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Carly gave birth to a baby girl named Donna. Sam was arrested for Shiloh's murder. Lulu overheard Liesl and Sasha discuss that Sasha was not Nina's daughter. Kevin and Laura uncovered a clue to the codicil. Nelle made arrangements for her upcoming parole hearing. Jax realized why Hayden hadn't told Finn about her daughter.
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Carly gave birth to a baby girl named Donna and Sam was arrested for Shiloh's murder
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Sam is called back to the police station

Sam is called back to the police station

Monday, September 30, 2019

Willow sat down in the visiting room at Pentonville and picked up the phone. She and Harmony each expressed how proud they were of the other for how they'd handled testifying against Shiloh. Willow confessed that she was there to tell her mother that Shiloh was dead. She told Harmony about what had happened, and a tearful Harmony was glad that he would hurt no one else. Willow was just happy that Wiley was safe.

A guard entered to retrieve Harmony, as her time was up in the visiting room. Harmony thought that Willow looked "at peace" and commented that it was nice to see her without all the weight on her shoulders. Willow reiterated how proud she was of Harmony for standing up to Shiloh, and Harmony replied that she was just trying to follow her daughter's example. Each put a hand up on her side of the glass.

Josslyn was walking through the park, looking at her phone, when she heard someone call her name. She looked up and saw a guard supervising prisoners who were dressed in orange and picking up trash, and she spotted Nelle. Nelle asked the guard for a minute to talk to Josslyn, since Josslyn was the one Nelle had saved with a kidney. The guard allowed it, and Nelle asked about Michael. Josslyn talked about Michael's amazing new girlfriend, glad that he was moving on.

Nelle informed Josslyn that she'd been a "model inmate," which was how she'd gotten the outside work detail. She thought that running into each other would feel more "normal" as soon as Nelle was released. Josslyn shot back that Nelle would be in Pentonville "for the rest of your miserable life." Nelle assured Josslyn, "I forgive you." An appalled Josslyn replied that she would never forgive Nelle for what she'd done to Josslyn's family.

Nelle realized that Josslyn was still grieving for Oscar, and Josslyn hoped that Nelle choked on her fake sympathy. She muttered that the only reason she didn't slap Nelle was because there was a guard there, and she didn't want anyone mistaking Nelle for a victim. Josslyn sweetly told the guard that the prisoner was making her uncomfortable, so the guard escorted Nelle back to the rest of the prisoners. Nelle hoped that Josslyn had more compassion the next time they met, because she believed it would be sooner than Josslyn thought.

Kristina and Alexis finished up a run in the park, and they talked about Shiloh's death. Kristina related that she'd mentioned Shiloh in group therapy, and she hoped that sharing her story would prevent someone else from going down the same path. Kristina admitted that she liked the place she was in, though she was still working through some of her Dawn of Day-related regrets. Kendra arrived, and Alexis introduced her and Kristina. Kristina thought the trainer looked familiar, but Kendra figured she just had "one of those faces."

Kendra realized that she'd forgotten her bag in the car, so she ran to grab it. Alexis mentioned Neil, and she wondered how Kristina felt about the relationship. Kristina had decided that, if he made Alexis happy, then Kristina was happy for them. The two embraced as Kendra returned, and Kristina said goodbyes. When Kristina was gone, Alexis joked that following Kendra's strict diet and exercise routine had made Alexis think that Kendra was trying to kill her. Kendra commented that Alexis looked great and asked how she felt. "Everything hurts," Alexis replied.

Alexis added that she was having trouble sleeping, but she explained that she was usually up worrying about her children. Kendra wanted to introduce Alexis to a new dietary supplement that would help with her energy and sleeping. Just then, Kendra's phone went off, and she got up to make a call. She looked at a picture on her phone of two kids, captioned, "Kiefer and Kendra, 2005 summer vacation." She returned a few minutes later and gave Alexis some of the powder to put into her water. They both shook up their bottles and took a drink.

At the hospital, Sam informed Jordan that Carly was in labor, so she couldn't leave. Jordan insisted that it was important, so Sam needed to be there. Sam arrived at the station a few minutes later, and Sam reminded Jordan that she'd already given a statement. Jordan replied that she had gotten some new information, but Sam refused to answer any questions without her lawyer.

In her hospital room, Carly assured Sonny that Dr. Navarro had said that the baby was all right. Michael entered, and Carly admitted that she was nervous about her C-section. Michael wondered why she needed a C-section, and Sonny said that Jason could tell Michael. Dr. Navarro entered to the get Carly prepped for surgery. A few minutes later, Sonny joined Carly in the operating room, and he assured her that they would get through it. The assisting surgeon briefly explained the surgery, and they began. She explained what she was doing as it was done, and a few minutes later, Sonny and Carly heard the cries of a baby.

Dr. Navarro held up the baby girl, and the assisting surgeon thought that the baby's spine looked healthy. He assured Sonny and Carly that, after the baby's surgery, there would likely be little to no lasting damage. Dr. Navarro handed the baby to Carly, and the couple couldn't wait to share the name they'd picked out. "Welcome to the world, Donna," Sonny cooed to his newborn daughter. Sonny and Carly were glad for the time together, but it was time for the baby's surgery. They said goodbye to their daughter, and Sonny assured his wife that they could handle it.

In the hall, Jason told Michael about the baby's spina bifida and assured him that baby had the best possible care. Jason's phone went off, and he answered it to Sam, who let him know that she was at the PCPD. Jason told her that he would call Diane and meet her there. Jason asked Michael to keep him updated and left. Josslyn entered and told Michael about her interaction with Nelle at the park. She hoped the baby would be born soon, as she was excited to meet her new sibling.

Kristina arrived at the hospital, and Michael took the opportunity to tell her and Josslyn about the baby's condition. When he was done talking, Sonny approached and told the kids that they had a new sibling, but he wanted Carly to tell all three of them at the same time. He took the kids back to Carly's room, and she told them that they had a new sister named Donna. Sonny told them about the woman from "the old neighborhood" that the baby was named after.

Sonny explained that Donna Messina had been "a great lady" that everyone either loved or hated. She had been kind, loyal, fearless, and generous, and she would listen to anyone without judgment and keep the secret. She had hated bullies and been "tough as nails," but she could always make people smile. Carly added that that was how "our" Donna would be, and the family shared a group hug.

