General Hospital Recaps: The week of September 16, 2019 on GH

Cassandra was arrested. Shiloh escaped during his transfer to Pentonville. Lulu and Dustin were caught in bed together. Dev made plans to fly to Montreal. Julian refused to help Brad kill Liesl. Franco and Kim made love. Liz foiled Franco and Kim's plans to run away together. Sasha confessed to Michael.
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Cassandra was arrested, and Shiloh escaped during his transfer to Pentonville
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Curtis and Laura get the shock of their lives

Curtis and Laura get the shock of their lives

Monday, September 16, 2019

In a Haunted Star stateroom, Lulu and Dustin were in bed after having made love. They decided on another go but stopped abruptly when Laura and Curtis entered the room in shock. Laura apologized, and the two left to get fresh air. As Lulu got dressed, Dustin joked that it had been a long time since someone's mother had walked in on him. She wondered how she was going to explain things to her mother, but Dustin reminded her that she wasn't breaking any laws. The two promised to meet back up on deck, and she left the room.

On deck, Laura talked about how quickly Lulu had moved on, but she knew that it was none of her business. Curtis urged her to let him know if she wanted him to do a background check on Dustin, and Laura promised to let him know. Laura knew that Lulu would ask why they had been on a closed boat, and she hated lying to her daughter. Just then, Lulu emerged, and she explained that Dante had basically pushed her into moving on, but then she realized that she owed no explanations. "Good for you!" Laura insisted, hugging Lulu.

Lulu finally asked why Laura and Curtis were there, and she implied that the two were having an affair. The three shared a laugh, but Lulu abruptly grew serious and demanded to know why they were there. Laura admitted that she was helping Curtis on a case that could have "a big impact on a small group of citizens in Port Charles." Curtis told her that he had to keep the case confidential, but he promised to contact Lulu for an exclusive story if anything became "newsworthy."

Laura and Curtis needed to look around the ship but offered to return later. Dustin emerged, and Lulu made some awkward introductions to Laura and Curtis. Laura apologized again for interrupting, and she and Curtis entered the ship. "That could have been worse," Dustin reasoned. Laura and Curtis looked around a stateroom as they discussed not involving Lulu in the case. Curtis looked in a drawer and found a scarf, which Laura could still smell perfume on. As someone watched them from the hall, Curtis commented that someone else had been on the boat.

Kim opened her door to Franco, who wanted to check on her. Kim believed that there was a good chance that Drew had survived, as he was a fighter. "I appreciate the faith in us," Franco replied, and he thought that she knew better than anyone that he wasn't a quitter. He did concede that he would "stand down" if she told him that what she wanted was Julian. She stated that she wanted a life with Julian.

There was a knock on the door, and Kim let Chase in. She scolded Chase for continuing to track Franco when he was a victim, but he assured her that he was there with good news. He revealed that the charges against Franco had been dismissed, so his ankle monitor would be removed. Chase took it off for Franco and declared that Franco was a free man. He informed Kim that he wanted justice for Franco as much as she did, and he left.

Franco told Kim that the only place he wanted to go was anywhere with her, but she answered that that wasn't going to happen. She said that she needed to find the strength to say goodbye again. He reached for her hand, but she pulled away. He decided to respect her wishes, and he promised to send her a postcard from wherever he went. "Please don't," she said, but he needed her to know where to find him as a form of hope for him. He turned to leave, but she stopped him and said that she couldn't say goodbye to him again. They shared a kiss.

Nina excitedly told Valentin about Lucy's offer to Sasha, and Liesl commented to Valentin that Sasha's followers would want to know every detail of her life. Nina commented that she would be happy to tell the world how fabulous her daughter was, but Valentin wondered if Sasha was ready for the public scrutiny. He thought it was important to weigh the pros and cons. Nina reminded the two that it was Sasha's choice. Nina gushed about Sasha and Michael and tried to imagine what the lovebirds were talking about.

In Sasha's room, she told Michael that she needed to talk to him about who she really was before she lost her nerve. "I'm not Nina's daughter," she blurted out. She told him the story about the faked DNA tests, and he demanded to know why she would do that. She admitted that she'd needed the money for necessary surgery for her grandmother. She didn't know how Valentin had found her, but her role was only supposed to have lasted for a few days. She'd grown to love Nina, but she wanted out so she wouldn't have to lie anymore. However, after getting close to Charlotte and Michael, she'd convinced herself that she was telling a "good lie."

Sasha continued that her grandmother had ended up passing away due to complications from the surgery. After hearing about what Nelle had put Michael through, she hadn't wanted to be just another liar, but he shot back that it was exactly what she'd been. She didn't want to lie anymore and revealed that she would tell Nina the truth as soon as they were alone.

There was a knock on the door, and Nina and Valentin arrived to take Sasha home. Nina noticed Sasha crying and hoped she hadn't interrupted anything. "No, Sasha and I are finished," Michael stated, and he left the room. Nina assured Sasha that it was probably "a bump in the road" in the relationship, but Sasha didn't agree. Nina vowed to be there for anything Sasha needed, and Sasha talked about how lucky she was to have Nina. Nina told Sasha that they would put her up at the Metro Court so she was closer to the hospital, and they left the room.

Michael was sitting on a bench at the hospital when Chase approached. Chase suggested that he and Willow, and Michael and Sasha get together to celebrate as soon as Sasha felt up to it. Michael didn't think it was a good idea, and Chase asked if Michael was all right. "Not at all," Michael replied. Down the hall, Sasha, Nina, and Valentin spotted Michael and Chase talking, and Nina offered to listen to Sasha when they got to the Metro Court. Valentin insisted that there was no pressure on Sasha to share, but Sasha replied that she needed to talk to Nina.

