time and sing her praises. Then, it would be bad when Wiley heard the truth. Michael replied that all kids should know about their biological parents, but Carly still disagreed. She thought it would be best if Wiley heard the truth in stages as he got older.

Michael insisted that Nina was Wiley's grandmother, and he wouldn't deprive her. Carly tried to talk him out of it, but Michael stood his ground. He said that Willow agreed with him, and he was Wiley's father.

Ava met with Nina at the Bistro, where they shared a table and had some coffee. Ava was chatty, and she wondered why Nina wasn't at Peter and Maxie's wedding. Nina divulged that she'd been disinvited after helping Maxie get ready. Maxie hadn't wanted to think of Nathan as she walked down the aisle, and she'd also thought that Nina had still been upset about Nelle.

Ava hadn't heard the details, and Nina revealed that Nelle had been her daughter. Ava was glad that Nina had learned the truth, even though there hadn't been a happy ending. Nina added that she had learned that Jax would always choose Carly. She proceeded to tell Ava all about Carly's version of what had happened on the cliff and the fact that she'd overheard Carly and Jax talking about the real version.

Nina said that she'd tried to talk to Jax, but he'd brushed her off. She knew that Nelle had been horrible, but she had been Nina's daughter. Carly had let Nelle fall to her death. Nina disclosed that she'd gone to the FBI, but Carly had gotten off. Carly had also threatened to keep Wiley away if Nina acted irrationally. Reluctantly, Ava said that she agreed with Carly, and she suggested that Nina put herself in Carly's place.

Ava reminded Nina that Carly had been at her husband's funeral when Nina had shown up and made a scene. Ava added that Nina had then gone to the cops. Nina could see that Ava was right, but she'd wanted to defend Nelle in death. Nina was upset that she had testified against Nelle at the custody hearing, but Ava replied that Nina had told the truth. Ava maintained that Carly felt attached to Wiley and would fight back.

Nina vowed that she intended to be a presence in Wiley's life, and Ava pointed out that Carly would do her best to keep Wiley away from Nina if Nina declared war. Nina replied that the war had already started, and she would not give Wiley up. Ava suggested that Nina be careful. She thought that Nina should apologize to Carly for the confrontation.

Nina disclosed that she had apologized to Michael and Willow, and they had shown up at the office with Wiley. It had been a good time -- until Carly had shown up. Nina was convinced that Carly hadn't been able to stand to see a happy Wiley with Nina, but Ava urged her to make peace for Wiley's sake.

At Metro Court, Curtis was confused, and he told Sam and Dante that he'd been on a call and had seen Violet being "hustled out" of the hotel with Jackie and Gregory. Sam revealed that Liesl had crashed the wedding.

Maxie declared that she was marrying Peter, and Liesl couldn't stop her. She accused Liesl of kidnapping Peter prior to the wedding. Mac shouted that Liesl was a fugitive. Liesl declared that it hadn't been her, and she had been released. As she began to reach into her pocket, Chase jumped at her to stop her. Liesl insisted she didn't have a gun, and Jordan urged her to move slowly.

Liesl removed the paper from her pocket and handed it to Robert. He looked it over and pronounced the document legitimate. Liesl had been exonerated of Drew's murder and the attempted murders of Andre and Franco. Sam wondered why Dante wasn't surprised at the scenario. He declared that nothing surprised him. Jordan wondered if the document could be forged, and Liesl encouraged them to call the WSB.

Robert placed the phone call, and he announced that it was true. Liesl had been exonerated. Maxie wondered why Liesl had wanted to ruin the wedding. Liesl indicated that there had been new evidence that proved that she hadn't committed the crimes. Curtis asked who the suspect was, and Liesl clearly looked over at Peter. So did Anna and Valentin. Liesl maintained that the WSB was investigating a suspect.

