General Hospital Daily Recaps for the week of February 10, 2020

Brando opened up to Carly. Spinelli shared some wonderful news. Brad and Lucas made plans to relocate to Portland, Oregon. Things heated up between Nina and Jax. Valentin learned that he was not a Cassadine. Peter took steps to eliminate Sam as a threat.
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Valentin learned he was not a Cassadine, contemplated killing Jax, and got drunk and talked to Helena
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Brando tells his story to Carly

Brando tells his story to Carly

Monday, February 10, 2020

At Anna's house, Anna was ecstatic that Emma had arrived for a visit. Anna hugged her granddaughter and told her that her timing had been perfect. They chatted about Violet, and Anna disclosed that Violet had a crush on Emma. Finn walked in, and Emma ran off to spend some time with Violet before school. Anna took the opportunity to ask Finn about the conversation he'd had with Sam. She asked what Sam and Jason knew about Peter.

Anna admitted that she sympathized with Sam because of her loss of Drew, but she didn't think Sam was going about things properly by being "fixated" on Peter. Just then, the doorbell rang, and Emma flew down the stairs. It was Robert, and he was thrilled to see his granddaughter. Anna took his coat, and Finn announced that he would get Violet ready and take her to school. He urged Anna to enjoy the reunion.

Emma disclosed that she was aware that Anna and Robert had been fighting about something. Anna admitted they'd been having a "small disagreement," but Robert maintained that it wasn't that small. Anna proceeded to call Robert a controlling busybody who didn't trust her and always saw the worst in people. Robert countered that Anna always made the same mistakes, and he always had to clean up her mess.

Emma chuckled and assured her grandparents that she wasn't worried. Robin had told her not to stress over Anna and Robert arguing because they always ended up rescuing each other. Emma announced that she had other people to visit, and she left the house. Robert pointed out that Emma didn't even want any details, so Anna was free to continue to lie. He accused her of protecting Peter at the expense of Robin's friend Jason.

Anna admitted that she had no love for Jason, and Robert wondered what Robin would think when she found out what Anna had been up to. Anna reminded Robert that there was no proof of Peter's doings, and she wasn't about to drag Robin into it. Robin was close to Peter, and Anna believed that a sense of family was good for her son. Robert retorted that Anna reminded him of a woman he'd known who'd believed she had been a double agent. He thought that the family would be "collateral damage."

Anna thought that Robert was the one to have put the strain on the family by targeting Peter. The two began to argue vociferously. Anna told Robert he had a big ego, but he insisted he didn't want to see her ruin her life for a "murdering son of a bitch."

Maxie and Peter sat at a table in Metro Court. Maxie talked about how proud she was of a photo shoot she'd conducted all on her own. Spinelli walked in and sat himself down at their table. He babbled about how lucky he'd been to run into them and how excited he was. Maxie realized that Ellie had gotten the new job in town and that Ellie, Spinelli, and Georgie would be moving back to Port Charles. She jumped up and hugged Spinelli. She was in tears as Spinelli agreed that Maxie would be seeing more of them.

Spinelli made it clear that he would finally get to know Peter better, and Maxie thought it was a good idea for both men to get to know each other because they were the two most important men in her life. Spinelli admitted that his impression of Peter was "somewhat tainted" because Peter had kept his friend captive for five years. Maxie immediately jumped in and reminded him that Peter had apologized many times for that and had turned his life around.

Spinelli wondered exactly when it was that Peter had changed his life. He asked if it was after he'd met Maxie. Spinelli apologized for seeming to attack Peter, but Peter understood. He talked about how he'd hidden Jason from Faison and how he'd fallen for "Dr. Klein's act." He'd arrived in Port Charles after Drew Cain had shown up, and he'd wanted to draw his father out at the same time. He had worked in different companies but had not had contact with Faison. Spinelli admitted he'd run a background check on Peter, and the fact that he had been Faison's son had not shown up.

Peter continued that he had been trying to turn his life around; Nathan had died, and things had had to change. Spinelli peered at him suspiciously as Peter related that change had not happened overnight. He cited Maxie's love and belief in him as great incentives. He also had James in his corner, and he tried to be worthy. Maxie assured him that he was.

Spinelli thought that the timing of Peter's showing up at the hospital during the gunman's attack had been "serendipitous." "Timing is everything," Peter replied. He clarified that that was true in several facets of life. He had to get to work, and he kissed Maxie goodbye. Maxie cleared her throat and accused Spinelli of conducting a less-than-subtle interrogation of Peter.

Spinelli considered Peter to be shady, and he was out to protect his loved ones. Both he and Maxie agreed that Peter's story had been full of holes. Maxie insisted that Peter had tried to change for the better, and he was good to her and for her. She'd given Peter the benefit of the doubt, and she wanted Spinelli to "step back." She received a work-related phone call and left Spinelli so she could take it. "Anything for you...including facing the truth you cannot see," Spinelli muttered, adding, "Peter's lying, and he has to go."

Neil and Alexis ran into each other in Kelly's. Alexis was worried that they couldn't even say hello to each other in public, but Neil assured her it was okay. He told her he was ready for his hearing before the board, and he had been informed that they also wanted Alexis to testify under oath. Alexis agreed she would give a statement, but there wasn't much to tell. She assumed the board would reprimand Neil for their brief history post-therapy. Neil stated that they still would not be able to see each other for two years.

Alexis made light of it, and she and Neil both admitted that they liked each other. Alexis was adamant that she wouldn't allow it to ruin Neil's career, though. Sam walked in and approached the couple. Alexis grew awkward, announced she was in a hurry, and left. "What was that all about?" Sam asked Neil.

Sam admitted she'd heard that Neil had been reprimanded for dating Alexis. "Good times, huh?" Neil asked. They agreed it was all ridiculous, although Neil thought the board had been right. He'd probably crossed the line first. Sam thought he was overthinking things. She put out a "what-if" scenario that included Alexis and Neil being "normal people." She wondered how things would have been if they'd been dating first and then secrets had been revealed after that. Neil thought that was a good point.

Josslyn stopped at the art gallery to pick up Trina for school. Trina revealed that she still had some things to take care of for Ava, and Josslyn asked how the part-time internship had turned into a full-time job. Trina told her that she had new duties and responsibilities, and she was happy because that was her chosen field. She thought that Ava was awesome. "Yeah, until she's not," Josslyn retorted.

Trina insisted that Ava had been great to her. Josslyn maintained that Ava was good at taking advantage of people. She started out nice but then ruined lives like Morgan's. Trina told her friend that no one was taking advantage of her, and she pointed out that not everyone had a billionaire father to open doors. Josslyn offered to have Sonny open doors for Trina in order to get her away from Ava.