Liesl happened upon Brad at the hospital and asked him for a favor. She missed Britt, and she wanted Brad to reunite her with her daughter. As Julian listened in, Brad refused to be the go-between. However, Liesl told him that she was devastated by the estrangement, and she related it to Michael grieving a child that wasn't dead. She urged him to "look into your heart" and reconsider.

When Liesl was gone, Julian asked Brad what she'd wanted. Brad told Julian about Liesl holding the secret about Wiley over his head over and over. Brad got a text, and it was a picture from Lucas of Wiley standing, with the caption, "Look what our son can do." Brad refused to let Liesl jeopardize his family, and he begged Julian to stop her. "Fine," Julian finally agreed. He asked Brad to "keep an eye" on Liesl, and he would "take care of the rest."

Julian was gone, and Liesl returned. Brad revealed that he'd been thinking about Liesl's request, and he didn't want Liesl or Britt angry at him. He wanted to figure out a way to appease Liesl without upsetting his friend. A time-strapped Liesl asked if he wanted advice, and he replied, "Yes! And feel free to be as detailed as you like." She urged him to "come right out" and tell Britt that she needed to talk to Liesl, or Brad would "suffer the consequences." Brad thought that that could alienate Britt from Liesl further, but Liesl yelled at him to reach out to Britt, and she got into the elevator. He texted Julian, "I stalled as long as I can. She's on her way!"

In the garage, Julian opened the hood of Liesl's car and poked around. He remembered all the times Kim had talked about what kind of man Julian should be. He got Brad's text and sighed. He finished up under the hood, closed it, and walked away. He returned to Brad, who asked if he could stop worrying about Liesl. "I did what needed to be done," Julian replied. In the garage, Liesl got into her car and started it up.

Cassandra is captured; Willow gets a job

Cassandra is captured; Willow gets a job

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

In the stateroom on the Haunted Star, Curtis and Laura pondered over a scarf they'd found in a drawer that still smelled of perfume. They wondered if anyone else might be searching for the same document as they were. Someone had been watching them, and Curtis knowingly pulled open the closet door. Cassandra Pierce stood there with a gun pointed at both Curtis and Laura.

"Back up slowly," Cassandra ordered. She urged Curtis not to be a hero, and she disclosed that she knew about the document that would cause Valentin's downfall. She had been searching for it, too. Cassandra instructed Curtis and Laura to tie each other up. "This is starting to get old," Laura commented. Cassandra was surprised to hear that the pair had been in the same scenario previously.

Laura made it clear that all the authorities had been looking for Cassandra, and she would be caught. Cassandra didn't think she was a high priority, and she considered her use of the avian flu not a big deal. Curtis declared that Nina was his friend, and he couldn't allow Cassandra to go after Nina or her family members again. He reached for the gun as it went off.

Minutes later, Laura trained the gun on Cassandra as Curtis tied the fugitive's hands. Cassandra wanted to join forces with Laura and Curtis, since they were all after the same thing. Laura related Cassandra's capture to the police department.

At Kim's place, Franco informed her that he would send her a postcard from wherever he ended up. He noted that he would feel better if Kim knew where he'd landed. He turned to leave, but Kim stopped him. She called him Drew and admitted that she couldn't say goodbye to him again. They fell into a passionate kiss, and Kim began to unbutton Franco's shirt.

Later, Kim and Franco lay in bed. Kim asked if it was all a dream, and Franco replied that they were the only ones who were real. Kim admitted that she saw her friend's husband when she looked at Franco, but Franco responded that he wasn't Franco. He wasn't the one who had made promises to Elizabeth. Kim reminded him that Franco had made promises, and she had made her own to Julian.

Franco insisted that he and Kim had a "forever connection." "We won," he declared. Kim mentioned all the years they'd lost, and Franco did his best to persuade Kim to leave town with him. Kim didn't want to make other people miserable, but Franco urged her to "follow your heart."

Nina and Valentin helped Sasha into a room at Metro Court. Nina listed all the reasons for Sasha to stay there instead of returning to Wyndemere. She thought Sasha should be near the hospital in case of a setback, although she noted that the family was made of "sturdy stock." She added that there was heightened security at the hotel in case Cassandra Pierce showed up, and she wanted to pamper Sasha in order for her to be healthy for the wedding.

Sasha announced that she wanted to talk to Nina, but Nina wanted to fetch some flowers and fruit and left the room after kissing Valentin on her way out. Valentin glared at Sasha and asked about her conversation with Michael. Sasha replied that she was tired, and her conversation was none of Valentin's business.

Sasha maintained that she needed to have a mother and daughter conversation with Nina, but Valentin demanded to know if Sasha had told Michael the truth. Sasha shouted for Valentin to stay out of it, but he was angry and told her off. Just then, Nina returned. "What'd I miss?" she asked. Valentin stated that they'd been talking about the wedding and the fact that he didn't want it ruined. Sasha again asked to talk to Nina privately, and Nina assured her daughter that things with Michael would work out.

Liesl ordered a drink at the Metro Court bar, but after babbling about the drinks at Charlie's and whether she really wanted a drink, she changed her order to a Virgin Mary.

At the hospital, Chase tried to help Michael, who was out of sorts, but Michael refused to talk about it. He would only say that it was about "life taking an unexpected turn." He noted that Sasha had been released from the hospital. Willow arrived, and she was happy about her second interview for the pediatric teacher position. Chase had to leave for work, and Michael announced that he had to go, too.