Lucy accused Liesl of creating a nuisance, and she ordered Liesl to leave. Liesl insisted that no one would be getting married. After Anna ordered Liesl to leave, Liesl stated that Maxie had been fed "a pack of lies by those you trust most." Maxie also wanted Liesl to go, but Liesl declared that she objected to Maxie's wedding. Chase threatened to arrest Liesl, but Liesl wanted everyone to listen to Anna's twin sister, who had left a gift behind for Anna and Peter. She switched on a nearby television monitor.

Curtis and Sam went off to try to stop the video as Alex spoke on-screen. She stated that she wanted to tell the truth. Anna saw no need for the video to play in front of everyone, but Liesl proclaimed that she had also texted everyone a copy. Liesl wanted to protect Nathan's widow and his son. Alex went on to say that her ex-husband Dmitri had sent the flash drive, and she had something important to say that would change Peter's life. It was something that Anna had already known.

Alex exclaimed that she had been the one to sleep with Faison, and she was Peter's mother, not Anna. Peter broke down and began to sob as everyone looked at him. Sam and Curtis returned, unsuccessful in their efforts to stop the video. Maxie declared that Alex was crazy, but Anna acknowledged that it was true. "You knew," Finn said in dismay. Peter asked Anna why she hadn't told him, but Valentin spoke up. He said that Alex had hated what she'd done, and she'd given her memory to Anna.

Peter flipped out. "You knew this, too?" he asked Valentin. Maxie turned to Liesl. She realized what Liesl had meant when she'd stated that Peter wasn't the man he thought he was. Liesl nodded. Finn guessed that Anna had known the truth since she'd received the results of the DNA test. Anna was sorry, but Finn was furious that she had told Valentin and not him. Finn stormed off, and Chase ran after him. Finn demanded to be left alone.

Britt was annoyed with Liesl, but Liesl insisted that she couldn't allow Maxie to marry the liar. "And Saint Anna's halo needed to be removed," Liesl added. As Liesl looked over at Dante, she admitted that her mission hadn't been completed yet. Liesl shouted at Robert that he had promised to keep Maxie safe, and he had broken his promise. She thought that he should have proven Peter guilty, so she'd had to take control. Robert looked around and noted that he saw no justice, only broken hearts. "More is coming!" Liesl declared.

Jordan explained to Chase and Willow that she had no authorization to arrest Liesl. "Lies, even for the right reason, will end up hurting someone," Chase said. Jordan was aware of that, although Willow declared that there was always forgiveness. Chase wanted to hang around for Finn, and as Willow prepared to leave, Chase promised to call her.

Sam and Mac tried to comfort Maxie while Anna went over to Peter. He was still in tears and asked her why she had lied. Anna replied that he had needed to believe that she was his mother, but Peter told her she'd had no right to make that decision. Anna admitted that she had thought she'd been protecting him.

Peter asked how long Anna had known, and she replied that while she had always suspected, it hadn't been proven until the fall. Anna didn't think the news had to destroy Peter, but he lamented that he would never be the man he thought he was or the man that Maxie wanted him to be.

Jordan told Lucy and Curtis that she would have loved to have arrested Liesl. She had never trusted Peter, though, and she'd always believed him to have a "secret agenda." Curtis agreed that he had been suspicious, too. Jordan stressed that Peter had made Maxie happy, and Curtis thought that the wedding could still happen. He wondered if it really mattered who Peter's mother was. Lucy felt that it mattered most to Peter -- and to Finn, who hadn't known Anna's secret.

Lucy was glad that the event had played out before the wedding. Curtis excused himself and went to the bar. Lucy sensed that something was wrong. Jordan disclosed that she had lied to Curtis, and he had walked out on her. She had tried to fix her marriage, but Curtis no longer trusted her. Lucy admitted that she was not the right person to give relationship advice, but she hoped that Jordan would be able to get Curtis to return. Lucy walked away, and Jordan spotted Curtis at the bar. They made eye contact, but Curtis turned and left.

