General Hospital Daily Recaps for the week of January 6, 2020

Nikolas reunited with loved ones, but things did not go well with everyone. Nikolas revealed that Valentin was Helena's love child. Ava married Nikolas. Jason and Sam cut a deal with Robert to help expose Peter's crimes. Gladys offered Sonny hope. An enemy made a move against Sonny.
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Nikolas reunited with loved ones, but things did not go well with everyone
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Nikolas has shocking news for Valentin

Nikolas has shocking news for Valentin

Monday, January 6, 2020

At home, Josslyn was lighting some New Year's candles when Dev arrived. She wished him a happy New Year in Turkish, and he returned the sentiment. She'd learned that it was customary in Turkey to give small gifts for the new year, so she handed him a gift bag. He pulled out a lottery ticket, which he said was supposed to bring prosperity, and a pair of red moose-print boxers. She made sure that getting red underwear was a real tradition, and he confirmed that it was.

Dev revealed that he'd also gotten her something. He handed her a nice pen for her journal writing and a pomegranate. He explained that they were supposed to smash it on the threshold of the house for good luck, so they went off to find a hammer. They returned a few minutes later, wiping pomegranate juice off of themselves and laughing about how the fruit had exploded. He promised that the year would be a lot better for Josslyn than the previous one. She revealed that it already was, and she kissed him.

Dev pulled back, and she wondered if she'd been out of line. She asked if he felt that way about her, and he only apologized. Clearly embarrassed, she said that she didn't need an explanation and that she must have gotten signals crossed. He assured her that she was amazing; however, her family had been good to him, and he didn't want to disrespect them. She remembered that Cameron and Trina were waiting for them, and they left.

At Rice Plaza, Trina reminded Cameron that midnight meant that his probation was over, and he was free. He asked if she'd heard from Dev and Josslyn and if they were together. Trina told him to just admit that he liked Josslyn, but he commented that Josslyn was still hung up on Oscar. He insisted that he didn't have feelings for her, and Trina revealed that Dev and Josslyn were about to be a "thing." She explained how the two seemed into each other, which she'd seen after he'd rejected her kiss. Cameron called him an idiot and informed her that half of his soccer team wanted to date her.

Trina thought that Dev was a nice guy, and it was necessary for Josslyn to move on. Cameron was annoyed that Trina hadn't stayed out of it, and Trina reminded him that he could have talked to Josslyn himself. She asked him to go to the next school formal with her as friends if they were both still single by then, and he accepted. Josslyn and Dev arrived, and Josslyn told Cameron to show Dev where the ice skates were. When the boys were gone, Josslyn told Trina all about her embarrassing night with Dev. When the boys returned, the four friends went to the rink to go skating.

Nikolas burst into the Wyndemere living room, carrying a soaked Ava. Curtis and Kevin jumped up to grab Ava as the shocked Laura and Lulu approached Nikolas. Laura touched his face to make sure that he was real and pulled him into a hug. Valentin asked Peter and Maxie to take Charlotte upstairs, so they ushered the girl out of the room. Lulu hugged her brother, wondering how he was alive, and he answered that they had a lot to catch up on. "You were behind this, weren't you?" she suddenly growled at Valentin.

Valentin insisted that he wasn't, and Ava cried that Nikolas had luckily survived, no thanks to Valentin. She accused him of shoving her off the parapet and said she was lucky that Nikolas had been there to save her. Valentin shot back that she was drunk, and she'd slipped. Nikolas yelled that he was sick of Valentin always having an explanation for everything, but no more. "You lose everything," he bellowed. Nikolas talked about the codicil, and he wanted to explain why it had cut Valentin out of the will. Nikolas revealed that Valentin wasn't Mikkos' son -- he was Helena's, so he wasn't a Cassadine at all.

Through Valentin's protests, Nikolas continued that Mikkos hadn't wanted a "bastard child" inheriting his fortune, so Helena had put the codicil in her portrait as a test for Nikolas. Valentin suggested that Nikolas "crawl back under a rock" while his family fought his battles for him. Laura wanted to talk to Nikolas alone and reached out to him. Nikolas suggested that Valentin ask Nina if he didn't believe Nikolas, and he left the room with Laura, Lulu, and Kevin. Valentin observed that Nina didn't look surprised to see Nikolas. "You're right. I'm not," she replied.

Valentin realized why Nina had invited who she had to the wedding, and he wondered if she'd just wanted to hurt him as much as possible. She put down her bouquet and said straight into his face, "I knew it was you all along." She summarized all she'd figured out on her own and what she'd learned from Liesl. She called the day an "ambush" but added that he could have stopped it all if he'd just told her the truth. He responded truthfully that he loved her, no matter what she did, but he "may not have the skill to love you the way I want to." He continued that he'd never manipulated her, and she needed to look at who'd really been using her along the way.

Valentin left the room, and Ava demanded to know why Jordan wasn't arresting him, as he'd tried to kill her. She also listed off all the crimes Nina had mentioned, but Martin wondered if Jordan was going to listen to the "ramblings of a drunk woman." He advised Jordan to do her due diligence before arresting Valentin. Ava advised Martin to "seek out someone else's retainer. Valentin is going down." She stormed out, citing that she had somewhere else to be. Curtis knew that Ava could be "extra," but he hoped that Jordan wasn't falling for Martin's words. The two agreed that they'd been "yanked around" by many people that night. However, Jordan knew that crimes had been committed, and she needed to get Valentin in for questioning.

Jax approached Nina, and she demanded that he not ask how she was doing. He replied that he only wanted to ask if there was anything he could do to help her. Nina took a beat and then talked about how surprised she was that she liked the dress so much. She hadn't wanted to get such a nice dress for that night, so she called it a "pity." He agreed that it was a beautiful dress. She figured that she should change, and she walked away.

Maxie had finished tucking Charlotte into bed when Peter returned with Charlotte's stuffed horse. Charlotte wondered if he knew what had happened, but he didn't. He explained that he'd been around a lot of bad things as a kid, and he'd taken to listening in. He thought that the best thing he'd learned was to let people do what they were going to do. He also assured her that Nina and Valentin would love her no matter what and that everything would be better the next day.