In Andre's room, Finn announced that he was pleased with Andre's progress. Andre didn't think Finn had changed his specialty, and Finn admitted that Anna had asked him to check in on Andre. Elizabeth walked in. Finn offered to leave, but Elizabeth asked him to stay. Andre went over all of the possible results of a procedure reversal on Franco.

Elizabeth only wanted to do what Franco would want, and she was aware that his last words had been to express his love and to say that he'd be back. He would want her to fight for him. Andre asked if Franco had agreed to the procedure, and Elizabeth wanted it left to her. She raced out of the room and bumped into Chase. He revealed that the rescue mission on Drew's plane had been turned into a recovery mission. He extended his condolences.

Chase also informed Elizabeth that Franco's ankle monitor had been removed, and she was perturbed that she hadn't known about it. Chase received a phone call and had to go, but he also informed Elizabeth that he'd seen Franco at Kim's place.

Back in Andre's room, Finn asked Andre if the memory transfer could actually be reversed, and Andre admitted that the success rate was one in four chances. He didn't know anything else but needed access to medical records.

In the hallway, Willow wondered if everything was okay with Michael, and she didn't buy his yes response. She reminded him that he had helped her, and Michael admitted that he had once again believed in someone who had turned out to be unrecognizable. He wanted to drop it, but Willow demanded he talk about it.

Willow stated that Michael had supported her when she hadn't been honest, either, although Michael thought it wasn't the same thing. She had been protecting her child. Willow told him that the lies might be different, but it all depended on the reason for the lie. She cited that there were lies for a power grab and lies that were simply mistakes. "Actions speak louder than words," Willow added.

Julian returned to Brad in the hallway, and Brad asked if it was all over. Julian replied that he'd done what he'd had to do, and Brad was hopeful that Liesl was dead. Julian pulled Brad into an unoccupied room, where he admitted that he'd thought about tampering with the brakes on Liesl's car but hadn't been able to go through with it.

Brad was livid and asked Julian if he'd had cold feet. Julian admitted that he couldn't betray what he had with Kim, and he added that Brad was the one who'd created the mess in the first place. Julian had turned his life around. Brad was certain that Julian's life would be ruined, anyway, if Liesl opened her mouth about Wiley, and he wanted Liesl shut up for good. Brad was also afraid that Sonny would kill them once he found out the truth.

Julian wondered where it would all end. He wondered if Brad would feel obligated to go after Nelle, Britt, and even Julian himself. Julian gave Brad hell and shouted that they either lived in fear or for the people they loved. Brad felt that Julian would be going off to Manhattan, and Liesl would be tightening the screws on Brad. "Man up," Julian yelled. He wanted Brad to find the good side of Liesl and do whatever it took because there was too much to lose.

Shortly after, Willow ran into Wyatt, who seemed unable to verbally answer her questions. Finn approached them and gave Wyatt a hearty hello. He explained that Wyatt had had a tonsillectomy. He also revealed that Wyatt had been a hero because he'd rescued Peter. Wyatt admitted that he wasn't a hero and had blown it. Peter had helped him to face surgery, but Wyatt had tried to help another kid and hadn't been successful.

Willow and Finn sat with Wyatt, and Willow cheered the boy up. They talked about playing the cello, and Willow had the idea for Wyatt to put on a concert for the other kids. She arranged to have Wyatt's mother show up with the instrument.

There was a knock on Sasha's hotel room door, and Nina opened it to find Michael standing there. Nina was bubbly, and Michael asked to speak to Sasha alone. Sasha thought it was okay to talk in front of Nina and Valentin, but Valentin suggested that he and Nina go to the bar for a drink. Once she and Michael were alone, Sasha admitted that she hated herself after having Nina's love and Michael's kindness. She urged him to call her out.

Michael declared that he was there to apologize, but Sasha didn't want his pity. She thought he had the right to be angry with her. Michael declared that he'd calmed down. He stated that she wasn't like Nelle and hadn't targeted his family as Nelle had done. He said that Sasha had agreed to do a job. Sasha replied that she could have turned it down, and then she'd gotten herself in deeper. Michael reminded her that she'd tried to help her grandmother.

Sasha began to weep and shakily said that she felt bad about lying, especially to Nina, who had refused to keep her distance. She loved Nina, too. Michael agreed that Nina had wanted a daughter, and Valentin had hired someone who would be a good daughter. He called Sasha strong and decent, and he agreed that Sasha should tell Nina the truth. He didn't think it was a good time, though.

Valentin and Nina stepped off the elevator at the bar and ran into Liesl, who was happy to see them. Nina rattled off the names of her ever-growing family, and Valentin cited that they needed to stick together. Nina asked Liesl to give her away at her wedding, and Liesl was touched. She accepted, and she and Nina shared a hug.

Nina wanted the wedding to go well because it had to last for the rest of their lives. Valentin told her there would be a happy ending, no matter what. They all sat and shared a bottle of Champagne. They toasted to the family.

Chase escorted Cassandra into the police station and told Curtis and Laura that he would need their statements. Cassandra wanted to speak to Laura alone, and Laura agreed. They headed to the empty interrogation room. Cassandra asked for her handcuffs to be removed, and Laura refused.

Cassandra declared that she wanted to make a deal with Laura. She wanted her freedom in return for a favor. She thought they could "bury Valentin once and for all." Cassandra pointed out that Valentin was worse than her. She called Laura by her name, and Laura immediately corrected her. She wanted to be called "Madam Mayor."