Just then, Josslyn received some messages and photos from Cameron, who was on a soccer trip to a college. The girls began to talk about college and the future. Dev showed up and asked for advice. He wondered about visiting his "fake father" in the hospital. Josslyn told Trina that the "fake father" was alive. Josslyn didn't think he should go, and she thought that Sonny would tell him to go if need be. Trina agreed. Josslyn urged Dev not to mess things up.

After Dev left, Josslyn mentioned that he was probably on his way to the hospital to meet his "dad," but Trina thought that Dev could make his own decision to look after his own life. She also thought that maybe Dev hadn't wanted to offend Sonny when Josslyn had kissed him. Trina thought that what Dev did might "clear the way" for Josslyn.

Trina thought that Josslyn should start dating after getting through losing Oscar. She believed Josslyn was ready on some level. Josslyn insisted she would never love anyone like Oscar, and she wasn't sure she was brave enough to date again. Trina thought Josslyn was looking at things from the wrong angle. Trina explained that one couldn't think about losing or having a horrible time because then that would happen. One had to have an open mind. Josslyn suggested that Josslyn go out with the next guy who asked. She received a phone alert, and the girls grabbed their coats and ran to class.

Carly paid a visit to Brando at General Hospital. She arrived just as he successfully managed to get himself out of bed. He admitted he was feeling better, and she asked him if he'd known who she had been when he'd saved her life. Brando explained that it had merely been PTSD for him; he'd had to act when he'd found the building under attack. He'd had to save her. He hadn't been thinking of her as a beautiful blonde, although he admitted that she was.

Brando told Carly about the "ugly action" he'd seen while he'd been in the military and that he'd started using drugs upon his return. He'd been busted and had ended up in prison. He'd taken a deal and gotten out early. He was no longer talking to his mother, as he'd stolen Gladys' last paycheck, and she'd kicked him out. He'd ended up with friends in Chicago and had worked on motorcycles. He asked Carly if she rode.

Carly admitted that Sonny's people had done research on Brando, so she was familiar with his background. She admitted that she didn't ride motorcycles, but her really good friend did. Brando asked why Carly hadn't known Gladys had been lying about his death if she knew of his background. Carly promised to tell him. He then mentioned that he had followed Gladys on "Myface" and had had to get to Port Charles after seeing the photos of Dev and Gladys. He made it clear that Dev was not his son.

Brando had known that the warehouse was Sonny's, and he'd gone there to tell him that Dev wasn't his son. Carly admitted that she had planned to try to convince Brando that Dev was his son, but he'd been honest with her, so she wanted to do the same. She told him that Dev was a kid that Sonny had been trying to help. She added that Mike had seen an obituary that Gladys had had published about Brando's death.

Brando couldn't believe that his mother thought it was better to think he was dead. Carly disclosed that Gladys had also cashed in a life insurance policy that she'd taken out on her son. Brando thought it sounded just like his mother. Brando pointed out that he had leverage on Gladys. Dev knocked on the door. "My long-lost son," Brando called out. Carly introduced them to each other.

Finn and Alexis stood in an office after a meeting. He wondered why she'd been so quiet, and Alexis replied that there were things she couldn't talk about. She then confessed that she didn't think things would end up well for Sam and Jason. Alexis noted that Sam shouldn't have been in prison, but she'd been paroled. As part of the terms, she was not allowed to see Jason.

Alexis found it ironic that she'd always wanted a separation between Sam and Jason; however, she thought that the couple would violate the rules, and Sam would end up back at Pentonville. Alexis didn't think anything would help until the parole was lifted. She thanked Finn for listening, and he assured her that things would work out. "From your lips," Alexis declared as she left. "Exactly," Finn said. He placed a phone call to Sam and told her he knew something about Peter that would help her.

Jason found Sonny sitting behind his desk at Pozzulo's and announced that he had a way to check on Renault. Sonny stopped him in order to rant about the three shootings that had involved his family members. He wanted to know why it had happened. Jason went over what they knew, along with new details of Renault's drug trade. He revealed that three Russians had been found decapitated in a warehouse in Washington, but Renault had been busted for an unrelated crime.

Sonny declared that Renault had made a mistake. Jason continued that Renault was supposed to have stayed in prison in Illinois, but he had still been running his business. He'd gotten transferred, so he had to have had some political pull. Renault had thought Port Charles to be more appealing, with easy access to various ports. "The only problem is me," Sonny stated.

Jason figured that Renault believed Michael to be the heir to Sonny's business because he hadn't done his homework. Sonny revealed that Renault had tried to negotiate when Sonny had visited him at Pentonville. He had told the drug-dealer "hell no," because he didn't deal in drugs. He couldn't give Renault a chance to double-cross him. Jason added that Spinelli had located a new distribution company with a new tracking route from Seattle to Port Charles.

Jason thought it was a possibility that the route could just be a test run, but he thought the drugs would be on board. Jason thought it was wrong for Renault to underestimate them. Sonny wanted Jason to go to the hospital because he needed to know what he should do with Brando. After Jason was gone, Sonny made a phone call to check on Mike. He told the person on the phone that he was on his way to Turning Woods.

Back at Anna's house, she and Robert continued to argue quite loudly as Peter approached the front door. He could hear what they were shouting about him. Robert declared that he would wait forever for Sam and Jason to get some information on Peter. Anna yelled at him to get out, and she opened the front door. She was shocked to see Peter standing there.

"What's going on?" Jason asked as he walked into Brando's hospital room.

Finn relays secret information about Peter

Finn relays secret information about Peter

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Nikolas ran into Elizabeth at General Hospital and told her he was there for the lab and wouldn't bother her. Franco stepped off the elevator. "Hey! So, um, from one back-from-the-dead-guy to another, I think there's a few things you and I need to straighten out," Franco said. Elizabeth walked away, and Franco mentioned his wife's reunion with Hayden, which had subsequently been ruined. Nikolas replied that he was working on it, and Franco urged him to work faster.

Nikolas noted that he'd heard that Franco had changed. "Redemption is everything, wouldn't you agree?" Nikolas asked. Franco admitted that he'd love to hear what Ava had to say on the subject. "My lovely wife sings my praises," Nikolas said. He assumed it was just the same with Elizabeth and Franco. Elizabeth stopped the men from sniping at each other, and she urged Franco to get to HR to fill out his form for reinstatement. She and Franco agreed to meet at Kelly's later on.

Nikolas apologized to Elizabeth for starting up with Franco but she reminded him that he'd done the same with Hayden, and she was still waiting for her sister's return. Nikolas promised that he would make it right. Elizabeth wouldn't look at Nikolas, and he pleaded with her not to give up on their friendship. Elizabeth glared at him, and they were interrupted when Alexis arrived.

"Hello, my nephew," Alexis exclaimed. She wondered if Nikolas still wanted to take the blood test when he also had a "sham of a marriage" on the line. She asked him if it was worth it. Nikolas declared that he wanted to reclaim his legacy, and Alexis reminded him that if Valentin didn't match up with her, it would prove he wasn't a Cassadine. Elizabeth noted that Valentin would never give up the "keys to the kingdom." She also noted that Nikolas and Valentin deserved each other.