Charlotte was asleep a few minutes later, so Peter and Maxie talked about their disbelief at the night's events. They speculated about where Nikolas had been, and Maxie observed that he didn't seem to be the same "sweet prince" he had been. She also mentioned that everyone invited had been unsupportive of the marriage, and Nina had to have invited them to watch her blow Valentin up. She thought it probably felt awful to love someone who was lying about everything else, and Peter added that "rotten people can love, too." Maxie figured that Valentin would lose Nina.

Just then, Valentin entered Charlotte's bedroom and blew past Peter and Maxie. He gently woke Charlotte up and told her that they had to go. He picked her up and turned to leave, but Maxie blocked his way and informed him that he wouldn't be going anywhere with Charlotte.

Nikolas explained to Laura, Lulu, and Kevin that, after he'd been shot, he'd landed in the sea. He'd swum until a yacht had picked him up and gotten him medical attention. He'd wanted to wait until he was fully recovered to fight off Valentin, and he'd been "almost there" until he'd found out that Valentin had taken over the Cassadine estate. Nikolas had worked to find a weakness so he could return and reclaim what was his. He'd wanted to return and hated what was going on, but he begged his family to understand. In response, Laura slapped him across the face, shocking Lulu.

Voice shaking, a livid Laura informed Nikolas that she, Lulu, Alexis, and especially Spencer had spent the previous three years grieving. She talked about how she'd had to watch as the man who she'd thought had killed Nikolas took over Spencer's home and everything he loved. She continued that Spencer had goaded Valentin so much that Valentin had threatened her over it, and she'd had to send Spencer to boarding school on another continent. She hated Valentin and what he'd done to their family, but she thought it paled in comparison to what Nikolas had done to his own son.

Nikolas claimed that he'd hated having to stay away as much as his family had hated his absence, but Laura shot back that at least he'd known that his family was alive. She suddenly realized that the man in the mask on Halloween had been him and that Ava had committed herself for nothing. Nikolas insisted that everything he'd done had been for Spencer and that it had been a "temporary sacrifice." He concluded that it was over, he'd won, and the damage could be repaired. Lulu chimed in that the most important thing was that Nikolas was alive and home, and they would figure out the rest later.

Ava entered the room and apologized for cutting the family reunion short, but she told Nikolas that it was "time." She was disappointed that Nikolas hadn't told his confused family the happy news, and she revealed that she and Nikolas were getting married that night.

Ava and Nikolas marry; an arrest is made

Ava and Nikolas marry; an arrest is made

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Sonny walked into the kitchen at the Corinthos house and found Carly dressed in a robe. He was surprised to see her up so late. Carly disclosed that she'd heard from Jax that Nikolas had shown up at Valentin and Nina's wedding with Ava in his arms. Nikolas had claimed to have the codicil, and Jax had believed that Valentin would fight it. Additionally, Nina had left Valentin at the altar.

Carly noted that Nikolas' family had been ecstatic to see him, and Spencer would be vindicated. She hoped that with everything out in the open, all would be back to the "right place." She prepared a couple of cups of coffee as Sonny wondered what would be next for the two of them. Carly thought they would just have to get past it, but they were interrupted when Gladys entered the room.

Gladys declared that she was in the kitchen for a midnight snack, and she noted that it ran in the family. Carly made it clear that Gladys was not family, but Gladys reminded her that she was Mike's family. Just then, Sonny's employee Gio walked in and asked to see Sonny privately. The men stepped outside as Gladys commented on how strange it was to be doing business so late at night.

Gio informed Sonny that one of his trucks had been hijacked, and Sonny made it clear that he didn't want to engage with "these people." He was content that the cops would locate the truck because the only thing they'd find inside was coffee. He wanted it known that he was a legitimate businessman.

Sonny returned to the kitchen, and Gladys asked him about the problem. Sonny noted that it was at his warehouse, but it was his business and none of Gladys' business. Carly smirked and informed Gladys that she was a guest for the holidays, but she was not to attach herself to the family nor take advantage. Sonny bid Gladys goodnight, and Gladys knew she'd been dismissed. "I guess you told her," Sonny said to Carly.

Anna and Finn strolled through the plaza and by the skating rink. Anna told him to relax because Violet was in good hands with Chase and Willow. Finn wasn't so sure, but they agreed it was nice to spend some time, walking around at midnight. They wished each other a happy New Year and shared a kiss. They walked over to a bench and sat down. Anna thought it would be a good idea for Violet to learn to skate later in the day.

Just then, Felicia and Mac walked over, and New Year's greetings were exchanged. They all made small talk until Mac asked to speak to Anna about business. Finn shared photos of Violet with Felicia while Mac and Anna stepped aside. Mac urged Anna to keep the file on David Black, the man who had attempted to assassinate Franco and Andre. He added that they needed to find out who had wanted the men dead.

Anna admitted that she hadn't had any luck in finding anything actionable yet, but Finn interrupted to call out that Anna never missed much. Anna glared at him, and Mac urged Anna to keep at it. Anna assured Mac that she wouldn't be satisfied until she got some answers. Mac asked to be kept updated, and he and Felicia went off to get some hot cocoa.

Finn questioned Anna's claim that nothing had been actionable, and he reminded her that both Peter and the gunman had worked at the same company. Anna thought it could be merely coincidental, but Finn pointed out that they were aware that Peter had worked with Faison. He understood Anna's giving Peter the benefit of the doubt, but he wondered if Peter was counting on that, too.

At Wyndemere, Nina wandered into the room that had been previously decorated for her wedding ceremony. She spotted Jax, who offered her a scotch. She accepted the drink and toasted to revenge. She pointed out that it tasted worse than Jax had said it would. Nina assumed that Valentin was with Charlotte. She admitted that she should have listened to Jax and cut her losses, but Jax assured her that Valentin had created the mess.

Curtis and Jordan walked in, and Jordan announced that Valentin would be charged with fraud and tampering with a corpse. In addition, if Ava's charges proved true, Valentin would also be charged with attempted murder. "That is what you wanted, isn't it?" Curtis asked Nina. She declared that she had only wanted Valentin to tell the truth.

Jordan suggested that the only reason she'd been invited to the wedding had been in order to witness Nina exposing Valentin and getting him to face justice. She stated that Nina had done the right thing. Nina didn't want to wait around to see what happened, and she proceeded to argue with Curtis when he offered to stay with her. She wanted to get out of the house and be alone. She walked out, and Jax announced that he would keep an eye on her.