Laura declared that she would never make a bargain with Cassandra, even if she could. She called out to Chase to book the fugitive. Again, Cassandra asked that her cuffs be removed, and she asked for her phone call. Laura urged her to make the phone call a good one because she would need a great lawyer.

Valentin received a phone call as he was sitting with Nina and Liesl. It was Cassandra.

Willow returned to the nurses' station after Wyatt's concert and told Finn all about it. She received the news that she'd been hired for the teaching position. She was ecstatic, and Finn offered his congratulations.

As Kim and Franco dressed, Elizabeth arrived and hesitated before knocking on the door.

Franco is dragged away from Kim

Franco is dragged away from Kim

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Elizabeth hesitated before knocking on Kim's front door. As she stood there, Kim opened the door from inside as she spoke to Franco. Franco urged Kim to go away with him. Elizabeth listened and looked inside as Franco and Kim shared a kiss. Franco saw Elizabeth as he opened his eyes. Elizabeth stammered that Chase had informed her that Franco was there and had had his ankle monitor removed.

Franco replied that he was sorry that Elizabeth was in pain and had lost her husband, but that man wasn't him. He told Kim to meet him at Pier 55 at ten o'clock that evening and promised to wait for her. He left. "We need to talk," Elizabeth said to Kim. She was insistent after Kim declined and strode inside. Elizabeth looked at the disarray on the floor and realized that Kim and Franco had slept together. Kim admitted it was true.

Kim declared that Franco didn't remember being Franco, and the man who'd just left was Drew in a different body. She added that he didn't recall Elizabeth but remembered being with Kim. They didn't want to hurt her. Elizabeth slapped Kim and noted that Kim should have thought of that before sleeping with Elizabeth's husband.

Elizabeth maintained that she was aware that Kim had been an "emotional wreck" after Oscar's death, but she'd "snapped." She added that Franco being Drew was only an illusion. She accused Kim of taking advantage of him and said there was no excuse for it. Kim replied that Franco wasn't married in his heart, and he knew what he was choosing. Elizabeth retorted that Franco wasn't in his right mind, and what Kim had done was unforgivable.

Kim refused to listen to Elizabeth and told her that Franco was gone. Elizabeth promised that the memory transfer would be reversed, but Kim disagreed. She stated that there was no baseline for Franco's memories, and it would be an unrealistic and untried experiment. Elizabeth commented that she and her boys needed Franco, but Kim snapped that Oscar had told her what Cameron had thought of Franco. She maintained that it was Elizabeth who needed Franco, but he didn't exist.

Kim continued that Franco didn't want the procedure, but Elizabeth accused her of encouraging Franco. The women argued, and Elizabeth asked about Julian. She wondered how Kim could treat Julian so poorly after all he'd done and had been willing to do for Kim. Elizabeth concluded that Franco was not and never would be Drew. Kim ordered Elizabeth to leave and then left a voicemail for Julian. She thanked him and told him how grateful she was. She began to write him a note.

Out in the hallway, Elizabeth made a desperate phone call to Scott and told him that Franco was leaving town.

Josslyn and Cameron sat outside of Kelly's. Josslyn agreed that she was missing volleyball practice, but she wanted to use the time to think about Oscar. She revealed that she'd spoken to Michael, who had told her that Oscar would want her to move on, although she'd already heard it from Oscar himself. She would do that soon but wasn't ready. She felt like she was leaving Oscar behind by getting involved in everyday activities, and she wanted to grieve a little longer.

Cameron admitted he wasn't doing well and had realized that it was true to be careful what one wished for. He had hated Franco and had wanted him gone, and Franco was gone. Cameron's family was sad and his mother desperate. He was grateful to Franco, and he had only just noticed how Franco had completed his family. Josslyn assured him it wasn't his fault. Cameron stated that he had finally gotten what he'd wanted, but it wasn't really what he wanted, after all.

Josslyn asked what she could do to help, and Cameron confessed that just talking about it was a big help. Josslyn wondered where the waitress was, and she offered to go inside to place their order.

Dustin sat at a table inside and made a phone call to Lulu. They joked about her mother finding them in bed, and he asked her out for another date. She promised to let him know. Dustin began grading papers and began to read Josslyn's essay. Josslyn walked inside, placed her order at the bar, and turned when Dustin called out to her.

Dustin revealed that he had enjoyed reading Josslyn's paper and thought she deserved an A on it, though he had been tempted to give her a B. He added that it was one of the best papers in the class, but he thought she was capable of going deeper. He hoped she proved him right in the future. He left Kelly's.

Back outside, Cameron spotted Franco and said hello. Franco told the teen that he was still Drew and stated that he wanted to talk. He sat at the table and explained that he hadn't asked for any of what had happened to him. He wished he could help, but he would give up neither his life as Drew nor the woman he loved. He was aware that it would be hard for everyone if he remained in town.

Cameron wanted to talk about Franco. He stated that he'd finally realized that Franco was a great guy. Franco had been brave, and Cameron owed him a lot. Franco had treated the family well. Franco was glad to hear it. He stood up and said goodbye. He and Cameron shook hands and wished each other good luck.

Josslyn returned and noticed the change in Cameron's behavior. He was upset and told her that Franco had gone. He wasn't sure if it was the best thing or the worst. Josslyn gave him a hug.

At the Metro Court restaurant, Maxie saw Lulu and sat down at her table. She had noticed that Lulu was on the phone, and she asked about "hot" Dustin. She wanted details. Lulu claimed to have nothing to tell, but Maxie was full of questions and comments. She urged Lulu to go slowly. Lulu admitted that she'd already kissed Dustin and had done "whatever else." She clarified that they'd had sex.