Liesl tried to explain that the man Maxie had intended to marry didn't exist. "Back off!" Sam shouted as Liesl tried to get close to Maxie. Robert thought that Maxie should give herself some time away from Peter, but Mac made it clear that it was Maxie's decision.

Anna and Valentin were happy that Maxie wasn't getting married, and Valentin confirmed that they'd tried to save Peter. "Too little, too late," Anna sighed. Valentin cited the fact that Peter had committed his own crimes and had lied to Anna and Maxie. He would deal with Peter in order to minimize the pain to their loved ones. Again, Anna said that it was too late, but she would trust Valentin. She had to look for Finn.

Maxie went over to Peter and assured him that she still loved him, and he was still Peter. She grabbed his hand and placed it on her belly. She noted that their daughter had kicked in agreement. Maxie wanted to get married, and she loved Peter for better or worse. Valentin sorrowfully closed his eyes as Maxie proposed.

Robert couldn't believe what he'd heard. "Doesn't this girl know when she's dodged a bullet?" he asked Mac. "Get over yourself!" Mac snapped. He accused Robert of having skeletons, and he pointed out that Peter had been shocked at the news. He thought they should wait, but his first priority was Maxie's happiness.

Sam and Britt agreed that Maxie was making a mistake, and she was better off without Peter. "I think everyone in this room knows that," Britt retorted. Maxie was nervous as Peter remained silent. Finally, he said that he couldn't believe that Maxie still wanted to marry him. She assured him that it didn't matter who his mother was, and there was to be no pity. Peter had her love, respect, and heart. They hugged.

Liesl turned to Valentin and declared that the wedding had to be stopped. Peter was a manipulator, and she had to keep James safe. Liesl was ready to click her pen, but suddenly, Valentin began to shout. He yelled that he could not allow the wedding to continue until Maxie learned who Peter really was.

Finn retired to his hotel room and finished up a phone call with Jackie in order to check up on Violet. He revealed that the wedding wouldn't be happening. There was a knock at the door. It was Chase, who announced that he wasn't leaving because Finn shouldn't be alone. Finn insisted that he wanted to be alone. Chase understood. "I love you, brother," Chase called out. Finn closed the door and began to cry. Shortly after, Finn stood and looked out the window. There was another knock at the door. It was Anna.

Willow returned to the Quartermaines' and told Carly and Michael about all that had happened at the wedding. She had felt terrible for Anna and reported that Finn had walked out. Chase had been worried. Carly was aghast as Willow indicated that she needed a "dose of Wiley." Carly asked about the gatehouse, and Willow joyfully told her how adorable it was, especially with all the renovations that Michael had insisted on.

Willow invited Carly to visit, although she pointed out that Chase had been her first guest. Willow added that she had her own life in the place when she wasn't spending time with Wiley.

At the Bistro, as Nina and Ava chatted, Nina received a phone call from Michael. He invited her to visit with Wiley, and Nina was thrilled. She readily accepted his invitation and told Ava that Michael understood the importance of family. Nina was the only part of Wiley's mother to remain. Ava reminded Nina that Willow was Wiley's mother, and Nelle was the birth mother. Nina promised to remember and said that she would apologize to Carly.

Anna tells Maxie the truth

Anna tells Maxie the truth

Thursday, March 4, 2021

In his room at the Metro Court hotel, Franco left Liesl a message inviting her to visit before he went to Shadybrook in the morning. When he ended the call, there was a knock on his door, and he answered it to Elizabeth and Cameron. Cameron entered the room and explained that they'd gotten together some things to make Shadybrook feel more like home. He took a phone out of the duffel bag in his hand and handed it to Franco. Elizabeth explained that it was the phone Franco had recorded a video for himself on when he'd been Drew. Franco thanked them and put the phone away, explaining that he was trying to get the voices out of his head.