Alexis was surprised that attorneys had been dispatched to watch over the authenticity of the blood test. She wondered where Valentin was and how Spencer was feeling. Nikolas still hoped that his son would come around after processing Nikolas' return. Alexis told Nikolas she would wait for Valentin, as they didn't need another run-in between the two men.

Jason stepped off the elevator and walked stealthily through the hallway until he got to a room and closed the door quickly. Sam was inside, and she exclaimed that she'd thought he'd never get there. They shared a kiss until Finn walked inside and interrupted them. Jason urged him to share his information on Peter. Finn made it clear that he would be risking his relationship with Anna but he was concerned about both her and Violet.

Finn continued that Anna still felt guilty after giving Peter up as a baby, but Finn needed the truth for both Anna and Violet. He would give the information to Jason and Sam in exchange for allowing the Feds to decide what to do with the information. He didn't want Jason and Sam to follow up on it. Jason understood that Finn wanted to protect Anna, but he thought she would get hurt worse if she kept lying to protect Peter.

Jason pointed out that if Peter was really connected to all that had happened with Drew, Andre, and Franco, he was an "ongoing threat" and had been hiding behind his loved ones to prove he'd been reformed. Sam informed Finn that they would be dealing with Robert, but Finn maintained that he couldn't trust Robert to follow the law. Jason agreed to allow the authorities to handle things, and he and Finn shook hands.

Finn revealed that David Black, the hit man, had worked for Euro Tech. Sam realized the same company had been on Peter's résumé, and Finn told her it had been a shell company that had been owned by Faison. He added that Peter had claimed it had been a coincidence. Finn refused to name his source, but Jason guessed it had been Anna who had been covering up for Peter. Finn stressed that Robert couldn't learn where they'd obtained the information.

Trina arrived at the gallery and was excited to see Ava there. She asked why Ava had married Nikolas after seeing his ghost in the mental facility. Ava insisted they'd been old flames who had "rekindled that fire." Trina was concerned for Ava's well-being, and Ava was touched. She assured the teenager that she knew what she was doing.

As Ava praised Trina's work, Franco walked in. He and Ava shared a hug, and Ava told him how happy she was that he was back. Franco noted that he'd heard that she'd wanted the "other guy" to stay, and Ava admitted she'd been wrong. She added that she would have missed Franco. Trina made an excuse to go into the showroom to work. Franco asked Ava about Nikolas, and they laughed.

Ava announced that she wanted to hire Franco to paint a portrait of her for over the mantel at home. Franco reminded her that he didn't do portraits, but Ava pointed out that he'd done one of Elizabeth. Franco replied that that was because he loved Elizabeth, and Ava joked that he could paint portraits of the women he loved to hate, too. Franco insisted he could never hate Ava, and she begged him to reconsider.

Ava proceeded to enact some silly poses, and Trina emerged from the back and snapped her photo. Ava ushered Franco to the door, and she told Trina that Cassadines knew how to get what they wanted. Ava kissed Franco on the cheek, and Trina took another photo.

Charlotte and Lulu sat at a table in Kelly's. Lulu understood why Charlotte was upset and not eating, although the little girl insisted she wasn't upset. Lulu reminded Charlotte that she could talk to Lulu about anything. The little girl brightened up considerably when Valentin walked in, and father and daughter had a mini reunion. Charlotte asked Valentin to join them, and Lulu agreed. Valentin sat down and exclaimed that he hadn't known they'd be there.

Lulu sent Charlotte to the counter for some hot chocolate so Lulu could talk to Valentin, and after the little girl was gone, Lulu laid into him. She told him he would have to answer to a judge if he ever pulled a similar stunt again without her prior permission. Valentin reminded her that they had joint custody, but Lulu snapped that that held only when he wasn't in prison.

"Uh, Lulu, I'm not going anywhere," Valentin said. He added that within a few hours, he expected all of his legal troubles to be behind him, and he'd be able to concentrate on regaining what was rightfully his. "Beginning with my daughter," he concluded. Lulu told him off and accused him of kidnapping Charlotte, although he denied it profusely. He spoke of Lulu's crazy family. Charlotte sat at the counter, but she could hear the conversation.

Lulu vowed to take Valentin to family court in order to press for full custody. Valentin stated that they despised each other, but they shared an equal claim to Charlotte and couldn't get rid of each other. He didn't think she would want Charlotte put through more "painful evaluations." He urged her to do her worst.

Franco sat at the counter and sketched a portrait of Ava from her photo on his phone. Charlotte saw it and noted that the woman lived in her house. Valentin stopped at the counter to say his goodbyes to Charlotte in French, and he assured her that things would be back to the way they had been very soon.

At Turning Woods, Brook Lynn pleaded with one of the employees to allow her to see Mike but had no success. Just then, Sonny walked in, and she asked him to clear things for her. Sonny didn't think his father was up to seeing her. They sat down, and he told her about the event in New York and his plan that would have had Mike evaluated for a possible treatment. Mike had been worse than ever.

An excited Mike spotted Brook Lynn and proclaimed how happy he was to see her. He complained about his hotel. Brook Lynn took control of the conversation, and they joked about old family members and friends. He thought that Brook Lynn was Lois, and he looked over at Sonny and asked Brook Lynn to introduce them. Brook Lynn cleared her throat.

At Anna's house, she and Robert continued to argue over his need to get information on Peter, who had just arrived and had been standing outside listening. Anna wanted Robert to leave the house, and she opened the door, surprised to see her son. Robert wondered how long Peter had been standing there. Anna noted that Robert was leaving, and she invited Peter inside.

Robert shouted that he would always do what was best for Anna and in her best interest. "Whether you like it or not!" he declared. Peter asked Robert for a statement regarding Laura's shooting, but Robert was hesitant. He thought it was best to be off the record and between them. "No comment," he said sarcastically. Anna urged Peter to head to the other room and make himself at home. She told Robert to go.

Robert advised Peter to stop listening at keyholes, and Peter snapped that keyholes were extinct. "But you know all about that, right?" Peter snapped as he fidgeted with Robert's tie. Anna handed Robert his coat. Peter apologized to Anna for provoking Robert, but Anna was worried about Peter. She thought that Robert would only ever see him as Faison's son and would always doubt him, no matter what he did to prove he'd changed.

Anna was sad that no one would give Peter a chance, but he replied that he wasn't worried. He knew he had trust from the people who mattered to him. Anna agreed that they knew he was good, and anyone who doubted him would have to answer to her. Peter appreciated Anna's support and admitted that that had been the reason he'd stopped by. He had wanted to check on her.

Anna made it clear that she'd been arguing with Robert for years. Peter admitted he had to respect Robert's reputation, and maybe they had misjudged each other. "One of us has to give, right?" he asked. He hoped Anna was okay, and he kissed her goodbye.