Maxie was shocked and admitted she hadn't expected to hear that. Lulu admitted she'd enjoyed it, and she explained how she'd been giving Dustin a tour on the ship. She also revealed that Laura and Curtis had found them in bed in a stateroom. Maxie laughed, but Lulu made it clear that she'd been horrified. She called it her payback for being involved so soon after her divorce.

Maxie continued to pepper her with questions, but Lulu was uncomfortable because she spied Sonny and Jason across the room. She felt odd with her ex-father-in-law being so close. Maxie reminded her that Sonny was aware of the divorce, and she continued to joke about Laura and Curtis. She was happy for Lulu and told her she was in "rebound city." "Go for it," Maxie urged. Maxie told Lulu not to fall in love but said she would cheer Lulu on.

Across the room, Sonny and Jason sat at the bar. They agreed that the same person had tried to take down Andre and had succeeded with Drew. Jason showed Sonny the police sketch of Andre's attacker, and neither man recognized him. Just then, Jason received a call from Shiloh, who said he had information for Jason.

Jason and Sonny grabbed a table, and Jason disclosed that Shiloh had mentioned an upcoming article in the Invader about him that had been "green-lit" by Peter. Shiloh had also mentioned that he was looking forward to seeing Sam at his trial. The men tried to figure out what Shiloh had meant with the comment about Peter. Jason believed that Shiloh had been trying to tell him something. They commented that everyone thought that Peter was a "good guy," but Sonny wondered about Peter's connection to Shiloh. He spotted Maxie and Lulu and wondered if they could help answer some questions.

Jason asked about Carly, and Sonny replied that she was worried about Josslyn and the "thing" with Dev. Jason thought that Sonny should be able to help Dev without adopting him, and Sonny admitted that Carly had said the same thing. Jason thought it would be too much energy expended with a new baby on the way.

Jason and Sonny made their way over to Maxie and Lulu. Jason noted that he had attempted to reach Peter without success, and he was curious about the Shiloh article that would be in the paper. Maxie clarified that Peter was a good guy and would not let Shiloh "get off easy." Jason disclosed that he had received a phone call from Shiloh, who had dropped Peter's name.

Jason and Sonny returned to their own table, and Maxie thought the encounter was strange. Lulu disagreed and thought they had only wanted to make sure that the article was real. Maxie wondered why they'd been talking about Peter and Shiloh

Jason decided it was time to involve Spinelli.

Peter met the man in the police sketch at the pier. He was annoyed that the man hadn't completed the job, and Peter handed him an envelope that didn't pay the full amount that the man had expected. The man complained about Andre knowing martial arts, and Peter thought the man should have been better prepared. Peter told the man to go away.

Shiloh was surprised when Peter paid him a visit at Pentonville. Peter picked up the red phone and shouted that he had been "putting out fires." He ignored a call from Jason. Shiloh confessed that he'd called Jason earlier and mentioned Peter's name. Peter was angry, and Shiloh admitted he'd put Peter on Jason's radar. He accused Peter of dragging his feet, because Shiloh had expected to get out of prison.

The men argued, and Peter reminded Shiloh that he would implicate himself in crimes if he implicated Peter. Shiloh indicated that his defense lawyer had told him he wouldn't beat the charges, so he didn't care. He was aware that Peter had been behind what had happened to Andre and Drew, and he believed that secrets had a way of revealing themselves.

Peter indicated that he would put a plan in place in order for Shiloh to escape, but Shiloh laughed. He had believed there was already a plan. He threatened to call Jason again. Peter vowed to make things work. Shiloh wondered what would happen if Peter's mother and girlfriend learned the truth about him. Peter slammed the red phone down and ran out.

Peter met the unknown man at the pier again and promised he would get the rest of his money plus a bonus because he had new plans. He wanted the man to take care of David Henry Archer.

Franco waited for Kim to appear at the pier, and she finally showed up with her bags. He admitted that he didn't know where they would go but thought the airport was a good start. Suddenly, a couple of large orderlies showed up, grabbed Franco, and dragged him away. Frantically, Kim called the police and began to tell them what had happened until she spotted Elizabeth.

"You did this," Kim accused Elizabeth. "You gave me no choice," Elizabeth replied.

Shiloh's trial begins

Shiloh's trial begins

Thursday, September 19, 2019

At the docks, Peter's hit man insisted that he knew what he was doing, which prompted Peter to ask why Andre was still alive. The hit man invited Peter to take care of Shiloh himself if he'd changed his mind about paying the man. Peter promised to pay the man when the job was done. The hit man pulled out his gun and swore that "after today, Shiloh will be nothing more than a bad memory."

In Sasha's hotel room, Michael wondered if she'd had trouble sleeping. She replied that she'd been reading all the news alerts about Cassandra, and she updated him on the woman's capture. He assured Sasha that Cassandra would soon be in jail, and Sasha guessed that she would be there soon, as well. She was grateful that Michael was standing by her, and he added that they would work with a lawyer to figure out the best way for the truth to surface.

Sasha related how many "incredible experiences" she'd had while living a lie. She added how hard she'd had to work to earn Maxie's respect and figured that Maxie would hate her along with everyone else. Michael informed Sasha that Maxie was "one of the biggest liars I've ever met," but she'd turned it around. Sasha got a text from Lucy about setting up a test shoot, but she figured she would be in jail by then. Michael disagreed, and he promised to help her get through the next few weeks.