Franco wondered if Cameron had given any more thought to going to school in California, but Cameron made it clear that he didn't want to talk about it. Just then, Elizabeth's phone went off, and she divulged that she had to go into work. Cameron offered to meet her at home, and Elizabeth gave Franco a look. Franco told Cameron that it wasn't safe for Cameron to be alone with Franco. Cameron protested until Elizabeth stated that she would meet him in the lobby in a minute. Franco promised to see Cameron soon, and Cameron stormed out of the room.

Franco reminded Elizabeth that she shouldn't be alone with him, either, as he could also be a threat to her. "You sound like Jason," she replied. She tearfully admitted that she was scared, but she promised that she would never give up on Franco. When she was gone a few minutes later, Franco picked up the phone with "Drew's" video on it, and he hit play. "Hi Franco, it's Andy. I need to tell you a few things," the video started.

At the Metro Court bar, Jax lamented to Carly that Nina wasn't returning his calls, and he could see that she'd skipped the wedding. Carly assumed she would be with Wiley, and she updated Jax on the situation. She feared that, in Nina's fragile state, she would harm Wiley with thoughts of Nelle being a victim. Jax acknowledged their "huge mistake" in not telling Nina about Nelle right away.

Michael let Nina into the Quartermaine mansion, and she expressed how much it meant to her that Michael was helping her to have a relationship with Wiley. Willow emerged from the living room and invited Nina in to play with her and Wiley. Just then, Michael's phone went off, and he left the room to deal with something going on at Aurora. As Nina and Wiley built a tower of blocks, Willow asked, "Can Mommy help build?" and Nina was momentarily stunned by Willow calling herself Wiley's mother.

Nina took a minute to gather herself, and Willow observed that the two were in a much better place than they had been in the past. Just then, the doorbell rang, and Willow left the room to answer it. In Willow's absence, Nina explained to Wiley that she was his grandmother, but she wasn't his mother's mother. Outside the living room, Willow let Carly into the house. Carly asked how things were going with Nina and Wiley, and Willow answered that Wiley was lucky to get to see two grandmothers in one night.

Carly accompanied Willow into the living room and hugged Wiley. Willow suggested that Wiley get into his pajamas, and then they could play a little longer. When the two were gone, Nina wondered if Carly was checking up on her. Carly acknowledged that she'd been too blunt with Nina before. She knew that they both had reasons not to trust each other, but she also knew that they both wanted the best for Wiley.

Michael returned as Nina started to gather her things. She thought that it was getting late, but she thanked Michael for inviting her over. Willow returned with Wiley, and Nina picked him up and told him how great of a time she'd had with him. Carly noticed that Willow was upset and asked what was wrong. Willow tearfully explained that Wiley had just said that she wasn't his "real mommy."

In the Metro Court ballroom, Peter couldn't believe that Maxie still wanted to marry him, and he agreed to her request to still get married. Liesl muttered to Valentin that the wedding had to be stopped, as she owed it to Nathan to keep James safe. She stormed over to Dante with a pen in her hand. As she was about to click it, Britt demanded to know what her mother was doing. "What must be done," Liesl replied. Valentin suddenly piped up and announced that he couldn't let the wedding continue until Maxie learned who Peter really was. Maxie demanded for Valentin to stop, but he continued that Peter's redemption was a lie, and he had to do what Peter didn't have the courage to do.

Peter ordered Valentin to leave. As Mac started toward Valentin, Robert held him back and suggested that his brother listen. Peter had thought that Valentin cared about him, and Valentin insisted that he did. He'd promised to protect Peter from Jason, but he couldn't let Peter hurt anyone else. Maxie chimed in that she was aware of Peter being coerced by Helena and Faison into kidnapping Drew years before. However, Valentin informed her that Peter had been a willing participant, and had been actively trying to double-cross Faison. He continued that Peter had worked hard to cover up that he'd orchestrated that kidnapping and memory swap. "He brought down Drew's plane," Valentin said, to everyone's shock.