At the police station, Jordan told Sam, Diane, and Jason about what the nurse, Sherri, had overheard Sam say about killing Shiloh. Jordan asked Sam if she'd killed to defend or with the intent to kill. Diane was disgusted that Jordan had called Sam back for questioning over hearsay and wondered if she'd cleared it with Robert. She thought that Robert would know better, as the hearsay wouldn't hold up in court. "We're done here," Diane stated.

Outside the interrogation room, Sam muttered to Jason that she should have been more careful about what she'd said, but Jason assured her that she hadn't known that the nurse had been outside of the hospital room, eavesdropping. Diane decided to research Sherri, and she wanted to prep Sam and Jason for more questioning. Jason's phone went off, and he announced that Carly had had the baby. Diane walked off to call and inform Max. Jordan returned and placed Sam under arrest for Shiloh's murder.

Nelle entered the visiting room and told someone that she was glad to meet them face to face. She wondered if it meant that they had decided to take her case, and the man sitting at the table instructed her not to assume anything. The lawyer, "Mr. Grey," wanted to meet her before making a decision, and she reminded him that her parole hearing was fast approaching. He'd looked at her records and called them "damning." Nelle used her abusive childhood, pregnancy hormones, and a string of bad events to excuse her behavior, but she insisted that she'd been a "model prisoner" since arriving at Pentonville.

Mr. Grey revealed that he'd spoken to the warden, who'd sung Nelle's praises. Nelle continued that she'd reflected on the reasons why she was there, and she vowed to never sink to those lows again. She wanted to make it up to those she'd hurt, but she couldn't do that from behind bars. Mr. Grey agreed to represent her at her parole hearing and believed that she would make a compelling impression on the parole board. He informed her that his office would be in touch, and he left.

A guard escorted Nelle through the halls, and they bumped into another guard escorting a tearful Harmony. Nelle asked what was wrong, and Harmony updated her on what had happened to Shiloh. Nelle expressed her sympathy, and the guard jerked Harmony away. "Today just keeps getting better and better," Nelle said ecstatically.

Sam is arrested for Shiloh's murder

Sam is arrested for Shiloh's murder

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

As Kim walked through the park, she stopped to give Franco a call. He told her he was doing well, and he was happy to hear her voice. He assured her that he was in love with her and that what they had together was real. The call ended, and Terry spotted Kim first. The doctor stopped to ask if everything was okay, and Kim thought maybe Terry could help.

Kim explained that Elizabeth had had Franco committed, but Terry reminded her that Franco was Elizabeth's husband. Kim thought that was cruel. The women sat on a park bench as Kim insisted that Elizabeth had punished Franco when all of his decisions had been his own. She added that her Drew was there, and Franco was gone. She wanted Terry's help to persuade Elizabeth that Drew was real.

Terry didn't think Elizabeth was the one who needed to realize that someone was gone, and she made it clear that none of Kim's choices would get Oscar back.

Hayden bumped into Finn as she attempted to fetch a Frisbee that Aiden had thrown. They awkwardly apologized to each other for the run-in, and Finn remarked that Hayden was good with her nephew. Hayden admitted that she'd realized that "kids can be really fun."

Aiden ran over to Finn and Hayden, who gave him money for a snack. Finn complimented Aiden's finger-painting, but he denied that the picture Finn had seen had been his. He ran off to the pretzel truck, and Hayden explained that Aiden didn't like to admit that he enjoyed something meant for younger kids. Hayden confessed that she'd enjoyed feeling useful at Elizabeth's house.

Finn maintained that he felt bad for Elizabeth, and Hayden agreed that it had to be difficult to be waiting for a man who was trying to build a life with someone else. Aiden returned, and the adults declined his offer of a bite of his pretzel. The boy ran off to play, and Hayden commended Finn for talking to Aiden like he was a person.

Finn received an alert to call Anna, and Hayden commented on how many family members Finn had accumulated since she'd been gone. She admitted that her own family was special to her. Hayden and Finn said goodbye to each other.

Hayden quickly called Finn back and told him she had something to tell him. She had lied about losing their child, and they had a daughter. She regretted not telling him, and their daughter was the best of both of them. A crying Finn told her how much he'd dreamed about it, and he wasn't angry. He hugged her and added that he loved Anna but had never stopped wishing for a life with Hayden. He wanted to be a family.

Valentin stepped off of the elevator in the Metro Court restaurant and spotted Laura and Curtis sitting together. Laura told Curtis that she had spoken to Spencer, who had denied any involvement in the search for Mikkos' codicil. She did admit that Spencer had a "casual relationship with the truth." He had claimed to not have any idea why Laura would be calling him, but she made it clear to Curtis that both Spencer and Lulu were not to be involved in the search.

Valentin grabbed a chair and sat down with Curtis and Laura, who informed him they'd been talking about Cassandra Pierce. She disclosed that Cassandra wouldn't be extradited but would stand trial in Port Charles. Laura was looking forward to hearing what kind of secrets Cassandra would divulge.

Valentin looked concerned, but when Laura called him on it, he denied that he had any interest in Cassandra. He insisted he was only thinking about his wedding the following day, and he confirmed that Curtis would be at his bachelor party. "Can't wait," Curtis said sarcastically. Laura offered to babysit for Charlotte at Wyndemere.

Valentin replied that Laura was always welcome, but he thought she was uncomfortable being in his home. Laura spouted off a myriad of reasons for why it would be better for Charlotte to sleep at home pre-wedding, and Valentin agreed. Laura noted that she'd be arriving with Kevin. Valentin left to see Nina.

Laura informed Curtis that Cassandra had wanted to be set free after divulging information on Valentin, but Laura had refused to accept the deal. She wanted Valentin to think that Cassandra was a threat while she searched Wyndemere. She was familiar with Helena Cassadine's mind, and she knew of the "perverse" locations where the codicil might be hidden. She thought she could find it.

Curtis reminded Laura that they were a team, and he thought that she should be showing him where to search.

Nina tried to hide when she caught a glimpse of Jax, who had stopped by to see her at the Crimson office. She emerged from her hiding spot, and Jax accused her of trying to avoid him. He didn't think it was the proper way to run their business. Nina challenged him, and Jax admitted that the magazine was doing well. Nina suggested they discuss Jax's campaign to undermine Valentin instead.