Outside, Peter made a phone call to someone. He asked them to contact the prosecutor who had put Sam in prison.

Sonny took Brook Lynn to Pozzulo's, where he fixed them a couple of espressos. He noted that Mike had been the happiest Sonny had seen him since the New York incident. Brook Lynn thought about her own aunt with the same disease. She'd treated her like a person in the moment. Sonny revealed that it was possible to do something for Mike long-term, and he was thinking about making another appointment for Mike for the evaluation. He wanted to try again.

"Is there a chance?" Brook Lynn asked as she and Sonny sat at a table and sipped their drinks. Sonny asked if she thought it was too late, and Brook Lynn reminded him she wasn't a doctor. She noted that her family hadn't been able to handle her aunt's Alzheimer's, and it had been painful. They'd drifted away from her aunt and had lost the last moments of connection. She declared that Mike was "slipping away," but Sonny was lucky that Mike was still able to talk to him. She thought that Sonny should open himself up while Mike was still there.

Valentin arrived at the hospital and found Alexis waiting for him. He thanked her for providing the control DNA sample for Nikolas. He still believed he was a Cassadine, and it was all Helena's joke. He assumed the old woman was laughing in hell. Alexis expressed her opinion that Valentin would be happier not being a Cassadine. He cited that he'd be poorer, but Alexis retorted that she was certain he had lots of money stashed somewhere.

Alexis continued that being a Cassadine was a curse, and it destroyed lives. She thought that Nikolas was being poisoned for his obsession with the estate. Valentin left to take his blood test to prove he was a Cassadine.

Robert walked into the hospital room where Jason and Sam were hiding. He was not happy to see them together in public. Sam announced that they could link Peter to David Black, and Jason explained the connection. He thought that the Feds would find a money trail that David Black had been on Peter's payroll. Robert didn't think it would be that easy. Sam lost her temper and shouted at Robert that they'd done their job.

Robert was adamant that he'd need more, but it was a good start. He asked where Sam and Jason had obtained their information, but they remained quiet. He had assumed they wouldn't tell him. He voiced his intent to speak to the federal prosecutors, and he asked the couple to remain in the room. He left, and Sam expressed her hope that the nightmare would soon be over.

Sam thought about how great it would be if she and Jason no longer had to hide. Jason told her that Robert still had to cut a deal, and he pointed out all that had to be done first. Robert returned shortly after. "The deal's off," he announced.

Nikolas showed up at the gallery, and Ava introduced him to Trina. Nikolas informed Ava that soon they'd be one step closer to getting what they both wanted. Trina asked Ava if she could post the photo of Ava and Franco to the gallery Instagram, and Ava gave her consent. Trina noted that she called it "The Artist and his Muse." Nikolas looked at the photo and frowned.

Nikolas agreed that the photo would get people talking, and Ava hoped her husband would love the portrait of her that she'd commissioned. He declared that he couldn't wait.

Franco continued to sit and sketch at the counter in Kelly's. Elizabeth arrived and asked why he was sketching Ava. He told her, and she replied, "Oh, please, give me a break." Franco called her "judgy," and she suggested he "steer clear" of the Cassadines. He explained that he needed to make some extra money, and he couldn't afford to turn down work.

Elizabeth and Franco walked over to the jukebox to stand and talk. Elizabeth felt that Ava and Nikolas' marriage was a "disaster waiting to happen," but Franco pointed out again that Ava would pay him. Elizabeth declared that Ava was probably holding something over Nikolas' head because he didn't love Ava. She wavered back and forth but finally agreed that Franco should continue his sketching.

Back at the counter, Franco and Elizabeth found the sketch with a red mustache drawn on Ava's face. Lulu phoned Diane and told her what Valentin was planning.

Outside, Peter received a phone call. "Well done," he said to an unknown caller, adding, "I knew I could count on you." Lulu tried to explain to Charlotte that she only wanted what was best for Charlotte. The little girl pointed out that if her father had married Nina, everything would be as it should be. Lulu suggested they go ice-skating, but Charlotte urged her mother to admit that she and Valentin hated each other.

As Anna looked at Peter's hidden file, she heard Finn return home, and she quickly put the file away. He handed her a huge bouquet of flowers, and she jokingly asked if he'd been cheating on her. Finn admitted that things had been tense. Anna sputtered that she knew, and she'd hated it. They agreed they had to think about Violet, and Anna stated that parenting was hard, no matter how old the child was.

Anna revealed that Peter had stopped by, and he and Robert had butted heads. She didn't want to hide it, and she wanted Finn to keep an open mind and give Peter a chance. She added that they were on the same team, and he should trust her. Finn hugged her.

Valentin learns he is not a Cassadine

Valentin learns he is not a Cassadine

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Ava phoned Valentin from the gallery and asked him about turning the stable lights on at Wyndemere with a remote in order to not have to flounder in the dark. Valentin suggested she use a flashlight, and he urged her to be careful of the slippery cliffs. He assumed it was only a matter of time before Nikolas pushed her off one of them. Before he could hang up, Ava made a point of saying hello to Nina who had just arrived.

Nina announced that she wanted to look at artwork for a potential new home, and she got on Ava's case for provoking Valentin. She suggested that Ava call the staff at Wyndemere with questions instead. Ava stated that Valentin wanted Nina back, and she didn't believe it when Nina declared that she wasn't interested. Nina revealed that she and Jax had kissed.

Ava was sorry that she had walked into the office around the time of the kiss, but Nina assured her it was okay. Ava was happy for Nina, but Nina insisted it had just been a tiny little kiss -- although fantastic. She added that she and Jax had no future. Ava wanted details, and Nina explained that they'd discussed it and had agreed it wasn't the right time to date. Ava accused Nina of telling her lies and giving her excuses; she asked for the real reason.

Nina maintained that it was difficult getting over love, especially a dysfunctional love. Ava urged Nina to talk anytime, and she would be there to listen. She pulled out a chair for Nina to sit on and grabbed one for herself. Nina disclosed that Jax was the reason for not pursuing anything. He had thought the kiss to be a bad idea and that they should remain friends. He had shut down the conversation. "Well, then bring it up again!" Ava demanded.

Ava wanted Nina to march into Jax's office and level with him. Nina insisted that life was complicated, and she needed a new place to live. She added that technically, Jax was her boss, and things could be complex. Ava thought that one should take risks, and she believed that if Valentin was jealous, it would only be icing on the cake.

Robert returned to the room in the hospital where Jason and Sam had remained hidden. Robert announced that things had fallen apart, and their deal was off. He was not allowed to pursue the lead they'd given him. "Somebody shopped us to the attorney general," he said. Sam was concerned as Robert went on to say that if he pursued the lead on Peter, he would face sanctions.