In the bedroom where Charlotte had slept, Maxie attempted to stop Valentin from taking his daughter. Peter chimed in to back Maxie up. Valentin had Charlotte in his arms, and he demanded that Peter get out of his way. When Peter refused and told Valentin to get a lawyer, Valentin put Charlotte down. He told her that he had to take care of some problems but that everything would be okay. He asked Maxie to give him a moment alone with Peter, and Maxie took Charlotte out of the room.

After Maxie and Charlotte had gone, Valentin kneed Peter in the groin, and Peter dropped to the floor. Valentin ran into the hallway and told Maxie that Peter wanted to see her. Maxie urged Charlotte not to move. "Move," Valentin told Charlotte once Maxie had returned to the bedroom.

In another room, Nikolas joined Laura, Lulu, and Kevin. Ava entered the room, dressed in a robe and slippers and without makeup, and told Nikolas it was time. She announced to Nikolas' family that she and Nikolas would be married that night. The family was shocked. As Ava cozied up to Nikolas and laid her head on his shoulder, Lulu declared that she didn't buy it.

Nikolas admitted it was true, and Lulu suggested that Ava was blackmailing him. "The heart wants what the heart wants," Ava purred. Kevin insisted that Ava was not in the right state of mind to get married, and Nikolas had manipulated her. He couldn't understand why Ava would marry Nikolas. Ava retorted that she was sane.

Ava revealed that she was "powerless to resist" because she and Nikolas had fallen in love. Laura maintained that Ava had found the codicil and had been holding it over Nikolas' head. She reminded Ava that she had tried to help Ava, and Ava insisted that she had appreciated it. Nikolas knew that Laura didn't approve of his actions, and Laura laughed sarcastically. She reminded him that he had let all of his family suffer as they had all believed him to be dead.

Nikolas asked Lulu to stay for the wedding and wish him well. He affirmed that it was his choice to get married. Lulu replied that she did wish him well, but he was only making another bad choice. She left to check on Charlotte. Nikolas asked for Laura's approval next, and Ava clarified that the union would not be entirely "transactional." They'd had a romance in Greece once, but it had been cut short.

Laura pointed out that Nikolas could have returned, but he'd forgotten about Ava just as he'd forgotten about his family. She accused Ava of forgiving Nikolas for a price. Ava declared that it was all in the past, and they would get married with or without Laura's blessing.

Jordan received a phone message and announced that Jax and Nina had departed Spoon Island and gone back to Port Charles. Jordan needed to find Valentin and take him to the station. Curtis accompanied her.

Maxie rushed into the bedroom and found Peter on the floor. As she tended to him, Lulu ran in and demanded to know where Charlotte was. Maxie revealed that Valentin had taken the little girl. Lulu shouted that he had attempted to kill Ava, and she would have him charged with kidnapping. Peter told Maxie he just wanted to go home because all that was going on was just an "ugly family fight." He wanted to forget about Valentin's assault. Maxie gave in.

Charlotte was dressed. She told Valentin that Nikolas was her secret bodyguard, and Valentin replied that he was not. They were in the room where the ceremony was to have been held. Valentin led the way to the secret doorway into the tunnel. Before they departed, Charlotte spotted Nina's bouquet and retrieved it. One of the roses dropped to the floor.

Soon after, Lulu walked into the room, followed by Jordan and Curtis. Lulu was hysterical, and she demanded that Valentin be charged with kidnapping. Curtis promised that Valentin wasn't going anywhere, but Lulu spotted the rose on the floor. "They're in the tunnels," she exclaimed.

Laura stopped to see Ava, who was in another room and applying her makeup. Ava insisted that she hadn't been able to tell about Nikolas without alerting Valentin. Laura was crying and declared that she was still trying to process everything. She yelled that her son was alive, but she was angry.

Laura stated that she was worried about Nikolas in a new way. She was convinced that Nikolas had taken advantage of Ava's grief. Ava remained quiet as Laura went on that her son was acting like a Cassadine and had been lying to and manipulating Ava in order to get the location of the portrait. Ava insisted that she and Nikolas were a good match. Laura replied that that was what she was afraid of.

Laura announced that she would not stay for the wedding ceremony, and she thought that both Ava and Nikolas were making a mistake. They would realize it eventually.

Nikolas wandered around looking at everything. Kevin joined him, and Nikolas declared that it was all his. Kevin added that the ghosts belonged to Nikolas, too. Kevin added that he didn't like to see his family members in pain. Nikolas was grateful to Kevin for making his mother happy, and he asked about Spencer. Kevin replied that Nikolas had missed a lot, and Spencer had grown up fast after grieving over Nikolas for three years. He handed Nikolas his cell phone and told him to call Spencer.

Laura found Nikolas and Kevin just as Nikolas was handing the phone back to Kevin. Nikolas revealed that he had tried to call Spencer but hadn't gotten an answer and assumed his son was sleeping. Laura didn't think it was a good idea for Nikolas to be the one to contact Spencer. She wanted to go home. Nikolas again asked her to stay, but Laura told him that she was telling him the same as she'd told Ava. They were making a mistake, and she couldn't be a part of the regret.

Jax and Nina ended up at the café. Jax joined Nina at a table. He had a cup of coffee for each of them. He revealed that he had booked Nina a suite at Metro Court. Nina admitted that Jax had predicted everything correctly, and it had all fallen apart. Jax stated that he had not known that Nikolas would be there or that Ava had been tossed from the parapet.

Nina admitted that she hadn't been certain that she would marry Valentin at the last minute, but she had given him one last chance to tell the truth. Jax quipped that it was good that Nikolas had barged in. Nina asked how much Jax knew about Nikolas, and Jax admitted that he knew more than he should but not a lot. He had thought Nikolas to be a "good Cassadine" until he'd had an affair with Jax's wife Courtney, who had been Spencer's mother. Nikolas had been a good father until he had ended up being missing for three years.

Nina wondered why Jax had been helping Nikolas, and Jax confirmed that it had been because of Spencer. He also had no sympathy for Valentin, but it didn't mean that good had triumphed. "Let the Cassadines make their own misery," Jax declared. Nina announced that she only wanted to take a bath and sleep for a week. Jax stood up and held out his hand.

Charlotte and Valentin emerged from the tunnel into the plaza, and they bumped into Anna. She was curious that they were there so late, and Valentin called it a change of plans. He needed to find a place to "hunker down" with Charlotte. Anna was suspicious, but Valentin called it personal. He said that things were tense at home. As they spoke, Lulu, Jordan, Curtis, and a couple of police officers arrived.