Jax made it clear that he had done business with several Cassadines over the years, and the only one he trusted was Alexis. He added that Valentin was a threat, and Nina told him he was being melodramatic. Jax revealed that Valentin had tried to drug him at Nina's dinner party, and she was aghast. He explained that Hayden had received the drink meant for him, but Nina refused to believe it. Jax admitted that he had no proof.

Jax replied that he could sue Valentin and Curtis for corporate espionage, but Nina didn't see him doing that because it would ruin his reputation as a CEO. Jax agreed a truce was in order, and he emphasized that he liked and respected Nina. He didn't understand why she was with Valentin. Nina invited Jax to the wedding to see for himself. Jax was perplexed and wasn't sure Valentin would appreciate Jax's attendance.

Valentin walked in, and Nina told him about the invitation. Valentin stated that he didn't care because it would be a celebration. He thought Jax should attend, and Jax accepted. Jax wanted to clarify that he should sit on the bride's side, but Nina informed him there was only one side.

After Jax was gone, Valentin assured Nina that he wouldn't even notice Jax but only Nina. She reminded him to notice Sasha and Charlotte, also. Nina expressed her love and then exclaimed that she wanted a burger.

Jax sat down with Laura and Curtis in Metro Court, and he disclosed that Hayden had admitted to talking to someone about the contents of the codicil. Laura was displeased that Jax knew about it, and she wanted to know why he was interested in it. Jax revealed that he was interested in the business aspects of Cassadine Industries, and he would be able to be involved in obtaining some of it if Valentin was out of the picture.

Laura again made it clear that Spencer was not to be involved, and she disclosed that she and Curtis had a plan. She explained that after the adults were out and Charlotte was in bed, she and Kevin would search Wyndemere. There was a concern that more people knew about the codicil, and Laura declared that there would be a quick conclusion before someone messed up.

Nina and Valentin walked in, and they saw Jax sitting with Laura and Curtis. Valentin didn't think it boded well for him, especially since Jax should not be on good terms with Curtis after Curtis had spied on Jax. Nina assured him they loved each other, and they shared a kiss, although Valentin kept one eye on the group.

Elizabeth stopped at Charlie's Pub to see Julian. She told him that Franco was at Shadybrook, and she urged Julian to leave town quickly with Kim. Julian revealed that he was no longer leaving and, in fact, had broken up with Kim. Elizabeth grew agitated, and Julian was sorry. He stated that Franco had Drew's memory and had been Oscar's father, so he was more important to Kim.

Elizabeth declared that Kim was sick and confused, and her connection to Drew wasn't real. Julian insisted there was nothing he could do, and Elizabeth lashed out. She demanded Julian's help, and she reminded him that everyone knew he was capable of "getting [his] hands dirty."

Julian replied that he would disregard Elizabeth's statement but reinforced that he could not do anything to help Kim. They began to argue, and Elizabeth asked him to fight for Kim like his life depended on it because hers did. She pleaded with Julian, to no avail. Julian gave her a glass of water, and she apologized.

Julian said that he understood, and he hadn't been the one to quit on Kim. He couldn't give her what she wanted. Elizabeth was certain that Franco was inside, and he might have even been able to see and hear what had been going on but had been unable to reach out to them. Julian hoped Elizabeth would be able to get what she needed. "I need my husband," she said.

Kim visited with Franco at Shadybrook. He was happy to see her, and he stated that Elizabeth had been desperate to get Franco back. Kim declared that they'd all been Shiloh's victims. Franco admitted that he could see how Elizabeth felt when he looked into her eyes, but Kim wanted Franco to look into hers instead because she saw him as Drew.

Franco revealed that he was being evaluated, and Kim offered to find him a new attorney. She promised that he wasn't alone, and they would deal with everything together.

After Kim had gone, Terry paid Franco a visit. She explained her relationships with Kim, Oscar, and Elizabeth. She told him that Oscar would have wanted her to look out for a fragile Kim. Terry thought that Kim had been pushed to "the edge of reason" and was doomed to have an emotional breakdown. She thought that Kim would lose herself completely.

Terry added that Kim had an added strain of dealing with Franco, but he snapped that Terry had no idea what it was like living in the wrong body. Kim had been the only one to accept him. Terry assured him that she was familiar with being trapped in the wrong body, but she thought that Kim was trapped, also. Kim had to move forward instead of being trapped as Oscar's mother. Terry thought that Franco had to move forward, also, and to set Kim free if he loved her.

In the interrogation room at the Port Charles Police Station, Diane went off on Jordan, who insisted that new evidence had turned up against Sam from not only another source but from Sam herself. Jordan played a recording of Sam saying that she would do anything to see that Shiloh was dead. Jason insisted it was a setup even though Jordan pointed out that it was Sam's voice.

Diane asked for privacy, and she told Sam that there was a concern that she would be held for a charge of premeditated murder. Sam insisted she'd never said what was on the recording, and she believed it to be edited. Jason asked if they could use their own expert to check the recording, but Diane thought it would be "tricky."

Sam wasn't surprised that Shiloh was still hurting her from the grave, and she couldn't blame Diane for thinking the recording was real. Jason was emphatic that Sam would have only expressed such a sentiment to him in privacy, and Sam wondered if it had been recorded when she'd been drugged. Jason was certain they'd be able to prove the recording a fake, and he vowed to stand beside her.

Diane went out to talk to Jordan, and she declared that she would have the recording excluded because Sam hadn't given her permission to be recorded. She also said that someone had edited it, and it was not real. Jordan revealed that Daisy Kwan had been the one to provide the recording and give her permission. Diane reminded Jordan that Daisy was a Shiloh and Dawn of Day supporter. Jordan made it clear that Sam would remain in custody until police experts studied the recording.

Back at the park, Elizabeth interrupted Hayden's daydream. Hayden admitted to finding herself in an "alternate universe" where everything had worked out the way it was supposed to. She didn't want to reveal the details. Elizabeth complained that Franco was slipping away, and she felt alone. Hayden promised that she was there, and Elizabeth wasn't alone. Elizabeth declared that she was there for Hayden, too, and the sisters shared a hug.