Sam flipped out. Robert told her his hands were tied. He suggested that she go back to her parole officer for new terms because Peter was a bureau problem. Sam was upset and blamed herself for having Finn join their crusade against Peter. She assumed that Finn had been the one to give them up to the attorney general.

While Valentin waited for the results of his DNA test, he summoned Martin to join him. When the attorney showed up, Valentin informed Martin that he wanted Martin there to take immediate action once Valentin received his test results. Martin revealed that Nelle was ready to sell her shares but wanted a "life-changing" number. "Well, she's trash," Valentin declared, wondering, "How formidable a number can that be?"

Valentin wanted to move forward and contact other shareholders once he obtained Nelle's shares. Martin related that Ned's daughter wanted out of her record contract, and Valentin agreed that he wanted to "squeeze" Brook Lynn. He added that he didn't like the "pond scum" Linc, and wouldn't have worked with him if he'd known about the sexual assault on Brook Lynn.

Martin and Valentin discussed having to work with Linc, and Martin urged Valentin to throw the record producer to the wolves after they finished with him. Martin added that the man had been useful, and Brook Lynn would trade her shares for her artistic freedom. Valentin called it just a start, and he was eager to be the majority shareholder. He told Martin to pack his bags because he would be visiting a list of shareholders Valentin had compiled.

At Anna's house, she and Finn separated awkwardly from their embrace. She asked if something was wrong, and Finn told her she was "projecting." Anna disclosed that Robert was on the "warpath" and saw Peter as a criminal. Robert had been working with Sam and Jason. Finn flashed back to his meeting with Sam and Jason and told Anna he didn't want to see her hurt. Anna declared that she was angry because Robert had gone behind her back.

Finn reminded Anna that she had gone behind Robert's back first when she'd hidden the file. She asked whose side Finn was on, and he insisted it was hers. Finn stated that if Peter wasn't hiding anything, then there was nothing to worry about, and Anna insisted there was no reason to suspect Peter of hiding anything. Finn believed that Peter's history would follow him. Anna went off on how easy it was for someone to live down to people's low expectations, and someone else had to lead that person to a better self.

Anna agreed that it hadn't been the smartest thing to hide the file but she didn't regret it. Peter hadn't had a fair shot at life and had been raised by a monster. She owed him a second chance, whether he was really her son or Alex's. Finn thought that she should teach Peter that choices had consequences and then step back and let the authorities handle it. He thought she should do the right thing even if it caused some pain.

Anna insisted she understood tough love. Finn began to tell her that he'd told Sam something, but they were interrupted by a loud knocking on the front door. A frustrated Anna opened it to reveal Robert, who marched in and asked her why she'd gone to the attorney general. His deal with the Justice Department had been "tanked" because of her. Anna was confused and steadfastly declared that it hadn't been her. Finn left them to have some privacy while he checked on Violet.

Robert decided that if it hadn't been Anna, then it had been Peter because he'd overheard them arguing. Robert said that he'd been taken off the investigation, the Bureau wouldn't pursue it, and Peter had gotten off. He added that he'd had a lead pertaining to Euro Tech, and maybe Anna should check it out. Robert told her about David Black and Peter both being linked to that company.

Anna wondered how Sam and Jason had obtained their information, but Robert told her the couple hadn't been specific. He figured that Anna was more interested in the fact that Peter had "dodged the bullet again." He congratulated her for protecting a murderer, and he left. Finn descended the stairs. "Was it you?" Anna asked. Finn admitted it had been him who'd given the information to Sam and Jason, and Anna was angry. "Who the hell do you think you are?" she shouted.

"Uncle Peter?" Emma asked when she spotted him at Kelly's. Peter asked for his first official uncle hug, and they talked about the coincidence of running into each other. They sat at a table and talked about family and Peter's potential visit to the West Coast. Emma confided that Anna had been worried about him and his "complicated history." Peter admitted that he'd ignored the cost of his unfortunate choices when he'd been younger and had made some bad decisions followed by more bad decisions.

"When you screw up big, stop!" Peter advised. He added that one should look around and figure out the lesson. He had learned some of those lessons too late. He explained that he didn't want to drag Anna down, and he had a really good new life. Emma was worried about Peter's past problems, but Peter assured her that his past was probably gone for good. He told her not to worry, and she promised. They sealed the deal with a "pinkie-promise."

Maxie walked into Jax's office at Aurora with the hopes of him approving a budget for a project. She let him know that she had handled it all herself because Nina wasn't in the office that day. She assumed he would have known that. Jax was confused when Maxie babbled about proximity and spices and finally admitted that she was aware that he and Nina had kissed. She wondered where it was headed.

Jax did his best to get rid of Maxie by telling her he needed time to look over the budget. Maxie proceeded to state that she wanted Nina to be happy, and she wanted details. Jax insisted there was nothing to tell, and he and Nina were both on the same page. Maxie was relieved because Nina had been nervous to talk to him. She thought it would be good for Nina and was happy that Nina was with someone who wouldn't "jerk her around like Valentin."

Jax was confused again and declared that he and Nina were not together. He added that the kiss had been a mistake; Nina had a lot on her plate, so it wasn't the right time. Nina needed space. Maxie asked if Nina had said that she wasn't interested in dating Jax, and Jax asked if Nina hadn't said that to Maxie. Hesitatingly, Maxie agreed and said she had just been verifying it. She added that Nina was done with Valentin but not finished with love. She asked if Jax was sure he wasn't interested. He replied that he had been until Maxie had shown up.

Maxie headed to the door and made it clear that she was glad her work was done. "Oh, yeah, okay, just hang up your bow and arrow, Cupid," Jax called out. Maxie wanted him to let her know about the budget but added that Nina would probably want to look at it. "Some things deserve a second look," Maxie said impishly. Jax smiled.

Robert encountered Peter at Kelly's. Peter said Robert had just missed Emma, and Robert was glad that she wouldn't hear what he had to say. He accused Peter of eavesdropping at Anna's house and shopping them to the attorney general. "What if I did?" Peter asked. He wondered if Robert had been up to something "shady."

Robert thought he should thank Peter because it would be between Peter and Jason, who both Anna and Robin adored. "Me, not so much," Robert declared. Robert made it clear that Jason, a trained killer, would be after Peter. Robert called him Henrik and concluded that Anna wouldn't be able to save Peter's "sorry butt."

At the hospital, Sam considered the fact that Anna had told the attorney general, or maybe it had been Peter himself. Jason blamed himself because he'd gone to Anna in the first place and had laid out the case against Peter. Sam thought she should never have trusted Finn. She was beside herself that she and Jason would have to pretend not to be together all over again for two years. She couldn't do it anymore, and she thought they should take the kids and disappear.

Jason thought that would be a big move. He pointed out that the kids would have no family, and Sam would never see her mother or sisters again. Sam began to cry. Jason thought it would be harder on the kids. He put his arms around Sam and told her it would be even more painful for those they left behind. Sam knew that her parole officer would lay in wait for her to make a mistake in order to send her back to Pentonville. "Let her try. We'll work around her," Jason said.