As "Burn" by Madison Malone played, Jordan ordered Valentin to give Charlotte to Lulu. He refused. Lulu insisted that Charlotte go with her. Nearby, Mac stopped Nina and Jax as they walked out of the café. He told Nina there was a warrant for Valentin, and she grew agitated. Anna calmly spoke to Valentin, and she suggested that he not involve Charlotte.

Anna spoke to Valentin quietly. She suggested that he change his tactic and find a way to win. She thought that was his gift, and he should use it to benefit his daughter. Valentin finally relented, and he stooped down to Charlotte. He asked for her trust and told her he loved her. Charlotte thought that everyone had made a mistake, and he agreed. He said that he needed to clear himself, and he wanted her to go with her mother.

Charlotte declared that she loved Valentin, and they shared a hug. Charlotte ran to Lulu, who hugged her as well. Charlotte told her that Valentin would clear up the mistake, and Lulu took her home. Nina and Valentin were both crying. Jordan placed Valentin under arrest for fraud, and Valentin began to shout.

Valentin assumed that Nikolas had also been arrested as a fugitive, and as a cop cuffed Valentin, Jordan remained silent. Valentin went off on the fact that there were two standards, and Nikolas hadn't been arrested because he was the mayor's son. He accused Jordan of violating the Fourteenth Amendment, and he yelled that he would never forgive her for what she'd done to his daughter.

Jordan read Valentin his rights, and Curtis tried to extend his sympathy to Nina with a pat on her arm. Nina announced that she wanted to buy a bottle of scotch before retiring to Metro Court.

As the music played, Ava joined Nikolas and the officiant. She was wearing sparkling black robe-like attire. She and Nikolas stared at each other wordlessly as they were pronounced man and wife and shared a kiss.

In the Corinthos kitchen, Carly wrapped her arms around Sonny from behind.

Alexis and Sam learn that Nikolas is alive

Alexis and Sam learn that Nikolas is alive

Wednesday, January 8, 2020

In the kitchen at the Corinthos house, Sonny finished up a phone call related to the hijacking of his coffee delivery truck. He noted that he wanted security visible on all trucks in the future. Carly walked in, and they talked about Gladys getting on their nerves by overstaying her visit. Just then, Gladys walked in and asked for another blanket because her bedroom was chilly. Sonny ordered her to grab her coat because he had a surprise for her.

Jason arrived after Sonny and Gladys departed, and Carly revealed that everything was finally out in the open with Sonny. She disclosed that Nikolas was alive. Sam arrived shortly after, and she and Jason shared a hug and kiss. Carly gave them some time alone. Before Carly could tell the couple why she had asked them to meet there, Alexis walked in.

Alexis was enraged to see Jason and Sam together, and she voiced her displeasure in no uncertain terms. Carly admitted it had been her idea for the couple to meet there, but Alexis was furious. She knew that Carly was aware of Sam's parole terms, and both Jason and Sonny were felons who were not to be near Sam. Alexis had papers for Sonny to sign related to Kristina's trust, but she demanded that Sam leave the house with her.

Alexis accused Carly of putting Sam in danger of losing her freedom when she would have never put her own daughter in similar danger. Carly declared that she was aware of Alexis' family blowing up. Alexis was confused until Carly divulged that Nikolas was alive and had been at Wyndemere.

Carly added that Nikolas had been working with Jax in trying to locate the codicil that would leave everything to Nikolas. Alexis made it clear that she would love to see the paper, as well, but she wasn't sure if she would hug or slap Nikolas when she saw him. Sam felt the same way.

Alexis announced her intention to head to Wyndemere right away, and she demanded that Jason and Sam meeting up should never happen again. After Alexis was gone, Sam agreed that her mother had had a point. She asked Carly why she'd jeopardized Sam's parole and called a meeting. Sam made it clear that she would be returned to prison if she was caught. She added that it wasn't the same thing as in the past when she'd only avoided Dawn of Day members when meeting Jason.

Carly was adamant that Sam and Jason think of a way to get around the parole requirement, and she suggested they use one of Sonny's safe houses. Jason replied that he and Sam were still trying to process the situation, and they couldn't be caught together. Carly thought there had to be someone over the parole officer's head that could be contacted.

Gladys thanked Sonny profusely for taking her out to breakfast. They sat at a table in the café, and Gladys talked about how much it had meant for her to spend time with Mike and the family. She admitted that she really felt like Dev's grandmother, and Sonny quickly reminded her that she wasn't. Gladys explained that it had felt good to pretend because it allowed her son Brando's spirit to live on.

Sonny revealed that he'd bought Gladys a car, and he handed her the key. He thought that it would make it easier for her to visit Mike more often and whenever she wanted.

Martin stopped at Lulu's place in order to check on Charlotte for Valentin. Lulu declared that the little girl was fine, "no thanks to her father," but she was sleeping. Martin was happy to see Nina there, as well, in addition to Laura and Maxie. He was certain that Valentin would be happy, although the women proceeded to tell him off and made it clear that Valentin would be kept away from Charlotte. The women noted that Charlotte was surrounded by women who would keep her safe.

After Martin departed, Lulu expressed her rage that Valentin was checking on her. Maxie pointed out that he had a right to do so as Charlotte's father, but Lulu accused her of defending Valentin. Laura stressed that Valentin still had rights, but Lulu vowed that he would never get near Charlotte again.

Laura and Nina sat on the couch, and Laura asked Nina when she'd learned that Nikolas was alive. Nina explained that she had gone to Shadybrook to see Ava and had found Nikolas' ring on the floor. After Ava had claimed to see Nikolas' ghost, Nina had realized that he was actually alive. Maxie wondered why Nina hadn't told Nikolas' grieving family about it.

Nina apologized and agreed that she should have said something. Lulu admitted that Nikolas was no saint, and Laura pointed out that they had grieved while Nikolas had terrorized Ava and then married her. She thought that her son was getting further away from her.

Nina prepared to leave. She was happy that Nikolas was alive, and she wanted Charlotte to know she loved her. Laura was certain that Nikolas had told Charlotte he was her bodyguard, and Lulu was upset to think that Charlotte had jumped into the water because of him. He had never considered the consequences of saying such a thing to the little girl, not to mention anything to poor Spencer.