Kim showed up at Charlie's with a box of Julian's belongings. She thought he might want them for his move to Manhattan. Julian assured her that he no longer needed to leave town because it had only been for her. Kim was sorry, and she disclosed that she had lied to herself about Drew, even though he was in Franco's body. Julian knew it was out of her control.

Kim admitted that she couldn't have made it as far as she had without Julian, and she loved him. He was worried about her "walking into hurt," but Kim assured him she wouldn't be alone.

Jordan received the forensics report back at the police station, and she returned to the interrogation room. She announced that the test had been run twice, but it had shown no evidence of tampering. The voice had been Sam's, and she was being charged with Shiloh's murder. Jordan ordered her taken into custody, and Sam was cuffed and led to booking.

Laura and Kevin search Wyndemere

Laura and Kevin search Wyndemere

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Kevin met with Laura and Lulu at the café, and Lulu explained that she was attending Nina's bachelorette party because Maxie had asked her to. Laura informed Lulu that she and Kevin would be staying at Wyndemere with Charlotte for the night. Lulu thought it was strange, but she had to go. When she was gone, Kevin asked for the real reason they were staying at Wyndemere instead of having Charlotte over. She promised to explain on the way to Wyndemere, and he promised that he always had her back.

At Wyndemere, Nina begged Valentin to stay, and he wasn't opposed to the idea, since he and the men attending his bachelor party couldn't stand each other. Nina replied that they couldn't disappoint Peter and Maxie, who had worked hard on their parties. Charlotte and Liesl entered, and Charlotte asked to tag along. They told her that the parties were adults-only, and she needed to rest for her duties at the wedding. Charlotte asked to keep wearing Nina's half-heart necklace, the other half of which Nina said was supposed to have belonged to her daughter. Sasha arrived, and Nina talked about how lucky she was to have each of them in her life.

Nina continued on about the other half of the necklace, which Sasha didn't possess. Sasha was suddenly unsteady, and Nina made sure that she was all right to go out. Liesl assured Nina that she was a doctor and would be next to Sasha all night. Valentin promised that nothing would spoil the night for Nina, and they shared a kiss. The doorbell rang, and Charlotte excitedly answered it to Laura and Kevin. Nina thanked them for watching Charlotte, and she, Valentin, Sasha, and Liesl left.

Laura and Charlotte talked about games to play that night, and Laura suggested hide-and-seek. Charlotte replied that the trophy room was her favorite hiding spot, especially since "Papa moved her." She pointed out the painting of Helena leaning against the wall, and Laura assured Charlotte that Helena couldn't hurt her. Kevin put the painting away, and Laura asked Charlotte to get ready for bed. Charlotte ran out, and Kevin reminded Laura of how Helena was the reason he and Laura were together after Laura's scavenger hunt. He shooed her upstairs so that she could return and "snoop."

A short while later, Laura returned from putting Charlotte to bed as Kevin took a picture of the painting of Helena. Laura related that she'd seen nothing in the trophy room, but he'd had an idea.

Maxie was on the phone, putting the finishing touches on Nina's bachelorette party, when Peter arrived at Crimson. When she hung up, she and Peter went through a checklist to make sure they'd thought of everything for the parties. Maxie told him that she'd been thinking that they should search for a home together after the wedding was over. He loved the idea, but she cut him off when she heard a "but." She told him to have fun at the party, and he left as her phone rang again.

A short while later, Lulu arrived, and Maxie told her about possibly looking for a place with Peter. Maxie wondered if Lulu had invited Dustin to the wedding, but Lulu replied that "we're not even a thing." "That's what I said about Peter," Maxie shot back as she turned to leave.

Michael entered the Floating Rib and ordered a beer from Chet to start out the long night. Curtis entered and did the same. They learned that Michael was there for Sasha, and Curtis was there for Nina. Finn entered, less than thrilled to be going golfing. Chase spotted his brother from across the room, and they nodded to each other. Chase apologized to Willow for being distracted by the surprise of Finn going golfing and insisted that the night was about her. He revealed that he had a surprise for her, but his plans were taking place elsewhere, so they left.

At the bar, Finn revealed that he hadn't been able to refuse his future stepson's invitation to the bachelor party. Michael told the others about his new baby sister, and the men toasted to the baby girl. Curtis added that Michael deserved good news after Sasha's illness, and Michael wanted to repay Finn for curing her. Chet informed the men that it was karaoke night at the bar, but Michael replied that they were there to celebrate the marriage of a guy they didn't like to a woman who deserved better. Peter arrived and appreciated their presence. Valentin arrived moments later, and they turned to leave for the golf course. On Peter's way out, Chet asked about Maxie, as her happiness meant a lot to him. Valentin observed that Curtis and Jax seemed to have been getting along earlier, and Curtis replied that they got along despite their differences.

Later, the bachelor party returned to the Floating Rib due to a rainout on the golf course. Valentin took the opportunity to asked Michael what had happened between him and Sasha, but Michael didn't think it was Valentin's business. Valentin warned that if Nina ever suffered because of something her daughter did, "no matter how noble," he would hold Sasha and anyone standing by her personally responsible. Michael revealed that he was also protective of his loved ones, much like his father Sonny.

Maxie, Nina, Liesl, Sasha, and Lulu, all clad in robes, were led into a private room at a spa, and Maxie revealed that they had a dinner reservation afterwards. A thankful Nina hugged her sister-in-law for the amazing night. An employee from the spa entered, and Maxie introduced her as Astrid, who was there to grant their every wish. Astrid admitted that there was a "slight problem." The spa had accidentally double-booked for the night, and there was another couple already in the steam room. She suggested that they wait an hour for it to be available, but Maxie lamented that they would miss their dinner reservation.

When Astrid refused to kick the couple out of the steam room, Nina went to do it. Maxie complained that her detailed plans were falling apart. Liesl gave Astrid an angry command in another language, and Astrid ran from the room in fear.

Nina burst into the steam room and demanded that the couple leave, as they were ruining her spa night bachelorette party. She realized that the couple was Willow and Chase, clad only in towels, and she and Nina hurled insults as one another. Maxie entered and asked them to leave for the celebration, but Willow replied that they were celebrating Shiloh's death. Nina vowed not to let it ruin her night and told them to "have at it" as she stormed out. She poked her head back in the room and revealed that Charlotte loved her new teacher, and Maxie pulled her sister-in-law out of the room.