Sam thought she should leave, even though she hated leaving Jason. He stated that they'd get through it. They proclaimed their love for each other and shared a kiss. Jason said it would be okay, and he told her to leave first. No sooner did Sam leave the room and head down the hallway, than she bumped into her parole officer, Delores Mahoney. "We have a problem," Delores declared.

Valentin announced that he'd sent Martin a detailed itinerary for the "far-flung" places that all of the shareholders resided in. Martin was annoyed that Valentin hadn't asked him first. Valentin retorted that Martin was on retainer, and it was part of his job. Just then, Valentin was summoned to the desk, where he was handed an envelope with the DNA test results. He opened it, looked at it, and frowned.

"It says Alexis isn't my sister," Valentin exclaimed. They had no shared DNA, and he wasn't a Cassadine. He crumbled up the paper, and Martin expressed his sympathy. Valentin moaned that he'd been sent away and forgotten. He'd had the bloodline and legacy. "Now what? Nikolas wins? He's the prince? He's the heir? What am I? I'm a lie!" Valentin cried out. He declared that he'd been lied to by the greatest liar who had ever lived, Helena Cassadine. "My mother," he exploded.

Valentin informed Martin that it was vital he get control of ELQ. Martin suggested he take it easy after just learning he wasn't who he'd thought he was. Valentin noted that he was both resilient and solvent. He had his own money and would pay Martin's retainer. The attorney noted that he wanted to be paid in advance. He also wondered if Valentin had someone to talk to.

At the gallery, Ava hoped that Nina was leaving and heading to Jax's office to talk. Nina appreciated Ava's support, and she admitted she was surprised that she had gotten so much help from Ava, who was surprised herself. Ava thought that she would be able to turn things around for herself, and Nina reminded Ava of her sexless and loveless marriage. "Point taken," Ava said. She added that if Jax kissed Nina again, she wanted to hear all about it. In the meantime, Valentin had just arrived and heard what Ava had said. A look of deep sorrow crossed his face.

Nelle has a proposition for Valentin

Nelle has a proposition for Valentin

Thursday, February 13, 2020

Willow was in a nice dress and had just finished lighting candles when Chase returned home, clearly exhausted. He was happy to see her after questioning a suspect for hours in the hot interrogation room, and he warned her that he needed a shower. A short while later, the two were in pajamas, and they toasted "to staying in." He didn't want to talk about work anymore, so he begged her to talk about anything else. She revealed that Lucas had asked her to return as Wiley's nanny, as Lucas was concerned about Brad's ability to juggle everything he needed to.

Chase admitted that he was concerned about Willow's ability to maintain the "legal boundaries," as Wiley was legally Lucas and Brad's son. Willow insisted that she just wanted what was best for Wiley, and she was confident that she could step back when necessary. She urged him to have faith in her, and he knew that she could do anything she set her mind to. She called him incredible, and they shared a kiss.

In the exam room, Jason assured a tearful Sam that they would get through their tough situation, and they shared a kiss. Jason instructed her to leave, and he would leave a few minutes after her. She left the room but was intercepted on her way to the elevators by Delores, her parole officer. "We have a problem," she told Sam, and she demanded to know why Sam was at the hospital. She continued that she'd gone to Sam's house for a "surprise checkup," and the sitter had directed Delores to the hospital.

Sam replied that she was sick and hadn't wanted to alarm her children. Delores observed that Sam looked healthy, and Sam wondered when Delores had become a medical expert. Delores walked toward the exam room to see if Sam's story checked out, but Sam insisted that there was no rule about checking up on Sam's doctor's appointments. Delores maintained that she could check up on Sam anywhere she wanted to. As she was about to open the exam room door, Epiphany bellowed, "Excuse me, may I help you?"

Epiphany and Delores introduced themselves, and Delores divulged that she was checking up on Sam's activities. Epiphany appreciated "a fellow professional doing a thorough job," but she didn't appreciate anyone interfering in someone's "proper medical care." She continued that she'd been present for Sam's appointment, and there were strict privacy protections in place. Delores warned that she would see Sam soon, and she left. Epiphany wanted to finish the conversation with Sam in the exam room, but the door was locked. She called out that Jason better not have broken the lock on the door, and the door suddenly opened.

"You're welcome," Epiphany said to Jason when she entered. Sam thanked Epiphany for the save, and Epiphany answered that no one would "back my people into a corner on my turf." She was happy to help "to a point," but she informed Sam and Jason that their responsibility was to their kids first. She commanded Jason not to agree to meet Sam somewhere they might be caught, as Epiphany might not be around to save them the next time. When Epiphany was gone, Sam figured that she would try to win Delores over. If that didn't work, Sam vowed to find a way to "silence" her parole officer.

Anna asked if Finn had been the one to tell Sam and Jason about Peter's connection to the assassin, and Finn admitted that he had. Anna screamed at him about how she'd loved and trusted him, and he'd betrayed her. He argued that he'd done it because he loved her and wanted to protect her from Peter. He said that Jason had promised to let the federal agents handle Peter, but Anna knew that Jason would probably try to kill Peter on evidence that was "circumstantial at best." Finn grabbed the papers proving the link and held them over the fire if she was so sure that Peter was innocent. He accused her of knowing deep down that Peter was guilty, but she yelled back that no one else would give him the benefit of the doubt.

Anna continued that she'd chosen to believe in Peter, but Finn reminded her of all that Peter had done. She related that she wanted to protect her son just like Finn wanted to protect his daughter, and she thought that Peter could make the world a better place for Maxie and James. She refused to put Peter's fate in anyone else's hands again after her second chance with him. She went to hug Finn, but he walked away and upstairs instead.

A short while later, Finn and Violet descended the stairs in coats and with suitcases. Violet excitedly told Anna that Violet and Finn were going on an adventure. Finn instructed Violet to look for her stuffed animal in the kitchen, so she ran off. Anna had thought that he'd understood her need to protect Peter. He insisted that he did, but he also needed to protect Violet. She asked if they would return, but he wasn't sure. Violet returned. She said goodbye to Anna and that she would miss Anna. Anna returned the sentiment, and Finn picked Violet up and left. When they were gone, Anna looked at the papers and cried.

Maxie entered Metro Court at the same time as Brad, and she talked about Ellie, whose job Brad had stolen years before. She informed him that Ellie had gotten a much better job, so Ellie, Spinelli, and Georgie were moving back to Port Charles. "All's well that ends well," she said, and she told him to have a wonderful night with excessive sweetness. Brad spotted Nelle at a table and sat down with her. She wondered what the occasion was, and he shared that, as soon as Lucas was well enough, they were moving away.