Laura announced her decision to fly to France to tell Spencer the news, although Lulu thought that Nikolas should be the one to reveal himself to his son. Laura thought she should be there, too, because Spencer would be hurt. Laura added that Kevin had suggested that Charlotte talk to someone. Lulu disclosed that she had spoken to Diane, who would go ahead in pressing for full custody of Charlotte.

Maxie suggested that Lulu let things settle down first, but Laura pointed out that Valentin had a talent for evading the law. Lulu angrily denounced Valentin as the one who always made danger happen in the first place. She wanted to move while he was behind bars. She wanted to make sure she had custody of Charlotte and that the little girl would not turn out to be like Valentin.

Maxie had to leave for work. Lulu wanted her to thank Nina for stopping by and to tell her she was always welcome. Maxie asked Lulu again to consider holding off on pushing for custody until she saw if it would even be needed because Valentin could end up in prison. Lulu asked Laura for her thoughts, and Laura declared that it was Lulu's choice. She knew that Lulu was a good mother who would always put Charlotte first.

Robert walked into the interrogation room at the police station to see Valentin, who was cuffed to the table. Valentin wondered if the district attorney was there to drop all charges. He declared that the accusations were unsubstantiated, and the witnesses unreliable, among other things. His arrest had been unlawful. Valentin was sure that Robert would stretch out the arrest as long as possible until it would be dismissed.

Robert sat down and laughed. He'd heard that Valentin had been disinherited. Valentin demanded to know why Nikolas had not also been arrested, as he was a felon. Martin arrived and berated Robert for questioning Valentin without his lawyer being present. Robert left, and Martin took his seat.

Martin confessed that he hadn't seen Charlotte but assumed she was fine, due to all of the women who had been present. Valentin was happy to hear that Nina had been there. Martin related that Nina hadn't had much to say, and he asked if Valentin was still in love with her after everything that had happened. Valentin said that he was, and Nina was still in love with him.

Valentin asked Martin about his strategy for getting Valentin out of jail. Martin explained that the codicil was straightforward, although Valentin pointed out that that would be if it was real. Martin agreed and added that Valentin would have to have a DNA test to prove that he was really Helena's son and not related to Mikkos. Nikolas and his heirs would then inherit everything.

Valentin declared that it wouldn't happen. He had hated Helena, and she had hated him. He didn't believe he was her son, and it had been her last chance to torture him from the grave. Martin planned on investigating Nikolas and would reopen his previous fake murder case and framing of Drew Cain.

Martin assumed that Ava being pushed off the parapet hadn't really happened, and Valentin confirmed it. Valentin stated that she had been drunk, and it had been dark and icy. Martin thought he should be able to take care of that charge. Valentin demanded that he be set free before Lulu could move in on Charlotte.

Out in the lobby, Jason walked in, followed by Sam. Robert noticed that they were not surprised to see each other. Sam announced that they had a proposal.

Ava awakened in her bedroom at Wyndemere and gasped as she saw Nikolas standing over her. She frantically began to search for something, without success. Nikolas held up the gun and pointed it at Ava. "Are you looking for this?" he asked. "Good morning to you, too," Ava said as she got up and slipped on a robe. She noted that her wifely duties would be strictly limited.

Nikolas demanded that Ava give him the original codicil, but she suggested he learn to say please and thank you. She held her hand out for the gun, and he gave it to her. She quickly put it away. "Give me the codicil, please," Nikolas rephrased. Ava replied that she needed to keep it in lieu of the prenuptial agreement. Nikolas insisted that he would share everything and wouldn't go back on his word.

Nikolas promised that he wouldn't divorce Ava or file for an annulment. Ava suggested that he might kill her instead, but Nikolas chuckled. He reminded her that he'd saved her, but Ava pointed out that he'd wanted the codicil. She had put it away, and he would never find it. She snapped that he could reclaim his inheritance with her by his side. Ava went to the door and called out frantically for Liesl, who finally arrived after several minutes.

Ava asked Liesl to take Nikolas to the sitting room for coffee and to call a locksmith so that Ava could change the bedroom door lock. Liesl suggested that Ava do it all herself, and Ava retorted that Liesl had been staying at Wyndemere for free. Liesl established that she still had her own place in town and could pack her bags and leave. Liesl added that she could be a chaperon "of sorts" because Nikolas' last wife could attest that Nikolas had a murderous streak.

Hastily, Ava said no to Liesl's leaving, and Liesl agreed to stay. She wasn't sure what her long-term plans would be, though, because it depended on Nina. Liesl suggested that Ava try to emulate Nina's behavior because Nina had been an "exemplary lady of Wyndemere." Nikolas said that Ava would need practice. Nikolas followed Liesl out, and Ava whispered that Liesl was not to let him out of her sight. Liesl noted that Nikolas wasn't a threat to her.

Downstairs, Liesl fixed coffee, and Nikolas suggested that she go home. Liesl pointed out that if Ava had an accident, it wouldn't look good for him. She thought it possible that Valentin would get rid of him, anyway. She admitted that she wasn't necessarily rooting for Valentin, but she wanted Nikolas to fail. She accused him of treating Britt unfairly, and she called him the Prince of Hypocrites for treating his own son so poorly.

Nikolas claimed that he'd lost his way and had a dark side. He'd made bad decisions. Just then, Alexis walked in. "So, it is true!" she exclaimed. She and Nikolas hugged. Liesl announced her plan to go into town. Alexis told Nikolas she'd missed him and asked how he could do what he'd done. Nikolas explained that he'd felt Valentin couldn't know he was alive because he would have used the family.

Alexis felt bad for Spencer, and Nikolas told her that Laura wanted to "pave the way" for him to talk to Spencer. The boy had to know that Nikolas had done everything for him. They were interrupted when Ava walked in and announced that she was sure that Alexis was there to wish them well. She added that Alexis had a year to give them a gift.

Alexis was confused. "You married her?" she asked Nikolas, dumbfounded. She asked why and when. "What the hell?" Alexis exclaimed. Ava sat down and poured herself some coffee. She told Alexis that she and Nikolas had shared a connection previously and had "blissfully reunited." "Save the star-crossed lover crap, Ava!" Alexis shouted.

Ava noted that she was setting up housekeeping and keeping Liesl on as an "official maid." Alexis pointed out that it was already purgatory without Liesl, and Nikolas suggested that he and Ava discuss it. Ava was sure that Nikolas would see things her way. Alexis wished them luck and congratulated them on their "first day of wedded bliss." She left. Nikolas assured Ava that there was no way Liesl would stay there, but Ava told him he'd reconsider if he wanted the codicil.