Willow had thought that she was done dealing with Nina, who also had to throw Charlotte in her face. Chase reminded Willow that Nina had still left them alone, and he urged her to let Nina go and relax with him. "Where were we?" Chase asked, and they shared a kiss and let their towels fall to the floor.

Later, the bachelorette party arrived at the Floating Rib, soaked from the rain. Maxie told Peter about their night as Liesl went to dry off. Sasha updated Michael on the disastrous spa trip, and he revealed that he had a new baby sister. She congratulated him, and they embraced. Sasha hated continuing to lie to Nina, but he reminded her that her trustworthiness would put Cassandra in jail. He also warned Sasha, "Valentin knows that I know." Across the room, Nina told Valentin about their night and needed a drink.

Sitting with Lulu and Peter, Maxie observed that at least the bride and groom seemed to be enjoying themselves. Lulu muttered that she couldn't stand to see Valentin with too much joy and got up to go to the bathroom. Liesl sat down with Finn and questioned if he was enjoying having Hayden back. "No favor to Peter is worth a conversation with you," Finn stated, and he got up from the table. Sasha told Michael that the happier that Nina was, the worse she felt, and she walked away to go to the bathroom. Liesl watched her go.

Maxie told Peter that they'd somehow pulled off a successful night, despite the disasters, and she believed that they made a great team. "And getting better," he added, and he kissed her. Curtis commented to Finn that, if Nina loved Valentin so much, he couldn't be all bad. "Meh," Finn replied. He apologized for his response, and he figured he just missed Anna. Michael eyed the bathrooms to check on Sasha, and Liesl volunteered to go see if she was all right.

Chet announced that the karaoke mic would be opening, and he handed the book of song choices to Nina. She begged Valentin to sing something, and she eventually wore him down. He told her to think of it as an early wedding present and kissed her. A short while later, he got up on stage and announced that the song was dedicated to Nina. He sang to a tearfully happy Nina as Maxie and Peter held hands. Curtis took the opportunity to text Laura and ask how the search was going. Valentin finished the song and kissed his bride to thunderous applause.

Liesl found a crying Sasha in the bathroom and gave her a tissue. She demanded that Sasha put on "the pretense of a smile" and go back out to the party. Sasha didn't know how much longer she could lie to Nina, but Liesl said that she had decided to protect Sasha's secret in order to protect Nina. "You make her happy, so she'll never find out that you're not really her daughter," Liesl told Sasha. Inside one of the stalls, a stunned Lulu listened in, open-mouthed.

Lulu overhears the truth about Sasha

Lulu overhears the truth about Sasha

Thursday, October 3, 2019

At the Floating Rib, Hayden finished up a phone call to her daughter and called her "Honeybun." When she turned around, Finn was standing there, and he stated that he hadn't known that Hayden had such a person in her life. Hayden stammered and told him it was actually her dog.

Hayden embellished her lie and told Finn that the Frisbee she'd used in the park had belonged to the dog. She told him it was a Labrador retriever, and she hadn't seen her for a while. She'd needed to check up on Honeybun to make sure she was doing okay. Finn noted that Hayden seemed sweet and maternal. Hayden replied, "That's me. Maternal!"

At the bar, Ava drank a martini as Chet commented on how lucky Ava was to have the handwritten letter that she held. Ava wished she didn't have it, and she complimented Chet on the drink and told him she'd prefer amnesia. Michael stepped up to the bar to close his tab, and Ava told him to tell Sonny to stop ignoring her voicemails. She wanted to see Avery.

Michael revealed that Sonny was busy with Michael's new baby sister. Ava quickly ordered another drink. "Or four," she said. Michael snapped that he would pass on the congratulations to Sonny, and he expected Ava to sober up for Avery.

Nina was enthralled with Valentin's singing talent, and they flirted and kissed. Jax looked on and walked over to the couple. They explained how both of their parties had ended up in the same place, and Jax admitted he was looking forward to the wedding. Nina wanted respect from Jax, who agreed that the wedding would be a new beginning, not only for Nina and Valentin, but also for Nina and himself.

In the ladies' room, Liesl and Sasha argued over telling Nina the truth. Liesl reminded Sasha that they had both made choices, and Nina could not learn the truth. Liesl called Sasha an imposter. She berated Sasha and noted that they were in too deep to get out. Lulu gasped as she overheard the discussion from inside one of the stalls. She pulled up her legs to remain hidden.

Liesl continued that Sasha was not a victim, and she told the younger woman to stop whining and to live with her decision. They both cared for Nina, and Sasha was to smile and be convincing to Nina. Liesl added that Nina was concerned that Sasha would have a relapse, and she didn't need to spend time worrying about that. Liesl ordered Sasha to be the daughter Nina needed instead of being selfish.

Liesl and Sasha left the ladies' room, and Lulu finally emerged from the stall. "Valentin, you son of a bitch," Lulu said angrily.

Liesl headed over to join Nina, Valentin, and Jax, where she began her flirtation with Jax by suggesting he join her for a vodka martini. Nina thought that Liesl should get her beauty rest ahead of the wedding instead, but Liesl disagreed. Jax began a conversation with Liesl in German, and he departed. "What a man," Liesl drooled.

Nina urged Liesl to take things slowly, and Valentin revealed that Jax had asked Liesl to save a dance for him at the wedding. Liesl continued to express her desire for Jax, and Nina declared it time to end the conversation. Liesl still wanted a drink but Nina said it was time to get home.

Michael found Sasha at the bar, and he announced his plan to visit his parents and new sister at the hospital. He assured her that things would be over soon, and he kissed her goodbye. Sasha joined Nina and Liesl, and Nina said goodbye to Valentin. He was concerned about the weather, but she assured him that nothing would keep her from their wedding. Lulu looked on in dismay and called out. Nina thanked her for attending the party, but Lulu was in such shock that she stammered in trying to tell Nina what she'd heard. Valentin accused Lulu of being drunk, and Nina admitted that she was a little bit drunk, as well.