Maxie sat with Jason at Kelly's as he told her that Sam was looking forward to testifying against Shiloh. Maxie hoped the trial wouldn't last long, especially since Shiloh was "obviously guilty." "Is that what Peter thinks?" Jason questioned, and she informed him that Peter's article about Shiloh hadn't been a sympathetic one. Jason thought that Shiloh insisting on a trial meant that Shiloh believed he could still be acquitted. "That's why they brought in the big guns," Spinelli said from behind Maxie.

Maxie gave Spinelli a big hug, and they talked about Georgie for a minute. Maxie had to go to work, but she wanted to get together with Spinelli, since she had more time with Nina returning to Crimson. When she was gone, Jason told Spinelli about the call he'd received from Shiloh, who'd made a point to mention Peter. Jason intended to find out why.

Valentin and Nina entered Crimson, and Nina figured that Maxie could take over the magazine while Nina was in jail for poisoning Cassandra. Valentin promised to take care of Cassandra, and he kissed Nina and left. Maxie arrived with coffee for Nina and informed her that Maxie had closed the last issue under budget, so there was a surplus. A few minutes later, Maxie was on the phone when Nina yelled out for her. Maxie hung up and rushed into Nina's office, where Nina talked about a "glitch" in her schedule.

Maxie informed Nina that she'd moved all meetings to Thursdays, as it helped with chronic lateness of assignments and broken concentration. Nina commended Maxie and invited her to breakfast, but Maxie replied that she had a lot of work to do. Nina insisted that she'd noticed how Maxie had stepped up, and she wanted to "do right" by Maxie. Maxie related that she'd been thinking about her "next moves," but Nina immediately ran off when Sasha stepped off the elevator.

Laura entered the police station, and Jordan expressed that she couldn't wait for the WSB to pick Cassandra up. Laura and Jordan entered the interrogation room, and Cassandra threatened to lodge a formal complaint about the "pigsty" of a police station. She demanded to see her ambassador as Sonny entered and answered with a smirk, "Will I do?" Laura and Jordan left Sonny in the room, and Jordan hoped that he could get the woman to talk.

The assistant D.A., Jennifer, entered, and Robert introduced her to Jordan and Laura. Robert thought the chances of conviction against Shiloh were "excellent," and he and Jennifer left for the courthouse. Inside the interrogation room, Sonny reminded Cassandra that he'd advised her to stay away from Port Charles. "Yet here I am," she shot back. Sonny told her how big of a mistake she'd made by poisoning Sasha and risking Michael, and he wanted to make sure that it never happened again. He told her to watch her back, and she returned the sentiment to him.

Cassandra continued that she'd been hearing that Sonny had "outgrown" his place in the business, and he wouldn't be so vulnerable if he'd partnered with her. Jordan entered the room with Valentin, and Sonny left, telling Cassandra to "have a nice life. What's left of it." Jordan followed, leaving Valentin alone with Cassandra. She informed him that she'd called the night before, and he was to "come when you're called." "Or what?" Valentin asked, but he knew that Cassandra wouldn't say anything about Nina drugging her.

Cassandra reminded Valentin that she still had Claudette, who had plenty of stories to tell about Valentin. He told her that Claudette had "flown your coop," but Cassandra thought it was in his best interest to work with her. Whether "in prison or in hell," Valentin told her to "rot somewhere" and stormed out. He commented to Jordan that it had been "good to clear the air." Laura related that she'd gotten the impression that Cassandra had ammunition to hurt him. "I get that a lot," he stated, and he left.

At Crimson, Nina asked Sasha how things had gone with Michael. Sasha replied that they'd had a long talk and worked some things out. Sasha informed Nina that she wasn't going to accept Lucy's offer, as she thought she would have "other demands on my time." Maxie couldn't believe it, but Nina defended Sasha's decision. Valentin entered and asked for a minute alone with Nina, so Maxie and Sasha left. He assured Nina that Cassandra was going to stay quiet about Nina, and that the WSB was picking Cassandra up. Nina remembered that someone had broken Cassandra out of WSB custody before, and she feared that it would happen again.

At the Metro Court, Kristina practiced her testimony with Alexis, who instructed her not to be hostile. Alexis was proud of her daughter but assured her that she could move on as soon as Shiloh was behind bars. Alexis wondered how group therapy was going, and Kristina liked therapy with Neil better. Alexis gently informed Kristina that she had been seeing Neil, and Kristina didn't know how to feel about it. Sonny entered to take Kristina to the courthouse just as Alexis' phone went off. Alexis left to meet with a client and promised to try her best to make it to the trial.

At the police station, Laura told Jordan about Cassandra wanting help in exchange for destroying Valentin. Jordan thought it was interesting that Valentin had been Cassandra's phone call. Alexis entered to meet her new client, and she went into the interrogation room. Cassandra was "delighted" to be working with such a prestigious lawyer. Alexis informed her client that she was being extradited to face her charges at the Hague, but Cassandra asked that Alexis delay her extradition. "I can do that," Alexis replied. Cassandra asked for one more phone call so that she could arrange funds.

Jordan told Laura that Cassandra had been on DEA radar for years and that her crimes made Valentin look like a choirboy. She was disappointed that they would be losing Cassandra to the WSB. Alexis emerged from the interrogation room and informed the two that Cassandra was going to fight her extradition. In the room, Cassandra told someone on the phone that she would "give you up" if the person didn't help her. "Good to hear," she said finally, smiling.

When Cassandra hung up, Laura entered and admitted that she'd thought about Cassandra's offer. The woman replied that she'd been bluffing. Around the corner, Alexis got an alert on her phone that ten thousand dollars had been deposited in her account for "Cassandra Pierce Legal Defense Fund."