A crying Sam screamed at Peter as Dante held her back, but Maxie didn't believe it. "There's more," Valentin confessed. Peter wanted to leave with Maxie, but Mac refused to let them leave. Valentin continued that Shiloh had known about Peter's involvement in the kidnapping. Because of this, Peter had arranged Shiloh's escape from jail, which was when Shiloh had kidnapped Sam. Valentin divulged that the night Peter had been on the pier with a bag of money, he'd been there to pay Shiloh off, not buy an apartment. Maxie asked if Anna knew all of that, and Valentin confirmed it. Maxie refused to believe any of it, as she thought that Anna would have told her. Robert left the room in the midst of the yelling.

Finn was looking out the window in his hotel room when there was a knock on the door. He answered it to Anna, who invited herself in. She assumed he had some questions for her, but he replied that the only question he had for her was, "What else are you lying about?" Anna admitted that she'd had no plan when she'd found out that Peter wasn't her son, but she and Valentin had decided that the news had to be "contained." Finn was livid that she'd told Valentin and not him. Anna told him the rest of the story of all that Peter had done, and she assured him that she'd only found out a couple days before. She insisted that she hadn't wanted Finn anywhere near the "mess," and she'd thought that she'd been protecting him.

Finn yelled that he'd had his daughter around a murderer because of Anna, but she promised she never would have allowed any harm to befall Violet. Just then, Anna's phone started to ring, and Finn told her not to answer it. She saw that it was Robert and assumed that it was about Peter and Maxie. She answered the phone, and Robert told her to get back to the ballroom, as all of Peter's misdeeds were being told, and he feared how Peter would react when backed into a corner. "I understand," she replied, and she hung up. Finn told her to go, but she wanted to work things out with him. "You have other priorities," he said. She apologized and left.

In Jackie's hotel room, Chase asked about Violet, and Jackie replied that Violet was asleep. Chase gave Jackie a brief summary of what he'd seen, and he wondered how someone could keep something so major from their significant other. Jackie reminded him that relationships were a lot more complex than people on the outside could see. Chase related that he was sorry he hadn't been able to see how strained Jackie and Gregory's relationship had become. Jackie insisted that she wouldn't give up all the years of happiness for anything, but there were things she wished she'd done differently.

Chase didn't know when Finn would be all right, so he offered to take Violet. Jackie agreed that Violet would be more comfortable with Chase, so he went to get his niece. Later, Chase was gone, and there was a knock on Jackie's door. She opened the door to find Finn.

Robert returned to the ballroom as Peter accused Valentin of lying, so there was no reason to believe him. "You have every reason to believe me, though," Anna said as she arrived. Anna informed Maxie that everything Valentin had said was true. Liesl started to mouth off at Anna, so Anna asked that someone remove Liesl "before I lose my mind." Valentin obliged, and the two sat down at the Metro Court bar.

Liesl thanked Valentin for interrupting the wedding so she hadn't needed to. She was shocked that he'd abandoned Peter, but Valentin replied that he'd had no choice. Liesl didn't understand Valentin's "devotion" to Anna, but she conceded that it had worked to her advantage. She was happy that Maxie would finally be free of Peter, and Valentin hoped for that outcome, as well.

In the ballroom, Maxie cried that Anna would have told her about the allegations against Peter, so they couldn't be true. Anna admitted that she'd had doubts for "too long." She confessed that she'd chosen to cover up the proof that Peter was associated with the assassin that had gone after Andre and Franco. She continued that Peter had confessed everything to Valentin, who'd then told her. She recounted how she'd confronted Peter, giving him one more chance to tell the truth, but he hadn't. She'd realized that he'd always lie, and she warned Maxie that Peter had never been the man she'd thought.

Peter implored Maxie to go with him so he could explain, but Mac refused to let them go. Mac punched Peter, who was promptly grabbed by Robert. Maxie suddenly sat down, suffering from pain in her stomach, and Britt gave her a quick examination.