Nikolas relented, but he said that Ava had to give him what he wanted. Ava uttered that he'd have to sign an agreement because she couldn't be left empty-handed.

Gladys was ecstatic after taking a test drive in her new car. She and Sonny returned to their table at the café. Sonny confirmed that Gladys was "good to go." She replied that she was aware that he was buying her off and wanted her gone. She wanted him to know that she'd felt at home, had forgotten herself, and had overstepped the previous evening. She asked to be allowed to stay until after Donna's christening.

Sonny said no, and Gladys stressed that Mike needed her. Sonny told her that that was the reason for the new car, and she would be able to visit anytime. He wanted her to "clear out." Gladys understood and offered to repay him. She handed him an article that she pulled from her purse. It was about a possible Alzheimer's treatment for Mike. Sonny promised to look at it.

Liesl and Nina met at the café. Liesl knew that her niece was in pain, and Nina replied that many other people were, too. She felt the worst for Charlotte, who didn't deserve it. She told Liesl how Valentin had been treated like a kidnapper in Rice Plaza -- in front of Charlotte. She regretted the choices she'd made. Liesl declared that "if only" were dangerous words. She suggested that Nina take responsibility and move on. Nina was teary as she and Liesl clasped hands across the table.

Sonny returned home, and Carly informed him that he'd missed Sam and Jason. Sonny told her that he'd bought Gladys a car, and Carly hoped Gladys wouldn't stop by and ask to stay over in the future. Sonny pulled out the paper from his pocket that Gladys had given him. He told Carly it was about a medical trial in New York, and he thought it could help Mike.

Jason and Sam have a proposal for Robert

Jason and Sam have a proposal for Robert

Thursday, January 9, 2020

Brad was waiting for the elevator at the hospital when Deanna approached him. Noticing how edgy he was, she made sure that he was ready to go back to work. The elevator doors opened, and Michael stepped out with Wiley. Michael revealed that Wiley had been fussy at daycare, and they hadn't been able to reach Brad, so they'd called Michael. He wondered what he could do for Brad, but Brad refused help as he took Wiley from Michael. Michael thought that Brad needed a nanny, and he offered to cover the cost as Wiley's godfather. Deanna returned to ask Brad for some lab results, and Brad walked away with his son.

At home, Sonny told Carly about the Alzheimer's test treatment he'd read about, and he showed her the article that Gladys had given him. While the treatment sounded good, she thought that Mike's doctor would have mentioned it if it was a viable option. Sonny continued that the doctor performing the study was in Manhattan, so he would take Mike to get evaluated for the next test group that month. Carly's phone went off, and she saw a text from Michael talking about how worried he was about Brad and Wiley. She remembered seeing Brad and Julian on the pier together, and how edgy Brad had seemed. Sonny suddenly excused himself to "ask Julian some questions," and he was gone.

Michael arrived a few minutes later and told Carly about his interaction with Brad and his suggestion of a nanny. Carly thought that it was a great idea, and she promised to support him in any way. Michael wondered where Sonny was, and Carly replied that he was running errands in order to clear his calendar. She showed a skeptical Michael the article about the Alzheimer's test treatment. She feared that Sonny would waste the little time he had left with Mike, but there wasn't much for them to do but support Sonny.

Ava entered Charlie's and checked in with Julian, who needed a distraction. He asked about her New Year's Eve, and she flashed her new rings. She told her brother about her wedding to Nikolas, and about the "sweetest revenge" she planned on getting. "At least you're back to your old self," Julian observed. She asked about Lucas, and Julian replied that his son's condition hadn't changed. He admitted that it was hard to be around Brad, as he only saw an empty space where Lucas should be. Ava insisted that Lucas would get better, as he was a Jerome.

Julian's phone rang, and he told Ava that he had to take the call. When she left Charlie's, she bumped into Sonny outside. They talked about Nikolas, and she informed him of her marriage. He was concerned that she'd married the man who'd taken advantage of her emotional state and landed her in Shadybrook. She assured him that it was about power, and she was confident. He hoped it worked out for her, as he would be "very unhappy" if Ava or Avery were hurt.

Julian answered his phone to Brad, who told him about Michael's suggestion of a nanny. Julian thought it was a great idea. As Sonny entered, Julian ordered Brad to calm down, as a nanny was supposed to reduce stress. He advised Brad to embrace it and hung up. He spotted Sonny and wondered what Sonny wanted. Sonny revealed that he knew about Julian and Brad meeting up on the pier and that he knew what they'd talked about.

At Crimson, Nina and Maxie bickered about the cover Maxie had picked, and she reminded Nina that she'd been running the magazine by herself. Jax arrived, and he was surprised to see Nina. She announced that she was ready to move and fully focus on the magazine. He was there for the projected budget for June, but Nina admitted that she hadn't gotten to it yet. Maxie chimed in that she had, and she left the office to get it.

Peter arrived as Maxie was leaving Nina's office, and he showed her a toy that he'd found that he thought James would love. She smiled at him and appreciated him thinking of her son. He admitted that he did have to leave again, as he had to meet with Anna. He left, and Maxie returned to Nina's office with the budget projections. Nina and Jax both eked out quick thank yous and continued their conversation about how Nina was feeling. Maxie left again, clearly disappointed.

Later, Maxie wondered why Nina hadn't confided in Maxie about Nina's plans regarding Valentin. Nina admitted that she'd had no idea what she would do until the moment had been there, so she hadn't wanted to disappoint anyone. Maxie insisted that she wanted Nina to be happy, no matter what that looked like, even though she knew that she was no substitute for Nathan. Nina cried that Maxie was the best substitute she ever could have asked for, and she was glad that Maxie could finally take a "breather," since Nina was back.

A short while later, Maxie entered Nina's office and informed her that one of their new advertisers was giving her some pushback. They argued over who would call the advertiser and deal with it, and Nina insisted that it was her job as editor-in-chief. As Maxie walked to the door, Nina made sure that they were "good." "We're great," Maxie said unenthusiastically, and she left.

Finn returned from dropping Violet off at school and questioned how Anna was feeling about her situation with Peter. She confided that she was battling between being dutiful to the law and protecting her son. She also hated that Sam was paying the price for something that Peter could have done. Finn urged her to think about how far she was willing to go to protect Peter. The doorbell rang, and Finn had to go, anyway. He answered the door and let Peter in, and Finn left.