Nelle asked about Wiley, and Brad replied that "of course" Wiley would be moving, too. "That's not happening," Nelle stated. Brad thought that a fresh start away from Port Charles would be best, and he'd just heard about a job opening in Portland. Brad admitted that he was afraid that Lucas would remember something, and he admitted to telling Lucas that Wiley was Michael's son. Nelle called him an idiot and added that Lucas could "just as easily" remember something while in Portland. She wondered if he was asking for her blessing, but he confessed that he didn't care what she wanted anymore. He got up and excused himself, as he had some "arrangements" to make. When he was gone, Nelle took out her phone.

Lulu was surprised to see Dustin at the Metro Court bar, and she asked if she'd forgotten about a date. He admitted that he had a "date" with someone else, and he told her that Jax had requested a meeting with him. She offered to stay and wait so they could have a date after, and he agreed. They shared a kiss, and he left. Maxie called Lulu over and asked about Laura, who Lulu said was doing well. Maxie had seen Lulu with Dustin and wanted all the details. Peter jokingly asked whether or not he was necessary for the conversation.

Lulu told Maxie and Peter that something happened every time she and Dustin went out, so they had resolved to stay in and watch movies. Peter cooed to Maxie that that sounded like a good idea. Maxie told Lulu about Spinelli moving back to town, and Lulu was ecstatic for Maxie. Peter hated how suspicious Spinelli always seemed around him, but he knew that there was nothing he could do about it. Maxie commented that Peter didn't deserve the scrutiny, but Peter replied that only Maxie's opinion mattered to him.

Later, Lulu was gone when Finn and Violet entered Metro Court. Violet gave Peter and Maxie a big hello, and she told them that she and Finn were going on an adventure. Finn added that they were staying at Metro Court for the night, but Violet wanted ice cream first. When they were gone, a concerned Maxie wondered if Finn and Anna had broken up.

At the gallery, Nina and Ava talked about Nina's kiss with Jax as Valentin listened in dejectedly from outside. He entered during a break in conversation, and Ava demanded to know if he was stalking Nina. He revealed that he'd just wanted to tell Nina that he'd done the DNA test, and he wasn't a Cassadine, after all. Valentin asked for a few minutes with Nina, so Ava reluctantly walked away. Valentin cried that he no longer knew who he was. A sympathetic Nina reminded him that he still had Charlotte. She added that it was a gift to be free from the Cassadines. Valentin called out that Ava could return, and he left.

Ava told Nina that she hadn't liked the look on Valentin's face, and he clearly knew about Nina and Jax. Ava guessed that Valentin's next move would be to kill Jax. Nina didn't think he would take the chance, since he would lose Charlotte. In that case, Ava thought that Nina was free to pursue a relationship with Jax, but Nina reminded her that there was nothing to pursue. "Since when have you let any man make a decision for you? Live a little! You've earned it," Ava urged Nina.

Valentin returned to his room at Metro Court and poured himself a drink. "Valentin Mikkossovich Cassadine -- prince of nothing," he toasted bitterly, and he gulped his drink down. He took a gun out of the safe, loaded it, and left the room.

Jax was sitting at his desk, thinking about his kiss with Nina, when Dustin entered the office. As Josslyn listened in outside the doorway, Jax thanked Dustin again for his actions that had saved Josslyn at the pier. He handed Dustin a check, but Dustin refused to accept it. Jax pointed out who the check was made out to, and Dustin sheepishly noticed that it was made out to the Port Charles Educational Fund. He was grateful for the donation that would enable teachers to spend less of their own money to supply their classrooms.

Jax wanted to know how Josslyn had been doing, and Dustin replied that she'd been quiet but doing well. Jax was glad that Dustin had encouraged her to start journaling, and he added how much Josslyn respected Dustin. He asked Dustin to keep an eye on her for Jax. "Hey, wait!" Josslyn called out suddenly as Valentin blew past her into Jax's office. Jax demanded to know what Valentin wanted. "Just this," Valentin said as he pulled the gun out of his jacket and shot Jax in the stomach.

Josslyn ran to Jax, who'd collapsed on the floor, as Dustin called for an ambulance. Nina ran in and kneeled next to Jax. "What did you do?" she growled at Valentin. She vowed that Valentin would never see Nina or Charlotte again, and they would hate him for the rest of their lives. Just then, Valentin snapped out of his daydream and told Jax that he wasn't a Cassadine. "Congratulations," Valentin spat, and he left. Josslyn brushed off the encounter as "weird," but Jax said that it had been expected.

Jax wondered why Josslyn was there and if she had been spying. Dustin took that as his cue to leave, so he thanked Jax again for the donation and left. Josslyn explained that she'd just wanted to make sure that Jax didn't say anything embarrassing, and she asked him not to "overdo" it. She hugged her father in appreciation for his care. Later, Josslyn was gone, and Nina entered Jax's office. "It's all your fault," she said as she slapped a file folder down on his desk.

At Metro Court, Dustin was telling Lulu about his meeting with Jax when Josslyn interrupted. She thanked Dustin for "being great with my dad," and she apologized for the "weirdness" with Valentin. Lulu asked Josslyn for details, and Josslyn told Lulu about Valentin walking into Jax's office and announcing that he wasn't a Cassadine.

Valentin was back in his room and on the phone with Charlotte. He said goodnight and told her how much he missed her. He hung up the phone, teary-eyed. His phone rang as he continued to drink. He ignored the phone, and he looked at his Cassadine crest tattoo. He took out a wooden box and opened it, and he took out his Cassadine crest ring. He said that he'd never had use for it, he'd never worn it, and it turned out that it had never been his to begin with. He looked up at a woman standing next to him and demanded, "Tell me how you did it, Helena!"

Nelle left a voicemail for Valentin, revealing that she'd talked to Martin. She was ready to sell her shares of ELQ to him, but she needed to make a deal "now."

Nina and Jax take the leap

Nina and Jax take the leap

Friday, February 14, 2020

Nina slammed a file folder down on Jax's desk and told him, "It's all your fault." She revealed that she'd been working on the swimsuit issue, but the beach only reminded her of Jax constantly telling her to "come to the fun side of the island." She wondered if she'd blown her chance to do that. He admitted that he'd enjoyed kissing her, and he hadn't wanted to pressure her or seem like he was taking advantage of her. Nina divulged that she'd consulted a lawyer, who'd given the situation the "green light." He thought that all the work Nina had put in made it seem like she wanted to date him.

Nina called Jax an "alien," as she'd never been with such a stable man, and she was worried about the effect of her baggage on him. He insisted that she wasn't her baggage. He continued that he liked being with her and that they would never know until they tried. He was comfortable with risk, and he urged her to "embrace the good." She went to him, and they shared a kiss.

A short while later, Jax ended the tour of his house in his bedroom. He popped open a bottle of Champagne and poured it, and they toasted. Jax assured a clearly nervous Nina, "Don't worry, I got you." They began to kiss and undress each other, and they made love. Later, they agreed that they were glad to have taken the leap with one another. He looked forward to all of the fun they were going to have, and he kissed her.