Franco hears what "Drew" has to say about their shared past

Franco hears what "Drew" has to say about their shared past

Friday, March 5, 2021

Nina got her stuff together to leave as Carly asked Willow if she was all right. A tearful Willow told Carly that Wiley had said that she wasn't his real mother. Michael had no idea where Wiley had gotten the idea until he looked at Nina. Nina explained that she'd done some research on how to address sensitive issues with kids, and everything said to be honest. Willow commented that it was past Wiley's bedtime, so she and Michael took Wiley upstairs.

Nina told Carly that she was sorry that Willow's feelings had gotten hurt, but she wasn't sorry for explaining to Wiley how she was related to him. She acknowledged that she should have discussed it with Michael and Willow, but she refused to pretend that Nelle didn't exist, especially since Wiley had asked how they were connected.

A few minutes later, Michael and Willow descended the stairs, and Willow commented on how fussy Wiley had been. She assumed that he was acting out after what Nina had told him, and Michael emphasized the importance of reinforcing that Willow was Wiley's mother. Willow promised that she would be fine, and she left the house. Michael returned to the living room, and Nina apologized. Michael suggested that Nina take "a big step back" from Wiley, as Wiley was his first priority.

Nina protested and promised that she would never mention Nelle again, or she would only see Wiley when Michael or Willow were there. Michael assured her that it wouldn't be forever, but they needed to figure out the best way to handle things. Nina left in tears, and Carly was sorry about the situation. Michael just didn't want to see Willow hurt like that again.

Chase returned home with Violet, and she wondered why there had been no wedding. Chase assured her that Finn would explain everything to her the next day. Just then, there was a knock on the door, and Chase opened the door to Gregory. Violet was happy to see Gregory, and she asked him what had happened that night. Gregory explained that adults were complicated, and they sometimes made a mess of things. "I don't wanna grow up," Violet decided.

A short while later, Chase and Gregory returned to the living room after having put Violet to bed. Chase remembered when his father had told him stories, and Jackie joined them. Gregory insisted that he and Jackie just wanted Chase to be happy, and he wondered if Chase was happy. "That depends on Willow," Chase answered. He told his father about Valentine's Day, and Gregory commented that kids always drew parents together. Chase confided that he thought Willow's feelings for Michael were keeping her from being with him.

Just then, there was a knock on the door, and Chase opened it to a crying Willow. She apologized for interrupting, but Gregory assured her that he was on his way out, anyway. When he was gone, Willow cried to him about the situation with Wiley. Chase figured that her reaction was connected to the baby she'd lost, and said she'd known that he would understand. He explained that he and Sasha had done what they had in part so that Willow could heal. He promised to never hurt her again, and the two embraced.

In the doorway of Jackie's hotel room, she informed Finn that Chase had taken Violet for the night. She invited him in, and they talked about Anna. Jackie thought that Finn and Anna were "the real deal," and she questioned whether or not he could get past Anna's lies. He admitted that he didn't know. She remembered him as being "a stickler for honesty," which was why she had never questioned Chase's paternity.

Finn opened the door to leave, but Jackie told him not to go. He wanted to get Violet, as she was the only thing that could help him feel better, but Jackie figured that Violet was probably already asleep. As Gregory rounded the corner in the hall, Jackie remembered how steady Finn had always been, and she admitted that it was one of the many things that had attracted her to him. He thanked her for saying that and left as a flabbergasted Gregory leaned against the wall.

In Franco's hotel room, he watched the video he'd recorded for himself when he'd been Drew. He watched as "Andy" talked about how hard he'd fought to stay himself but that he was going through with the procedure because Franco's family needed him. He urged Franco to understand and appreciate how much his family loved him, and to fight as hard for them as they had for him. "Andy" told Franco that he had no choice but to cherish his family. As "Andy" repeated that Franco had no choice, he suddenly had a memory of Peter standing over him. Peter had told him that he had no choice, but Helena had assured him that Drew would be in good hands. "Oh, my God, it was Peter. It's been Peter all along. He kidnapped Drew," Franco realized.