Cutting right to the chase, Anna questioned Peter about the man who'd tried to kill Andre and Franco. She gave him some of her papers to look at, and he picked out that the man had worked at EuroTech, one of Faison's companies, while Peter had been there. He informed her that hundreds of people worked there at any given time. He mentioned that the memory-mapping procedure had been Faison and Helena's project, so he thought that the culprit could be an old associate who didn't want to resurrect the procedure for some reason.

Peter apologized that he couldn't be more help, and he looked forward to putting the events of the previous year behind him. He wondered who'd made the connection between him and David, and Anna admitted that she had. He asked for time to prepare himself before she told the cops, especially since he would have to deal with Jason and Sonny. She confided that she didn't think his connection to the shooter was pertinent to the case, and he thanked her for helping him get away from his past. He didn't want to be Henrik ever again, and she assured him that he was "so much more" than Faison's son.

Jax entered Finn's office, and Finn demanded to know if Hayden's involvement with Nikolas was what had driven her out of town. Jax told Finn about Hayden's attack that Nikolas had orchestrated in order to get her out of town. He continued that he'd tried to get in contact with Hayden, and he promised to do everything he could to get her home. Jax was sorry that Violet had gotten caught in the crossfire, and he left.

Jason and Sam were in the interrogation room at the PCPD when there was a knock on the door. Diane entered, and Robert arrived moments later. Jason, Sam, and Diane together told Robert about Delores, Sam's parole officer, and Sam's forced separation from Jason. Robert replied that he couldn't help, but the three talked over each other, giving him reasons to help. Robert stated that he didn't do favors for the mob. As he turned to leave, Sam called out that it was a trade, not a favor. He wondered if Jason was finally ready to turn on Sonny. Jason replied that he had information on Peter, and Robert suddenly became serious. "What do you know, and how do you know it?" Robert demanded to know.

Diane and Jason laid out the connections between Peter and both of Andre's attacks, Drew's plane crash, and Shiloh. Robert offered that, if Jason, Sam, and Diane could get him some evidence to tie everything together, he would "take care of your parole problem." When he was gone, Sam was confident that they could get the proof. She and Jason shared a kiss, and Sam left.

Diane warned Jason that, if Peter was behind all of those things, he was a "master" at covering his tracks, so the chances of finding evidence would be "slim." Jason reasoned that looking for proof gave Sam purpose and something to work toward in order to make the separation a little easier. Diane wondered about him, and he replied that, "If Sam's okay, I'll be okay, too."

Willow agrees to look after Wiley

Willow agrees to look after Wiley

Friday, January 10, 2020

Sonny sat at the bar at Charlie's Pub and told Julian that Carly had seen Julian and Brad at the pier. Sonny revealed that he was familiar with the conversation the men had been having about Sonny, Carly, Michael, and Wiley. Julian reminded Sonny that Wiley was a part of his family, but Sonny related that the conversation had been about not letting certain information out. He wanted Julian to know that he always protected his family.

Julian concurred that the same went for him and added that he had "no beef" with anyone. He thought that he and Sonny had been on better terms recently. Julian noted that Brad was in over his head in caring for Wiley, and he thought that others might get nervous. Sonny believed that Julian wanted to "swoop in" and get close to Wiley while Lucas was out of the picture.

Julian agreed that it was not a secret that he and Lucas had had their differences, but he only wanted to look out for Wiley while he waited for Lucas to get well. Sonny pointed out that Wiley had Michael to look after him, but Julian didn't think that Michael had the time. Sonny wondered how Lucas would react to that, and Julian quickly ordered Sonny not to speak for Lucas. Sonny claimed to be speaking for himself.

As Sonny headed for the door, Julian pondered how Sonny had even known about Julian's conversation with Brad in the first place. He noted that Carly had already been gone from the pier. He assumed that Sonny had been having someone followed, and he wondered if it had been Julian and Brad or Carly. Sonny ordered Julian to "stay clear" of his family or anything "Corinthos related."

Jordan was pleased to see Jason honor her request for a meeting in her office at the police station. She proceeded to ask him about the abandoned and burned Corinthos delivery truck and wondered if Sonny had an enemy. She added that there had been no cargo and no driver in the area. Jason explained that the delivery had never arrived, but all of the employees had been accounted for.

Jordan invited Jason to take a seat. She stated her belief that the driver had probably claimed not to see anything. Jason urged her to call Diane for the manifest, but Jordan was reluctant to do so without a warrant. She added that there wasn't enough information for her to even attempt to get the warrant in the first place. She began to grow annoyed over Jason's "non-answers."

Jordan added that she had two explanations for what had happened. Either the driver "went rogue" and disappeared, or Sonny had an enemy who had left a "calling card." Jordan added that Sam's case hadn't been in her jurisdiction any longer, in case Jason had been holding it against her. Jason declared that he would have the truck hauled away after the police department had finished with it. Jordan handed him a ticket and related that the truck had been in an illegal parking spot when found.

As Jason headed for the door, Curtis arrived to speak to Jordan. Curtis closed the office door as Jordan ranted about wasting her breath with Jason. She lamented his constant calm demeanor and complained of his noncommittal answers. Curtis waited patiently until she was through and then revealed that he had followed up on her former associate's death.

Curtis admitted that he'd had a contact on the Washington, DC, police force and had learned that Bob Massicotte's death had been the result of an opioid overdose. Jordan was shocked and disbelieving. Curtis told her that addicts were often able to hide their addiction from others. Curtis did not want to take advantage of his contact for further information and told Jordan that everyone had had the same reaction as her.

Jordan asked to see the report, and Curtis informed her that he'd already forwarded it to her. Jordan sat at her desk, and Curtis left. She was visibly upset and deep in thought. Later, she phoned someone and asked them to get to Port Charles.

As Elizabeth cleaned up a room at General Hospital, she was startled when someone called her name. She turned around and was shocked to see Nikolas standing there. "You haven't changed a bit," Nikolas declared. He stated that Elizabeth was still beautiful. She was full of questions and near tears, but she promised not to faint. Nikolas replied that he might faint, and they embraced.

As Nikolas and Elizabeth walked down a hall, he told her briefly about the years he'd been gone. He had put together a plan in order to reclaim what belonged to him. He told her what had happened at Nina and Valentin's wedding, although he admitted that there had been another wedding. He had married Ava.