Valentin took out the Cassadine crest ring and lamented that, while he'd never had a desire to wear it, it had never been his to begin with. "How did you do it, Helena? How did you pull off such a lie?" he asked, and Helena answered that he was smart enough to figure out the truth. From his childhood, Valentin only remembered living on the island with a family who worked at the estate, but he'd called no one "mother." "Your mother was at the main house," Helena said. He remembered Mikkos dropping him off at boarding school, which didn't make sense to him. Helena revealed that Mikkos had believe that Valentin was his son.

Helena continued that Mikkos had always been running off with girls on the island or spending months at a time away with "that opera singer." Valentin realized that it had been easy for her to hide her pregnancy and then convince Mikkos that the baby was his when he'd returned. Valentin knew that Mikkos had trusted no women to stay faithful, so he'd left the entire estate to Valentin, but he'd written the codicil after Helena had told him everything.

Valentin continued that Helena had probably hid the codicil in her portrait as a test for Nikolas, but she clarified that the fortune had always been meant for Spencer. It suddenly dawned on Valentin that Charlotte only existed so that Helena could join her bloodline with Luke's. She giddily laughed about succeeding "beyond my wildest dreams." Valentin threw his glass at her in a rage, but she disappeared, and the glass shattered against the wall. He put the ring back in the box and stormed out of the room.

At Metro Court, Alexis and Sam had dinner not far from where Neil was sitting. Alexis made small talk until Sam mentioned the "elephant in the room." She observed that Liesl had sat down with Neil, who didn't look remotely interested. Sam had to go, and just then, Alexis' phone went off. She answered it to her assistant Megan but said that she would call Megan back from outside the restaurant so Alexis could hear better.

Neil had hoped to get some work done, but Liesl couldn't wait until their next session to get the help she needed. Alexis walked by, and Neil greeted her, as he hadn't wanted to interrupt her time with Sam. Alexis also hadn't wanted to interrupt "whatever this is," and she advised them to enjoy their evening. Neil blurted out that Liesl was a patient, but Alexis recognized that it was none of her business. She went out in the hall to call her assistant back. A few minutes later, Valentin stormed by her and out onto the terrace.

As Valentin got closer to the edge of the terrace, he distraughtly quoted Shakespeare's King Lear, muttering, "we make guilty of our disasters the sun, the moon, and the stars: as if we were villains by necessity; fools by heavenly compulsion." Alexis emerged onto the terrace and wondered what he was doing. "Enjoying the view," he replied. She congratulated him on not being a Cassadine, as he'd gotten "all of the smarts and none of the Cassadine crazy." She told him to keep in mind that he'd gotten off easy, and he went back inside.

Neil appeared and gave his jacket to Alexis, and he asked about Valentin. She admitted that Valentin was having a rough time, and she asked about Liesl. "She's gone, thankfully," he said with a sigh. Alexis thought it was brave of him to take Liesl on as a client. She returned his jacket, said goodnight, and went back inside.

In Lucas' room, Brad and Lucas couldn't wait for Lucas to be sent home. Lucas asked about Brad's day, and Brad told his husband about a job opportunity in Portland, Oregon, that had fallen into his lap. He updated Lucas on Ellie's new job, and he added that he'd had a long phone interview about the job. He continued that the same hospital had agreed to make room for Lucas, and Brad thought it was an amazing opportunity, even though the timing was crazy. Lucas countered that it was a perfect time, and he said, "Let's move to Portland."

Lucas told a surprised Brad that it would be good to have some space from Julian, and he knew that Bobbie would agree. He would miss his family, but he figured that they could visit anytime. He wanted to focus more on their three-person family, and Brad agreed. A few minutes later, Sam arrived, and Lucas revealed that he needed a second opinion. He told Sam the situation, and she thought it sounded great. She urged them to get out while they could, away from Julian. She did suggest that they rethink having her as Wiley's designated guardian, as she couldn't just hop on a plane while on parole. She would miss them, but she thought it would be good for their family.

Chase and Willow were talking over their glasses of wine when there was suddenly urgent knocking on the door. Chase opened the door to Nelle, who flew into his arms, asking for help. He pushed her off of him and informed her that that was assault, and she was violating her parole. Nelle announced that Brad and Lucas were thinking about leaving town with Wiley. Willow wondered why it was Nelle's business what the couple did with their son. Nelle claimed that, as her late husband's son, Wiley was her last connection to Shiloh. Willow reminded Nelle that there was no proof of Wiley's paternity as Chase pulled Nelle toward the door. He threatened to call her parole officer to report her stalking and slammed the door in her face.

Chase observed that Nelle was a lot like Shiloh in the way that she was always looking for someone's weakness. Willow felt stupid for letting Nelle trick her at the hospital weeks before, and Chase knew how that felt. Willow was glad that Chase was a good person, and Chase returned the sentiment. They shared a kiss, but she stopped suddenly. She wondered if Brad and Lucas were really leaving, and Chase wondered how she would feel about it. She only wanted what was best for Wiley, but she would miss him.

Chase assured Willow that good parents made decisions based on what was best for their children, so he believed that she was an incredible parent. They shared a kiss, but they were interrupted by her phone. She answered it to Lucas, who invited her to visit the next morning so he could fill her in on something. She promised to be there.

At Kelly's, Sasha informed Michael that there was a chain of stores in Italy that had expressed an interest in Deception, and Michael talked to her about having some lawyers set up a European expansion. He wondered if Lucy would be all right with it, and Sasha thought that Lucy would at least hear Sasha out. Nelle entered and approached their table. She warned Michael that she was giving him one last chance to improve his offer for her ELQ shares. Michael replied that he was in a better position to wait things out than she was, so she could "sit tight" if she didn't want the money he offered her to go away.

Michael confidently continued that the court could invalidate Nelle's claim to the shares; however, it would take years, and he had "all the time in the world." Nelle called Michael "smug and superior" like Carly, and she informed him that he was about to lose Wiley forever. After hearing about the situation, Michael decided that he would be happy for them, no matter what. He added that there was an ELQ office in Portland, so he could visit anytime he wanted. He was also happy about how far it would put Wiley away from Nelle. "Go to hell," Nelle spat, and she stormed out.

Sasha admitted how impressed she was that Michael had given nothing away after Nelle had tried so hard to get under his skin. She knew how hard Wiley being so far away would be on Michael. He thought moving would be for the best, but he would really miss Wiley. Sasha pulled him into a comforting hug.

Valentin returned to his room and retrieved the Cassadine crest ring. Just then, there was a knock on the door, and Valentin opened it to Nelle. She made sure that he'd gotten her message, which he had. He invited her in and told her that he was ready to negotiate for her ELQ stocks.

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