"I guess I'm tired," Lulu finally managed to say. Nina told her to get home but to get to the wedding early for photos with Charlotte. Nina left with Sasha and Liesl, and Lulu attacked Valentin. She told him he'd better not hurt Charlotte. "Go home; you're drunk," responded Valentin.

Lulu ran off and right into Dustin, who offered to buy her a drink. Lulu was agitated, and she turned him down. She told him she needed some fresh air.

Jax found Finn telling Hayden he'd been "roped into" Valentin's bachelor party. Hayden took the opportunity to rush off to the ladies' room, and Finn explained that Hayden missed her dog. Both men agreed that Hayden owning a dog was news to them. Jax disclosed that he had never known about Finn, either, and his relationship with Hayden was strictly business.

Hayden found Ava crying over a sink in the ladies' room and asked if she'd had a tough time. Ava replied that she'd had a "rough couple of years." Hayden helped Ava to fix her makeup, and they touched on the subject of Nikolas. Ava stated that he'd been wonderful, but Hayden reminded her that Nikolas had wanted Hayden dead. She had preferred men who were simple and honest ever since.

Ava laughed because she didn't think the description fit Finn very well. "Who said anything about him?" Hayden asked. She declared that Finn was in the past, and they were over. She had given up on him the way that Ava had given up on life. Just then, Ava squeezed the martini glass she was holding, and it shattered.

Hayden rushed out of the ladies' room and summoned Finn for help. She told him that Ava had cut her hand. Finn took off to help Ava, and Jax criticized Hayden for not telling Finn about her child.

Finn washed off Ava's hand and told her the cut wasn't too deep. He told her to stop drinking. Ava blamed the accident on Hayden, who had given an "inaccurate assessment" of Ava's life. She wondered how Finn had ended up with Hayden, and he informed her that he was no longer with her and was presently engaged. "And since when has that stopped anybody?" Ava asked.

Ava couldn't recall the last time she'd seen Anna, and she informed Finn that Hayden was still in love with him. She added that Hayden was lying if she said she was over him.

As Carly lay in her bed in the hospital, she expressed her anxiety over Donna's surgery. She wanted Sonny to check on the baby. Jason arrived for a visit, and Sonny asked him to stay with Carly in order for Sonny to leave. Jason sat by Carly's side, and she cried that she was physically okay but worried about her daughter. Jason reminded her that Michael had done well with surgery as a newborn, and Donna would do the same.

Jason handed Carly a gift. Carly laughed that Jason never gave gifts, and she eagerly opened it. It was a travel guide to Africa just like the one that he had given to Michael. Jason thought it was a good starting point. Carly asked for the latest, as she sensed that something was wrong, and Jason divulged that Sam had been arrested for Shiloh's murder.

Carly couldn't believe it. Jason told her about the nurse's hearsay, and the fake recording. He believed that someone had tried to frame Sam, and she would be arraigned the following day. Sonny returned and announced that the surgery was over. They surgeon would be by for an update.

At Wyndemere, Kevin announced that he believed he'd found a clue in the portrait of Helena Cassadine, but he wasn't certain. He did think that the codicil really existed. He pointed out the jewels in Helena's necklace and the fact that some of them sparkled while others didn't. He thought it was intentional, and he told Laura about the basis of cryptography, Greek myth, and the stars.

He noted the constellation Corona Verum related to the necklace and meant "true crown" which translated to "rightful heir." Laura found a constellation book in the library, and she read about the constellation. It talked about a distant relative who had seized the crown from the rightful heir. She continued reading, and she noted that Helena had bequeathed the portrait to Nikolas for a reason.

Kevin thought it possible that Helena was also "toying" with them, and Laura agreed that Nikolas and Helena had been at odds. She added that Nikolas had grown ruthless because of Helena. She believed that Helena would have wanted Nikolas to inherit the estate as her true flesh and blood and would never have left it to Valentin. Laura thought they would be able to find the answer in the stars.

Laura continued that the stars were used for navigating, and she and Kevin talked about the jewels in relation to the stars and Corona Verum. Laura noted that the constellation was most visible from November to March, and she read off the coordinates for the best viewing. Kevin checked and announced that it happened to be Spoon Island. The couple was ecstatic, but Kevin reminded Laura how huge the property was. The codicil could be anywhere. Before they could pursue it, Liesl, Nina, and Sasha arrived home.

Dustin put his jacket around Lulu as they walked through the park. She told him that someone was lying to another person who they proclaimed to love. She wasn't certain if the person would want to know the truth, and she was torn over whether to say anything. She exclaimed that sometimes one thought they knew a person, but the person turned out to not be that person.

Dustin admitted he wasn't sure what he would do, and Lulu ordered him to promise not to say anything if she gave him the details. Dustin reminded her that he didn't even know anyone in town, but he promised. Lulu divulged that Sasha wasn't really Nina's daughter, and she believed that Valentin had been behind it. She didn't want to destroy the wedding day, though. Dustin asked Lulu if she would want to know the truth if she was Nina.

Lulu and Dustin sat on a bench. Dustin proposed that things would go well if Lulu had a distraction. He thought that he should be Lulu's date to the wedding.

As Jason finished up a phone call with Diane, Michael arrived to visit his mother. He held a large bouquet of flowers. Jason told him the doctor was with Sonny and Carly, but as soon as the doctor left Carly's room, the men went inside. Sonny announced that Donna had pulled through the surgery with "flying colors," and Carly cried that the little girl would be okay. Michael hugged his mother.

Sonny added that there were no complications, and Michael joked that Donna would be the first uncomplicated Corinthos. Carly explained there had been no damage to the neural tissue, and the hole in the spine had been closed up. The baby would remain in the hospital for a few weeks. Jason and Sonny left to visit the NICU, and Michael kept Carly company.

Michael wondered how Carly stayed so strong, and she informed him that he wouldn't have said that if he'd seen her earlier. Carly declared that Donna had been so tiny and fragile, and Carly had been very worried during surgery. Michael thought Donna was a lucky girl to have the best mom. Carly hugged him.

Jason and Sonny looked in on the newborn, and Sonny called Donna tiny but fierce. He thought that he and Carly had chosen the right name for her because she was a fighter.