"Ava Jerome?" Elizabeth asked in disbelief? "I see you Ava and raise you Franco Baldwin," Nikolas replied. Elizabeth made it clear that she was in love with Franco, who had changed. "I can't say the same about Ava," Elizabeth added. "Truthfully, I can't either," Nikolas admitted. He maintained that he and Ava each had something that the other wanted. Elizabeth was skeptical and declared that it wasn't love.

Nikolas revealed that he had returned to Port Charles in September, and Elizabeth was appalled. She asked if he had been tempted to talk to his family, and Nikolas admitted it had been difficult. They sat down on a bench as Nikolas explained that he'd had to bide his time until his plan had been in place. Elizabeth said that she understood it all intellectually but not emotionally.

Elizabeth told Nikolas about Hayden and her daughter, and Nikolas promised to do what he could to get Hayden back home. Elizabeth wasn't sure whether to hug or smack Nikolas, and he stressed that he preferred the hug. He'd received many smacks of late. Nikolas said he was glad to be home.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Brad frantically searched for some lab results, and Willow walked by and handed them to him. She'd found them in the breakroom. She understood that Brad had a lot going on, but he gruffly remarked that he could handle it.

Sasha stopped by to visit Michael in his hospital office. Michael confessed that he had not been able to find anyone qualified enough to be Wiley's nanny, and Sasha teased him for his high expectations. Michael thought that he could arrange his own work schedule in order to take over watching Wiley. Sasha agreed he could do both, even if he only spent a few hours with Wiley. Michael thought he could work out all of the timing with Brad, and he and Sasha shared a kiss on the happy note.

At Crimson, Lucy showed Maxie her latest workup for a partnership between the magazine and Deception. Nina walked in, and the women excitedly told her about the possibility. Lucy exclaimed that it would be "the perfect marriage." She awkwardly stumbled over her explanation, and Nina asked to see the mock-up. Nina was not happy to see Sasha featured on the cover.

Lucy declared that she had a "knack for persuasion," and she sat down by Nina's desk. She wanted to make a deal, and Maxie tried to support her. Nina was dismissive and adamantly opposed; she cited the fact that she didn't know how Deception would work out. She offered to consider it, but she wanted Lucy to find another model. Lucy declared that that wasn't an option, as Sasha was an equity partner.

Lucy attempted to explain that the concept was a business and not about a person. Nina wished her luck but declared her intent to pass on the option. Lucy thanked her for her time and left. Maxie took the seat that Lucy had vacated, and she suggested that Nina reconsider because she thought that the proposal had merit. Lucy listened in from the lobby.

At the hospital, as Sasha and Michael shared a prolonged kiss, Sasha's phone began to ring. It was Lucy, and she told Sasha that Nina had declined an offer to partner. Sasha replied that she had tried to warn Lucy, but Lucy thought there was still a chance. She wanted Sasha to get to the magazine right away.

Willow handed Brad a large cup of coffee. He whined that it felt like everyone in Lucas' family was against him. Willow felt that everyone had just been anxious to help him out with Wiley. Just then, Michael appeared and announced his own plan. He had realized that he could spend sufficient time with Wiley and, in addition, had a large support system to help out. He would also have someone to help him out at ELQ.

"Absolutely not!" Brad shouted. He backed off and made it clear that a CEO of a company could not be a babysitter, but Michael was adamant that it was something he wanted to do. Brad didn't think Lucas would want it, either, and the two men went back and forth. Brad thought there was a better person to do it, and he turned to Willow. Just then, Julian stepped off the nearby elevator.

Brad announced that he had the perfect solution, and that was Willow. Michael tried to say that Willow had her own full schedule, and Julian agreed with Michael. As the group spoke their views both for and against, Willow suggested that she might be able to work her schedule out to accommodate Brad. Michael and Julian were opposed, but Brad wanted to be able to count on Willow and pleaded with her. She confessed that she couldn't say no.

Michael hoped that Willow was sure and pointed out that Brad wasn't sensitive enough to see that it could be difficult for Willow to see Wiley every day. Julian pulled Brad aside, and Willow told Michael that she thought he intimidated Brad. She would enjoy every moment of her time with Wiley.

Brad shouted at Julian and explained that not only did Michael want to watch Wiley, but all the Quartermaines and Corinthoses would be involved. He was afraid that after a while, Wiley would remain with Michael permanently. He didn't want Julian to second-guess him. Julian declared that he would see to it that Brad got the help he needed.

Lucy returned to Nina's office at Crimson as Sasha stepped off the elevator. Maxie had been urging Nina to take the personal out of it, and Lucy declared that Maxie was right. Nina insisted that she wouldn't trust Sasha and was moving forward. Sasha walked in and urged Nina to not be stupid. Sasha declared that she had always admired Nina's "business savvy," and that was what the partnership was about. It was the best for each business. Sasha concluded that they could be successful without Nina.

Maxie grabbed the mock-up of the cover and made some changes to it. She suggested a different deal that would be better for the magazine, and Lucy agreed to it. Nina still thought it wasn't a good fit but would reconsider it.

Out in the lobby, Lucy sang the praises of both Sasha and Maxie for standing up to and spouting off facts to Nina. She hoped that Nina knew what she had in Maxie, and she handed Maxie a business card. She thought that Maxie would make a great partner. Maxie looked at the card and considered the short shrift that Nina had given her lately. Inside her office, Nina pulled out her old broken-heart necklace and looked at it sadly.

Jason found Sonny in the kitchen at the Corinthos house. As Sonny prepared some food, Jason told him about the lost delivery truck and delivery. He added that the driver who had been ambushed had been shaken but would be getting a severance package and would relocate. Sonny ordered Jason to give the man a generous package.

Jason revealed that they'd also received a parking ticket, and Sonny ordered him to pay it quickly. Jason wondered who would have targeted a coffee truck, and Sonny guessed it was someone who'd had no idea on how Sonny did business. Sonny added that the perpetrator had not done any research, or it would have been noted that he didn't use the warehouse as a front.

Jason wondered if someone had wanted to send a message that they wanted to share the cargo space of Port Charles. "Sharing is overrated," Sonny declared. The men talked about the truck torching and the possibility of a deal. Sonny was willing to give someone a chance to negotiate, or he would retaliate and make them regret it. He toyed with the sharp knife in his hands.

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