In the ballroom, Britt urged Maxie to breathe, and Maxie thought that the baby was on her way. Robert and Dante held Peter back as he tried to get to Maxie. Britt instructed Maxie that she could be checked out at the hospital, and Britt and Mac helped her to stand. Mac yelled at Robert to keep Peter there, but Peter screamed that he was the father. "Just leave her alone," Anna snapped at Peter. When Maxie was gone, Anna told Peter that the best thing he could do for Maxie was to stay away. She informed him that everyone knew the truth, but he maintained that there was no proof, or Robert would have arrested him. "Not today, but the time is coming," Robert replied. Peter insisted upon going to the hospital, and he left.

Anna begged Robert not to gloat about how wrong she'd been about Peter. He assured her that he needed no apology, but Finn needed a big one. She admitted that she wasn't sure if an apology would be good enough, and Robert gave her a comforting hug.

Outside of the ballroom, Dante wondered if Sam was going to tell Jason about what had happened, but she figured that Jason would find out, since there had been so many witnesses. Dante remarked on how well Peter had covered his tracks, and he hoped that there was some evidence against him. Franco approached the two and asked if Peter was there. Sam briefly told Franco about what had happened, and she figured that Peter would be at the hospital with Maxie.

Franco disclosed that the voice in his head was Drew's, and he demanded to know where Jason was, as Jason needed to know what was going on. Sam didn't know, so Franco asked Sam to tell him that "I'm still me," and he ran off. Dante wondered what that was about, and Sam replied, "Nothing good." She called Jason and left a message telling him about her strange encounter with Franco. She added that she didn't know what was going on, but she advised him to be careful.

Mac pushed Maxie through the hospital in a wheelchair as Britt explained the tests she and Dr. Navarro had decided to have run on Maxie. Britt promised Mac that she would take good care of Maxie, as she still considered Maxie her sister-in-law. A few minutes later, Maxie and Britt were gone, and Mac told Felicia on the phone what was going on.

In Maxie's room at the hospital, Britt explained that she would do an ultrasound while they were waiting for test results. A short while later, Britt assured Maxie that the baby was fine, and she hadn't been expecting any problems, anyway. Since the tests were over, Maxie asked Britt how long she'd known about the accusations against Peter. Just then, there was a knock on the door, and Mac entered. Maxie apologized for causing a fuss about nothing. Mac thanked Britt for helping Maxie, and he apologized to Maxie for hitting Peter. He wondered how she was feeling about Peter, but Maxie didn't want to talk about it with him. She asked for a minute with Britt, so Mac left the room to make some phone calls.

Maxie demanded to know what Britt had known and when she'd known it. Britt admitted that she'd known that Liesl was in town and exonerated, but she hadn't been sure about Liesl's accusations against Peter, since there was no proof. Maxie questioned why Britt hadn't warned her, and Britt reasoned that she had told Maxie to marry someone else. Britt continued that she'd started to believe Liesl once Peter had tricked Britt into giving him access to the hospital server. Maxie commented that there was no proof against Peter, and she knew that he would never hurt her. Britt was incredulous that Maxie could think of moving forward with Peter. Just then, a nurse interrupted their conversation to deliver Maxie's test results.

In the ballroom, Robert relayed to Anna that Maxie and the baby were fine. Anna related that, had she had solid proof, she would have taken Maxie aside at some point to explain in private. However, Robert believed that Maxie wouldn't have believed it. They both expressed their concern for Maxie, and Anna added that there was nothing good about Peter. Robert advised her to stop beating herself up and look for a positive solution. She wanted to talk to Finn and salvage their relationship, but she thought that visiting Maxie was more pressing.

Peter entered his hotel room and got a gun out of the safe. He put it in his waistband and left the room. He was running down the steps of the hotel when his phone went off, so he stopped on a landing to check it. Someone entered the stairwell with a tire iron and hit Peter over the head. Peter fell on the floor, unconscious. Franco wiped blood off the tire iron with the gloves he was wearing.

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