Liesl, Nina, and Sasha sat on the sofa with a bottle of wine. Nina revealed that she had gifts for the other women, and she got up to get them. She pushed a huge box over to Liesl, who opened it excitedly. She was thrilled to have her own karaoke machine. Sasha received a small box, and she opened it gingerly. It was the other half to Nina's broken heart necklace. Nina disclosed that she'd had it made especially for Sasha, and Nina placed it around Sasha's neck.

Nina and Sasha hugged, and Nina expressed that she couldn't imagine her life without Sasha. She believed that they would have eventually found each other, and she loved her. It was time for bed, and the group broke up. Liesl carried her machine with her. Nina spotted Helena's portrait and covered it up.

It was a surprise to see Valentin walk in, and Nina didn't think it was a good idea. He stated that he had wanted to see her one more time before their wedding, and he presented her with a diamond necklace. He told her he loved her as he put it around her neck, and they shared a kiss.

Laura and Kevin arrived at the Floating Rib and sat down. Laura thought they should keep their finding a secret from Hayden, as Laura still considered the young woman to be a "wild card." Kevin thought there had to be other clues, and Laura agreed that Helena would have wanted Nikolas to figure it out.

Hayden was annoyed at Jax for mentioning her daughter so loudly and was worried that someone could have heard him. Jax told Hayden she would get caught for perpetuating so many lies, and he thought she should tell Finn the truth. Hayden insisted that she would have told Finn about their daughter if he'd shown up in Rome. She felt that lives would be in "upheaval" if she told him, but Jax thought it would be for the best. Hayden revealed that every scenario possible had crossed her mind, but she thought that Finn could never know.

Jax hears the truth about Dev

Jax hears the truth about Dev

Friday, October 4, 2019

Curtis arrived at the Port Charles Police Station, dressed in his tux for Nina's wedding and with Jordan's outfit in a clothing bag. Jordan was thrilled to see him, but they were interrupted when Diane rushed in in a huff. She was irate, and she accused Jordan of "blatant grandstanding" in holding Sam for murder.

Jordan made it clear that Scorpio had determined Sam to be a flight risk. Curtis refused to take sides, but Diane was adamant that the phony recording would be "debunked." Just then, Sam and Jason walked in. Diane complained about the "exorbitant bail" and the fact that someone had tried to frame Sam.

Shortly after, Sam and Jason sat in the interrogation room. Jason assured Sam that Spinelli would check out the recording, and he maintained that it was the nurse's word against Sam's. Diane remained out in the lobby, and she stood up for Sam. She wondered why Jordan was unable to see through the phony evidence. Jordan thought that everyone should just do their jobs.

Curtis reminded Jordan that Sam was her friend, and he wondered what Jordan actually believed. Jordan admitted that there were many people who would have wanted to murder Shiloh, and Sam merely "beat them to the punch." Curtis stressed that Sam hadn't hidden the fact that she'd pulled the trigger, and Jordan agreed that she believed Sam, but the evidence hadn't given her a choice. Curtis hoped Jordan didn't win the case.

Sam was concerned that someone was creating more evidence against her, and Diane entered and inquired whether Sam had left anything out of her statement. Sam stated that she hadn't, but she also thought that Shiloh had said something that had made her wonder if he'd had an accomplice. When she had tried to get Shiloh to allow Wiley and Dev to leave, Shiloh had mentioned that he was on the clock. The group presumed that Shiloh had probably been waiting for someone to deliver money.

Diane urged Sam to enjoy her freedom. Jason disclosed what he knew about Carly's new baby, and Diane asked him to send her love. "Don't worry," she urged Sam.

Josslyn and Jax visited Carly at General Hospital. Josslyn was ecstatic about her new sister, and Jax admitted that he'd wanted to check up on Carly. Josslyn revealed that she had something from Dev to give to Carly, and Carly opened and read the card. Jax was confused about a quotation that Dev had written, and he stood there and looked it up on his phone. He announced that the saying was Turkish.

Carly suggested that Dev had copied it off of a bottle cap, and Josslyn declared that Dev knew all kinds of random things. Jax needed to leave to get to Nina's wedding, and he offered Josslyn a ride. Carly turned up her nose but thanked Jax for visiting.

Mike and Sonny found Dev in the kitchen at the Corinthos house. After Dev addressed Mike as Mr. Corbin, Mike insisted that he be called Mike. The elderly man also asked why Dev didn't talk to his grandmother, and Mike admitted that he spoke to Gladys frequently.

Dev wanted to go upstairs to study, and Sonny asked Mike how close he was to Gladys. Mike called it "one of those things" that had happened recently. He admitted that he could recall old times but couldn't remember why Sonny had picked him up. Sonny confessed that Avery had wanted to see her grandfather, and Sonny wanted to introduce Mike to the newest family member because Carly had had the baby.

Mike couldn't remember if he'd known about the new baby but he realized that he had seven grandchildren. With Sonny's help, he rattled off everyone's names. Mike remembered Donna Messina from the old neighborhood, and a choked-up Sonny admitted that the baby had been named for her. Sonny told him there would be another surprise.

Maxie, Liesl, Nina, Charlotte and Sasha got ready for Nina's wedding in a room at Metro Court. The women sipped on Champagne. Nina thanked Sasha for wearing the broken heart necklace, although Liesl retorted that no one would notice it. Nina showed the others the diamond necklace that Valentin had presented her with the previous evening, and Maxie was sure it would be a sign of bad luck. She couldn't believe that Nina would wear it.

Nina recalled that exactly one year earlier, she had picked up the phone and called Sasha for the first time. Liesl rolled her eyes and took another sip of Champagne. Nina informed Charlotte that she and Sasha would be real sisters after the wedding. Liesl declared that sisters were a gift. She thought that Nina's mother, Madeline, was probably craning her neck up past the brimstone to disapprove of all of their choices. There were some chuckles.

Sasha was happy she'd never met Madeline, although Liesl pointed out that Madeline had been the one to make it possible for Sasha to be there. The women were surprised to hear a knock on the door, and Nina opened it to find Curtis standing there. He stated that Nina had told him to be honest, but Nina was adamant that she wouldn't call off the wedding and didn't want to hear it.