Chase entered the courtroom and found Willow sitting on the stand. She was eager to get the trial over with so that Shiloh wouldn't hurt anyone again. Shiloh entered and promised that they would be together again when the trial was over. Peter entered, and he and Shiloh glared at each other. Outside the courtroom, Spinelli erred on the side of trusting Maxie's judgement on Peter, but Jason reminded him that Maxie had been wrong before. He wanted to see if there was a connection between Peter and Shiloh. A cop named Peters walked out of the courtroom, and Peter moved to follow. Jason appeared in front of him. Peter walked around Jason, and Spinelli muttered, "Curious."

Outside of Nina's office, Sasha figured that she should give Lucy the bad news in person, so she left. Peter entered, and Maxie talked about Sasha "turning down a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity." Peter speculated that Maxie would get more opportunities once word got out about how well she'd run the magazine, but Maxie figured it would soon be "back to business as usual." She asked about Shiloh's trial and mentioned that Jason had talked about Peter's interest in it. Peter commented that he'd left the trial to his staff, as he would just be in the way.

At the courthouse, Jennifer gave Willow instructions about what to do during her testimony. A few minutes later, the judge beckoned the lawyers to the bench for a word. Sam wondered where Alexis was, and Kristina replied that their mother was with a client. Sam asked if they'd fought. Kristina informed Sam that Alexis had been dating Neil, but she realized that Sam had already known. Michael entered and sat with Chase. Jennifer began her opening argument, talking about the fraud, thief, and sexual predator that Shiloh was. Elena went through her opening argument next, painting Shiloh as a victim and a good man.

Jennifer talked to Willow, Harmony, and Kristina about why they'd joined Dawn of Day, but Elena made it clear that the women hadn't been coerced into anything. Sam was next, and the toxicology report and recording from the night of her initiation were entered into evidence. "How many times did you sleep with Shiloh's father before stealing his fortune and running out, ruining him?" Elena asked, but she withdrew it after Jennifer protested that past relationships had no bearing on the case. Next, Elena called Shiloh to the stand, and he winked at the women observing as he made his way to the stand.

Shiloh escapes

Shiloh escapes

Friday, September 20, 2019

Sonny stopped near Kelly's to make a phone call to Carly. He was unable to reach her, and he left a voicemail to tell her that he was grabbing lunch. He assumed she was on another line. Josslyn and Dev were sitting at an outside table, doing homework. Josslyn complained about the assignment but she noticed that Dev was unusually quiet. He recalled a conversation he'd overheard between Sonny and Carly when they'd been discussing whether Dev should remain in the house.

Sonny approached the table and learned that Josslyn and Dev had lots of homework. Sonny suggested that Dev take some time off from working at the warehouse, and Josslyn promised that she would be a good student again and not skip school. Sonny was glad that Carly would have one less thing to worry about.

Sonny headed inside while Josslyn and Dev continued to work on their school papers. Dev noted that he was happy that Josslyn had decided to stay in school, although she disclosed that she still continued to see Oscar everywhere. She felt that she was making a sacrifice by sticking around, but she didn't want her parents to be concerned.

Josslyn wanted to change the subject, and she asked Dev about work at Sonny's warehouse. Dev was vague. After Josslyn pushed him, he admitted that he didn't feel needed, and the other workers often talked down to him. He felt like he was in the way, both at home and at work. Josslyn assured him he wasn't in the way, but Dev also thought that it wasn't fair that she had to lie to everyone about him.

Dev grabbed Josslyn's hands and told her that no matter what happened, her family meant a lot to him. He apologized for being a "jerk" early on in their relationship and said her kindness was important to him. Josslyn retorted that he wasn't going anywhere, and she stood to go home. Dev announced that he would stay put and work on his paper. After Josslyn had gone, he researched travel to Montreal on his laptop.

Carly sat in her kitchen and finished up a phone conversation with someone regarding a boarding school. When Bobbie showed up, Carly quickly shoved the literature from the counter under her laptop. Bobbie explained that she was busy running Wiley around but wanted to talk to Carly about the upcoming birth of Carly's baby. Carly revealed that her C-section had been scheduled, and Bobbie was shocked.

Carly laughed it off as she explained that Dr. Navarro had thought the C-section would be safer. She admitted she was a little nervous. Bobbie noted that if there were any complications, then Carly would have already known. Carly disclosed that she had something to tell Bobbie, but they were interrupted when Sonny arrived with a bag of goodies from Kelly's.

After greetings were exchanged, Bobbie returned to the subject at hand. Carly admitted that she and Sonny had learned the sex of their new child but had chosen to keep it secret until birth. Bobbie had to leave to pick up Wiley, and Sonny comforted Carly after Bobbie was gone. Carly stated that she had decided not to tell Bobbie about a possible problem with the baby because she wanted to have peace before the birth. She knew her mother would hover over her.

Carly announced that she'd found the perfect boarding school for Dev, and she showed Sonny the brochure. She had spoken to the school, and they wanted to interview Dev. Sonny grew angry and yelled that he'd never agreed to send Dev away. Carly replied that nothing had been scheduled, and she and Sonny began to argue.

Carly shouted that she refused to have Josslyn continue lying, and Sonny thought a good plan would be to have Josslyn move in with Jax instead. Carly refused to have changes made at Josslyn's expense and made it clear that it was Josslyn's home. Avery would also be upset if her sister left. Sonny agreed that he wouldn't sacrifice the family for Dev, and Carly reminded Sonny that he wasn't Dev's father.