Maxie needed to get to the church, and she agreed to take Charlotte with her. The little girl wanted to see her father. Nina wanted the others to stay to hear what Curtis had to say. He admitted that he wasn't a fan of Valentin's, and he'd been skeptical of Sasha. The DNA tests had proven that she was Nina's daughter, though, and he thought that Valentin had done right by Nina. He was giving his "stamp of approval" for Valentin making Nina happy.

Nina was thrilled and hugged Curtis. He handed her a handkerchief for crying that he had once received from Stella because it meant there would be no tears after the wedding. He and Nina called each other "best person." He also told Sasha, "Be good to your mama."

Outside of the church, Dustin told Lulu she looked beautiful, but she was more concerned about cornering Valentin with what she'd heard. Valentin approached with Peter and introduced himself to Dustin. Valentin admitted that he felt like the "luckiest man on earth." "You won't feel that way after you hear what I have to say," Lulu snapped at him.

Valentin reminded Lulu that it was his wedding day, and he wondered if it could wait. He added that his only connection to Lulu would be Charlotte, and he asked if it was about their daughter. "It's about," Lulu stammered and stopped. She looked around. She decided that it could wait, after all. Peter urged Valentin to see to the minister inside, and Valentin agreed. He hoped everyone could be happy for Nina.

Once Valentin and Peter had departed, Dustin asked Lulu why she hadn't said anything. Lulu admitted that Valentin would probably "outmaneuver" her, and she needed to talk to Nina instead. Lulu revealed that Valentin had killed her brother, although the police had considered it to be self-defense. All of Nikolas' belongings were with Valentin, and she wanted to see him punished. Dustin didn't think Lulu seemed like the vengeful type.

Lulu agreed that she wasn't vengeful, although she had been that way in the past. If she told anyone the truth, it would be to save Nina from a deceitful man, and she had to be honest for Charlotte. Lulu hated that she knew the truth about Sasha, and she wondered why she had to be the one.

Inside, Valentin thanked Peter for saving him, and he stated that he guessed Lulu had wanted to talk about Nikolas. He actually wanted Peter to get rid of Lulu, but Peter thought that would "tarnish your halo." Valentin was confused, and Peter noted that Valentin had been a saint after being the one to put Nina together with her daughter. Valentin declared that he would do anything for Nina, and Peter stated that he felt the same about Maxie.

Valentin noted that he and Peter were lucky to have escaped their pasts for the women they loved. Peter asked if Valentin had forsaken his dark side. "Have you?" Valentin asked in return. Peter was worried that their misdeeds could be exposed, and he wondered how they would live with that.

Peter admitted that it had been easier to contain his secrets when he'd been alone. "Truer words," Valentin remarked. Valentin wanted to forget about the past and secrets and concentrate on his happiness for the day. He asked Peter to wish him luck.

As Lulu and Dustin stood outside, the other guests began to arrive. Curtis and Jordan were first, and Lulu introduced the police commissioner to Dustin. He already knew Curtis. Curtis hoped that Nina's wedding would end on a happier note than his own. Charlotte and Maxie were next, and Lulu and Maxie stepped aside. Maxie rejoiced about Dustin being Lulu's date.

Charlotte revealed that Curtis had paid Nina a visit, and they had spoken about always being honest and never lying. Maxie called it a "recipe for disaster," while Charlotte was excited to know that Lulu had taught her the same thing. Dustin and Lulu exchanged looks.

Charlotte ran inside to see Valentin, and she excitedly exclaimed that she and Sasha were going to be true sisters. Maxie went over her checklist, including the fact that Lulu was with her hot date. Lulu told Dustin that she would have to talk to Nina alone. Sasha and Liesl strolled up, and Liesl recalled being in the same church after her sister had died. "May today be equally joyous," Liesl added. "At least," Sasha replied awkwardly. Nina finally arrived, and a nervous Lulu stood waiting for her.

Mike turned up at the hospital with Sonny and some beautiful flowers for Carly. Mike repeated the names of his grandchildren and got them all right. Sonny invited him to check up on Donna, and then Mike would get his surprise.

Sonny explained that Donna had been delivered early but would go home soon. Mike was eager to share the baby with Yvonne and Gladys. "One day at a time," Sonny declared. Jason arrived, and Sonny asked about Sam. Jason revealed that Diane believed there would not be a trial but thought they should be prepared. Sonny offered his help. Jason said he wanted to speak to Dev.

Sam showed up in Carly's room and gave her a hug and an apology for not being around sooner. She told Carly about the fake recording, and Carly was sure that Sam and Jason would get to the bottom of it.

Jax and Josslyn found Dev in the kitchen at Josslyn's house. Jax thought he was acting nervously as Josslyn gave him an update on the baby. Jax asked about the Turkish quote that Dev had used in Carly's card, and the teen replied that he'd found it online. Dev noted that Sonny and Mr. Corbin had been there and left, and Jax found it curious that Dev had called Mike by that name.

Josslyn quickly told Dev that it was okay for him to visit Carly because she would love to see him. She locked eyes with Dev, who got the message and left right away. Jax wondered why the boy had left so fast, and at first, Josslyn made excuses for Dev. She asked Jax about the wedding, but Jax informed her that he was aware that she was covering something up. Josslyn apologized and admitted he was right.

Jax guessed that Dev wasn't really Sonny's cousin, and Josslyn told him it was a long and complicated story. She assured him that both Sonny and Carly had made sure she was okay with Dev living there, and she insisted that they wouldn't have allowed it if she'd said no. She admitted that she liked Dev, he had been a nice distraction, and she'd hated lying. Jax thought she might have been pressured.

Jason spotted Dev as he showed up at the hospital to see Carly. Jason wanted Dev to tell him about what had happened on the ship. Dev related what he could, and he admitted that when he'd been knocked over the head, he'd still been able to hear. He'd heard Shiloh asking someone for money.

Dev admitted he'd been concerned about calling the cops, but when he'd gotten to the docks, Peter had been there. Peter had seemed nervous and had been carrying a gym bag.

Back in Carly's room, Mike gushed over baby Donna, and he revealed that she had reminded him of someone. Sonny guessed that it was Mike's daughter Courtney, and Mike agreed. Carly gently told him that she and Sonny had wanted to honor Sonny's sister. The baby's full name was Donna Courtney Corinthos. Mike chuckled with pleasure.

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