Carly thought it was a good idea to be able to keep Dev at a distance, and he'd also be able to have a new life where he'd be free without questions. Sonny agreed to keep an open mind, and Carly told him not to take too long to make a decision. She didn't consider it to be picking on Dev or pushing him away but rather support for her daughter. She would not uproot Josslyn.

Josslyn returned home and found the kitchen empty. She spotted the brochure for Greyfield Academy and heaved a sigh of annoyance.

Lulu and Maxie walked into Crimson with bags of food for lunch. They shared some girl talk about Peter, James, and Dustin. Maxie admitted she was nervous over how good her relationship with Peter had been. Just then, Peter arrived to take Maxie to lunch and saw that he was too late. Lulu complained about her latest assignment at a pet fashion show and admitted she was desperate for a better story.

Lulu expressed her desire to be back on the "crime beat," and Peter agreed that he would talk to Lulu's editor. He wanted Lulu to promise to stick to reporting only, though, and not conduct any investigations on her own. Maxie thought that Lulu should be happy with her situation, given that she had more time to spend with Dustin.

Peter sat at the table with Lulu and Maxie. Lulu insisted that her relationship with Dustin wasn't serious, although Maxie disagreed with her. Lulu mentioned how Peter and Maxie worked lots of hours and maintained their relationship, but Maxie didn't think it was the same situation. Peter disclosed that Maxie would run her own magazine someday, and Lulu gasped at the thought that Maxie was leaving Crimson.

Peter apologized for letting the cat out of the bag but Maxie insisted she wasn't leaving the magazine. She thought that Peter was "fixated" on the idea, and she asked him to leave so that she and Lulu could continue their girl session. Peter repeated that he would speak to Lulu's editor, and he told her not to "rock the boat." Lulu pleaded her case and stated that she would love to be at Shiloh's trial instead of hearing everything secondhand. Peter noted that he would enjoy the same.

At the courthouse, it was Shiloh's turn to take the stand. His attorney questioned him, and he denied that Dawn of Day was a cult where he was the leader. He insisted that everyone was equal and that it was a "self-help" organization where charity work was done. He continued that individuals were always helped first, like Kristina and Sam, although Sam had had ulterior motives.

Shiloh continued to talk about Sam's past with his father. He mentioned that Sam had wiped out the family savings. The prosecutor jumped up more than once to object to Shiloh's comments. Shiloh insisted that he'd forgiven Sam but that Sam hadn't believed him.

The prosecutor noted that everyone really wasn't equal at DOD, and she asked about the Trust. Shiloh was evasive as he was asked whether women had had to have sex with him and endure tattoos being drawn. She asked how many women he'd drugged and initiated. There were flashbacks to Kristina, Sam, and Willow in various compromising situations. Shiloh's attorney objected. Court was finally adjourned for the day, and Shiloh was cuffed and led out of the courtroom.

Chase was proud of Willow, and Kristina invited her to go out for drinks. Chase had business to attend to. Sam complained that she'd known Shiloh would refer to her past, and Jason asked Spinelli to find the connection between Peter and Shiloh. Sam vowed not to let Shiloh win.

Back at Crimson, Peter left Lulu and Maxie and flashed back to his last conversation with Shiloh, who had threatened him. Peter stopped in the outer office to make a phone call and told one of Shiloh's police guards that things better be handled by the end of the trial. He wanted to be kept posted. He ended the call and turned around to see Spinelli standing there.

Lulu asked Maxie if she'd had a new job opportunity. Maxie said no, and Lulu reminded her that she wasn't obligated to stay where she was. Maxie insisted it was only a fantasy of hers to run her own magazine, but when Lulu asked her how she would handle things, Maxie had an entire scenario in mind. She declared that everything would be online. It was obvious to Lulu that Maxie hadn't been telling the truth when she'd said she hadn't thought about it.

Maxie quickly apologized for rambling, but Lulu thought she'd sounded excited. Maxie didn't think she was qualified to launch her own magazine, but Lulu thought otherwise. She noted that Maxie had supported Lulu's dream of being a journalist, and Maxie had the same qualities. Maxie disputed that she would take such an action because things were just starting to calm down, and she had time for both James and Peter.

In the outer office, Peter informed Spinelli that Spinelli had startled him. He stated that he'd just been conducting business on the phone, and Spinelli was confused that it was about Shiloh's trial. Peter claimed that all newspaper publishers would consider the trial as business, and he suggested that Spinelli read the Invader online.

Spinelli claimed to be curious about Peter, since Peter was close to his daughter's mother, and he suggested they double-date the next time he and Ellie were in town. Peter agreed, and he suggested that Spinelli throw some dates out to Maxie. Peter stepped onto the elevator, and Spinelli waved goodbye. He quickly placed a call and asked someone to trace a call that had just originated from there and had "pinged" off the local cell tower.

At the courthouse, the guard told Peter that things were being handled. He got off the phone and informed his partner that the warden wanted both men to guard Shiloh instead of only one of them. The trio walked out of the nearest door.

Sam and Jason approached Robert, who was certain the jury would see through Shiloh. He added that everything had to be done legally, and he didn't want things handled in Jason's "personal brand." He didn't want any retaliation, and if something happened, he would know where to start asking questions. He left. Jason was aware that Robert believed Jason wanted Shiloh dead and could get to him. Jason promised to deal with Shiloh if the system failed.

Just then, Chase, who had been on the phone nearby, shouted. He ran over and announced that Shiloh was gone. He added that the van had never made it back to Pentonville.

Bobbie was stopped in her car, and a police officer approached and tapped on her window. It was Shiloh, and he told her there was a problem.

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